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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00381259AUmbellularia californicaC. L. Anderson1997-05-28 Santa Cruz[no additional data]
A00381260AUmbellularia californicaC. L. Anderson1875-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
A00381261AUmbellularia californicaJ. A. Ewan53221958-05-06 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass
A00381262AUmbellularia californicaD. Demaree73061935-07-26 San Mateo[no additional data]
A00381264AUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller123411916-04-27 GlennBennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo road
A00381276AUmbellularia californicaW. R. Dudley1894-06-01 Santa Clara[no additional data]
A00381281AUmbellularia californicaJ. T. Howell230431947-03-02 MarinAbove Phoenix Lake, Mt. Tamalpais
A00381298AUmbellularia californicaG. R. Vasey1880-07-01 UnknownSanta Lucia Mts. ?
A00381299AUmbellularia californicaW. R. Dudley1904-04-02 Santa ClaraUpper Stevens Creek
A00381300AUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins57541932-03-12 NapaBanks of N. fork of Napa River 1 mi. N. of Calistoga
A00381301AUmbellularia californicaH. E. Parks1926-11-01 AlamedaCanyons of Berkeley Hills
A00381307AUmbellularia californicaF. T. Bioletti ; C. G. Michener1893-03-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
A00381312AUmbellularia californicaJ. T. Howell116231933-08-27 NapaSage Canyon, Napa Range
A00381313AUmbellularia californicaG. W. Barclay16241837-11-01 San Francisco[no additional data]
A00381314AUmbellularia californicaM. F. Spencer3021920-01-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts., Idyllwild, Colo. Des.
A00381315AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood92391919-06-28 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
A00381316AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood93181919-09-26 MendocinoLaytonville
A00381317AUmbellularia californicaMrs. L. B. Prather1944-09-25 FresnoPrather
A00381321AUmbellularia californicaC. S. Sargent1894-03-06 Alameda[no additional data]
A00381322AUmbellularia californicaC. J. Sprague1887-03-01 Alameda[no additional data]
A00381323AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood1918-04-08 NevadaGrass Valley
A00381324AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood12975a1925-05-25 LakeDashiells, Mt. Sanhedrin
A00381325AUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller72181903-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
A00381326AUmbellularia californicaW. N. Suksdorf3691913-06-30 San MateoIn a canyon near Crystal Springs Lake
A00381327AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood141881927-03-27 El DoradoOn road from Georgetown to Kelsey
A00381328AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood140461927-03-18 Santa ClaraOn road to Gilroy Hot Springs
A00381329AUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood110861922-03-17 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
A00381330AUmbellularia californicaS. F. Blake9091910-09-03 Los AngelesAlong San Gabriel River bed, near Azusa
A00381333AUmbellularia californicaK. T. Hartweg19471936-05-09 Santa Cruz[no additional data]
A00381345AUmbellularia californicaW. T. Councilman1927-02-04 Santa Barbara[no additional data]
A00381346AUmbellularia californicaF. G. Krauss1893-10-05 Sonoma5 m west of Calistoga
A00381347AUmbellularia californicaF. G. Krauss1893-12-03 San MateoSearsville
AHUC042700DAVUmbellularia californicaunknown collectors.n.1996-05-07 unknown countyCounty and exact location unknown.
AHUC042701DAVUmbellularia californicaunknown collectors.n.1938-06-20 unknown countyCounty and exact location unknown.
AHUC042703DAVUmbellularia californicaunknown collectors.n.1997-04-27 unknown countyCounty and exact location unknown.
AHUC044451DAVUmbellularia californicaunknown dates.n.1954-08-09 unknown countyCounty and exact location unknown.
AHUC102301DAVUmbellularia californicaOgden C. Riddle131942-03-16 YoloYolo County: Davis campus, near Plant Pathology building.
AHUC102302DAVUmbellularia californicaBeecher Crampton9821953-02-14 YoloYolo County: Along Putah Creek about 5 miles west of Winters.
AHUC102303DAVUmbellularia californicaBeecher Crampton67051962-10-09 NapaNapa County: 4 miles north Conn Reservoir. Jct. Pope Valley Road with Lower Chiles Valley Road.
AHUC102304DAVUmbellularia californicaBeecher Crampton67051962-10-09 NapaNapa County: 5 miles north Conn. Reservoir. (Lake Hennessey) Lower Chiles Valley Road.
AHUC31101DAVUmbellularia californicaHB251962-07-06 MendocinoMendocino County: UC Hopland Field Station, 4 miles east Hopland.
ARF0246BLMARUmbellularia californicaDonald Hazlett2461994-06-07 Humboldtnear horse Mt. Ridge rd
BLMRD0394BLMRDUmbellularia californica1981-07-17 Shasta
BSCA2059BSCAUmbellularia californicaRebman, Jon P.95782003-10-07 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: east side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
BSCA2060BSCAUmbellularia californicaMorley, Arthur2351977-02-04 San DiegoMcCain Valley, north end of valley, near Pepperwood Trail.
BSCA2061BSCAUmbellularia californicaSpolsky, Ann31978-05-10 San DiegoUnnamed canyon east of S-1 tributary to Oriflame along stream on steep canyon walls.
BSCA2062BSCAUmbellularia californicaSpolsky, Ann21978-05-10 San DiegoFound in unnamed canyon east of S-1 tributary to Oriflame along stream on steep canyon walls.
CAS-BOT150818CASUmbellularia californicaLaw, Wayne; Hu, Jun092000-04-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns.: Millard Canyon, campground 2 mi N of Altadena, up the stream immediately after Millard campground Elev. given as 1700-2700ft.
CAS-BOT209975CASUmbellularia californicaShevock, James R.91131982-02-25 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, Kings Canyon Nat′l Park. Grant Grove section of Park. Along trail from Cherry Flat to confluence of Redwood Creek and North Fork Kaweah River
CAS-BOT232226CASUmbellularia californicaWilliams, A.; Leatherman, L.; Roster, K.; et al.17622012-08-25 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. On Old Stage Rd. past MMWD gate, at culvert OS-12.
CAS-BOT232227CASUmbellularia californicaHowald, A.; Dela Cruz, J.; Beltz, Z.; et al.14552012-08-25 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Off Ridgecrest Blvd., on Laurel Dell Fire Rd. near culvert LD-17.3.
CAS-BOT279926CASUmbellularia californicaSmith, D.; Baxter, J.; Lerst, F.; Truitt, R.; Wess, L.130182013-03-09 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Middle Eldridge Grade Culvert 24
CAS-BOT344984CASUmbellularia californicaBell, Duncan S.; Elam, Caitlin52962013-06-24 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Sheep Mountain Wilderness; East Fork of the San Gabriel River, collecting in The Narrows, just S of the mouth of Iron Fork
CAS-BOT376596CASUmbellularia californicaTownesmith, Andrew; Meyer, Karen M.9042007-08-05 TehamaMendocino National Forest, Grindstone Ranger District. Vicinity of Thomes Gorge Trailhead, off Forest Service route M4, 10.4 miles southwest of the intersection of M4 and M2 in Paskenta
CAS-BOT638935CASUmbellularia californicaHorton, Diana G.; Forbes, Bob258791986-09-13 MarinMt. Tamalpais State Park, NW of San Francisco
CAS-BOT638938CASUmbellularia californicaHorton, Diana G.; Forbes, Bob258711986-09-13 MarinMuir Woods National Monument, NW of San Francisco
CAS-BOT91044CASUmbellularia californicaHansen, Geo.2101892-06-01 AmadorSequoia Region. Elsie′s Creek.
CAS-BOT91045CASUmbellularia californicaBlaisdell, M.D., F. E.s.n.1955-04-07 CalaverasMokelumne Hill.
CAS-BOT91046CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta527881978-04-05 CalaverasSierra Nevada. Camp Nine Road, northeast of Vallecito.
CAS-BOT91047CASUmbellularia californicaRobbins, G. Thomas14851944-03-19 El DoradoSouth Fork American River Canyon, 5-6 miles north of Camino.
CAS-BOT91048CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice141881927-03-27 El DoradoOn road from Georgetown to Kelsey.
CAS-BOT91049CASUmbellularia californicaYork, Dana4531996-03-24 FresnoCa. 60 km east of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, 5 km. south-southeast of Delilah L.O. along edge of forest road
CAS-BOT91050CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.123411916-04-27 GlennBennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo Road.
CAS-BOT91051CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.123411916-04-27 GlennBennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo Road.
CAS-BOT91052CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.204121966-02-04 OrangeTrabuco Canyon about 0.5 mile above end of open road.
CAS-BOT91053CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas26411927-07-03 OrangeIn upper part of Claymine Canon [Canyon], north Santa Ana Mountains.
CAS-BOT91054CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.205521966-03-22 OrangeSilverado Canyon about 5 miles above Ranger Station, Cleveland National Forest.
CAS-BOT91055CASUmbellularia californicaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1911-11-05 PlacerWest slope Sierra Nevada. Near Alta Station. SPRR [Southern Pacific Railroad].
CAS-BOT91056CASUmbellularia californicaDoughty, Larrys.n.1961-03-18 PlacerStation: North Fork of America River, 5 miles south of Auburn Highway 40.
CAS-BOT91057CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas350781959-09-26 PlumasSierra Nevada. Between Chambers Creek and Lewisia Rock. 5 miles northeast of Storrie.
CAS-BOT91058CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas35073A1959-09-26 PlumasSierra Nevada. Between Belden and Lewisia Rock, Feather River Canyon 3.5 miles W of confluence of N Fork and E Branch.
CAS-BOT91059CASUmbellularia californicaC., T.17091975-04-10 Riverside0.75 mile down road parallel Brown Creek. Santa Ana Mountains.
CAS-BOT91060CASUmbellularia californicaNelson, J. K.2004-0102004-03-12 ShastaForest Road 33N041 to Digger Bay from Shasta Dam Boulevard, south side of Shasta Lake. Ca. 8 miles north of Redding, 2 miles west of Shasta Dam.
CAS-BOT91061CASUmbellularia californicaAndersson, N. J.s.n.1852-07-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
CAS-BOT91062CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-12-29 San Luis ObispoPecho Mountains.
CAS-BOT91063CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice14711956-03-25 ShastaKennet.
CAS-BOT91064CASUmbellularia californicaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1931-07-16 ShastaPitt River bridge.
CAS-BOT91065CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.63771954-01-16 SolanoSoda Springs Creek. Vaca Mountains, north of Fairfield.
CAS-BOT91066CASUmbellularia californicaKeck, David D.63951949-07-21 TrinityHaman Ridge, ca. 4 miles south of Hoaglin (13 miles south of Zenia Guard Station). On sharp ridge between Kekawaka Creek on west (which runs into Middle Fork of Eel) and Salt Creek on east (which runs into north fork of Eel).
CAS-BOT91067CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.45491928-04-09 TrinityIsland Mountain.
CAS-BOT91068CASUmbellularia californicaParnay, S. Y.s.n.1983-07-10 UnknownUnspecified.
CAS-BOT91069CASUmbellularia californicaParnay, S. Y.s.n.1957-05-08 UnknownUnspecified.
CAS-BOT91070CASUmbellularia californicaKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1906-05-07 Alameda894 Kellogg and Harford Brick Yard.
CAS-BOT91071CASUmbellularia californicaWetzel, Cherie L.1091967-08-14 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Along aqueduct.
CAS-BOT91072CASUmbellularia californicaWetzel, Cherie L.2001968-01-18 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Vallejo Mills Park.
CAS-BOT91073CASUmbellularia californicaWetzel, Cherie L.2111968-02-11 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Stonybrook Canyon.
CAS-BOT91074CASUmbellularia californicaWetzel, Cherie L.4861968-10-08 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. William′s Ranch.
CAS-BOT91075CASUmbellularia californicaCovel, Paul F.15151938-03-01 AlamedaOakland Hills.
CAS-BOT91076CASUmbellularia californicaCovel, Paul F.3821936-02-22 AlamedaOakland Hills.
CAS-BOT91077CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas7431925-02-08 AlamedaStraweberry Canon [Canyon], Berkeley Hills.
CAS-BOT91078CASUmbellularia californicaMcMinn, H. E.691922-01-27 AlamedaTaken from 2nd ridge north of the College.
CAS-BOT91079CASUmbellularia californicaApplegate, Elmer I.6371895-03-28 AlamedaArroyo Mocho above Livermore.
CAS-BOT91080CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.88821956-03-25 AlamedaStrawberry Canyon about 0.25 mile above California Memorial Stadium, Berkeley.
CAS-BOT91081CASUmbellularia californicaCarruth, W. W.s.n.1900-02-01 AlamedaSouth Oakland Hills.
CAS-BOT91082CASUmbellularia californicaAhart, Lowells.n.1977-03-29 ButteAbout 5 miles southwest of Oroville.
CAS-BOT91083CASUmbellularia californicaAhart, Lowell63141989-05-29 ButteAlong the road to the Forbestown Reservoir, about 0.5 mile southwest of the Forbestown Reservoir. About 4 miles northeast of Forbestown.
CAS-BOT91085CASUmbellularia californicaHoover, R. F.97211965-10-16 ButteDeer Creek Road east of Chico.
CAS-BOT91086CASUmbellularia californicaCarter, R.2931966-03-03 ButteFound ca. 5 miles northeast of Oroville along west side Old Cherokee Road, 4.5 miles from intersection with Chico Road.
CAS-BOT91087CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas374421962-06-15 ButteSierra Nevada. Magalia.
CAS-BOT91088CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas304391955-06-14 ButteMagalia.
CAS-BOT91089CASUmbellularia californicaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1937-02-22 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT91090CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice110861922-03-17 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT91092CASUmbellularia californicaCarter, Annetta12241937-03-20 Contra CostaLake Orinda Road, two miles northwest of Orinda.
CAS-BOT91093CASUmbellularia californicaBowerman, Mary L.5141931-02-08 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Summit.
CAS-BOT91094CASUmbellularia californicaApplegate, Elmer I.34371922-09-13 Del NorteOld Crescent City road at Patrick Creek.
CAS-BOT91095CASUmbellularia californicaApplegate, Elmer I.52611927-08-19 Del NorteHigh Pass Road to Crescent City, near Stone Corral Ranger Station North Fork of Smith River.
CAS-BOT91096CASUmbellularia californicaApplegate, Elmer I.52611927-08-19 Del NorteHigh Pass Road to Crescent City, near Stone Corral Ranger Station North Fork of Smith River.
CAS-BOT91097CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice122401923-08-10 Del NorteGasquets.
CAS-BOT91098CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice1521907-04-22 Del NorteWaldo-Crescent City Road.
CAS-BOT91099CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.68981928-02-17 Del NorteSmith River near Gasquet.
CAS-BOT91100CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.62431928-08-02 Del Norte8 miles up Smith River Canyon from Smith Rivers Corners.
CAS-BOT91101CASUmbellularia californicaDuncan, Carl D.4151920-08-31 Del NorteRequa.
CAS-BOT91102CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, L. R.84591922-06-27 Del NorteCrescent City - Grants Pass Road. Mill Creek.
CAS-BOT91103CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-07-03 Del NorteAbove Gasquet.
CAS-BOT91104CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.114981966-03-19 Del NorteAbout 1 mile northeast of Gasquet.
CAS-BOT91105CASUmbellularia californicaMastrogiuseppe, R. J.; Mastrogiuseppe, J. D.1501974-08-26 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest. Beside USFS road #17N04, 0.25 mile from junction with road to Camp 6 lookout.
CAS-BOT91106CASUmbellularia californicaEverett, P. C.; Balls, E. K.239581959-10-25 Humboldt12.4 miles west from Willow Creek along U.S. Highway 299 to Arcata.
CAS-BOT91107CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.14881926-01-24 HumboldtKneeland Prairie.
CAS-BOT91108CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.25151927-08-16 HumboldtUpper Willow Creek Flat - Trinity River Valley.
CAS-BOT91109CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.28321926-11-25 HumboldtLord-Ellis Road near Blue Lake.
CAS-BOT91110CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.29871927-02-28 HumboldtBug Creek. Upper Mad River.
CAS-BOT91111CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.33101957-04-03 KernSierra Nevada. Greenhorn Range. Rattlesnake Creek at Badger Creek.
CAS-BOT91112CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.33101957-04-03 KernSierra Nevada. Greenhorn Range. Rattlesnake Creek at Badger Creek.
CAS-BOT91113CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.47291958-08-19 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Breckenridge Mountain Road, 6.5 miles west of Barrel Spring. West slope of Breckenridge Mnt.
CAS-BOT91114CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.47291958-08-19 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Breckenridge Mountain Road, 6.5 miles west of Barrel Spring. West slope of Breckenridge Mnt.
CAS-BOT91115CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.84091963-06-11 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Kern Canyon at the mouth of Cow Flat Creek.
CAS-BOT91116CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.84091963-06-11 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Kern Canyon at the mouth of Cow Flat Creek.
CAS-BOT91117CASUmbellularia californicaShevock, James R.80511981-02-28 KernIn the Lower Kern River Canyon along highway 178, 3.5 miles east of Upper Richbar Campground, Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT91118CASUmbellularia californicaBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1926-01-11 LakeKelseyville. Mount Konocti.
CAS-BOT91119CASUmbellularia californicaMcFarland, Jeanne; Meyer, Kathie; Mullenniex, Anne381995-04-01 LakeWalker Ridge. Blue Oak Campground off of Indian Reservoir Road. Found growing about 3 meters SE of campground sign.
CAS-BOT91120CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice12975a1925-05-25 LakeDashiells, Mount Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT91121CASUmbellularia californicaJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-04-01 LakeKelseyville.
CAS-BOT91122CASUmbellularia californicaBentley, Georgias.n.1917-04-20 LakeLakeport.
CAS-BOT91123CASUmbellularia californicaBowman, Agnes M.191902-04-01 LakeHigh Valley.
