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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT402188CASZigadenus fremontiiThorne, R. F.; Lathrop, E. W.; Wisura, W.496611977-04-27 OrangeNorthern Santa Ana Mountains: Coal Canyon [NW of Sierra Peak].
CAS-BOT482396CASZigadenus fremontiiSchweich, Tom2032000-04-02 San BenitoDiablo Range. In the saddle between Lorenzo Vaquez Canyon and Miller Canyon, on Coalinga Road, 11 mi S of the junction with State Hwy 25
CAS-BOT530400CASZigadenus fremontiiBaker, Milo S.4061924-03-26 Sonoma2 mi north Catali. North Coast Trip
CAS-BOT530483CASZigadenus fremontiiCovel, Paul F.3451936-03-05 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT530484CASZigadenus fremontiiCarruth, W. W.s.n.1899-04-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT530485CASZigadenus fremontiiMason, H. L.561917-03-10 AlamedaLake Temescal
CAS-BOT530486CASZigadenus fremontiiCannon, Miss. E.s.n.1891-01-01 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
CAS-BOT530487CASZigadenus fremontiiHowell, John Thomas18511926-04-11 AlamedaCedar Mountain
CAS-BOT530488CASZigadenus fremontiiVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-05-01 AlamedaCypress ridge above Livermore
CAS-BOT530489CASZigadenus fremontiiRaven, Peter; Blakley, E. R.; Ornduff, Robert149671960-04-05 Santa BarbaraChannel Islands, Santa Rosa Island, bottom of Cherry Canyon
CAS-BOT530490CASZigadenus fremontiiBlakley, E. R.38731961-03-11 Santa BarbaraChannel Islands, Santa Cruz Island, 1 mile east of Stanton Ranch, Central Valley
CAS-BOT530491CASZigadenus fremontiiJunak, Steven A.58331995-02-07 Santa BarbaraCalifornia Islands, San Miguel Island, northeast portion of island, 0.1 mile east of campground, just south of upper reaches of Willow Canyon
CAS-BOT530492CASZigadenus fremontiiBlakley, E. R.43271961-05-03 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mountains, ridge northwest of Zaca Lake
CAS-BOT530493CASZigadenus fremontiiSwain, Mrs. Alonsons.n.1919-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT530494CASZigadenus fremontiiWolf, Carl B.28491932-03-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, 1 mile east of main ranch
CAS-BOT530495CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-03-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Goleta, Slippery Rock Ridge
CAS-BOT530496CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-02-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Cold Spring Trail
CAS-BOT530497CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.67391947-03-26 San Luis ObispoPrice Canyon (just south of)
CAS-BOT530498CASZigadenus fremontiiHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1929-03-16 VenturaAnacapa Island, Clayes bank
CAS-BOT530499CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1889-06-01 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT530500CASZigadenus fremontiiBracelin, N. Floy26871944-05-07 AlamedaThe garden of Anson and Anita Blake, Berkeley
CAS-BOT530503CASZigadenus fremontiiSanders, A. C.300182005-05-07 RiversidePeninsular Range, Agua Tibia Mountains: UC Emerson Oaks Reserve, ca. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, S of Hwy 79 at E end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
CAS-BOT530504CASZigadenus fremontiiNevers, Greg de96711990-05-23 SonomaPepperwood Natural Preserve. 3450 Franz Valley Road. on stream bank below Mountain House entrance
CAS-BOT530505CASZigadenus fremontiiThompson, Henry J.20121959-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, 2.3 miles south of summit and junction with Saddle Peak Road, Tuna Canyon Road
CAS-BOT530506CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, Le Roy14051901-04-07 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills near Monte Vista
CAS-BOT530507CASZigadenus fremontiiParish, S. B.s.n.1888-05-01 UnknownReche Canon [Riverside or San Bernardino Co.}
CAS-BOT530508CASZigadenus fremontiiParish, S. B.s.n.1898-06-01 UnknownReche Canon [Riverside or San Bernardino Co.}
CAS-BOT530509CASZigadenus fremontiiBracelin, N. Floy19651942-03-15 AlamedaCalifornia native plant growing in the Berkeley garden of Anson & Anita Blake
CAS-BOT530510CASZigadenus fremontiiRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-05-07 ColusaIn a hay field, Bear Valley near Leesville
CAS-BOT530511CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice45401915-05-30 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
CAS-BOT530512CASZigadenus fremontiiRattan, Volneys.n.1867-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT530513CASZigadenus fremontiiJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-05-02 Unknown
CAS-BOT530514CASZigadenus fremontiiJackson, Mrs. Belle R.s.n.1930-06-20 NapaMiddle Peak, Mt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT530515CASZigadenus fremontiiBreedlove, D. E.174351970-04-18 Contra CostaNorth edge of Lafayette above Laurel Drive
CAS-BOT530516CASZigadenus fremontiiCantelow, Ella Dales25111939-04-08 Napa2.5mi N.W. of Knoxville
CAS-BOT530517CASZigadenus fremontiiRattan, Volneys.n.1878-01-01 SolanoElmira
CAS-BOT530518CASZigadenus fremontiiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.38901938-03-27 MercedPacheco Pass
CAS-BOT530519CASZigadenus fremontiiStreet, L.s.n.1917-05-01 San DiegoTop of Torrey Pine Grade
CAS-BOT530520CASZigadenus fremontiiWard, Mary H.; Campbell, Shirley W.LASCA-8921970-04-16 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills, behind Linda Vista, southwestern Pasadena
CAS-BOT530521CASZigadenus fremontiiConstance, Lincoln; Beetle, Alan A.25301940-03-21 MercedWestern Merced East side of Pacheco Pass
CAS-BOT530522CASZigadenus fremontiiConstance, Lincoln; Beetle, Alan A.25301940-03-21 MercedWestern Merced East side of Pacheco Pass
CAS-BOT530523CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice111641922-04-23 GlennHills west of willows
CAS-BOT530525CASZigadenus fremontiiWiggins, Ira L.14221925-03-25 Butte5 miles west of Pence
CAS-BOT530526CASZigadenus fremontiiAhart, Lowell3141975-06-23 ButteNear Hornet
CAS-BOT530527CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.117761915-03-23 ButteSacramento valley, 11 miles north of Chico. a mile of two farther north in Tehama county
CAS-BOT530528CASZigadenus fremontiiMorrison, Mrs. J. H.s.n.1932-04-05 ButteDurham
CAS-BOT530529CASZigadenus fremontiiAhart, Lowells.n.1978-03-15 Butte3 miles north-east of Honcut
CAS-BOT530530CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.117761915-03-23 ButteSacramento valley, 11 miles north of Chico. a mile or two farther north in Tehama county
CAS-BOT530531CASZigadenus fremontiiMcCallum, Mrs. Alexanders. n.1896-07-01 MendocinoGlen Blair
CAS-BOT530532CASZigadenus fremontiiBeane, L.; James, Lois E.20531949-05-11 MendocinoBetween Mendocino and Comtche
CAS-BOT530533CASZigadenus fremontiiMcMurphy, Jamess. n.1902-06-06 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT530534CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.; Duncan, C. D.82031922-06-21 MendocinoNear summit, between Westport and Branscomb
CAS-BOT530535CASZigadenus fremontiiRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.68551945-06-17 MendocinoMouth of Noyo River
CAS-BOT530536CASZigadenus fremontiiSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.52131979-03-07 MendocinoRte. 132, MP 0.56 E. of Elk
CAS-BOT530537CASZigadenus fremontiiBeane, Lawrence2451949-05-11 Mendocino5 miles south of Comptche
CAS-BOT530538CASZigadenus fremontiiElmer, A. D. E.35541902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT530539CASZigadenus fremontiiElmer, A. D. E.45001903-06-01 MontereySeaside
CAS-BOT530540CASZigadenus fremontiiElmer, A. D. E.45001903-06-01 MontereySeaside
CAS-BOT530541CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Alice D.141910-02-08 MontereyCarmel-By-The-Sea
CAS-BOT530542CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Alice D.2011910-03-30 MontereyNear Burnt district, 17 Mile Drive
CAS-BOT530543CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Alice D.651910-03-03 MontereyCarmel-By-the-Sea
CAS-BOT530545CASZigadenus fremontiiBalls, E. K.101481954-07-16 MontereyCarmel Highlands, above Yankee Point
CAS-BOT530546CASZigadenus fremontiiJohnson, M. P.100701967-03-19 MontereyDeer Flat
CAS-BOT530547CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, J. H.4851949-04-25 MontereyParkfield Grade, between Parkfield and Parkfield Junction, Diablo Range
CAS-BOT530548CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.16741919-04-26 MontereyOn Chamise covered hills west of Big Pinnacles
CAS-BOT530549CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, R. S.41061925-03-26 MontereySummit of ridge between Big and Little Pinnacles
CAS-BOT530550CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, Le Roy42071909-04-03 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT530551CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.19281955-05-04 MontereyParkfield Grade, 7 1-2 miles northeast of Parkfield, Castle Mountains
CAS-BOT530552CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.19281955-05-04 MontereyParkfield Grade, 7 1-2 miles northeast of Parkfield, Castle Mountains
CAS-BOT530553CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.186021972-04-02 MontereySouth slope of Parkfield Grade, (2.2 miles from the summit)
CAS-BOT530554CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.50671959-04-19 MontereyUpper Cholame Valley: Hog Canyon Road
CAS-BOT530555CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.50671959-04-19 MontereyUpper Cholame Valley: Hog Canyon Road
CAS-BOT530556CASZigadenus fremontiiShevock, James R.15401972-04-02 MontereySo. side of Parkfield Grade, Diablo Range
CAS-BOT530557CASZigadenus fremontiiHowitt, Beatrice F.1261972-04-02 MontereyUnder Pine trees in Del Monte Forest
CAS-BOT530558CASZigadenus fremontiiHowitt, Beatrice F.2181955-04-12 MontereySide of roadf on south side of Cachagua grade
CAS-BOT530559CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Josephine D.s. n.1911-03-27 MontereyBetween Moss Beach + Pacific Grove through woods
CAS-BOT530560CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice41851915-04-05 Monterey
CAS-BOT530561CASZigadenus fremontiiHowell, John Thomas111621933-04-23 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT530562CASZigadenus fremontiiLathrop, Laura M.s. n.1903-04-18 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT530563CASZigadenus fremontiiEllyson, B.; Hooke, J.; Newman, D.151996-03-31 LakeBenmore Canyon, Blue Oak Campground, 5.3 miles west of Walker Ridge Road on Indian reservoir Road, 57 miles east of Hwy. 101 on Hwy. 20.
CAS-BOT530564CASZigadenus fremontiiJessel, M. S.s. n.1931-04-01 LakeRoad between Kelseyville & Jordon Park
CAS-BOT530565CASZigadenus fremontiiBlankinship, J. W.s. n.1923-04-23 LakeKower Lake
CAS-BOT530566CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.123961928-05-05 Lake1-3 mi. up West side Bartlett grade
CAS-BOT530567CASZigadenus fremontiiBowman, Agnes M.2281902-04-01 LakeWeldon Valley
CAS-BOT530568CASZigadenus fremontiiParkinson, R.631917-03-17 LakeLassen Forest: Adobe Flat, near Hobson, on Cone Ward R
CAS-BOT530569CASZigadenus fremontiiSmith, Doreens. n.2000-03-24 MarinPt. Reyes National Seashore, sandy flats near the Radio Station
CAS-BOT530570CASZigadenus fremontiiKipping, John401967-03-18 MarinWest slope of Mt. Tamalpais 1 mile se. of Boot Jack Camp along State Hwy. 1, Mt. Tamalpais State Park
CAS-BOT530571CASZigadenus fremontiiMcMurphy, James I.s. n.1906-04-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais E. side Redwood Canyon
CAS-BOT530572CASZigadenus fremontiiPenalosa, Javier22571962-03-17 MarinParadise Drive near entrance road to Shellabarger Estate
CAS-BOT530573CASZigadenus fremontiiParsons, M. E.s. n.1912-03-09 MarinKentfield
CAS-BOT530575CASZigadenus fremontiiParks, H. E.; Parks, S. T.04051930-03-15 MarinTiburon Peninsula
CAS-BOT530576CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1889-06-01 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT530577CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.26161956-04-03 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range, Hills between Navajo and Cammatta Canyons
CAS-BOT530578CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.66431947-03-02 San Luis ObispoNear Airport on San Luis Obispo - Edna Road
CAS-BOT530579CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.66431947-03-02 San Luis ObispoNear Airport on San Luis Obispo - Edna Road
CAS-BOT530580CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.26161956-04-03 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range, hills between Navajo and Cammatta Canyons
CAS-BOT530581CASZigadenus fremontiiBreedlove, D. E.20411962-03-29 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range, 19.1 miles west of Simmler
CAS-BOT530582CASZigadenus fremontiiDavis, Horaces.n.1914-01-01 Santa CruzGlenwood
CAS-BOT530583CASZigadenus fremontiiRich, W. H.s.n.1912-01-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula, Swanton
CAS-BOT530584CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, J. H.3688A1954-02-19 Santa CruzVicinity of Eagle Rock
CAS-BOT530585CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John Hunter40901954-05-07 Santa CruzOn top of ridge between Scott and Mill Creek drainages. About 1.7 miles southwest of Eagle Rock
CAS-BOT530586CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.34081953-06-18 Santa CruzAlong Empire Grade, 2 miles south of its intersection with Jamison Road
CAS-BOT530587CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.15091950-04-09 Santa CruzAbout 6 miles south of Saratoga Summit on road to Boulder Creek
CAS-BOT530588CASZigadenus fremontiiDavis, Horaces.n.1907-09-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula, Glenwood
CAS-BOT530589CASZigadenus fremontiiJunak, Steven A.EA - 1511996-03-18 VenturaCalifornia Islands, East Anacapa Island, terrace at southwest end of islet, flats near top of south facing bluffs
CAS-BOT530590CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.41967-06-22 VenturaMatilija-Sespe divide, along rocky north rim of east depression on Dry Lakes Ridge,
CAS-BOT530591CASZigadenus fremontiiKirkwood, W. M.2021935-04-23 VenturaMountains above Sespe Creek
CAS-BOT530592CASZigadenus fremontiiFauntleroy, Sophies.n.1933-05-15 VenturaUpper Ojai
CAS-BOT530593CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-04-15 VenturaVentura River Basin, Matilija Canyon
CAS-BOT530594CASZigadenus fremontiiWolf, Carl B.16151928-04-01 VenturaSanta Susana Pass, 1-2 mile below summit
CAS-BOT530595CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.761908-06-04 VenturaSouthern California, Topatopa Mountains
CAS-BOT530596CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1960-05-02 VenturaVentura River Basin, Ojai Valley, Black Mountain Trail
CAS-BOT530597CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-03-21 SonomaHills southeast of Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT530598CASZigadenus fremontiiMeyer, Carl3051928-03-03 SonomaSanta Rosa
CAS-BOT530599CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.51911902-03-31 SonomaMt. Hood
CAS-BOT530600CASZigadenus fremontiiBaker, Milo S.51911920-01-01 SonomaNorth slope Taylor Mt.
