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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT202880CASStaphylea bolanderiWickes, Ethels.n.1917-9-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT202881CASStaphylea bolanderiStebbins, G. L.C75101975-11-28 El DoradoAbove Perry Creek, west of Omo Ranch
    CAS-BOT202882CASStaphylea bolanderiM., C. H.s.n.1919-11-10 SiskiyouBaird, McCloud River
    CAS-BOT202883CASStaphylea bolanderiKlyver Jr., Freds.n.1927-5-30 FresnoSector of Sierra prob. Bald Mt Grade, Jose Basin
    CAS-BOT202884CASStaphylea bolanderiStevenson, Ray21930-5-1 FresnoSequoia National Forest. Jct. Greely & Sand Creek Roads
    CAS-BOT202885CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.105921983-7-26 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada. On the west slope of Pine Ridge. Kings River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT202886CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.78811980-8-12 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along Tollhouse Grade, 4.2 miles from Tollhouse Post Office
    CAS-BOT202887CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.76151980-6-22 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along Mill Creek adjacent to Cedarbrook, approximately 1 mile north of Pinehurst
    CAS-BOT202888CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.94091982-5-5 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada. Pine Ridge, 1/4 mile from Delilah Springs north of the lookout tower. Kings River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT202889CASStaphylea bolanderiBreedlove, D. E.52111963-6-7 Fresno1.5 mile NE of Tollhouse on Calif. Hwy. #168
    CAS-BOT202890CASStaphylea bolanderiBeane, Lawrence4141949-5-10 FresnoNear Auberry
    CAS-BOT202891CASStaphylea bolanderiEverett, P. C.72691935-7-13 FresnoW. slope Sierra Nevada. 5 mi. from Auberry on rd. to Pineridge
    CAS-BOT202892CASStaphylea bolanderiEverett, P. C.72691935-7-13 FresnoW. slope Sierra Nevada. 5 mi. from Auberry on road to Pineridge
    CAS-BOT202893CASStaphylea bolanderiMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Johnston, Verna81967-5-29 FresnoAbout 4 miles north of Auberry on Auberry Mission Road
    CAS-BOT202894CASStaphylea bolanderiBarneby, R. C.11412a1954-5-9 Fresno3 miles w. of Miramonte
    CAS-BOT202895CASStaphylea bolanderiMenzies, Arthur; Menzies, Barbaras.n.1970-6-8 FresnoNear top of Toll House Grade between Toll House and Pine Ridge
    CAS-BOT202896CASStaphylea bolanderiYork, Dana21271998-5-23 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 43 km NE of Fresno (FSC), 5.3 km E of Tollhouse, Sierra National Forest, on dirt road under the powerlines
    CAS-BOT202897CASStaphylea bolanderiYork, Dana; Shevock, Jim21401998-5-24 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 66 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, Cedarbrook Picnic Area at Mill Creek
    CAS-BOT202898CASStaphylea bolanderiWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-4-20 FresnoNear Bass Lake
    CAS-BOT202899CASStaphylea bolanderiDehn, Henrys.n.1932-5-1 Fresno
    CAS-BOT202900CASStaphylea bolanderiGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1902-7-12 FresnoCedar Creek, Giant Forest
    CAS-BOT202901CASStaphylea bolanderiRose, Lewis S.650471965-4-26 MaderaOakhurst
    CAS-BOT202902CASStaphylea bolanderiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53951938-5-4 MaderaNear Oakhurst
    CAS-BOT202903CASStaphylea bolanderiHowell, John Thomas411471965-4-26 Madera3 miles south of Oakhurst
    CAS-BOT202904CASStaphylea bolanderiBacigalupi, R.27541942-5-2 MariposaAlong Merced River, near Arch Rock Ranger Station, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT202905CASStaphylea bolanderiAngsbury, Mrs. J. C.s.n.1922-6-1 MariposaNear Yosemite
    CAS-BOT202906CASStaphylea bolanderiRose, Lewis S.470611947-3-24 Mariposa1 mi. sw. of Briceburg
    CAS-BOT202907CASStaphylea bolanderiRose, Lewis S.411031941-4-11 MariposaArch Rock, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT202908CASStaphylea bolanderiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1885-5-1 MariposaSnow Creek
    CAS-BOT202909CASStaphylea bolanderiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-7-8 MariposaSnow Creek
    CAS-BOT202910CASStaphylea bolanderiHowell, John Thomas23141927-4-7 ShastaNear Potter Creek, canon [canyon] of the McCloud River
