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    You searched for: Silene menziesii

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT389487CASSilene menziesiiHowitt, Beatrice F.2351962-07-15 AlpineAbove Blue Lakes Road, near Carson Pass
    CAS-BOT389488CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas158991940-08-02 TulareSlope north of Reflection Lake
    CAS-BOT389489CASSilene menziesiiRaven, Peter H.42471952-07-05 FresnoFlorence Lake
    CAS-BOT389490CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas250071948-07-25 FresnoBubbs Creek Canyon in vicinity of Vidette Meadows
    CAS-BOT389491CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas341421958-07-30 FresnoSimpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT389492CASSilene menziesiiWagnon, H. K.16511957-07-27 TrinityCa 1 1-2 mi. S of Trinity Center near Swift Creek
    CAS-BOT389493CASSilene menziesiiRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.57511943-06-14 LassenMesa W. of Susanville
    CAS-BOT389494CASSilene menziesiiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-08-19 MaderaUpper San Joaquin
    CAS-BOT389495CASSilene menziesiiEvans, Herbert McLeans.n.1919-07-18 MariposaLyell Base Camp
    CAS-BOT389496CASSilene menziesiiTrue, Gordon H.20711965-06-29 NevadaTruckee River Canyon 3 mi. S. of Hirschdale on Martis Peak Rd.
    CAS-BOT389497CASSilene menziesiiEastwood, Alice1061909-01-01 PlacerLake Tahoe Region. Ward Creek
    CAS-BOT389498CASSilene menziesiiClemens, Mrs. Jos.s.n.1919-10-10 PlumasTaylorsville
    CAS-BOT389499CASSilene menziesiiPeirson, F. W.s.n.1922-06-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Santa Ana River, 1-4 mi. above South Fork
    CAS-BOT389500CASSilene menziesiiMunz, P. A.61781922-08-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. South Fork of Santa Ana
    CAS-BOT389501CASSilene menziesiiParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.14891882-08-01 San BernardinoBear Valley, San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT389502CASSilene menziesiiEastwood, Alice947a1912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
    CAS-BOT389503CASSilene menziesiiEastwood, Alice947a1912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
    CAS-BOT389504CASSilene menziesiiEastwood, Alice8821912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
    CAS-BOT389505CASSilene menziesiiFerris, R. S.; Bacigalupi, R.38011923-09-01 TulareTrail from Lake Reflection to East Lake
    CAS-BOT389506CASSilene menziesiiHardham, Clare B.59971959-07-10 TuolumneSonora Pass
    CAS-BOT389507CASSilene menziesiiSharsmith, C. W.2231933-08-01 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows near Lembert Dome, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT389508CASSilene menziesiiHesse, V. F.23201957-07-20 TuolumneSonora Pass road, 2.6 miles east of Dardanelle
    CAS-BOT389509CASSilene menziesiiBaker, Milo S.58341932-07-04 TuolumneMouth of Leevining [Lee Vining] Canyon, below Tioga Pass
    CAS-BOT389510CASSilene menziesiiCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-07-25 FresnoVidette Meadows
    CAS-BOT389511CASSilene menziesiiRaven, Peter H.48201952-08-01 FresnoZig-zags below Evolution Meadows
    CAS-BOT389512CASSilene menziesiiMac Fadden, Fay A.152571940-07-01 InyoRock Creek, Inyo National Forest
    CAS-BOT389513CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas224191946-07-16 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Lake Basin
    CAS-BOT389514CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas224191946-07-16 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Lake Basin
    CAS-BOT389515CASSilene menziesiiPeirson, Frank W.s.n.1933-08-19 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin
    CAS-BOT389516CASSilene menziesiiPeirson, Frank W.94481931-07-20 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin
    CAS-BOT389517CASSilene menziesiiDuran, Victor31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts Ranch, Wyman Creek, White Mountains
    CAS-BOT389518CASSilene menziesiiDuran, Victor31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts Ranch, Wyman Creek, White Mountains
    CAS-BOT389519CASSilene menziesiiTiehm, Arnold88401984-06-30 ModocNW side of Bidwell Mt., 2.8 road miles north of 8 mile creek on the road from Lake Annie
    CAS-BOT389520CASSilene menziesiiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1898-08-23 MonoBelow Huntoon′s
    CAS-BOT389521CASSilene menziesiiJohnson, Betty H.7411967-08-26 MonoNear the outlet of East Lake
    CAS-BOT389522CASSilene menziesiiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.4581961-07-20 MonoWhite Mts. So. fork of Cottonwood Cr.
