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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC19705DAVTorreya californicaBeecher Crampton13741953-6-02 LakeLake County: City of Lakeport, Hopland Road.
    AHUC31103DAVTorreya californicaHB321962-7-06 MendocinoMendocino County: UC Hopland Field Station, above Beasleys Road.
    AHUC35094DAVTorreya californicaBeecher Crampton84951969-7-14 SonomaSonoma County: North slope of Black Moutain. Geysers Road. 4 miles NE Geyserville (in direct line)
    CAS-BOT231823CASTorreya californicada Silva, P.; Danielezyk, M.; Atwood, R.; et al.16012012-6-23 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Middle Peak Rd. culvert RT-3
    CAS-BOT234976CASTorreya californicaDean, Ellen; Harrington, G.; Mawdsley, K.; Shepard, J.59502010-5-1 ColusaWalker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road. 10 road miles N of intersection with Hwy 20. Just N of radio tower at Cold Spring Mountain on border with Lake County
    CAS-BOT639014CASTorreya californicaHorton, Diana G.; Forbes, Bob258751987-9-13 MarinMuir Woods National Monument, NW of San Francisco
    CAS-BOT654260CASTorreya californicaWilcox, Mary Lous.n.1975-9-1 TulareCollected on road to Mineral King Area.
    CAS-BOT654261CASTorreya californicaPatten, Richard O.381969-8-1 MarinNear Samuel P. Taylor St. Pk. 13 mi. w of Lagunitas.
    CAS-BOT81362CASTorreya californicaRose, Lewis S.630721963-6-2 Butte2 mi south of Pulga, North Fork of Feather River
    CAS-BOT81363CASTorreya californicaRobbins, G. Thomas15791944-4-30 El Doradoalong South Fork Webber Creek, 3-4 mi. NE of Newtown
    CAS-BOT81364CASTorreya californicaKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.9421902-7-15 Humboldt
    CAS-BOT81365CASTorreya californicaStevenson, Thomas1841964-3-1 Montereywest slope of Fremont Peak, on the Ki Silacci Ranch
    CAS-BOT81366CASTorreya californicaWilson, F. W.1101912-5-1 PlacerTahoe Forest
    CAS-BOT81367CASTorreya californicaHarris, Howard W.; Perry, Esters.n.1956-10-27 San BenitoThree miles due south of Hollister on the eastern slopes of the Gabilan Range
    CAS-BOT81368CASTorreya californicaKeller, Barbara T.13201974-5-9 ShastaWilson Hill Road between Shingletown and Manton, bridge over north fork of Battle Creek
    CAS-BOT81369CASTorreya californicaEastwood, Alice19211912-8-22 Shastaon road from Battle Creek to Payne Creek, Lassen Butte Region
    CAS-BOT81370CASTorreya californicas.n.1922-4-20 SiskiyouStandard City
    CAS-BOT81371CASTorreya californicaAhart, Lowell55851987-5-9 Buttealong Pulga Road, about 1/4 mile west of Bardees Bar along the North Fork of the Feather River, about 2 1/2 miles south-west of Pulga
    CAS-BOT81372CASTorreya californicaAhart, Lowell42521983-7-29 Butteabout 2 miles east of Milsap Bar, about 25 miles north-east of Oroville
    CAS-BOT81373CASTorreya californicaAhart, Lowell26881980-10-26 ButteNear the Forbestown Res., Forbestown
    CAS-BOT81374CASTorreya californicaHeller, A. A.115151914-6-24 ButteWest side of the Sierra Nevada at West Branch
    CAS-BOT81375CASTorreya californicaHeller, A. A.115151914-6-24 ButteWest side of the Sierra Nevada at West Branch
    CAS-BOT81376CASTorreya californicaCopeland, H. F.s.n.1932-7-18 ButteNear West Branch
    CAS-BOT81377CASTorreya californicaMorrison, Mrs. J. H.s.n.1932-5-15 Buttenear Durham
    CAS-BOT81378CASTorreya californicaQuick, C. R.41-081941-6-8 ButteAbout 2 miles S. of Big Bar Mt.
    CAS-BOT81379CASTorreya californicaQuick, Clarence R.62-111962-6-25 ButteIowa Canyon on Chute Camp road between Highway 50 and South Fork American River
    CAS-BOT81380CASTorreya californicaYork, Dana; Shevock, Jim9671996-6-27 FresnoCa. 86 km E of Fresno, Boyden Cave parking lot on the S-side of the Kings River canyon, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT81381CASTorreya californicaKlyver, Jr., F.s.n.1927-3-25 FresnoJose Basin north slope of Flume Peak
    CAS-BOT81382CASTorreya californicaWolf, Carl B.36811929-5-5 FresnoW. slope of Sierra Nevada between Huntington Lake Dam & Big Creek Power House
    CAS-BOT81383CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas353281960-6-6 FresnoKings Canyon road 4.3 mi. w. of Horseshoe Bend
    CAS-BOT81384CASTorreya californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-8-8 FresnoBetween Big Creek and Huntington Lake
    CAS-BOT81385CASTorreya californicaBlakley, E. R.53291962-7-25 FresnoKings River Canyon at [Boyton] Boyden Cave
    CAS-BOT81386CASTorreya californicaShevock, James R.62021979-5-24 Fresnoalong the South Fork Kings River at Boyden Cave. Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT81387CASTorreya californicaBourell, M.35701988-5-1 LakeRoad from Upper Lake to Lake Pillsbury
    CAS-BOT81388CASTorreya californicaBeane, Lawrence2561949-5-11 LakeNear Lake Pillsbury
    CAS-BOT81389CASTorreya californicaJohnson, E. R.14291929-8-1 LakeBetween Hopland and Kelseyville
    CAS-BOT81390CASTorreya californicaJohnson, E. R.14291929-8-1 LakeBetween Hopland and Kelseyville
    CAS-BOT81391CASTorreya californicaApplegate, Elmer I.88711934-3-31 LakeUpper waters of Putah Creek
    CAS-BOT81392CASTorreya californicaWolf, Carl B.20081928-5-6 Lake6 1/2 miles west of Bartlett Springs
    CAS-BOT81393CASTorreya californicaKildale, Doris K.20361926-5-31 Lakewest descent on grade from Junction to Hopland
    CAS-BOT81394CASTorreya californicaAbrams, L. R.125191928-5-7 LakeCache Creek, 2 miles west of Hough's Springs
    CAS-BOT81395CASTorreya californicaHeller, A. A.59341902-7-21 LakeFoothills south of Mt. Sanhedrin, midway between Potter Valley and Hullville
    CAS-BOT81396CASTorreya californicaTorrey, J.4971928-5-19 Lake
    CAS-BOT81397CASTorreya californicaDudley, William R.s.n.1893-4-1 MarinCamp Taylor
    CAS-BOT81398CASTorreya californicaMcCallum, Mrs. A.s.n.1900-7-1 LakeBartlett Springs
    CAS-BOT81399CASTorreya californicaBaker, Milo S.5006b1923-5-18 LakeHopland-Lakeport [Hiway] Highway near Summit
    CAS-BOT81400CASTorreya californicaJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-3-30 LakeJordan Park
    CAS-BOT81401CASTorreya californicaDudley, William R.s.n.1893-7-1 Lakeunspecified Mts of Lake Co.
    CAS-BOT81402CASTorreya californicaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1907-8-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81403CASTorreya californicaRock, J. F.s.n.1917-6-1 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81404CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas30341927-8-22 Marins. side of Mt. Tamalpais above Mill Valley
    CAS-BOT81405CASTorreya californicaBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1925-7-30 Marinupper reaches of Redwood Canyon, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81406CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas243031948-5-16 MarinNear top of Eldridge Grade, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81407CASTorreya californicaBacigalupi, Rimo22441933-6-4 MarinNear crest of Mt. Tamalpais, north slope along Collier Spring trail
    CAS-BOT81408CASTorreya californicaClausen, J.11751936-5-10 MarinMount Tamalpais, near summit
    CAS-BOT81409CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, James I. W.s.n.1906-4-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81410CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-4-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81411CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas243041948-5-16 MarinNear top of Eldridge Grade, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT81413CASTorreya californicaLemmon & Wife, J. G.s.n.1965-7-13 MarinNear San Rafael
    CAS-BOT81414CASTorreya californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1867-5-1 Marin
    CAS-BOT81415CASTorreya californicaBreedlove, D. E.446431980-3-8 Marin2 miles above Alpine Dam, along road to Bolinas
    CAS-BOT81416CASTorreya californicaBreedlove, D. E.362871974-6-4 Marinat Samuel B. Taylor State Park
    CAS-BOT81417CASTorreya californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1867-5-1 MarinPaper Mill
    CAS-BOT81418CASTorreya californicaEastwood, Miss A.s.n.1894-8-1 MarinNear Lagunitas
    CAS-BOT81419CASTorreya californicaThomas, J. H.39821954-4-23 Santa ClaraAbotu 1 mile from Loma Prieta near Loma Prieta Ridge Road
    CAS-BOT81420CASTorreya californicaThomas, J. H.39811954-4-23 Santa ClaraAbotu 1 mile from Loma Prieta near Loma Prieta Ridge Road
    CAS-BOT81421CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-2 Santa ClaraAbove Soda Springs, Stevens Creek
    CAS-BOT81422CASTorreya californicaHeller, A. A.86341907-5-11 Santa ClaraRidge above Alma Soda Spring
    CAS-BOT81423CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, J.I.761907-4-13 Santa ClaraStevens Creek, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81424CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-9-9 Santa ClaraGulch back of Los Gatos
    CAS-BOT81425CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1894-10-15 Santa ClaraLexington
    CAS-BOT81426CASTorreya californicaAtkinson, W. S.s.n.1901-7-1 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    CAS-BOT81427CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1907-4-13 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    CAS-BOT81428CASTorreya californicaPaulson, M. N.s.n.1914-11-1 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    CAS-BOT81429CASTorreya californicas.n.1895-4-20 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta, above Mill, on Los Gatos Cr.
