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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
BFRS387BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff75681974-06-05 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mutton Creek Road ca. 0.05 mi. west of East Fork Gadis Creek crossing (Comp. 510R).
BFRS388BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff80161975-06-03 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Heliport clearing (Comp. 60U).
BFRS406BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff, John Thomas Howell71711973-07-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Heliport clearing (Comp. 60U).
BFRS411BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff77271974-07-21 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Deep Canon Road ca. 0.6 mi. north of junction with Loop Road (Comp. 10U).
BFRS412BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff70381972-10-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mainline Road Clearcut (exclusive of upper Gaddis Creek area) (Comp. 451E).
BFRS413BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff68201972-07-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: forested area between Mutton Creek Road and East Fork Gaddis Creek south of Clearcut (Comp. 450E).
BFRS414BFRSViola lobataPeter Rubtzoff76001974-06-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mutton Creek Road ca. 0.3 mi. east of East Fork Gaddis Creek crossing (Comp. 510R).
CAS-BOT175671CASViola lobataHowell, John Thomass.n.1977-06-21 PlumasBetween Seneca and Butt Valley Reservoir
CAS-BOT175682CASViola lobataAhart, Lowell34151982-05-08 ButteAbout 1-2 mile south-west of the Forbestown Res., about 4 1-2 miles north-east of Forbestown
CAS-BOT361346CASViola lobatade Nevers, Greg109661997-04-24 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, 3450 Franz Valley Rd., Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT530155CASViola lobataWolf, Carl B.87221937-05-17 Buttenorthern Sierra Nevada, along road from De Sabla to Humboldt Road, 2.2 miles W of Big Butte Creek
CAS-BOT530156CASViola lobataSwift, L. W.1041934-08-05 ButtePlumas N.F., S. Challenge
CAS-BOT530157CASViola lobataEdwards, Helen M.s.n.1917-06-01 ButteIle Sabla
CAS-BOT530158CASViola lobataCopeland, H. F.12071929-06-11 Buttenear Jonesville
CAS-BOT530159CASViola lobataCopeland, H. F.s.n.1920-05-09 Buttenear Jonesville
CAS-BOT530160CASViola lobataCopeland, H. F.3841929-07-13 Buttenear Jonesville
CAS-BOT530161CASViola lobataCopeland, H. F.3841929-07-13 Buttenear Jonesville
CAS-BOT530162CASViola lobataCopeland, H. F.12071929-06-11 Buttenear Jonesville
CAS-BOT530163CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.107961913-06-07 ButteNear Stirling
CAS-BOT530164CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.120211915-06-25 ButteChico Meadows in the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT530165CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.120211915-06-25 ButteChico Meadows in the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT530166CASViola lobataBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1923-07-12 Buttebetween Hurleton & Forbestown about 3 miles west of the latter
CAS-BOT530167CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.153701939-04-10 Buttenear Cohasset
CAS-BOT530168CASViola lobataBlaisdell, Dr. F. E.s.n.1927-08-30 CalaverasBig Trees, Mokelumne Hill
CAS-BOT530169CASViola lobataBlaisdell, Dr. F. E.s.n.1900-05-23 CalaverasBig Trees, Mokelumne Hill
CAS-BOT530170CASViola lobataVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-06-06 Calaveras
CAS-BOT530171CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-08-21 Calaveraswest of Gardner Meadow
CAS-BOT530172CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-08-20 CalaverasBig Tree Grove
CAS-BOT530173CASViola lobataBranson, Ivans.n.1931-05-30 CalaverasDarrington
CAS-BOT530174CASViola lobataBreedlove, D. E.31131962-06-08 Del Norteon south bank of the Smith River, 2.6 miles NE of Gasquet on U.S. Highway 199
CAS-BOT530175CASViola lobataBreedlove, D. E.31891962-06-09 Del Nortealong the Old Gasquet-O′Brien Toll Road, 10.1 miles NE of Patrick Creek Road
CAS-BOT530176CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice571907-04-22 Del NorteGasquets along Waldo-Crescent City Road
CAS-BOT530178CASViola lobataRowntree, Lester91934-05-09 Del NorteGasquet, opposite Mary Adams Peacocks
CAS-BOT530179CASViola lobataKildale, Doris K.99361930-06-29 Del NorteBig Flat, south of Gasquet
CAS-BOT530180CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1879-06-01 Del NorteSmith Rio
CAS-BOT530181CASViola lobataKildale, Doris K.96491930-06-08 Del NorteFrench Hill south of Gasquet
CAS-BOT530182CASViola lobataMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1969-06-01 El DoradoLeonardi Springs and immediate vicinity, between Blodgett Forest and canyon of the Rubicon River
CAS-BOT530183CASViola lobataMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1969-06-02 El DoradoVolcanoville Road, near Rubicon River, 1-2 miles from junction with road to Wentworth Springs
CAS-BOT530184CASViola lobataRobbins, G. Thomas11211943-06-05 El Doradoabove Silver Fork American River near Sacramento Box Sawmill - ″China Flat″, 2-3 miles S of Kyburz
CAS-BOT536489CASViola lobataBreedlove, D. E.; Bourell, Mona; Patterson, Robert628261986-06-09 AmadorAbove Ham Station on W slope of Carson Pass
CAS-BOT536928CASViola lobataCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1936-05-21 TrinityScott Mt. Grade, 17 miles N of Carrville
CAS-BOT536929CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.145671928-05-30 TehamaAt Mineral
CAS-BOT536930CASViola lobataDeNevers, G.20221982-05-18 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, N side of Franz Valley Rd, 1.5 mi past the top of the hill
CAS-BOT536931CASViola lobataVortriede, Wm.s.n.1928-04-15 SierraDownieville
CAS-BOT536932CASViola lobataMcKee, Leah D.0261981-04-24 MontereyUnspecified on this label; dupl states: Right off Hwy 1, about 24 mi from Nacimento Rd
CAS-BOT536933CASViola lobataBacigalupi, Rimo15291927-05-29 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin
CAS-BOT536935CASViola lobataWheeler, Clare R.23241981-05-27 MendocinoEden Valley Ranch, 7 mi N of Hearst
CAS-BOT536936CASViola lobataWheeler, Clare R.2211978-04-13 MendocinoPage Ranch, Doe Hill Ridge, 6 mi SW of Yorkville
CAS-BOT536937CASViola lobataPurdy, Carls.n.1927-05-19 MendocinoRound Valley
CAS-BOT536939CASViola lobataPawek, Jean L.2591957-06-01 MariposaGlacier Pint road
CAS-BOT536941CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1879-06-01 HumboldtKlamath
CAS-BOT536942CASViola lobataMcDonald, Julias.n.1929-05-01 FresnoSugar Pine
CAS-BOT536943CASViola lobataHansen, Geo.11821895-05-01 AmadorPanther Creek
CAS-BOT536944CASViola lobataSmith, L. S.17461926-04-29 UnknownRop ridge above Bloomfield, Tahoe Forest
CAS-BOT536945CASViola lobataBaker, Milo S.463c1924-05-03 NapaPine Crest, Howell Mountain
CAS-BOT536946CASViola lobataBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-04-18 UnknownMontgomery Creek (county unspecified)
CAS-BOT536947CASViola lobataGrant, G. B.23401902-07-12 TulareRound Meadow Camp
CAS-BOT536948CASViola lobataKelloggs.n.1939-08-03 Unknown
CAS-BOT536949CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1982-05-18 UnknownUnspecified (likely california)
CAS-BOT536950CASViola lobataSaunders, C.F.s.n.1906-06-01 UnknownSequoia [Tulare or Tuolumne Co.]
CAS-BOT536953CASViola lobataBaker, Milo S.205a-261926-08-04 TrinityTrail from Trinity Alps Camp to Granite Peak
CAS-BOT536954CASViola lobataVon Loh, J.s.n.1979-05-31 FresnoBetween Shaver Lake and highway
CAS-BOT536955CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1879-06-01 HumboldtKlamath
CAS-BOT536956CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.33841900-10-15 FresnoConverse Basin
CAS-BOT536958CASViola lobataMcKee, Leah D.0261981-04-24 MontereyRight off Hwy 1, about 24 mi from Nacimento Rd
CAS-BOT536959CASViola lobataParish, S. B.45251897-06-05 San DiegoStonewall mine, Cuyamaca Mts.
CAS-BOT536960CASViola lobataRandall, Josyline D.s.n.1914-03-29 San DiegoPine Hills Inn, Julian
CAS-BOT536961CASViola lobataMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1918-06-20 San DiegoSummit, Julian Road
CAS-BOT536962CASViola lobataWells, Mary P.2041984-05-01 SonomaNear Humbug Creek, S of Calistoga Rd, Hood Mountain Range
CAS-BOT536963CASViola lobataBurlingame, Mrs. C. A.s.n.1921-04-01 SonomaSonoma
CAS-BOT536964CASViola lobataBaker, Milo S.164C1926-03-31 SonomaTriniti Road 1 mi from Hyhway
CAS-BOT536965CASViola lobataClemens, Mrs. Jos.s.n.1920-07-30 TehamaMineral
CAS-BOT536966CASViola lobataSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1927-06-01 TehamaNear Mineral
CAS-BOT536967CASViola lobataCarter, Eugene2201971-06-08 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi NW of Weaverville) - 1-4 mile up White′s Creek Trail at washout
CAS-BOT536968CASViola lobataKildale, Doris K.46431928-04-30 TrinityTrinity Center
CAS-BOT536969CASViola lobataWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-06-07 TulareBalch Park
CAS-BOT536970CASViola lobataGrant, George B.13621902-07-01 TulareRound Meadow Camp, Sierra Nevada Mts., Sequoia National Park
CAS-BOT536971CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.11951895-08-11 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas: Grant Park
CAS-BOT536972CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.17761897-07-11 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas: Region of Sequoia National Forest, vicinity of Hmer′s Nose: Coffee Pot Ridge
CAS-BOT536973CASViola lobataDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-06-24 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas:Boord Camp Creek woods
CAS-BOT536974CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1880-01-01 YubaBrownsville
CAS-BOT536975CASViola lobataApplegate, Elmer I.88951934-05-02 YubaNear Indian Valley, not far from the Sierra County line
CAS-BOT537051CASViola lobataKeller, Barbara T.15091975-06-10 YubaChallange Experimental Forest along La Porte Rd near Challange
CAS-BOT537052CASViola lobataEmmel, John F.3521971-05-22 LakeAlong Road 400 about 0.3 road miles SW of Junction Road 400 and Road 500, Boggs Mountain State Forest
CAS-BOT537053CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice127731925-05-22 LakeDashiells, Mt. Sanhedrin
CAS-BOT537054CASViola lobataJussel, M. S.s.n.1932-05-01 LakeJordan Park, on road to Lower Lake
CAS-BOT537055CASViola lobataJussel, M. S.s.n.1933-04-29 LakeJordan Park, Cobb Mt.
CAS-BOT537056CASViola lobataJussel, M. S.s.n.1933-04-29 LakeCobb P.O., Cobb Mt.
CAS-BOT537057CASViola lobataJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-03-31 LakeCobb Mt.
CAS-BOT537058CASViola lobataBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1923-04-21 LakeMt. Konocti
CAS-BOT537059CASViola lobataCantelow, Ella Dales7981935-04-28 LakeNear Hoberg′s Resort
CAS-BOT537060CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas56951938-05-17 LakeElk Mt.
CAS-BOT537061CASViola lobataBeane, Lawrence; Wiggins, Ira L.1781949-05-03 Lake
CAS-BOT537062CASViola lobataWiggins, Ira L.121031949-05-01 LakeAlong road into Deer Valley, N of summit between Upper Lake and Pilsbury Lake
CAS-BOT537063CASViola lobataApplegate, Elmer I.88621934-03-30 LakePuta Creek region, S of Cobb Mountain
CAS-BOT537064CASViola lobataWolf, Carl B.20171928-05-06 Lake5 mi W of Bartlett Springs
CAS-BOT537065CASViola lobataRattan, Volneys.n.1881-06-01 LakeCoast Mountains N of San Franisco Bay: Elk Mt.
CAS-BOT537066CASViola lobataZeile, Elsies.n.1911-05-07 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT537067CASViola lobataCovel, Paul F.17071940-04-28 NapaCCC-Las Posadas Camp near Pacific Union College
CAS-BOT537068CASViola lobataRaven, Peter H.40461952-05-26 NapaHowell Mt.
CAS-BOT537069CASViola lobataRaven, Peter H.17691950-04-15 NapaWooden Valley Grade above Napa
CAS-BOT537070CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice112841922-05-04 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT537071CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice68231918-05-01 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT537072CASViola lobataBacigalupi, R.15081926-05-29 NapaJust below Molly Patton′s Toll house, Mt. St. Helene
CAS-BOT537073CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.138421924-04-12 NapaAbout 5 miles S of Calistoga
CAS-BOT537074CASViola lobataWiggins, Ira L.120861949-04-30 NapaEast flank of Mount St. Helena
CAS-BOT537075CASViola lobataWolf, Carl B.18251928-05-03 NapaBase of Mt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT537081CASViola lobataWolf, Carl B.18631928-05-04 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT537082CASViola lobataAbrams, L. R.122401928-05-03 NapaSummit St. Helena Grade
CAS-BOT537084CASViola lobataPawek, Jean L.1991956-07-18 NevadaHwy 20, near Skillman Flat Public Camp
CAS-BOT537085CASViola lobataTrue, Gordon H.9191962-07-24 NevadaSierra Nevada: Poorman Creek, just E of Graniteville
CAS-BOT537086CASViola lobataTrue, Gordon H.9191962-07-24 NevadaSierra Nevada: Poorman Creek, just E of Graniteville
CAS-BOT537088CASViola lobataMason, H. L.32901926-05-29 Placer2 miles W of Emigrant Gap
CAS-BOT537089CASViola lobataHitchcock, C. L.63321940-05-07 Placerca. 1 mi W of Baxter
CAS-BOT537090CASViola lobataPatterson, Miss Francis D.s.n.1921-04-01 PlacerDutch Flat
CAS-BOT537092CASViola lobataJones, Marcus E.32801882-06-27 PlacerEmigrant Gap
CAS-BOT537093CASViola lobataRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.98241948-07-13 PlacerSW of Emigrant Gap
CAS-BOT537094CASViola lobataSmith, L. S.16201925-06-03 PlacerTahoe Forest, below Yankee Jim Forest Hill D.
