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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC102907DAVStellaria mediaOgden C. Riddle41942-03-01 YoloYolo County: Davis campus, near greenhouses.
    AHUC102908DAVStellaria mediaBeecher Crampton17441953-03-06 YoloDavis.
    AHUC102909DAVStellaria mediaBeecher Cramptons.n.1953-04-01 YoloYolo County: Davis.
    AHUC104780DAVStellaria mediaMorris Halperins.n.1931-03-07 YoloYolo County: Davis; near Agronomy Greenhouse.
    CAS-BOT174046CASStellaria mediaHelmkamp, G. K.83032004-02-19 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast: NW of Nipomo, Pomeroy Rd, 0.2 mi N of Willow Rd. Elev. given as 300ft.
    CAS-BOT176687CASStellaria mediaPiehl, Martin A.62101962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSoutheast of ranch house, of Willow Canyon bank, San Miguel Island
    CAS-BOT251172CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter38831958-08-16 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, north of Sebastopol (near Occidental Road).
    CAS-BOT251218CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter17361954-09-06 SonomaGuerneville Marsh.
    CAS-BOT251256CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter54371964-07-29 SonomaBrooks Gulch Marsh.
    CAS-BOT251257CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter39511958-08-31 SonomaAtascadero Creek Marsh.
    CAS-BOT251312CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter28851956-09-14 SonomaVacation Beach near Guerneville, along Russian River.
    CAS-BOT274422CASStellaria mediaSmith, D.; Baxter, J.; Lerst, F.; Truitt, R.; Wess, L.130122013-03-09 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Middle Eldridge Grade Culvert 24
    CAS-BOT278108CASStellaria mediaBaxter, J.; Kawachi, S.; Westgaard, R.130292013-04-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Middle Eldridge Grade Culvert 24
    CAS-BOT293752CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter18631955-05-21 SonomaForestville Marsh. North-facing slope bordering the marsh in the south.
    CAS-BOT293753CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter43801960-05-18 SonomaBodega Head Marsh.
    CAS-BOT386933CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.28741928-03-25 NapaRoadside 1 1-2 mi. N.E. of Calistoga
    CAS-BOT386934CASStellaria mediaRuckert, Elsa G.21960-02-20 NapaDry Creek Road
    CAS-BOT386935CASStellaria mediaRaven, Peter H.63931954-02-22 Napaalong streets, St. Helena
    CAS-BOT386936CASStellaria mediaIrvine, Jonathan M.1071977-04-16 Napaalong Highway 128, 6.4 miles SSW of Monticello Dam
    CAS-BOT386937CASStellaria mediaRattan, Volneys.n.1878-01-01 UnknownDalton′s Place
    CAS-BOT386938CASStellaria mediaHansen, Geo.11831896-04-18 AmadorClinton. Sequoia Gigantea Region.
    CAS-BOT386939CASStellaria mediaEastwood, Alice101081921-03-19 AmadorIone
    CAS-BOT386940CASStellaria mediaEastwood, Alice2141907-04-22 Del NorteAdams Station
    CAS-BOT386941CASStellaria mediaKnight, Walter9091965-03-01 Contra CostaAntioch dunes
    CAS-BOT386942CASStellaria mediaBowerman, Mary L.10851932-02-13 Contra CostaAlamo Canyon
    CAS-BOT386943CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.45981930-04-18 Contra CostaN. end of Jersey Island
    CAS-BOT386944CASStellaria mediaBlaisdell, M.D., F. E.s.n.1909-04-30 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
    CAS-BOT386945CASStellaria mediaBlaisdell, M.D., F. E.751936-04-19 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
    CAS-BOT386946CASStellaria mediaFuller, T. C.83111962-05-01 Calaverasbelow faculty residences, Fricot School
    CAS-BOT386947CASStellaria mediaHelmkamp, G. K.; Helmkamp, E. A.131812008-03-18 CalaverasSierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Jesus Maria Road, 0.5 mile south of CA-26, about 1.7 miles southeast of Mokelumne Hill
    CAS-BOT386948CASStellaria mediaFerris, Roxana S.6101917-04-17 ColusaSycamore Slough
    CAS-BOT386949CASStellaria mediaMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1921-07-18 Del Norte3 miles N. on Cresent City road.
    CAS-BOT386950CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter86931976-06-23 El DoradoGeogetown Divide. Blodgett Forest: ″County Road″ ca, 0.3 mi. west of Headquarters Road junction (ca. 0.05 mi. outside Blodgett boundary)
    CAS-BOT392501CASStellaria mediaWetzel, Cherie L.2241968-02-29 Alamedaold Niles Canyon Road
    CAS-BOT392502CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.96711964-06-21 KernWater Creek on the S side of Bear Mountain, Tehachapi Mountains
    CAS-BOT392503CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.32931957-03-27 KernKern Mesa at the foot of White Wolf Grade, Shandon, Eastern San Joaquin Valley
    CAS-BOT392504CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.61521961-05-23 KernTejon Ranch: El Paso Canyon, about 1.5 mile above the Meadows Place, Tehachapi Mountains
    CAS-BOT392505CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.9411954-03-27 KernCarneros Rocks, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392506CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.41381958-02-23 KernAntelope Ranch, Antelope Valley, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392507CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.34311957-04-30 KernMill Creek near Kern River Canyon Highway, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392508CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.69831962-04-19 KernGranite Station Road, 4 miles W of Glennville
    CAS-BOT392509CASStellaria mediaBenson, Lyman30131932-03-01 KernN side building, Bakersfield Junior College, Bakersfield
    CAS-BOT392510CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.11051954-04-11 KernCarneros Rocks, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392511CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.9411954-03-27 KernCarneros Rocks, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392512CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.8621954-03-09 KernChris Twisselmann Ranch, Eastern San Luis Obispo County, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392513CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.41381958-02-23 KernAntelope Ranch, Antelope Valley, Shandon
    CAS-BOT392514CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.61521961-05-23 KernTejon Ranch, El Paso Canyon, about 1.5 mile above the Meadows Place
    CAS-BOT392515CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.96711964-06-21 KernWater Creek on the S side of Bear Mountain, Tehachapi Mountains
    CAS-BOT392516CASStellaria mediade Nevers, Greg121132001-03-11 LakeClear Lake, Rodman Slough Preserve
    CAS-BOT392517CASStellaria mediade Nevers, Greg121562001-04-08 LakeClear Lake, Lake County Land Trust, Rodman Slough Preserve
    CAS-BOT392518CASStellaria mediade Nevers, Greg123032001-04-23 LakeClear Lake, Lake County Land Trust, Rodman Slough
    CAS-BOT392519CASStellaria mediaBentley, Georgias.n.1917-04-04 LakeLakeport
    CAS-BOT392520CASStellaria mediaBowman, Agnes M.2091902-04-01 LakeSulphur Banks
    CAS-BOT392521CASStellaria mediaEastwood, Alices.n.1925-05-25 LakeDashiells Mt. Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT392522CASStellaria mediaBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1924-04-02 LakeKelseyville
    CAS-BOT392523CASStellaria mediaJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-03-31 LakeCobb Mt.
    CAS-BOT392524CASStellaria mediaTempleton, B. C.7061941-03-14 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT392525CASStellaria mediaTilforth, C. W.1301968-02-19 Los AngelesTallac Knoll, LASCA; Arcadia
    CAS-BOT393587CASStellaria mediaZeile, Elsies.n.1909-05-06 AlamedaPeralta Park, Berkeley
    CAS-BOT393588CASStellaria mediaZeile, E. M.s.n.1920-04-01 AlamedaBerkeley
    CAS-BOT393589CASStellaria mediaWetzel, Cherie L.11061970-02-07 Alamedaslope above tile plant, Niles Canyon and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393590CASStellaria mediaWetzel, Cherie L.6351969-04-01 AlamedaMuller′s ranch, Niles Canyon and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393591CASStellaria mediaWetzel, Cherie L.2061968-02-11 AlamedaCanyon Heights Drive, Niles Canyon and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393592CASStellaria mediaWetzel, Cherie L.7191969-04-13 AlamedaBetween aqueduct and Alameda Creek where aqueduct crosses Niles Canyon Rd., Niles Canyon and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393688CASStellaria mediaWolf, Carl B.35591932-05-11 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Fourth O′ July Cove. Above the road.
    CAS-BOT393689CASStellaria mediaWolf, Carl B.35581932-05-11 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Fourth O′ July Cove. Above the road.
    CAS-BOT393690CASStellaria mediaRaven, Peter H.138221959-03-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park.
    CAS-BOT393691CASStellaria mediaMoran, Reid7061941-03-14 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch, Santa Calina Island
    CAS-BOT393692CASStellaria mediaJones, Marcus E. A Ms.n.1926-03-13 Los AngelesSanta Ana Canon
    CAS-BOT393694CASStellaria mediaMunz, P. A.; Harwood, R. D.43071920-03-01 Los AngelesCobol Canyon
    CAS-BOT393695CASStellaria mediaWhite, Scott; McGaugh, Chet30611995-05-16 Los AngelesE edge of Santa susana Mtns; Sunshine Cyn. W of San fernado Rd and I-5 Fwy.; just S of interchange w- SR14.
    CAS-BOT393696CASStellaria mediaGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1902-06-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
    CAS-BOT393697CASStellaria mediaPenalosa, Javier10971961-02-25 MarinTiburon Peninsula; Above Tiburon. Road above St. Hilary′s Church.
    CAS-BOT393698CASStellaria mediaPenalosa, Javier12401961-04-01 MarinTiburon Peninsula; Hill south-east of Bel Aire School.
    CAS-BOT393699CASStellaria mediaPenalosa, Javier11181961-03-11 MarinTiburon Peninsula; 602 ft. hill west of Paradise Cay. South slope.
    CAS-BOT393723CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas3131924-05-13 MariposaWawona
    CAS-BOT393724CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas487141972-04-25 MariposaMoist shaded flat at Cascade Falls west of Yosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT393725CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas405681964-04-28 MariposaGranitic country just south of Morman Bar on road to Ben Hur
    CAS-BOT393726CASStellaria mediaBreedlove, D. E.173811970-04-12 MariposaSlope along small stream with Quercus douglasii, 8 miles east of La Grange along California Highway #132
    CAS-BOT393727CASStellaria mediaEastwood, Alice152581928-06-06 MendocinoOsborne. Forest reserve
    CAS-BOT393728CASStellaria mediaMcMurphy, Jas.381903-06-01 MendocinoBig River
    CAS-BOT393729CASStellaria mediaSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.51201979-03-04 MendocinoMossy Rock, Rte. 128 at MP 45.5
    CAS-BOT393730CASStellaria mediaSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.51201979-02-06 MendocinoAlong road, Route 128, 0.5 mi E of mouth of Navarro River, sea level
    CAS-BOT393731CASStellaria mediaWheeler, Clare R.2108a1981-04-26 MendocinoConfluence main Eel River and North Fork Eel.
    CAS-BOT393732CASStellaria mediaWheeler, Clare R.28681982-01-08 MendocinoMendicino City, R. & T. Sholara vegetable garden. Surfwood Road
    CAS-BOT393733CASStellaria mediaWheeler, Clare R.15701980-05-01 MendocinoMiddle Fork Eel River, 3 mi S of Round Valley, on large sandy beach near small creek
    CAS-BOT393801CASStellaria mediaToschi, Catherine A.63:11963-02-17 MarinOn sideroad one mile northwest of Olema.
    CAS-BOT393802CASStellaria mediaMcMurphy, James I. W.s.n.1906-04-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais; Mill Valley.
    CAS-BOT393803CASStellaria mediaTrue, Gordon H.47041968-07-26 MarinPoint Reyes Bird Observatory ca. 3 miles northwest of Bolinas at Arroyo Hondo
    CAS-BOT393804CASStellaria mediaBest, Catherine9211984-04-18 MarinTom′s Point, Tomales Bay
    CAS-BOT393805CASStellaria mediaRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.210971967-05-01 MarinAngel Island; Rock Quarry
    CAS-BOT393806CASStellaria mediaGosliner, T.; Baxter, J.; Truitt, R.; Feher, S.; Ota, R.; Leist, F.; Subedar, R.; Murphy, M.130042013-02-23 MarinMount Tamalpais; Marin Municipal Water District lands: Sky Oaks Meadow at rock face.
    CAS-BOT393807CASStellaria mediaWilliams, A.; Evans, M.; Rocha, J.; Phillips, K.; Stern, J.; Brown, N.; Slamovich, J.132042013-02-23 MarinMount Tamalpais; Marin Municipal Water District lands: Sky Oaks Meadow picnic area. Original lat-long had more decimal places: 37.96635, -122.601163890
    CAS-BOT393808CASStellaria mediaHowitt, Beatrice F.251955-03-07 MontereyMonterey Peninsula; Along Pacific Grove - Carmel Highway
    CAS-BOT393809CASStellaria mediaHowitt, Beatrice F.11771962-04-03 MontereyMonterey Peninsula; Pacific Grove Along Prescott Rt. 1-2 block from Fort Ord
    CAS-BOT393810CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.163711970-04-21 MontereyCholame Valley: 0.5 mile north of the San Luis Obispo County line.
    CAS-BOT393811CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.163711970-04-21 MontereyCholame Valley: 0.5 mile north of the San Luis Obispo County line.
    CAS-BOT393812CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.91561970-04-21 MontereySalinas River, just above Bradley.
    CAS-BOT393813CASStellaria mediaAbbott, E. K.91561890-04-01 MontereyUnspecified.
    CAS-BOT393814CASStellaria mediaElmer, A. D. E.48861903-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT393815CASStellaria mediaRandall, Josephine D.s.n.1909-12-30 MontereyNear trail from Carmel to Monterey
    CAS-BOT393816CASStellaria mediaRandall, Alice D.2261910-03-31 MontereyMonterey Peninsula; Seaside
    CAS-BOT393817CASStellaria mediaMorley, Thomass.n.1941-07-10 MontereyUpper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg.
    CAS-BOT393818CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,4371966-02-12 OrangeW side of State College Boulevard, opposite end of Electra Way, Fullerton
    CAS-BOT393819CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,4841966-03-01 OrangeCorner of South Campus Drive and State College Blvd., Fullerton
    CAS-BOT393820CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,3681965-12-05 Orange2 mi. E of Atwood, on N side of Orangethorpe Ave.
    CAS-BOT393821CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,3291965-11-05 OrangeN side of Chapman Avenue near Kraemer Road
    CAS-BOT393822CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,5181966-03-05 Orangeabout 1-2 mi. W of El Toro Post Office, along Highway S-18
    CAS-BOT393823CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,4751966-02-25 OrangeFirestone Boy Scout Reservation, in hills E of Brea
    CAS-BOT393824CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,5401966-03-22 Orangenear end of pavement about 5 miles above Ranger Station, Cleveland National Forest
    CAS-BOT393825CASStellaria mediaWolf, C. B.18541931-03-06 OrangeTrabuco Camp Grounds, Trabuco Canyon, west slope of the Santa Ana Mts.
    CAS-BOT393826CASStellaria mediaWolf, C. B.18541931-03-06 OrangeTrabuco Camp Ground, Trabuco Canyon, west slope of the Santa Ana Mts.
    CAS-BOT393827CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja17951967-07-10 PlumasNear barn in valley proper, Butterfly Botanical Area and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393828CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja21361967-07-12 PlumasPond reservoir, Butterfly Botanical Area and vicinity,
    CAS-BOT393829CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja17951967-05-08 PlumasButterfly Canyon, Butterfly Botanical Area and vicinity
    CAS-BOT393830CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.506211974-07-29 PlumasQuincy
    CAS-BOT393831CASStellaria mediaThomas, J. H.27201953-02-01 Santa CruzAbout 1-2 mile inland from Sea Cliff Beach State Park which is between Santa Cruz and Watsonville
    CAS-BOT393832CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.27321953-02-01 Santa Cruzcorner of East Lake Ave. and Hushbeck St., Watsonville
    CAS-BOT393833CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.35991953-10-03 Santa CruzAlong Big Basin--Boulder Creek Highway, about 2 miles NW of Boulder Creek (as measured along the highway)
    CAS-BOT393834CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.13731950-03-29 Santa CruzFuture site of Waterman Switch Dam, San Lorenzo River, about 6 miles N of Boulder Creek
    CAS-BOT393835CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.24711950-10-01 Santa CruzAlong Waddell Creek, Rancho del Oso, about 1 mile inland from the coast, 8.5 miles NW of Davenport
    CAS-BOT393836CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.24711950-10-01 Santa CruzAlong Waddell Creek, Rancho del Oso, about 1 mile inland from the coast, 8.5 miles NW of Davenport
    CAS-BOT393837CASStellaria mediaThomas, J. H.27201953-02-01 Santa CruzAbout 1-2 mile inland from Sea Cliff Beach State Park which is between Santa Cruz and Watsonville
    CAS-BOT393838CASStellaria mediaThomas, J. H.12671950-02-26 Santa CruzAlong coast at western end of Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz
    CAS-BOT393839CASStellaria mediaThompson, Mrs. B. H.s.n.1902-04-12 Santa CruzSweet′s Gulch
    CAS-BOT393840CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas322951957-05-17 San FranciscoBayview Hills
    CAS-BOT393841CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas316901956-07-15 San FranciscoWaterfront St. near Mission Rock Terminal
    CAS-BOT393842CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas324631957-05-26 San FranciscoNorth face of Lone Mt.
    CAS-BOT393843CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas320231957-04-23 San FranciscoVallejo St. near Van Ness Ave.
    CAS-BOT393844CASStellaria mediaR., P. H.1751949-03-04 San FranciscoLone Mountain
    CAS-BOT393845CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter32781957-04-27 San FranciscoPresidio, northern slope of Lobos Creek gully betw. 16th Ave and Lincoln Blvd
    CAS-BOT393846CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter31201957-03-17 San FranciscoSan Miguel Hills, Bottom of Canyon E of O′Shaughnessy Blvd
    CAS-BOT393847CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter25781956-06-02 San FranciscoSouthern (N facing) slope of gully S of Stanley Drive, E of Lake Merced
    CAS-BOT393848CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter30681956-11-10 San Francisconear Mountain Lake, Presidio
    CAS-BOT393849CASStellaria mediaRose, Lewis S.570891957-05-26 San FranciscoN slope of Russian Hill, Francisco St., near Hyde St.
    CAS-BOT393850CASStellaria mediaRaven, Peter H.13201950-01-25 San FranciscoLaguna at California St.
    CAS-BOT393851CASStellaria mediaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-08-02 FresnoHuntington Lake and vicinity, Big Creek
    CAS-BOT393852CASStellaria mediaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-07-29 FresnoHuntington Lake and vicinity, North Shore at Blue Jay Camp.
    CAS-BOT393853CASStellaria mediaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-07-29 FresnoHuntington Lake and vicinity, North Shore at Blue Jay Camp.
    CAS-BOT393854CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.127671917-07-04 GlennAlder Springs in the Coast Range
    CAS-BOT393855CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.127671917-07-04 GlennAlder Springs in the Coast Range
    CAS-BOT393856CASStellaria mediaHolt, Ward B.s.n.1951-09-01 MaderaBass Lake
    CAS-BOT393857CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas412341965-04-27 MaderaMadera
    CAS-BOT393858CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas342671958-08-10 MaderaSierra Nevada, Miller Meadow.
    CAS-BOT393859CASStellaria mediaTrue, Gordon H.3091962-03-25 NevadaSierra Nevada, G.H. True Ranch, 7 miles southwest of Grass Valley on McCourtney Road
    CAS-BOT393860CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas53771970-05-28 NevadaSierra Nevada, Bear Valley on Highway 20, ca. 20mi. E. of Nevada City.
    CAS-BOT393861CASStellaria mediaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas66411971-05-25 NevadaMoores Flat on north slope of San Juan Ridge ca. 7mi. northeast of Columbia Hill.
    CAS-BOT393862CASStellaria mediaTrue, Gordon H.64981971-04-20 SacramentoGeo Beitzel Ranch on the Consumnes River ca. 7 miles east of Elk Grove
    CAS-BOT393863CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.166041973-04-23 San BenitoPinnacles National Monumnet. Visitor Center to Bear Gulch Reservoir.