    CAS-BOT81430CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-3-28 Santa ClaraRoad above Congress Springs, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81431CASTorreya californicaMexia, Yness.n.1926-6-13 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    CAS-BOT81432CASTorreya californicaElmer, A. D. E.50201903-8-1 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    CAS-BOT81433CASTorreya californicaMcMinn, H. E.12041924-2-3 Santa ClaraRincon [canon] Canyon near Guadalupe
    CAS-BOT81434CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1900-4-7 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    CAS-BOT81435CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1895-4-20 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81436CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1894-5-29 Santa Claraby road beyond - Loma Prieta, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81437CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1895-4-20 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta - Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81438CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-11-1 Santa Claraon saddle between Los Gatos Cr. and branch of Soquel Cr., 2 miles W. of Loma Prieta P. on road to Wright's
    CAS-BOT81439CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-9-11 Santa ClaraAt Easternmost turn of Mt. Umunhum Rd.
    CAS-BOT81440CASTorreya californicaElmer, A. D. E.50201903-8-1 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    CAS-BOT81441CASTorreya californicaAbrams, L. R.s.n.1906-10-9 Santa ClaraCastle Rock Ridge near Summit School House
    CAS-BOT81442CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, J.I.771907-4-13 Santa ClaraStevens Creek, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81443CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-10-1 Santa CruzGoertz Ravine - head of Soquel Cr.
    CAS-BOT81444CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-9-23 Santa Cruz[Canon] Canyon E. Fork Waddell Creek, Big Basin
    CAS-BOT81445CASTorreya californicaThomas, J. H.46961955-3-21 Santa Cruz1/2 mile below Saratoga Summit near Calif. State Highway #9
    CAS-BOT81446CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.37231954-2-22 Santa CruzPine Mountain, Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    CAS-BOT81447CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.28551953-3-8 Santa CruzVicinity of Loma Prieta Road and road leading to Loma Prieta Lookout
    CAS-BOT81448CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.16121950-4-16 Santa CruzAbout 0.6 miles below Saratoga Summit along State Highway #9
    CAS-BOT81449CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.17571950-4-30 Santa CruzWaddell Creek, about 1 mile beyond sawmill
    CAS-BOT81450CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.93581961-5-13 Santa CruzRancho del Oso. Redwoods along Waddell Creek, about 2-3 miles inaldn
    CAS-BOT81451CASTorreya californicaThomas, John H.18281950-5-6 Santa CruzLittle Basin Road along Little Basin Creek
    CAS-BOT81452CASTorreya californicaThomas, J. H.29251953-3-27 Santa CruzRancho del Oso. Along Waddell Creek, about 2 miles from the coast
    CAS-BOT81453CASTorreya californicaCovel, Paul F.s.n.1941-1-3 Santa CruzOn east side of highway approximately 4 miles north of Santa Cruz on Los Gatos highway
    CAS-BOT81454CASTorreya californicaRich, W. H.s.n.1912-4-26 Santa CruzSwanton
    CAS-BOT81455CASTorreya californicaRich, W. H.s.n.1912-4-26 Santa CruzSwanton
    CAS-BOT81456CASTorreya californicaRaven, Peter H.; Snow, R.136851958-7-23 Sonomaon south bank of Wheatfield Fork of Gualala River, 12.5 miles east of Stewarts Point on road to Skaggs Springs
    CAS-BOT81457CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1909-5-29 SonomaGrade between Geyser Mountain and Black Mountain
    CAS-BOT81458CASTorreya californicaBreedlove, D. E.586941983-4-11 SonomaPepperwood Ranch W of Knights Valley
    CAS-BOT81459CASTorreya californicaWells, Mary P.3741984-7-21 SonomaHot Spot (near So. Fork of Gualala River) The Sea Ranch
    CAS-BOT81460CASTorreya californicaRaven, Peter H.64311954-2-27 SonomaHooker Creek, Hoods Peak Range
    CAS-BOT81461CASTorreya californicaCongdon, J. W.1161880-5-17 SonomaGuerneville
    CAS-BOT81462CASTorreya californicaCopeland, H. F.21920-7-24 Tehamawoods by Rattlesnake Creek
    CAS-BOT81463CASTorreya californicaGillespie, Doris Kildale93081930-5-9 TehamaBattle Creek, 5 miles west of Mineral
    CAS-BOT81466CASTorreya californicaShevock, James R.49721976-4-10 Tularealong California highway 190 at Soda Springs near Moorehouse
    CAS-BOT81467CASTorreya californicaShevock, James R.107081983-9-2 Tularenorth-face of Lion Ridge near Tyler Creek, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT81468CASTorreya californicaRice, Barbara951966-4-7 Tulareca. 1/2 mile northeast of Clough Cave Ranger Station, South Fork Kaweah River ca. 11 miles southeast of Three Rivers
    CAS-BOT81469CASTorreya californicaRockwell, Jack A.67-00181967-3-6 TulareClough Cave area, south side river, South Fork Kaweah
    CAS-BOT81470CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.33411900-8-1 TulareColony Spring
    CAS-BOT81471CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.9051895-7-26 Tulareopposite Doyle's Soda Spring, region of Middle Tule River
    CAS-BOT81472CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-4-6 TulareDillon's Forest
    CAS-BOT81473CASTorreya californicaAbrams, L. R.77411920-9-28 Tularenear Cedar Creek Camp, Sequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT81474CASTorreya californicaCulbertson, J. D.43671904-7-22 TulareClough's Cave
    CAS-BOT81475CASTorreya californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.142641968-6-1 TulareMineral King Road, 12.9 miles above Hammond
    CAS-BOT81476CASTorreya californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141681968-5-9 TulareSouth Fork crossing, 15.3 miles above the lumber mill
    CAS-BOT81477CASTorreya californicaLeskinen, Paul12121972-8-11 TulareTule Canyon, Hwy 190, Middle Fork Tule River
    CAS-BOT81478CASTorreya californicaBedell, Donald J.102-21964-9-21 TulareKaweah Canyon
    CAS-BOT81479CASTorreya californicaPawek, Jean L.151956-5-15 Tulare14.6 miles from Highway 198
    CAS-BOT81480CASTorreya californicaRutter; Atkinsons.n.1899-10-11 TuolumneNear mouth of Middle Fork, Tuolumne River
    CAS-BOT81481CASTorreya californicaPalache, Mrs. Fhos.s.n.1916-8-1 TuolumneHunter Creek
    CAS-BOT81494CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1895-3-26 San MateoLa Honda
    CAS-BOT81495CASTorreya californicaWiggins, Ira L.111601945-5-5 San Mateoalong La Honda Creek about 1 mile above La Honda
    CAS-BOT81496CASTorreya californicaD., W. R.s.n.1894-3-24 San Mateonear fork of Alpine and San Gregorio road, La Honda
    CAS-BOT81497CASTorreya californicaDudley, William R.s.n.1894-4-24 San Mateonear La Honda, Santa Cruz Mts.
    CAS-BOT81498CASTorreya californicaThomas, J. H.5981949-6-4 San Mateo3.9 miles NW of La Honda on road to Skyline Blvd.
    CAS-BOT81499CASTorreya californicaWiggins, Ira L.111611945-5-5 San Mateoalong La Honda Creek about 1 mile above La Honda
    CAS-BOT85151CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.1751978-3-30 MendocinoPine Mt. Road 1/2 mile e. of Hail Creek
    CAS-BOT85152CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.241977-10-14 MendocinoTop of ridge - Wheeler Ranch 4 miles S. of Fish Rock Rd.
    CAS-BOT85153CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.21551981-5-19 MendocinoCold Springs Lookout, Signal ridge Rd., SW of Philo.
    CAS-BOT85154CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.22461981-5-22 MendocinoYounce Road ca 9 miles SE of Hopland, Mayacamas Mts.
    CAS-BOT85155CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.; Smith, Charles H.72521981-7-31 MendocinoJunction of 3 roads: Sherwood, Glen Blair, & Company Ranch, 11.2 km. E. of Fort Bragg
    CAS-BOT85156CASTorreya californicaBaker, Milo S.50051920-9-28 MendocinoNear mouth of Gualala River
    CAS-BOT85157CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas426041967-6-17 MendocinoCanyon of McChristian Creek below reservoir on Cooley Ranch
    CAS-BOT85158CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Jas.3161902-5-1 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
    CAS-BOT85159CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Jas.3171903-4-1 MendocinoKaisen District
    CAS-BOT85160CASTorreya californicaHolm, R. W.s.n.1951-5-20 MendocinoRoad from Lakeport to Hopland, about 10 miles from Hopland
    CAS-BOT85161CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Js.n.1902-5-29 MendocinoAbout 8 miles back of Albion
    CAS-BOT85162CASTorreya californicaMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1909-7-24 MendocinoWest Spring, Red Mountain, Ukiah
    CAS-BOT85163CASTorreya californicaMcCallum, Mrs. Alexanders.n.1894-7-1 MendocinoGlenblair [Glen Blair]
    CAS-BOT85164CASTorreya californicaEastwood, Alice129201925-5-23 MendocinoDashiells, Mt. Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT85165CASTorreya californicaEastwood, Alice46581915-6-6 NapaMt. St. Helena
    CAS-BOT85166CASTorreya californicaEastwood, Alice117651923-5-9 NapaMt. St. Helena
    CAS-BOT85168CASTorreya californicaTucker, J. M.26991954-4-22 NapaBeside Highway 29, east side of Mt. St. Helena, 1 mile north of summit of road
    CAS-BOT85169CASTorreya californicaBaker, Milo S.s.n.1925-1-1 NapaMt. St. Helena
    CAS-BOT85170CASTorreya californicaWolf, Carl B.18651928-5-4 NapaMt. St. Helena
    CAS-BOT85171CASTorreya californicaAbrams, L. R.122791928-5-4 NapaMt. St. Helena toll house
    CAS-BOT85172CASTorreya californicaSutro, John A.s.n.1971-9-8 NapaSutro Ranch, Mt. Atlas
    CAS-BOT85186CASTorreya californicaHirstel, S. E.s.n.1933-5-14 MarinCamp Tucker, north side of Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT85187CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas420631967-4-16 MarinWooded canyon on Matt Davis Trail just east of Bootjack, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT85188CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas243041948-5-16 MarinMt. Tamalpais - near top of Eldridge Grade
    CAS-BOT85189CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas243031948-5-16 MarinMt. Tamalpais - near top of Eldridge Grade
    CAS-BOT85190CASTorreya californicaHowell, John Thomas487151972-4-25 MariposaSierra Nevada - forest in Merced river canyon, 1 mile from Arch Rock on road to Cascade Falls
    CAS-BOT85191CASTorreya californicaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-8-29 MariposaYosemite Trail
    CAS-BOT85192CASTorreya californicaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-8-29 MariposaYosemite Trail
    CAS-BOT85193CASTorreya californicaAugsbury, Mrs. J Cs.n.1922-6-1 MariposaYosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT85194CASTorreya californicaNelson, Aven; Nelson, Ruth A.5331933-5-6 MariposaLower Merced Canyon
    CAS-BOT85195CASTorreya californicaWiggins, Ira L.95331940-11-3 MariposaAlong banks of small stream flowing into Merced River 2 miles below Arch Rock Ranger Station, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT85196CASTorreya californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-7-22 MariposaYosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT85197CASTorreya californicaAbrams, Le Roy46911911-7-12 MariposaMerced Canyon [Canon], near Cascade Creek
    CAS-BOT85198CASTorreya californicaAbrams, L. R.143191943-5-1 MendocinoEast of summit of Fort Bragg, Willits Road, forested area
    CAS-BOT85199CASTorreya californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja43411981-7-7 MendocinoNear confluence of where Benmore Creek flows into South fork of Eel River on road to Lake Pillsbury from Potter Valley. On logging road at south shore of river.
