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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT140675CASScirpus maritimusSanders, A. C.; Leighton, Victor; King, Morgan375642010-03-24 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert; Salton Trough: Imperial Valley, Red Hill area near the SE end of the Salton Sea, south side of Pound Rd. 0.35 mi. east of Davis Rd., c. 3 mi. SW of Niland Elev. given as -220ft.
CAS-BOT7647CASScirpus maritimusHowell, John Thomas208741945-05-20 MarinTiburon.
CDA0000223CDAScirpus maritimusFrank B. McMurry13971943-01-01 ImperialSonoran Desert, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.
CDA0013643CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa140061997-07-08 AlamedaLarge colony, dominant in parts of small wetland between railroad tracks on E side of Base. Perennial, to 1 meter here. Oakland Army Base.
CDA0015249CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa143801998-05-08 Contra CostaDow Chemical property at Pittsburg adjacent to shore of San Joaquin River. Sacramento Delta.
CDA0015264CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa143951998-05-08 Contra CostaE end of Dow Chemical property in Pittsburg. Sacramento Delta.
CDA0015752CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa110931993-05-21 San Luis ObispoSalinas River approx. 2 N of Monterey Rd. on E side of river.
CDA0017167CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa162142004-03-31 MercedW of Hwy 165 across from Great Valley Grasslands St. Pk. San Luis Wildlife Refuge.
CDA0017964CDAScirpus maritimusV. PerryPDR 10045171999-10-01 StanislausPoplar Ave. Patterson. Central California.
CDA0019091CDAScirpus maritimusJ. BeallPDR 0644352001-04-24 San MateoBelmont Creek at Old Country Rd. Belmont.
CDA0028858CDAScirpus maritimusM.K. Beyers932009-05-28 InyoSouthwest of the Amargosa River, leading to the entrance of Slot Canon. ,The Mojave Desert.
CDA0028945CDAScirpus maritimusD.G. Kelch9.4282009-06-09 Santa ClaraSunnyvale. E of Carribean Rd and W of Moffet Park Dr along tidal slough and adjacent parking lot.
CDA0032271CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa140061997-07-08 AlamedaBetween railroad tracks on E side of Base. Oakland Army Base.
CDA0032272CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa143661998-05-08 Contra CostaDow Chemical property at Pittsburg. Sacramento Delta.
CDA0032273CDAScirpus maritimusK. PeekPDR P1990182001-10-16 AlamedaS of Mowry Ave. & Cherry St. San Francisco Bay Area.
CDA0032274CDAScirpus maritimusG.F. Hrusa147241998-07-17 Contra CostaColony in bottom of now dry drainage-wash through disturbed grasslands at E end of Dow Chemical property. Site clearly wet earlier in season, but w-out standing water at this time. Sacramento Delta.
CDA0034665CDAScirpus maritimusL. Ahart164602009-10-12 NapaBelow the high water line of Lake Berryessa, along Capell Creek south of Rest Area, 3-4 mile northeast of Highway 128 on Berryessa Knoxville Road, 3-4 mile southwest of Capell Cove Launch Ramp on Berryessa Knoxville Road, about 19 miles (air) west of Winters.
CDA0039124CDAScirpus maritimusGordon Leppig12681999-10-25 HumboldtState Hwy 101, mile marker 61.40.
CDA0039125CDAScirpus maritimusT.C. Fuller71481961-10-17 San DiegoTecolote Creek, just east of Hwy 101, 1 mile south of Morena.
CDA0039126CDAScirpus maritimusGordon Leppig8511998-06-25 HumboldtRoute 101, mile marker 81.60.
CDA0039146CDAScirpus maritimusC. F. Dunshee181922-01-01 Kern[No data].
CDA0039147CDAScirpus maritimusG.D. Barbe13071973-04-18 VenturaCounty Game Preserve, south of Port Hueneme, east of Casper Road.
CDA0039148CDAScirpus maritimusT.C. Fuller71481961-10-17 San DiegoTecolote Creek, just east of Hwy 101, 1 mile south of Morena.
