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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC107161DAVStillingia spinulosaBeecher Crampton64661962-5-23 ImperialImperial County: Plaster City, along US Hwy 80. Colorado Desert.
    BSCA1395BSCAStillingia spinulosaRebman, Jon P.71832001-3-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: East of Borrego Springs along S-22; just east of Font's Point and 0.3 miles west of Thimble Wash
    BSCA1396BSCAStillingia spinulosaHendrickson, Larry37912009-4-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Borrego Badlands, Hills of the Moon. 9.2 air miles ESE of Borrego Springs (Christmas Circle) and 1.6 miles SE of Font's Point. Unpaved road between Rainbow Wash and Hills of the Moon Wash.
    BSCA1397BSCAStillingia spinulosaMerkel, Dalton (Mike)s.n.1960-2-1 San DiegoSand dune areas east of Borrego Valley, near Fonts Point.
    BSCA1398BSCAStillingia spinulosaClemons, Duffie23271991-9-26 San Diegosouth of June Wash, Agua Caliente quad
    BSCA3825BSCAStillingia spinulosaChurchwell, Mary Jo13832017-11-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Coyote Wash in Coyote Canon; 5.42 air miles N of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs; and .65 air mile NE of end of pavement on DiGiorgio Rd. at State Park entrance.
    CAS-BOT666087CASStillingia spinulosaGrant67601936-3-16 Unknown[unspecified]
    CAS-BOT666088CASStillingia spinulosaParry, C. C.; Lemmon, J. G.3771876-1-1 UnknownSouthern California
    CAS-BOT666089CASStillingia spinulosaJones, A.M. Marcus E.s.n.1903-5-8 Santa ClaraOgilvie
    CAS-BOT666090CASStillingia spinulosaCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug2291980-5-17 San BernardinoCoyote Holes
    CAS-BOT666091CASStillingia spinulosaParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.7061895-8-4 KernColorado Desert, Mesquite Canyon
    CAS-BOT666092CASStillingia spinulosaEpling, Carl; Ellison, Lincoln; Anderson, Harveys.n.1930-4-18 InyoMohave [Mojave] Desert, Slate Mountains. Ophir Mine
    CAS-BOT666093CASStillingia spinulosaCovel, Paul F.19631941-4-17 San DiegoOcotillo
    CAS-BOT666094CASStillingia spinulosaAnderson, Williams.n.1964-2-18 ImperialPlaster City
    CAS-BOT666095CASStillingia spinulosaHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.231531964-3-19 Imperial8 miles s. of Ocotillo Spring on road to Fish Creek
    CAS-BOT666096CASStillingia spinulosaMcGregor, E. A.20411917-3-11 ImperialWest of Salton Sea, San Felipe
    CAS-BOT666097CASStillingia spinulosaCampbell, Mrs. R. W.211922-3-6 ImperialNear Salton Sea
    CAS-BOT666098CASStillingia spinulosaFerris, Roxana S.71191928-4-19 Imperial3 miles from Coyote Wells on the Dixieland Rd.
    CAS-BOT666099CASStillingia spinulosaWiggins, Ira L.96151941-3-24 Imperial6 miles northeast of Niland, on road to Beal Well
    CAS-BOT666100CASStillingia spinulosaWolf, Carl B.30641932-4-27 RiversideColorado Desert. 16 mi. E. of Desert Center. Chuckwalla Valley
    CAS-BOT666101CASStillingia spinulosaHart, Cecils.n.1926-3-9 RiversideBetween Whitewater & Indio
    CAS-BOT666102CASStillingia spinulosaFerris, Roxana S.10001918-6-15 RiversideAt Gruendikes Well, Mecca-Blythe Road
    CAS-BOT666103CASStillingia spinulosaFerris, Roxana S.; Rossbach, Ruth P.95211938-5-15 RiversidePinto Basin 16 miles from Cottonwood Springs
    CAS-BOT666104CASStillingia spinulosaMcGregor, E. A.7171913-3-19 RiversideIndio Sando
    CAS-BOT666105CASStillingia spinulosaAbrams, L. R.111111926-3-26 RiversideBetween Edom and Garnet east of San Gorgonio Pass
    CAS-BOT666106CASStillingia spinulosaHall, H. M.; Greata, L. A.59271905-4-1 RiversideMcCoy Wash, Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT666107CASStillingia spinulosaHowell, John Thomas34381928-3-11 Riverside6 miles SE of Garnet Station, Coachella Valley, Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT666108CASStillingia spinulosaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise21641941-5-12 RiversideEagle Mountains. Road to Black Eagle Mine
    CAS-BOT666109CASStillingia spinulosaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise21641941-5-12 RiversideRoad to Black Eagle Mine, Eagle Mountains
    CAS-BOT666110CASStillingia spinulosaIngram, John; Chisaki, F.; Arnott, H.2161955-4-17 RiversideOn Highway 99, 5.7 miles west of Thousand Palms
    CAS-BOT666111CASStillingia spinulosaRose, Lewis S.356721935-12-20 Riverside2 mi. N. of Garnet
    CAS-BOT666112CASStillingia spinulosaWolf, Carl B.33811932-5-4 San BernardinoMojave Desert. No. side of Mojave River. 1 1/2 mi. from Daggett on road to Yermo
    CAS-BOT666113CASStillingia spinulosaHenrickson, James31973-4-28 San BernardinoCa. 28 (air) miles SE of Baker, 4 miles SW of Kelso along trail paralleling railroad
    CAS-BOT666114CASStillingia spinulosaMacF., F. A.133081935-4-19 San BernardinoLavic Lake
    CAS-BOT666115CASStillingia spinulosaEastwood, Alice30571913-4-30 San BernardinoPalm Springs
    CAS-BOT666116CASStillingia spinulosaShockley, W Hs.n.1929-3-7 San BernardinoLudlow
    CAS-BOT666117CASStillingia spinulosaRaven, Peter H.115261958-2-5 San Diego1.9 miles east of Ocotillo Wells
    CAS-BOT666118CASStillingia spinulosaGilman, M. F.3791928-5-16 San DiegoKane Springs
    CAS-BOT666119CASStillingia spinulosaTose, Franks.n.1927-5-18 San DiegoBorego Valley
    CAS-BOT666120CASStillingia spinulosaTrue, Gordon H.81171977-1-11 San DiegoFont's Point Wash ca. 3 miles north of Borrego Springs near Borrego Badlands
    CAS-BOT666121CASStillingia spinulosaEastwood, Alice26961913-4-13 San DiegoBorega Wells, Colorado Desert
    CDA0035321CDAStillingia spinulosaH.L. Wilson203-581958-2-18 ImperialSignal Mountain [Mount Signal], southwest of El Centro.