CAS-BOT530601CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-02-01 Santa Claranear Stanford university. Plants of the Santa Cruz Peninsula
CAS-BOT530602CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53161938-05-03 Santa ClaraPacheco Pass
CAS-BOT530603CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, J. H.37961938-05-03 Santa ClaraAlong edge of Stanford Golf Course along Junipero Serra Blvd.
CAS-BOT530604CASZigadenus fremontiiSharsmith, Helen K.34561936-04-01 Santa ClaraWestern slopes of Red Mountains bounding San Antonio Valley
CAS-BOT530605CASZigadenus fremontiiLeithold, C. F.s.n.1893-07-22 Santa ClaraNew Almaden trail from Loma Preita
CAS-BOT530606CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.186021972-04-02 MontereySouth slope of Parfield Grade (2.2 miles from the summit)
CAS-BOT530607CASZigadenus fremontiiWheeler, Clare R.16871980-05-28 MendocinoIntersection of Fish rock Road and Old Stage Road, about 6 mi. N of Gualala.
CAS-BOT530608CASZigadenus fremontiiBeane, Lawrence1221949-03-08 Santa ClaraPacheco Pass
CAS-BOT530609CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, Le Roys.n.1898-03-01 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University
CAS-BOT530610CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1898-01-01 Santa Claranear Palo Alto
CAS-BOT530611CASZigadenus fremontiiKraus, F. G.s.n.1893-03-22 Santa ClaraFoothills near Lake Lagunitas, Stanford University
CAS-BOT530612CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, J. H.39621954-04-23 Santa ClaraVicinity of Mt. Umunhum.
CAS-BOT530613CASZigadenus fremontiiLewis, H. A.s.n.1908-04-25 Santa ClaraBlack Mt. (Page Mill Rd.)
CAS-BOT530614CASZigadenus fremontiiCronemiller, F. P.31271967-03-23 Santa ClaraPalo Alto Foothills Park. Vista Hill.
CAS-BOT530615CASZigadenus fremontiiMartin, Marys.n.1893-03-30 Santa ClaraHill Back of Lake. Stanford Univ. Plants of the Santa Cruz Mountian Peninsula
CAS-BOT530616CASZigadenus fremontiiCannon, W. A.s.n.1900-02-01 Santa ClaraTupp Hill
CAS-BOT530617CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.72871904-04-04 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Las Gatos
CAS-BOT530618CASZigadenus fremontiiAtkinson, W. A.s.n.1900-01-01 Santa ClaraStanford Univ.
CAS-BOT530619CASZigadenus fremontiiMexia, Yness.n.1926-06-13 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
CAS-BOT530620CASZigadenus fremontiiAtkinson, W. A.s.n.1900-03-01 Santa ClaraStanford Univ.
CAS-BOT530621CASZigadenus fremontiiScherer, Dorothy0091996-03-16 Sonomawest facing slope. Ca 800′ south of Hwy 1 mileage marker 33:00 and ca 100′ west, Fort Ross State Historical Park.
CAS-BOT530622CASZigadenus fremontiiKraus, F. G.s.n.1895-05-06 Sonomanear Frauzr and Knights Valleys
CAS-BOT530623CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice110901922-03-25 SonomaCalistoga
CAS-BOT530624CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice117661923-05-09 SonomaM. St. Helena
CAS-BOT530625CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.51181902-03-21 Sonomanear Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT531534CASZigadenus fremontiiChandler, Harley P.61841904-05-01 San DiegoPt. Loma
CAS-BOT531535CASZigadenus fremontiiWiggins, Ira L.18761926-03-06 San Diego4 miles E of Lemon Grove
CAS-BOT531536CASZigadenus fremontiiStockwell, Palmer12541935-05-13 San Diego1-2 mile E of Tecate turn-off on the Dulzura-Potrero road
CAS-BOT531538CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice25581913-04-06 San DiegoPoint Loma
CAS-BOT531539CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice29061913-04-24 San DiegoTiajuana
CAS-BOT531540CASZigadenus fremontiiKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.10241868-03-18 San MateoSouth San Francisco
CAS-BOT531542CASZigadenus fremontiiHemphill, Fred7071973-03-01 San MateoSan Carlos. North of Malabar Road and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT531543CASZigadenus fremontiiBacigalupi, R.s.n.1922-03-01 San MateoArroyo de los Frijoles
CAS-BOT531544CASZigadenus fremontiiBrock, Rolands.n.1924-05-01 San MateoKings Mountain
CAS-BOT531545CASZigadenus fremontiiBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1922-03-28 San MateoNear ocean between mouth of Gazos and Pigeon Pt.
CAS-BOT531546CASZigadenus fremontiiHemphill, Fred6301973-04-08 San MateoSan Carlos, north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT531547CASZigadenus fremontiiHemphill, Fred6191973-03-17 San MateoSan Carlos, north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT531548CASZigadenus fremontiiBarry, Margaret A.911937-05-15 San MateoCoal Mine Ridge
CAS-BOT531549CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.69841958-02-15 San MateoJasper Ridge, about 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT531550CASZigadenus fremontiiDavis, D. D.s.n.1903-03-22 San Mateo
CAS-BOT531876CASZigadenus fremontiiHead, Annas. n.1921-05-31 MendocinoUnspecified hills sloping toward ocean
CAS-BOT531877CASZigadenus fremontiiHead, Annas. n.1921-05-31 MendocinoMendocino City
CAS-BOT531878CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.75851920-07-03 MendocinoNear Anchor Bay
CAS-BOT531879CASZigadenus fremontiiDuncan, Carl D.2441920-07-13 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT531880CASZigadenus fremontiiMcMurphy, Jas.1891903-05-01 MendocinoHalf-way H, Mendocino & Ukiah Rd.
CAS-BOT531881CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas27121936-05-23 Mendocino2 miles w. of Comptche
CAS-BOT531882CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas61831938-07-08 MendocinoMendocino
CAS-BOT531883CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice16231912-08-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT531884CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.81801922-06-21 MendocinoBarrons back of Mendocino City
CAS-BOT531885CASZigadenus fremontiiHudson, Dr. J. W.s.n.2014-05-22 MendocinoUkiah
CAS-BOT531886CASZigadenus fremontiiKeil, David187511985-05-05 San Luis ObispoMarsh and boggy area occuping old cut-off stream channel; Black Lake Canyon on Nipomo Mesa SE of Oceano.
CAS-BOT531887CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.2011956-03-17 San Luis Obispo2 miles east of Templeton on Chicago Grade Road
CAS-BOT531888CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.10,9001968-03-09 San Luis ObispoPennington Creek
CAS-BOT531889CASZigadenus fremontiiWall, Mary E.s. n.1933-05-20 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita
CAS-BOT531890CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.1821956-03-10 San Luis ObispoVitamin D Ranch, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT531891CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.28991958-02-22 San Luis ObispoVery rocky field, Tassajara Canyon
CAS-BOT531892CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.76191949-04-21 San Luis Obispo18 mi. E. of Creston on La Panza Rd.
CAS-BOT531893CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.67231947-03-23 San Luis ObispoLa Panza district.
CAS-BOT531894CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.76191949-04-21 San Luis Obispo18 mi. E. of Creston on La Panza road.
CAS-BOT531895CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.17221957-04-25 San Luis ObispoTop of Cypress Mt.
CAS-BOT531901CASZigadenus fremontiiWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-05-03 MontereyAntelope Pass
CAS-BOT531902CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.10741909-04-19 Montereyon chamise covered hills west of Big Pinnacles
CAS-BOT531903CASZigadenus fremontiiAbbott, E. K.s.n.1890-01-01 MontereyM. Co.
CAS-BOT531904CASZigadenus fremontiiHaasis, F. W.50.591959-04-15 MontereyDevils Peak. Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT531905CASZigadenus fremontiiGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric281982-01-31 MontereyPlants of the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve Gamboa Point Selection. Santa Lucia Mountains. From an open forest-woodland of Quercues agrifolia near a draw on the north side of Gamboa Point Ridge.
CAS-BOT531906CASZigadenus fremontiiNevers, Greg de96741990-06-11 SonomaPepperwood Natural Preserve, 3450 Franz Valley Road, on stream bank below Mountain House entrance
CAS-BOT531907CASZigadenus fremontiiNevers, Greg deB-27991959-04-26 VenturaCalifornia Channel Islands, East Anacapa Island, 200 ft. north of the radar reflector near the center of the south side of the island.
CAS-BOT531908CASZigadenus fremontiiMunz, P. A.; Johnston, I. M.20381918-04-11 Los AngelesLone Hill Glendora
CAS-BOT531909CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.19331950-05-28 Santa CruzBetween Saratoga Summit and Big Basin turn-off.
CAS-BOT531910CASZigadenus fremontiiReed, C. A.s.n.1919-04-20 Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT531911CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-03-21 SonomaHills Southeast of Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT531912CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice129891925-06-07 MarinBig Carson Ridge
CAS-BOT531913CASZigadenus fremontiiPenalosa, Javier13981961-04-29 MarinAbove Paradise Cove, Tiburon Peninsula
CAS-BOT531914CASZigadenus fremontiiHowell, John Thomass. n.1945-07-08 MarinUpper part of salt marsh near San Antonio station
CAS-BOT531915CASZigadenus fremontiiRattan, Volneys. n.1877-01-01 MarinAngel Island
CAS-BOT531916CASZigadenus fremontiiKlein, J.; Chavez, A.; Nowell, C.; Eggert, J.; Hannibal, M. E.; Brown, N.; Crowe, R.; Cheng, T.; Edwards, T.133012013-02-23 MarinMt. Tamalpais: Marin Mumicipal Water District lands; roadside Sky Oaks R2-Ranger residence intersetion
CAS-BOT531917CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.50071902-03-07 MarinSouth side ofMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT531918CASZigadenus fremontiiHowell, John Thomas9331925-04-05 MarinPipevine Trail
CAS-BOT531919CASZigadenus fremontiiRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.211671967-05-01 MarinSouth ridge of Mount Ida, Angel Island
CAS-BOT531920CASZigadenus fremontiiAnderson, Barrett34441987-04-22 AlamedaEast Bay MUDD property: Old Burn Road between Kaiser arm and Riley Canyon arm of San Leandro Reservoir.
CAS-BOT531921CASZigadenus fremontiiCongdon, J. W.s. n.1880-04-25 AlamedaPiedmont
CAS-BOT531922CASZigadenus fremontiiCarruth, W. W.s. n.1902-03-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT531923CASZigadenus fremontiiZeile, E. M.s. n.1920-03-04 AlamedaBerkeley - Strawberry Canon
CAS-BOT531924CASZigadenus fremontiiGould, Frank W.10301940-05-04 MendocinoLakeport-Hopland road near top of road grade
CAS-BOT531925CASZigadenus fremontiiConstance, L.25161939-05-24 MendocinoNear the town of Comptche
CAS-BOT531928CASZigadenus fremontiiRuckert, Elsa G.421960-03-26 SonomaTriniti Road, 3-4 mile from junction with Highway 12
CAS-BOT531929CASZigadenus fremontiiApplegate, Elmer I.88691931-03-30 LakePutah Creek, south of Cobb Mountain
CAS-BOT531930CASZigadenus fremontiiM., F. A.146451936-03-26 San DiegoField near Ensenada
CAS-BOT531931CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.11949-05-14 VenturaMaricopa Road, Sespe-Matilija divide
CAS-BOT531932CASZigadenus fremontiiPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1895-05-01 VenturaCreek Arroyo
CAS-BOT531933CASZigadenus fremontiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.105141965-04-14 KernWest slope of Brechenridge Mountain, Douglas oak woodland
CAS-BOT531934CASZigadenus fremontiiGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1925-03-01 UnknownNorth slope Taylor Mt. [county unspecified]
CAS-BOT531935CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.113071969-05-16 San BenitoSummit on Gloria Road, at Monterey County line.
CAS-BOT531936CASZigadenus fremontiiParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.s.n.1888-04-01 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mt.
CAS-BOT531937CASZigadenus fremontiiGrant, Geo B.s.n.1901-03-17 UnknownEagle Rock Canon
CAS-BOT531938CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.138051939-04-15 San BenitoVancouver Pinnacles, on trail to Chalone Pk
CAS-BOT531939CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.83931933-05-01 San BenitoSummit of grade between San Lorenzo Creek drainage and Hernaudez Valley
CAS-BOT531940CASZigadenus fremontiiBowley, Lena E.s.n.1910-02-01 San Francisco
CAS-BOT531941CASZigadenus fremontiiHowell, John Thomas117541934-03-03 Mendocino6 miles south of Point Arena
CAS-BOT531942CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.38751924-02-24 MendocinoBetween Grualala and Pt. Arena
CAS-BOT531943CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.38751924-02-24 MendocinoBetween Grualala and Pt. Arena
CAS-BOT531944CASZigadenus fremontiiSherfey, Barbara351964-03-08 MendocinoAnchor Bay
CAS-BOT531945CASZigadenus fremontiiApplegate, Elmer I.70231932-03-20 MendocinoAlong the ocean shore 6 miles south of Pt. Arena
CAS-BOT532626CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, Le Roy23351902-04-13 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
CAS-BOT532627CASZigadenus fremontiiCahill, Ned3021974-05-18 San MateoSerpentine fields bordered by chaparral near the intersection of Canada and Edgewood roads, about 3 mi westward from Redwood City.