    CAS-BOT202911CASStaphylea bolanderiEastwood, Alice14411912-7-25 ShastaPitt to Baird
    CAS-BOT202912CASStaphylea bolanderiSmith, L. E.1051913-4-24 ShastaMcClouds fork
    CAS-BOT202913CASStaphylea bolanderiMason, H. L.58751931-5-9 ShastaPitt River
    CAS-BOT202914CASStaphylea bolanderiKelley, Juneas.n.1922-8-15 TulareSequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT202915CASStaphylea bolanderiWells, Mrs. C. E.s.n.1936-4-1 TulareSouthern Sierra foothills near Sequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT202916CASStaphylea bolanderiAbrams, L. R.77441920-9-28 TulareNear Cedar Creek Camp, Sequoia Nat. Park
    CAS-BOT202917CASStaphylea bolanderiDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-19 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Near Redwood Cabin, South Kaweah River
    CAS-BOT202918CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.105191983-6-22 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along the PG&E road off of the Wishon Fork of the Tule River. Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT202919CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.95971982-5-27 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along the PG&E road off of the Wishon Fork Tule River. Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT202920CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.95991982-5-27 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along the PG&E road off of the Wishon Fork Tule River. Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT202921CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.50461976-5-9 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along the banks of the South Fork Kaweah River approximately .5 mile west of Sequoia National Park boundary
    CAS-BOT202922CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.63871979-7-15 TulareSierra Nevada, Tule River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest. Bear Creek road (county M-220) approximately 1 mile above the apple ranches
    CAS-BOT202923CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.62361979-6-3 TulareSierra Nevada, Tule River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest. Along Balch Park Road near the Forest boundary
    CAS-BOT202924CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.61451979-4-29 TulareSierra Nevada, Tule River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest. Along Wishon Road. 3.5 miles north of California highway 190
    CAS-BOT202925CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.61831979-5-12 TulareSierra Nevada, Tule River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest. Along Balch Park Road (M-296) at the switchbacks near the Forest boundary
    CAS-BOT202926CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.63871979-7-15 TulareSierra Nevada, Tule River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest. Bear Creek (county road M-220) approximately 1 mile above the apple ranches
    CAS-BOT202927CASStaphylea bolanderiShevock, James R.50461976-5-9 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Along the south fork of the Kaweah River, 1 mile west of the Sequoia National Park boundary
    CDA0035361CDAStaphylea bolanderiP.B. Kennedy1928-6-25 TulareBadger to General Grant Forest.
    CDA0035362CDAStaphylea bolanderiJ.T. Howell411471965-4-26 Madera3 miles south of Oakhurst.
    CDA0035363CDAStaphylea bolanderiR.P. Allen1960-5-10 MariposaYosemite National Park, Arch Rock.
    CHSC101348CHSCStaphylea bolanderiFrank Callahan92007-10-16 ShastaSouthern Cascades Ecoregion. Off Salt Creek Road next to I-5, junction 698.
    CSLA019166CSLAStaphylea bolanderiJames Henrickson46561970-5-02 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont
    CSLA019167CSLAStaphylea bolanderiJames Hendrickson43741969-11-14 Los AngelesCultivated at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens, Claremont; In back part of Mesa.
    CSLA019168CSLAStaphylea bolanderiR. M. Straw; B. Miller; M. Kamins26511965-5-09 Tularenear Wishon campground, Sequoia N.F.
    CSLA019169CSLAStaphylea bolanderiLawrence T. McHargue1963-5-05 FresnoThis plant was collected about 2 1/2 miles southeast of Dunlap on the road to Miramonte.
    CSLA019170CSLAStaphylea bolanderiP. Barber281967-8-13 FresnoSierra Nevada Mtns., Hwy. 168 about 10 miles SW of Shaver Lake.