    CDA0035322CDAStillingia spinulosaT.C. Fuller80551962-4-04 ImperialHighway 98 to Ocotillo, 14.9 miles west of Calexico.
    CLARK-A1656-669CLARKStillingia spinulosaMilton Walker1978-3-22 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
    CLARK-A1703-59CLARKStillingia spinulosaJ. E. Parlevliet1958-3-08 RiversideCoachella Valley
    CLARK-A1703-61CLARKStillingia spinulosaR. B. Richter1958-3-09 RiversideWhitewater
    CSLA013068CSLAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson168391978-5-06 San BernardinoCa 31 (air) miles E of Barstow, 3 miles W of Hector in lava flow area
    CSLA013069CSLAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson16915b1978-5-07 San BernardinoCa 56 miles S of Baker, 7.5 miles S of Hwy 40 along Kelbaker Road at Orange Blossom Wash.
    CSLA013094CSLAStillingia spinulosaEugene H. Lombard101-x1966-4-08 San Bernardino5 miles S of Hinkley (west of Barstow) and 2 miles E of the Mohave River, Mohave Desert.
    CSLA013095CSLAStillingia spinulosaJacqueline R. Bonquet1960-3-20 RiversideDillon Road near North Palm Springs.
    CSLA013096CSLAStillingia spinulosaM. Hedine; G. Hedine44821956-3-03 San DiegoSplit Mt. Wash, Borrego Desert
    CSLA013097CSLAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson9342a1973-4-28 San BernardinoCa 28 (air) miles SE of Baker, 4 miles SW of Kelso along trail paralleling railroad.
    CSLA013098CSLAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson168391978-5-06 San BernardinoCa 31 (air) miles E of Barstow, 3 miles W of Hector in lava flow area
    DAV354725DAVStillingia spinulosaCarl B. Wolf30641932-4-27 RiversideRiverside County: Colorado Desert. Chuckwalla Valley. 16 miles east of desert center.
    DAV354726DAVStillingia spinulosaWilliam Andersons.n.1964-2-09 San DiegoSan Diego County: Ocotillo Wells.
    DAV354727DAVStillingia spinulosaRobert F. Thorne431421973-4-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: E. Mojave Desert; 4.4 W of Kelso along Union Pacific RR
    DAV354728DAVStillingia spinulosaBarry Prigge26781978-4-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Mojave Desert, Kelso Dunes. 7.5 miles W of Kelbaker Rd. on powerline rd.
    DAV354729DAVStillingia spinulosaJ. Massey11161966-3-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Ca. 8 W of Calexico on HW 98, ca. 1 mi from road.
    DAV354730DAVStillingia spinulosaG. F. Hrusa100571992-3-28 San DiegoSan Diego County: Sonoran Desert; Mouth of Coyote Canon, approximately 5 miles N of Borrego Springs.
    DAV354731DAVStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson15131964-1-04 ImperialImperial County: Colorado Desert; along Hy. 98; 16 miles west of Calexico.
    DAV354732DAVStillingia spinulosaGreg Dilworth301970-5-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Central Mojae Desert; Granite Mountains; collected 5.3 miles west of Kelbaker road.
    DAV354733DAVStillingia spinulosaRichard W. Bushing10271957-4-20 San DiegoSan Diego County: Borrego Springs.
    DAV354734DAVStillingia spinulosaR. Mitchel Beauchamp19601971-3-26 San DiegoSan Diego County: Anza-Borrego State Park; along Borrego-Salton Seaway, south end of Clark Valley.
    DAV354737DAVStillingia spinulosaC. W. Tilforth13121977-5-19 ImperialImperial County: C. 13 W. of Calexico, Hiway 98.
    FSC0014984FSCStillingia spinulosa1953-8-5 Imperial
    GMDRC2752GMDRCStillingia spinulosaJ. Andre94152008-1-10 San BernardinoOld Dad Mountain: Old Dad Mountain: along dirt road at base of W. side of Old Dad Mtn, just E. of Little Cow Hole Mtns 35 ° 8' 18 N 115 ° 55' 11 W. Elev. 1614 ft.
    GMDRC414GMDRCStillingia spinulosaJ. Andre36311998-4-12 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve: along poleline rd. 2 NE of Ludlow, ca. 2,200'
    GMDRC4150GMDRCStillingia spinulosaJ. Andre125432010-3-1 ImperialBorrego Desert region: approx 2 mi. east of town of Ocotillo along north side of U.S. Interstate 8 (frontage road)
    GMDRC4976GMDRCStillingia spinulosaJ. Andre163332011-4-9 San BernardinoCadiz Basin: west side of Canong dirt north-south trending dirt road, approx. 15 mi. SSW of Chambliss (at US 66), 8 mi. west of Cadiz Rd.
    HSC101252HSCStillingia spinulosaJim Andre213632012-3-19 RiversidePalen Valley; along Palen Pass Rd. (dirt), 1.2 mi. east of Hwy 177.