    CAS-BOT85200CASTorreya californicaWheeler, Clare R.1631978-3-30 MendocinoPine Mt. Road at Hail Creek
    CDA0000440CDATorreya californicaG. Fred Hrusa131781996-7-09 ButtePlumas National Forest. about 0.4 mi from Hwy 162 on 2 N89,Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    CDA0000441CDATorreya californicaW. McGrews.n.1967-9-06 YoloReid Mine area, NW corner of Yolo Co.
    CDA0000442CDATorreya californicaJ.T. Howell487151972-4-25 MariposaMerced River Canon, 1 mi from Arch Rock on the road to Cascade Falls. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    CDA0000443CDATorreya californicaJ.T. Howell487151972-4-25 MariposaMerced River Canon, 1 mi from Arch Rock on the road to Cascade Falls. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    CDA0000444CDATorreya californicaW. Symondss.n.1958-8-11 TulareMineral King area.
    CDA0013332CDATorreya californicaG.F. Hrusa131781996-7-09 ButteSmall colony in shaded woods approx. 0.4 m from Hwy 162 on 2 N89. Tree, approx. 10 m tall. Uncommon here. Immed. S of Rogers Cow Camp. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0028864CDATorreya californicaD.G. Kelch9.2912009-5-23 MarinMt. Tamalpais. Ocean View Trail.
    CDA0030658CDATorreya californicaD.G. Kelch10.2562010-7-25 Santa ClaraAbove Villa Montalvo. Saratoga.
    CDA0035792CDATorreya californicaNikki SmithPDR# 14699222011-10-11 ButteForest Ranch.
    CDA0036309CDATorreya californicaJ.R. Keck, Jr.s.n.1978-5-23 ButteHighway 70, Jarboe Gap. Near Poe Power House.
    CHSC116691CHSCTorreya californicaLowell Ahart208182016-4-29 TehamaOn the east side of the trail, about 1/2 mile southwest of the fish ladder on Deer Creek, about 0.6 mile (air) northeast of USFS Road 2 N08 Bridge over Deer Creek, about 2 1/2 milesby trail to Highway 32. T27N R03E S2 W1/4
    CHSC19923CHSCTorreya californicaM. S. Taylor M. S. Taylor3891975-2-23 ButteAbundant ca. 3 mi e of Hwy 32, ca. 5 mi n of Forest Ranch.
    CHSC26215CHSCTorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 Tulare15 mi. E. of Three Rivers, 6 rd. mi. W. of Silver City in Sequoia National Park.
    CHSC28909CHSCTorreya californicaM. S. Taylor23541980-2-17 ButteOn s side of Forbestown Rd, ca.3 mi w of Forbestown. T2 N R06E S04 Central w border
    CHSC29216CHSCTorreya californicaM. S. Taylor26161980-5-08 ButteCa. 3 mi n of Forest Ranch, ca. 1 mi e of Hwy 32. T2 N R03E S33 1/2 of NW1/4
    CHSC29217CHSCTorreya californicaM. S. Taylor25531980-4-27 ButteAlong Middle Butte Creek off of Little Butte Creek, ca. 1 1/2 mi se of Nimshew. T2 N R03E S2 W1/4
    CHSC31452CHSCTorreya californicaL. Ahart26881980-10-26 ButteNear the Forbestown Reservoir Dam, ca. 3 mi ne of Forbestown.
    CHSC33799CHSCTorreya californicaM. S. Taylor35681981-4-28 ButteCa. 1/10 mi n of rd 2 N28.2, ca. 500 ft e of Chico Creek, ca. 4 air mi e of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70, ca. 23 air mi nw of Oroville. T22N R05E S2 W1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
    CHSC3897CHSCTorreya californicaDon Heinz1967-2-12 Butte2 mi. E of Jarbo Gap, Feather R. Canon, Hwy. 70.
    CHSC39294CHSCTorreya californicaLowell Ahart651983-7-29 Butte2 miles east of Milsap Bar. About 25 miles north-east of Oroville.
    CHSC42500CHSCTorreya californicaLowell Ahart55851987-5-09 ButteAlong Pulga Road, about 1/4 mile west of Bardees Bar along the North Fork of the Feather River, about 2 1/2 miles south-west of Pulga.
    CHSC44268CHSCTorreya californicaV. Oswald33851988-6-15 ButteDouglas Perske's property located at the e end of Bull Creek Rd., ca. 1 mi (air) ne of Cohasset School. T2 N R02E S14 NE1/4 of SE1/4
    CHSC4457CHSCTorreya californicaC. Glascock2061965-2-06 Butte2.45 mi. E of Grand View Canon Hwy 40A.
    CHSC45227CHSCTorreya californicaLowell Ahart801972-4-01 PlacerAlong the north side of Mosquito Ridge Road, about 8 miles east of Forest Hill.
    CHSC84CHSCTorreya californicaMcCarthy1931-6-05 ButteHalfway House between Magalia and Camp l.
    CHSC86846CHSCTorreya californicaL. P. Janeway79712003-8-27 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Southeast side of South Fork Feather River arm of Lake Oroville; 2.2 km (air) east-northeast of Enterprise Bridge. T2 N R06E S32 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
    CHSC91158CHSCTorreya californicaD. Isle3111996-3-06 LakeMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Rice Fork Watershed. T1 N R1 W S02 SE1/4
    CHSC92543CHSCTorreya californicaL. P. Janeway83602005-4-11 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; East-facing slope between Rim Road (Ponderosa Way) and Hwy 70; upper slope of canyon of North Fork Feather River way above Bardee's Bar. T2 N R04E S12 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga 1:24,000
    CHSC98713CHSCTorreya californicaL. P. Janeway90492007-6-17 LakeInner North Coast Ranges. Along northern end of Indian Ridge at Pacific Ridge, 1.8 km south-southeast of Kanaka Glade. T1 N R0 W S31 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Hough Springs 1:24,000
    CSLA021070CSLATorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 TulareTulare County: 15 mi. E of Three Rivers, 6 rd. mi. W of Silver City in Sequoia Nat'l Park.
    CSLA021071CSLATorreya californicaRobert J. Robin83311968-7-20 MariposaCascade Creek in Yosemite National Park
    CSLA021072CSLATorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 TulareTulare County: 15 mi. E of Three Rivers, 6 rd. mi. W of Silver City in Sequoia Nat'l Park.
    CSLA021073CSLATorreya californicaD.H. Wilken; J.R. Haller47901968-9-12 TehamaAlong California Highway 36, 37.4 miles east of Red Bluff.
    CSLA021074CSLATorreya californicaR. Kovkol581968-4-24 Tulare2 1/2 miles past Wishon Camp, Sierra Nevadas
    CSLA021075CSLATorreya californicaJames Henrickson25321967-8-06 FresnoKings Canon area, growing near Boyden Canong south bank of Kings River
    DAV10467DAVTorreya californicaBob Rodin261943-2-19 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon, University of California Campus Berkeley.
    DAV118548DAVTorreya californicaLowell Ahart811972-4-01 PlacerPlacer County: On the north side of Mosquito Ridge Road, about 8 miles east of Forest Hill.
    DAV118549DAVTorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 TulareTulare County: 15 mi. E of Three Rivers, 6 rd. mi. W of Silver City in Sequoia Nat'l Park.
    DAV132267DAVTorreya californicaEric Brenner41996-5-26 PlacerPlacer County, Tahoe National Forest, along Forest Hill Rd at Mosquito Ridge at Volcano Canon.
    DAV142221DAVTorreya californicaA. T. Leisers.n.1969-6-25 SonomaSonoma County: Just So. Ft. Ross Park, Highway 1.
    DAV142223DAVTorreya californicaAndrew T. Leisers.n.1969-6-25 SonomaSonoma County: Just So. Ft. Ross Park, Highway 1.
    DAV151620DAVTorreya californicaC.H. Lamoureux12361957-5-04 NapaNapa County: 8 miles north of Calistoga on Hwy 29. 1 mile north of crest of Hwy 29 on Mt. St. Helena.
    DAV151832DAVTorreya californicaC.H. Lamoureux12031957-4-17 NapaNapa County: 8 miles north of Calistoga on Hwy 29, 1.2 miles north of crest of Hwy 29 on Mt. St. Helena.
    DAV153927DAVTorreya californicaA.T. Leiser and Ledyard Stebbinss.n.1983-11-05 YoloYolo County: Ray House Rd., Leviathian Mine, N-NE facing slopes, chaparral.