CAS-BOT537095CASViola lobataKelloggs.n.1944-09-24 PlacerShady Run
CAS-BOT537096CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.; Kennedy, P. B.88051907-07-11 PlumasPrattville
CAS-BOT537097CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.; Kennedy, P. B.88051907-07-11 PlumasPrattville
CAS-BOT537098CASViola lobataKeck, David D.16901932-07-03 PlumasQuincy, in the Northern Sierra Nevada; forest just W of town
CAS-BOT537099CASViola lobataKeck, David D.16901932-07-03 PlumasQuincy, in the Northern Sierra Nevada; forest just W of town
CAS-BOT537100CASViola lobataKeck, David D.16901932-07-03 PlumasQuincy, in the Northern Sierra Nevada; forest just W of town
CAS-BOT537101CASViola lobataBaker, Milo S.83941936-06-18 PlumasHwy 89 S of Keddie
CAS-BOT537102CASViola lobataKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Howell, John Thomas; True, Gordon19301967-06-12 PlumasButterfly Botanical Area and vicinity: Between valley proper and Darlingtonia bog
CAS-BOT537104CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice144601927-06-11 PlumasUSForest Reserve: Forest Lodge, Greenville
CAS-BOT537105CASViola lobataClemens, Mrs. Jos.s.n.1920-06-01 PlumasGreenville
CAS-BOT537106CASViola lobataClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-05-28 PlumasCrystal Lake
CAS-BOT537107CASViola lobataClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-06-01 PlumasGreenville
CAS-BOT537108CASViola lobataCantelow, Ella Dales45561939-05-20 Plumas1 mi W of Meadow Valley Inn
CAS-BOT537109CASViola lobataRose, Lewis S.671171967-06-12 PlumasButterly Valley, a 3 mi W of Keddie
CAS-BOT537110CASViola lobataBaker, M. S.80501935-06-23 ShastaNear Dunsmuir on E side of Sacramento River
CAS-BOT537111CASViola lobataBaker, M. S.80501935-06-23 ShastaNear Dunsmuir on E side of Sacramento River
CAS-BOT537112CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice8681912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
CAS-BOT537113CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice13841912-07-24 ShastaCastella
CAS-BOT537114CASViola lobataBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-05-14 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT537115CASViola lobataBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-05-09 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT537116CASViola lobataDayton, William A.2951913-06-21 ShastaShasta Forest, Sweetbrier Creek Range
CAS-BOT537117CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice10971912-07-15 SiskiyouMcCloud
CAS-BOT537118CASViola lobataEastwood, Alices.n.1961-06-14 SiskiyouSisson
CAS-BOT537119CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice115191922-10-18 SiskiyouShasta Springs
CAS-BOT537120CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice118731923-05-20 SiskiyouShasta Springs
CAS-BOT537121CASViola lobataCooke, Wm. Bridge154251940-08-08 SiskiyouMount Shasta, above the lower canyon of Squaw Valley Creek
CAS-BOT537122CASViola lobataFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura117931948-06-12 SiskiyouScott Mountain Road S of Callahan
CAS-BOT537123CASViola lobataVan Fassen, Mrs.s.n.1926-03-26 SiskiyouDunsmuir
CAS-BOT537124CASViola lobataReinoehl, Don.s.n.1925-05-01 SiskiyouDunsmuir
CAS-BOT537125CASViola lobataHeller, A. A.79271905-06-01 SiskiyouBetween Dunsmuir and Upper Soda Srping
CAS-BOT537176CASViola lobataKildale, Doris K.86231929-07-20 SiskiyouSouth Fork Indian Creek to Ek Lick
CAS-BOT537177CASViola lobataApplegate, Elmer I.30201895-05-29 SiskiyouSisson
CAS-BOT537178CASViola lobataParker, Dorothy103a1945-06-20 SiskiyouToad Lake Divide, W of Mt. Eddy
CAS-BOT537179CASViola lobataParker, Dorothy1031945-06-20 SiskiyouToad Lake Divide, W of Mt. Eddy
CAS-BOT537180CASViola lobataThompson, J. W.s.n.1964-04-01 SiskiyouDunsmuir
CAS-BOT537181CASViola lobataSmith, L. E.1371913-04-26 SiskiyouDunsmuir
CAS-BOT537182CASViola lobataHerrin, Wm. F.s.n.1922-05-01 SiskiyouShasta Springs
CAS-BOT537183CASViola lobataNelson, Thomas W.; Nelson, Jane P.48001979-06-15 SiskiyouAlong road to Carmen Lake, 0.6 mi from jct with State Route
CAS-BOT537184CASViola lobataEastwood, Alice551907-08-04 TuolumneCrockers
CAS-BOT537185CASViola lobataClausen, J.17991940-05-19 TuolumneCottonwood Trail (above Mather)
CAS-BOT537186CASViola lobataClausen, J.17991940-05-19 TuolumneCottonwood Trail (above Mather)
CAS-BOT537187CASViola lobataQuick, Clarence R.16531936-06-24 TuolumneCow Creek
CAS-BOT537188CASViola lobataQuick, Clarence R.12581934-06-01 TuolumneN. Fork Griswold Creek near Grzzley Meadows, Stanislaus National Forest
CAS-BOT537190CASViola lobataGil-ad, Nir L.5081997-05-14 Tuolumne0.7 mi NE of the jct of CA Hwy 120 & Evergreen Rd
CAS-BOT537191CASViola lobataWiggins, Ira L.212601971-05-25 TuolumneCorner of Bottini Ranch Road and MiWuk Road, 0.8 m from Hwy 108
CAS-BOT537192CASViola lobataWiggins, Ira L.68001934-06-08 TuolumnePine Crest Recreation Area, Stanislaus National Forest
CAS-BOT537193CASViola lobataWiggins, Ira L.92271939-06-20 TuolumneCoyote Creek, mile from Valley Floor on Big Oak Flat Rd
CAS-BOT537194CASViola lobataBacigalupi, Rimo14641926-05-09 TuolumneNear Ackerson Meadow near Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT589476CASViola lobatade Nevers, Greg141152018-05-22 SonomaLinked Vineyards property, Franz Valley Road
CDA0011439CDAViola lobataG.F. Hrusa121621995-05-06 NapaSummit of Howell Mtn. in Las Posadas State Forest, vicinity of fire station. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0013249CDAViola lobataG.F. Hrusa130961996-07-08 ButteNear Old Railroad Grade Rd. Paradise Lake Dam, approx. 3 N of Magalia. Plumas National Forest.
CDA0018687CDAViola lobataG.D. Barbe36921982-06-15 Plumas0.8 mile west of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (U.S.F.S. Road #2 N22F); 3.3 miles east of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0018731CDAViola lobataG.D. Barbe37441982-07-15 Plumas2.1 miles NE of junction with road to Red Hill Summit. Plumas National Forest.
CDA0036590CDAViola lobataG.D. Barbe36731982-06-14 Yuba0.3 mile east of Challenge, 3.2 miles southwest of Woodleaf.
CDA0036593CDAViola lobataM.S. Bergseng1958-05-01 CalaverasSouth of Dorrington, near Stanislaus River.
CDA0052526CDAViola lobataSteven Serkanic2312018-06-09 El DoradoEl Dorado County, California. ElDorado National Forest, Along USFS road 1 N51, just west of Leonardi Spring 38 ° 54′30N, 120 ° 32 W, Elev 4490 ft. Plants abundant and sprawling along bank above road.
CHSC45731CHSCViola lobataJ. Marr201988-03-24 Butte10 ft on s side of Concow Rd. 6 mi w from Hwy 70, 18 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC91798CHSCViola lobataG. Douglas Barbe36921982-06-15 PlumasSierra Nevada Foothills. East-facing slope, 0.8 mile west of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (U.S.F.S. Road #2 N22F); 3.3 miles east of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T25N R07E S02
CSLA019659CSLAViola lobataJ. Miller5274 MariposaWawona Rd., Yosemite National Park
DAV337793DAVViola lobataJames Neilson21561971-06-30 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin. Tahoma. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.].
DAV395853DAVViola lobataJames A. Neilson, Jr.34511975-05-14 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains, Francisco Property. High Valley Creek. (Coordinates, location, and elevation estimated by label maker.)
DAV395854DAVViola lobataNellie Coffeys.n.1931-04-12 LakeLake County: Exact location unknown.
DAV395861DAVViola lobataD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-05-26 CalaverasCalaveras County: Stanislaus National Forest. Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
DAV395862DAVViola lobataRobert C. Bechtel891952-05-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 6 miles NW of Pollock Pines.
DAV395863DAVViola lobataRodney Gale Myatt7191971-06-13 ButteButte County: 1 mile N of Inskip. Skyway Road, north of Paradise. Road between Butte Meadows and Magala.
DAV395864DAVViola lobataJohn Warren461977-06-04 PlacerPlacer County: Bear Valley.
DAV395865DAVViola lobataBarbara Babbe321977-05-30 PlacerPlacer County: 13.8 miles east of forest Hill on Mosquito Ridge Road.
DAV395866DAVViola lobataCharles Martin181986-04-26 NevadaNevada County: Along Hwy 20, 5 miles E of jct with Hwy 49. S side of the road.
DAV395867DAVViola lobataLinda A. Bell1511975-05-18 NapaNapa County: Oakville Grade, 5.7 miles W of junction with Highway 29.
DAV395868DAVViola lobataJames A. Neilson, Jr.27301974-04-24 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. Socrates Mine Road, near Headquarters. (Elevation estimated using Google Earth by label maker.)
DAV395869DAVViola lobataStephen P. Raes.n.2006-05-07 NapaNapa County: 2 km south of Calistoga, ca. 1.5 km west of Highway 29 at 1755 Diamond Mountain Road. Pierce Vineyard Property.
DAV395871DAVViola lobataH. Fredericks.n.1925-07-28 LassenLassen County: Mt. Lassen.
DAV395872DAVViola lobataJ. Brown241992-05-09 ShastaShasta County: Spur road from Ah DiNa Campground to McCloud R. Pres. (N side).
DAV395873DAVViola lobataJoseph M. DiTomaso511975-06-24 TrinityTrinity County: 1-8 mile above Swift Creek bridge on Granite Creek Trail.
DAV395874DAVViola lobataA. A. Beetle17751939-04-12 SonomaSonoma County: Mt. St. Helena.
DAV395875DAVViola lobataAmelie Blyth8--11952-05-04 LakeLake County: North side of Mt. St. Helena, near State Highway 29.
DAV395876DAVViola lobataHeidi E. M. Dobson2931978-04-02 NapaNapa County: East slope of Mt. Veeder.
DAV395877DAVViola lobataMorris Halperin7341932-08-19 MariposaMariposa County: Yosemite National Park. Mariposa Grove.
DAV395878DAVViola lobataR. O. Hanes501992-04-06 YubaPlumas Forest.
DAV395879DAVViola lobataMrs. Flora Hayess.n.1935-06-15 MarinMarin County: Strawberry.
DAV395881DAVViola lobataG. K. Helmkamp112102006-08-11 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountain. Along Forest Hill Road, 8.7 miles northeast of Forest Hill.
DAV395882DAVViola lobataG. K. Helmkamp120502007-05-23 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Along Forest Hill Road, 2.3 miles NE of Foresthill.
DAV395883DAVViola lobataG. F. Hrusa103761992-04-15 SonomaSonoma County: Along Cavedale Road, approximately 5 m. E of Boyes Hot Springs.
DAV395884DAVViola lobataG. F. Hrusa104791992-05-03 ShastaShasta County: Just N of Big Bend Road, approximately 5 m. from Highway 299 along Big Bend Road.
DAV395886DAVViola lobataKathleen Keliher751975-04-30 YubaYuba County: Along Oregon Hill Road, ca. 1 mile N of Marysville Road.
DAV395887DAVViola lobataS. P. Lynch12841975-05-25 SierraSierra County: On Highway 49, ca. 25 miles S of Sierra City.
DAV395888DAVViola lobataJames A. Neilson, Jr.s.n.1958-07-09 NevadaNevada County: Junction of Alpha Road and State Highway 20, ca. 12 miles NE of Nevada City.
DAV395889DAVViola lobataK. O′Keefes.n.1995-06-04 PlacerPlacer County: Along Forest Hill Road, 4 miles E of Forest Hill (town). Western Sierra foothills.
DAV395890DAVViola lobataW. R. Powell15651968-06-19 CalaverasCalaveras County: 2.9 miles NE of Blue Mountain Lookout, 8 miles N of Arnold.
