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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
BFRS285BFRSSilene californicaPeter Rubtzoff, Donald Goheen80591975-06-10 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Deep Canon Road about 0.6 miles north of junction with Loop Road (Comp. 10U)
CAS-BOT183892CASSilene californicaYork, Dana16841997-03-28 FresnoCa. 58 km E of Fresno (FSC), 2.8 km SE of Balch Camp, Sierra National Forest, Rodgers Ridge
CDA0011955CDASilene californicaG.F. Hrusa59091989-04-01 TehamaHwy 36 approx. 1 W of Red Bluff. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0011994CDASilene californicaG.F. Hrusa121751995-05-20 Placer1 km. east of Mosquito Ridge Rd. crossing of North Fork of Middle Fork of the American River. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0013245CDASilene californicaG.F. Hrusa130921996-07-08 ButteNear Old Railroad Grade Rd. Paradise Lake Dam, approx. 3 N of Magalia. Plumas National Forest.
CDA0015466CDASilene californicaG.F. Hrusa146031998-06-19 ColusaUpper Little Stony Creek. Goat Mtn. Rd. ˜ 2 W of campground. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0018218CDASilene californicaG.D. Barbe18461974-06-17 HumboldtShelter Cove, Upper Pacific Drive, at Sea View Rd. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0024094CDASilene californicaR. Spadoni1992-06-15 HumboldtAlong mad River east of Arcata, near Blue Lake, Redwood Valley.
CDA0024095CDASilene californicaR. Spadoni1992-06-15 HumboldtAlong mad River east of Arcata, near Blue Lake, Redwood Valley.
CDA0024096CDASilene californicaT.C. Fuller37791958-05-27 Mendocino3 miles east of Coyote Dam before filling. East branch of Russian River.
CDA0024097CDASilene californicaCottle1929-05-08 El DoradoYoungs Post Office.
CDA0024098CDASilene californicaT.C. Fuller1958-06-17 HumboldtWildcat Ridge near Bunker Hill.
CDA0031441CDASilene californicaD.G. Kelch6.22006-05-19 SolanoBlue Rock Springs. Vallejo.
CDA0036315CDASilene californicaJ.R. Keck, Jr.PDR# 3314461989-04-18 TehamaForest Route 35; southwest of Highway 36.
CDA0038659CDASilene californicaB. Villegas-D. JulianoPDR# 1535021-C2010-06-17 HumboldtAlderpoint: Garberville - Alderpoint Rd.
CDA0042368CDASilene californicaD.G. Kelch12.0792012-05-28 SolanoSulfur Springs Ridge. N Vallejo.
CSLA010827CSLASilene californicaR. Howlett51974-05-01 Butteca. 19 mi. n of Chico ca. 3mi. past jct. of Cohasset rd. and Villas, Cohasset.
CSLA010828CSLASilene californicaLawrence T. McHargue1963-05-05 Fresno3 mi. west of Miramonte on Road to Dunlap
CSLA010829CSLASilene californicaR. Deaver1961-05-09 FresnoTwo miles south of Dunlap on Miramonte Road.
CSLA010830CSLASilene californicaW. J. Ferlatte; B. d. Rogers20701966-06-07 TrinityT 3 N, R 1 W, sec. 28: near Hay fork summit.
CSLA010831CSLASilene californicaR. M. Straw; B. Miller; M. Kamins26681965-05-09 Tularenear Wishon campground, Sequoia N. F.;
CSLA010832CSLASilene californicaR. Bray461968-05-25 Kern3 miles north of Wishon Camp Rd., Sierra Nevadas
CSLA010833CSLASilene californicaRichard M. Straw21471962-06-19 TulareBetween Sugarloaf and Calif. Hot Springs.
CSLA010834CSLASilene californicaJohn Elliott821967-05-27 FresnoSierra Nevada Mtns., Sans Baker Rd. ca. 5 miles S of Dunlap.
CSLA010835CSLASilene californicaTennie B. Rogers571967-03-21 TehamaSacramento Valley about 23 miles west of Red Bluff.
CSLA010836CSLASilene californicaD. G. Hauger141967-07-15 HumboldtT. 4N, R. 2E, Sec. 15. At junction of Kneeland and Barry Roads.
CSLA010837CSLASilene californicaRichard Fellows561970-05-23 TulareCa. 28 NE of Springville off Hwy. 190, ca. 3 mi. NE of Wishon Canon fire trail
CSLA010838CSLASilene californicaDonna Barnes1051970-05-23 Tulareca. 25 NE of Springville near Canon in Sierra Nevada Mtns.
CSLA010839CSLASilene californicaJesse Arceneaux441970-05-23 TulareCa. 25 NE of Springville off Hwy. 190 Wishon Camp
FSC0008905FSCSilene californicaGeorge Botkin1958-05-10 FresnoCedarbrook area (4,300′), 2 1-2 miles NW of Pinehurst on Story Flat Road Lower edge Yellow Pine Forest; spacimens moderately rare Grassy, west facing slope (30′), rocky places
FSC0008906FSCSilene californicaR. Deaver1961-05-09 FresnoTwo miles south of Dunlap on Miramonte road, elevation 2600. Growing rather gregariously on open east facing slope with long rhizomes (ave. 12-15 inches) stylomecon heteropylla growing in abundance farther up the slope in brushy cover and more moist soil. Predominant shrub Buckeye.
FSC0008907FSCSilene californicaC. H. Quibell1930-04-27 FresnoGeneral Grant′s Park road. Elevation. above 6600 ft.
FSC0008908FSCSilene californicaJames S. Vogt1949-05-22 FresnoCollected ten miles southeast of Dunlap, California, on road to Miramonte. Mound growing in thick humans prostrate to a certain degree on surrounding grass.
FSC0008909FSCSilene californicaE. Fiske1939-05-12 FresnoOn road from McKenzie Ridge down Mill Flat Creek to Kings River. Elevation about 4500 feet on NE facing slope. Lower edge of Yellow Pine belt.
FSC0008910FSCSilene californicaChas. H. Quibell1961-05-06 Fresno3 mi. above Dunlap on road to Miramonte. 2800. On steep road bank facing north. Growing in rocky soil in shady places, in association with Rhus diversiloba.
FSC0008911FSCSilene californicaPatricia Taylor1951-04-20 FresnoFound on upper side of road out, on the Miramonte road from Squaw Valley. Found on wet slopes in chaoeral zone.
FSC0008912FSCSilene californicaTom Gustafson1959-05-14 FresnoLocation: 5 N. Pinehurst; Cedarbrook Rd. Habitat: shallow rocky soil; on cutback; E. shaded slope; moisture present. Plant Community: Chaperral; Rhus diverscloba,Quercus lobata. Grows in patches along side road; many plants in bloom.
FSC0008913FSCSilene californicaPeggy Smith78-0571978-03-16 FresnoCollected growing in a grove of live oaks (Querus wislizenii) at the Keller Ranch, south side of the Kings River just above the Kirch Flat Bridge. Foothill Woodland community Associated sps. Ferns.
FSC0008914FSCSilene californicaC. Moran461954-04-14 FresnoKings River, old river rd., s. side, 4.5 mi. w. of bridge at head of Pine Flat Reservoir. Moist sunny n. facing slope of rocky outcroppings. Foothill Wold. cleared from basin above. Eriodictyon californicum, Ceanothus sp., Rhus diversiloba, Bromus spp., and Festuca spp. This plant common in immediate area. Bright fuschia flrs. slightly sticky leaves and stems.
FSC0008915FSCSilene californica1461921-03-24 FresnoRoadside between Dunlap and Pinehurst.
FSC0008916FSCSilene californicaJohn Stebbins1921-03-24 PlacerCollected along the north side of Folsom Lake near Rattlesnake Cove. Found in a Foothill Woodland plant community. In association with Stellaria Media.
FSC0008917FSCSilene californicaD. M. Troutman74-0491974-05-23 FresnoThis common herb was collected from a Ffothill Woodland plant community in Granitic soil at an elevation of 2800 feet. Red flowers. 3 d, tall.
FSC0008918FSCSilene californicaJack Rockwell62-481962-03-04 HumboldtCollected in R3E-T1N, section 14. IT was on the north side of Highway 30 on an open bank. There was a stout taproot, and the corolla was bright red. Elevation: 830
FSC0008919FSCSilene californicaRita Middleton41961-04-29 FresnoSandcreek Rd.; 1-2 W. of Dunlap-Pinehurst out off at 2000′-2500; W. slope. The slope moist & shady. Much Quercus & Cercis occidentalis. Plant has deep roots, 10-12 long. Multiple plant stems originate underground. Flrs. bright red; deeply slashed petals.
FSC0008920FSCSilene californicaJim D. Clark1962-04-22 FresnoRoadside, aproxx. one 5 mi. from Fence Mdw. Chapparal. Most prominent plants are Pinus sabiniana, Rhus diversiloba, Arctostaphylus maripose. Very common in chapparal and lower portion of Yellow Pine Forest, along the Fence Mdw. road. Appears to grow almost anywhere. One plant was taken out of decomposing grantie.
FSC0008921FSCSilene californicaDorothy Spurling1941-05-01 UnknownN.W. California Coast Region.
FSC0008922FSCSilene californicaChas. H Quibell50791955-06-17 FresnoR. R grade Rd. ca. 1-4 m.w. of jct. with Hiway 168 at Shaver xing, between Shaver L. & Big Crk. Heavy Yellow Pine For. ca 4500′-1000′ up s. wall Big Crk. Canon; 6870′ Music Mt. just sw.; 8107′ Black Pt. n. across canyon, San Joaquin r. at 2000 4 map m.w. Ceanothus & many herbs in flower. Another Silene (#5071) also present. S. californica very showy-brite crimson-darker on drying.
FSC0008923FSCSilene californicaPhilip A. Munz178001952-06-27 HumboldtOn dry flats in open Mixed Evergreen Forest (with Rhus diversiloba, Arbutus, Pseudotsuga); Boise Creek Public west of Willow Creek,
FSC0008924FSCSilene californicaJohn C. Meldeen11956-05-12 FresnoT13S, R27E, SEC 3 N.E. 1-4. On top of cut bank, right side of road, between Hwy. 180 and Mckinsey Gourd station. Elevation 3300. Found in moist shallow, sandy loam in shade. N.W. facing slope. Upper chap. zone. Most of plts. in flr. Frequent but scattered. No fruits observed. Oak Rhamnus litter. Collected 9 A. M. Overcast day.
FSC0008925FSCSilene californicaRichard J. Craig1962-04-20 TulareBlue ridge lookout road, 6-10 miles above Lally Pop ranch cut-off; east side of road. West exposure, soil shallow & rocky, moisture & shade around the edge of clearing. Short grass cover ( Bromus & Festuca), 25′ x75 clearing in shrubs (dense Ribes, Quercus, Rhus, Lonicera); Chaparral 2,500 ft.
FSC0008926FSCSilene californicaJacob Rankin1959-05-23 TulareCollected on Highway 190,near Middle Fork of Tule River. On moist slope. Lower edge of Yellow Pine Forest.
FSC0008927FSCSilene californicaTerril Wolt221970-03-21 ButteButte Co., Calif. Flower bright crimson red. Large tap root, found in wooded places of foothills on E. side of Honey Run Rd. 2.5 miles N.E. of Humbug Rd., outside Chico.
FSC0008929FSCSilene californicaJohn Weiler601141960-05-22 NapaSingle Plant in serpentine soil at roadside 10.3 miles northwest of the town of Pope Valley.
GH01751743GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-05-23 Trinity[data not captured]
GH01751744GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-04-18 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH01751745GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-05-20 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751746GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1906-04-04 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751747GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-04-04 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751748GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-08-01 Alameda[data not captured]
GH01751749GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-04-13 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751750GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1863-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751751GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1889-05-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751752GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1833-01-01 Alameda[data not captured]
GH01751753GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1877-05-01 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751754GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1922-07-04 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01751755GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-03-14 Napa[data not captured]
GH01751756GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-05-02 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01751757GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1998-07-05 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751758GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-05-23 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751759GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-07-14 Nevada[data not captured]
GH01751760GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751761GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-05-01 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01751762GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-06-23 Placer[data not captured]
GH01751763GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1900-05-30 Placer[data not captured]
GH01751764GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1995-05-26 Humboldt[data not captured]
GH01751765GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-07-22 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751766GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1884-01-01 Glenn[data not captured]
GH01751767GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1963-05-30 Yolo[data not captured]
GH01751768GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-05-11 Humboldt[data not captured]
GH01751769GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-04-07 Butte[data not captured]
GH01751770GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1885-05-29 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01751771GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-05-26 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751772GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-01-01 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01751773GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1909-03-01 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01751774GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-03-20 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751775GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-07-04 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751776GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1973-06-24 Plumas[data not captured]
GH01751777GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1874-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751778GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1937-06-07 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751779GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2014-06-13 Lake[data not captured]
GH01751780GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-04-16 Santa Cruz[data not captured]
GH01751781GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-04-27 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751782GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1865-01-01 Lake[data not captured]
GH01751783GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1846-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751784GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-05-06 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751785GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1934-07-09 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01751789GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1895-09-01 Mariposa[data not captured]
GH01751790GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1991-06-30 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01751791GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1964-07-08 El Dorado[data not captured]
GH01751792GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-06-25 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01751793GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-07-17 Yuba[data not captured]
GH01751794GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1958-05-24 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01751795GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1950-04-17 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01751796GHSilene californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1937-09-12 Nevada[data not captured]
HREC1131HRECSilene californicaH. F. Heady7531953-06-08 MendocinoVassar Pasture - Hopland Field Station
HSC100416HSCSilene californicaCarl C. Marshall931885-06-01 HumboldtHills everywhere.
HSC97921HSCSilene californicaCara Witte2752007-06-14 HumboldtAlong National Forest 1 Near Kinsey Ridge. 2 miles north of intersection with 4N06.
IRVC109085IRVCSilene californicaGail A. Baker361977-04-25 TulareTULARE COUNTY: Colony Mill Rd., S end of Sequoia Nat. Park
JEPS105114UCJEPSSilene californicaDean W. Taylor138321993-07-09 ShastaCastle Creek; ca. 6 air miles WSW of Dunsmuir; Castle Crags State Park
JEPS105885UCJEPSSilene californicaLowell Ahart108652004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington
JEPS106851UCJEPSSilene californicaJake Ruygt10221981-05-13 Napa.2 miles east of Flosden Rd. on north side American Canon
JEPS106852UCJEPSSilene californicaJake Ruygt9421980-06-22 Napa.1 mile south of Snell Valley Rd. on Butts Canon Rd.
JEPS115810UCJEPSSilene californicaLowell Ahart156242009-04-26 ButteSouth of a small drainage, about 120 yards southwest of Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1-2 mile (air) southwest of the intersection of Highway 32 and Ten Mile House Road, about 10 miles norhteast of Chico
JEPS119083UCJEPSSilene californicaDana York16841997-03-28 FresnoCa. 58 km E of Fresno (FSC), 2.8 km SE of Balch Canonal Forest, Rodgers Ridge.