    DAV153928DAVTorreya californicaA.T. Leiser and Ledyard Stebbinss.n.1983-11-05 YoloYolo County, Ray House Rd., Leviathian Mine, N-NE facing slopes.
    DAV168064DAVTorreya californicaEllen Dean10892002-6-2 YoloYolo County: McLaughlin UC Reserve. Along Rayhouse Rd. above Davis Creek drainage. 0.3 road miles from intersection with Soda Springs road. Downslope side of road.
    DAV17794DAVTorreya californicaJ.M. Tucker26991954-4-22 NapaNapa County: Beside Highway 29, east side of Mt. St. Helena, 1 mile north of summit of road.
    DAV186505DAVTorreya californicaRodney Gale Myatt13201971-9-16 LakeJust above Potter Valley, west of Lake Pillsbury.
    DAV187163DAVTorreya californicaRodney Gale Myatt5481970-8-19 MendocinoNear town of Hopland.
    DAV187408DAVTorreya californicaRodney Gale Myatt10141971-9-15 LakeAlong Hwy 175 between Lakeport and Hopland, near Lake County and Mendocino County line.
    DAV193253DAVTorreya californicaDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2008-7-11 MendocinoMendocino County: Ukiah. Mill Creek Road. Mill Creek County Park. Red Mountain.
    DAV198527DAVTorreya californicaEllen Dean75132012-10-13 PlacerPlacer County: Along Mosquito Ridge Road, ca. fourteen road miles E of junction with Foresthill Road.
    DAV218852DAVTorreya californicaJake Ruygt60372015-3-10 NapaNapa County: Sutro Ranch, east side of Atlas Peak.
    DAV235061DAVTorreya californicaJake Ruygt67262019-6-27 NapaScott Ranch, Aetna Springs Road. Detert Reservoir quad.
    DAV25098DAVTorreya californicaC.H. Lamoureux12031957-4-17 NapaNapa County: 8 miles north of Calistoga on Hwy 29, 1.2 miles north of crest of Hwy 29 on Mt. St. Helena.
    DAV25441DAVTorreya californicaLalit M. Srivastava221957-11-01 SonomaSonoma County: At side of State Highway 1, ca. 100 yards south of Fort Ross.
    DAV30772DAVTorreya californicaP. Zinke321949-5-05 LakeLake County: California Forest and Range Experiment Station, Hopland-Lakeport Road.
    DAV358830DAVTorreya californicaEllen Dean59502010-5-1 ColusaColusa County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road. 10 road miles N of intersection with Hwy 20. Just N of radio tower at Cold Spring Mountain on border with Lake County.
    DAV36644DAVTorreya californicaBarbara Rice871965-9-11 TulareTulare County: Mineral King Road, ca. 8 miles south of turnoff from State Highway 198.
    DAV36984DAVTorreya californicaRoman Gankin5331965-5-06 LakeLake County: Bartlett Mountain Road, 4.7 miles east of Sawmill Flat.
    DAV39862DAVTorreya californicaLalit M. Srivastava22a1957-11-01 SonomaSonoma County: On west side of State Highway 1 ca. 100 yards south of Fort Ross.
    DAV48282DAVTorreya californicaJo Ann Olson461969-5-25 MariposaMariposa County: Along Coulterville Road above Merced Gorge, Yosemite National Park.
    DAV60447DAVTorreya californicaKatherine K. Muller12151962-10-06 FresnoFresno County: Kings River Canon, foot of path to Boydon Cave.
    DAV70529DAVTorreya californicaJohn Thomas Howell487151972-4-25 MariposaMariposa County: Sierra Nevada, transition zone forest in Merced River canyon, 1 mile from Arch Roack on road to Cascade Falls.
    DAV70530DAVTorreya californicaJohn Thomas Howell353281960-6-06 FresnoFresno County: Sierra Nevada, Kings Canon Road 4.3 mi. west of Horseshoe Bend.
    DAV8760DAVTorreya californicaH. F. Copelands.n.1932-7-18 ButteButte County: Near West Branch.
    DAV8760DAVTorreya californicaP. B. Kennedys.n.1918 ?  UnknownCounty unknown.
    DAV8761DAVTorreya californicaunknown collector19621925-8-29 ?  UnknownUnknown County.
    DAV89045DAVTorreya californicaM. Vincent5501964-4-10 ButteButte County: Three miles north of the village of Jarboe Gap, on alternate Hwy. 40. Feather River Canon.
    DAV99075DAVTorreya californicaJohn M. Tucker44761984-5-05 SolanoSolano County: Vaca Mountains, ca. 1.2 miles (by road) north of the head of Mix Canon Road, near the summit of Blue Ridge, but on the east side.
    FSC0000728FSCTorreya californicaD. B. Fladmark1968-3-25 FresnoFound at Cedarbrook Picnic ground near Miramonte. Elevation 4000 feet.
    FSC0000729FSCTorreya californicaJohn Stebbins1983-5-22 FresnoCollected near entrance to Boyden Canon 4000 ft.
    FSC0000730FSCTorreya californicaJohn C. Stebbins1985-5-12 TulareCollected along Highway 190 at junction with Soda Creek in the Middle Fork Tule River canyon. Elevation 4,200 feet.
    FSC0000731FSCTorreya californicaMarvin L. Kientz1979-5-23 FresnoCollected on Jose Basin Rd. just below Flume Peak. Elevation below 4500 feet.
    FSC0000732FSCTorreya californicaJack Rockwell67-00181967-3-06 TulareR30E-T18S Sec. 1 W1/4. Found at Clough cave area on the south side of rive at 3600 ft.
    FSC0000734FSCTorreya californicaSue Quibell24201953-7-01 FresnoLevel curves at multiple crks. 1/2 m. above Big Crk. on 168. Deep shady incurve beneath towering cliffs facing s-sw. over deep canyon of Big Crk.
    FSC0000735FSCTorreya californicaRichard M. Mallory731953-8-14 Santa CruzPine Mt. Trail, N. slope, 2m. from beginning of trail. Ca. 1600'.
    FSC0000736FSCTorreya californicaChas. H. Quibell1977-6-4 Unknown
    FSC0000737FSCTorreya californicaChas. H. Quibell1954-5-8 Unknown
    HREC1061HRECTorreya californicaH. F. Heady2501952-6-19 MendocinoJames Pasture - Hopland Field Station
    HREC1062HRECTorreya californicaA. H. M.HB 321962-7-06 MendocinoAbove Beasley road
    HSC101444HSCTorreya californicaRichard Spjut167132010-6-21 SonomaFuller Creek near jct. with High-Low Rd. and South Brach Rd., east of Annapolis Rd
    HSC1601HSCTorreya californicaJ. Wendell Howesn1930-8-1 Tuolumne3 W of Arch Rock, Yosemite
    HSC1602HSCTorreya californicaC.B. Wolf20081928-5-06 Lake6.5 W of Bartlett Springs on road from Clear Lake
    HSC1605HSCTorreya californicaR.A. Magie2101964-9-04 Tulare3.5 W of Atwell Mill Ranger Station, Sequoia National Park
    HSC24874HSCTorreya californicaJ.P. Smith50531972-2-12 LakeWalker Ridge Rd. S of Baldy Mtn. near boundary of Lake and Colusa Co.
    HSC25608HSCTorreya californicaJ.P. Smith47391971-6-06 LakeBulk Collection # 32
    HSC35409HSCTorreya californicaR.M. Sullivan151975-5-03 Lake5.8 W of jct. with Hwy. 29 on Scott's Creek Rd.
    HSC36580HSCTorreya californicaLinda M. Barker3171975-5-03 Lake5.8 W of junction with Hwy. 29 on Scott's Creek Rd.
    HSC39062HSCTorreya californicaGary S. Lester671974-2-09 SonomaSugarloaf State Park, bottoms campground
    HSC41927HSCTorreya californicaEd Cope461977-4-23 LakeWalker Ridge Rd.
    HSC45859HSCTorreya californicaJ.P. Smith46251970-8-25 TulareRoad to Mineral King near Sequoia National Park
    HSC66519HSCTorreya californicaMelany Seacat221979-4-21 MendocinoBig River Estuary, S side of river, 3 mi. upriver
    HSC79759HSCTorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 Tulare15 mi. E of Three Rives, 6 W of Silver City in Sequoia National Park
    HSC99975HSCTorreya californicaMichael Kauffmann16A2011-6-11 NapaAlong trail to Mount Saint Helena
    JEPS103993UCJEPSTorreya californicaJake Ruygt5821979-5-06 NapaMt. St. Helena
    JEPS127053UCJEPSTorreya californicaLowell Ahart, John Dittes208182016-4-29 TehamaAbout 1/2 mile southwest of the fish ladder on Deer Creek, about 0.6 mile (air) northwest of USFS Road 2 N08 Bridge over Deer Creek, about 2 1/2 miles by trail to Highway 32.
    JEPS27181UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson208521943-7-18 Mendocinoon the n flanks of Red Mountain Mayacamas Range, Red Mountain (amongst the chaparral on the trail from the s flank of Cow Mountain, boundary of Lake and Mendocino Co.)
    JEPS46590UCJEPSTorreya californicaR. E. Burton1919-12-01 Santa CruzSwanton
    JEPS46591UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. L. Mason1932-10-01 Santa Cruzin front of Swanson School; Santa Cruz Mts., Scott Creek
    JEPS46592UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson1900-8-01 TulareMineral King Road
    JEPS48374UCJEPSTorreya californicaWilfred T. Frost4691932-9-18 MarinEldridge Grade , Eldridge Grade (Mount Tamalpais)
    JEPS48375UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson103851924-4-27 NapaMt. St. Helena at Toll House Mt. St. Helena
    JEPS48376UCJEPSTorreya californicaA. W. N. Johnson1941-9-27 Trinityin a narrow gulch close to Island Mountain railroad tunnel; Island Mountain
    JEPS48377UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson186481938-4-12 El DoradoNorth Canon , North Canon (Camino)
    JEPS48378UCJEPSTorreya californicaDocia Patchett1922-1-01 SonomaSonoma coast
    JEPS48379UCJEPSTorreya californicaMiss Alice Louise Griffin2001-6-2 SonomaStewart's Point
    JEPS48380UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson21671902-8-10 MendocinoMelburne
    JEPS48381UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. A. Dutton1929-9-15 Santa Cruz18 mi above Santa Cruz (at junction highway and Little Creek, near(P. O. ) Swanton); Little Creek
    JEPS48382UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson24201903-11-03 MendocinoMill Creek Canon Ukiah, Mill Creek Canon
    JEPS48383UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson11571900-8-11 TulareRedwood Canon , Redwood Canon (Kaweah River)
    JEPS48384UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson30391908-6-18 MendocinoRed Mt. e of Ukiah; Red Mt.
