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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
GH00263231GHSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesH. N. Bolander1871-01-01 UnknownSierra Valley
UC335786UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloides1874-06-01 UnknownSierra Valley
UC172648UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesJ. G. Lemmon1511875-01-01 Sierra
UC91158UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMrs. R. M. Austin3741876-01-01 PlumasAmerican Valley
CAS-BOT374769CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesLemmons.n.1881-08-01 SierraSierra Val.
UC195921UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesC. F. Sonne1884-08-10 Nevadaold logging camp near Truckee River
UC1601325UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesW. D. Bliss1888-06-01 PlacerTahoe
RSA0008983RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-06-19 LassenChat.
CAS-BOT54295CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)21831897-08-01 ModocGoose Lake.
UC36601UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMrs. C. C. Bruce21731898-06-01 ModocAlturas
CAS-BOT54294CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)21731898-06-01 ModocAlturas.
CAS-BOT374766CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHeller, A. A.; Kennedy, P. B.86791907-07-02 PlumasBetween Vinton and Beckwith [Beckwourth]
UC830590UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesAlice Eastwood78461918-06-29 SierraLoyalton
CAS-BOT374768CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesEastwood, Alice78461918-06-29 SierraLoyalton
RSA121879RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesE. Sawyer731935-06-06 Plumas2.5 miles SSW of Sugarloaf.; Sierraville
UC579482UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesE. Sawyer731935-06-06 Plumas2 1-2 mi sw Sugarloaf; Sierraville Quad.
RSA93877RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesF. W. Peirson124371938-07-08 MonoNear Hot Creek Gorge, Sierra Nevada.
UC595138UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaFrank W. Peirson124371938-07-08 Mononear the Gorge (Hot Creek Region); Hot Creek Region
JEPS19738UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaFrank W. Peirson124371938-07-08 Monoalong U.S. 395 near the Gorge; Hot Creek Region, Region of Fales Hot Springs
CAS-BOT374761CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesPeirson, Frank W.124371938-07-08 MonoHot Creek Region
CAS-BOT339975CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaHowell, John Thomas143961938-08-08 MonoLong Valley
CAS-BOT54293CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesRipley, Harry Dwight Dillon; Barneby, Rupert Charles59841944-05-30 ModocN of Likely.
SD51709SDSphaeromeria potentilloidesLincoln Constance38361952-07-03 MonoLake Crowley (Long Valley), flat at head of valley
JEPS13963UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance38361952-07-03 Monoat head Lake Crowley (Long Valley);, Lake Crowley
UC91159UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesunknown1956-01-24 Unknown
CAS-BOT374758CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBrandegees.n.1961-06-28 UnknownSierra Nevada
CAS-BOT374765CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHowell, John Thomas378781962-06-19 PlumasChilcoot
RSA176437RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesP. H. Raven184211963-05-28 Plumas1.1 miles E of Beckwourth.
CAS-BOT374762CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesRaven, Peter H.184211963-05-28 PlumasFlats 1.1 miles east of Beckwourth
CAS-BOT374767CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHowell, John Thomas394071963-06-04 PlumasMarble Hot Springs, Sierra Valley
DAV353859DAVSphaeromeria potentilloidesWilliam Andersons.n.1963-06-09 LassenLassen County: Vinton.
UCR13896UCRTanacetum potentilloidesGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1973-06-14 InyoOwens River in Pleasant Valley
CAS-BOT374763CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSommers, Greg1561976-07-06 PlumasSierra Valley, South of Marble Lane
CLARK-A1045-1084CLARKTanacetum potentilloidesGeorge K. Helmkamp1979-06-12 MonoOwens River alkaline flat near River, 4.5 miles south of Arcularius Ranch;; Whitmore Hot Springs 7.5′Q
CLARK-A1045-1085CLARKTanacetum potentilloidesGeorge K. Helmkamp1979-06-12 MonoOwens River alkaline flat near River, 4.5 miles south of Arcularius Ranch;; Whitmore Hot Springs 7.5′Q
SJSU9648SJSUSphaeromeria potentilloidesW. Savage15191979-07-10 ModocBowles Meadow, Devils Garden District, Modoc National Forest
SJSU12134SJSUSphaeromeria potentilloidesN.A. Hopkins9731980-06-18 Plumasby Heriot Lane c. 4 W of Loyalton, Sierra Valley
PUA43962PUATanacetum potentilloidesG.L. Clifton1980-07-06 PlumasLocal landmark: dyson Lane. Chilcoot Quad.
ELH02369ELHSphaeromeria potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft6651982-05-11 PlumasNorth end of Sierra Valley
INF00827INFSphaeromeria potentilloidesMark, Mei Ting301984-06-30 MonoJust north of Owens River Rd, approx. 4 mi. east of Arcularis Ranch.
UC2042876UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaBarbara Ertter67231986-09-04 MonoUpper headwaters Owens River ca. 10 air miles NE of Mammoth Lakes, Inyo NF Road 2S07 5.2 N of Hot Creek crossing, near Inaja Land Co.
UCR51460UCRTanacetum potentilloidesGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1987-06-17 MonoOwens River, 1 mile upstream from Benton Crossing
PUA68345PUASphaeromeria potentilloidesG.L. Clifton1988-06-20 LassenLocal landmark: Ash Valley. Likely Quad.