GH00067136GHViola lobataK. T. Hartweg16541939-08-20 Sacramento[Mountains]
GH02147484GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-07-01 Napa[data not captured]
GH02147485GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1922-01-01 El Dorado[data not captured]
GH02147486GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-05-10 Butte[data not captured]
GH02147487GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-04-17 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02147488GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1881-03-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147489GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147490GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1947-05-31 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147491GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1986-04-17 Nevada[data not captured]
GH02147492GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-05-15 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147493GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-03-27 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147494GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1929-05-05 Lake[data not captured]
GH02147495GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1964-04-28 Fresno[data not captured]
GH02147496GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1922-04-01 Nevada[data not captured]
GH02147497GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1892-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147498GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1934-07-06 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147499GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-05-25 Shasta[data not captured]
GH02147500GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-06-03 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02147501GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-03-02 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147502GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-07-26 Butte[data not captured]
GH02147503GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1895-03-16 Calaveras[data not captured]
GH02147504GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-05-15 Shasta[data not captured]
GH02147505GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-04-28 Placer[data not captured]
GH02147506GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-08-01 Placer[data not captured]
GH02147507GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1937-04-26 Del Norte[data not captured]
GH02147508GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-04-23 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147509GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1833-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147510GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1928-04-07 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147511GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1908-07-08 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147512GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-03-02 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147513GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1934-05-21 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147514GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1937-06-25 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH02147515GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1927-09-03 Butte[data not captured]
GH02147516GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-09-01 Plumas[data not captured]
GH02147517GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-06-24 Butte[data not captured]
GH02147518GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1921-07-31 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02147519GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1924-05-10 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02147520GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-07-23 Plumas[data not captured]
GH02147521GHViola lobata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-10-12 Unknown[data not captured]
HSC101681HSCViola lobataDillon North Davis342013-07-01 Plumas9.1 miles south on FS Road 2 N17 from intersection with Highway 70, 400 m northeast of large hairpin turn.
HSC103363HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson91842004-04-24 Del NorteAlong Gasquet Mtn. Road (1 N49), 2 W of junction with State Route 199 at junction with Forest Service Rd. 2E19
HSC21806HSCViola lobataC.B. Wolf20171928-05-06 Lake5 W of Bartlett Springs on the road to Clear Lake
HSC21808HSCViola lobataC.B. Wolf18251928-05-03 NapaAt the summit of the Mt. St. Helena Grade
HSC21811HSCViola lobataJim Vaughnsn1956-06-22 TehamaMineral
HSC22970HSCViola lobataJohn Pratt521970-06-29 Plumas5 mi. E of Humboldt summit
HSC33453HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson13561974-06-17 PlacerAlong Hwy. 80 at its junction with Blue Canon Rd., 9 W of Placer-Nevada County line
HSC37142HSCViola lobataA.M. Montalvo6711975-09-10 LakeBoggs Mtn., E of Cobb, Near summit on Rd. 541
HSC39783HSCViola lobataJ.O. Sawyer`2584b1974-06-25 TrinityAlong trail to Granite Lake
HSC41977HSCViola lobataEd Cope1031977-05-21 TrinityHwy. 3, 0.25 mi. above confluence of Trinity River and Tangle Blue Creek.
HSC42098HSCViola lobataRichard Runyonsn1977-05-21 TrinitySR 3, 0.25 mi. above the confluence of the Trinity River and Tangle Blue Creek
HSC44711HSCViola lobataJ.O. Sawyer29191977-06-18 SiskiyouAlong Clear Creek Trail between Ten Mile Creek and Bear Pen Creek
HSC48307HSCViola lobataJ.P. Smith88031976-05-22 ShastaFrench Gulch-Carrville Rd.
HSC48949HSCViola lobataM.A. Baker7301979-05-17 SiskiyouS facing hillside near road to Bald Mtn. trail off FS 1 N01
HSC50721HSCViola lobataG.L. Clifton33491979-05-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
HSC59824HSCViola lobataClark L. MillerMay-571978-05-27 Del NorteConfluence of Smith River and Stony Creek, SE of Gasquet from Hwy. 199
HSC61707HSCViola lobataRuby Van Deventersn1951-05-28 Del NorteHwy. 199, 2 mi. E of Gasquet, Pioneer Rd.
HSC64044HSCViola lobataCarl Wishner4631978-04-30 Del NortePanther Flat Campground; Six Rivers National Forest
HSC70261HSCViola lobataM.A. Baker17221980-06-02 Del NorteNear Peridotite Canon
HSC70647HSCViola lobataR. York8231980-05-31 Del NorteNear High Plateau Mtn.
HSC70716HSCViola lobataR. York8851980-06-01 Del NorteNear Browns Mine.
HSC71376HSCViola lobataJ.P. Smith61161973-04-15 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd., 1.4 W of Hwy. 3
HSC71385HSCViola lobataJ.P. Smith61171973-04-15 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd., 1.4 W of Hwy. 3
HSC73091HSCViola lobataM.A. Baker20311980-06-18 Del NorteNear S Red Mtn.
HSC77383HSCViola lobataC.J. Thomas651983-05-14 Del NorteFrench Hill Rd. 3.45 mi from Hwy. 199
HSC81554HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson61651980-07-20 SiskiyouAbove and to SE of Big Carmen Lake
HSC81841HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson60781980-07-17 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 17, 1 N of summit at county line
HSC82281HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson48001979-06-15 SiskiyouAlong road to Carmen Lake, 0.6 mi. from junction with State Route.
HSC82304HSCViola lobataThomas W. Nelson48311979-06-15 TrinityMouth of Bear Creek
HSC92373HSCViola lobataSam Stroich Jr.251990-05-08 LakeBlue Oak Campground, Indian Valley Res.
HSC97649HSCViola lobataJuha Pykala8321987-05-22 Del Norte5 mi. E of Klamath Glen, Red Mtn., near Red Mtn. Receiver Station
JEPS128070UCJEPSViola lobataNicole L. Jurjavcic612007-05-01 ShastaPit 7 Transmission Line. Shasta-Trinity National Forest.
JEPS50303UCJEPSViola lobataWillis L. Jepson123321927-06-24 TehamaMineral
JEPS50310UCJEPSViola lobataWillis L. Jepson5131900-03-10 NapaHowell Mountain
JEPS50313UCJEPSViola lobataC. A. Purpus11091894-01-01 MendocinoSanhedrin Mountain
LA328245LAViola lobataIra L. Wiggins26411927-08-30 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains; near summit of North Peak
LOB106547LOBViola lobataW. Nelson101970-04-09 San BernardinoHwy. 1 N. Bay Rd., Lake Arrowhead. Yellow Pine Forest
LOB106552LOBViola lobataSteve Ganley14241972-05-21 MariposaEast of Crane Flats, Yosemite Park. Hwy 120
LOB117154LOBViola lobataH.M. Carpenter351970-04-18 Riverside2.3 miles SW of Murrieta on De Luz Rd.
NY97541NYViola lobataK. T. Hartweg16541974-04-03 ?  Sacramento
OBI143012OBIViola lobataDavid J. Keil313492012-05-19 FresnoCanon, Shaver Lake
OBI143013OBIViola lobataDavid J. Keil197151986-08-02 TulareNE of Springville in Mtn Home State Forest. Methuselah Group campground to vicinity of Dogwood Meadow
OBI143015OBIViola lobataDavid J. Keil173701983-07-03 Trinity1.5 mi S of Scott Mtn Pass along SR3
PASA1526PASAViola lobataAnnetta Carter1929-05-22 MariposaYosemite
PASA1527PASAViola lobataMargaret Stason2441931-06-01 TulareBalch Park
POM126627RSAViola lobataMartha Briers.n.1894-06-01 PlacerBear Valley near Fowler.
POM259853RSAViola lobataI. L. Wiggins92271939-06-20 TuolumneCoyote Creek mile from Valley Floor on Big Oak Flat Rd.
POM263155RSAViola lobataJ. C. Roos5241937-06-15 San DiegoJulian.
POM286464RSAViola lobataLyman D. Benson78021936-07-05 Mariposa4 miles west of Bridal Veil Creek, Sierra Nevada Mountains. Yosemite Valley Drainage Area.
POM286465RSAViola lobataLyman D. Benson39181932-07-04 TuolumneAspen Valley Ranger Station. Sierra Nevada mtn range. Tuolumne River drainage.
POM286466RSAViola lobataLyman D. Benson1591928-04-29 LakeMt. Hanna. Kelseyville. Middle N Coast mtn range, Cold Creek.
POM48973RSAViola lobataPhilip A. Munz83281924-06-24 San DiegoAt Scenic View south of Julian.
POM83923RSAViola lobataMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-07-09 PlumasOn road from Prattville to Chico. [Plumas Co or Butte Co]
POM85042RSAViola lobataMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-27 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
PPWD1635PPWDViola lobataG. de Nevers141152018-05-22 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Linked Vineyards property; Franz Valley Road. Chaparral with Adenostoma; Ceanothus cuneatus; Arctostaphylos; Salvia sonomensis; pygmy redwoods; knobcone pines. Burned in Oct 8; 2017 fire. 38.56 N; 122.67 W. 1243 ft. elevation.
PPWD583PPWDViola lobataG. de Nevers16551981-06-20 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Along Franz Valley Road in shade of Redwoods and Firs. Towards Knights Valley.
PUA12477PUAViola lobataLila Jaeger1878-04-08 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
PUA17122PUAViola lobataBill Grummer1978-05-20 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17226PUAViola lobataBill Grummer1978-04-29 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA18749PUAViola lobataClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA1878PUAViola lobataT.R. Bennett1971-04-06 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA2733PUAViola lobataJ.C. Edwards1970-04-12 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA31381PUAViola lobataBill Grummer1979-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA32842PUAViola lobataRichard York1980-05-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA3285PUAViola lobataC.A. Ground1968-04-18 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA32935PUAViola lobataRichard York1980-06-01 Del NorteLocal landmark: Browns Mine. Gasquet Quad.
PUA33021PUAViola lobataMarc Baker1980-06-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Peridotite Canon. Gasquet Quad.
PUA3388PUAViola lobataR.S. Taylor1969-05-10 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3390PUAViola lobataGilbert Jerome Muth1967-04-04 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Extension Mine. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA34235PUAViola lobataJimerson And Pageau1979-06-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: French Hill. Gasquet Quad.
PUA3604PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1971-06-05 TrinityLocal landmark: Forest Glen. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA3614PUAViola lobataL.D. Londagin1970-03-29 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3617PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1971-03-26 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA36528PUAViola lobataMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: South Red Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA41007PUAViola lobataLinda M. Barker1975-05-12 Del NorteLocal landmark: Old Gasquet Toll Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA41618PUAViola lobataBarbara L. Williams1979-08-24 ShastaLocal landmark: Pollard Flat. Lamoine Quad.
PUA5442PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1971-06-28 PlumasLocal landmark: Peppered Flat. Quincy Quad.
PUA57124PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1983-06-02 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58131PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA58407PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1983-05-26 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA58554PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59552PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA63716PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1983-06-14 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Mountain. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA66764PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Ranch. The Geysers Quad.
PUA67648PUAViola lobataG.L. Clifton1984-07-02 ButteLocal landmark: Little West Fork Feather Rd. Paradise Quad.
PUA8236PUAViola lobataDon Pitcher1975-04-19 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
RSA0017312RSAViola lobataJoan Stewart2791994-05-21 TulareTo Dicentra glade and back (30E14).
RSA0049726RSAViola lobataDean Wm. Taylor213552013-05-09 Del NorteGasquet; Old Gasquet Toll Road 2 road miles E of junction with North Fork Road.; Gasquet, CA
RSA0088730RSAViola lobataBonnie C. Templeton113161968-06-13 TrinityNear Trinity-Siskiyou County divide. On Scott. Mt.
RSA101657RSAViola lobataunknown941867-07-01 NevadaMoore′s Flat. Sierra Nevada.
RSA104134RSAViola lobataT. C. Porters.n. Plumas[No location information provided.]
RSA10664RSAViola lobataCarl B. Wolf18251928-05-03 NapaSummit of Mount St. Helena Grade, N of Calistoga
RSA10802RSAViola lobataCarl B. Wolf20171928-05-06 Lake5 miles west of Bartlett Springs on the road to Clear Lake
RSA109835RSAViola lobataE. K. Balls218501956-06-20 Yuba0.5 W of Sierra-Yubs Co line along State Hwy 49.
RSA113233RSAViola lobataE. K. Balls206861955-05-13 ButteMagalia Reservoir, above Magalia.
RSA116563RSAViola lobataChas. H. Quibell39741954-07-21 Fresno2 miles N of Shaver Lake left off Highway 168 to Big Creek onto road to Music Mtn Lookout, then within 100 yrds rt. and down onto old road to former logging camp on saddle and around onto E side of canyon at ft. of 6801 Music Mtn.Before road crosses to W side; 5390.
RSA119362RSAViola lobataS. S. Tillett6921956-07-11 SiskiyouAlong Mule Creek, N of Scott Mtn divide. Siskiyou-Trinity Cos line, ca 8 mi SE of Callahan.
RSA131918RSAViola lobataChas. H. Quibell37961954-07-07 FresnoShake Camp, 5355 Ft, 2 miles N of Shaver L. on 168 to Big Crk. 0.5 mile down creek from large meadow at 5550 Ft. Music Mtn, 6801 Ft, 1.33 miles WSW. Big Creek 1.5 miles N at 3400 Ft.
RSA14400RSAViola lobataElmer I. Applegate30201895-05-29 SiskiyouSisson.
RSA147034RSAViola lobataAlice Eastwood144601927-06-01 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve, Forest Lodge, Greenville.
RSA164425RSAViola lobataClare B. Hardham73611961-06-14 PlacerBaxter, Rte 40.
RSA183635RSAViola lobataD. E. Anderson35121965-04-17 Del NorteCa 2 miles north of Gasquet on Forest Service Road.
RSA189448RSAViola lobataL. S. Rose671171967-06-12 PlumasButterfly Valley, ca. 3 miles W of Keddie.
RSA195287RSAViola lobataGilbert Muth6041967-04-19 NapaAetna Springs Road.
RSA21536RSAViola lobataCarl B. Wolf87221937-05-17 ButteNorthern Sierra Nevada. Road from De Sabla to Humboldt Road, 2.2 W. of Big Butte Creek
RSA239693RSAViola lobataLarry E. DeBuhr10171973-04-25 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest along Stony Creek Trail N of Gasquet to jct of Stony Creek and N Fork Smith River.
RSA2415RSAViola lobataJ. W. Blankinships.n.1924-05-03 LakeMt Hannah.
RSA258878RSAViola lobataThomas W. Nelson13561974-06-17 PlacerBeside Hwy 80 at its jct with Blue Canon Road, 9 miles W of the Placer - Nevada County line.
