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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    OBI160477OBIVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDavid J. Keil195571986-5-23 TulareSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Vicinity of Quaking Aspen campground.
    SBBG188317SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRalph Hoffmann1929-9-06 RiversideTahquitz Valley
    SBBG188321SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaH. and M. Dearing47001941-8-15 Alpineabove Canon Pass
    SBBG188318SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDonald Myrick11571965-6-24 KernShirley Meadows
    SBBG188319SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaT. L. Secrest5411950-6-30 CalaverasSt Highway 4
    SBBG188316SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLowell Ahart161552009-7-22 Plumasmeadow on W side of Forest Service Rd 2 N92K, E side of Long Valley, ca. 3.5 WSW of Greenville, ca. 5.2 mi SE of Lake Almanor Dam
    SBBG188320SBBGVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDennis E. Breedlove5411961-6-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; 12.2 W of Frazier Park-Lockwood Valley Rd on W side of Mt Pinos Summit Rd
    SDSU11048SDSUVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGodsil, J.2421952-5-31 TulareFive miles above Springville, Hwy. 191 [CA 190].
    SDSU11049SDSUVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaHowe, D. F.16421947-6-25 San BernardinoGrout Creek, San Bernardino Mtns.
    SDSU11050SDSUVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaHowe, D. F.38301964-7-19 FresnoBadger Flat east of Huntington Lake, Sierra National Forest.
    SJSU2147SJSUVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaC.W. Sharsmith65051958-7-15 Tularelower end of Sugarloaf Meadow, Roaring R District, Kings Canon National Park, Sierra Nevada
    SJSU11611SJSUVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaC.L. Kline1591965-7-08 Nevadaby Univ of Canon c. 12 mi  of Truckee
    POM173361RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaH. F. Copeland10121928-8-29 ButteNeighborhood of Jonesville, canyon of Jones Creek.
    RSA0100235RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJessica Orozco11022015-5-31 TulareSequoia National Forest. South fork tule river watershed. Off forest service road 22S03, at the onion peak trailhead.
    RSA751564RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaOrlando Mistretta37392009-5-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. S side of Hwy 38, adjacent to Barton Flats Campground.
    POM4378RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaD. L. Crawfords.n. San BernardinoMarse [Mare] Flats
    RSA0037409RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLeRoy Gross66502014-6-25 FresnoNear Monarch Wilderness; Started at Deer Meadow trail, near 36.75 N 118.76 W. Ended near 36.79025N 118.76465W.Trail climbs up through coniferous forests, with some rock outcrops, to saddle. Then down to Deer Meadow. Another smaller meadow down trail, north of here, close to the wilderness boundary. Traveled a short distance (north) beyond the second meadow.
    RSA0033705RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell53422013-7-9 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; collecting in a meadow along Metcalf Creek just a short distance upstream from Mill Creek Road.; Big Bear Lake
    POM182785RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRalph Hopping3411905-8-14 TulareHuckleberry Meadow, Kaweah River Basin.
    RSA753577RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi S. Fraga28112009-5-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestStetson Creek road near intersection with Barton Creek.; Big Bear Lake 7.5' quad.
    RSA0058870RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLowell A. Ahart150972008-7-16 PlumasNorthwest edge of a small meadow (swamp), about 150 yards north of the paved road, about 1/4 mile west of the bridge where the South Fork of the Feather River flows into Little Grass Valley Reservoir, about 2 1/2 miles (air) north of La Porte.
    SD6289SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-7-14 ButteSutton House
    SD42598SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDarley F. Howe16421948-6-25 UnknownGrout Creek in San Bernardino Mts.
    SD52105SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaF. Stephens88192020-6-22 PlumasBuck's Ranch
    SD60950SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDarley F. Howe38301964-7-01 FresnoBadger Flat east of Huntington Lake, Sierra Nat. Forest
    SD81087SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDarley F. Howes.n.1971-7-01 UnknownEl Dorado National Forest by Lake Tahoe
    SD212736SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG. k. Helmkamp102892006-5-1 El DoradoCorner of Pleasant Valley Road and Patterson Drive; west end of Diamond Springs.
    SD239932SDVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorg K. Helmkamp174992011-6-9 NevadaNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Tyler Foote Crossing Road, 1.6 miles north of its junction with Grizzley Hill Road, generally north of North Columbia.