    CAS-BOT393864CASStellaria mediaPrice, W. W.s.n.1873-03-25 San BenitoTres Pinos
    CAS-BOT393865CASStellaria mediaParish, Samuel B.151885-04-25 San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT393866CASStellaria mediaMunz, P. A.20761918-04-18 San BernardinoChino
    CAS-BOT393867CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.21721927-04-10 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains Region. On banks of Delzura creek 3 mi. below Delzura
    CAS-BOT393868CASStellaria mediaFerris, Roxana S.93991938-04-15 San JoaquinNear gravel pit at the mouth of Corral Hollow.
    CAS-BOT393869CASStellaria mediaStanford, E. E.1271927-03-29 San JoaquinStockton
    CAS-BOT393870CASStellaria mediaBreedlove, D. E.172221970-03-21 StanislausSteep bluff on the east bank of the Tuolumne river, 2 miles west of La Grange
    CAS-BOT393871CASStellaria mediaAhart, Lowell33331982-04-23 SutterMeyers Ranch, Sutter Buttes
    CAS-BOT393872CASStellaria mediaAhart, Lowell32411982-03-06 SutterDean Ranch, Sutter Buttes; (Old Man Mountain) south-west of the Dean Cabin; ridge forms the south boundary of the ranch.
    CAS-BOT393873CASStellaria mediaAhart, Lowells.n.1977-04-05 SutterOn south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes.
    CAS-BOT393874CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.444491968-05-14 TulareRoad′s End, Kern River Canyon
    CAS-BOT393875CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.52121959-05-21 TularePoso Creek at the north end of Lynn Valley
    CAS-BOT394026CASStellaria mediaRaven, Peter H.88961956-03-30 San FranciscoNewhall St. at Revere Ave
    CAS-BOT394027CASStellaria mediaunspecifieds.n.1895-03-09 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CAS-BOT394028CASStellaria mediaunspecifieds.n.1877-01-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CAS-BOT394029CASStellaria mediaThomas, J. H.71901958-05-13 San FranciscoWestern end of Golden Gate Park near the Sloop Gjoa
    CAS-BOT394030CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.48541955-04-06 San FranciscoNorth peak, Twin Peaks
    CAS-BOT394031CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.72621958-06-26 San Franciscointersection of Davidson Ave. and 3rd St.
    CAS-BOT394032CASStellaria mediaCoulter, Malcolm871968-04-05 San FranciscoFarallon Islands, in front of living quarters no. 2
    CAS-BOT394033CASStellaria mediaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-05-12 Santa Barbara222 W. Anapamu St, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT394034CASStellaria mediaEllwoods.n.1976-04-29 Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT394035CASStellaria mediaBlakley, E. R.33621960-05-01 Santa Barbarahill on W side of Coches Prietos Canyon, Santa Cruz Island
    CAS-BOT394036CASStellaria mediaHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island
    CAS-BOT394037CASStellaria mediaHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1927-05-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
    CAS-BOT394038CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas393721963-05-18 MontereyPajaro
    CAS-BOT394039CASStellaria mediaCook & Cook; Linsdale, Jean M.5061947-03-01 MontereyAt the old barn, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT394040CASStellaria mediaMcMillan, Eben; Rambo, Gene37-791947-03-01 MontereyCastle Mountain, southeastern Monterey County
    CAS-BOT394041CASStellaria mediaGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric1351982-04-15 MontereyFound on the west face of Gamboa Ridge, SE 1-4 of Section 36. Landels-Hill, Big Creek Reserve, Gamboa Point Section, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT394042CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.64991903-04-02 MontereyMoss Beach near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT394043CASStellaria mediaPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Miss351907-06-07 MontereyNear 3rd Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT394044CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.20,7121967-04-09 MontereyWest end of reservoir near small bore rifle range, East Garrison, Fort Ord
    CAS-BOT394045CASStellaria mediaHardham, Clare B.15651957-03-15 San Luis ObispoAlmond orchard, Oak Flat; Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT394047CASStellaria mediaHardham, Clare B.2291956-03-20 San Luis ObispoOak Flat - Wooded Canyon; Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT394048CASStellaria mediaHowell, John Thomas408001964-06-29 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT394049CASStellaria mediaHardham, Clare B.42761960-04-02 San Luis ObispoBlack Mt., Rte. 4; Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT394050CASStellaria mediaHelmkamp, G. K.82492004-02-06 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast: Oso Flaco Lake Road, 0.5 mi E of the lake Oceano 7.5′
    CAS-BOT394051CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.8621954-03-09 San Luis ObispoChris Twisselman Ranch: Eastern San Luis Obispo County. Temblor Range and Western San Joaquin Valley
    CAS-BOT394052CASStellaria mediaTwisselmann, Ernest C.22851955-07-22 San Luis ObispoRiis Public Camp, Fernandez Canyon; La Panza Range 2300
    CAS-BOT394053CASStellaria mediaJunak, Steven A.42851990-05-01 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains: at N edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, along power line access road which intersects Tassajera Creek Road ca. 2.4 miles W of Highway 101, ca. 1.2 road miles S of Tassajera Creek Road. Los Padres National Forest; Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
    CAS-BOT394054CASStellaria mediaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1965-03-21 San MateoAlong summit of ridge east of Brisbane Power Lines; San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT394055CASStellaria mediaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1967-04-16 San MateoBuckeye Canyon; San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT394056CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.101251963-05-20 San MateoAno Nuevo Island, about one half mile off shore and about 20 miles NW of Santa Cruz.
    CAS-BOT394057CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.103581964-04-30 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain in northern part of county. Northern Coastal Scrub of Munz and Keck.
    CAS-BOT394058CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.106231965-04-29 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain in northern part of county. Northern Coastal Scrub of Munz and Keck.
    CAS-BOT394059CASStellaria mediaRandall, Josephine D.s.n.1908-02-16 San MateoCorte de Madera Canon near Alpine Road; Santa Cruz Peninsula
    CAS-BOT394060CASStellaria mediaRandall, Josephine D.341907-06-08 San MateoPortola Valley; Santa Cruz Peninsula
    CAS-BOT394061CASStellaria mediaHemphill, Fred6411973-03-09 San MateoSan Carlos; Chaparral area north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
    CAS-BOT394062CASStellaria mediaHemphill, Fred6411973-03-09 San Mateo347 Alberta Way, Hillsborough (1 mile from Skyline Blvd.)
    CAS-BOT394063CASStellaria mediaBarry, Margaret A.881937-05-15 San MateoCoal Mine Ridge
    CAS-BOT394064CASStellaria mediaBaker, C. F.4921902-04-01 San MateoFoothills near Stanford University; Pacific Coast
    CAS-BOT394065CASStellaria mediaMartineau, Robert111974-03-27 San MateoFoothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto; Foothill Park, Palo Alto
    CAS-BOT394066CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.73801904-05-06 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
    CAS-BOT394067CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.73801904-05-06 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
    CAS-BOT394068CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.57051956-05-02 Santa ClaraMonte Bello Ridge, about 5 miles of Los Altos; Vineyard and an abandoned road bordered by chaparral and broad-leved evergreen forest.
    CAS-BOT394069CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.85341960-02-20 Santa ClaraLawn near Encina Hall. Lawn weeds of the Stanford University Campus
    CAS-BOT394070CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.55551956-03-21 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus; Near intersection of Stanford Ave. and Columbia St.
    CAS-BOT394071CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.55591956-03-29 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains. Near Guadalupe Creek above reservoir. About 6.5 miles southeast of Los Gatos.
    CAS-BOT394072CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.731949-03-17 Santa ClaraLake Lagunita, south side, Stanford University Campus.
    CAS-BOT394073CASStellaria mediaThomas, J. H.75271959-03-09 Santa Clara″Knoche Field″ near Civic Center at San Jose, bounded by Gradalupe Creek, Rosa Street, Asbury Street and San Pedro Street.
    CAS-BOT394074CASStellaria mediaBaker, C. F.4921902-04-01 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University
    CAS-BOT394075CASStellaria mediaCronemiller, F. P.31451967-03-29 Santa ClaraPalo Alto Foothills Park. Oak Grove.
    CAS-BOT394951CASStellaria mediaJohnson, M. P.10,0241967-03-05 Santa ClaraMoody Road near Rhine gate.
    CAS-BOT394952CASStellaria mediaPorter, Duncan M.7321961-01-08 Santa ClaraOrchard near the NE corner of Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road (Highway 9) and Crescent Avenue, Sunnyvale.
    CAS-BOT394953CASStellaria mediaRandall, Josephine D.3561907-07-10 Santa ClaraStevens Creek Road, Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
    CAS-BOT394954CASStellaria mediaKeck, David D.13841932-02-25 Santa ClaraStanford University
    CAS-BOT394955CASStellaria mediaRust, E. W.681907-03-13 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus
    CAS-BOT394956CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.22,2751981-04-24 Santa ClaraTop of bank of San Francisquito Creek along Palo Alto Ave., between Seneca & Hale Streets, Palo Alto.
    CAS-BOT394957CASStellaria mediaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja4301963-12-25 SonomaWaste places - Marshall & Magnolia Aves., Petaluma
    CAS-BOT394958CASStellaria mediaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja2741963-08-13 SonomaHorseshoe Cove
    CAS-BOT395101CASStellaria mediaStinchfield, Roxana1131915-08-16 TuolumneWilliamson Ranch, vicinity of Rawhide
    CAS-BOT395102CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.21,4201971-05-31 TuolumneAlong Algerine Road, 1.2 mi W of Ward′s Ferry Road
    CAS-BOT395103CASStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira L.21,0801971-04-05 TuolumneCutbank of old road between Sonora and Twain Harte, about 0.7 mi W of Hunt′s Lodge and from Twain Harte exit from Highway 108
    CAS-BOT395104CASStellaria mediaFrenkel, R. E.7911964-08-28 TuolumneNear White Wolf Stables, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT395105CASStellaria mediaPollard, H. M.s.n.1969-10-15 Venturaflood-plain of Coyote Creek near its confluence with Ventura River, Foster Park
    CAS-BOT395106CASStellaria mediaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-10-06 VenturaVentura River bed, near ocean
    CAS-BOT395107CASStellaria mediaPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1895-03-03 VenturaThe Ojai Valley and vicinity
    CAS-BOT395108CASStellaria mediaJunak, Steven A.EA-1461996-03-18 VenturaEast Anacapa Island, terrace just NW of campground
    CAS-BOT397763CASStellaria mediaWells, Mary P.10411990-04-09 SonomaSanta Rosa; Yard in Rincon Valley
    CAS-BOT397764CASStellaria mediaHeller, A. A.10411902-06-10 SonomaSanta Rosa
    CAS-BOT397765CASStellaria mediaMcKenzie, Alice S. M.221981-02-23 SonomaCoast between Russian and Gualala Rivers; Calif. State Hwy 1 at Kolmer Gulch.
    CAS-BOT397766CASStellaria mediaThomas, John H.183101976-06-15 SonomaSouthern end of Sea Ranch, northwestern part of county, about 7 miles south of Gualala.
    CAS-BOT397767CASStellaria mediaMallory, G. H.s.n.1920-03-29 SonomaEast side of Rincon Valley; 6 mi from Santa Rosa.
    CAS-BOT397768CASStellaria mediaDeNevers, G.5821981-03-30 SonomaPepperwood Ranch; Garrison House
    CAS-BOT397769CASStellaria mediaDeNevers, G.6141981-04-02 SonomaPepperwood Ranch; Along Studio Road at the Mesa.
    CAS-BOT397770CASStellaria mediaDeNevers, G.8781981-04-27 SonomaPepperwood Ranch; Green gate near Hansel′s corral.
    CAS-BOT397771CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter11161981-04-27 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Thickets south of the Upper Marsh.
    CAS-BOT397772CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter8821952-03-23 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Upper Marsh
    CAS-BOT397773CASStellaria mediaRubtzoff, Peter11161952-05-31 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Thickets south of the Upper Marsh.
    CAS-BOT555819CASStellaria mediaGriffith, G. W.21937-02-12 KernBakersfield - City Lot, San Joaquin Valley watershed
    CATA00186CATAStellaria mediaMark L. Hoefs1551973-04-06 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle of Canon
    CATA02667CATAStellaria mediaBob Given527051979-04-30 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: On sea bluffs at Cuyler Harbor near seepage
    CATA02963CATAStellaria mediaAmy Catalano16-0042016-01-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Island Fire, ca. 200 m southeast of Laura Stein Volunteer Camp, in small side drainage
    CDA0007907CDAStellaria mediaJeannie Gregory21702007-03-22 San DiegoElfin Forest, Olivenhain Municipal Water District. South side of Harmony Grove Road along Escondido Creek, 4 miles southwest of Escondido, 1.75 miles west of junction Del Dios Highway and West Via Rancho Parkway.
    CDA0011813CDAStellaria mediaG.F. Hrusa77451990-04-20 SacramentoUpstream from Nimbus Dam on W side of lake. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0012591CDAStellaria mediaG.F. Hrusa81001990-06-07 SacramentoNear pumphouse ruins between Willow Creek and Alder Creek. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0029057CDAStellaria mediaD.G. Kelch9.1312009-04-18 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Upper slopes of Potrero Hill on SE side of sepentine outcrop. Remnant native plants on thin soil in sea of weeds.
    CDA003543CDAStellaria mediaR. Milbourne1964-02-03 MercedWilliam Gilardi property, Route 1, Dos Palos.
    CDA003544CDAStellaria mediaT.C. Fuller83111962-05-01 CalaverasFricot School below faculty residences.
    CDA003545CDAStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp82602004-02-07 San Luis ObispoSE of Oceano along Halcyon Rd. just E of Mesa View Dr. ,Central Coast.
    CDA003547CDAStellaria mediaLarry Kelly4801991-06-22 Santa CruzSoquel Demonstration State Forest off of Highland Avenue.
    CDA003548CDAStellaria mediaT.C. Fuller78951962-03-27 YoloRoad to Davis, 3 miles east of Winters.
    CDA003549CDAStellaria mediaJ. Golden1961-02-27 SolanoRio Vista.
    CDA0036243CDAStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp117872007-04-23 AmadorAlong Bell Road beside Plymouth Creek just east of Calif. Hwy 49 in the vicinity of Enterprise. Foothills, Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    CDA0036249CDAStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp116002007-03-10 El DoradoRattlesnake Bar Rd, 3.0 miles southwest of Calif. Hwy 49, southwest of Pilot Hill. Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills.
    CDA0036368CDAStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp115922007-03-03 El DoradoCanon Park, junction of Santos Circle & Santos Court. Northern Sierra Nevada foothills.
    CDA0036969CDAStellaria mediaCDFA Staffs.n. PlacerLoomis.
    CDA0037056CDAStellaria mediaCDFA Staffs.n. PlacerPino Ranch, near Newcastle.
    CDA0038673CDAStellaria mediaDavid Styers.n.2013-03-23 MontereyFort Ord National Monument; Reservation Road (region K5).
    CDA0038723CDAStellaria mediaDavid Styers.n.2013-03-25 MontereyFort Ord National Monument; Crescent Bluff Road (region K5); northern part, by Eucalyptus grove.
    CDA0038785CDAStellaria mediaDavid Styers.n.2013-03-23 MontereyFort Ord National Monument; Reservation Road (region L5).
    CDA0042900CDAStellaria mediaL. Ahart181862012-06-14 ButteOn the south side of the path, south of CARD Community Center, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico.
    CDA0047659CDAStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp201752013-03-14 CalaverasAlong CA-26, 2.6 miles northeast of it junction with CA-12. Central Sierra Nevada Foothills.
    CDA0049035CDAStellaria mediaJoy Aparicio42016-02-12 FresnoBiology Green House: S. of pond and wood benches. E. roofless structure and wood table - Fresno State Campus. 36?48 N, 119?44 W.
    CDA0049162CDAStellaria mediaJordan Christenson52016-02-08 FresnoFresno state green house.
    CDA0050451CDAStellaria mediaTina Teed572001-03-08 San Luis ObispoCuesta Grade E access road off Hwy 101. Oak woodland with grassland understory on west facing slope.
    CHSC101093CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart155072009-03-20 ButteOpen area west of the Guardian Rock Trail, about 175 yards southwest of the Ten Mile House Road Trail, about 300 yards west of Highway 32, west of the intersection of Highway 32 and Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S35 SE1-4
    CHSC102515CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart159362009-05-30 ButteSouth of trail on the east side of Big Chico Creek, about 50 yards west of Ten mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3-4mile (air) west of Highway 32, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S3 W14
    CHSC103736CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart167032010-05-16 ButteEast of the basalt cliffs, about 1-2 mile south of the parking area, North Table Mountain, about 4 1-2 miles (air) northeast of Oroville. T2 N R04E S20 SE1-4
    CHSC104004CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart167392010-05-28 ButteWood chipped area on the north side of Bidwell Mansion, Chico. T2 N R01E S2 W-4
    CHSC105968CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart155072009-03-20 ButteOpen area west of the Guardian Rock Trail, about 175 yards southwest of the Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S35 SE1-4
    CHSC10641CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart1968-03-08 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
    CHSC107231CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart173612011-06-03 ButteWood chipped planter area between Bidwell Mansion parking area and Gateway Science Museum, Chico. T2 N R01E S2 W1-4
    CHSC111720CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart181862012-06-14 ButteOn the south side of the path, south of CARD Community Center, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R01E S26 NE1-4
    CHSC111963CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart181122012-05-23 ButteOn the north side of Big Chico Creek, along the horse trail, near Table 31, north of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R01E S24 SE1-4
    CHSC112349CHSCStellaria mediaL. P. Janeway112212014-04-09 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; along Road 2 N12Xwhere it crosses Peavine Creek just below the confluence of Coon Creek; French Creek Basin. T22N R06E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Brush Creek 1:24,000
    CHSC113349CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart194632014-05-13 ButteBelow the high water line of Lake Oroville, about 100 yards west of the poor parking area, about 30 yards east of McCabe Creek, about 11 miles (air) east of Oroville. T1 N R06E S0 W1-4
    CHSC115276CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart200892015-10-16 ButteOn the bottom of the stream, about 5-8 mile northwest of the iron gate along Cherokee Road, Beatson Hollow, North Table Mountain, about 7 miles (air) north or Oroville. Foothill Woodland. T2 N R04E S18 SE1-4
    CHSC115471CHSCStellaria mediaL. P. Janeway116332015-02-18 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; along Ponderosa Way 4.3 road-km north of Lower Forbestown Road; 2.7 air-km north of Sunset Hill; north-facing side of the canyon above the upper end of South Fork Feather River arm of Lake Oroville. T1 N R06E S0 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
    CHSC116270CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart206342015-11-07 ButteOn the bottom of Grizzly Creek, flows into Dark Canon, about 1-8 mile southwest of parking area at end of old highway Alternate 50, strand of Lake Oroville, about 4 miles (air) south of Highway 70, about 8 miles (air) southeast of Paradise. T2 N R04E S1 W1-4
    CHSC12176CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart1973-03-07 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
    CHSC123458CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart222952021-04-04 ButteAbout 10 yards west of the siphon, about 10 yards south of Rocky Honcut Creek, about 2 1-4 miles (air) northwest of Bangor. T1 N, R5E, northwest 1-4 Section 16.
    CHSC123497CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart223252021-04-23 ButteOn the west side of South Honcut Creek, about 150 yards southeast of the corral, Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area, about 1 1-4 miles south of La Porte Road, about 4 miles by road from Bangor. T1 N, R5E, southeast 1-4 Section 26.
    CHSC123581CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart223802021-05-18 YubaAlong the east high bank of South Honcut Creek, about 150 yards east of the corral, Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area, about 1 1-4 miles south of La Porte Road, about 4 miles by road from Bangor. T1 N, R5E, southeast 1-4 Section 26.
    CHSC19936CHSCStellaria mediaM. S. Taylor4261975-03-25 ButteField between 11th and 12th Sts at end of Citrus Ave, Chico.