    CSLA019171CSLAStaphylea bolanderiLawrence T. McHargue1963-5-02 FresnoGrowing in Foothill Woodland between Dunlap and Miramonte
    DAV08736DAVStaphylea bolanderiP. B. Kennedys.n.1928-6-25 TulareTulare County: Badger to General Grant Forest.
    DAV93531DAVStaphylea bolanderiRobert Robichaux1151975-5-11 FresnoFresno County: 4.6 mi. E of jct. of Burrough Valley Rd. and Tollhouse Rd. on Tollhouse Rd.
    DAV72966DAVStaphylea bolanderiRobert Robichaux1151975-5-12 FresnoFresno County: 4.6 miles east of intersection with Burrough Valley Road.
    DAV37471DAVStaphylea bolanderiLewis S. Rose650471965-4-26 MaderaMadera County: Oakhurst.
    FSC0015105FSCStaphylea bolanderi1953-3-22 Fresno
    FSC0015107FSCStaphylea bolanderi1934-3-3 Fresno
    HSC31361HSCStaphylea bolanderiR.F. Thorne348001965-6-04 Fresno5 mi. from Auberry toward Pine Ridge.
    HSC82740HSCStaphylea bolanderiR.F. Thorne537031979-9-04 TulareAlong County Rd. 220
    IRVC4475IRVCStaphylea bolanderiM.V. Hoods.n.1945-8-08 TulareBig Fern Spring, Sequoia National Park.
    IRVC17474IRVCStaphylea bolanderiGail A. Baker591977-5-05 TulareMarbel Falls Trail, Sequoia Nat. Park.
    IRVC14548IRVCStaphylea bolanderiGail A. Baker591977-5-05 TulareMarbel Falls Trail, Sequoia Nat. Park.
    LA209716LAStaphylea bolanderiH. Lewiss.n.1940-9-09 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; grade below Moro Rock
    LA209715LAStaphylea bolanderiS. Bellers.n.1936-6-1 MariposaSierra Nevada; El Portal. 15 W of Yosemite National Park
    LA34929LAStaphylea bolanderiMary V. Hood45--125k*1945-8-08 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Big Fern Spring
    LA37432LAStaphylea bolanderiH. Lewiss.n.1940-9-09 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; grade below Moro Rock
    LA209714LAStaphylea bolanderiMary V. Hoods.n.1945-8-08 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Big Fern Spring
    LA209717LAStaphylea bolanderiP. Everett72691935-7-13 FresnoSierra Nevada; 5 mi from Auberry on road to Pineridge
    LA34930LAStaphylea bolanderiMary V. Hood43--89k*1943-7-31 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Big Fern
    LOB106308LOBStaphylea bolanderiP.C. Bakers.n.1972-3-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont
    LOB106309LOBStaphylea bolanderiJames R. Shevock50461976-5-09 Tularealong the south fork of the Kaweah River, 1 mile west of the Sequoia National Park boundary
    OBI114194OBIStaphylea bolanderiLewis S. Rose650471965-4-26 MaderaOakhurst
    OBI114193OBIStaphylea bolanderiRhonda Riggins14311982-5-28 FresnoCA 180 14.6 mi E Clingus Jctn-Dunlop Rd
    OBI114192OBIStaphylea bolanderiV.L. Holland1611965-5-15 FresnoAt jctn of Dunlap and Brookside roads
    OBI114191OBIStaphylea bolanderiDavid Keil323102014-5-16 Fresno0.8 W from Burrough Mtn. Rd. on Tollhouse Road, off CA 168.
    OBI177578OBIStaphylea bolanderiDean Wm. Taylor206422009-5-30 MariposaDevil Gulch; descent into the gulch via trail down Skelton Creek; Sierra National Forest
    PUA61026PUAStaphylea bolanderiG.L. Clifton1984-10-17 MaderaLocal landmark: Peckinpah Creek. Shaver Lake Quad.
    PUA61236PUAStaphylea bolanderiG.L. Clifton1984-10-02 MaderaLocal landmark: Bass Lake. Bass Lake Ne Quad.
