California oak woodland - Photo credit: John Game

Memorandum of Understanding

The participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria have agreed to cooperate under these guidelines:

Data made available to the Consortium will be freely shared among Consortium participants for as long as they wish to participate. This includes:

• Data gathered from botanical specimens (e.g., Label data)

• Data generated/interpreted from the specimen data (e.g., Latitude and Longitude data)

• Meta-data regarding the specimen data, (e.g., Taxonomic source)

In accordance with standards in collegial data sharing:

• Credit will be given to each institution where original label data is used.

• Credit will be given to the Consortium, listing all herbaria participating, for the use of interpreted data (e.g., if existing records are used to geo-reference collections, it is not necessary to cite each collection, only that data from the Consortium, which includes these herbaria, was used).

• In using Consortium data participating herbaria agree to provide feedback to the institution the data comes from as appropriate (e.g., inform the originating institution of typographical errors or other data quality concerns).

All data are freely and readily available to the public, with the occasional exception of sensitive species data, which is determined at the discretion of each institutional curator.

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