    CHSC21609CHSCStellaria mediaWillis Ball4431975-02-23 Contra CostaContra Loma Regional Park. In area #1. Ca. 150 yds w of main parking lot.
    CHSC230CHSCStellaria mediaS. Carter1929-04-22 ButteChico Street.
    CHSC231CHSCStellaria mediaM. Roberson1956-04-07 ButteSW of Paradise, along Skyway.
    CHSC26467CHSCStellaria mediaP. Moyer1131972-03-04 ButteCSUC Campus. 2nd and Ivy to 2nd and Cherry.
    CHSC32765CHSCStellaria mediaJ. D. Jokerst12791981-03-29 ButteTop of North Table Mt, ca 1.0 N of Cherokee Rd. T20N R04E S08 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Oroville 1:24,000
    CHSC3291CHSCStellaria mediaM. L. Hillier1966-02-14 ButteOn hillside n. of Bidwell Municipal Golf Course club house.
    CHSC36049CHSCStellaria mediaPhilip A. Silverstone3261978-08-20 Los AngelesJtn Maguire & Escondido Sts., 0.3 km from jtn Maguire & Latigo Canon Rd., which is 4.8 km inland from State 1. On slope c. 5 m from creek.
    CHSC38305CHSCStellaria mediaVernon Oswald191982-12-03 ButteBidwell Park, Chico, along edge of road leading to Police Pistol Range. T2 N R02E S17 center N edge USGS Quadrangle: Richardson Springs
    CHSC39071CHSCStellaria mediaR. A. Schlising43991983-03-20 ButteRichvale Vernal Pools, 0.25 mile south of junction with Highway 162 to Oroville, along Highway 99 and across from Thermalito Afterbay. Near fences. T1 N R02E S24
    CHSC4046CHSCStellaria mediaD. F. Johnson81967-03-09 TehamaCa. 100 yds. north of Johnson Rd. ca. 10 mi. north of Red Bluff.
    CHSC40721CHSCStellaria mediaPauleen Broyles5181982-04-30 TehamaThe Nature Conservancy Vina Plains Preserve. On n side of barn. T2 N R0 W S28 S boundary
    CHSC42734CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart57031987-05-27 ButteAlong the North Fork of the Feather River, near the Poe Power House, about 2 miles south-east of Jarbo Gap.
    CHSC46082CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart61951989-03-25 ButteAlong an old road to Lake Oroville, about 1-8 mile north-west of the West Branch Bridge across Lake Oroville.
    CHSC5999CHSCStellaria mediaM. MacArthur2051968-06-17 ButteIn lawn NW side of LS bld., Chico State College campus.
    CHSC60889CHSCStellaria mediaVernon H. Oswald55521993-06-17 PlumasTrail along the N shore of Willow Lake, at an old camping site ca. 0.3 mi SE of the gate in fence marking the S boundary of Lassen Volcanic National Park. T2 N R06E S0 W1-4 of NW1-4
    CHSC62885CHSCStellaria mediaVernon H. Oswald59911994-03-14 ColusaSacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Refuge located ca. 7 mi S of Willows, between Cell 1, Tract 38 and Tract 41. Along the side of a levee road. T1 N R0 W S34 NE1-4 of NE1-4
    CHSC64349CHSCStellaria mediaVernon H. Oswald64891995-02-22 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Dales Lake Ecological Reserve. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff. Along the north-facing edge of a basalt ridge running through the nw corner of the reserve. T2 N R0 W S26 NW1-4 of NW1-4
    CHSC81361CHSCStellaria mediaL. P. Janeway49601996-05-07 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Soda Creek, along Road 2 N22 200 ft northwst of Hwy 70 and East Branch North Fork Feather River. T25N R09E S08 SE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Crescent Mills 1:24,000
    CHSC90186CHSCStellaria mediaRobert Kissane71989-04-18 ButteOn Moore′s ranch, 2090 Oak Park Ave., Chico.
    CHSC90631CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart116892005-04-02 ButteOverflow area on the east side of the Sacramento River, northwest of Parrott Landing, about 1 mile southeast of Ord Ferry, about 2 miles southeast of Ordbend, about 12 miles (air) southwest of Chico. T2 N R0 W S
    CHSC93326CHSCStellaria mediaR. Fischer6312005-05-21 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles N. of McArthur, on the western edge of the Modoc Plateau. Collected from meadow edge near the eastern end of Horr Pond. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
    CHSC96550CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart135902007-03-12 ButteAt the information sign, north side of Rutherford Road, 50 yards west of Pennington Road, Gray Lodge Wildlife Area (Gray Lodge Waterfowl Management Area), about 6 miles (air) southwest of Gridley. T1 N R01E S13 SE1-4
    CHSC96646CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart136202007-04-03 TehamaOn the west side of Brush Creek (a north branch), about 4 miles (air) northeast of the intersection of Highway 99 East and Vina Road, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Los Molinos. T2 N R0 W S26
    CHSC98882CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart146212008-04-11 MercedAlong the fence, about 20 yards east of the wire gate on the south side of Sandy Mush Road, 3.7 miles west of Highway 99, about 8.5 miles south-southeast of Merced. T09S R14E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: El Nido
    CHSC98954CHSCStellaria mediaLowell Ahart147522008-05-12 ButteBelow the high water line of Lake Oroville, on the east side of Sucker Creek, about 100 yards north of where Sucker Creek enters the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1-4 mile west of the Ponderosa Dam. T2 N R06E S3 W1-4
    CLARK-A1528-2487CLARKStellaria mediaJohn C. Roos33751947-03-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
    CLARK-A1528-2488CLARKStellaria mediaJohn C. Roos53561952-02-27 San BernardinoLoma Linda
    CLARK-A1528-391CLARKStellaria mediaunknown1969-05-01 RiversideRiverside
    CSLA010965CSLAStellaria mediaHenrickson55041971-04-21 OrangeBolas Chica Salt Marsh, in the far western corner of Orange Co. Plants from weedy more upland habitats SW of Warner Ave.
    CSLA010977CSLAStellaria mediaPhilip A. Silverstone3261978-08-20 Los Angelesjtn Maguire & Escondido Sts., 0.3 km from jtn Maguire & Latigo Canon Rd., which is 4.8 km inland from State 1
    CSLA010984CSLAStellaria mediaHerbert Hyman24291953-04-10 Santa ClaraSan Jose
    CSLA010985CSLAStellaria mediaJeanne Muro1131972-05-13 Tulareca. 10 NE of Springville, 3.5 mi. NE of Coffee Creek Campground on rd. to Canon in Sequoia Nat′l Forest
    CSLA010998CSLAStellaria mediaE.L. Peterson75341953-05-09 Los AngelesVacant lot in Los Angeles near Hollywood Blvd. and western Ave
    DAV239450DAVStellaria mediaShane HanofeeHAN-1242022-02-12 NevadaPuddingstone Ridge. 1-2 mi SW of intersection of Backbone Rd. and Cruzon Grade Rd.
    DAV239737DAVStellaria mediaShane HanofeeHAN-1552022-02-18 NevadaWildflower Ridge Trail. 9 W from intersection of Ridge Rd. and Rough and Ready HWY.
    DAV328408DAVStellaria mediaG. Ledyard StebbinsC-3251983-03-05 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Near gate.
    DAV338138DAVStellaria mediaKonshau Duman342019-04-13 GlennBird Haven Ranch, Butte City, East side of road immediately north of Casa de Patos.
    DAV338730DAVStellaria mediaCraig D. Thomsen20742000-03-31 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    DAV390773DAVStellaria mediaN. Nicola0452001-03-30 NapaEastern side of inner north coast range, Putah Creek valley, Berryessa valley, Quail Ridge Nature Preserve, Decker Valley. Lat-long is estimate.
    DAV390774DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean34002007-03-23 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range northwest of the City of Winters between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SW portion of ranch.
    DAV390775DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean53462009-04-01 YoloYolo County: city of Woodland. Mavis Henson field property on the east side of County Road 102, just south of County Road 25. Property owned by city of Woodland. Old rodeo area. Buildings gone now.
    DAV390776DAVStellaria mediaJack Delaini191974-02-14 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Lodi Canon, San Dimas Experimental Forest, Angeles National Forest.
    DAV390777DAVStellaria mediaJ. J. Geibel301965-05-01 PlacerPlacer County: on Forest Hill Road, 8 miles west of Forest Hill.
    DAV390780DAVStellaria mediaA. A. Heller127671917-07-04 GlennGlenn County: Alder Springs in the Coast Range.
    DAV390781DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp82492004-02-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Oso Flaco Lake Road, 0.5 mile E of the lake.
    DAV390782DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp100412006-02-09 PlacerPlacer County: English Colony Way (Humphrey Road) at Sierra College Blvd near Clover Valley Creek; SE of Lincoln.
    DAV390783DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp102222006-04-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills; E of Sacramento and just SW of Placerville. Forni road between US Hwy 50 and Diamond Springs, at Weber Creek.
    DAV390784DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp105632006-05-31 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northen Sierra Nevada Foothills; along Hwy US-50 at Bridal Veil Falls, east of Pacific House.
    DAV390785DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp115922007-03-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills; Canon Park, junction of Santos Circle and Santos Court.
    DAV390786DAVStellaria mediaG. F. Hrusa90741992-03-21 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: Caswell Memorial State Park; with the campground and picnic areas.
    DAV390787DAVStellaria mediaTerry Reedy1121974-04-10 YoloYolo County: Davis; between end of 5th Street and east edge of town.
    DAV390788DAVStellaria mediaGordon Pilone71960-03-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Wash area at Pomona College in Claremont.
    DAV390789DAVStellaria mediaFrank W. Pierson3681919-04-19 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Pacoima Canon, San Gabriel Mts.
    DAV390790DAVStellaria mediaA. G. O′berg, Jr.631956-03-18 FresnoFresno County: 7 miles northwest of Kerman.
    DAV390791DAVStellaria mediaTed Niehaus161959-04-03 NevadaNevada County: Rhode Island Creek, 100 yards west of Niehaus residence, Grass Valley.
    DAV390792DAVStellaria mediaH. B. Nidever311951-05-19 YoloYolo County: 2 miles north of Davis.
    DAV390793DAVStellaria mediaGeoffrey Levin261974-04-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Wash (Blanchard Peak), Pomona College, Claremont. Alluvial fan of Mt. San Antonio (San Gabriel Mts.) Santa Ana River.
    DAV390794DAVStellaria mediaSusan Keefer281969-04-26 Contra CostaContra Costa County: east base of Las Trampas Peak, 1.5 miles southwest of Alamo.
    DAV390795DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp116332007-03-14 SacramentoSacramento County: Sacramento Valley near the edge of Sierra Nevada Mountains foothills; Latrobe Road about 5.7 miles west of Latrobe and 1.5 miles W of the El Dorado County line.
    DAV390796DAVStellaria mediaBob Rodin441943-02-26 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon, Berkeley; west of Botanical Garden.
    DAV390797DAVStellaria mediaFred Hrusa91081992-03-11 SacramentoSacramento County: Delta Meadows River Park; about 25 air miles S of Sacramento, 10 air miles W of Galt, and 1 air mile NE of Walnut Grove. Immediately E of Locke, in the Sacramento River Delta, N of the Delta Cross Channel. Meadow Island.
    DAV390798DAVStellaria mediaJ. G. Hepplewhite261969-04-20 SolanoSolano County: north side of Main Prairie Road, 1-2 mile east of State Highway 113, 8 miles south of Dixon.
    DAV390799DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp118582007-04-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; Bridal Veil Falls, Esmeralda Creek, along US-50 east of Pacific House.
    DAV390800DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp117872007-04-23 AmadorAmador County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; along Bell Road beside Plymouth Creek just east of CA-49 in the vicinity of Enterprise.
    DAV390801DAVStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp116002007-03-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills; Rattlesnake Bar Road, 3 miles southwest of CA-49 W of Pilot Hill.
    DAV390802DAVStellaria mediaChris Mosser72008-05-03 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek downstream of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon. Along Bray Creek. Plant found ˜ 8 from creek.
    DAV390803DAVStellaria mediaTaylor Wolzen12015-04-12 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch. North side of Hwy 128, west of Winters. Southeast corner of ranch, west and uphill of ranch house headquarters.
    DAV390804DAVStellaria mediaGrady L. Webster77471992-03-22 SacramentoSacramento County: Cosumnes River Preserve, Area 6, just E of Southern Pacific Tracks.
    DAV390805DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean7122001-04-14 NapaNapa County: SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Quail Ridge Reserve. At junction of West Loop Rd. and Decker Bay Trail.
    DAV390806DAVStellaria mediaG. Ledyard StebbinsC-3241983-03-05 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Near gate.
    DAV390807DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean75362013-02-20 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. Near bathroom in Upper Bayview campground.
    DAV390808DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean76172013-04-06 SutterSutter County; Sutter Buttes. Dean Ranch. South of North Butte. Western slope of Sunrise Ridge.
    DAV390809DAVStellaria mediaElizabeth Neese198601992-03-22 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Cosumnes River Preserve; ca. 15 miles south of Sacramento; between railroad tracks and Franklin Rd; Inventory Area 7, # 26.
    DAV390810DAVStellaria mediaNellie Coffeys.n.1931-03-31 SolanoSolano County: Green Valley.
    DAV390811DAVStellaria mediaF. Hempel2--1001992-04-05 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Cosumnes River Preserve Plant Inventory; Area 2, Blue Field.
    DAV390812DAVStellaria mediaIra L. Clokey49281930-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Cruz Island, Pelican Bay.
    DAV390813DAVStellaria mediaFrederica Bowcutt2066b1996-03-24 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park; about 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 miles NW of Napa. About 1 air mile S of Red Mtn, just S of Sonoma Creek.
    DAV390814DAVStellaria mediaFrederica Bowcutt10941988-07-14 MendocinoMendocino County: Van Damme State Park. 2.5 air miles SE of Mendocino and approx. 1 mile up Little River from Van Damme Beach. Along Fern Canon trail.
    DAV390815DAVStellaria mediaFrederica Bowcutt9871987-05-28 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park; 6.5 air miles SE of Four Corners along Jackass Creek in the vicinity of the town site of Wheeler. Along Jackass Creek Road.
    DAV390816DAVStellaria mediaBotany 102 Students1821993-04-24 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa. Along Hillside Trail.
    DAV390817DAVStellaria mediaC. G. Baughn431949-05-15 YoloYolo County: Davis.
    DAV390818DAVStellaria mediaLinda M. Barker13961976-04-30 HumboldtHumboldt County: Lanphere-Christensen Dunes. 3 miles west of Arcata.
    DAV390819DAVStellaria mediaRimo Bacigalupi69841959-03-27 FresnoFresno County: Flat above shore of Millerton Lake, 1.5 miles below (southwest of) temperance Flat; just below easternmost end of easternmost Table Mountain.
    DAV390820DAVStellaria mediaL. Angst31917-03-03 AlamedaAlameda County: Chuckweed Barnyard, Leona Heights.
    DAV390821DAVStellaria mediaPerry S. Allen551969-02-21 StanislausStanislaus County: 1-4 mile west of Basso Bridge, 2.5 miles southwest of La Grange.
    DAV390822DAVStellaria mediaEllen Dean69482011-04-22 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: Contra Costa Water District land (recently purchased), Canon Area at 32322 Corral Hollow Road west of CA-580 just north of junction with Interstate 5. Canon with Amsinckia grandiflora population. Upper end of population.
    DAV390823DAVStellaria mediaJillian Howard22012-04-29 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Near entrance gate on Las Posadas Rd. by fire station.
    DAV390824DAVStellaria mediaChristopher MallekHV1--8 LakeLake County: High Valley.
    DAV390825DAVStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff17361954-09-06 SonomaSonoma County: Guerneville Marsh.
    DAV390826DAVStellaria mediaJ. Shepard342000-02-07 YoloYolo County: Grasslands Regional Park. East of Davis, from intersection of I-80 and Mace Blvd., 3.5 mi. south on Mace Blvd.(County Road 104), thence east along unpaved entrance road; immediately to the north in a graveled parking lot.
    DAV390827DAVStellaria mediaAyzik Solomeshchs. n.2004-04-13 MercedMerced County: Great Valley Grasslands State Park, San Joaquin River Basin, 4 mi. south of intersection of Hwy 140 and 165.
    DAV390828DAVStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith4401944-01-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Mission Canon Road, Santa Barbara.
    DAV390829DAVStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith5221944-03-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Mission Canon Road, near Highway 150, Santa Barbara.
    DAV390830DAVStellaria mediaRobert F. Thorne322881963-05-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: near mouth of Cobal Canon, foothills of San Gabriel Mts., 4 miles N of Claremont.
    DAV390831DAVStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne533761979-07-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: at Skyland near Crestline at headwaters of Waterman Canon.
    DAV390832DAVStellaria mediaJ. M. Tucker20341951-02-22 YoloYolo County: county road beside Aboretum, University of California campus, Davis.
    DAV390833DAVStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann61521961-05-23 KernKern County: Tejon Ranch, El Paso Canon, about 1.5 miles above the Meadows Place.
    DAV390834DAVStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann69831962-04-19 KernKern County: Granite Station Road, 4 miles west of Glennville.
    DAV390835DAVStellaria mediaCollector unknown16131925-03-12 YoloYolo County: Davis.
    DAV390836DAVStellaria mediaColin M. Wainwright1211971-03-26 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: 5 miles north of Claremont. Evey Canon, off Baldy Road.
    DAV390837DAVStellaria mediaIra L. Wiggins203681965-07-05 OrangeOrange County: Orange grove 2 miles east of Atwood, on N side of Orangethorpe Ave.
    DAV61439DAVStellaria mediaHan San Ku241966-04-07 MontereyMonterey County: 4 miles south of Soledad.
    FSC0009126FSCStellaria mediaCarol Cederblom401977-06-04 FresnoIn and around Dinkey Meadow.
    FSC0009127FSCStellaria mediaRaymond L. Rodriguez251969-03-14 FresnoAlong Piedra Road 1 1-2 miles from avocado Lake. Elevation 600 feet.
    FSC0009128FSCStellaria mediaCharles L. Moran221956-04-15 FresnoNear gaging station on Big Creek ca. 0.7 m. above bridge across Crk. (near upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir).
    FSC0009129FSCStellaria mediaConrad Bitters690121969-03-10 FresnoLocated on Big Table Mountain, elevation 1700-2000 feet.
    FSC0009130FSCStellaria mediaS. Wildermuth6800161968-02-22 FresnoOn the south side of the Kings River near Avacado Lake, along Peadro Road. 600 feet.
    FSC0009131FSCStellaria mediaJerry L. Casey680121968-02-22 FresnoCollected growing in decomposed granite along Peidra road 200 yds. from Avacado Lake.
    FSC0009132FSCStellaria mediaWilliam F. Wills, Jr.31957-04-20 Fresno1. 1.5 mi. E. of Centerville, 200 yds. S. of main bridge on E. side of Kings River. River bottom of Vygd;
    FSC0009133FSCStellaria mediaR.D. Fields69-0071969-02-26 MaderaCollected one mile west of Pine Flat Dam on Road 120. Elevation: 700 feet.
    FSC0009134FSCStellaria mediaDana York & Jim Shevock2671996-01-05 FresnoCa. 63 km E of Fresno, 6.2 km E of Rodgers Crossing, S side of the Kings River canyon, at small creek along trail from Mill Flat Campground, Sequoia National Forest; 36 deg. 51′ 3 N, 119 deg. 03 1 W; T 12 S, R 27 E, S 29, SE 1-4 of NW 1-4; 365 m.
    FSC0009135FSCStellaria mediaSimon SimonianB34A1954-04-10 FresnoEnterprise Canal, e-w sect. xing McKinley Ave. w. of McDonough Ave. 2 m. n. of Centerville. Main canal.
    FSC0009136FSCStellaria mediaTerri Williams111983-05-03 FresnoThis specimen was collected on Millbrook 0.2 miles N. of Dakota. It was growing at 225 ft.