    POM136935RSAStaphylea bolanderiA. L. Coombss.n.1915-7-09 ShastaBaird.
    POM139078RSAStaphylea bolanderiGeorge B. Grant27981902-7-1 TulareRedstone Park.
    RSA122885RSAStaphylea bolanderiW. E. Bullard521935-6-10 Fresno2.5 miles east of Auberry, Sierra National Forest.
    RSA7127RSAStaphylea bolanderiCarl B. Wolf50921933-6-28 Fresno5 miles along Auberry on Rd to Pineridge. Only a few plants. Upper Sonoran, Digger Pines.
    RSA341439RSAStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne537031979-9-05 TulareNear Bear Creek: along county rd 220.
    RSA184843RSAStaphylea bolanderiL. S. Rose650471965-4-26 MaderaOakhurst.
    RSA0018850RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart288d1994-5-24 TulareStaphylea Road, above Wishon
    RSA0019153RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart288a1994-5-24 TulareStaphylea Road, above Wishon
    POM225400RSAStaphylea bolanderiChas. H. Quibell12201929-5-11 FresnoAlong Grant's Peak Road. Along the ridge between Dunlap Valley and Mermontia.
    RSA0019157RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart2422a2004-7-13 TulareRd to Wishon Campground.
    POM136924RSAStaphylea bolanderiKatherine Brandegees.n.1905-7-27 TulareGiant Forest Reservation.
    RSA89673RSAStaphylea bolanderiChas. H. Quibell18861953-5-08 FresnoHighway 168 on lowest switch back below jct. with upper end of Stock Trail - above upper shallow sect. of Tollhouse Creek. Canon.
    RSA0019156RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart2422b2004-7-13 TulareRd to Wishon Campground.
    RSA357168RSAStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne396601971-5-25 Fresno4.9 miles E of Auberry along crest of Bald Mt., slopes above Bald Mill Creek.
    RSA261398RSAStaphylea bolanderiJan Schlobohm461970-4-25 Madera1 mile west of Oakhurst.
    RSA695766RSAStaphylea bolanderiDana York21271998-5-23 FresnoCa 43 NE of Fresno (FSC), 5.3 km E of Tollhouse, Sierra National Forest, on dirt road under powerlines.
    RSA191291RSAStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne370061967-6-08 TulareSequoia Nat'l Forest: 7.5 miles NE of Milo on Balch Park Road
    POM278276RSAStaphylea bolanderiLyman D. Benson79081936-7-17 MariposaArch Rock R.S.,Yosemite Park. Sierra Nevada mtn range, Merced River watershed.
    RSA421030RSAStaphylea bolanderiGeorge B. Grant25131902-7-1 TulareRedstone Park.
    RSA0018849RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart288c1994-5-24 TulareStaphylea Road, above Wishon
    RSA0019158RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart25632006-5-10 TulareStaphylea Road.
    RSA0019152RSAStaphylea bolanderiJoan Stewart288b1994-5-24 TulareStaphylea Road, above Wishon
    RSA249552RSAStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne348001965-6-04 FresnoSierra National Forest; 5 miles from Auberry toward Pine Ridge.
    RSA421029RSAStaphylea bolanderiAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1917-6-14 TulareGiant Nat. Forest [County not specified. Possibly Giant Forest (Kaweah Camp)]
    POM203510RSAStaphylea bolanderiL. S. Rose342411934-4-21 ShastaBaird.
    RSA96308RSAStaphylea bolanderiChas. H. Quibell18811953-5-08 FresnoHwy 168 at first switch back curve below pt where stock trail joins Hwy near top of Tollhouse Grade.
    RSA771327RSAStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne348001965-6-05 FresnoSierra National Forest: 5 miles from Auberry toward Pine Ridge
    RSA13074RSAStaphylea bolanderiPercy C. Everett72691935-7-13 FresnoW slope Sierra Nevada. 5 miles from Aubery on road to Pineridge.
    RSA695758RSAStaphylea bolanderiDana York21401998-5-24 FresnoCa 66 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, Cedarbrook Picnic Area at Mill Creek.
