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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC102507DAVSanicula bipinnataBeecher Crampton5261950-04-22 Contra CostaContra Costa County: above Judsonville, above old Empire Mine to south around top of hills.
    AHUC102508DAVSanicula bipinnataBeecher Crampton95451978-03-16 YoloYolo County: 2 miles west of Winters.
    AHUC102509DAVSanicula bipinnataBeecher Crampton95451978-03-16 YoloYolo County: 2 miles west of Winters.
    AHUC102510DAVSanicula bipinnataOgden C. Riddle401942-03-30 YoloYolo County: south Putah Canon.
    CAS-BOT183908CASSanicula bipinnataYork, Dana16271997-03-01 FresnoCa. 40 km NE of Fresno (FSc), 1.2 km NE of Tollhouse, just above Tollhouse Rd.
    CAS-BOT209945CASSanicula bipinnataShevock, James R.91901982-04-17 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sierra National Forest. Along the North Fork Kings River about 0.25 mile below Balch Camp
    CAS-BOT209969CASSanicula bipinnataShevock, James R.91251982-03-20 TulareWestern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Mine Hill southeast of California highway 190 above Lake Success and south of South Fork Tule River
    CAS-BOT223237CASSanicula bipinnataWetzel, Cherie L.6411969-04-01 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Muller′s ranch
    CAS-BOT223238CASSanicula bipinnataWetzel, Cherie L.4331968-05-21 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Muller Ranch at northwest end of Niles Canyon
    CAS-BOT223245CASSanicula bipinnataEastwood, Alice57921914-03-14 Contra CostaByron Springs
    CAS-BOT223246CASSanicula bipinnataBrandegees.n.1954-07-21 Contra CostaAntioch
    CAS-BOT223247CASSanicula bipinnataEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomass.n.1936-04-19 Contra CostaNortonville
    CAS-BOT223248CASSanicula bipinnataBrandegee, Mrs.s.n.1965-09-20 Contra CostaAntioch
    CAS-BOT223249CASSanicula bipinnataBeauchamp, R. M.s.n.1979-07-11 Fresno
    CAS-BOT223250CASSanicula bipinnataYork, Dana4341996-03-22 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 30 km E-NE of Fresno, 3.0 km N-NE of Wildcat Mountain, along Watts Valley Road
    CAS-BOT251317CASSanicula bipinnataRubtzoff, Peter89911977-04-21 FresnoOn west side of Forest Service Road 10S69, ca. 4.5 miles north of junction with Trimmer Springs Road, near confluence of Nutmeg Creek with Big Creek (Sec. 22, T11S, R25E)
    CAS-BOT434982CASSanicula bipinnataSanders, A. C.; Provance, Mitch336942007-05-04 KernTehachapi Mountains: NE of upper Oso Canyon, c. 2.5 miles east of Castac Lake, NW of peak 4908. Elev. given as 4200-4400 ft.
    CAS-BOT539827CASSanicula bipinnataTwisselmann, Ernest C.164401970-04-30 MontereyEast (Parkfield) slope of the Hog Canyon Road
    CAS-BOT539828CASSanicula bipinnataFerris, R. S.41381925-03-28 MontereyWestern base of the Big Pinnacle
    CDA0010907CDASanicula bipinnataG.F. Hrusa110031993-05-15 NapaUniversity of California, Quail Ridge Reserve betw. Hwy 128 and Lake Berryessa.
    CDA0012462CDASanicula bipinnataG.F. Hrusa103411992-03-27 San Luis ObispoRight-of-way along Hwy 46 approx. 4 miles E of Paso Robles,Upper Salinas Valley.
    CDA0012838CDASanicula bipinnataG.F. Hrusa126711996-03-22 MontereyGarland Ranch Regional Park.
    CDA0020269CDASanicula bipinnataM.I. Wibawa3832004-03-31 MercedCottonwood Canon Wildlife Area. Immediately n of Hwy 152, across from San Luis Reservoir. Diablo Range.
    CDA0020318CDASanicula bipinnataLowerisonPDR 12705662005-02-14 San Luis ObispoAtascadero.
    CDA0020325CDASanicula bipinnataM. StelmokPDR 13054682005-03-08 YubaBrowns Valley. 6463 Tonopah Trail.
    CDA0021438CDASanicula bipinnataG.F. Hrusa164322005-04-02 Santa BarbaraSlopes surrounding small stockpond on N side of Sierra Madre Rd. +-- 3 mi. from Hwy 166 intersection. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0024956CDASanicula bipinnataG.F. Hrusa171212008-04-11 LakeWalker Ridge Rd. at parking area about 1-4 mile N of Hwy 2 N slope, North Coast Ranges.
    CDA0034022CDASanicula bipinnataD.G. Kelch11.0642011-03-22 SolanoVacaville. E Drake′s point on E & S side of large Hill, W of Willowwood Ct.
    CDA0038534CDASanicula bipinnataT.C. Fuller205521993-06-07 FresnoAlong road to St. Nicholas Hill, St. Nicholas Ranch, 38526 Dunlap Road, ca. 1.5 km northwest of Dunlap. ,Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0038535CDASanicula bipinnataT.C. Fullers.n.1958-04-23 YoloOn bench above Cache Creek, 1 mile northwest of Rumsey.
    CDA0038536CDASanicula bipinnataG. Burrills.n.1960-04-08 TehamaRed Bank Road, Ray Snelson Prop.
    CDA0038537CDASanicula bipinnataR.P. Allens.n.1953-04-16 StanislausKnight′s Ferry.
    CDA0048990CDASanicula bipinnataViola Popescus.n.2017-04-05 El DoradoPlacerville, oak woodlands.
    CHSC101262CHSCSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart155582009-04-17 ButteOn the south slope of a ridge, about 200 yards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S10 NE1-4
    CHSC101533CHSCSanicula bipinnataG. F. Hrusa171212008-04-11 LakeWalker Ridge Road at parking area about 1-4 mile N of Hwy 20.
    CHSC113815CHSCSanicula bipinnataRichard R. Halse78462010-03-24 Santa ClaraAlong State Hwy. 152 ca. 3.7 miles west of the Merced County Line or 16.1 miles west of the junction of Hwy. 152 and State Hwy. 33.
    CHSC120355CHSCSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart216792018-04-12 ShastaAbout 70 yards east of the gravel road, Plateau top, near Eagle Canon, just northeast of confluence of North Fork Battle Creek and Digger Creek, 2.6 miles (air) west-southwest of Manton, 4.8 miles (air) south-southwest of Shingletown. T3 N R01E S25 NE1-4
    CHSC1975CHSCSanicula bipinnataA. Goekler1929-03-20 ButteChico.
    CHSC21630CHSCSanicula bipinnataWillis Ball4951975-03-09 Contra CostaContra Loma Regional Park. In area #8. At the peak of a large hill ca. 560 yds s of main parking lot ca. 800 yds w of Contra Loma Blvd.
    CHSC23533CHSCSanicula bipinnataM. S. Taylor10211976-03-09 ButteCa. 500 yds n of the Skyway, ca. 13 mi e of Chico.
    CHSC24935CHSCSanicula bipinnataBrad R. Parker21976-03-20 ButteCa. 10.8 mi nne of Chico, ca. 150 yds off the nw side of the Skyway, below a volcanic mudflow cliff.
    CHSC2821CHSCSanicula bipinnataDavid Prall61965-03-14 ButteCa. 10 yds. from edge of cliff ca. 30 yds. from Neal Rd., 1 mile east of HW 99E.
    CHSC28871CHSCSanicula bipinnataM. S. Taylor23181980-02-23 ButteCa. 1-4 mi n of Neal Rd, on north-facing bluffs overlooking Nance Canon, ca 4 mi sw of Paradise. T2 N R02E S12 NE1-4
    CHSC28872CHSCSanicula bipinnataM. S. Taylor23241980-03-01 ButteOn w end of county dump on n side of Neal Rd, ca. 1 mi e of Hwy 99, ca. 7 mi s of Chico. T2 N R02E S22
    CHSC28972CHSCSanicula bipinnataJ. D. Jokerst4571980-02-24 ButteHillside E of Richardson Springs ca 0.5 mi. T2 N R02E S21 NE1-4
    CHSC31405CHSCSanicula bipinnataStephen M. Turek61980-04-14 ButteCa. 3 yds n of Humboldt Road, 2 mi e of E. Monte Road, 50 yds s of Highway 32, 1 mi e of Chico.
    CHSC3167CHSCSanicula bipinnataDona Kingsford1966-03-12 ButteLocation: 1.5 miles NE of Hooker Oak Tree in open dry field, Chico.
    CHSC31896CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. Ahart3251974-03-18 ButteAlong North Honcut Creek; Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
    CHSC32761CHSCSanicula bipinnataJ. D. Jokerst12921981-04-10 ButteTop of North Table Mt, W edge, N of and adjacent to Beatson Hollow. T2 N R04E S18 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Oroville 1:24,000
    CHSC34493CHSCSanicula bipinnataJ. D. Jokerst12421981-02-23 TehamaS of Pine Creek ca 50 meters, 1.0 mi E of Meridian Rd., S edge of county, Wurlitzer Ranch.
    CHSC3478CHSCSanicula bipinnataRoger Jaegel871966-03-21 ButteLocated three miles east of the Highway 99 intersection on Pentz Road.
    CHSC36258CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. Ahart32751982-04-17 SutterNW of the Dean Cabin, Dean Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC36266CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. Ahart33601982-04-24 SutterNear the road that leads to the gravel pit, ca. 1-4 mi sw of Meyers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC38747CHSCSanicula bipinnataVernon Oswald991983-02-23 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, on the north slope ca 1600 ft n of Upper Park Rd. and 300 ft w of the power lines.