RSA26955RSAViola lobataC. Leo Hitchcock63321940-05-07 Placer1 mile west of Baxter.
RSA304246RSAViola lobataJames R. Shevock18251972-05-21 MariposaHwy 120, Yosemite National Park. E of Crane Flats.
RSA356041RSAViola lobataRobert F. Thorne396231971-05-24 MaderaWestfall Campground: On Hwy 41, ca 2.5 miles S of Fish Camp. Madera-Mariposa Co line.
RSA402206RSAViola lobataE. B. Copeland12071929-06-11 ButteJonesville.
RSA402211RSAViola lobataChristopher Davidson26831975-06-05 Siskiyou0.8 mile N of Scott Mtn Summit on Hwy 3.
RSA402212RSAViola lobataBonnie C. Templeton84891960-06-14 TehamaNear Mineral.
RSA402213RSAViola lobataBonnie C. Templeton85541960-06-21 TrinityNear the top of Scott Mtn.
RSA402214RSAViola lobataClarence R. Quicks.n.1930-06-22 TuolumneSouth Fork Stanislaus River.
RSA4234RSAViola lobataE. B. Copeland3841929-07-13 ButteJonesville.
RSA436780RSAViola lobataAnstruther Davidson18261908-07-01 TulareSequoia National Park.
RSA44295RSAViola lobataE. Z. Lovegroves.n.1946-04-28 NapaAlong trail to crater, Mt St Helena.
RSA47652RSAViola lobataRoxana S. Ferris117931948-06-12 SiskiyouScott Mountain Road south of Callahan.
RSA481916RSAViola lobataAaron Liston712-11988-03-19 LakeBogg Mountain State Forest. 1.9 miles from fire station entrance, 1.5 miles N of Cobb.
RSA48575RSAViola lobataPhilip A. Munz132991949-05-18 Trinity20 miles N of Trinity Center at Scott Mt. Creek.
RSA49791RSAViola lobataE. K. Balls138751949-07-07 Trinity12 miles north of Eagle Creek, on Scott Mt. near Siskiyou county line
RSA51299RSAViola lobataPeter H. Raven17691950-04-15 NapaWooden Valley Grade above Napa.
RSA52707RSAViola lobataI. L. Wiggins120861949-04-30 NapaE flank of Mt St Helena.
RSA52721RSAViola lobataI. L. Wiggins121031949-05-01 LakeAlong road into Deer Valley, north of summit between Upper Lake and Pilsbury Lake.
RSA604254RSAViola lobataR. J. Shaw12891963-06-16 El DoradoEl Dorado National Forest; hwy 50, Bridal Veil Picnic Area.
RSA620418RSAViola lobataI. L. Wiggins212601971-05-25 TuolumneCorner of Bottini Ranch Road and MiWuk Road, 0.8 miles from Hwy 108.
RSA719719RSAViola lobataMichael A. Vincent128922006-07-29 ButteNortheast of Chico along Rt. 32
RSA727540RSAViola lobataKen Osbornes.n.2007-05-13 ButteSierra Nevada Foothills: along Ponderosa Way at Mud Creek, c. 1.5 mi. SE of Cohasset.; Cohasset
RSA777349RSAViola lobataEmery M. Whiltons.n.1937-06-07 TulareBalch Park
RSA77753RSAViola lobataF. W. Peirson48241924-06-24 San Diegodry slope under pines, Scenic View, 5 mi. north of Cuyamaca Lake on road to Julian.
RSA77754RSAViola lobataPhilip A. Munz81211924-05-11 San DiegoOn ridge between Cuyamaca Lake and Descanso Creek.
RSA77755RSAViola lobataF. W. Peirson59961925-05-19 San DiegoMiddle Peak, Cuyamaca Mountains, eastern San Diego County
RSA77756RSAViola lobataF. W. Peirson7421908-07-24 TulareNorth Fork of Tule River, Sierra Nevada.
RSA77757RSAViola lobataF. W. Peirson118231936-05-30 TulareBalch Park, Sierra Nevada.
RSA78787RSAViola lobataPhilip A. Munz177361952-06-24 Del NorteCamp 6, at east base of Gordon Mtn and ca 10 mi (by air) north of Big Flat, Siskiyou Mtns.
RSA80503RSAViola lobataMilo S. Baker101891942-04-29 SonomaSpring Mt Road near summit. Near Napa -Sonoma county line.
RSA97305RSAViola lobataR. M. Straw7261954-06-25 TuolumneCow creek, W slope Sierra Nevada, Sonora Pass road.
SBBG159712SBBGViola lobataH. and M. Dearing22031938-06-30 Shasta10 W of Burney
SBBG159713SBBGViola lobataH. and M. Dearing20501938-06-21 Butte21 NE of Chico
SBBG159714SBBGViola lobataH. and M. Dearing10681933-05-20 Del NorteSmith River Cyn, 22 N of Crescent City
SBBG159715SBBGViola lobataDonald Myrick12541965-06-30 TulareViola Falls Trail, Grant Lodge, Sequoia National Park
SBBG159716SBBGViola lobataH. and M. Dearing59251945-05-02 MaderaBass Lake
SBBG159717SBBGViola lobataH. and M. Dearing10691937-05-29 Tularebelow General′s Hwy on rd to Badger
SBBG159718SBBGViola lobataLewis S. Rose700461970-05-27 El Doradonear Leonardi Springs, NE of Lake Edson
SBBG159719SBBGViola lobataMrs. Spence MariposaMariposa
SBBG159720SBBGViola lobataM. Caruthers1128 MariposaYosemite National Park; Inspiration Point
SBBG159721SBBGViola lobataMrs. Rowntree1929-05-10 San DiegoCuyamaca Mtn
SBBG159722SBBGViola lobataS. W. Hutchinson11271928-04-15 San DiegoCuyamaca to Julian
SBBG159723SBBGViola lobataM. N. Ackley11291925-06-01 PlacerDutch Flat
SD104465SDViola lobataReid Moran260581978-06-24 Shastaridge west of Little Roaring Creek
SD11306SDViola lobataFrank F. Gander188-21935-04-27 San DiegoDesert View, Cuyamaca Mts.
SD114510SDViola lobataDarley F. Howe10191940-06-07 San DiegoCuyamaca, North Peak.
SD16260SDViola lobataFrank F. Gander28261936-07-10 San DiegoNorth slope of Middle Peak, Cuyamaca Mts.
SD22880SDViola lobataFrank F. Gander65141938-09-20 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak
SD257376SDViola lobataJames R. Shevock18251972-05-21 MariposaE. of Crane Flats
SD29518SDViola lobataEdmund R. Crosss.n.1942-06-24 TulareMoro Rock Trail, Sequoia National Park
SD29521SDViola lobataEdmund R. Crosss.n.1942-06-23 TulareTharp′s Trail, Sequoia National Park
SD3150SDViola lobataE.B. Copeland3841929-07-13 ButteJonesville, pine woods
SD62131SDViola lobataDarley F. Howes.n.1965-05-21 PlacerCanon on south side of north fork of American River between Forest Hill and Yankee Jims
SD71657SDViola lobataHelen V. Witham4271969-08-30 San DiegoPine forest, Middle Peak Loop Trail, Cuyamaca.
SD7525SDViola lobataDaniel Clevelands.n.1880-06-01 UnknownCalaveras Big Trees
SD7609SDViola lobataDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-07-04 ButteSutton House
SDSU11375SDSUViola lobataHarvey, D.R1937-05-22 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak.
SDSU11376SDSUViola lobataBeauchamp, R.M.5021967-05-12 San DiegoGrowing beside a stream east of Cuyamaca Lake beside Sunrise Highway. Cuyamaca Mts.
SDSU11424SDSUViola lobataHowe, D.F.40681965-05-21 PlacerCanon on south side of north fork of American River between Forest hill and Yankee Jims.
SDSU11430SDSUViola lobataHarvey, D.R.3501929-06-22 MariposaBig Oak Flat Road.
SFV113912SFVViola lobataM. L. Vincent6891967-06-26 ButteSierra Nevada; CA-Highway 32 in canyon bed 37 miles north of Chico.
SFV113913SFVViola lobataM. L. Vincent7991968-06-07 ButteSierra Nevada; 1 mile north of Magalia on Coutolenc Road.
SFV113914SFVViola lobataR. H. Ramsey461961-05-13 ButteSierra Nevada; Lake Madrone on Oroville-Quincy Road, 3 miles north of Berry Creek. 8-15 m from lakeside.
SFV113915SFVViola lobataJ. A. Riddell512002-04-28 Del NorteKlamath Mountains; Stony Creek Trail along North Fork Smith River.
SFV113916SFVViola lobataM. L. Vincent5241964-04-08 PlumasSierra Nevada; 1 mile northeast of Storrie.
SFV113917SFVViola lobataB. C. Templeton84891960-06-14 TehamaSierra Nevada; Near Mineral.
SFV113918SFVViola lobataT. R. Gordon2521974-06-06 TulareSierra Nevada; Cedar Slope. Banks of South Fork of the Middle Fork of the Tule River.
SHTC2345SHTCViola lobataWilcox, Mary-1966-05-15 TuolumneLongBarn
SHTC2346SHTCViola lobataGretchen, M.421966-05-08 TuolumneLogging Rd., 5 mi. S.E. Long Barn
SHTC2347SHTCViola lobataLee, Rhianna461997-04-22 TuolumneStanislaud Natioal Forest, S. Fork Road at the 3.0 mile marker
SHTC572SHTCViola lobataDunlop, James512000-04-11 StanislausStanislaus Co. Del Puerto Canon Interstate 5 to Del Puerto Canon Rd, West 10 miles to Frank Raines County Park
SJSU11033SJSUViola lobataD.L. Blair1968-04-05 NapaPope Valley
SJSU3791SJSUViola lobataC.W. Sharsmith71231963-07-12 Mariposa2 mi SE Crane Flat, Yosemite National Park
SPIF01312SPIFViola lobataBotany Crews.n.2000-00-01 TehamaFinley Butte 7.5 USGS quad. Judd Creek study site; ca. 1 air mile s Lyman Springs.
STNF-4647715-TEMPAIDSTNFViola lobataSusan Horner1978-05-31 TrinityScott Mountain
STNF-4647716-TEMPAIDSTNFViola lobataJ. Kiersted1990-04-27 TrinityBridge Camp
UC1742267UCJEPSViola lobataJ. B. Kirkland1912-06-01 El Dorado
UC1749379UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker86331937-04-18 SonomaHope Valley north of Chamberlain′s House, ca. 3-4 miles
UC1749388UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker87281937-08-05 NevadaNear Hwy 20 Excelsior Point
UC1749417UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker84031936-06-18 PlumasS of Keddie (Hwy 89)
UC1749430UCJEPSViola lobataEffie De Loss1897-03-01 MercedMerced River
UC1749433UCJEPSViola lobataJ. W. Blankinship2001923-04-08 LakeMt. Hannah, at summit
UC1761361UCJEPSViola lobataAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell1938-05-17 LakeElk Mt.
UC1761422UCJEPSViola lobataElmer I. Applegate88621934-03-30 LakeS of Cobb Mountain (E slope of the Mayacama Mountains)
UC1761445UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker4631924-05-03 SonomaHowell Mt., Pinecrest
UC1761451UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker164-19261926-05-31 SonomaTriniti road, 1 mi up
UC1761514UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker201b1926-03-30 Sonoma1 mi S of St. Helena Inn (trail to Crater)
UC1761515UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker165a1926-03-31 SonomaTriniti[sic] Road 1 mi from hwy
UC1761524UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker2751926-08-22 TehamaMineral, near Ranger Station
UC1761535UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker1001925-09-03 TuolumneTuolumne Big Trees
UC1761743UCJEPSViola lobataDorothy Parker1946-06-01 SiskiyouW of Mount Eddy
UC1761775UCJEPSViola lobataW. C. McCalla33411925-05-18 Calaveras
UC1761849UCJEPSViola lobataW. C. McCalla62871940-06-21 TehamaSW of Lassen National Park (near Lassen Camp)
UC1761860UCJEPSViola lobataW. C. McCalla59571940-04-24 San DiegoCuyamaca Mt.
UC1761938UCJEPSViola lobataV. Baird1932-05-01 PlacerDutch Flat
UC1761947UCJEPSViola lobataV. Baird1917-07-22 MariposaInspiration Point Yosemite
UC1761989UCJEPSViola lobataHerbert A. Thomas151936-05-23 Plumas1-4 NE of UC Forestry Camp
UC1762122UCJEPSViola lobataElmer I. Applegate53961928-04-26 Shastanear Delta (along the Pacific Highway)
UC1762301UCJEPSViola lobataGrace Cross1927-04-23 MercedMerced
UC1762304UCJEPSViola lobataHelen Von Grafen1927-04-23 NapaMt. St. Helena
UC1762312UCJEPSViola lobataLawrence R. Heckard441950-05-13 Lakenear Middleton (around U.S. Bench Mark A-626, 1942; ridge NE of Little Sulphur Creek, 4 W of Lincoln Rock on road from Pine Flat to Hwy 29)
UC1762374UCJEPSViola lobataFreed Hoffman38341951-04-27 SonomaMt. St. Helena, along fire road
UC1762406UCJEPSViola lobataFreed W. Hoffman27461948-05-11 LakeWhispering Pines
UC1762463UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker13137B1957-06-16 UnknownScott Mts.
UC1762531UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker117141947-05-05 SonomaHod [Hood?] Mt., near Grant Line
UC1762545UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker90781938-07-23 El Doradonear Forest Campground at Big Silver Creek
UC1763294UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker55241926-09-01 ButteButte Meadows
UC1763295UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker52211905-04-01 SonomaHood Mountain on Macartney road
UC1763299UCJEPSViola lobataMrs. H. C. Cantelow1906-03-22 NapaHowell Mt., near top
UC1763332UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker55231896-06-01 SiskiyouBear Cr. Mts.