CAS-BOT91124CASUmbellularia californicaGunn, Jr., James A.s.n.1902-05-17 LakeSweetwater Valley. 3 miles northwest of Glenbrook.
CAS-BOT91125CASUmbellularia californicaGrant, G. B.s.n.1898-04-01 Los AngelesOld Wilson Trail.
CAS-BOT91126CASUmbellularia californicaGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-02-21 Los AngelesCollected on Old Wilson Trail, Sierra Madre Mountains.
CAS-BOT91127CASUmbellularia californicaGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-02-21 Los AngelesCollected on Old Wilson Trail, Sierra Madre Mountains.
CAS-BOT91128CASUmbellularia californicaRoss, Timothy S.62351992-04-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Fallen Leaf Spring. Draining northward to Cow Canyon.
CAS-BOT91129CASUmbellularia californicaRoss, Tim; Mistretta, Orlando73041993-05-26 Los AngelesWest end of the San Gabriel Mountains. Near head of upper East Fork Wilson Canyon just south of ″Lupine Saddle″. East southeast of Wilson Canyon Saddle.
CAS-BOT91131CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.137591958-10-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Saddle Peak.
CAS-BOT91132CASUmbellularia californicaThompson, Henry J.18401959-02-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. 2 miles from the ocean, La Tuna Canyon.
CAS-BOT91133CASUmbellularia californicaJones, Marcus E.30241882-02-25 Los AngelesPasadena.
CAS-BOT91134CASUmbellularia californicaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-02-26 Los AngelesMountains near Claremont.
CAS-BOT91135CASUmbellularia californicaGrinnell, Fordyce221903-12-22 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canon [Canyon] - near Pasadena.
CAS-BOT91136CASUmbellularia californicaGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1908-10-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Switzer Camp.
CAS-BOT91137CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas33331928-02-09 Los AngelesFloor of Santa Anita Canon [Canyon], San Gabriel Mountains.
CAS-BOT91138CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.64901957-03-07 Los AngelesSouth slope of San Gabriel Mountains, near State Highway #2, Angeles Crest Highway, about 3.5 miles north of La Canada.
CAS-BOT91139CASUmbellularia californicaEwan, Joseph Andorfer70151932-01-03 Los AngelesNichols Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains.
CAS-BOT91140CASUmbellularia californicaGreene36861903-09-20 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canyon.
CAS-BOT91141CASUmbellularia californicaRehder, Alfred1901914-08-01 Los AngelesMount Wilson.
CAS-BOT91142CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, Prof. W. R.s.n.1907-12-26 Los AngelesFalls Canon [Canyon]. San Gabriel Mountains near Monrovia.
CAS-BOT91143CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, L. R.s.n.1906-07-19 Los AngelesMount Wilson Trail.
CAS-BOT91144CASUmbellularia californicaEpling, C.s.n.1934-12-12 Los AngelesNear Seminole Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT91145CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas411501965-04-26 MaderaSierra Nevada. 3 miles south of Oakhurst.
CAS-BOT91146CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas54331938-05-04 MaderaNear North Fork.
CAS-BOT91147CASUmbellularia californicaSweet Jr., Nathan C.2641942-08-07 MaderaAlong road between Oakhurst and Coarsegold.
CAS-BOT91148CASUmbellularia californicaPenalosa, Javier11221961-03-11 MarinTiburon Peninsula. 602 foot hill west of Paradise Canyon. Ravine on southeast slope.
CAS-BOT91149CASUmbellularia californicaPenalosa, Javier22821962-03-31 MarinTiburon Peninsula. Ridge over the longer of the Peninsula Railroad tunnels.
CAS-BOT91150CASUmbellularia californicaPenalosa, Javier22601962-03-17 MarinTiburon Peninsula. 602 foot hill west of Paradise Canyon. Ravine on southeast slope.
CAS-BOT91151CASUmbellularia californicaPenalosa, Javier12411961-04-01 MarinTiburon Peninsula. 602 foot hill west of Paradise Canyon. Ravine on west slope draining south toward Railroad tracks.
CAS-BOT91152CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, C. B.; Johnson, E. R.61991934-10-18 MarinMarin Dell Scholl, 5 miles north of San Rafael.
CAS-BOT91153CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, C. B.; Johnson, E. R.61991934-10-18 MarinMarin Dell Scholl, 5 miles north of San Rafael.
CAS-BOT91154CASUmbellularia californicaKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.8941868-01-01 MarinSaucileto [Sausalito].
CAS-BOT91155CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice39721915-03-28 MarinLagunitas.
CAS-BOT91156CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas230391947-03-02 MarinEast side of Mount Tamalpais. Above Blythedale Canyon.
CAS-BOT91157CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas230431947-03-02 MarinMount Tamalpais. Above Phoenix Lake.
CAS-BOT91158CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas351231960-02-14 MarinLower part of Steep Ravine, Mount Tamalpais.
CAS-BOT91159CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice24561913-03-01 MarinKentfield.
CAS-BOT91160CASUmbellularia californicaCanning, Valerias.n.1968-02-27 MarinFound in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.
CAS-BOT91161CASUmbellularia californicaEloesser, Ninas.n.1964-05-01 MarinUnspecified.
CAS-BOT91162CASUmbellularia californicaToschi, Catherine A.63:51963-02-17 MarinThree miles northeast of Inverness (two miles up Mount Vision Road).
CAS-BOT91163CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.211041967-05-01 MarinAngel Island. On south side of island below Rock Quarry.
CAS-BOT91164CASUmbellularia californicaTrue, Gordon H.47281968-10-18 MarinPoint Reyes Bird Observatory ca. 3 miles northwest of Bolinas at Arroyo Hondo. Banks of Arroyo Hondo just east of PRBO Headquarters.
CAS-BOT91165CASUmbellularia californicaSchreiber, Beryl O.21011936-02-01 MarinNear Shell Beach on Tomales Bay.
CAS-BOT91166CASUmbellularia californicaVincent, Michael A.85901999-06-10 MarinAt pull-off along Point Reyes-Petaluma Road. 1.4 mile north of Hick′s Valley Road.
CAS-BOT91167CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas; Barneby, R. C.294841954-05-12 MariposaSierra Nevada. Merced River South Fork below Hites Cove.
CAS-BOT91168CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas405001962-04-27 MariposaSierra Nevada. West end of Yosemite Valley at Cascade Falls.
CAS-BOT91169CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas486921972-04-24 MariposaSierra Nevada. El Portal.
CAS-BOT91170CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas510211975-06-04 MariposaSierra Nevada. Yosemite Valley. Glacier Point talus near Camp Curry.
CAS-BOT91171CASUmbellularia californicaBallantyne, May2611959-04-19 MariposaPipeline near Mariposa.
CAS-BOT91172CASUmbellularia californicaLembert, J. B.s.n.1894-01-01 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT91173CASUmbellularia californicaHead, Annas.n.1906-06-01 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT91174CASUmbellularia californicaWheeler, Clare R.581978-02-25 MendocinoWheeler Ranch, main housemeadow, 6 miles west of Yorkville.
CAS-BOT91175CASUmbellularia californicaWheeler, Clare R.1641978-03-30 MendocinoPine Mountain Road at Hoil Creek, 12.5 miles northeast of Cloverdale.
CAS-BOT91176CASUmbellularia californicaWheeler, Clare R.21581981-05-19 MendocinoCold Springs Lookout, southwest of Philo on Signal Road.
CAS-BOT91177CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice93181919-09-26 MendocinoLaytonville.
CAS-BOT91178CASUmbellularia californicaMcMurphy, James6501909-07-31 MendocinoCummings.
CAS-BOT91179CASUmbellularia californicaMcMurphy, James1271903-03-01 MendocinoAlbion River.
CAS-BOT91180CASUmbellularia californicaHead, Misss.n.1925-01-01 MendocinoNoyo River.
CAS-BOT91181CASUmbellularia californicaMason, H. L.25581925-12-30 MendocinoHopland, Cloverdale Grade.
CAS-BOT91182CASUmbellularia californicaSmith, Gladys L.51111979-03-04 MendocinoSonoma-Mendocino County Line, Route 128 at MP 44.6.
CAS-BOT91183CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas301551955-05-17 MontereySummit ridge of Junipero Serra Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains.
CAS-BOT91184CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas301821955-05-18 MontereyBetween Junipero Serra and Pinyon Peaks, Santa Lucia Mountain.
CAS-BOT91185CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas301821955-05-18 MontereyWest of saddle between Junipero Serra and Pinyon Peaks, Santa Lucia Mountains.
CAS-BOT91186CASUmbellularia californicaHowitt, Beatrice F.561955-03-19 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Anastasia Canyon.
CAS-BOT91187CASUmbellularia californicaHowitt, Beatrice F.; Vandevere, Judson731964-03-28 MontereyAt entrance to Partington Canyon trail in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.
CAS-BOT91188CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.12131949-10-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Vicinity of China Camp, between Jamesburg and Tassajara Hotsprings. Vicinity of Miller′s Creek.
CAS-BOT91189CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.52531955-07-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. About 4.7 miles east of Nacimiento Summit as measured along the road.
CAS-BOT91190CASUmbellularia californicaCook & Cook3551946-09-21 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mountains. Upper Finch Creek.
CAS-BOT91191CASUmbellularia californicaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1927-04-14 MontereyMost common in the Santa Lucia Range.
CAS-BOT91192CASUmbellularia californicaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-03-01 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains.
CAS-BOT91193CASUmbellularia californicaFerris, Roxana S.18431920-03-30 MontereyIn Canon [Canyon] on Santa Lucia Peak Trail, 1 mile from Indians.
CAS-BOT91194CASUmbellularia californicaBartholomew, B.; Landrum, L. R.; Ying, Li; Ying, T. S.36731985-11-06 Monterey3.4 km north of the San Luis Obispo County line.
CAS-BOT91195CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, C. B.15001928-02-25 NapaSummit of Mount Saint Helena at Mount Saint Helena Inn.
CAS-BOT91196CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.57541932-03-12 NapaBank of North Fork of Napa River 1 mile north of Calistoga.
CAS-BOT91197CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-02-20 NapaHead of Knight′s Valley.
CAS-BOT91198CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.115301966-03-22 NapaR.L. Stevenson State Park on the eastern slopes of Mount Saint Helena along highway 29 between Middletown and Calistoga.
CAS-BOT91199CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.63841954-01-22 NapaSulfur Springs Canyon just north of the resort.
CAS-BOT91200CASUmbellularia californicaKrauss, F. G.s.n.1893-10-05 NapaWest of Calistoga.
CAS-BOT91201CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas116231933-08-27 NapaSage Canyon, Napa Range.
CAS-BOT91202CASUmbellularia californicaRuckert, Elsa G.71960-02-27 Napa6495 Dry Creek Road.
CAS-BOT91203CASUmbellularia californicaTrue, Gordon H.52171970-03-17 NevadaNevada City - North San Juan Highway just south of South Yuba River bridge.
CAS-BOT91204CASUmbellularia californicaTrue, Gordon H.69101970-08-24 NevadaSierra Nevada. Just south of Laings′ Crossing on South Yuba River.
CAS-BOT91205CASUmbellularia californicaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas65671971-05-24 NevadaSouth Fork of Yuba River ca. 1 mile below Washington.
CAS-BOT91206CASUmbellularia californicaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas67771971-07-01 NevadaRoad between Columbia Hill and Footes Crossing on Middly Yuba River.
CAS-BOT91207CASUmbellularia californicaGierisch, R. K.; Esplin, D. H.35131969-07-11 NevadaTahoe Forest.
CAS-BOT91208CASUmbellularia californicaGierisch, R. K.; Esplin, D. H.35131969-07-11 NevadaTahoe Forest.
CAS-BOT91209CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alices.n.1918-04-08 NevadaGrass Valley.
CAS-BOT91210CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.; Wedberg, H. L.112381957-08-17 San BernardinoAlong road 0.7 mile below Camp Baldy. San Gabriel Mountains.
CAS-BOT91211CASUmbellularia californicaParish, Samuel B.20301888-03-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
CAS-BOT91212CASUmbellularia californicaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1923-08-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
CAS-BOT91213CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.8171908-07-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. Mountain Home Canyon.
CAS-BOT91215CASUmbellularia californicaGrant, Geo. B.40641901-06-01 San BernardinoSeven Oaks, San Bernardino Mountains.
CAS-BOT91216CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.28281927-09-04 San DiegoSmall canyon on Vallecitos Trail, Laguna Mountains.
CAS-BOT91217CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.92061938-10-08 San DiegoNobles Canyon, Laguna Mountains.
CAS-BOT91218CASUmbellularia californicaMearns, Edgar A.39581894-08-11 San DiegoNoble′s Ranch between Pino Valley and Laguna.
CAS-BOT91219CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice92391919-06-28 San DiegoLaguna Mountains.
CAS-BOT91220CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, William R.s.n.1894-06-30 San MateoSan Franciscquito Creek, below Palo Alto.
CAS-BOT91221CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-11-24 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Near Big Redwood, Ramsay′s Place, Searsville.
CAS-BOT91222CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, William R.s.n.1894-12-03 San MateoNear Searsville and San Fracisquito Creek opposite the Residence.
CAS-BOT91223CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.2071949-03-31 San MateoKing′s Mountain Road.
CAS-BOT91224CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.158601971-05-02 San MateoNear intersection of Canada and Edgewater roads, about 4 miles southwest of center of Redwood City.
CAS-BOT91225CASUmbellularia californicaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1966-09-29 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains. In a canyon adjacent to northwestern edge of Brisbane.
CAS-BOT91226CASUmbellularia californicaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1969-03-09 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains. In Gladys Canyon, south of Brisbane.
CAS-BOT91227CASUmbellularia californicaCahill, Ned2341974-04-30 San MateoNear the intersection of Canada and Edgewater roads, about 3 miles westward from Redwood City.
CAS-BOT91228CASUmbellularia californicaLeithold, C. F.s.n.1901-01-19 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Coal Mine Canyon near Black Mountain.
CAS-BOT91229CASUmbellularia californicaOberlander, George381949-04-09 San MateoSan Francisco Watershed Reserve. East side draw of Sawyer Ridge.
CAS-BOT91230CASUmbellularia californicaRaven, Peter H.187431964-02-16 San MateoJust south of Lake San Andreas.
CAS-BOT91231CASUmbellularia californicaKawahara, Saichi17961970-04-05 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Zaca Creek 1.1 mile northwest of Zaca Lake.
CAS-BOT91232CASUmbellularia californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-02-16 Santa BarbaraNear Flores Flat on Gibraltar Road.
CAS-BOT91233CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice6041906-06-21 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake Forest Reserve. Trail to Zaca Peak.
CAS-BOT91234CASUmbellularia californicaNewell, Gwendolans.n.1913-08-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara. San Ysidro Ranch.
CAS-BOT91235CASUmbellularia californicaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1911-10-06 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mountains. Zaca Lake.
CAS-BOT91236CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, Le Roys.n.1909-03-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara. Mission Canon [Canyon].
CAS-BOT91237CASUmbellularia californicaApplegate, Elmer I.53281928-03-07 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass, Santa Ynez Mountains.
CAS-BOT91238CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.103801912-03-17 Santa ClaraLos Gatos.
CAS-BOT91239CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.103801912-03-17 Santa ClaraLos Gatos.
CAS-BOT91240CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.72181903-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos.
CAS-BOT91241CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-06-29 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Near Adelanta Villa Quarry. Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91242CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-11-04 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Near San Francisquito Creek. Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91243CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-12-28 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Back of Stock Farm. Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91244CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.781904-04-02 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Upper Stevens Creek, Santa Cruz Mountains.
CAS-BOT91245CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.2301949-04-05 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Range. Between Mount Hamilton and San Jose.
CAS-BOT91246CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.15261950-04-11 Santa ClaraUpper part of Deer Creek Drainage, near Bielawski Lookout Tower.
CAS-BOT91247CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.3978C1954-04-23 Santa ClaraVicinity of Mount Umunhum.
CAS-BOT91248CASUmbellularia californicaBaker, C. F.1931901-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91249CASUmbellularia californicaBaker, C. F.1931901-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91250CASUmbellularia californicaBaker, C. F.1931901-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91251CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.92131939-05-31 Santa ClaraHillside along Page Mill Road, 3 miles southwest of Mayfield. Coast Range.
CAS-BOT91252CASUmbellularia californicaWiggins, Ira L.33671929-03-02 Santa ClaraSchenkel′s Campground on Los Trancas Creek back of Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91253CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, Le Roy23181902-04-06 Santa ClaraStanford University.
CAS-BOT91254CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, Le Roy63421916-02-23 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91255CASUmbellularia californicaKawahara, Saichi21968-02-25 Santa ClaraPenitencia Creek Road about 50 yards SE of Boulder Drive intersection within boundaries of Alum Rock Park, San Jose. On north bank of Penitencia Creek.
CAS-BOT91256CASUmbellularia californicaSharsmith, C. W.; Sharsmith, H. K.5381934-02-10 Santa ClaraEast side of Mount Hamilton.
CAS-BOT91257CASUmbellularia californicaCohen, Daniel491953-04-25 Santa ClaraSmith Creek near crossing of Mount Hamilton Road.
CAS-BOT91258CASUmbellularia californicaEdelbrock, G.s.n.1975-02-23 Santa ClaraAlong Mount Hamilton Road ca. 10 miles from summit on west side.
CAS-BOT91259CASUmbellularia californicaEastwood, Alice140461927-03-18 Santa ClaraOn road to Gilroy Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT91260CASUmbellularia californicaElmer, A. D. E.45741903-02-01 Santa ClaraStanford University.
CAS-BOT91261CASUmbellularia californicaMexia, Yness.n.1926-06-13 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta.
