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    You searched for: Stachys mexicana

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CDA0019582CDAStachys mexicanaA.J. Gilberts.n.2002-07-26 Del NorteMill Creek Campground. Northern California.
    CDA0041014CDAStachys mexicanaC. Beutlers.n.1973-05-21 MendocinoCaspar Road, ca. 7 miles east of Caspar (State Highway 1).
    CHSC109578CHSCStachys mexicanaB. Castro14752004-09-11 HumboldtNorth Coast. Near blocked S end of Little River Road 0.25 N of Central Avenue; near S end of Clam Beach. Low ground, flats partially shaded by alder trees festooned with English ivy; base of steep slopes of coatal terrace, back edge of beach stabilized dunes along old road. T07N R01E S1 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Arcata North 1:24,000
    CHSC42890CHSCStachys mexicanaL. P. Janeway25361987-07-30 HumboldtAlong old hwy 101 just south of Dry Lagoon. Along the road. T1 N R01E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Rodgers Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC802CHSCStachys mexicananone1929-05-06 HumboldtLocality: Redwoods.
    CHSC803CHSCStachys mexicananone1941-05-30 Humboldt
    CHSC804CHSCStachys mexicananone1911-05-01 Humboldt
    CHSC807CHSCStachys mexicanaA. Stone1963-04-20 MarinNear Dillon Beach.
    DAV316352DAVStachys mexicanaFrederica Bowcutt6581986-04-11 MendocinoSinkyone Wilderness State Park. Needle Rock. Between Whale Gulch and Bear Harbor. About 20 miles W of Gaberville.
    DAV316353DAVStachys mexicanaMalcolm A. Nobs13351949-08-11 Del NorteAbout 10 miles north of Klamath.
    DAV316354DAVStachys mexicanaDean Wm. Taylor76641979-09-07 TrinityAlong Trinity River near Big Bar.
    GH00402221GHStachys mexicanaJ. F. Collins1918-04-27 San Francisconear Lands End
    GH00402238GHStachys mexicanaJ. P. Tracy24661906-05-20 HumboldtImmediate vicinity of Eureka
    GH00402239GHStachys mexicanaW. B. Cooke114291938-07-29 SiskiyouWagon Camp
    GH00402240GHStachys mexicanaHuron H. Smith39131911-01-01 Humboldt[no additional data]
    GH00402241GHStachys mexicanaHuron H. Smith37841911-01-01 Humboldt[no additional data]
    GH00402242GHStachys mexicanaH. E. Parks ; S. T. Parks240251937-01-01 HumboldtSpruce Cove, Trinidad
    GH00402243GHStachys mexicanaH. E. Parks ; S. T. Parks240141937-01-01 Del NorteLower reaches of the Smith River
    GH00402244GHStachys mexicanaJ. P. Tracy159371938-06-15 HumboldtVicinity of Carlotta
    GH00402245GHStachys mexicanaWosnessensky1841-05-25 SonomaPrope Malaja Bodega
    GH00402246GHStachys mexicanaE. L. Greene1401874-05-01 UnknownMan Island
    GH00402247GHStachys mexicanaA. A. Heller ; H. E. Brown53451902-04-22 SonomaBetween Santa Rosa and Agua Callente
    GH00402248GHStachys mexicanaA. A. Heller119071915-05-28 Buttenear Cohasset
    GH00402249GHStachys mexicanaG. Thurber5761852-05-01 San Diego[no additional data]
    GH00402250GHStachys mexicanaMrs. T. C. Pease1910-01-07 MontereyCarmel
    GH00402251GHStachys mexicanaV. Rattan261879-01-01 UnknownN. W. Calif. Klamath R.
    GH00402252GHStachys mexicanaA. Gray5781885-01-01 Los AngelesSta Monica
    GH00402253GHStachys mexicanaJ. P. Tracy159541938-06-17 HumboldtCape Mendocino
    GH00402254GHStachys mexicanaJ. P. Tracy159691938-06-17 HumboldtNear ″Panther Gap″ on road between Bull Creek and Mattole
    GH00402255GHStachys mexicanaJ. P. Tracy153421937-06-20 HumboldtBear River
    GH00402257GHStachys mexicanaG. R. Vasey1938-05-01 San Francisco[no additional data]
    HSC209636HSCStachys mexicanaBrad Klipfel2891973-08-25 HumboldtNear Lazy L Ranch, Fickle Hill Rd.