    CAS-BOT389523CASSilene menziesiiHardham, Clare B.151071967-07-02 MonoOn Rough Creek, between Potato and Bodie Mountains
    CAS-BOT389524CASSilene menziesiiChesterman, C.s.n.1952-07-01 MonoHorse Creek above Twin Lakes
    CAS-BOT389525CASSilene menziesiiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura10967A1945-08-02 MonoNear Robinson Creek, above Twin Lakes. Mono National Forest
    CAS-BOT389526CASSilene menziesiiBaker, Milo S.163-1926-08-02 SiskiyouTrinity Alps Resort - at sawmill
    CAS-BOT389527CASSilene menziesiiButler, Geo. D.9671909-06-10 SiskiyouNear Yreka
    CAS-BOT389528CASSilene menziesiiButler, Geo. D.14451910-06-01 SiskiyouYreka Creek
    CAS-BOT389529CASSilene menziesiiButler, Geo. D.14931910-06-04 SiskiyouShackleford Creek
    CAS-BOT389530CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas131841937-07-21 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
    CAS-BOT389531CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas133251937-07-22 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
    CAS-BOT389532CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas13184A1937-07-23 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
    CAS-BOT389533CASSilene menziesiiKeck, David D.48531938-08-07 SiskiyouScott Mountain Lodge, 2 mi. E. of Callahan, on E. Fork of Scott River at junction with Mill Creek Elev. given as 3300 ft
    CAS-BOT389534CASSilene menziesiiKeck, David D.48531938-08-07 SiskiyouScott Mountain Lodge, 2 mi. E. of Callahan, on E. Fork of Scott River at junction with Mill Creek Elev. given as 3300 ft
    CAS-BOT389535CASSilene menziesiiCooke, Wm. Bridge152361940-07-05 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Along the Wagon Camp road
    CAS-BOT389536CASSilene menziesiiCooke, Wm. Bridge152361940-07-05 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Along the Wagon Camp road
    CAS-BOT389537CASSilene menziesiiRattan, Volneys.n.1913-06-01 SiskiyouKlamath
    CAS-BOT94426CASSilene menziesiiWenk, R. C.2542005-07-16 SiskiyouTrinity Alps, South Fork of the Salmon River. South end of Big Flat Meadow
    CAS-BOT95264CASSilene menziesiiAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49471946-07-07 ModocEight Mile Creek, NE corner of county.
    CAS-BOT95265CASSilene menziesiiHowell, John Thomas120271934-06-12 ModocPlum Valley, Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT95266CASSilene menziesiiSmith, Leland S.13001922-07-20 ModocRush Creek Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT95267CASSilene menziesiiWillits, E. S.3311940-06-09 ModocFandango Pass.
    CAS-BOT95268CASSilene menziesiiSmith, Leland S.12781922-07-20 ModocRush Creek Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT95269CASSilene menziesiiBartholomew, Bruce49751989-07-14 ModocVicinity of Upper Rush Creek Camp Ground.
    CAS-BOT95270CASSilene menziesiiBartholomew, Bruce53301990-06-17 ModocSand Creek, 9.6 mi. E of Cedarville, Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT95271CASSilene menziesiiBartholomew, Bruce51241989-08-12 ModocSouth Fork of Pine Creek where it crosses West Warner Road, W side of Warner Mountains.
    CAS-BOT95272CASSilene menziesiiBartholomew, Bruce59991991-07-06 ModocRush Creek above Upper Rush Creek Camp Ground.
    CHSC59709CHSCSilene menziesiiMary Meyer1980-07-28 LassenT3 N R15E S32 SE1-4 of NW1-4
    CHSC65097CHSCSilene menziesiiVernon H. Oswald71371995-07-24 LassenHigh Canong Pine Creek on the upstream side of Forest Road 3 N25, at the NW corner of Upper Stephens Mdws., ca. 3 mi NNE of Silver Lake, N of Lake Almanor. At the NE corner of the impoundment on Pine Creek. T31N R07E S2 W1-4 of NW1-4
    CSLA010872CSLASilene menziesiiJ. Miller; S. Ball1948-05-01 MariposaYosemite National Park
    DAV319220DAVSilene menziesiiEllen Dean98322018-07-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Area to the north of Vikingsholm buildings near Vikingsholm access road, between road and bay.
