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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT451964CASTriglochin striataKnight, Walter; Knight, I.; Howell, J. T.; McClintock, E.; Rae, S.; Doyle, B.32131978-09-05 Contra CostaBotany Cove, Browns Island.
CAS-BOT451965CASTriglochin striataHowell, John Thomas221781946-07-04 MarinDillons Beach
CAS-BOT451966CASTriglochin striataSmith, Doreens.n.1994-10-14 MarinGrowing near the end of Creamery Bay, Pt. Reyes Peninsula
CAS-BOT451967CASTriglochin striataWheeler, Clare R.2790A1981-08-26 MendocinoManchester State Beach, 8 mi. N. of Point Arena. Outlet N. of Lake Davis.
CAS-BOT451968CASTriglochin striataWheeler, Clare R.37171984-08-15 MendocinoBig River Estuary. Ca. 2 miles & E. upstream from river′s mouth. Elev. given as 50 ft.
CAS-BOT451969CASTriglochin striataEastwood, Alice16241912-08-08 MendocinoNoyo
CAS-BOT451970CASTriglochin striataNobs, Malcom A.; Smith, S. Galen11571949-08-03 MendocinoAlong the Noyo River, north border of Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT451971CASTriglochin striataDuncan, Carl D.1911920-07-12 MendocinoNoyo
CAS-BOT451972CASTriglochin striataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-08-07 VenturaVentura River Basin. South Pierpoint Bay, Ventura.
CAS-BOT451973CASTriglochin striataHoover, R. F.75581948-11-13 San Luis ObispoWest of Oceano
CAS-BOT451974CASTriglochin striataPurer, Edith A.50671933-07-20 San Luis ObispoNorthwest of Guadalupe
CAS-BOT451975CASTriglochin striataElmer, A. D. E.36351902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
CAS-BOT451976CASTriglochin striataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-09-25 Santa BarbaraMouth of Carpinteria Creek, Carpinteria
CAS-BOT451977CASTriglochin striataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-09-13 Santa BarbaraBear Creek, about 2 miles south of Surf.
CAS-BOT451978CASTriglochin striataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1948-09-11 Santa Barbara1-2 mile west of Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT451979CASTriglochin striataCarter, Annetta9281935-07-21 Santa BarbaraMouth of Santa Maria River, nine miles west of Santa Maria
CAS-BOT451980CASTriglochin striataDudley, W. R.s.n.1908-11-27 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Wood Lagoon, Santa Cruz.
CAS-BOT451981CASTriglochin striataAbrams, Le Roy30481902-10-13 Santa CruzAptos
CAS-BOT451982CASTriglochin striataRubtzoff, Peter73281973-09-15 SonomaLower Salmon Creek Marsh. Slough just east of Hwy. 1.
CAS-BOT451983CASTriglochin striataRubtzoff, Peter; Bunyan, Vanette72581973-08-25 SonomaLower Salmon Creek Marsh. Slough just east of Hwy. 1.
CAS-BOT451984CASTriglochin striataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-07-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. On south Pierpoint Bay, Ventura
CAS-BOT451985CASTriglochin striataMason, Herbert L.59011930-09-01 MontereyElkhorn Slough between Watsonville and Castroville
CAS-BOT451986CASTriglochin striataPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-06-10 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. Near Moss Beach near 17 Mile Drive.
CAS-BOT451987CASTriglochin striataElmer, A. D. E.40441902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
CAS-BOT451988CASTriglochin striataClemens, Mrs. Chaplains.n.1905-08-31 MontereyNear Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT451989CASTriglochin striataAbbott, E. K.s.n.1980-10-05 Monterey
CAS-BOT451990CASTriglochin striataWoodcock, Fidella G.s.n.1913-06-01 Monterey
CAS-BOT451991CASTriglochin striataDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-06-23 MontereyBy RR near Monterey
CAS-BOT451992CASTriglochin striataDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-06-23 MontereyBy railway near Del Monte
CAS-BOT451993CASTriglochin striataAbrams, L. R.73181919-06-08 MontereySeal Rocks, Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT451994CASTriglochin striataAbrams, L. R.73081919-06-08 MontereyMouth of Carmel River
CAS-BOT451995CASTriglochin striataHeller, A. A.84101906-07-24 MontereyNear Point Pinos light house.