CAS-BOT532628CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Josephine D.2421907-06-27 San MateoKings Mountain
CAS-BOT532629CASZigadenus fremontiiCahill, Ned2931974-05-18 San MateoSerpentine fields bordered by chaparral near the intersection of Canada and Edgewood roads, about 3 mi westward from Redwood City.
CAS-BOT532630CASZigadenus fremontiiCohen, Daniel151953-04-11 San MateoShady side of road near shore of Searsville Lake.
CAS-BOT532631CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.50721914-03-01 San MateoWoodside
CAS-BOT532632CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.19671920-04-26 San Mateo1 mile from Pescadero on Pigeon Point Road, plants of the Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
CAS-BOT532633CASZigadenus fremontiiOberlander, George201949-04-02 San MateoSan Francisco watershed preserve, Lower Crystal Spring Lake
CAS-BOT532634CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.3801956-04-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley
CAS-BOT532635CASZigadenus fremontiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-05-23 Santa BarbaraCamino Cielo, ca. 6 miles west of San Marcos Pass, Santa Ynez Mts. area of Refugio Pass Burn of 1955
CAS-BOT532636CASZigadenus fremontiiBlakley, E. R.44421961-06-12 Santa BarbaraTop of San Rafael Peak
CAS-BOT532637CASZigadenus fremontiiKeck, David D.14181932-04-10 Santa ClaraStanford University, near the golf course at Lake Lagunita
CAS-BOT532638CASZigadenus fremontiiMartineau, Robert171974-04-03 Santa ClaraFoothills Park, Los Trancos trail above Los Trancos Creek. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, 5 miles south of center of Palo Alto.
CAS-BOT532639CASZigadenus fremontiiApplegate, Elmer I.7311895-04-01 Santa ClaraHills above Stanford University.
CAS-BOT532640CASZigadenus fremontiiWosnessensky, s.n.s.n.1841-01-01 UnknownBoreal. Ross.
CAS-BOT532641CASZigadenus fremontiiMcClintock, Elizabeth; Reeberg, Pauls.n.1989-03-19 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains, in ravine west of Randolph Ravine
CAS-BOT532726CASZigadenus fremontiiOberlander, George7721950-04-16 San MateoSan Francisco Watershed Reserve, Upper Crystal Spring Lake
CAS-BOT532727CASZigadenus fremontiiWiggins, Ira L.50961931-02-21 Santa CruzBetween Felton and Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT532728CASZigadenus fremontiiWiggins, Ira L.50961931-02-21 Santa CruzBetween Felton and Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT532729CASZigadenus fremontiiMason, H. L.s.n.1922-03-29 Santa CruzBonnie Doon - Davenport Road
CAS-BOT532730CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-03-14 SonomaNear Windsor
CAS-BOT532731CASZigadenus fremontiiHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-03-14 SonomaNear Windsor
CAS-BOT532751CASZigadenus fremontiiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1940-03-25 MarinNorth of Point Reyes
CAS-BOT532752CASZigadenus fremontiiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.18111937-03-25 MarinNorth of Point Reyes
CAS-BOT532753CASZigadenus fremontiiBest, Catherine10651985-03-03 MarinAt base of Mt. Burdell near San Carlos Street, Novato
CAS-BOT532755CASZigadenus fremontiiGould, Frank W.8701940-02-18 Marin7 miles south of Tomales
CAS-BOT532756CASZigadenus fremontiiJones, Marcus E. A M30591882-03-10 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT532757CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-04-01 San MateoFoot of San Bruno Hills
CAS-BOT532758CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-03-01 San MateoMarsh, South San Francisco
CAS-BOT532759CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-04-01 San MateoNear South San Francisco
CAS-BOT532760CASZigadenus fremontiiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irjas.n.1964-03-16 San MateoSan Bruno Point
CAS-BOT532761CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alices.n.1929-04-01 San MateoSan Bruno
CAS-BOT532762CASZigadenus fremontiiMeiere, Mrs. E.s.n.1918-02-16 San MateoSouth San Francisco near Visitacion Valley
CAS-BOT532763CASZigadenus fremontiiBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1922-03-28 San MateoNear ocean between mouth of Gazos and Pigeon Pt.
CAS-BOT532904CASZigadenus fremontiiRubtzoff, Peter21711956-04-07 San FranciscoPresidio Golf Links: openings in cypress groves separating the links
CAS-BOT532905CASZigadenus fremontiiFerris, Roxana S.; Wiggins, I. L.80371932-03-03 San FranciscoBare hill top, Bernal Heights
CAS-BOT532906CASZigadenus fremontiiRaven, Peter H.82571955-04-08 San FranciscoRare, on serpentine slopes, Presidio
CAS-BOT532907CASZigadenus fremontiiRaven, Peter H.14581950-03-19 San FranciscoTop of Bernal Heights
CAS-BOT532908CASZigadenus fremontiiZeile, Elsies. n.1903-03-26 San FranciscoPresidio Golf Links
CAS-BOT532909CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.85491960-03-17 San FranciscoSummit of low hill, Bernal Heights
CAS-BOT532910CASZigadenus fremontiiThomas, John H.47371960-03-17 San FranciscoGrassy north slope of Bernal Heights
CAS-BOT532911CASZigadenus fremontiiAbbott, E. K.s. n.1902-03-14 MontereyUnspecified Monterey
CAS-BOT532912CASZigadenus fremontiiBreedlove, D. E.21311962-04-07 MontereyGrassy slope 0.4 mile east of State Highway 1 on Plaskett Ridge Road, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT532913CASZigadenus fremontiiBreedlove, D. E.21311962-04-07 MontereyGrassy slope 0.4 mile east of State Highway 1 on Plaskett Ridge Road, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT532914CASZigadenus fremontiiRandall, Josephine D.s. n.1910-01-04 MontereyAlong Pipeline from Carmel to Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT532915CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice24881913-03-09 Monterey
CAS-BOT532916CASZigadenus fremontiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas19281935-01-28 Monterey
CAS-BOT532917CASZigadenus fremontiiZeile, E. M.s. n.2013-05-31 MontereyPresidio
CAS-BOT532918CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.63951917-02-12 MontereyCarmel Hill
CAS-BOT532919CASZigadenus fremontiiAbrams, L. R.63951917-02-12 MontereyCarmel Hill
CAS-BOT532920CASZigadenus fremontiiHowitt, Beatrice F.8031956-02-05 MontereyOld forest near Forest Hill Stores off the Carmel-Pacific Grove Highway
CAS-BOT532921CASZigadenus fremontiiDudley, W. R.s. n.1894-04-14 MontereyBack of Monterey Villa
CAS-BOT532922CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s. n.1886-02-01 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT532923CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s. n.1882-05-17 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT532924CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s. n.1882-05-17 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT532925CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s. n.1886-02-12 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT533026CASZigadenus fremontiiSummers, Mrs. R. W.s. n.1886-02-01 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT533027CASZigadenus fremontiiBacigalupi, R.30801949-04-08 San Luis ObispoAmong pines at Cambria Pines, hill between Cambria and ocean
CAS-BOT533028CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.28981958-02-02 San Luis ObispoTassajara Canyon Road near Rte. 101.
CAS-BOT533029CASZigadenus fremontiiHardham, Clare B.15401957-03-06 San Luis ObispoPine woods, Cambria
CAS-BOT533030CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.66391947-03-01 San Luis ObispoCambria
CAS-BOT533031CASZigadenus fremontiiHoover, R. F.66391947-03-01 San Luis ObispoCambria
CDA0011545CDAZigadenus fremontiiG.F. Hrusa123791995-06-20 San Luis ObispoSummit of Ridge 1-near peak. Approx. 1-2 mile E of Peak 1 (Radio Facility 2). Black Butte Research Natural Area.
CDA0012101CDAZigadenus fremontiiG.F. Hrusa59601989-04-24 NapaW side of upper Chiles Valley. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0012450CDAZigadenus fremontiiG.F. Hrusa100071992-03-22 Santa CruzNear Bonny Doon Quarry, Lonestar Mine, Davenport, Ca. Santa Cruz Mountains.
CDA0022933CDAZigadenus fremontiiG.F. Hrusa171102008-04-11 LakeImmed. below Indian Valley Res. spillway into N. Fk. Cache Creek tailrace. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0030849CDAZigadenus fremontiiM. Beyers3492010-04-13 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. Along the eastern banks of Cold Creek, just west of homestead trail.
CDA0032831CDAZigadenus fremontiiP. Hiatt1979-04-26 ColusaNorth end of Bear Valley at Bartlett Springs Road.
CDA0039407CDAZigadenus fremontiiC. Eldredge19681959-03-13 SolanoFairfield.
CDA0039408CDAZigadenus fremontiiT.C. Fuller37861960-03-23 MontereyCarmel Highlands.
CDA0039409CDAZigadenus fremontiiGordon Leppig8161998-06-13 MendocinoRoute 1, milemarker 85.43.
CDA0039410CDAZigadenus fremontiiT.C. Fuller1183-581958-03-13 Solano2 miles south of Fairfield.
CDA0039411CDAZigadenus fremontiiT.C. Fuller171361968-05-28 SolanoSouth side of Cordelia Rd. just southwest of Suisun, 2 miles southwest of Fairfield.
CDA0050134CDAZigadenus fremontiiBenjamin E. Carter222001-03-01 San Luis ObispoChumash Creek, across Hwy 1 from Cuesta College. Grazed pasture.
CDA0050849CDAZigadenus fremontiiAmy Langston232001-03-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo, northeast side of Bishop′s Peak. Felsman Trail off Highland Ave, grassy area, north facing slope. Elev 200 m.
CHSC31847CHSCZigadenus fremontiiL. Ahart16121978-03-14 ButteAlong the Palermo-Honcut Hwy not very far n of Ahart Rd and Central House Rd. Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CLARK-A1528-3205CLARKZigadenus fremontiiJohn C. Roos55821952-04-27 San BernardinoScotts Canon
CLARK-A1528-5093CLARKZigadenus fremontiiJohn C. Roos66071957-03-16 VenturaNewbury Park
CLARK-A1528-8CLARKZigadenus fremontiiFred B. Essig1967-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains
CSLA024693CSLAZigadenus fremontiiJames Henrickson95611973-05-07 San DiegoIn N-S running Crest Canon near corner of Crest Dr. and Del Mar Heights in city of Del Mar.
CSLA024699CSLAZigadenus fremontiiJ. Prigge651971-04-01 VenturaSycamore Canon road near coast in Santa Monica Mts.
CSLA024700CSLAZigadenus fremontiiD.E. Nay131975-08-04 Tehamaca. 15 m e of 99E, 8.7 mi nnw of 99E-Shasta Rd jct, Chico
CSLA024707CSLAZigadenus fremontiiJames Henrickson42421969-04-10 Los Angeles6 miles SSW of Thousand Oaks in Santa Monica Mtns.; 1 mile W. of jct. of Yerba Buena Road & Mulholland Drive;
CSLA024710CSLAZigadenus fremontiiRichard Danielson9581957-04-11 Los AngelesGriffith Park
CSLA024711CSLAZigadenus fremontiiR. Embrey9581954-05-04 Los AngelesGriffith Park
CSLA024712CSLAZigadenus fremontiiDieter H. Wilken64381969-02-21 Santa BarbaraUpper end of Canada Islay, Santa Cruz Island.
CSLA024717CSLAZigadenus fremontiiJ. Benedict351967-03-21 VenturaSierra Madre Mtns., Sierra Madre Natl. Forest, 10 N of Fillmore.
CSLA024721CSLAZigadenus fremontiiDieter H. Wilken7551966-03-14 San DiegoWest of Black Mtn. about 5 mileas east of Del Mar
FSC0004683FSCZigadenus fremontiiPeggy Smith1051973-04-17 San BenitoCirca 100 yards below the TV tower near the summit of Fremont Peak in rather open foothill woodland.
FSC0004684FSCZigadenus fremontiiLarry Donnelley1972-03-29 GlennThis plant was growing in an adobe hillside, 1 mile east of the old townsite of Newville.
FSC0004685FSCZigadenus fremontiiJack Rockwell62-00901962-05-19 Del NorteCollected in R2E-T1 N, section 21.
FSC0004686FSCZigadenus fremontiiS. A. Girts651963-04-12 Los AngelesNorthwest corner of Decker Road and Mulhulland Drive intersection.
FSC0004687FSCZigadenus fremontiiL.M. Moe650611965-03-07 Santa ClaraCollected along Highway 152, 3.5 miles east of junction with Highway 156.
HSC219176HSCZigadenus fremontiiRobert M. Specht4591976-05-15 Napa0.3 mi. S of Napa-Lake Counties border on Hwy. 29 at Rattlesnake Spring
HSC219177HSCZigadenus fremontiiJohn Rehling1551976-03-31 LakeRd. to Hopland, 0.1 mi. S of junction of Hwy. 29
HSC219178HSCZigadenus fremontiiJohn Rehling2581976-04-18 TehamaHwy. 36, 18.9 W of business Hwy. 99
HSC219179HSCZigadenus fremontiiGreg O′Connellsn2013-06-27 HumboldtSummit of Mt. Andy
HSC219180HSCZigadenus fremontiiJohn Rehling1891976-04-16 MendocinoAlong Hwy. 101 on S facing slope, 3 N of entrance to Standish Hickey State Park
HSC219181HSCZigadenus fremontiiGordon Leppig8161998-06-13 MendocinoRte. 1, milemarker 85.43
HSC219182HSCZigadenus fremontiiM.A. Baker1901977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC219183HSCZigadenus fremontiiThomas W. Nelson24211976-05-04 MendocinoJunction of Cat Track Rd. and BLM Rd. to Red Mtn.
HSC219184HSCZigadenus fremontiiNikolaus Gillen142014-03-20 Contra CostaMount Diablo State Park. Eagle Peak Trail.
HSC219185HSCZigadenus fremontiiRollin Sparrowe341962-05-19 Del Norte3 N of Gasquet
HSC219186HSCZigadenus fremontiiT.R. Crumbo81977-05-04 Tehama20 ft. from S side of rd., 19 W of Red Bluff on Hwy. 36, 100 yds. E of junction of Hwy. 36 and Bowman Rd.
HSC219187HSCZigadenus fremontiiR. Earing681987-04-11 LakeBlue Oak Campground, 8 N of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd., SE of Indian Valley Reservoir
HSC219188HSCZigadenus fremontiiJ.F. Knezevich2201967-06-06 Santa BarbaraW side of Painted Cave townsite
HSC219189HSCZigadenus fremontiiR.C. Drewien111963-04-09 Monterey0.25 mi. E of junction of Hwy. 1 and Palo Colorado Canon Rd.