    DAV319221DAVSilene menziesiiJames A. Neilson, Jr.16691970-07-14 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin, Lower Ward Creek, Section 232 C.
    DAV319222DAVSilene menziesiiEllen Dean85782014-08-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County. West side of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park. Western part of the park, north of General Creek, west of easternmost bridge connecting North and South Fire Roads.
    DAV319223DAVSilene menziesiiEllen Dean84502014-07-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County. West side of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park. Along General Creek between Hwy 89 and bridge that connects North and South Fire Roads.
    DAV319224DAVSilene menziesiiMorris Halperin6301932-08-04 InyoInyo County: Long Lake.
    DAV319225DAVSilene menziesiiJoseph M. DiTomaso6491976-07-21 TrinityTrinity County: Canon east side on Union Creek at junction with Foster Lake Trail.
    DAV319226DAVSilene menziesiiRobert E. Preston18992002-07-11 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Trout Creek Meadow
    DAV319227DAVSilene menziesiiEllen Dean64332010-06-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Eastern side of park in campground area N of Hot Spirngs Creek.
    DAV319228DAVSilene menziesiiAlbert Grigarick2842011-07-13 NevadaNevada County: Approx 0.75 miles W of Hwy 8 N. South of Alder Creek Road on S margin of Alder Creek. Alder Creek Trail.
    ELH02139ELHSilene menziesiiGary Schoolcraft1771979-08-15 LassenTop of Tule Mountain
    ELH02140ELHSilene menziesiiGary Schoolcraft3361980-07-28 LassenSouth of Blue Lake
    FSC0008892FSCSilene menziesiiJohn Weiler632951963-07-16 ModocGrowing along Cedar Creek at Cedar Creek Camp ground 1-2 miles west of Cedar Pass. Growing in shade and abundant. Vegetation a forest of Pinus Jeffreyi and Abies concolor with open areas supporting Artemisia tridentata. Elevation 6200 feet. Associated with Stellaria Jamesiana, Sedum stenopetalum, Collomia linearis, Circaea alpina and others.
    FSC0008893FSCSilene menziesiiT.J. Condit1921-07-19 CalaverasHermit Valley.
    FSC0008894FSCSilene menziesiiC. H Quibell1926-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Bear Lake area.
    GH01752788GHSilene menziesii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1881-01-01 Tuolumne[data not captured]
    GH01752789GHSilene menziesii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-07-28 Siskiyou[data not captured]
    GH01752790GHSilene menziesii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-05-30 Inyo[data not captured]
    GH01752791GHSilene menziesii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-05-05 Modoc[data not captured]
    HSC103769HSCSilene menziesiiM.R. Mesler16262013-07-16 LassenForest service road 3 N25 on north edge of impoundment on Pine Creek
    HSC4221HSCSilene menziesiiM.T. Milligan3911965-06-30 ModocSlopes and ridges E of Jess Valley
    HSC4222HSCSilene menziesiiM.T. Milligan2161964-07-04 ModocLassen Creek above lower campground
    HSC59820HSCSilene menziesiiD.H. Norris21981968-07-28 SiskiyouAlong Salmon River ca. 1 mi. S of Big Flat
    HSC77308HSCSilene menziesiiTim Messick12951980-07-24 MonoBeside Clearwater Creek near mouth of Cinnabar Canon
    HSC78234HSCSilene menziesiiJohn S. Palmer4271975-07-27 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along trail to Big Bear Lake.
    HSC78237HSCSilene menziesiiJohn S. Palmer4311975-07-27 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along trail to Big Bear Lake.
    HSC80713HSCSilene menziesiiG.M. Riegel10011980-08-06 ModocSouth Warner Mountains
    JEPS125065UCJEPSSilene menziesiiD. M. Neubauer, T. Forsell4522015-07-22 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: .21 air-mile ssw confluence Poison Creek & South Fork Cottonwood Creek, 1.96 air-miles nne UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
    JEPS127489UCJEPSSilene menziesiiSteve Matson4622000-06-27 PlacernSNH: Tahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista-Kings Beach; NNW of west end of golf course.