    HSC47591HSCStillingia spinulosaRichard Spjut50371978-5-10 RiversideColorado Desert, N face of Chuckawalla Mtns., along road to Granite Mine ca. 1/2 mi. S of Desert Center
    HSC67223HSCStillingia spinulosaRichard Spjut61551980-5-01 ImperialBetween Calexico and San Diego near the N base of Signal Mtn. (not the town)
    HSC8049HSCStillingia spinulosaC.L. Hitchcock231531964-3-19 Imperial8 mi. S of Ocotillo Spring on road to Fish Creek
    HSC82898HSCStillingia spinulosaChristopher Davidson77711979-4-28 ImperialOff Hwy. 8 on Sidewinder Rd., 1.5 W of Pilot Knob
    HSC94224HSCStillingia spinulosaD. Atwood175391993-3-24 San Bernardino1/4 NE of Baker Dump. E Mohave scenic area.
    IRVC108914IRVCStillingia spinulosaMark A. Elvin42182005-4-25 RiversideNorthern Sonoran Desert: Coachella Valley; N of Palm Springs; N of I10; S of Dillan Road; E of Indian Avenue. (Desert Hot Springs 7.5').
    IRVC108917IRVCStillingia spinulosaJ. Powell13271977-4-27 San BernardinoDunes S of Zzyzx Springs.
    JEPS100894UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaDean W. Taylor164411998-5-12 ImperialTarantula Wash, ca. 2.5 miles down the wash south of Highway 78, and ca. 8 miles E of Highway 86
    JEPS22572UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison62041958-2-19 Riverside6.3 mi n Midland (along desert road from Midland to Rice)
    JEPS51932UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaWillis L. Jepson88801920-4-29 San DiegoBorrego Spr. W. Colorado Desert
    JEPS51933UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaWillis L. Jepson60581914-5-23 RiversideCouchilla Desert (Coachella Valley) Colorado Desert
    JEPS51942UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaWillis L. Jepson154781930-5-08 San BernardinoLavic e Mohave Desert
    JOTR1101JOTRStillingia spinulosaCole, James E.5751941-4-13 ?  San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. NORTH OF DALE DRY LAKE
    JOTR29281JOTRStillingia spinulosaLa Doux, Tasha11512004-3-11 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Basin, Sand Hill
    JOTR29555JOTRStillingia spinulosaAndre, Jim67402006-4-11 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Approximately 1 mile N of Pinto Basin rd (paved), growing in the Sand Hill area
    JOTR30122JOTRStillingia spinulosaLa Doux, Tasha17542008-3-10 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Stop # 2 = Pinto Basin near Sandhill
    JOTR33048JOTRStillingia spinulosaAndre, Jim196342010-4-2 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Mountains; 1.5 miles SSW of Clarks Pass (Hwy 62)
    JOTR33871JOTRStillingia spinulosaLa Doux, Tasha30592009-4-9 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. north eastern tip of Eagle Mountains; sandy wash leading to Pinto Wash
    JOTR37506JOTRStillingia spinulosaHodges, Stephen R.6322016-3-1 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of the Eagle Mountains where they border the Pinto Basin. Approximately 3 kilometers west of Pinto Wells. Ascending up towards the ridge line on loose unconsolidated sand ramps
    LA214320LAStillingia spinulosaJ. Warrens.n.1952-5-30 RiversidePalm Springs
    LOB119080LOBStillingia spinulosaDon Green43141970-4-18 San Diego3 miles E of Borrego Springs on Hwy. S3
    LOB119081LOBStillingia spinulosaW.M. Paloney1191970-4-18 San DiegoAnza Borrego
    MACF035779MACFStillingia spinulosaA.P. Romspert4431977-2-21 InyoSouth End Panamint Valley, Panamint Mountains
    MACF035795MACFStillingia spinulosaC. E. Jones311976-4-23 San BernardinoIn a sink area just east of Clarks Pass, south side of St. 62, approx. 29.3 mi. east of Twenty-Nine Palms.
    MACF035796MACFStillingia spinulosaTrudy R. Erickson6421977-4-17 San BernardinoNear desert turtle enclosure, Canonsortium research center, Soda Lake, Zzyzx
    MACF035797MACFStillingia spinulosaFay A. MacFadden133081935-4-19 San BernardinoLavic Lake
    MACF035799MACFStillingia spinulosaTick L. Burk1976-4-14 RiversideOff southwest base of Granite Mountains
    OBI106371OBIStillingia spinulosaDavid J. Keil121231977-3-29 San BernardinoAlong powerline access rd W of Newberry Springs Rd ca 2 mi S of I-15
    POM13213RSAStillingia spinulosaE. C. Jaeger341921-3-12 KernMohave Desert
    POM13623RSAStillingia spinulosaE. C. Jaeger361921-3-12 RiversideColorado Desert: [Orocopia Mountains] Canon Spring Wash.
    POM13876RSAStillingia spinulosaE. C. Jaeger11721921-3-28 RiversideChuckawalla Valley.
    POM147998RSAStillingia spinulosaJ. B. Feudge13581926-4-14 ImperialCoyote Wells.
    POM184583RSAStillingia spinulosaP. A. Munz121191932-4-04 San DiegoCarrizo Creek, eastern San Diego County.
    POM299246RSAStillingia spinulosaA. M. Alexander21641941-5-12 RiversideEagle Mts., road to Black Eagle Mine.
    POM306696RSAStillingia spinulosaHenry J. Ramsey16861938-4-26 RiversideWest of blythe.
    POM48769RSAStillingia spinulosaP. A. Munz79001924-4-09 San BernardinoSmall sand dunes, Silver Lake, Mohave Desert.
    POM7606RSAStillingia spinulosaP. A. Munz34031920-3-28 San Bernardino4 mi west of Ludlow
    POM7946RSAStillingia spinulosaC. A. Purpus86301898-5-1 San DiegoBorrego Springs
    POM8228RSAStillingia spinulosaP. A. Munz41581920-5-21 San BernardinoNear Lavic.
    POM8283RSAStillingia spinulosaP. A. Munzs.n.1920-5-25 San BernardinoNear Newberry.
    POM8463RSAStillingia spinulosaMary F. Spencer2711920-3-24 RiversideIndio.