UC1763344UCJEPSViola lobataJ. W. Blankinship1920-04-17 LakeMiddleton
UC1763345UCJEPSViola lobataJ. W. Blankinship1920-04-30 LakeKelseyville, Mt. Konocti
UC1763445UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker21041927-05-01 LakeCobb Mt, Whispering Pines
UC1763481UCJEPSViola lobataMilo S. Baker1899-05-01 SonomaStewarts canyon
UC2046528UCJEPSViola lobataWilliam J. Ferlatte17901976-07-08 Trinitywest end of Deer Flat
UCR0011404UCRViola lobataSam Sutton121984-05-19 PlacerBlue Canon Road, 3 miles from Hwy 80
UCR0011406UCRViola lobataKen Osbornes.n.2007-05-13 Buttealong Ponderosa Way at Mud Creek, c. 1.5 miles southeast of Cohasset
UCR0011407UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp9506--041995-06-22 Calaverasalong CA Hwy 4, 2.5 miles northeast of Arnold
UCR0011409UCRViola lobataKathy Harpers.n.1992-05-17 El DoradoPipi Meadow (Forest Service Campground), 25 miles NE of Pioneer Station off of CA Hwy 88, 6 miles north of N South Road from Omo Ranch Road [26 miles east of Jackson], along Middle Fork of Cosumnes River
UCR0011410UCRViola lobataA.C. Sanders42071983-06-05 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest: Stony Creek, above the junction with the N fork of Smith River, c. 1 mile north of Gasquet
UCR0011413UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp112782006-08-24 El DoradoIce House Road, 2.3 miles south of Union Reservoir Road
UCR0011419UCRViola lobataM. Kauffman0051997-05-04 Nevada0.25 mi. north of Fire Access Road, 3 miles from Hwy 49 after right turn
UCR0011420UCRViola lobataB.G. Pitzer10141988-05-29 NevadaDonner Fire Restoration Area (UC Berkeleys Penny Pines Plantation ), on Hwy 8 N, west of Billy Hill and c. 6.5 miles north of Truckee
UCR0011421UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp192252012-06-19 PlacerForesthill Road, 1.7 miles east of its junction with Devils Thumb Road
UCR0011422UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp166342010-07-28 PlacerForest Route 10 (Sugar Pine Rd.), 0.8 mile north of its junction with Forest Hill Road, 8.2 miles NE (34 ° ) of Foresthill
UCR0011424UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp112102006-08-11 Placeralong Forest Hill Rd., 8.7 miles northeast of Forest Hill
UCR0011425UCRViola lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp146502009-05-11 Placeralong Forest Hill Road, 2.5 miles northeast of Foresthill
UCR0011427UCRViola lobataJohn C. Roos5241937-06-15 San DiegoJulian
UCSB019840UCSBViola lobataDennis E. Breedlove31131962-06-08 Del NorteSouth bank of the Smith River, 2.6 miles northeast of Gasquet on U.S. Highway 199
UCSB019841UCSBViola lobataGray, John18A1976-05-16 El DoradoPlacer Big Trees 25 miles E. of Forest Hills. T 1 N, R 13E, Sec 19 W 1-4
UCSB019842UCSBViola lobataFavero, R.571968-03-26 ShastaDamnation Peak and Trinity Center road, 1 mile from Vollmer turnoff, 28 miles north of Redding, Cascade Mountains
UCSB019843UCSBViola lobataR. Patterson10391976-05-15 MaderaNorth end of Bass Lake, along Willow Creek
YM-YOSE117533YMViola lobataHOOD, MARY152005-05-31 ?  MariposaWAWONA LOOP ROAD
YM-YOSE118748YMViola lobataGrossenbacher, Dena - -Colwell, AlisonDG06-142B2006-07-10 TuolumneSouth side of Tuolumne river 1-8 mile East of Cathedral creek - Tuolumne River confluence, Grand Canon of the Tuolumne. Datum: NAD83.
YM-YOSE59819YMViola lobataHOOD, MARY V.1967-06-15 ?  MariposaWAWONA LOOP ROAD.
YM-YOSE63636YMViola lobataMICHAEL, ENID7991929-05-27 ?  MariposaBIG MEADOWS
YM-YOSE63637YMViola lobataMICHAEL, ENID1926-05-03 ?  MariposaINSPIRATION POINT
YM-YOSE63638YMViola lobataMICHAEL, ENID7931928-08-06 ?  TuolumneCARL INN (RD?)
YM-YOSE63639YMViola lobataSHARSMITH, CARL W.48411944-07-08 ?  MariposaMERCED GROVE OF BIG TREES
CAS-BOT530121CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaWickes, Ethels.n.1917-06-01 TehamaRed Bluff
CAS-BOT530122CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCantelow, Ella Dales45271939-05-19 ButteEast of Oroville and west of Brush Creek Ranger Station
CAS-BOT530123CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaThomas, J. H.9071949-06-13 Humboldtalong trail between Le Perron Flat and Whiteys Peak; Six Rivers National Forest
CAS-BOT530124CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaKildale, Doris105771931-05-10 HumboldtSnow Camp
CAS-BOT530125CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJussel, M. S.s.n.1933-04-29 LakeCobb Mountain
CAS-BOT530126CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHowell, John Thomas17661926-03-28 NapaSt. Helena Creek near Patten′s
CAS-BOT530127CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEastwood, Alice110951922-03-25 Napanear Calistoga
CAS-BOT530128CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEastwood, Alice5171912-06-20 Nevadanear Nevada City
CAS-BOT530129CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCantelow, Ella Dales45531937-07-11 Placernear Alta
CAS-BOT530130CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaParish, S. B.s.n.1897-06-05 San DiegoStonewall mine, Cuyamaca Mtns.
CAS-BOT530131CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaWiggins, Ira L.26411927-08-30 San Diegonear summit of North Peak, Cuyamaca Mtns.
CAS-BOT530132CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaWiggins, Ira L.26411927-08-30 TuolumneAlong Phoenix Lake Road, 2.8 miles NE of Highway 108 between Sonora and Twain Harte
CAS-BOT530133CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaQuick, C. R.53-811953-08-02 ShastaNE of Montgomery Creek
CAS-BOT530134CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-05-07 ShastaBig Bend; Henderson P.O.
CAS-BOT530135CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEastwood, Alice6381912-06-27 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT530136CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEastwood, Alice13841912-07-24 ShastaCastella
CAS-BOT530137CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaApplegate, Elmer I.53961928-04-26 ShastaAlong Pacific Highway near Delta
CAS-BOT530138CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaShervanick, Barbara13031974-05-09 Shastaalong Highway 44, about 0.5 miles north of the Camp McCumber turnoff; Battle Creek drainage area; Cascade Range
CAS-BOT530139CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHanna, Margaret M.s.n.1958-06-20 Siskiyoualong Highway 6 miles south of Dunsmuir
CAS-BOT530140CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHeller, A. A.121151915-07-18 SiskiyouMetcalf′s Ranch, NE base of Mt. Eddy
CAS-BOT530141CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHeller, A. A.121151915-07-18 SiskiyouMetcalf′s Ranch, NE base of Mt. Eddy
CAS-BOT530142CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHowell, John Thomas132681937-07-22 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
CAS-BOT530143CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEastwood, Alice12771912-07-21 Siskiyounear Sisson
CAS-BOT530144CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-07-22 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
CAS-BOT530145CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCooke, William Bridge150851940-06-06 Siskiyoualong the Castle Lake Road
CAS-BOT530146CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaKildale, Doris K.55361928-07-04 Siskiyou1.5 miles east of summit of divide between Sawyers Bar and Etna Mills
CAS-BOT530147CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCarter, Eugene8271974-06-14 TrinitySalmon-Trinity Alps and vicinity, at south end of Rooster Flat
CAS-BOT530148CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCarter, Eugene2051928-07-04 TrinityNorth Fork of Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity, 18 miles NW of Weaverville along Backbone Creek near Keystone Flat
CAS-BOT530150CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaVollmer, A. M.; Beane, L.71951-05-31 TrinityTrinity Center
CAS-BOT530151CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaCantelow, Ella Dales45711939-06-08 TrinitySouth Fork Mtn., Blake Lookout Road, 5.4 miles from Jct. of Redbluff-Alton Hwy.
CAS-BOT530152CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1956-06-14 TrinityTrail to Lion Lake, west of Coffee Creek
CAS-BOT589624CASViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaWarner, Peter3062015-03-19 SonomaTrione-Annadel State Park, Louis Trail, ~50 m SE of jct. N. Burma Trail
CDA0013025CDAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaG.F. Hrusa129551996-06-10 ShastaNear summit of Eskimo Grade on Hwy 44. Lassen National Forest.
CDA0036594CDAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaG.D. Barbe27011980-05-20 Trinity2 km south of Preacher Meadow Campground, Highway 3 at Bowerman Ridge Road, south of Trinity Center.
CHSC11086CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLowell Ahart1968-05-15 YubaNear Bullard′s Bar Dam.
CHSC122341CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLowell Ahart219612019-05-22 ButteArea burned by the Camp Fire, about 20 yards west of Rim Road, south of power tower, about 2 miles north of Highway 70, 2 miles (air) east of Concow Reservoir. TRS: T2 N, R4E, northwest 1-4 Section 13.
CHSC2017CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaM. Underhill1952-06-22 Shasta
CHSC2019CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaV. Holt1932-06-01 SiskiyouSpring Hill near Mt. Shasta City.
CHSC27869CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRobin Ondricek121978-04-22 ShastaCa. 3 mi sse of Pit 4 powerhouse on the s side of dirt road which parallels the n bank of the Pit River, Shasta National Forest. T3 N R01E S USGS Quadrangle: Montgomery Creek 1:64000
CHSC33013CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRichard K. McGaugh171979-04-14 ShastaAt north base of Flume Creek Ridge, 2.42km. w. of confluence of Castle Creek and Sacramento River, 250 m. s. of Caste Creek, near Castella.
CHSC64139CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaB. Castro1671987-07-21 PlumasCa 6 W of Clio via Hwy 70-89, just E of jcn USFS Rds 2 N98 and 22N42. T22N R12E S34 SW1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Clio
CHSC66150CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaVernon H. Oswald76751996-05-30 ShastaEast of the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake on Gilman Rd. (now Forest Road 27), 7.2 mi E of the McCloud River Bridge. T3 N R0 W S11 NE1-4
CHSC7148CHSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaNancy Wiseman1969-04-13 Butte1.5 mi on Feather Falls trail 22 mi e of Oroville.
DAV395857DAVViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEllen Dean73942012-06-24 ShastaShasta County: Along Hwy 44, ca. 10 miles E of Shingletown. North and south sides of road.
DAV395858DAVViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLinnea Neuhaus12012-04-29 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Near entrance gate on Las Posadas Rd. by fire station.
DAV395859DAVViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEllen Dean70332011-05-20 NapaNapa County: On the border of Sonoma County. Private property at 4028 Spring Mountain Road. West of the town of St. Helena.
DAV395870DAVViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaHarry Georges.n.1967-06-15 ModocModoc County: Egg Lake.
DAV395885DAVViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaG. F. Hrusa129551996-06-10 ShastaShasta County: Lassen National Forest. Near summit of Eskimo Grade on Highway 44.
HSC26636HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaThomas W. Nelson4561971-05-31 HumboldtNear the Mad River N of Dinsmore
HSC41976HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaEd Cope1021977-05-21 TrinityHwy. 3, 0.25 mi. above confluence of Trinity River and Tangle Blue Creek.
HSC44497HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaK. Irwin3651977-05-21 TrinityS.R. 3, 1-4 mi. above the confluence of the Trinity River and Tangle Blue Creek
HSC61275HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRuby Van Deventersn1958-05-18 Del NorteElk Valley
HSC62216HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRuby Van Deventersn1959-04-22 Del Norte6 mi. S of Takilima, OR
HSC66670HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaS. Harrissn1980-05-24 Del NorteLow Divide Rd., 3.5 mi. from its junction with High Divide Rd.
HSC74842HSCViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJ.P. Smith102711980-05-11 Del NorteJunction of Rowdy Creek Rd. on Wimer Rd.
JEPS101393UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean W. Taylor154701995-09-15 MaderaMcCreary Meadow; upper San Joaquin River watershed; Sierra National Forest; along Forest Road 81 3 miles S of junction with Forest Road 7
JEPS110805UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJake Ruygt201976-04-23 Napa.9 miles north of College Ave., Angwin on Howell Mountain Rd
JEPS126621UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean Wm. Taylor215292015-04-01 ShastaRidge dividing Definace Canon from Rock Creek (ca. 4 air miles SSW of Viola), Gray Peaks.
JEPS129480UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-0332018-05-24 ShastaChalk Mountain north side of Pit River, 7 miles west of Lake Britton.
JEPS130314UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLowell Ahart219612019-05-22 ButteAbout 20 yards west of Rim Road, southeast of power tower, about 2 miles north of Highway 70, about 2 miles (air) east of Concow Reservoir.
JEPS18183UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, F. Chisaki, G. T. Robbins55881956-04-17 Sonoma1.4 mi w of Lake County Line (along Ida Clayton Road, 7.2 mi from its Kellogg Valley end)
JEPS25406UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins70211959-04-21 Shasta1.4 mi s of Shingletown (drainage of Brush Creek, along road from Manton to Shingletown)
JEPS50309UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaWillis L. Jepson513a1900-03-10 NapaHowell Mountain
JEPS50320UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaS. B. Parish45251897-06-05 San DiegoStonewall Mine; Cuyamaca Mountains, Stonewall Mine
JEPS80008UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy154081937-07-02 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek (Trinity Summit);, Little Hors-Linto Creek
JEPS90539UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean W. Taylor154711995-09-15 MaderaMcCreary Meadow Sierra National Forest, upper San Joaquin River watershed (along Forest Road 81 3 mi s of junction with Forest Road 7)
POM135278RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaC. F. Baker39101903-08-07 TrinityMt Eddy.