    JEPS50875UCJEPSSilene menziesiiGeo. D. Butler1031908-06-28 Siskiyounear Yreka (along creek at Butler′s Ranch); near Yreka, Butler′s Ranch
    JEPS50993UCJEPSSilene menziesiiC. F. Sonne3401886-06-05 NevadaTruckee Sierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee
    JEPS51009UCJEPSSilene menziesiiWillis L. Jepson7991900-07-10 Fresnonear South Fork Bubb′s Creek; near South Fork of Bubb′s Creek
    JEPS51010UCJEPSSilene menziesiiWillis L. Jepson50181912-07-14 Tularenear Junction Mdw (Kern-Kaweah River);, near Junction Mdw
    JEPS51011UCJEPSSilene menziesiiMilo S. Baker1893-06-01 Siskiyou6 mi below Bartles; McCloud River, below Bartles
    JEPS51016UCJEPSSilene menziesiiGeo. D. Butler9671909-06-10 Siskiyounear Yreka; near Yreka
    JEPS8331UCJEPSSilene menziesiiRimo Bacigalupi, L. Constance, R. Moran, R. L. Rodriguez, S. Carlquist33801951-06-12 TrinityWildwood
    LA214151LASilene menziesiiMartha HilendSBMts-3681926-07-21 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains; Sugar Loaf Mt., Bear Valley
    NY3314884NYSilene menziesiiG. Schoolcraft16021986-06-04 ?  LassenJust west of stateline S. of Smoke Creek Road.
    NY3314886NYSilene menziesiiR. R. Halse69922006-08-03 ?  LassenModoc National Forest; along Blue Lake Road north of Blue Lake, ca. 15 miles ESE of Likely. Clear cut area above Parsnip Creek.
    NY452817NYSilene menziesiiB. M. Bartholomew53301990-06-17 ?  ModocSand Creek, 9.6 miles east of Cedarville, Surprise Valley.
    NY452818NYSilene menziesiiA. Tiehm88401984-06-30 ?  ModocNorthwest side of Bidwell Mountain, 2.8 road miles north of 8 mile creek on the road from Lake Annie
    NY453072NYSilene menziesiiM. E. P. Amess.n.1876-01-01 ?  Plumas
    OBI140661OBISilene menziesiiDylan M. Neubauer4522015-07-22 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: .21 air-mile ssw confluence Poison Creek & South Fork Cottonwood Creek, 1.96 air-miles nne UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
    OBI140662OBISilene menziesiiAnthony Baniaga5072011-08-17 LassenLassen Natl Forest. Along Silver Lake Rd (3 N1 W of 31N08. Red Cinder Quad T31N R8E Sec 31 SWofSW
    PASA1302PASASilene menziesiiFrank W. Peirson1930-07-04 San BernardinoGreene Creek, north slope sugarloaf, San Bernardino Mts.
    PASA1303PASASilene menziesiiFrank W. Peirson1927-07-27 MonoSilver Lake
    PUA28979PUASilene menziesiiMuth & Overton1979-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bolivar Horiz. Control Sta. Etna Quad.
    RSA0028778RSASilene menziesiiDuncan S. Bell16212010-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: in May Van Canon in the vicinity of May Spring.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA0120575RSASilene menziesiiDuncan S. Bell74672014-08-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; south of the community of Moonridge, collecting at Bow Meadow in the lower section of Bow Canon on the west side of Moon Ridge.; Moonridge
    RSA0121445RSASilene menziesiiDuncan S. Bell99462016-07-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness area; side canyon off of Fish Creek in the upper Santa Ana River watershed, on the northern slopes of Grinnell Mountain.; Moonridge
    RSA0279368RSASilene menziesiiL. M. Moe3451970-07-13 MonoAlong Little Walker Creek about one mile north of Hwy #108 to Sonora Pass on Hwy #395.
    RSA478130RSASilene menziesiiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1963-06-14 InyoBishop Creek
    RSA478136RSASilene menziesiiM. B. Dunkle40051934-07-04 San BernardinoBig Bear Lake.
    RSA679777RSASilene menziesiiV. Soza15872002-06-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestKnickerbocker Canon.; Big Bear Lake
    RSA696564RSASilene menziesiiAnonymouss.n.1931-06-24 San BernardinoSouth Fork Santa Ana River.[in San Bernardino Mountains, above about 7000 ft. elevation - Scott D. White]
    RSA766593RSASilene menziesiiDuncan S. Bell16212010-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: in May Van Canon in the vicinity of May Spring.; Moonridge Quad.
    RSA771243RSASilene menziesiiLeRoy Grosss.n.2010-08-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Y Ca Spring, upper reaches of Frog Creek, south of Forest Service Road (1N78), just within the San Gorgonio Wilderness boundary.; Moonridge 7.5 quad.