    SFV110725SFVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ. M. Tucker37441963-8-17 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains; Marble Mountains. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area. Beside trail from Red Rock Valley to top of ridge to south, and near top of ridge.
    SFV110726SFVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaB. L. Rice3181966-7-13 TulareSierra Nevada; Mineral King Game Refuge. one-eighth mile west of Franklin Lake. West facing slope.
    SFV110727SFVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaW. A. Kelley1972-611-21972-6-11 TulareSierra Nevada; Dorst Creek Campground.
    RSA426501RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaH. E. Hasses.n.1892-7-11 Riverside[Unspecified]
    RSA0126651RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell100512016-7-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness area; collecting at the small sloping meadow above Dry Lake on the southwestern slopes of Grinnell Mountain.; San Gorgonio Mountain
    RSA60596RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaBeatrice Willard1991945-6-15 MonoWest side of Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest.
    RSA767127RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell14902010-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: in Green Canon at Green Spring.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA334306RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert F. Thorne546591980-8-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: South Fork Meadows of the Santa Ana River and adjacent Pinus jeffreyi-Abies concolor forest, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.
    POM4380RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaH. M. Hall23611901-7-1 RiversideIn meadows and bogs of Tauquitz Valley.
    RSA736711RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaScott D. White123062008-6-30 San BernardinoUSFSSan Bernardino Mountains: Wildhorse Meadows.; Moonridge
    RSA88413RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaPeter H. Raven31921951-6-30 MaderaAgnew Meadows.
    RSA371555RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert F. Thorne477101976-7-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, ca. 2 miles along Mill Creek Road and 2N10 from Coldbrook Campground, big cienega area along Mill (Metcalf) Creek.
    RSA628676RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaMary DeDecker18981968-5-30 InyoSierra Nevada: Cottonwood Creek, above old sawmill.
    RSA737210RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaScott D. White123652008-7-1 San BernardinoUSFSWildhorse Meadow.; Moonridge
    POM283768RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLyman D. Benson60561934-5-06 KernSunday Peak Road. Greenhorn Mountains. Posey Creek Watrershed.
    RSA764186RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell14902010-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: in Green Canon at Green Spring.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA4108RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaE. B. Copeland4651930-7-29 ButteJonesville.
    RSA426505RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaS. B. Parishs.n.1894-6-21 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mtns and their eastern base.
    RSA751703RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaOrlando Mistretta40112009-7-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. E fork of Barton Creek, about 0.11 S of its intersection with Jenks Lake Road, just E of Camp Ta Ta Pochon.
    RSA191785RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert F. Thorne330691963-8-09 MonoNear Sardine Creek, ca 1.5 miles SE of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest.
    RSA770398RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell17732010-8-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: at the head of Balky Horse Canon; at an unmapped spring just below forest service road 1N19.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA726525RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi S. Fraga19622007-9-5 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness, South Fork Meadow.; Moonridge 7.5' USGS Quad
    RSA364113RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert F. Thorne477101976-7-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, ca. 2 miles along Mill Creek Road and 2N10 from Coldbrook Campground, big cienega area along Mill (Metcalf) Creek.
    RSA426506RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaunknowns.n.1937-3-27 San BernardinoRedlands.
    RSA426504RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaChristopher Davidson44421976-6-26 San BernardinoE end of Bluff Lake, along a small forest runoff channel 2-3 ft. deep. (Off rd 2N10).
    RSA669514RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLeRoy Gross5712002-6-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestUpper Horse Meadows- East Meadows, (Forest Service Meadow Survey of 2002) south of Forest Road 1N78, west of Poopout Hill, and between San Y Ca Spring and an unnamed spring to the east. San Gorgonio Wilderness.; Moonridge Quad. 7.5
    RSA730595RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert F. Thorne35263a1965-8-08 HumboldtN edge of Eureka, E of Hwy. 101
    RSA775242RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJames Wiley Tatum2881975-8-01 TulareUpper margins of Hidden Meadow, located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha
    POM12221RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaMary F. Spencers.n.1921-6-01 RiversideIdyllwild, San Jacinto Mountains
    RSA263970RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaChristopher Davidson46471976-8-15 San BernardinoUpper South Fork Meadow, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.
    RSA0039987RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell72902014-6-25 FresnoSequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness area; approximately 2.75 air miles northwest of Horse Corral Meadow.; Wren Peak Quad.