CAS-BOT451996CASTriglochin striataHeller, A. A.84101906-07-24 MontereyNear Point Pinos light house.
CDA0046010CDATriglochin striataGordon Leppig12671999-10-25 HumboldtState Hwy 101, mile marker 61.40.
CHSC96700CHSCTriglochin striataGordon Leppig12671999-10-25 HumboldtState Highway 101, mile marker 61.40. Ditch on east side of highway. UTM zone 10, 4 N, 406 E.
DAV238805DAVTriglochin striataDean Wm. Taylor216392016-05-03 MontereyFar S end Asilomar Beach (westward of Sunset Drive).
DAV394505DAVTriglochin striataMalcolm A. Nobs11571949-08-03 MendocinoMendocino County: along Noyo River, north border of Fort Bragg.
DAV394506DAVTriglochin striataHenry M. Pollards.n.1957-09-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Carpinteria Creek.
DAV394507DAVTriglochin striataClifton F. Smith24861949-10-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: at base of cliff, West Beach, Santa Barbara.
HSC66754HSCTriglochin striataMelany Seacat2421979-06-08 MendocinoS side of river, 3 mi. upriver
HSC84736HSCTriglochin striataClare R. Wheeler2790A1981-08-26 MendocinoManchester State Beach, 8 N of Point Arena, N of Lake Davis
HSC84737HSCTriglochin striataClare R. Wheeler37171984-08-15 MendocinoBig River Estuary, 2 mi. E and upstream from river mouth
HSC93841HSCTriglochin striataGordon Leppig12671999-10-25 HumboldtHwy. 101, mi. marker 61.40, E side of Hwy.
HSC97549HSCTriglochin striataIvy Watson302008-09-20 HumboldtN of mouth of Mad River, along small tributary E of sand dunes
JEPS112458UCJEPSTriglochin striataD. G. Kelch03.1162003-08-13 Contra CostaMartinez Marsh
JEPS20934UCJEPSTriglochin striataWilliam S. Cooper2671919-06-28 MontereyDel Monte
JEPS22786UCJEPSTriglochin striataS. B. Parish115241917-08-01 MontereyAsilomar Monterey Peninsula, Asilomar
JEPS32132UCJEPSTriglochin striataJ. B. Davy65981900-05-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
JEPS32133UCJEPSTriglochin striataWillis L. Jepson177201936-07-24 Mendocinoone-fifth mi n Pudding Creek (near Fort Bragg)
JEPS78611UCJEPSTriglochin striataWalter Knight, L. R. Heckard, Bert Johnson32991978-09-28 Contra CostaBrowns Isl., Botany Cove
JEPS78612UCJEPSTriglochin striataWalter Knight, L. R. Heckard, Bert Johnson32991978-09-08 Contra CostaBotany Cove Browns Island, Botany Cove
MCCC2247MCCCTriglochin striataClare R. Wheeler37171984-08-15 MendocinoBig River Estuary, about 2 miles east up stream from rivers mouth
NCC18366NCCTriglochin striataHowell, John Thomas221781946-07-04 MarinDillon Beach
OBI151126OBITriglochin striataDavid Keil320472013-11-04 San Luis ObispoOceano Lagoon. Pismo State Beach Lagoon Trail.
OBI151127OBITriglochin striataEric Wise16151982-07-02 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco Lake, shore
OBI151128OBITriglochin striataR.F. Hoover75581948-11-13 San Luis ObispoWest of Oceano
OBI151129OBITriglochin striataEric Wise16151982-07-02 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco Lake, shore
OBI151130OBITriglochin striataDavid Keil255541995-07-07 Santa BarbaraNorth base. West of Pt. Sal Road and N of Shumann Canon at W edge of San Antonio Terrace
OBI151132OBITriglochin striataDavid Keil162251982-06-26 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz N of san Simeon. N of the Arroyo
OBI151133OBITriglochin striataDavid Keil148141981-05-25 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon in vicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz. Near hwy 1
OBI178664OBITriglochin striataDavid J. Keil214421990-09-28 Santa BarbaraSan Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara County line area west of Guadalupe. From west end of West Main Street eastward along channel of Santa Maria River.