JEPS22944UCJEPSSilene californicaVolney Rattan1883-06-01 TrinityHyampom, Hyampom (Trinity River)
JEPS23249UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy160401938-07-07 HumboldtGrouse Mountain
JEPS45851UCJEPSSilene californicaEleanor Armstrong5041932-05-28 Sonoma6 mi w of Graton (along Meek[s] grade); w of Graton
JEPS49014UCJEPSSilene californicaHilda W. Grinnell191932-07-15 Trinityjunction of Norgaar Ranch road and So Fork Mt. road; Junction of Norgaar Road and So Fork Mt. road
JEPS50887UCJEPSSilene californicaRuby Van Deventer2501938-06-11 Del NorteKlamath Trail
JEPS50888UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson188311938-05-22 NapaButts Canon South Fork Butts Canon, South Fork
JEPS50891UCJEPSSilene californicaF. M. Goetz1919-05-15 TularePosey
JEPS50892UCJEPSSilene californicaM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2351919-06-08 Sonomanear Guerneville; Russian River, near Guerneville
JEPS50893UCJEPSSilene californicaVina W. Krager1924-05-18 SonomaBodega
JEPS50894UCJEPSSilene californicaDocia I. Patchett1919-06-01 Mendocinonear Willits; near Willits
JEPS50900UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson208301943-05-17 Mendocinoheadwaters of Cold Creek Mayacamas Range, Headwaters of Cold Creek
JEPS50960UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson157551931-04-12 El DoradoSalmon Falls
JEPS50961UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson193491939-08-07 PlumasMeadow Valley
JEPS50962UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson167301934-05-08 Mendocinohills n Laytonville; hills n of Laytonville
JEPS50963UCJEPSSilene californicaL. M. Newlon1461921-05-24 Fresnoroadside between Dunlap and Pinehurst; Roadside between Dunlap and Pinehurst
JEPS50964UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson61751914-08-15 ShastaDelta
JEPS50965UCJEPSSilene californicaWalter Fry4171915-06-18 Tularenear Colony Mill (Sequoia National Park);, near Colony Mill
JEPS50966UCJEPSSilene californicaAlice King1919-07-01 NapaVan Ness Ranch Mt. St. Helena, Van Ness Ranch
JEPS50967UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson104141924-05-08 NapaPope Creek Pope Creek (Canon flat)
JEPS50968UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson127841928-05-17 MariposaBootjack
JEPS50969UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson76381918-06-22 MendocinoGould′s Ranch sw Ukiah, Gould′s Ranch
JEPS50970UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson30101908-06-15 Mendocinoheadwaters South Mill Creek Miyakma Range,, Purdy Ridge (Purdy Ridge, The Terraces, Miyakma Range)
JEPS50971UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson76361918-06-22 MendocinoGould′s Ranch, Gould′s Ranch (sw Ukiah)
JEPS50972UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson76371918-06-22 MendocinoGould′s Ranch sw Ukiah, Gould′s Ranch
JEPS50973UCJEPSSilene californicaLincoln Constance7701934-06-01 HumboldtBull Cr Road between Dyerville Bridge and Bull Creek (flat grove (mouth of Bull Cr)); Bull Creek Region, South Fork Eel River
JEPS50974UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson1899-04-25 TehamaStivers Ranch
JEPS50975UCJEPSSilene californicaJos. Burtt Davy20671896-01-01 Kernopp. Jasper′s (San Emigdio Canon);, opp. Jasper′s
JEPS50977UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson19621902-07-01 HumboldtHupa Road, Hupa Road (Redwood Creek)
JEPS50978UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson1897-07-30 MendocinoCalito Redwoods Calito Redwoods (N. Mendocino)
JEPS50979UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson48631912-06-26 TulareMiddle Tule River
JEPS51017UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson189411938-06-09 Lakevalley near Bartlett Springs (on Bartlett Creek); Barlett Creek, valley near Bartlett Springs
JEPS51018UCJEPSSilene californicaRuby Van Deventer1251938-06-29 Del Nortebar near Van Deventer Ranch (Smith River); Smith River
JEPS51019UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson207941943-05-16 Lakenear Lakeport (Scott Valley);, near Lakeport
JEPS51020UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson105261924-05-30 Tuolumnenear Tuolumne Grove (Hodgdon Ranch, Curtin Meadows); Curtin Meadows, near Tuolumne Grove, Hodgdon Ranch
JEPS51023UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson71681917-05-26 KernBear Mt. Tehachapi Range, Bear Mt.
JEPS51025UCJEPSSilene californicaW. C. Mathews1914-01-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
JEPS51029UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson192921939-07-31 Plumasw Meadow Valley; w of Meadow Valley
JEPS57379UCJEPSSilene californicaL. R. Heckard, T. I. Chuang19501968-06-18 SonomaFranz Valley Road 2 mi w of junction with Franz Valley School Road; Franz Valley Road
JEPS75834UCJEPSSilene californicaLawrence R. Heckard39501974-09-11 Colusaon Foutch Camp--Box Spring trail just w Trout Creek crossing (Snow Mt.);, w of Trout Creek crossing on Foutch Camp-Box Sprin
JEPS76674UCJEPSSilene californicaLawrence R. Heckard29511972-06-17 Tehamae slope of Beegum Mt.
JEPS77114UCJEPSSilene californicaRobert M. Lloyd22581963-03-30 Tuolumne5 mi. n.e. Tuolumne city (on rd. to fish hatchery, just above river)
JEPS77394UCJEPSSilene californicaRobert M. Lloyd26241963-05-04 Lakeon State Highway 20, 10 mi s Clearlake Oaks; s of Clearlake Oaks
JEPS85233UCJEPSSilene californicaRoy E. Buck, Randall A. Morgan5091984-06-17 San Mateoca 6 km sw Redwood City (in triangle of Edgewood Rd., Canada Rd., and Interstate 280, San Francisco Watershed Reserve); San Francisco Watershed Reserve, sw of Redwood City
JEPS8567UCJEPSSilene californicaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, L. R. Heckard37081952-05-03 Kern4 mi s Havilah (upper reaches of grade in Havilah Canon); Havilah Canon, s of Havilah
JEPS87687UCJEPSSilene californicaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart62201994-06-01 GlennIvory Mill Rd. 0.7 mi w of the junction of 2 N01 and Rd. 308 at the Mendocino National Forest Boundary; at the Mendocino National Forest Boundary
JEPS87688UCJEPSSilene californicaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart62201994-06-01 GlennIvory Mill Rd. 0.7 mi w of the junction of 2 N01 and Rd. 308 at the Mendocino National Forest Boundary; at the Mendocino National Forest Boundary
JEPS87995UCJEPSSilene californicaBarbara Ertter76861988-07-04 LakeBear Creek Rd. ca 10 airmi n Upper Lake (town) (crest of road 3.8 mi from Elk Mt. Rd., Mendocino Nat′l For.); Mendocino Nat′l For., Bear Creek Rd.
JEPS90785UCJEPSSilene californicaDean William Taylor24121973-06-29 Trinityalogn Philpot Creek 2 mi w of Peanut; Philpot Creek
JEPS96732UCJEPSSilene californicaDean W. Taylor161391997-07-18 Tehamaheadwaters North Fork Elder Creek
JEPS97443UCJEPSSilene californicaVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart69981995-07-12 TehamaT2 N R9 W1-4 Sec. 34, 3120 ft, Inner North Coast Ranges, Chaparral, serpentine-derived soil. W of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 45 (Tedoc Mtn. Rd.), 3.2 mi S of Hwy. 36. Herbaceous perennial growing on a roadside bank.
LOB112877LOBSilene californicaSteve Ganley13331972-05-16 TulareHwy. 190, 5 miles west of Canon.
LOB118530LOBSilene californicaSteve Ganley13331972-05-16 TulareHwy. 190, 5 miles west of Canon.
LOB118531LOBSilene californicaDeane A. Johnsons.n.1952-05-05 OrangeO′Neill Park
LOB118532LOBSilene californicaP.C. Baker73571973-05-30 TulareLloyd Meadows, rd. back from Pyles Camp.
LOB118533LOBSilene californicaStephen Plant921976-04-12 TulareWishon Drive, 0.7 miles from Highway 1 Northern Oak Woodland. North of road.
LOB118534LOBSilene californicaJ. B. Hall281970-04-25 VenturaSquaw Flat Rd., Maple Creek area, Sespe Mtn.
LOB118535LOBSilene californicaDick Zembals.n.1972-04-02 Venturanear junction of Alder and Sespe Creeks.; 34.45857 -118.926935
NY2715413NYSilene californicaG. K. Helmkamp204132013-04-24 ?  CalaverasNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Winton Road, 1.9 miles east of its junction with CA-26 in West Point (West Point 7.5 Q.) +- 100m.
NY3309282NYSilene californicaA. A. Heller81261905-07-14 ?  NevadaNear Nevada City. Type locality.
NY3309304NYSilene californicaA. Eastwood15881912-08-08 ?  MendocinoFort Bragg
NY3309305NYSilene californicaA. Eastwood33051913-06-13 ?  MendocinoUkiah
NY3309311NYSilene californicaJ. W. Thompson129211936-06-24 ?  Del NorteDouglas Park on Smith River
OBI140617OBISilene californicaD. R. Miller611.9632011-06-19 MontereyAt Wagon Canon Hunter Liggett reservaton
PASA1289PASASilene californicaAnnetta Carter1929-05-22 MariposaYosemite
PASA1290PASASilene californicaFrank W. Peirson1923-07-07 MendocinoCloverdale to Boonville and 9 miles from latter
POM100876RSASilene californicaC. C. Bruce18751897-05-01 ButteForest- Ranch.
POM101014RSASilene californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-22 KernKeane.
POM118650RSASilene californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-25 HumboldtGarberville.
POM127093RSASilene californicaL. R. Abrams80971922-06-21 SonomaHealdsburg to Cloverdale.
POM128540RSASilene californicaA. D. E. Elmer31421901-06-01 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs.
POM146161RSASilene californicaE. E. Stanford4131927-05-21 CalaverasAbout 2.5 mi east of Murphy.
POM148067RSASilene californicaJ. B. Feudge16471927-07-21 ShastaLamoine.
POM148068RSASilene californicaJ. B. Feudge16481927-07-18 PlacerBaxters Camp. Emigrant gap.
POM151334RSASilene californicaA. A. Heller59141902-07-19 LakeSouthern slope of Mt. Sanhedrin above the sawmill.
POM151335RSASilene californicaC. F. Baker335221903-06-30 San MateoCrystal Springs
POM151338RSASilene californicaEdward L. Greene29781903-05-08 YoloCanon [canyon]
POM151489RSASilene californicaHerbert McLean Evanss.n.1919-05-17 Mariposa1 mile above Hamiltons [former stage coach stop, now Buck Meadow]. Big Oak Flat Road [State Route 120].
POM151503RSASilene californicaP. A. Munz64491922-08-05 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
POM151595RSASilene californicaA. D. E. Elmer44461903-06-01 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake.
POM161513RSASilene californicaDearings.n.1929-06-23 TulareHigh Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park.
POM161638RSASilene californicaRimo Bacigalupi14741928-05-10 MariposaAlong Wawona Road about 10 miles E of Mariposa.
POM172666RSASilene californicaFranklin P. Nuttings.n.1894-05-23 ShastaCow Creek.
POM174579RSASilene californicaRoxana S. Ferris64441926-04-23 ColusaNear top of Grapevine Grade on Stonyford-Sites Road.
POM188500RSASilene californicaMarcus E. Jones288771931-07-12 MendocinoFort Bragg.
POM192570RSASilene californicaH. E. Parks07511930-05-01 HumboldtVicinity of Hydesville.
POM192791RSASilene californicaW. R. Dudleys.n.1903-07-06 Santa ClaraCharcoal Burners road, Black Mt.
POM215769RSASilene californicaD. D. Keck24491933-06-01 TuolumneSouth Fork, Big Oak Flat Road. (Near South Fork Station on road to Harden Flat.)
POM216067RSASilene californicaJ. W. Thompson44951928-06-05 Del NorteRocky banks of Smith River.
POM225855RSASilene californicaJ. H. Morrisons.n.1932-07-04 ButteMountains above Durham.
POM253020RSASilene californicaA. A. Heller153511937-04-24 ColusaOn Highway #20, 15 miles west of Williams.
POM258016RSASilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock54501939-07-15 Mendocino5 miles S of Westport.
POM259980RSASilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock64791940-05-20 Shasta25 miles east of Redding.
POM264848RSASilene californicaLincoln Constance26101940-05-16 HumboldtCoastal bluffs above Alton.
POM286440RSASilene californicaLyman Benson34771932-05-01 KernWalker Basin-Havilah, Mt. Piute, Canonoran.
POM286441RSASilene californicaLyman Benson4271928-07-10 HumboldtFortuna; River: Eel, mouth.
POM286442RSASilene californicaLyman Benson27011931-03-26 LakeClear Lake Dam; Town: Lower Lake; Mt. Range: Inner N. Coast; River: Cache Creek.
POM286443RSASilene californicaLyman Benson4661928-07-12 HumboldtWeott Ranger Station. Seaward N Coast mtn range. S Fork Eel River.
POM286444RSASilene californicaLyman Benson16591929-07-19 HumboldtMouth of Matole River.
POM286445RSASilene californicaLyman Benson61871934-09-04 MendocinoNoyo; Watershed: Pacific Ocean.
POM296088RSASilene californicaCora W. Benson301935-06-06 LakeMount Konocti
POM298374RSASilene californicaYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1941-06-21 MendocinoBetween Laytonville and Willets.
POM72752RSASilene californicaP. A. Munz98731925-06-18 LakeLakeport.
POM87647RSASilene californicaL. R. Abrams84271922-00-01 Del NorteSmith River mouth of Mill Creek.
POM89966RSASilene californicaL. R. Abrams99231922-08-07 ShastaMears Creek near Castella.
POM914478RSASilene californicaL. S. Rose361791936-04-27 Colusa11 miles NW of Rumsey.
POM92434RSASilene californicaL. R. Abrams81941922-06-21 MendocinoMendocino City.
PUA12782PUASilene californicaDan Wyrick1975-04-27 PlacerLocal landmark: Plum Tree Road. Colfax Quad.
PUA17155PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1978-06-24 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17168PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1978-06-13 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17174PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1978-06-13 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17296PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1978-05-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA1818PUASilene californicaL.G. Apigian1970-05-23 El DoradoLocal landmark: Kyburg. Kyburz Quad.
PUA19184PUASilene californicaClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA19245PUASilene californicaClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA23604PUASilene californicaWalter Overton1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Horse Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA23896PUASilene californicaOverton And Butler1979-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA26667PUASilene californicaGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA26798PUASilene californicaWalter Overton1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: South Fork Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA26808PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: South Fork Mountain. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA26826PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: South Fork Mountain. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA26832PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Bailey Canon Campground. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA26870PUASilene californicaClifton & Butler1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: mad River. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA26954PUASilene californicaGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Barry Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA26998PUASilene californicaClifton & Butler1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA27068PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1979-07-19 TrinityLocal landmark: Mad River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA27085PUASilene californicaWalter Overton1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Horse Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA27125PUASilene californicaClifton & Butler1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA27167PUASilene californicaClifton & Butler1979-07-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Boundary Trail. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA27340PUASilene californicaOverton And Butler1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Ammon Creek. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA27368PUASilene californicaOverton And Butler1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Grouse Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA27595PUASilene californicaOverton And Butler1979-07-26 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cold Spring. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA30578PUASilene californicaCharles R. Lewis1975-01-07 MendocinoLocal landmark: Little River. Mendocino Quad.
PUA31341PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1979-06-12 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
PUA32604PUASilene californicaMarc Baker1980-05-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Buck Mountain. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA32686PUASilene californicaRichard York1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA32812PUASilene californicaMarc Baker1980-06-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Monks Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA33519PUASilene californicaBill Grummer1979-06-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA34421PUASilene californicaRichard York1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA34442PUASilene californicaMarc Baker1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Ammon Creek. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA35110PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35241PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35303PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: North Kelsey Peak. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35357PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35507PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-09 TrinityLocal landmark: Shanty Creek. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35598PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35632PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35776PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-13 TrinityLocal landmark: Red Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA36924PUASilene californicaMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA36978PUASilene californicaGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Swim Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37075PUASilene californicaMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA40105PUASilene californicaJacqueline Greenleaf1980-06-21 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA44079PUASilene californicaJoe Callizo1980-05-09 NapaLocal landmark: Walter Springs Bridge. Walter Springs Quad.
PUA47628PUASilene californicaShirley Parker1981-05-03 LakeLocal landmark: Lake Pillsbury. Lake Pillsbury Quad.
PUA48557PUASilene californicaJohn Demarinis1981-07-23 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA4989PUASilene californicaTim Excell1975-05-11 TuolumneLocal landmark: Tuolumne River. Jawbone Ridge Quad.
PUA5184PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1971-07-01 PlumasLocal landmark: Grizzly Creek. Bucks Lake Quad.
PUA57448PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58097PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA58286PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58523PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59436PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1984-05-21 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Ranch. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59442PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1984-06-12 LakeLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59955PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
PUA63079PUASilene californicaTodd Dawson1981-07-23 Del NorteLocal landmark: South Fork Smith River. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA63170PUASilene californicaD.V. Hemphill1960-07-16 MendocinoLocal landmark: Mt. Sanhedrin. Eden Valley Quad.
PUA66199PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1984-05-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA67671PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1984-07-02 ButteLocal landmark: Little West Fork Feather Rd. Paradise Quad.
PUA7262PUASilene californicaCarolyn Sayre1968-06-22 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA7710PUASilene californicaCharles R. Lewis1975-01-07 MendocinoLocal landmark: Little River. Mendocino Quad.
PUA7774PUASilene californicaG.L. Clifton1971-06-05 MendocinoLocal landmark: Leggett. Leggett Quad.
PUA8751PUASilene californicaDan Thomas1977-04-30 MariposaLocal landmark: South Wawona. Yosemite Quad.
RSA0014689RSASilene californicaJoan Stewart2501994-05-16 TulareUSFS 30E14.
RSA0014691RSASilene californicaJoan Stewart1701993-05-21 TulareCase Mountain
RSA0054141RSASilene californicaA. C. Sanders338552007-05-23 KernHills c. 0.75 mi. east of Canong and east of the gas pipeline route, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch from Castac Lk.; Lebec 7.5′ Q.
RSA0065441RSASilene californicaWilliam Gilberts.n.1969-06-03 Shasta299 Highway, Orcata to Redding, 2 mi. East of Six Rivers.
RSA0077381RSASilene californicaOrlando Mistretta6881992-07-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel MountainsL Los Pinetos Spring Canon Trail.
RSA0228722RSASilene californicaMichael Kelly0711985-05-18 TulareCanon about 5 miles northeast of Hwy 190.
RSA101395RSASilene californicaR. Weatherby16491955-07-21 PlumasRocky Point, top of No Ear Bar trail, Middle Fork Feather River.
