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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
SD33SDSequoia sempervirensCharlotte M. Wilders.n. HumboldtCarlotta
HNT593HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT595HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin Unknownlocality redacted by HNT
HNT602HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT606HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin Montereylocality redacted by HNT
YM-YOSE15453YMSequoia sempervirensPeter, Jesse Sonoma7 Miles South of Santa Rosa in Bennet Valley
YM-YOSE15454YMSequoia sempervirensPeter, Jesse Sonoma7 Miles south of Santa Rosa in Bennet Valley
YM-YOSE15455YMSequoia sempervirensPeter, Jesse Sonoma7 Miles South of Santa Rosa in Bennet Valley
UC258UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. H. Brewer9141862-3-28 Marinnear Tamalpais
UC259UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. H. Brewer14801862-10-06 Marincanon of Daniel's Creek Tomales Bay, Daniel's Creek (near head of Tomales Bay)
CAS-BOT85835CASSequoia sempervirensKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.9601868-1-1 Humboldt
UC405205UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1874-1-01 San Mateo
CAS-BOT80324CASSequoia sempervirensCongdon, J. W.s.n.1880-2-1 SonomaNear Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT80325CASSequoia sempervirensCongdon, J. W.s.n.1880-2-1 SonomaSanta Rosa
SBBG364SBBGSequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwood1885 MarinMount Tamalpais
UC160893UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensV. King Chestnut1888-2-22 Contra CostaMoraga Valley
UC13713UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1888-2-22 Contra CostaMoraga Valley
CAS-BOT80270CASSequoia sempervirensKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1890-6-10 Del Norte
JEPS48269UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson1891-1-16 MarinMill Valley
UC256UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson1891-1-16 MarinMill Valley
UC13699UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensMichener, Bioletti1892-4-01 MarinFaifax
UC333623UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwood1893-2-10 Marinhead of Redwood Canon Redwood Canon
CAS-BOT80295CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, William R.s.n.1893-2-18 San MateoNear La Honda
CAS-BOT80323CASSequoia sempervirensKrauss, F. G.s.n.1893-11-1 SonomaKnights [Canon] Canyon
CAS-BOT80294CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, William R.s.n.1894-2-25 San Mateonear Summit Springs
UC333625UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1894-8-03 MendocinoMendocino
JEPS88722UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson1894-10-01 Contra CostaRedwood Peak Oakland Hills, Redwood Peak
CAS-BOT85805CASSequoia sempervirensEastwood, Alices.n.1895-2-10 MarinRedwood Canyon [Canon]
UC333624UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwood1895-2-10 Marinhead of Redwood Canon
CAS-BOT80317CASSequoia sempervirensEastwoods.n.1895-3-1 Santa CruzBoulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mts.
CAS-BOT80316CASSequoia sempervirensEastwoods.n.1895-3-1 Santa CruzBoulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mts.
UC55791UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. W. Koch1895-3-23 AlamedaRedwood Peak
POM21704RSASequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwoods.n.1895-4-1 Santa CruzBoulder Creek.
UC141577UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwood1895-4-01 Santa CruzBoulder Cr.
POM193078RSASequoia sempervirensW. R. Dudleys.n.1895-10-19 San MateoBy Summit Spr. Road, Kings Mountain, Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
CAS-BOT80296CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-10-19 San MateoBy Summit Spr. Road, King's Mt.
UC252UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. Burtt Davy1896-7-01 Sonomanear Guerneville
UC403025UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. Burtt Davy1896-8-01 SonomaBohemian Camp Guerneville
UC401979UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1896-9-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT85780CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-1-1 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula, Butano Creek
CAS-BOT85777CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-1-1 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula, by Hamilton's
UC1196921UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. P. Tracy1531897-2-22 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka
UC401313UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensC. F. Sonne1897-4-01 Napanear Napa City
POM21702RSASequoia sempervirensA. L. Boltons.n.1897-8-1 MontereyUnspecified.
UC260UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensA. L. Bolton1897-8-01 Monterey
UC255UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensArthur L. Bolton1897-8-01 MontereySur River
UC254UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensM. Louise Douglass1898-4-19 SonomaGlen Ellen
UC1185286UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. E. Brown8571898-6-01 Mendocinonear Mendocino
SD35SDSequoia sempervirensMrs. F. H. Fellowss.n.1899-5-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
UC64433UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. M. Hall1899-10-01 HumboldtEel River
UC401973UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson1899-11-01 Alamedanear Old Greenhouse; University Grounds
POM21701RSASequoia sempervirensH. T. A. Huss.n.1899-12-1 MarinUnspecified.
CAS-BOT80313CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-12-1 Santa Cruz[White-house] Whitehouse Creek, Big Basin
CAS-BOT80300CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-12-1 Santa CruzFrom [Burlingclaim] Burlingame near Union Mills - Santa Cruz Pen.
UC253UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. T. A. Hus1899-12-25 Marin
UC257UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. T. A. Hus1899-12-25 Marin
CAS-BOT80292CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-2-1 San Mateonear Kings Mt. House
CAS-BOT85779CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-2-1 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula, near King's Mt. house.
CAS-BOT80281CASSequoia sempervirensMcCallum, Mrs. Alexanders.n.1900-4-1 Mendocino[Glen Blair] Glenblair
CAS-BOT80308CASSequoia sempervirensGhirardelli, Mrs. Domingos.n.1900-4-1 Santa CruzSoquel
CAS-BOT85847CASSequoia sempervirensGrant, G. B.s.n.1900-5-13 MarinMill Valley
JROH133JROHSequoia sempervirensW.R. Dudleys.n.1901-1-01 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
UC429816UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. R. Dudley1901-1-01 San Mateonear Searsville
UC1196922UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. P. Tracy9801901-1-01 Humboldtimmediate vicinity of Eureka
CAS-BOT85783CASSequoia sempervirensunspecifieds.n.1901-1-26 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula, Coal Mine [Canon] Canyon
CAS-BOT85784CASSequoia sempervirensAtkinsons.n.1901-1-27 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula, near Preston's Place, Portola Valley
CAS-BOT85782CASSequoia sempervirensunspecifieds.n.1901-1-27 San MateoMountain side West of Preston Place
UC251UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. A. Setchell1901-6-01 Montereynear Big Sur
CAS-BOT80272CASSequoia sempervirensColeman, G. A.s.n.1901-7-7 MendocinoNear Kinney; Near summit of hill about 1 mile from coast
UC55657UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. P. Tracy12771901-8-11 Humboldtimmediate vicinity of Eureka
POM181978RSASequoia sempervirensJ. G. Lemmons.n.1901-9-1 HumboldtEureka
UC333628UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1901-9-01 HumboldtEureka
CAS-BOT80293CASSequoia sempervirensB., C. F.3191902-1-15 San MateoWest side King's Mountain
UC118916UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensC. F. Baker3191902-1-15 San Mateow side of King's Mountain Coast Range, King's Mountain
CAS-BOT80291CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-2-9 San MateoBlack Mt., Alpine Road
RSA0021724RSASequoia sempervirensH. M. Hall27001902-3-04 UnknownSan Leandro Creek. [Alameda or Contra Costa Co.]
CAS-BOT80262CASSequoia sempervirensHall, H. M.27001902-3-4 Contra CostaSan Leandro Creek
UC13701UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. M. Hall27001902-3-04 AlamedaSan Leandro Creek San Francisco Bay region
POM21700RSASequoia sempervirensA. A. Heller50801902-3-16 SonomaRussian River, Near Trenton
CAS-BOT80326CASSequoia sempervirensHeller, A. A.50801902-3-16 SonomaRussian [river] River near Trenton
CAS-BOT80318CASSequoia sempervirensHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.50801902-3-16 SonomaRussian River, Near Trenton
CAS-BOT80319CASSequoia sempervirensHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.50801902-3-16 SonomaRussian River, Near Trenton
UC13717UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensS. A. Barrett1902-8-01 Mendocino
JEPS48267UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson21581902-8-07 MendocinoPat Kenny's to Usal
POM193077RSASequoia sempervirensW. R. Dudleys.n.1902-12-01 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula: Trail from Iverson's to Bull Spring
CAS-BOT85778CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-12-1 San MateoOn trail from Iverson's Bull Spring
UC401976UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensMellrinne1903-6-29 Mendocino
RSA120023RSASequoia sempervirensJames I. McMurphy501903-8-1 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT80279CASSequoia sempervirensMcMurphy, James501903-8-1 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT80275CASSequoia sempervirensMcMurphy, Jas.501903-8-1 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT80274CASSequoia sempervirensMcMurphy, Jas.4621903-9-1 MendocinoKaisen District
POM22051RSASequoia sempervirensF. M. Reeds.n.1903-9-25 Santa ClaraNorth slope of Santa Cruz Mountains
JEPS48268UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson2367A1903-10-04 SonomaEagle's Nest Camp Russian River
UC55239UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. B. Washington1903-12-01 MarinMill Valley
POM176867RSASequoia sempervirensE. G. Dudley741904-1-21 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula: Canada de Raymundo, Santa Cruz Mountains
CAS-BOT85781CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, E. G.741904-1-21 San MateoSanta Cruz Mts., Canada de Raymundo
UC63957UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensB. C. Brayton1904-8-01 MendocinoPoint Arena
UC401312UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1261904-10-01 Santa ClaraJ. R. Welches Place Saratoga (Lake Ranch Rd. Saratoga)
JEPS48265UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensA. L. Bolton1904-11-01 MendocinoWillits
POM182755RSASequoia sempervirensA. L. Boltons.n.1904-11-12 HumboldtWillits
CAS-BOT85813CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-6-24 MontereyCarmel River below the mouth of the San Clemente Cr.
POM193079RSASequoia sempervirensW. R. Dudleys.n.1905-9-23 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula: Redwood Hollow, Big Basin
CAS-BOT80302CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-9-23 Santa CruzFrom road below Tray's above the Bull Spring, Big Basin
CAS-BOT80314CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-9-23 Santa CruzRedwood Hollow, Big Basin
CAS-BOT85802CASSequoia sempervirensMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1906-4-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT85801CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-4-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
JEPS48262UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson26061906-9-17 Montereynear Posts (bottom of Mill Creek); Santa Lucias, Mill Creek
JEPS48263UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson26071906-9-17 Montereynear Posts (Mill Creek); Santa Lucias, Mill Creek
UC596852UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. J. S.1907-7-10 Santa CruzBig Trees
UC813084UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensE. W. Rust1541908-3-28 San Mateovicinity of Stanford University (King's Mountain Road, Redwood formation)
JEPS48264UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensKatherine D. Jones1908-4-05 Contra CostaRedwood Peak
UC454380UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensI. J. Condit1908-8-10 MendocinoUkiah
RSA383930RSASequoia sempervirensL. H. Joness.n.1909-2-17 Santa ClaraNear Stone Crusher on San Francisquito Creek, Stanford University
POM222898RSASequoia sempervirensS. S. Berrys.n.1909-2-24 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek, Stanford Estate
POM222897RSASequoia sempervirensS. S. Berrys.n.1909-3-13 San MateoKing's Mountain.