PGM1415PGMTriglochin striataYadon, Vern1975-08-02 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Asilomar Beach, Freshwater seepage
POM119543RSATriglochin striataJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-08-15 MontereyCarmel River.
POM128558RSATriglochin striataA. D. E. Elmer40441902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay.
POM220267RSATriglochin striataF. M. Reed65331929-07-18 VenturaHueneme.
POM296495RSATriglochin striataA. A. Heller84101906-07-24 MontereyNear Point Pinos light house
POM49208RSATriglochin striataA. D. E. Elmer36351902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains
RSA0178999RSATriglochin striataMalcolm A. Nobs11571949-08-03 MendocinoMarshes along the Noyo River, north border of Fort Bragg.
RSA115669RSATriglochin striataHenry M. Pollards.n1956-09-13 Santa BarbaraBear Creek, about 2 miles south of Surf
RSA126035RSATriglochin striataHenry M. Pollards.n.1957-09-05 Santa BarbaraMouth of Carpinteria Creek.
RSA320510RSATriglochin striataM. S. Taylor51791982-10-24 HumboldtSamoa, under bridge, ca. 1 mile northwest of Eureka; Eureka Quad
RSA407271RSATriglochin striataClare R. Wheeler2790-A1981-08-26 MendocinoManchester State Beach, 8 miles north of Point Arena. Saline outlet north of Lake Davis
RSA407272RSATriglochin striataClare R. Wheeler37171984-08-15 MendocinoBig River Estuary, about 2 miles east up stream from rivers mouth
RSA44344RSATriglochin striataHenry M. Pollards.n.1948-09-11 Santa Barbara0.5 mile west of Santa Barbara.
RSA535357RSATriglochin striataC. F. Smith49951956-09-13 Santa BarbaraBear Creek. Road to Pt. Arguello, S of Surf.
RSA576594RSATriglochin striataMalcolm M. Rices.n.1924-06-19 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Castle Rock.
RSA576595RSATriglochin striataMalcolm M. Rices.n.2014-06-19 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: W Castle Rock.
RSA576596RSATriglochin striataMalcolm M. Rices.n.1924-06-19 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: W Castle Rock.
RSA576597RSATriglochin striataRalph Hoffmanns.n.1931-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
RSA639763RSATriglochin striataL. C. Wheeler70481953-08-09 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco Lake:
RSA781555RSATriglochin striataDavid J. Keil255541995-07-07 Santa BarbaraNorth Base. West of Pt. Sal Road and N of Shumann Canon at W edge of San Antonio Terrace
SBBG101990SBBGTriglochin striataT. L. Secrest1948-12-07 Santa Barbarabluffs at West Beach, Santa Barbara
SBBG124720SBBGTriglochin striataDavid Keil259641996-08-23 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; vicinity of pond just NE of intersection of El Rancho Lateral and El Rancho Rd; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG124771SBBGTriglochin striataClare B. Hardham146931967-05-22 MontereyMoss Landing
SBBG126305SBBGTriglochin striataDavid Keil w- V. L. Holland, L. D. Oyler, W. Ferren255541995-07-07 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; W of Pt Sal Rd and N of Shuman Cyn at W edge of San Antonio Terrace; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG41062SBBGTriglochin striataHenry M. Pollard1958-08-07 VenturaSouth Pierpont Bay, Ventura
SBBG420SBBGTriglochin striataClifton F. Smith24861949-10-14 Santa BarbaraWest Beach, Santa Barbara
SBBG56515SBBGTriglochin striataRalph Hoffmann1930-04-19 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: dunes, Oceano
SBBG96396SBBGTriglochin striataClifton F. Smith49951956-09-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base Bear Crk along rd to Pt Arguello, S of Surf
SD39592SDTriglochin striataEdith A. Purer50671933-07-20 San Luis ObispoGrowing in water in a depression in sand dunes, northwest of Guadalupe.