    HSC209637HSCStachys mexicanaD.E. Anderson17271961-08-11 HumboldtE of Humboldt State College campus.
    HSC209638HSCStachys mexicanaD.E. AndersonJ-12371971-06-28 HumboldtAlong Mad River, 2 mi. S of Blue Lake.
    HSC209639HSCStachys mexicanaJ.P. Smith47901971-09-17 SiskiyouHorse Range Creek drainage along road.
    HSC209640HSCStachys mexicanaJ.O. Sawyer33531978-07-06 SiskiyouAlong Happy Camp - O′Brien Rd., above Louse Creek.
    HSC209641HSCStachys mexicanaJ.O. Sawyer35751980-07-07 HumboldtSlopes along Aikens Creek, Adroni Research Area
    HSC209642HSCStachys mexicanaThomas W. Nelson3101970-10-30 HumboldtS of Education Building on HSC campus
    HSC209643HSCStachys mexicanaThomas W. Nelson49551979-07-03 HumboldtAlong road to Joe Losey property at junction of Kneeland and Maple Creek Rds.
    HSC209644HSCStachys mexicanaA.M. Montalvo7311975-09-11 LakeBoggs Mtn. E of Cobb, 100 m down from Rd. 100 on 110.
    HSC209645HSCStachys mexicanaCatherine Chin551978-05-05 Humboldt17.4 mi. S of Ferndale on Mattole Rd.
    HSC209646HSCStachys mexicanaSheila Logan1791978-04-10 HumboldtRedwood Park behind HSU campus, 1-4 N of Bayside Rd.
    HSC209647HSCStachys mexicanaGladys L. Smith53631979-05-24 MendocinoBranscomb Rd. at junction of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 429
    HSC209648HSCStachys mexicanaDiane L. Reed1391978-05-27 Humboldt0.3 mi. up Bair Rd. from Hwy. 299
    HSC209649HSCStachys mexicanaM. Roantree401985-05-07 HumboldtSW side of Trinidad Head, along trail
    HSC209650HSCStachys mexicanaPatricia Shesgreen681978-05-05 Humboldt17.4 mi. S of Ferndale on Mattole Rd.
    HSC209652HSCStachys mexicanaT.O. Osborne1411970-06-17 Del NortePrince Island, 3-8 W Sinestia Rock.
    HSC209653HSCStachys mexicanaGary S. Lester2191974-06-21 Del NorteFrom Enderts Beach trailhead to Nickel Creek
    JEPS120565UCJEPSStachys mexicanaB. Castro, L. P. Janeway14752004-09-10 HumboldtNorth Coast. Near blocked S end of Little River Road 0.25 N of Central Avenue; near S end of Clam Beach.
    PUA52181PUAStachys mexicanaBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-06-05 Del NorteLocal landmark: Stout Grove. Hiouchi Quad.
    SDSU07886SDSUStachys mexicanaHowe, D.F.28031959-08-04 Humboldt86 miles west of Weaverville on #299
    UCR0071728UCRStachys mexicanaHarold E. Parks240251937-07-01 HumboldtSpruce Cove, Trinidad
    UCR0071729UCRStachys mexicanaA.C. Sanders22751981-08-05 Del NorteMynot Creek where it crosses Hwy 101 near Requa, just east of Hwy 101
    UCR0071730UCRStachys mexicanaGeorge K. Helmkamp69832001-07-08 HumboldtCA Hwy 36, along the Van Duzen River, 19.6 miles east of CA Hwy 101, west of Bar W Road
    UCSB004464UCSBStachys mexicanaTakeda, Brian371978-05-28 MendocinoHighway 128 north on Flynn Creek Road; .8 miles West of road before creek

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