    POM86324RSAStillingia spinulosaMarcus E. Joness.n1903-5-08 ImperialOgilvie.
    POM86448RSAStillingia spinulosaMarcus E. Joness.n1906-4-25 ImperialWest of Yuma.
    POM86449RSAStillingia spinulosaMarcus E. Joness.n1906-5-02 San BernardinoKelso.
    RSA0009683RSAStillingia spinulosaMarcus E. Joness.n1903-5-08 RiversideIndio.
    RSA0009684RSAStillingia spinulosaMarcus E. Joness.n1906-4-27 RiversidePalm Springs.
    RSA0043363RSAStillingia spinulosaMarc A. Baker177082013-3-19 RiversidePalo Verde Mesa, 14 km SW of Blythe, 6 km ENE of north end of the Mule Mountains.; Ripley 7.5' Quad.
    RSA0050208RSAStillingia spinulosaJ. M. Andre297412014-4-7 San BernardinoSandy hummocks just north of junction of BLM Rd #8687 and powerline corridor, about 1 mi. north of RR tracks underpass at Interstate 40 (Pisgah Rd). Approx. 13 mi. west of Ludlow.; Hector 7.5'
    RSA0063859RSAStillingia spinulosaAnstruther Davidsons.n ImperialColorado Desert. [County not specified.]
    RSA0109080RSAStillingia spinulosaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1938-4-24 InyoShoshone.
    RSA0112084RSAStillingia spinulosaDuncan S. Bell5552010-2-21 RiversideBLMArica Mountains; within the Palen/McCoy Wilderness area; collecting in large drainage on western section of range.; Arica Mountains Quad.
    RSA0149971RSAStillingia spinulosaJon P. Rebman326972017-3-19 ImperialNorthwest side of Palo Verde Mountains: southwest of the town of Palo Verde and west of the Colorado River and Hwy 78; along an electrical pole road in a sandy dune field.
    RSA0158695RSAStillingia spinulosaSarah J. De Groot88632017-4-19 San BernardinoBLMEast side of Calumet Mountains, west edge of Cadiz Valley, NS 458 ca. 10.8 road miles north of Highway 62, ca. 14 road miles west of Highway 62-177 junction, ca. 48 miles east of Twentynine Palms.; Cadiz Valley NW 7.5'. San Bernardino meridian
    RSA0167772RSAStillingia spinulosaDuncan S. Bell103302017-3-22 RiversideBLMIndio Hills; Edom Hill, approximately 1 air mile west of its summit.; Cathedral City
    RSA0172166RSAStillingia spinulosaNaomi Fraga47462014-3-12 San BernardinoBLMTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Southwest of Old Woman Springs, south of Cottonwood Spring.; Old Woman Springs 7.5'
    RSA0174556RSAStillingia spinulosaMarc A. Baker195602018-5-11 RiversideChuckwalla Valley, 10.5 NNE of Corn Spring, 11km east of Desert Center, 64km west of central Blythe.; Corn Spring 7.5
    RSA0174792RSAStillingia spinulosaMarc A. Baker180342014-3-27 San BernardinoGreater Johnson Valley area, 2.8 NE of Mearns Lake, 35km north of the town of Yucca Valley.; Emerson Lake 7.5
    RSA114152RSAStillingia spinulosaJohn Ingram2161955-4-17 RiversideOn Hwy 99, 5.7 miles west of Thousand Palms.
    RSA124361RSAStillingia spinulosaE. K. Balls228991958-3-20 Imperial0.5 miles along road to Blythe from Hwy 80.
    RSA160577RSAStillingia spinulosaPercy C. Everett244911963-5-03 RiversideHildalgo and Ramirez Sts.; La Quinta, west edge of Colorado Desert.
    RSA182245RSAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson15131964-1-04 ImperialColorado desert; Pinto wash area, along Hwy. 98, 16 miles west of Calexico.
    RSA20304RSAStillingia spinulosaRoxana S. Ferris95211938-5-15 RiversidePinto Basin, 16 miles from Cottonwood Springs.
    RSA245558RSAStillingia spinulosaLarry E. DeBuhr7961973-3-03 ImperialYuha Basin, Pinto Wash; about 16 miles west of Calexico along Highway 98.
    RSA24660RSAStillingia spinulosaC. B. Wolf102311941-5-01 San BernardinoS.E. end of Kelso Sand Dunes, 7 miles S. of Kelso on Amboy Rd.
    RSA248019RSAStillingia spinulosaR. F. Thorne431421973-4-28 San Bernardino4.4 W of Kelso along Union Pacific Railroad.
    RSA264570RSAStillingia spinulosaC. W. Tilforth13121977-5-19 ImperialSandy dune like area along Pinto Wash, c. 13 miles w. of Calexico, Hwy. 98.
    RSA269983RSAStillingia spinulosaG. Dilworth301970-5-16 San Bernardino5.8 miles west of Kelbaker road
    RSA272265RSAStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson16915-b1978-5-07 San BernardinoCa 56 miles S of Baker, 7.4 miles S of Hwy 40 along Kelbaker Road at Orange Blossom Wash in sandy wash
    RSA295993RSAStillingia spinulosaB. G. Baldwin671980-4-26 San Bernardino11 miles N, 14.5 miles W of Kelso
    RSA296934RSAStillingia spinulosaS. Castagnoli0931980-4-25 San BernardinoKingstone Range. Coyote Holes.
    RSA336140RSAStillingia spinulosaR. F. Thorne520921978-4-29 ImperialNear Salton Sea: Creosote bush scrub on sandy desert along Hwy 8 Near entrance to Salton Sea Naval Base, SSE of Salton Sea.
    RSA457876RSAStillingia spinulosaEdwin Klines.n1920-4-11 ImperialImperial Valley.
    RSA457877RSAStillingia spinulosaHoward de Forest177301933-4-09 ImperialSupersition Mountains, Colorado Desert.
    RSA457878RSAStillingia spinulosaAlan Romspert77711979-4-28 ImperialOff Interstate 8 on Sidewinder Rd, ca. 1.5 miles NW of Pilot Knob.
