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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT5322CASTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumKellogg, Alberts.n.1870-7-1 PlacerCisco
CDA0017046CDATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumG.F. Hrusa161162003-7-22 AmadorKirkwood Ski Resort. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0054188CDATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumT.C. Fuller124141964-8-04 TuolumneOn Trifolium. In small meadow on slope south above Bluff Meadow, 1 mile northwest of Castle Rock. Sierra Nevada.
CHSC111272CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumR. E. Brainerd20702012-8-11 MonoSierra Nevada East; High 120 (Tioga Pass Highway) 4.8 air miles west of Lee Vining.
CHSC66598CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart76881996-7-25 SierraIn open forest and meadows, north of the old Henness Pass Road, just west of French Meadow, about 2 miles west of Webber Lake. T1 N R13E S23 NE1/4
CHSC80949CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart90122001-7-27 NevadaStrand of Prosser Creek Reservoir, south of Commemorative Emigrant Trail, about 1/4 mile east of Highway 89, about 4 miles (air) north of Truckee. T1 N R16E S26 NE1/4
CHSC81026CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart91552001-8-14 NevadaOn the north side of Meadow Lake Road (Forest Road 18), north of the first set of three large culverts where the road crosses Jackson Creek, closest to the east end of Bowman Lake and west of the major campgrounds and buildings. T1 N R12E S03 NE1/4
CHSC82587CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart98872002-7-22 Placer50 yards northeast of the small natural lake, on the east side of the paved road to Lake Valley Reservoir, about 1/4 mile east of Yuba Gap and Highway 80. T1 N R12E S27 NE1/4
CHSC88134CHSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart112592004-7-17 NevadaNear a small stream, very upper reaches of Steephollow Creek, about 100 yards west of Highway 20, about 150 yards south of the intersection of Highway 20 and Lowell Hill Road, about 2 miles northwest of Bear Valley, about 3 miles southeast of the Omega Rest Area, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Nevada City. T1 N R11E S2 W1/4
DAV341946DAVTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumDean W. Taylor42591974-7-18 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass, on the east side of the cirque with Emigrant Lake.
DAV341951DAVTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumEllen Dean105342019-8-16 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Western part of Burton Creek Natural Reserve meadow. South of Burton Creek.
DAV341954DAVTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumRex PalmerN-4471979-7-09 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV341974DAVTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumBeth Lowe Corbin3431982-8-13 PlacerPlacer County: 1 mile west of The Cedars. Meadowy slope in White Fir forest. Perennial. Flowers white, keel purple tipped. Partial sun. West facing slope, 20% incline. Locally common.
DAV342006DAVTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumJames Neilson20771970-9-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tahoe Basin. Tahoma. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
JEPS65995UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumC. F. Sonne4221886-8-01 NevadaDonner Lake Sierra Nevada Mtns
JEPS71989UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith2204A1964-7-29 El Doradonear US 50 (where trail from Aurain Lake returns to Little Norway); Echo Summit area
JEPS71998UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith21751964-7-29 El Doradoat edge Pow-pow bog (US 50); Echo Summit region
JEPS71999UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith19821963-7-28 El DoradoUS 50 Echo Summit
JEPS72001UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith20021963-7-28 El DoradoUS 50 Echo Summit
JEPS72002UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith22051964-7-29 El Doradonear Little Norway (along US 50); Echo Summit area
JEPS72003UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith22421964-7-30 Alpineafter turn-off from main hwy (on rd into Woods Lake)
JEPS72272UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumGladys L. Smith23841964-8-29 El Doradonear US 50 (end of Audrain Lake trail)
OBI115626OBITrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumMarcus E. Jones, A.M.s.n.1881-7-1 NevadaSoda Springs, Sierras
POM126205RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumC. F. Sonne32531889-7-1 PlacerAbove Coldsman in Canon toward Donner Lake.
POM126282RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumR. L. Pendleton9831907-7-23 El DoradoGlen Alpine Springs. Lake Tahoe Region.
POM126698RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumC. F. Sonne54 NevadaNear Truckee.
POM126703RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumR. L. Pendleton9671907-7-23 El DoradoGlen Alpine Springs. Lake Tahoe Region.
POM127029RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumHelen D. Geis69.51912-6-1 PlacerDeer Park.