    RSA426497RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaHutchinson35181910-5-1 MariposaYosemite.
    RSA426502RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaThekla Mohrs.n.1911-7-1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA753356RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi S. Fraga29722009-6-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestMission Springs Meadow.; San Gorgonio Mountain/Moonridge 7.5' quads
    RSA426498RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaE. A. Purer51851933-7-23 MariposaMariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park.
    RSA34779RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRoxana S. Ferris108761943-7-27 TularePinto Lake on west face of Black Rock Pass Trail. Sequoia National Park.
    RSA769462RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLeRoy Gross50142010-7-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestMission Springs Meadow, south of Forest Service Road (1N05), and north of Mission Springs Camp. West of Fish Creek saddle.; Moonridge 7.5 quad.
    RSA202333RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaMary DeDecker18981968-5-30 InyoSierra Nevada, Cottonwood Creek, upstream from old Sawmill, west of Owens Lake.
    RSA0117084RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLowell Ahart201802015-5-9 SierraOn the north side of the Canon Creek Trail, trail on the north side of the North Fork of the Yuba River, about 1/2 mile west of Highway 49, about 1 1/2 miles west of Indian Valley.
    POM6401RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaPhilip A. Munz28971919-6-08 San BernardinoFredalba.
    RSA769528RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLeRoy Gross48382010-6-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestHorse Meadows, near the head of Frog Creek.; Moonridge 7.5 quad.
    RSA755466RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaL. Ahart161552009-7-22 PlumasForest Service Road 2 N92K, east side of Long Valley, about 3.5 air miles west-southwest of Greenville, about 5.2 air mile southeast of Lake Almanor Dam.
    RSA768702RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDuncan S. Bell16882010-7-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: below an old abandoned mining road above Green Canon, approximately 0.4 air mile southwest of Green Spring.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA654686RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaHelen Constantine-Shull5501995-8-17 MonoShepherd camp springs at N side of Glass Creek Meadow. San Joaquin Roadless Area, Inyo National Forest.; Mammoth Mtn.
    RSA114087RSAVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaA. M. Alexander39931944-8-02 MonoDeep Creek.
    DAV304357DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaE. A. Dean8021999-6-26 NevadaNevada County: Sierra Nevada, north of Hwy 80 at Lake Spaulding, Grouse Ridge.
    DAV304348DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRex PalmerN-3391979-6-20 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
    DAV304349DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRex PalmerN-1171979-6-08 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
    DAV304347DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRex PalmerN-4531979-7-09 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
    DAV304341DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLloyd P. Teviss.n.1902-6-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tallac. Lake Tahoe. (elevation estimated by label-maker)
    DAV304363DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaEllen Dean40682007-6-16 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Washoe Meadows State Park. Southwest area of the park adjacent to sewer manhole #66.
    DAV304360DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAlbert A. Grigarick242008-7-2 NevadaNevada County: Canon the N side of I-80 and Donner Summit.
    DAV304346DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert E. Preston15532001-6-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: Klamath National Forest, n slope of Rainbow Mountain.
    DAV304352DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaTim Kuhn192006-6-28 PlumasPlumas County: north of Lake Davis at Old House Meadow.
    DAV304353DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaPerry S. Allen3381969-5-20 StanislausStanislaus County: Lawn of Mrs. Charlotte Brescia, in La Grange.
    DAV304354DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRobert C. Bechtel651952-4-14 YoloYolo County: Davis.
    DAV304356DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaH. F. Copelands.n.1929-6-10 ButteButte County: Jonesville.
    DAV304358DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJoseph M. DiTomaso781975-6-30 TrinityTrinity County: Morris Meadows on Stuarts Fork Trail.
    DAV304359DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJoseph M. DiTomaso6271976-7-13 TrinityTrinity County: At junction of Deer Lake Trail and Luella Lake Trail in Deer Creek Basin.
    DAV304361DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG. K. Helmkamp102892006-5-1 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Neveda foothills, corner of Pleasant Valley Road and Patterson Drive; W end of Diamond Springs.
    DAV304362DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG. K. Helmkamp106982006-6-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; Ice House Road at the turnoff to Loon Lake.
    DAV304351DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJames A. Neilson, Jr.881958-7-30 NevadaNevada County: meadow above southwest end of Sterling Lake.