    CHSC39236CHSCSanicula bipinnataM. S. Taylor52341983-03-12 ButteAlong small rd off Stillson Canon Rd (leading to Mannion property), ca. 3 mi sse of Chico. T2 N R02E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico
    CHSC41738CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. P. Janeway14191986-03-25 MercedSouthwest of Los Banos. Eastern slopes of Inner South Coast Ranges. Steep e-facing grassy slope, just north of Los Banos Creek and ca 1-2 mi west of Los Banos Detention Reservoir. T11S R09E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ortigalita Peak NW 1:24,000
    CHSC42660CHSCSanicula bipinnataVernon Oswald17211985-04-16 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, on the slope bordering the s side of the Golf Course.
    CHSC45732CHSCSanicula bipinnataTroy Griffiths641988-03-08 ButteN side of Cohasset Rd., ca. 4 mi ne of Chico Municipal Airport, Chico.
    CHSC45733CHSCSanicula bipinnataJ. S. Peterich71988-03-08 ButteOn Cohassset rd. ca. 70 m. w. of entrance to Richardson Springs, Chico.
    CHSC46078CHSCSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart62001989-03-25 ButteAlong an old dirt road, near Lake Oroville, about 1-4 mile north-west of the West Branch Bridge across Lake Oroville.
    CHSC55175CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. P. Janeway38781991-04-11 TehamaBattle Creek Wildlife Area. Tablelands on south side of Battle Creek, ca 1 1-2 mi east of the Sacramento River. T2 N R0 W S02 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Balls Ferry 1:24,000
    CHSC64383CHSCSanicula bipinnataVernon H. Oswald65141995-03-06 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff. Along the s edge of the basalt ridge in the ne corner of the reserve. T2 N R0 W S26 NW1-4 of NE1-4
    CHSC65752CHSCSanicula bipinnataVernon H. Oswald73361996-04-08 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy. 3 NE of Red Bluff. Cascade Range Foothills. T28N R0 W S22 SE1-4 of SE1-4
    CHSC67330CHSCSanicula bipinnataJames D. Jokerst19311984-03-17 TehamaWurlitzer Ranch on the E side of Meridian Rd., S bank of Zimmershed Creek at a small oxbow with water and in the adjacent Blue Oak Woodland. T2 N R01E S30 NE1-4 of SW1-4
    CHSC70301CHSCSanicula bipinnataC. A. Janeway1986-02-25 MercedCanon of Wildcat Creek, south from Los Banos Valley. T11S R09E S30 ,31 T11S R08E S36 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley
    CHSC79090CHSCSanicula bipinnataB. Castro10382000-03-22 TehamaVicinity of Paskenta, Round Valley Rd, and Williams Butte. T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Newville 1:24,000
    CHSC8623CHSCSanicula bipinnataD. Patten591968-03-04 ButteCollected 1 1-2 mi. se of Chico along Skyway.
    CHSC90615CHSCSanicula bipinnataChris Ottinger171983-03-15 ButteCa. 0.6 km sw of Covered Bridge, s side of Butte Creek, 10.2 km ese of Chico.
    CHSC90623CHSCSanicula bipinnataJohn Copeland111980-02-26 ButteCa. 1.1 mile se of Cohasset Rd., ca. 5 miles e of Chico airport. T2 N R02E S0 W1-4 of SW1-4
    CHSC92566CHSCSanicula bipinnataL. P. Janeway83562005-03-10 ButteCascade Range Foothills. East edge of city of Chico; north side of Humboldt Road 1.8 km northeast of Bruce Road. T2 N R02E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
    CLARK-A1528-2429CLARKSanicula bipinnataJohn C. Roos6631937-06-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    DAV338284DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean55132009-05-03 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 1.9 road mi N of intersection with Hwy 20. E side of road in burn area - burned in summer of 2008.
    DAV392470DAVSanicula bipinnataFrederic Hrusa82911991-03-15 SacramentoSacramento County: Folsom Lake State Recreation Area - Natoma Unit, at summit of north end of American River Bluffs.
    DAV392471DAVSanicula bipinnataGeorge F. Hrusa76061990-04-04 SutterSutter County: Sutter Buttes. SE side of North Butte.
    DAV392472DAVSanicula bipinnataCharlotte Glenn66--251966-04-16 TulareTulare County: Oak Flat, southeast of Three Rivers.
    DAV392473DAVSanicula bipinnataE.A. Dean9062002-02-28 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge Reserve. Where upper and lower trails meet, just S of powerlines near ridge tip.
    DAV392474DAVSanicula bipinnataA. Laffin192002-04-13 YoloYolo Co, McLaughlin UC Reserve. W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area to Rayhouse Rd. Ca. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Springs and ca. 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility, south of running stream, 9 yards from north side of road. Ca. 1600 ft.
    DAV392475DAVSanicula bipinnataG. F. Hrusa126711996-03-22 MontereyMonterey County: Garland Ranch County Park.
    DAV392476DAVSanicula bipinnataP. B. Kennedys.n.1927-04-10 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Mount Diablo.
    DAV392477DAVSanicula bipinnataP. B. Kennedys.n.1925-04-26 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Sycamore Canon Road, Mt. Diablo.
    DAV392478DAVSanicula bipinnataTim Kuhn42005-04-30 SacramentoCalifornia: Sacramento County, Deer Creek Hills Reserve, north of Latrobe Rd., starting out along Latrobe 1.5 road miles W of intersection with Michigan Bar Rd.
    DAV392479DAVSanicula bipinnataEdw Mckinneys.n.1929-06-19 ButteButte County: Honcut.
    DAV392480DAVSanicula bipinnataA. H. MurphyHF-611952-04-25 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland Field Station, Huntley Peak pasture near enclosure # 5.
    DAV392481DAVSanicula bipinnataA. H. MurphyHF-811953-04-03 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland Field Station, Buck pasture.
    DAV392482DAVSanicula bipinnataRobert E. Preston20332003-03-25 MercedMerced County: 11 mi SSW of Los Banos, in hills ca. 1 W of Ortigalita Creek
    DAV392483DAVSanicula bipinnataEvert I. Schlinger141952-03-16 NapaNapa County: Putah Canon.
    DAV392484DAVSanicula bipinnataCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNFN-00562005-03-15 YubaYuba County: CDFG Spenceville Wildlife Area. Plot is located on top of east-facing slope, WSW of Pittman Pond, and 2 miles W of junction between Smartville Road and Pittman Road.
    DAV392485DAVSanicula bipinnataErnest C. Twisselmann61931961-05-23 KernKern County: Tejon Ranch: Telephone Road above Tunnel Road.
    DAV392486DAVSanicula bipinnataM. Vincent5341964-04-09 ButteButte County: 1.5 miles south of Pearson Rd, on Clark Road.
    DAV392487DAVSanicula bipinnataJon Weils.n.1962-04-03 AmadorAmador County: State Highway 49, 1 mile southeast of Amador City, above roadbank on southwest side of road.
    DAV392488DAVSanicula bipinnataCollector Unknowns.n.1918-05-05 County UnknownCounty Unknown: Exact location unknown.
    DAV392489DAVSanicula bipinnataRichard R. Halse87411967-05-07 ColusaAlong the Leesville Road ca. 8.3 miles northwest of its junction with State Hwy. 20, west of Williams; or 4.8 miles southeast of the junction with Bear Valley Road.
    DAV392490DAVSanicula bipinnataJack Major361954-04-13 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland, Hopland Field Station. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV392491DAVSanicula bipinnataJack Major331954-04-13 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland, Hopland Field Station. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV392492DAVSanicula bipinnataC. F. Ehlig221951-03-30 SolanoSolano County: 2 miles up road 61D, Mix Canon, northwest of Vacaville.
    DAV392493DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean47762008-04-09 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. Central part of Ranch. Upper reaches of main canyon that starts near upper part of main loop road. Above stockpond.
    DAV392494DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean36092007-04-06 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range, northwest of the City of Winters, between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SE portion of ranch.
    DAV392495DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean34032007-03-23 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range northwest of the City of Winters between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SW portion of ranch.
    DAV392496DAVSanicula bipinnataEmily Jacinto62014-04-26 LakeLake County: Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Southeastern corner of Clear Lake. West of Hwy 53, north of Lower Lake. Lewis Ridge.
    DAV392497DAVSanicula bipinnataMichael J. Bower32008-04-06 YoloYolo County; Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek downstream of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon.
    DAV392498DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean76112013-04-06 SutterSutter County; Sutter Buttes. Dean Ranch. Southeast of North Butte. Top of Sunrise Ridge.
    DAV392499DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean75552013-03-09 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. NE of Kelseyville. East of Lower Bayview Campground near rocks by lake.
    DAV392500DAVSanicula bipinnataG. Ledyard StebbinsC-3431983-04-04 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Along canyon trail, near gate in shady area.
    DAV392501DAVSanicula bipinnataJulia Curlette1831993-03-29 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. NW Solano Co. just E of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa. Found in the creek bed at the back of the canyon near a large waterfall under a rocky outcrop.
    DAV392502DAVSanicula bipinnataBarbara Ertter82231989-04-14 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Extreme NW Solano Co. just E of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa. Base of Wild Horse Canon, unburnt glade in woods along creek below road.
    DAV392503DAVSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean5942000-03-18 NapaNapa County. McLaughlin Reserve. Ca. 0.20 - 0.50 miles as the crow flies N of site of old town of Knoxville, along road to Clover Valley.
    DAV392505DAVSanicula bipinnataRyan Knox282002-04-13 YoloYolo Co., McLaughlin UC Reserve, W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area to Rayhouse Rd. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Springs and 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility.
    GH00403595GHSanicula bipinnataR. R. Halse78462010-03-24 Santa ClaraAlong State Hwy 152 ca. 3.7 miles west of the Merced County Line or 16.1 miles west of the junction of Hwy. 152 and State Hwy. 33
    HREC912HRECSanicula bipinnataH. F. Heady101952-04-03 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Near Pond, natural area
    HREC913HRECSanicula bipinnataA. H. M.HF811953-04-03 MendocinoBuck Pasture
    HREC914HRECSanicula bipinnataA. H. M.HF611952-04-25 MendocinoHuntley Peak Pasture near plant count Site 5
    HSC100372HSCSanicula bipinnataJ. McRaesn2010-06-24 TrinityOff Cobb Ridge, Clover Project.