PUA68183PUASphaeromeria potentilloidesG.L. Clifton1988-06-30 MonoLocal landmark: Little Alkali Lake. Mt. Morrison Quad.
ELH02370ELHSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft18651989-05-03 LassenNorth end of Secret Valley south of Karlo
UC1567385UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft18651989-05-03 Lassens Karlo (n end Secret Valley); n end Secret Valley
CAS-BOT374760CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSchoolcraft, G.18651989-05-03 LassenNorth end of Secret Valley s. of Karlo
NY3071733NYSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft18651989-05-03 ?  LassenNorth end of Secret Valley s. of Karlo.
SJSU14212SJSUSphaeromeria potentilloidesN.A. Hopkins14971989-05-27 Plumasnear Marble Hot Springs Rd, Sierra Valley
RSA0181010RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesW. Harnach1221989-05-27 PlumasSierra Valley, Hot Wells on the north side of Marble Lane.
CAS-BOT374764CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.1221989-05-27 PlumasSierra Nevada. Hot wells on north side of Marble Lane
SJSU14718SJSUSphaeromeria potentilloidesN.A. Hopkins16841991-06-14 PlumasDyson Lane, W of Hwy 4 NE of Loyalton
RSA626254RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaDoris Fredendall63001991-07-05 MonoLong Valley: western alkali lake, south of Highway; west of Owens River.
RSA626376RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaMary DeDecker63161991-07-15 MonoLong Valley: near Owens River; Alkali Lakes area.
CAS-BOT339974CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaDeDecker, Mary63161991-07-15 MonoLong Valley: west of Owens River; Alkali Lake north of Highway
CHSC64869CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesVernon H. Oswald69341995-06-26 LassenModoc Plateau. Ash Valley Rd. (Lassen 527) 0.4 mi n of Spooner Rd. in Ash Valley. On the e side of the road adjacent to a flat of low sagebrush. T3 N R11E S3 W1-4
UC1731294UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaDean W. Taylor152981995-07-21 MonoBenton Crossing Road 4.3 mi n of Highway 395 (Long Valley, Little Alkali Lake); Sierra Nevada, Long Valley, Little Alkali Lake
ELH02372ELHSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft23191998-06-29 LassenAsh Valley along main road crossing Ash Creek
CAS-BOT374759CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSchoolcraft, G.23191998-06-29 LassenAsh Valley along main road crossing Ah [Ash] Crk.
UC1731357UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaDean W. Taylor167831998-07-01 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Adobe Valley, River Spring River Spring; Eastern Sierra Nevada, Adobe Valley, River Spring
UCR101847UCRTanacetum potentilloidesRichard D. Goeden798--81998-07-25 MonoBetween Little Alkali Lake & N end of Lake Crowley.; Eastern Sierra
RSA682426RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMichael Honer2952000-06-14 MonoInyo National ForestNorth Long Valley; along double powerline road above Owens River.; Whitmore Hot Sprs. quad
UC1787135UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaMichael Honer2952000-06-14 MonoGreat Basin Province; East of Sierra Nevada; North Long Valley; along double powerline road above Owens River.
DAV353860DAVSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft29052000-06-19 LassenLassen County: Flat southeast of Ravendale BLM Fire Station.
CDA0008825CDASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft29052000-06-19 LassenFlat southeast of Ravendale BLM Fire Station.
JEPS103181UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft29052000-06-19 LassenFlat SE of Ravendale BLM Fire Station
NY3071732NYSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft29052000-06-19 ?  LassenFlat se of Ravendale BLM Fire Station.
CHSC93240CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesJohn Dittes10132004-06-28 LassenModoc Plateau; Long Valley; ca. 2.2 air-miles northeast of Hwy 70 at Beckwourth Pass, ca. 3.0 air-miles west of Hwy 395, ca. 0.9 air-miles east of Plumas County line; meadow. T2 N R17E S29 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Beckwourth Pass 1:24,000
RSA0304848RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaSophia Winitsky10992017-00-01 MonoInyo National Forest. Road running east of River Spring preserve. On the west side of the dirt road. 3,500 feet east of River Spring dock.
RSA0305266RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaSophia Winitsky1282017-00-05 MonoInyo National Forest. North of Antelope lake, along dirt road. 2.7 miles southeast of River Spring.
RSA0305265RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaSophia Winitsky12382017-00-07 MonoCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife. Southern part of River Spring Lakes Preserve. 1,000 feet south of the dock at the main spring of River Springs.
JEPS129711UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaSophia Winitsky12382017-07-15 MonoCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife. Southern part of River Spring Lakes Preserve. 1,000 feet south of the dock at the main spring of River Springs.
UCR292192UCRSphaeromeria potentilloides var. nitrophilaAnn Howald45402018-05-25 MonoLong Valley, 0.7 mile north of Benton Crossing Rd at Owens River, east side of river; East of Sierra Nevada
JEPS130885UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino225112021-06-13 LassenWest of Long Valley Creek, 0.7 mile west of Highway 395, 2.8 miles (air) southwest of Hallelujah Junction, Long Valley.
CHSC124120CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesLowell Ahart225112021-06-14 LassenIn saline meadow, west of Long Valley Creek, 0.7 mile west of Highway 395, 2.8 miles (air) southwest of Hallelujah Junction, Long Valley. T2 N, R17E, southeast 1-4 Section 26.

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