POM127030RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumHelen D. Geis251912-6-1 El DoradoPhillips.
POM181192RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller90081908-6-24 MariposaLittle Yosemite Valley.
POM181323RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller89861908-6-15 MariposaEagle Peak Meadows, Yosemite National Park.
POM20464RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall87591910-7-11 PlacerYuba River at Cisco Flats.
POM21669RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller69421903-7-16 NevadaLow ground on the S side of Donner Lake near the lower end of lake (from type locality)
POM251052RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumCarl. W. Sharsmith36731938-7-23 TuolumneJust north of Beehive, east of Laurel Lake, Sierra Nevada.
POM277695RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLyman Benson1621932-6-30 TuolumneAspen Valley. Sierra Nevada Mt Range. Yosemite Valley watershed.
POM278629RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLyman D. Benson78241936-7-05 MariposaGlacier Point Rd. Yosemite Valley watershed.
POM28006RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-7-02 PlumasNear Pratville at Clear Creek
POM28007RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumMarcus E. Jones25921881-7-30 NevadaSoda Springs.
POM349510RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumFay A. MacFadden128071934-7-26 PlacerFoot of Red Mt. near Cisco.
POM349511RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumM. B. Dunkle2777-b1931-8-22 FresnoRoaring River. Kings National Park. Sierra Nevada Mountains. [Fresno-Tulare counties]
POM349585RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1914-7-17 MariposaYosemite Natl Park, Lyle Creek Meadows
RSA0101235RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumJessica Orozco1909-8-7 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
RSA0195744RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumL. Maynard Moe14721978-7-06 El DoradoAlong Hwy #89 on northeast side of Grass Lake just north of Luther Pass.
RSA113062RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumPercy C. Everett220741956-7-11 Calaveras4.3 mi. sw. from Big Meadow, state Hwy. 4, Ebbetts Pass Road.
RSA23380RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumI. L. Wiggins89761938-7-24 TuolumneNiagra Creek Public Canonora Pass Road.
RSA32718RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller152811938-7-20 ButteUpper end of Snag Lake, 7 miles east of Chaparral.
RSA39170RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumPhilip A. Munz124801948-7-23 FresnoBubbs Creek, Sierra Nevada.
RSA49059RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumVerne Grant87921949-7-25 El DoradoBelow Phillips on Highway 50
RSA49503RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumPhilip A. Munz142821949-7-27 TulareNorth end of Whitney Meadows.
RSA54089RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumJ. T. Howell229671946-9-01 El DoradoEcho Summit.
RSA70784RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumE. Robinsonb-2801936-7-11 FresnoAlong Potter Pass Trail, near Potter Crk., n.e. of Huntington Lake.
RSA7542RSATrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumCarl B. Wolf52741933-8-13 AlpineBetween East and West Blue Lakes. Sierra Nevada.
UC1025063UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLeo Whitney15561934-8-06 Plumasca 9 mi w Portola (nw end of Big Grizzly Valley); Plumas National Forest
UC1056451UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumHerbert L. Mason113651936-7-26 Tuolumnenear Gaylor Lakes (Moraine Flat, w of Tioga Pass); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC1056452UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumHerbert Mason115021936-8-06 MariposaPeregoy Meadow, Glacier Point Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC1130101UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. S. Yates53361935-7-02 Tuolumnenear Crow Creek; Big Trees quad
UC125093UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumKatharine Brandegee1908-7-01 Placernear Cisco
UC1328168UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumAlex D. Hawkes52171952-9-03 MaderaClover Meadow Guard Station Sierra National Forest
UC147166UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller69421903-7-16 Nevadanear lower end of lake (s side of Donner Lake, from type locality)
UC148970UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall87371910-7-03 PlacerNew Emigrant Gap Sierra Nevada Mtns
UC149006UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall87401910-7-01 PlacerCisco Sierra Nevada Mtns
UC149007UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall87751910-7-01 El DoradoFallen Leaf Sierra Nevada Mtns
UC163953UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall87591910-7-11 PlacerCisco Flats Yuba River
UC16505UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumJ. W. Congdon1899-8-13 Mariposatrail to Soda Springs