    FSC0009137FSCStellaria mediaBob Round211974-03-18 FresnoThis common herb was collected from a valley grassland plant community at Teague and Willow road at an elevation of 300 feet
    FSC0009138FSCStellaria mediaRichard Wilkinson1942-05-22 FresnoIn Cultivated field near Firebaugh.
    FSC0009139FSCStellaria mediaJim BartelFK0221975-03-05 FresnoCollected on the southwest corner of James Rd. and Highway 180 within the Fresno K-rat study area.
    FSC0009140FSCStellaria mediaPeggy Smith & Joyce Hall055-741974-03-15 FresnoLocated in Lost Lake Park along the Nature trail area, close to the river.
    FSC0009141FSCStellaria mediaBarron51960-03-16 AlamedaCollected in the back yard of 2528 Ridge Road, Berkeley. Elevation 300 feet.
    FSC0009142FSCStellaria mediaRay E. Draper141973-02-21 KernLocated in the Williams preserve, 4 1-2 miles southeast of Glennville.
    FSC0009143FSCStellaria mediaRay E. Draper11972-02-21 KernLocated in the Williams Preserve, 4 1-2 miles south-east of Glennville.
    FSC0009144FSCStellaria mediaGary Hunt680221968-03-10 FresnoFresno State College campus next to Educational-Psychology building.
    FSC0009145FSCStellaria mediaChas. H. Quibell2471951-07-18 FresnoMagnificent Yellow Pine Forest; W. Kaiser Canon Daulton Rd. (5600′), 1 plus m.s. Kaiser Diggings, 3 plus m.n. of 9500 Kaiser Ridge.
    FSC0009146FSCStellaria mediaJoyce Charshaf1957-04-27 FresnoOpen field on the north side of the Fresno State College campus.
    FSC0009148FSCStellaria mediaRichard E. Francis0471966-03-18 HumboldtT5N, R1W, Sec. 20, Humboldt Co., Calif. Samoa Peninsula--Fairhaven Dunes-elev. 20
    FSC0009149FSCStellaria mediaChas. H. Quibell16671953-03-17 FresnoN. Blackstone Ave., about 1-2 way between Shaw and Herndon Aves. (just s. of speedway and fish ponds), small vacant unfenced area e. side rd. Elevat. 3104;
    FSC0009150FSCStellaria mediaJohn Farris Jr680331968-03-01 FresnoOne-fourth mile south of Copper Avenue on Willow Avenue. Elevation - 3000 feet.
    FSC0009151FSCStellaria mediaE. A. Olson1951-04-12 FresnoTaken form moist, soft soil North slope of hill approx. 2 miles South of Friant, Fresno County, Calif.
    FSC0009152FSCStellaria mediaW.T. Shaw1934-03-10 FresnoFresno, California
    FSC0009153FSCStellaria mediaV.J. Waterman68-0231968-03-17 San JoaquinFound one mile north-east of Manteca, Calif., near the corner of Cottage and Louise Avenues. Elevation: 30 feet.
    FSC0009154FSCStellaria mediaAllan G. O′Berg Jr.631956-03-18 Fresno7 W. of Kerman, 0.7 mi. W. of Yuba Rd., 500 ft. N. of Shields Rd., 500 ft. N. of Shields Rd. in drain ditch of alkali sink community.
    FSC0009155FSCStellaria mediaE. Robinson and B. Lindner751935-02-03 San MateoAlong moist clay roadside on Sky Line Hiway about 10 m. south of San Francisco.
    GH01623570GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2013-06-08 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH01623571GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Glenn[data not captured]
    GH01623572GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-05-17 Siskiyou[data not captured]
    GH01623573GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1906-04-28 Sonoma[data not captured]
    GH01623574GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-07-22 San Francisco[data not captured]
    GH01623575GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01623576GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-07-25 Santa Clara[data not captured]
    GH01623577GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-05-07 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01623578GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1874-01-01 Butte[data not captured]
    GH01623579GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-08-03 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01623580GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1951-09-01 Monterey[data not captured]
    GH01623581GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1929-05-04 Santa Clara[data not captured]
    GH01623582GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-06-01 Alameda[data not captured]
    GH01623583GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1956-06-24 San Joaquin[data not captured]
    GH01623584GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1971-04-21 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
    GH01623585GHStellaria media;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-10-13 San Mateo[data not captured]
    GMDRC12713GMDRCStellaria mediaJ. M. Andre426302020-04-15 San DiegoPalomar Mountain: along East Grade Rd (Hwy S-7), 2.5 miles NNE of intersection with Hwy 76
    HREC1137HRECStellaria mediaH. F. Heady5261953-02-12 MendocinoVassar Field - Hopland Field Station
    HREC1138HRECStellaria mediaH. F. Heady5571953-04-04 MendocinoVassar Pasture - Hopland Field Station
    HSC104733HSCStellaria mediaPeter Sorensensn1976-06-11 HumboldtKing Salmon
    HSC12712HSCStellaria mediaM.J. Athey11970-11-20 HumboldtAlong 1st. St. in Westhaven, Trinidad
    HSC22050HSCStellaria mediaJ.W. Johnsonsn1961-04-02 OrangeNewport Beach, along Upper Newport Bay.
    HSC26408HSCStellaria mediaJ.P. Smith58751973-03-11 TrinityTrail along the Trinity River and New River beginning at Grays Falls
    HSC27371HSCStellaria mediaJ.P. Smith60031973-04-07 TrinityNew River trail from Grays Falls Campground on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River
    HSC28774HSCStellaria mediaJ.P. Smith62161973-04-21 TrinityBig Bear Lake trail, N of Eagle Creek Campground
    HSC28808HSCStellaria mediaJ.P. Smith62491973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
    HSC29008HSCStellaria mediaJ.P. Smith62971973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
    HSC39800HSCStellaria mediaPeter Sorensensn1976-06-11 HumboldtWoodley Island
    HSC40302HSCStellaria mediaLinda M. Barker13961976-04-30 Humboldt3 W of Arcata
    HSC40427HSCStellaria mediaLinda M. Barker13201976-02-22 Humboldt3 W of Arcata
    HSC4268HSCStellaria mediaD.E. Anderson2274a1962-07-17 HumboldtCamp Bauer, 1-4 mi. E of Korbel, along N Fork of Mad River
    HSC4269HSCStellaria mediaElrid H. Spinas301948-05-22 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    HSC4270HSCStellaria mediaJ.L. Baker61965-03-09 Humboldt4 N of Arcata on N Bank Rd.
    HSC4271HSCStellaria mediaS. R. Johnson171965-03-23 Humboldt1 N of Luffenholtz Beach
    HSC4272HSCStellaria mediaS.J. Hawks131965-04-03 HumboldtW of Eureka City Airport
    HSC4273HSCStellaria mediaD.K. Smith21968-01-16 HumboldtBank of Crannell Rd.
    HSC4274HSCStellaria mediaF. Demostene101966-04-02 Sonoma2 mi. E of Healdsburg
    HSC4275HSCStellaria mediaW.F. Nickelsn1965-04-12 HumboldtHSC Campus behind biological sciences building
    HSC4276HSCStellaria mediaD.B. Bader321963-02-17 HumboldtSecond of the Clam Beach Lagoons W. of Hwy.101
    HSC4277HSCStellaria mediaLincoln Constance7541934-05-31 HumboldtS Fork of the Eel River, Bull Creek Flat, along Bull Creek, W boundary of park to Grasshopper Peak, N side of creek
    HSC4279HSCStellaria mediaJack Rockwell301962-04-05 HumboldtN bank of Van Duzen River, E of Hwy. 101
    HSC4280HSCStellaria mediaS.N. Wiemeyer171962-04-20 Sonoma0.75 mi. E of County Hospital along Chanate Rd.
    HSC4281HSCStellaria mediaM.T. Milligan4531966-04-08 ModocN end of Jess Valley
    HSC4286HSCStellaria mediaJ.R. Bernardsn1963-04-08 MontereyLaguna Seca (half way between Salinas and Monterey)
    HSC4290HSCStellaria mediaM.W. Tinling23-61966-04-06 San FranciscoSummit of Mt. St. Bruno
    HSC48380HSCStellaria mediaMark Flippo371978-04-18 HumboldtMcKinleyville, Bella Vista Rd.
    HSC50816HSCStellaria mediaG.L. Clifton36491979-06-03 TrinityNear Browns Canon, close to the town of Forest Glen.
    HSC56802HSCStellaria mediaGilbert Muth85641979-07-18 TrinityNear Armstrong Creek, close to the town of Mad River
    HSC59046HSCStellaria mediaThomas Wood921979-04-01 Humboldt3-4 W of Upper Bay Rd. X Janes Rd. on Lamphere-Upper Bay Rd.
    HSC59653HSCStellaria mediaMichael Dalke141979-04-01 Humboldt0.1 mi. E of Hwy. 1 N Bank Rd.
    HSC59679HSCStellaria mediaGeorge Kirnsn1977-10-14 HumboldtEureka, 6th and L St.
    HSC66752HSCStellaria mediaMelany Seacat1831979-06-07 MendocinoBig River Estuary, S side of river, 4.25 mi. up river.
    HSC66886HSCStellaria mediaRuby Van Deventersn1972-04-19 Del NorteVan Deventer Ranch along N Bank Rd.
    HSC69796HSCStellaria mediaThomas W. Nelson38281978-03-25 TrinityTerrace above Canon Creek at Lower Canon Creek Meadow
    HSC75438HSCStellaria mediaJ.O. Sawyer35801980-07-18 HumboldtNorth Trinity Mountain Research Natural Area, north of Mill Creek Lake to Red Cap Hole.
    HSC84043HSCStellaria mediaL.P. Janeway2281983-04-16 HumboldtNear the old Hwy. 299 W side of Berry Summit.
    HSC87495HSCStellaria mediaClare R. Wheeler28681982-01-08 MendocinoSurfwood Dr., R&T Sholars vegetable garden
    HSC87570HSCStellaria mediaGladys L. Smith50751979-02-06 MendocinoAlong Rt. 128 0.5 mi. E of mouth of Navarro River
    HSC89487HSCStellaria mediaP.A. Daly671986-03-12 HumboldtTrinidad Head, along trail
    HSC89600HSCStellaria mediaM. Roantree241985-04-28 HumboldtE side of Trinidad Head, along dirt road
    HSC90683HSCStellaria mediaGail Newton25001982-05-01 HumboldtEureka, Elk River Wildlife Area
    HSC91609HSCStellaria mediaE. Mackeysn1987-01-17 HumboldtPatricks Point State Park, near Wedding Rock.
    HSC93753HSCStellaria mediaF. Bowcutt15481992-07-20 Mendocino70 mi. SSE of Eureka, 20 mi. S of Garberville, old town site of Usal, Hotel Gulch 0.25 W of junction of Usal Rd. and Hotel Gulch Rd.
    HSC95683HSCStellaria mediaKevin Thomas62004-03-18 HumboldtNear Clam Beach exit of Hwy. 1 N, along old Hwy. 101, at end of Little River Rd.
    HSC98400HSCStellaria mediaR.D. Modafferi31965-04-08 Humboldt2.2 N of Trinidad on Trinity St.
    IRVC109204IRVCStellaria mediaA.S. Boughey741965-03-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Silverado Canon
    IRVC109205IRVCStellaria mediaE.P. Cowper (HS)s.n.1965-05-10 OrangeBalboa Island.; 33.606378 -117.893175
    IRVC109206IRVCStellaria mediaIra L. Wiggins203291965-05-11 OrangeOrange grove on N side of Chapman Ave. near Kraemer Rd.
    IRVC109207IRVCStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts14961985-03-12 OrangeSan Clemente: bluffs above El Camino Real, 0.5 km by road west of Ave. Pico; 0.6 km SE Bench Mark 16 (sect. 32)
    IRVC109208IRVCStellaria mediaBarbara T. Gittins1081963-03-29 OrangeCorner of Dorothy Lane and State College Blvd, Fullerton
    IRVC109209IRVCStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts32811987-03-27 OrangeCanada De Los Alisos: above Canada Rd., 4.5 NNE El Toro Fire Station.
    IRVC109210IRVCStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts16961985-05-01 OrangeAliso Viejo: Aliso Canon, 2.1 NNE Aliso Peak
    IRVC109211IRVCStellaria mediaA.S. Boughey821965-03-13 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
    IRVC109212IRVCStellaria mediaPhil Rundel10041962-03-28 Los Angeles-x{20 Wash area in SE corner of Pomona College.
    IRVC109213IRVCStellaria mediaA.C. Sanders257152003-03-05 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mtns.: Newhall Ranch, Grapevine Mesa ca. 1.5 mi. ESE of Del Valle, west side and slopes of adjacent canyon (Val Verde 7.5 Q.).
    IRVC109214IRVCStellaria mediaSusan Baugh Bertrams.n.1973-03-28 MontereyHastings Reserve, NE of Carmel Valley.
    IRVC109215IRVCStellaria mediaSusan C. Baughs.n.1978-07-29 VenturaRancho Matilija, 5 miles west of Ojai.
    IRVC109217IRVCStellaria mediaP. Rundel10181962-04-12 San MateoOne mile east of Sky Line highway on La Honda Road.
    IRVC109219IRVCStellaria mediaPhil Rundel10181962-04-12 San MateoOne mile east of Sky Line highway on La Honda Road.
    IRVC109220IRVCStellaria mediaA.C. Sanders; Mark A. Elvin267352003-05-15 Venturacanyon below old ranch site in upper south fork of Salt Canon along dirt road to the crest of the range, Newhall Ranch
    IRVC113373IRVCStellaria mediaMichael G. Simpson43812020-04-17 OrangeForster Canon Trail system, along narrow side trail
    IRVC113421IRVCStellaria mediaMichael G. Simpson44372020-05-20 OrangeRonald W. Canong Bell Canon trail.
    JEPS100087UCJEPSStellaria mediaS. O′NeilSEO22003-02-18 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
    JEPS102181UCJEPSStellaria mediaD. Wilken, E. Painter, E. Neese, L. MetzHL23711996-04-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 1), just above Rattlesnake Creek, near NW boundary of installation, ca. 3.0 air km due N of San Antonio River, ca. 5.0 air km due W of Bear Canon, ca. 0.5 road km (0.3 mile) N of Del Venturi Road
    JEPS102186UCJEPSStellaria mediaP. Douglas, E. Painter, E. Neese, N. Hastings, R. Smith, C. PopolizioHL12321995-04-02 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 11), ca. 0.5 air km due W of Nacimiento River, ca. 0.7 air km due S of Nacimiento River
    JEPS107361UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart116892005-04-02 ButteOverflow area on the east side of the Sacramento River, northwest of Parrott Landing, about 1 mile southeast of Ord Ferry, about 2 miles southeast of Ordbend, about 12 miles (air) southwest of Chico
    JEPS111782UCJEPSStellaria mediaD. G. Kelch03.582003-03-21 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive
    JEPS113137UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart135902007-03-12 ButteAt the information sign, north side of Rutherford Road, 50 yards west of Pennington Road, Gray Lodge Wildlife Area (Gray Lodge Waterfowl Management Area), about 6 miles (air) southwest of Gridley
    JEPS113235UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino136202007-04-03 TehamaOn the west side of Brush Creek (a north branch), about 4 miles (air) northeast of the intersection of Highway 99 East and Vina Road, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Los Molinos
    JEPS114569UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino146212008-04-11 MercedAlong the fence, about 20 yards east of the wire gate on the south side of Sandy Mush Road, 3.7 miles west of Highway 99, about 8.5 miles south-southeast of Merced
    JEPS114741UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart147522008-05-12 ButteBelow the high water line of Lake Oroville, on the east side of Sucker Creek, about 100 yards north of where Sucker Creek enters the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1-4 mile west of the Ponderosa Dam
    JEPS115186UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart159362009-05-30 ButteSouth of trail on the east side of Big Chico Creek, about 50 yards west of Ten mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3-4mile (air) west of Highway 32, about 10 miles northeast of Chico
    JEPS116039UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart, John Dittes155072009-03-20 ButteOpen area west of the Guardian Rock Trail, about 175 yards southwest of the Ten Mile House Road Trail, about 300 yards west of Highway 32, west of the intersection of Highway 32 and Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 10 miles northeast of Chic
    JEPS118041UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart173612011-06-03 ButteWood chipped planter area between Bidwell Mansion parking area and Gateway Science Museum, Chico
    JEPS119631UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart181862012-06-14 ButteSouth of CARD community, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico.
    JEPS119897UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart, Linnea Hanson, Josephine Guardino181122012-05-23 ButteOn the north side of Big Chico Creek, along the horse trail, near Table 31, north of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico.
    JEPS122000UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart194632014-05-13 ButteBelow the high water line of Lake Oroville, about 100 yards west of the poor parking area, about 30 yards east of McCabe Creek, about 11 miles (air) east of Oroville.
    JEPS127815UCJEPSStellaria mediaAdam C. Schneider172013-02-27 Alameda
    JEPS131038UCJEPSStellaria mediaLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino222952021-04-03 ButteAbout 10 yards west of the siphon, about 10 yards south of Rocky Honcut Creek, about 2 1-4 miles (air) northwest of Bangor.
    JEPS20033UCJEPSStellaria mediaGeorge D. Butler5591909-03-19 Siskiyounear Yreka (on Butler′s Ranch)
    JEPS51093UCJEPSStellaria mediaFrank W. Peirson3681919-04-19 Los AngelesPacoima Canon; San Gabriel Mountains
    JEPS51104UCJEPSStellaria mediaAlice King1908-04-01 OrangeSanta Ana River
    JEPS51105UCJEPSStellaria mediaWillis L. Jepson105331924-05-31 Tuolumnenear Tuolumne Grove (Fernbrook, at the J.B. Curtin meadows); near Tuolumne Grove
    JEPS51121UCJEPSStellaria mediaLincoln Constance7541934-05-31 HumboldtBull Creek Flat South Fork Eel River, Bull Creek Region (along Bull Creek, from w boundary of park to Grasshopper Pk (Squaw Cr) rd, n side of creek)
    JEPS51122UCJEPSStellaria mediaWillis L. Jepson84271920-03-14 San MateoBurlingame
    JEPS84789UCJEPSStellaria mediaJ. Stratford1982-02-21 AlamedaTwo Rocks Two Rocks, Anthony Chabot Regional Park; Anthony Chabot Regional Park
    JEPS93701UCJEPSStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl62511962-05-02 Santa Barbaraat ranch house San Miguel Isl.; Channel Isl.;′s, San Miguel Isl.
    JEPS97477UCJEPSStellaria mediaVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart64891995-02-22 TehamaDales Lake Ecological Reserve. T2 N R2 W1-4 NW1-4 Sec. 26, 660 ft, Cascade Range Foothills, Blue Oak Woodland, basalt substrate. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff
    JEPS97545UCJEPSStellaria mediaR. D. Stone3481981-03-23 Contra CostaHuckleberry Trail Oakland Hills, near Alameda-Contra Costa county line (NE of intersection of Skyline Blvd. and Snake Rd.)