CAS-BOT91262CASUmbellularia californicaRandall, Josephine D.1891906-02-11 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Peninsula. Page Mill Road near Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91263CASUmbellularia californicaOlson-Seffer, P.s.n.1904-04-01 Santa ClaraSan Fracisquito Creek stream banks.
CAS-BOT91264CASUmbellularia californicaMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1909-02-18 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. County Bridge, Stanford University.
CAS-BOT91265CASUmbellularia californicaJohnson, M. P.100301967-03-05 Santa ClaraMoody Road 3 miles from junction with Page Mill Road.
CAS-BOT91266CASUmbellularia californicaKeck, David D.13791932-02-21 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek, Palo Alto.
CAS-BOT91267CASUmbellularia californicaMartineau, Robert1981974-05-12 Santa ClaraFoothills Park. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto. Los Trancos Creek.
CAS-BOT91268CASUmbellularia californicaWalker, Jay B.; Goldstein, Noah8941994-08-12 Santa CruzSwanton Road. 7 km from southern junction with Highway 1.
CAS-BOT91269CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.35891953-10-03 Santa CruzAbout 1 mile south of Saratoga Summit along State Highway #9.
CAS-BOT91270CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.27561953-02-08 Santa CruzRancho del Oso. Along Waddell Creek, about 2 miles from the coast.
CAS-BOT91271CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, J. H.25171951-01-28 Santa CruzBear Creek Road, about 2 miles from its summit.
CAS-BOT91272CASUmbellularia californicaThompson, C. H.s.n.1902-03-12 Santa CruzArano Gulch.
CAS-BOT91273CASUmbellularia californicaKessel, Berta B.s.n.1959-10-24 SiskiyouPick-a-wish Forest Camp, about 8 miles south of Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT91274CASUmbellularia californicaOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.22231940-07-08 SiskiyouAlong Indian Creek, 12 miles above Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT91275CASUmbellularia californicaOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.22231940-07-08 SiskiyouAlong Indian Creek, 12 miles above Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT91276CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, Carl B.11351927-08-27 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River at mouth of Crawford Creek.
CAS-BOT91277CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, Carl B.11491927-08-27 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River above the Salmon River.
CAS-BOT91278CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.44081928-04-02 SiskiyouKlamath River at Somes Bar.
CAS-BOT91279CASUmbellularia californicaKildale, Doris K.85361929-07-20 SiskiyouTrail to Preston Peak along South Fork of Indian Creek.
CAS-BOT91280CASUmbellularia californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja2661963-09-01 SonomaAsti.
CAS-BOT91281CASUmbellularia californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja2721963-09-15 SonomaLos Alamos Road. Santa Rosa.
CAS-BOT91282CASUmbellularia californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja4761963-12-27 SonomaSummit, Pine Flat Road.
CAS-BOT91283CASUmbellularia californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja7741964-11-15 SonomaHood′s Peak at Johnson Lake.
CAS-BOT91284CASUmbellularia californicaWosnessenskys.n.1840-11-30 SonomaSaint Pavio. Fort Ross.
CAS-BOT91285CASUmbellularia californicaKrauss, F. G.s.n.1893-10-05 SonomaFive miles west of Calistoga.
CAS-BOT91286CASUmbellularia californicaMason, H. L.24921925-11-26 SonomaBanks of Russian River, Monte Rio.
CAS-BOT91287CASUmbellularia californicaNelson, Aven; Nelson, Ruth A.5511933-05-14 SonomaKenwood. (Baker′s).
CAS-BOT91288CASUmbellularia californicaHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-03-10 SonomaHills east of Santa Rosa.
CAS-BOT91289CASUmbellularia californicaHoover, R. F.108941968-02-23 SonomaGraton-Occidental road.
CAS-BOT91290CASUmbellularia californicaAhart, Lowells.n.1977-04-05 SutterOn south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT91291CASUmbellularia californicaAhart, Lowell26961981-03-14 SutterAbout 100 meters west of Dean Cabin, Dean Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT91292CASUmbellularia californicaHowell, John Thomas546311981-10-14 SutterOak Hill Ranch, south side of Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT91293CASUmbellularia californicaThomas, John H.203601981-04-20 SutterSutter Buttes. Dean Place.
CAS-BOT91294CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.118151966-04-06 TulareSierra Nevada. Northeast slope of King George Mountain.
CAS-BOT91295CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.118151966-04-06 TulareSierra Nevada. Northeast slope of King George Mountain.
CAS-BOT91296CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141351968-05-09 TulareSierra Nevada. Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Main Road, 2.4 miles above the lumber mill.
CAS-BOT91297CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141351968-05-09 TulareSierra Nevada. Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Main Road, 2.4 miles above the lumber mill.
CAS-BOT91298CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141861968-05-09 TulareSierra Nevada. Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Pat′s Camp.
CAS-BOT91299CASUmbellularia californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141861968-05-09 TulareSierra Nevada. Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Pat′s Camp.
CAS-BOT91300CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.9031895-07-26 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Middle Tule River. Doyles Soda Spring.
CAS-BOT91301CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.11561896-08-07 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Mineral King. Mineral King Road.
CAS-BOT91302CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.1156a1896-08-07 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Mineral King. Mineral King Road.
CAS-BOT91303CASUmbellularia californicaSampson, Arthur W.4011909-04-22 TulareSequoia Forest. Above Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT91304CASUmbellularia californicaSmith, S. Cooper35-11935-04-01 TulareSequoia Forest. East of Fulton.
CAS-BOT91305CASUmbellularia californicaRockwell, Jack A.28401967-02-06 TulareSequoia National Park. Hospital Rock, close to Generals Highway.
CAS-BOT91306CASUmbellularia californicaLeskinen, Paul10611972-08-01 TulareAbove Tyler Creek near California Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT91307CASUmbellularia californicaWolf, Carl B.45881933-05-12 TulareSierra Nevada, Upper Tule River. 3 miles below Camp Nelson.
CAS-BOT91308CASUmbellularia californicaAlmeda, F.26011975-09-24 TulareCa. 2 km. south of Springville.
CAS-BOT91309CASUmbellularia californicaKawahara, Saichi18591970-09-05 TuolumneAlong Highway 49-120, about 1.9 miles upstream from the confluence of Moccasin Creek and Tuolumne River.
CAS-BOT91310CASUmbellularia californicaQuick, Clarence R.; Quick, Roger D.54-471954-07-18 TuolumneSierra Nevada. Near Strawberry Lake, Pinecrest.
CAS-BOT91311CASUmbellularia californicaStinchfield, Roxana311915-08-05 TuolumneVicinity of Rawhide. West slope of Table Mountain, near top.
CAS-BOT91312CASUmbellularia californicaClausen, J.20001945-09-23 TuolumneMather, along the railroad right-of-way above Tuolumne Canyon.
CAS-BOT91313CASUmbellularia californicas.n.1894-03-14 VenturaSespe Trail.
CAS-BOT91314CASUmbellularia californicaAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.8271908-06-08 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains.
CAS-BOT91315CASUmbellularia californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-02-03 VenturaVentura River Basin. Sulphur Mountain Road.
CAS-BOT91316CASUmbellularia californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1970-01-29 VenturaBank of San Antonio Creek north of and near Ranch Arnaz, Oak View.
CAS-BOT91317CASUmbellularia californicaDudley, W. R.48021927-08-23 VenturaNear Whites, Cespe Creek.
CDA0006583CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch7.0682007-02-19 San Luis ObispoSerpentine canyon; along S side of Hwy 41, 10 km E of Hwy 1.
CDA0011147CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa115581993-12-03 NapaN side of Mt. George, 10 NE of city of Napa. Above Sarco Creek. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0012375CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa126281996-01-02 ColusaLittle Stony Creek, +-- 2 miles W of intersection of Cedar Canonyford-Lodoga Rd. Inner North Coast Ranges.
CDA0012376CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa126291996-01-02 ColusaLittle Stony Creek, +-- 2 miles W of intersection of Cedar Canonyford-Lodoga Rd. Inner North Coast Ranges.
CDA0015405CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa136181997-02-03 NapaSlopes on SW margin of Lake Hennessey, across from 2nd major canyon upstream from Conn Dam ˜ 1-2 North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0015406CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa136191997-02-03 NapaSlopes on SW margin of Lake Hennessey, across from 2nd major canyon upstream from Conn Dam ˜ 1-2 North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0015846CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa114621993-10-30 SonomaSugarloaf Ridge State Park. Trail to Bald Mountain. Midway.
CDA0016127CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa149171999-02-24 San Luis ObispoReservoir Canon, lower parts and near parking. South Coast Ranges.
CDA0016976CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa160292002-05-22 PlacerHughes Mill (site) above Foresthill. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0019017CDAUmbellularia californicaJohn TolleyPDR 0165702000-11-30 GlennTree in (ornamental planting) on the corner of Rd 17 and Road E, west of Orland. Sacramento Valley.
CDA0021069CDAUmbellularia californicaG.F. Hrusa114611993-10-30 NapaSugarloaf Ridge State Park. Trail to Bald Mountain. Midway,.
CDA0024508CDAUmbellularia californicaT.C. Fuller77251962-02-28 San Luis ObispoSanta Rosa Creek, road to Paso Robles, 10.5 miles east of Cambria.
CDA0024509CDAUmbellularia californicaW.E. Simonds1958-08-24 TulareMineral King Road, near Three Rivers.
CDA0024511CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch03.037.B2003-02-07 Contra CostaFranklin Canon. Canon.
CDA0024512CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch7.0822007-03-24 Contra CostaOzol; between Port Costa and Martinez, near old brick quarry. Carquinez Strait.
CDA0031199CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch10.022010-01-07 MarinDominican College campus.
CDA0033723CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch11.0262011-02-28 SolanoNorth Vallejo. Sulfur Springs Ridge. Elev 300 m. Corrected lat-long is 38.1469, -122.203.
CDA0037275CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch9.7122009-12-21 Contra CostaVicinity of Richmond; canyon northeast of Alvarado Park.
CDA0043419CDAUmbellularia californicaD.G. Kelch12.3722012-09-19 PlumasRoute 70 North Fork of Feather River; 500 m south of turn-off to Pulga.
CDA0050460CDAUmbellularia californicaDanny Fry1262001-03-09 San Luis ObispoCity of Morro Bay, Hwy 41, 1 mi east of Cerro Alto Campground, adjacent residence [2980]. Dense coast live oak, laurel woodland adjacent road with shrub and herbaceous understory. Some areas with standing or running water, elev 150 m.
CDA0050650CDAUmbellularia californicaRick Burgess1481983-02-16 VenturaHwy 33 mile marker 15.95, adjacent to Schmidt Creek, north fork of Matilija Creek, Los Padres National Forest. Elev. 1200 ft.
CDA0053165CDAUmbellularia californicaLisa StelznerO070812422008-07-08 FresnoA Quercus wislizeni stand Northeast trending seasonal (corrently dry) drainage Southwest of Italian Bar Rd. South of bridge ro road 225 West of turn in San Joaquin River. Animal trail going through stand. Located in Sierra National Forest. Associated taxa Quercus wislizeni. 4114741 N, 286432 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 37.154691, -119.404974). Elev 420 m.
CDA0053797CDAUmbellularia californicaS. Latham, G. Walden, S. Gordon, G. Cooley, B. YoungPDR# MVAP50001781-12020-02-04 SonomaCalifornia, Sonoma County, Vine Hill Preserve, Vine Hill Road (APN 078-120-029-000, Sebastopol Quad [3812247]; 38.470000, -122.858333 [100 meters radius] Datum: WGS84).
CHSC100495CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart154492008-11-14 ButteOn the south side of Big Chico Creek, north of the deep pen, northeast of the small storage building, near the paved road, about 150 yards east of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R01E S24 SE1-4
CHSC103027CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart162862009-08-20 ButteBelow rim edge, west edge of the open area west of the Guardian Rock Trail, about 100 yards north of Pine Trail, about 3-8 mile (air) southwest of the intersection of Ten Mile House Road and Highway 32, Upper Bidwell Park, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S35 SE1-4
CHSC10694CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart1961-03-03 ButteSalmon Hole, Chico.
CHSC109103CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart177962012-03-23 ButteOn the north side of Ten Mile House Road, about 1-2 mile west of Highway 32, about 9 miles (air) northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S35 SE1-4
CHSC11082CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart1968-03-17 ButteBidwell Park, Chico.
CHSC120452CHSCUmbellularia californicaB. Castro21242015-09-08 Del NorteKlamath Ranges. Along Old Gasquet Toll Road 5.0 road-mi east-northeast from its start in Gasquet. Road cutbank across steep southwest-facing serpentine slope overlooking Middle Fork Smith River. T1 N R02E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Gasquet 1:24,000
CHSC124538CHSCUmbellularia californicaErik Spitzer92019-03-06 ButteCrown Point Road along hillside.
CHSC19928CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor3711975-02-16 ButteDogtown Nugget Overlook, ca. 4 mi n of Paradise, on the Skyway.
CHSC21164CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor6581975-06-04 Santa CruzAbundant on s side of Cresant Drive, ca. 2 mi e of Los Gatos Hwy, Scott′s Valley.
CHSC22748CHSCUmbellularia californicaRobert A. Schlising20781962-02-21 Contra CostaBerkeley-Oakland Hills of westernmost part of county.
CHSC24160CHSCUmbellularia californicaJ. R. Nelson141976-03-06 Tehama10 mi w of Paskenta at Mud Flat Camp.
CHSC24500CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor1165 1-21976-07-20 MontereyScattered on s side of Palo Colorado Canon Rd, ca. 6 mi e of Hwy 1, ca. 20 mi s of Carmel.
CHSC26049CHSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Eakle981971-03-25 Los AngelesNNE of Glendora on Glendora Mtn. Rd. in San Gabriel Mtns. In Angeles Nat′l Forest.
CHSC28651CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor19481979-03-20 ButteAlong old road on n side of Hwy 70 following Feather River, begins at s side of Bridge over north fork Feather River, ca. 10 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC29609CHSCUmbellularia californicaDibble1021979-07-11 LakeNear Bear Creek, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC30354CHSCUmbellularia californicaJ. D. Jokerst11291979-02-12 ButteTop of North Table Mt., W edge of mountain, SW corner of section 6, T2 N, R4E.
CHSC30719CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor26641980-05-27 ButteOn Big Bald Rock, granitic dome, ca. 3 mi e of Lake Madrone. T2 N R06E S30 SC USGS Quadrangle: Big Bend
CHSC31918CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor33831981-02-11 ButteAlong n side of Honey Run Grade, ca. 4 mi e of Covered Bridge, ca. 11 mi e of Chico.
CHSC32650CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor3424A1981-03-18 ButteOn n bank of West Branch Feather River, near bridge on Ponderosa Way (Jordan Hill Rd), ca. 1 mi ne of Magalia. T2 N R0 W S30 NC 1-3 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise
CHSC33299CHSCUmbellularia californicaD. L. Daniels11979-02-20 Butte%0 ft n of Hwy 32 and 2 mi s of Forest Ranch, 11 mi ne of Chico.
CHSC3355CHSCUmbellularia californicaRobert L. Smith61966-03-06 ButteBidwell Park about 5 miles NE of Chico.
CHSC3508CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. Gregg191966-02-21 ButteOn Neal Rd. down from Paradise. 1-2 mile up from the water fountain.
CHSC3583CHSCUmbellularia californicaSusan Carruthers151966-02-21 ButteCa. 6.2 N. of 99E highway (main valley highway) on Neal Road 15 mi S. E. of City of Chico.
CHSC3632CHSCUmbellularia californicaAlice L. Stoll231966-02-21 ButteNeal Road, 6.2 miles N.E. of 99E. near Paradise.
CHSC38487CHSCUmbellularia californicaVernon Oswald341982-12-23 ButteBidwell Park, Chico, along Yahi Trail ca 1600 ft e of Salmon Hole.
CHSC39799CHSCUmbellularia californicaEloise Gallatin1935-05-04 ButteBelow Forest Ranch.
CHSC40637CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart48701985-03-24 ButteFound growing on an open bare red rocky ridge (serpentine) about 1 1-2 miles north-east of Concow Res.
CHSC46382CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart63141989-05-29 ButteAlong the road to the Forbestown Reservoir, about 1-2 mile wouth-west of the Forbestown Reservoir, about 4 miles north-east of Forbestown.
CHSC46491CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart26961981-03-14 SutterAbout 300 feet west of the Dean Canon the Dean Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC47407CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart48701985-03-24 ButteGrowing on an open bare rocky serpentine ridge, about 1 1-2 miles north-east of Concow Reservoir.
CHSC47425CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart12321977-03-29 ButteAlong the Feather River, about 5 miles south-west of Oroville.
CHSC52091CHSCUmbellularia californicaDale Johnson11979-04-02 ButteHumbug Road 5 mi ne of Skyway 5 mi from Chico.
CHSC52404CHSCUmbellularia californicaDebra Dockrey41980-04-21 ButteLarge population ca 12 N of Chico. T23N R02E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Richardson Springs
CHSC52405CHSCUmbellularia californicaM. P. Howe141984-04-20 ButteDoe Mill Summit. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West
CHSC59986CHSCUmbellularia californicaSharol Lindenstein61989-03-26 ButtePlumas Nat′l Forest, Hwy 70, ca. 3.5 mi sw of Sugar Loaf Mt., 2 mi nw of Cresta Powerhouse. T2 N R05E S22 N-w1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC60026CHSCUmbellularia californicaF. H. Utech84-2031984-04-21 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest: ca 10.1 mi from Gasquet on Old Gasquet Toll Road enroute to Patricks Creek (road parallel to US hwy 199).
CHSC64110CHSCUmbellularia californicaMichael Deal71992-04-19 ButtePrivate property, 449 Castle Drive, w of Laurel St., Paradise.