RSA10713RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf21171928-05-07 Lake7 miles east of Houghs Mineral Springs on the road to Williams.
RSA109958RSASilene californicaP. A. Munz222791956-07-24 LakeLong Ridge Trail to Snow Mt. from Fir-Root Spring.
RSA119003RSASilene californicaCharles H. Quibell50791955-06-17 FresnoR.R. grade Rd. ca. 1-4 m. w. of jct. with Highway 168 at Shaver Crossing, between Shaver L. and Big. Crk. Heavy Yellow Pine Forest ca. 4500-1000′ up s. wall Big Crk. Canon; 6870′ Music Mt. just SW.8107′ Black Pt. N across canyon, San Joaquin R. at 2000′ 4 map miles west.
RSA120745RSASilene californicaS. S. Tillett4341956-06-14 TulareSequoia National Park; [near] stream above Granite Spring.
RSA123279RSASilene californicaW. B. Augustine1021935-05-09 MariposaWawona.; Yosemite (Mariposa Co.)
RSA12455RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf58381934-06-30 Humboldt7 miles from Shelter Cove on road to Briceland.
RSA125912RSASilene californicaR. Weatherby526-A1949-05-30 MonoLong Valley north of Bishop.
RSA135363RSASilene californicaVolney Rattans.n.1883-06-01 TrinityHyampom, Trinity River.
RSA14164RSASilene californicaRimo Bacigalupi66731933-06-02 Napa10 miles from Pacific Union College on Howell Mt. - Middletown road.
RSA143959RSASilene californicaRoxana S. Ferris135521961-06-15 SonomaGreen Valley Road 0.8 miles E of junction with Harrison Grade Road.
RSA151849RSASilene californicaRimo C. Bacigalupi37081952-05-03 KernUpper reaches of grade in Havilah Canon, 4 miles south of Havilah.
RSA152253RSASilene californicaGeorge Botkins.n.1958-05-10 FresnoCedarbrook area; 2.5 miles NW of Pinehurst on Stony Flat Road.
RSA165141RSASilene californicaMark Parratt1971962-04-28 TulareHwy 190 from Springville, near Clemmie Gill Camp turnoff. Greenhorn Mt. Range. Pacific slope drainage area.
RSA169212RSASilene californicaE. C. Twisselmann96561964-06-21 KernEast slope of Bear Mt.
RSA18026RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf7571927-08-21 MendocinoAlong the Redwood Highway 10 miles north of Cummings.
RSA183641RSASilene californicaD. E. Anderson37091965-05-15 HumboldtAlong Hw. 96, 1.9 miles north of Willow Creek.
RSA18377RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf5311927-07-01 San MateoAbove Emerald Lake, back of Redwood City.
RSA185004RSASilene californicaL. S. Rose650491965-04-26 Madera1.5 miles N of Oakhurst.
RSA185758RSASilene californicaJohn H. Thomas9241949-06-14 HumboldtSalmon River Valley near its junction with Klamath River.
RSA191268RSASilene californicaR. F. Thorne370181967-06-08 TulareSequoia National Forest, ca. 6.2 miles NE of Milo on Balch Park Road.
RSA191715RSASilene californicaR. F. Thorne31,7291963-05-16 Kern10.7 miles E of Caliente. Piute Mountains.
RSA20850RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf88901937-06-18 HumboldtTable Bluff between Humboldt Bay and Eel River.
RSA21003RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf88601937-06-16 Del NorteCrescent City - Grants Pass Rd. Smith River Canon. 0.2 mile below mouth of Myrtle Creek.
RSA216725RSASilene californicaRobert F. Hoover94681965-06-29 MendocinoSouth Fork of Big River between Orrs Springs and Montgomery Creek.
RSA2411RSASilene californicaJ. W. Blankinships.n.1926-05-30 LakeMt. Konocti.
RSA25308RSASilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock64791940-05-20 Shasta25 miles east of Redding
RSA254860RSASilene californicaThomas W. Nelson13351974-05-27 MendocinoGrowing on hillside beside the road to Mendocino Pass ca. 4 mi. SE of Eel River Camp Ground.
RSA299470RSASilene californicaDwain L. Goforth1981979-07-05 TrinityDeadwood Creek Road, 2 miles ENE of Lewiston.
RSA303579RSASilene californicaJ. R. Shevock1981970-05-09 MaderaOff of Hwy 41.
RSA305931RSASilene californicaFay A. MacFadden124241934-03-31 PlacerHillsides near Colfax.
RSA30777RSASilene californicaR. S. Woglum27111940-05-11 TulareBetween California Hot Springs and Durrwood.
RSA3433RSASilene californicaHelen M. Edwardss.n.1917-06-06 ButteDe Sabla
RSA369690RSASilene californicaB. A. Prigge71131986-04-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River; Sierra Nevada.
RSA43854RSASilene californicaH. M. Pollards.n.1948-08-09 HumboldtCamp Creek, near Orleans.
RSA444826RSASilene californicaLyman Benson2091928-05-26 LakeSoda Bay. Mt. Range; Middle N. Coast. River; Clear Lake.
RSA46812RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale79721927-06-19 Santa ClaraPage Mill road near Stanford University.
RSA46875RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale38161927-07-22 HumboldtLassecks Peaks
RSA47132RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale11391927-08-16 HumboldtTrinity Summit Trail beween Pattersons and Horse Linto Creek.
RSA47141RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale6171925-03-29 HumboldtAlton hill.
RSA47143RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale5101925-03-28 HumboldtFleener Creek - hillside at mouth of valley on coast.
RSA47144RSASilene californicaDoris K. Kildale9001925-07-02 HumboldtTable Bluff - bluff on coast.
RSA477838RSASilene californicaF. C. Balls.n.1933-04-12 AmadorJackson
RSA477839RSASilene californicaM. Vincent1981962-04-16 ButtePentz Road, small reservoir 1-4 mile off road 5 miles S of Paradise.
RSA477840RSASilene californicaM. M. Boney1724 Butte[Unspecified]
RSA477841RSASilene californicaD. A. YoungP-3771969-05-04 ColusaApprox. 10 W. of Wilbur Springs along Hwy 16.
RSA477842RSASilene californicaM. O′Mera781972-06-08 HumboldtAlong Bald Hills Rd. ca. 16.4 miles E of junction with U.S. 101.
RSA477843RSASilene californicaThekla Mohr33391918-07-01 HumboldtEel River.
RSA477844RSASilene californicaPricilla Osborn98551930-06-01 KernBakersfield.
RSA477845RSASilene californicaW. Hutchinson33821920-04-01 Los AngelesPico Canon.
RSA477847RSASilene californicaJane Shank174771933-04-09 MariposaAwahnee
RSA477848RSASilene californicaChristopher Davidson59101977-06-18 MendocinoMountain View Road, 20.3 miles E of Coast Hwy 1.
RSA477849RSASilene californicaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1957-06-24 MendocinoBetween Cummings and Leggett.
RSA477850RSASilene californicaGenevieve J. Kline149531920-06-01 ShastaCastella.
RSA477851RSASilene californicaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1961-06-09 TulareBetween Porterville and Canon on Hwy 190.
RSA477852RSASilene californicaAnonymouss.n.2009-09-07 TulareRoad to Giant Forest.
RSA477853RSASilene californicaPaul C. Silva851943-06-06 TulareNear Roads End. Packsaddle Creek.
RSA477854RSASilene californicaJ. E. Cramsies.n.1932-05-01 YubaSmartville.
RSA50240RSASilene californicaE. K. Balls138251949-07-06 Trinity3 miles from Minersville Canon road to Trinity Center from Weaverville.
RSA52155RSASilene californicaI. L. Wiggins121241949-05-28 Mendocino3.5 miles north of Willits.
RSA584305RSASilene californicaTimothy S. Ross73701993-06-07 Los AngelesW end of the San Gabriel Mtns: ca 500 NNE of Los Pinetos Spring on mesic N slope of knoll.; San Fernando 7.5′
RSA595874RSASilene californicaTimothy S. Ross85411995-05-08 Los AngelesBouquet Canon: along Bouquet Canon Road near Bouquet Campground No. 3.; Green Valley
RSA63350RSASilene californicaMilo S. Baker122971950-06-24 MendocinoBetween Round Valley and Eel River Ranger Station.
RSA65700RSASilene californicaF. W. Peirson37211923-07-07 Mendocino1 mile below camp on Indian Creek and 9 miles above Boonville.
RSA65701RSASilene californicaMargaret Stason89471930-05-30 TulareCanon, Tule River, Sierra Nevada.
RSA65705RSASilene californicaF. W. Peirson79561928-07-04 Lake8 miles west of Lower Lake.
RSA65706RSASilene californicaF. W. Peirson6081979-09-04 TulareTule River, Sierra Nevada.
RSA66417RSASilene californicaP. A. Munz165911951-07-17 TrinityGrasshopper Public Camp, 2.5 W of Stuart Gap, North Yolla Bolly Mts.
RSA666395RSASilene californicaBarbara Ertter76861988-07-04 LakeBear Creek Rd ca 10 airmiles N of Upper Lake (town), crest of road 3.8 mi from Elk Mt. Rd. Mendocino National Forest.
RSA66980RSASilene californicaE. K. Balls165061951-05-08 Del NorteJust N of Klamath, Hwy 101.
RSA6807RSASilene californicaC. B. Wolf47301933-05-16 Fresno0.6 miles below Miramonte on road to Dunlap.
RSA696557RSASilene californicaJ. Russell Bruff9571937-08-21 MendocinoJuan Creek, 22 miles north of Fort Bragg.
RSA729013RSASilene californicaR. F. Thorne468061975-08-15 LakeBoggs Lake: W of Mt. Hannah, ca. 7.5 mi. SSE of Kelseyville and 3 W of Glenbrook Resort
RSA737728RSASilene californicaLeRoy Gross33012008-05-06 VenturaSouthwest end of the San Emigdio Mountains: North end of Valle Vista Campground, overlooking the head of Santiago Creek. North side and just off Highway 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road). Close to the northwest end of Apache potrero.; Santiago Creek
RSA755037RSASilene californicaL. Ahart156242009-04-26 ButteAbout 120 yards SW of Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1-2 air miles SW of the intersection of Highway 32 and Ten Mile House Road, about 10 miles NE of Chico.
RSA77943RSASilene californicaE. K. Balls170741952-04-17 TulareDeer Creek, 1 mile NW of jct with road from California Hot Springs to Ducor.
RSA779916RSASilene californicaPam De Vries70102007-05-18 KernWestern Transverse Ranges; San Emigdio Mountains region, ca. 1 mile north of entry to Mil Potrero Park off Mil Potrero Road
RSA78056RSASilene californicaP. A. Munz178001952-03-27 HumboldtBoise Creek Public Camp west of Willow Creek.
RSA795041RSASilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp175282011-06-09 NevadaTyler Foote Crossing Road, 3.3 miles north of its junction with Grizzly Hill Road, NE of North Columbia near the Sierra Co. line-Middle Yuba River; Pike 7.5′ Q.
RSA87915RSASilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock199621953-07-03 MendocinoRoad cut about 15 miles NE of Rockport.
RSA90499RSASilene californicaMilo S. Baker103461942-08-20 GlennS. Slope of Black Butte.
SACT13SACTSilene californicaDatwyler2008-06-24 ShastaPlants both along roadside and along Castle Creek; Site for pollination ecology study and population level sampling of Penstemon subsect. Heterophylli
SACT2SACTSilene californicaDatwyler2008-06-24 ShastaPlants along roadside and along Castle Creek; Site for pollination ecology study and population level sampling of Penstemon subsect. Heterophyllis
SHTC3112SHTCSilene californicaMarshall M.791999-05-03 TuolumneCherry Lake Rd., 1.2 miles north of Mather Camp Rd.
SHTC3113SHTCSilene californicaCurtis T.522002-05-19 TuolumneStanislaus National Forest, Evergreen Rd., 1.7 miles north of Hwy 120, 28 miles east of Groveland. Shady bank, 5 feet from east of road
SHTC3550SHTCSilene californicaLee R.691997-05-06 CalaverasAvery area, 3.3 miles northeast on Love Creek Rd. Located in moderately open area of mixed coniferous
SHTC3551SHTCSilene californicaCordrey K.-1964-05-23 TuolumneFound near Twain Harte
SHTC3552SHTCSilene californicaWilcox M.5471965-05-22 TuolumneAmerican Camp Rd
SHTC380SHTCSilene californicaMurphy, J.982004-04-23 TuolumneSugar Pine Railroad Grade Trail, 50 ft east from trailhead on Confidence-South Fork Rd., Twain Harte. Growing in steep, north-facing bank.
THRI-SEKI1884THRISilene californicaStocking, S.K.10811961-03-27 UnknownElk Cr
THRI-SEKI1885THRISilene californicaShannon, Mary69-01401969-05-07 Unknown1 W Junct Sand Cr & Dunlap Rds
THRI-SEKI1886THRISilene californicaStocking, S.K.63-071963-06-18 UnknownSequoia Nf, Hoist Ridge
THRI-SEKI18929THRISilene californicaOliver, M.; Pilewski, L.SEKI.0213.062001-05-31 UnknownVM.SEKI.0213. Paradise Creek trail
THRI-SEKI18943THRISilene californicaPilewski, L.; Kane, S.SEKI.0224.102001-06-30 UnknownVM.SEKI.0224. north of Lewis Creek, Cedar Grove
UC1034630UCJEPSSilene californicaMilo S. Baker103461942-08-20 Glenns slope of Black Butte
UC1041044UCJEPSSilene californicaJ. W. Congdon1901-03-28 MariposaMariposa Mariposa (Water Ditch)
UC1051709UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen K. Sharsmith43971953-06-30 Lakejunction of Rice Valley-Bear Creek road 2.9 mi e lowest Bear Creek Camp (Mendocino National Forest); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
UC1056434UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason109901936-03-14 Calaverasthree mi n West Point (North Fork of Mokelumne);, n of West Point
UC1056435UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason110031936-03-20 Tuolumnethree mi above Tuolumne; above Tuolumne
UC112753UCJEPSSilene californicaMiss Harriet A. Walker3871906-06-23 Mendocinonear Comptche; near Comptche
UC112915UCJEPSSilene californicaKatharine Brandegee1934-04-30 Marincliff bet Bolinas Ridge and Liberty; cliff bet Bolinas Ridge and Liberty
UC112916UCJEPSSilene californicaKatharine Brandegee1908-06-28 SonomaGlen Ellen
UC1137445UCJEPSSilene californicaL. R. Short, I. H. JohnsonS-2681934-06-01 Tularenear the Sequoia Forest; near the Sequoia Forest, White River Quad., MDM--Deer Creek
UC1137909UCJEPSSilene californicaC. M. Belshaw20331936-04-13 Tuolumne1-4 mi below Italian Bar; Big Trees Quad., below Italian Bar
UC1137910UCJEPSSilene californicaK. Bradshaw1231937-06-10 LakeLower Blue Lake Lakeport Quad., Lower Blue Lake
UC1137911UCJEPSSilene californicaP. L. Johannsen1291932-06-13 Shasta1 mi e McCandless Gulch (Burney); Burney Quad., Redding, McCandless Gulch
UC1137914UCJEPSSilene californicaC. R. Clar1211933-05-16 NevadaWolf Creek Smartsville, Wolf Creek
UC1137915UCJEPSSilene californicaG. T. Nordstrom1431934-06-21 Placer1 1-2 mi w Mammoth Spring; Colfax Quad., Tahoe National Forest, w of Mammoth Spring
UC1137916UCJEPSSilene californicaG. T. Nordstrom1681934-07-02 Plumas1 mi se Mt. Ararat; Bidwell Bar Quad., Plumas National Forest
UC1137917UCJEPSSilene californicaR. Stahelin195721933-07-08 MendocinoCasper Camp 19 Fort Bragg Quad., Casper Camp 19 (Casper L. C at Copeland′s)
UC1137920UCJEPSSilene californicaH. S. Yates58741936-06-23 Humboldt4 mi nne Cathay Peak; Dyerville Quad., nne of Cathay Peak
UC1137921UCJEPSSilene californicaH. S. Yates38631934-04-22 Sonomanear Petrified Forest; Calistoga Quad., near Petrified Forest
UC1178900UCJEPSSilene californicaHerbert L. Mason83771935-05-02 KernHavilah Kern River drainage, Havilah
UC1185300UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E. Brown2431897-05-15 Shastanear Pit River Ferry; near Pit River Ferry
UC1198353UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy16040 1-21938-07-07 HumboldtGrouse Mountain
UC1198357UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy23231905-07-21 LakeElk Mountain Northern Coast Ranges, Elk Mountain (at the saddle betwen Elk and Pine Mts., Northern Lake County)
UC1198361UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy180961948-08-08 HumboldtIaqua
UC1198362UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy2671898-07-13 Humboldtnear Hydesville; Northern Coast Region, near Hydesville
UC120152UCJEPSSilene californicaD. Cleveland1882-06-17 LakeAllen′s Springs
UC120153UCJEPSSilene californicaD. C.1882-07-01 LakeIndian Valley
UC120154UCJEPSSilene californicaMrs. R. M. Austin1961880-08-09 PlumasSpanish Peak
UC120155UCJEPSSilene californicaDaniel Cleveland1882-06-14 LakeHough Springs
UC120156UCJEPSSilene californicaD. Cleveland1882-06-17 LakeAllen′s Springs
UC120159UCJEPSSilene californicaunknown1892-07-19 FresnoSequoia Mills
UC120160UCJEPSSilene californicaunknown1892-08-01 LakeSnow Mt.
