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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SD7513SDViola ocellataM. Biolettis.n.1892-4-01 Santa Clara
    UC50268UCJEPSViola ocellataThomas Bridges301989-5-21 Unknown
    UC19309UCJEPSViola ocellataunknown46431946-8-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT637723CASViola ocellataKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.621868-1-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT637725CASViola ocellataKellogg, Dr. A.s.n.1936-8-18 Unknown
    CAS-BOT637835CASViola ocellataCarruth, W. W.s. n.1904-6-1 Mendocino
    FSC0015740FSCViola ocellata1951-6-29 Santa Clara
    FSC0015743FSCViola ocellata1982-4-2 Humboldt
    HSC21825HSCViola ocellataD.E. Anderson23721963-3-01 Trinity1 N of Hawkins Bar on road to Denny
    UC572312UCJEPSViola ocellataH. S. Yates52511935-5-09 Santa Cruz1 mi n of Scott Valley
    UC1121586UCJEPSViola ocellataH. S. Yates52511935-5-09 Santa Cruz1 mi n of Scott Valley
    UC1761490UCJEPSViola ocellataMilo S. Baker3351923-8-26 Mendocino12 N of Willits (highway)
    UC1537666UCJEPSViola ocellataGordon H. True, Jr.4601936-5-11 Humboldt12 mi w of Miranda (e slope of Elk Ridge); Elk Ridge
    HSC21832HSCViola ocellataR.A. Rasp401964-4-25 Humboldt2.5 mi. E of Willow Creek off of Hwy. 299
    RSA125655RSAViola ocellataE. K. Balls226081957-5-26 Humboldt2.6 NE from Harris on road to Alder Point.
    JEPS110803UCJEPSViola ocellataJake Ruygt791976-5-14 Napa2.6 miles west of Mt. Veeder Rd. on Redwood Rd.
    CAS-BOT637908CASViola ocellataJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-5-2 Sonoma20 miles N of Garberville
    CAS-BOT638001CASViola ocellataRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.69511945-6-23 San Mateo20 miles N of Santa Cruz
    SBBG159745SBBGViola ocellataC. L. Hitchcock1940-5-20 Shasta25 mi E of Redding
    UC1762416UCJEPSViola ocellataC. L. Hitchcock64781940-4-20 Shasta25 mi E of Redding
    UC828262UCJEPSViola ocellataC. L. Hitchcock64781940-5-20 Shasta25 mi e of Redding
    POM260094RSAViola ocellataC. Leo Hitchcock64781940-5-20 Shasta25 miles east of Redding.
    UC1121588UCJEPSViola ocellataC. W. Hanks1611935-4-10 Santa Cruz3 mi nw of Santa Cruz
    UC762287UCJEPSViola ocellataR. F. Hoover50751941-5-14 Sonoma3 mi s of Monte Rio (on road to Camp Meeker)
    UC1222515UCJEPSViola ocellataJoseph P. Tracy186341950-4-20 Trinity3 mi se of Kuntz (along the Van Duzen River); Van Duzen River
    UC275333UCJEPSViola ocellataJoseph P. Tracy66291924-3-30 Humboldt3 mi w of Bridgeville (apparently its western limit, Van Duzen River (not in redwood belt)); Northern Coast Ranges, Van Duzen River
    JEPS47383UCJEPSViola ocellataL. R. Heckard, Robert Ornduff14811966-4-28 Shasta3 mi w of Ingot (8 mi e of Bella Vista, just n of hwy 299)
    SJSU15263SJSUViola ocellataD.J. Powers1401971-4-06 Santa Cruz3 miles upstream on Deer creek from where it joins Bear creek
    SD69949SDViola ocellataDarley Howes.n.1968-5-23 Mendocino3 miles west of Mendocino-Lake County line on road from Clear Lake to Hopland