    RSA76998RSAStaphylea bolanderiF. W. Peirson118191936-5-30 TulareAbout 4 miles above the control, on road to Balch Park.
    SBBG18937SBBGStaphylea bolanderiM. A. Piehl594851959-7-29 TulareSequoia National Park; ridge above river near Clough Canon
    SBBG4078SBBGStaphylea bolanderiM. Van Rensselaer1938-4-28 MariposaYosemite National Park; Arch Rock Ranger Station
    SBBG4077SBBGStaphylea bolanderiH. and M. Dearing43061940-6-02 Maderabelow Coarsegold
    SBBG50794SBBGStaphylea bolanderiA. Schlobohm461970-4-25 Madera1 W of Oakhurst
    SBBG4076SBBGStaphylea bolanderiH. and M. Dearing59801945-5-31 MariposaMerced River near Briceburg
    SBBG35493SBBGStaphylea bolanderiDara Emery1969-6-01 Maderaroadside just S of Oakhurst on St Hwy 41
    SBBG182086SBBGStaphylea bolanderiDavid Keil323102014-5-16 Fresno0.8 W from Burrough Mtn Rd on Tollhouse Rd, off CA 168
    SD52608SDStaphylea bolanderiE.P. Chaces.n.1959-8-21 TulareSW corner of Sequoia park, hills above Clough Cave
    SD60964SDStaphylea bolanderiDarley F. Howes.n.1964-5-20 Fresno2.4 mi. from entrance to Sierra National Forest
    SD61089SDStaphylea bolanderiDarley F. Howes.n.1964-7-23 Fresno2.4 mi. from entrance to Sierra National Forest
    SDSU11246SDSUStaphylea bolanderiHowe, D.F.38681964-7-23 Fresno2.4 miles from entrance on #168, Sierra National Forest.
    SDSU11247SDSUStaphylea bolanderiHowe, D.F.37891964-5-19 Fresno2.4 miles from entrance on #168, Sierra National Forest
    SDSU11248SDSUStaphylea bolanderiHarvey, D.R.1929-6-18 ?  Unknown
    SJSU4613SJSUStaphylea bolanderiC.W. Sharsmith76321969-9-13 MariposaArch Rock, Merced R canyon, Yosemite National Park
    SJSU8549SJSUStaphylea bolanderiC.W. Sharsmith83691980-4-05 Mariposalower part of Cold Cr canyon, Merced R drainage c. 3 mi below El Portal
    SJSU13259SJSUStaphylea bolanderiC.W. Sharsmith46871944-6-26 Mariposacanyon draining Panoche Peak into Merced R canyon c. 2 W of El Portal
    THRI-SEKI973THRIStaphylea bolanderiPusateri, Samuel J.J611-11968-8-9 UnknownMarble Fork Tr
    THRI-SEKI974THRIStaphylea bolanderiFrostJ611-11934-11-13 UnknownParadise Cr
    THRI-SEKI7783THRIStaphylea bolanderiStocking, S.K.64-121964-8-10 UnknownIcebox Cyn On Mill Cr, Hwy 69
    THRI-SEKI7784THRIStaphylea bolanderiBaker, Gail A.; Hasey, Mavis591977-5-05 UnknownMarble Falls Tr
    UC1601120UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiunknown12441902-7-01 TulareRedstone Park
    UC18075UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiJ. W. Congdon1800-1-01 Mariposa
    UC35005UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. C. Blasdale1895-6-10 CalaverasMcCormick Bridge McCormick Bridge, Stanislaus River; Stanislaus River
    UC869957UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiLewis S. Rose411031941-4-11 MariposaArch Rock; Yosemite National Park
    UC367121UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiJ. G. Lemmon1879-7-26 ShastaMcCloud River; near U.S. Fishery
    UC109324UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiBrandegee1892-7-24 TulareComstock's
    JEPS9637UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson6011900-6-20 TulareCedar Creek; Sierra Nevadas, Sequoia Park
    JEPS9671UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiC. A. Purpus13591895-6-01 TulareBear Creek
    UC18076UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiJ. W. Congdon1895-7-07 MariposaSnow Creek
    UC54476UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock40071937-12-1 Shastanear Baird (McCloud River); Sierra Nevada Mountains, McCloud River
    JEPS46492UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. L. Jepson, Ralph Hopping1902-1-05 TulareCedar Creek Sequoia Park
    JEPS46491UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. L. Jepson, Ralph Hopping1902-1-02 TulareCedar Creek Sequoia Park
    UC137918UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiA. Eastwood1893-7-01 MaderaFresno Flats
    UC333472UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiunknown1993-8-8 Unknown
    UC1071582UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. T. Frost1934-11-13 TulareParadise Creek; Sequoia National Park
    UC1071580UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. E. Bullard521935-6-10 Fresno2 1/2 miles E. of Auberry Kaiser quad.