UC1217164UCJEPSSilene californicaPaul C. Hutchison24161962-05-13 MendocinoHearst road about 2 mi e Hearst (near Emandale Resort, e of Willits, near creek flowing n into the South Fork of the Eel River); nr creek flowing n into South Fork Eel River, e of Willits
UC1249689UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen K. Sharsmith48901961-06-23 Mendocinonear margins of Elder Creek about .50 to 1 mi upstream above its confluence with South Fork Eel River; Northern California Coast Range Preserve, Elder Creek
UC1282804UCJEPSSilene californicaJ. R. Sweeney1946-07-28 Lake0.4 mi se Black Oak Villa (in Butts Canon, on Pope Valley Road 1.1 mi from Lake-Napa County line, ne facing slope, on 1 yr burn in chaparral on shallow rocky soil); Butts Canon, se of Black Oak Villa
UC1299501UCJEPSSilene californicaFreed W. Hoffman5541947-05-30 SonomaLayton Mine North Coast Ranges,, Layton Mine (Austin Creek)
UC1300953UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen K. Sharsmith51071962-06-03 NapaNapa-Soda Springs Road San Francisco Bay Region, Napa-Soda Springs Road
UC1334722UCJEPSSilene californicaEugene Memmler1021969-05-08 ColusaHgwy 20 between Williams and Clear Lake; Valley side of Coastal Hills, btwn Williams and Clear Lake
UC13560UCJEPSSilene californicaChesnut, Drew1888-07-09 HumboldtCampbell′s
UC136248UCJEPSSilene californicaC. F. Baker33521903-06-30 San MateoCrystal Springs
UC147632UCJEPSSilene californicaHarriet A. Walker12531908-06-24 PlacerBlue Canon
UC1537309UCJEPSSilene californicaGordon H. True, Jr.2871935-05-16 Los Angelesjust s Bouquet Canon Reservoir (Bouquet Canon); just s of Bouquet Canon Reservoir
UC1537312UCJEPSSilene californicaGordon H. True, Jr.4541936-05-11 Humboldt10 mi w Miranda (Elk Ridge);, w of Miranda
UC1541410UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E., S. T. Parks2581928-05-10 Mendocinonear Longvale; near Longvale
UC1541413UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E., S. T. Parks7511930-05-01 Humboldtnear Hydesville; near Hydesville
UC1541414UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E., S. T. Parks2581928-06-01 HumboldtLongvale
UC1541415UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E., S. T. Parks8401930-05-10 SonomaKnights Valley
UC1541416UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E. Parks1930-05-01 Humboldtnear Carlotta; near Carlotta
UC1558279UCJEPSSilene californicaH. K. Wagner2021936-05-14 TulareColony Mill Ranger Station Sequoia National Park (Sequoia National Park)
UC1558429UCJEPSSilene californicaH. K. Wagner2021936-05-14 TulareColony Mill Ranger Station Sequoia National Park
UC160408UCJEPSSilene californicaV. King Chestnut1888-05-09 AlamedaOakland
UC161014UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy34571911-07-09 Humboldtalong Willow Creek (tributary of Trinity River, near its mouth); Northern Coast Ranges, along Willow Creek
UC161015UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy30321909-07-31 HumboldtKneeland Prairie Northern Coast Ranges, Kneeland Prairie
UC161016UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy27911908-07-01 Humboldtridge between Van Duzen and Mad Rivers (near Low Gap, Humboldt and Trinity Counties); Northern Coast Ranges, btw Van Duzen and Mad Rivers
UC161017UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy25021906-06-24 HumboldtEast of Field′s Landing (Humboldt Hill, region about Humboldt Bay); Northern Coast Region, region about Humboldt Bay.
UC161033UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy22081905-07-05 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin′s (on hills at head of Moore′s Creek, Howell Mountain); Northern Coast Ranges, Howell Mountain, Moore′s Creek
UC161054UCJEPSSilene californicaHarley P. Chandler12591901-05-01 HumboldtNorth Coast Ranges, Redwood Belt North Coast Ranges
UC1614634UCJEPSSilene californicaCharles M. Belshaw721934-04-01 NevadaWashington
UC1618236UCJEPSSilene californicaBarbara Ertter76861988-07-04 LakeBear Creek Rd. ca 10 airmi n Upper Lake (town) (crest of road 3.8 mi from Elk Mt. Rd., Mendocino Nat′l For.); Mendocino Nat′l For., Bear Creek Rd.
UC196791UCJEPSSilene californicaC. F. Sonne1891-05-17 PlacerColfax
UC196792UCJEPSSilene californicaC. F. Sonne1895-04-01 SolanoSulphur Springs Vallejo, Sulphur Springs
UC203621UCJEPSSilene californicaA. A. Heller115371914-07-07 Glennon the Newville-Covelo Road e slope Coast Range, Mud Flat (at Mud Flat)
UC310206UCJEPSSilene californicaPhilip A. Munz99961926-04-04 Los AngelesBouquet Canon Bouquet Canon (Southern California)
UC311135UCJEPSSilene californicaA. D. E. Elmer44461903-06-01 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
UC311412UCJEPSSilene californicaMarcus E. Jones1903-05-22 KernKeane
UC419028UCJEPSSilene californicaH. E. Parks7511930-05-01 Humboldtvicinity Hydesville; vicinity of Hydesville
UC454241UCJEPSSilene californicaI. J. Condit7861905-04-01 San Luis ObispoLopez Canon, Middle Coast California
UC454243UCJEPSSilene californicaI. J. Condit1908-04-04 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley Roadside
UC454244UCJEPSSilene californicaI. J. Condit1911-08-02 ShastaCastella
UC455230UCJEPSSilene californicaMiss Kate Conger1907-01-01 ButteBrush Creek
UC465606UCJEPSSilene californicaKatharine Brandegee1908-07-01 PlacerAlta
UC465607UCJEPSSilene californicaFrancis Ramaley112581917-05-20 El DoradoKyburz
UC465608UCJEPSSilene californicaR. L. Pendleton821906-07-04 Santa Claras Saratoga (Norton Canon, West Central California); Santa Cruz Mts., Norton Canon
UC465609UCJEPSSilene californicaR. L. Pendleton14881910-06-18 Santa ClaraAdobe Ck Rd. 3 mi below Mt. House (Black Mt.);, below Mt. House
UC465671UCJEPSSilene californicaC. A. Purpus1899-04-01 MendocinoPotter Valley
UC465673UCJEPSSilene californicaMrs. M. H. Manning1900-01-01 HumboldtHoopa Valley
UC465674UCJEPSSilene californicaP. E. Goddard6411906-06-01 UnknownNorth Fork Eel River North Fork of Eel River (Mendocino and Humboldt Counties)
UC465675UCJEPSSilene californicaP. E. Goddardf1011907-05-29 HumboldtVan Duzen
UC465676UCJEPSSilene californicaH. W. Furlong1901-09-01 SiskiyouSummit to Ager
UC465677UCJEPSSilene californicaH. P. Chandler75911907-05-26 NapaWhite Sulphur Spr St. Helena, White Sulphur Spr
UC465678UCJEPSSilene californicaMilo S. Baker6741898-06-11 SonomaGeysers
UC465679UCJEPSSilene californicaMilo S. Baker3191898-07-08 Shastanear Nagle′s (South Cow Creek); South Cow Creek near Nagle′s
UC465680UCJEPSSilene californicaKatharine Brandegee1907-07-01 MarinWash Point Road, Wash Point Road (Tamalpais)
UC465681UCJEPSSilene californicaKatharine Brandegee1907-05-26 El DoradoColoma
UC479208UCJEPSSilene californicaMarcus E. Jones288771931-07-12 MendocinoFort Bragg
UC50267UCJEPSSilene californicaThomas Bridges, Esq.341935-06-28 Unknown
UC518930UCJEPSSilene californicaDavid D. Keck24491933-06-01 Tuolumneon road to Harden Flat near South Fork Station; South Fork, Big Oak Flat Road
UC535704UCJEPSSilene californicaEleanor Armstrong1934-05-18 HumboldtRichardson Grove
UC564022UCJEPSSilene californicaR. Bacigalupi, R. S. Ferris, Ira L. Wiggins66731933-06-02 Napaon Howell Mt.--Middletown Road 10 mi from Pacific Union College; Howell Mt.--Middletown Road
UC566185UCJEPSSilene californicaW. B. Augustine1021935-05-09 MariposaWawona Yosemite Quad., Wawona
UC579896UCJEPSSilene californicaAnnetta Carter4991934-04-15 El DoradoAuburn road two mi n Salmon Falls bridge (over the South Fork American River); South Fork of the American River, n Salmon Falls bridge
UC583287UCJEPSSilene californicaLewis S. Rose361791936-04-27 Colusa11 mi nw Rumsey; nw of Rumsey
UC604423UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason118161938-05-10 Tulareon General Grant National Park sw Badger (near Auckland Ranch); General Grant National Park sw of Badger
UC612939UCJEPSSilene californicaC. W. Sharsmith8071934-05-16 Mariposaadjacent to South Fork of Merced River (Wawona Basin); Sierra Nevada,, South Fork Merced River
UC615495UCJEPSSilene californicaBeryl O. Schreiber3561933-07-11 Mendocinonear Willits; near Willits
UC615496UCJEPSSilene californicaBeryl O. Schreiber3571932-07-11 Mendocinonear Willits; near Willits
UC640580UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason45301928-05-04 El DoradoHastings Creek near Pilot Hill (Sierra Nevada);, Hastings Creek near Pilot Hill
UC640588UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason56801930-06-01 Laken slope Mount St. Helena Inner North Coast Ranges,, Mt. St. Helena (St. Helena Creek)
UC640589UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason57621930-10-25 Montereysix mi e Santa Lucia Ranger Station; Santa Lucia Mountains
UC640590UCJEPSSilene californicaPauline Schulthess1931-07-07 Lakeone and one-half mi sw Kelseyville; sw of Kelseyville
UC640592UCJEPSSilene californicaH. L. Mason56221930-06-01 Mendocinobetween Cloverdale and Yorkville Post Office (on Navarro River Road to Fort Bragg); North Coast Ranges, Navarro River Road to Fort Bragg
UC640594UCJEPSSilene californicaEdward Lee22091936-06-08 SonomaNorth Ridge Fire Trail North Coast Range, Bohemian Grove (Monte Rio) (Bohemian Grove (Monte Rio))
UC659355UCJEPSSilene californicaLincoln Constance, Alan A. Beetle26101940-05-16 Humboldtcoastal bluffs above Alton; above Alton
UC668098UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy149201936-06-10 Trinityvicinity Salyer; Northern Coast Ranges, vicinity of Salyer
UC668099UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy160401938-07-07 HumboldtGrouse Mountain
UC668100UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy139971935-06-23 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
UC668101UCJEPSSilene californicaJoseph P. Tracy159891938-07-04 HumboldtValley of South Yager Creek
UC673237UCJEPSSilene californicaLincoln Constance, Milo S. Baker30091942-08-20 Glennse slope Black Butte North Coast Ranges, se slope of Black Butte
UC692409UCJEPSSilene californicaMary L. Bowerman8741931-05-19 Contra Costae-facing flank of main e branch Donner Canon (Mount Diablo);, Donner Canon
UC692651UCJEPSSilene californicaMary L. Bowerman31381935-06-15 Contra Costacrest of Eagle Point ridge at edge of chaparral and on margin of chaparral on w face..Arctostaphylos..Quercus burned in 1931 Mount Diablo, Eagle Point Ridge (are bordered by band Eriodictyon..)
UC702265UCJEPSSilene californicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg35991944-06-01 TuolumneTwain Harte Post Office Sierra Nevada, South Fork Road (South Fork Road)
UC722340UCJEPSSilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock, J. S. Martin54501939-07-15 Mendocino5 mi s Westport; s of Westport
UC725702UCJEPSSilene californicaA. A. Heller153511937-04-24 Colusaon State Highway #20, 15 mi w Williams; w of Williams
UC746834UCJEPSSilene californicaG. Thomas Robbins15581944-04-23 El Doradoca 4 mi nw Camino (along Chute Camp Road above Iowa Creek); above Iowa Creek, nw of Camino
UC75046UCJEPSSilene californicaC. F. Baker29781903-05-08 Yoloalong banks Canon Canon
UC767048UCJEPSSilene californicaR. F. Hoover25181937-06-25 TuolumneLong Barn
UC796697UCJEPSSilene californicaIra L. Wiggins121241949-05-28 Mendocinoon rocky banks of R.R. grade wet meadow 3.5 mi n Willits; n of Willits
UC8418UCJEPSSilene californicaH. N. Bolander65191867-01-01 Mendocinoalong the coast along the coast (Mendocino-Humboldt Counties)
UC8419UCJEPSSilene californicaJ. Burtt Davy1896-06-01 AlamedaNorth Berkeley Hills
UC8420UCJEPSSilene californicaAlice Eastwood1896-05-01 San MateoCrystal Springs
UC8421UCJEPSSilene californicaJ. Burtt Davy11581893-06-21 San MateoPilarcitos Lake and Canon
UC8422UCJEPSSilene californicaJ. Burtt Davy2721894-04-01 Santa Claraeastern slope Loma Prieta
UC8423UCJEPSSilene californicaState Survey25701800-01-01 Unknown
UC8424UCJEPSSilene californicaMrs. M. M. Hardy1893-01-01 Placer
UC8425UCJEPSSilene californicaBolander45151800-01-01 Unknown
UC8426UCJEPSSilene californicaM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-05-21 ShastaMorley′s Station
UC8427UCJEPSSilene californicaF. P. McLean1800-01-01 Alamedanear Oakland; near Oakland
UC8428UCJEPSSilene californicaCarl Purdy1821-01-01 Mendocinonear Ukiah; near Ukiah
UC8429UCJEPSSilene californicaM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-05-23 ShastaCow Creek
UC8430UCJEPSSilene californicaBolander65191800-01-01 Mendocino
UC8431UCJEPSSilene californicaWillis L. Jepson1892-07-01 Lakenear Uncle Sam Mt. (= Mt. Konocti, Mountain Region of Clear Lake); Mountain Region of Clear Lake, nr Uncle Sam Mt.