    HSC100691HSCSanicula bipinnataCarl C. Marshall432 HumboldtSpruce Grove.
    HSC1812HSCSanicula bipinnataLarry Berti291969-03-19 TehamaN face of Antelope Creek Canon, 12 mi. E of Red Bluff, from the dam to 3 mi. upstream from the dam.
    HSC27435HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.P. Smith51491972-04-01 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 0.2 mi. from junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC44265HSCSanicula bipinnataBarbara Kelly3381977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC44435HSCSanicula bipinnataD.L. Goforth181977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC45697HSCSanicula bipinnataChristopher Knopp231978-04-23 LakeBarrel Springs Campground
    HSC47462HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.P. Smith97411978-04-22 LakeLake-Colusa County line, Walker Ridge Rd., 0.6 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC48497HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.P. Smith96821978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 36
    HSC49113HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.P. Smith97151978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 9.7 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
    HSC62804HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.M. DiTomaso8721979-04-14 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC66267HSCSanicula bipinnataM. S. Taylor23241980-03-01 ButteW end of county dump on N side of Neal Rd., about 1 mi. E of Hwy. 99, about 7 mi. S of Chico
    HSC72319HSCSanicula bipinnataJ.P. Smith96541978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 4 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
    HSC73369HSCSanicula bipinnataR. York7711980-05-25 TrinityNear Shannon Butte
    HSC82315HSCSanicula bipinnataThomas W. Nelson38651978-04-01 LakeE side of Walker Ridge, 0.25 N of junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC82321HSCSanicula bipinnataThomas W. Nelson38511978-04-01 LakeE side of Walker Ridge, 0.25 N of junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC86924HSCSanicula bipinnataAnthony Desch131988-03-26 Tehama17.5 mi. E of Tehama-Shasta Co. line on Hwy. 36
    HSC99378HSCSanicula bipinnataK. A. Wayman272010-06-24 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.9 mi east of Hoopa on Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Box Canonal Forest.
    IRVC101995IRVCSanicula bipinnataSusan Baugh Bertram158861973-03-28 MontereyHastings Reserve, NE of Carmel Valley.
    IRVC101996IRVCSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-05-13 VenturaNewhall Ranch, Salt Creek
    IRVC101997IRVCSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders266962003-05-15 Venturacanyon below old ranch site in upper south fork of Salt Canon along dirt road to the crest of the range, Newhall Ranch
    JEPS100132UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataG. SmickGAS901946-07-24 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
    JEPS103832UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataP. Douglas, E. Painter, E. Neese, C. Popolizio, N. Hastings, R. SmithHL1097b1995-03-31 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Canonment, Training Area 13-30), Jolon Creek, ca. 0.3 air km E of old Jolon town site, ca. 3 air km due N of San Antonio River, ca. 4 air km due E of San Antonio River
    JEPS103871UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataP. Douglas, N. Hastings, R. Smith, E. Painter, E. Neese, C. PopolizioHL11561995-04-01 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 26), Steve Creek and feeder drainages, to confluence with Nacimiento River, ca. 5 air km NW of Crystal Knob, ca. 5 air km WSW of Sycamore Reservoir
    JEPS103872UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataE. Neese, E. PainterHL23081996-03-11 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 7), above HLMR Ranch home site, ca. 0.4 air km due E of Mission Creek, ca. 6.4 air km due W of Jolon Creek
    JEPS104479UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJake Ruygt8121980-03-22 Napanorth of Snell Valley and Routan Creek
    JEPS104480UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJake Ruygt1671977-04-03 Napahills east of Lake Berryessa,Green Canon
    JEPS104899UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDean W. Taylor123451992-03-30 San BenitoPanoche Road ca. 15.2 miles E of Paicines along Tres Pinos Creek
    JEPS105170UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDean W. Taylor148021995-04-11 Santa ClaraBlackbird Valley; tributary to Arroyo Colorado Creek
    JEPS111610UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataD. G. Kelch03.3732003-04-03 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive West Martinez.
    JEPS115317UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart155582009-04-17 ButteOn the south slope of a ridge, about 200 yards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico
    JEPS118992UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDana York17261997-04-19 FresnoCa. 67 km E of Fresno (FSC), 11 km SE of Balch Camp, Sequoia National Forest, along old trail on the S side of the Kings River.
    JEPS119612UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart178262012-04-09 ButteAbout 20 yards southeast of Big Chico Creek, on the northwest side of South Rim Trail, south part of Upper Bidwell Park, about 3-4 mile east of the power lines, about 1 3-4 miles (air) northeast of Chico.
    JEPS12783UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins49761955-05-04 Contra Costas of and above Nortonville (site)
    JEPS129017UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJake Ruygt6239-X2016-05-07 NapaSmittle Creek west of Lake Berryessa. Chiles Valley 7.5 Quad.
    JEPS130271UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataLowell Ahart219402019-04-27 TehamaOn the north side of Pettyjohn Road, about 6.1 miles (air) northeast of Tomhead Mountain, about 24 miles (air) west of Red Bluff.
    JEPS14118UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataCharlotte N. Smith2751941-04-03 Kernadobe hill n Long Tom Gulch (about 1 1-4 mi e of Long Tom Mines); Foothills of the Greenhorn Mountains
    JEPS17708UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRimo Bacigalupi, John Dawson, L. Constance49221955-04-28 Mariposaalong CA Hwy 140 3.2 mi above and jnct. of rd. leading to Hornitos from Cathay (slopes of mt., grade over Mts.); Guadalupe Mts., Cathay Mtn.
    JEPS250UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson141791890-01-01 Solanobluffs above Winters; Putah Creek
    JEPS251UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy99061932-05-08 Mendocinohillsides near Hopland; North Coast Ranges
    JEPS252UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson141801892-04-08 YubaCabbage Patch
    JEPS253UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson153751930-04-12 FresnoZapato Chino Creek Zapato Canon (sw Fresno Co.)
    JEPS254UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataAlice King1921-01-01 ShastaAnderson
    JEPS255UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy56801921-05-22 CalaverasCalaveritas Creek Foothill Region (on San Andreas-Angels Camp road)
    JEPS256UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataE. L. Greene1886-05-03 SolanoVacaville
    JEPS257UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson127701928-05-17 MariposaMormon Bar
    JEPS258UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson152091929-04-28 AmadorIone
    JEPS259UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson106951925-04-26 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    JEPS260UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson98701923-04-22 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    JEPS261UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson24681905-04-02 SolanoVacaville Araquipa Hills
    JEPS262UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson141781892-05-01 SolanoOsage Canon Araquipa Hills (w Solano Co.)
    JEPS263UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson67431916-04-14 KernRowen Tehachapi Mts.
    JEPS264UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson165781934-04-10 SacramentoKeithley pasture lot Rio Linda (n Sacramento Co.)
    JEPS265UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataVirginia Bailey1938-04-16 Tehama6 mi w Paskenta (along Paskenta-Covelo road)
    JEPS266UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson169271935-04-02 San Benitovery close to Fresno County line; Panoche Pass
    JEPS267UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson153721931-04-12 SacramentoMills sta.
    JEPS268UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson186611938-04-14 El DoradoNashville
    JEPS28186UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataSimon Simonian380a1953-04-01 Fresnoe-w section of canal along Belmont Ave. btw. Viau Ave. and McDonough Ave.; Consolidated Canal, Main Canal
    JEPS30266UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataSimon Simonian380a1953-04-01 Fresnoe-w section of canal along Belmont Ave. btw. Viau Ave. and McDonough Ave.; Consolidated Canal, Main Canal
    JEPS45350UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataPerry Allen1960-03-10 StanislausVicinity of La Grange; n slope
    JEPS77085UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRobert M. Lloyd22291963-03-30 Stanislauson Hwy 120, 10 mi e Oakdale
    JEPS77086UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRobert M. Lloyd22291963-03-30 Stanislauson Hwy 120, 10 mi e Oakdale
    JEPS77273UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRobert M. Lloyd24091963-04-27 Calaverason State Hwy 4 18.3 mi e Farmington (5 mi e of Stanislaus Co. line)
    JEPS79395UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataEdward Lee, A. Carter, J., N. Ewan20701936-05-09 SutterNorth Butte Marysville Buttes (e side, streamside)
    JEPS83794UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDean Wm. Taylor, Robert A. Price, Roy Buck, Rexford E. Palmer97361988-06-03 Shastaalong Forest Rd 3 N46 0.8 mi s junction with the road to Hogback Mountain; Pit River Canon, Blue Jay Mountain
    JEPS84634UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJohn W. Willoughby12001976-03-21 SolanoCold Canon Vaca Mountains (mouth of canyon at State Hwy 128)
    JEPS84635UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJohn W. Willoughby12351976-03-23 SolanoMix Canon Vaca Mountains (n-facing slope)
    JEPS84636UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJohn W. Willoughby19111977-03-16 Yololow foothills n State Highway 128 (1.3 mi e of its junction with Pleasants Valley Rd (County Rd 86), large turnout on n side of hwy, apricot orchard s of hwy); Vaca Mountains
    JEPS96077UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart73361996-04-08 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy 36 ne Red Bluff (ne side of plateau on e side of creek, n of Sacramento River); Cascade Range Foothills, Hog Lake Plateau, Paynes Creek
    JEPS96196UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDana York4341996-03-22 Fresnoca. 30 km. e.-n.e. Fresno (3.0 km. n.-n.e. of Wildcat Mt., along Watts Valley Rd.); Kings R. Basin
    JEPS98663UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataO. Gomez, Carmen, O., P. Vargas28PV961996-05-08 Santa Barbara6 NE of Los Olivas (Midland School, E of Figueroa Mt. Road)
    JROH318JROHSanicula bipinnataCarol Zabel391990-03-30 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; Trail 11, curve downhill from intersection with Trail 10, above Chinese houses
    JROH319JROHSanicula bipinnataAnn Lambrecht52003-04-09 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; Trail 1 W edge of trail, around curve SW of Collinsia heterophylla site
    JROH5547JROHSanicula bipinnataJohn Rawlings11692013-04-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Southeast side of creek and about 75 meters upstream of bridge on Trail 11.