    SCFS5300SCFSSilene menziesiiB. A. Trowbridge16091970-07-25 NevadaBedrock outcrop just west of last tent frame, University of California Sagehen Creek Wildlife Field Station.
    SD1627SDSilene menziesiiLester Rowntrees.n.1929-08-18 TulareMosquito Lakes Trail.
    SD1628SDSilene menziesiiVictor Duran31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts Ranch, Wyman Creek, White Mountains.
    SD42595SDSilene menziesiiDarley F. Howe16391947-06-25 San BernardinoGrout Creek Bear Valley.
    SD61034SDSilene menziesiiDarley F. Howe39081964-08-01 LassenParsnip Creek, Warner Mountains, Modoc National Forest.
    SD8098SDSilene menziesiiMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasAmerican Valley.
    SD87609SDSilene menziesiiFrank W. Peirson60581925-06-25 MonoRock Creek, Volcanic Tablelands.
    SDSU04472SDSUSilene menziesiiHowe, D.F.16391947-06-25 San BernardinoGrout Creek, San Bernardino Mts.
    SDSU04478SDSUSilene menziesiiHowe, D.F.39081964-08-01 LassenParsnip Creek, Warner Mts., Modoc National Forest.
    SJSU5887SJSUSilene menziesiiH.L. Buckalew1961-07-08 LassenBlue L, Warner Mts
    SPIF01891SPIFSilene menziesiiMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-08-08 SiskiyouElk Spring 7.5 USGS quad. Growing on steep bank of creek in ashy, volcanic soil. An unusual specimen.
    SPIF01903SPIFSilene menziesiiMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-06-14 ModocHermit Butte 7.5 USGS quad. Growing in mixed coniferous forest in open, rocky area.
    UC1023385UCJEPSSilene menziesiiJohn, Lucille Roos58661952-07-30 MonoCrooked Creek, Crooked Creek (White Mts.)
    UC1046509UCJEPSSilene menziesiiR. Bacigalupi, L. Constance, R. Moran, R. L. Rodriguez, S. Carlquist33801951-06-12 Trinityin pine woods at Wildwood at Wildwood
    UC1078895UCJEPSSilene menziesiiJob Kuijt14211957-09-14 Monoin bushes along Convict Creek; along Convict Creek
    UC1090398UCJEPSSilene menziesiiH. K. Wagnon16521957-07-27 Trinity1 1-2 mi s Trinity Center (near Swift Creek);, s of Trinity Center
    UC120151UCJEPSSilene menziesiiMrs. R. M. Austin931894-08-01 ModocLassen Creek
    UC1258485UCJEPSSilene menziesiiG. Schoolcraft3361980-07-28 Lassens Blue Lake; s of Blue Lake
    UC1293767UCJEPSSilene menziesiiChas. H. Quibell27321953-07-11 Fresnose side Mono Crk e end Vermillion Val., se side Mono Crk (e end Vermillion Val)
    UC1297202UCJEPSSilene menziesiiVictor Duran16491926-06-29 MonoMcCloud Camp White Mountains, White Mt. Quad., Cottonwood Creek (Cottonwood Creek, White Mountains)
    UC1300267UCJEPSSilene menziesiiRobert M. Lloyd33011963-08-14 MonoCottonwood Creek White Mountains, Cottonwood Creek
    UC13563UCJEPSSilene menziesiiChesnut, Drew1888-07-23 HumboldtHy-Am-Pum Hy-Am-Pum (Hy-Am-Pom ?)
    UC1520584UCJEPSSilene menziesiiDean W. Taylor85871984-08-23 MonoPiute Creek Canon White Mountains, Piute Creek Canon (meadows about side canyon spring on s-facing wall of canyon)
    UC161208UCJEPSSilene menziesiiChesnut, Drew1888-07-23 HumboldtHy-Am-Pom
    UC161220UCJEPSSilene menziesiiChestnut, Drew1889-07-24 TuolumneSoda Spr
    UC162883UCJEPSSilene menziesiiHarley P. Chandler13191901-06-01 HumboldtHupa Indian Reservation North Coast Ranges, Hupa Indian Reservation
    UC165987UCJEPSSilene menziesiiGeo. D. Butler14451910-06-01 SiskiyouYreka Creek
    UC168416UCJEPSSilene menziesiiJ. W. Congdon1895-08-19 MaderaUpper San Joaquin
    UC170953UCJEPSSilene menziesiiH. M. Hall92831912-06-28 PlumasSpanish Creek Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spanish Creek
    UC1949582UCJEPSSilene menziesiiAlison Colwell, Dena Grossenbacher, Kimiora Ward, Sara GroveAC06-3832006-08-17 TuolumneUpper Lyell Canon about 0.25 mile North of Kuna Creek - Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River confluence on West edge of meadow.