CHSC74993CHSCUmbellularia californicaSabbina M. Lau91989-06-07 YoloWest of Winters along Hwy 128, Stebbin′s Cold Canon Reserve. 100 meters from entrance on south-facing slope overlooking creekbed. T0 N R0 W S28 NW1-4
CHSC77058CHSCUmbellularia californicaL. P. Janeway66312000-01-29 ButteCascade Range Foothills. Along old Hwy 32, 300 North of current Hwy 32, 9.4 mi north-northeast of Hwy 99-Chico. T23N R02E S2 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC77433CHSCUmbellularia californicaLaura Bogni41997-03-25 ButteMagalia grove; west side of Coutelenc Rd.; 1 mi due W of Sawmill Peak; 1-2 mi. SE of Magalia Reservoir. T2 N R04E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise SE
CHSC78085CHSCUmbellularia californicaCaleb E. Casey1999-03-01 ButteCohasset road, one mile before Cohasset. Found along embankment along small creek. T2 N R02E S18
CHSC815CHSCUmbellularia californicaJ. Cowan1968-03-17 ButteHumboldt road.
CHSC87377CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart108762004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington. T1 N R10E S13 SW1-4
CHSC87397CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart108512004-05-02 SutterMountaintop, on the top of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes, about 5 miles (air) northwest of Sutter. T1 N R01E S26 SE1-4
CHSC88937CHSCUmbellularia californicaH. Gray2003-06-03 ButtePlumas National Forest. Bald Rock Trail parking area. T2 N R06E S30 USGS Quadrangle: Brush Creek
CHSC89021CHSCUmbellularia californicaH. Gray2003-06-03 ButtePlumas National Forest. Bald Rock Trail Parking Lot. T2 N R06E S30 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Brush Creek
CHSC90087CHSCUmbellularia californicaRoss Rowland32001-02-21 ButteAt the end of Keffer Lane; 1-4 mile north of Skyway in Paradise. T2 N R03E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC92810CHSCUmbellularia californicaJohn Dittes13042005-12-30 Los AngelesSouth Coast; Santa Monica Mtns.; Topanga Cyn; ca. 2.2 air-miles N of intersection of Topanga Cyn Road and Pacific Coast Hwy (State Hwy 1), ca. 1.6 air-miles southeast of intersection of Topanga Cyn Road and Old Topanga Cyn Road, ca. 1.5 air-miles W of Santa Ynez Canon; slope on W side of Topanga Cyn Road. T01S R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Topanga 1:24,000
CHSC95429CHSCUmbellularia californicaLeRoy Gross2942000-10-18 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Hostetter Mountainway.
CHSC95993CHSCUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart135642007-02-15 NevadaOn the north side of the South Fork of the Yuba River, about 200 yards east of Bridgeport State Park. T1 N R07E S3 W1-4
CLARK-A1528-3180CLARKUmbellularia californicaAlfred R. Roos1937-03-27 Santa Barbara
CLARK-A1528-3181CLARKUmbellularia californicaJohn C. Roos1965-12-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-4915CLARKUmbellularia californicaJohn C. Roos13271937-03-27 Santa BarbaraSolvang
CLARK-A1528-600CLARKUmbellularia californica111968-04-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains
CSLA005552CSLAUmbellularia californicaLeroy Guturres27891953-03-03 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Mallard [Millard] Canon
CSLA005554CSLAUmbellularia californicaJ. P. Smith; J. O. Sawyer; T. W. Nelson96291978-04-08 ShastaTrinity National Forest. T2 N, R1 W, Sec. 1. Road above Beegum Gorge Campground.
CSLA005555CSLAUmbellularia californicaM. S. Taylor861974-03-19 ButteCa. 100 yds n of Honey Run Covered Bridge on bank of Butte Creek.
CSLA005556CSLAUmbellularia californicaGary J. Stebbins131970-03-03 HumboldtAbove Kneeland on Maple Creek Road 1.5 miles north of junction with Fickle Hill Road.
CSLA005558CSLAUmbellularia californicaJames Henrickson71781972-03-17 Los Angeles5 road miles along Angeles Crest Hwy 5 [Hwy 2 NE of La Canada; in San Gabriel Mts.
CSLA005559CSLAUmbellularia californicaJacqueline R. Bonquet1960-08-16 Los AngelesGrowing near stream, Switzer′s Canonal Forest, San Gabriel Mts.
CSLA005561CSLAUmbellularia californicaKell Jensen211966-04-16 Los AngelesAngeles crest Hwy. 1 mi. below Mt. Wilson Peak
CSLA005562CSLAUmbellularia californicaEverett L. Miller27891956-02-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Millard′s Canon
CSLA005563CSLAUmbellularia californicaSteven P. Lynch711969-04-21 San Luis ObispoCuesta summit, on T. V. Tower Rd.
CSUSB90241CSUSBUmbellularia californicaRoy W. Martin760614-1b1976-06-14 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90287CSUSBUmbellularia californicaRoy W. Martin770227-51977-02-27 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB92479CSUSBUmbellularia californicaJ. Earsom1975-05-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Highway 138, 1 mile south of Silverwood Lake, San Bernardino Mountains.
CSUSB92480CSUSBUmbellularia californicaKeith Thompson1970-05-15 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB92481CSUSBUmbellularia californicaKeith Thompson1970-05-15 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB93712CSUSBUmbellularia californicaKeith Thompsons.n.1970-05-15 San BernardinoLytle Creek
DAV235198DAVUmbellularia californicaLaurie Litman511979-05-26 NevadaBowman Lake Road at Rucker Creek.
DAV238899DAVUmbellularia californicaRobert E. Preston33052021-04-08 MendocinoLittle Lake Valley, 1.5 mi E of Willits.
DAV329148DAVUmbellularia californicaJames W. Katberg, Jr.51966-02-27 YoloYolo County: Putah Creek, ca. 3 miles eastwest of Monticello Dam.
DAV329154DAVUmbellularia californicaLoren Ruport181996-04-14 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. 5 miles east of Winters. Along path approximately 1-8 mile from gate, on lower trail by creek.
DAV329155DAVUmbellularia californicaEllen Dean11232002-07-05 YoloYolo County: East of McLaughlin UC Reserve and Davis resevoir. West of Canong Rayhouse Road 2.5 road miles E of jct with road to Soda Springs and gate into McLaughlin reserve.
DAV329156DAVUmbellularia californicaKook-Hyun Chung242001-04-28 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa just W of Monticello Dam, along South Decker Canon Rd. between Cut-Off Rd. and Decker Ridge Rd., 1 m S of road.
DAV329157DAVUmbellularia californicaJohn M. Tucker39231966-04-08 MontereyMonterey County: Santa Lucia Mountains, Kunipero Serra Peak, 2.7 miles below the summit (via jeep road′).
DAV329158DAVUmbellularia californicaJ. M. Tucker43871977-03-10 SolanoSolano County: Mix Canon, 4.4 miles (by road) above Pleasants Valley Road.
DAV329159DAVUmbellularia californicaJ. M. Tucker14041946-08-08 MontereyMonterey County: Along Pine Ridge Trail ca. 1.5 miles east of Bad Gulch, inland from Big Sur.
DAV329160DAVUmbellularia californicaT. Tomich171949-04-27 MontereyMonterey County: Four miles east of Jamesburg.
DAV329161DAVUmbellularia californicaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-04-16 SonomaSonoma County: Mercuryville. Big Sulphur Creek. The Geysers.
DAV329162DAVUmbellularia californicaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-27 LakeLake County: Lower Lake-Kelseyville. Quercus wislizenii forests.
DAV329163DAVUmbellularia californicaJean Shepards.n.2017-04-01 YoloYolo County: From Co. Rd. 1 W of Woodland continue to Guinda. W on Forest Ave. (Co Rd 53) about one mile to the gate. Continue until about 0.25 mi before county road ends.
DAV329164DAVUmbellularia californicaG. Ledyard StebbinsC-3021983-02-11 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Canon trail, 0.5 mile south of entrance.
DAV329165DAVUmbellularia californicaKenneth A. Wilson8881961-03-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mtns. Mulholland Hwy. Canon ca. 1 miles west of Seminole Hot Springs.
DAV329166DAVUmbellularia californicaErnest C. Twisselmann141351968-05-09 TulareTulare County: Sierra Nevada, canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River; main road, 2.4 miles above the lumber mill.
DAV329167DAVUmbellularia californicaErnest C. Twisselmann33101957-04-03 KernKern County: Sierra Nevada, The Greenhorn Range, Rattlesnake Grade at Badger Creek.
DAV329168DAVUmbellularia californicaC. Winstrom301996-05-26 SonomaSonoma County: Healdsburg, 1601 Dry Creek Road.
DAV329169DAVUmbellularia californicaBrandi Sorensens.n.1995-05-17 PlacerPlacer County: .73 kilometers northwest of Colfax.
DAV329170DAVUmbellularia californicaDylan O. Burge14912014-03-15 NapaNapa County: Mount Saint Helena.
DAV329171DAVUmbellularia californicaDan Youngberg8361968-04-13 ButteButte County: On Table Mountain, near Oroville.
DAV329172DAVUmbellularia californicaBarbara Yungert1601974-05-16 YubaYuba County: Sierra Foothill Field Station, along Dry Creek, Lower Lewis project area.
DAV329173DAVUmbellularia californicaTed Niehaus721959-04-19 PlacerPlacer County: 7 miles northwest of Foresthill on Shirttail Road to Colfax.
DAV329174DAVUmbellularia californicaGordon Pilone41960-03-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: San Gabriel Mt. Range. Along stream at San Antonio Canon.
DAV329175DAVUmbellularia californicaHenry M. Pollards.n.1970-01-29 VenturaVentura County: Oak View, bank of San Antonio Creek north of and near Rancho Arnaz.
DAV329176DAVUmbellularia californicaBob Rodin341943-02-19 AlamedaAlameda County: UC Berkeley. Strawberry Canon. West of Botanical Gardens.
DAV329177DAVUmbellularia californicaA. C. Sanders179571996-02-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co.: San Gabriel Mtns., San Antonio Canon, Mt. Baldy Village, foot of slope behind Forest Service station at old schoolhouse, just E of Los Angeles Co. line.
DAV329178DAVUmbellularia californicaRobert L. Rudds.n.1947-03-11 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon.
DAV329179DAVUmbellularia californicaLewis S. Rose680081968-03-18 MarinMarin County: Alpine Lake.
DAV329180DAVUmbellularia californicaH. W. Shepherds.n.1932-01-01 unknownUnknown county.
DAV329181DAVUmbellularia californicaC.H. Lamoureux10211956-03-16 LakeLake County: 1 mile east of Nice on Route 20.
DAV329182DAVUmbellularia californicaDaniel Potter7622015-03-14 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area, southwest of Zim Zim Falls trailhead.
DAV329183DAVUmbellularia californicaRachelle Raymond7051989-06-02 YoloYolo County: Outside Stebbins Reserve.
DAV329184DAVUmbellularia californicaCaitlin Lewis181993-04-17 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 40 miles N of San Francisco, 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mtn 1 mile. Near visitor center. Along Sonoma Creek.
DAV329185DAVUmbellularia californicaK. M. Meyer2482007-09-24 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Henry W. Coe State Park, SW corner of park, Hunting Hollow entrance and parking area.
DAV329186DAVUmbellularia californicaD.H. Hartmanns.n.1941-02-21 LakeLake County: Along East side of Clear Lake.
DAV329187DAVUmbellularia californicaRobert Kehlor91951-03-03 SolanoSolano County: Gates Canon, northwest of Vacaville.
DAV329188DAVUmbellularia californicaJohn Thomas Howell510211975-06-04 MariposaMariposa County. Yosemite Valley, foot of Glacier Point.
DAV329189DAVUmbellularia californicaJohn Thomas Howell411501965-04-26 MaderaMadera County: Sierra Nevada, 3 miles south of Oakhurst.
DAV329190DAVUmbellularia californicaJohn Thomas Howell353151960-06-06 FresnoFresno County: Sierra Nevada, Kings Canon road 8 miles west of Horseshoe Bend.
DAV329191DAVUmbellularia californicaScott Horiuchi21996-03-10 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, 5 miles from junction of N-2 and Angeles-Crest Highway, on the Angeles-Crest Highway.
DAV329192DAVUmbellularia californicaEllen Dean75312013-02-20 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. Main part of park along the Dorn Trail system fairly near the main Visitor Center parking lot.
DAV329193DAVUmbellularia californicaAmelie Blyth1-101952-02-17 SolanoSolano County: Mix′s canyon east side of Pleasant′s Valley, about 5 miles North of Vacaville.
DAV329194DAVUmbellularia californicaFred Bank721968-04-13 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: 1.5 miles south of Calaveras Reservoir, off Sierra Road.
DAV329195DAVUmbellularia californicaLisa Arimoto42012-05-05 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Northeastern part of property, uphill and north of Recreation Flat, along undeveloped road.
DAV329196DAVUmbellularia californicaMichael Alvord11993-03-14 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Clarita, Placerita Cyn. State Park, Walker Ranch. Waterfall trail.
DAV329197DAVUmbellularia californicaJennifer Bury2591993-05-08 SonomaSonoma County: About 40 air miles N of San Francisco; about 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mtn 1 mile. Near visitor center, 25 feet above parking lot; just off Lower Bald Mountain Trail.
DAV329198DAVUmbellularia californicaFerderica Bowcutt12401989-05-19 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, North side of Low Gap Creek, about 50 yards E. of bridge. 0.7 miles from Trailhead on Needle Rock Road (County Road 435) 1.25 air miles from Four Corners. E of Pacific 0.75 air mile.
DAV329199DAVUmbellularia californicaG. K. Helmkamp117272007-03-31 NevadaNevada Co.: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: just south of the crossing at CA-49 over the South Yuba River.
DAV329200DAVUmbellularia californicaG. K. Helmkamp116142007-03-11 El DoradoEl Dorado Co.: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Traverse Creek Road at the creek crossing, 2.4 miles northeast of CA-193.
DAV329201DAVUmbellularia californicaEllen Dean34282007-03-23 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range northwest of the City of Winters between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SW portion of ranch.
DAV329202DAVUmbellularia californicaG. K. Helmkamp115822006-12-07 El DoradoEl Dorado Co.: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Traverse Creek at Traverse Creek bridge, 1.9 mi east of CA-193.
DAV329203DAVUmbellularia californicaJames Dilleys.n.1997-01-11 Los AngelesLos Angeles Co.: San Fernando Valley, Verdugo Mts. La Tuna Cyn. Park.
DAV329204DAVUmbellularia californicaDavid G. Forbes66-4241966-04-03 Del NorteDel Norte County: 1 mile east of Darlingtonia (ca. 2 miles east of Gasquet), US Highway 199.
DAV329205DAVUmbellularia californicaRoman Gankin10631967-10-03 MarinMarin County: 0.2 miles west of Bolinas Ridge summit on Bolinas Road.
DAV329206DAVUmbellularia californicaMorris Halperins.n.1932-02-07 AlamedaAlameda County: UC Campus, Berkeley, Strawberry Creek at Sather Gate.
DAV329207DAVUmbellularia californicaMorris Halperins.n.1931-09-25 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon, Berkeley.
DAV329208DAVUmbellularia californicaG. K. Helmkamp101872006-04-13 El DoradoEl Dorado Co.: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills: El Dorado National Forest, along Volcanoville Road, 7.7 N of Wentworth Springs road (NE of Georgetown).
DAV358106DAVUmbellularia californicaAdam Clause62010-05-02 LakeLake County: W slope of Walker Ridge. Bartlett Springs Road. West of Bartlett Springs Road-Walker Ridge Road junction, and east of Bartlett Springs Road-Kilpepper Creek intersection. 10 m south of the road, down a slope leading to the creek.
DAV358107DAVUmbellularia californicaEllen Dean59492010-05-01 ColusaColusa County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road. 10 road miles N of intersection with Hwy 20. Just N of radio tower at Cold Spring Mountain on border with Lake County.
DAV358108DAVUmbellularia californicaJack Alderson212009-02-21 ColusaColusa County: BLM Payne Ranch (Bear Creek Ranch), lands to the SW of intersection of Hwys 16 and 20. Brophy Canon.
FSC0009705FSCUmbellularia californicaRobert D. HainesC-750251975-03-15 FresnoHaslett Basin--Bald Mountain. On U.S. Forest Service Road 10S69 1.1 mile east of junction of 10S02.
FSC0009706FSCUmbellularia californicaCharles L. Moran821956-04-22 FresnoNear water tank on road between Haslett Basin and Dinkey Creek via Fence Meadow, ca. 9.9 m. above bridge across Big Creek. (near upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir) .
FSC0009707FSCUmbellularia californicaCharles L. Moran821956-04-22 FresnoNear water tank on road between Haslett Basin and Dinkey Creek via Fence Meadow, ca. 9.9 m. above bridge across Big Creek. (near upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir) .
FSC0009708FSCUmbellularia californicaJack Springet1932-04-17 FresnoAuberry Burn Fresno Co., Calif.
FSC0009709FSCUmbellularia californicaE. Robinson901935-02-03 Santa CruzRedwoods - along first cutoff from State Highway 9 to Boulder Creek - about two miles from Boulder Creek.
FSC0009710FSCUmbellularia californicaC. H. Quibell9831929-03-16 FresnoBig Sandy Valley - mountain slope on the N.W. side.
FSC0009711FSCUmbellularia californicaC. H. Quibell9831929-03-16 FresnoS.W. side of Big Sandy Valley - hill slope.
FSC0009712FSCUmbellularia californicaA. C. Hawbecker481949-07-10 Santa CruzMt. Hermon, Santa Cruz Co., California
FSC0009713FSCUmbellularia californicaG. Hollis Spitler68-0271968-03-03 FresnoCollected on a south slope in a chaparral area. On Auberry Road above Auberry Indian Mission on the Big Sandy Bluff.