UC8460UCJEPSSilene californicaF. P. McLean1874-08-01 Unknownat Spring Valley
UC8506UCJEPSSilene californicaH. N. Bolander45151865-04-10 PlacerBed of American River
UC852801UCJEPSSilene californicaA. A. Heller153511937-04-24 Colusaon Highway #20, 15 mi w Williams; w of Williams
UC852802UCJEPSSilene californicaLewis S. Rose403811940-05-28 YubaBrowns Valley
UC852803UCJEPSSilene californicaC. L. Hitchcock64791940-05-20 Shasta25 mi e Redding (foothills of mountains); e of Redding
UC852804UCJEPSSilene californicaElizabeth Parsons Hawver1905-06-01 HumboldtCarlotta
UC852805UCJEPSSilene californicaAlice Eastwood5231912-06-20 NevadaNevada City
UC852806UCJEPSSilene californicaS. K. Harris, J. P. Tracy32951936-06-10 Trinityopen woods on hills w Sayler; on hills w of Sayler
UC852807UCJEPSSilene californicaAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell56221938-05-16 Lakeon road to Williams (Eastern Lake County); on road to Williams
UC852808UCJEPSSilene californicaCarl D. Duncan2171920-07-13 Mendocinobanks of Noyo River and Pudding Creek, Noyo (Noyo)
UC852809UCJEPSSilene californicaRoxana S. Ferris15271919-04-12 Tuolumneabove Indian Creek; above Indian Creek
UC852810UCJEPSSilene californicaAlice Eastwood111601922-04-23 Glennhills w Willows; w of Willows
UC852811UCJEPSSilene californicaA. A. Heller118631915-05-02 Buttehills 12 mi ne Chico (near Rock Creek); ne of Chico near Rock Creek
UC852812UCJEPSSilene californicaL. R. Abrams15241920-06-30 MendocinoCloverdale to Hopland; Cloverdale to Hopland
UC852813UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen M. Edwards1917-06-06 ButteDe Sabla
UC852875UCJEPSSilene californicaC. B. Clokey, I. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton47471930-05-13 Los AngelesBouquet Canon
UC906706UCJEPSSilene californicaHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy115751942-07-01 HumboldtDinsmore′s
UC910357UCJEPSSilene californicaW. B. Cooke, V. G. Cooke1950-07-08 Del NorteSouth Fork of Smith River trail above Rock Creek Lodge
UC917160UCJEPSSilene californicaK. L. Olsen211949-07-31 Plumason road to Caribou 2 mi n Howells; Feather River Canon
UC917308UCJEPSSilene californicaH. B. Currier, C. B. Heiser, Jr.18981947-04-10 Yoloin canyon just off Highway 16 ca 1 mi nw Rumsey; nw of Rumsey
UC921143UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen K. Sharsmith39701947-05-31 Lake1.2 mi beyond Napa-Lake County line (n slope Mount Saint Helena); n slope Mount Saint Helena
UC922352UCJEPSSilene californicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg57001949-06-26 Trinityn Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Primitive Area (White Rock Ranger Station); n of Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Primitive Area
UC931971UCJEPSSilene californicaVerne Grant, Alva Grant85261948-05-19 Mariposaon highway 49 rocky wooded steep slope 14 mi n Mariposa; n of Mariposa
UC942755UCJEPSSilene californicaPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.40161952-04-20 PlacerNorth Fork American River s Auburn (near bridge on Rt. 4 North Fork American River s of Auburn
UC972134UCJEPSSilene californicaHelen K. Sharsmith41311952-06-18 Sonoma0.8 mi w of junction of Pine-Flat-Middletown road with Socrates Mine Road (Mayacamas Range); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mayacamas Range
UCR0104591UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp69652001-07-08 HumboldtCA Hwy 36, 2.2 miles west of Dinsmore, beside the Van Duzen River
UCR111205UCRSilene californicaFrederica Bowcutt11711989-05-18 MendocinoSinkyone Wilderness State Park, along road from Four Corners to Needle Rock, 15 air mi. SW x west of Garberville
UCR173250UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp104572006-05-13 Placerc. 4 air miles NE of Auburn, along an unnamed road to Lake Clementine, 1.2 miile north of Forest Hill Road
UCR179390UCRSilene californicaAnn C. Myers421976-04-25 Butte20 miles north of Oroville County Road B-1 on Fether Falls Trail, 1.5 miles from trailhead
UCR183653UCRSilene californicaA.C. Sanders337682007-05-15 KernCrane Canon at fork c. 1 mile SE of Castac Lake
UCR183867UCRSilene californicaA.C. Sanders337992007-05-15 Kernsteep SW-facing slopes above Crane Canon, c. 1 mile SE of Castac Lake
UCR184029UCRSilene californicaA.C. Sanders338552007-05-23 Kernhills c. 0.75 mi. east of Canong and east of the gas pipeline route, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch from Castac Lk.
UCR184269UCRSilene californicaA.C. Sanders340732007-06-01 Kernhills east of Castac Lake and of the gas line route
UCR184802UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp119842007-05-09 El DoradoWhite Meadow Road, 0.6 mile west of its junction with Ice House Road, c. 0.75 W of Riverton
UCR188170UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp118962007-04-30 El Doradohiking trail leaving from CA-49, 3.4 miles northwest of Placerville
UCR188868UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp117232007-03-31 Nevadajust south of the crossing of CA-49 over the South Yuba River
UCR193396UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp121952007-05-30 PlacerMosquito Ridge Road, 15 miles east of its junction with Forest Hill Road in Foresthill, south of site of Bake Oven
UCR196875UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp134452008-05-15 El DoradoWhite Meadow Road, 0.1 mile west of its junction with Ice House Road, c. 1.3 miles up Ice House Road from US-50
UCR197820UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp134182008-05-08 CalaverasSkull Flat road, 0.4 mile north of it junction with Winton Road, northeast of West Point
UCR198104UCRSilene californicaJack Fine281975-05-25 El Dorado[Kyburz along Hwy 50] 200 ft north of lot 30 on Kyburz Drive
UCR198558UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp133912008-05-04 Amadoralong Tiger Creek Road, 0.3 mi east of the turnoff to Tiger Creek Reservoir
UCR206390UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp147182009-05-19 El DoradoHappy Valley Road, 0.2 miles west of its junction with Happy Valley Cutoff road
UCR207864UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp146992009-05-14 El Doradohiking trail starting north of CA-49, 3.5 miles north of CA-50 in Placerville
UCR208499UCRSilene californicaPeter Rubtzoff80591975-06-10 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide; Blodgett Forest, Deep Canon Road c. 0.6 mi. north of junction with Loop [Quintette] Road
UCR208504UCRSilene californicaPeter Rubtzoff77171974-07-19 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide; Blodgett Forest, Pilot Creek canyon at and near Bacchi Ranch crossing
UCR217152UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp160342010-05-14 El DoradoHappy Valley Road, 1.1 NE (69 ° ) of Somerset, just west of the bridge over the Cosumnes River
UCR222363UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp162762010-06-13 El Doradoalong Forebay Road, 2.1 miles northwest of the Forebay Bridge over South Fork American River
UCR231854UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp167652010-08-11 PlacerFinning Mill Road, 3.7 miles north of Forest Hill Road
UCR233418UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp175282011-06-09 NevadaTyler Foote Crossing Road, 3.3 miles north of its junction with Grizzly Hill Road, NE of North Columbia near the Sierra Co. line-Middle Yuba River
UCR235637UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp188742012-04-27 El DoradoMosquito Road north of Placerville, at south side of the crossing of the South Fork American River
UCR235638UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp188872012-05-03 El DoradoForebay Road, 4.3 miles north of Pollock Pines
UCR23679UCRSilene californicaJohn C. Roos66181957-06-29 SonomaFitch Mtn., near Healdsburg
UCR241732UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp191132012-05-31 CalaverasLily Gap Road, 0.9 mile northeast of its junction with Winton Road, 8.1 NE (60 ° ) of West Point
UCR242591UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp174052011-05-31 El DoradoHappy Valley Cutoff Road on the southeast side of the bridge over the North Fork of the Cosumnes River, 1.4 NE (61 ° ) of Somerset
UCR250344UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp203652013-04-18 PlacerYankee Jim Road, 2.4 miles east of its junction with Canon Way, 2.5 mi. ENE (78 ° ) of Weimar
UCR250673UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp204132013-04-24 CalaverasWinton Road, 1.9 miles east of its junction with CA-26 West Point
UCR256487UCRSilene californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp228402014-05-08 AmadorTonzi Road, 0.4 mile east of its junction with CA-124, 4.5 air miles NE (35 ° ) of Ione
UCR256907UCRSilene californicaOrlando Mistretta6881992-07-13 Los AngelesLos Pinetos Spring Canon Trail
UCR3531UCRSilene californicaFrank C. Vasek640805--041964-08-05 TehamaStuart Gap
UCR3553UCRSilene californicaWm. Horn Jr.630714--011963-07-14 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Meadow Valley, 100 yards south of Forest Service Road 2 N36, 0.5 mile west of UC Forestry Camp
UCR37526UCRSilene californicaP. Williams71984-04-28 LakeBlue Oak Campground
UCR4413UCRSilene californicaFrank C. Vasek640417--251964-04-17 TulareRoad between Johnsondale and California Hot Springs [M-50], 4.3 miles north of California Hot Springs
UCR50661UCRSilene californicaBarry A. Prigge71131986-04-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River
UCR50766UCRSilene californicaLyman Benson2091928-05-26 LakeSoda Bay, Middle Coast Range, Clear Lake River drainage.
UCR51528UCRSilene californicaMaile Neel361988-04-16 KernTejon Ranch, above the Microwave Road
UCR52367UCRSilene californicaTerry Hines131988-03-26 TehamaHwy 36, 17.5 mi. east of County line
UCR55490UCRSilene californicaJohn A. Adams6741966-04-09 TulareHwy 65 [later 69 now 245], 20″ [c. 5] miles below entrance to Sequoia National Park [entrance at Pinehurst in Fresno Co.]
UCR5878UCRSilene californicaRaymond Browns.n1966-04-09 Tulare18″ [more like 5] miles south of Sequoia [entrance at Pinehurst] on Hwy 65 [now Hwy 245]
UCR80846UCRSilene californicaSteve Morgans.n.1991-06-16 KernCaballo Campground, 0.6 mile NNE of Mil Potrero Rd on USFS Rd 9N09. East of San Emigdio Mtn and south of Brush Mtn.
UCR84720UCRSilene californicaKathy Harpers.n.1992-05-15 TrinityHells Gate Forest Service Campground along NW side of south fork of Trinity River, 1 mile east of Forest Glen on Hwy 36
UCR89495UCRSilene californicaSteve Boyd81341993-05-11 Los AngelesSaugus Ranger District, Angeles National Forest, N slope of Red Mtn in Ruby Canon, along Forest Service Road 6N24, 2.4 miles west of junction with 7N01
UCR9010UCRSilene californicaDonald Myrick9761964-07-26 TrinityHwy 299, c. 15 mi. east of Arcata.
UCSC1052UCSCSilene californicaD. J. Norman1361968-04-28 Montereynear Hunter Liggett Reserv., In caves area, in foothill woodland. Mostly in shady areas Hunter Liggett Reserv. - Del Venturi caves
UCSC257UCSCSilene californicaJ. E. Sowder621933-05-06 Nevada1 mi. S.W. of Bunker Hill - Smartsville
US2998070USSilene californicaJ. H. Thomas99111962-07-15 UnknownSan Mateo County. Jasper Ridge Biological Experimental Area, about 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto. Oak woodland near northern end of ridge.
YM-YOSE64913YMSilene californicaWILLIAMS, H.1936-04-22 ?  MariposaMERCED RIVER NEAR THE POWERHOUSE
YM-YOSE64915YMSilene californicaAUGUSTINE, W.B.1021935-05-09 ?  MariposaWAWONA (ALDER CREEK TRAIL?)
YM-YOSE64916YMSilene californicaAUGUSTINE, W.B.1021935-05-09 ?  MariposaWAWONA (ALDER CREEK TRAIL?)
YM-YOSE64917YMSilene californicaMICHAEL, ENID1929-05-19 ?  MariposaWAWONA ROAD
AHUC103967DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeecher Crampton69471964-04-27 El Dorado1-2 mile east of Lotus above American River.
AHUC103968DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeecher Crampton52601959-05-26 NapaNapa County, north end of Capell Valley, Capell Creek.
AHUC103969DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeecher Crampton40951957-06-04 NapaNapa County, north end of Capell Valley, above Capell Creek.
AHUC103970DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeecher Crampton11861953-04-30 Tehama10 miles east of Beegum.
AHUC103971DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeecher CramptonI861941-06-11 TuolumneTuolumne County: along State Highway 108, about 2 miles east of Long Barn.
ARF0180BLMARSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDonald Hazlett1801994-06-07 Humboldtnear horse Mt. Ridge rd
ARF0181BLMARSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJennifer Wheeler1812013-06-25 HumboldtStrawberry Rock
CAS-BOT249049CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHelmkamp, George K.; Helmkamp, E. A.167652010-08-11 PlacerNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Finning Mill Road, 3.7 miles north of Forest Hill Road Elev. given as 3740 ft
CAS-BOT300487CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBourell, Mona65631997-07-03 LakeMendocino National Forest, Low Gap Saddle Road (M 3) to ″Pyramid″ rock. Cold Creek trail
CAS-BOT384626CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSigal, L.s.n.1969-07-01 San MateoBelmont
CAS-BOT388970CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCalifornia Academy of Sciencess.n.1920-07-09 Unknown
CAS-BOT388971CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian S.731973-06-24 UnknownEmpire Mountain Trail
CAS-BOT388972CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1878-06-18 UnknownHill north of Redwood River
CAS-BOT388973CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, V.s.n.1879-06-01 UnknownUnspecified Northwestern California
CAS-BOT388974CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHatton, J. H.H-161913-07-25 Unknown
CAS-BOT388975CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCovel, Paul F.2821936-06-26 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT388976CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaZeile, Elsies.n.1909-07-18 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT388977CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMichener; Biolettis.n.1893-05-01 AlamedaLake Temescal
CAS-BOT388978CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHansen, Geo.16221896-05-07 AmadorElsie′s Creek
CAS-BOT388979CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBlaisdell, M.D., F. E.s.n.1937-07-26 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
CAS-BOT388980CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRose, Lewis S.361791936-04-27 Colusa11 mi. NW. of Rumsey
CAS-BOT388981CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.64441926-04-23 ColusaNear top of Grapevine Grade on Stonyford-Setco Road
CAS-BOT388982CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRose, Lewis S.361791936-04-27 Colusa11 mi. NW. of Rumsey
CAS-BOT388983CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas411801965-04-26 Madera3 miles south of Oakhurst
CAS-BOT388984CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas222091946-07-07 MarinPotrero Meadow, Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT388985CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomass.n.1939-07-16 MarinNear Bootjack, Matt Davis Trail, Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT388986CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alices.n.1978-06-15 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT388987CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.40161952-04-20 PlacerNorth Fork American River south of Auburn near bridge on Rt. 49
CAS-BOT388988CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKawahara, Saichi14561969-07-06 PlacerMel Henderson Ranch
CAS-BOT388989CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaQuick, Clarence R.13311934-07-04 PlumasHeadwaters of Clear Creek, Plumas National Forest
CAS-BOT388990CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, L. S.15621925-04-29 PlumasTahoe National Forest. Grizzley [Grizzly] Ridge
CAS-BOT388991CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura135521961-06-15 SonomaGreen Valley Rd. 0.8 mi. E of junction with Harrison Grade Road
CAS-BOT388992CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWall, Mrs.s.n.1939-06-01 PlumasBrush Creek
CAS-BOT388993CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVestal, W. P.; Vestal, A. G.s.n.1955-06-03 Santa BarbaraPattiway Ridge, 12.9 miles southeast of junction with Route 166, Maricopa to Santa Maria
CAS-BOT388995CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice13701912-07-24 SiskiyouCastella
CAS-BOT388996CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaApplegate, Elmer I.70421932-04-13 TehamaRosewood. Hills west of Red Bluff
CAS-BOT388997CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWynne, N.; Peckham, M.; Bamesberger, J.171994-04-10 TehamaN side of Hwy 36, 3 miles E of A5
CAS-BOT388998CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaShevock, James R.17311972-05-16 TulareHwy 190; 5 mi W of Camp Nelson
CAS-BOT388999CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMason, H. L.118161938-05-10 TulareNear Auckland Ranch on General Grant National Park road southwest of Badger
CAS-BOT389000CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.141561968-05-09 TulareSierra Nevada, Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Main road, 13.9 miles above the lumber mill
CAS-BOT389001CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThorne, Robert F.; Everett, P.370181967-06-08 TulareSequoia National Forest: ca. 6.2 mi. NE of Milo on Balch Park Road
CAS-BOT389002CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.72131962-05-25 VenturaSan Emigdio Range and the Mt. Pinos Region. Mt. Abel Highway, 0.6 mile north of Cowhead Potrero
CAS-BOT389003CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.72131962-05-25 VenturaSan Emigdio Range and the Mt. Pinos Region. Mt. Abel Highway, 0.6 mile north of Cowhead Potrero
CAS-BOT389004CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBauer, H. L.205A1928-05-18 KernTehachapi Mts., Caliente Canyon
CAS-BOT389005CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.26221962-04-30 VenturaAt Cow Springs Campground, 17.6 miles north of Fillmore on Cow Springs Road, Sespe Wildlife Area, Topatopa Mountains
CAS-BOT389006CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBaker, C. F.29781903-05-08 YoloCache Creek canon [Canyon]
CAS-BOT389007CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPattee, Mrs. Evas.n.1923-05-15 ButteShady Rest near Cresta
CAS-BOT389008CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMorrison, Mrs. J. H.s.n.1932-04-03 ButteDurham
CAS-BOT389009CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMorrison, Mrs. J. H.s.n.1932-07-04 ButteMountains above Durham
CAS-BOT389010CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.118631915-05-02 ButteHills 12 miles northeast of Chico near Rock Creek
CAS-BOT389011CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.118631915-05-02 ButteHills 12 miles northeast of Chico near Rock Creek
CAS-BOT389012CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAhart, Lowell63131989-05-29 ButteAlong the road to the Forbestown Reservoir, about 1-2 mile south-west of the Forbestown Reservoir, about 4 miles north-east of Forbestown
CAS-BOT389013CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAhart, Lowell42531983-07-29 ButteAbout 2 miles east of Milsap Bar, about 25 miles north-east of Oroville
CAS-BOT389014CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcFarland, Jeanne; Meyer, Kathie; Mullenniex, Anne281995-04-09 ButteNW of Paradise on Honey-Run Rd, 2.5 miles down from canyon rim
CAS-BOT389015CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEdwards, Helen M.s.n.1917-06-06 ButteDe Sabla
CAS-BOT389016CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThompson, J. W.44951928-06-05 Del NorteOn banks of Smith River, Douglas Park
CAS-BOT389017CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThompson, J. W.44951928-06-05 Del NorteOn banks of Smith River, Douglas Park
CAS-BOT389018CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.12431936-05-19 Del NorteE. of Crescent City
CAS-BOT389019CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1921-08-02 Del NorteRequa and Vicinity. 6 miles E. (up river) on Terwah road
CAS-BOT389020CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice122711923-08-11 Del NorteNear bridge, south fork Smith R.