CAS-BOT80301CASSequoia sempervirensDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-6-20 Santa CruzNear Glenwood
CAS-BOT80297CASSequoia sempervirensMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1910-8-1 San MateoSan Francisquito Creek - Stone Crusher
POM119780RSASequoia sempervirensJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-8-09 MontereyCarmel River
POM119172RSASequoia sempervirensMarcus E. Joness.n.1910-8-10 MontereyCarmel River
UC1184974UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensHuron H. Smith38241911-6-16 Humboldt
UC401314UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. P. Taylor1913-6-01 SonomaFreestone
UC336167UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensunknown1913-6-30 Unknowncoast
UC195423UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy46381914-12-20 HumboldtEureka
CAS-BOT85806CASSequoia sempervirensEastwood, Alice1971915-1-10 MarinMt. Tamalpais
RSA383927RSASequoia sempervirensAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1915-3-30 Orange[Timmon's Dooryard] N. Main St. Santa Ana Calif.
CAS-BOT85807CASSequoia sempervirensEastwood, Alices.n.1916-2-20 MarinMuir Woods
CAS-BOT85850CASSequoia sempervirensMerriam, C. Harts.n.1917-9-1 MarinLagunitas
CAS-BOT85818CASSequoia sempervirensMiller, Irvings.n.1917-10-1 MontereyBig Sur
JEPS48276UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensAlice F. Crane1917-11-27 San MateoLa Honda
JEPS48275UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis L. Jepson82081919-1-25 Contra CostaUpper San Leandro Creek by Moraga Ridge Upper San Leandro Creek, Moraga Ridge
UC1196919UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy53191920-5-18 HumboldtBull Creek Flat Northern Coast Ranges, Eel River (along Eel River from North Fork to Scotia)
CAS-BOT85849CASSequoia sempervirensMerriam, C. Harts.n.1921-1-18 MarinLagunitas
CAS-BOT85804CASSequoia sempervirensEastwood, Alices.n.1922-2-12 MarinMill Valley
CAS-BOT85803CASSequoia sempervirensEastwood, Alices.n.1922-2-12 MarinMill Valley
UC813085UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensAlice Eastwood1922-2-12 MarinMill Valley
SD32SDSequoia sempervirensKate O. Sessionss.n.1922-7-01 Santa CruzRedwood Camp, Santa Cruz Mountains
DAV8764DAVSequoia sempervirensM. Wiesendanger14851923-10-01 MarinMarin County: Mt. Tamalpais.
DAV8769DAVSequoia sempervirensW. Wiesendanger14841923-10-01 MarinMarin County: Mt. Tamalpais.
CAS-BOT80321CASSequoia sempervirensHowell, John Thomas2851924-3-22 SonomaNear Camp Meeker
CAS-BOT80309CASSequoia sempervirensW., T. G.16921924-7-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mts.
CAS-BOT85843CASSequoia sempervirensTracy, Joseph P.69451925-3-15 HumboldtBlue Slide on Van Duzen River
UC275473UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy69451925-3-15 HumboldtBlue Slide on Van Duzen River; Northern Coast Region
RSA157753RSASequoia sempervirensI. L. Wiggins16591925-4-1 San MateoOn Kings Mtn Road three fourths of a mile above Woodside.
CAS-BOT80290CASSequoia sempervirensWiggins, Ira L.16591925-4-1 San MateoOn Kings Mountain Road three fourths of a mile above Woodside
LA6408LASequoia sempervirensCarl Eplings.n.1925-6-05 MontereyMal Paso Canon; Carmel Highlands
LA6410LASequoia sempervirensCarl Epling63011925-7-03 MontereyCarmel
UC275474UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy72811925-8-09 HumboldtSouth Fork Eel River at Salmon Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Eel River, Salmon Creek
CAS-BOT80265CASSequoia sempervirensHowell, John Thomas15001925-10-11 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge, Oakland Hills
RSA161062RSASequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy73551926-2-21 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges: Blue Slide, on Van Duzen River
CAS-BOT85840CASSequoia sempervirensTracy, Joseph P.73551926-2-21 HumboldtBlue Slide, on Van Duzen River
CAS-BOT85841CASSequoia sempervirensTracy, Joseph P.73551926-2-21 HumboldtBlue Slide, on Van Duzen River
JEPS48271UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy73551926-2-21 HumboldtBlue Slide on Van Duzen River
CAS-BOT85837CASSequoia sempervirensKildale, Doris K.25571926-8-23 HumboldtNorth Fork of Eel River
JEPS88717UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensGeorge W. Stewart1927-1-01 Montereyform s coast below Monterey
CAS-BOT80264CASSequoia sempervirensHowell, John Thomas22791927-2-6 Contra CostaSan Leandro [Canon] Canyon at Pinehurst
RSA15298RSASequoia sempervirensC. B. Wolf2681927-4-03 San Mateo1 mile above La Honda. Santa Cruz Mountains.
CAS-BOT85838CASSequoia sempervirensKildale, Doris K.31601927-5-15 HumboldtPetrolia Bridge Mattole River
UC1083331UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensHerbert L. Mason39791927-7-27 Santa Cruzalong roadside Boulder Creek Rd.; Big Basin, Boulder Creek Rd.
CAS-BOT80273CASSequoia sempervirensKildale, Doris K.38571927-8-19 MendocinoMr. Y's Ranch between Boonville + Point Arena
RSA987RSASequoia sempervirensJ. T. Howell6691927-8-20 Santa CruzNear Big Basin, Santa Cruz Mts.
CAS-BOT80304CASSequoia sempervirensHowell, John Thomas30321927-8-20 Santa Cruzon road to Saratoga, near Big Basin, Santa Cruz Mts.
CAS-BOT80277CASSequoia sempervirensWolf, Carl B.12521927-8-30 Mendocino3 miles south of Thorn
POM219928RSASequoia sempervirensJ. William Thompson44931928-6-05 Del NorteDouglas Park
CAS-BOT80266CASSequoia sempervirensThompson, J. W.44931928-6-5 Del NorteDouglas Park
CAS-BOT80267CASSequoia sempervirensKildale, Doris K.62351928-8-2 Del Norte8 miles east of Smith River Corners up Smith River
UC672602UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. L. Mason49411928-8-26 Mendocinoslough of Pudding Creek Pudding Creek
CAS-BOT85836CASSequoia sempervirensKildale, Doris K.69261929-1-27 HumboldtStevens Grove - South Fork Eel River
RSA1501RSASequoia sempervirensE. R. Johnson14361929-8-1 HumboldtPacific Lumber Co., along the Eel River, Dyerville
RSA383931RSASequoia sempervirensH. L. Bauer3231929-9-1 Santa CruzBig Basin
JEPS48280UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensMrs. Fay Howard1929-10-05 Humboldtabout 1 mi n Pepperwood (down the river)
UC1134201UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensC. R. Clar521929-11-01 MontereyBig Sur Point Sur Quad., Big Sur
UC1134200UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. H. Raymond21929-11-05 Montereynear Big Sur; Point Sur Quad.
UC519300UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy1930-1-01 Humboldtheadwaters Little River; North Coast Ranges
UC1196920UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensMabel Griffin1930-4-01 Humboldtabove Dyerville; South Fork Eel River
JEPS48278UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. A. Dutton1930-5-31 Montereyhigh up on the s gorge of the Big Sur Big Sur River
RSA383925RSASequoia sempervirensE. E. Stanford18611930-6-28 MendocinoRedwood Highway, near Coolidge Grove
CAS-BOT85810CASSequoia sempervirensJackson, Belle R.s.n.1930-9-1 MarinMuir Woods
SDSU02024SDSUSequoia sempervirensHarvey, L. N.5621930-9-27 HumboldtEel River
JEPS48274UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis Corbitt1931-4-08 HumboldtScotia
JEPS46746UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWillis G. Corbitt1931-4-08 HumboldtScotia
RSA383932RSASequoia sempervirensF. R. FosbergS52611931-6-05 Santa CruzBig Basin, Santa Cruz Mountains.
POM188089RSASequoia sempervirensMarcus E. Jones291851931-7-06 MendocinoCompche [Comptche].
CAS-BOT80276CASSequoia sempervirensJones, Marcus E.291851931-7-6 MendocinoCompche
UC479516UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensMarcus E. Jones291851931-7-06 MendocinoCompche
POM180477RSASequoia sempervirensI. L. Wiggins57411931-7-12 MontereySmall canyon 1 mile south of Salmon Creek
CAS-BOT85814CASSequoia sempervirensWiggins, Ira L.57411931-7-12 MontereySmall canyon 1 mi. S. of Salmon Creek
UC650632UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensIra L. Wiggins57411931-7-12 Montereysmall canyon 1 mi s of Salmon Creek; (Souther < ? > station)
UC463499UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensIra L. Wiggins57411931-7-12 Montereysmall canyon 1 mi s Salmon Creek ( < Southernmost? Station > )
UC521574UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensLincoln Constance4561931-8-28 Alamedacanyon bottoms se of Redwood Ridge
JEPS48277UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensHarry McGinite1932-1-01 HumboldtEureka
LA6407LASequoia sempervirensDavid D. Keck13681932-2-14 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountains; La Honda road, E-slope of Coast Range above Searsville Lake
POM216898RSASequoia sempervirensD. D. Keck13681932-2-14 San MateoLa Honda Road, east slope of Coast Range above Searsville Lake
UCR168464UCRSequoia sempervirensDavid D. Keck13681932-2-14 San MateoLa Honda Road, east slope of Coast Range above Searsville Lake
CAS-BOT80289CASSequoia sempervirensKeck, David D.13681932-2-14 San MateoLa Honda road, east slope of Coast Range above Searsville Lake (300 m.) elev.
