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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    A00369292AThermopsis gracilisE. R. Drew1916-06-01 ShastaSquaw Creek Ranger Station
    AHUC105830DAVThermopsis gracilisA. A. Heller132501919-06-20 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Metcalf′s Ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy.
    CAS-BOT465604CASThermopsis gracilisNelson, Julie Kierstead; Burge, Dylan O.; Sims, Lusetta; Cribbs, Jenny2015-0532015-06-04 TrinityEast slope of Trinity Alps, W of Trinity Lake, S of road to Stonewall Pass trailhead, spur off Road 35N73Y
    CAS-BOT506664CASThermopsis gracilisYork, Dana31112012-05-19 ShastaShasta-Trinity National Forest, saddle between North Gray Rocks summit and Peak 2968, adjacent to the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake
    CHSC110644CHSCThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson2012-0172012-05-05 ShastaSouth shore Shasta Lake, Clikapudi Trail near boat ramp. USGS Quadrangle: Bella Vista
    CHSC110784CHSCThermopsis gracilisDean Wm. Taylor212992012-08-21 ShastaTrinity Mountains. Flume Creek watershed, canyon of Sacramento River, logging road 3 N28 9.5 road miles up (West) from gate on frontage road paralleling Interstate 5 at the Conat Road exit (ca. 9 miles SW of Dunsmuir). T38N R0 W S35 USGS Quadrangle: Chicken Hawk Hill 1:24,000
    CHSC120734CHSCThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson2017-0052017-05-05 ShastaUpper Sacramento River watershed, west of I-5, west of Gibson, eastern Klamath Ranges. Along Highland Lakes Road, 3 N21. UTM NAD 83 Zone 10, 0549753Em E, 4542267m N.
    CHSC12126CHSCThermopsis gracilisK. O. Grigsby31972-04-15 Shasta5 mi ne of Salt Creek Inn on Gillman rd. 6 mi ne of Inter. of Interstate 5; 18 mi n of Redding. On dry ridge of summit that separates McCloud arm from Sacramento Arm.
    CHSC21391CHSCThermopsis gracilisM. S. Taylor8661975-07-25 MontereyOn e side of Colton Hall, Monterey.
    CHSC25041CHSCThermopsis gracilisG. Foster11972-04-29 ShastaGrowing along top of s bank of Delta Rd. ca. 27-30 mi n of Redding on Hwy. 5 on e side of road.
    CHSC30170CHSCThermopsis gracilisM. S. Taylor30321980-07-01 TrinityAt end of Lake Eleanor turnoff rd, ca. 1.3 mi nw of its jct with 3 N24, ca. 14 mi w of Trinity Center. T36N R0 W S09 EC USGS Quadrangle: Trinity Dam
    CHSC63061CHSCThermopsis gracilisVernon H. Oswald61201994-04-27 ShastaBailey Cove Trail, on the W side of the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake, ca. 0.17 mi E (clockwise) of the trailhead. T3 N R0 W S15
    CHSC65632CHSCThermopsis gracilisMaria Ulloa-Cruz1001995-04-17 ShastaShasta-Trinity National Forests. Waters Gulch Trail ca. 2200 m from trailhead. T3 N R0 W S29 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: O′Brien
    CHSC9184CHSCThermopsis gracilisG. Strausbaugh461970-04-18 ShastaOn steep cutbank e side Kennedy Memorial Dr. ca. 50 ft. s of Park Headquarters Bldg.
    CHSC962CHSCThermopsis gracilisV. Holt1937-05-01 ShastaPitt River near Hwy 99.
    DAV341106DAVThermopsis gracilisRoman Gankin5741965-08-08 Del NorteDel Norte County: French Hill Road, 2.4 miles east of junction with U.S. Highway 199, south of Gasquet.
    DAV341107DAVThermopsis gracilisJoseph M. DiTomaso381975-06-23 TrinityTrinity County: Granite Creek Trail, 2.5 miles below Granite Lake.