    JROH1777JROHStellaria mediaJ.H. Thomas100211963-02-21 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along old road at Westridge end of ridge
    JROH1778JROHStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas124111967-03-13 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1779JROHStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas141811968-03-17 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1780JROHStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas164891973-03-12 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1781JROHStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas177951975-04-19 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1782JROHStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas184171976-10-16 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along or near San Francisquito Creek from the low flow crossing to the vicinity of the old fire place ruins downstream
    JROH1783JROHStellaria mediaJohn Hunter Thomas190731978-04-20 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1784JROHStellaria mediaJohn Hunter Thomas202891981-04-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along San Francisquito Creek
    JROH1785JROHStellaria mediaJohn Hunter Thomas204921981-04-23 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1786JROHStellaria mediaJohn Hunter Thomas208151982-03-23 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1787JROHStellaria mediaJohn Hunter Thomas213231983-04-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; low-flow crossing
    LA201325LAStellaria mediaArthur C. Gibson43172001-05-04 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; N-fork of Conejo Creek; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; eastern side of creek
    LA201332LAStellaria mediaArthur C. Gibson41782001-04-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; along crest of Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks
    LA201741LAStellaria mediaArthur C. Gibson43092001-04-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; along Santa Rosa Trail at ridgecrest
    LA212134LAStellaria mediaRobin J. Tauschs.n.1963-02-24 Los AngelesField N side of Ventura Blvd
    LA34252LAStellaria mediaPeter H. Raven138221959-03-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park; unspecific
    LA44571LAStellaria mediaCarl Epling64411925-03-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park
    LA44581LAStellaria mediaC.L. Hogues.n.1954-03-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles; Eagle Rock
    LA82416LAStellaria mediaPeter H. Raven1928-04-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; West fork Las Trancas Canon
    LA82417LAStellaria mediaO.H. Kappler3631943-03-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
    LA94345LAStellaria mediaA.M. Johnsons.n.1936-03-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Temescal Canon; unspecific
    LA99307LAStellaria mediaPeter H. Raven143901959-09-06 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Malibu Creek, near mouth
    LOB118561LOBStellaria mediaJ. B. Hall11970-04-02 Los AngelesCSCLB Campus
    LOB118562LOBStellaria mediaP.C. Baker51061965-02-10 Los Angeleson Pomona College Canont.
    LOB118563LOBStellaria mediaJames D. Milne571953-03-20 Los AngelesState College Canong Beach
    LOB118564LOBStellaria mediaC. Stearns291974-04-02 Los AngelesOn lower campus at CSULB around temporary wooden building E of Physical Education Complex.
    LOB118565LOBStellaria mediaRonald F. Johnsons.n.1952-05-16 Los AngelesLong Beach Municipal Park.
    LOB118566LOBStellaria mediaC. Scofields.n.1970-03-07 Los AngelesCSCLB Campus, lawn N of Sc-3.
    LOB118567LOBStellaria mediaJ. A. Thompson351973-04-08 Ventura1.2 N of Matilija Lake, on State Hwy. 33.
    MCCC2007MCCCStellaria mediaVernon Bridges1961-08-01 MendocinoBy naturalists trailer in Van Damme State Park
    MCCC2903MCCCStellaria mediaClare R. Wheeler1982-01-08 MendocinoR. & T. Sholars vegetable garden, Surfwood Drive
    MCCC366MCCCStellaria mediaRita Fenton1982-02-13 MendocinoEnd of Rockwood Road, Surfwood Subdivision
    MCCC367MCCCStellaria mediaRita Fenton1982-02-13 MendocinoEnd of Rockwood Road, Surfwood Subdivision
    MCCC492MCCCStellaria mediaHala Araj1982-03-12 MendocinoPudding Creek Road, north of Fort Bragg
    MCCC84MCCCStellaria mediaRita Fenton1981-02-02 MendocinoOld Hwy. 1 N side of Jack Peters Creek Bridge
    MCCC88MCCCStellaria mediaSusan Hilton1981-03-16 Mendocino1 mi. S. of 12 mile marker, Greenwood Road
    NY3328337NYStellaria mediaP. Rubtzoff8821951-03-23 ?  SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Dry, open area separating the western branch of the Upper Marsh from the eastern.
    OBI140926OBIStellaria mediaDavid Keil336412016-03-14 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
    OBI140927OBIStellaria mediaDennis Webb42013-02-13 San Luis Obispo7887 Rocky Terrace Way, Creston. On the southern portion of the Pomeroy property.
    OBI140928OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil326112015-02-14 San Luis ObispoPismo Preserve. Eastern fringe of preserve along Thousand Hills Road between Price Canon Road and unpaved road into preserve
    OBI140929OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil126981978-03-05 San Luis ObispoIrving Ranch.
    OBI140930OBIStellaria mediaD. R. Miller394.941994-03-16 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. Along main rd just up from Egebergs walnut orchard, San Simeon drainage
    OBI140931OBIStellaria mediaMargaret Przybylski652004-02-07 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, below the main entrance rd. On W facing slope below beside rd
    OBI140932OBIStellaria mediaMargaret Przybylski702004-03-06 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, lower park, on high N bank of crk
    OBI140933OBIStellaria mediaL. Brent61981-03-05 San Luis ObispoOn rd leading from tractors bldg towards rd leading to Poly Cyn. On left side about 50 from gate
    OBI140934OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil157901982-03-24 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Amer Cyn in the La Panza Mts. T30S, R16E, sects 28, 32, 33
    OBI140935OBIStellaria mediaLynne Dee Oyler3661986-03-21 San Luis ObispoAgua Escondido, USFS blue oak study area. N slope and hilltop NE of Arroyo Grande
    OBI140936OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil193431986-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts just N of San Luis Obispo in Reservoir Cyn
    OBI140937OBIStellaria mediaBernard E. Miossi51939-02-28 AlamedaVacant lot at Bancroft Way and College Ave, Berkeley
    OBI140938OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil146631981-05-16 San Luis ObispoArea around Arroyo de la Cruz near its crossing of Calif hwy 1
    OBI140939OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil269481998-04-28 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just north of Cuyama River on hills near Rock Front Ranch. ORV trailhead. T325, R17E, Sec 25 and T325, R18E, sec 30.
    OBI140940OBIStellaria mediaSharon Jochums901974-04-03 San Luis ObispoW of Hwy 1 just N of San Simeon Point
    OBI140941OBIStellaria mediaKeith McConnelly1121975-03-03 San Luis ObispoCerro San Luis Obispo Peak, NE slope of Cerro San Luis Obispo, 1 W of San Luis Obispo
    OBI140942OBIStellaria mediaCarl B. Wolf18541931-03-06 OrangeTrabuco camp ground, Trabuco cyn, W slope of the Santa Ana Mts
    OBI140944OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil233151992-07-03 El DoradoCirca 11 km due south of Placerville near intersection of Sand Ridge Rd and Dawn Rose Ln.
    OBI140945OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil273181998-05-20 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. 6.3 NE of junction with Tepusquet Canon Rd. on Hwy 166, at Adobe Trailhead and on opposite (S) side of Hwy to banks of Cuyama River.
    OBI140946OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil240031993-05-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. NW corner of the Base from 1 N of Calif hwy 1 (Vandenberg Rd) exit from Calif hwy 135 (Graciosa rd) S to vicinity of exit. Hills and valleys W of hwy 135
    OBI140947OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil191811986-04-13 San Luis Obispo2 mi E from jctn with Las Pilitas Rd on Parkhill rd. S side of hwy
    OBI140948OBIStellaria mediaLarry Kelly4801991-06-22 Santa CruzSoquel Demonstration State Forest off of Highland Ave
    OBI140949OBIStellaria mediaTawney Odegard711985-02-01 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay kangaroo Rat Reserve. SE of Morro Bay, 0.5 mi down Pecho Valley rd after passing Golf Course sign, tur rt on dirt rd just past Deer sign and continue toward dunes for 0.5 mi. MBKR site is on the left
    OBI140950OBIStellaria mediaMelissa Luckow221980-04-10 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, just S of arch to cyn
    OBI140951OBIStellaria mediaJan Barber1181994-03-22 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State park. Next to trl coming up out of S drainage
    OBI140952OBIStellaria mediaDave Imper291976-12-28 San Luis ObispoPrice Cyn Tarsands Project. 1 mi SW of hwy 227 on Price cyn Rd
    OBI140953OBIStellaria mediaF. Rush591956-05-01 San Luis ObispoMt. SLO
    OBI140954OBIStellaria mediaJoy Nishida2571982-04-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn, near stream in campground
    OBI140955OBIStellaria mediaJoy Nishida3001982-04-16 San Luis ObispoAmerican cyn, 1.7 mi S of Amer Cyn campground, at stream crossing
    OBI140956OBIStellaria mediaLynne Dee Oyler4251986-04-08 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch, Mtn Field, S of RR tracks, E of 101 N side of Cuesta Grade
    OBI140957OBIStellaria mediaMelissa Luckow6871981-06-25 San Luis ObispoArea just N of San Simeon Beach
    OBI140958OBIStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak42851990-05-01 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts: at N edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, along power line access rd which intersects Tassajera Crk rd cca. 2.4 W of hwy 101, ca 1.2 rd mi S of Tassajera Crk rd
    OBI140959OBIStellaria mediaKrystoff-Spaspo281982-04-18 San Luis Obispo22 mi E of Arroyo Grande
    OBI140960OBIStellaria mediaLynne Dee Althouse741977-05-05 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s horse ranch near San Luis High School
    OBI140961OBIStellaria mediaDavid J. Keil271451998-05-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. N Base. Sandy hills NE of Pine Canon Gate. Area bordered to N by Hwy 1 (Lompoc-Canon both sides of Santa Lucia Canon Rd.
    OBI140962OBIStellaria mediaDouglasHL12321995-04-02 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 11), ca 0.5 air km due W of Nacimiento river, ca 0.7 air km due S of Nacimiento river. UTMs zone 10S, 649900 to 650100 E, 3981600 to 3981 N
    OBI140963OBIStellaria mediaD. WilkenHL23711996-04-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 1), just above Rattlesnake Crk, near NW boundary of installation, ca 3.0 air km due N of San Antonio River, ca 5.0 air km due w of Bear Cyn, ca 0.5 rd km (0.3 N of Del Venturi rd. UTMs zone 10S, 644500E, 3994700N
    OBI140967OBIStellaria mediaAl Lindholm1731971-04-11 San Luis ObispoFitzhugh property [6 N of Cayucos, Santa Lucia Mts. Cypress Mtn Quad, T28S, R10E, sect 3,4,5,8,9,10, 15,16,17. 1000-acre property containing within its boundaries the origins of Cottontail, Cayucos, Villa, and Cienega Crks. Just below rd at W head of Mustang Cyn, N slope of Geode Mtn
    OBI140968OBIStellaria mediaMichael Walgren1992011-02-17 San Luis ObispoSweet Springs Preserve in Los Osos
    OBI158468OBIStellaria mediaReed Kenny2322019-03-19 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI161156OBIStellaria mediaDavid Keil321272014-03-30 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park; hike north from Turri Road along Chumash Trail and eastward along Crespi Trail loop
    OBI161412OBIStellaria mediaReed Kenny1292019-03-03 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
    OBI161539OBIStellaria mediaDavid Keil357722019-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Cojo Ranch side. Point Conception, Point Conception Rd. 0.21 miles north of Point Conception Lighthouse, on edge of cliffs.
    PASA1286PASAStellaria mediaAnnetta Carter1929-01-09 Los AngelesBase of Sierra Madre Mts.
    PASA1288PASAStellaria mediaSally Ellis1940-03-25 Los AngelesClaremont
    PGM503PGMStellaria mediaWiggins, Ira .L.1967-04-09 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord, E Garrison near small-bore rifle range
    PGM5204PGMStellaria mediaHowitt, Beatrice F00251955-03-07 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove, Carmel-Pacific Grove Hwy along
    PGM5205PGMStellaria mediaHowitt, Beatrice F11771962-04-03 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove, Prescott St near Forest Avenue
    PGM5206PGMStellaria mediaHowitt, Beatrice F1956-04-03 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, Burned area
    POM101761RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Jones22121881-06-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    POM101769RSAStellaria mediaGeo. D. Butler5591909-03-19 SiskiyouYreka Creek.
    POM118621RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-24 SonomaPetaluma
    POM12257RSAStellaria mediaF. L. Robinson301921-04-15 Los AngelesNorth of Claremont.
    POM151281RSAStellaria mediaA. A. Heller64991903-04-02 MontereySand hills back of Moss Beach near Pacific Grove.
    POM151597RSAStellaria mediaA. D. E. Elmer48861903-04-01 MontereyPoint Pinos, Pacific Grove.
    POM151774RSAStellaria mediaC. F. Baker4921902-04-01 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
    POM160747RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Joness.n.1929-04-06 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria.
    POM169RSAStellaria mediaI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-03-01 San BernardinoCucamonga Wash to the N.E. of Upland
    POM170RSAStellaria mediaP. A. Munz20761918-04-18 San BernardinoCanon Canon near Chino
    POM181457RSAStellaria mediaI. L. Wiggins45981930-04-18 Contra CostaN end of Jersey Island.
    POM186953RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Jones289301931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino.
    POM196212RSAStellaria mediaC. R. Quicks.n.1929-02-20 San JoaquinCampus, Stockton.
    POM200993RSAStellaria mediaI. W. Clokey49281930-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
    POM200994RSAStellaria mediaI. W. Clokey49291930-07-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Prisoner′s Harbor.
    POM254909RSAStellaria mediaFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
    POM262034RSAStellaria mediaI. L. Wiggins33941929-04-07 Santa ClaraEast Palo Alto.
    POM286247RSAStellaria mediaLyman Benson30131932-03-01 KernBakersfield; North side of building; Bakersfield Junior College; River: Kern.
    POM286248RSAStellaria mediaLyman Benson8821928-04-01 LakeKelseyville; Mt. Range: Middle N Coast; River: Kelsey Creek.
    POM286249RSAStellaria mediaLyman Benson19731930-03-26 LakeLucerne, Clear Lake.
    POM286250RSAStellaria mediaLyman Benson7831928-11-26 LakeKelseyville; Mr. Range: Middle N Coast; River: Kelsey Creek.
    POM305128RSAStellaria mediaHenry J. Ramsey4491937-02-21 TulareLindsay (Shoemaker)
    POM87706RSAStellaria mediaL. R. Abramss.n.1897-10-01 Santa ClaraStanford University
    POM8838RSAStellaria mediaP. A. Munz43071920-03-01 Los AngelesCobal′s Canon
    POM96051RSAStellaria mediaP. A. Munz101871926-04-09 San Luis ObispoAbout 15 miles from Morro on Willow Creek Road.
    POM97943RSAStellaria mediaP. A. Munz90671925-03-21 TulareLewis Creek, Lindsay.
    PPWD235PPWDStellaria mediaG. de Nevers7151981-04-16 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - In Garrison House Garden; and in shade.
    PPWD236PPWDStellaria mediaG. de Nevers9331981-05-05 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - In Pippendale Garden.
    PPWD908PPWDStellaria mediaP. Rockwood12662013-03-28 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - In small swale at base of steep eastern slope of Telegraph Hill with sedges and rushes. (38 34.284; 122 41.970).
    PUA1000PUAStellaria mediaLavern C. Wolcott1951-06-24 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
    PUA14682PUAStellaria mediaClifton & Ground1978-06-14 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Andesite. The Whaleback Quad.
    PUA16966PUAStellaria mediaBill Grummer1978-02-24 LakeLocal landmark: Troutdale Creek. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA17092PUAStellaria mediaBill Grummer1978-02-28 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA2750PUAStellaria mediaM. Hyde1972-04-18 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA31357PUAStellaria mediaBill Grummer1979-03-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA5074PUAStellaria mediaG.L. Clifton1971-08-04 ButteLocal landmark: Merrimac. Pulga Quad.
    PUA51064PUAStellaria mediaGail Newton1981-06-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Pilot Ridge Trail. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA5741PUAStellaria mediaG.L. Clifton1975-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: seiad Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA59884PUAStellaria mediaG.L. Clifton1984-05-05 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA64284PUAStellaria mediaG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
    PUA6739PUAStellaria mediaW.D. Sumner1972-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
    RSA0011592RSAStellaria mediaOrlando Mistretta60052011-07-27 Los AngelesAlong Rincon Red Box Road (Forest Road 2N24) 1.2 air miles W of Monrovia Peak.
    RSA0016870RSAStellaria mediaGeorge R. Johnstone172141933-04-11 KernSuperior Canon, branch of Kern River canyon.
    RSA0035680RSAStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp206732013-05-24 CalaverasWhiskey Slide Road, 2.6 miles south of its junction with Jesus Maria Road, 7.9 mi. SE (118 ° ) of Mokelumne Hill; Calaveritas 7.5 Q.
    RSA0039082RSAStellaria mediaNick Jensen1872013-03-06 KernSan Joaquin Valley, Between the Temblor Range and the Antelope Hills, Twisselman Ranch, south of Highway 46 and west of Highway 33.
    RSA0041571RSAStellaria mediaJoe Barth20062011-12-27 San DiegoFuerte Dr, between the cities of La Mesa and El Canon. ˜ 0.6 mile NNW of up top Mt Helix. Between Grossmont Blvd and Sunset Ave.
    RSA0080648RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney134822010-08-09 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon, Canon 7.5 Q.
    RSA0081322RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney119342010-03-16 Los AngelesConfluence of Little Tujunga Wash and Big Tujunga Wash at I-210 crossing, within 50 m on north and south sides of I-210.; Sunland 7.5 Q.
    RSA0081324RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney119322010-03-16 Los AngelesConfluence of Little Tujunga Wash and Big Tujunga Wash at I-210 crossing, within 50 m on north and south sides of I-210.; Sunland 7.5 Q.
    RSA0082533RSAStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann105881965-04-21 KernTejon Canon.
    RSA0082599RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney136172010-08-30 Los AngelesEast Fork Big Santa Anita Canon from confluence with Big Santa Anita Canon bottom-Gabrieleno Trail to 0.5 mi. upstream.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
    RSA0082616RSAStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann61521961-05-23 KernEl Paso Canon, 1.5 mile above meadows place.
    RSA0085606RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney135892010-08-26 Los AngelesNorth Fork Big Santa Anita Canon, to 0.7 mi. up from confluence with Big Santa Anita Cyn.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
    RSA0086755RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney117051967-04-18 San BernardinoDeep Creek at the Mojave River.; Lake Arrowhead 7.5 Q.
    RSA0087863RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney132842010-06-21 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, within 75 meters of Los Pinetos Spring, Los Pinetos Cyn., 0.18 miles N of Santa Clara Truck Trail via trail W of spring.; San Fernando 7.5 Q.
    RSA0099333RSAStellaria mediaJessica Orozco5792014-05-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Cholollo campgrounds, on the trail that follows the South Fork Tule River to the Chollolo falls, where it deadends at a bend in the River.
    RSA0099340RSAStellaria mediaJessica Orozco9212015-03-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off Gibbon Creek road.
    RSA0100087RSAStellaria mediaJessica Orozco5122014-04-04 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off main Reservation Road, after gravel road begins toward higher elevations.
    RSA0105214RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney159322011-10-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: 1.4 miles east (downstream) from entrance gate to Cogswell Dam, at confluence of Butterfield Cyn. and W Fork San Gabriel River, along West Fk. Natl. Scenic Bikeway.; Azusa 7.5
    RSA0106118RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney14073B2011-03-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Arcadia Wilderness Park, north area of park, 2240 Highland Oaks Dr., lower Santa Anita Cyn.; Mt. Wilson 7.5
    RSA0108918RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney142242011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: San Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Cyn.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0115268RSAStellaria mediaRichard G. Swinney132262010-06-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Placerita Canon Natural Area, 100-300m south of Placerita Cyn. in Los Pinetos Cyn.; Mint Canon 7.5 Quad
    RSA0119667RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney165212014-05-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Azusa Peak, 0.06 miles s. of Glendora Ridge Mtwy., 1.34 mi. due east of Hwy. 39, 0.15 miles e. of north Garcia Trailhead, in Colby Fire burn area of Jan. 2014.; Azusa
    RSA0119681RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts79242015-03-10 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: Niguel Hill, on ridge above Aliso Canon ear end of Ceanothus Drive (Hangover House property), 0.4 WNW summit Aliso Peak.; San Juan Capistrano 7.5′
    RSA0163891RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts80942017-03-15 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: City of Irvine, West Fork Bommer Canon, near Turtle Ridge Trail, c.a. 0.4 km S Cattle Camp.; Laguna Beach 7.5′
    RSA0163922RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts80992017-03-15 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: City of Irvine, ridge between upper Coyote and Bommer Canons, near Turtle Ridge Trail, 1.0 km SW Cattle Camp.; Laguna Beach 7.5′
    RSA0167347RSAStellaria mediaDuncan S. Bell1030102017-03-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestPost-fire surveys on the Blue Cut Fire of 2016; collecting in hills approx. 1.6 air miles northwest of Lost Lake.; Canon
    RSA0168083RSAStellaria mediaM. W. Williams1001936-06-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Smuggler′s Cove.