    UC1761399UCJEPSViola ocellataR. E. Baker451934-3-30 Santa Cruz4 mi from Sequel [Soquel] (on old Sequel [Soquel]-Los Gatos road)
    UC566220UCJEPSViola ocellataN. K. Carlson301935-6-01 Santa Cruz4 mi nw of Swanton
    UC1121587UCJEPSViola ocellataN. K. Carlson301935-6-01 Santa Cruz4 mi nw of Swanton
    UC1121589UCJEPSViola ocellataE. Armstrong12081934-4-15 Sonoma4 mi se of Occidental
    HSC21831HSCViola ocellataFrancis Wintersn1960-4-24 Humboldt4 mi. E of Blue Lake, Hwy. 299
    CAS-BOT637876CASViola ocellataDickie, Ananda; Hooper, Wendy; Madrone, Rose; Waddell, Kyla561996-5-4 Unknown42 mi. from Hwy. 101 on Hwy. 299, Gray's Falls Campground, Humboldt County
    UC1198438UCJEPSViola ocellataJoseph P. Tracy153071937-5-30 Humboldt5 mi n of Blocksburg (Larrabee Creek); Larrabee Creek
    UC581499UCJEPSViola ocellataH. L. Mason52781929-5-09 Mendocino5 mi w of Laytonville
    HSC21827HSCViola ocellataJ.F. Knezevich1711967-6-01 Humboldt5 mi. E of Willow Creek on Hwy. 299
    UC1762530UCJEPSViola ocellataMilo S. Baker120131948-5-08 Mendocino6 mi S of Willets (Hwy 101 at the Summit)
    RSA15418RSAViola ocellataCarl B. Wolf3071927-4-14 Santa Clara6 mi from Los Gatos On Skyline Drive. Santa Cruz Mtns.
    UC1761398UCJEPSViola ocellataG. Douglas Barbe3701957-7-04 Napa6.6 W of Napa (Redwood Rd., 0.6 NW of the Christian Bros. Mt. LaSalle School)
    JEPS25424UCJEPSViola ocellataRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins70411959-4-23 Shasta6.7 mi se of Oak Run (just below crossing of Clover Creek, about 1/4 mi n of junction with road to Fern); along Ponderosa Way
    UC1762315UCJEPSViola ocellataRobt. W. Gardner761934-4-06 Santa Clara8 mi S of Los Gatos
    SDSU11432SDSUViola ocellataHowe, D.F.31531962-5-20 Mendocino9.1 miles north of Willits on #101
    SD53288SDViola ocellataDarley F. Howes.n.1962-5-20 Mendocino9.1 miles north of Willits on #101
    CAS-BOT637925CASViola ocellataThomas, J. H.50391955-5-11 Santa CruzAbout 0.8 miles SW of Eagle Rock.
    HSC86229HSCViola ocellataGladys L. Smith57581980-5-20 MendocinoAbout 1 W of junction with Rte. 101, upper Reeves Canon
    CAS-BOT637337CASViola ocellataThomas, John H.60081956-6-24 Santa CruzAbout 1/2 mile SE of Eagle Rock.
    CAS-BOT637339CASViola ocellataThomas, John H.60081956-6-24 Santa CruzAbout 1/2 mile SE of Eagle Rock.
    CAS-BOT637342CASViola ocellataThomas, J. H.19501950-6-5 Santa CruzAbout 1/2 mile below Saratoga Summit along road which runs toward Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT637983CASViola ocellataSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.60851981-4-13 MendocinoAbout the big house, Leonard Lake, upper Reeves Canyon
    CAS-BOT637928CASViola ocellataGould, Frank; Beach, Kay H.4571940-5-4 MendocinoAbout three miles west of the summit on the road between Lakeport and Hopland
    HSC24131HSCViola ocellataJ.O. Sawyer2614A1970-5-00 TrinityAbove New River
    CAS-BOT637971CASViola ocellataDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-4-17 Santa ClaraAbove Saratoga Springs.
    POM190256RSAViola ocellataD. D. Keck14951932-6-01 San MateoAbove Woodside on La Honda road, east slope of Santa Cruz Mtns.