HSC219190HSCZigadenus fremontiiW.D. Stevens101964-03-21 ShastaNear Oak Run Rd.
HSC219191HSCZigadenus fremontiiR. Spellenberg11271965-06-14 HumboldtKneeland Prairie, at Kneeland Airport 6 mi. SE of Kneeland
HSC219192HSCZigadenus fremontiiL. Blackford371988-04-16 Colusa6.1 mi. on Walker Ridge Road off Hwy 20 at Blue Oak campground
HSC219193HSCZigadenus fremontiiAllan R. Marshall171962-05-19 Del Norte2 mi. from Gasquet
HSC219194HSCZigadenus fremontiiJ.R. Bernard161963-04-15 MontereyLaguna Seca (halfway between Salinas and Monterey)
HSC219195HSCZigadenus fremontiiGreg Bos131963-03-02 Marin1 N of Tiburon on Paradise Dr.
HSC219196HSCZigadenus fremontiiB. Francis151964-03-23 Marin0.9 NE of Tiburon
HSC219197HSCZigadenus fremontiiScott M. Kruse81975-05-03 Lake5.8 W of junction with Hwy. 29 on Scotts Creek Rd.
HSC219198HSCZigadenus fremontiiRich White291977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC219199HSCZigadenus fremontiiM. Alcasas101978-04-15 LakeBartlett Springs Rd., 1.5 mi. E of Hwy. 20
HSC219200HSCZigadenus fremontiiM. Dean Griswold Jr.141979-04-14 Colusa
HSC219201HSCZigadenus fremontiiL.T. Gault21964-03-23 Tehama3 mi. E of Dairyville
HSC219202HSCZigadenus fremontiiJ. Wendell Howe781930-03-30 HumboldtDiamond Canon, presumed Humboldt Co. but not stated
HSC219203HSCZigadenus fremontiiSandy Floyd321987-03-13 MarinHwy. 1, 3 mi. S of Stinson beach
HSC219204HSCZigadenus fremontiiM.A. Baker2111977-04-24 LakeBarrel Springs Campground.
HSC219205HSCZigadenus fremontiiMary Katherine Wicksten1481971-07-02 San MateoHuddart Park, Miwok Nature Trail by Miwok Shelter
HSC219206HSCZigadenus fremontiiElrid H. Spinas571948-06-16 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
HSC219207HSCZigadenus fremontiiChristopher Davidson61061977-06-24 MendocinoMtn. View Rd. toward Boonville, 4.8 mi. E of Hwy. 101, almost to Titus Heights
IRVC15638IRVCZigadenus fremontiiD.J. Powell10181973-03-15 AlamedaPatterson Reserve, W of Del Valle Lake. Rocky places on exposed ridge.
IRVC19776IRVCZigadenus fremontiiGordon A. Marshs.n.1983-05-02 OrangeSanta Ana Mts., burn area between Coal & Gypsum Canons.
IRVC2501IRVCZigadenus fremontiiMike McCartins.n.1965-04-15 OrangeSantiago Canon Road
IRVC2502IRVCZigadenus fremontiiRay Harbours.n.1965-04-12 OrangeCorona Del Mar
IRVC2503IRVCZigadenus fremontiiT. Baskins.n, OrangeOrtega highway
IRVC2504IRVCZigadenus fremontiiC. Thompsons.n.1965-04-24 RiversideHighway 71[79]; 2 miles West of Dripping Springs.
IRVC2505IRVCZigadenus fremontiiTony Prices.n.1965-04-24 Riverside1-4 mi. SE of Keen Camp, RT. 74
IRVC2506IRVCZigadenus fremontiiMcRaes.n.1965-04-24 RiversideOrtega Highway
IRVC2507IRVCZigadenus fremontiiSusan Parks.n.1965-04-24 Riverside9 mi. north of Sage, Rt. 79
IRVC2509IRVCZigadenus fremontiiDon Pfirrmanns.n.1965-04-10 San DiegoOceanside
IRVC2510IRVCZigadenus fremontiiLorene Lewtons.n.1965-04-24 RiversideHwy 71 [79] 1.5 W of Dripping Springs Guard Station.
IRVC2512IRVCZigadenus fremontiiEd Hazans.n.1965-04-24 San Diego1-2 mile SW of Grand Highway,Elsinore
IRVC2513IRVCZigadenus fremontiiBarbara Mawdsleys.n.1965-04-24 Riverside2.1 miles West of Dripping Springs Guard Station, Highway 71
IRVC27099IRVCZigadenus fremontiiMark A. Elvin33722004-04-24 San DiegoSE side of Otay Mountain: Mine Canon; San Diego Plant Atlas grid-V16
IRVC27212IRVCZigadenus fremontiiA.C. Sanders265012003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, ridge ca. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail
IRVC27380IRVCZigadenus fremontiiJoseph A. Betzler5162003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, Minnewawa Truck Trail about 3.5 miles from top
IRVC28153IRVCZigadenus fremontiiJon P. Rebman; J. Gregory, K. Collins, & D. Getinger88122003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain Wilderness Area (BLM property): southwest of Dulzura: along Sycamore Canon.
IRVC29964IRVCZigadenus fremontiiMark A. Elvin44152005-05-28 San DiegoUpper Hellhole Cyn; 2 WNW of Rodriquez Mtn; S of Hwy 76.
JEPS100057UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiG. SmickGAS522003-02-27 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
JEPS103006UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. Raiche, K. Zadnik, H. Forbes1181991-05-24 SolanoW of Hwy 121 Mt George
JEPS111688UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiD. G. Kelch03.3742003-04-03 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive West Martinez.
JEPS112501UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiD. G. Kelch03.3742003-04-03 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive West Martinez.
JEPS14644UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRimo Bacigalupi, R. Hauke, Geo. Bacigalupi46721954-07-13 Lakesummit of Sheetiron Mountain Sheetiron Mountain
JEPS2922UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson91221921-04-13 Santa BarbaraSycamore Canon, Santa Inez Mountains
JEPS2923UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson82201919-02-24 SolanoLittle Oak Ranch
JEPS49758UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRimo Bacigalupi, Alice Howard, Paul Hutchison92181967-03-29 Contra Costa0.5 mi se head of Bolinger Canon (in Bolinger Creek drainage, w slope of Las Trampas Ridge); Las Trampas Ridge, Bolinger Creek
JEPS55661UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWayne Roderick, G. Keator1966-03-12 Santa Barbara2 road mi se San Marcos Pass
JEPS62247UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson24021921-04-21 Los AngelesSycamore Flat to San Dimas Creek; San Gabriel Mountains
JEPS62248UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiElsa Kraeger1926-02-27 Alamedahill above Lake Temescal
JEPS62249UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiS. B., W. F. Parish1888-03-30 San Bernardinofoothills of the San Bernardino Mts. San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS62250UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson148161898-10-18 Contra CostaMitchell Canon Mt. Diablo
JEPS62251UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson68581917-05-31 MarinMt. Tamalpais
JEPS62252UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHardin Irwin301904-03-30 LakeCold Creek Kelseyville
JEPS62253UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson62611915-04-23 NapaConn Valley
JEPS62254UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiInez Smith1915-03-01 San MateoBurlingame
JEPS62255UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson30041908-04-04 Contra Costaw branch San Pablo Creek
JEPS62256UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson21821903-05-03 Solanohigh e slopes Vaca Mts.
JEPS62257UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson5461900-03-09 NapaHowell Mt. Napa River Basin
JEPS62258UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson148121896-05-15 SolanoLittle Oak Vacaville
JEPS62259UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson148131899-04-25 TehamaRosewood
JEPS62260UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson148141891-03-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco
JEPS62261UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson148151891-04-25 Napaw of St. Helena (near Caux′s Cabin, high points of Mt. Hood Range); Mt. Hood Range
JEPS62262UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson29871908-03-05 Monterey2 mi w Pine Woods; Monterey
JEPS62263UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiW. C. Mathews331914-01-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
JEPS62297UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson118961927-04-19 San DiegoLa Jolla
JEPS62299UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson153921930-04-13 FresnoDiablo Range
JEPS62303UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson118491927-04-19 San DiegoLa Jolla
JEPS77012UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRobert M. Lloyd21391963-03-17 Contra Costa0.5 mi e Grizzly Peak Road and Skyline Drive intersection (on Skyline Drive (across from 7090 Skyline Drive) Huckleberry trail)
JEPS83057UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRoy E. Buck, Randall A. Morgan4591984-03-11 Santa Cruz5.6 km nw Watsonville (sw of Calif Hwy 1 and Fiesta Way, ca 0.6 km wnw of Calif Hwy 1-Buena Vista Dr)
JEPS84782UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJ. Stratford1982-03-24 AlamedaColumbine Trail Anthony Chabot Regional Park
JEPS84874UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiBert Johnson1989-03-18 San Mateoca 200 yds n Randolph Avenue (on w side of gully, se corner of Mt. San Bruno); Mt. San Bruno
JEPS93764UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiSteven Junak, Mary HochbergWA571979-03-28 Venturajust w of Oak Canon (on shore side of West Anacapa Island); California Islands, West Anacapa Island
JEPS99233UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. B. Hardham15401957-03-06 San Luis ObispoCambria
LA00615229LAZigadenus fremontiiMary V. Hood41-64k*1941-04-19 San DiegoNear Pala
LA00615231LAZigadenus fremontiiCarl Epling7581932-03-30 San DiegoEncinitas
LA00615233LAZigadenus fremontiiCarl Epling51241921-03-13 MarinMarin Co.
LA00615234LAZigadenus fremontiiHarriet A. Walker621906-02-01 AlamedaVicinity of Berkeley Berkeley
LA00615237LAZigadenus fremontiiO. H. Kappler1952-04-06 MontereyAbove Priest Valley.; along Highway 198
LA00615239LAZigadenus fremontiiB. R. Lower1954-04-24 San DiegoDry hill top on La Jolla Mesa Rd.
LA00615241LAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz116161930-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
LA00615243LAZigadenus fremontiiMartha Hilend3511929-04-28 UnknownSespe Creek, Ventura Co.
LA00615245LAZigadenus fremontiiCarl Clawson Epling63281925-01-01 MontereyCarmel Highlands
LA200926LAZigadenus fremontiiJonathan Sauer43951969-03-17 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; upper Rustic Canon
LA201883LAZigadenus fremontiiArthur C. Gibson49892003-04-15 Los AngelesSimi Hills; Box Canon; along hiking trail along Box Canon Rd, ca 0.5 km S of Pioneer Pass
LA21062LAZigadenus fremontiiS. Bellers.n.1926-04-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Calabasas
LA21075LAZigadenus fremontiiMary Reynolds1121937-04-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park
LA213194LAZigadenus fremontiiElwood Fordhams.n.1951-04-15 Los AngelesTopanga. Up Robinson Rd to Anderson, Right on Rd Silvernales 100 yrds
LA29225LAZigadenus fremontiiMary V. Hood44-41k*1944-05-07 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cold Creek; Monte Nido
LA85585LAZigadenus fremontiiElizabeth McClintocks.n.1945-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Dry Canon-Cold Creek Road
LOB100217LOBZigadenus fremontiiP.C. Bakers.n.1965-02-27 Santa BarbaraSoutheast of San Marcos Pass at high voltage powerline crossing on Calif. 154., west side of road.
MCCC1002MCCCZigadenus fremontiiTeresa Sholars1531982-07-05 MendocinoE. of dunes, N. of Inglenook Fen
MCCC1003MCCCZigadenus fremontiiTeresa Sholars1531982-07-05 MendocinoE. of dunes, N. of Inglenook Fen
MCCC1690MCCCZigadenus fremontiiChristine Schomer1221984-06-07 Mendocino3 N. of Simpson Road on Omar Drive, 1-4 mi. E. of Hwy. 1
MCCC2133MCCCZigadenus fremontiiBill Hirano1948-06-14 MarinRifle Camp, Mount Tamalpias
MCCC2471MCCCZigadenus fremontiiV.A. Barnes1962-05-06 MendocinoRoad (county) to pygmy forest, Van Damme State Park
MCCC3476MCCCZigadenus fremontiiDorothy Scherer91996-03-16 SonomaCa. 800′ south of Hwy. 1 M.M. 34.00 and 100 west, Fort Ross State Historic Park
MCCC72MCCCZigadenus fremontiiKim Gilbert1981-06-09 Mendocino1-4 mi. E. of Hwy. 1 on Pearl Drive
MCCC793MCCCZigadenus fremontiiChristine Schomer971982-06-11 MendocinoRhody property, 3-4 mi. E. of Hwy. 1, Simpson Road
OBI151703OBIZigadenus fremontiiTina Teed202001-01-18 San Luis ObispoChorro Creek bog thistle area, Canonal Guard Base
OBI151737OBIZigadenus fremontiiDirk Walters138101980-04-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town Creek near Lime Mountain Maine, west of Paso Robles.
OBI151746OBIZigadenus fremontiiDavid Keil185921985-04-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Crk Rd, N of Rocky Butte lookout at locked gate
PASA1242PASAZigadenus fremontii1930-04-12 San DiegoSan Marcos
PASA1243PASAZigadenus fremontiiAnnetta Carter1929-03-02 MontereyCarmel River
POM110467RSAZigadenus fremontiiC. C. Bruce18401897-00-01 Butte[no location information]
POM118763RSAZigadenus fremontiiMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-28 MendocinoLaytonville
POM123070RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. E. Hasses.n.1890-05-01 Los AngelesCanon, Sierra Santa Monica.
POM123237RSAZigadenus fremontiiMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-03-10 San DiegoSan Diego.
POM128572RSAZigadenus fremontiiA. D. E. Elmer35541902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
POM161521RSAZigadenus fremontiiLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-11 Santa CruzBig Basin
POM163241RSAZigadenus fremontiiC. L. Hitchcocks.n.1929-04-27 VenturaSespe Creek Canon
POM1653RSAZigadenus fremontiiOtis Hiatts.n.1916-06-03 Los AngelesTopanga Canon. Santa Monica Mountains.
POM1654RSAZigadenus fremontiiL. T. Streets.n.1917-05-15 San DiegoTop of Torrey Pine Grade.