UC1076381UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. MacGinitie1932-6-07 Humboldt
RSA10470RSASequoia sempervirensE. R. Johnsons.n.1932-8-1 HumboldtAlong the Redwood Highway on the Eel River
JEPS48282UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWilfred T. Frost4171932-8-20 MarinRattlesnake Camp #1 Mount Tamalpais
JEPS48281UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensWilfred T. Frost4651932-9-18 MarinEldridge Grade Mount Tamalpais; , Eldridge Grade
FSC0000927FSCSequoia sempervirensW. T. Shaw1932-9-26 FresnoFresno, Fresno County, California Elevation 290 feet
SD34SDSequoia sempervirensCharlotte M. Wilders.n.1932-12-24 HumboldtCarlotta
UC1134197UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. W. Lundh2051933-3-01 Contra Costa1/2 mi sw Redwood Peak; Concord Quadrangle
LA6411LASequoia sempervirensH. Andersons.n.1933-4-1 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains; Redwood Basin
CAS-BOT85844CASSequoia sempervirensNelson, Aven; Nelson, Ruth A.5871933-5-15 HumboldtRedwood Highway
UC813082UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. G. Solheim7071933-8-02 HumboldtHumboldt State Redwood Park Humboldt Redwoods State Park (near Garberville)
UC1134198UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. L. Person1933-8-10 Humboldtn of Fortuna; Rohnerville Quad., Holmes-Eureka area
RSA572195RSASequoia sempervirensL. S. Rose340091934-1-29 Contra CostaRedwood Canon
UC544763UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensE. Fritz80121934-4-01 HumboldtRichardson Grove
JEPS48279UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensLincoln Constance8221934-6-04 Humboldtroad to Dyerville (Look Prairie and Bull Cr.); Bull Creek region, South Fork Eel River
UC578838UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. William Thompson125371934-6-27 Del Nortealong Smith River 9 mi above Crescent City; Smith River
CAS-BOT85816CASSequoia sempervirensKerns, F.s.n.1934-8-25 MontereyOne-half mile below junction of San Clemente and Black Rock Creeks
CAS-BOT85815CASSequoia sempervirensKerns, F.s.n.1934-8-25 MontereyOne-half mile below junction of San Clemente and Black Rock Creeks
UC525819UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. W. Kerns1934-8-25 Monterey0.5 mi below junction of San Clemente Creek and Black Rock Creek
LA16918LASequoia sempervirensC.B. Wolf61791934-10-13 SonomaLog Cabin Ranch inland from Gualala
RSA12703RSASequoia sempervirensC. B. Wolf61791934-10-13 SonomaLog Cabin Ranch, inland from Gualala
POM282217RSASequoia sempervirensLyman Benson62381935-1-12 Santa Cruz8 N.E. of Big Basin. San Lorenzo River Watershed. Santa Cruz Mountain range
LA6409LASequoia sempervirensJoseph Andorfer Ewan90911935-2-23 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains; floor of Anderson Canon
UC536019UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. A. Setchell, Victor Duran1935-3-31 Sonomagarden of Mrs. Max Knittl Monte Rio
UC536018UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensW. A. Setchell, Victor Duran1935-3-31 SonomaBohemian Grove near Monte Rio (crevices in stone steps leading to Owl Shrine); Bohemian Grove
UC1134196UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensH. S. Yates50451935-4-02 MarinMuir Woods Tamalpais Quadrangle
MACF15653MACFSequoia sempervirensF. A. MacFadden136441935-6-22 HumboldtRichardson's Grove, Humboldt California
RSA572076RSASequoia sempervirensJ. William Thompson125371935-8-06 Del NorteAlong Smith River 9 miles above Crescent City
UC813083UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJ. William Thompson125371935-8-06 Del Nortealong river 9 mi above Crescent City; Smith River
CAS-BOT85842CASSequoia sempervirensTracy, Joseph P.147641935-12-8 HumboldtNear Korbel
UC667965UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy147641935-12-08 Humboldtnear Korbel
FSC0000928FSCSequoia sempervirensW. T. Shaw1935-12-09 MontereyBig Sur River Monterey County Calif.
JEPS79411UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensEdward Lee, W. A. Setchell21731936-6-06 SonomaBohemian Grove Bohemian Grove (on ground under old trees (the majority), on bark of upper surface of old horizontal section of redwood logs (circle of benches about campfire))
UC552426UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensFrank T. Swett1936-8-01 Monterey8 to 10 mi n Big Sur (e of highway)
RSA383928RSASequoia sempervirensM. B. Dunkle48581936-8-22 HumboldtWilliams Grove, Eel River.
RSA699047RSASequoia sempervirensJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-23 MendocinoAnchor Bay.
RSA699046RSASequoia sempervirensJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-23 MendocinoAnchor Bay.
UC1134199UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. C. Wilson3051936-9-01 Santa Clarahead of Little Uvas Creek; New Almaden Quad.
RSA610726RSASequoia sempervirensL. C. Wheeler44591936-9-12 MontereyGibson Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains
RSA610727RSASequoia sempervirensL. C. Wheeler44591936-9-12 MontereyGibson Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains
UC667964UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy152311937-2-21 Humboldtnear Grizzly Creek; Van Duzen River
CAS-BOT85809CASSequoia sempervirensunspecifieds.n.1937-4-1 MarinC.C.C. Camp
UC571405UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensLee Bonar1937-8-14 MontereyBig Sur
SBBG56416SBBGSequoia sempervirensD. B. Rogers1937-10-01 HumboldtScotia, 37 mi S of Eureka
CAS-BOT555150CASSequoia sempervirensGriffith, Gerald5781937-12-3 KernBakersfield
CAS-BOT80263CASSequoia sempervirensCovel, Paul F.s.n.1938-2-20 Contra CostaPinehurst
RSA383921RSASequoia sempervirensL. S. Rose380921938-3-06 AlamedaRedwood Peak, east of Oakland
UC813081UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensLewis S. Rose380921938-3-06 Alamedae of Oakland (Redwood Peak, hill slopes); Redwood Peak
UC719136UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. G. Meyer13871938-4-06 Mendocinoabout 15 mi n Cummings
UC719145UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensF. G. Meyer13881938-4-06 Mendocinoabout 15 mi n Cummings
SDSU02042SDSUSequoia sempervirensHarvey22241938-8-09 Santa CruzHecker Pass.
SDSU02048SDSUSequoia sempervirensHarvey22241938-8-09 Santa CruzHecker Pass.
UC1543053UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensDonald G. Nelson5831938-11-06 Contra Costaw Moraga (e slope of ridge below water storage tank); Moraga Ridge
RSA383924RSASequoia sempervirensTom Burchs.n.1940-4-25 Los AngelesPalos Verdes.
LA6406LASequoia sempervirensH. Lewis19651940-7-07 MontereyCentral Coast; Villa Creek Canon, CA Hiway 1 near Cape San Martin
JEPS48272UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy167701940-10-17 HumboldtDyerville
UC672888UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy167701940-10-17 HumboldtDyerville
UC709422UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy168041941-3-09 HumboldtCamp Grant
SJSU842SJSUSequoia sempervirensG. Witherspoon22431943-7-05 MontereyPalo Colorado Creek Canon c. midway between Point Lobos and Point Sur
DAV10567DAVSequoia sempervirensBob Rodin2591943-7-10 AlamedaAlameda County: Northwest from Botanical Garden. Strawberry Canon, University of California Campus, Berkeley.
UC685573UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensBob Rodin2591943-7-10 Alamedanw from Botanical Garden (Strawberry Canon, University of California Canon, University of California Campus
RSA605515RSASequoia sempervirensL. C. Wheeler58911944-1-14 Santa CruzRedwood Park: San Lorenzo River ca. 4 miles N of Santa Cruz.
SD43483SDSequoia sempervirensCarl B. Wolf114691944-10-25 Humboldtalong the Eel River Valley, Redwood Highway, 2.4 miles south of Scotia
RSA40900RSASequoia sempervirensC. B. Wolf114691944-10-25 HumboldtAlong the Eel River Valley, Redwood Highway, 2.4 miles south of Scotia
UCR142864UCRSequoia sempervirensCarl B. Wolf114691944-10-25 HumboldtEel River Valley, Redwood Hwy, 2.4 mi south of Scotia
SBBG363SBBGSequoia sempervirensJohn M. Tucker13771946-3-14 Contra Costaca. 200 yds S of summit of Redwood Peak
DAV13288DAVSequoia sempervirensJ. M. Tucker14021946-8-08 MontereyMonterey County: Beside Pine Ridge Trail, ca. 1.5 miles east of Bad Gulch, inland from Big Sur.
UC1200625UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensPeter Kamb731a1947-9-11 MontereyBig Sur
UC770649UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. H. Neuns281947-11-26 Mendocino3 mi w Ukiah (just off Fort Bragg Road)
RSA40095RSASequoia sempervirensL. S. Rose472461947-12-14 MarinSouth slope of Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT80280CASSequoia sempervirensShapovalov, Leos.n.1948-9-3 Mendocinobetween Indian Creek and Signal Creek drainage (tributaries of Garcia River)
UC1268840UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensT. R. Pray1948-11-15 AlamedaUniversity of California Campus Berkeley, University of California Campus
FSC0000934FSCSequoia sempervirensA. C. Hawbecker391949-7-10 Santa CruzMt. Hermon, Santa Cruz Co., California Down in canyon of Bean Creek
POM302258RSASequoia sempervirensRobert Bensons.n.1949-9-04 Humboldt10 miles north of Garberville, South Fork of Eel River, North Coast Ranges, Eel River drainage area
CAS-BOT80298CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, J. H.11411949-10-16 San MateoAlong La Honda Creek, about 0.7 miles north of La Honda
CAS-BOT80306CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, J. H.11681949-10-23 Santa Cruz0.25 miles northwest of San Lorenzo School, 1 mile north of Felton
CAS-BOT80307CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, J. H.11701949-10-23 Santa Cruz0.25 miles northwest of San Lorenzo School, 1 mile north of Felton
LA213161LASequoia sempervirensRodger Yonemuras.n.1950-2-05 Los AngelesHome of R Yonemura
CAS-BOT85848CASSequoia sempervirensHirstil, Mrs. S.E.s.n.1950-4-1 MarinNear Alpine Dam on road to Cataract Gulch
UCSB021577UCSBSequoia sempervirensJohn R. Haller151950-4-24 San MateoSkyline drive, junction with woodside, La Honda Road
RSA0051588RSASequoia sempervirensRoger Yonemuras.n.1950-5-05 Los AngelesFedora and Olympic Street. Home of Roger Yonemura.
RSA185829RSASequoia sempervirensJohn H. Thomas17901950-5-06 Santa CruzAlong Boulder Creek about 1 mile up from town of Boulder Creek
CAS-BOT80315CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, John H.17901950-5-6 Santa CruzAlong Boulder Creek about 1 mile up from town of Boulder Creek
RSA167269RSASequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy193871950-12-18 HumboldtAt Park's place, Trinidad
UC1222350UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensJoseph P. Tracy193871950-12-18 HumboldtParks's Place Trinidad, Parks' Place
SD44079SDSequoia sempervirensCharles F. Harbisons.n.1950-12-23 San DiegoEx hort: San Diego, Presidio Park (IPB 5/07)
CAS-BOT80310CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, John H.25571951-2-18 Santa CruzHillside along Highland Way
CAS-BOT85776CASSequoia sempervirensRaven, Peter H.30711951-6-26 NapaWooden Valley Grade
UC962078UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensL. T. Burcham2711952-1-14 Sacramentogrounds of State Building No.1 Sacramento (Sacramento)
RSA97742RSASequoia sempervirensA. N. Steward62391953-1-03 Del NorteKlamath Glen
CAS-BOT80268CASSequoia sempervirensSteward, Albert N.62391953-1-3 Del NorteKlamath Glen
CSLA021047CSLASequoia sempervirensAlbert N. Steward62391953-1-03 Del NorteKlamath Glen
FSC0000935FSCSequoia sempervirensRichard M. Mallory1081953-9-04 Santa CruzTrail Beautiful 1/2 m. East of North Escape Rd. Ca. 130 West slope 20-40.