    UC219176UCJEPSSilene menziesiiP. A. Munz61781922-08-22 San BernardinoSouth Fork of Santa Ana, South Fork Santa Ana (San Bernardino Mts.)
    UC375339UCJEPSSilene menziesiiGeo. D. Butler1031908-06-25 Siskiyoualong creek near Yreka; near Yreka
    UC375340UCJEPSSilene menziesiiGeo. D. Butler9671909-06-10 Siskiyounear Yreka; near Yreka
    UC465651UCJEPSSilene menziesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg1411911-06-13 Siskiyou6 mi nw Callahan; nw Callahan
    UC465701UCJEPSSilene menziesiiKatharine Brandegee1926-06-24 InyoAndrews Camp
    UC477374UCJEPSSilene menziesiiVictor Duran31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts Ranch White Mountains,, Roberts Ranch (Wyman Creek)
    UC511867UCJEPSSilene menziesiiFrank W. Peirson1933-08-19 InyoNear Ruby Falls, Rock Creek Lake Basin.
    UC595107UCJEPSSilene menziesiiDavid D. Keck48531938-08-07 Siskiyou2 mi e Callahan (Scott Mountain Lodge, on E Fork Scott River at junction with Mill Creek); E Fork Scott River at jct w- Mill Creek
    UC640577UCJEPSSilene menziesiiFrank W. Peirson60581925-06-25 MonoVolcanic Tablelands, Volcanic Tablelands (Rock Creek)
    UC640602UCJEPSSilene menziesiiC. W. Sharsmith2231933-08-01 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows near Lembert Dome; Sierra Nevada, Tuolumne Meadows near Lembert Dome
    UC64152UCJEPSSilene menziesiiH. M. Hall1899-07-01 San BernardinoBear Valley San Bernardino Mountains, Bear Valley
    UC748046UCJEPSSilene menziesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg49471946-07-07 ModocEight Mile Creek Eight Mile Creek (ne corner of county)
    UC766729UCJEPSSilene menziesiiRobert F. Hoover15031936-07-06 Tuolumneon Emigrant Meadow trail three mi e Relief; e of Relief on Emigrant Meadow trail
    UC8475UCJEPSSilene menziesiiW. H. Brewer18291863-07-09 Monow Mono Lake (Camp 121); w of Mono Lake, Camp 121
    UC8476UCJEPSSilene menziesiiBrewer27061800-01-01 Unknown
    UC8477UCJEPSSilene menziesiiC. F. Sonne1886-06-05 PlacerTruckee along River; Sierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee along River
    UC8478UCJEPSSilene menziesiiJ. B. Lembert1893-01-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
    UC8479UCJEPSSilene menziesiiJ. B. Lembert1893-01-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
    UC8480UCJEPSSilene menziesiiMrs. R. M. Austin1894-08-01 ModocSugar Loaf Hill
    UC8481UCJEPSSilene menziesiiMilo S. Baker1893-06-01 Siskiyou6 mi below Bartles; McCloud River, below Bartles
    UC8509UCJEPSSilene menziesiiBrewer18291800-01-01 Unknown
    UCR211786UCRSilene menziesiiValerie Soza15872002-06-21 San BernardinoKnickerbocker Canon
    UCR224415UCRSilene menziesiiDuncan S. Bell16212010-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, May Van Canon in the vicinity of May Spring
    UCR23653UCRSilene menziesiiJohn C. Rooss.n.1958-07-26 San BernardinoSouth Fork of the Santa Ana River
    UCR294784UCRSilene menziesiiL. Maynard Moe3451970-07-13 MonoHwy 395, along Little Walker Creek [River], c. one mile north of Hwy 108 to Sonora Pass
    UCSB033256UCSBSilene menziesiiOtto, Karen1631964-08-14 MariposaSouthwest corner of May Lake
    UCSB033264UCSBSilene menziesiiClare B. Hardham151071967-07-06 MonoRough Creek, Potato Pk., Bodie
    YM-YOSE118515YMSilene menziesiiColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Ward, Kimiora - -Grove, SaraAC06-3832006-08-17 TuolumneUpper Lyell Canon about 0.25 mile North of Kuna Creek - Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River confluence on West edge of meadow. Datum: NAD83. GPS Error: 5 M.