FSC0009714FSCUmbellularia californicaQueene Shahzade1942-05-02 FresnoSnow′s Ranch on the burn.
FSC0009715FSCUmbellularia californicaDavid Wm. Murray1962-04-15 TulareSouth wall, canyon of the East Fork of the Kaweah River; 1st. small tributary, approx. 4 mi. from jct. of state Hwy. 198 with east Fork road.
FSC0009716FSCUmbellularia californicaC. H. Quibell2531927-03-19 Los AngelesPalmer′s Canon, above Claremont.
FSC0009717FSCUmbellularia californicaH. Saiki1940-08-04 FresnoBig Creek grade between Huntington L. and Big Creek.
FSC0009718FSCUmbellularia californicaJack Rockwell#67-00021967-02-06 TulareR30E-T16S Sec. 1 W1-2. Located at a Hospital Rock, close to the general highway at 2840 ft.
FSC0009719FSCUmbellularia californicaConrad Bitters#691101969-04-09 FresnoLocated on Table Top Mountain.
FSC0009720FSCUmbellularia californicaDennis A. Wynn66-0531966-04-01 San MateoCollected at the YMCA Camp Loma Mar on Highway 84, 2 miles west of La Honda.
FSC0009721FSCUmbellularia californicaBob Round#541974-04-04 FresnoThis common tree was collected from a chaparral plant community 4.7 miles east of Auberry.
FSC0009722FSCUmbellularia californicaTod Lindsey1211979-04-16 FresnoCollected at Auberry Rd., 4.2 NE of Auberry.
FSC0009723FSCUmbellularia californicaBarron291960-03-21 AlamedaCollected in Strawberry Canon, Berkeley.
GH00311668GHUmbellularia californicaD. H. Goldman29022004-10-30 HumboldtAbout 50ft upslope from the ″Shrine Drive-Thru Tree″, along Rt. 254 (Avenue of the GIants), Meyers Flat.
GH00311669GHUmbellularia californicaD. H. Goldman29022004-10-30 HumboldtAbout 50ft upslope from the ″Shrine Drive-Thru Tree″, along Rt. 254 (Avenue of the GIants), Meyers Flat.
GH00381263GHUmbellularia californicaC. C. Kingman1910-01-22 UnknownRubis Canyon. S. G. Mts.
GH00381265GHUmbellularia californicaF. G. Meyer13281938-04-03 Siskiyouon open banks and in woods 20 miles north of Redding
GH00381266GHUmbellularia californicaF. G. Meyer14021938-04-07 Del Nortealong the Smith River at Darlingtonia
GH00381267GHUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller72181903-12-10 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
GH00381268GHUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller103801912-03-17 Santa ClaraLos Gatos
GH00381269GHUmbellularia californicaM. F. Spencer3031916-09-20 UnknownIn canyons of Santa Cruz Mts.
GH00381270GHUmbellularia californicaN. C. Sweet2641942-08-07 MaderaAlong road between Oakhurst and Coarsegold
GH00381271GHUmbellularia californicaH. J. Thompson18401959-02-20 Los Angeles2 miles from the ocean, La Tuna Canyon. Lat. N. 34 ° ; 118 ° to 119 ° W.
GH00381272GHUmbellularia californicaG. L. Benny ; C. M. Wainwright4911971-05-24 San BernardinoDay Canyon, San Bernardino National Forest
GH00381273GHUmbellularia californicaW. L. Jepson178561936-08-07 HumboldtButte Creek (upper), Bear Buttes
GH00381274GHUmbellularia californicaF. H. Utech; W. Knight ; I. Knight84-2031984-04-21 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest: ca 10.1 mi from Gasquet on Old Gasquet Toll Road enroute to Patricks Creek (road parallel to US hwy 199)
GH00381275GHUmbellularia californicaA. M. Carter12241937-03-20 Contra CostaLake Orinda Road, two miles northwest of Orinda
GH00381277GHUmbellularia californicaT. Coulter7091908-09-12 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381278GHUmbellularia californicaB. Anderson28441986-01-10 NapaMt Veeder Rd just east of Mt Veeder
GH00381279GHUmbellularia californicaA. K. Harrison1946-03-03 NapaNapa
GH00381280GHUmbellularia californicaW. W. Jones901910-03-17 UnknownBaird
GH00381282GHUmbellularia californicaD. Demaree103401933-04-28 MontereyNear China Camp. San Lucia Mts.
GH00381283GHUmbellularia californicaL. S. Rose390011939-01-24 Contra CostaHead of Wildcat Canyon, Berkley Hills
GH00381284GHUmbellularia californicaW. H. Brewer3261861-03-25 Santa BarbaraNear Sta Barbara
GH00381285GHUmbellularia californicaA. Gray1872-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381286GHUmbellularia californicaT. Coulter7081893-07-03 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381287GHUmbellularia californicaH. N. Bolander1874-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381288GHUmbellularia californicaH. E. Brown9181898-08-01 Mendocino[no additional data]
GH00381289GHUmbellularia californicaC. E. Cummings1896-05-09 MariposaYosemite Valley
GH00381290GHUmbellularia californicaC. E. Cummings1896-05-01 UnknownFoothills
GH00381291GHUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf55421933-11-08 OrangeSanta Ana Mts., Trabuco Canyon at Yaeger′s Cabin
GH00381292GHUmbellularia californicaH. L. Mason25581925-12-30 MendocinoHopland, Cloverdale Grade
GH00381293GHUmbellularia californicaJ. F. Collins1918-04-16 Los AngelesAlpine Tavern, Mt. Lowe
GH00381294GHUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins57541932-03-12 NapaBank of N. fork of Napa River 1 mi. N. of Calistoga
GH00381295GHUmbellularia californicaJ. M. Bigelow1941-05-15 Los AngelesMts. near San Gabriel
GH00381296GHUmbellularia californicaJ. C. Fremont1846-01-01 UnknownYucca
GH00381297GHUmbellularia californicaB. M. Bartholomew20921985-02-22 Los AngelesS side of the San Gabrail [Gabriel] Mountains in the vicinity of Mt. Wilson
GH00381302GHUmbellularia californicaJ. G. Lemmon1878-03-01 Alameda[no additional data]
GH00381303GHUmbellularia californicaJ. G. Lemmon1878-03-01 Santa Cruz[no additional data]
GH00381304GHUmbellularia californicaA. Kellogg1866-07-19 AlamedaOakland Hills
GH00381305GHUmbellularia californicaK. T. Hartweg19471897-07-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381306GHUmbellularia californicaD. Douglas1934-08-06 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00381309GHUmbellularia californicaR. T. Clausen6410861964-07-20 Buttenear mouth of Rock Creek, west of railroad, about 38 km. northeast of Pulga
GH00381310GHUmbellularia californicaR. T. Clausen630391963-04-10 VenturaNorthwest crest of Oat Peak, Oat Mountain
GH00381311GHUmbellularia californicaB. Bartholomew; B. Anderson; H. W. Li ; T. S. Ying22511985-06-03 Sonoma0.5 km SE of the Mendocino County line on State Highway 128
GH00381318GHUmbellularia californicaR. F. Hoover27471938-02-16 AlamedaStrawberry Canyon, Berkeley Hills
GH00381319GHUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood1895-10-01 MarinMill Valley
GH00381320GHUmbellularia californicaA. Eastwood1895-03-08 Santa CruzWrights
GH00381334GHUmbellularia californicaH. E. Brown8681898-08-01 Mendocino[no additional data]
GH00381335GHUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller123411916-04-27 GlennBennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo road
GH00381336GHUmbellularia californicaG. Thurber5091852-03-01 Napa[no additional data]
GH00381337GHUmbellularia californicaC. G. Michener ; F. T. Bioletti1731891-02-01 Alameda[no additional data]
GH00381338GHUmbellularia californicaH. M. Hall1899-01-01 Alameda[no additional data]
GH00381339GHUmbellularia californicaW. R. Dudley781904-04-02 Santa ClaraUpper Stevens Creek, Santa Cruz Mts.
GH00381340GHUmbellularia californicaM. E. P. Ames1893-05-01 PlumasAmerican River hills, Taylorville, Indian Valley
GH00381341GHUmbellularia californicaG. B. Grant13361941-07-21 Los AngelesMt. Lowe
GH00381343GHUmbellularia californicaG. W. Barclay1932-04-30 San Francisco[no additional data]
GH00443136GHUmbellularia californicaD. H. Goldman29022004-10-30 HumboldtAbout 50ft upslope from the ″Shrine Drive-Thru Tree″, along Rt. 254 (Avenue of the GIants), Meyers Flat.
GMDRC13428GMDRCUmbellularia californicaJ. M. Andre437832021-04-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: in lower Burnt Mill Canon, just south of Hwy 138, about 0.5 air miles south of the southeast shore of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC13979GMDRCUmbellularia californicaJ. M. Andre443762021-07-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Sawpit Canon, 0.6 air miles south of Hwy 138, approx. 1 mile south of south shore of Silverwood Lake
HREC595HRECUmbellularia californicaH. F. Heady5181953-02-05 MendocinoPond Pasture - Hopland Field Station
HREC596HRECUmbellularia californicaH. F. Heady361952-07-11 MendocinoNorth Pasture - Hopland Field Station
HREC597HRECUmbellularia californicaH. F. Heady4341952-08-25 MendocinoVassar Pasture - Hopland Field Station
HREC598HRECUmbellularia californicaA. H. M.HB 251962-07-06 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Lower Foster
HSC100513HSCUmbellularia californicaCarl C. Marshall3581887-04-01 HumboldtMoist ground back from coast.
HSC208941HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.O. Sawyer31911978-06-09 TrinityTrail to Red Mtn.
HSC208942HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith96291978-04-08 ShastaTrinity National Forest, road above Beegum Gorge Campground
HSC208943HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith102851980-05-11 Del NorteLow Divide.
HSC208944HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith51711972-04-01 Lake8.8 N of junction of SR 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC208945HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith50691972-02-20 NapaHwy. 1 W of Lake Hennessey
HSC208946HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith80581975-04-06 HumboldtN of Briceland on rd. to Hwy. 101
HSC208947HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.P. Smith48781971-10-02 Del NorteAlong Stony Creek near Gasquet.
HSC208948HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.O. Sawyer6731968-09-10 Siskiyou
HSC208949HSCUmbellularia californicaKenneth Clark5641980-03-27 HumboldtDead Mans Gulch, throughout Shelter Cove
HSC208950HSCUmbellularia californicaMaralyn O′Meara1231973-02-09 HumboldtMcKinleyville, N side of Mad River along N Bank Rd., 0.5 mi. E of Hwy. 101
HSC208951HSCUmbellularia californicaCarl W. Mize731972-06-21 SiskiyouAlong trail
HSC208952HSCUmbellularia californicaFrancis Wintersn1960-04-24 Humboldt2 NE of Redwood Creek Ranch
HSC208953HSCUmbellularia californicaR. York2351979-04-16 HumboldtCorner of 12th and D in Arcata
HSC208954HSCUmbellularia californicaT.W. Beck151963-03-17 HumboldtHumboldt Meridian, Camp Bauer, Korbel
HSC208955HSCUmbellularia californicaB. Francis31964-02-22 Mendocino1.5 W of Ukiah
HSC208956HSCUmbellularia californicaW.R. Rogers2931965-05-06 Humboldt3 mi. E of Arcata, Hwy. 299
HSC208957HSCUmbellularia californicaRichard Spjut2811968-10-12 Del Norte1.0 N of Gasquet
HSC208958HSCUmbellularia californicaL.S. Rose680081968-03-18 MarinAlpine Lake
HSC208959HSCUmbellularia californicaD. Sutherland13361966-03-26 SonomaNear Big Geysers
HSC208960HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas Eakle981971-03-25 Los AngelesNNE of Glendora on Glendora Mtn. Rd. in San Gabriel Mtns. in Angeles National Forest
HSC208961HSCUmbellularia californicaD.J. Jager531965-04-16 Mendocino4 mi. SE of Talmage near T.V. translator
HSC208962HSCUmbellularia californicaL. Ahart177962012-03-23 ButteAbout 9 mi. (air) NE of Chico; north side of Ten Mile House Road, ˜ .5 W of Hwy 32
HSC208963HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Nelson17691975-03-26 LakeBeside Hwy. 2 N of Calistoga along St. Helena Creek, NE side of Mt. St. Helena
HSC208964HSCUmbellularia californicaM. R. Mesler14432012-08-09 Del NorteShip Mountain, ridge south of Brother No. 3, northeast of Brother No. 4
HSC208965HSCUmbellularia californicaClark L. Miller81979-05-24 HumboldtAt 880 Central Ave. McKinleyville
HSC208966HSCUmbellularia californicaBruce Delgadosn1987-04-10 Lake0.5 N of Barrel Springs Campground
HSC208967HSCUmbellularia californicaRick Lundquist261979-04-22 Humboldt8.4 mi. up Fickle Hill Rd. from 11th St. across from HSU observatory
HSC208968HSCUmbellularia californicaSteve Boyd10881985-08-07 San DiegoUpper Cottonwood Canon, 3.6 mi. (by road) NW of junction of Tenaja Trail and De Luz Road.
HSC208969HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Nelson4564B1979-03-11 TehamaAlong Toomes Camp Rd. 9 W of Paskenta
HSC208970HSCUmbellularia californicaTerry Roth851979-05-24 Humboldt0.25 mi. down N Bank Rd. from its junction with Hwy. 10 exit at residence
HSC208971HSCUmbellularia californicaC.E. Fellows1431965-09-07 Los Angeles3 mi. from intersection of Angeles Crest Hwy. and Angeles Forest Hwy. on Angeles Crest Hwy.
HSC208972HSCUmbellularia californicaMelany Seacat2251979-06-16 MendocinoBig River Estuary, N side of river, 5 mi. upriver
HSC208973HSCUmbellularia californicaFrances Reuss Harmon32001-03-17 Del NorteSmith River National Recreation Area, Patrick Creek, Co. Rd. 3 N of junction with USFS Rd. 18N16
HSC208974HSCUmbellularia californicaSteven Lee322004-04-26 HumboldtHorse Mtn., 4 mi. up Titlow Hill Rd. from Hwy. 299
HSC208975HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.M. DiTomaso8771979-04-15 HumboldtRichardson Grove State Park, 80mi S of Eureka on Hwy. 101
HSC208976HSCUmbellularia californicaMichael Dalke541979-04-14 HumboldtRichardson Grove State Park, Hwy. 101
HSC208977HSCUmbellularia californicaMichelle Stevens381979-04-15 Lake0.5 mi. from Deer Creek Campground
HSC208978HSCUmbellularia californicaLloyd Simpson2531977-04-17 HumboldtWarren Creek Rd. 0.25 mi. from West End Rd.
HSC208979HSCUmbellularia californicaJana Kattenhorn1101970-10-24 HumboldtHSC Campus, E of Building 37
HSC208980HSCUmbellularia californicaGary S. Lester921974-04-11 Del Norte1.0 N of Gasquet, W facing slope above the N Fork of the Smith River
HSC208981HSCUmbellularia californicaGary S. Lester7801975-09-27 MendocinoLower Wilderness Meadow
HSC208982HSCUmbellularia californicaGary S. Lester8961976-02-07 Mendocino1 mi. up the Conger Rd.
HSC208983HSCUmbellularia californicaEd Cope251977-04-23 Humboldt2.5 mi. S of Shelter Cove Rd., S Fork of Bear Creek at Wailaki Campground
HSC208984HSCUmbellularia californicaM. R. Mesler12552012-07-13 Del NorteRidge between Broken Rib Mtn and Wounded Knee Mtn
HSC208985HSCUmbellularia californicaJ.O. Sawyer21851970-04-18 Del NorteSummit of Red Mtn. E of Klamath
HSC208986HSCUmbellularia californicaJana Kattenhorn1881971-02-12 HumboldtHumboldt State University campus, northwest of House 52
HSC208987HSCUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton25301979-05-15 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC208988HSCUmbellularia californicaOverton51131979-06-18 Del NorteNear Ship Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC208989HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Nelson46181979-04-12 ColusaAlong Stony Creek below Digger Pine Campground
HSC208990HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Nelson41921978-06-14 Del NorteAlong French Hill Rd., 8.7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 199
HSC208991HSCUmbellularia californicaThomas W. Nelson3301971-02-17 Del NorteW of Gasquet
HSC208992HSCUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton25851979-05-16 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Fork, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC208993HSCUmbellularia californicaLinda M. Barker2011975-02-22 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 1.4 N of southern entrance
HSC208994HSCUmbellularia californicaLinda M. Barker8281975-06-17 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.3 N of Patrick Creek junction
HSC208995HSCUmbellularia californicaLinda M. Barker2151975-03-07 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 4 N of S entrance.
HSC208996HSCUmbellularia californicaGilbert Muth103051979-07-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC208997HSCUmbellularia californicaGilbert Muth103421979-07-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC208998HSCUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton54961979-06-19 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Fork
HSC208999HSCUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton76581979-07-13 Del NorteNear Bald Hill, close to the town of Crescent City.
HSC209000HSCUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton26391979-05-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC209001HSCUmbellularia californicaLinda M. Barker3601975-05-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.5 N of Patrick Creek junction, at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek
HSC209002HSCUmbellularia californicaAlexander Brown12017-10-01 HumboldtBlue Lake, Mad River Fish Hatchery, near parking lot.
HSC209003HSCUmbellularia californicaClare R. Wheeler21581981-05-19 MendocinoCold Springs Lookout, SW of Philo on Signal Ridge Rd.
HSC209004HSCUmbellularia californicaDavid Wheeler981979-05-08 Humboldt927 J St. Arcata
HSC209005HSCUmbellularia californicaGladys L. Smith51111979-03-04 MendocinoSonoma-Mendocino Co. line Hwy. 128 at milepost 44.6
HSC209006HSCUmbellularia californicaDavid K. Smith221968-10-19 Del NorteNear junction of Stony Creek and N Fork of Smith River.