RSA18570RSASequoia sempervirensE. K. Balls185701953-10-08 Marin1.9 mi E of turn off to top of Mt. Tamalpais, on road from Hwy 1 to Stinson Beach.
CAS-BOT85824CASSequoia sempervirensRaven, Peter H.63821954-1-22 NapaNear Sulphur [Sulfur] Springs Resort, west of St. Helena
CAS-BOT80312CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, J. H.36971954-2-19 Santa CruzNear intersection of Jamison Creek Road and Big Basin - Boulder Creek Highway
RSA96840RSASequoia sempervirensP. C. Everett203801954-10-20 Sonoma3.5 W of Sebastopol, Sebastopol to Freestone.
CAS-BOT85817CASSequoia sempervirensHowitt, Beatrice F.1011955-3-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Robinson Canyon
RSA97975RSASequoia sempervirensJune McCaskill3821955-4-06 YoloEast side of water tower at west end of temporary building 4, University of California, Davis
CAS-BOT80278CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, Hazelle A.; Thomas, John H.6821955-6-26 MendocinoPine Barrens about 3 miles southeast of town of Fort Bragg
PUA1042PUASequoia sempervirensD.V. Hemphill1955-6-29 HumboldtLocal landmark: Richardsons Grove State Park. Garberville Quad.
DAV151495DAVSequoia sempervirensC.H. Lamoureux10441956-3-17 HumboldtHumboldt County: Southern boundary of Jensen Grove, between Meyers and Miranda on Hwy 101.
DAV25142DAVSequoia sempervirensC.H. Lamoureux10441956-3-17 HumboldtHumboldt County: At south boundary of Jensen Grove, between Meyers and Miranda on U.S. Highway 101.
RSA104887RSASequoia sempervirensCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1956-5-31 MendocinoGrimes Ranch, Comptche
SBBG39551SBBGSequoia sempervirensJ. T. Howell1957-2-03 MarinFern Cyn, Mt Tamalpais
SD71339SDSequoia sempervirensJohn Thomas Howell320201957-2-03 MarinFern Canon, Mount Tamalpais
RSA201454RSASequoia sempervirensJ. T. Howell320201957-2-03 MarinFern Canon, Mt. Tamalpais
DAV60415DAVSequoia sempervirensJohn Thomas Howell320201957-2-03 MarinMarin County: Fern Canon, Mt. Tamalpais.
DAV55561DAVSequoia sempervirensJohn Thomas Howell320201957-2-03 MarinMarin County: Fern Canon, Mt. Tamalpais.
CAS-BOT85811CASSequoia sempervirensHowell, John Thomas320201957-2-3 MarinFern Canyon, Mt. Tamalpais
CHSC8549CHSCSequoia sempervirensEdward Laidlaw Smith351957-7-07 MarinPantoll area, Mt. Tamalpias State Park.
RSA175208RSASequoia sempervirensRobert F. Thorne189961957-9-02 HumboldtBurlington State Park, just S of Weott.
DAV25385DAVSequoia sempervirensLalit M. Srivastava261957-11-03 Del NorteDel Norte County: Ca. 50 feet west of U.S. Highway 199 where it crosses Myrtle Creek, ca. 12 miles northeast of intersection of U.S. Highways 199 and 101.
SFV100444SFVSequoia sempervirensP. G. KilburnA-7841958-5-11 MontereySouth Coast Ranges; Torre Canon, 10 miles south of Big Sur along the coast, 0.5 miles from ocean.
SBBG15061SBBGSequoia sempervirensI. Brown191959-3-21 MarinMount Tamalpais
SFV100440SFVSequoia sempervirensF. L. McPhersons. n.1959-5-04 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Los Angeles, Reseda. In yard of 7402 Etiwanda.
CAS-BOT85819CASSequoia sempervirensTwisselmann, Ernest C.51911959-5-6 MontereySanta Lucia Range: Redwood Gulch
SHTC4576SHTCSequoia sempervirensGieke, Paul A.471959-5-09 TulareRedwood Canon.
PUA1079PUASequoia sempervirensD.V. Hemphill1960-2-10 NapaLocal landmark: Las Posadas State Forest. St. Helena Quad.
CAS-BOT80322CASSequoia sempervirensRuckert, Elsa G.171960-3-12 Sonoma2 1/2 miles up [Triniti] Trinity Road north, from Highway 12
FSC0000937FSCSequoia sempervirensBarron11960-3-13 AlamedaCollected on Ridge road, Berkeley, elevation 300 feet.
OBI164974OBISequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin64961960-3-21 San Luis Obispoabout 1 mile north of Carpojo Creek (3 miles south of County Line)
UCSB021579UCSBSequoia sempervirensRobert H. Gill3501960-4-02 MontereyRedwood Gulch, about 2 miles north of Salmon Creek Ranger Station on State 1; Santa Lucia Mt. Range; Pacific slope Drainage Area
CAS-BOT80320CASSequoia sempervirensTaber, Dr. Louises.n.1960-6-1 SonomaVilla Grande, 1 mi. n. of Monte Rio (at locality known as 'Patterson Point'. )
SFV100445SFVSequoia sempervirensB. C. Templetons. n.1960-6-29 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains; Bear Creek Canon along stream, near Briggs Creek, south of Saratoga.
RSA383929RSASequoia sempervirensB. C. Templetons.n.1960-6-29 Santa ClaraBear Creek Canon, near Briggs Creek, Saratoga.
AHUC27796DAVSequoia sempervirensBeecher Crampton57901960-10-10 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland Field Station UC, station headquarters.
UCSC3855UCSCSequoia sempervirensLinda McCartys.n.1960-12-29 Santa Cruz3 miles North of Soquel Soquel
UCSB021584UCSBSequoia sempervirensSuter, Richard671961-4-23 MontereyAlong Big Sur Stream 100' north of Pfieffer State Park northern boundry sign on Calif. Highway 1.
FSC0000929FSCSequoia sempervirensErnest Marquez1961-4-23 MontereyThe Animas, Rancho San Carlos, Canonterey Cnty, Cal. 3 mi. from the ocean. 500 ft. elev.
UCSB021576UCSBSequoia sempervirensJohn R. Haller18191961-6-01 MontereyCalifornia State highway 1 at Redwood Gulch, 3.4 mi. by road N of Salmon Creek, about 29 mi S of Big Sur
MACF19832MACFSequoia sempervirensL. Hathaway1961-7-20 Los Angeles11901 E. Florence Ave., Santa Fe Springs
SD112369SDSequoia sempervirensDarley F. Howe30611961-7-23 Monterey5.5 miles north of San Luis Obispo-Monterey County line, on Highway #1
UCSB021578UCSBSequoia sempervirensSager, V.238-A1961-7-26 Del NorteAlong roadside between Klamath Glen Resort Trailor Park and road going west towards Klamath River and following river southwest towards McGavey Creek
UCSB021580UCSBSequoia sempervirensSager, V.2381961-7-26 Del NorteAlong roadside between Klamath Glen Resort Trailor Park and road going west towards Klamath River and following river southwest towards McGavey Creek
RSA0051589RSASequoia sempervirensBruce Haines51962-3-09 Santa BarbaraStow Ranch, about 2 miles Northwest of Goleta.
IRVC7617IRVCSequoia sempervirensP.W. Rundel10201962-4-12 San Mateo2 mi. E of Sky Line Hwy, on La Honda Road.
UCSB021583UCSBSequoia sempervirensJim Olson341962-4-15 San Mateo8 miles north of junction with Portola State Park Road on Camp Pomponio Road, 10 miles southwest of La Honda
MCCC5714MCCCSequoia sempervirensV.A. Barnes1962-5-05 MendocinoVan Damme State Park in forest about canyon and in upper reaches of trails
JEPS70223UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin69881962-11-12 Montereyat Lion Creek in lower canyon toward Highway 1 Lion Creek (in s Monterey County)
JEPS70224UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin69871962-11-12 Montereyat Lion Creek in lower canyon toward Highway 1 in southern Monterey County Lion Creek
OBI164986OBISequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin69871962-11-12 Montereyin canyon by stream at Lion Creek in lower canyon toward Highway 1
OBI164973OBISequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin69881962-11-12 Montereyat Lion Creek in lower canyon toward Highway 1, in southern Monterey County
RSA170453RSASequoia sempervirensMark Parratt5121963-2-02 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountains; Big Basin Redwoods State Park, near park headquarters
UCR142865UCRSequoia sempervirensMark Parratt5101963-2-02 Santa CruzBig Basin Redwoods State Park, near headquarters 'alt. 600 ft.'
JEPS76930UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensRobert M. Lloyd20491963-2-24 Sonoma0.5 mi n, on rd to Camp Meeks Occidental
UCR2984UCRSequoia sempervirensWm. Horn Jr.630227-31963-2-27 RiversideUniversity of Calif., Riverside campus: 50 yd east of Life Science building
CSLA021049CSLASequoia sempervirensFred. S. Fong561963-5-20 MontereySanta Lucia Mts.
RSA182187RSASequoia sempervirensJames Henrickson14841963-7-25 MontereyBig Sur State Park
CSLA021053CSLASequoia sempervirensJames Henrickson14841963-7-25 MontereyBig Sur State Park
SDSU00292SDSUSequoia sempervirensBemis, Wayne A.2451963-11-29 Humboldt1289 D st Arcata. Empire series Sandstone, West slope. Ocean fog belt of North Coast.
SDSU02018SDSUSequoia sempervirensBemis, Wayne A.2451963-11-29 Humboldt1289 D St, Arcata.
SDSU02036SDSUSequoia sempervirensBemis, Wayne A.2451963-11-29 Humboldt1289 D St. Acarta.
UC1311697UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. J. Rodin70541964-3-28 MontereyBig Sur State Park Big Sur State Park (fallen limb from near top of tree)
OBI164977OBISequoia sempervirensR.J. Rodin70541964-3-28 MontereyBig Sur State Park Big Sur State Park (fallen limb from near top of tree)
CAS-BOT85825CASSequoia sempervirensRaven, Peter H.190721964-5-9 NapaGrove along dirt road 2 miles west of Aetna Springs
RSA188729RSASequoia sempervirensH. U. Stauffer59401964-5-17 MarinAlpine Lake 11 km west of Fairfax
CSLA021050CSLASequoia sempervirensBrian C. Miller1964-6-11 MontereyPfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Santa Lucia Mtns
UCR4687UCRSequoia sempervirensR.A. Anderson331964-10-04 Santa ClaraIdylwild Road, 0.25 mile from State Hwy 17 [west of south end of Lexington Reservoir]
RSA170002RSASequoia sempervirensRobert F. Thorne342551964-10-20 MendocinoRedwood Forest, 2.2 miles up Navarro River Valley from Hwy 1.