CDA0039149CDAScirpus maritimusA.G. Murdock1822003-09-12 SolanoMare Island. Carquinez Strait.
CDA0039150CDAScirpus maritimusD.G. Kelch3.1042003-08-13 Contra CostaMartinez Marsh. Canon.
CDA0039151CDAScirpus maritimusA.G. Murdock3002004-05-28 Contra CostaLuzon. Carquinez Strait.
CDA0039153CDAScirpus maritimusD.G. Kelch4.2332004-06-10 SolanoBenicia - Lake Herman. ,Canon.
ELH-3967362-TEMPAIDELHScirpus maritimusLowell Ahart & Vernon H. Oswald82211999-09-13 LassenJust south of the parking area, about 1 mile south of the sign in station, Honey Lake Wildlife Area, 5.5 miles (air) southeast of Standish, CA
ELH-3967395-TEMPAIDELHScirpus maritimusNick Otting7082003-07-19 LassenModoc Plateau, Biscar Reservoir, 19 air miles northeast of Susanville
FSC0004029FSCScirpus maritimusL. P. Janeway17911986-08-04 FresnoFresno, Co., Curry Mountain quad T21S, R14E, SW1-4 of sec. 14, elev. 1000 ft. In Oak Flat Can ca 1-2 mi north of Warthan Cr, ca 5 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198.
GH00424176GHScirpus maritimusB. Anderson30261986-06-12 MarinJust off the Hwy 1 & 101 intersection NW of Sausalito along Richardson Bay
JEPS111878UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. G. Murdock1822003-09-12 SolanoMare Island
JEPS111881UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. G. Murdock3002004-05-28 Contra CostaLuzon
JEPS111883UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. G. Murdock3262004-06-04 Contra CostaPacheco Marsh near Waterfront Road
JEPS111894UCJEPSScirpus maritimusD. G. Kelch04.2332004-06-10 SolanoBenicia - Lake Herman
JEPS111904UCJEPSScirpus maritimusD. G. Kelch05.2852005-05-20 SolanoGlen Cove - Cesspool
JEPS115967UCJEPSScirpus maritimusLowell Ahart164602009-10-12 NapaBelow the high water line of Lake Berryessa, along Capell Creek south of Rest Area, 3-4 mile northeast of Highway 128 on Berryessa Knoxville Road, 3-4 mile southwest of Capell Cove Launch Ramp on Berryessa Knoxville Road, about 19 miles (air) west of Wint
JEPS63997UCJEPSScirpus maritimusWillis L. Jepson129341928-06-25 SolanoCordelia
LA103191LAScirpus maritimusBarry A. Prigge64311985-06-14 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Oxnard Plain, Calleguas Creek; 0.2 N of West Potrero Road on Lewis Road
LA15598LAScirpus maritimusL. Larson991928-04-21 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu
LA201874LAScirpus maritimusArthur C. Gibson45052001-06-09 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; N-fork Conejo Creek; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; above Paradise Falls
LA201875LAScirpus maritimusArthur C. Gibson45042001-10-06 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Indian Creek; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; above junction with N-fork of Conejo Creek
SHTC3300SHTCScirpus maritimusBorgstrom, E.E.771994-04-23 StanislausHighway J17, 10 miles west of 99, on north side on road
UC1100855UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason127321945-09-19 Buttenw Pennington (Gray Lodge Game Refuge);, nw of Pennington
UC1100858UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason127111945-09-18 SutterPennington Road between Live Oak and Pennington; between Live Oak and Pennington
UC1100859UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason12660a1945-08-16 Solanonear Suisun Bay; Grizzly Island, near Suisun Bay
UC1100860UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason126601945-08-16 Solanonear Suisun Bay; Grizzly Island, near Suisun Bay
UC1100861UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason49821928-10-02 Montereyone mi w Salinas (margins of pools in the Salinas River); Salinas River, w of Salinas
UC1100900UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, S. Galen Smith83341948-08-12 Mercedabout 5 mi e Gustine (San Joaquin Valley);, e of Gustine
UC1100901UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, S. Galen Smith82641948-07-30 MercedIngomar