    LA00636945LASanicula bipinnata1959-04-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Universal City
    LA00636946LASanicula bipinnataCarl Wishners.n.1997-03-26 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cornell, hills just east of Los Angeles County Fire Station
    LA32932LASanicula bipinnataMildred E. Mathias13771938-05-29 Kern8.5- 9 miles NW of Greenhorn Summit on Glenville Road
    LOB112350LOBSanicula bipinnataJames R. Shevock32751974-03-09 VenturaDeer Creek Rd., off of Pacific Coast Hwy.
    NY3499908NYSanicula bipinnataA. Eastwoods.n.1936-04-19 ?  Contra CostaNortonville
    OBI149763OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny5932019-05-08 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI154434OBISanicula bipinnataAnthony Baniaga172010-02-05 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda MTn
    OBI158494OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny2432019-03-19 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch, Curran Ranch
    OBI158500OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny2362019-03-19 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch, Curran Ranch
    OBI158518OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny1732019-03-31 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI158538OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny3082019-04-13 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI171692OBISanicula bipinnataReed Kenny1402019-03-30 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI175508OBISanicula bipinnataDavid Keil339372016-04-13 San Luis ObispoWestern slope of Santa Lucia Range northeast of Ragged Point along dirt road
    OBI175510OBISanicula bipinnataDavid Keil336752016-03-14 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
    OBI175511OBISanicula bipinnataDavid Keil337832016-03-17 MontereyCholame Hills, George Work ranch
    OBI175512OBISanicula bipinnataDavid Keil340492016-04-24 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Lake Regional Park. Grey Pine Loop Trail.
    OBI175514OBISanicula bipinnataTheo Fitanides872010-04-10 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda BLM. Tierra Redonda Mtn.
    OBI175516OBISanicula bipinnataDavid Keil331412015-04-27 MontereyCholame Valley. Jack Ranch. California Flats Botanical Survey. Rolling terrain between Turkey Flat Road and Cholame Creek drainage.
    OBI175517OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil291972001-03-28 San Luis ObispoDiablo Range, Avenal Ridge. Cottonwood Pass along Highway 41, 1.1 mile west of Kern County line.
    OBI175519OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil268311998-04-20 San Luis ObispoNW of Paso Robles on Nacimiento Lake Drive, 2.5 miles W of junction with Chimney Rock Road.
    OBI175520OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil312592012-04-12 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo along Avenales Ranch Road
    OBI175522OBISanicula bipinnataE.L. Painter & M. WetherwaxCR222000-03-09 MontereyCamp Roberts, near San Antonio Rd, near gate 14, and tank trail to Fort Hunter Liggett
    OBI175524OBISanicula bipinnataElizabeth Rudds.n.1971-04-24 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
    OBI175526OBISanicula bipinnataMelissa Luckow7251982-04-04 San Luis ObispoHuasna Rd, 1-2 W of where the Huasna river crosses the road.
    OBI175528OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil126761978-03-25 San Luis ObispoIrving Ranch.
    OBI175529OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil283001999-04-29 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts; area proposed for northward extension of McMillan Airstrip on north side of Generals Road.
    OBI175531OBISanicula bipinnataD. R. Miller494.1631994-04-05 San Luis ObispoPine Mt. Region. Canon trail, near Pear Tree area, Pico crk drainage.
    OBI175532OBISanicula bipinnataD.G. Kelch7.0882007-03-24 Contra CostaOzol; between Port Costa and Martinez, near old brick quarry
    OBI175534OBISanicula bipinnataP.Douglas, E. Painter, E. Neese, C. Popolizio, N. Hastings, R. SmithHL1097b1995-03-31 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Canonment, Training Area 13), Jolon Creek, ca. 0.3 air km E of old Jolon town site, ca. 3 air km due N of San Antonio river, ca 4 air km due E of San Antonio River
    OBI175536OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil260761997-03-08 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Mts. Junction of Red Hill Road and Highway 58.
    OBI175537OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil292792001-04-07 San Luis ObispoWestern outskirts of Atascafero in Santa Lucua Mountains. 3-F Meadows area proposed for housing development. Site accessed by San Marcos Road. Ca. 700 acre parcel.
    OBI175539OBISanicula bipinnataGeorge Butterworth2951999-04-25 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain Natural Area. 1-4 mi S of Circe Rd, 200 W of fence.
    OBI175541OBISanicula bipinnataLynne D. Oyler3821986-04-05 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn blue oak study site in cattle exclosure. Los Padres Natl Forest
    OBI175543OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil138801980-04-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town Creek near Lime Mtn Mine, west of Paso Robles
    OBI175544OBISanicula bipinnataJoy Nishida2261982-04-10 San Luis Obispo1.5 mi S of American cyn campground, at unlocked gate onside of dirt road
    OBI175546OBISanicula bipinnataKrystoff-Spasbo121982-04-18 San Luis Obispo22 mi E of Arroyo Grande;
    OBI175548OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil160491982-05-08 San Luis ObispoEnd of dirt road on NE side of Cypress Mtn.
    OBI175549OBISanicula bipinnataJoy Nishida5531983-03-10 San Luis Obispo1.7 mi S of American cyn campground near stream-road crossing. Ground is moist due to recent rains
    OBI175551OBISanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil159861982-05-08 San Luis Obispo5.9 mi E of jctn w- Santa Rosa Crk Rd on dirt road leading to Cypress mtn via Steiner crk; 2 W of Warrens cabin (at base of mtn)
    OBI175552OBISanicula bipinnataLynne D. Oyler3821986-04-05 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn blue oak study site in cattle exclosure. Los Padres Natl Forest
    OBI175554OBISanicula bipinnataA. Hormay669601932-03-15 MariposaAdjoining Sierra Foresr. 11 W of Mariposa by road
    OBI175556OBISanicula bipinnataEben McMillan811952-05-02 San Luis ObispoChoice Valley; 1 mi S, 8 mi E of Shandon.
    OBI175557OBISanicula bipinnataEben McMillan811952-05-02 San Luis ObispoChoice Valley; 1 mi S, 8 mi E of Shandon.
    OBI175559OBISanicula bipinnataRobert F. Hoover76161949-04-21 San Luis Obispo18 mi E of Creston on La Panza Rd.
    OBI179737OBISanicula bipinnataChas A. Graham3231938-04-13 San Luis Obispo2.5 miles southwest of Bee Rock
    OBI179769OBISanicula bipinnataC. Ritchie Bell13941953-03-21 Tehama4 miles north of Red Bluff (beside U.S. Highway 99).
    PASA1822PASASanicula bipinnataSally Ellis1940-04-22 Los AngelesPuddingstone
    PGM7050PGMSanicula bipinnataHowitt, Beatrice F10241958-03-22 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, In the middle of rd to Arnold Springs
    PGM7051PGMSanicula bipinnataHowitt, Beatrice F11691962-03-29 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Hastings Reservation 2 mi from, Roadside into Henningsen′s place
    POM133555RSASanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy5881900-03-17 AlamedaSan Francisco Bay
    POM133561RSASanicula bipinnataL. R. Abrams11411901-03-01 San MateoWoodside.
    POM133564RSASanicula bipinnataC. F. Baker4961902-04-01 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
    POM133577RSASanicula bipinnataA. D. E. Elmer20891900-04-01 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    POM17284RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz77791923-05-01 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon, San Dimas
    POM193970RSASanicula bipinnataJ. T. Howell23801927-05-10 AlamedaStrawberry Canon, Berkeley Hills.
    POM196058RSASanicula bipinnataL. F. Robbinss.n.1928-03-18 NapaPutah Canon.
    POM203698RSASanicula bipinnataI. L. Wiggins58031932-03-21 San Luis ObispoBitterwater Valley, between Cholame and Annette.
    POM224440RSASanicula bipinnataAlice Eastwoods.n.1936-04-19 Contra CostaNortonville.
    POM225399RSASanicula bipinnataChas. H. Quibell10511929-04-06 FresnoNorth side of Kings River Canon above the Pine Flat Dam Site.
    POM264781RSASanicula bipinnataLincoln Constance28061941-04-19 San JoaquinCorral Hollow, 1 mile North of Castle Rock
    POM287958RSASanicula bipinnataLyman Benson20261930-03-31 San MateoStanford University, San Lorenzo Range.
    POM288020RSASanicula bipinnataLyman Benson63921935-03-31 MendocinoUS 101, Squaw Rock, Mayacamas mtn range, Russian River Watershed.
    POM318560RSASanicula bipinnataPatricia Wilder46821970-04-07 MontereyAbout 3 miles east of Carmel Valley Village and 0.3 mile north of Carmel Valley Road on dirt road extension of Underwood Road. Mt. Range: Coast--Santa Lucia; Carmel River Drainage Area
    POM3414RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz20351918-04-11 Los AngelesLone Hill near Glendora.
    POM3416RSASanicula bipinnataI. M. Johnston20031918-05-19 Los AngelesHills south of Pomona
    POM3422RSASanicula bipinnataL. R. Abrams13011901-04-03 Los AngelesLos Angeles River, San Fernando Valley
    POM3424RSASanicula bipinnataC. F. Baker47751907-05-06 Los AngelesHills near Pomona.
    POM7029RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz24151919-04-05 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon. San Dimas.
    POM7030RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz24151919-04-05 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon. San Dimas.