RSA181221RSASequoia sempervirensJohn H. Thomas105421964-11-29 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Experimental Area, about 5 miles SW of Palo Alto; along San Francisquito Creek below dam.
JROH134JROHSequoia sempervirensJohn H. Thomas105421964-11-29 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
CAS-BOT85820CASSequoia sempervirensTwisselmann, Ernest C.104111964-12-3 MontereyLion Creek at teh Mill Creek-Nacimiento Road, Santa Lucia Range.
RSA383922RSASequoia sempervirensMark Parratt6461965-1-26 Los AngelesCoast redwood from N. Calif. through southwestern Oregon, Collected at RSABG, Indian Hill Mesa, Claremont.
HSC2616HSCSequoia sempervirensP.A. Murphy411965-4-16 San Mateo6 mi. from Half Moon Bay in Hatch's Woods
HSC2615HSCSequoia sempervirensD.A. Shally351965-4-18 Contra CostaCanon at Canon Store
UCR56080UCRSequoia sempervirensFran Sibel3351965-5-29 MendocinoHwy 1 between Anchor Bay and Gualala
RSA0077531RSASequoia sempervirensG. Wallaces.n.1965-6-16 Los AngelesCitrus J.C.
MACF19653MACFSequoia sempervirensBarbara Gittins1965-10-24 San MateoHwy. 1, 15 Watsonville, San Mateo County, California
CAS-BOT85846CASSequoia sempervirensMastrogiuseppe, Ronald J.s.n.1966-1-16 HumboldtAlong State Route 299 from Arcata to Redding, Domonstration Forest, Simpson Timber Company.
RSA187214RSASequoia sempervirensJohn H. Thomas114791966-3-18 Santa CruzWestern slope of Ben Lomond Mt., about 5.7 miles inland as measured along the road from Davenport to Warrenella
CAS-BOT80305CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, John H.114791966-3-18 Santa CruzWestern slope of Ben Lomond Mt., about 5.7 miles inland as measured along the road from Davenport to Warrenella
CAS-BOT654767CASSequoia sempervirensMarshall, Lurlie E.481966-8-21 AlamedaHayward Memorial Park, Hayward
CSLA021048CSLASequoia sempervirensDieter H. Wilken11001966-8-27 MontereySalmon Creek between Lucia and San Simeon
RSA247180RSASequoia sempervirensG. D. Wallace6991966-9-11 MendocinoAlong the coast near Albion, south of Fort Bragg
CHSC74935CHSCSequoia sempervirensRonald J. Mastrogiuseppe1966-11-01 HumboldtHumboldt Redwoods State Park. On the flood plain of the Founder's Grove.
CAS-BOT85845CASSequoia sempervirensMastrogiuseppe, Ronald J.s.n.1966-11-1 HumboldtOn flood plain of the Founders' Grove, Humboldt Redwoods State park
CSLA021054CSLASequoia sempervirensT. L. Bennett631967-3-17 Los AngelesLynwood
CAS-BOT80303CASSequoia sempervirensJohnson, M. P.100451967-3-18 Santa CruzRoadside near Waterman Gap on the road to Big Basin State Park
CSLA021051CSLASequoia sempervirensS. Beck11967-3-18 MontereyBig Sur State Park, Santa Lucia Range
CSLA021044CSLASequoia sempervirensLanny Swerdlow951967-3-19 MontereyLos Padres National Forest, Big Sur State Park
CSLA021046CSLASequoia sempervirensHarold Epstein311967-3-19 MontereyBig Sur State Park, Los Padres National Forest.
UCSB021585UCSBSequoia sempervirensSilva, J.1331967-3-22 Monterey26 miles north of Canong Highway 101
CSLA021045CSLASequoia sempervirensJ. Benedict891967-5-10 Los AngelesAlhambra
OBI164984OBISequoia sempervirensElinor Lehto96121967-7-15 MarinMuir Woods National Monument, north of San Francisco
PGM181PGMSequoia sempervirensAllison, Ward1967-10-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Big Sur Area, Doolans Hole
PGM182PGMSequoia sempervirensAllison, Ward1967-10-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Big Sur Area, Doolans Hole
PGM183PGMSequoia sempervirensAllison, Ward1967-10-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Big Sur Area, Doolans Hole
HNT580HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT582HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT584HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT585HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT586HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT589HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT590HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Oaklandlocality redacted by HNT
HNT591HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT592HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT594HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Santa Claralocality redacted by HNT
HNT599HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Santa Cruzlocality redacted by HNT
HNT600HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Santa Cruzlocality redacted by HNT
HNT604HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT607HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT608HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT610HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1968 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
CAS-BOT80282CASSequoia sempervirensThomas, John H.141421968-2-4 MendocinoDiamond Grove, about 1 mile north of Weott
SBBG52367SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18381968-3-16 Montereycyn between Soda Spring and Redwood Gulch near St Hwy 1
SBBG52368SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18391968-3-16 Montereycyn between Soda Spring and Redwood Gulch near St Hwy 1
RSA295760RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18381968-3-16 MontereyCanon between Soda Springs and Redwood Gulch, near Hwy 1
RSA295759RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin1841-b1968-3-16 MontereyCanon between Soda Springs and Redwood Gulch, near Hwy 1
CAS-BOT85823CASSequoia sempervirensBoutin, F.18381968-3-16 MontereyCanyon between Soda Springs and Redwood Gulch, near Hwy. 1.
SBBG52366SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18491968-3-18 Montereyjuan Higuera Crk on the property of Hans Ewoldsen
SBBG52361SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18421968-3-18 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Redwood Gulch
SBBG52376SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18441968-3-18 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Mill Crk
RSA295764RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18491968-3-18 MontereyJuan Hiquera Creek, on the property of Mr./Mrs. Hans Ewoldsen
RSA295761RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18441968-3-18 MontereyMill Creek, southern Monterey Co.
CAS-BOT85821CASSequoia sempervirensBoutin, F.18441968-3-18 MontereyMill Creek, So. Monterey Co.
SBBG52365SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18521968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Cyn, Carmel Valley
SBBG52362SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin1862a1968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Cyn, Carmel Valley
SBBG52364SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18541968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Cyn, Carmel Valley
SBBG52363SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin1862b1968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Cyn, Carmel Valley
RSA295763RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18521968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Canon
CAS-BOT85822CASSequoia sempervirensBoutin, F.1862A1968-3-21 MontereyRobinson Canyon, Carmel Valley
FSC0000930FSCSequoia sempervirensJay Cole68-0841968-3-23 Santa CruzCollected at Sunset Beach Park at an elevation of about 40 feet.
SBBG52371SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18741968-3-24 Santa CruzBig Basin Rd to Waterman Gap
SBBG52372SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18761968-3-24 Santa CruzBig Basin Rd, 5 mi from St Hwy 9
RSA295768RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18741968-3-24 Santa CruzAlong the Big Basin Road to Waterman Gap
RSA295770RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18731968-3-24 Santa CruzBoulder Creek, corner of Grove St. and Lorenzo Ave.
RSA295765RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18761968-3-24 Santa CruzBig Basin road 5 miles from CA State 9
SBBG52369SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18391968-3-25 San MateoPalo Alto, from the Palo Alto near the train bridge over San Francisquito Crk
RSA295766RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutins.n.1968-3-25 Santa ClaraPalo Alto, near the train bridge over San Francisquito Creek
SBBG52375SBBGSequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin1886a1968-3-27 AlamedaSkyline Blvd, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland
RSA295767RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin1886-a1968-3-27 AlamedaAlong Skyline Blvd., Redwood Regional Park, Oakland
RSA295748RSASequoia sempervirensF. C. Boutin18811968-3-27 San MateoStrybing Arboretum, San Francisco
RSA0056323RSASequoia sempervirensW. M. Arbaugh2241968-4-10 MontereyBig Sur, just outside the camp grounds off Highway 1.
OBI164971OBISequoia sempervirensNeil Havlik1541968-4-12 MontereyGrowing in clay soil in a small canyon, 0.7 miles south of Redwood Gulch, along Highway 1.
FSC0000931FSCSequoia sempervirensJames Sellers68-1741968-4-21 Santa ClaraFound 10 miles east of Watsonville on Highway 152. Elevation: 900-1100 feet.
FSC0000932FSCSequoia sempervirensP. L. Roland68-1361968-4-21 MontereyCollected along Highway 152 20 miles east of Watsonville. Elevation: 300 feet.
CAS-BOT654769CASSequoia sempervirensNull, Vivian; Gordon, Phil691968-8-8 Del NorteExtreme south part of county, west of Highway 101.
POM319591RSASequoia sempervirensPatricia Wilder43551968-8-14 Santa Cruz3 miles N of Boulder Creek on CA Hwy 9; at junction of San Lorenzo River and King Creek. Santa Cruz mtn range, Drainage area: San Lorenzo River to Monterey Bay.
THRI-SEKI164THRISequoia sempervirens1968-9-19 UnknownMuir Woods
SFV100442SFVSequoia sempervirensB. J. McCaskill7601968-10-30 MarinAbout 50 yards up dirt road at end of Phoenix Road, Kent Woodlands, northeast of Mount Tamalpais. On open east facing slope.
DAV42445DAVSequoia sempervirensJune McCaskill7601968-10-30 MarinMarin County: At end of Phoenix Road, Kent Woodlands, northeast of Mt. Tamalpais.
CAS-BOT654771CASSequoia sempervirensBaalman, R. J.s.n.1968-11-10 MendocinoRussian Gulch State Park
CAS-BOT85839CASSequoia sempervirensBecking, Rudolf W.s.n.1968-11-27 HumboldtWeott, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Federation Grove.