    RSA0168431RSAStellaria mediaDuncan S. Bell105952017-04-24 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSand to Snow National Monument; East Branch of Millard Canon, approximately 1.3 air miles southwest of the summit of Kitching Peak.; Canon
    RSA0196616RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney169632015-03-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, Big Dalton Wilderness Park, Wren Cyn. on Wren-Meacham Trail, 0.2-0.4 mile east of Big Dalton Canon. Flood Control Channel.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0419747RSAStellaria mediaVanessa Ashworth230B1995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA101767RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-15 InyoBishop, Owen′s Valley
    RSA10367RSAStellaria mediaH. A. Barker6111926-05-01 Santa ClaraPalo Alto.
    RSA118623RSAStellaria mediaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-26 HumboldtFortuna.
    RSA118932RSAStellaria mediaL. S. Rose570891957-05-26 San FranciscoSan Francisco, russian Hill, north slope Francisco St. near Hyde St.
    RSA124583RSAStellaria mediaA. G. O′Berg631956-03-18 Fresno7 miles NW of Kerman, 0.7 miles W of Yuba Road, 500 N of Shields Road in drain ditch.
    RSA131754RSAStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley31431960-04-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Cherry Canon.
    RSA134313RSAStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley33621960-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Small canyon on hill on west side of Coches Prietos Canon.
    RSA172818RSAStellaria mediaE. C. Twisselmann96711964-06-21 KernWater Creek on the south side of Bear Mountain; Tehachapi Mts.
    RSA184167RSAStellaria mediaI. L. Wiggins20,4841966-03-01 OrangeOrange grove at corner of South Campus Dr. and State College Blvd. Fullerton
    RSA187249RSAStellaria mediaJohn H. Thomas48541955-04-06 San FranciscoNorth peak, Twin Peaks.
    RSA187738RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne358531966-04-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: above stream in Cottonwood Canon.
    RSA188140RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne361971966-04-28 Los AngelesSanta Canong Renton Mine Road, E end island
    RSA18939RSAStellaria mediaRoxana S. Ferris93991938-04-15 San JoaquinNear gravel pit at the mouth of Corral Hollow.
    RSA192155RSAStellaria mediaE. W. Lathrop56791965-04-25 Riverside4 miles southwest of Murrieta on the De Luz Road.
    RSA192790RSAStellaria mediaW. R. Dudleys.n.1898-03-03 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    RSA195604RSAStellaria mediaI. L. Wiggins207121967-04-09 MontereyWest end of reservoir near small bore rifle range, Fort Ord.
    RSA199018RSAStellaria mediaW. M. Gauntt1271966-04-14 Los AngelesMt. Baldy road. 1-2 mile west of San Antonio Dam
    RSA202452RSAStellaria mediaR. L. Armacost16211963-05-07 Los AngelesTapia Park, Santa Monica.
    RSA2075RSAStellaria mediaC. B. Wolf18541931-03-06 OrangeTrabuco Canon at Trabuco Campgrounds west slope of Santa Ana Mts.
    RSA213151RSAStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle86241939-08-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Main Ranch.
    RSA213351RSAStellaria mediaReid V. Moran7061941-03-14 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA215929RSAStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff30681956-11-10 San FranciscoNear Mountain Lake. Presidio. San Francisco.
    RSA221552RSAStellaria mediaArthur C. Gibson19791971-05-12 San BernardinoStoddard Canon
    RSA221652RSAStellaria mediaE. C. Twisselmann163711970-04-21 MontereyCholame Valley, 0.5 mile N of the San Luis Obispo County line.
    RSA2410RSAStellaria mediaJ. W. Blankinships.n.1924-05-10 LakeBlue Lakes.
    RSA251464RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne428271973-04-11 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: upper part of Norton Canon.
    RSA258416RSAStellaria mediaC. W. Tilforth4571972-01-04 San BernardinoCommon in all areas where it is mois cool and shade
    RSA287826RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne487241977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Canada Lobos, near upper end.
    RSA293RSAStellaria mediaJ. T. Howell8211928-02-07 OrangeNear the ranch houses, Rancho Santa Ana
    RSA29635RSAStellaria mediaJoseph A. Ewan107981933-06-01 Los AngelesAbundant in moist soil of Salix thickets, along creek, Verdugo Canon
    RSA298917RSAStellaria mediaEdward Lee8381934-05-23 San FranciscoSan Francisco, Lake Merced; little pond just east of east end of south lake.
    RSA303587RSAStellaria mediaAnonymous6441971-02-06 Santa BarbaraJesusita Cyn.
    RSA303677RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne533761979-07-12 San BernardinoCanon branch at Skyland near Crestline at headwaters of Waterman Canon.
    RSA305424RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne524771979-04-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. North of Red Peak, toward Pelican Bay on shaded north-facing slopes.
    RSA305592RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne525921979-04-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Campus of the Biological Station west of the Stanton Ranch, Canada del medio
    RSA306787RSAStellaria mediaB. Given527051979-04-30 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. On sea bluffs at Culver Harbor near seepage
    RSA310389RSAStellaria mediaMargaret Hardinge2291946-04-11 San BernardinoLoma linda
    RSA320816RSAStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakSR-1221978-05-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. About 1-4 mile south and west of Cliff House, Vail Ranch headquarters 75 feet
    RSA329563RSAStellaria mediaGary D. Wallace1361966-03-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; north of Arcadia; Chantry Flats, up Santa Anita Canon.
    RSA332464RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne583471984-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Behind Prisoners Harbor Camp.
    RSA35198RSAStellaria mediaH. M. Pollards.n.1945-05-03 VenturaPratt Trail
    RSA362022RSAStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne476121976-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Ca. 1-2 mi ESE of Mt. Pleasant adjacent to manzanita oak woodland
    RSA3711RSAStellaria mediaC. B. Wolf35581932-05-11 Los AngelesFourth O′July Cove; Santa Catalina Island
    RSA3712RSAStellaria mediaC. B. Wolf35591932-05-11 Los AngelesFourth O′July Cove; Santa Catalina Island
    RSA478169RSAStellaria mediaRobin S. Collins2111973-03-26 Los AngelesTrail Canon, from beginning of pack trail into canyon. ca. 3 mi.
    RSA478170RSAStellaria mediaOra M. Clark14551929-01-06 Los AngelesElysian Park, L.A.
    RSA478171RSAStellaria mediaDonald R. Bissing161973-03-13 Los AngelesEvey Canon, San Gabriel Mountains, 0.2 mile from mouth of canyon.
    RSA478172RSAStellaria mediaSamuel R. Tysons.n.1943-04-02 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon
    RSA478173RSAStellaria mediaH. L. Bauers.n.1929-05-20 Los AngelesLong Beach lawn
    RSA478174RSAStellaria mediaT. S. Clares.n.1929-04-10 Los AngelesVerdugo woodlands near Glendale
    RSA478175RSAStellaria mediaIda Lou Saylers.n.1942-04-17 Los AngelesSan Marino.
    RSA478176RSAStellaria mediaF. R. FosbergS-30951930-07-03 Los AngelesLexington Wash, San Gabriel River, El Monte.
    RSA478177RSAStellaria mediaL. C. Wheeler4751932-03-12 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
    RSA478178RSAStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle21441929-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon, upper falls.
    RSA478179RSAStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle20681929-03-17 Los AngelesBlack Jack, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA478180RSAStellaria mediaF. R. FosbergS-44691931-04-03 Los AngelesPebble [Pebbly] Beach. Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA478181RSAStellaria mediaF. R. FosbergS-46441931-04-16 Los AngelesEagles Nest, Middle Ranch Canon; Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA478182RSAStellaria mediaE. Crow2091929-03-17 RiversideGlen Ivy Hot Springs, Santa Ana Mts.
    RSA478183RSAStellaria mediaE. S. Spaldings.n.1928-03-31 San BernardinoVicinity of Loma Linda
    RSA478184RSAStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkles.n.1937-02-28 San BernardinoRedlands
    RSA478185RSAStellaria mediaGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1967-04-15 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains, overlooking Daly City near San Francisco.
    RSA478186RSAStellaria mediaD. D. Keck13841932-02-23 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    RSA478187RSAStellaria mediaElbert Benjamine731929-03-15 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Edge of cultivated field.
    RSA487539RSAStellaria mediaL. F. La Pres.n.1988-01-27 RiversideSanta Rosa Springs Ranch, on Santa Rosa Plateau, W of Murrieta.
    RSA491242RSAStellaria mediaClare R. Wheeler28681982-01-08 MendocinoMendocino City, R. and T. Sholars vegetable garden. Surfwood Road.
    RSA495793RSAStellaria mediaSteve Boyd29001989-03-11 RiversideVail Lake area, mouth of Temecula Creek Cyn, 1.5 mi west of Vail Lake Dam.
    RSA517424RSAStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak42851990-05-01 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains: at N edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, along power line access road which intersects Tassajera Creek Road ca. 2.4 W of Highway 101 ca. 1.2 road miles S of Tassajera Creek Road.
    RSA528077RSAStellaria mediaJack Easton91-81991-04-23 San DiegoCity of Carlsbad, 1 mi. S of Palomar Airport.
    RSA533463RSAStellaria mediaTimothy S. Ross45531991-04-21 Los AngelesWhittier Hills (Puente Hills, pro parte), ridgetop between Turnbull and Sycamore Canons.
    RSA533493RSAStellaria mediaTimothy S. Ross41861991-03-09 Los AngelesWhittier Hills: (Puente Hills, pro parte): head of unnamed ENE-draining canyon.
    RSA535490RSAStellaria mediaSteve Boyd66381992-02-02 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness of the Cleveland National Forest. Upper San Mateo Canon between confluence of Tenaja Canon and Los Alamos Canon
    RSA545254RSAStellaria mediaD. Propst491973-03-03 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood Canon
    RSA562568RSAStellaria mediaSteve Boyd79821993-04-22 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains, north of Sylmar and south of Santa Clarita, within the Tujunga Ranger District of the Angeles National Forest. Vicinity of Los Pinetos Spring, head of Los Pinetos Canon.
    RSA586087RSAStellaria mediaD. L. Banks01151995-03-30 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., W of the Dripping Springs Alcove, E of the Woodchuck Trail.; Pechanga
    RSA590865RSAStellaria mediaOrlando Mistretta10331994-04-12 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek: Slopes E of Little Rock Reservoir; Pacifico Mt. 7.5′
    RSA592781RSAStellaria mediaSteve Boyd86741996-04-25 Los AngelesKnapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, south of Liebre Mountain.; Liebre MountainFrom gate at old inholding boundary near spring area along Forest Service Road 7N22 down to beginning of extensive wetland south of the old dry pastures.
    RSA595890RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White43171996-07-19 San BernardinoYucaipa- Oak Glen Area; Johnson Canon (local name, not on map). Directly S of Wood Acres Apple Ranch, just E of intersection of Potato Canon Road and Oak Glen Rd.; Forest Falls 7.5′ Q.
    RSA596831RSAStellaria mediaTimothy S. Ross84911995-05-04 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, Texas Canon: ca 3.6 road miles NE of Bouquet Canon Road.; Green Valley 7.5′
    RSA596952RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White30151995-05-09 Los AngelesE edge of Santa Susana Mts., Just W of San Gabriel Mtns: Sunshine Canon (name not shown on topo): W of San Fernando Road and I-5 Fwy. Just SW of interchange with State Route 14.; Oat Mtn 7.5′ Q.Sunshine Canon Landfill property; site proposed for landfill expansion.
    RSA598811RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney14711989-11-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: in and near Glendora Wilderness Park, Big Dalton Canon, 1.2 NE of Glendora Mountain Road on Big Dalton Canon Road
    RSA607089RSAStellaria mediaL. C. Wheeler11791932-04-21 San BernardinoS fork Santa Ana River
    RSA608647RSAStellaria mediaL. C. Wheelers.n.1931-03-11 Los AngelesLa Verne.
    RSA611390RSAStellaria mediaL. C. Wheeler13591932-09-09 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon
    RSA613611RSAStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakWA-1541980-05-08 VenturaWest Anacapa Island. on west-facing bank in canyon bottom. Middle Box Cny.
    RSA614218RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White47961997-03-18 FresnoSierra Nevada Foothills: Kings Canon Rd (Hwy 180), about 20 road miles E of Sanger.; Luckett Mtn 7.5′ Q.
    RSA614896RSAStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp21071997-06-25 MendocinoState Hwy 128, 1.5 miles SE of Boonville, in Anderson Valley.
    RSA615610RSAStellaria mediaMary DeDecker7611957-08-20 InyoOwens Valley: Yard in Independence.
    RSA617850RSAStellaria mediaWalter Wisura51071998-02-27 San BernardinoJurupa Hills: Mary Vagl Nature Reserve and Museum.
    RSA627784RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White62661998-04-09 OrangeUniversity of Calif. Irvine Campus; Drainage channel west of Medical Center, west of main campus circle.; Tustin 7.5 quad.
    RSA632944RSAStellaria mediaValerie L. Soza5341999-06-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Chantry Flat, off road 2N41, west of water tank; Mt. Wilson
    RSA640083RSAStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakMA-3191996-03-20 VenturaEast Anacapa Island. Terrace just NE of High point.
    RSA642712RSAStellaria mediaOrlando Mistretta6921992-07-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Los Pinetos Spring Canon Trail.
    RSA644344RSAStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakEA-1461996-03-18 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: Terrace just NW of NPS campground.
    RSA644922RSAStellaria mediaM. A. Piehl62101962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. Southeast of ranch house in Willow Canon.
    RSA646980RSAStellaria mediaLeRoy Gross1692000-04-22 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: South on La Crescenta to Shirleyjean turn right to Camp Max Straus. City of Verdugo City.
    RSA650311RSAStellaria mediaA. E. Hershs.n.1950-07-12 Los Angeles4 Wade St., Venice.
    RSA650312RSAStellaria mediaDon Blacks.n.1948-04-20 Ventura2 N.E. of Venura.
    RSA652696RSAStellaria mediaPhillip Robinson3691991-05-19 Los AngelesSycamore Canon 0.25 miles south of intersection of Beverly Blvd and Workman Mill Road. 1.75 miles east of Workman Mill Rd on trail into canyon. [City of Industry, SW of Rio Hondo College, east of 605 Fwy]
    RSA653834RSAStellaria mediaValerie L. Soza7752000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Stough Canon, Stough Park, above parking lot SW of intersection of Walnut Avenue and Lockheed View Drive, W of De Bell Municipal Golf Course, SE of Starlight Theater.; Burbank
    RSA65603RSAStellaria mediaF. W. Peirson63901925-08-10 MendocinoJug Handle Creek, 6 miles north of Mendocino City.
    RSA65612RSAStellaria mediaF. W. Peirson64321925-09-20 AlamedaHills back of Oakland.
    RSA65758RSAStellaria mediaF. W. Peirson42911922-06-24 San BernardinoSanta Ana River
    RSA65759RSAStellaria mediaF. W. Peirson3681919-02-26 Los AngelesBrae Burn Road, Atadena
    RSA658878RSAStellaria mediaDouglas A. Springer191981-02-19 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona University campus, between University Drive and end SE parking lot J lower level 2 scross from Ag. building No. 2 S slope.
    RSA660032RSAStellaria mediaStephen Hill31981-02-02 Los Angeles0.7 mi. S. of Silverbit on Valley Center in open field on N. side of road.
    RSA660055RSAStellaria mediaCarol Zuck41981-02-03 Los Angeles1443 A Springfield St., Upland.
    RSA660472RSAStellaria mediaMary C. Hunter00021994-04-24 Los AngelesSouth Pasadena (Mission and Fair Oaks backyard).
    RSA662324RSAStellaria mediaAmy Drookss.n.1981-05-09 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona campus in front of Arts Bldg.
    RSA662326RSAStellaria mediaDaniel Curran501981-03-03 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona campus near old greenhouse.
    RSA669145RSAStellaria mediaLeRoy Gross5162002-04-04 Los AngelesSouthwest side; From saddle along main crest where the dirt roads of Verdugo Mountain Way & Chandler Fire Road meet, head north down Wildwood Fire Road, to old home site near La Tuna Canon Road.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.
    RSA670202RSAStellaria mediaJoseph M. Keefe31,1382001-03-16 Los AngelesNorth crest of Poppy Peak, across street from 1622 Poppy Peak Drive; 0.8 mile southeast of The Eagle Rock, Pasadena, CA 91105.
    RSA670205RSAStellaria mediaJoseph M. Keefe31,1222001-03-16 Los Angeles50 meters west of dead end of Cresthaven Drive, 1 mile southeast of The Eagle Rock, Pasadena, CA 91105.
    RSA672293RSAStellaria mediaJoseph M. Keefe31,1222001-03-16 Los Angeles50 meters west of dead end of Cresthaven Drive, 1 mile southeast of The Eagle Rock, Pasadena, CA 91105.
    RSA68417RSAStellaria mediaCharles H. Quibell2471951-07-18 FresnoMagnificent Yellow Pine Forest, W Kaiser Camp Ground, on Daulton road (5600ft), 1 plus miles S Kaiser Diggings, 3 plus miles N of 9500ft Kaiser Ridge; small rocky gorge 100 yds below lower camp.
    RSA685923RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts56312003-03-27 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo:Donna O′Neill Land Conservancy, Chistianitos Canon, along North Ride Trail, 1.37 N Sycamore Gate, 0.36 W Chistianitos Rd.
    RSA695917RSAStellaria mediaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1946-04-01 Solano[Northern California: Locality seems to be on the border of Solano and Yolo Counties]
    RSA696187RSAStellaria mediaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1934-00-01 OrangeSanta Ana.
    RSA696188RSAStellaria mediaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1927-02-25 OrangeSanta Ana.
    RSA696565RSAStellaria mediaMarjorie Smiths.n.1943-02-20 OrangeHigh School Campus.
    RSA704931RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts60402004-04-21 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Donna O′Neill Land Conservancy, Flagpole Meadow in upper Shady Canon, 1.6 W Sycamore Gate, 1.18 km W of Cristianitos Road.; San Clemente
    RSA708050RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White101842004-04-16 RiversideSoboba Indian ReservationSan Jacinto Mountain foothills: Indian Creek and adjacent slopes.; Lake Fulmor
    RSA708842RSAStellaria mediaL. M. Moe21982002-03-09 KernFt. Tejon State Park.
    RSA708843RSAStellaria mediaL. M. Moe21462001-06-27 KernFt. Tejon State Park. Lower Johnson Canon.
    RSA713062RSAStellaria mediaA. C. Sanders310382005-06-17 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Boden Canon Ecological Reserve at E end of San Pasqual Valley, lower part of reserve along Santa Ysabel Creek at confluence with Clevender Canon; San Pasqual
    RSA714169RSAStellaria mediaA. C. Sanders303652005-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996; Boucher Hill 7.5′ Q.
    RSA720361RSAStellaria mediaLeRoy Gross26152007-03-30 Los AngelesNortheast side of the range. Unnamed canyon or east branch of Engleheard Canon. Hiked this creek from just off a dirt road near the mouth to a little way up canyon.; Pasadena & Burbank 7.5 Quads.From 34.20 N, 118.24 W, to 34.20117N, 118.25262W.
    RSA724901RSAStellaria mediaK. Dobry4341991-04-04 Los AngelesElsmere Cyn. West San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA725947RSAStellaria mediaA. C. Sanders201551997-04-03 RiversideLake Skinner area: near north foot of Black Mountain, slopes S of Crown Valley.