    POM82757RSASanicula bipinnataC. C. Bruce2059 Butte[Unspecified]
    POM87763RSASanicula bipinnataL. R. Abrams23001902-04-01 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    POM89078RSASanicula bipinnataRoxana S. Ferris41381925-03-28 MontereyWestern base of Big Pinnacles
    POM97258RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz89421925-03-19 Kernnorth side of Tehachapi Pass.
    POM97954RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz91001925-03-21 TulareLewis Creek, Lindsay.
    POM98149RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz92081925-03-25 San Luis ObispoMorro Creek
    PPWD992PPWDSanicula bipinnataP. Rockwood14582015-03-01 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - NE-facing steep slope of hill 1524; under D-fir; coast live oak and oregon oak.
    PPWD993PPWDSanicula bipinnataP. Rockwood14582015-03-01 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - NE-facing steep slope of hill 1524; under D-fir; coast live oak and oregon oak.
    PUA33219PUASanicula bipinnataRichard York1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA47795PUASanicula bipinnataJoe Callizo1980-04-04 NapaLocal landmark: Berryessa-knoxville Road. Knoxville Quad.
    PUA50335PUASanicula bipinnataValerie Gizinski1981-07-26 TrinityLocal landmark: Cobb Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA57209PUASanicula bipinnataG.L. Clifton1983-05-26 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA64274PUASanicula bipinnataG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
    PUA67607PUASanicula bipinnataG.L. Clifton1984-07-02 ButteLocal landmark: Little West Fork Feather Rd. Paradise Quad.
    RSA0010889RSASanicula bipinnataJoan Stewart3161995-03-01 TulareRio Vista- Cow Mt. Rd
    RSA0017999RSASanicula bipinnataJoan Stewart3581995-04-07 TulareNorris Ranch Trail
    RSA0018001RSASanicula bipinnataJoan Stewart29482011-05-23 TulareJenkins Ranch
    RSA0018009RSASanicula bipinnataJoan Stewart22652004-03-18 TulareBattle Mountain.
    RSA0018012RSASanicula bipinnataJoan Stewart22762004-04-28 TulareNorris (Circle J) Ranch
    RSA0036677RSASanicula bipinnataLeRoy Gross62362014-04-15 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National ForestStarted at Rinconnada Mine parking area, off west Pozo Road. Near 35.28 N 120.47 W. Ended at the mouth of Little Falls Creek that empties into Lopez Canon.; Santa Margarita Lake 7.5, Tar Spring Ridge 7.5 Quad.Near 35.24611N 120.48745W. Entered into the Santa Lucia Wilderness at the start of Little Falls Creek trail.
    RSA0042902RSASanicula bipinnataLeRoy Gross62772014-04-29 San Luis ObispoEast end of the Santa Lucia Wilderness. Started at locked gate to lookout on Hi Mountain, then south southeast to Hi Valley, then east to Road 30S05.2.; Santa Margarita Lake, Tar Spring Ridge 7.5′Trail started near 35.26 N 120.42 W. ended at 35.24926N 120.38324W. T31S R15E S8 NE1-4.
    RSA0047552RSASanicula bipinnataA. C. Sanders336942007-05-04 KernNE of upper Oso Canon, c. 2.5 miles east of Castac Lake, NW of peak 4908; Lebec 7.5′ Q.
    RSA0072282RSASanicula bipinnataNick Jensen943.12014-04-06 KernTejon Ranch. Winters Canon, slope along the road east of the Old Haul Road, about 2.6 air km south of Tejon Reservoir #2.
    RSA0073178RSASanicula bipinnataNick Jensen18222014-05-21 KernTejon Ranch. Tejon Canon on a terrace above Tejon Creek just west of the inholding.
    RSA0073179RSASanicula bipinnataNick Jensen7402014-03-20 KernTejon Ranch. El Paso Creek about 0.5 air km south of Tejon Reservoir #2; about 0.5 km north of the Winters Canon confluence.
    RSA0082732RSASanicula bipinnataErnest C. Twisselmann61931961-05-23 KernTejon Ranch: Telephone Road above Tunnel Road.
    RSA0083828RSASanicula bipinnataJ. R. Shevock91251982-03-20 TulareMine Hill southeast of California highway 190 above Lake Success and south of South Fork Tule River.
    RSA0083900RSASanicula bipinnataE. K. Balls170611952-04-17 TulareTule River Indian Reservation, Stony Creek, South Fork Tule River.
    RSA0093994RSASanicula bipinnataE. C. Twisselmann105601965-03-21 Kernmouth of El Paso Canon.
    RSA0098858RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco9852015-04-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off main reservation road, past Cholollo campground, right before road to dolomite mine.
    RSA0099256RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco8232015-03-09 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off Cow mountain road, past the pavement, on gravel road.
    RSA0100532RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco4602014-03-16 TulareTule River Indian Reservation, off Chimney road (first road before the entrance of Reservation), in the hills, towards Oat Mountain.
    RSA0100740RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco9292015-03-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off Gibbon Creek road.
    RSA0101231RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco352013-03-20 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Behind McCanond the small pond past the fence with small opening.
    RSA0102650RSASanicula bipinnataJessica Orozco9602015-04-17 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River Watershed. Near the Wheaton pasture area.
    RSA0103628RSASanicula bipinnataNick Jensen34442015-04-16 KernTejon Ranch. About 0.9 air km south of the Bakersfield National Cemetery. Bear Mountain area. Lower Tehachapi Mountains SE of the junction of highways 223 and 58.
    RSA0103907RSASanicula bipinnataNick Jensen32002015-03-19 KernTejon Ranch. El Paso Canon about 0.5 road km to the south of the junction with Cordon Ridge Road.
    RSA0113527RSASanicula bipinnataLeRoy Gross75022016-04-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
    RSA0119035RSASanicula bipinnataA. C. Sanders334892007-04-24 Los AngelesTehachapi Mountains: hills above head of Oso Canon near Kern Co. line, c. 1 mi. SW of National Cement Plant.; Lebec 7.5
    RSA0154066RSASanicula bipinnataM. B. Dunkle49821949-09-26 MaderaEast of Madera.
    RSA0170452RSASanicula bipinnataTim Thomas33012004-05-05 KernNorthern Western Transverse Ranges: San Emigdio Ranch, mesa north of Blue Ridge.; Santiago Creek 7.5
    RSA0175048RSASanicula bipinnataL. Maynard Moe301969-04-10 MariposaMidpines, 5 miles south on Colorada Road.
    RSA0187372RSASanicula bipinnataWilliam Harnach13112013-04-25 Sierra1.6 miles west of Goodyears Bar on Hwy 49 and north of the Ramshorn campground.
    RSA101032RSASanicula bipinnataG. B. Rossbach6711938-04-24 Santa ClaraAlong Arroyo Bayo, E side of Mt. Hamilton
    RSA107774RSASanicula bipinnataRichard Mallory2031954-04-11 FresnoSmall steep draw on S slope of Big Table Mt, NW corner of Auberry Valley, 1 W road to Temperance Flat.
    RSA116486RSASanicula bipinnataE. C. Twisselmann8631954-03-11 San Luis ObispoSummit of Palo Prieta Hills, 8 miles south of Cholame
    RSA132509RSASanicula bipinnataChas. H. Quibell39371954-07-21 Fresno2 m north of Shaver Lake left off Highway 168 to Big Creek onto road to Music Mountain Lookout crosses ridge from Hwy canyon to next one W at foot of Music Mt.
    RSA145620RSASanicula bipinnataC. Moran211954-04-14 FresnoKings River, old river rd. on South side, 10 miles West of bridge at head of Pine Flat Reservoir.
    RSA152257RSASanicula bipinnataI. L. Wiggins14011925-03-07 Santa ClaraBotany reserve on left side of road just above Lake Lagunita on Stanford University campus
    RSA164345RSASanicula bipinnataClare B. Hardham73781961-04-14 San Luis ObispoHeadwaters of Las Tables Creek.
    RSA191688RSASanicula bipinnataR. F. Thorne356271965-03-27 Santa BarbaraCa. 6 miles northeast of Los Olivos: Ca.1 mile northeast of Midland School off Figueroa Mt. Road.
    RSA191761RSASanicula bipinnataP. C. Everett336971964-04-15 Mariposa2.3 miles north of Bear Valley.
    RSA191903RSASanicula bipinnataP. C. Everett315201963-04-19 San Benito10 miles South of Paicines
    RSA212576RSASanicula bipinnataE. C. Twisselmann152061969-04-24 San Luis ObispoSanta Ysabel Ranch, E side of the Salinas River 5 miles S of Paso Robles.
    RSA223977RSASanicula bipinnataCherie L. Wetzel8411969-05-08 AlamedaNiles Canon
    RSA364003RSASanicula bipinnataB. A. Prigge70661986-04-27 FresnoKings Canon: vinicity of Mill Flat campground where Mill Creek joins Kings River.
    RSA407354RSASanicula bipinnataLyman Benson32611932-04-10 KernSouth of Woody, Poso Creek Watershed, Greenhorn Mountains
    RSA424745RSASanicula bipinnataAaron Liston649-21987-04-22 MercedSan Luis Resevoir on Hwy 152. 7.2 miles Northeast of Bells Station
    RSA471427RSASanicula bipinnataE. E. Stanford13791930-04-19 AlamedaCoast ranges, Patterson Pass.
    RSA471428RSASanicula bipinnataHoward de Forests.n.1930-04-06 Contra CostaSE of Mortoville, Small coal mine ravine.
    RSA471429RSASanicula bipinnataM. Zigmond8041982-04-22 KernPiute Mts.
    RSA471430RSASanicula bipinnataDwain L. Goforth181977-04-23 Lake0.4 mile north of State Route 20 Walker Ridge Road.; Wilbur Springs
    RSA471431RSASanicula bipinnataL. C. Wheeler6941932-05-08 Los AngelesPuddingstone Dam; San Jose Hills
    RSA471432RSASanicula bipinnataH. F. Copelands.n.1934-03-22 SacramentoFolsom
    RSA471433RSASanicula bipinnataSlocumCooper-32011949-04-01 Santa BarbaraParadise Valley, Santa Barbara Co. Los Padres National Forest.