POM160301RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaunknowns.n.1889-05-01 PlumasMowhawk Valley.
POM17734RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaPhilip A. Munz72521923-06-28 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak.
POM17745RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaPhilip A. Munz72521923-06-28 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak.
POM285828RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMilo S. Baker80501935-06-23 ShastaNear Dunsmuir on east side of Sacramento River.
POM286467RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLyman D. Benson1501928-04-29 LakeMount Hanna.
POM49063RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaPhilip A. Munz81211924-05-11 San DiegoOn ridge so. of Cuyamaca Lake.
POM98392RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaPhilip A. Munz98171925-05-19 San DiegoMiddle Peak, Cuyamaca Mountains.
RSA0089834RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean Wm. Taylor215292015-04-02 ShastaRidge dividing Defiance Canon from Rock Creek (ca. 4 air miles SSW of Viola).; Grays Peak
RSA125675RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaE. K. Balls225661957-05-25 Trinity6.7 W from Forest Glen along State Hwy 36.
RSA293099RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJ. P. Smith102711980-05-11 Del NorteJunction of Rowdy Creek Rd and Wimer Rd.; Crescent City
RSA38306RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. D. Ripley96421948-07-06 ShastaCastle Rock.
RSA402210RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaChristopher Davidson26471975-06-04 Shasta3 mi S of Dickson Flat on Hwy 89.
RSA41972RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaElla Dales Cantelow9951935-06-11 TrinityScenic Trail, Trinity Alps Resort.
RSA49798RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaE. K. Balls138401949-07-06 Trinity3 miles from Trinity Center on road from Minersville.
RSA594183RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaS. O. Mattoon561970-05-31 ShastaSouthern Cascade Mtns: 2 miles S of Big Bend at Pit 5 Power House Road.
RSA80501RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMilo S. Baker102051942-06-11 SonomaSummit of Spring mtn, road near boundary between Sonoma and Napa Cos.
RSA80515RSAViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. M. Hall40311903-06-01 ShastaSacramento Canon at Dunsmuir.
SD00062970SDViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaR. Mitchel Beauchamp26091971-05-31 San DiegoNorthwest slope of Cuyamaca Peak.
SD114508SDViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDarley F. Howe10201940-06-07 San DiegoCuyamaca, North Peak.
SD16221SDViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaFrank F. Gander27861936-07-10 San DiegoSlope of North Peak, Cuyamaca Mts.
UC108617UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaT. S. Brandegee1896-06-03 San DiegoCuyamaca
UC1103554UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy177271947-06-26 Trinityn of crossing of Trinity Highway; South Fork Mountain
UC1121582UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaD. Axelrod311934-06-09 Plumas2 1-2 mi w of Lexington Hill; Plumas National Forest
UC1185306UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. E. Brown3021897-06-01 Siskiyounear Sisson
UC1198428UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy18421 1-21949-08-04 HumboldtMud Springs; Trinity Summit, Mud Springs
UC1198464UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy140681935-07-14 HumboldtBack of Clear Lake; North Coast Ranges, Grouse Mountain.
UC127322UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale1899-05-01 UnknownNorth Coast Ranges
UC127323UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMrs. M. H. Manning351901-07-01 HumboldtTrinity Summit
UC1282002UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLouise Kellogg981953-08-05 SiskiyouCabin Meadow, 1 mile north of Cory Peak, Klamath National Forest (11 miles east of Canon road to Gazelle, then south 5.8 miles on logging road).
UC135818UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy1450 1-21902-05-15 Napaat head of Moore′s Creek (3-4 mi e of Angwin′s); Northern Coast Ranges, Howell Mountain, Moore′s Creek
UC144551UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaA. A. Heller79271905-06-01 Siskiyoubetween Dunsmuir and Upper Soda Spring
UC1537672UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaGordon H. True, Jr.7661937-07-03 TrinityOn Weaverville-Trinity Center Road.
UC1567387UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaG. Schoolcraft18691989-05-08 LassenSW slope of Hayden Hill.
UC1735835UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean W. Taylor160451997-06-11 SiskiyouHeadwaters Moffett Creek, Scott River drainage, head Sissel Gulch.
UC1736631UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaDean W. Taylor134591993-05-22 Shasta2.5 road miles E of Sanford Pass on Forest Road 3 N20; Trinity Mountains, Sacramento River drainage (ca. 5 air mi W Lamoine), Slate Creek watershed
UC1761426UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMilo S. Baker2511926-07-01 Trinity2 1-2 mi up Stuart′s Fork from Trinity Alps Camp
UC1761493UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMilo S. Baker4091898-07-09 ShastaTamarach road, W of Summit
UC1761826UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaSonia Morrow1950-05-26 ShastaHot Creek.
UC1761985UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRuby Van Deventer1341938-04-24 Del NorteElk Creek, a tributary of the Illinois River, near the boundary line of Del Norte and Josephine counties
UC1762486UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaMilo S. Baker102051942-06-11 SonomaSpring Mt. Rd. near Summit.
UC19290UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-05-31 ShastaFall River Mountains
UC338314UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaunknown1889-05-28 PlumasCulver′s Ranch; Mohawk Valley, Culver′s Ranch
UC455415UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaI. J. Condit1911-07-07 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
UC467647UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaN. L. Gardner1931-05-30 MariposaGlacier Point; Yosemite National Park, Glacier Point
UC54319UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock40311903-06-01 SiskiyouDunsmuir; Upper Sacramento Valley, Dunsmuir
UC54322UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock40311903-06-01 ShastaUpper Sacramento Valley, Dunsmuir
UC54333UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock41281903-06-01 Siskiyoudivide between McCloud River and Dead Horse Canon; Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mount Shasta
UC580671UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaD. Axelrod311934-06-09 Plumas2 1-2 mi w of Lexington Hill; Plumas National Forest
UC581530UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaFrank W. Peirson5996a1925-05-19 San DiegoMiddle Peak; Cuyamaca Mountains, Middle Peak
UC61191UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1902-07-22 SiskiyouMount Shasta, Hearst Castle
UC650290UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaRobert W. Storer241941-03-23 NapaLas Posadas Camp; Howell Mountain, Las Posadas Camp
UC668247UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy154081937-07-02 HumboldtHead of Little Hors-Linto Creek; Trinity Summit.
UC668248UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaJoseph P. Tracy151031936-08-07 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek; Trinity Summit, Little Hors-Linto Creek
UC762284UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaR. F. Hoover49661941-04-27 Lakebetween Salmina′s and Adams Springs
UC828181UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaAlice Eastwood10971912-07-15 SiskiyouMcCloud
UC828208UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaLewis S. Rose392261939-06-06 YubaBrownsville.
UCR0011428UCRViola lobata subsp. integrifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp149382009-06-10 ShastaAlvord Road, 0.2 mile south of its junction with CA-44, junction is 1.1 miles east of Shingletown
BSCA3178BSCAViola lobata subsp. lobataRebman, Jon P.181452009-06-16 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park: along Azalea Spring Fire Road between Middle Peak and Cuyamaca Peak; vicinity of Azalea Spring
BSCA3179BSCAViola lobata subsp. lobataRebman, Jon P.181422009-06-16 San DiegoSouth of Middle Peak; along Azalea Spring Fire Road south of the junction with Milk Ranch Road.
CDA0036591CDAViola lobata subsp. lobataG.D. Barbe27511980-05-20 TrinityScott Mountain Summit campground, Scott Mountains, Trinity National Forest; summit of Highway 3 between Callahan (Siskiyou County) and Trinity Center.
CHSC10773CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart1969-05-18 PlumasNear Slate Creek, 10 miles south of La Porte.
CHSC108299CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart176172011-07-23 NevadaAlong the north side of the dirt road, about 1-4 mile east of Highway 20, about 2 miles (air) east of the Omega Rest Area along Highway 20. T1 N R11E S2 W1-4
CHSC11337CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart1972-04-28 YubaNear Slate Creek, 10 miles S. of La Porte.
CHSC117798CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataB. Castro21472016-08-01 TrinityKlamath Ranges. Tamarack Lake, Trinity Mountains. T3 N R0 W S32 SE 1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chicken Hawk Hill 1:24,000
CHSC11869CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataE. B. Copeland3841929-07-13 ButteJonesville.
CHSC2012CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataM. Underhill1952-07-02 Butte
CHSC2013CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataR. M. Staley1952-07-14 ButtePonderosa road.
CHSC2014CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataE. Crouch1929-05-19 ButteButte Meadows.
CHSC2015CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataR. Carter1141964-06-12 ButteAbout 3-4 W of Forbstown on Forbstown Rd. on N side of road.
CHSC21085CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataF. T. Griggs551975-07-02 PlumasBucks lake. T2 N R06E S36
CHSC21561CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataD. E. Brink, Jr.1975-07-03 PlumasBucks Lake. T2 N R06E S33 middle USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC21804CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataF. T. Griggs1975-08-01 PlumasBucks Lake Forest Service Survey.
CHSC24859CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataP. Goldman111976-04-04 ButteCohasset Rd, ca. 19 mi ne of Chico.
CHSC24860CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataE. Rilla101976-04-04 ButteCa. 2 mi e of junc of Ponderosa way and Hwy 32, ca 3 ft n of Ponderosa Way, ca. 22 mi ne of Chico.
CHSC25026CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataBob Garamendi631974-05-10 TehamaMill-Deer Creek Study Area. Payne Place, Antelope Creek.
CHSC25034CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataT. Lorenz81972-04-23 ButteHighway 32 ca. 12.5 mi e of highway 99E overpass.
CHSC28695CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataM. S. Taylor19191979-09-09 ButteInskip on the Skyway.
CHSC29119CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataM. S. Taylor26191980-05-08 ButteCa. 3 mi n of Forest Ranch, ca. 1 mi e of Hwy 32. T2 N R03E S33 E1-2 of NW1-4
CHSC30692CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataM. S. Taylor26531980-05-27 ButteOn trail from parking lot to Big Bald Rock, ca 3 mi e of Lake Madrone. T2 N R06E S30 SC USGS Quadrangle: Big Bend
CHSC32969CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataC. Macdonald1121980-05-24 Del NorteOn Low Divide Road, 3.5 miles from the junction of Low Divide and High Divide rds. T1 N R1 W S26
CHSC37140CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataL. Ahart34151982-05-08 ButteCa. 1-2 mi sw of Forbestown Reservoir, ca. 4.5 mi ne of Forbestown.
CHSC3848CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataL. E. Dunkel251965-04-20 ButtePlants scattered along road in Cohassett.
CHSC4579CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataC. Glascock4081965-05-15 TehamaDeer Creek Falls area 9.5 mi. ne of Scout Rd. intersection with Hwy 32. 5.1 mi. ne of Windy Cut lookout on Hwy 32. Ca. 26 mi. ne of Chico, Butte Co., Calif. Ca. 50 yds se from trail to falls.
CHSC4735CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataR. Carter4401966-06-15 Butte1.5 mi. S of Brush Creek along w side of Bald Rock Rd.
CHSC49460CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon Oswald7281983-06-22 ButteNear Calif. Hwy. 32 11.7 mi n-e of Forest Ranch. T2 N R03E S22 Center of
CHSC55603CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataSteven Triano691988-04-17 TehamaAlong e side of Hwy. 32 ca 14.7 mi n of Forest Ranch. T2 N R03E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64000
CHSC60159CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataRichard Steward71988-04-24 TehamaCa 30.6 mi ne of Chico, ca 120 ft w of Post Mile marker 6.00, ca 800 ft on Highway 32.
CHSC63183CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart74121994-06-29 PlumasWest of a poor logging road. About 1-2 mile south of Bucks Lake. T2 N R07E S10 Center of
CHSC63228CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart75221994-07-24 ButteOn the east side of a poor logging road, on the east side of Willow Creek, about 1-4 mile north of the dirt road, about 1 1-2 miles (air) north of Jonesville. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4
CHSC63358CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald63021994-06-14 TrinityForest Rd. 2 W of Castella and W of Ramshorn Summit, on the N side of Ramshorn Creek. T3 N R07W S24 NE1-4
CHSC68602CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald84241997-05-14 TehamaBetween Paynes Creek and Cohasset on Ponderosa Way (Forest Rd. 2 N29) 4.9 mi southeast of Plum Creek Rd., 1.1 mi southwest at a low-water crossing of the North Fork Antelope Creek. T28N R02E S1 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC69116CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart77691997-08-01 ButteOn the east side of Little Kimshew Creek, where the basalt is eight sided. Snow Meadow about 1-4 mile east of Table Mountain, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Stirling City. T2 N R05E S33
CHSC80564CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald100032001-05-07 TehamaForest Road 2 N15 1.8 mi west of Hwy 32, between Soda Springs and Cohasset Ridge. T26N R03E S22 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows
CHSC88052CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataR. D. Fischer1782004-05-16 ButteButte Meadows. Northern Sierra Nevada, n. of Forest Ranch, 5 miles w. of Hwy 32 off Humboldt Road to Butte Meadows and ca. 0.5 miles n. on Scout Road. Located near road edge. USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:24,000
CHSC88151CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart112632004-07-17 NevadaNear a small stream, very upper reaches of Steephollow Creek, about 100 yards west of Highway 20, about 150 yards south of the intersection of Highway 20 and Lowell Hill Road, about 2 miles northwest of Bear Valley, about 3 miles southeast of the Omega Rest Area, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Nevada City. T1 N R11E S2 W1-4
CHSC91271CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataL. P. Janeway84032005-05-29 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Along major dirt road 2.6 km south of Stirling City towards West Branch Feather River crossing. T2 N R04E S04 SE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Stirling City 1:24,000
CHSC95197CHSCViola lobata subsp. lobataR. D. Fischer8342004-05-30 TehamaSierra Nevada range, off Hwy 32, between Butte Meadows turn-off and Potato Patch Campground. Follow County Road 2 N08 west to one lane bridge over Deer Creek. The campground there has a trail heading west with the creek. Follow that trail approx. 2 miles. USGS Quadrangle: Onion Butte 1:24,000
DAV351828DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataHannah Kang2532019-06-13 PlacerPLACER COUNTY: Onion Valley. 6.3 air miles south of Emigrant Gap. Near Onion Valley campground. East of Texas Hill Road.