HSC209008HSCUmbellularia californicaR.J. Mastrogiuseppe1501974-08-26 Del NorteBeside FS Rd. 1 N04, 0.25 mi. from junction with road to Camp 6 Look Out, slope of Upper Coon Mtn.
HSC209009HSCUmbellularia californicaW.R. Swain251975-04-19 Monterey15-20 mi. E on Nacimiento Rd. from junction with Hwy. 1
HSC209010HSCUmbellularia californicaM.A. Baker3841977-06-06 HumboldtHoopa
HSC209011HSCUmbellularia californicaKevin Thomas132004-04-26 HumboldtLord Ellis Summit along Titlow Hill Rd., rd. turnout
HSC209012HSCUmbellularia californicaBrent Whitely41975-06-20 Siskiyou
HSC209013HSCUmbellularia californicaJohn Palmer5621980-07-23 SiskiyouPast Elbow Springs at end of USFS Rd. 1 N19
HSC209015HSCUmbellularia californicaDale R. Gradek911974-05-28 Humboldt1.0mi E of Hwy. 101 N Bank Rd.
HSC209016HSCUmbellularia californicaRon Ralston91975-05-03 Lake5.8 W of junction with Hwy. 29 on Scotts Creek Rd.
HSC209017HSCUmbellularia californicaSteve Selva851974-08-27 HumboldtAlong Hwy. 299 4.5 mi. E of Blue Lake
IRVC113049IRVCUmbellularia californicaR.H. WhittakerSJ-1931963-06-06 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: San Jacinto Ridge Rd.
IRVC113073IRVCUmbellularia californicaJ. Hornbeak (HS)s.n.1965-02-15 OrangeTrabuco Canon.
IRVC30044IRVCUmbellularia californicaMark A. Elvin53372007-03-05 OrangeUCI Arboretum
JEPS100055UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaG. SmickGAS472003-02-20 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
JEPS105210UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaDean W. Taylor156161996-04-28 FresnoSan Joaquin River Canon; Sierra National Forest; along road in the canyon 3 miles up (north) of junction with Italian Bar Road
JEPS105846UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart108762004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington
JEPS105856UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart108512004-05-02 SutterMountaintop, on the top of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes, about 5 miles (air) northwest of Sutter
JEPS109998UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaDean W. Taylor203792008-09-10 FresnoSierra Nevada. Big Sandy Bluffs along Highway 168, Tollhouse Grade, ca. 1.5 road miles west of junction with Tollhouse Road. Auberry 7.5 USGS quadrangle.
JEPS111013UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaJ. K. Nelson2004-102004-03-12 ShastaForest Road 3 N041 to digger Bay from Shasta Dam Boulevard, south side of Shasta Lake; ca 8 miles N of Redding, 2 miles W of Shasta Dam.
JEPS112485UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaD. G. Kelch04.132004-03-05 Contra CostaSky Ranch Dutra Fire Road. Franklin Canon
JEPS112486UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaD. G. Kelch03.392003-03-21 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive
JEPS112487UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaD. G. Kelch03.37.B2003-02-07 Contra CostaFranklin Canon
JEPS113135UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart135642007-02-15 NevadaOn the north side of the South Fork of the Yuba River, about 200 yards east of Bridgeport State Park
JEPS115103UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart, John Dittes154492008-11-14 ButteOn the south side of Big Chico Creek, north of the deep pen, northeast of the small storage building, near the paved road, about 150 yards east of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico
JEPS115633UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart162862009-08-20 ButteBelow rim edge, west edge of the open area west of the Guardian Rock Trail, about 100 yards north of Pine Trail, about 3-8 mile (air) southwest of the intersection of Ten Mile House Road and Highway 32, Upper Bidwell Park, about 10 miles northeast of Chic
JEPS119836UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaLowell Ahart177962012-03-23 ButteOn the north side of Ten Mile House Road, about 1-2 mile west of Highway 32, about 9 miles (air) northeast of Chico.
JEPS121560UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaAdam C. Schneider, C. Matt Guilliams392013-03-09 San MateoCrystal Springs Reservoir
JEPS40102UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson95411922-03-19 San MateoMillbrae
JEPS40103UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson179981937-04-09 NapaHowell Mountain, St. Helena, 1-4 mi below summit St. Helena; Howell Mountain, St. Helena
JEPS40105UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaJoseph P. Tracy109831933-04-08 Del NorteGasquet; North Coast Ranges, Gasquet
JEPS40106UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaJoseph P. Tracy109961933-04-08 Del Norte3 mi e of Gasquet (along Smith River); Smith River
JEPS40107UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWm. C. Cusick29321902-07-31 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mountains
JEPS40108UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson23931903-10-18 SolanoSummit Twin Sisters Peak
JEPS40109UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaMary L. Bowerman17081933-02-19 Mendocinoalong the Gualala River, beside bridge at the mouth Gualala River
JEPS40110UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaOlive Thacher1918-10-16 VenturaOjai, Horn Canon
JEPS40111UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaOlive Thacher1918-10-16 VenturaOjai, Thorn Canon Thorn Canon; Ojai, Thorn Canon
JEPS40112UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaOlive Thacher1918-10-24 VenturaOjai, Thorn Canon Thorn Canon; Ojai, Thorn Canon
JEPS40113UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaFrank W. Peirson3121919-01-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Arroyo Seco Arroyo Seco; San Gabriel Mountains, Arroyo Seco
JEPS40114UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaC. E. Hutchinson1892-08-10 Los Angelescanyon near Atadena
JEPS40115UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaAuretia S. Harwood1910-01-01 San Bernardinonear Mount Ontario (Upland); Upland
JEPS40116UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaAuretia S. Harwood1910-01-01 San BernardinoUpland
JEPS40117UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaCharlotte N. Smith6231942-05-26 Kern2 3-4 mi ese from Poso Mine (n-facing watershed of Poso Creek); Greenhorn Mountains, Poso Creek
JEPS40118UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaAdele Lewis Grant5591915-09-26 StanislausPatterson Grade; Sierra Nevada, Patterson Grade
JEPS40119UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson1898-10-23 AlamedaBerkeley, Strawberry Canon Strawberry Canon; Berkeley, Strawberry Canon
JEPS40120UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson1894-10-13 NapaSt. Helena
JEPS45707UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson1908-11-01 AlamedaStrawberry Canon
JEPS46172UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWilfred T. Frost4191932-08-20 MarinMount Tamalpais, Rattlesnake Camp #1 Mount Tamalpais;, Rattlesnake Camp #1
JEPS46234UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaRuby Van Deventer1051938-09-01 Del Nortenear Smith River Town
JEPS46494UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson1903-11-03 MendocinoMill Creek Canon Ukiah
JEPS46495UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson1908-11-01 AlamedaStrawberry Canon
JEPS46496UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaWillis L. Jepson23601903-08-23 SolanoGates Canon Vaca Mts.
JEPS591UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaS. B. Parish1888-04-01 San BernardinoWaterman Canon
JEPS68942UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaEdward Lee12701935-02-10 Contra CostaWildcat Creek; Berkeley, Berkeley Hills
JEPS75485UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaP. F. Yorks1081974-02-03 Contra Costa1.6 km s of Bear Creek Road (n of Briones Reservoir on Hampton Road in Hampton Road Natural Reserve); Hampton Road Natural Reserve
JEPS76953UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaRobert M. Lloyd20771963-03-03 Santa Barbara7.9 mi n of US 101 (Refugio Pass); Refugio Pass
JEPS78710UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaEdward Lee21411936-05-10 SutterMarysville Buttes, South Butte, Summit Marysville Buttes;, South Butte, Summit
JEPS80743UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman47031981-07-29 Lakeabout 1-2 km sw of Timber Lake (w side of Snow Mountain); Snow Mountain
JEPS80760UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman57271981-07-29 Colusas side of High Rock near summit High Rock (s side of Snow Mountain); Snow Mountain, High Rock
JEPS84832UCJEPSUmbellularia californicaJ. Stratford1982-02-23 AlamedaAnthony Chabot Regional Park, along Redwood Road Anthony Chabot Regional Park;, Redwood Road
JROH135JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas80811959-08-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH136JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas80811959-08-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH137JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas141431968-02-11 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH138JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas141431968-02-11 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH139JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas176211974-10-12 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH140JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn Hunter Thomas202161981-02-14 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH141JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn Hunter Thomas202161981-02-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH142JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn Hunter Thomas207921981-12-21 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH145JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas234881984-10-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH146JROHUmbellularia californicaJohn Hunter Thomas251171991-12-28 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
LA00648618LAUmbellularia californicaPeter H. Raven137591958-10-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Saddle Peak; N-facing side of summit
LA00648620LAUmbellularia californicaL. E. Hoffman1963-03-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Piuma Rd.
LA00648621LAUmbellularia californicaMary V. Hood43-7k1943-01-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Temescal Canon; unspecific
LA00648622LAUmbellularia californicaBruce Douglas Clayton391972-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; Shovel Spring
LA00648623LAUmbellularia californicaJonathan Sauer46841969-12-07 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Triunfo Canon; near Cornell
LA00648624LAUmbellularia californicaCarl Eplings.n.1930-03-16 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA00648625LAUmbellularia californicaO. H. Kappler1171942-03-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA00648626LAUmbellularia californicaPeter H. Raven138351959-03-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon; 1.1 miles north of Pacific Coast Hwy
LA00648627LAUmbellularia californicaHenry J. Thompson18401959-02-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; La Tuna Canon; 2 mi from ocean
LA00648629LAUmbellularia californicaHisao P. Arais.n.1957-03-16 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Saddle Peak
LA200674LAUmbellularia californicaCarl Epling60361925-02-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Elysian Park
LA202607LAUmbellularia californicaCarl Eplings.n.1934-12-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Seminole Hot Springs
LA211567LAUmbellularia californicaMark A. Elvin74332014-06-20 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; 6 kilometers (air) North of Ojai, Wheeler Canon seep, just North of tunnels
LA212342LAUmbellularia californicaL.E. Hoffmans.n.1945-02-24 Los AngelesPacoima Canon
LA212385LAUmbellularia californicaCarl Eplings.n.1932-06-22 San DiegoOriflamme Canon
LA213036LAUmbellularia californicaGeo. E. Julians.n.1963-03-10 Los AngelesPomona; California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; Kellogg Hill
LA213136LAUmbellularia californicaGeo. E. Julians.n.1963-03-10 Los AngelesKellogg Hill, Cal Poly Pomona
LA213154LAUmbellularia californicaHarold Piries.n.1964-02-10 Los AngelesWoodlands Hills; Pierce College Arboretum
LOB100053LOBUmbellularia californicaR. Comito & A.E. Fisher782018-04-14 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains. San Bernardino National Forest. Vista Grande Road. On ridge near road.
LOB106067LOBUmbellularia californicaC. Farnum116F1973-05-05 San Bernardino7 mi. S of Running Springs on Hwy. 30.
LOB106068LOBUmbellularia californicaTiffany Finau82011-03-26 TularePotwisha campground
LOB106069LOBUmbellularia californicaC. R. Komrosky42131970-05-23 Los Angeles2 miles S of Falling Springs on Hwy. 39
LOB106070LOBUmbellularia californicaB. Duff2141969-11-29 Los AngelesSanta Anita Canon., Sturtevant Falls.
LOB106071LOBUmbellularia californicaD. Flood301970-07-18 Los AngelesOn Glendora Mt. Rd. at Fallen Leaf Springs.
LOB106072LOBUmbellularia californicaL. W. Lilly251970-07-10 Los AngelesGlendora Mt. Rd. at Fallen Leaf Springs.
LOB106073LOBUmbellularia californicaF. DeVito831970-05-17 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains. 1-2 mile north of Bald Peak along Bedford Motorway, 12 miles south of Corona.
LOB106074LOBUmbellularia californicaM. L. De La Rosas.n.1970-07-18 San BernardinoGlendora Mt. Rd. at Fallen Leaf Springs, San Gabriel Mts.
LOB106075LOBUmbellularia californicaC. Farnum116F1973-05-05 San Bernardino7 mi. S of Runninf Springs on Hwy. 30.
LOB106076LOBUmbellularia californicaH. Jees.n.1970-07-14 San BernardinoAt Glendora Mt. Rd. at Fallen Leaf Springs.
LOB106077LOBUmbellularia californicaC. A. LaPoint951974-04-30 San BernardinoMt. Baldy Rd., 0.6 N of Ice Canon Rd.
LOB106078LOBUmbellularia californicaJ. S. Folsom771970-04-11 San Bernardino4 miles below Gregory Lake turnoff on Rt. 18.
LOB106079LOBUmbellularia californicaP.C. Baker51741965-02-27 Santa BarbaraCamino Cieto Rd. to west, just off Calif. 54, southeast of San Marcos Pass.
LOB106080LOBUmbellularia californicaMike Kawaguchis.n.1971-03-12 Santa Clara7.0 miles west of Gilroy Canon Hwy. 152, Spring Lake Area.
LOB106081LOBUmbellularia californicaAmanda Olinger82011-03-26 TularePotwisha campground
LOB106082LOBUmbellularia californicaSilvia Kersh321976-04-03 Tulare5 mi. up Bear Creek Rd. from jct. with Balch Park Rd.
LOB107704LOBUmbellularia californicaHannah Adams92019-03-09 Los AngelesDalton Canon Campgrounds near Glendora
LOB114810LOBUmbellularia californicaS. Coleman52017-03-17 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains, Cleveland National Forest, Pleasants Peak. Along Main Divide Road.
MCCC165MCCCUmbellularia californicaM. Chandler1981-12-10 Mendocino6 mi. E. of Hwy. 1 N. side of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC201MCCCUmbellularia californicaRouvaishyana1981-12-05 Mendocino3 mi. E. of Hwy. 1 along road-trail, Russian Gulch State Park
MCCC260MCCCUmbellularia californicaPatrick Wall1982-03-10 MendocinoAdjacent Big River Estuary
MCCC454MCCCUmbellularia californicaMarcia Synder1981-12-01 MendocinoCa. 6 mi. east of Hwy. 1, 25 north of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC455MCCCUmbellularia californicaMarcia Synder1981-12-01 MendocinoCa. 6 mi. east of Hwy. 1, 25 north of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC456MCCCUmbellularia californicaMarcia Synder1981-12-01 MendocinoCa. 6 mi. east of Hwy. 1, 25 north of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC457MCCCUmbellularia californicaMarcia Synder1981-12-01 MendocinoCa. 6 mi. east of Hwy. 1, 25 north of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC5960MCCCUmbellularia californicaR. Woodward211982-01-15 MendocinoRoad 300 between egg taking station and Fort Bragg, on Noyo River side of road
MCCC5961MCCCUmbellularia californicaR. Woodward221982-01-15 MendocinoRoad 300 between egg taking station and Fort Bragg, on Noyo River side of road
NY02682107NYUmbellularia californicaC. H. Michener896a1892-08-08 ?  Alameda
NY02682108NYUmbellularia californicaL. B. Prathers.n.1945-02-18 ?  FresnoPrather
NY2512201NYUmbellularia californicaAustins.n.1875-01-01 ?  Plumas
NY2512266NYUmbellularia californicaR. R. Halse33781987-02-22 ?  LakeAlong State Hwy. 29, 0.4 mile north of the Lake-Napa county line, about 6 miles south of Middletown.
NY42161NYUmbellularia californicaJ. B. Walker8941994-08-12 ?  Santa CruzSwanton Rd, 7km from S junction with Hwy 1
NY44542NYUmbellularia californicaN. C. Goldstein701996-01-24 UnknownUniversity of California at Santa Cruz. Near Farm & Garden Project
OBI119679OBIUmbellularia californicaMargaret Przybylski1332004-04-09 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, E of main parking lot
OBI119680OBIUmbellularia californicaFred Hrusa671980-06-01 San Luis ObispoAbove Botanic garden in Poly Cyn, Cal Poly campus
OBI119682OBIUmbellularia californicaMargaret Przybylski222003-10-04 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, lower park. Beside picnic tables S of Path along Arroyo Viejo crk
OBI119683OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid Keil291162000-11-10 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo. Chorro Creek Drainage above Chorro Reservoir. Vicinity of type location of Cirsium fontinale var. obispoense (Chorro Creek bog thistle). Large tree at head of spring.
OBI119684OBIUmbellularia californicaNicole Durtschi22017-02-20 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo, Bowden Ranch Open Space, right after the second creek crossing, right along the creek.
OBI119685OBIUmbellularia californicaDebora Guillot1.191993-06-24 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park; NE corner of San Simeon state park
OBI119686OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid A. Young19761989-04-27 San Luis ObispoAlong chaparral road near the E end of the Botanicl area, below TV antennas
OBI119687OBIUmbellularia californicaMaddie Stukan92015-11-08 San Luis ObispoPennington Creek Bio Reserve. On northwest facing slope; 15 ft after rock drain system.
OBI119688OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil258631996-05-24 San Luis ObispoLaguna Lake Park, SLO
OBI119689OBIUmbellularia californicaCrystal Van52017-02-05 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo, Laguna Lake Trail, around the play structure
OBI119690OBIUmbellularia californicaD. R. Miller194.601994-01-14 San Luis ObispoPine Mt region. On Coles rd on S side of Little Pine Mt
OBI119691OBIUmbellularia californicaLarry Kelly4271991-06-22 Santa CruzSoquel Demonstration State forest off of Highland Ave.