CAS-BOT389021CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.88601937-06-16 Del NorteCrescent City - Grants Pass Road, Smith River Canyon, 2-10 mi. below mouth of Myrtle Creek
CAS-BOT389022CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.59831948-07-01 Del NorteSmith River 1-2 mi. above the forks at Myrtle Creek
CAS-BOT389023CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.67921945-06-13 Del NorteSmith River Canon [Canyon], 15 miles E. of Crescent City
CAS-BOT389024CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.; Duncan, C. D.84271922-06-27 Del NorteSmith River, mouth of Mill Creek
CAS-BOT389025CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alices.n.1941-04-19 Del NorteSmith River near Adams
CAS-BOT389026CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKildale, Doris K.84441929-07-14 Del NorteTrail up Klamath River from Klamath Glen to Blue Creek
CAS-BOT389027CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEarnhart, G.61961-04-02 Placer2 1-2 miles east of Auburn, north fork of American River
CAS-BOT389028CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaQuick, Clarence R.60-61960-05-20 El DoradoTunnel Hill, east of Georgetown
CAS-BOT389029CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBechtel, Robert C.911952-05-03 El Dorado2 miles north of Placerville
CAS-BOT389030CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPawek, Jean L.651956-05-23 El DoradoHighway 50
CAS-BOT389031CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1866-01-01 El Dorado
CAS-BOT389032CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRobbins, G. Thomas15581944-04-23 El DoradoAlong Chute Camp Road above Iowa Creek, ca. 4 mi. NW of Camino
CAS-BOT389033CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMalone, Larrys.n.1961-03-18 El Dorado2 1-2 miles west of Auburn, North Fork of American River
CAS-BOT389034CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRubtzoff, Peter77171974-07-19 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide, Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Pilot Creek canyon at and near Bacchi Ranch Road crossing; west side of canyon
CAS-BOT389035CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1952-06-26 KernRoad to Mt. Abel
CAS-BOT389036CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVon Loh, J.s.n.1979-05-30 FresnoNear Big Creek
CAS-BOT389037CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaClark, Jim D.s.n.1962-04-22 FresnoApprox. 5 mi. from Fence Mdw.
CAS-BOT389038CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaQuick, C. R.46-051946-04-23 Fresno2.6 miles up Kings River Road from Trimmer Bridge
CAS-BOT389039CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDuncan, W. B.s.n.1923-03-30 FresnoBase Camp Junction of N. & S. forks of Kings River
CAS-BOT389040CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcDonald, Julias.n.1929-05-01 FresnoSugar Pine
CAS-BOT389041CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaYork, Dana; Ertter, Barbara; Shevock, Jim7941996-06-07 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 59 km NE of Fresno (FSC), Sierra National Forest, 8.9 km S of Dinkey Cr. (site), just above Forest Road 10S24 at Ross Crossing
CAS-BOT389042CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.47301933-05-16 FresnoW. slope Sierra Nevada. 6-10 mi. below Miramonte on road to Dunlap
CAS-BOT389043CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.115371914-07-07 GlennOn the east slope of the Coast Range in thickets at Mud Flat on the Newville-Covelo road
CAS-BOT389044CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.115371914-07-07 GlennOn the east slope of the Coast Range in thickets at Mud Flat on the Newville-Covelo road
CAS-BOT389045CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice111601922-04-23 GlennHills west of Willows near dam
CAS-BOT389046CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaConstance, Lincoln; Baker, Milo S.30091942-08-20 GlennCalifornia North Coast Ranges. Southeast slope of Black Butte
CAS-BOT389047CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas191021943-08-05 GlennCanyon of Snow Basin Creek
CAS-BOT389048CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1878-01-01 Humboldt
CAS-BOT389049CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPaulson, Mrytles.n.1918-04-28 HumboldtEureka
CAS-BOT389050CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThomas, J. H.9241949-06-14 HumboldtSalmon River Valley near its junct. with Klamath River
CAS-BOT389051CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaClausen, J.6761932-09-17 HumboldtOn a roadbank between Willow Creek and Redwood Creek
CAS-BOT389052CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.6521961-07-04 Humboldt10.9 miles west of Willow Creek on US 299
CAS-BOT389053CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKildale, Doris K.16861926-03-22 HumboldtFleener Creek
CAS-BOT389054CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKildale, Doris K.70601928-06-24 HumboldtRedwood Creek at Berry′s
CAS-BOT389055CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.11611927-08-27 HumboldtOn the Klamath River 11 miles above Weitchpec
CAS-BOT389056CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.11751927-08-28 HumboldtOn the grade 9 mi. from Willow Creek, Lord Ellis Road to Blue Lake
CAS-BOT389057CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.11961927-08-29 Humboldt7 mi. s. of Ferndale & Capetown, Bear River Ridge--Mt. Glen
CAS-BOT389058CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaParks, H. E.07511930-05-01 HumboldtVicinity of Hydesville
CAS-BOT389059CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaParks, H. E.07511930-05-01 HumboldtVicinity of Hydesville
CAS-BOT389060CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaConstance, Lincoln; Beetle, Alan A.26101940-05-16 HumboldtCoastal bluffs above Alton
CAS-BOT389061CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaConstance, Lincoln; Beetle, Alan A.26101940-05-16 HumboldtCoastal bluffs above Alton
CAS-BOT389062CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVollmer, A. M.; Beane, L.1261951-06-06 HumboldtOn road between Orick and Weitchpec
CAS-BOT389063CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDuncan, Carl D.s.n.1920-09-22 HumboldtHoopa Valley
CAS-BOT389064CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1948-07-27 HumboldtNear mouth of Red Cap Creek - near Orleans
CAS-BOT389065CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-06-30 HumboldtWillow Creek
CAS-BOT389066CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHawver, Eliz. Parsonss.n.1915-06-01 HumboldtCarlotta
CAS-BOT389067CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas47601937-06-23 HumboldtDinsmore′s
CAS-BOT389068CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-05-02 Humboldt26 miles N. of Garberville
CAS-BOT389069CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-06-20 HumboldtSouth Fork of Eel River
CAS-BOT389070CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaNelson, Thomas W.; Nelson, Jane P.60591980-07-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Ranges. Along the road from Dinsmore to Anderson Ford-McKeown Ranch road
CAS-BOT389071CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.71871918-06-16 HumboldtWillow Creek
CAS-BOT389072CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWeston, E. Roy6161927-04-24 KernTejon ranch
CAS-BOT389073CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBenson, Lyman34771932-05-01 KernWalker Basin-Havilah, Piute Mt. Range, Caliente Creek
CAS-BOT389074CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaChandler, E. R.7981962-06-08 KernNear Valle Vista Public Camp on Mt. Abel Road
CAS-BOT389075CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.121421966-05-10 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Piute Mountains: Haight Canyon, 0.8 mile east of Havilah
CAS-BOT389076CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.121421966-05-10 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Piute Mountains: Haight Canyon, 0.8 mile east of Havilah
CAS-BOT389077CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.96561964-06-21 KernTehachapi Mountains. East slope of Bear Mountain
CAS-BOT389078CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.96561964-06-21 KernTehachapi Mountains. East slope of Bear Mountain
CAS-BOT389079CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.95271964-05-26 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Studhorse Canyon (a fork of upper Caliente Canyon)
CAS-BOT389080CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.95271964-05-26 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Studhorse Canyon (a fork of upper Caliente Canyon)
CAS-BOT389081CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.36111957-06-05 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Piute Mountains: north slope of Bald Eagle Peak
CAS-BOT389082CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.36111957-06-05 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Piute Mountains: north slope of Bald Eagle Peak
CAS-BOT389083CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.28341956-05-17 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Caliente Canyon, 4.5 miles west of Twin Oaks
CAS-BOT389084CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.28341956-05-17 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Caliente Canyon, 4.5 miles west of Twin Oaks
CAS-BOT389085CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.61281961-05-23 KernTehachapi Mountains. Tejon Ranch: Telephone Road at the head of Monroe Canyon
CAS-BOT389086CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.61281961-05-23 KernTehachapi Mountains. Tejon Ranch: Telephone Road at the head of Monroe Canyon
CAS-BOT389087CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.51701959-05-02 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Breckenridge Mountain Road, 4.4 miles west of Munzer Meadow
CAS-BOT389088CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.21281955-06-07 KernSan Emigdio Range. Mt. Abel Road, .7 mile north of Ventura County Line
CAS-BOT389089CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.21281955-06-07 KernSan Emigdio Range. Mt. Abel Road, .7 mile north of Ventura County Line
CAS-BOT389090CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTwisselmann, Ernest C.94251964-05-15 KernSierra Nevada, Greenhorn Range. West side of the summit of Blue Mountain
CAS-BOT389091CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.480611971-06-17 KernBodfish Grove of Piute Cypress, 2 miles east of Bodfish Gap
CAS-BOT389092CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.477881971-06-15 KernFlying Dutchman Creek canyon on Havilah-Mt. Breckenridge road
CAS-BOT389093CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHardham, Clare B.36451958-06-10 KernPiute Cypress forest near Bodfish
CAS-BOT389094CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMunz, Philip A.222791956-07-24 LakeLong Ridge trail from Fir Root Spring to Snow Mt.
CAS-BOT389095CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaStebbins, G. L.90441973-04-29 LakeAlong RockyCreek [Rocky Creek], 5 miles north of Morgan Valley
CAS-BOT389096CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1916-09-07 LakeTop of Sleet Iron Mountain
CAS-BOT389097CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.448361980-06-29 LakeButts Canyon Road 5-8 miles S of Middletown
CAS-BOT389098CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.59141902-07-19 LakeSouthern slope of Mt. Sanhedrin above the sawmill
CAS-BOT389099CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeller, A. A.59141902-07-19 LakeSouthern slope of Mt. Sanhedrin above the sawmill
CAS-BOT389100CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPeirson, Frank W.79561928-07-04 Lake8 mi. w. of Lower Lake
CAS-BOT389101CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1883-06-01 LakeSaratoga Springs
CAS-BOT389102CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.62991916-07-28 LakeBetween Hough′s & Bartlett Springs
CAS-BOT389103CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBowman, Agnes M.s.n.1901-05-02 LakeLower Lake, Anderson′s Ranch
CAS-BOT389104CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice128641925-05-22 LakeDashiells, Mt. Sanhedrin
CAS-BOT389105CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1924-05-24 LakeMt. Konocti
CAS-BOT389106CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas56221938-05-16 LakeEastern Lake Co. on road to Williams
CAS-BOT389107CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRowntree, Lesters.n.1937-05-07 Los AngelesBouquet Canon [Canyon] trail
CAS-BOT389108CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoss, Tim; Appleby, Walter73701993-06-07 Los AngelesW end of the San Gabriel Mtns: ca 500 ft ENE of Los Pinetos Spring
CAS-BOT389109CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoss, Timothy S.; Steinmann, Victor W85411995-05-08 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Bouquet Canyon: along Bouquet Canyon Road near Bouquet Campground No. 3
CAS-BOT389110CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaNorris, Norman L.191930-05-25 Los AngelesSequoia National Forest. Val Verde
CAS-BOT389111CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaNorris, Norman L.191930-05-25 Los AngelesSequoia National Forest. Val Verde
CAS-BOT389112CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.13321960-05-29 MariposaBig Oak Flat road
CAS-BOT389113CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBallantyne, May481958-05-01 MariposaVicinity of Mariposa
CAS-BOT389114CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaQuick, Clarence R.52-281952-06-18 MariposaChowchilla Mt.
CAS-BOT389115CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBallantyne, May2541959-04-19 MariposaPipeline near Mariposa
CAS-BOT389116CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLovegrove, Elsie Z.s.n.1938-07-16 MariposaWawona. Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT389117CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBacigalupi, Rimo14741928-05-10 MariposaAlong Wawona Road about 10 miles east of Mariposa
CAS-BOT389118CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.120351927-05-05 MariposaMerced Canyon 20 miles below El Portal
CAS-BOT389119CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas871923-06-24 MariposaDitch Trail, Wawona Valley
CAS-BOT389120CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBranson, Ivans.n.1929-05-11 MariposaHell Hollow near Bagby, Merced River Canon [Canyon]
CAS-BOT389121CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1883-04-01 MariposaMariposa
CAS-BOT389122CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1883-05-01 MariposaMariposa
CAS-BOT389123CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcMurphy, Jas.351903-06-01 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT389124CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWiggins, Ira L.121241949-05-28 Mendocino3.5 miles north of Willits
CAS-BOT389125CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoberts, Sue1131954-05-20 Mendocino6 miles east of Hopland on road from Lakeport to Hopland
CAS-BOT389126CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThomas, Hazelle A.; Thomas, John H.6361955-06-25 MendocinoNoyo. Beach near breakwater at mouth of Noyo River
CAS-BOT389127CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.58781916-07-07 MendocinoWolf Creek
CAS-BOT389128CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1903-07-19 MendocinoMendocino
CAS-BOT389129CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.7571927-08-21 MendocinoAlong the Redwood Highway 10 miles north of Cummings
CAS-BOT389130CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDuncan, Carl D.2171920-07-13 MendocinoNoyo
CAS-BOT389131CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPeirson, Frank W.37211923-07-07 MendocinoAbout 1 mile below camp on Indian Creek and 9 miles above Booneville [Boonville]
CAS-BOT389132CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.59651948-06-30 MendocinoThree miles east of Hollow Tree
CAS-BOT389133CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.59651948-06-30 MendocinoThree miles east of Hollow Tree
CAS-BOT389134CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1941-06-22 MendocinoBetween Laytonville and Hartsook
CAS-BOT389135CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPiper, C. V.s.n.1921-05-21 MendocinoWillits
CAS-BOT389136CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHead, Annas.n.1921-05-23 MendocinoOrrs Hot Springs
CAS-BOT389137CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJones, Marcus E.288771931-07-12 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT389138CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHoover, R. F.94681965-06-29 MendocinoSouth Fork of Big River between Orr′s Springs and Montgomery Creek
CAS-BOT389139CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKawahara, Saichi4781968-08-28 MendocinoUsal-Rockport Road, on ridge overlooking Usal from the south
CAS-BOT389140CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHitchcock, C. L.; Martin, J. S.54501939-07-15 Mendocino5 mi. s. of Westport
CAS-BOT389141CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.362891974-06-17 MendocinoEast of Gualala along Mendocino Highway 502
CAS-BOT389142CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja43771981-07-07 MendocinoNear 5th Ave. Camp enroute to summit of Mt. Sanhedrin
CAS-BOT389143CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.19271980-07-11 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Forest Road M4, 1 mi N of Mendocino Pass
CAS-BOT389144CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.4221978-06-15 MendocinoMt. View Road (Manchester - Boonville) 10 mi E of Point Arena
CAS-BOT389145CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.9221979-04-18 MendocinoOld Hwy 1, Navarro River South Bluff
CAS-BOT389146CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.5461978-07-25 MendocinoHull Mt. Road, just below Lookout Boardman Ridge, 15 mi N of Lake Pillsbury
CAS-BOT389147CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.11701979-06-06 MendocinoHwy 128, about 4 mi E of Boonville
CAS-BOT389148CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.31561982-07-08 MendocinoAlong the trail to Blands Cove, 11.5 mi N of Mendocino Pass Road, 2 mi SE of summit of Leech Lake Mountain
CAS-BOT389149CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.22361981-05-22 MendocinoYounce Road in the Mayacmas Mts., 12 mi SE of Hopland
CAS-BOT389150CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.17781980-06-18 MendocinoHammerhorn Lake, 8 mi N of Anthony Peak, 2 mi S of Trinity County and Hammerhorn Ridge, south end of lake
CAS-BOT389151CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.22861981-05-26 MendocinoTomki Road, about 8 mi N of Redwood Valley
CAS-BOT389152CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.65411981-06-09 MendocinoCanyon Road E of Willits
CAS-BOT389153CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.71371981-07-26 MendocinoOn Mt. Sanhedrin. U.S.For. Serv. road 20N04, just above Turkey Track
CAS-BOT389154CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.84891984-06-23 MendocinoAcross from The Farmhouse at junction of Bell Springs Road & Rte. 101
CAS-BOT389155CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.76421982-07-09 MendocinoAlong road at summit, Poonkinney Grade, above Middle Fork Middle Fork Eel River, w. of Covelo
CAS-BOT389156CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, Gladys L.58701980-06-06 MendocinoFour miles north of Willits, along Redwood Highway
CAS-BOT389157CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice152471928-06-08 MendocinoOsbornes, Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT389158CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice152151928-06-05 MendocinoHills near Covelo
CAS-BOT389159CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice114191922-06-28 MendocinoMendocino City
CAS-BOT389160CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice113841922-06-27 MendocinoOrrs
CAS-BOT389161CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice1588a1912-08-08 MendocinoNoyo
CAS-BOT389162CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice33051913-06-13 MendocinoUkiah
CAS-BOT389163CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice15881912-08-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT389164CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.75241920-06-30 MendocinoCloverdale to Hopland
CAS-BOT389165CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.58131916-07-05 MendocinoBetween Willits and Laytonville at the ″Outlet″
CAS-BOT389166CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.81941922-06-21 MendocinoMendocino City
CAS-BOT389167CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWolf, C. B.13031927-08-31 MendocinoAt Usal
CAS-BOT389168CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas42501929-05-26 MendocinoBluffs at mouth of Noyo River, Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT389169CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, G. L57201980-05-20 MendocinoAt first bridge over Mill Creek, Reeves Canyon north of Ukiah
CAS-BOT389170CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaIrwin, Margarets.n.1954-05-01 MendocinoRound Valley
CAS-BOT389171CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.851869-05-16 MendocinoUkiah
CAS-BOT389172CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCarpenter, Jeanette3491983-07-05 MontereySouth Fork Devil′s Canyon, Santa Lucia Mountains. On ridge about 1-10 mile north of Cone Peak
CAS-BOT389173CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowell, John Thomas56641930-10-24 Monterey2.3 miles east of ″The Indians,″ Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT389174CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKelley, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-06-01 MontereyTassajara Springs
CAS-BOT389175CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowitt, Beatrice F.9961956-06-24 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Near Del Venturi Cave along Del Venturi Rd. in Hunter Liggett Reservation
CAS-BOT389176CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHowitt, Beatrice F.13301962-05-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. In the ″Indians″ near Memorial Park, Los Padres Forest
CAS-BOT389177CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-06-11 MontereyCanyon above Tassajara Spring, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT389178CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHardham, Clare B.34481958-05-29 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Headwaters of the San Antonio River
CAS-BOT389179CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaElmer, A. D. E.31421901-06-01 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
CAS-BOT389180CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJohnson, Betty H.6201958-06-20 NapaNear St. Helena River, 6.4 mi. S.-W. of Middletown
CAS-BOT389181CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTracy, Joseph P.22081905-07-05 NapaNorthern Coast Ranges. Howell Mountain. On hills at head of Moore′s Creek, 3-4 miles East of Angwin′s
CAS-BOT389182CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74291939-06-11 NapaHills west of Calistoga
CAS-BOT389183CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRaven, Peter H.23621950-06-20 NapaIn the Napa Range between Conn Valley & Howell Mtn.