DAV395850DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataR. John Little9522-d1996-05-05 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Eldorado NF, 4-5 mi. south of Pacific House. 2.4 miles east of junction of Sly Park Rd and Park Creek Rd on Park Creek Rd, at USFS marker on a tree for S34 T11 R13. (Coordinates determined by label maker).
DAV395851DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataR. John Little13528-c2011-08-19 TuolumneTuolumne County: Pinecrest. Near jct of Dodge Ridge Road and Pinecrest Lake Road, W of Dodge Ridge Rd.
DAV395852DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataR. John Little4575-b1988-05-13 ?  PlacerPlacer County: East of Dutch Flat, ca. 1 mile east of center of town, out Main Street.
DAV395855DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataBryan Drews.n.2003-06-03 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Seep at S end of BC2.
DAV395856DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataRoisin Murphy-Deak12012-04-29 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Near entrance gate on Las Posadas Rd. by fire station.
DAV395860DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNNR-0419e2005-06-22 TehamaTehama County: USFS, Lassen National Forest, stand is between Big Dry Creek and FR2 N29, near the Ishi Wilderness boundary.
DAV395880DAVViola lobata subsp. lobataG. K. Helmkamp107202006-06-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. 0.8 mile east of Ice House Road on the road to Wright′s Lake.
HSC21805HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataD.E. Anderson35121965-04-17 Del Norte2 N of Gasquet on FS road.
HSC21807HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataH.E. Parks59311937-05-01 Del NorteSmith River; Gasquet Toll Rd.
HSC21809HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataD.E. Anderson22291962-05-19 Del Norte2 N of Gasquet.
HSC22844HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataD.E. Anderson50331970-04-09 Del NorteUnder transmission lines ca. 1 N of Gasquet
HSC230148HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataS. Carothers1671997-06-10 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest; Along trail to Stony Creek. Take County Road 318 (Gasquet Middle Rd.) to its end at trail.
HSC27734HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataJ.P. Smith67391973-05-13 Del NorteStony Creek bog near Gasquet.
HSC31522HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataGary S. Lester741974-04-11 Del Norte1.0 N of Gasquet, W facing slope above the N Fork of the Smith River
HSC31769HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataTeresa Prendusi21974-04-04 Del Norte1.5 mi. E of Gasquet, along Smith River.
HSC38824HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataJ.P. Smith8068A1975-04-13 Del NortePioneer Rd. between Panther Flat Campground and Gasquet
HSC45754HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataBrad Klipfel3441974-05-15 Del NorteAlong Elk Camp Ridge NE of Gasquet
HSC48052HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataThomas W. Nelson39161978-04-27 Del NorteAbove junction of North & Middle Forks of Smith River, across river from Gasquet
HSC48551HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker4761975-05-24 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 0.1 N of Southern entrance.
HSC49419HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker2331975-03-30 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 1.4 N of southern entrance
HSC49422HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker2601975-05-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 1.4 N of southern entrance
HSC49423HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker2541975-04-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Road, 1.4 N of southern entrance
HSC49424HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker7471975-06-07 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 6.3 N of S entrance
HSC49467HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataMaralyn A. Renner5711978-04-23 Del NorteRidge
HSC50213HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataG.L. Clifton29361979-05-21 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River.
HSC50389HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataG.L. Clifton28501979-05-18 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC50560HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataG.L. Clifton31651979-05-22 Del NorteNear Lower Coon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
HSC50621HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataG.L. Clifton32381979-05-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Road, close to the town of Smith River.
HSC50796HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataG.L. Clifton26621979-05-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC51405HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataOverton42461979-06-13 Del NorteNear Camp Six Lookout, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC53204HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataOverton66191979-06-26 Del NorteNear Red Mtn. Lookout, close to the town of Klamath
HSC53240HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataOverton66841979-06-26 Del NorteNear Red Mtn. Lookout, close to the town of Klamath
HSC61354HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataRuby Van Deventersn1934-04-21 Del NorteGasquet
HSC62212HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataRuby Van Deventersn1960-05-18 Del NorteHwy. 199 2 mi. E of Gasquet. Pioneer Rd.
HSC62213HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataHamannsn1967-03-23 Del NorteLow Divide
HSC62217HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataRuby Van Deventersn1960-05-16 Del NorteHwy. 199, 2 mi. E of Gasquet, Pioneer Rd.
HSC63404HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker770.51975-06-08 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek, 8.5 N of Patrick Creek Jct.
HSC64567HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataLinda M. Barker5651975-05-25 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., old ranch ponds, 13.5 N of southern entrance at Patrick Creek
HSC70807HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataM.A. Baker36301980-08-04 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Siskiyou Fork
HSC75015HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataJ.P. Smith102541980-05-10 Del NorteHigh Divide, 8.5 mi. from junction with Hwy. 197
HSC85896HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataBarry Silver6281986-05-24 SiskiyouWest Branch Campground, Klamath National Forest, 7 W of Happy Camp.
HSC86304HSCViola lobata subsp. lobataK. Berg4731983-05-16 Del NorteFrench Hill. 3.5 mi. up French Hill Rd. from Hwy. 199
JEPS102498UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart100032001-05-07 TehamaForest Road 2 N15 1.8 W of Hwy 32, between Soda Springs and Cohasset Ridge
JEPS105011UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataDean W. Taylor152131995-07-02 ShastaGoose Valley; about 4 air miles northwest of Burney; Shasta-Trinity National Forest; western margin of the valley
JEPS105896UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart112632004-07-17 NevadaNear small stream, upper reaches of Steephollow Creek, ca. 100 W of Hwy 20, ca. 150 yd S of intersection of Hwy 20 and Lowell Hill Rd, ca. 2 NW of Bear Valley, ca. 3 mi SE of the Omega Rest Area, ca. 16 mi (air) NE of Nevada City
JEPS110804UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJake Ruygt34131995-03-29 Napaabout 2 mi S of Sage Canon Road across from boat ramp
JEPS118369UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart176172011-07-23 NevadaAlong the north side of the dirt road, about 1-4 mile east of Highway 20, about 2 miles (air) east of the Omega Rest Area along Highway 20
JEPS48722UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJohn W. Duffield1937-05-29 Plumasroad into camp near junction of Schneider and Meadow Valley Creek
JEPS48870UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataElsa Kraeger1926-03-28 Napanear Mount St. Helena Inn
JEPS50300UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataFrank W. Peirson118231936-05-30 TulareBalch Park, along wood road Balch Park
JEPS50302UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson141071894-07-01 SiskiyouSisson
JEPS50304UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson105571914-06-01 Tuolumnenear Tuolumne Big Trees; Curtin Meadows
JEPS50305UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson104471924-05-24 MariposaGentry Station; Yosemite, Gentry Station
JEPS50306UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson76931918-07-05 TuolumneWard Pike Ranch near Confidence; Ward Pike Ranch
JEPS50307UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson56521913-09-08 Mariposaabove Wawona (towards Mariposa Grove)
JEPS50308UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson7011900-07-01 TulareRound Forest, Giant Forest Round Forest; Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest
JEPS50311UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRuby Van Deventer1929-11-28 Del NorteFort Dick
JEPS50312UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph Grinnell1925-07-21 TehamaMineral
JEPS50314UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJos. Grinnell1925-06-15 TehamaMineral
JEPS50315UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataLeland S. Smith16201925-06-03 PlacerBelow Yankee Jim-Forest Hill Divide; Tahoe National Forest
JEPS50316UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHarriet P. Kelly1919-03-31 FresnoSequoia Creek
JEPS50317UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataDr. L. M. Newlon2181921-06-12 Fresnonear Grant Park; Wilsonia
JEPS50318UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataE. Fritz, T. H. Harris1926-07-01 PlumasMeadow Valley
JEPS50319UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataAdele Lewis Grant1915-06-13 CalaverasBig Trees
JEPS50321UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson141091893-05-01 Napanear Calistoga (Franz Valley grade); Napa River Basin, Franz Valley grade
JEPS50322UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson141081898-07-01 NevadaBear Valley
JEPS50323UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataLeland S. Smith17951926-05-03 NevadaCentral House, w and nw slope Central House; Tahoe National Forest
JEPS50324UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataD. Cleveland1886-06-01 CalaverasCalaveras Big Trees
JEPS50325UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRuby Van Deventer2531938-05-28 Del NorteCedar Creek
JEPS50326UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson6691900-06-28 TulareRound Meadow; Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest
JEPS50327UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataCarl V. Meyer4421928-05-26 San Diegoalong road between Julian and Cuyamaca Reservoir; Cuyamaca Mountains
JEPS72654UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataGladys L. Smith1971-04-01 SonomaRedwood forest at Sturgeon′s Mill
JEPS81207UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataDouglas W. James, Jr.1271973-05-27 Placer24.7 mi from Forest Hill (and turn off toward the right, the parking lot is 0.7 mi from the turn, Mosquito Ridge Road (it turns in to Robertson Fats Road)); Placer County Redwoods
JEPS87924UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataBarbara Ertter86991989-07-04 Tehama1.4 mi e of Mineral (on Hwy 36 at Conard Grove LP, upper edge of Battle Creek Meadows, along Nanny Creek); Conard Grove LP, Battle Creek Meadows, Nanny Creek
JEPS94357UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart84241997-05-14 Tehama1.1 mi sw at a low-water crossing of the North Fork Antelope Creek (4.9 mi se of Plum Creek Road, between Paynes Creek and Cohasset on Ponderosa Way (Forest Road 2 N29)); Ponderosa Way
JEPS95578UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart63021994-06-14 TrinityT3 N R7W NE1-4 Sec. 24, 4200 ft, Yellow Pine Forest. Forest Rd. 2 W of Castella and W of Ramshorn Summit, on the N side of Ramshorn Creek
JEPS95589UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataLowell Ahart75221994-07-24 Tehama1 1-2 air miles N of Jonesville (E side of a poor logging road, E side of Willow creek, about 1-4 N of the dirt road)
OBI143014OBIViola lobata subsp. lobataDavid J. Keil235201992-07-21 SiskiyouKlamath Natl Forest SE of Canon hwy 3, 2.1 W of Scott Mtn summit
RSA0091887RSAViola lobata subsp. lobataBonnie C. Templeton11304 Plumas[No location data on label. Possibly Trinity County.]
RSA0099382RSAViola lobata subsp. lobataJessica Orozco1922013-06-04 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. On road to eagle meadow, in the upper reaches of Reservation.
RSA0111958RSAViola lobata subsp. lobataBonnie C. Templeton11263 Plumas[No locality information provided.]
RSA700010RSAViola lobata subsp. lobataL. Ahart112632004-07-17 NevadaVery upper reaches of Steephollow Creek, about 100 yards west of Highway 20, about 150 yards south of the intersection of Highway 20 and Lowell Hill Road, about 2 miles northwest of Bear Valley.About 3 miles southeast of the Omega Rest Area, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Nevada City.
RSA716321RSAViola lobata subsp. lobataL. P. Janeway84032005-05-29 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Along major dirt road 2.6 km south of Stirling City towards West Branch Feather River crossing.; Stirling City 7.5 Quad.
SBBG159711SBBGViola lobata subsp. lobataBonnie C. Templeton11263 PlumasPlumas County
SD00062971SDViola lobata subsp. lobataR. Mitchel Beauchamp26081971-05-31 San DiegoForest floor, northwest slope of Cuyamaca Peak.
SD199453SDViola lobata subsp. lobataJon P. Rebman181452009-06-16 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park: along Azalea Spring Fire Road between Middle Peak and Cuyamaca Peak; vicinity of Azalea Spring
SD199454SDViola lobata subsp. lobataJon P. Rebman181422009-06-16 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park: south of Middle Peak; along Azalea Spring Fire Road south of the junction with Milk Ranch Road
SD236437SDViola lobata subsp. lobataG.K. Helmkamp134842008-05-20 SierraSierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Henness Pass road, 3.4 miles northeast of Canonville
SFV113919SFVViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. D. Dilley3751998-07-17 TehamaSierra Nevada; East slope of Hampton Butte on USFS Route 3 N17, three miles north of Mineral.
SFV113920SFVViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. D. Dilley3121998-06-16 TehamaSierra Nevada; CA-Highway 36, 6 miles west of Mineral.