    RSA77751RSAViola ocellataD. D. Keck14951932-6-01 San MateoAbove Woodside on La Honda road, east slope of Santa Cruz Mtns.
    CAS-BOT638000CASViola ocellataKeck, David D.14951932-6-1 San MateoAbove Woodside on La Honda road, east slope of Santa Cruz Mtns.
    UC1761433UCJEPSViola ocellataMilo S. Baker9551906-4-01 SonomaAdobe Canon near bridge
    CAS-BOT637904CASViola ocellataBaker, M. S.955d1906-5-1 SonomaAdobe canyon
    UC1198455UCJEPSViola ocellataJ. P. Tracy18941903-5-23 HumboldtAlder Point, on Eel River
    POM135236RSAViola ocellataA. D. E. Elmer29661901-5-1 Santa ClaraAlma
    POM89623RSAViola ocellataR. L. Pendleton7331907-5-11 Santa ClaraAlma Spring
    CDA0010944CDAViola ocellataG.F. Hrusa117021994-3-28 SonomaAlong Austin Creek, 4.3 N of Duncan's Mills on D.M. Cazadero Rd. Adjacent to East Austin Cr. Rd. on E side of Creek. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
    HSC71027HSCViola ocellataThomas W. Nelson33191977-4-20 HumboldtAlong FS 1N15 between Hwy. 36 and summit
    HSC59308HSCViola ocellataR. York2561979-4-29 TrinityAlong Gray's Falls trail
    HSC21822HSCViola ocellataD.E. Anderson35571965-5-01 HumboldtAlong Hwy. 96, 1.9 N of Willow Creek
    RSA183614RSAViola ocellataD. E. Anderson35571965-5-01 HumboldtAlong Hwy. 96, 1.9 N of Willow Creek.
    HSC21833HSCViola ocellataJ. Heywood17611968-3-30 TrinityAlong Trinity River, Hwy. 299, 3.5 mi. E of Humboldt County line
    HSC81726HSCViola ocellataThomas W. Nelson52551980-5-25 HumboldtAlong road from Dinsmore to Anderson Crossing, McKeown Ranch Rd. 10 N of junction of road to Hindley Cabin
    HSC81588HSCViola ocellataThomas W. Nelson52631980-5-25 HumboldtAlong road from Dinsmore to Anderson Crossing- McKeown Ranch Rd.- 0.5 W of McKeown house
    CHSC31333CHSCViola ocellataMark Stopher1121980-6-11 TrinityAlong route 36, 0.3 miles E of Mad River bridge. T3 N R06E S21 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Oicket Peak 1:64000
    CAS-BOT637961CASViola ocellataRattan, Volneys.n.1884-3-12 Santa CruzAptos.
    RSA424310RSAViola ocellataThomas Wood1621979-5-11 TrinityArea near Gray's Falls, Nat'l Forest Campground.
    UC337758UCJEPSViola ocellataunknown1892-5-04 SonomaArmstrong Park near Guerneville; Armstrong Park
    CAS-BOT637929CASViola ocellataWiggins, Ira L.121271949-5-28 MendocinoAt Longvale, 1 mile east of Highway 101 on road to Covelo
    RSA52466RSAViola ocellataI. L. Wiggins121271949-5-28 MendocinoAt Longvale, 1 mile east of Hwy 101 on road to Covelo.
    UC496480UCJEPSViola ocellataMerle Randall1930-6-08 SonomaAustin Creek; Cazadero, Austin Creek
    UC1010429UCJEPSViola ocellataLeo Koch4971939-4-08 SonomaBaxman Ranch near Plantation; North Bay, Baxman Ranch
    CAS-BOT637999CASViola ocellataSokol, Otto M.1221953-5-29 San MateoBear Creek Road
    CAS-BOT637323CASViola ocellataKraus, F. G.s.n.1893-5-15 Santa CruzBelow Santa Cruz Big Tress.