    RSA471434RSASanicula bipinnataD. D. Keck14291932-04-10 Santa ClaraStanford university, near Lake Lagunita
    RSA471436RSASanicula bipinnataGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-03-22 YoloGrowing along roadside, Road 22, Putah Canon, approx. 2 miles from hwy 128.
    RSA49297RSASanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz131841949-05-13 KernGreenhorn Mountains., east of Glennville.
    RSA50773RSASanicula bipinnataL. R. Abrams109051925-03-28 Santa BarbaraNojoqui Creek south of Buellton.
    RSA52287RSASanicula bipinnataI. L. Wiggins120031949-04-09 Santa Barbara20 miles east of U.S. 101, along State Highway 166.
    RSA533RSASanicula bipinnataJ. T. Howell8871928-03-18 San BernardinoAliso Canon, Rancho Santa Ana.
    RSA542436RSASanicula bipinnataFred M. Roberts38531988-03-15 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Verdugo Canon, 2.6 km ENE Point Rancho Survey Mark
    RSA549735RSASanicula bipinnataC. F. Smith123331992-04-15 Santa BarbaraOld Buell Ranch in upper Dry Creek area, eastern extension of Purisma Hills, NW of Buellton.
    RSA596923RSASanicula bipinnataScott D. White29811995-05-09 Los AngelesE edge of Santa Susana Mts., Just W of San Gabriel Mtns: Sunshine Canon (name not shown on topo): W of San Fernando Road and I-5 Fwy. Just SW of interchange with State Route 14. Sunshine Canon Landfill property;; Oat Mtn 7.5′ proposed for landfill expansion.
    RSA626120RSASanicula bipinnataLeRoy Gross1401999-04-29 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains, east end: Rice Canon, north on interstate 5, exit Calgrove Ave. Turn left to The Old Road, City of Newhall.
    RSA654364RSASanicula bipinnataA. C. Sanders204001997-04-12 KernHills S of San Joaquin Valley: San Emigdio RAnch, 5 km (air) N of Antimony Peak on dirt road, SE of Bench Mark 4070; Pleito Hills 7.5′ Q.
    RSA660483RSASanicula bipinnataIan Thompson401997-03-22 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona Ecological Reserve, East facing slope south of E-line.
    RSA66503RSASanicula bipinnataChas. H. Quibell18351953-05-07 FresnoHumphrey Cut-off road, 1 1-2 miles south of its junction with 168, descending from its 1475ft summit, swings out into full view of Humphrey Valley.
    RSA666237RSASanicula bipinnataP. DouglasHL1097b1995-03-31 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Jolon Creek, cq. .3 air km East of old Jolon town site, ca. 3 air km due North of San Antonio, ca. 4 air km due East of San Antonio River
    RSA674684RSASanicula bipinnataScott D. White84072001-04-24 Los AngelesSouthwestern Liebre Mountains: Grasshopper Canon area near Castaic lake.; Whitaker Pk- Warm Spring Mtn.
    RSA710247RSASanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp75712002-04-23 San BenitoInner South Coast Ranges: County Hwy J-1(Panoche Rd) 15.6 mi SE of its junction with CA-25; along Tres Pinos Crk
    RSA713262RSASanicula bipinnataA. C. Sanders266962003-05-15 VenturaCrest of the range 2 km west of Los Angeles Co. line, SW edge of Newhall Ranch; Simi Valley East 7.5′
    RSA749822RSASanicula bipinnataA. C. Sanders351682008-05-04 San BenitoGriswold Creek Canon, Griswold Hills, New Idria Road 3.9 miles above (south of) Panoche Rd.; Panoche 7.5′ Q.
    RSA754445RSASanicula bipinnataL. Ahart155582009-04-17 ButteS slope of a ridge, about 150-200 yards W of Highway 32, near the S boundary, Upper Bidwell park, about 5 air miles NE of Chico.
    RSA97348RSASanicula bipinnataF. W. Peirson54881925-03-19 KernNorth slope of Tehachapi Pass.
    RSA97349RSASanicula bipinnataJ. T. Howell88701930-05-14 KernWest slope of Greenhorn Range on road from Kernville to Glenville.
    RSA97366RSASanicula bipinnataF. W. Peirson66331926-04-10 AlamedaWest slope of El Cerrito
    RSA97379RSASanicula bipinnataF. W. Peirson27951991-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica, Los Angeles.
    SBBG101169SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith123331992-04-15 Santa BarbaraPurisima Hills: old Buell Ranch in upper Dry Crk area, E extension of Purisima Hills
    SBBG104810SBBGSanicula bipinnataM. D. Proctor, E. A. YoungROB1711993-03-17 San Luis Obispo2 km SE of Twin Bridges on Boy Scout Rd; Camp Roberts
    SBBG107324SBBGSanicula bipinnataClare B. Hardham73781961-04-14 San Luis Obispoheadwaters of Las Tablas Crk
    SBBG107488SBBGSanicula bipinnataClare B. Hardham4171956-04-17 San Luis ObispoChimney Rock Ranch, Adelaida Rd
    SBBG111808SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. Painter, E. NeeseHL31411997-03-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near Earls Reservoir, ca. 3.5 N of Quail Top, ca. 6 WNW of mouth of McGowan Cyn; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG112426SBBGSanicula bipinnataDavid Keil, K. Keil260761997-03-08 San Luis Obispojunction of Red Hill Rd and St Hwy 58
    SBBG113616SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. Neese, E. PainterHL23081996-03-11 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: above HLMR Ranch home site, ca. 0.4 km E of Mission Crk, ca. 6.4 W of Jolon Crk; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG113617SBBGSanicula bipinnataP. Douglas, N. Hastings, R. Smith, E. Painter, E. Neese, C. PopolizioHL11561995-04-01 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Steve Crk and feeder drainages to confluence with Nacimiento River, ca. 5 W of Crystal Knob; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG113618SBBGSanicula bipinnataP. Douglas, E. Painter, E. Neese, C. Popolizio, N. Hastings, R. SmithHL1097b1995-03-31 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Jolon Crk, ca. 0.3 km E of old Jolon town site, ca. 4 N of San Antonio River; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG117528SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. Painter, M. WetherwaxSLO352000-03-20 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; E side of saddle between Cerro Chumash and Cerro Romualdo; Camp San Luis Obispo
    SBBG117529SBBGSanicula bipinnataM. Wetherwax, E. PainterCR332000-04-19 San Luis Obisponear W Perimeter Rd, ca. 1.5 air km NW of intersection with Generals Rd; Camp Roberts
    SBBG118015SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. Painter, M. WetherwaxCR222000-03-09 MontereyCamp Roberts near San Antonio Rd, near Gate 14 and tank trail to Ft Hunter Liggett; Camp Roberts
    SBBG119435SBBGSanicula bipinnataScott D. White w- S. Leatherman, D. Bramlet, A. Oneal, W. Sangkatavat84072001-04-24 Los AngelesGrasshopper Cyn area near Castaic Lake
    SBBG124367SBBGSanicula bipinnataR. Burgess, C. Davis, B. Meiners, P. Munro39302000-06-18 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; depression at jct of upper Cobblestone Trail and Buck Crk Trail
    SBBG126756SBBGSanicula bipinnataR. Burgess20311996-06-08 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Potrero Seco Rd, W of Potrero Seco Cmpgrd, in potrero on S side of rd
    SBBG127099SBBGSanicula bipinnataR. Burgess14741995-02-20 VenturaSulphur Mtn Rd, 0.5 mi from Hwy 33
    SBBG129600SBBGSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikh, N. Gale36152013-04-06 Kern4.8 km E of I-5, 0.4 km S of Edmonston Pumping Plant Rd
    SBBG129606SBBGSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikh, N. Gale36082013-04-04 KernW of Cattle Crk, 5.7 km E of I-5, 0.8 km S of Edmonston Pumping Plant Rd
    SBBG136745SBBGSanicula bipinnataR. C. Benkendorf2911966-04-06 Fresno[near Coalinga Mineral Springs]
    SBBG136887SBBGSanicula bipinnataR. C. Benkendorf3112017-03-22 unknownLos Padres National Forest [ambiguous locality]
    SBBG15070SBBGSanicula bipinnataErnest C. Twisselmann67681962-04-07 San Luis ObispoGoldtree Hills, 0.5 mi SW of Grant Lake
    SBBG16398SBBGSanicula bipinnataDonald Myrick4931962-03-23 Santa Barbaramesa on Harold H. Davis Zaca Ranch, Los Olivos
    SBBG20358SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. R. Chandler14361964-04-03 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn
    SBBG24076SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. R. Chandler27941966-03-24 Montereyroad between King City and Jolon
    SBBG36344SBBGSanicula bipinnataHenry M. Pollard1964-04-15 VenturaW of Hermosa Rd
    SBBG38381SBBGSanicula bipinnataHenry M. Pollard1960-05-02 VenturaBlack Mtn Trail
    SBBG38506SBBGSanicula bipinnataErnest C. Twisselmann152061969-04-24 San Luis ObispoSanta Ysabel Ranch, E side of Salinas River 5 mi S of Paso Robles
    SBBG40421SBBGSanicula bipinnataWilliam J. Dress30431951-03-11 Alamedavalley a few mi SE of Livermore
    SBBG42840SBBGSanicula bipinnataHenry M. Pollard1971-04-01 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Figueroa Mtn Rd
    SBBG43229SBBGSanicula bipinnataE. R. Chandler2792c1966-03-22 TuolumneHwy 120 near Keystone
    SBBG5251SBBGSanicula bipinnataHenry M. Pollard1964-03-11 VenturaFoothill Trail near Stewart Cyn
    SBBG5252SBBGSanicula bipinnataT. L. Secrest1949-04-10 Santa Barbarahill along Foothill Rd ca. 0.25 W of El Sueno Rd, Santa Barbara
    SBBG5253SBBGSanicula bipinnataRalph Hoffmann1928-04-04 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: Foxen Cyn, near San Rafael Mts
    SBBG5254SBBGSanicula bipinnataRalph Hoffmann1928-04-07 Santa Barbaralower Cuyama Valley
    SBBG5255SBBGSanicula bipinnataH. and M. Dearing27261938-04-25 TulareJacks Ranch, Posey River
    SBBG61405SBBGSanicula bipinnataMiss Miner1928-03-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Gaviota Pass
    SBBG61406SBBGSanicula bipinnataRalph Hoffmann1929-03-30 Santa Barbara5 W of Lompoc
    SBBG61407SBBGSanicula bipinnataRalph Hoffmann1925-05-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Santa Ynez Ranger Station
    SBBG61408SBBGSanicula bipinnataT. L. Secrest1949-04-10 Santa BarbaraFoothill Rd, ca. 0.25 W of El Sueno Rd
    SBBG61409SBBGSanicula bipinnataHenry M. Pollard1945-03-24 VenturaFairview Rd
    SBBG61410SBBGSanicula bipinnataMrs. Bee1928-03-30 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: Foxen Cyn
    SBBG61411SBBGSanicula bipinnataRalph Hoffmann1928-04-05 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley
    SBBG81389SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith49531955-04-03 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Happy Cyn Rd to Cachuma Public Camp
    SBBG81390SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith43501956-03-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Cachuma Dam
    SBBG81391SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith34731952-04-05 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Figueroa Mtn
    SBBG81392SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith52261957-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: above Brinkerhoff Rd near gate to Sedgwick Ranch
    SBBG81393SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith67141962-04-20 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley: Hwy 166, near jct of Tepusquet Cyn Rd
    SBBG81418SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith67201962-04-20 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley: Hwy 166, ca. 19 mi E of Twitchell Dam [Reservoir], near Forest Service table rest stop
    SBBG81419SBBGSanicula bipinnataClifton F. Smith33031952-04-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Hwy 150 near Cachuma Dam
    SD134544SDSanicula bipinnataCraig Reisers.n.1989-04-10 KernNear Keene, on Keene Ranch near Bear Mountain
    SD181734SDSanicula bipinnataScott D. White84072001-04-24 Los AngelesSouthwestern Liebre Mountains: Grasshopper Canon area near Castaic Lake.