    JEPS9634UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiC. A. Purpus50101897-7-01 TulareMiddle Tule River
    JEPS25500UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell, G. T. Robbins71211959-5-11 Fresno0.2 mi above State Highway 168 junction with Beal Fire Road (watershed of Tollhouse Creek); Tollhouse Creek
    UC1409108UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiRobert F. Thorne, S. T. Blake348001965-6-04 Fresno5 mi from Auberry (toward Pine Ridge); Sierra National Forest
    UC51019UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiRalph Hopping501901-5-25 TulareMaple Canon Kaweah River Basin (Colony Road)
    UC634928UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiJohn Thomas Howell23141927-4-07 Shastavicinity Potter Creek; Canon of McCloud River
    UC1041583UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. A. Peterson951935-10-22 Mariposa2.7 miles E.N.E. of Darrah Yosemite quad
    UC1558387UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiH. K. Wagner2171936-5-14 Tulare1.5 mi w Panorama Peak; Sequoia National Park
    JEPS20805UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Herbert, Lucille Mason63131958-4-23 Shastaabout 2.5 mi nw Whitmore (and about 1.5 mi s of Fern, lower reaches of Wildcat Creek, a tributary of Dry Clover Creek, Sierra Nevada foothills); Sierra Nevada, Dry Clover Creek, Wildcat Creek
    UC1071581UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiW. A. Peterson741935-9-28 Mariposa1 mi s El. Portal; Sierra National Forest, Yosemite Quad.
    UC1537648UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiGordon H. True, Jr.6501937-4-16 Mariposanear El Portal; Merced River Canon
    JEPS74848UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiL. R. Heckard, T. I. Chuang, R. Bacigalupi40571975-5-22 Mariposane of Mariposa (near junction of Triangle and Darrah roads, above Snow Creek)
    UC869959UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiAlice Eastwood14411912-7-25 Shastaon road from Pitt to Baird
    UC869956UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiCarl B. Wolf1933-7-28 Fresno5 mi above Auberry (on road to Pine Ridge, w slope of Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada
    JEPS9636UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson31231909-7-03 MariposaEl Portal to Pulpit Rock (along Merced River); Sierra Nevada
    UC869960UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiMrs. A. L. Coombs1915-7-09 ShastaBaird
    UC869961UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiL. R. Abrams77441920-9-28 Tularenear Cedar Creek; Sequoia National Park
    JEPS9668UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson46571911-8-13 Tulareabove Clough Cave; Sequoia Park, South Fork Kaweah River
    UC196928UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiRalph Hopping4131904-6-08 TulareCedar Creek Kaweah River Basin (Colony Road)
    UC762874UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiR. F. Hoover43621940-4-20 Fresnobetween Dunlap and Miramonte
    JEPS9669UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson46571911-8-13 Tulareabove Clough Cave; Sequoia Park, South Fork Kaweah River
    UC551546UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiBeryl O. Schreiber17151935-6-26 Mariposa1 mi w El Portal
    JEPS9633UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiFrank W. Peirson118191936-5-30 Tulareroad to Balch Park
    JEPS9670UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson83521919-6-22 Tuolumnenear Grouse Creek (Merced River); Merced River
    JEPS9635UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiWillis L. Jepson129541941-7-5 Fresnoslope above Auberry
    UC1083212UCJEPSStaphylea bolanderiHerbert L. Mason111261936-5-16 Mariposasummit of Bear Creek Grade