CAS-BOT389184CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBacigalupi, R.; Ferris, R. S.; Wiggins, Ira L.66731933-06-02 Napa10 mi. from Pacific Union College on Howell Mt. - Middletown road
CAS-BOT389185CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian41LM741972-07-10 NevadaEmpire Mine woods between Grass Valley and the Empire Mine
CAS-BOT389186CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian42LM741974-05-05 NevadaSouth side of South Yuba River, just below Washington
CAS-BOT389187CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian S.65761965-06-22 NevadaMayflower Mine
CAS-BOT389188CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian S.65631965-04-04 NevadaExcelsior Ditch
CAS-BOT389189CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMott, Lillian S.65871965-06-22 NevadaBloomfield road between Sugar Lake flume and Hoge M.
CAS-BOT389190CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaGoerges, Mrs. Martins.n.1953-06-24 NevadaLake Vera, North Fork, Yuba River
CAS-BOT389191CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTrue, Gordon H.19511965-05-20 NevadaWashington Rd. about 3-4 mi. north of its jct. with Hiway 20, 12 miles east of Nevada City
CAS-BOT389192CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice5231912-06-20 NevadaNevada City
CAS-BOT389193CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTrue, Gordon H.4701962-04-25 NevadaWashington Creek, about 1.5 miles east of Washington
CAS-BOT389194CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaElmer, A. D. E.44461903-06-01 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
CAS-BOT389195CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaElmer, A. D. E.44461903-06-01 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
CAS-BOT389196CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.42371909-05-26 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Between Woodside and Crystal Springs
CAS-BOT389197CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.74941920-06-01 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Back of Redwood City
CAS-BOT389198CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBrandegees.n.1915-03-21 San MateoCrystal Springs
CAS-BOT389199CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRandall, Josephine D.301907-07-24 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near Crystal Springs Lake
CAS-BOT389200CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDutton, H. A.s.n.1900-04-17 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Woodside
CAS-BOT389201CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCahill, Ned2831974-05-18 San MateoNear the intersection of Canada and Edgewood roads, about 3 mi westward from Redwood City
CAS-BOT389202CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCronemiller, F. P.31761967-07-10 Santa ClaraPalo Alto Foothills Park. Toyon Trail
CAS-BOT389203CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-03 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Hidden Villa near Black Mt.
CAS-BOT389204CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-06-08 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Page Mill Road, Black Mt.
CAS-BOT389205CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-07-06 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Charcoal burner′s road, Black Mt.
CAS-BOT389206CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAtkinson, W. S.s.n.1901-07-01 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Stevens Creek
CAS-BOT389207CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRandall, Josephine D.291907-07-10 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Peninsula. Stevens Creek Road
CAS-BOT389208CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMartineau, Robert3061974-06-17 Santa ClaraFoothills Park, City of Palo Alto. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto. Toyon Trail
CAS-BOT389209CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHanna, G. D.; Hanna, Margaret M.9001956-06-02 Shasta19.2 mi. E. of Redding, Hiway 299
CAS-BOT389210CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.99231922-08-07 ShastaMears Creek near Castella
CAS-BOT389211CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaApplegate, Elmer I.57481929-06-18 ShastaPollock, Sacramento River
CAS-BOT389212CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDrew, E. R.s.n.1916-06-01 ShastaSquaw Creek Ranger Sta.
CAS-BOT389213CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMcAllister, Mrs. D. B.81918-05-29 ShastaYdalpom
CAS-BOT389214CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-07-28 ShastaBelow Dunsmuir
CAS-BOT389215CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice119721923-05-28 ShastaDelta
CAS-BOT389216CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-05-14 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT389217CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSmith, L. E.2211913-05-16 ShastaPitt River
CAS-BOT389218CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWiggins, Ira L.9121922-08-12 ShastaAbove Camel Creek near McCloud River Country Club
CAS-BOT389219CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLeitholt, C. F.s.n.1893-06-01 SonomaSonoma Mt
CAS-BOT389220CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.80971922-06-21 SonomaHealdsburg to Cloverdale
CAS-BOT389221CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPettibone, Noras.n.1894-05-15 SonomaCazadero
CAS-BOT389222CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura135521961-06-15 SonomaGreen Valley Rd. 0.8 mi. E of junction with Harrison Grade Road
CAS-BOT389223CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaGraff, A. T.s.n.1925-05-20 SonomaTrospers, Cazadero
CAS-BOT389224CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDeNevers, G.16981981-06-27 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. Along Franz Valley Road
CAS-BOT389225CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDeNevers, G.12551981-05-23 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. Along Franz Valley Road
CAS-BOT389226CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.447581980-06-27 SonomaPepperwood Ranch W of Knights Valley
CAS-BOT389227CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBreedlove, D. E.28911962-06-06 SonomaAlong State Highway 128, 1.5 miles northwest of U.S. Highway 101 at Cloverdale
CAS-BOT389228CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1877-06-12 SonomaGuerneville
CAS-BOT389229CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1877-06-11 SonomaGuerneville
CAS-BOT389230CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRubtzoff, Peter12251952-06-10 SonomaTop of Fitch Mtn., near Healdsburg
CAS-BOT389231CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRubtzoff, Peter11821952-06-09 SonomaNorth slopes of Fitch Mtn., near Healdsburg
CAS-BOT389232CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaWorley, T.; Mill, M.; Rosenthal, F.621985-05-10 TrinityShasta-Trinity Nat′l Forest, Steelbridge Campground
CAS-BOT389233CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMunz, P. A.165911951-07-17 TrinityGrasshopper Public Camp, 2.5 mi. n.w. of Stuart Gap, North Yolla Bolly Mts.
CAS-BOT389235CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise57001949-06-26 TrinityWhite Rock Ranger Station, north of Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Primitive Area
CAS-BOT389236CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMunz, P. A.165911951-07-17 TrinityGrasshopper Public Camp, 2.5 mi. n.w. of Stuart Gap, North Yolla Bolly Mts.
CAS-BOT389237CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaConstance, Lincolns.n.1928-06-01 TrinityNear Arcada
CAS-BOT389238CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.61701916-07-22 TrinitySummit between Mad and Trinity rivers - Eureka-Red Bluff Road
CAS-BOT389239CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1883-06-01 TrinityHyampom, Trinity R.
CAS-BOT389240CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRattan, Volneys.n.1883-01-01 TrinityHyampom
CAS-BOT389241CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEastwood, Alice106791921-07-22 TrinityForest Glen, Trinity Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT389242CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJunkans, Anna A.s.n.1915-01-01 TrinityWeaverville
CAS-BOT389243CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHall, H. M.129151930-09-30 TrinitySix miles east of Weaverville
CAS-BOT389244CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHeusi, W. M.; Walker, B.1951930-06-22 TuolumneSierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park. Junction of Tioga Road and Big Oak Flat Road, near Carl Inn
CAS-BOT389245CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-06-07 TuolumneSonora
CAS-BOT389246CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPorter, Duncan M.6961960-05-21 TuolumneAt Mariposa County line on Highway 120 W of Lost Claim Campground, Stanislaus National Forest
CAS-BOT389247CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMiller, B. S.791959-05-23 TuolumneLyon′s Dam
CAS-BOT389248CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.24491933-06-01 TuolumneSouth Fork, Big Oak Flat Road. (Near South Fork Station on road to Harden Flat.)
CAS-BOT389249CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.24491933-06-01 TuolumneSouth Fork, Big Oak Flat Road. (Near South Fork Station on road to Harden Flat.)
CAS-BOT389250CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKeck, David D.24491933-06-01 TuolumneSouth Fork, Big Oak Flat Road. (Near South Fork Station on road to Harden Flat.)
CAS-BOT389251CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.15271919-04-11 TuolumneIndian Creek
CAS-BOT389252CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.15271919-04-11 TuolumneIndian Creek
CAS-BOT389253CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaGreen, E. A.s.n.1925-05-10 TuolumneSonora
CAS-BOT434952CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHopper, K.; DaSilva, P.; Kawachi, S.; Anderson, G.; Porter, J.; Fernholz, M.140122014-04-26 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Less than 0.25 miles up Azalea Hill Trail from intersection with Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Plot on north side of trail near shallow drainage.
CAS-BOT656414CASSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKierstead, Julie; Lindstrand III, Len2019-0482019-09-06 ShastaDivide between Fall Creek and Squaw Creek watersheds, 4 miles west of Shasta Lake, eastern Klamath Ranges. Growing on northside of Rd. 35N05.
CHSC101677CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart156242009-04-26 ButteSouth of a small drainage, about 120 yards southwest of Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1-2 mile (air) southwest of the intersection of Highway 32 and Ten Mile House Road, about 10 miles norhteast of Chico. T2 N R02E S3 W1-4
CHSC11073CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart1966-05-10 ButteBidwell Bar.
CHSC111729CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart182502012-07-01 PlumasBy large rocks, on the west side of the small stream, about 200 yards west of Caribou Road, about 4 miles (air) northeast of Belden. T2 N R07E S05 NE 1-4
CHSC114696CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. R. Keck, Jr.1989-04-18 TehamaForest Route 35; southwest of Highway 36. T2 N R0 W S09
CHSC115387CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart199922015-04-01 ColusaAlong a small drainage, burned over in 2012, rocky serpentine outcrop on the north side of State Highway 20, 1-2 mile east of Lake County Line, 12 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17 miles (air) west of Williams. Inner Coast Range. T1 N R0 W S03 NW1-4
CHSC118500CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway119552016-05-09 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; upper north-facing slope above the South fork Feather River arm of Lake Oroville, 0.4 km northwest of the junction of Ponderosa Way and Road 1 N19. T19N R06E S0 W_ ofSE_ USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
CHSC119185CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway124372017-08-10 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; about 150 m north of South Branch Middle Fork Feather River, 0.8 km north of Tamarack Flat (perhaps part of Tamarack Flat). T2 N R08E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dogwood Peak 1:24,000
CHSC122256CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway128482018-08-09 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; northwest end of Fields Ridge, along Road 2 N24; northwest slope above Sucker Run. T20N, R6E, NW 1-4 of SW 1-4 of sec. 25. Forbestown 7.5 quad.
CHSC122828CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway129642019-05-27 ShastaKlamath Ranges. Along Cline Gulch Road, 2.4 road-km east of French Gulch Road. South-facing slopes low in deep canyon of Cline Gulch. T3 N, R7W, SE 1-4 of sec. 1 Whiskeytown 7.5 quad.
CHSC21275CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. S. Taylor3771975-04-30 ButteAlong both sides of Humbug Rd, ca. 19 mi e of Chico.
CHSC213CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaA. Riker Unknown
CHSC21341CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaF. T. Griggs1271975-07-08 PlumasBuck′s Lake Forest Service Survey. T2 N R06E S25
CHSC214CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaR. M. Staley1952-07-14 ButteButte Creek.
CHSC215CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. Underhill1952-07-02 ButteCanon.
CHSC21649CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaD. Brink1975-07-12 PlumasBuck′s Lake. T2 N R07E S1 W1-4
CHSC23008CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRobert A. Schlising22091962-04-29 TuolumneSierra Nevada. Several miles NE of Tuolumne, on road to Basin Creek Campground.
CHSC2447CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaR. Carter2771965-07-06 ButteFound 1.4 N of Mountain House on Oroville-Quincy Rd., on E bank above road.
CHSC24673CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaS. Deaton171976-04-14 ButteCa. 2 1-2 mi n of Feather Falls parking lot, 15 ft off nw side of Falls trail.
CHSC24877CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaT. L. Reynolds571976-04-23 Butte.6 mi ne of Covered Bridge, 7.5 mi ese of Chico.
CHSC24878CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaD. J. Funk111976-04-15 ButteCa. 50 yd w of Mud Creek. T2 N R03E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC24879CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaP. Laherty61976-04-04 ButteOn n side of Ponderosa Way, ca. 10 mi w of junc of Ponderosa Way and Hwy 32, ca. 22 mi ne of Chico.
CHSC26222CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaToni Crumbo31977-04-05 Tehama10 ft from n side of road, 21 mi nw of Red Bluff on Hwy 36, 3 mi s of the jct. of Hwy 36 and Bowman Rd. T2 N R0 W S20
CHSC27515CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMichael F. Henetz151978-04-15 LakeCa. 40 m wsw of Grizzly Creek, ca. 30 m wsw Hwy. 20, ca. 8.2 km w of Walker Ridge Road. T1 N R0 W S03 W central border USGS Quadrangle: Clearlake Oaks 1:64,000
CHSC27734CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaW. K. Cheechov81978-04-09 Colusa5.1 mi w of Walker Ridge Rd., Hwy 20. T1 N R0 W S35 USGS Quadrangle: Wilbur Springs 1:64,000
CHSC28841CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaD. L. Daniels201979-04-12 TehamaCa. 50 ft s of Red Bank Creek, 2 ft s of Red Bank Rd., 13 mi sw of Red Bluff.
CHSC28844CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJeffrey M. Lund71979-04-07 NevadaEdge of roadside. T1 N, R8E, north center section 34, Nevada County Quadrangle, U.S.D.I., Geological Survey Map.
CHSC28846CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJane A. Rogers11979-04-12 TehamaN side of Hwy. 36, ca. 3 mi. w of jnct. of Hwy 36 and Road A5, 19 mi. w of Red Bluff. T2 N R0 W S21 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ono 1:64,000
CHSC29535CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDibble591979-06-15 LakeNear Potato Hill, close to the town of Stonyford. On the upper third of a ridge system. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC31020CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. S. Taylor33531980-10-06 ButteS side of Hwy 70, ca. 1-4 mi w of Bear Creek jct with N fork Feather River, ca. 0.5 mi w of Arch Rock Tunnel rest stop. T2 N R05E S15 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC31132CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDiane M. Reilly11980-03-21 ButteOn road cut, ne side of Dark Canon Rd, ca. 2 mi off Hwy 70, ca. 25 mi e of Chico. T2 N R04E S02 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
CHSC31133CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHerb Allan McLane41980-04-09 Butte10 ft n of Ponderosa Way, Plumas National Forest. T2 N R06E S05 NE1-4 of NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
CHSC32726CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. S. Taylor34951981-04-08 ButteEmbankment at end of Dark Canon Rd around the turnout near the restroom up from the boat ramp to West Branch Feather River, ca. 3.5 mi s of its jct with Big Bend Rds jct, ca. 5 air mi s of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70. T2 N R04E S14 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
CHSC32887CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCharmaine Rust81980-04-17 Lake5.1 mi w of Walker Ridge Rd, Hwy 20. T1 N R0 W S35 USGS Quadrangle: Wilbur Springs 1:64,000
CHSC33999CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMichael P. Crivello1979-04-11 PlacerS facing slope 300 yards n of confluence of North and Middle Forks of the American River. 2.5 mi. nne Auburn.