POM1655RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz20381918-04-11 Los AngelesLone Hill near Glendora.
POM169347RSAZigadenus fremontiiIvar Tidestroms.n.1894-03-14 AlamedaPiedmont
POM169535RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. P. Chandler9781901-04-05 Contra CostaMt. Diablo.
POM169703RSAZigadenus fremontiiMicheners.n.1893-04-01 AlamedaBerkeley.
POM169721RSAZigadenus fremontiiMinnie Reeds.n.1897-02-14 San DiegoSan Diego.
POM169741RSAZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller51181902-03-21 SonomaHills southeast of Santa Rosa
POM169743RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. W. Summerss.n.1884-02-01 San Luis Obispo[no additional locality information]
POM169751RSAZigadenus fremontiiJoseph P. Tracy17901903-04-04 AlamedaBerkeley.
POM169760RSAZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller50681902-03-14 SonomaNear Windsor
POM169770RSAZigadenus fremontiiC. F. Baker3451903-03-22 San FranciscoSouth San Francisco
POM169779RSAZigadenus fremontiiC. F. Baker2841902-03-09 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
POM169843RSAZigadenus fremontiiA. D. E. Elmer45001903-06-01 MontereySeaside.
POM171027RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz11616-B1930-04-08 Santa BarbaraNear Torrey Pines, Santa Rosa Island.
POM171028RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz11616-A1930-04-08 Santa BarbaraNear Torrey Pines, Santa Rosa Island.
POM172029RSAZigadenus fremontiiF. M. Reed68131930-04-15 RiversidePlateau south of Gavilan Peak. [Gavilan Plateau]
POM175441RSAZigadenus fremontiiEdith Bonds.n.1928-06-18 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains.
POM180030RSAZigadenus fremontiiLester Rowntrees.n.1931-00-01 MontereyMonterey
POM188099RSAZigadenus fremontiiMarcus E. Jones292231931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino.
POM193599RSAZigadenus fremontiiRimo C. Bacigalupis.n.1922-03-28 San MateoNear ocean, between mouth of Gazos [Creek] and Pigeon Point
POM193600RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. R. Dudleys.n.1893-03-01 San MateoSouth San Francisco, Santa Cruz Peninsula
POM202857RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. T. Howell117541934-03-03 Mendocino6 miles south of Point Arena.
POM210236RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. E. Parks4051930-03-15 MarinTiburon Peninsula.
POM215732RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. D. Keck20431933-05-01 San BenitoSummit between Hernandez (Laguna) and Hernandez Valley
POM221995RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. C. Merrills.n.1895-04-01 San FranciscoPresidio Hills
POM221997RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. C. Merrills.n.1895-05-01 AlamedaLake Chabot
POM225870RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. H. Morrisons.n.1932-04-10 ButteDurham
POM264823RSAZigadenus fremontiiLincoln Constance25301940-03-21 MercedEast side Pacheco Pass, inner coast ranges, western Merced County
POM291031RSAZigadenus fremontiiLyman Benson761928-03-27 LakeKelseyville, Middle North Coast mountain range, Cold Creek watershed, McGaw Slough
POM291032RSAZigadenus fremontiiArthur L. Cohen6021935-04-21 San MateoJasper ridge, Stanford University, Santa Cruz mountain range, San Francisco Bay watershed
POM291033RSAZigadenus fremontiiLyman Benson19591930-03-22 LakeKelseyville, Middle North Coast mountain range
POM291034RSAZigadenus fremontiiLyman Benson19521930-03-07 Santa ClaraStanford University, hills behind the campus
POM291035RSAZigadenus fremontiiLyman Benson42831933-04-02 San DiegoAlong US 101 north of La Jolla, Pacific Ocean Watershed.
POM296202RSAZigadenus fremontiiCora W. Benson1441881-06-21 UnknownUnspcified.
POM318515RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl Sautter121967-04-14 San DiegoEncinitas. Pacific Drainage Area.
POM319458RSAZigadenus fremontiiPatricia Wilder15181965-03-26 Santa BarbaraCalifornia State Highway 154 at high voltage power line; southeast from San Marcos Pass, Pacific Drainage Area, Santa Ynez Mountains
POM47942RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz80581924-05-10 San DiegoPotrero Grade.
POM8030RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz37981920-04-29 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
POM8031RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz33401920-03-13 Los AngelesSan Jose Hills, 3 miles W of Pomona.
POM88648RSAZigadenus fremontiiRoxana S. Ferris41061925-03-25 MontereyBetween Big and Little Pinnacles
POM97130RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz98281925-05-20 Riverside2 miles W of Dripping Spring.
POM98141RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz91931925-03-24 FresnoNorth of Parkfield
PUA12473PUAZigadenus fremontiiLila Jaeger1878-04-08 NapaLocal landmark: Campbell Flat. Rutherford Quad.
PUA1418PUAZigadenus fremontiiT.R. Bennett1971-04-06 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1419PUAZigadenus fremontiiW.I. Laidlaw1972-03-27 NapaLocal landmark: Yountville. Yountville Quad.
PUA1515PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1971-04-04 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Berryessa. Walter Springs Quad.
PUA17051PUAZigadenus fremontiiBill Grummer1978-04-29 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17121PUAZigadenus fremontiiBill Grummer1978-05-20 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA3271PUAZigadenus fremontiiW.D. Sumner1971-04-22 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA3272PUAZigadenus fremontiiNeal Wearner1969-04-03 NapaLocal landmark: Butts Canon. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA3274PUAZigadenus fremontiiR. Sun1970-04-30 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3373PUAZigadenus fremontiiL.D. Londagin1971-05-17 NapaLocal landmark: Conn Valley. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3374PUAZigadenus fremontiiW.D. Sumner1972-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
PUA3375PUAZigadenus fremontiiGilbert Jerome Muth1967-03-05 NapaLocal landmark: Snell Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA3376PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1971-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3377PUAZigadenus fremontiiT.L. Landis1972-04-06 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3505PUAZigadenus fremontiiLavern C. Wolcott1951-06-17 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA3576PUAZigadenus fremontiiE.E. Ground1970-03-21 LakeLocal landmark: Middletown. Middletown Quad.
PUA3577PUAZigadenus fremontiiK.Y. Nelson1971-04-27 LakeLocal landmark: Butts Canon. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA46856PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA59497PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 LakeLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59549PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA62047PUAZigadenus fremontiiJoe Callizo1983-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Four Corners. St. Helena Quad.
PUA62198PUAZigadenus fremontiiJoe Callizo1984-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Dollarhide Road. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA63397PUAZigadenus fremontiiJoe Callizo1984-05-26 NapaLocal landmark: Dollarhide Road. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA64325PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
PUA64684PUAZigadenus fremontiiBill Grummer1982-04-08 NapaLocal landmark: Ritchie Canon. Calistoga Quad.
PUA66250PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA66769PUAZigadenus fremontiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Ranch. The Geysers Quad.
PUA7099PUAZigadenus fremontiiBob Aitken1974-04-15 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
RSA0000371RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. L. Jepson91221921-04-13 Santa BarbaraSycamore Canon, Santa Ynez Mts.
RSA0000372RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. L. Jepson82201919-02-24 SolanoLittle Oak Ranch, Vacaville.
RSA0028800RSAZigadenus fremontiiM. D. ProctorROB04811993-04-17 San Luis Obispo0.3 km south of Pick and Shovel Mine [Camp Roberts]
RSA0028822RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. E. Parks4051930-03-15 MarinTiburon Peninsula.
RSA0051394RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne496611977-04-27 OrangeNorthern Santa Ana Mountains: Coal Canon [NW of Sierra Peak].
RSA0051792RSAZigadenus fremontiiBruce Haines371962-03-16 Santa BarbaraGoleta. 1.3 N. of San Marcos Pass Rd.on Painted Cave Rd.
RSA0065533RSAZigadenus fremontiiEleanor McClung1121937-04-15 Los AngelesGriffith Park, Los Angeles.
RSA0139359RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. G. Swinney166432014-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, along ridgetop and north side of ridge due south of the west fork of Harrow Cyn., north end of Glendora Ave., along historic (abandoned early 70 Whitecomb Trail.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0139454RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. G. Swinney166432014-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, along ridgetop and north side of ridge due south of the west fork of Harrow Cyn., north of end of Glendora Ave., along historic (abandoned early 70 Whitcomb Trail.; Glendora 7.5
RSA10257RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. A. Barker5051927-04-04 Santa ClaraWest of Los Gatos
RSA11013RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf16151928-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Susanna Pass, 0.5 miles from summit.
RSA113896RSAZigadenus fremontiiG. R. Campbell215081955-12-06 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden [Claremont]
RSA113913RSAZigadenus fremontiiIsabelle Smith216331956-05-07 San DiegoHighway 395, south of Pala, east of Escondido.
RSA114097RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Gould8701940-02-18 Marin7 miles south of Tomales
RSA119569RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. W. Rush731907-03-28 Santa CruzAlta Vista, Santa Cruz Mountains
RSA127883RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. J. Thompson20121959-05-24 Los Angeles2.3 miles south of summit and junction with Saddle Peak Road, Tuna Canon Road.
RSA128994RSAZigadenus fremontiiPeter H. Raven3051949-04-18 MarinTiburon
RSA130668RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. W. Summerss.n.1899-06-01 San Luis ObispoValley
RSA130669RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. W. Summerss.n.1882-03-17 San Luis Obispo[no locality information given]
RSA132326RSAZigadenus fremontiiPeter H. Raven149671960-04-05 Santa BarbaraGreen Canon.
RSA135330RSAZigadenus fremontiiVolney Rattans.n. SolanoElmira
RSA14255RSAZigadenus fremontiiDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-04-06 San DiegoSan Diego.
RSA149149RSAZigadenus fremontiiJohn H. Thomas4851949-04-25 MontereyParkfield Grade, between Parkfield and Parkfield Junction. Diablo Range.
RSA149150RSAZigadenus fremontiiJohn H. Thomas34081953-06-18 Santa CruzAlong Empire Grade, 2 miles S of its intersection with Jamison Road.
RSA149151RSAZigadenus fremontiiJohn H. Thomas19331950-05-28 Santa CruzBetween Saratoga Summit and Big Basin turn-off
RSA15175RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf521927-02-05 San MateoSkyline Boulevard and Belmont Road
RSA15270RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf2341927-03-02 San MateoAbove Searsville Lake.
RSA162803RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. D. Olmsted3751959-04-14 Riverside2 mi. SE of Oak Flat near Orange Co. boundary along side of Santiago Pk. fire rd., Santa Ana Mountains
RSA166769RSAZigadenus fremontiiHenry M. Pollards.n.1962-03-30 VenturaLong Grade Road, Ranch Guadalasca.
RSA167054RSAZigadenus fremontiiW. G. Webbs.n.1935-03-03 Los AngelesChevy Chase, San Rafael Hills north of Glendale
RSA171142RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne315851963-04-20 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge, ca. 3 miles northwest from Cuesta Pass
RSA177986RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne343401965-04-20 SonomaParker Hill Rd, 2.5 miles N of Santa Rosa and 1 mile N of Sonoma County Hospital.
RSA178632RSAZigadenus fremontiiLe Roy Abrams63951917-02-12 MontereyCarmel Hill
RSA187407RSAZigadenus fremontiiJohn H. Thomas39621954-04-23 Santa ClaraVicinity of Mt. Umunhum.
RSA190885RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne368001967-04-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 1-4 mile W of Sobrante (Head of Canada Pomona).
RSA191657RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne355931965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Along Highway 154 SE from San Marcos Pass at high voltage power line.
RSA192310RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. W. Lathrop3071967-05-14 Riverside10-12 miles SW of Murrieta on the road to Fishermans Camp.
RSA195359RSAZigadenus fremontiiGilbert Muth5351967-03-05 NapaSnell Valley.
RSA19876RSAZigadenus fremontiiI. W. Clokey44431929-04-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA19897RSAZigadenus fremontiiI. W. Clokey65331935-05-02 VenturaVentura River.
RSA200864RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf38251937-03-28 Yolo1.5 mile N of Dunnigan.
RSA21256RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf83701937-03-30 PlacerSacramento Valley, 6 miles N of Roseville on road to Lincoln.
RSA2171RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. W. Blankinships.n.1923-05-06 LakeUpper Kelsey Creek.
RSA217939RSAZigadenus fremontiiPeter Rubtzoff21711956-04-07 San FranciscoPresidio Golf Links
RSA22392RSAZigadenus fremontiiLewis S. Rose390171939-02-28 San FranciscoBernal Heights, San Francisco
RSA247296RSAZigadenus fremontiiGary D. Wallace1901966-03-19 San DiegoNorth end of Kearney Mesa, along Carmel Valley Road, 8 miles from US 101.
RSA247435RSAZigadenus fremontiiJack Delaini1671974-05-09 Los AngelesLodi Canon, San Dimas Experimental Forest, Angeles National Forest
RSA262383RSAZigadenus fremontiiRosalie B. Lopopolo341967-04-29 ColusaCa. 8 miles northwest of junction of Highway 16 and Highway 20, Bear Valley
RSA263749RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. W. Lathrop70221968-05-08 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and San Mateo Canon. Cleveland National Forest.
RSA263750RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. W. Lathrop68881968-05-17 Riverside4 miles west of Corona between Tin Mine Canon and Santiago Peak, Skyline Drive.
RSA287845RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne488961977-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: E end, Torrey Pine grove S of Beecheres Bay and W of Southeast Anchorage.
RSA289928RSAZigadenus fremontiiElsa Kraegers.n.1926-02-27 AlamedaHill above Lake Temescal
RSA293007RSAZigadenus fremontiiReino Alava7391957-05-05 NapaMt. Saint Helena.
RSA298514RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert A. Norris43331982-03-06 MarinSunset Trail, Angel Island, near Tiburon
RSA299466RSAZigadenus fremontiiTeri Bartowski201980-04-19 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Road, 1.3 mile south of junction with access road to Indian Valley Dam
RSA304221RSAZigadenus fremontiiJames R. Shevock15401972-04-02 MontereySouth side of Parkfield Grade
RSA304222RSAZigadenus fremontiiJames R. Shevock871970-04-04 Santa BarbaraSummit, San Refugio Road. [Refugio Road].