    DAV304345DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaBarbara L. Rice3181966-7-13 TulareTulare County: West facing slope, 1/8 mile west of Franklin Lake, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV304344DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaPeter Rubtzoff80701975-6-11 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Sand Mountain Boulevard ca. 0.65 miles south of 'County Road' (Comp. 200E).
    DAV304343DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRudolf Schmid251964-6-19 NevadaNevada County: From north side of Sagehen Creek, Sagehen Creek Field Station, off State Highway 89, 12 miles north of Truckee.
    DAV304342DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRudolf Schmid521964-7-22 NevadaNevada County: Between fish observation post and Sagehen Creek by dam area.
    DAV304339DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ. M. Tucker21541951-6-28 TehamaTehama County: east side of Anthony Peak.
    DAV304338DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ. M. Tucker37441963-8-17 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Beside trail from Red Rock Valley to top of ridge. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    DAV304350DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaBryan Drews.n.2003-6-3 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Along creek next to road at NW corner of BS2.
    DAV304366DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaEllen Dean78432013-7-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: W shore of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park, Along General Creek drainage. On west side of bridge connecting North Fire Road with South Fire Road, north side of creek.
    DAV304365DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAllyson Ayalon352012-7-1 El DoradoEl Dorado County. Kyburz. South-facing slopes of the Sierra Neveda found along the North of Highway 50.
    DAV304364DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAllyson Ayalon1172012-7-1 El DoradoEl Dorado County. Kyburz. South-facing slopes of the Sierra Neveda found along the North of Highway 50.
    DAV304368DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaSteve Matson5242002-5-26 PlacerPlacer County: nSNH; Tahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista/Kings Beach; meadow ENE of new pond.
    DAV304371DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaSteve Matson2801998-6-21 PlacerPlacer County: nSNH; Martis Valley; about 4 miles SE of Truckee; Martis Creek Wildlife Area; 0.9 miles north of Highway 267; 200 yards east of Boundary Fence , along East Martis Creek.
    DAV304367DAVVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJames Wiley Tatum2881975-8-01 TulareTulare County: Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    UCR0057469UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaBarry Silver5421986-4-23 HumboldtPine Ridge Summit Area. Bair Road, 9.5-10 miles northwest of the junction with Hwy 299
    UCR0057647UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaScott D. White55401997-8-05 MonoLee Vining Creek: below Saddlebag Lake; above USFS Sawmill Campground, c. 2.5 road mi NW of junction of Saddlebag Rd. with Hwy 120. c. 2 air mi east of Yosemite National Park boundary and 4 air mi north of Tioga Pass
    UCR0057649UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaA.C. Sanders17791980-8-21 RiversideMt. San Jacinto Wilderness Area. East of Saddle Junction at the head of Tahquitz Creek, c. 2 miles NE of Idyllwild
    UCR0057656UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaA.C. Sanders151031994-7-17 San BernardinoWildhorse Meadow at and just below Wildhorse Spring
    UCR0057657UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaErnest C. Twisselmann16885A1970-6-26 TulareKern Plateau. Big Meadow
    UCR0057658UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaLawrence P. Janeway4011983-7-10 SiskiyouPoker Flat
    UCR0057659UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaA.C. Sanders50421984-6-17 El Doradoon the road to Cody Meadows, 2.5 road miles north of the road along the Silver Fork of the American River, 0.2 mile NE of the junction with the road to Pack Saddle Pass
    UCR0057660UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaArt Whistler660630--231966-6-30 FresnoHuntington Lake. Near Deer Creek north of Deer Creek Campground
    UCR0057637UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaHerbert F. Copeland12011929-6-10 ButteJonesville
    UCR0057653UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaChristopher Davidson46471976-8-15 San BernardinoUpper South Fork Meadow, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area
    UCR0057654UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJune Lattings.n.1975-6-23 San BernardinoBluff Lake, south of Big Bear Lake
    UCR0057652UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaScott D. White33711995-6-23 San BernardinoMission Springs Camp; USFS Road 1N05, c. 5 road miles SE of Heart Bar Campground
    UCR0057638UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorge K. Helmkamp102892006-5-1 El Doradocorner of Pleasant Valley Road and Patterson Drive; west end of Diamond Springs
    UCR0057639UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorge K. Helmkamp106912006-6-10 El Doradoalong Ice House Road, 10.6 miles south of Wentworth Springs Road just south of the Jones Fork of Silver Creek
    UCR0057640UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorge K. Helmkamp106982006-6-10 El DoradoIce House Road at the turnoff to Loon Lake
    UCR0057642UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaS. Franson411997-4-23 Lakecity of Upper Lake, immediately east of intersection of Hwy 20 and Hwy 29