CHSC3822CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. E. Dunkel291965-04-20 ButteAlong south side of Cohasset Road ca 2.5 n and ca 2.5 ne of main entrance gate at Chico Municipal Airport.
CHSC38302CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVernon Oswald3251983-04-17 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, beside Yahi Trail w of Brown′s Hole. Near the bottom of canyon.
CHSC39296CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart42531983-07-29 ButteFound along the edge of the dirt road, about 2 miles east of Milsap Bar, about 25 miles north-east of Oroville.
CHSC4006CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. W. Cherry1967-03-29 ButteOn hillside, ca. 100 yds. e. of end of Bidwell Park road.
CHSC4022CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. E. Bowlin71967-03-18 ButteOn hillside, ca. 10 feet s of Cohasset Rd. and ca. 1.7 miles ne of Keefer Rd. & Cohasset Rd., Chico.
CHSC4084CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaE. P. Parreno1967-04-17 ButteUpper Bidwell Park ca. 1 mile from Salmon Hole.
CHSC4206CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. Senter241967-04-17 ButteLocated ca. 4 mi. from Horseshoe Lake on north bank off upper Bidwell Rd.
CHSC42228CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeth Chambers151986-04-18 ButteN on Cohasset Rd., 13.8 mi from Eaton Rd., Chico.
CHSC42235CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRusti Gammon31986-04-10 ButteCa. 4 mi s of Centerville, e bank of Butte Creek, 100 yds ne. T2 N R03E S1 W1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hamlin Canon 1:64,000
CHSC42411CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart13261977-04-28 ButteNear Ponderosa Way and near the Ponderosa Dam, north-west of Forbestown.
CHSC46352CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart63131989-05-29 ButteAlong the road to the Forbestown Reservoir, about 1-2 mile south-west of the Forbestown Reservoir, about 4 miles north-east of Forbestown.
CHSC56534CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSteven Triano2341988-06-01 LakeCa 0.3 mi n of Pogie Point Campground which is on the n shore of Lake Pillsbury. T1 N R1 W S03 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Lake Pillsbury 1:64,000
CHSC59308CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaMatt Carducci181992-04-12 Mariposa2.2 mi. ne of confluence of North Fork of Merced and Middle Fork of Merced river. Slope n side of Hwy. 140.
CHSC60078CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSandra Rosas31988-03-19 Mariposa200 ft of Merced River and 5.5 mi w of Arch Rock Ranger Station, 15 mi of Little Yosemite Valley.
CHSC63046CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVernon H. Oswald62201994-06-01 GlennIvory Mill Rd. 0.7 W of the junction of 2 N01 and Rd. 308 at the Mendocino National Forest boundary. On a roadside bank. T20N R07W S22
CHSC64967CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaVernon H. Oswald69981995-07-12 TehamaInner North Coast Ranges. W of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 45 (Tedoc Mtn. Rd.), 3.2 mi S of Hwy. 36. On a roadside bank. T2 N R0 W S34 NW1-4
CHSC65493CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaShaun E. Sims31995-04-09 Glenn2 mi w South Fork Willow Creek, 1 mi e Stony Creek. T1 N R0 W S01 NW corner
CHSC66935CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames D. Jokerst34411992-01-01 PlumasSerpentine formation, without further data.
CHSC67359CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames D. Jokerst25711985-08-12 PlumasRed Mtn. Rd. in saddle below summit, above junction with Rich Gulch Rd., N of Hwy. 70. T2 N R07E S10 NE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC78071CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCaleb E. Casey1999-05-11 ButteGreen gate road, along Hwy. 32. Along road embankment. T2 N R02E S13
CHSC78631CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway67582000-05-30 LakeInner North Coast Ranges. East-facing dirt road cutbank on west side of Spanish Creek 1.4 km north of North Fork Cache Creek. T1 N R0 W S03 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hough Springs 1:24,000
CHSC79487CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaB. Castro11252000-05-03 ColusaVicinity of Sites, Sites-Lodoga Rd, and Grapevine Creek. T1 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Lodoga 1:24,000
CHSC81483CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJulie Rose902000-04-25 Butte6.8 miles on Hwy 32 East to Green Gate. About a quarter mile down the trail. T2 N R02E S02 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise
CHSC82095CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway74192001-08-05 PlumasHigh Cascade Range. Top of ridge between Yellow Creek and North Fork Feather River (and Caribou Road). T2 N R07E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Caribou 1:24,000
CHSC82633CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTara Morgan312002-04-23 ButteFound along the south rim trail located on the east side of Big Chico Creek. Located down from the green gate off of Highway 32 down the trail. On the side of the trail. T2 N R02E S35 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC84918CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJanice Morris901995-04-24 ButteCa. 1-2 mi. s of Mud Creek, 1-2 mi e of Richardson Springs Resort. T2 N R02E S17 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Richardson Springs 1:24,000
CHSC87351CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLowell Ahart108652004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington. T1 N R10E S13 SW1-4
CHSC88824CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. Hanson1621981-07-28 PlumasPlumas National Forest. On Browns Hill Ridge. T2 N R07E S35 USGS Quadrangle: Cascade
CHSC90050CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPeggy Fain191991-04-21 ButteCa. 3 km. E. of Richardson Springs Hotel, N. side of Walker Creek, Musty Buck Preserve.
CHSC9280CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaD. C. Burns1091971-04-02 ButteOn n side of Cohasset rd. ca. 1.5 mi w of the intersection of Cohasset rd. and Vilas rd.
CHSC9478CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaG. Strausbaugh851970-05-30 ShastaCa. 6 mi. from beginning of nature trail at Brandy Creek Marina and ca. 25 yds. past creek passing under trail, 15 ft. uphill & south of trail.
CHSC98304CHSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Janeway90892007-07-08 El DoradoNorthern High Sierra Nevada. El Dorado National Forest. Traverse Creek Special Interest Area; near the confluence of Rock Canon Creek and Traverse Creek. Serpentine chaparral. T12B R10E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Georgetown 1:24,000
DAV335084DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJake Ruygt6321979-05-24 NapaNapa County; Hwy. 128 2.1 miles east of Silverado Trail.
DAV335085DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames A. Neilson, Jr.28001974-06-30 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains. Cobb Mountain; ca. 1 1-2 miles west of Whispering Pines on State Highway 175. (Elevation estimated by label maker using Google Earth.)
DAV335087DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoman Gankin9991967-07-07 MendocinoMendocino County: Devil′s Rock Garden and vicinity, 6 road miles north of Hull Mountain and 1-2 mile west of USFS Road NO2.
DAV335088DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJack Major821954-05-11 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland, Hopland Field Station, on right side of road below James place (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV335089DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaEllen Dean87442015-05-10 NapaNapa County: Butts Canon. Along Butts Canon - Guenoc Road, just NW of Shell Valley Road turnoff. South side of road.
DAV335090DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames A. Neilsons.n.1975-04-29 TehamaTehama County: Highway 36, ca. 25 miles west of Red Bluff. (Exact location unknown. Elevation and coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV335091DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames A. Neilson, Jr.33611975-06-20 SonomaSonoma County: Section 10, on the Geysers Road west of The Geysers Resort. (Exact location unknown. Elevation and coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV335092DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJames A. Neilson, Jr.29551973-06-03 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. The Geysers. Site I. (Location and elevation of Site I estimated from Neilson 2994 which has Township-Range data and says that Site I is in Geyser Canon. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV335093DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBeverly Ortiz161978-04-08 ColusaRhizomes spreading horizontally beneath the ground, stems pubescent, flowers red. Moist soil, growing in a litter layer, partially shaded by shrubs, growing on flat on slope. 2 miles north of the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 20.
DAV335094DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaBrandi Sorensen191995-06-01 PlacerPlacer County: .73 kilometers northwest of Colfax.
DAV335095DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaH. B. Currier18981947-04-10 YoloYolo County: just off Highway 16, 1 mile northwest of Rumsey.
DAV335096DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCollector unknown16171995-05-24 County unknownCalifornia: county unknown.
DAV335097DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. L. Wirkas.n.1995-05-19 PlacerPlacer County: About 1 km from the trailhead of the Steven′s Trail that descends the north fork of the American River Canon outside of Colfax, south of I-80.
DAV335098DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. E. Hazeltines.n.1916-07-16 ButteButte County: Appleton.
DAV335099DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaG. K. Helmkamp117232007-03-31 NevadaNevada County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, just south of the crossing of CA-49 over the South Yuba River.
DAV335100DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaG. K. Helmkamp118962007-04-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Hiking trail leaving from CA-49, 3.4 miles northwest of Placerville.
DAV335101DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaG. K. Helmkamp119842007-05-09 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; White Meadow Road, 0.6 mile west of its junction with Ice House Road, 0.75 mile NNW of Riverton.
DAV335102DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKathleen Keliher641975-04-19 YubaYuba County: 100 yards below Englebright Reservoir, Sierra Foothill Field Station.
DAV335103DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCherry Kline511964-05-02 ColusaColusa County: Bear Creek Canon, 3 miles north of the Wilbur Springs turnoff on State Highway 20.
DAV335104DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaC.H. Lamoureux10781956-05-19 El DoradoKyburz.
DAV335105DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJune McCaskill3181954-05-25 SolanoSolano County: Green Valley.
DAV335106DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKen McDonald151984-05-20 AmadorMokelumne River Bridge, Hwy 49.
DAV335107DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRodney Gale Myatt2401970-05-23 CalaverasStanislaus River Canon. Along Hunter′s Road, between Hathaway Pines and NF Stanislaus River.
DAV335108DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRodney Gale Myatt3081970-05-29 CalaverasHunter′s Road, along canyon below (south of) Hathaway Pines (community on Hwy 4, south of Arnold).
DAV335109DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaK. L. Olsen211949-07-31 PlumasPlumas County: Feather River Canon, 2 miles north of Howells, on road to Caribou.
DAV335110DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaGordon J. Pilone2061962-04-28 TulareTulare County: Clemmie Gill School of Science and Conservation, 8 miles NW of Springville.
DAV335111DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaR. A. Pendletons.n.1939-05-21 El DoradoOtter Creek.
DAV335112DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFrank Polach151967-04-22 ButteButte County: 1-2 mile from railroad, Feather Falls.
DAV335113DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaW. W. Robbins5151926-04-17 NevadaNevada County: Grass Valley.
DAV335114DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKathleen A. Robson411981-05-25 ColusaColusa County: from Stonyfield, take Fouts Spring Road 8 miles west to Fouts Springs, continue 1 mile West along roadside.
DAV335115DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-07-09 GlennGlenn County: Elk Creek. Mendocino National Forest. Sheetiron.
DAV335117DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCynthia D. Seaman11980-03-21 ButteButte County: NE side of Dark Canon Road, 2 miles off Highway 70, 25 miles east of Chico.
DAV335118DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. P. Thibault211995-05-13 NevadaNevada County: along Humbug Creek in Malakoff Diggins State Park.
DAV335119DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. Turner101995-05-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: along Hwy 193, 1-2 mile N of junction with Hwy 49.
DAV335121DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. Ensign3431943-05-28 LakeLake County: 3 miles west of Lower Lake.
DAV335122DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaK. Esaus.n.1933-07-07 SonomaSonoma County: Calistoga, near Petrified Forest.
DAV335124DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoxana S. Ferris135521961-06-15 SonomaSonoma County: Green Valley Road, 0.8 mile E of junction with Harrison Grade Road.
DAV335125DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRoman Gankin9491967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: near summit of Monkey Rock, 1.9 road miles north of junction Hull Mountain summit access road on USFS Road 1 NO2.
DAV335126DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaNicholas Goulden621982-06-02 El DoradoHighway 50, Digger Indian Springs.
DAV335127DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaR. O. Hanes171991-05-21 YubaRoad 1 N77 or 121. Tahoe Forest.
DAV335128DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaKim Bradshaws.n.1992-05-16 MendocinoMendocino County: on Lincoln Ridge.
DAV335129DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaG. F. Hrusa146031998-06-19 ColusaColusa County: above upper Little Stony Creek. Goat Mountain Road around 2 km west of campground.
DAV335130DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPeter Rubtzoff77171974-07-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Pilot Creek canyon at and near Bacchi Ranch Road crossing; west side of canyon.
DAV335131DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPhyllis Adams481982-05-15 PlacerCalifornia, Placer Co.; in the American River Canon;
DAV335132DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ. F. Addicott551965-04-16 PlacerPlacer County: on east side of Interstate Highway 80, 0.3 mile north of Colfax.
DAV335133DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJohn D. Atkin391952-05-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County: south slope near Highway 50, 1 mile east of where highway crosses American River.
DAV335134DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaRobert C. Bechtel911952-05-03 El Dorado2 miles north of Placerville.
DAV335135DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaA. Bennett351977-05-28 CalaverasCalifornia, Calaveras Co.; 7.5 miles east of Murphy′s along the north side of Highway 4;
DAV335136DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaLyman Benson34771932-05-01 KernKern County: Walker Basin, Havilak.
DAV335137DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaS. Boswell1661974-04-29 ButteButte County: 3 feet south of Honey Run Road and 1.5 miles east of Honey Run Covered Bridge.
DAV335138DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFrederica Bowcutt8181987-05-26 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. South of BLM′s King Range Conservation Area. SW of Four Corners, approx. 0.5 air miles. At entrance sign to park along Needle Rock Road (County Road 435).
DAV335139DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaFrederica Bowcutt18581994-06-12 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 1.5 air milse N of Kenwood, and 18 air miles NW of Napa. Adobe Canon N of Sonoma Creek, N of Adobe Canon Road, at Pony Gate trail juncture.
DAV335140DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNFN-0187b2005-05-02 El DoradoEl Dorado County: CDPR, Auburn State Recreation Area, just south of the Olmstead Loop Trail, south of the Knickerbocker Canon (just after the trail comes out of the canyon).
DAV335141DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaPeter Rubtzoff80591975-06-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Deep Canon Road ca. 0.6 mi. north of junction with Loop Road (Comp. 10U).
DAV338709DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJack Alderson12007-03-25 ColusaColusa County: BLM Payne Ranch. Destinella Flat area, just E of the Lake County border, ca. 3.4 road miles along Hwy 20 from the junction of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20. South side of Hwy 20.
DAV338710DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaSam Bledsoe42007-03-25 ColusaColusa County: BLM Payne Ranch. Destinella Flat area, just E of the Lake County border, ca. 3.4 road miles along Hwy 20 from the junction of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20. South side of Hwy 20.
DAV351292DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHannah Kang1172019-05-26 NevadaNevada County. Northern Sierra Nevada. Washington Road. 4 miles North of Hwy 20 and approximately 12 miles East from Nevada city.
DAV351293DAVSilene laciniata subsp. californicaHannah Kang1092019-05-26 NevadaNevada County. Northern Sierra Nevada. Washington Road. 4 miles North of Hwy 20 and approximately 12 miles East from Nevada city.
GH00404776GHSilene laciniata subsp. californicaR. R. Halse90362014-03-25 ColusaAlong the Bear Valley Road ca. 1.8 miles west northwest of its junction with State Hwy. 20
GH01751786GHSilene laciniata subsp. californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1923-06-14 Del Norte[data not captured]
HSC101675HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaDillon North Davis302013-06-30 Plumas9.8 miles south on FS Road 2 N17 from intersection with Highway 70.
HSC103777HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaM. Mesler16442015-07-13 MendocinoFS 2S08 near Zenia
HSC12238HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaGary J. Stebbins491970-03-28 CalaverasAlong Ponderosa Way 2.3 mi. S of bridge over Mokelumne River
HSC23314HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaL. Walk71971-04-06 MariposaW bank of stream 200 yds. N of Merced River and 3.8 W of El Portal on Hwy. 140
HSC23722HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTim Baroni861971-06-28 Mendocino16 N of Willits, 4 mi. N of the Covelo junction turnoff, 1-2 mi. N of Sherwood Rd. on Hwy. 101, E bank of Long Valley Creek
HSC23733HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaTim Baroni1141971-07-06 Humboldt3 mi. S of Ferndale on Mattole Rd.
HSC24398HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaJ.O. Sawyer22281970-06-24 HumboldtRidge on Big Hill Rd., E of Hoopa
HSC31594HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThomas E. Higley911974-05-05 Tehama21 mi. E of Trinity Co. Line on Hwy. 36
HSC32812HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThomas W. Nelson9041973-05-06 MendocinoAlong the road to Eden Valley, W side of summit
HSC33214HSCSilene laciniata subsp. californicaThomas W. Nelson13351974-05-27 Mendocino