Characterization and Phylogenetic Position of the Red Alga Besa papillaeformis Setchell

Suzanne Fredericq
Juan M. Lopez-Bautista

besa plate 5

Figs 20-25. Besa papillaeformis, topotype material (Setchell #6485, UC173490). Female thalli. Figs 20-21. Grazed section showing scattered unfertilized procarps (arrows). Figs 22-25. Longitudinal sections. Fig. 22. Unfertilized procarps (arrowheads) buried in cortex. Fig. 23-24. Procarps consisting of supporting cell (su) bearing a 3-celled carpogonial branch [cb1=first cell, cb2=second cell, cp=terminal carpogonium with trichogyne (t)]; cb1 bears sterile cell (st). Fig. 25. Longitudinal section. Gonimoblast cells course across medullary region. Supporting cells of unfertilized procarps degenerate.