    RSA457879RSAStillingia spinulosaM. French Gilman1731928-4-15 ImperialPeg Legs.
    RSA457880RSAStillingia spinulosaT. W. Minthorns.n.1926-5-1 RiversideIndio.
    RSA457881RSAStillingia spinulosaMartha Hilend1851928-9-15 RiversideSand dunes below Garnet (sp?) Station
    RSA457882RSAStillingia spinulosaG. R. Johnstones.n1930-4-13 Riverside1000 Palms Colorado Desert Cal.
    RSA457883RSAStillingia spinulosaOra M. Clark17361929-3-17 RiversideWest of Indio.
    RSA457885RSAStillingia spinulosaN. C. Cooper35511949-4-18 San BernardinoBeacon Station
    RSA457886RSAStillingia spinulosaN. C. Cooper33371949-4-09 San BernardinoRice
    RSA457887RSAStillingia spinulosaGale Sphon2571959-3-30 San DiegoRoad from Ocotillo Wells to Split Mountain.
    RSA4997RSAStillingia spinulosaC. B. Wolf33811932-5-04 San BernardinoN side of Mojave River, 1.5 miles from Daggett on the road to Yermo
    RSA5076RSAStillingia spinulosaC. B. Wolf30641932-4-27 RiversideColorado Desert, Chuckwalla Valley, 16 mi. east of Desert Center.
    RSA569534RSAStillingia spinulosaE. S. Spaldings.n1925 RiversideDry hills near Indio.
    RSA621074RSAStillingia spinulosaT. Taylor43071977-6-15 San BernardinoEast of Alvord Mountains.: Powerline road, 1st exit east of Yermo.
    RSA659490RSAStillingia spinulosaJ. C. Roos41201949-3-26 RiversideCoachella Valley, Indio.
    RSA668468RSAStillingia spinulosaS. Grangers.n.1979-5-08 ImperialMPG-34; Heber
    RSA681939RSAStillingia spinulosaLeRoy Gross11722003-10-21 San BernardinoMojave Desert; North Central Mojave Desert region. Cat Mountain; In the Cronise Mountains, just north of the Interstate 15 freeway, west of Baker.Exit at Basin Road.
    RSA687482RSAStillingia spinulosaJ. P. Rebman71832001-3-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert Park: East of Borrego Springs along S-22; just east of Font's Piont and 0.3miles west of Thimble Wash.
    RSA749945RSAStillingia spinulosaJustin M. Wood4122009-3-26 RiversideThousand Palms, Ramon Rd., 1.4 miles E of Monterey Ave., just E of Edison substation.; Myoma
    RSA763988RSAStillingia spinulosaJustin M. Wood29932010-10-21 RiversideChuckwalla Valley NE of Victory Springs and 0.9 km E of Kaiser Road on unmarked 4WD road.; Victory Pass
    RSA76960RSAStillingia spinulosaF. W. Peirson20441921-4-12 RiversideNear Indian Wells.
    RSA76961RSAStillingia spinulosaF. W. Peirson54031924-12-29 RiversideSand hill near Palm Springs RR Station.
    RSA770641RSAStillingia spinulosaR. F. Thorne35725c1966-3-26 San DiegoBorrego Valley: ca. 2-3.5 miles NE of Borrego Springs
    RSA775624RSAStillingia spinulosaThomas Stoughton10042011-4-6 RiversideBLMRoad circling Sheep Hole Valley Wilderness, NS569 at junction with Hwy 62 on east side of NS569 along washlets.; Cadiz Valley 7.5'
    RSA775944RSAStillingia spinulosaThomas Stoughton9542011-3-31 RiversideBLMDune system along Midland Rice Road, South of Arica Mountains.; Styx
    RSA776502RSAStillingia spinulosaAmber Swanson3162011-4-1 San BernardinoBLMSand dunes near Cronese Dry Lake.
    RSA779774RSAStillingia spinulosaDuncan S. Bell6832010-4-2 RiversideArica Mountains: west side of mountain range within the Palen/McCoy Wilderness; approximately 3 air miles northwest of Priest Well; collecting along a sandy slope above the main western drainage for the Arica mountains.; Arica Mountains
    RSA779851RSAStillingia spinulosaJ. Andre164582011-3-31 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; approx. 2 miles south of Baker, 0.8 mile SW of Kelbaker Road, at sand ramp onto base of limestone hill; Soda Lake North 7.5'
    RSA780231RSAStillingia spinulosaStephanie Rockwood1092011-10-12 RiversideBLMEast side of the West Riverside Mountains. Highway 62 NS857 (Radio Tower Road) to NS 853 to 7 Wash Road. Vidal Valley.; Grommet
    RSA799879RSAStillingia spinulosaScott D. White133892011-2-25 RiversideSonoran Desert: Kaiser Road N of 10 freeway along long bend in road.; Victory Pass
    RSA800106RSAStillingia spinulosaDuncan S. Bell47662013-4-7 RiversideBLMEast side of the Arica Mountains; west side of Rice Valley approximately 6 air miles southeast of the ghost town of Rice or approximately 5.3 air miles east of Priests Well.; Rice
    SBBG100594SBBGStillingia spinulosaW. L. Halvorson77-136a1977-3-11 San BernardinoN side of Dale Lake, E of Twentynine Palms
    SBBG136046SBBGStillingia spinulosaBonnie C. Templeton1938-4-24 InyoShoshone
    SBBG34745SBBGStillingia spinulosaT. L. Secrest1950-3-13 Riversidenear Indio
    SBBG4041SBBGStillingia spinulosaH. and M. Dearing47771941-12-11 Riversidenear Cathedral City
    SBBG67695SBBGStillingia spinulosaM. N. Ackley3521926-2-1 RiversidePainted Cyn
    SBBG67696SBBGStillingia spinulosaRalph Hoffmann1930-5-14 San Bernardino10 W of Ludlow
    SD00008156SDStillingia spinulosaReid Moran65051958-3-01 ImperialPinto Wash. (IPB 10/07)
    SD00034530SDStillingia spinulosaMary Jo Churchwell13642017-10-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Thimble Trail in Borrego Badlands; a low lying area between small hills; 10.59 air miles E of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs; and 0.5 air miles S of intersection of County Hwy. S-22 and Thimble Trail Primitive Rd.