    DAV341108DAVThermopsis gracilisJoseph M. DiTomaso5001976-06-24 TrinityTrinity County: just above Lower Gibson Meadows on Granite Lake Trail.
    DAV341109DAVThermopsis gracilisG. F. Hrusa104241992-05-02 TrinityTrinity County: Along lower Scorpion Creek, along east side of road to Bonanza King lookout.
    GH00369284GHThermopsis gracilisA. A. Heller132501919-06-19 ShastaBetween Lamoine and Williams ranch on the State Highway
    GH00369285GHThermopsis gracilisB. L. Turner58011968-06-01 Del Norte2 mi S of Gasquet on French Hill Road (ca. 3 mi S along the road)
    GH00369286GHThermopsis gracilisA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell18301934-04-21 ShastaBaird
    GH00369287GHThermopsis gracilisL. E. Smith1101913-04-24 ShastaMcClouds Fork
    GH00369288GHThermopsis gracilisA. Eastwood13191912-07-23 SiskiyouDunsmuir
    GH00369289GHThermopsis gracilisH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy112271935-06-01 Del NorteNear Gasquet, north side of Middle Fork of Smith River on old Gasquet Toll Road
    GH00369290GHThermopsis gracilisL. M. Brown931934-04-11 Del NorteNear Morriel Camp. French Hill, Blue Lead Mine
    GH00369291GHThermopsis gracilisM. S. Baker1900-05-04 ShastaCow Creek Canon new old Furnaceville
    HSC104148HSCThermopsis gracilisDana York31112012-05-19 ShastaShasta-Trinity National Forest, saddle between North Gray Rocks summit and Peak 2968, adjacent to the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake
    HSC15098HSCThermopsis gracilisH.E. Parks112271935-06-01 Del NorteNear Gasquet, N side of Middle Fork of Smith River on Old Gasquet Toll Rd.
    HSC15099HSCThermopsis gracilisJ.F. Knezevich1791967-06-02 ShastaAbout 1 mi. past the N Fork of Canon the road to Whalen Station, near Castle Crags State Park
    HSC35757HSCThermopsis gracilisThomas W. Nelson20001975-07-15 HumboldtFrench Camp, Bald Hills.
    HSC40512HSCThermopsis gracilisJ.O. Sawyer2578B1974-06-25 TrinityAlong trail to Granite Lake
    HSC41972HSCThermopsis gracilisEd Cope981977-05-21 TrinityEagle Creek Campground
    HSC44177HSCThermopsis gracilisM.A. Baker2971977-05-21 TrinityEagle Creek Campground
    HSC47622HSCThermopsis gracilisJ.P. Smith90671977-05-14 TrinityRd. to Castella, 1 mi. from its junction with S.R. 3
    HSC51428HSCThermopsis gracilisOverton42801979-06-13 Del NorteNear Gordon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC53161HSCThermopsis gracilisOverton65911979-06-26 Del NorteNear Red Mtn. Meadow, close to the town of Klamath
    HSC60579HSCThermopsis gracilisLinda M. Barker6741975-05-31 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Road, 4.6 to 6.4 N of southern entrance
    HSC60580HSCThermopsis gracilisLinda M. Barker136a1976-05-22 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., along road between Tenmile Creek and old ranch ponds
    HSC60581HSCThermopsis gracilisLinda M. Barker153b1976-05-22 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., along road between Tenmile Creek and old ranch ponds
    HSC61379HSCThermopsis gracilisRuby Van Deventersn1938-06-26 Del NorteOld Gasquet Rd., Gasquet
    HSC69965HSCThermopsis gracilisThomas W. Nelson4186B1978-06-14 Del NorteAlong French Hill Rd., 8.7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 199
    HSC71339HSCThermopsis gracilisJ.P. Smith88101976-05-22 ShastaFrench Gulch-Canon
    HSC73085HSCThermopsis gracilisM.A. Baker20261980-06-18 Del NorteNear S Red Mtn.