UC1100171UCJEPSTriglochin striataMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith6541948-09-09 San Luis Obispodune-bound marshes s Pismo Beach; s of Pismo Beach
UC1100172UCJEPSTriglochin striataMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith12931949-08-11 Del Nortee side Lake Earl (n of Crescent City); e side Lake Eart, n of Crescent City
UC1100173UCJEPSTriglochin striataMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith11571949-08-03 Mendocinon border Fort Bragg (marshes along Noyo River);, n border Fort Bragg
UC1106217UCJEPSTriglochin striataHenry M. Pollard1957-09-05 Santa Barbaraat mouth Carpenteria Creek
UC1106280UCJEPSTriglochin striataJohn Thomas Howell221781946-07-04 MarinDillons Beach
UC1153368UCJEPSTriglochin striataR. F. Hoover75581948-11-13 San Luis Obispow Oceano (edge salt lagoon); w of Oceano
UC1619920UCJEPSTriglochin striataBarbara Ertter, Dianne Lake, Brad Olson, Lynne Hosley, Amy Hiss107141991-08-18 Contra CostaBrowns Island n of Pittsburg (near confluence of Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers opposite Pittsburg Marina, at (Botany Cove)); Browns Island
UC202561UCJEPSTriglochin striataS. B. Parish115241917-08-01 MontereyAsilomar, Asilomar (Monterey Peninsula)
UC2027253UCJEPSTriglochin striataDavid Keil, V. L. Holland, Lynne Dee Oyler, Wayne Ferren255541995-07-07 Santa BarbaraNorth base. West of Pt. Sal Road and N of Shumann Canon at W edge of San Antonio Terrace
UC2028389UCJEPSTriglochin striataBarbara Ertter, Tony Morosco163731998-07-11 Contra CostaAntioch Marina, in riverside trail marsh
UC336394UCJEPSTriglochin striataunknown1882-04-01 AlamedaAlameda
UC508UCJEPSTriglochin striataJos. Burtt Davy66761900-06-07 Contra CostaMartinez
UC509UCJEPSTriglochin striataJ. Burtt Davy65981900-05-01 Mendocinonear Fort Bragg; North Coast Ranges
UC579881UCJEPSTriglochin striataAnnetta Carter9281935-07-21 Santa Barbaramouth Santa Maria River (nine mi w of Santa Maria)
UC672444UCJEPSTriglochin striataHerbert L. Mason59011930-09-01 MontereyElkhorn Slough between Watsonville and Castroville; Elkhorn Slough
UC725816UCJEPSTriglochin striataA. A. Heller1927-07-07 MontereyPoint Pinos
UC814467UCJEPSTriglochin striataAlice Eastwood16241912-08-08 MendocinoNoyo
UC814469UCJEPSTriglochin striataCarl D. Duncan1911920-07-12 MendocinoNoyo
UC814470UCJEPSTriglochin striataMrs. Jos. Clemens1958-10-16 MontereyMonterey
UC814471UCJEPSTriglochin striataMrs. Joseph Clemens1910-08-15 MontereyCarmel River
UCR19719UCRTriglochin striataF.M. Reed65331929-07-18 Venturaswamp east of Hueneme
UCR207967UCRTriglochin striataMalcolm M. Rices.n.1924-06-19 Santa Barbarawest of Castle Rock, Santa Barbara
UCR9032UCRTriglochin striataClifton F. Smith24861949-10-14 Santa BarbaraWest Beach, Santa Barbara
UCSB003696UCSBTriglochin striataMrs. R. F. Bingham1882-08-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
UCSB003697UCSBTriglochin striataDavid PritchettCSM-2261987-10-16 Santa BarbaraE San Antonio Terrace, S of San Antonio Rd., Vandenberg Air Force Base
UCSB003698UCSBTriglochin striataRindlaub, Kathy; Ferren, WayneSMR-21985-06-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria River Mouth, just below end of dirt road
UCSB032576UCSBTriglochin striataFerren, Wayne; Rindlaub, Kathy61985-05-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria River Estuary.
UCSB032577UCSBTriglochin striataRindlaub, Kathy; Capralis361985-06-23 San Luis ObispoSanta Maria River. 200 feet SW of back dunes, 500 feet from access road, Santa Maria River.

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