    YM-YOSE118516YMSilene menziesiiColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Ward, Kimiora - -Grove, SaraAC06-3832006-08-17 TuolumneUpper Lyell Canon about 0.25 mile North of Kuna Creek - Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River confluence on West edge of meadow. Datum: NAD83. GPS Error: 5 M.
    YM-YOSE64922YMSilene menziesiiMICHAEL, ENID6771927-08-12 ?  TuolumneGLEN AULIN
    YM-YOSE64923YMSilene menziesiiSCHREIBER, BERYL O.17961935-07-25 ?  MaderaMT. LYELL CIRQUE
    YM-YOSE64924YMSilene menziesiiMORAN, REID V.5511940-07-27 ?  MariposaTOP OF VOLGELSANG PASS
    YM-YOSE64925YMSilene menziesiiMORAN, REID V.5511940-07-27 ?  MariposaTOP OF VOLGELSANG PASS
    CLARK-A1528-1017CLARKSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiJohn C. Roos20031937-07-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    ELH02142ELHSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiGary Schoolcraft16021986-06-04 LassenJust west of stateline south of Smoke Creek Road
    GH01752879GHSilene menziesii subsp. dorrii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-09-20 Unknown[data not captured]
    NY452824NYSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiCollector unspecified2284a1984-07-04 ?  MonoWhite Mountains: at the confluence of Tres Plumas Creek and north fork of Cottonwood Creek, Fishlake Valley drainage.
    NY452825NYSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiR. M. Lloyd33011963-08-14 ?  MonoWhite Mountains: Cottonwood Creek.
    POM100955RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiGeo. D. Butler14451910-06-01 SiskiyouYreka Creek, in shade
    POM12561RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiP. A. Munz61781922-08-22 San BernardinoSouth Fork of Santa Ana
    POM13543RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirsons.n.1922-06-24 San BernardinoSanta Ana River, 1-4 mile above the south fork
    POM148065RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiJ. B. Feudge14721926-07-21 San BernardinoGrout Creek.
    POM151488RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiHerbert McLean Evanss.n.1919-07-18 TuolumneLyell Base Camp.
    POM175515RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirsons.n.1931-07-31 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin, bank along road below Heart Lake.
    POM219785RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiVictor Duran31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts ranch, Wyman Crek, White Mountains
    POM265090RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiMary Halls.n.1941-07-15 FresnoJunction Meadows, Bubbs Creek, S fork of Kings River.
    POM96691RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiP. A. Munz10,7661926-07-22 San BernardinoGreen Valley, N base, Sugarloaf.
    PUA66522PUASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiG.L. Clifton1987-07-13 MonoLocal landmark: Cottonwood Creek. Mt. Barcroft Quad.
    PUA67442PUASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiG.L. Clifton1988-07-29 MonoLocal landmark: Mammoth Rock. Mt. Morrison Quad.
    RSA131897RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiCharles H. Quibell27321953-07-11 FresnoFoot of first cliffs at top of glaciated granite benches SE side Mono Creek at E end Vermillion Valley. About 8000′ above prospective reservoir.
    RSA218803RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiMary DeDecker2182-a1969-07-20 MonoSierra Nevada: June Lake Loop, Fern Creek.
    RSA324578RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiA. Tiehm88401984-06-30 ModocNW side of Bidwell Mt., 2.8 road miles north of 8 mile creek on the road from Lake Annie.
    RSA334533RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiR. F. Thorne54,6831980-08-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: South Fork Meadows of the Santa Ana River and adjacent Pinus jeffreyi-Abies concolor forest, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area
    RSA39201RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiP. A. Munz126221948-07-30 FresnoBubbs Creek, Sierra Nevada, SE Fresno County.
    RSA4356RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiVictor Duran31381931-07-21 InyoRoberts ranch, Wyman Crek, White Mountains
    RSA437384RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiJames D. Morefield46091987-07-12 MonoWhite Mountains; along N fork of Cottonwood Creek 1.8 mile N18 degrees E of Eva Belle Mine. Fishlake Valley Drainage.
    RSA438827RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiAnstruther Davidson17011911-07-01 InyoAndrews Camp. Bishop Creek [Now Bishop].
    RSA438828RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiAnstruther Davidson26761911-07-01 InyoAndrews Camp. Bishop Creek [Now Bishop].
