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An accepted name was found==>Sphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloides.
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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT54295CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)21831897-8-1 ModocGoose Lake.
CAS-BOT54294CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)21731898-6-1 ModocAlturas.
CAS-BOT54293CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesRipley, Harry Dwight Dillon; Barneby, Rupert Charles59841944-5-30 ModocN of Likely.
CAS-BOT374758CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesBrandegees.n.1961-6-28 UnknownSierra Nevada
CAS-BOT374759CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSchoolcraft, G.23191998-6-29 LassenAsh Valley along main road crossing Ah [Ash] Crk.
CAS-BOT374760CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSchoolcraft, G.18651989-5-3 LassenNorth end of Secret Valley s. of Karlo
CAS-BOT374761CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesPeirson, Frank W.124371938-7-8 MonoHot Creek Region
CAS-BOT374762CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesRaven, Peter H.184211963-5-28 PlumasFlats 1.1 miles east of Beckwourth
CAS-BOT374763CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesSommers, Greg1561976-7-6 PlumasSierra Valley, South of Marble Lane
CAS-BOT374764CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.1221989-5-27 PlumasSierra Nevada. Hot wells on north side of Marble Lane
CAS-BOT374765CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHowell, John Thomas378781962-6-19 PlumasChilcoot
CAS-BOT374766CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHeller, A. A.; Kennedy, P. B.86791907-7-2 PlumasBetween Vinton and Beckwith [Beckwourth]
CAS-BOT374767CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesHowell, John Thomas394071963-6-4 PlumasMarble Hot Springs, Sierra Valley
CAS-BOT374768CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesEastwood, Alice78461918-6-29 SierraLoyalton
CAS-BOT374769CASSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesLemmons.n.1881-8-1 SierraSierra Val.
CDA0008825CDASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft29052000-6-19 LassenFlat southeast of Ravendale BLM Fire Station.
CHSC64869CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesVernon H. Oswald69341995-6-26 LassenModoc Plateau. Ash Valley Rd. (Lassen 527) 0.4 mi n of Spooner Rd. in Ash Valley. On the e side of the road adjacent to a flat of low sagebrush. T3 N R11E S3 W1/4
CHSC93240CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesJohn Dittes10132004-6-28 LassenModoc Plateau; Long Valley; ca. 2.2 air-miles northeast of Hwy 70 at Beckwourth Pass, ca. 3.0 air-miles west of Hwy 395, ca. 0.9 air-miles east of Plumas County line; meadow. T2 N R17E S29 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Beckwourth Pass 1:24,000
CHSC124120CHSCSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesLowell Ahart225112021-6-14 LassenIn saline meadow, west of Long Valley Creek, 0.7 mile west of Highway 395, 2.8 miles (air) southwest of Hallelujah Junction, Long Valley. T2 N, R17E, southeast 1/4 Section 26.
DAV353860DAVSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft29052000-6-19 LassenLassen County: Flat southeast of Ravendale BLM Fire Station.
ELH02370ELHSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft18651989-5-03 LassenNorth end of Secret Valley south of Karlo
ELH02372ELHSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesGary Schoolcraft23191998-6-29 LassenAsh Valley along main road crossing Ash Creek
RSA176437RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesP. H. Raven184211963-5-28 Plumas1.1 miles E of Beckwourth.
RSA121879RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesE. Sawyer731935-6-06 Plumas2.5 miles SSW of Sugarloaf.; Sierraville
RSA682426RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMichael Honer2952000-6-14 MonoInyo National ForestNorth Long Valley; along double powerline road above Owens River.; Whitmore Hot Sprs. quad
RSA93877RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesF. W. Peirson124371938-7-08 MonoNear Hot Creek Gorge, Sierra Nevada.
RSA0008983RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-6-19 LassenChat.
RSA0181010RSASphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesW. Harnach1221989-5-27 PlumasSierra Valley, Hot Wells on the north side of Marble Lane.
UC91158UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMrs. R. M. Austin3741876-1-01 PlumasAmerican Valley
UC91159UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesunknown1956-1-24 Unknown
UC1601325UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesW. D. Bliss1888-6-01 PlacerTahoe
UC172648UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesJ. G. Lemmon1511875-1-01 Sierra
UC195921UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesC. F. Sonne1884-8-10 Nevadaold logging camp near Truckee River
UC830590UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesAlice Eastwood78461918-6-29 SierraLoyalton
UC1567385UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft18651989-5-03 Lassens Karlo (n end Secret Valley); n end Secret Valley
UC579482UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesE. Sawyer731935-6-06 Plumas2 1/2 mi sw Sugarloaf; Sierraville Quad.
UC335786UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloides1874-6-01 UnknownSierra Valley
UC36601UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesMrs. C. C. Bruce21731898-6-01 ModocAlturas
JEPS103181UCJEPSSphaeromeria potentilloides var. potentilloidesG. Schoolcraft29052000-6-19 LassenFlat SE of Ravendale BLM Fire Station

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