UC1100902UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith18721949-09-09 Colusarice fields 3 mi w Williams; w of Williams
UC1100904UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith17351949-09-01 Monoon southwestern shore Mono Lake (ponds and marshes at the Rush Creek Wildlife Area); southwestern shore Mono Lake, Rush Creek Wildlife Area
UC1100905UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith15641949-08-25 San Mateomarshes at Sharp Park
UC1100906UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith13151949-08-11 Del Nortebeach at Crescent City
UC1100907UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith6271948-09-07 San DiegoGolf course pond, Golf Course pond (Rancho Santa Fe)
UC1100908UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5281948-09-04 Imperial5 mi n Westmorland (National Waterfowl Refuge, Imperial Valley); National Waterfowl Refuge, Imperial Valley, n of Westmorland
UC1100910UCJEPSScirpus maritimusVerne Grant, Irving Schneider82821947-08-25 Siskiyouw side Tule Lake; w side Tule Lake
UC1100911UCJEPSScirpus maritimusDavid B. Marshall81954-07-07 Glennca 5 mi w Princeton (Southern 1-2 of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Glenn-Colusa County Line); Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, w of Princeton
UC1100913UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason136501948-09-04 MonoRush Creek, Rush Creek (Mono Lake)
UC1100914UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant132621947-06-26 SolanoSuisun Marsh Cordelia Slough, Suisun Marsh
UC1100917UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant132321947-05-14 SolanoSuisun Marsh Cordelia Creek, Suisun Marsh
UC1100918UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant132311947-05-14 SolanoSuisun Marsh Cordelia Creek, Suisun Marsh
UC1100919UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant130461946-08-15 ButteGreylodge Game Refuge near caretaker′s house; Butte Sink, Greylodge Game Refuge
UC1100920UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant130461946-08-15 ButteGreylodge Game Refuge near caretaker′s house (Butte Sink);, Greylodge Game Refuge
UC1100922UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant129751946-08-06 Colusapond 2.7 mi n of Colusa between Sacramento River and Butte Creek; Butte Sink, n of Colusa betw Sacramento River and Butte Cree
UC1100923UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant12965-A1946-08-06 Colusafour mi s Colusa (w side Sacramento River, pond on Colusa-Marysville Highway); w side Sacramento River, s of Colusa
UC1100924UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHerbert L. Mason, Verne Grant129641946-08-06 Colusafour mi s Colusa (w side Sacramento River, pond on Colusa-Marysville Highway); w side Sacramento River, s of Colusa
UC1100936UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith11531949-08-03 Mendocinon border Fort Bragg (marshes along Noyo River);, n border Fort Bragg
UC1100968UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith401948-07-08 Merced1.5 mi n Los Banos; Los Banos Wildlife Refuge, n of Los Banos
UC1133577UCJEPSScirpus maritimusR. C. Wilson6151938-05-05 Alameda2 1-2 mi wsw Warm Springs; San Jose Quad., wsw of Warm Springs
UC1176964UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHenry M. Pollard1957-11-11 Santa Barbaramarsh bordering Southern Pacific R.R. yards (Santa Barbara);, marsh < nr > Southern Pacific R.R. yards
UC1177090UCJEPSScirpus maritimusPeter H. Raven39151951-10-14 San Franciscosw of Pacheco St. at 24th Avenue (San Francisco); San Francisco
UC127840UCJEPSScirpus maritimusMiss Harriet A. Walker4281906-07-01 Alamedavicinity Berkeley; vicinity of Berkeley
UC129747UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHarley P. Chandler60971906-07-13 Solanonear Benicia; near Benicia
UC1392600UCJEPSScirpus maritimusR. F. Hoover114951969-07-19 San Luis Obispos of Pismo Creek near Pismo Beach; s of Pismo Creek near Pismo Beach