OBI119692OBIUmbellularia californicaEric Wise9571981-07-26 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, Cal Poly campus, SLO
OBI119693OBIUmbellularia californicaSteve Bowe571978-03-01 San Luis ObispoS side of road in Poly cyn, 1-2 N on road
OBI119694OBIUmbellularia californicaJasmine Watts232001-02-17 Mariposa14 N of Mariposa on hwy 49
OBI119695OBIUmbellularia californicaGary Westbrook461994-03-01 San Luis ObispoCal Poly campus; Poly canyon near Botanical Garden footbridge
OBI119696OBIUmbellularia californicaKathleen Goddard Joness.n.1993-10-21 Santa BarbaraLos Padres Natl Forest. Vicinity of Aliso Park campground SW of New Cuyama and SW along jeep trail
OBI119697OBIUmbellularia californicaTom Darnell101960-01-22 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, Cal Poly campus, SLO
OBI119698OBIUmbellularia californicaCarrie Carden242001-02-10 Mendocino1-2 mi down Philo School Rd, by the stream
OBI119699OBIUmbellularia californicaMona Stockdale101960-01-22 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, Cal Poly campus, SLO
OBI119701OBIUmbellularia californicaPenelope Blackmer371973-04-09 San Luis ObispoPennington Crk
OBI119702OBIUmbellularia californicaJacey Garrison172002-02-18 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mtn, Figueroa Mtn rd, off hwy 154, across from Los Olivos, along Davy Brown hiking trail
OBI119703OBIUmbellularia californicaLane Bakers.n.1980-10-25 MontereyLos Padres Natl Forest. Cruikshank Trl
OBI119704OBIUmbellularia californicaMelissa Luckow & Jerry Rendon101980-04-04 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, near the arch to the cyn
OBI119705OBIUmbellularia californicaWendy Thackery22002-02-20 San Luis ObispoCerro Alto Campground, hwy 41 (6 me E of hwy 1) on E side of road. Cerro alto Peak trail
OBI119706OBIUmbellularia californicaChristopher Greiner81979-04-16 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, Cal Poly campus, SLO
OBI119707OBIUmbellularia californicaR.A. Hayss.n.1957-11-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
OBI119708OBIUmbellularia californicaVrMeer121955-03-08 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn
OBI119709OBIUmbellularia californicaH.E. McMinn131931-02-15 Contra CostaLeona Heights
OBI119710OBIUmbellularia californicaLouis C. Wheeler66991948-08-14 FresnoBetween tollhouse and Shaver Lake
OBI119711OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid Keil336482016-03-14 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI119713OBIUmbellularia californicaRobert F. Hoover97211965-10-16 ButteDeer Crk rd E of Chico
OBI119714OBIUmbellularia californicaF.H. Utech, walter and Irja Knight84-2031984-04-21 Del NorteSix Rivers Natl Forest; ca. 10.1 mi from Gasquet on Old Gasquet Toll rd enroute to Patricks Crk (road parallel to US hwy 199)
OBI119715OBIUmbellularia californicaLewis S. Rose560021956-03-12 MarinWoodacre
OBI119716OBIUmbellularia californicaDan Harrington171984-02-10 San Luis ObispoReservoir Cyn, off hwy 101, 2 N of SLO
OBI119717OBIUmbellularia californicaMorton Noble241959-07-01 Santa BarbaraRefugio Cyn, S slope Santa Ynez range
OBI119718OBIUmbellularia californicaB.A. Smith231966-04-08 San Luis ObispoAbout 3.5 mi on Perfumo Cyn rd from jctn of See Cyn rd
OBI119719OBIUmbellularia californicaDon HollandP.0471971-03-24 OrangeTrabuco Cyn approx 7 mi from Santiago Cyn rd past upper campground chaparral
OBI119720OBIUmbellularia californicaCindy Kadis81980-12-01 Santa Clarafound in Uras Cyn
OBI119721OBIUmbellularia californicaMark Schneiders.n.1973-12-15 San Luis ObispoCal Poly campus; Poly canyon
OBI119722OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil174101983-07-30 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts, N of Upland on Mountain ave. Lower slopes of Mt Baldy
OBI119723OBIUmbellularia californicaJames Courtney31980-12-20 San Luis ObispoPennington Crk Bio reserve
OBI119724OBIUmbellularia californicaMelody Dickens571980-03-15 San Luis ObispoMorro Rock, Morro Bay. Near PG&E outflow fence at base north face
OBI119725OBIUmbellularia californicaHannah Hobelman42017-01-25 San Luis ObispoCerro San Luis along Sterling Trail about 1-4 might from Sterling Lane trailhead
OBI119726OBIUmbellularia californicaDrew Burke52017-02-15 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo, West Cuesta Ridge, before the big wooden pole, after the fence
OBI119727OBIUmbellularia californicaThomas Burrows1191980-08-14 San Luis ObispoReservoir Cyn, SLO
OBI119728OBIUmbellularia californicaSteve Boyd10881985-08-07 San DiegoUpper Cottonwood Cyn, 3.6 mi (by road) NW of jctn of Tenaja Trl and De Luz rd
OBI119729OBIUmbellularia californicaRay McKelvey121978-10-10 MariposaYosemite Valley, Yosemite Natl Park
OBI119730OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil144121981-04-11 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon along ridge just S of Arroyo de la Cruz
OBI119731OBIUmbellularia californicaRyan Russell72009-07-02 MontereyHwy 1 in Big Sur on rd turnout
OBI119732OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil159511982-05-08 San Luis Obispo2.9 mi E of jctn w- Santa rosa Crk rd along dirt road up Cypress Mtn along Steiner Crk
OBI119733OBIUmbellularia californicaM.J. Erwin191983-11-11 San MateoEnd of driveway to Daggett residence, 100 W of Old Canada Rd, within property limits of Filoli Center, Canada Rd, Woodside
OBI119734OBIUmbellularia californicaEric Lamers51981-02-16 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge
OBI119735OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil149491981-07-03 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz, N of San Simeon
OBI119736OBIUmbellularia californicaLynne D. Althouse381977-04-12 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s horse ranch near San Luis High school
OBI119737OBIUmbellularia californicaSharon Jochums921974-04-03 San Luis ObispoW of hwy 1 N of San Simeon Point
OBI119738OBIUmbellularia californicaKathleen Reynolds81966-02-23 Los AngelesPasadena, Arroyo Seco Cyn at Arroyo Ave in the foothills of San Gabriel Mts
OBI119739OBIUmbellularia californicaRobert F. Hoover108941968-02-23 SonomaGraton-Occidental road
OBI119740OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid J. Keil25791967-09-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Natl Forest near Arrowhead Springs
OBI119741OBIUmbellularia californicaDavid Morse31972-07-29 SonomaOne mi NE of Cloverdale, on hwy 128
OBI148360OBIUmbellularia californicaKatie Bayer22020-02-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo, East Cuesta Ridge, Mt. Lowe Rd, growing on hillside among other trees.
OBI149439OBIUmbellularia californicaJ. Norman21978-03-18 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., 2 mi. S. of Big Sur River, near pond at Post Ranch west of highway I.
OBI158775OBIUmbellularia californicaCasey Matthews2020-02-25 San Luis ObispoCanon Road near entrance to arch graveyard on the right side of the road by the horse pastures.
OBI161799OBIUmbellularia californicaMonika Richardson2792017-08-11 Santa CruzOff Schoolhouse Gulch road
PASA1275PASAUmbellularia californicaAnnetta Carter1929-03-24 AlamedaBerkeley, Strawberry Canon
PGM6043PGMUmbellularia californicaHowitt, Beatrice F1956-02-26 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, Along Arnold Rd
PGM710PGMUmbellularia californicaYadon, Vern1960-06-02 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Church Creek Camp, Los Padres National Forest
POM122335RSAUmbellularia californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1923-08-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
POM122455RSAUmbellularia californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-04-28 Santa BarbaraGaviota Canon.
POM148435RSAUmbellularia californicaC. F. Bakers.n.1903-07-20 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon.
POM149107RSAUmbellularia californicaC. F. Baker1931901-12-10 Santa ClaraNear Stanford University.
POM149108RSAUmbellularia californicaMicheners.n.1893-03-11 AlamedaOakland Hills.
POM149109RSAUmbellularia californicaH. P. Chandler7741901-03-01 AlamedaBerkeley Hills.
POM149110RSAUmbellularia californicaA. A. Heller50131902-03-10 SonomaHills East of Santa Rosa.
POM149111RSAUmbellularia californicaC. F. Baker36861903-09-20 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon near Claremont.
POM177357RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins28281927-08-04 San DiegoSmall canyon on Vallecito Trail, Laguna Mts, San Diego County.
POM177515RSAUmbellularia californicaL. R. Abrams63421916-02-23 Santa ClaraStanford University.
POM177516RSAUmbellularia californicaHarry A. Duttons.n.1900-02-18 San MateoWoodside.
POM177525RSAUmbellularia californicaW. R. Dudleys.n.1904-04-02 Santa ClaraUpper Stevens Creek.
POM177705RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins50871930-11-08 Santa CruzNear Scott Creek Schoolhouse.
POM181556RSAUmbellularia californicaJ. G. Lemmons.n.1878-09-01 AlamedaOakland Hills.
POM187308RSAUmbellularia californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1931-07-16 ShastaPitt River Bridge.
POM187649RSAUmbellularia californicaJ. Ewan51521931-09-07 San BernardinoCleared slope above stream, Sawpit Canon, San Bernardino Mts
POM202744RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins57541932-03-12 NapaBank of N Fork of Napa River, 1 mile N of Calistoga.
POM207277RSAUmbellularia californicaMarion Ownbey22231940-07-08 SiskiyouDry hillside along Indian Creek. 12 miles above Happy Camp.
POM216894RSAUmbellularia californicaD. D. Keck13791932-02-21 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek, Palo Alto.
POM222888RSAUmbellularia californicaS. S. Berrys.n.1909-02-24 Santa ClaraBank of San Francisquito Creek, Stanford Estate.
POM246475RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf61991934-10-18 MarinMarin Dell School, five miles north of San Rafael.
POM247255RSAUmbellularia californicaAnnetta Carter12241937-03-20 Contra CostaLake Orinda Road, two miles northeast of Orinda.
POM272288RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson2831928-06-16 LakeHighland Springs, Mayamacas Mt. Range, Dobe Creek.
POM272289RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson18451929-07-16 HumboldtWeott Ranger Station. S Fork Eel River.
POM272290RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson8591927-01-01 LakeHighland Springs, Mayacamas Mt. Range, Dobe Creek.
POM272291RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson9841929-03-04 San MateoHill east of Lake Searsville.
POM272292RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson2582a1931-02-16 San MateoStanford University, San Francisquito Creek.
POM272293RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson43161933-04-15 LakeKelseyville. Middle N Coast Mt. Range. Clear Lake watershed.
POM272294RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson41361933-03-26 KernMouth Kern Canon - Greenhorn Park, Kern River Watershed. Greenhorn Mountains
POM272295RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson79441936-08-09 LakeSoda Bay, Clear Lake; Middle North Coast Mt. Range.
POM272296RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson79441936-08-09 LakeSoda Bay, Clear Lake; Middle North Coast Mt. Range.
POM290RSAUmbellularia californicaEdwin Roofsn1965-10-01 San BernardinoSan Dimas Canon
POM293052RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson118941945-10-15 San BernardinoMt. San Antonio Canon at Camp Baldy.
POM293301RSAUmbellularia californicaLyman Benson121451946-08-10 LakeWest side of Mt. Konoeti [Konocti]; Middle North Coast Mt. Range, Clear Lake drainage area.
POM301453RSAUmbellularia californicaNathan C. Sweet, Jr.2641942-08-07 MaderaAlong road between Oakhurst and Coarsegold.
POM303RSAUmbellularia californicaD. L. Crawfordsn1915-06-01 Los AngelesMts above Claremont, Ca.
POM307569RSAUmbellularia californicaHenry J. Ramsey23591938-04-09 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass.
POM307830RSAUmbellularia californicaHenry J. Ramsey27721938-02-06 Los AngelesEaton Canon Park, Altadena.
POM310379RSAUmbellularia californicaMargaret Hardinge1461946-03-11 Los AngelesBig Dalton Canon.
POM346614RSAUmbellularia californicaBarry Burnell2491971-02-18 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon 6.3 miles from the intersection of Foothill and San Dimas Canon Rd.
POM47376RSAUmbellularia californicaMary F. Spencer3031916-09-20 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains
POM48339RSAUmbellularia californicaE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-03-01 RiversideSnow Canon, San Jacinto Mts.
POM49926RSAUmbellularia californicaP. A. Munz84131924-06-26 San DiegoAlong canyon, Vallecito Canyo, Laguna Mts.
POM50398RSAUmbellularia californicaL. R. Abrams195651924-03-23 San MateoCoast Range, near Palo Alto.
POM623612RSAUmbellularia californicaR. S. Woglum14711937-11-06 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Grant Park.
POM86403RSAUmbellularia californicaGeorge B. Grant40641907-06-01 San BernardinoSeven Oaks, San Bernardino Mts.
POM86485RSAUmbellularia californicaJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-08-02 TulareEshom Creek.
PPWD1052PPWDUmbellularia californicaM. GraberMBG0102014-04-15 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Redwood Canon trail; uphill and west of trail.
PPWD1113PPWDUmbellularia californicaP. Rockwood14502015-01-06 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - East edge of road behind (NE) of Dwight Center; ˜ 4m up from gate with Douglas-firs. Douglas-fir forest-mixed evergreen forest.
PPWD1114PPWDUmbellularia californicaP. Rockwood14502015-01-06 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - East edge of road behind (NE) of Dwight Center; ˜ 4m up from gate with Douglas-firs. Douglas-fir forest-mixed evergreen forest.
PPWD1278PPWDUmbellularia californicaJ. Anderson52013-09-03 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Doug-fir trail; 50 yrds from stairs above parking lot. 0% slope; partial sun.
PPWD1952PPWDUmbellularia californicaG. DeNevers5761981-03-23 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Garrison Canon
PUA10664PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-01-31 LakeLocal landmark: Troutdale Creek. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10675PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-01-30 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10712PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-01-24 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10724PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-01-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10751PUAUmbellularia californicaHoward Walton1975-10-22 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA10757PUAUmbellularia californicaHoward Walton1975-10-22 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA16599PUAUmbellularia californicaShirley Sears1976-04-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Klamath River. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA16989PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-02-14 NapaLocal landmark: Mountain Millhouse Toll Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA16996PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-02-18 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17006PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1978-02-19 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17515PUAUmbellularia californicaB. Tam1976-06-29 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
PUA18072PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18132PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18183PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Crescent City Quad.
PUA18233PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18300PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18321PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18392PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18432PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18527PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gasquet. Gasquet Quad.
PUA1864PUAUmbellularia californicaT.L. Landis1972-04-14 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1865PUAUmbellularia californicaJ.F. Lewis1972-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Yountville. Yountville Quad.
PUA1866PUAUmbellularia californicaS. Roos1972-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1867PUAUmbellularia californicaD. Schwartz1971-05-05 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1868PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1971-04-25 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Berryessa. Walter Springs Quad.
PUA18681PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA18743PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA19392PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: French Hill. Gasquet Quad.
PUA194PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1972-08-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19715PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Coon Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19757PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Lower Coon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19894PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Griswold1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Hardscrabble Creek. High Divide Quad.
PUA19905PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Hurdygurdy Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19913PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Horse Flat. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA19950PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Big Flat Guard Station. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA21251PUAUmbellularia californicaOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain Lookout. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA21724PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Griswold1979-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Merrill Creek. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA22784PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1979-07-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA22921PUAUmbellularia californicaClifton And Overton1979-07-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bald Hill. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA2346PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1974-07-31 ButteLocal landmark: Bardees Bar. Pulga Quad.
PUA25023PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid C. Maercklein1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Coon Run. Happy Camp Quad.
PUA25046PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid C. Maercklein1979-08-09 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Deadman Point. Happy Camp Quad.
PUA27695PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA27711PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA28917PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1979-08-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Tom Gray Gulch. Happy Camp Quad.
PUA30794PUAUmbellularia californicaDibble And Griggs1979-07-11 LakeLocal landmark: Bear Creek. Potato Hill Quad.
PUA31050PUAUmbellularia californicaJimerson And Pageau1979-05-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Orleans. Orleans Quad.
PUA3278PUAUmbellularia californicaW.D. Sumner1971-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA3279PUAUmbellularia californicaR.J. Rakestraw1971-04-23 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA33594PUAUmbellularia californicaBill Grummer1979-07-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA3381PUAUmbellularia californicaL.D. Londagin1971-05-17 NapaLocal landmark: Conn Valley. St. Helena Quad.
PUA3633PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1971-08-04 YubaLocal landmark: Honcut Creek. Rackerby Quad.
PUA3634PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1967-01-18 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA36349PUAUmbellularia californicaGail Newton1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA3635PUAUmbellularia californicaW.D. Sumner1972-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
PUA3636PUAUmbellularia californicaD.V. Hemphill1970-08-09 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Trout Canon Peak Quad.
PUA3637PUAUmbellularia californicaC.A. Ground1970-07-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA36560PUAUmbellularia californicaMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: South Red Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA37785PUAUmbellularia californicaMarc Baker1980-07-28 Del NorteLocal landmark: Table Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA38287PUAUmbellularia californicaMarc Baker1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Gasquet Quad.
PUA38652PUAUmbellularia californicaDwain Goforth1980-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Cedar Creek. Morgan Valley Quad.
PUA38815PUAUmbellularia californicaDwain Goforth1980-04-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Douglas Creek. Ukonom Lake Quad.
PUA39825PUAUmbellularia californicaDwain Goforth1980-05-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Crescent City Quad.
PUA41012PUAUmbellularia californicaLinda M. Barker1975-02-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Old Gasquet Toll Road. Gasquet Quad.
PUA44696PUAUmbellularia californicaJohn Palmer1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lick Creek. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA46108PUAUmbellularia californicaMaralyn Renner1980-09-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Trout Canon Peak Quad.
