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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        CAS-BOT128801 CAS Whipplea modesta Abrams, L. R. 6200 1916-07-22   Trinity NULL Forested north slope between Mad and Trinity Rivers on Eureka - Red Bluff Rd.
        CAS-BOT128802 CAS Whipplea modesta Eastwood, Alice 10690 1921-07-22   Trinity NULL Forest Glen, Trinity Forest Reserve
        CAS-BOT128849 CAS Whipplea modesta unspecified 391 NULL   Trinity NULL NULL
        CAS-BOT128850 CAS Whipplea modesta Baker, Milo S. 123-26 1926-07-24   Trinity NULL S. Fork Mt. - near low gap
        CDA0025511 CDA Whipplea modesta G.D. Barbe 4458 1994-04-27   Trinity 457 Road to Zenia, ca. 1 mile west of Mad Creek, 1 mile east of Mendocino County line.
        CHSC71544 CHSC Whipplea modesta NULL 9393 1998-07-28   Trinity 1225 Southwest of Hayfork on USFS Rt. 7 4.4 mi south of USFS Rt. 10. T0 N R08E S17
        CSLA007873 CSLA Whipplea modesta Thomas Wood 161 1979-05-11   Trinity NULL Area near Gray′s Falls, National Forest Cmp. Along trail to Trinity R. suspension bridge.
        HSC20450 HSC Whipplea modesta R. Spellenberg 452 1964-06-17   Trinity NULL 7.5 W of Burnt Ranch on Underwood Mtn. Rd.
        HSC23622 HSC Whipplea modesta J.O. Sawyer 2536A 1970-05-01   Trinity 244 Above New River
        HSC39013 HSC Whipplea modesta NULL 8219 1975-06-22   Trinity 701 Granite Canyon Creek.
        HSC44524 HSC Whipplea modesta Brad Klipfel 132 1973-07-01  ? Humboldt 1829 Along ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
        HSC55371 HSC Whipplea modesta Marvin Butler 7408 1979-07-16   Trinity 1045 Near Panther Rock Creek, close to the town of Alderpoint
        HSC59304 HSC Whipplea modesta M.A. Ericksen 231 1979-04-28   Trinity NULL Access rd. to the old Denny trail paralleling the Trinity River
        HSC59569 HSC Whipplea modesta Rick Lundquist 60 1979-05-11   Trinity 305 Along New River Trail from Grays Falls Campground S of Trinity River
        HSC62867 HSC Whipplea modesta J.M. DiTomaso 927 1979-04-29   Trinity 305 Trail N of footbridge over Trinity River at Grays Falls Campground
        HSC73391 HSC Whipplea modesta NULL 22 1981-04-25   Trinity 274 Grays Falls Campground
        JEPS49623 UCJEPS Whipplea modesta Joseph P. Tracy 7000 1925-05-17   Trinity 609 Hennessey Rd leading up South Fork of Trinity River; Northern Coast Ranges
        JEPS93994 UCJEPS Whipplea modesta Vernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart 9393 1998-07-28   Trinity 1225 s.w. Hayfork (on USFS Rt. 7 4.4 mi. s. of USFS Rt. 10)
        PUA25198 PUA Whipplea modesta Marvin Butler NULL 1979-07-16   Trinity 1045 Local landmark: Panther Rock Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
        SBBG38122 SBBG Whipplea modesta T. L. Secrest NULL 1949-06-29   Trinity NULL Forest Glen
        STNF-4647726-TEMPAID STNF Whipplea modesta V. Long NULL 1991-03-27   Trinity NULL Hyampom Mountain Quad
        UC14483 UCJEPS Whipplea modesta Chesnut, Drew NULL 1888-07-21  ? Humboldt NULL Hy-Am-Pum
        UC666826 UCJEPS Whipplea modesta Joseph P. Tracy 15390 1937-07-02  ? Humboldt 1280 Happy Camp Mountain Trinity Summit Range (ne of Hawkins Bar)
        UCR0049759 UCR Whipplea modesta NULL 028 1997-04-12   Trinity NULL Grays falls campground off Hwy 299, along path to Trinity river
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