SJSU11031SJSUViola lobata subsp. lobataM.R. Kempf3051965-07-13 Shastanear Deadhorse Summit c. 7 mi SE of Bartle (Siskiyou Co) on State Rte 89
SJSU11044SJSUViola lobata subsp. lobataM.D. Fleschner1301965-07-13 Siskiyou200 yards W of Deadhorse Summit on Hwy 89, 7 mi SW of Bartle
SJSU16021SJSUViola lobata subsp. lobataJohn Rawlings17962016-05-17 Del NorteFS Rd. 1 N48, a spur of French Hill Rd
SJSU3782SJSUViola lobata subsp. lobataC.W. Sharsmith70691963-06-15 ShastaViola
SPIF01314SPIFViola lobata subsp. lobataAnn Willyard6982001-04-30 TehamaFinley Butte 7.5 USGS quad. Judd Creek study site; ca. 1 air mi s Lyman Springs. (original described UTM point is typed incorrectly on label)
SPIF01315SPIFViola lobata subsp. lobataAnn Willyard6972000-08-01 TehamaFinley Butte 7.5 USGS quad. Judd Creek study site; ca. 1 air mi s Lyman Springs. (original described UTM point is typed incorrectly on label)
THRI-SEKI7895THRIViola lobata subsp. lobataStocking, S.K.62-181962-06-22 UnknownBuena Vista Grove
UC1053480UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRimo Bacigalupi, Arthur Holmgren31931950-04-26 Lake6 mi w of Allen Springs (along grade over e slope of Bartlett Mountain); Middle North Coast Ranges, Bartlett Mountain
UC1055771UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. Clausen17991940-05-19 Tuolumneabove Mather (Cottonwood Meadow trail); Cottonwood Meadow trail
UC1076031UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHerbert L. Mason147721947-05-17 UnknownScott Mountain divide
UC108569UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMrs. R. M. Austin1876-05-01 PlumasButterfly Valley
UC108570UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMrs. R. M. Austin7591896-07-01 ButteColby
UC108618UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataD. Cleveland1882-08-04 ButteWest Branch
UC1090433UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. K. Wagnon16681957-08-04 Nevadaalong road to Lake Bowman (11 mi n of Hwy 2 North Coast Ranges
UC1121578UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataA. D. Gifford3241934-08-17 El Dorado2 mi w and 1-2 mi s of Leek Spring Hill
UC1121579UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataP. L. Johannsen9221936-07-16 Butte1 3-4 mi ese of Butte Meadows; Lassen National Forest
UC1121580UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataW. R. Howden1991935-09-22 TuolumneSkull Creek, on cleaned area of CCC Canonal Forest, Skull Creek
UC1121581UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. A. Rutter3031935-07-23 TuolumneCrane Meadow; Stanislaus National Forest, Crane Meadow
UC1193379UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataP. Zinke421949-05-12 Mendocinone of Cloverdale (California Forest And Range Experiment Station); Pine Mountain
UC1198448UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph P. Tracy93961931-05-10 Del NorteNorthern Coast Ranges. Gasquet.
UC1198449UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph P. Tracy57601921-05-23 Calaverasnear Avery; Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC1198460UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph P. Tracy123031933-05-24 Del NorteNorthern Coast Ranges. 2 miles E of Gasquet (at Darlingtonia Swamp).
UC124654UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataKatharine Brandegee1905-07-30 TulareGiant Forest
UC127298UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataV. King Chesnut, E. R. Drew1887-07-01 MariposaYosemite
UC147634UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHarriet A. Walker12121908-06-23 PlacerBlue Canon
UC1558312UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHarold, Virginia Bailey23191948-07-16 TulareCrescent Meadow; Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest, Crescent Meadow
UC1558318UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHarold, Virginia Bailey24441948-07-21 Tulareroad to Crystal Cave (near start of Black Oak Trail); Sequoia National Park
UC1584310UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. Kierstead90-361990-04-27 Trinityup Stuart Fork (50 yards se of gate across road); Weaverville, Bridge Camp
UC1607509UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataBarbara Ertter86991989-07-04 Tehama1.4 mi E of Mineral on Highway 36 at Conard Grove LP, upper edge of Battle Creek Meadows, along Nanny Creek.
UC1608347UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. Kierstead90-641990-05-04 Shasta0.7 mi from junction with Big Bend Road ((FS Rd 7M01)); Pit #6 Road
UC1731184UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataDean W. Taylor143711994-05-27 FresnoKings River Canon (Kings Canon National Park); Mist Falls trail 0.3 mi below Mist Falls
UC1742241UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker55191894-05-31 ShastaFall River Mountains between Clayton Valley and Dana. (probably grown at Kenwood Gardens)
UC1749360UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker80991935-06-25 TehamaHighway 39 between Lassen Camp and Mineral.
UC1749364UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker81211935-06-24 Siskiyou1 N of on east side of Hwy 99 Dunsmuir
UC1749419UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker84051936-06-21 NevadaBear Valley to Bowman Lake
UC1749438UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker80501935-06-24 Siskiyoujust N of on Hwy 99 Dunsmuir
UC1749439UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker80501935-06-24 Siskiyoujust N of on Hwy 99 Dunsmuir
UC1761301UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker81041935-06-26 PlumasE of Mineral (along Hwy 39, E of the summit)
UC1761492UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker3851898-07-07 Shastabetween Morleys and Stevens place
UC1761506UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker5671898-08-22 SiskiyouBear Valley Mountains
UC1761512UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker2111923-08-11 Del NorteGasquet
UC1761513UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker205b1926-08-04 Trinitytrail from Trinity Alps Camp to Granite Peak
UC1761518UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker246g-251925-09-15 Tuolumnenear Carls Inn
UC1761523UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker2851923-08-10 Del NorteGasquet
UC1761540UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker1990-07-19 Napa
UC1761723UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. E. Parks55341935-05-01 Del NorteDarlington swamps, Smith River
UC1761940UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataKeith Wagnon, Douglas Barbe3981958-07-01 Trinityabout 1 mi SW of Grasshopper Canonal Forest
UC1761959UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. K. Wagnon1957-05-05 Placerabout 2 mi E of Big Oak Flat (on road to Big Tree Brove)
UC1761968UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. K. Wagnon16161953-10-16 ShastaWest side of Sacramento River Canon, ca. 4 miles from Highway 99, S of Hazel Cr.
UC1762148UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker1935-06-24 SiskiyouDunsmuir, vicinity of
UC1762375UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman35141950-07-01 Del Norte1-10 mi below Oregon Mountain, summit (on old road between Gasquet and Obrien); headwaters of Shelley Creek, a branch of Smiths River
UC1762376UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman35131950-07-13 Siskiyou1 mi due W of the Lookout (Clear Creek trail from Baldy Mt.)
UC1762377UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman25721948-07-09 SiskiyouHappy Camp - Waldo Road, 6.5 N of West Branch Public Camp (Waldo Road.
UC1762390UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman24201866-01-01 Trinitynear summit between Baylers and Trinity Center
UC1762391UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman24341948-01-01 TrinityScott Mountains
UC1762392UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman24341948-01-01 Trinitynear summit between Baylers and Trinity Center
UC1762405UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. Hoffman35041950-07-10 Trinity2.2 mi S of Hobo Public Camp (North Fork Road)
UC1762485UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker102061942-06-11 SonomaSpring Mt. Rd. near summit
UC1762597UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMrs. H. C. Cantelow1936-05-21 Trinity3 N of Carville
UC1763293UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker55251899-07-01 Siskiyoubetween Sissons and Dunsmuir
UC176928UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataA. A. Heller107961913-06-07 Buttenear Stirling
UC1778623UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataG. Douglas Barbe, T. C. Fuller37441982-07-15 Plumas2.1 miles NE of junction with road to Red Hill Summit; on road bank, Plumas National Forest.
UC188154UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataC. F. Sonne1891-06-07 Placernear Gold Run
UC188155UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. G. Lemmon1875-06-01 PlumasMohawk Valley
UC19288UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. T. Bioletti1892-01-01 SonomaHood′s Peak
UC19289UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataF. P. McLean1872-05-01 Sonomawoods near Geyser
UC19291UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataunknown46831994-05-26 Unknown
UC19292UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWilliam Henry Brewer14091862-09-16 SiskiyouMount Shasta
UC19293UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMilo S. Baker1894-05-25 ShastaBurney Valley
UC19294UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataW. H. Brewer9771862-04-18 Sonomasummit of ridge 3 mi se of Sonoma
UC19295UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataW. H. Brewer39431864-01-01 Sonomanear the Geysers (at Pine Mountain); Pine Mountain
UC19296UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataWillis L. Jepson1893-05-01 NapaFranz Valley grade; Napa River Basin, Franz Valley grade
UC19297UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMrs. M. M. Hardy1893-01-01 Placer
UC310200UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataPhilip A. Munz98171925-05-19 San DiegoMiddle Peak; Cuyamaca Mountains, Middle Peak
UC337761UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJ. G. Lemmon1875-06-01 PlumasMohawk Valley
UC35279UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataE. R. Drew1887-06-28 CalaverasBig Trees
UC372814UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMarcus E. Jones32801882-05-26 PlacerEmigrant Gap
UC422894UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. P. Chandler75191907-04-21 NapaRoad from Glen Ellen to Oakville (near summit)
UC422895UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRalph Hopping3641904-07-03 TulareGiant Forest; Kaweah River Basin, Giant Forest
UC455416UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataI. J. Condit1911-07-04 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
UC455435UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMiss Kate Conger1907-01-01 ButteBrush Creek
UC502943UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph P. Tracy100111932-05-15 Del Nortenear Gasquet; Northern Coast Ranges
UC527744UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHartweg16541946-05-02 UnknownSacramento Mountains
UC535888UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataElmer I. Applegate30201895-05-29 SiskiyouSisson
UC54320UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock41321903-06-18 Siskiyouhead of McCloud River (south-eastern Siskiyou County); Sierra Nevada Mountains, McCloud River
UC54321UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock4031a1903-06-01 SiskiyouDunsmuir; Upper Sacramento Valley, Dunsmuir
UC54334UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock44021903-07-01 Tehamanear Morgan (Mill Creek Canon); Mount Lassen, Mill Creek Canon
UC564078UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataIra L. Wiggins68001934-06-08 TuolumneStanislaus National Forest, Pine Crest Recreation Area Pine Crest Recreation Area; Stanislaus National Forest, Pine Crest Recreation Area
UC581497UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. L. Mason32901926-05-29 Placerburned area 2 mi w of Emmigrant Gap
UC581509UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. L. Mason21991925-07-30 TuolumneSmith Peak Trail ne of Mather; Smith Peak Trail
UC581529UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataFrank W. Peirson59961925-05-19 San DiegoMiddle Peak; Cuyamaca Mountains, Middle Peak
UC581539UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataHerbert L. Mason33511926-05-31 CalaverasCalaveras Big Trees
UC585161UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.20001936-06-13 Siskiyouabout 1 1-2 mi w of Mount Shasta City (e and ne slope of Rainbow Ridge, above Sulloway Creek); Rainbow Ridge
UC600537UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. F. Copeland12071929-07-11 ButteJonesville
UC614412UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataL. Constance22821938-06-08 Nevada7 mi e of Nevada City; Sierra Nevada
UC625460UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataFrank W. Gould4571938-06-26 Plumas3 mi n Greenville
UC64031UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler1761900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge; Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pine Ridge
UC652630UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataIra L. Wiggins92271939-06-20 TuolumneCoyote Creek one mi from Valley Floor on Big Oak Flat Road; Coyote Creek
UC66216UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale52401899-05-01 MendocinoSherwood Valley; North Coast Ranges, Sherwood Valley
UC727029UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataA. A. Heller153701939-04-10 ButteCohasset
UC73423UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRalph Hopping1611901-05-25 TulareMarble Fork; Kaweah River Basin, Marble Fork
UC746942UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataG. Thomas Robbins11211943-06-05 El DoradoAbove Silver Fork American River (near Sacramento Box Sawmill (China Flat), 2-3 mi s of Kyburz)
UC758212UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataFred G. Meyer, Lillian E. Meyer22211947-07-02 Fresnonear Dinkey Creek
UC762226UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataR. F. Hoover44011940-06-01 TuolumneBumblebee Creek
UC796467UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataIra L. Wiggins121031949-05-01 Laken of summit between Upper Lake and Pilsbury Lake (along road into Deer Valley)
UC796480UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataIra L. Wiggins120861949-04-30 Napae flank of Mount St. Helena
UC796497UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine117931948-06-12 SiskiyouScott Mountain Road south of Callahan; Scott Mountain Road
UC828205UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataMarcus E. Jones32801882-05-06 PlacerEmigrant Gap
UC828207UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataC. L. Hitchcock63321940-05-07 Placer1 mi w of Baxter
UC907592UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. lobataDorothy Parker1946-06-01 Siskiyouw of Mount Eddy
UCR0011414UCRViola lobata subsp. lobataGeorge K. Helmkamp106762006-06-10 El DoradoIce House Road, 9.1 miles north of Hwy US-50
UCR0011426UCRViola lobata subsp. lobataG.D. Barbe37441982-07-15 PlumasPlumas National Forest, 2.1 miles northeast of [Hwy 70] junction with road to Red Hill Summit
POM196020RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesE. B. Copeland3841929-07-13 ButteJonesville.
POM230531RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesAlice Eastwood49121937-06-25 TrinityMinersville to Trinity Center.
POM273201RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesL. M. Brown1261934-04-18 Del NorteNorth Fork Smith River, [Morill?] Place.
POM319403RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesPatricia Wilder51951971-06-23 ButteOne mile E of Forbestown on Challenge cut-off Road, near junction with Forbestown Road. East of Oroville.; Mt. Range: West slope of the Sierra Nevada; Drainage Area: Feather River.
POM83874RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesC. C. Bruce19061897-05-01 ButteForest- Ranch.
POM84351RSAViola lobata subsp. psychodesC. C. Bruce2394 ButteForest Ranch.
UC1749328UCJEPSViola lobata subsp. psychodesMilo S. Baker82791936-06-12 Siskiyouabout 1 mi n of Dunsmuir (along Highway 99)
DAV395765DAVViola psychodesR. N. Raynors.n.1940-04-19 TehamaTehama County: Mill Creek Road between Red Bluff and Mineral.
DAV395766DAVViola psychodesRoman Gankin5791965-08-09 Del NorteDel Norte County: French Flat, French Hill Road, 3.1 miles E of junction with U.S. Highway 199, S of Gasquet.
UCR0011768UCRViola psychodesKatie B. Barrows0991984-05-26 Trinity[Shasta-Trinity National Forest] Darlingtonia bogs, 3.1 miles north of Eagle Creek Campground on State Route 3
CAS-BOT5162CASViola sequoiensisLobb, Williams.n.1928-04-15 NevadaSierra Nevada, about Nevada City

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