RSA304226RSAZigadenus fremontiiJames R. Shevock14421972-03-25 LakeLong Valley
RSA304228RSAZigadenus fremontiiJames R. Shevock6391971-01-31 MontereyAlong Highway 1
RSA305069RSAZigadenus fremontiiM. V. Hood44-411944-05-07 Los AngelesMonte Nido, near Tapia Park
RSA311441RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. E. Bramlet3611980-03-19 Los AngelesClaremont. Johnsons Pasture, near High Point Housing Development.
RSA319459RSAZigadenus fremontiiPatricia Wilder45421969-04-04 MontereyWest side of Hatton Road, about 0.25 mi south of Ocean Ave., Carmel. Santa Lucia Mountains; Carmel Bay drainage area.
RSA356017RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne356531965-03-27 Santa BarbaraAbout 5 miles up Figueroa Mountain Road from Midland School.
RSA356055RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne427231973-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Webb Canon, N of Claremont
RSA360136RSAZigadenus fremontiiHenk van der Werff41911981-04-04 San DiegoOtay Mesa.
RSA362047RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne4753-B1976-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 0.5 mile ESE of Mt. Pleasant.
RSA378408RSAZigadenus fremontiiRichard C. Barkelews.n.1929-04-14 Los AngelesMulholland Hwy
RSA378409RSAZigadenus fremontiiAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1914-04-13 OrangeSantiago Peak.
RSA378410RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert L. Dressler8921949-06-19 Los AngelesJohnstone Peak, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA378411RSAZigadenus fremontiiH. L. Bauers.n.1932-06-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains.
RSA378412RSAZigadenus fremontiiChung-Hsin Chungs.n.1931-03-14 VenturaSanta Susana Pass.
RSA378413RSAZigadenus fremontiiHelen M. Osters.n.1924-04-05 Los AngelesFoothills. North between Vermont and Western Avenues. [county unspecified]
RSA378414RSAZigadenus fremontiiHoward Mullinss.n.1931-03-15 VenturaSanta Susana Pass.
RSA378415RSAZigadenus fremontiiSamuel R. Tysons.n.1943-04-02 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
RSA378416RSAZigadenus fremontiiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1883-05-08 Los AngelesLaurel Canon.
RSA378418RSAZigadenus fremontiiChas M. Moodys.n.1901-03-01 Los AngelesEagle Rock.
RSA378419RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. Crow3301929-04-14 Los AngelesGlendora
RSA378420RSAZigadenus fremontiiBonnie C. Templetons.n.1931-04-12 Los AngelesMandeville Canon
RSA378421RSAZigadenus fremontiiN. C. Cooper21771945-05-01 Los AngelesTapia Park, Santa Monica Mountains
RSA378422RSAZigadenus fremontiiRussell S. Woglum12771934-04-08 Los AngelesNorth Hollywood near Laurel Canon.
RSA378423RSAZigadenus fremontiiCora S. Lifes.n.1923-07-01 AlamedaVicinity of Berkeley.
RSA378424RSAZigadenus fremontiiMark Morriss.n.1929-03-24 AlamedaWild Canon.
RSA378425RSAZigadenus fremontiiMark Morriss.n.1929-03-30 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
RSA378426RSAZigadenus fremontiiHoward de Forests.n.1920-04-06 Contra CostaSoutheast of Mortonville; small coal mine in Contra Costa Co.
RSA378427RSAZigadenus fremontiiCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1931-07-08 MendocinoMendocino Barrens.
RSA378428RSAZigadenus fremontiiChristopher Davidson61061977-06-24 MendocinoMountain View Rd. toward Boonville, 4.8 mi E of US Hwy 101, almost to Titus Heights.
RSA378429RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. S. Stubblefields.n.1939-03-27 RiversideTemecula.
RSA378430RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. A. Comstocks.n.1946-03-13 RiversideGavilan Peak.
RSA378432RSAZigadenus fremontiiS. B. Parishs.n.1895-05-01 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino.
RSA378433RSAZigadenus fremontiiJohn Comstocks.n.1930-04-01 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe.
RSA378434RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. D. Keck14181932-04-10 Santa ClaraStanford University, near the golf course at Lake Lagunita
RSA378435RSAZigadenus fremontiiF. R. Fosberg75291932-03-20 Santa BarbaraHungry Man′s Gulch, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA378437RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. A. YoungP-3551969-04-26 Santa BarbaraLompoc.
RSA378438RSAZigadenus fremontiiReid V. Moran7161941-03-16 VenturaNear Old Sheep Ranch, Middle Anacapa Island.
RSA378439RSAZigadenus fremontiiLewis S. Rose380971938-03-10 San FranciscoBernal Heights. Open grassy slopes.
RSA378440RSAZigadenus fremontiiGeorge R. Johnstones.n.1925-03-02 San DiegoLa Jolla.
RSA378441RSAZigadenus fremontiiEdith A. Purer73031938-03-19 San DiegoPoint Loma.
RSA378442RSAZigadenus fremontiiEdith A. Purer73031938-03-19 San DiegoPoint Loma.
RSA378443RSAZigadenus fremontiiLouis E. Hoffmans.n.1929-03-26 MontereyHuckleberry Hill, Monterey.
RSA378444RSAZigadenus fremontiiLouis E. Hoffmans.n.1929-03-26 MontereyHuckleberry Hill, Monterey.
RSA378461RSAZigadenus fremontiiJ. C. Marvins.n.1923-04-01 OrangeTrabuco Canon
RSA379431RSAZigadenus fremontiiF. H. Elmores.n.1934-02-24 RiversideBetween Riverside and Perris, Gavilan Mountains.
RSA386686RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Thorne474861976-04-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S of central Valley, ca. 1-4 mile W of laboratory
RSA3883RSAZigadenus fremontiiI. L. Wiggins50961931-02-21 Santa CruzBetween Felton and Santa Cruz
RSA40089RSAZigadenus fremontiiHenry M. Pollards..1946-05-04 VenturaOrtega Hill Trail.
RSA43123RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover66391947-03-01 San Luis ObispoCambria.
RSA43128RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover69751947-04-20 San Luis ObispoNear El Dorado School
RSA43129RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover67391947-03-26 San Luis ObispoJust south of Price Canon
RSA43135RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover67231947-03-23 San Luis ObispoLa Panza District
RSA43139RSAZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover66431947-03-02 San Luis ObispoNear airport of San Luis Obispo - Edna road
RSA47823RSAZigadenus fremontiiL. Beane20531949-05-11 MendocinoBetween Mendocino and Comptche.
RSA49095RSAZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz133761949-05-26 OrangeHead of Sierra [Freemont] Canon, Santa Ana Mountains.
RSA492704RSAZigadenus fremontiiWalter Wisura43281989-05-09 San DiegoViejas grade, 5.8 miles from The Willows, N of Interstate 8 W of Descanso.
RSA493810RSAZigadenus fremontiiB. Pitzer6851988-03-21 San DiegoNW side of Otay Mesa, ca. 1-2 mile N of Otay Mesa Road at head of tributary of Dennery Canon.; Otay Mesa 7.5 Q.
RSA49753RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. K. Balls78351948-02-24 MontereyCarmel Highlands above Yankee Point
RSA509563RSAZigadenus fremontiiEd LaRues.n.1989-03-30 RiversideRancho California area, ca. 4 miles W of Temecula,with Ave. del Oro as the N boundary.
RSA516887RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd13741986-03-01 RiversideGavilan Plateau, Gavilan Hills.
RSA527726RSAZigadenus fremontiiTimothy S. Ross41451991-03-07 Los AngelesElephant Hill: western Pomona.; San Dimas
RSA534090RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. A. Young18641989-03-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: road to Fraser Point, near Black Point Peninsula.
RSA535049RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. A. Young19751989-04-27 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge Botanical Area: Along Chaparral Road near the east end of the Botanical area, below T. V. antennas.
RSA542515RSAZigadenus fremontiiFred M. Roberts33651987-04-13 OrangeLaguna Beach: Goff Ridge, south of Nyes Place Road, 0.9 kilometers NNE Goff Island.
RSA543910RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd62811991-05-22 RiversideVail Lake area, base of Agua Tibia Mtn, E of Dorland Mtn, W of Kolb Crk.
RSA5551RSAZigadenus fremontiiCarl B. Wolf28491932-03-24 Santa Barbara1 mile east of Main Ranch, interior of island.
RSA561810RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd68341992-04-14 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area; Western flank of Bluewater Canon along Bluewater Trail.
RSA562543RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd80031993-04-23 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains, N of Sylmar and S of Santa Clarita, within the Tujunga Ranger District, Angeles National Forest. Western edge of Forest, upper portion of ridge on southern side of Whitney Canon.
RSA563522RSAZigadenus fremontiiTimothy S. Ross71411993-05-14 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains: ca 720 meters SW of Wilson Canon Saddle and 260 meters SE of knoll-top Radio Facility, on E side of ridge above Wilson Canon Road
RSA570712RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd79341993-04-08 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area of Cleveland National Forest, upper Devil Canon from road 8S01 downstream to vicinity of Mud Springs.
RSA585843RSAZigadenus fremontiiM. D. ProctorROB04811993-04-17 San Luis Obispo0.3 km south of Pick and Shovel Mine [Camp Roberts]
RSA585874RSAZigadenus fremontiiDarin L. Banks0359A1995-05-09 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, N face of Agua Tibia Mtn., the Dorland Mtn area, W of the Dripping Springs Alcove, W of Woodchuck Campground.
RSA585875RSAZigadenus fremontiiDarin L. Banks359-B1995-05-09 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, N face of Agua Tibia Mtn., the Dorland Mtn area, W of the Dripping Springs Alcove, W of Woodchuck Campground.
RSA586239RSAZigadenus fremontiiM. D. ProctorROB03311993-03-24 San Luis Obispo1 km northwest of Chorro Reservation.
RSA59072RSAZigadenus fremontiiG. R. Campbell145871950-04-17 Los AngelesEscondido Canon, leading to Malibu Lake, ca. 5 miles above Highway Alt. 101.
RSA594822RSAZigadenus fremontiiFred M. Roberts49161994-04-24 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: San Juan Canon, CA route 74, Lower San Juan Picnic Ground.
RSA594893RSAZigadenus fremontiiFred M. Roberts49061994-04-24 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: San Juan Canon, south side of CA route 74, 1.2 kilometers SW Lower San Juan Picnic Ground.
RSA598457RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. R. BlakleyB-27991959-04-26 VenturaEast Anacapa Island. North of radar reflector near center of south side of island.
RSA598458RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. R. Blakley38731961-03-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 1 mile east of Stant Ranch - Central Valley.
RSA598459RSAZigadenus fremontiiPeter H. Raven149671960-04-05 Santa BarbaraGreen Canon.
RSA598461RSAZigadenus fremontiiR. N. PhilbrickB65-2481965-02-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Torrey Pine grove, about 1-4 mile SE of triangulation point Drift.
RSA601310RSAZigadenus fremontiiPalmer Stockwell12541935-05-13 San Diego0.5 mile E of Tecate turn-off, between Dulzura and Potrero.
RSA601487RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteven A. Junak58331995-02-07 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: NE portion of island, ca. 0.1 mile E of campground, S of upper reaches of Willow Canon.
RSA603649RSAZigadenus fremontiiLouis C. Wheeler59141944-02-27 MontereyPoint Lobos Reserve: Summit of Vierras Knoll.
RSA613018RSAZigadenus fremontiiLouis C. Wheelers.n.1975-05-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Tujunga, at head of East Fork.
RSA614852RSAZigadenus fremontiiDarin L. Banks18631997-04-08 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Wilderness Gardens Preserve. Approximately 3.4 miles east of Pala south of Hwy. 76 along the San Luis Rey River.Areas along the main trail network from the parking area along the primary driveway within the river bottom to areas of native grasslands on the higher slopes.
RSA627536RSAZigadenus fremontiiSandy Leatherman71998-05-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: S of Woolsey Canon Road, down the existing dirt road.; Calabasas
RSA628389RSAZigadenus fremontiiGeorge K. Helmkamp48711999-05-21 MontereyWillow Crk Rd, 6.3 mi E of CA-1 N of Gorda.
RSA628649RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteven A. Junaks.n.1978-03-12 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain Road 10.6 miles N of intersection with Highway 154.
RSA631077RSAZigadenus fremontiiLouis C. Wheelers.n.1969-05-04 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: East side Little Tujunga Canon, 3-4 mile south southeast Herreres Ranch.
RSA644360RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteven A. JunakEA-1511996-03-18 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: Terrace, at SW end of islet.
RSA651266RSAZigadenus fremontiiMary H. Ward8921970-04-16 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills behind Linda Vista, southwestern Pasadena.
RSA653476RSAZigadenus fremontiiValerie L. Soza7842000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Stough Canon, Stough Park, above parking lot SW of intersection of Walnut Avenue and Lockheed View Drive, W of De Bell Municipal Golf Course, SE of Starlight Theater.; Burbank
RSA656326RSAZigadenus fremontiiValerie L. Soza6842000-03-30 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side : Northeastern side of La Tuna Canon, north of 210 Fwy, north of La Tuna Canon Road. SSW of Dorothy and Estepa Drive junction, Haines Canon Park. Area burned in August 1999.; Burbank
RSA656952RSAZigadenus fremontiiJames Henrickson138381974-04-13 San Diegoca. 2-10 miles E of Del Mar in Carmel Valley
RSA670591RSAZigadenus fremontiiBonnie C. Templeton14731930-05-27 Los AngelesNorthwest of Hollywood. Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA674711RSAZigadenus fremontiiScott D. White77402000-05-01 RiversideCorona: Western foothills of Santa Ana Mountains near Bedford Canon.; Corona South
RSA681289RSAZigadenus fremontiiJoseph A. Betzler5162003-05-04 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Otay Mountain, Minnewawa Truck Trail about 3.5 miles from top.; Dulzura 7.5
RSA682087RSAZigadenus fremontiiA. C. Sanders265012003-05-04 San DiegoPeninsular Range, San Ysidro Mtns.: Otay Mountain, ridge ca. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail (Otay Mountain 7.5 Near 32 ° 35 54N, 116 ° 48 W).; Otay Mountain 7.5
RSA68658RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson29121922-04-14 San DiegoTorrey Pines Park, near La Jolla.