    SD193217SDSanicula bipinnataG. K. Helmkamp93472005-04-16 Santa BarbaraSouth outer coast ranges: Sierra Madre Mountains, 1.1 mile south of Highway 166 on Miranda Pines Road.
    SD234788SDSanicula bipinnataG.K. Helmkamp132432008-04-11 CalaverasSierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: along Fricot City Road, 1.8 miles northwest of CA-49, c. 4.6 miles (air) SE of San Andreas
    SD239555SDSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp189332012-05-05 PlacerNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Todd Valley Road, 1.2 miles south of its junction with Foresthill Road (Georgetown 7.5′Q)
    SD249119SDSanicula bipinnataDavid Keil126761978-03-25 San Luis ObispoIrving Ranch
    SD255626SDSanicula bipinnataMitch Provance108042009-04-05 KernFoothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada: Tejon Ranch, Tejon Hills, 4.3 miles NNE of Old Headquarters, 0.5 mile S of Comanche Creek, 1.4 miles N of Chanac Creek. (Tejon Ranch 7.5′Q)
    SD255627SDSanicula bipinnataMitch Provance107802009-04-05 KernTehachapi Mountains: Tejon Ranch, 2.8 miles SE of Old Headquarters Road, along ridge 0.3 mile N of El Paso Creek (Tejon Ranch 7.5′Q)
    SD51050SDSanicula bipinnataDarley F. Howe28621960-04-11 KernSummit on state route 166, Cuyama River Road.
    SDSU02335SDSUSanicula bipinnataHowe, D.F.28621960-04-11 Santa BarbaraSummit on #166
    SFV101006SFVSanicula bipinnataM. L. Vincent5341964-04-09 ButteSierra Nevada; Paradise. Clark road, 1.5 miles south of Pearson Road.
    SFV101007SFVSanicula bipinnataM. P. Dunford10211961-03-17 SolanoNorth Coast Ranges; Vaca Mountains. Pleasants Valley Road, 0.6 miles south of CA-Highway 128, about 5 miles southwest of Winters. Northeast slope.
    SHTC6513SHTCSanicula bipinnataNelson, N.351996-03-26 TuolumneGrunder Ranch, Table Mtn. area, 5 miles east of Knight′s Ferry, 1 mile North near Owl Creek.
    SHTC6514SHTCSanicula bipinnataRicucci, Diane A.461996-05-10 MariposaSierra National Forest, Hite′s Cove, 1 mile South of Hwy 140
    SHTC6515SHTCSanicula bipinnataWaltman, J.191996-03-25 TuolumneTulluch Rd. waterfall area, 2 miles north of Hwy 120.
    SHTC6516SHTCSanicula bipinnataLysaythong, L.221996-04-03 StanislausFrank Raines Park, Del Puerto Canon about 20 miles West of I-5
    SHTC6517SHTCSanicula bipinnataJones, W.351996-04-03 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Frank Raines Park, 100 ft. up trail at west end of parking area.
    SHTC6518SHTCSanicula bipinnataWaltman, J.181996-03-25 TuolumneTulluch Rd. waterfall area, 2 miles north of Hwy 120.
    SHTC6520SHTCSanicula bipinnataWilcox, Mary1966-04-08 TuolumneItalian Bar Rd.
    SJSU4036SJSUSanicula bipinnataC.W. Sharsmith7369A1965-04-02 Santa Claravalley of Carnadero Creek 3 W of Gilroy
    SJSU4037SJSUSanicula bipinnataC.W. Sharsmith7369B1965-04-02 Santa Claravalley of Carnadero Creek 3 W of Gilroy
    SJSU8748SJSUSanicula bipinnataE.B. Meece631968-04-21 Santa Clarajunction of Rincon & Guadalupe Creeks near base of Mt Umunhum, E slope Santa Cruz Mts
    SJSU8751SJSUSanicula bipinnataD.R. Highfill1965-04-02 Santa Clara0.5 N of New Almaden
    SJSU8761SJSUSanicula bipinnataJ.S. Thompson1501956-04-24 Santa ClaraSenter Road hills, SE environs of San Jose
    THRI-SEKI7851THRISanicula bipinnataRockwell, Jack A.67-00701967-04-20 UnknownIndian Sign, Hwy 198 Entrance
    THRI-SEKI7852THRISanicula bipinnataShannon, Mary1969-04-15 Unknown5 Mi E Tollhouse Cutoff,w Trimmer
    UC1022556UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataC. Ritchie Bell13941953-03-21 Tehama4 mi n of Red Bluff (beside U.S. Highway 99)
    UC1053451UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRimo Bacigalupi, Arthur Holmgren31701950-04-26 Colusa7.7 mi w of Sites (Grapevine Grade to Lodoga); Grapevine Grade
    UC106098UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJ. W. Congdon1893-04-08 MariposaCoulterville Trail
    UC106099UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataFrank W. Hubby161896-04-12 VenturaOjai Valley
    UC1123158UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataH. S. Yates51231935-04-14 Mariposa3-4 mi sw of White Rock
    UC1123159UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataBeryl Schreiber25911939-04-01 Santa ClaraCongress Springs
    UC1123160UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataP. L. Johannsen11371937-05-17 San Luis Obispo3 1-4 mi se of McAlester′s Ranch
    UC1123161UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataR. C. Wilson4341938-03-31 Monterey1 mi wnw of Sweetwater
    UC1123165UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataC. A. Graham5121939-04-14 Santa Barbara1-2 mi s of Pine Canon Guard Station
    UC1123166UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataD. Axelrod1521935-04-04 Santa Barbara4 mi se of Santa Ynez
    UC1123167UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataG. T. Nordstrom10291937-03-27 San Luis Obispo1.6 mi sw of Chimney Rock
    UC1137275UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataL. R. Short, I. H. JohnsonS641934-04-06 MercedFrench Pass
    UC1222742UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy193851950-12-23 Mendocino2 mi n of Sonoma-Mendocino County Line (along Russian River); Russian River
    UC1301120UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataHelen K. Sharsmith49271962-04-08 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains, Mount Unumhum, near Hicks Road Mount Unumhum; San Francisco Bay Region, Santa Cruz Mts, Mt Unumhum
    UC1348940UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRobert F. Thorne356271965-03-27 Santa Barbara6 mi ne of Los Olivos (about 1 mi ne of Midland School, off Figueroa Mt. Road)
    UC1348949UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRobert F. Thorne, P. Everett315201963-04-19 San Benito10 mi s of Paicines
    UC1377708UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataW. J. Dress30431951-03-11 Alamedaa few mi se of Livermore
    UC140676UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataA. A. Heller72681904-03-25 Santa ClaraFoothills w of Los Gatos
    UC1518450UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataGary Sampson852431985-04-03 San BernardinoChino Hills State Park, upper Aliso Canon, w of park headquarters Aliso Canon; Chino Hills State Park, Aliso Canon
    UC1537169UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataGordon H. True, Jr.3971936-04-08 El DoradoHill between Eldorado and Nashville
    UC1552127UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataA. Liston64921987-04-22 Merced7.2 mi ne of Bells Station (San Luis Reservoir, on Highway 152); San Luis Reservoir, Highway 152
    UC1562652UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataBarbara Ertter82231989-04-14 Solanojust e of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa (base of Wild Horse Canon, Cold Canon Preserve, extreme nw Solano County); Cold Canon Preserve, Wild Horse Canon
    UC1614112UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataCharles M. Belshaw6571935-06-10 Alamedan of Brushy Peak (Joaquin Murietta Caves); Joaquin Murietta Caves
    UC1714584UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataM. J. Remy1855-01-01 UnknownCalifornia
    UC1731152UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDean Wm. Taylor, Robert A. Price, Roy Buck, Rexford E. Palmer97361988-06-03 Shastaalong Forest Rd 3 N46 0.8 mi s junction with the road to Hogback Lookout; Pit River Canon, Blue Jay Mountain
    UC173282UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJ. W. Congdon1883-04-23 MariposaBenton Mill
    UC174165UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMrs. R. M. Austin2101896-04-01 ButteLittle Chico Creek
    UC175514UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataA. A. Heller107071913-04-05 Butteabove Oroville (n side of Feather River); Feather River
    UC1925899UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataDonald G. Nelson4681937-03-30 Contra CostaAlong Marsh Creek Road between Claytonville and Byron
    UC1949232UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataBarbara Ertter, Michelle Seidl109131992-03-14 Contra CostaMorgan Territory Regional Preserve east of Mount Diablo; along Blue Oak Trail
    UC1953298UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataAnthony Baniaga172010-02-05 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mountain.