    JEPS48385UCJEPSTorreya californicaKellogg18881947-6-18 NapaMt. St. Helena
    JEPS48386UCJEPSTorreya californicaWillis L. Jepson207051942-6-09 Lakee side of Mt. St. Helena Mt. St. Helena, St. Helena Creek (along St. Helena Creek)
    JEPS5225UCJEPSTorreya californicaRimo Bacigalupi38941952-7-20 Placeroff the Mosquito Ridge Road about 4 1/2 mi due e Foresthill (in canyon of Mad Creek, tributary (on n side of canyon) of the Middle Fork of the American River); Middle Fork of the American River, canyon of Mad Creek
    JEPS66552UCJEPSTorreya californicaAdele Lewis Grant14021918-7-06 Tuolumnealong roadside; road from Cascada to Huntington Lake
    JEPS70225UCJEPSTorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin61241956-9-04 Mariposa3 mi up Crane Flat Road from Yosemite Valley (along road)
    JEPS88712UCJEPSTorreya californicaOvid Holmes1928-2-17 Mendocinon of Fort Bragg.; Ten Mile River
    LA209713LATorreya californicaMary V. Hoods.n.1945-8-01 MaderaSequoia National Park; parking area for Crystal Cave
    LA212125LATorreya californicaR. L. Guilberts.n.1968-3-21 TulareSoda Creek, Hwy 190
    LA35786LATorreya californicaMary V. Hood40--135k*1940-7-19 MariposaYosemite National Park; 2 mi above Arch Rock Ranger Station
    LA39443LATorreya californicaJane TurnerSKF# C--4161960-5-29 TulareSierra Nevada; 16 NE of Springville on Hwy 190
    LA51552LATorreya californicaJane Turner2028a1961-5-30 TulareSequoia National Forest; Hwy 190 W of junction with road to Canon
    LA5971LATorreya californicaJ. M. Tucker26991954-4-22 NapaMt. St. Helena; beside Highway 29, E side of mountain, 1 N of summit of road
    LA5972LATorreya californicaC. Darlands.n.1932-8-15 TulareSequoia National Park
    LOB118014LOBTorreya californicaL. W. Lilly301970-7-23 MendocinoAnchor Bay area, 45 miles S of Fort Bragg
    LOB118015LOBTorreya californicaP.C. Baker73641973-5-30 TulareLloyd Meadows, road back from Pyles Camp
    LOB118016LOBTorreya californicaCaroline Hattersleys.n.1979-4-17 TulareHighway 190, Soda Springs.
    LOB118017LOBTorreya californicaS. Siegrist681973-7-06 TulareSoda Springs, on California Highway 190
    LOB118018LOBTorreya californicaR. D. Moslenkos.n.1976-4-04 TulareSoda Creek 15 miles E. of Coffee camp on Highway 190
    LOB118019LOBTorreya californicaDr. Burchs.n.1966-3-17 UnknownNo data
    MACF14917MACFTorreya californicaLewis S. Rose148881935-3-13 Marin
    MACF14987MACFTorreya californicaFaye. A. McFadden127181934-7-02 PlacerAmerican River, 1 mi. east of Rawhide Mine; Placer County
    MACF15659MACFTorreya californicaF. A. MacFadden127181934-7-02 PlacerAmerican River, 1 mile east of Rawhide Mine. Placer County; California
    MACF19650MACFTorreya californicaE. R. Blakley53291962-7-25 FresnoOn north face of limestone cliff, near edge of river. Kings River Canon at Boyton Cave.
    MACF22552MACFTorreya californicaSteve Morey1974-4-13 MariposaNorth Fork Merced River
    MACF27143MACFTorreya californica18051972-5-16 TulareTule River Canon
    OBI147720OBITorreya californicaMatt Ritter2015-3-17 LakeOn the Glen Eden Trail off Scott's Valley Road in the Cow Mountain wilderness area
    OBI147721OBITorreya californicaDavid J. Keil24144A1993-5-28 TulareCanon along California Route 190
    OBI147722OBITorreya californicaDavid J. Keil24144B1993-5-28 TulareCanon along California Route 190
    OBI147723OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin68441962-4-22 MariposaYosemite Natl park, near Arch Rock
    OBI147724OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin83311968-7-20 MariposaCascade crk in Yosemite Natl Park
    OBI147725OBITorreya californicaDavid J. Keil205871988-5-06 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, E of hwy 1 along Swanton Rd. Little Crk trl
    OBI147726OBITorreya californicaDavid J. Keil206471988-5-07 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, E of hwy 1 along Swanton Rd. along dirt road just S of Old seaside School
    OBI147727OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin68451962-4-22 MariposaYosemite Natl park, near Arch Rock
    OBI147728OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin83311968-7-20 MariposaCascade crk in Yosemite Natl Park
    OBI147729OBITorreya californicaNeil Havlik1951968-5-18 MarinN side of Mt Tamalpais, about 1 mi from Potrero Meadow on Kent Trl
    OBI147730OBITorreya californicaDavid J. Keil234191992-7-18 LakeMendocino Natl Forest. 4.5 N of turnoff to Deer Valley along Elk Mtn rd (N of Upper Lake)
    OBI147732OBITorreya californicaS.F. Blake99701927-6-25 Santa CruzLa Honda Cyn, Santa Cruz Mts
    OBI147733OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin61241956-9-04 MariposaCrane Flat Rd, Yosemite Natl park
    OBI147734OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin61241956-9-04 Mariposa3 mi up Crane Flat Rd from Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Natl park
    OBI147735OBITorreya californicaV.L. Holland1391965-5-15 FresnoOne mi N of Pinecrest in the cedarbrook camp gorund
    OBI147736OBITorreya californicaRobert J. Rodin61241956-9-04 Mariposa3 mi up Crane Flat rd from Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Natl Park
    OBI147737OBITorreya californicaLarry Kelly3841989-5-26 TulareAlong hwy 190 ca. 10 mi E of Springville
    OBI186125OBITorreya californicaMonika Richardson2017-7-5 Santa CruzOff of Schoolhouse Gulch Road
    OBI186158OBITorreya californicaMonika Richardson399b2017-8-21 Santa CruzScott Creek Watershed, Swanton Pacific Ranch
    PGM280PGMTorreya californicaStephenson, Tom1964-3-19 MontereyGabilan Range, Fremont Pk SW of(Bet Alisal & Dunn Cyn), W drainage Kai Selacci Ranch
    PGM7009PGMTorreya californicaHowitt, Beatrice F18411964-3-16 MontereyGabilan Range, Fremont Peak Reeves Ranch S of, Kai Silacci property
    POM125420RSATorreya californicaAlice Eastwood117651923-5-09 NapaMount St. Helena.
    POM177511RSATorreya californicaL. R. Abrams77411920-9-08 TulareNear Cedar Creek Camp, Sequoia National Park
    POM177704RSATorreya californicaI. L. Wiggins50861930-11-08 Santa CruzScott Creek school house.
    POM177706RSATorreya californicaI. L. Wiggins50881930-11-08 Santa CruzScott Creek school house.
    POM181976RSATorreya californicaAnonymouss.n.1934-4-30 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountains
    POM188090RSATorreya californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1931-7-06 MendocinoCompche
    POM193080RSATorreya californicaW. H. Richs.n.1912-4-26 Santa CruzSwanton
    POM199394RSATorreya californicaH. F. Copelands.n.1932-7-18 ButteNear West Branch
    POM21882RSATorreya californicaJ. D. Culbertson43671904-7-22 TulareClough's Caves
    POM21883RSATorreya californicaA. A. Heller3031902-7-21 LakeFoothills south of Mt. Sanhedrin, midway between Potter Valley and Hullville.
    POM226423RSATorreya californicaAdele Lewis Grant5741915-9-05 CalaverasBig Trees
    PPWD37PPWDTorreya californicaG. de Nevers20271982-5-18 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - At the Redwood Canon.
    PUA10668PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-1-30 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA10684PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-1-31 LakeLocal landmark: Troutdale Creek. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA10702PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-1-24 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA10710PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-1-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA16987PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-2-14 NapaLocal landmark: Mountain Millhouse Toll Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA16990PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1978-2-18 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA32385PUATorreya californicaD.V. Hemphill1979-12-29 NapaLocal landmark: Heath Canon. Rutherford Quad.
    PUA33641PUATorreya californicaBill Grummer1979-8-11 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA3518PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1971-5-11 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Extension Mine. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA47378PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1981-5-03 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
    PUA48236PUATorreya californicaD.V. Hemphill1972-4-15 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion River. Navarro Quad.
    PUA57098PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1983-6-02 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA57132PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1983-6-02 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA57425PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1983-6-14 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
    PUA7767PUATorreya californicaG.L. Clifton1971-8-09 ButteLocal landmark: Pulga. Pulga Quad.
    PUA983PUATorreya californicaD.V. Hemphill1959-3-24 MendocinoLocal landmark: Deadman Gulch. Navarro Quad.
    RSA0010884RSATorreya californicaJoan Stewart2051993-5-28 TulareFS Road 30E14.
    RSA0035178RSATorreya californicaM. Bourell35701988-5-01 LakeRoad from Upper Lake to Lake Pillsbury.
    RSA0048559RSATorreya californicaLee Hainess.n.1936-6-26 MariposaEl Portal.