    RSA438829RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiM. B. Dunkle73001935-08-06 MaderaRainbow Falls.
    RSA438830RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiAnstruther Davidson21961895-07-05 San BernardinoBear Valley
    RSA617051RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiMary DeDecker2182A1969-07-20 MonoSierra Nevada: June Lake Loop, Fern Creek.
    RSA625556RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiMary DeDecker59061986-06-28 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley drainage; Birch Creek at McMurry Meadows.
    RSA65015RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson28201920-08-25 San BernardinoLower end of meadow, South Fork of Santa Ana River
    RSA65016RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson6111908-07-20 TulareJunction Meadow, Kern River Canon
    RSA65017RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson75681927-07-27 MonoNorth end of Silver Lake.
    RSA65018RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson60581925-01-25 MonoRock Creek.
    RSA65019RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson42871922-06-24 San BernardinoSanta Ana River
    RSA65020RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson49391924-07-13 San BernardinoFish Creek.
    RSA65021RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson89841930-07-04 San BernardinoGreen Creek, north slope of Sugerloaf Peak
    RSA65022RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson103721932-07-22 MonoWoods at lower end of Barney Lake, Twin Lake Basin.
    RSA65023RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson94481931-07-20 InyoIn gorge of Ruby Lake stream, Rock Creek Lake Basin.
    RSA65024RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiF. W. Peirson118211936-05-30 TulareRoadway near Balch Park; Sierra Nevada.
    RSA71694RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiJ. C. Roos58661952-07-30 MonoCrooked Creek, White Mts.
    RSA735648RSASilene menziesii subsp. dorriiLeRoy Gross34842008-07-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSoutheast from Poopout Hill to a tributary that empties into the South Fork Santa Ana river, from the west. Right along the Wilderness Boundary line.; Moonridge 7.5 Quad.
    UCR140034UCRSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiMary DeDecker59061986-06-28 InyoOwens Valley drainage; McMurry Meadows
    UCR27591UCRSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiJohn C. Rooss.n.1960-07-04 MonoCrooked Creek
    UCR88948UCRSilene menziesii subsp. dorriiBrad Hendersons.n.1995-07-23 San BernardinoGreen Canon, 0.3 mi. SE of Forest Service Road 2N93
    JEPS125928UCJEPSSilene menziesii subsp. menziesiiD. W. Taylor140541993-08-03 MonoInyo National Forest; Warren Fork of Lee Vining Creek, Mono Basin, ca 0.3 mi upstream (Nw) of Hwy 120 (Tioga Road)
    RSA117868RSASilene menziesii subsp. menziesiiCharles H. Quibell57441955-08-16 FresnoHutchinson Meadow area (9400 ft); jct. Piute and French Canons, (immed. w of 12245 ft Pilot Knob), trib. S Fork San Joaquin River, 10 map miles E Florence Lake; crests N and S 12100-12500 ft.
    RSA293364RSASilene menziesii subsp. menziesiiReino Alava11061957-07-04 NevadaSagehen Creek. Trout Experiment Station.
    RSA610005RSASilene menziesii subsp. menziesiiL. C. Wheeler3593.51935-06-27 SiskiyouYreka Creek; Siskiyou Mts.; Mt. Diablo Mer.
    RSA722689RSASilene menziesii subsp. menziesiiR. R. Halse69922006-08-03 LassenModoc National Forest; along Blue Lake Road north of Blue Lake, ca. 15 miles ESE of Likely.
    GH01752885GHSilene menziesii var. viscosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-06-18 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01752890GHSilene menziesii var. viscosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-07-13 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01752894GHSilene menziesii var. viscosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-06-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
    POM1000943RSASilene menziesii var. viscosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-07-01 NevadaSoda Springs.
    POM100952RSASilene menziesii var. viscosaMrs. R. M. Austin5181895-07-01 ModocGoose Lake.
    POM100960RSASilene menziesii var. viscosaGeo. D. Butler9671909-06-10 SiskiyouYreka Creek.
    POM151575RSASilene menziesii var. viscosaGeo. D. Butler14451910-06-01 SiskiyouYreka Creek
    POM182779RSASilene menziesii var. viscosaGeo. D. Butler9671909-06-10 SiskiyouYreka Creek.
    PUA65601PUASilene menziesii var. viscosaG.L. Clifton1987-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Atkins Meadows. Big Bend Quad.

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