    SD00034531SDStillingia spinulosaMary Jo Churchwell13832017-11-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Coyote Wash in Coyote Canon; 5.42 air miles N of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs; and .65 air mile NE of end of pavement on DiGiorgio Rd., at State Park entrance.
    SD10540SDStillingia spinulosaFrank F. Gander137-21935-3-07 San Diegoabout 5 miles east of the Narrows
    SD113871SDStillingia spinulosaDarley F. Howe25951958-3-30 Imperial1.5 miles south of a point on Highway 98, 12 miles east of junction with Highway 80.
    SD115678SDStillingia spinulosaDuffie Clemons7921983-10-02 Imperial[TRS only, no locality information on label]
    SD13007SDStillingia spinulosaFrank F. Gander3871936-1-03 San DiegoCarrizo Creek 5 miles west of Station (Carrizo)
    SD133337SDStillingia spinulosaDuffie Clemons23271991-9-26 San Diegosouth of June Wash, Agua Caliente quad
    SD155200SDStillingia spinulosaJon P. Rebman71832001-3-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: East of Borrego Springs along S-22; just east of Font's Point and 0.3 miles west of Thimble Wash
    SD158725SDStillingia spinulosaArthur Morley222004-3-26 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek, Texas Dip, Borrego Springs Rd.
    SD159865SDStillingia spinulosaLarry Hendrickson12004-2-20 San Diego0.5 miles Southeast of Little Clark Lake, Anza-Borrego State Park
    SD159866SDStillingia spinulosaLarry Hendrickson242004-3-16 San Diego0.5 mi. southeast of Little Clark Lake. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
    SD176225SDStillingia spinulosaJoe Barth8162005-10-24 San DiegoOcotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area. About 3 miles E of East Butte Borrego Mt, and ca. 2 miles NE of Benson Dry Lake. North of San Felipe Wash about 0.1 mile. Near the intersection of Wolfe Well Rd and Barrel Springs Trail.
    SD204259SDStillingia spinulosaDiana Lindsay242008-4-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, E of Clark Dry Lake, W of Santa Rosa Mountains, 4.2 NE of intersection of Rockhouse Cyn Truck Trail and Borrego Salton Seaway (S22), at Mesquite dune area
    SD210992SDStillingia spinulosaLarry Hendrickson48182010-5-18 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Lower Borrego Valley, NE of Vallecito Mountains, 2.8 miles ESE of intersection of State hwy. 78 and Borrego Springs Road, and 0.8 mile S of 78.
    SD211409SDStillingia spinulosaJon Rebman189102010-4-3 ImperialSouth of Plaster City on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property in an area proposed for development of a solar facility: S of Hwy. S8 N of I-8, NE of Ocotillo & W of El Centro; in a large wash just S of a powerline road
    SD214984SDStillingia spinulosaLarry Hendrickson37912009-4-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Borrego Badlands, Hills of the Moon. 9.2 air miles ESE of Borrego Springs (Christmas Circle) and 1.6 miles SE of Font?s Point. Unpaved road between Rainbow Wash and Hills of the Moon Wash.
    SD242799SDStillingia spinulosas.n.1998-3-03 ImperialPinto Wash
    SD252676SDStillingia spinulosaMary Jo Churchwell5092011-3-23 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Beckman Wash; vicinity 1.10 miles SW of junction with Highway S-22
    SD264481SDStillingia spinulosaSusan T. Welker12281993-5-17 San DiegoBorrego Desert. East of Pegleg Monument Road, near badlands. Interface between dry wash and stoney mud hill. Grid F26.
    SD265993SDStillingia spinulosaJon Rebman326972017-3-19 ImperialNorthwest side of Palo Verde Mountains: southwest of the town of Palo Verde and west of the Colorado River and Hwy 78; along an electrical pole road in a sandy dune field
    SD28013SDStillingia spinulosaCarl B. Wolf30641932-4-27 Riverside16 miles east of Desert Center, Chuckwalla Valley.
    SD46155SDStillingia spinulosaJohn Ingram2161955-4-17 RiversideOn Highway 99, 5.7 miles west of Thousand Palms.
    SD70406SDStillingia spinulosaW. L. Jepson88801920-4-29 San DiegoBorrego Springs
    SD83454SDStillingia spinulosaR. Mitchel Beauchamp19601971-3-26 San DiegoAlong Borrego-Salton Seaway, south end of Clark Valley, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
    SD8703SDStillingia spinulosaS. B. Parishs.n.1882-5-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert
    SD8704SDStillingia spinulosaJ. C. Nevins.n.2001-3-27 San DiegoSoutheast part of San Diego County.
    SDSU07635SDSUStillingia spinulosaGander, Frank11601933-4-15 San Diego
    SDSU07641SDSUStillingia spinulosaMorgan, K.R.K1711963-5-12 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert Park, West Truckhaven Trail.
    SDSU18171SDSUStillingia spinulosaNewhauser, Judy1982-4-20 San BernardinoEmerson Lake, MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA
    SFV106054SFVStillingia spinulosaT. R. Gordon8301975-3-15 San DiegoColorado Desert; 9 miles east of Borrego Springs on S22 just west of entrance to Anza Borrego Desert State Park.
    SFV106055SFVStillingia spinulosaM. L. Vincent7421968-4-08 San Diego14 miles southeast of Pine Valley.