    HSC75835HSCThermopsis gracilisOverton47361979-06-15 Del NorteNear Gordon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
    JEPS100737UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisDean W. Taylor90991987-05-30 ShastaBlue Jay Mountain
    JEPS105176UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisDean W. Taylor135511993-06-02 ShastaDamnation Creek; on about 1 mile east of Clear Creek and Clear Creek Campground; Trinity Mountains; Shasta-Trinity National Forest
    JEPS120252UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson2012-0172012-05-05 ShastaClikapudi Trail near boat ramp. Bella Vista Quadrangle, 1998.
    JEPS127703UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisMerissa L. Hanisko852008-05-06 ShastaOak Mountain Road.
    JEPS127704UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisMegan E. Keever842008-07-24 ShastaProposed Pit 7 Afterbay Powerhouse, Transmission Line, and Access to Road to Powerhouse
    JEPS127969UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisMegan E. Keever832008-05-07 ShastaFender′s Ferry Road, near Potem Falls.
    JEPS128454UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson, Dylan Burge, Lusetta Sims, Jenny Cribbs2015-0532015-06-04 TrinityEast slope of Trinity Alps, west of Trinity Lake, south of road to Stonewall Pass trailhead, spur off Road 3 N73Y.
    JEPS128838UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson, Martin Lenz2017-0052017-05-05 ShastaUpper Sacramento River watershed, west of I-5, west of Gibson, eastern Klamath Ranges. Along Highland Lakes Road, 3 N21.
    JEPS65659UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJ. W. Blankinship1911-04-17 ShastaKennett
    JEPS79992UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy86121929-07-04 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge; Northern Coast Ranges
    JEPS95426UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart61201994-04-27 ShastaT3 N R4W Sec. 15, ca. 1100 ft, Chaparral-Yellow Pine Forest ecotone. Bailey Cove Trail, on the W side of the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake, ca. 0.17 mi E (clockwise) of the trailhead.
    LA205261LAThermopsis gracilisP.A. Munzs.n.1928-04-27 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains
    NY02639158NYThermopsis gracilisB. Bartholomew49021989-06-03 ?  ModocCa. 5 km NW of Egg Lake and ca. 0.8 km W of Service Flat Gulch.
    NY2639175NYThermopsis gracilisB. Bartholomew51601990-04-26 ?  Modoc1.1 km NW of Day.
    PUA19459PUAThermopsis gracilisOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gordon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19797PUAThermopsis gracilisOverton And Butler1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gordon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA21198PUAThermopsis gracilisOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain Meadow. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA3545PUAThermopsis gracilisGilbert Jerome Muth1966-03-31 ShastaLocal landmark: Pollard Flat. Lamoine Quad.
    PUA3546PUAThermopsis gracilisGilbert Jerome Muth1966-04-10 ShastaLocal landmark: Pollard Flat. Lamoine Quad.
    PUA36523PUAThermopsis gracilisMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: South Red Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA65884PUAThermopsis gracilisG.L. Clifton1987-06-09 ShastaLocal landmark: Blue Jay Mountain. Bollibokka Mt Quad.
    RSA0049652RSAThermopsis gracilisDean Wm. Taylor212992012-08-21 ShastaFlume Creek watershed, canyon of Sacramento River, logging road 3 N28 9.5 road miles up (West) from gate on frontage road paralleling Interstate 5 at the Conat Road exit (ca. 9 miles SW of Dunsmuir); Chicken Hawk Hill, CA
    RSA537723RSAThermopsis gracilisBarbara Ertter85271989-05-28 LakeRieff Road through Morgan Valley, 9 airmiles E of Lower Lake (town).
    RSA598070RSAThermopsis gracilisL. C. Wheeler83531963-09-06 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains. Diamond Creek, Logan Claim.
    RSA695537RSAThermopsis gracilisD. W. Taylor135511993-06-02 ShastaDamnation Creek; On about 1 mile east of Clear Creek and Clear Creek campground; Trinity Mountains; Shasta-Trinity National Forest.