PUA46914PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA48635PUAUmbellularia californicaJacqueline Greenleaf1981-07-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Diamond Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA48733PUAUmbellularia californicaJacqueline Greenleaf1981-07-12 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Divide. High Divide Quad.
PUA48819PUAUmbellularia californicaJacqueline Greenleaf1981-07-12 Del NorteLocal landmark: Copper Creek. High Divide Quad.
PUA52877PUAUmbellularia californicaBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-06-28 Del NorteLocal landmark: Pine Flat Mountain. Gasquet Nw Quad.
PUA53457PUAUmbellularia californicaBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-07-07 Del NorteLocal landmark: Patrick Creek. Gasquet Ne Quad.
PUA53511PUAUmbellularia californicaBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-07-08 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau. Gasquet Nw Quad.
PUA54364PUAUmbellularia californicaBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-07-09 Del NorteLocal landmark: Dollar Bend. Gasquet Ne Quad.
PUA54968PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Eighteenmile Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA54988PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-06-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA55005PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Divide. Crescent City Quad.
PUA55018PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Stone Corral Lookout. Crescent City Quad.
PUA55090PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-05-20 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
PUA55106PUAUmbellularia californicaDavid Imper1982-05-20 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA56244PUAUmbellularia californicaJimerson-imper1983-04-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA56257PUAUmbellularia californicaTom Jimerson1983-05-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Hole In The Ground Mine. Crescent City Quad.
PUA56758PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57103PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-02 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57330PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1983-05-19 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57660PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1983-07-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Camp Grant. Weott Quad.
PUA58297PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58758PUAUmbellularia californicaGrummer & Hemphill1983-06-13 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
PUA61713PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1984-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
PUA61821PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1986-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Whitehead Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA62006PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1986-04-03 NapaLocal landmark: Inspiration Point. St. Helena Quad.
PUA62042PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1983-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Four Corners. St. Helena Quad.
PUA63038PUAUmbellularia californicaTodd Dawson1981-07-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Patricks Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA63102PUAUmbellularia californicaTodd Dawson1981-07-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Quad.
PUA63205PUAUmbellularia californicaTodd Dawson1981-07-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Quad.
PUA63228PUAUmbellularia californicaTodd Dawson1981-07-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Shelly Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA63842PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1987-03-30 NapaLocal landmark: Doe Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA63905PUAUmbellularia californicaJoe Callizo1987-03-26 NapaLocal landmark: Cooksley Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA64307PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
PUA66683PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA67088PUAUmbellularia californicaG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
PUA9215PUAUmbellularia californicaJ.L. Kraemer1971-01-23 NapaLocal landmark: Bell Canon. St. Helena Quad.
PUA9521PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1977-08-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: patrick Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA9523PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1977-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: Diamond Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA9524PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1977-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: Diamond Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA9527PUAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1977-08-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: Grassy Flat Campground. Gasquet Quad.
RSA0012271RSAUmbellularia californicaJoan Stewart2311993-06-01 TulareMiddle Fork Trail up Kaweah from around Hospital Rock, Sequoia National Park
RSA0013920RSAUmbellularia californicaMeredith Stewart801976-04-14 Tulare3 miles above the water tank on the Balch Park Road
RSA0014970RSAUmbellularia californicaSteve Boyd116892006-09-21 Los AngelesAlong La Tuna Creek between La Tuna Canon Road and 210 Freeway.
RSA0016882RSAUmbellularia californicaT. S. Ross67021992-07-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts: ridgeline between Iron Mtn. and Condor Peak; NW spur of 5162′ knoll.
RSA0016883RSAUmbellularia californicaT. S. Ross62351992-04-21 Los AngelesFallen leaf spring: draining northward to Cow Canon.; Mt. Baldy 7.5′
RSA0016884RSAUmbellularia californicaT. S. Ross73041993-05-26 Los AngelesW end of the San Gabriel Mts: near head of upper E Fk Wilson Canon just S of Lupine Saddle, ca 2100 ft ESE of Wilson Canon Saddle.; San Fernando 7.5′
RSA0018696RSAUmbellularia californicaJoan Stewart2481994-05-16 TulareUSFS 30E14.
RSA0020392RSAUmbellularia californicaDuncan S. Bell51572013-06-13 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSan Gabriel Mountains region: Sheep Mountain Wilderness; Coldwater Canon off of Canon, on the southwestern flanks of Mount San Antonio.; Mount Baldy
RSA0021954RSAUmbellularia californicaDuncan S. Bell52962013-06-24 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSheep Mountain Wilderness; East Fork of the San Gabriel River, collecting in The Narrows, just south of the mouth of Iron Fork.; Mount San Antonio
RSA0037242RSAUmbellularia californicaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1942-03-07 SolanoGreen Valley, near Fairfield.
RSA0043002RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney132572010-06-21 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon Natural Area, 0.2 - 1.5 miles south of Placerita Canon, in Los Pinetos Canon, along Los Pinetos Trail.; San Fernando 7.5 Q.
RSA0054984RSAUmbellularia californicaW. M. Arbaugh1671968-02-26 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon.
RSA0054986RSAUmbellularia californicaL. Hainess.n.1936-06-26 MariposaYosemite National Park.
RSA0054991RSAUmbellularia californicaJim Shevock5791970-12-27 Santa BarbaraRattlesnake Creek.
RSA0054992RSAUmbellularia californicaJim Shevock1051970-04-05 Santa BarbaraStagecoach Road.
RSA0056378RSAUmbellularia californicaLinda C. Maxwell121975-03-21 Los AngelesGold Creek Station in Little Tujunga Cyn. Gold Creek, San Gabriel Mtns.Along north side of Gold Creek, about 20 m. from the creek on the south side of the white nature trail; has a numbered post near its base (#12).
RSA0060577RSAUmbellularia californicaBob Rogers291984-05-05 RiversideCollected along a trail bordering the west side of Fuller Mill Creek heading upstream. Starting point was on the North side of Hwy 243, 11.6 miles from hwy 74-hwy 243 jctn.
RSA0060878RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney135542010-08-16 Los AngelesArcadia, Big Santa Anita Canon, Arcadia Wilderness Park.; Mt. Wilson 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0077509RSAUmbellularia californicaG. Wallaces.n.1964-05-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.
RSA0081388RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney135922010-08-26 Los AngelesNorth Fork Big Santa Anita Canon, to 0.7 mi. up from confluence with Big Santa Anita Cyn.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
RSA0084825RSAUmbellularia californicaMare Nazaire20832016-04-15 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA0087378RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney134592010-08-09 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon, Camp Sturtevant Heliport Trail 0 to 0.3 miles ENE of the camp and the jct. of the Mt. Zion Trail and the Sturtevant Trail.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
RSA0087921RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney136162010-08-30 Los AngelesEast Fork Big Santa Anita Canon from confluence with Big Santa Anita Canon bottom-Gabrieleno Trail to 0.5 mi. upstream.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
RSA0091711RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney143692011-04-09 Los AngelesNE of the city of Monrovia, Woodrat Flats, between Sycamore and Twin Springs canyons, on the restored Ben Overturff Trail, N of Sawpit Cyn.; Azusa 7.5 Quad.
RSA0091790RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney159682011-11-01 Los AngelesWest Fork San Gabriel Canon, West Fork Natl. Scenic Bikeway, 50 meters S of Pasadena Bait Club, 1.68 miles below Glen Cyn. Campground; Azusa 7.5 Q.
RSA0099354RSAUmbellularia californicaJessica Orozco8542015-03-16 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Cholollo campgrounds.
RSA0100202RSAUmbellularia californicaJessica Orozco7592014-07-25 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Cholollo campgrounds, coming from main reservation road, first road to the left after you pass the first water crossing. Off road heading to Windy Creek.
RSA0100572RSAUmbellularia californicaJessica Orozco4272013-11-09 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off main reservation road, past junction that leads to Eagle meadow, towards the chollo campground.
RSA0100790RSAUmbellularia californicaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1934-02-04 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon.
RSA0101066RSAUmbellularia californicaJessica Orozco1082013-05-20 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Upper elevations of the S. fork Tule River on reservation. Along the S.fork Tule River. Off main road where it forks there is a driving bridge, right side of sign says redwood corral.
RSA0102630RSAUmbellularia californicaJessica Orozco423b2013-11-09 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Along main reservation road, higher elevations, after pavement ends, at the first river crossing.
RSA0105493RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney159812011-11-03 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Santa Anita Canon, First Water, 1.7 miles up canyon from Mt. Wilson Trailhead, north of Sierra Madre.; Mt. Wilson 7.5
RSA0113667RSAUmbellularia californicaLeRoy Gross76412016-08-31 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Totlcom II-McGrath-Circle Properties. Southwest from Montalvo, west of Victoria Ave. Survey the north side of river bed near 34.23 N 119.22 W up river to 34.23724N 119.21710W.
RSA0113880RSAUmbellularia californicaLeRoy Gross74872016-04-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
RSA0114011RSAUmbellularia californicaLeRoy Gross76012016-08-25 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Hanson-Villanueva Properties. South, southeast of Highway 126 and Briggs Road. Between Santa Paula and Saticoy. Started near 34.32 N 119.09 W, ended near 34.30517N 119.10191.; Santa Paula 7.5
RSA0114817RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney158632011-10-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; along Coldbrook Creek from Coldbrook Campground upstream to tunnel, c. 0.3 stream-mile north of Hwy. 39, above confluence with Soldier Creek.; Crystal Lake 7.5
RSA0150662RSAUmbellularia californicaEdward F. Anderson9751958-02-07 Santa Barbara3 NE San Marcos Pass.
RSA0160837RSAUmbellularia californicaEdward F. Anderson23441932-10-14 MariposaYosemite. [Yosemite Valley and lower elevation foothills of the Sierras. - L. Gross 1-9-19]
RSA0170089RSAUmbellularia californicaR. Burgess100992015-09-08 VenturaLos Padres National Forest: Upper Sespe Drainage, Seeps around Large Landslide just south of Sespe Gorge, Hwy 33 Mile Marker 2933.
RSA0225927RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney179982015-11-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: mouth of Silver Creek at confluence with Big Tujunga Canon, at Dark Canon Trail.; Condor Peak 7.5
RSA0225954RSAUmbellularia californicaR. G. Swinney175982015-07-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Horse Cyn. Saddle, jct. of Glendora Ridge Rd. and Glendora Mt. Road.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0411662RSAUmbellularia californicaChristina Varnava572019-03-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Near Lion Stream, ca. 1 mile from the road.
RSA0411663RSAUmbellularia californicaChristina Varnava6392020-03-14 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Lion Canon Trail, up unnamed wash.
RSA0417338RSAUmbellularia californicaVanessa Ashworth2001995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA1010RSAUmbellularia californicaB. D. Stark12111928-09-30 Los AngelesSeminole Hot Springs, Santa Monica Mts, Los Angeles County
RSA102075RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn Reafield3291872-08-27 SonomaGeyser
RSA11788RSAUmbellularia californicaElmer I. Applegate53281928-03-07 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass, Santa Ynez Mts. Santa Barbara county
RSA121718RSAUmbellularia californicaR. C. Wilson1561935-03-29 Contra CostaOne mile southwest of Mount Diablo.
RSA121719RSAUmbellularia californicaA. Lewis2271933-08-21 Del Norte1.25 miles south of Patrick Creek Ranger Station.
RSA12696RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf61991934-10-18 MarinMarin Dell School, five miles north of San Rafael.
RSA127934RSAUmbellularia californicaP. H. Raven137591958-10-11 Los AngelesSaddle Peak, Santa Monica Mountains.Lat N 34, 05′; Long. 118 39′ W.
RSA127997RSAUmbellularia californicaH. J. Thompson18401959-02-20 Los Angeles2 miles from the ocean, La Tuna Canon
RSA130594RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins33671929-03-02 Santa ClaraSchenkels campground on Los Trancos Creek, back of Stanford University.
RSA132457RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas80811959-08-22 San MateoJasper Ridge, about 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto.
RSA133871RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas27561953-02-08 Santa CruzRancho del Osa. Along Waddell Creek, about 2 miles from the coast.
RSA134142RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas35891953-10-03 Santa CruzAbout one mile south of Saratoga Summit along State Highway 9.
RSA134171RSAUmbellularia californicaP. C. Everett239581959-10-25 Humboldt12.4 W from Willow Creek along US Hwy 299 to Arcata.
RSA1359RSAUmbellularia californicaJ. T. Howell12341929-02-20 San BernardinoCity Creek Road, Barrel Springs, San Bernardino Mts, San Bernardino County
RSA138248RSAUmbellularia californicaP. H. Raven138351959-03-08 Los AngelesTopanga Canon, 1.1 mile north of Coast Highway
RSA149695RSAUmbellularia californicaGeorge W. Barclay16241837-11-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
RSA151475RSAUmbellularia californicaE. Robinson901935-02-03 Santa CruzRedwoods - along first cutoff from State Highway 9 to Boulder Creek - about two miles from Boulder Creek.
RSA15340RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf1511927-02-05 San MateoPilarcitos Lake.
RSA15587RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf11351927-08-27 SiskiyouMouth of Crawford Creek, Klamath River.
RSA15629RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf14711928-02-11 San MateoEast base of Kings Mt. road.
RSA15671RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf15001928-02-25 NapaSummit of Mt. St. Helena grade, at Mt. St. Helena Inn.
RSA162750RSAUmbellularia californicaJ. D. Olmsted4141959-04-17 RiversideSugarloaf Peak along the Main Divide TT, just north of the new radar station at the head of Hagador Canon, Santa Ana Mtns
RSA16471RSAUmbellularia californicaP. C. Everett72371935-06-19 OrangeTrabuco Canon, 1mile below W summit of truck trail.
RSA16688RSAUmbellularia californicaP. C. Everett75591935-07-26 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA167685RSAUmbellularia californicaR. F. Thorne340591964-01-25 Los AngelesChantry Flats, N of Sierra Madre Arroyo Seco section, Angeles National Forest
RSA168809RSAUmbellularia californicaJoseph P. Tracy186001950-12-10 HumboldtVicinity of Carlotta.
RSA171934RSAUmbellularia californicaR. F. Thorne328481963-07-26 OrangeNear Beek′s Spring; Tin Mine Canon; Trabuco District, Santa Ana Mountains, Cleveland National Forest.
RSA173981RSAUmbellularia californicaR. F. Thorne190341957-09-03 Del NorteAlong Hwy 199 following Smith River, Six Rivers National Forest.
RSA173982RSAUmbellularia californicaR. F. Thorne190011957-09-02 HumboldtEel River. Burlington State Park, just S of Weott.
RSA173991RSAUmbellularia californicaR. F. Thorne314341962-10-04 MontereyAlong Salmon Creek in SW corner of the county.
RSA176662RSAUmbellularia californicaP. H. Raven187431964-02-16 San MateoJust south of Lake San Andreas.
RSA181986RSAUmbellularia californicaW. L. Jepson95411922-03-19 San MateoMillbrae
RSA184183RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins204121966-02-04 OrangeTrabuco Canon, about 0.5 mi. above end of open road.
RSA187026RSAUmbellularia californicaE. C. Twisselmann118151966-04-06 TulareNortheast slope of King George Mountain.
RSA187230RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas15261950-04-11 Santa CruzUpper part of Deer Creek Drainage, near Bielawski Lookout Tower.
RSA187237RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas35891953-10-03 Santa CruzAbout one mile south of Saratoga Summit along State Highway 9.
RSA187424RSAUmbellularia californicaJohn H. Thomas115301966-03-22 NapaR. L. Stevenson State Park on the eastern slopes of Mt. St. Helena along highway 29 between Middletown and Calistoga.
RSA195375RSAUmbellularia californicaGilbert Muth5111967-01-18 NapaPine Hill Road, Angwin.
RSA201762RSAUmbellularia californicaLouise Krozek11965-02-22 SonomaMill Creek Road, 10 miles east of Healdsburg.
RSA202574RSAUmbellularia californicaE. C. Twisselmann141861968-05-09 TularePats Camp
RSA20373RSAUmbellularia californicaP. C. Everett93841937-12-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mts, Cold Spring camp, San Marcos Pass road.
RSA206279RSAUmbellularia californicaHelen V. Witham2571969-07-12 San DiegoOasis Spring Trail, Laguna Mts.
RSA21679RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf91111937-08-10 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts, High Divide.
RSA220488RSAUmbellularia californicaCherie L. Wetzel2001968-01-18 AlamedaNiles Canon and Vicinity, Vallejo Mills Park.
RSA221034RSAUmbellularia californicaE. W. Lathrop64151966-05-08 Riverside3 miles SW of Corona. Hagador Canon, Cleveland National Forest. Trabuco District.
RSA221038RSAUmbellularia californicaE. W. Lathrop61091966-03-23 Orange4 miles northeast of Lake Irvine, Black Star Canon, Cleveland National Forest, Trabuca District, Orange County
RSA221420RSAUmbellularia californicaArthur C. Gibson19001971-04-18 San BernardinoStoddard creek on the south side. Stoddard canyon, Angeles National Forest.
RSA222964RSAUmbellularia californicaGerald L. Benny1821971-04-02 San BernardinoDay Canon, San Bernardino National Forest, burned 1970.
RSA223903RSAUmbellularia californicaCherie L. Wetzel4861968-10-08 AlamedaWilliams Ranch; Niles Canon and Vicinity.
RSA23014RSAUmbellularia californicaI. L. Wiggins92061938-10-08 San DiegoNobles Canon. Laguna Mts.
RSA23624RSAUmbellularia californicaC. B. Wolf94751938-12-14 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains, north base of Cuesta Pass at Cuesta (R. R.).
RSA240682RSAUmbellularia californicaDonald R. Bissings.n.1973-02-22 Los AngelesEvey Canon, San Gabriel Mts.: Near base of canyon along stream, 0.7mi. from mouth of canyon