    SJSU4218SJSUStillingia spinulosaC.W. Sharsmith75701968-4-13 San Bernardinonear Cronise Valley c. 10 mi SW of Baker
    UC1035174UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaJohn Ingram, F. Chisaki, H. Arnott2161955-4-17 Riversideon Hwy 99 5.7 mi west of Thousand Palms
    UC110183UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaT. S. Brandegee1902-5-22 San BernardinoDanby
    UC110387UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaT. S. Brandegee1905-4-01 San DiegoColorado Desert
    UC110388UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaT. S. Brandegee1895-4-17 San DiegoBorregos Springs
    UC110434UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaKatharine Brandegee1884-6-01 San BernardinoLudlow Mojave Desert
    UC1220989UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaBeecher Crampton64661962-5-23 ImperialPlaster City
    UC1293937UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaW. R. Smith, T. Hansen1091958-4-02 San Bernardinoe Cat Mountain (between secondary road and mt.; approx. 42 mi e of Barstow on Hwy 466 and 91); Cronise Lake
    UC1329968UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaJames E. Cole7311941-5-18 RiversideJoshua Tree National Monument
    UC1719454UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaD. Atwood175591993-3-24 San Bernardino1/4 NE of Baker dump; East Mohave scenic area
    UC17830UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaS. B. Parish41421896-4-04 RiversidePalm Springs (Agua Caliente) San Jacinto Mt. (desert base of mt.)
    UC185619UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaKatharine Brandegee1914-1-01 San BernardinoDaggett
    UC187079UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaS. B., W. F. Parish7061882-5-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert
    UC334102UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaunknown1880-4-01 VenturaEl Rio [northern Oxnard, Oxnard Plain]
    UC334105UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaunknown1884-5-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert
    UC440339UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaCarl Epling, Lincoln Ellison, Harvey Anderson1930-4-18 InyoOphir Mine Mohave Desert, Slate Mountains
    UC570782UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaH. L. Mason41841928-3-10 RiversideWhitewater River
    UC604860UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaRoxana S. Ferris, Ruth P. Rossbach95211938-5-15 Riverside16 mi from Cottonwood Springs; Pinto Basin
    UC65018UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaE. E. Schellenger681904-3-15 ImperialPaloverde Colorado Desert
    UC667324UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg21641941-5-12 Riversideroad to Black Eagle Mine Colorado Desert, Eagle Mountains
    UC68671UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaH. M. Hall61131905-5-01 San BernardinoLudlow Mohave Desert
    UC68673UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaH. M. Hall59591905-4-01 Riversidenear Colorado River; Colorado Desert
    UC68684UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaH. M. Hall59271905-4-01 RiversideMcCoy Wash Colorado Desert
    UC869258UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaAlice Eastwood30571913-4-30 RiversidePalm Springs
    UC869280UCJEPSStillingia spinulosaJ. Francis Macbride, Francis Drouet44141941-10-12 San Bernardinobetween Ash Hill Station and Klondike Station (w of Ludlow)
    UCR101702UCRStillingia spinulosaB.G. Pitzer35091998-2-02 Imperialextension of Sidewinder Road, south and west of Pilot Knob RV park/campground, c. 1 mile airline SW of Pilot Knob, on and adjacent to northern berm of All-America Canal, c. 3.2 road miles past the RV park; Colorado Desert
    UCR122641UCRStillingia spinulosaGeorge K. Helmkamp28661998-3-16 San Bernardinonorth of CA Hwy 62 between Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms; east of Lear Avenue and 0.1 mile north of Amboy Road
    UCR153093UCRStillingia spinulosaJon P. Rebman71832001-3-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, east of Borrego Springs along S-22; just east of Font's Point and 0.3 mi west of Thimble Wash
    UCR155807UCRStillingia spinulosaD.E. Bramlet31642001-6-17 RiversideEast side of Eagle Mtn. Road, 4500 ft. north of I-10, 16 km south of Eagle Mtn and 5 W of Desert Center
    UCR16197UCRStillingia spinulosaAnonymouss.n.1959-12-12 San BernardinoDale Dry Lake, 24 mi. east of Twentynine Palms.
    UCR16198UCRStillingia spinulosaP.A. Rauchs.n.1966-4-15 San Bernardino20 mi. SW of Baker, [Cronese Valley] on Barstow-Baker Hwy U.S. 91
    UCR163570UCRStillingia spinulosaB.G. Pitzer3860.11999-4-26 San Bernardinovalley at SE end of Cady Mtns., powerline road 1.85 miles north of Hwy (Route) 66, c. 5 miles WNW of Ludlow, c. 2.5 miles NE of Lavic
    UCR163662UCRStillingia spinulosaTed Rados.n.2005-7-31 RiversideCoachella Valley, south edge of orange grove, 1.5 miles north of I-10 and 0.5 mi. west of Dillon Rd.
    UCR163710UCRStillingia spinulosaB.G. Pitzer40391998-3-31 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Training Center, Lava Training Range, sandy area with hummocks north of Lead Mountain
    UCR166194UCRStillingia spinulosaNathan Moorhatchs.n.2005-4-19 RiversideDesert Hot Springs, Desert Dunes Golf Course (SW corner) just east of Palm Ave. C. 0.5 mile north-east of Seven Palms Ranch
    UCR171132UCRStillingia spinulosaJohn F. Greens.n.2005-3-3 ImperialSalton Basin, east of Salton Sea, c. 4 miles north of Niland; Coachella Canal right of way, between siphons 10 and 11
    UCR175236UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre67402006-4-11 RiversidePinto Basin: c. 1 N of Pinto Basin Rd. (paved), in the Sand Hill area
    UCR177405UCRStillingia spinulosaMarisa Sripracha612004-3-21 RiversideWillow Hole, Coachella Valley
    UCR178549UCRStillingia spinulosaR.G. Swinney0701967-3-12 RiversideNorth of Eagle Mountains
    UCR17866UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders003021978-4-06 San Bernardino3 mi. south of Kelso, where the Kelbaker Road crosses a toe of the Kelso Dunes
    UCR17908UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders3011976-4-13 ImperialYuha Desert, 0.5 mile south of Interstate Hwy 8 and c. due south of Plaster City
    UCR18058UCRStillingia spinulosaHap Ritters.n.1976-5-20 Riversidedunes off of Wiley's Well Road
    UCR18829UCRStillingia spinulosaJohn C. Rooss.n.1965-8-14 RiversideDillon Road in Desert Hot Springs.