RSA68661RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson56501925-03-24 FresnoInner Coast Ranges, Coalinga to Parkfield, near County Auto Camp
RSA68662RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson36761923-07-07 Mendocino2 miles east of Mendocino City.
RSA68663RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson24021921-04-21 Los AngelesTrail below Sycamore Flat, on way to San Dimas, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA68664RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson16871918-05-05 Los AngelesBrents on the Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA68665RSAZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Peirson110251934-03-25 Santa BarbaraRidge west of canyon at Fryes Harbor, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA698069RSAZigadenus fremontiiWilma Griset621931-04-19 Los AngelesSan Dimas Lookout.
RSA701739RSAZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd111942004-05-11 VenturaLos Padres National ForestMount Pinos region: Topa Topa Mountains, east of Sespe Canon near upper end of Tar Creek Road (and trail).
RSA704826RSAZigadenus fremontiiJon P. Rebman90532003-05-13 San DiegoViejas Mtn.: northwest side along northern trail which originates off of Anderson Truck Trail-West Boundary approx. 1.8 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine. Squ. O17.
RSA711547RSAZigadenus fremontiiLeRoy Gross18262005-04-05 San DiegoWest, southwest side of Viejas Mountain, at base of mountain. Just off West Boundary Truck Trail, just at the end of Anderson Road. Southwest side of the Cuyamaca Mountains.; Viejas Mountain 7.5 Quad.Near 32.85 N, 116.74 W.
RSA724563RSAZigadenus fremontiiK. Dobry1091990-03-25 Los AngelesSimi Hills at Dayton Canon
RSA734219RSAZigadenus fremontiiKeith E. Hoffmaster1541934-04-08 RiversideSanta Ana Mts.
RSA734225RSAZigadenus fremontiiKeith E. Hoffmaster12091946-03-09 NapaNapa range, near summit of Napa-Monticello road.
RSA73521RSAZigadenus fremontiiD. D. Keck62981949-04-25 MontereyParkfield Grade, south side, halfway up Diablo Range
RSA735864RSAZigadenus fremontiiScott D. White117632008-03-12 RiversidePrivateSite of proposed Liberty Quarry. Mountains between Temecula Valley and Rainbow Valley just W of Interstate 1 N of the San Diego County Line.; Temecula
RSA746998RSAZigadenus fremontiiRichard G. Swinney81932003-05-03 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Wilderness Park, upper drainage on ridge between Pavil and Pine canyons; Glendora 7.5 Q.
RSA788349RSAZigadenus fremontiiDoris Bowers461958-05-01 Los AngelesLittle Tujunga Canon
RSA92007RSAZigadenus fremontiiE. K. Balls101481954-07-16 MontereyCarmel Highlands, above Yankee Point.
RSA9350RSAZigadenus fremontiiM. Johnson17011930-04-01 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon, fire break above Johnsons Ranch.
RSA9351RSAZigadenus fremontiiFay A. MacFadden29171931-05-17 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon
UC1005627UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Gould8701940-02-18 Marin7 mi s Tomales
UC1077115UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHerbert L. Mason117721938-05-07 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa
UC1084438UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiG. Thomas Robbins2971940-03-21 SonomaCanon e Chalk Hill Road (5-6 mi e of Windsor); slope of Barnes Creek
UC1087341UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiIra L. Wiggins18761926-03-06 San Diego4 mi e Lemon Grove; Cuyamaca Mountains Region
UC1185297UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. E. Brown8441898-06-01 Mendocinonear Mendocino
UC119535UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiT. S. Brandegee1894-04-08 San DiegoSan Diego
UC1198217UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJoseph P. Tracy48181917-06-17 Humboldtbluff back Bucksport (Eureka); Northern Coast Region, Eureka
UC1198218UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJ. P. Tracy5051900-02-10 Alamedahills near Berkeley; Region about San Francisco Bay, Boswell′s
UC1206474UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiL. R. A.23381902-04-13 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
UC129965UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMiss Harriet A. Walker621906-02-01 AlamedaVicinity of Berkeley
UC1300920UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHelen K. Sharsmith51661963-02-23 Marinnear Marshall (e margin of Tomales Bay); San Francisco Bay Region, Tomales Bay
UC1300921UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHelen K. Sharsmith51711963-02-23 Marinw side of ridge e Bolinas Lagoon; San Francisco Bay Region, Bolinas Ridge
UC1334447UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. W. Grinnell11631942-04-06 MontereyJohnson Brothers Ranch Chualar Canon
UC13762UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiPlatt1898-01-01 SolanoVaca Mountains
UC13820UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiW. C. Blasdale1891-03-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC13821UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiAlice Eastwood1896-03-14 San FranciscoPresidio San Francisco
UC142125UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. F. Baker2841902-03-09 Santa Clarafoothills near Stanford University
UC142136UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller72871904-04-04 Santa Clarafoothills w Los Gatos
UC1473471UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiunknown1966-04-07 SiskiyouBigelow
UC1473472UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHartweg19901935-03-23 SacramentoSacramento
UC15059UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJ. P. Tracy15901902-05-21 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin′s (head Moore′s Creek); Howell Mountain, head Moore′s Creek
UC1537185UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiGordon H. True2181935-04-05 RiversideGavilan Hills
UC1537186UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiGordon H. True, Jr.3651936-03-21 Marinnear Forest Knolls
UC1541326UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHarold E. Parks1948-08-21 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
UC1543215UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiDonald G. Nelson2461935-04-06 Orangedeep canyon 200-300 ft below main highway (about 4 mi from summit, e of San Juan Capistrano, hillside sloping n from main hwy); San Juan Canon
UC1577293UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiSoosan McCauley1974-03-11 Alamedaslope below Merritt College; Oakland Hills, slope below Merritt College
UC1577309UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiBaki Kasapligil45771973-06-02 Santa Barbarahalfway between U.C.S.B. Field Station and Buena Vista; Santa Cruz Island
UC1583739UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiDavid Keil187511985-05-05 San Luis Obispose of Oceano (hillside above e end of Black Lake Canon); Nipomo Mesa, Black Lake Canon
UC1600836UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiN. French7441936-03-15 Santa BarbaraAlise Canon Santa Ynez Quad., Alise Canon
UC1600837UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. C. Lee8101937-04-01 San Luis Obispo2 1-4 mi e Templeton; Paso Robles Quad.
UC1600838UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiW. A. Peterson6641937-04-03 San Luis Obispo1 1-2 mi e La Panza Ranch; La Panza Quad.
UC1600839UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. A. Graham4641939-03-23 Santa Barbara1.25 mi se Plowshare Springs; Los Padres National Forest, Branch Mt. Quad.
UC1600840UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiG. T. Nordstrom10571937-04-12 San Luis Obispo3.7 mi nw Chimney Rock; Adelaida Quad.
UC1600841UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJerome S. Horton1681935-06-04 Los AngelesGlendora Motorway, Little Dalton Canon San Dimas Experimental Forest, Pomona Quad.
UC1600842UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiD. Axelrod2361935-04-06 Santa Barbara6 mi wsw Cuyama Ranch; Santa Ynez Quad.
UC1600843UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. C. Lee3461935-05-05 Santa Barbara4 mi se Horseshoe Springs; Santa Barbara National Forest, Lompoc Quad.
UC1600844UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiT. M. Hendrix471937-04-21 San Luis Obispo5.6 mi nw Pozo; Los Padres National Forest, Pozo Quad.
UC1600846UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. C. Lee5251936-03-23 San Luis ObispoMine Hill San Luis Obispo National Forest, Arroyo Grande Quad.
UC1600870UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. C. Lee4021936-02-17 San Luis ObispoPicacho Hill San Luis Obispo National Forest, Arroyo Grande Quad
UC1600875UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. W. Embree3481935-03-09 Santa BarbaraHead of Toro Canon Santa Barbara National Forest, Santa Barbara Quadrangle
UC1601128UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. S. Yates51821935-05-08 Santa Cruz2 mi sw Boulder Creek; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1601133UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. C. Wilson1181935-02-27 Contra Costa1 3-4 mi s Clayton; Mount Diablo Quad.
UC1601134UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. M. Belshaw15941936-02-16 Contra Costa1 mi E Richmond; San Francisco Quad., Berkeley Hills
UC1601135UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiN. K. Carlson561935-06-14 Santa Cruz2 1-2 mi w Hollow Tree Camp; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1601136UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiunknown1571846-02-28 Santa CruzCamp at Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
UC1601373UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. A. Purpus40041894-04-01 MendocinoPotter Valley
UC1614476UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiCharles M. Belshaw3421935-02-22 AlamedaPigmy Ridge Berkeley, Strawberry Canon (below Engineer′s Rd.)
UC1614644UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiCharles M. Belshaw131934-03-02 AlamedaMontclair sub-division Oakland (near rock-quarry overlooking Mt. View cemetary)
UC1790135UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJon P. Rebman90012003-05-12 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine
UC1790185UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJon P. Rebman88122003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain Wilderness Area (BLM property): San Ysidro Mountians; southwest of Dulzura: vicinity of Sycamore Canon
UC184110UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. D. E. Elmer35541902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
UC1871074UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd, W. Appleby79341969-12-31 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains region; Southern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area of Cleveland National Forest, upper Devil Canon from road 8S01 downstream to vicinity of Mud Springs. T8S R5 W-4 NW-4 sec. 26, E-2 NE-4 sec. 27, SW-4 SE-4 sec. 22. Elevation: 2400-2150 ft.
UC1927789UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiDavid Keil268431998-04-20 San Luis ObispoNW of Paso Robles on Nacimiento Lake Drive, 2.5 miles W of junction with Chimney Rock Road.
UC195497UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. A. Purpus10341894-04-01 MendocinoPotter Valley
UC195498UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiKatharine Brandegee1889-05-01 San Diegonear San Diego
UC277215UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. M. Hall118431923-02-20 San Mateo3 mi s L. H. (Pigeon Point); Pigeon Point
UC310791UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz91931925-01-01 Fresnograssy slope n Parkfield
UC311200UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. D. E. Elmer45001903-06-01 MontereySeaside
UC4102UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson1888-03-08 SolanoVanden, Vanden (Little Oak)
UC4103UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson1884-03-20 Solanoalkaline plains Vacaville; Vacaville, Solano Co.
UC4104UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. T. Bioletti1894-01-01 SonomaKenwood
UC4105UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJ. Burtt Davy6591894-04-07 Santa Clarae slope Loma Prieta
UC4106UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. P. McLean1873-06-01 AlamedaOakland
UC4107UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. P. McLean1873-06-01 AlamedaOakland
UC4109UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. T. Bioletti1891-03-01 AlamedaBerkeley
UC4110UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHarley P. Chandler9781901-04-05 Contra CostaMount Diablo
UC4111UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiunknown1898-01-01 MendocinoRound Valley
UC4112UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiWillis L. Jepson1893-05-01 NapaPope Valley grade from Calistoga (Napa River Basin);, Pope Valley grade
UC4113UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiIvar Tidestrom1894-03-14 AlamedaPiedmont
UC4114UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. P. McLean1876-03-01 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
UC4115UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHarley P. Chandler4901900-02-26 MarinMount Tamalpais San Francisco Bay Region
UC4135UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiG. W. Dunn1891-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Inez
UC429156UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiKatharine Brandegee1911-05-01 MontereyBurro Trail Santa Lucia Mountains
UC429159UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiT. S. Brandegee1894-05-12 San DiegoDel Mar
UC429210UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. L. P.3441906-05-19 Santa CruzWelch′s place Santa Cruz Mts., Saratoga
UC429211UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. L. Pendleton7281907-05-11 Santa ClaraAlma Soda Spring
UC450777UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. A. MacF.29171931-04-25 Los AngelesTuna Canon Verdugo Hills, Tuna Canon
UC454417UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiunknown1899-06-24 San Luis ObispoCalifornia Polytechnic School Poly. (California Polytechnic School)
UC454418UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiI. J. Condit1908-04-02 San Luis ObispoLopez Canon
UC455606UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiI. J. Condit1908-05-30 San Luis ObispoTrout Creek
UC463116UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMilo S. Baker4551924-03-30 Sonomahills s Maple Glen
UC472744UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiM. F. Spencer1915-03-27 San Diego
UC480635UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiCarl Meyer3051928-03-03 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC483496UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiIra L. Wiggins50961931-02-21 Santa Cruzbetween Felton and Santa Cruz
UC486447UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiF. G. Woodcock901932-05-01 San DiegoOtay
UC496377UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMerle Randall1930-07-04 Santa CruzBerry Falls Trail Big Basin (Big Basin)
UC521617UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiLincoln Constance3481932-02-22 Alamedaall parts Redwood Ridge
UC52204UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMrs. R. W. Summers8541884-06-01 San Luis Obispo
UC535116UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. E., S. T. Parks4051930-03-15 MarinTiburon Peninsula
UC54842UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. W. Summers1884-02-01 San Luis Obispo
UC54960UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiJ. P. Tracy17901903-04-04 Alamedahills near Berkeley; San Francisco Bay Region
UC570387UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiChas. M. Belshaw15941936-02-16 Contra Costa1 mi e Richmond; Berkeley Hills; 1 mi w on label = error
UC584107UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiPalmer Stockwell12541935-05-13 San Diego1-2 mi e of Tecate turn-off between Dulzura and Potrero
UC596769UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. J. S.1907-06-04 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains near Los Gatos; Santa Cruz Mountains
UC610710UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiEdward Lee, Herbert Mason90531935-02-09 MontereyWhaler′s Knoll Point Lobos State Park
UC615393UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiBeryl O. Schreiber16281935-02-15 Santa Barbararoad to Mount Figeroa
UC624247UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiL. Constance25161939-05-24 Mendocinonear the town Comptche
UC625458UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiFrank W. Gould2511938-04-15 San Benitonear w entrance Pinnacles National Monument
UC64094UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. M. Hall3831897-03-13 RiversideAlice Mine Vicinity of Winchester
UC64095UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. M. Hall1899-03-01 AlamedaBerkeley San Francisco Bay Region
UC659390UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiLincoln Constance, Alan A. Beetle25301940-03-21 Mercede side Pacheco Pass; Inner North Coast Ranges
UC66091UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiHarley P. Chandler51841904-05-01 San DiegoPoint Loma
UC66141UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller51181902-03-21 Sonomanear Santa Rosa
UC66691UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiN. K. Berg1904-02-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
UC66747UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiN. K. Berg1904-02-25 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
UC66830UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiN. K. Berg1904-03-09 San DiegoSan Diego
UC671932UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiEvelyn Hart Nelson891940-04-20 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta, near fire trail above spring Santa Cruz Mountains, Loma Prieta
UC673505UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. L. Mason4891923-06-18 VenturaTopa Topa Mountain
UC673506UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. L. Mason12651925-03-01 San FranciscoBernal Heights San Francisco
UC673508UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. E. Borell61928-02-25 Alamedaabove creek (University of California Campus, Berkeley); University of California Campus, Berkeley
UC673509UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiCurtis Ferris491932-03-12 AlamedaSkyline Drive East Oakland
UC673512UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. L. Mason36521927-03-11 San FranciscoBernal Heights San Francisco
UC685551UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiBob Rodin731943-03-13 Alamedaw Botanical Garden (Strawberry Canon, University of California Campus, Berkeley); University of California Campus, Berkeley
UC691955UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMary L. Bowerman11031932-03-06 Contra Costamouth Sycamore Canon; Mount Diablo, mouth Sycamore Canon
UC692011UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMary L. Bowerman5601931-03-08 Contra Costaw side Eagle Peak; Mount Diablo, w side Eagle Peak
UC72281UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMilo S. Baker7191898-02-12 SonomaTaylor Mt.