    RSA0048603RSATorreya californicaSteve Van Wagoners.n.1968-3-21 TulareSoda Creek at crossing of State Highway 190, in Tule River Canon, Sierra Nevada.
    RSA0059698RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf87181937-5-17 ButteNorthern Sierra Nevada, new Deer Creek, Chico. Lake Almanor Road, 7 miles below Lomo
    RSA0098863RSATorreya californicaJessica Orozco1972-10-13 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0100203RSATorreya californicaJessica Orozco1934-4-24 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0164323RSATorreya californicaLowell Ahart208182016-4-29 TehamaOn the east side of the trail, about 1/2 mile southwes of the fish ladder on Deer Creek, about 0.6 mile (air) northeast of USFS Road 2 N08 Bridge over Deer Creek, about 2 1/2 miles by trail to Highway 32.
    RSA102198RSATorreya californicaR. J. Smiths.n.1907-6-04 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains, 5 miles southwest of Los Gatos
    RSA10626RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf18651928-5-04 NapaUpper slopes of Mount St. Helena
    RSA10810RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf20081928-5-06 Lake6.5 W of Bartlett Springs on the road to Clear Lake.
    RSA1169RSATorreya californicaE. R. Johnson9151930-10-05 MariposaLower end of Yosemite Valley.
    RSA125087RSATorreya californicaP. H. Raven136851958-7-23 SonomaSouth bank of Wheatfield Fork of Gualala River, 12.5 miles east of Stewarts Point on road to Skaggs Springs
    RSA125760RSATorreya californicaHoward W. Harriss.n.1956-10-27 San BenitoThree miles due south of Hollister on the eastern slopes of the Gabilan Range
    RSA129461RSATorreya californicaH. S. Yates37381934-4-15 LakeNear Bendmore Valley
    RSA129462RSATorreya californicaH. S. Yates37391934-4-15 LakeNear Bendmore Valley.; Ukiah
    RSA129463RSATorreya californicaH. S. Yates37381934-4-15 LakeNear Bendmore Valley.; Ukiah
    RSA129464RSATorreya californicaP. L. Johannsen9791936-8-11 TehamaHead of Campbell Creek; Paynes Creek
    RSA129465RSATorreya californicaN. H. French601933-5-19 PlacerNear Iowa Hill; Colfax
    RSA132280RSATorreya californicaChas. H. Quibell24201953-7-01 FresnoLevel curves at multiple crks. 1/2 mile above Big Creek on 168.
    RSA135477RSATorreya californicaVolney Rattans.n.1867-5-1 MarinPaper Mill
    RSA1385RSATorreya californicaE. R. Johnson6391929-8-1 LakeBetween Hopland and Kelseyville
    RSA142804RSATorreya californicaJohn H. Thomas29251953-3-27 Santa CruzRancho del Oso. Along Waddell Creek, about 2 miles from the coast
    RSA142807RSATorreya californicaJohn H. Thomas46961955-3-21 Santa Cruz0.5 mile below Saratoga Summit near California Highway 9
    RSA146242RSATorreya californicaMallory731953-8-14 Santa CruzPine Mountain Trail, North slope, 2 miles from beginning of trail.
    RSA15279RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf2451927-4-03 San Mateo1 mile above La Honda. Santa Cruz Mountains.
    RSA166754RSATorreya californicaE. R. Blakley53291962-7-25 FresnoKings River Canon at Boyton Cave
    RSA176625RSATorreya californicaJohn H. Thomas93581961-5-13 Santa CruzRancho del Oso. Redwoods along Waddell Creek, about 2-3 miles inland.
    RSA18071RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf36811929-5-05 FresnoBetween Big Creek Power House and Huntington Lake Dam. Western slope of Sierra Nevada
    RSA183466RSATorreya californicaBarbara L. Rice951966-4-07 TulareAbout 1/2 mile northeast of Clough Canon, South Fork Kaweah River, about 11 miles southeast of Three Rivers
    RSA185830RSATorreya californicaJohn H. Thomas16121950-4-16 Santa CruzAbout 0.6 miles below Saratoga Summit along State Highway 9
    RSA202600RSATorreya californicaE. C. Twisselmann141681968-5-09 TulareCanon of the South Fork of the Tule River: South Fork crossing, 15.3 mi above the lumber mill
    RSA21532RSATorreya californicaC. B. Wolf87181937-5-17 ButteNorthern Sierra Nevada, new Deer Creek, Chico. Lake Almanor Road, 7 miles below Lomo
    RSA231194RSATorreya californicaJames Henrickson56221971-6-27 Tulare15 miles east of Three Rivers, 6 road miles west of Silver City in Sequoia National Park
    RSA247265RSATorreya californicaG. D. Wallace9381971-7-19 TulareSequoia National Park, along road to Mineral King east from Hammond on Highway 198
    RSA249553RSATorreya californicaRobert F. Thorne347461965-6-04 FresnoAlong Kings River.
    RSA249554RSATorreya californicaRobert F. Thorne347451965-6-04 FresnoAlong Kings River.
    RSA257027RSATorreya californicaG. D. Wallace12391973-7-10 SonomaAlong the coast Highway 1, just south of Salt Point and north of Fort Ross
    RSA264741RSATorreya californicaE. C. Twisselmann141681968-5-09 TulareCanon of the South Fork of the Tule River: South Fork crossing, 15.3 mi above the lumber mill
    RSA26631RSATorreya californicaE. K. Balls185901953-10-09 MarinDevil's Gulch, Opposite Samuel P. Taylor Redwood Park, along road to Lagunitas.
    RSA271743RSATorreya californicaJane Turner2028a1961-5-30 TulareNext to California Highway 190 one mile northwest of junction with road to Canon, Sequoia National Forest
    RSA293398RSATorreya californicaReino Alava23031958-8-03 MarinBetween chaparral and redwood belt along Ocean View Trail, about 3/4 mile of its start at Panoramic Highway, Mt. Tamalpais State Park
    RSA302139RSATorreya californicaJ. R. Shevock13251972-1-01 MendocinoJackson State Forest near Willits
    RSA302154RSATorreya californicaJim Shevock6151971-1-24 MariposaAlong Merced River
    RSA31RSATorreya californicaJ. T. Howell6711927-8-22 MarinMount Tamalpais, above Mill Valley
    RSA347035RSATorreya californicaLyman Benson2751928-6-16 LakeCanon on old Toll Road; Highland Springs; Mayacamas Mountain Range
    RSA347049RSATorreya californicaLyman Benson21561930-6-14 San MateoSmall creek, south La Honda, Santa Cruz Mountain Range
    RSA347050RSATorreya californicaLyman Benson26901931-3-22 LakeHighland Springs, Mayacamas Mountain Range, Dobe Creek. Near summit, old Cloverdale Road
    RSA347051RSATorreya californicaLyman Benson88751938-7-20 LakeHopland Grade from Lakeport, Mayacamas Mountain Range, Clear Lake watershed
    RSA347052RSATorreya californicaLyman Benson79071936-7-17 MariposaArch Rock R.S.,Yosemite Park. Sierra Nevada mtn range, Merced River watershed.
    RSA384710RSATorreya californicaJ. T. Howell243041948-5-16 MarinNear top of Eldridge Grade, Mount Tamalpais
    RSA384711RSATorreya californicaMark Morriss.n.1929-3-30 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
    RSA384713RSATorreya californicaH. L. Bauer3251929-8-1 Santa CruzBig Basin
    RSA384714RSATorreya californicaAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1916-7-02 TulareTule River Canon above Springville
    RSA388354RSATorreya californicaRoman Gankin5331965-5-06 LakeBartlett Mountain Road, 4.7 miles east of Sawmill Flat
    RSA394712RSATorreya californicaE. A. Purer53341933-7-23 MariposaYosemite National Park
    RSA43327RSATorreya californicaJ. T. Howell243031948-5-16 MarinNear top of Eldridge Grade, Mount Tamalpais
    RSA45320RSATorreya californicaI. L. Wiggins111601945-5-05 San MateoAlong La Honda Creek about 1 mile above La Honda
    RSA45321RSATorreya californicaI. L. Wiggins111611945-5-05 San MateoAlong La Honda Creek about 1 mile above La Honda
    RSA551539RSATorreya californicaA. Farjon2271992-9-13 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, along Berry Creek, on sandstone ledge above upper waterfall.
    RSA592641RSATorreya californicaFay A. MacFaddens.n.1934-8-20 PlacerSeveral miles from Forest Hill, on the road to Colfax
    RSA601317RSATorreya californicaJens Clausen11751936-5-10 MarinMt. Tamalpais, near summit
    RSA659290RSATorreya californicaL. Kelly3841989-5-26 TulareAlong Highway 190 about 10 mile east of Springville.
    RSA696668RSATorreya californicaDana York9671996-6-27 FresnoAbout 86 km east of Fresno, Boyden Cave parking lot on the south side of Kings River Canon, Sequoia National Forest
    RSA699048RSATorreya californicaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-23 MendocinoAnchor Bay.
    RSA699049RSATorreya californicaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-23 MendocinoAnchor Bay.
    RSA73855RSATorreya californicaL. S. Rose520031952-7-16 MarinTocaloma
    RSA759627RSATorreya californicaDoug Goldman29192004-11-2 PlacerSouth side of Yankee Jims Road, west of Foresthill.
    RSA785746RSATorreya californicaCarrie A. Herd1111982-5-09 LakeHighland Springs Road junction w/Hwy. 29
    RSA789605RSATorreya californicaRichard W. Spjut167132010-6-21 SonomaFuller Creek near junction with High-Low Road and South Branch Road, east of Annapolis Road.
    RSA81594RSATorreya californicaE. K. Balls186831953-10-16 Santa Clara0.2 miles east of Santa Clara-Santa Cruz county line, Highway 9
    RSA86353RSATorreya californicaF. W. Peirson15281912-7-1 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
    RSA96095RSATorreya californicaP. C. Everett202281954-10-06 Fresno0.5 W. of Boyden's Cave, south fork of Kings River, Kings Canon.