    RSA729412RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney70851999-04-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: Mouth of Peacock Canon, at conlfuence with Canon; Mt. Baldy 7.5′ Q
    RSA732158RSAStellaria mediaA. C. Sanders350332008-04-22 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: Lomas de Santiago, Limestone Canon, c. 2 miles SW of Silverado; El Toro
    RSA732536RSAStellaria mediaA. C. Sanders257152003-03-05 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mtns.: Newhall Ranch, Grapevine Mesa ca. 1.5 mi. ESE of Del Valle, west side and slopes of adjacent canyon.; Val Verde 7.5′
    RSA737532RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts67302008-03-12 OrangePrivateDana Point: Dana Point Headlands CNLM Preserve, western side, c.a. 0.8 W Marine Institute (Dana Point Harbor).; Dana Point
    RSA743497RSAStellaria mediaFred M. Roberts67802008-03-19 OrangeDana Point: Dana Point Headlands, CNLM Preserve, 0.8 W Marine Institute, Dana Point Harbor.; Dana Point
    RSA747042RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney86712008-04-16 Los AngelesSan Dimas, Spring Canon; Glendora 7.5′ Q.
    RSA747283RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney88792008-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: San Gabriel Canon along old road-trail at El Encanto.; Azusa 7.5 Quad.
    RSA752787RSAStellaria mediaScott D. White12852-A2009-05-21 RiversidePrivateSan Jacinto Mts: Idyllwild, Mile High Country Inn at 54 N Circle Dr.; Idyllwild
    RSA754929RSAStellaria mediaL. Ahart146212008-04-11 MercedAbout 20 yards east of the wire gate on the south side of Sandy Mush Road, 3.7 miles west of Highway 99, about 8.5 miles south-southeast of Merced.; El Nido
    RSA754998RSAStellaria mediaL. Ahart147522008-05-12 ButteLake Oroville, on the east side of Sucker Creek, about 40-100 yards north of where Sucker Creek enters the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1-4 mile west of the Ponderosa Dam.
    RSA762713RSAStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney100332009-02-20 Los Angelesmouth of San Gabriel Canon, between 210 Fwy and Foothill Blvd., Azusa-Irwindale, 200-300 m east of San Gabriel River channel; Azusa 7.5′ Q.
    RSA774332RSAStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman206542011-02-28 San DiegoCanon: cactus bluff just north of the dirt road that goes along the north side of Santa Margarita River between I-5 and Stuart Mesa Road
    RSA779836RSAStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman218722011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: ENE of Eagle Peak; west of Boulder Creek Road; around a pond in Kelly Creek
    RSA800339RSAStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff54371964-07-29 SonomaBrooks Gulch Marsh.
    RSA800340RSAStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff38831958-08-16 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, north of Sebastopol (near Occidental Road).
    RSA800341RSAStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff18631955-05-21 SonomaForestville Marsh.
    RSA88979RSAStellaria mediaCharles H. Quibell24291953-03-17 FresnoN Blackstone Ave, about 1-2 way between Shaw and Herndon Ave (just S of speedway and fish ponds), small vacant unfenced area E side road.
    RSA94647RSAStellaria mediaPeter Rubtzoff8821952-03-23 SonomaPitkin Marsh: Open area separating the western branch of the Upper Marsh from the eastern.
    SBBG107610SBBGStellaria mediaClare B. Hardham52761960-04-02 San Luis ObispoBlack Mtn, Hwy 46
    SBBG118515SBBGStellaria mediaE. Painter, M. Wetherwax, D. Keil, D. Wilken, J. GreenhouseCR1902001-04-17 San Luis ObispoW side of Generals Rd, MacMillan Airstrip; Camp Roberts
    SBBG119293SBBGStellaria mediaValerie Soza5341999-06-17 Los AngelesChantry Flat, off USFS rd 2N4 W of water tank
    SBBG123710SBBGStellaria mediaDavid Keil271451998-05-08 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; sandy hills NE of Pine Cyn Gate, both sides of Santa Lucia Cyn Rd; Vandenberg Airforce Base
    SBBG124370SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess39032000-05-28 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; S-trending jeep rd leading to Devil Cyn trail, S side of Canon Cyn, Piru Area
    SBBG124627SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess43902001-03-23 VenturaSage Ranch, W side of Black Cyn Rd, Simi Hills
    SBBG128157SBBGStellaria mediaD. McCleister, C. Walden, L. EmardAH1142013-03-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: disturbed area next to main rd just S of Bear Crossing intersection; Arroyo Hondo Preserve
    SBBG134693SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess, P. Munro, J. DelaTorre98372015-03-14 VenturaBridal Path Mtn Pk, Hidden Oak Trail; Simi Hills, Simi Valley
    SBBG135443SBBGStellaria mediaM. Florence2241981-04-15 MontereySouth Pinnacles area; T17S R7E S35
    SBBG136946SBBGStellaria mediaJ. Gilbert251973-04-24 Santa Barbarasmall cyn off Painted Cave Rd
    SBBG139622SBBGStellaria mediaSarah TermondtSET-0342018-04-13 Santa BarbaraManzana trail, Nira to Manzana schoolhouse. In grassland adjacent to Manzana Schoolhouse.
    SBBG140665SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess85332010-02-14 VenturaVillanova Prep School, undeveloped hillside on S side of campus, vicinity of Creek Rd, Ojai Valley.
    SBBG15343SBBGStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann69831962-04-19 KernGranite Station Rd, 4 W of Glennville
    SBBG154884SBBGStellaria mediaRalph Hoffmann1930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island
    SBBG154885SBBGStellaria mediaRalph Hoffmann1929-03-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Coches Prietos
    SBBG154886SBBGStellaria mediaMichael R. Benedict1969-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: above Prisoners Harbor
    SBBG154887SBBGStellaria mediaMichael R. Benedict1968-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: upper Canada de los Sauces
    SBBG154888SBBGStellaria mediaM. A. Piehl6310851963-12-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Cave Cyn, 0.25 mi from mouth
    SBBG154889SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakSCl-8271997-04-09 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Eagle Cyn
    SBBG154890SBBGStellaria mediaBarbara Holzman2018-03-16 San FranciscoSoutheast Farallon Island: Next to power house.
    SBBG154891SBBGStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle86241939-08-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    SBBG154892SBBGStellaria mediaSteve A. JunakMA-521982-04-23 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: Lavatera Cove, near E end of island
    SBBG154893SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakWA-1541980-05-08 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: middle Box Cyn
    SBBG154894SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakMA-1(A)1979-03-26 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: Sheep Camp
    SBBG154895SBBGStellaria mediaRalph N. Philbrick1979-03-25 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: above Sheep Camp, N of Eucalyptus grove
    SBBG154896SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakEA-1461996-03-18 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: just NW of cmpgrd
    SBBG154897SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakEA-1331995-04-04 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: just E of Nat Park Service cmpgrd, (along NPS vegetation transect 2)
    SBBG154898SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakMA-3191996-03-20 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: just NE of High Pt
    SBBG154899SBBGStellaria mediaRalph N. Philbrick1982-04-23 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: Lavatera Cove
    SBBG154900SBBGStellaria mediaMichael R. Benedict1971-07-14 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Green Mtn
    SBBG154901SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak63961998-04-22 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: NE end of Prince Island, just E of tire and private property sign
    SBBG154902SBBGStellaria mediaR. N. PhilbrickB66-1401966-03-27 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: above East Otter Harbor W of Simonton Cove
    SBBG154903SBBGStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl62511962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: ranch house
    SBBG154904SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak58461995-02-09 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: main trail, at base of SW flanks of Green Mtn
    SBBG154905SBBGStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl62101962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Willow Cyn
    SBBG154906SBBGStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley55951963-04-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1 mi S of Avalon on rocky ridge
    SBBG154907SBBGStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle20681929-03-17 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Mtn
    SBBG154908SBBGStellaria mediaPeter H. Raven172351962-04-10 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: W side of island about 1.5 N of Thirst
    SBBG154909SBBGStellaria mediaReid Moran7061941-03-14 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle Ranch
    SBBG154910SBBGStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley55991963-04-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1 mi S of Avalon on rocky ridge, small cyn
    SBBG154911SBBGStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne361971966-04-28 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine Rd
    SBBG154912SBBGStellaria mediaR. F. Thorne358531966-04-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood Cyn
    SBBG154913SBBGStellaria mediaM. DailySR 4411982-03-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: cyn below comedor at main ranch
    SBBG154914SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. JunakSR-1221978-05-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: lower Windmill Cyn, ca. 0.25 mi S and W of Cliff House, Vail Ranch hdqrtrs
    SBBG154915SBBGStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley31431960-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Cherry Cyn
    SBBG154916SBBGStellaria mediaRalph N. PhilbrickB75-1631975-05-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: summit of Black Mtn
    SBBG154917SBBGStellaria mediaSteve Boyd43931990-04-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: near Malo Pt, third cyn S of Bryce Cyn
    SBBG154918SBBGStellaria mediaMichael R. Benedict1969-05-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: head of Tinker′s Cyn, E of Pelican Cyn
    SBBG154919SBBGStellaria mediaIra W. Clokey49291930-07-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Prisoners Harbor
    SBBG154920SBBGStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl621881962-05-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: ca. 3 mi from Stanton Ranch headquarters, W along High Rd
    SBBG154921SBBGStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl621601962-05-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Cyn del Puerto, ca. 0.25 mi from Stanton Ranch headquarters
    SBBG154922SBBGStellaria mediaR. N. PhilbrickB67-681967-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: west Prisoners Harbor
    SBBG154923SBBGStellaria mediaR. N. PhilbrickB65-801965-02-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Canada del Puerto, first crk crossing below Stanton Ranch
    SBBG154924SBBGStellaria mediaE. R. Blakley33621960-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: seep spring, bottom of small cyn on hill on W side of Coches Prietos Cyn
    SBBG154925SBBGStellaria mediaRalph N. PhilbrickB65-1161965-02-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Prisoners Harbor
    SBBG154926SBBGStellaria mediaRalph Hoffmann1930-08-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
    SBBG154927SBBGStellaria mediaM. DailySR 1921979-05-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: E of Lobos Cyn
    SBBG154928SBBGStellaria mediaM. DailySR 1501979-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: below Torrey pines
    SBBG154929SBBGStellaria mediaM. DailySR 201979-05-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Canon Point
    SBBG154930SBBGStellaria mediaM. DailySR 3661982-03-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: mouth of Bee Cyn
    SBBG154931SBBGStellaria mediaR. N. PhilbrickB65-4101965-02-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Lobos Cyn
    SBBG170773SBBGStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney68351998-08-28 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns, Stoddard Cyn at Stoddard Falls
    SBBG17221SBBGStellaria mediaP. Douglas, E. Painter, E. Neese, N. Hastings, R. Smith, C. PopolizioHL12321995-04-02 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 0.5 W of Nacimiento River, ca. 0.7 km S of Nacimiento River; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG17471SBBGStellaria mediaK. A. Wilson12591962-04-01 Los AngelesOld Topanga Cyn Rd, 0.5 W of Topanga Cyn Blvd
    SBBG178007SBBGStellaria mediaSarah Chaneys.n.1998-09-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: area south of north fork of Water Canon.
    SBBG180669SBBGStellaria mediaJon Rebman340602018-04-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: W of Fallbrook; N Magazine, N of Ammunition Rd, W-central part of station, vicinity of Lower Lake, up the cyn to the E and above Lower Lake
    SBBG182108SBBGStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney70851999-04-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: mouth of Peacock Cyn, at confluence with Cattle Cyn
    SBBG18329SBBGStellaria mediaP. Douglas, E. PainterHL4561994-05-22 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Nacimiento River, ca. 0.3 N of Los Bueyes Rd, ca. 2 km N of McKern Trail; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG18853SBBGStellaria mediaD. Wilken, E. Painter, E. Neese, L. MetzHL23711996-04-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: above Rattlesnake Crk, ca. 3 N of San Antonio River, ca. 5 W of Bear Cyn, ca. 0.5 rd km N of Del Venturi Rd; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG191243SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak, R. PhilbrickWA1711980-05-08 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: Canada por Nada
    SBBG191377SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess66532005-02-16 VenturaConejo Valley, Oak Creek Canon Loop at west terminus of Moorpark Road, Los Robles Open Space, Thousand Oaks.
    SBBG204198SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess63012004-04-02 VenturaLake Piru area, Dominguez Cyn, in vicinity of Rodeo Flat within Piru Burn, Los Padres National Forest
    SBBG2074SBBGStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith4401944-01-15 Santa BarbaraMission Cyn Rd, Santa Barbara
    SBBG2075SBBGStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith5221944-03-03 Santa BarbaraMission Cyn Rd near Hwy 150, Santa Barbara
    SBBG22762SBBGStellaria mediaDonald Myrick10921965-03-12 Santa BarbaraGibraltar Rd at Los Canoas Rd
    SBBG229646SBBGStellaria mediaR. Burgess32691999-04-16 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lake Piru area; south side of Canon Canon; northeast of Lake Piru
    SBBG35701SBBGStellaria mediaHenry M. Pollard1969-10-15 VenturaCoyote Crk near its confluence with Ventura River, Foster Park
    SBBG43373SBBGStellaria mediaL. W. Edge1971-02-05 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG53014SBBGStellaria mediaMichael R. Benedict1978-05-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: inland from Pt Conception
    SBBG69912SBBGStellaria mediaRalph Hoffmann1925-04-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Gobernador Cyn, Carpinteria
    SBBG69913SBBGStellaria mediaMilo H. Gates El DoradoRose Springs
    SBBG69914SBBGStellaria mediaL. G. Yates1878-01-25 Santa BarbaraMontecito
    SBBG69915SBBGStellaria mediaHenry M. Pollard1944-10-07 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Matilija Cyn
    SBBG86288SBBGStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith14541945-07-11 Santa Barbara1315 Indio Muerto St, Santa Barbara
    SBBG86294SBBGStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith23681949-06-16 Santa Barbaracorner of Haley and State Sts, Santa Barbara
    SBBG88200SBBGStellaria mediaClifton F. Smith4401944-01-15 Santa BarbaraMission Cyn, Santa Barbara
    SBBG93648SBBGStellaria mediaSteven A. Junak42851990-05-01 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; N edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, powerline access rd which intersects Tassajera Crk Rd ca. 2.4 W of Hwy 101, ca. 1.1 rd mi S of Tassajera Crk Rd
    SD00022038SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman340602018-04-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine, north of Ammunition Road; west-central part of station; vicinity of Lower Lake; up the canyon to the east and above Lower Lake
    SD00052805SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman365792020-04-28 San DiegoCanon: north-central portion of Base; Training Area Finch; east of the San Onofre Mountains and north of Basilone Road; on a north-facing slope to the south of San Juan Road and just south of the riparian wash area
    SD00054593SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman364482020-04-24 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; Training Area Papa 1; in Piedra de Lumbre Canon in the San Onofre Mountains: north of Las Pulgas Road and southwest of Pulgas Lake
    SD00055057SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman369432020-06-02 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine: near River Road; northern part of station; canyon area just east of the Santa Margarita River
    SD00055058SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman367712020-05-05 San DiegoCanon: northeast portion of Base; Training Area Echo, just south of and along Case Springs Road, south of Margarita Peak & southeast of Case Springs Lake
    SD00055059SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman368602020-05-15 San DiegoCanon: Northeastern portion of Base in Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; southeast of Case Springs Lake; east of Case Springs Road, bottom of a small canyon
    SD00055060SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman367092020-05-05 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; southwest of Santa Margarita Peak; southeast of Case Springs Lake; west of Case Springs Road, in a canyon area
    SD00055279SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman367422020-05-05 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; southwest of Santa Margarita Peak; southeast of Case Springs Lake; west of Case Springs Road, in a canyon bottom
    SD00060642SDStellaria mediaReid Moran97281962-05-30 San DiegoWeed of shaded garden, 3900 block, Park Blvd., San Diego.
    SD00063200SDStellaria mediaDick Swinney186642017-03-11 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Cyn. Wilderness Park, Dunn Canon, s. tributary of Big Dalton Cyn., Dunn Cyn. Trail, Glendora Quad
    SD10254SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander1181935-02-02 San DiegoPacific Beach
    SD115501SDStellaria mediaDuffie Clemons3361982-05-18 San DiegoEwing Oak Preserve, The Nature Conservancy, south of Mesa Grande Indian Reservation
    SD132646SDStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkles.n.1939-08-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Main Ranch. Moist stream bed.
    SD134300SDStellaria mediaR. Mitchel Beauchamp18661971-03-16 San DiegoCanon, near Margarita Peak. in shady places
    SD138019SDStellaria mediaDarin L. Banks1151995-03-30 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. North slope of Agua Tibia Mountain, west of Dripping Springs Alcove.
    SD139308SDStellaria mediaJon Rebman30451996-03-24 San DiegoDawson-Los Monos Canon Reserve; Agua Hedionda Creek area; south of Buena Vista Park in Vista
    SD14004SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander8061936-03-12 San DiegoOn hill south of road, 2 mi. northwest of Dulzura (IPB 7-06)
    SD14217SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander10091936-03-27 San DiegoSan Luis Rey River Bridge on U.S. 395
    SD14270SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander10391936-03-27 San DiegoBig Stone Lodge, near Poway
    SD14373SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander11591936-04-10 San DiegoFoot of Poway Grade, Old Road
    SD147593SDStellaria mediaErnest C. Twisselmann69831962-04-19 Kern4.0 miles west of Glennville, Granite Station Road.
    SD15698SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander22651936-05-21 San DiegoOn ridge east of El Canon Mt. (IPB 7-06)
    SD1578SDStellaria mediaFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-03-01 San DiegoSunset Cliffs, near the ocean. San Diego
    SD1580SDStellaria mediaR. D. Aldersons.n.1894-05-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    SD158738SDStellaria mediaJerilyn Hirshberg7682004-07-05 San Diegoseasonal streambed in oak woodland .5 mile east of Inaja picnic area, ca 500 ft South of Hwy. 78-79
    SD159055SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman79532002-05-01 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine
    SD159844SDStellaria mediaLarry Hendrickson412004-03-23 San DiegoLos Caballos equestrian camp, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
    SD160341SDStellaria mediaMillie Basden-Thomas12004-03-14 San Diego3225 Pine Hills Road, Julian, CA 92036
    SD162538SDStellaria mediaRobert Lauri4722003-06-06 San DiegoBase of Rope trail approximately 0.4 miles northwest of Nate Harrison Grade. Approximately 300 meters east of trail bottom.
    SD163755SDStellaria mediaMaryAnn Brooks-Gonyer952005-03-06 San DiegoApprox. 12 north of Escondido, near Bonsal, Camino San Luis Rey, about 1-8 mile west of Old Highway 395, south side of road
    SD165660SDStellaria mediaCarrie Schneider982005-03-13 San DiegoSwitzer canyon, City of San Diego, North Park. East of 30th St, west of 32nd St between Olive St and San Marcos Dr.
    SD165661SDStellaria mediaJeannie Gregory15442005-06-18 San DiegoAlpine, Lazy A Ranch, 1 mile E of Alpine, 0.25 mile S of Alpine Blvd (Old Hwy 80), 3-4 mile W of Willows Road, in Viejas Creek S of the ranch.
    SD16569SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander30541937-05-04 San DiegoCottonwood Creek, near Barrett Junction (IPB 7-06)
    SD16582SDStellaria mediaA. J. Stovers.n.1937-03-28 San DiegoPt. Loma
    SD166490SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman108112005-01-20 San DiegoRancho Jamul Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): west of Hwy. 94, south of Jamul & north of Otay Lakes Road; central part of reserve just west of the main buildings, northeast-facing rocky slope
    SD167146SDStellaria mediaG. K. Helmkamp88802005-02-09 Santa BarbaraSouth edge of Sierra Madre Mountains north of Sisquoc; 1.6 miles north of Foxen Canon Road along Tepusquet Road.
    SD168375SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman108732005-02-01 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, southwest of Loveland Reservoir; on the lower northeast side of Sycuan Peak, east of the entrance gate at the end of Sloan Canon Road and west of Sloane Ranch
    SD170828SDStellaria mediaJoe Barth4242005-04-01 San DiegoNational City business district: city block between A and B Avenues, and between E 7th and E 8th Streets; mainly between 105 E 8th St. (McDini′s Baja Pub) and 139 E 8th St. (Simon′s Pawn Shop).