    RSA698015RSAThermopsis gracilisLeo Millers.n.1938-07-01 UnknownSiskiyou Mountains
    SD2369SDThermopsis gracilisLester Rowntrees.n.1929-09-01 UnknownRoad to So. California from Santa Cruz
    SDSU05248SDSUThermopsis gracilisSchwenkmeyer, R.C.1953-04-26 San DiegoBoulder Creek.
    SDSU05250SDSUThermopsis gracilisunknown1987-05-09 San Diego3 miles east of Julian on Manzanita Road, 1-4 mile west of Lakeview Drive.
    SDSU05253SDSUThermopsis gracilisRitzman, Helen18701934-04-14 San DiegoJulian
    SDSU05259SDSUThermopsis gracilisBowler, Mariou27631938-04-24 San DiegoCuyamaca lake.
    SJSU6738SJSUThermopsis gracilisJ.L. Barnes1976-04-13 Shastabetween Gilman Rd & McCloud R Estuary of Shasta L (reservoir)
    SPIF00618SPIFThermopsis gracilisBotany Crews.n.2005-05-01 TrinityJust off road in rocky drainage. Found with Calocedrus decurrens, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Cornus, and Ceanothus integerrimus.
    UC1129923UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisA. E. Wieslander1971931-05-17 HumboldtBald Hills Hoopa Quadrangle
    UC1129934UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisP. L. Johannsen911932-05-27 Trinitye Digger Gulch; Weaverville Quadrangle
    UC1129935UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisC. J. Kraebel271934-05-06 ShastaN. Fork of Squaw Creek Redding Quadrangle (Kennett area)
    UC1197484UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy123051933-05-24 Del Nortesummit of mountain at head of Smith River; Grants Pass Highway
    UC1222475UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy171791942-06-20 Del Norte2 mi s Gasquet; French Hill, Humboldt Flat
    UC1222476UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy171781942-06-20 Del Nortenear Humboldt Flat (2 mi s of Gasquet); French Hill
    UC1584278UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJulie Kierstead Nelson90-221990-04-20 ShastaGilman Road (FR 7H009) 6.4 mi e junction with Interstate 5; Shasta Lake Ranger District
    UC184641UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisHarry S. Yates3371914-05-21 TrinityLittle East Weaver Creek
    UC198741UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisMrs. C. F. Rose1916-05-01 Trinityvicinity Carrville; Headlight
    UC33406UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisW. C. Blasdale1896-06-14 ShastaTrinity ridge
    UC454642UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisI. J. Condit1911-07-05 SiskiyouShasta Retreat Mt. Bradley
    UC495727UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy80451927-05-15 Humboldtbetween Hoopa and Willow Camp; Sugar Bowl Mt.
    UC495728UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy86121929-07-04 HumboldtFrench Camp Ranch; Northern Coast Ranges
    UC552306UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy112271935-06-01 Del Norteon old Gasquet Toll Road near Gasquet (n side of Middle Fork of Smith River)
    UC562379UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy113311936-06-13 Del Norteridge between Patrick s Cr. and Shelley Cr.
    UC570192UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisC. J. Kraebel271934-05-06 ShastaNorth Fork of Squaw Creek Redding Quadrangle
    UC60906UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisunknown2013-08-02 HumboldtHoopa Valley
    UC673058UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy122971933-05-24 Del Nortealong river at 18-mile Creek (3 mi e of Gasquet); Smith River
    UC673059UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy129551933-08-06 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
    UC673060UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisJoseph P. Tracy153261937-05-31 Humboldtrocky point at Ruby Creek (along Trinity Hwy); Willow Creek Canon
    UC726474UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisA. A. Heller132501919-06-19 Shastabetween Lamoine and William′s Ranch
    UC73215UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisMisses Jones, Alexander1997-06-12 Shasta
    UC866576UCJEPSThermopsis gracilisE. A. Meola691939-04-22 Del NorteSiskiyou lowlands near Gasquet
    UCSB000924UCSBThermopsis gracilisDennis E. Breedlove31581962-06-09 Del NorteAlong the Old Gasquet-O′Brien Toll Road, 1.0 mile northeast of Patrick Creek Road
    UCSB000925UCSBThermopsis gracilisGlenn Keator41959-03-28 NapaAbout 1-2 mile above Conn′s picnic grounds near Lake Hennessy, Napa range
    HSC103945HSCThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisLisa Hoover1751997-04-24 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest; Off Forest Service Rd. 1 N0 Wimer Rd.)