HSC83654HSCSequoia sempervirensGladys L. Smith50731969-2-06 MendocinoNature Trail, Masonite public relations site 55 W of Mt. Home, Hwy. 128
CAS-BOT80288CASSequoia sempervirensSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.50731969-2-6 MendocinoNature Trail, Masonite public relations site 55 mi. west of Mt. Home, Rte. 128
HNT587HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1969-8-8 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
HNT588HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1969-8-8 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
OBI164992OBISequoia sempervirensWeber22271969-8-19 HumboldtPrairie Creek Redwoods NE of Fern Canon off Route 101
OBI149442OBISequoia sempervirensWallace Weber22271969-8-19 HumboldtPrairie Creek Redwoods NE of Fern Canon, off Route 101
LOB117024LOBSequoia sempervirensN. Sakovich2481970-3-15 MarinSan Francisco area, 8th Avenue and Lawton
PGM848PGMSequoia sempervirensYadon, Vern1970-5-10 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, San Carpojo Camp MNT-SLO Co Boundary
CAS-BOT654768CASSequoia sempervirensKaehms, J.331970-5-24 AlamedaIn ravine next to Leona Lodge in Oakland
LOB117025LOBSequoia sempervirensJ. B. Hall700616-101970-6-16 Monterey1 mile W of California 1, on Sycamore Canon Road, Big Sur area, Santa Lucia Mountains
JEPS70184UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin84221970-8-02 Monterey1/2 mi above camp on trail to Lime Kilns; Limekiln Creek
OBI164985OBISequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin84221970-8-02 Montereyat Limekiln Creek, 1/2 mile above camp on trail to Lime Kilns along creek
OBI164972OBISequoia sempervirensRobert J. Rodin84221970-8-02 Montereyat Limekiln Creek, 1/2 mile above camp on trail to Lime Kilns along creek
HSC12953HSCSequoia sempervirensSteve Dorei101970-10-08 HumboldtHSU campus, near corner of Union St. and st. leading to gyms
HSC13034HSCSequoia sempervirensT.C. DeCew441970-11-14 HumboldtHSU Campus
HSC12956HSCSequoia sempervirensM. Athey121970-11-28 HumboldtHumboldt State University campus
CSUSB90599CSUSBSequoia sempervirensKeith Thompson10821970-12-26 HumboldtArcata
CSUSB90598CSUSBSequoia sempervirensKeith Thompson10811970-12-26 HumboldtArcata
RSA302140RSASequoia sempervirensJ. R. Shevock6921971-2-27 MarinAlong Panoramic Drive
PGM861PGMSequoia sempervirensAllison & Lind1971-3-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Palo Colorado Cyn, Palo Colorado Cyn
RSA0056347RSASequoia sempervirensP. R. Browns.n.1971-4-01 Los AngelesPierce College Nature Center, upper end of Canon de Lana.
HSC18845HSCSequoia sempervirensRichard McP. Brownsn1971-4-20 MarinMuir Woods National Monument, along main trail near foot of Ocean View Trail
PUA1110PUASequoia sempervirensR.J. Rakestraw1971-4-23 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
HSC34728HSCSequoia sempervirensR.E. Cooksey541972-9-1 HumboldtBetween Miranda and Phillipsville on Avenue of the Giants
PUA12404PUASequoia sempervirensG.L. Clifton1972-10-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Avenue Of The Giants. Weott Quad.
HSC49960HSCSequoia sempervirensMaralyn O'Meara1211973-2-09 HumboldtMcKinleyville, N side of Mad River along N Bank Rd., 0.5 mi. E of Hwy. 101
LOB117026LOBSequoia sempervirensA. Nishitas.n.1973-4-14 Santa Cruzin Santa Cruz mountains, just west of Mount Madonna State Park
CSUSB90847CSUSBSequoia sempervirensMichele Y. Hill441973-7-06 Santa CruzCampus of U.C. Santa Cruz near Biology building
HNT579HNTSequoia sempervirensF. Boutin1974 Montereylocality redacted by HNT
CAS-BOT85808CASSequoia sempervirensBrown, Richard Mc.Ps.n.1974-2-22 MarinTocaloma, along Lagunitas Creek
JEPS73770UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensRichard McP. Brown1974-2-22 MarinTocaloma Lagunitas Creek, Tocaloma (along Lagunitas Creek)
UCSB021575UCSBSequoia sempervirensGray, John11K1974-4-01 Mendocino8 miles west of Comptche on Comptche Road, Ukiah; 1 N 1 W sec. 6, SW quarter
DAV86002DAVSequoia sempervirensChris Bowen1421974-6-01 SonomaSonoma County: Near Sorcer's Wood, Unit 30-A Owners' Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
HSC37393HSCSequoia sempervirensGary S. Lester5001974-7-24 HumboldtAlong Lost Man Creek.
MACF17376MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson2021974-8-06 HumboldtOff U. S. 101, exit to Patrick's Point State Beach Park, near Seaward Drive
HSC31518HSCSequoia sempervirensSteve Selva951974-8-28 HumboldtBehind Humboldt State University, Arcata.
HSC42288HSCSequoia sempervirensR.J. Mastrogiuseppesn1974-9-06 Del NorteAlong Klamath River 2.5 mi. from mouth
CAS-BOT80269CASSequoia sempervirensMastrogiuseppe, Ronald J.s.n.1974-9-6 Del NorteAlong Klamath River, ca. 2 1/2 mile from mouth
CAS-BOT80299CASSequoia sempervirensMartineau, Robert4171974-10-21 Santa ClaraS.E. of the Interpretive Center; Five miles south of center of Palo Alto Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains
UCSC100006556UCSCSequoia sempervirensBray, Rutherford91974-10-24 Santa CruzThe Forest of Nisene Marks The Forest of Nisene Marks
UCSC100006559UCSCSequoia sempervirensS. Bray, C. Rutherford91974-10-24 Santa CruzThe Forest of Nisene Marks The Forest of Nisene Marks
UCSC100006553UCSCSequoia sempervirensD. Self, C. Lang, Z. Richards411974-11-23 Santa CruzFall Creek State Park, 1/4 mile NW of junction of Pine Flat Road and Empire Grade. Junction of Pine Flat Road and Empire Grade - Fall Creek State Park
UCSC100006554UCSCSequoia sempervirensD. Self, C. Lang, Z. Richards411974-11-23 Santa CruzFall Creek State Park, 1/4 mile NW of junction of Pine Flat Road and Empire Grade. Junction of Pine Flat Road and Empire Grade - Fall Creek State Park
DAV69307DAVSequoia sempervirensTeresa A. Sholars91974-12-04 MendocinoMendocino County: 1/4 mile north of Comptche-Ukiah Road, 2 miles east of State Highway 1.
RSA252238RSASequoia sempervirensG. D. Wallace13661974-12-26 MarinMt. Tamalpais St. Pk. off Panoramic Hwy. SE of West Point between Spike Buck Ck. and Laguna Ck.
CHSC19703CHSCSequoia sempervirensM. S. Taylor3611975-1-16 MontereyOn n and s side of Palo Colorado Canon Rd, ca. 3 mi e of Hwy 1, ca. 16 mi s of Carmel.
DAV69234DAVSequoia sempervirensTeresa A. Sholars291975-3-24 MendocinoMendocino County: Jackson State Forest Pygmy Reserve, on Mitchel Creek Lane, Fort Bragg.
SFV100441SFVSequoia sempervirensK. A. Wilson14711975-3-28 MarinNorth Coast Ranges; Mount Tamalpais State Park. Tourist Club Highway (Trail), south of Panoramic Highway. West facing slope.
UCSC100006555UCSCSequoia sempervirensK. Merzario, B. Sheekey, R. Whites.n.1975-4-18 Santa CruzFall Creek State Park, found in area of old fire road SE of Empire Grade. Old fire road. - Fall Creek State Park
UCSC100006552UCSCSequoia sempervirensK. Merzario, B. Sheekey, R. Whites.n.1975-4-18 Santa CruzFall Creek State Park, found in area of old fire road SE of Empire Grade. Old fire road. - Fall Creek State Park
CAS-BOT654777CASSequoia sempervirensDavis, Jeff351975-5-10 Santa Cruz0.1 mi. up Olsen Rd. from intersection with Old San Jose Rd., 5 mi. E. of Soquel
CHSC20474CHSCSequoia sempervirensM. S. Taylor6601975-6-04 Santa CruzOn s side of Cresant Drive, ca. 2 mi e of Los Gatos Hwy, Scotts Valley.
SBBG99859SBBGSequoia sempervirensJ. Leithliter841975-6-20 MarinN end of Blithedale Ave in Mill Valley
RSA548749RSASequoia sempervirensJim Leithliter841975-7-20 MarinNorthern end of Blithedale Ave in Mill Valley
HSC37242HSCSequoia sempervirensGary S. Lester7631975-9-27 MendocinoWalker Grove, near S Fork Eel River
MACF19767MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson4321975-11-30 MontereyApprox. 2 mi. south of Big Sur, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Range
MACF19768MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson4331975-11-30 MontereyAprrox. 2 mi. south of Big Sur, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Range
MACF19769MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson4341975-11-30 MontereyApprox. 2. mi. south of Big Sur, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Range
UCSB021581UCSBSequoia sempervirensEricson, Trudy4341975-11-30 MontereyApprox. 2 mi. south of Big Sur, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Range
PUA17497PUASequoia sempervirensB. Tam1976-4-15 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
CAS-BOT654773CASSequoia sempervirensSmits, A. W.381976-5-2 NapaCleary Reserve, 4 mi. NW. of Pope Valley.
CAS-BOT654774CASSequoia sempervirensOgden, Sue241976-10-24 NapaCleary Reserve
CAS-BOT654776CASSequoia sempervirensde Arce, Diaz301976-11-6 San MateoN. of Santa Lucia Mts. 1250 Mills St, Menlo Park, Cal.
CAS-BOT654770CASSequoia sempervirensBelden, E.211976-11-20 MarinMuir Woods National Monument
CAS-BOT654775CASSequoia sempervirensBenson, Stephen501976-11-20 San Mateo6 miles east of highway 35, on Old La Honda Rd.
UCR19335UCRSequoia sempervirensBernice Bowerss.n.1977-4-04 San MateoKings Mtn. Road, 1 mi south of Huddart County Park, 2 mi north of Woodside
CHSC26266CHSCSequoia sempervirensDarci Field61977-4-10 MarinPhoenix Lake Park, ca. 1 mi ws on Lagunitas Road in Ross. T0 N R0 W S06 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: San Rafael 1:24,000
OBI164988OBISequoia sempervirensDavid J. Keil124581977-7-03 San Luis ObispoCal Poly campus.
CAS-BOT654778CASSequoia sempervirensCharlton, Sue541978-3-12 Santa CruzU.C. Santa Cruz
OBI149438OBISequoia sempervirensJ. Norman11978-3-18 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., 2 mi. S. of Big Sur River, near pond at Post Ranch west of highway I.
CAS-BOT80311CASSequoia sempervirensBecking, R. W.s.n.1978-3-23 Santa CruzBranciforte Drive, Delaveaga Park, Santa Cruz
UCSB021582UCSBSequoia sempervirensP. Schemejfs.n.1978-6-20 MontereyBig Sur at Juan Higuera Creek; Los Padres National Forest
CAS-BOT80287CASSequoia sempervirensWheeler, Clare R.6781978-8-30 Mendocinousal Rd. 1.5 miles so. of Four Corners Briceland Rd. Intersection
MACF22872MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson9631978-9-03 Humboldt3 mi. east of Carlotta on St. 36
MACF22873MACFSequoia sempervirensTrudy R. Ericson9641978-9-03 Humboldt3 mi. east of Carlotta on St. 36
CAS-BOT80271CASSequoia sempervirensPringle, C. G.s.n.1979-3-5 MendocinoMendocino
FSC0000926FSCSequoia sempervirensLeslie Zander01771979-4-01 Santa ClaraFound Central Coast Ranges, Hecker Pass, 2 miles east of Mt. Madonna Rd. at an elevation of 1225ft.