    CAS-BOT637330CASViola ocellataPettibone, Noras.n.1894-5-19 Santa CruzBen Lomond, Santa Cruz Mts.
    HSC34874HSCViola ocellataThomas W. Nelson1779b1975-5-05 HumboldtBeside Hwy. 101, ~ 4 mi. S of the Salmon Creek Bridge
    CAS-BOT637844CASViola ocellataAbrams, L. R.59901916-7-11 MendocinoBetween Blocksberg and Bridgeville
    RSA187269RSAViola ocellataJohn H. Thomas28201953-3-07 Santa CruzBetween Deer Creek and Kings Creek, 1.5 miles from Bielawski Lookout, northern part of country.
    CAS-BOT637336CASViola ocellataThomas, J. H.28201953-3-7 Santa CruzBetween Deer Creek and Kings Creek, 1.5 miles from Bielawski Lookout, northern part of county.
    RSA132384RSAViola ocellataJohn H. Thomas37731954-3-15 Santa CruzBetween Eagle Rock and Locatelli Ranch.
    CAS-BOT637345CASViola ocellataThomas, J. H.15121950-4-9 Santa CruzBetween Saratoga Summit and Boulder Creek, 5.6 miles south of the summit as measured along the highway.
    CAS-BOT637338CASViola ocellataThomas, J. H.37731954-3-15 Santa CruzBetwen Eagle Rock and Locatelli Ranch.
    CAS-BOT637828CASViola ocellataHowell, John Thomas169391942-4-19 MarinBig Carson Canyon
    SBBG159740SBBGViola ocellataH. and M. Dearing10841931-4-18 Santa CruzBig Redwood Park
    UC1763469UCJEPSViola ocellataMilo S. Baker1935-2-23 MontereyBig Sur, USFS Camp Ground
    UC188184UCJEPSViola ocellataC. F. Sonne1887-4-01 Santa CruzBig Tree Grove
    CAS-BOT637829CASViola ocellataPollard, Henry M.s. n.1935-5-1 MarinBlack Canyon
    UC311540UCJEPSViola ocellataA. D. E. Elmer45401903-6-01 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
    POM134915RSAViola ocellataA. D. E. Elmer45401903-6-1 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain.
    CAS-BOT637968CASViola ocellataElmer, A. D. E.45401903-6-1 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain.
    CAS-BOT637966CASViola ocellataElmer, A. D.E.45401903-6-1 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain.
    JEPS50443UCJEPSViola ocellataVina W. Krager1924-5-18 SonomaBodega
    HSC38321HSCViola ocellataA.M. Montalvo6981975-9-10 LakeBoggs Mtn. E of Cobb, near summit on Rd. 542
    UCSC7889UCSCViola ocellataNeal Kramer5231996-4-14 Santa CruzBonny Doon Ecological Reserve, Old Homestead Trail
    UCSC7886UCSCViola ocellataNeal Kramer5201996-4-14 Santa CruzBonny Doon Ecological Reserve, Old Homestead Trail
    UC828263UCJEPSViola ocellataLewis S. Rose391021939-5-05 Santa CruzBoulder Creek
    UC1121590UCJEPSViola ocellataR. C. Wilson2731936-5-15 Santa CruzBoulder Creek
    UC1761951UCJEPSViola ocellataV. B. Baird1916-4-19 Santa CruzBoulder Creek Santa Cruz Mountains
    CAS-BOT637334CASViola ocellataHesse, V. F.26841959-6-2 Santa CruzBoulder Creek.
    UC1762265UCJEPSViola ocellataLeo Koch4971939-4-08 SonomaBoxman Ranch near Plantation
    JEPS50440UCJEPSViola ocellataJames G. Daly2101934-1-01 San MateoBranch of La Honda Canon; Santa Cruz Mountains
    UC1198437UCJEPSViola ocellataJoseph P. Tracy122101933-5-21 HumboldtBridgeville
    CAS-BOT637869CASViola ocellataKildale, Doris K.17611926-4-18