    JEPS109837UCJEPSThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisDean W. Taylor193222005-05-25 TrinityTough Gus Gulch; Trinity River watershed (ca.2 air miles W of Trinity Center)
    JEPS109838UCJEPSThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisDean W. Taylor193252005-05-25 TrinityGraves Creek, about 0.9 road miles up from the bridge over Graves Creek
    RSA10393RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisH. A. Barker6311926-05-01 ShastaShasta
    RSA11938RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisElmer I. Applegate53991928-04-26 ShastaCanon of the Sacramento River
    RSA167330RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisJoseph P. Tracy171791942-06-20 Del NorteAt Humboldt Flat on French Hill, south of Gasquet 2 miles
    RSA183521RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisD. E. Anderson36921965-05-15 HumboldtAbout 7 miles north of Hoopa on Bloody Camp Prairie Road
    RSA20830RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisC. B. Wolf88721937-06-17 Del NorteOld Road - Gasquet to Monumental, jct. with road to Partrick′s Creek Tavern
    RSA20831RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisC. B. Wolf8872-a1937-06-17 Del NorteOld Road - Gasquet to Monumental, jct. with road to Partrick′s Creek Tavern
    RSA273415RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisJ. P. Smith25781974-06-25 TrinityAlong trail to Granite Lake; T3 N R8W S17, Trinity Lake quad; Trinity Lake
    RSA78082RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisP. A. Munz177821952-06-25 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains: Camp 6, Gordon Mountain
    RSA78269RSAThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisP. A. Munz177151952-06-24 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains: Canon road from Gordon Mountain to Hurdy Gurdy Creek.
    SPIF00619SPIFThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisVan Susteren & Takaos.n.2007-06-18 ShastaGoose Gap 7.5 USGS quad. Along road cut in Douglas Fir-Ponderosa Pine forest. Out Big Bend Road, about 1 mile North of Pitt river.
    SPIF00620SPIFThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisDean Wm. Taylor193252005-05-25 TrinityMumbo Basin 7.5 USGS quad. Graves Creek, about 0.9 road miles up from the bridge over Graves Creek. Roadbed of dirt road, growing on downslope lip of the road bank, n a setting of mixed conifer forest (Pinus ponderosa, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Quercus chrysolepis). Two large plants present at this site. Lat-Lon from GPS.
    SPIF00621SPIFThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisDean Wm. Taylor193222005-05-25 TrinityTrinity Center 7.5 USGS quad. Tough Gus Gulch; Trinity River Watershed (ca. 2 air miles W of Trinity Center). Understory of Pseudotsuga menziesii-Calocedrus decurrens stand bordering sunny edge of logging road. Lat-Lon from GPS.
    STNF-4647657-TEMPAIDSTNFThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisSue Pappalardo1997-05-13 TrinityPapoose Arm of Trinity Lake
    STNF-4647658-TEMPAIDSTNFThermopsis gracilis var. gracilisM.S. Taylor1980-07-01 TrinityLake Eleannor
    HSC103943HSCThermopsis macrophylla var. venosaLisa Hoover1331996-05-29 HumboldtSix Rivers National Forest; On ridge above Fish Lake
    JEPS65669UCJEPSThermopsis macrophylla var. venosaRuby Van Deventer1938-06-26 Del NorteOld Gasquet Road
    SPIF00624SPIFThermopsis macrophylla var. venosaAnn Willyard6542000-10-12 TrinityYcatapom Peak 7.5 USGS quad. Currently known as Thermopsis gracilis. Swift Creek Road off SR3; then ca. 1 air mile N of Lake Eleanor, near Lick Creek. A few plants found. Steep rocky hillside with tanoak and Sadler′s oak.

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