HSC60121HSCSequoia sempervirensM.A. Baker3381979-5-25 Del NorteMouth of Wilson Creek
HSC66841HSCSequoia sempervirensMelany Seacatsn1979-6-05 MendocinoBig River Estuary, S side of river, 4 mi. upriver
HSC76115HSCSequoia sempervirensG.L. Clifton56251979-6-19 Del NorteNear the S Fork of the Smith River, close to the town of Gasquet.
PUA33583PUASequoia sempervirensBill Grummer1979-6-30 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA22790PUASequoia sempervirensG.L. Clifton1979-7-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
CAS-BOT80284CASSequoia sempervirensWheeler, Clare R.12691979-9-18 MendocinoNorthspur 8 mi. NE on Irmulco Rd. from Hwy. 20
HSC83656HSCSequoia sempervirensClare R. Wheeler13001980-2-05 MendocinoFish Rock Rd., Hwy. 122, 14 mi. SW of Hwy. 128
CAS-BOT80286CASSequoia sempervirensWheeler, Clare R.13001980-2-5 MendocinoFish Rock Road 14 miles SW of Hwy 128
MACF24456MACFSequoia sempervirensMitch Cruzan1980-5-10 MontereyNacimiento Rd., 2 mi. east of jct. Hwy. 1.
OBI164997OBISequoia sempervirensMelissa Luckow441980-5-20 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon, streamside, near the bridge about 100 yds. south from the end of the road
PUA47362PUASequoia sempervirensG.L. Clifton1981-5-03 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
CAS-BOT80283CASSequoia sempervirensWheeler, Clare R.21731981-5-19 MendocinoSignal Ridge Road, SW of Philo, ca. 75 mi N. and below Cold Springs Lookout Ross Ranch
PUA63004PUASequoia sempervirensTodd Dawson1981-7-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Shelly Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA63229PUASequoia sempervirensTodd Dawson1981-7-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Shelly Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA63097PUASequoia sempervirensTodd Dawson1981-7-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Griffin Creek. Gasquet Quad.
MCCC198MCCCSequoia sempervirensRouvaishyana1981-11-14 Mendocino3/4 mi. from pygmy forest trailhead, fern canyon trail, Van Damme State Park
MCCC189MCCCSequoia sempervirensRouvaishyana1981-11-21 Mendocino2 1/4 mi. from Rd. 409 along North Boundry Trail to Park Headquarters, Russian Gulch State Park
MCCC451MCCCSequoia sempervirensMarcia Snyder1981-12-01 Mendocino6 mi. E. of Hwy 1, 200' south of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC452MCCCSequoia sempervirensMarcia Snyder1981-12-01 Mendocino6 mi. E. of Hwy 1, 200' south of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC453MCCCSequoia sempervirensMarcia Snyder1981-12-01 Mendocino6 mi. E. of Hwy 1, 200' south of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC164MCCCSequoia sempervirensM. Chandler1981-12-10 Mendocino6 1/3 mi. E. of Hwy 1, 30' north of Navarro Ridge Road
MCCC6027MCCCSequoia sempervirensR. Woodward881982-3-22 MendocinoAlong Road 450 in Hare Creek #5 sale
RSA789037RSASequoia sempervirensCarrie A. Herd441982-3-27 MendocinoIndian Creek County Park, Hwy. 128
CAS-BOT80285CASSequoia sempervirensKesenheimer, Paula29241982-4-26 MendocinoAlong Hwy. 128, NE of Navarro
OBI164994OBISequoia sempervirensEric Wise14241982-4-29 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon, along stream. Cal Poly Campus
JROH5894JROHSequoia sempervirensM. Rays.n.1982-5-14 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Redwood grove, San Francisquito Creek
MACF24027MACFSequoia sempervirensJ. Holtzman251982-5-16 Monterey4.5 mi. from Hwy 1 Nacimiento- Fergusson Rd.
PPWD36PPWDSequoia sempervirensG. de Nevers20261982-5-18 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - At the Redwood Canon.
PUA52141PUASequoia sempervirensBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-6-05 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA52175PUASequoia sempervirensBecking-lenihan-muldavin1982-6-05 Del NorteLocal landmark: 'smith River. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA53389PUASequoia sempervirensBecking And Lenihan1982-7-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cedar Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA53289PUASequoia sempervirensBecking And Lenihan1982-7-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
OBI164982OBISequoia sempervirensWalter F. Chesbro2251982-7-23 Montereyin steep canyon, 4 miles E of Hwy 1 on the Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd.
SHTC4575SHTCSequoia sempervirensCarosella, T.-1982-9-07 StanislausModesto Junior College
MCCC6026MCCCSequoia sempervirensR. Woodward1601982-9-15 MendocinoJackson State Forest
RSA658983RSASequoia sempervirensPaul M. Inman50883-121983-5-08 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon in the Angeles National forest, San Gabriel mountains, about 1 miles north of Arcadia, Ca. ca. 100 yards below the weir at Hoegee's Camp.
PUA58754PUASequoia sempervirensGrummer & Hemphill1983-6-13 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
OBI164981OBISequoia sempervirensDavid Keil172521983-7-01 MendocinoJackson State Forest ca. 8 mi ESE of Ft. Bragg along SR 20 N of hwy along dirt road ca. 0.5 mi
PUA57657PUASequoia sempervirensG.L. Clifton1983-7-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Camp Grant. Weott Quad.
CAS-BOT80327CASSequoia sempervirensRubtzoff, Peter96691983-7-30 SonomaAnnapolis area, near the road from [Annopolis] Annapolis to the coast, 3.6 miles from Hwy 1
PUA61709PUASequoia sempervirensJoe Callizo1984-4-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
CAS-BOT654772CASSequoia sempervirensRiensche, David L.451984-5-11 NapaCleary Reserve, Pope Valley
UC1530712UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensR. W. Becking1984-9-23 HumboldtFederation of Women's Grove Humboldt Co. Weott, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Federation (Humboldt Co. Weott < sic > , Humboldt Redwoods State Park)
HSC85743HSCSequoia sempervirensR.W. Beckingsn1985-1-17 HumboldtHSU Campus, Hse. 87
HSC85756HSCSequoia sempervirensR.W. Beckingsn1985-1-17 HumboldtHSU Campus, NRS Building SW corner
MCCC1790MCCCSequoia sempervirensTeresa Sholars4731985-10-07 HumboldtSouth of Founder's Grove, N. of Moyan Plaque ca. 50 M, Avenue of the Giants
MCCC1791MCCCSequoia sempervirensTeresa Sholars4731985-10-07 HumboldtSouth of Founder's Grove, N. of Moyan Plaque ca. 50 M, Avenue of the Giants
HSC91941HSCSequoia sempervirensE. Mackeysn1987-2-05 HumboldtPatrick's Point State Park
DAV202701DAVSequoia sempervirensOren Pollaks.n.1987-4-27 MendocinoMendocino County: Jug Handle State Park.
DAV105604DAVSequoia sempervirensFrederica Bowcutt10351987-5-28 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park; along the North Fork of Jackass Creek; just north of old town of Wheeler. SE of Bear Harbor 2 air miles.
HSC86479HSCSequoia sempervirensR.W. Beckingsn1988-1-02 Santa CruzBig Basin Redwoods State Park, Jay Camp Grove
UCR67981UCRSequoia sempervirensDavid J. Keil205711988-5-06 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, east of Hwy 1 along Swanton Road. Little Creek Trail
OBI164978OBISequoia sempervirensDavid Keil205711988-5-06 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, east of Hwy 1 along Swanton Road. Little Creek Trail
DAV117020DAVSequoia sempervirensFrederic Hrusa56331988-6-21 MontereyMonterey County: along the Nacimiento-Fergusen Rd, Santa Lucia Mountains.
HSC93543HSCSequoia sempervirensG. Fred Hrusa56331988-6-21 MontereyW side of Santa Lucia Mtns. along Nacimiento-Fergusen Rd., 0.25 mi. above road crossing
CDA0012195CDASequoia sempervirensG.F. Hrusa56331988-6-21 MontereyW side of Santa Lucia Mts, along Nacimiento-Fergusen Rd. approx. 1/4 miles above road crossing. Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA730333RSASequoia sempervirensR. R. Halse38421989-5-13 HumboldtAlong Highway 101, 2 miles south of Weott
DAV130174DAVSequoia sempervirensFrederica Bowcutt13071989-5-22 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. 20 air miles SW of Garberville, 7 air miles SE from Four Corners, SE of Wheeler 0.5 air mile E of ocean. Along dirt road into Wheeler.
HSC93075HSCSequoia sempervirensF. Bowcutt13061989-5-22 Mendocino20 air mi. SW of Garberville, 7 air mi. SE from Four Corners, SE of Wheeler 0.5 air mi. E of ocean, along dirt road into Wheeler
CHSC57336CHSCSequoia sempervirensMichelle Y. Wagner151990-4-10 HumboldtHope creek trail, 5 miles n of Orick. Ravine on w side of Hwy 101.
CHSC55650CHSCSequoia sempervirensDennis W. Morris201991-4-24 Humboldt2 mi e of Humboldt State Univ. in Redwood Park. Coastal mountains. T0 N R01E S28 central USGS Quadrangle: Eureka 1:64,000
SD223778SDSequoia sempervirensR. Coxs.n.1992-3-17 San DiegoEncinitas, Quail Botanical Garden
RSA551558RSASequoia sempervirensA. Farjon2281992-9-14 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Sempervirens Campground, near Blooms Creek
VVC1167VVCSequoia sempervirensHillary Lorings.n.1992-12-03 Del Norte′Redwood′, old growth Redwood Forest near Crescent City, CA.
SD135724SDSequoia sempervirensH. H. Schmidt7701992-12-15 San DiegoEx hort: Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, zoo grounds, cultivated collection (IPB 5/07)
CHSC61945CHSCSequoia sempervirensJ. R. Biddison101993-4-06 HumboldtPrairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Fern Canon picnic area, 10 mi n of Orick, off hwy 101.
DAV157401DAVSequoia sempervirensLoredo-Prendeville541993-4-24 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, about 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa.
OBI164970OBISequoia sempervirensD.R. Miller194.651994-1-20 San Luis ObispoPine Mt. region; on property, East Pine Mt.
SHTC4577SHTCSequoia sempervirensBorman & Cantwell2201994-7-20 StanislausCSU Stanislaus Campus, Turlock, South side of science building
HSC92001HSCSequoia sempervirensR.W. Beckingsn1994-8-07 HumboldtAbove Korbel
OBI164983OBISequoia sempervirensRay McKelvey161995-5-11 Monterey#1 Hiway near Monterey
DAV134525DAVSequoia sempervirensD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-4-13 MendocinoMendocino County: Montgomery Woods State Reserve. Redwood forests.
DAV134631DAVSequoia sempervirensD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-4-14 MendocinoMendocino County: Mendocino-Fort Bragg. Mendocino Woodlands Camp. Redwood forests.