UC143619UCJEPSScirpus maritimusC. F. Baker18301902-10-20 Santa ClaraAlviso
UC1537182UCJEPSScirpus maritimusGordon H. True, Jr.6681937-04-20 MercedLos Banos Game Refuge Los Banos Game Refuge (edge of marsh)
UC1537184UCJEPSScirpus maritimusGordon H. True, Jr.8341937-08-01 Solano7 mi s Suisun (edge of marsh); Suisun Game Refuge, s of Suisun
UC1541345UCJEPSScirpus maritimusHarold E. Parks52011934-09-01 HumboldtBig Lagoon
UC1541351UCJEPSScirpus maritimusH. E., S. T. Parks7761930-10-01 Santa Clarain Coyote Creek near Milpitas; Coyote Creek near Milpitas
UC1586766UCJEPSScirpus maritimusSteven A. JunakSC-29171991-10-08 Santa Barbarajust inland from mouth Canada de los Sauces (Santa Cruz Island);, inland from mouth Canada de los Sauces
UC167193UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish63981907-06-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
UC183949UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJoseph P. Tracy30991909-09-19 HumboldtSamoa Northern Coast Region, region about Humboldt Bay, Samoa
UC184070UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish101091915-05-11 InyoMarsh at Post Office Spring, Mojave Desert. Panamint Valley
UC184694UCJEPSScirpus maritimusGeo. D. Butler18471910-08-21 SiskiyouShasta Valley
UC200680UCJEPSScirpus maritimusKatharine Brandegee1930-07-01 MendocinoNoyo
UC2029146UCJEPSScirpus maritimusBarbara Ertter, Dan Norris168541999-11-14 Contra CostaBlack Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, Sand Creek on east side Stewartville Trail, dominated by dense stand of Scirpus americanus.
UC204675UCJEPSScirpus maritimusW. R. Dudley1903-07-18 Santa ClaraMountain View Road near Campbell′s Creek (Alviso); near Campbell′s Creek, Alviso
UC2073361UCJEPSScirpus maritimusSteven A. JunakSR-8021998-08-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Main branch of San Augustin Canon, upstream.
UC2119UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy32911897-06-17 Lassenbeside sloughs Honey Lake Valley, beside sloughs Tule Confederacy (Tule Confederacy, Honey Lake Valley)
UC2150UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy18251896-04-26 KernRosedale head San Joaquin Valley, Rosedale
UC2154UCJEPSScirpus maritimusW. F. Parish1891-01-01 Los AngelesLong Beach
UC2155UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B., W. F. Parish11151881-10-01 Los AngelesCoyote Creek
UC2156UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy32941897-06-17 LassenByers′ meadows, Byers meadows (Honey Lake Valley)
UC2214UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy11081895-05-06 AlamedaNewark
UC2216UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy18261896-04-26 KernRosedale near Bakersfield; head San Joaquin Valley, Rosedale near Bakersfield
UC2217UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy1897-08-09 Kern
UC2218UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJ. Burtt Davy24501896-04-26 Kernabout 10 mi w Delano; San Joaqun Valley, w of Delano
UC249744UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJoseph P. Tracy69071924-09-28 HumboldtCenterville Northern Coast Ranges, Centerville (in tule swapm near the ocean beach)
UC279706UCJEPSScirpus maritimusEdmund C. Jaeger1925-05-18 RiversideTemecula
UC303935UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish82491912-10-14 ImperialRockwood Imperial Valley,, Rockwood (New River)
UC306158UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish118621918-06-05 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey Playa del Rey (Southern California)
UC306159UCJEPSScirpus maritimusI. Johnston13181917-06-10 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey Playa del Rey (Southern California)
UC306160UCJEPSScirpus maritimusI. M. Johnston18661918-04-27 RiversideWildomar in a marsh Wildomar in a marsh (Southern California)
UC306161UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish110241916-09-14 Santa Barbara