    SD173436SDStellaria mediaAndrew C. Sanders311212005-06-22 San DiegoBuena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve (DFG), Carlsbad, south side of lagoon just east of Carlsbad Blvd. (S-21) near Brown Park
    SD173437SDStellaria mediaAndrew C. Sanders312762005-06-29 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., DFG Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon and Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Creek and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve in vicinity of residences abandoned in 1996
    SD173438SDStellaria mediaAndrew C. Sanders303652005-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996
    SD175420SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman12451B2006-04-21 San DiegoLoveland Reservoir (land owned by the Sweetwater River Valley Authority): S of Alpine, S of Japatul Valley Road and E of its junction with Dehesa Rd.; extreme NE end of lake, S-side of valley on N-facing slope and along the south shore of the lake
    SD177199SDStellaria mediaIan Cain2212006-04-29 San DiegoCity of Lakeside. Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary. 13 Wildcat Canon Road. Just north west of observation area.
    SD177822SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman130282007-03-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Pine Creek Wilderness; north of Barrett Lake, southeast of Alpine; north of the Horsethief Canon Trailhead on Lyons Valley Road, along a trail in the bottom of Horsethief Canon; note that this area was partially burned in 2006
    SD177823SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman127432006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western portion of Ranch, along riparian zone N of Daney Canon
    SD178170SDStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp82492004-02-06 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast: Oso Flaco Lake Road, 0.5 mi east of the lake. Disturbed roadside.
    SD183695SDStellaria mediaSharon Paulin282004-04-12 San DiegoCorte Madera Ranch, Oak Valley, ca. 1.5 mi S of gate entrance of Ranch (and I-8) on Corte Madera Rd, near dammed pond.
    SD186793SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman148802008-05-01 San DiegoHellhole Canon Open Space Preserve: east of Valley Center and northeast of Lake Wohlford; southeast portion of preserve, approx. 0.2 miles NW of main parking area and kiosk
    SD187391SDStellaria mediaScott D. White101842004-04-16 RiversideIndian Creek and adjacent slopes.
    SD187820SDStellaria mediaRosanne L. Humphrey842006-03-29 San DiegoCommunity of Lakeside; San Vicente Reservoir; Kimball Valley arm where it bends sharply to the east. Along sandy shore east of of the West Branch of the San Vicente Creek that runs parallel to old Mussey Grade road.
    SD187821SDStellaria mediaRosanne L. Humphrey1022006-04-07 San DiegoCommunity of Fernbrook, Kimball Valley, North of San Vicente Reservoir. Approx. 1 mi SE on Kimball Valley Rd from its intersection with Mussey Grade Rd.
    SD189602SDStellaria mediaDenise McKay402006-05-20 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Descanso, S side of Dexter Peak, 1-4 N of Interstate 8 W of Hwy 79 (Old 80) and Los Terrinitos, along Wildwood Glen Lane
    SD191057SDStellaria mediaJohn Groth42007-03-17 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Mountains, 9 mi SW of Middle Peak, 500 E of the Boulder Creek Road crossing, on Boulder Creek
    SD193743SDStellaria mediaJan E. Maxted3982007-03-08 San DiegoBratton Valley, land surrounding 18569 Deerhorn Valley Rd, 3 N of Dulzura, 2.5 mi SE of Lyons Peak summit, 0.5 mi. SE of inters of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
    SD193744SDStellaria mediaJeannie Gregory21702007-03-22 San DiegoElfin Forest, Olivenhain Municipal Water Dist, S side of Harmony Grove Road along Escondido Creek, 4 mi SW of Escondido, 1? mi W of junction Del Dios Hwy and West Via Rancho Pkwy
    SD195008SDStellaria mediaVictoria Marshall4802007-03-22 San DiegoRamona; Boulder Oaks County Park; ca 7 mi southwest of Ramona, accessd through private property from Mussey Grade Road; collection area ca 1 mile northeast of burned ranch house.
    SD195009SDStellaria mediaVictoria Marshall4442007-03-08 San DiegoRamona; Boulder Oaks County Park ca 7 miles southwest of Ramona, accessed through private property from Mussey Grade Rd.
    SD196408SDStellaria mediaAndy Mauro382007-02-25 San DiegoEwing Preserve in Rancho Santa Fe, approx. 0.8 mi on the E side of Linea Del Cielo (S-8) from its intersection with La Granada (S-9), just N of La Sencilla.
    SD202192SDStellaria mediaMartin A. Piehl62511962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island; at ranch house.
    SD204227SDStellaria mediaCarolyn Martus4142008-03-18 San DiegoNortheast of Fallbrook. On the south side of the Santa Margarita River at the Willow Glen and North Stagecoach trailhead. Which is about 1.6 miles northwest (by air) of Red Mountain Lookout
    SD20426SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander49631938-03-15 San DiegoBalboa Park, San Diego
    SD205722SDStellaria mediaJohn LaGrange2292008-04-18 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, northwest of Black Mountain, Along Lusardi Canon Truck Trail where is crosses Temescal Creek downstream from the big drop off and boulder field. About 3 miles NNE by road from intersection of Lusardi Truck Trail and Pamo Road.
    SD20772SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander52531938-04-10 San DiegoWhispering Oaks, near Sloane Ranch on Sweetwater River (IPB 7-06)
    SD212551SDStellaria mediaAndrew C. Sanders310382005-06-17 San DiegoBoden Canon Ecological Reserve at E end of San Pasqual Valley, lower part of reserve along Santa Ysabel Creek at confluence with Clevenger Canon Quad: San Pasqual 7.5? Q.
    SD212552SDStellaria mediaAndrew C. Sanders297842005-04-29 San DiegoBlue Sky Ecological Reserve, east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway, east of dirt road to Lake Poway near reserve boundary Quad: Escondido 7.5? Q.
    SD213108SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman206542011-02-28 San DiegoCanon: cactus bluff just north of the dirt road that goes along the north side of the Santa Margarita River between I-5 and Stuart Mesa Road
    SD214259SDStellaria mediaNancy Nenow4902009-03-28 San DiegoSan Diego, north side of Balboa Park, about 50 yds E of Hwy 163, at the bottom of the canyon at the end of the dirt road leading down from Vermont Street and Cypress Street.
    SD216895SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman218722011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: ENE of Eagle Peak; west of Boulder Creek Road; around a pond in Kelly Creek
    SD217686SDStellaria mediaJeannie Gregory31342009-06-30 San DiegoMesa Grande, Nature Conservancy (Wheatly Property), 2 miles W of Morettis Junction (Pala Road & Hwy 79) E of Mesa Grande Road, 2.5 miles S of dam at Lake Henshaw
    SD22190SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander63281938-08-06 San DiegoDoane Valley, Palomar Mt.
    SD224644SDStellaria mediaC. W. Tilforth1301968-02-19 San DiegoTallac Knoll, LASCA, Arcadia
    SD224916SDStellaria mediaScott D. White47961997-03-18 FresnoKings Cyn Rd (St. Hwy. 180): About 20 road mi. E of Sanger.
    SD229925SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman248022012-06-07 San DiegoBarrett Lake: along Barrett Lake Road between Lyons Valley Road and the Lake where a creek crosses the road; west of Barrett Lake
    SD229926SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman242262012-05-24 San DiegoLake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona; along the northwest side of Lake Sutherland just southwest of the dam; near the shore of the Lake and east of Lake Sutherland Dam Road.
    SD229927SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman244502012-05-30 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; west of Case Springs Road, in the canyon just west of Case Springs Lake
    SD232656SDStellaria mediaA.C. Sanders181111996-05-01 RiversideSan Bernardino Mtns.: Morongo Indian Reservation, vicinity of natural pond & bog at SE edge of Burro Flats.
    SD234357SDStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp100942006-03-19 AmadorNorthern Sierra Nevada Foothills: Along CA Highway 49 S of Plymouth (Amador City 7.5 Q)
    SD234876SDStellaria mediaG.K. Helmkamp135382008-05-29 CalaverasSierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Utica Powerhouse Road. Parallel to CA-4 and 0.4 mile from the road junction; at the Utica Creek crossing.
    SD235313SDStellaria mediaJon P. Rebman241482012-05-24 San DiegoLake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona and on the west side of Lake Sutherland just southwest of the dam; along Lake Sutherland Dam Road.
    SD239689SDStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp15832B2010-04-07 San JoaquinNorthern San Joaquin Valley: Collier Road, 0.1 mile wesst of its junction with CA-88, 1.83 mile NE (27 ° ) of Clements (Clements 7.5′Q)
    SD239690SDStellaria mediaMark A. Elvin34832004-05-24 San DiegoSouthern Coastal: Carlsbad, La Costa: along Xanas Drive
    SD240963SDStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp172742011-05-12 SutterSacramento Valley: Garden Highway at the junction with Garwood Road, c. 1 mi SW of Nicolaus (Nicoaus 7.5′Q)
    SD24286SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander69561939-03-14 San DiegoNear Marine Rifle Range
    SD244135SDStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp172742011-05-12 SutterSacramento Valley: Garden Highway at the junction with Garwood Road, c. 1 mile SW of Nicolaus (Nicolaus 7.5′Q)
    SD244136SDStellaria mediaT.B. Salvato73872013-03-22 RiversidePerris-Aguanga Basin: southern end of Menifee Valley, between Hwy 215 Winchester Road (Hwy 79) on Los Alamos Road at its crossing with Warm Springs Creek (Murrieta 7.5′Q)
    SD247394SDStellaria mediaGeorge K. Helmkamp185572012-02-17 SacramentoSacramento Valley: along Dillard Road, 0.2 mile south of its junction with CA-16-Jackson Road, southeast of Sacramento.
    SD249498SDStellaria mediaBeverly Pecunia2982010-08-21 San DiegoNorth of Escondido; 2.6 miles NE of I-15 and Mountain Meadows Road, W of Turner Lake
    SD249499SDStellaria mediaJoe Barth20152011-12-28 San DiegoMt Helix Dr, about 350m due E of the city of La Mesa. ˜ 4 NNE of Mt Helix summit.
    SD249500SDStellaria mediaJerilyn Hirshberg23582011-07-14 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mtns, 0.1 miles SW of intersection of Boulder Creek Road and Engineers Road, below Pine Hills Guard Station, near Sandy Creek
    SD249501SDStellaria mediaJonathan K. Snapp-Cook1332008-04-10 San DiegoPalomar State Park; 1.7 miles (by air) SW of Observatory; 1.9 (by road) miles north of Palomar Mountain General Store on Canfield Road, then 0.4 miles southwest on driveway. North of Iron Springs Creek.
    SD249502SDStellaria mediaJoe Barth20062011-12-27 San DiegoFuerte Dr, between the cities of La Mesa and El Canon. ˜ 0.6 mile NNW of up top Mt Helix. Between Grossmont Blvd and Sunset Ave.
    SD253428SDStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney132242011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: San Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Canon.
    SD256040SDStellaria mediaNancy Nenow19382011-05-09 San DiegoChihuahua Valley; along dirt road 0.15 mile N of intersection with Chihuahua Valley Road; about 5.2 miles NNE of intersection Chihuahua Valley Road and Highway 79
    SD256041SDStellaria mediaNancy Nenow19292011-05-09 San DiegoSouth of Chihuahua Valley Road on Puerta La Cruz Road about one half mile south of the dirt road down the dry riverbed; near Indian Flats Campground
    SD262257SDStellaria mediaR.G. Swinney165212014-05-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Azusa Peak, 0.06 mile south of Glendora Ridge Motorway, 1.34 miles due east of Hwy. 39, 0.15 mile east of Garcia Trailhead. Ridgetop in Colby burn of Jan. 2014.
    SD264510SDStellaria mediaSusan T. Welker11971992-02-23 San DiegoSan Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, Encinitas. South side of Reserv, disturbed former house site west of I-5 Grid L7.
    SD26996SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander83331940-04-30 San DiegoSears Ranch, north base of Otay Mt.
    SD27639SDStellaria mediaFrank F. Gander87381940-05-23 San DiegoStream below Eagles Nest Dam, Hot Springs Mt. (IPB 7-06)
    SD281325SDStellaria mediaDick Swinney194112017-06-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, mouth of Vasquez Canon (south tributary of Big Tujunga Canon, Condor Peak Quad
    SD39418SDStellaria mediaDelzie Demaree90121930-04-27 Santa ClaraStanford campus.
    SD48736SDStellaria mediaIra L. Wiggins21721927-04-10 San DiegoIn shade of Quercus agrifolia, on bank of Dulzura Creek, 3 mi. below Dulzura.
    SD52288SDStellaria mediaR. D. Alderson10781893-05-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    SD75614SDStellaria mediaM. B. Dunkle86241939-08-15 Santa BarbaraMoist stream bed, Main Ranch, Santa Cruz Island.
    SD8164SDStellaria mediaCharles R. Orcutts.n.1883-07-01 San DiegoFalls, San Diego
    SD8168SDStellaria mediaDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-04-04 San DiegoFallbrook
    SD99490SDStellaria mediaIra L. Wiggins210801971-04-05 TuolumneCutback of old road between Sonora and Twain Harte, about 0.7 W of Hunt′s Lodge and from Twain Harte exit from Hwy 108. At foot of N-facing cut.
    SDSU04468SDSUStellaria mediaBeauchamp, R.M.7721968-02-17 Orange2 miles north of El Toro Road intersection.
    SDSU04469SDSUStellaria mediaHowe, D.F.1591935-03-05 San DiegoChula Vista.
    SDSU04474SDSUStellaria mediaGallup, A.H.1141948-03-05 Los AngelesClaremont.
    SDSU04475SDSUStellaria mediaBeauchamp, R.M.7261967-10-21 San DiegoPalomar Mts.
    SDSU04480SDSUStellaria mediaGallup, A.H.3171949-02-21 Los AngelesLasca.
    SDSU04481SDSUStellaria mediaBreece, R.161971-03-14 San DiegoEl Capitan Reservoir, south side of Chocolate Arm.
    SDSU04487SDSUStellaria mediaSitko, Shari E.10III94A1994-03-10 San DiegoBase of north-facing slope at edge of intermittent drainage. Southeast of Fortuna Mtn., Mission Trails Regional Park.
    SDSU04516SDSUStellaria mediaCollier, GeraldM1591951-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Anita Canon, San Gabriel Mountains. About 200 yards from top of Chantry Flats Trail.
    SDSU04522SDSUStellaria mediaWedberg, H.8131962-03-04 San DiegoOld Mission Dam about 5 miles W. from Hwy. 67 on Mission Gorge Road.
    SDSU04528SDSUStellaria mediaWedberg, H.8951962-04-11 San DiegoSW of Fletcher Parkway x Cuyamaca Blvd., in El Canon.
    SDSU04534SDSUStellaria mediaWedberg, H.8281962-03-12 San DiegoPomerado Road, about 1-4 mile E. of Hwy. 395.
    SDSU13310SDSUStellaria mediaGaisiner, Ana22000-03-30 San DiegoApproximately 0.5 miles SE of San Vicente Reserve. Directions: Wildcat Canon Road, West on Muth Valley Road, left at Genesee (corner with many colorful mailboxes), right at 2nd dirt driveway (private property).
    SDSU14636SDSUStellaria mediaReiser, Craig H.9-III-891989-03-09 San DiegoCamp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: Victor.
    SDSU17721SDSUStellaria mediaBullock, S.E.91968-03-26 Los AngelesClaremont, Blanchard Park, Mills Ave. between First and Sixth Streets.
    SDSU23826SDSUStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney181662016-04-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., San Dimas Experimental Forest, n. of La Verne, Johnstone Peak summit, Glendora Quad
    SDSU23883SDSUStellaria mediaR. G. Swinney182222016-04-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., n. of La Verne-San Dimas, San Dimas Experimental Forest, Sycamore Flats, 0.9 miles s. of Jct. of Bluebird Mtwy. and Sycamore Flats Rd. along Sycamore Flats Rd., Glendora Quad
    SFV105076SFVStellaria mediaK. A. Wilson13511974-03-08 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Los Angeles, North Hollywood. Front yard of 5910 Auckland Ave.
    SFV105077SFVStellaria mediaK. A. Wilson12591962-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Old Topanga Canon Road, 0.5 miles northwest of Topanga Canon Blvd.
    SFV105078SFVStellaria mediaT. R. Gordon841974-03-20 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Los Angeles, Northridge. CSUN campus orange grove.
    SFV105079SFVStellaria mediaR. Crouse181960-03-08 YoloSacramento Valley; Along Putah Creek, about 3 miles west of Davis.
    SFV105080SFVStellaria mediaJ. M. Tucker20341951-02-22 YoloSacramento Valley; Davis. University of California campus. County road beside Arboretum.
    SHTC3095SHTCStellaria mediaCollins G.82014-03-04 StanislausRiparian habitat near the south side of the Tuolumne river in Hickman
    SHTC3096SHTCStellaria mediaNelson N.141996-03-11 StanislausCSU Stanislaus campus, field 50 yards east of science building
    SHTC3097SHTCStellaria mediaMetcalf L.21994-03-03 StanislausCorner of Lavon lane and Capital Dr., Ceres
    SHTC3098SHTCStellaria mediaClark H.71996-03-04 MercedWest Shaw ave, 1-10 miles from Shaffer road, T intersection, oak woodland, meadows, distrubed areas
    SHTC3099SHTCStellaria mediaLysaythong, L.41996-03-04 TuolumneWillms Rd., 1 mile from intersection of Wilms and Hwy 120
    SHTC3100SHTCStellaria mediaFrazae T.551968-03-29 Stanislaus8 miles east of Oakdale
    SHTC3101SHTCStellaria mediaDryden D.131995-03-07 StanislausLake rd off Hwy 132 near Basso bridge Launch Facility
    SHTC3102SHTCStellaria mediaKollar C.101994-03-08 StanislausTuolumne River, Basso bridge launching facility
    SHTC3103SHTCStellaria mediaFrazae T.41968-03-29 StanislausAlong Stanislaus R. 8 miles east of Oakdale
    SHTC3104SHTCStellaria mediaSmith M.61994-02-28 StanislausBeard Brook waterway, next to Dry Creek golf course.
    SHTC3105SHTCStellaria mediaRicucci D.491996-03-04 TuolumneKnights Ferry about 1 mile south of Hwy 120
    SHTC3106SHTCStellaria mediaWaltman J.11996-02-24 MercedUpper Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area. 4 miles east of Pacheco Pass on Hwy. 152
    SHTC6724SHTCStellaria mediaGonzalez, Robert62018-03-12 MercedGallo Winery behind the winemaking office
    SHTC7297SHTCStellaria mediaB. Jurevich142018-04-20 StanislausHickman. in pesticide test plot.
    SHTC7301SHTCStellaria mediaJ. Penick92018-02-24 MercedE.P &S Deisel Repair Shop, 16661 Bradbury Rd., Turlock
    SPIF00438SPIFStellaria mediaAnn Willyard6932000-08-01 TehamaFinley Butte 7.5 USGS quad. Judd Creek study site; ca. 1 air mile s of Lyman Springs. (original described UTM point is typed incorrectly on label)
    THRI-SEKI16923THRIStellaria mediaJohnson, Brent20361996-07-25 UnknownRedwood Cr, East Fk Kaweah
    THRI-SEKI18824THRIStellaria mediaPilewski, L.; Evens, J.; Roll, A.; Akin, J.; Kane, S.; Karplus, C.2001-04-27 UnknownVM.SEKI.0182. Located 0.2 W of water treatment plant, Ash Mountain Headquarters
    THRI-SEKI18884THRIStellaria mediaKarplus, C.; Pilewski, L.SEKI.0197.042001-05-14 UnknownVM.SEKI.0197. south of Tunnel rock
    THRI-SEKI19201THRIStellaria mediaAkin, J.; Pilewski, L.; Nagel, T.2002-05-13 UnknownVM.SEKI.0402. 0.3 NE of Ash Mountain Visitor Center along General′s highway