    SBBG116926SBBGTorreya californicaJ. R. Haller2003-8-1 TulareSequoia National Park; just below Hanging Rock Trail, Moro loop Rd, Giant Forest
    SBBG13380SBBGTorreya californicaE. R. Blakley53291962-7-25 FresnoKings River Cyn at Boyden Cave
    SBBG19995SBBGTorreya californicaE. R. Blakley61651963-9-05 MariposaYosemite National Park; 100 W of first tunnel on Crane Flats Rd from Yosemite Valley
    SBBG23079SBBGTorreya californicaKatherine K. Muller12151962-10-06 FresnoKings Cyn at foot of path leading to Boyden Cave
    SBBG25355SBBGTorreya californicaB. Rice951966-4-07 Tulareca. 0.5 NE of Clough Canon, S Fork Kaweah River
    SBBG321SBBGTorreya californicaJohn M. Tucker26991954-4-22 NapaHwy 29, E side of Mt Saint Helena, 1 N of summit of rd
    SBBG322SBBGTorreya californicaC. H. Lamoureux, J. M. Tucker, R. Gankin12031957-4-11 NapaSt Highway 29, 8 N of Calistoga
    SBBG32201SBBGTorreya californicaErnest C. Twisselmann141681968-5-09 TulareS Fork of the crossing of the Tule River, 15.3 mi above the lumber mill
    SBBG34159SBBGTorreya californicaL. M. Srivastava221957-11-01 SonomaHwy 1, ca. 100 yards S of Fort Ross
    SBBG43540SBBGTorreya californicaKatherine K. Muller12151962-10-06 Fresnoslope of Kings River Cyn, foot of path to Boyden Cave
    SBBG56448SBBGTorreya californicaL. G. Yates1895 MariposaYosemite National Park; Yosemite Nat Park
    SBBG56449SBBGTorreya californicaL. G. Yates1892 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mtns
    SBBG83399SBBGTorreya californicaJohn M. Tucker44761984-5-05 Solanoca. 1.2 mi (by rd) N of head of Mix Cyn Rd, near summit of Blue Ridge (E side); Vaca Mtns
    SBBG83705SBBGTorreya californicaJohn M. Tucker44761984-5-05 Solanoca. 1.2 mi (by rd) N of head of Mix Cyn Rd, near summit of Blue Ridge (E side); Vaca Mtns
    SD22857SDTorreya californicaDorothy R. Harvey23721938-8-17 Santa Cruzsouth of Anno Nuevo Light State Highway #1
    SD27825SDTorreya californicaCarl B. Wolf36811929-5-05 Fresnowest slope of Sierra Nevada between Huntington Lake Dam & Big Creek Power House
    SD28276SDTorreya californicaM. V. Hoods.n.1940-10-20 MariposaYosemite Valley
    SD35871SDTorreya californicaUnknowns.n.1945-4-01 SacramentoSacramento
    SD40415SDTorreya californicaC. I. Jerabeks.n.1946-7-01 Santa ClaraMorgan Hill
    SD53SDTorreya californicaMrs. R. M. Austins.n. Butte
    SD56827SDTorreya californicaDarley F. Howes.n.1963-5-23 Mendocino11.3 miles from Boonville on road to Manchester
    SD56846SDTorreya californicaDarley F. Howes.n.1963-5-23 Mendocino11.3 miles from Boonville on road to Manchester
    SDSU02065SDSUTorreya californicaHowe, D. F.35351963-5-23 Mendocino11.3 miles from Boonville on road to Manchester.
    SDSU02071SDSUTorreya californicaHowe, D. F.35351963-5-23 Mendocino11.3 miles from Boonville on road to Manchester.
    SDSU02077SDSUTorreya californicaHarvey23721938-8-17 Santa CruzSeaside School
    SFV100600SFVTorreya californicaT. R. Gordon2881974-6-07 TulareSierra Nevada; Mahogany Flats along river bank.
    SFV100601SFVTorreya californicaT. R. Gordon2751974-6-07 TulareSierra Nevada; Mahogany Flats along river bank.
    SFV100602SFVTorreya californicaP. G. Kilburn8831959-2-03 MendocinoRussian Gulch State Park.
    SFV100603SFVTorreya californicaM. L. Vincent5501964-4-10 ButteFeather River Canon. 3 miles north of the village of Jarboe Gap, on alternate highway 40.
    SHTC4519SHTCTorreya californicaCarosella, T.-1982-9-21 Calaveras
    SHTC4520SHTCTorreya californicaWilcox, Mary5511966-6-04 TuolumneHetch Hetchy
    SJSU1015SJSUTorreya californicaJan E. Hagerty1950-5-21 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mts along Hwy 9 c. midway betweeen Saratoga & Skyline Blvd.
    SJSU1301SJSUTorreya californicaA.W. Jacobs11-11-1 Santa ClaraCastle Rock Ridge 0.5 mi S of Saratoga Summit on county boundary; Santa Clara & Santa Cruz counties
    SJSU15167SJSUTorreya californicaD. Garvey1993-4-13 Santa Cruzalong tributary to Scott's Creek 1.8 NE of Hwy 1 on Swanton Rd
    SJSU15774SJSUTorreya californicaJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman1614A2015-7-17 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Santa Clara Co. Guadalupe Creek drainage at Summit Trail crossing.
    SJSU15775SJSUTorreya californicaJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman1614B2015-7-17 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Santa Clara Co. Guadalupe Creek drainage at Summit Trail crossing.
    SJSU2005SJSUTorreya californicaR.L. Fisher2141957-8-30 Santa ClaraE slope of Loma Prieta, Santa Cruz Mts
    SJSU974SJSUTorreya californicaW.M. Bybee1948-1-22 Santa Claranear Alma
    THRI-SEKI160THRITorreya californicaPusateri, Samuel J.1968-7-14 UnknownCrystal Cave Parking Area
    THRI-SEKI161THRITorreya californicaPusateri, Samuel J.1983-7-12 UnknownCrystal Cave Parking Area
    THRI-SEKI7790THRITorreya californicaRockwell, Jack A.67-181967-3-06 UnknownClough Cave Area
    UC1001196UCJEPSTorreya californicaPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.53301953-4-19 Napae of Chiles Valley; Soda Creek
    UC1004707UCJEPSTorreya californicaJ. M. Tucker26991954-4-22 Napa1 mi n of summit of road Mt. St. Helena (beside Highway 29, e side of Mt. St. Helena)
    UC1011106UCJEPSTorreya californicaMilo S. Baker85921941-8-04 SonomaRussian Gulch
    UC1040743UCJEPSTorreya californicaHoward W. Harris, Ester Perry1956-10-27 San Benito3 mi due s Hollister (on e slopes of the Gabilan Range); Gabilan Range
    UC1083322UCJEPSTorreya californicaHerbert L. Mason25591925-12-30 MendocinoHopland, Cloverdale Cloverdale, Hopland
    UC1083326UCJEPSTorreya californicaHerbert L. Mason26841926-3-06 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    UC1083332UCJEPSTorreya californicaYnez Mexia1926-6-13 Santa CruzLoma Prieta Peak
    UC1090390UCJEPSTorreya californicaMilo S. Baker130971957-5-10 SonomaJunior College Campus North Coast Ranges, Santa Rosa
    UC1134352UCJEPSTorreya californicaT. M. Hendrix7391938-2-20 Santa Clara2.5 mi nw Mt. Sizer; Mt. Hamilton Range, Morgan Hill
    UC1134353UCJEPSTorreya californicaW. E. Bullard1171935-7-03 Fresno2.5 mi nnw Jose Basin; Sierra National Forest, Kaiser Quad.
    UC1134355UCJEPSTorreya californicaE. Armstrong9061934-3-25 Sonoma1 mi w Camp Meeker; Sebastopol Quad.
    UC1134356UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. E. Bailey1934-9-14 TulareCliff Creek Grove Tehipite Quad., Cliff Creek Grove
    UC1134357UCJEPSTorreya californicaP. L. Johannsen121931-7-10 El DoradoTrail Gulch Placerville Quad., Trail Gulch
    UC1134358UCJEPSTorreya californicaN. French1081933-10-18 PlacerYankee Jim Colfax Quad., Yankee Jim
    UC1134360UCJEPSTorreya californicaC. W. Hanks2071935-5-05 Santa Cruz4.5 mi n Santa Cruz Pt.; Santa Cruz Quad.
    UC1134361UCJEPSTorreya californicaK. E. Bradshaw401937-6-01 Lake5 mi w Lakeport; Lakeport Quad.
    UC1134362UCJEPSTorreya californicaJ. N. Bowman1936-6-09 Tehama35 mi e of Red Bluff (about 0.25 mi e of Lassen Canon Westwood Highway, on roadside); Lassen National Forest, Paynes Creek Quadrangle
    UC1134363UCJEPSTorreya californicaG. T. Nordstrom8421936-6-19 Amador2 mi nw Pine Grove; Jackson Quad.
    UC1134366UCJEPSTorreya californicaA. Simontacchi2431937-6-30 Lake3.4 mi ne Hunter Point; Mendocino National Forest, Lakeport Quad.
    UC118900UCJEPSTorreya californicaunknown1885-7-01 Lakenear Richland Spring (Juniper Ridge)
    UC1193121UCJEPSTorreya californicaR. H. Neuns1131918-6-18 Lake4.5 mi n The Geysers (Quad. 60B4)
    UC1193122UCJEPSTorreya californicaP. J. Zinke321949-5-05 LakeHopland to Lakeport (Quad. 60B2)
    UC1195181UCJEPSTorreya californicaJohn H. Thomas28551953-3-08 Santa Cruzvicinity Loma Prieta Road (and road leading to Loma Prieta Lookout)
    UC1198261UCJEPSTorreya californicaJoseph P. Tracy140461935-7-07 Sonomanear the Geysers
    UC125716UCJEPSTorreya californicaKatharine Brandegee1985-6-18 Lakenear Bartlett Springs
    UC1293789UCJEPSTorreya californicaSue, Chas. H. Quibell24201953-7-01 Fresnoon I68 at multiple crks. 0.5 mi above Big Creek (on outer corner at first out curve, here and there up the slope above rd also); Interstate 68
    UC1299263UCJEPSTorreya californicaFreed W. Hoffman18751947-4-08 LakeHennessey Ranch North Coast Ranges, Bucksnort Creek
    UC1324890UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. U. Stauffer, E. Molseed59341964-5-17 Marin11 km w Fairfax; Alpine Lake
    UC13700UCJEPSTorreya californicaMr. Plummer1989-8-6 MendocinoUnion Lumber Co. Ft. Bragg
    UC1375608UCJEPSTorreya californicaA. H.16211936-7-06 MariposaYosemite National Park. 3/4 W of Canon highway.