UC723209UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. K. Sharsmith34561936-04-01 Santa Claraw slopes Red Mountains (bounding San Antonio Valley); Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains
UC723210UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiH. K. Sharsmith6941934-03-30 Santa Clarae side Long Branch Creek (sw slope of Mount Day Ridge); Mount Hamilton Range, Mount Day Ridge
UC725655UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller164911942-05-29 Lakesummit first ridge s of Kelseyville (along State Hwy 29, on bank above hwy)
UC747543UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiG. Thomas Robbins15011944-04-14 Marinn-facing slopes Big Rock Ridge (about 3 mi w of Hamilton Field Air Base)
UC765326UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover27441938-02-15 MarinTiburon
UC765923UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover40181939-04-13 Contra Costahead (West Branch) Markley Canon; head Markley Canon
UC765925UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. F. Hoover29891938-04-03 Montereyon grade e Gonzales
UC765927UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover38931939-03-01 San FranciscoBernal Heights San Francisco
UC765940UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiRobert F. Hoover28201938-03-08 Contra CostaBerkeley Country Club
UC844422UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiA. A. Heller117761915-03-23 Butte11 mi n Chico (Sacramento Valley); Sacramento Valley
UC844687UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson65331935-05-02 VenturaVentura River
UC844721UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton44431929-04-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains
UC844723UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiLewis S. Rose390171939-02-28 San FranciscoBernal Heights San Francisco
UC844724UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiLewis S. Rose380971938-03-10 San FranciscoBernal Heights San Francisco
UC844725UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiLewis S. Rose390261939-03-18 MarinSausalito
UC844726UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiMarcus E. Jones30591882-03-10 San DiegoSan Diego
UC917056UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. Bacigalupi30801949-04-08 San Luis Obispohill between Cambria and ocean; Cambria Pines
UC917346UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. L. Smith1948-04-17 Napa5 mi n Aetna Springs (Pope Valley); Pope Valley
UC939171UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiC. R. Orcutt265a1884-03-12 San DiegoPoint Loma
UC939172UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiM. E. Parsons1912-03-09 MarinKentfield
UC945039UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiD. D. Keck, H. G. Baker, P. Dansereau, H. Nordenskiold62981949-04-25 Montereys side Parkfield Grade (halfway up range); Diablo Range
UC990529UCJEPSZigadenus fremontiiR. Bacigalupi30801949-04-08 San Luis Obispobetween ocean and Cambria; Cambria Pines
UCR103419UCRZigadenus fremontiiC. Pierces.n.1997-03-12 San Diegosouthwest side Otay Mountain, just east of head of Johnson Canon and 0.5 - 1.5 miles northeast of end of Otay Rd
UCR115379UCRZigadenus fremontiiJune Lattings.n.1978-05-04 RiversideSierra Peak; Santa Ana Mountains
UCR120615UCRZigadenus fremontiiLouis C. Wheelers.n.1969-05-04 Los AngelesEast side of Little Tujunga Canon, 0.75 mile SSE of Herreres Ranch
UCR12173UCRZigadenus fremontiiArt Whistlers.n.1966-04-07 Santa BarbaraRoad to San Marcos [Canon near Lake Cachuma
UCR123617UCRZigadenus fremontiiJim Belsher101997-04-29 LakeIndian Valley Reservoir Access Road, Blue Oak Campground
UCR127919UCRZigadenus fremontiiA.C. Sanders265012003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, ridge c. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail
UCR128032UCRZigadenus fremontiiJoseph A. Betzler5162003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, Minnewawa Truck Trail about 3.5 miles from top
UCR130162UCRZigadenus fremontiiPeter H. Raven149671960-04-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island, bottom of Cherry Canon
UCR133601UCRZigadenus fremontiiDr. John Comstocks.n.1930-04-01 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe
UCR133642UCRZigadenus fremontiiI.W. Clokey65331935-05-02 VenturaVentura River., alt. 1000 m [Matilija Creek, vicinity of Wheeler Gorge, c. 2000 ft.?]
UCR136008UCRZigadenus fremontiiBeecher Crampton94551977-03-11 SolanoSouth of Allendale along railroad
UCR138742UCRZigadenus fremontiiA. Skelly311996-03-30 LakeBenmore Canon, 1.4 mi west of Walker Ridge Rd. on Indian Reservation Rd., 57 mi east of Hwy 101 on Hwy 20
UCR139087UCRZigadenus fremontiiMatt Brooks61997-03-29 LakeBlue Oak Campground
UCR15351UCRZigadenus fremontiiRichard L. Irwins.n.1973-03-15 San DiegoTorrey Pines State Reserve. East Grove after 1972 fire
UCR158511UCRZigadenus fremontiiA.C. Sanders300182005-05-07 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
UCR160052UCRZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd111942004-05-11 VenturaTopa Topa Mtns, east of Sespe Canon near upper end of Tar Creek Road and trail
UCR160844UCRZigadenus fremontiiT.B. Salvato1552003-04-10 Santa Cruznorth side of Monterey Bay, U.C. Santa Cruz Campus. Upper end of campus between Cowell College and the main library
UCR161340UCRZigadenus fremontiiGeorge K. Helmkamp90842005-03-08 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills. Crest of Prefumo Canon Road, 5.2 miles west of Los Osos Valley Road
UCR161961UCRZigadenus fremontiiGeorge K. Helmkamp91252005-03-13 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Mountains; Tepusquet Canon, 3.1 mi south of Calif. Highway 166
UCR16293UCRZigadenus fremontiiAnne Repas.n.1965-05-01 San Diego1 mile east of the corner of San Marcos Rd. [Palomar Airport Rd.] and El Camino Real
UCR17246UCRZigadenus fremontiiAnna Mayerss.n.1978-05-14 Los AngelesHollywood Hills, Griffith Park off Bronson, Los Angeles
UCR190529UCRZigadenus fremontiiR.G. Swinney15431990-03-23 Los AngelesSouth Hills, a ridge on the south side of the city of Glendora
UCR194734UCRZigadenus fremontiiValerie Soza6842000-03-30 Los Angelesnorth side, northeastern side of La Tuna Canon, north of 210 Fwy, north of La Tuna Canon Road. SSW of Dorothy and Estepa Drive junction, Haines Canon Park. Area burned in August 1999
UCR200119UCRZigadenus fremontiiValerie Soza7842000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Stough Canon, Stough Park, above parking lot southwest of intersection of Walnut Avenue and Lockheed View Drive, west of De Bell Municipal Golf Course, southeast of Starlight Theater
UCR204428UCRZigadenus fremontiiR.G. Swinney81932003-05-03 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Wilderness Park, upper drainage on ridge between Pavil and Pine canyons
UCR207999UCRZigadenus fremontiiPhilip A. Munz116161930-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
UCR21921UCRZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd1081980-04-08 RiversideGavilan Hills. Harford Springs County Park, NW corner of the Gavilan Plateau; south end of park
UCR23286UCRZigadenus fremontiiSue Damons.n.1981-05-16 RiversideHarford Springs County Park, south entrance
UCR283946UCRZigadenus fremontiiTim Thomas24992001-04-14 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, lateral road 1 road mile west of Los Lobos Creek
UCR288265UCRZigadenus fremontiiR.F. Thorne496611977-04-27 OrangeCoal Canon [NW of Sierra Peak]
UCR292591UCRZigadenus fremontiiMitch Provance519--242019-05-29 Los AngelesW of Barney Knob, undeveloped areas adjacent to Los Angeles County Fire Department #72, including canyon slopes on NW side Decker Rd.
UCR38805UCRZigadenus fremontiiJohn LaSalles.n.1982-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Willsons Road Gate at the top of Islay Canon
UCR42314UCRZigadenus fremontiiLarry F. LaPres.n.1986-03-29 LakeGeothermal Energy field c. 4 mi due south of Whispering Pines near the Sonoma County line. Along a ridge off Davies Road c. 0.5 mi east of the junction with Bear Ridge Road, c. 0.33 mi downhill from the road at edge of serpentine barren
UCR4521UCRZigadenus fremontiiFrank C. Vasek600410--051960-04-10 San Luis Obispoc. 2.7 mi west of US Hwy 101 on a dirt road leading W from Cuesta Summit, 6 mi north of San Luis Obispo
UCR51890UCRZigadenus fremontiiB.G. Pitzer06851988-03-21 San Diegonorthwest side of Otay Mesa, c. 0.5 mile north of Otay Mesa Road at head of a tributary of Dennery Canon
UCR56104UCRZigadenus fremontiiEd LaRues.n.1989-03-30 RiversideRancho California area: c. 4 mi west of Temecula, with Ave. del Oro as the N boundary
UCR60789UCRZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd13741986-03-01 RiversideGavilan Plateau, Ida-Leona Road west of Piedras Road [south side of Harford Springs County Park]
UCR61701UCRZigadenus fremontiiStephen J. Myerss.n.1990-03-21 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau area: along Los Gatos Road, 1-2 mi south of Buena Vista Road (2 mi west of Sandia Canon and 0.1 mi north of San Diego County line)
UCR77683UCRZigadenus fremontiiSteve Boyd62811991-05-22 RiversideVail Lake area, base of Agua Tibia Mountain, east of Dorland Mountain, west of Kolb Creek
UCR80911UCRZigadenus fremontiiJulia Curlette1071993-04-02 Solanonorthwest part of county, Cold Canon Reserve just east of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa
UCR92810UCRZigadenus fremontiiG.R. Ballmers.n.1993-05-02 Santa Barbarasouth foot of Purisima Hills, between Harris Grade Road and Rucker Road, north of Lompoc, north of Burton Mesa Road
UCR98649UCRZigadenus fremontiiRichard Paynes.n.1996-04-14 San Diegoc. 1 mi east of Iron Mountain and 1 mi south of Dos Picos Park
UCSB_SCIRH00940UCSBZigadenus fremontiiB. Collens20511980-03-27 Santa BarbaraAt top of Willow Anchorage Road, Santa Cruz Island.
UCSC100006888UCSCZigadenus fremontiiunknown22701991-03-31 MontereyFort Ord -
UCSC100006890UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRutherford, Bray, Amidon281975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, campground exit off Graham Hill Road. Campground exit off Graham Hill Rd. - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
UCSC100006892UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRutherford, Bray, Amidon281975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, campground exit off Graham Hill Road. Campground exit off Graham Hill Rd. - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
UCSC100006894UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRutherford, Bray, Amidon281975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, campground exit off Graham Hill Road. Campground exit off Graham Hill Rd. - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
UCSC144UCSCZigadenus fremontiiCharisse Bickfords.n.1979-04-20 Alamedanear road to Sequoia Park Sequoia Park - Oakland
UCSC3725UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRutherford, Bray, Amidon281975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, campground exit off Graham Hill Road. Campground exit off Graham Hill Rd. - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
UCSC5494UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRandall Morgan17141990-01-26 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, End of Meder Street
UCSC6168UCSCZigadenus fremontiiJ.R. Pauluss.n.1985-04-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, 100 meters E of Crown parking lot on trail, UCSC
UCSC900002UCSCZigadenus fremontiiRandall Morgan18411991-04-05 Santa CruzEmpire Grade
VVC3373VVCZigadenus fremontiiTim Thomas421973-05-10 VenturaEastern Simi Hills, south east slope of Chatsworth Peak, El Rancho Adobe, vic Box Cyn.; Simi Valley EastTransverse Range
CAS-BOT5247CASZigadenus fremontii var. brevibracteatusJones, Marcus Eugenes.n.1903-05-18 San BernardinoVictor. (on label and in protologue; now called Victorville)
CAS-BOT5248CASZigadenus fremontii var. brevibracteatusJones, Marcus Eugenes.n.1903-05-18 San BernardinoVictor. (Victorville)
CSUSB91817CSUSBZigadenus fremontii var. inezianusJane Bennetts.n.1967-05-13 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mountains, 10.8 miles on NE fork of Hwy 246 from point of jct. with Hwy. 154
UCR16292UCRZigadenus fremontii var. inezianusBill Currans.n.1967-05-13 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns, 10.8 mi on NE fork of Hwy 246 from the junction with Hwy 154
CDA0039412CDAZigadenus fremontii var. minorT.C. Fuller154391967-02-06 San Luis ObispoNorth side of Highway 1, 6 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo.
CDA0039413CDAZigadenus fremontii var. minorT.C. Fuller170791968-05-22 San Luis ObispoNorth side of Pacific Coast Hwy (Hwy 1), 6 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo.
JEPS109578UCJEPSZigadenus fremontii var. minorDean W. Taylor115971991-02-26 Santa CruzEmpire Grade road, near the upper end of the University of California, Santa Cruz campus
NY4070NYZigadenus fremontii var. minorK. T. Hartweg19901959-06-17 ?  Sacramento
PUA44457PUAZigadenus fremontii var. salsusJoe Callizo1980-06-06 NapaLocal landmark: Conn Dam. Yountville Quad.

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