DAV131502DAVSequoia sempervirensD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-7-24 MontereyMonterey County: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Redwood forests.
UC2082276UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensDavid Charlet23311996-9-28 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains, Villa Montalvo Arboretum; lookout trail.
CHSC81204CHSCSequoia sempervirensColby J. Boggs431997-5-02 MendocinoFound 4 mi east of Hwy 1 on Mountain View Rd. T1 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Point Arena 1:24,000
UCR103971UCRSequoia sempervirensGeorge K. Helmkamp20941997-6-23 Montereysmall side tributary off Willow Creek [Los Burros] Rd., c. 1 mi. north of Gorda & c. 1.7 miles from US Hwy 1
UC401311UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensKatharine Brandegee1998-9-3 MontereyBig Creek Sta Lucia Mountains, Big Creek
RSA653142RSASequoia sempervirensA. C. Sanders223701998-12-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns.: upper Waterman Canon, ca. 1/4 km below the Highway 18 crossing.; San Bernardino North 7.5′ Q.
UCR110857UCRSequoia sempervirensA.C. Sanders223701998-12-23 San Bernardinoupper Waterman Canon, c. 1/4 km below the Highway 18 crossing; San Bernardino Mtns.
HSC98210HSCSequoia sempervirensGordon Leppig11891999-7-09 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park; Big Lagoon Bog
CDA0046001CDASequoia sempervirensGordon Leppig11891999-7-09 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park Big Lagoon Bog.
OBI164975OBISequoia sempervirensKristina L. Schultz272000-11-22 MarinSan Anselmo. Located along trail through Faude Park.
UC2062676UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensBarbara Ertter, Dan Norris2000-12-3 Contra CostaMount Diablo, west fork of Sycamore Canon.
PGM4807PGMSequoia sempervirensYadon, Vern2001-3-13 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Big Sur Coastlands Post Rd, Kay Short prop 500 ft elev
UCR238308UCRSequoia sempervirensMark A. Elvins.n.2001-11-22 MontereyMcWay Canon along Hwy 1, S of Julia Pfeiffer Burns St. Park
HSC95785HSCSequoia sempervirensWill Ferrand432002-4-28 Humboldt9 mi. E of intersection of West End Rd. and Warren Creek Rd.
JEPS111875UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensD. G. Kelch04.22004-3-5 Contra CostaMartinez - Rankin Open Space Rankin Park, Martinez, Contra Costa County, CA. Sapling waif to 2 ms. In shade of Canon. Probably seeded from nearby horticultural planting.
YM-YOSE15451YMSequoia sempervirensPeter, Jesse2006-8-2 Sonoma7 Miles South in Santa Rosa in Bennet Valley
YM-YOSE15452YMSequoia sempervirensPeter, Jesse2006-8-2 Sonoma7 miles South of Santa Rosa in Bennet Valley
UCSC100006551UCSCSequoia sempervirensLulu Waks252006-11-12 Monterey~ 10 mi. S of Canon Hwy. 1. Palo Colorado Rd. ~ 7 mi. up Palo Colorado Rd. Private driveway. Old road cut leading down to creek. Trail crosses creek and climbs up
UCSC100006558UCSCSequoia sempervirensBrian and Eileen Keelan12762007-2-26 Santa CruzHwy 236 at Oak St., 1.5 W of Rte 9
UCR186374UCRSequoia sempervirensA.C. Sanders341902007-6-22 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, southern edge of San Lorenzo River between Laurel St. and Riverside Ave.
RSA747203RSASequoia sempervirensK. M. Meyer2532007-9-26 Santa CruzThe Forest of Nisine Mark State Park, Mary Easton Picnic Area.
DAV192187DAVSequoia sempervirensK. M. Meyer2532007-9-26 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: The Forest of Nisine Mark State Park, Mary Easton Picnic Area.
RSA0110173RSASequoia sempervirensJulian DormadyCA190-812007-10-25 Santa CruzForest of Nisene Mark, Aptos Creek Road (near Aptos).
HSC104127HSCSequoia sempervirensJulian DormadyCA190-812007-10-25 Santa CruzForest of Nisene Park, Aptos Creek Road.
CHSC101362CHSCSequoia sempervirensJulian DormadyCA190-812007-10-25 Santa CruzForest of Nisene Mark, Aptos Creek Road (near Aptos).
CAS-BOT83856CASSequoia sempervirensHill, Steven R.377082008-3-15 AlamedaBerkeley. University of California. Parking lot at swimming pool N of stadium, Centennial Way.
UCSC100006549UCSCSequoia sempervirensGreg Gilberts.n.2008-3-27 Santa CruzUCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot (FERP)
UCSC6244UCSCSequoia sempervirensGreg Gilbert2008-3-27 Santa CruzUCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot (FERP)
UCSC100006550UCSCSequoia sempervirensGreg Gilbert20062008-4-1 Santa CruzUCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot (FERP)
RSA749149RSASequoia sempervirensA. Shaw202009-5-18 Los AngelesClaremont. NE trail from Garden Shop and Administration building at RSABG.
SBBG124871SBBGSequoia sempervirensScott D. White, J. M. Wood129222009-5-22 RiversideHalfway Spring, accessed via Old Control Rd
SD233238SDSequoia sempervirensScott D. White129222009-5-22 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Halfway Spring, accessedvia Old Control Road. Spring surrounded by small patch of wetland.
RSA751919RSASequoia sempervirensScott D. White129222009-5-22 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSan Jacinto Mts: Halfway Spring, accessed via Old Control Road.; Blackburn Canon
UCR213854UCRSequoia sempervirensScott D. White129222009-5-22 RiversideHalfway Spring, accessed via Old Control Road
UC1951161UCJEPSSequoia sempervirensScott D. White, Justin Wood129222009-5-22 RiversideSAN JACINTO MOUNTAINS: Halfway Spring, accessed via Old Control Road. USGS Blackburn Canon 7.5' Quad.
SFV100443SFVSequoia sempervirensJ. N. Hogue350.12009-6-4 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges; Ukiah, near Gibson Creek.
CDA0028813CDASequoia sempervirensD.G. Kelch9.4062009-6-9 San MateoChert outcrop and adjacent mixed evergreen forest along Skyline Blvd ~1 W of Skegg's Point. Santa Cruz Mts.
CDA0029775CDASequoia sempervirensD.G. Kelch9.5212009-7-30 Contra CostaAlvarado section, Wildcat Canon. Site of Belgum's Grande Vista Sanitarium (the Crazy House).
CDA0031319CDASequoia sempervirensD.G. Kelch10.1952010-5-30 SonomaNear old Buena Vista Estate ~3 km E of Sonoma.
UCR277398UCRSequoia sempervirensR.G. Swinney135842010-8-23 Los AngelesWinter Creek Canon (Winter Cr. Trail) c. 200 m upstream from confluence with Big Santa Anita Cyn. (Santa Anita Canon Ave./Gabrieleno Trail), at mouth of man-made tunnel on west side of stream
CDA0034046CDASequoia sempervirensD.G. Kelch11.1562011-4-22 San MateoAlong Route 9, ~5 km E of Big Basin Redwoods. Santa Cruz Mountains.
HSC101753HSCSequoia sempervirensJ.P. Smith134382012-4-7 Del NorteG-O Road
UCSC100006557UCSCSequoia sempervirensD. Styer & P. Smith5612012-12-12 MontereyFt. Ord National Monument (Region J11)
SHTC4573SHTCSequoia sempervirensLaugero, Jordan92014-3-6 StanislausOakdale, off of Danae Lane which is accessible via Valley Home Road).
HSC101951HSCSequoia sempervirensNikolaus Gillen22014-3-18 AlamedaTilden Regional Park, Grizzly Peak Trail.
SHTC4574SHTCSequoia sempervirensHarrington, Brandon202014-4-3 StanislausCSU Stanislaus Campus, Turlock, Parking lot of Naraghi
RSA0037478RSASequoia sempervirensLarissa L. Yates22014-4-24 Los AngelesDowntown Claremont. Along 1st street between Cornell Ave. and College Ave.
CAS-BOT421682CASSequoia sempervirensCrowe, R.; Whelan, S.; Leist, F.; Gosliner, H.; Wiedenmayer, T.14355 B2014-9-13 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Worn Springs, by Sky Oaks Road to Culvert WS-13
UCSC100005828UCSCSequoia sempervirensReed Kenny5022015-5-25 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
SHTC1241SHTCSequoia sempervirensSmith, A./Bella, R.292016-4-21 StanislausA house on Mesa heading towards Oakdale from Riverbank. An Owner has a small redwood on his property.
SHTC4527SHTCSequoia sempervirensAmsberry, Ty212016-4-28 StanislausCSU Stanislaus Campus,(California State University Stanislaus), next to a building, open area
CDA0050110CDASequoia sempervirensTara Samuels12017-2-12 San Luis ObispoSmall coniferous woodland, near a grassland flat, relatively exposed, soil brown and compacted. Elev 82 m. 35.26 N, -120.64 W.
LOB117022LOBSequoia sempervirensAlex White322017-3-17 SonomaJack London State Historic Park.
OBI164980OBISequoia sempervirensMonika Richardson162017-7-3 Santa CruzAbout a mile into School House Trail.
OBI164979OBISequoia sempervirensMonika Richardson1292017-7-24 Santa CruzGrowing on Schoolhouse Trail
CDA0048687CDASequoia sempervirensGomes-GreerPDR# 010P066602632017-8-22 Alameda34000 Mission Bl. Hayward 94587. 1- Alameda; 40-General Plant Pathology; 40-Roadside, Hwy Edge; CNTY-County
HSC104811HSCSequoia sempervirensAlex Jamalsn2017-10-6 HumboldtArcata Marsh, along trail near southwest corner of Allen Marsh.
SBBG140490SBBGSequoia sempervirensC. Matt Guilliams39372018-3-15 Santa BarbaraLoc #6 Rattlesnake Trail. At creek.
SD00027023SDSequoia sempervirensC. Matt Guilliams39372018-3-15 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest: Rattlesnake Trail. At creek.
SHTC7124SHTCSequoia sempervirensCarmack, Aaron122018-5-14 StanislausMoran Park, back side of park opposite from Encina Rd
SHTC7281SHTCSequoia sempervirensA. Carmack122018-5-14 StanislausMoran Park, back side of park opposite from Encina Rd.
OBI164976OBISequoia sempervirensThomas Buchloh392018-7-16 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, down the trail behind the apple orchard along Scott's Creek
SBBG143610SBBGSequoia sempervirensKristen Hasenstab-Lehman13572018-7-31 Santa BarbaraRattlesnake Canon, in Rattlesnake Creek.
SD00030630SDSequoia sempervirensKristen Hasenstab-Lehman13572018-7-31 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest: Rattlesnake Canon, in Rattlesnake Creek
OBI161307OBISequoia sempervirensReed Kenny5022019-4-28 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
RSA0178079RSASequoia sempervirensJasper TsaiJT12019-8-6 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

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