UC16662UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2561933-6-27 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada
UC16895UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumC. F. Sonne131889-7-01 Placerabove Coldsman (canyon)
UC333477UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumunknown1915-8-29 Unknown
UC334609UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumunknown1910-7-1 Unknown
UC33521UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumChesnut, Drew1889-6-25 TuolumneRosasco's
UC33601UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock33851902-7-01 MariposaHetch Hetchy trail Yosemite National Park
UC33605UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock1902-7-01 Mariposanear Porcupine Flat; Yosemite National Forest
UC33606UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock36541902-7-01 MariposaSnow Creek Yosemite National Park
UC338057UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumM. A. Jones1883-7-01 SierraWebber Lake
UC450036UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumKatharine Brandegee1914-1-01 FresnoSage Mill Meadows
UC54395UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47761903-8-01 CalaverasOnion Valley Sierra Nevada Mtns
UC600389UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. F. Copeland1932-7-24 Buttew Butte Creek meadows (Jonesville)
UC615135UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumBeryl O. Schreiber24191937-7-12 MariposaLittle Yosemite Valley
UC631284UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumP. B. Kennedy1919-8-01 FresnoBeasore Meadows Sierra Forest
UC631285UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller132961919-7-25 Placerbelow Cisco (near the Yuba River)
UC631387UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller90081908-6-24 MariposaLittle Yosemite Valle
UC631388UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller89861908-6-15 Mariposaabove Yosemite Valley (Eagle Peak Meadows)
UC631389UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumP. B. Kennedy1761920-8-20 El DoradoBarrett Camp El Dorado National Forest
UC631390UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumMrs. H. P. Kelley1916-7-16 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake Lake Tahoe
UC631826UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller121641915-8-06 El Doradonear Echo Canon the Lincoln Highway)
UC631827UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller98311909-6-16 NevadaDonner Lake
UC64628UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2561900-6-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mtns
UC723329UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumNathan C. Sweet, Jr.1491942-7-15 Mariposa1/2 mi above Fish Creek (Big Creek)
UC725822UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumA. A. Heller152811938-7-20 Butte7 mi e Chaparral (upper end of lake); Snag Lake
UC764671UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumR. F. Hoover37711938-8-17 Mariposaabove the falls (Bridalveil Creek canyon)
UC80327UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumF. T. Bioletti1900-6-01 TuolumneHetch-Hetchy Valley
UC80329UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumKellogg1870-7-01 PlacerCisco
UC80330UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumMrs. R. M. Austin1882-8-07 PlumasKing's Valley
UC80331UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumT. S. Brandegee1892-7-22 FresnoSequoia Mills
UC809628UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumVerne Grant, Alva Grant87921949-7-25 El Doradobelow Phillips (on Hwy 50)
UC866899UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLewis S. Rose413071941-6-12 PlacerChambers Lodge (McKinney) Lake Tahoe
UC866900UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumCarl B. Wolf52741933-8-13 Alpinebetw East and West Blue Lakes Sierra Nevada
UC867000UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLewis S. Rose406841940-6-29 Fresno2 mi n General Grant National Park Headquarters
UCSC100002490UCSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumLowell Ahart98872002-7-22 Nevada50 yards northeast of small natural lake, on the east side of the paved road to Lake Valley Reservoir, about 1/4 mile east of Yuba Gap and Highway 80.
UCSC100002491UCSCTrifolium monanthum subsp. parvumDean Wm. Taylor211212011-7-8 TuolumneBrown Girl Cabin (site). Griswold Creek watershed, tributary North Fork Stanislaus River
FSC0014113FSCTrifolium monanthum var. parvum1967-4-21 Unknown
JEPS59437UCJEPSTrifolium monanthum var. parvumEzra Brainerd, Viola B. Baird1571915-7-21 Placertrail up river to Lake Tahoe; Sierra Nevada Mtns
PUA44583PUATrifolium monanthum var. parvumG.L. Clifton1971-8-15 AlpineLocal landmark: Bear Valley. Big Meadow Quad.
PUA67129PUATrifolium monanthum var. parvumG.L. Clifton1988-5-17 ShastaLocal landmark: Hatchet Creek. Montgomery Creek Quad.
RSA91121RSATrifolium monanthum var. parvumA. A. Heller89861908-6-15 MariposaEagle Peak Meadows, Yosemite National Park.

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