    UC139953UCJEPSTorreya californicaAlice Eastwood1900-9-09 SonomaMt. St. Helena
    UC1543054UCJEPSTorreya californicaDonald G. Nelson4461937-3-05 Marinbetween Lake Lagunitas and Lake Phoenix (n side of Mt. Tamalpais); Mt. Tamalpais
    UC1558442UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. Marion1936-9-23 Tulare0.25 mi above Clough Cave; Sequoia National Park
    UC1558443UCJEPSTorreya californicaHarold, Virginia Bailey21051948-7-10 TulareMineral King Road Sequoia National Park, Redwood Creek
    UC1564174UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. Maroon1956-9-23 Tulare0.25 mi above Clough Cave; Sequoia National Park
    UC1719876UCJEPSTorreya californicaR. Spellenberg, D. Jackson28371972-5-26 Lakeon road E of Lucerne to Bartlett Springs, 5.4 W of Bartlett Springs, on slopes along ridgetop, 1/3 km up Rupert Ridge jeep road
    UC1751198UCJEPSTorreya californicaJ. D. Culbertson43671904-7-22 TulareClough's Cave
    UC18UCJEPSTorreya californicaW. H. Brewer14821862-10-01 Marinbelow paper mill (ravine on Daniel's Creek); Daniel's Creek
    UC19UCJEPSTorreya californicaW. H. Brewer21681863-8-01 Unknownin canon of American River American River
    UC20UCJEPSTorreya californicaJ. Burtt Davy2301893-7-24 MarinRedwood Canon
    UC203512UCJEPSTorreya californicaA. D. E. Elmer50201903-8-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC2048769UCJEPSTorreya californicaRudolf Schmid2016-12016-7-28 Contra CostaCultivated at rear of residence of Rudolf Schimd, Edwin Dr. Kensington, Ca.
    UC21UCJEPSTorreya californicaAlice Eastwood1882-5-27 MarinRedwoods on Paper Mill Creek Paper Mill Creek
    UC22UCJEPSTorreya californicaKellogg1867-5-05 Marinnear San Rafael
    UC24UCJEPSTorreya californicaBolander1900-5-1 MariposaBig Trees
    UC25UCJEPSTorreya californicaGalen Clark1896-5-29 MariposaYosemite
    UC26UCJEPSTorreya californicaKellogg1867-5-05 MarinRedwoods San Rafael, Redwoods
    UC27UCJEPSTorreya californicaW. C. Blasdale1893-7-15 MarinTaylorville
    UC28UCJEPSTorreya californicaunknown1902-6-3 Unknown
    UC334341UCJEPSTorreya californicaunknown1893-4-24 Santa Cruznear La Honda; Santa Cruz Mts.
    UC401320UCJEPSTorreya californicaKatharine Brandegee1905-7-12 MarinTamalpais
    UC401321UCJEPSTorreya californicaR. L. P.9421907-6-26 Santa CruzCharmichails Mill Santa Cruz Mts. (summit Santa Cruz Mts.)
    UC401322UCJEPSTorreya californicaR. L. Pendleton1908-5-01 Santa Claranear Saratoga; Santa Cruz Mts.
    UC401440UCJEPSTorreya californicaA. D. E. Elmer50201903-8-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC463315UCJEPSTorreya californicaL. R. Abrams77411920-9-08 Kernnear Cedar Creek Camp; Sequoia National Park
    UC463449UCJEPSTorreya californicaIra L. Wiggins50861930-11-08 Santa Cruznear schoolhouse Scott Creek
    UC463450UCJEPSTorreya californicaIra L. Wiggins50881930-11-08 Santa CruzScott Creek school house Scott Creek
    UC484166UCJEPSTorreya californicaE. R. Johnson1929-8-01 Lakebetween Hopland and Kelseyville
    UC494275UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. F. Copeland1932-7-18 Buttenear West Branch
    UC501343UCJEPSTorreya californicaHerbert L. Mason10271924-5-28 Tuolumnedownstream from Mather (near bottom of Tuolumne Canon)
    UC501346UCJEPSTorreya californicaHerbert L. Mason13221925-4-12 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    UC567143UCJEPSTorreya californicaN. French601933-5-19 Placernear Iowa Hill; Colfax Quadrangle
    UC569526UCJEPSTorreya californicaP. L. Johannsen9791936-8-11 Tehamahead of Campbell Creek Paynes Creek Quadrangle, Campbell Creek
    UC580821UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. S. Yates791934-4-15 Lakenear Bendmore Valley; Ukiah Quad.
    UC614869UCJEPSTorreya californicaBeryl O. Schreiber1071932-3-20 Marintrail from Muir Woods
    UC671953UCJEPSTorreya californicaEvelyn Hart Nelson211939-8-16 Santa Claranear fork in road at base of Loma Santa Cruz Mountains, Loma Prieta (Loma Prieta)
    UC672449UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. L. Mason39811927-7-28 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    UC672450UCJEPSTorreya californicaH. L. Mason23341925-9-17 MarinRose Valley to Lake Lagunitas
    UC685635UCJEPSTorreya californicaBob Rodin261943-2-19 Alamedan slope Strawberry Canon; University of California Canon
    UC729558UCJEPSTorreya californicaCarl B. Wolf36811929-5-05 Fresnobetween Huntington Lake Dam and Big Creek Power House (w slope of Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada
    UC747689UCJEPSTorreya californicaG. Thomas Robbins9721943-3-28 El Doradoabove South Fork American River (alony Michigan-California Lumber Co. R.R.)
    UC747691UCJEPSTorreya californicaG. Thomas Robbins15791944-4-30 El Doradoin shady places along South Fork Webber Creek 3-4 mi ne of Newtown; South Fork Webber Creek
    UC754285UCJEPSTorreya californicaIra L. Wiggins111601945-5-05 San Mateoabout 1 mi above La Honda (along La Honda Creek); La Honda Creek
    UC754286UCJEPSTorreya californicaIra L. Wiggins111611945-5-05 San Mateoabout 1 mi above La Honda (along La Honda Creek); La Honda Creek
    UC813120UCJEPSTorreya californicaMilo S. Baker50061923-5-18 Lakenear summit Lakeport Grade
    UC813121UCJEPSTorreya californicaLewis S. Rose377231937-10-10 Marins slope Mt. Tamalpais
    UC905052UCJEPSTorreya californicaJohn Thomas Howell243031948-5-16 Marinnear top Eldridge Grade; Mt. Tamalpais
    UC905053UCJEPSTorreya californicaJohn Thomas Howell243041948-5-16 Marinnear top of Eldridge Grade Mt. Tamalpais, Eldridge Grade
    UC953050UCJEPSTorreya californicaMary L. Bowerman43251951-7-04 Mendocinonear Fort Ross (s of earthquake fault in the Cazadero Road (see Warden John McKenzie))
    UCR143029UCRTorreya californicaJohn Thomas Howell243031948-5-16 MarinMt. Tamalpais, near top of Eldridge Grade
    UCR266004UCRTorreya californicaLawrence M. Kelly3841989-5-26 Tularealong hwy 190, c. 10 miles east of Springville
    UCSB021715UCSBTorreya californicaE. R. Blakely61651963-9-05 Mariposa100 ft. west of the first tunnel on the Crane Flats Road from Yosemite Valley
    UCSB021716UCSBTorreya californicaKetcham, A.1091968-5-18 MarinAt Willow Meadow, on the north side of Mount Tamalpais, about 1 mile from Potrero Meadows on the Kent Trail
    UCSB021717UCSBTorreya californicaSavage, Lisa1231967-5-26 TulareEast side of Highway 190, 13.1 miles north of its junction with Highway 178
    UCSB021718UCSBTorreya californicaDieter H. Wilken; John R. Haller; A. Langford47901968-9-12 TehamaAlong California Highway 36, 37.4 miles east of Red Bluff
    UCSB021719UCSBTorreya californicaJoseph M. Keefe18111967-6-03 MariposaAlong roadside; California Highway 140, 200 yards west of Arch Rock Entrance Station, Yosemite National Park
    UCSB021720UCSBTorreya californicaDavy, J.2301893-7-24 MarinRedwoon Canon
    UCSB021721UCSBTorreya californicaE. R. Blakely53291962-7-25 FresnoKings River Canon at Boyden Cave.
    UCSB053757UCSBTorreya californicaH. E. McMinn22031928-10-17 AlamedaIn yard, Fruitvale district.
    UCSC100011092UCSCTorreya californicaLulu Waks152006-11-9 Santa CruzBonny Doon, Smith Grade. Path off of Smith Grade
    UCSC100011093UCSCTorreya californicaPeter Kamb15801949-11-19 MarinCanon - -
    UCSC100012025UCSCTorreya californicaDylan M. Neubauer19552021-6-11 Santa Cruz(SnFrB) central Santa Cruz Mountains, Ben Lomond Mountain, Laguna Creek, south side
    YM-YOSE59297YMTorreya californicaRODIN, ROBERT J.61241956-9-04 ?  TuolumneCRANE FLAT ROAD
    YM-YOSE66483YMTorreya californicaSHARSMITH, CARL W.47411944-6-28 ?  MariposaMERCED CANYON. 1 MILE ABOVE ARCH ROCK
    YM-YOSE66484YMTorreya californicaCOLE, JAMES E.3571939-4-08 ?  MariposaFOOT OF COULTERVILLE ROAD. 150 FT ABOVE MERCED RIVER
    YM-YOSE66485YMTorreya californicaWILLIAMS, H.341936-3-21 ?  MariposaNEAR CAMP CASCADES

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