    UCR0057636UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorge K. Helmkamp136922008-6-17 AmadorBear River Reservoir Road on the branch leading to Cole Creek, 2.7 miles east of Bear River Reservoir dam
    UCR0057651UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaScott D. White123062008-6-30 San BernardinoWildhorse Meadows
    UCR0057650UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi Fraga19622007-9-5 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio Wilderness, South Fork Meadow
    UCR0057557UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi Fraga24682008-7-22 San BernardinoMission Springs Meadow, near upper parking area to Pacific Coast Trail near FSR 1N05
    UCR0057655UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaNaomi Fraga29722009-6-15 San BernardinoMission Springs Meadow
    UCR0057648UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGeorge K. Helmkamp174992011-6-9 NevadaTyler Foote Crossing Road, 1.6 miles north of its junction with Grizzly Hill Road, generally north of North Columbia
    UCR0057644UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAnn Howald5181975-6-23 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
    UCR0057645UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAnn Howald19761998-7-20 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
    UCR0057646UCRVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaAnn Howald17211989-5-28 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
    HSC225653HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaM. R. Mesler10162011-8-2 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ~.25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
    HSC225691HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJana Kattenhorn1521970-10-28 HumboldtMad River at the mouth of Lindsey Creek, N Bank Rd. off Hwy. 299
    HSC225676HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaD.E. Anderson40931965-9-05 HumboldtAlong Mad River, 3 mi. S of Blue Lake
    HSC225677HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaFrederick W. Oettinger7201968-9-05 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, along trail SE side of Hancock Lake
    HSC225678HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaFrederick W. Oettinger14631969-8-19 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, between Abbott's Lake and Charmaine Lake
    HSC225688HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaD.H. Norris193431971-6-22 ModocSoup Springs Campground
    HSC225692HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaDonald Spalinger191974-4-20 HumboldtAcross from 1756 Ridgewood Dr.
    HSC225696HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaD.E. Anderson55841972-6-14 HumboldtMt. Lassic and two smaller peaks to immediate E
    HSC225679HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJane Cole1481974-7-17 TulareSequoia National Park, S Fork Meadow
    HSC225680HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJane Cole1191974-7-09 TulareSequoia National Park, Hockett Meadow
    HSC225658HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaThomas W. Nelson27161976-6-15 HumboldtAlong old trail from lookout to Blocksburg
    HSC225695HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaThomas W. Nelson2851D1976-6-22 TrinityTrinity-Humboldt County line, spring along road to Goat Hill
    HSC225659HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaThomas W. Nelson35031977-6-19 HumboldtNorthwest of pond above Alder Springs
    HSC225657HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ.O. Sawyer32661978-6-20 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, Hamilton Camp
    HSC225693HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaBrad Klipfel901973-6-10 HumboldtAlong ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC225673HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaTerry Griswold63791979-7-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC225670HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG.L. Clifton109651979-7-29 Del NorteNear Elk Valley, close to the town of Orleans
    HSC225672HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG.L. Clifton117081979-7-31 HumboldtNear Trinity Summit Guard Station, close to the town of Hoopa
    HSC225671HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaG.L. Clifton118071979-7-31 HumboldtNear Tish Tang A Tang Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC225668HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRuby Van Deventersn1963-7-01 Del NorteBlue Creek
    HSC225669HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRuby Van Deventersn1959-6-20 HumboldtHumboldt-Del Norte county line, Onion Lake
    HSC225667HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRuby Van Deventersn1959-7-09 SiskiyouPoker Flat
    HSC225666HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaRuby Van Deventersn1938-7-04 Del NorteSummit Valley
    HSC225687HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaM.A. Baker9201979-6-27 HumboldtEdge of Hoopa Indian Reservation
    HSC225686HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaMaralyn A. Renner20501980-7-24 SiskiyouLily Pad Lake
    HSC225656HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ.P. Smith41351970-6-30 Humboldt
    HSC225675HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaJ.O. Sawyer36091980-7-18 HumboldtNorth Trinity Mountain Research Natural Area, north of Mill Creek Lake to Red Cap Hole.
    HSC225689HSCVeronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaTim Messick11041980-7-08 MonoMasonic Upper Town