    UCR200527UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre94152008-1-10 San BernardinoOld Dad Mountain, along dirt road at base of west side of Old Dad Mountain, just east of Little Cow Hole Mountains
    UCR217778UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre125432010-3-1 ImperialBorrego Desert, c. 2.0 mi east of town of Ocotillo, along north side of US Hwy 8, frontage road
    UCR226166UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre164832011-3-31 San Bernardinonorthern end of East Cronise Lake, along Cronise Lake Road 3.0 mi north of Hwy I-15, 16 mi west of Baker
    UCR226265UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre163332011-4-9 San BernardinoCadiz Basin, west side of Canong north-south trending dirt road, c. 15 miles south southwest of Chambliss (at US 66), 8 miles west of Cadiz Road
    UCR23606UCRStillingia spinulosaJohn C. Roos41201949-3-26 RiversideIndio
    UCR244919UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre213632012-3-19 RiversidePalen Valley along Palen Pass Rd [Coxcomb Monument Rd.] (dirt), 1.2 mi. east of Hwy 177; Palen Valley
    UCR253341UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre239612013-3-3 ImperialYuha Desert, along Hwy 98 c. 7 miles southeast of Ocotillo, just outside Crucifixon Thorn Natural Area
    UCR26191UCRStillingia spinulosaJohn C. Roos12861937-4-28 RiversideBetween Rice and Desert Center [on Rice Road, hwy 177]
    UCR267769UCRStillingia spinulosaJim Andre297412014-4-7 San Bernardinojust north of junction of BLM Rd. 8687 and powerline corridor, c. 1 mile north of RR tracks underpass at Hwy 40, Pisgah Road, c. 13 miles west of Ludlow
    UCR269617UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders421692016-3-14 ImperialChocolate Mountains, along old Niland-Blythe Rd., 1.92 NE of Siphon 8 on the Coachella Canal, NE of Slab City
    UCR278754UCRStillingia spinulosaOnkar Singh50892015-3-14 ImperialImperial Valley, Naval Air Facility El Centro, Target 68, c. 13 km SW of Glamis
    UCR287166UCRStillingia spinulosaNaomi Fraga47462014-3-12 San Bernardinosouthwest of Old Woman Springs, south of Cottonwood Spring
    UCR290980UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders436472019-3-29 RiversideCoachella Valley, northern part of Thousand Palms Oasis, west of Thousand Palms Canon Rd. and north of the reserve office
    UCR291400UCRStillingia spinulosaGinny Short0922019-4-24 RiversideCoachella Valley Valley Preserve, Thousand Palms Oasis, sandy hills near office
    UCR291660UCRStillingia spinulosaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1993-1-29 Imperialwest end of Pinto Wash
    UCR33167UCRStillingia spinulosaJames Henrickson16915b1978-5-07 San Bernardinoc. 56 miles south of Baker, 7.4 miles south of Hwy I-40 along Kelbaker Rd at Orange Blossom Wash
    UCR33460UCRStillingia spinulosaBarry A. Prigge26781978-4-22 San Bernardinosouthern edge of Kelso Dunes, 7.5 miles west of Kelbaker Road on powerline road
    UCR33698UCRStillingia spinulosaD.P. Faulkner5321978-4-28 Riversidesand dunes 3 miles south of Rice
    UCR41758UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders62691986-3-10 ImperialN foot Mount Signal, just north of the international boundary, 1.43 miles west of Mt. Signal Rd. on BLM road Y2918
    UCR62076UCRStillingia spinulosaBrian L. Phillipss.n.1990-4-20 San Bernardinonear lava flows where frontage road crosses railroad tracks between Ludlow and Hector
    UCR67967UCRStillingia spinulosaHugh Greens.n.1978-4-20 San BernardinoCadiz Valley, just north of Riverside County line, near junction of Hwy 62 with Hwy 177
    UCR67968UCRStillingia spinulosaHugh Greens.n.1978-4-26 San BernardinoWard Valley, west of Needles
    UCR72238UCRStillingia spinulosaG.R. Ballmer92--051992-5-26 Imperial23 mi. east of Holtville near the Brock Research Center. c. 6.5 mi (airline) SSE of Glamis, and c. 3 mi. (airline) north of the Mexican border.
    UCR85432UCRStillingia spinulosaGeorge K. Helmkamp88--21994-4-26 RiversideIndio Hills; north of the landfill on Edom Hill
    UCR99141UCRStillingia spinulosaA.C. Sanders6671978-4-17 San BernardinoPipes Wash area, north of Yucca Valley near Giant Rock; Mojave Desert
    UCSB036744UCSBStillingia spinulosaJoseph M. Keefe15591967-2-26 San Diego3 miles north of Borrego Springs traffic circle on Borrego Springs Road, Borrego Springs
    UCSB036745UCSBStillingia spinulosaMarks, R.321978-5-05 San DiegoDi Giorgio Rd., 1.5 N of Henderson Canon Rd., Borrego Valley
    UCSB036746UCSBStillingia spinulosaGliessman, Nan1861968-3-02 Imperial1.0 mile east of S-2 Wash Road, 1.0 mile south of east boundary of Anza-Borrego State Park
    UCSB036747UCSBStillingia spinulosaTinnin, Robert1301967-3-25 San Bernardino1.1 miles up Piute Wash, 7.9 miles northwest of Needles
    UCSB036748UCSBStillingia spinulosaDay, Fran801964-4-12 San Bernardino7.7 miles east of Adobe Road, Twentynine Palms on Amboy Road
    UCSB036749UCSBStillingia spinulosaCorfman, Nancy421961-3-04 Imperial15 miles west of Calexico, 2 north of Mt. Signal on dirt road off Highway 89

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