UC306162UCJEPSScirpus maritimusS. B. Parish114231917-06-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley San Bernardino Valley (swamps)
UC413149UCJEPSScirpus maritimusRoxana S. Ferris78721930-05-17 AlamedaCorral Hollow
UC483500UCJEPSScirpus maritimusIra L. Wiggins57481931-08-28 Solanoirrigation ditch near Dozier (on Sacramento-Northern R.R. between Rio Vista and Dixon); on Sacramento-Northern R.R. betw Rio Vista and Dixon
UC484267UCJEPSScirpus maritimusC. B. Wolf18721931-03-12 Imperial7 mi nw Westmorland; nw of Westmorland
UC521756UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJoseph A. Ewan81091933-11-05 MarinInverness Village Tomales Bay, Inverness Village (in brackish backwash)
UC537256UCJEPSScirpus maritimusLawrence M. Booth11331932-05-30 OrangeNewport Lagoon
UC57094UCJEPSScirpus maritimusErnest Braunton6771902-09-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles
UC574975UCJEPSScirpus maritimusCarl Epling, Joseph A. Ewan1933-06-01 Riversides shore Lake Elsinore; s shore Lake Elsinore
UC589348UCJEPSScirpus maritimusBeryl O. Schreiber6461932-06-30 MarinIndian Beach, Indian Beach (Tomales Bay)
UC596491UCJEPSScirpus maritimusR. F. Hoover7091935-08-08 Stanislaus10 mi s Modesto
UC665328UCJEPSScirpus maritimusIra L. Wiggins81541935-08-10 Marincreek at head Tomales Bay; head Tomales Bay
UC668015UCJEPSScirpus maritimusJoseph P. Tracy136841934-10-13 HumboldtBig Lagoon Big Lagoon (near shore)
UC683325UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. A. Beetle26301940-09-09 Alamedashore San Francisco Bay (near Berkeley Pier);, shore San Francisco Bay
UC765787UCJEPSScirpus maritimusR. F. Hoover46971940-11-23 Alamedaalong creek below Altamont; along creek below Altamont
UC771692UCJEPSScirpus maritimusR. F. Hoover64331946-09-21 San Luis Obispoe shore Morro Bay at estuary Osos Creek; e shore Morro Bay at estuary Osos Creek
UC840923UCJEPSScirpus maritimusAlice Eastwood47141915-06-13 San MateoGranada
UC841022UCJEPSScirpus maritimusLewis S. Rose355651935-08-13 San MateoSalada
UC841025UCJEPSScirpus maritimusP. A. Munz51071922-04-29 Riversides Elsinore (Sedco, water along roadside); Sedco, s of Elsinore
UC841026UCJEPSScirpus maritimusEzra C. Knopf1901986-06-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
UC841027UCJEPSScirpus maritimusI. Johnston13181917-06-10 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey Playa del Rey (Salt Marsh, Southern California)
UC841381UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. Eastwood1917-07-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
UC841388UCJEPSScirpus maritimusA. Eastwood1917-07-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
UC917902UCJEPSScirpus maritimusFrank W. Gould22801944-04-12 Los Angelesin marshy field Western Ave. at 131st Street s Los Angeles; s of Los Angeles
UC971682UCJEPSScirpus maritimusLeo Koch1004a1940-06-05 Contra Costanear highway saline flat two mi s San Rafael ferry dock; s of San Rafael ferry dock
UCSB042177UCSBScirpus maritimusDavid L. Magney230-002000-10-02 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges Santa Clara River Valley; Oxnard Quad., Santa Clara Del Norte, San Bernardino Base Meridian; Canon Baranca-Santa Clara River confluence, just E of Montalvo at SR 101 bridge.; 34.247567 -119.190433
UCSB054671UCSBScirpus maritimusJeff C. Barrett271980-05-20 Santa Barbara1-3 mile west of Coal Oil Point, 100 yds. inland in Coal Oil Point Reserve.
CDA0039127CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusD.G. Kelch4.232004-06-06 Contra CostaMartinez -- Train Station: In large fill area north of Frontage Road, east of Martinez and I-680. Canon.
CDA0039128CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusA.G. Murdock1702003-09-12 SolanoMare Island. Below golf course and abandoned Victorian. Canon.
CDA0039152CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusT.C. Fuller128561964-11-10 ImperialNorth side of Hwy 99 to Indio, 1.5 miles west of Westmoreland.

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