    UC196091UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataGeo. Hansen15131896-03-25 AmadorSequoia Gigantea Region, Stoney Creek Stoney Creek; Sequoia Gigantea Region, Stoney Creek
    UC2029557UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataRichard R. Halse87412013-03-26 ColusaAlong the Leesville Road ca. 8.3 miles northwest of its junction with State Highway 20 west of Williams, or 4.8 miles southeast of the junction with Bear Valley Road
    UC2044977UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataNick Jensen, Ed Kentner, Eve Laeger, Shannon Still7402014-03-20 KernTejon Ranch. El Paso Creek about 0.5 air km south of Tejon Reservoir #2; about 0.5 km north of the Winters Canon confluence.
    UC2049350UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataNick Jensen, Evan Meyer32002015-03-19 KernTejon Ranch. El Paso Canon about 0.5 road km to the south of the junction with Cordon Ridge Road.
    UC2049444UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataNick Jensen, Sandy Namoff34442015-04-16 KernTejon Ranch. About 0.9 air km south of the Bakersfield National Cemetery. Bear Mountain area. Lower Tehachapi Mountains SE of the junction of Highway 223 and 58.
    UC21333UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataWillis L. Jepson1892-03-24 SolanoAraquipa Hills, Osage Canon Araquipa Hill; Araquipa Hills, Osage Canon
    UC21334UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataA. J. McClatchie11893-03-30 Los Angelesnear Pasadena
    UC249604UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy56801921-05-22 CalaverasCanon San Andreas-Angels Camp Road Calaveritas Creek;, San Andreas-Angels Camp Road
    UC284892UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz77791923-05-01 Los AngelesSan Dimas, Puddingstone Canon Puddingstone Canon; San Dimas, Puddingstone Canon
    UC303477UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataI. M. Johnston20031918-05-19 Los AngelesHills s of Pomona; Southern California
    UC303478UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataP. A. Munz20351918-04-11 Los AngelesLone Hill near Glendora; Southern California, Lone Hill
    UC310359UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataPhilip A. Munz89421925-03-19 KernTehachapi Mountains
    UC310386UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataPhilip A. Munz92081925-03-25 San Luis ObispoMorro Creek
    UC310787UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataPhilip A. Munz91001925-03-21 TulareLindsay, Lewis Creek Lewis Creek; Lindsay, Lewis Creek
    UC420490UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataFrancis Ramaley112031917-05-26 SacramentoFair Oaks
    UC454481UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataI. J. Condit1910-03-27 San Luis ObispoPozo
    UC457201UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataCarl Epling, Harvey Anderson1931-04-03 VenturaSulphur Mountain
    UC524105UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataIra L. Wiggins58031932-03-21 San Luis Obispobetween Cholame and Annette (Bitterwater Valley); Bitterwater Valley
    UC532182UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataHerbert F. Copeland1935-03-24 AmadorFoothills of Amador County Amador County
    UC55288UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJ. H. Barber1899-03-26 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    UC565530UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataH. L. Mason44601928-05-03 Amadorw of Ione (Jackson Creek Bridge); Jackson Creek Bridge
    UC566059UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataR. D. Roseberry851935-04-20 Amador4 mi w of Buena Vista
    UC566062UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataA. E. Wieslander3941934-03-11 Sutter2 mi se of South Butte
    UC566804UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataCurtis Ferris971932-03-31 AlamedaLivermore Hills
    UC566883UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataH. L. Mason28011926-04-10 AlamedaMount Hamilton Range, Cedar Mountain via Arroyo Mocho Cedar Mountain; Mount Hamilton Range, Cedar Mountain
    UC567001UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataF. W. Embree231934-03-22 Sutter1 mi s and 2 1-2 mi e of South Butte
    UC639018UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataBernard Miossi2111940-03-17 San Luis Obispo1 mi n of San Luis Obispo
    UC642302UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJoseph P. Tracy99061932-05-08 Mendocinonear Hopland (North Coast Ranges); North Coast Ranges
    UC659037UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMildred E. Mathias11761937-04-25 Fresno8 mi w of Coalinga (along Highway 198); Highway 198
    UC659042UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMildred E. Mathias11791937-04-25 Fresno2 mi s of Parkfield Junction
    UC660000UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataLincoln Constance, R. F. Hoover28061941-04-19 San Joaquin1 mi n of Castle Rock (Corral Hollow); Corral Hollow
    UC661047UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataL. R. Short, I. H. JohnsonS641934-04-06 MercedFrench Pass
    UC663140UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMildred E. Mathias11791937-04-25 Fresno2 mi s of Parkfield Junction
    UC692321UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMary L. Bowerman5701931-03-14 Contra CostaMount Diablo, Windy Point Mount Diablo;, Windy Point
    UC69904UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataJ. Burtt Davy5791894-04-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC724715UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataHelen K. Sharsmith6441934-03-29 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton in vicinity of Smith Creek (Inner South Coast Ranges, Mt. Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mt. Hamilton Range
    UC724716UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataH. K. Sharsmith19611935-05-03 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Range, Summit of Seeboy Ridge Seeboy Ridge; Mount Hamilton Range, Seeboy Ridge
    UC724720UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataH. K. Sharsmith35541936-04-22 StanislausMount Hamilton Range, Adobe Valley Adobe Valley; Mount Hamilton Range, Adobe Valley
    UC73328UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataM. Alice King1905-01-01 Buttenear College City (Sacramento Valley); Sacramento Valley
    UC75022UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataC. F. Baker4961902-04-01 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University (Pacific Coast); Pacific Coast
    UC766925UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataR. F. Hoover16771937-03-25 Mercede base of Pacheco Pass Pacheco Pass
    UC766926UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataR. F. Hoover3261935-03-15 Stanislaus4 mi s of Oakdale
    UC796719UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataIra L. Wiggins120031949-04-09 Santa Barbara20 mi e of U.S. Highway 101 (along State Highway 166); State Highway 166
    UC809921UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataMildred E. Mathias, Harlan Lewis1949-05-15 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain, Davy Brown Camp Figueroa Mountain;, Davy Brown Camp
    UC875441UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataAlice Eastwood49341916-04-12 VenturaNordhoff
    UC875443UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataAlice Eastwood43531915-04-19 MariposaCathey Valley
    UC917583UCJEPSSanicula bipinnataFrank W. Gould23061944-04-16 Los Angelesnear corner of Skyline Drive and Ardsheal Drive (Whittier Hills); Whittier Hills
    UCR0015832UCRSanicula bipinnataLewis S. Rose340631934-03-21 Contra Costa3 miles east of Clayton
    UCR0015833UCRSanicula bipinnataMitch Provance107802009-04-05 KernTejon Ranch, 2.8 miles SE of Old Headquarters Rd., along ridge 0.3 N of El Paso Creek
    UCR0015834UCRSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikh36152013-04-06 KernGrapevine area, 4.8 km east of Hwy I-5, 0.4 km south of Edmonston Pumping Plant Road
    UCR0015835UCRSanicula bipinnataMitch Provance103172009-04-08 Kern2.7 miles W of Bealville, S side of Bena Rd, 0.5 mi [WSW] of its intersection with Hwy 58
    UCR0015836UCRSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikh36082013-04-04 KernGrapevine area, west of Cattle Creek, 5.7 km east of Hwy I-5, 0.8 km south of Edmonston Pumping Plant Road
    UCR0015837UCRSanicula bipinnataMitch Provance108042009-04-05 KernTejon Ranch, Tejon Hills, 4.3 NNE of Old Headquarters, 0.5 mi S of Comanche Creek, 1.4 mi N of Chanac Creek
    UCR0015838UCRSanicula bipinnataCatherine Schnurrenbergers.n.2012-05-04 KernPiute Mountains, ridge to the west of Pacific Crest Trail
    UCR0015839UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders336942007-05-04 KernNE of upper Oso Canon, c. 2.5 miles east of Castac Lake, NW of peak 4908
    UCR0015840UCRSanicula bipinnataT.B. Salvato24572007-05-08 Kernc. 1.5 miles ENE of Castac Lake, lower Dry Field Canon
    UCR0015841UCRSanicula bipinnataT.B. Salvato21632007-04-30 Kernside canyon N of lower Oso Canon, c. 3 mi east of Castac Lake
    UCR0015842UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders339932007-05-31 Kernmouth of Johnson Canon at Bear Trap Canon, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec
    UCR0015843UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders338662007-05-23 Kernhills c. 1 mi. east of Castac Lake, east of the gas pipeline route and west of the powerlines, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch
    UCR0015844UCRSanicula bipinnataDan S. Cooper316--152016-03-31 Los AngelesLos Angeles, Griffith Park, north-facing east of Fern Canon
    UCR0015845UCRSanicula bipinnataDan S. Cooper20100409--272010-04-09 Los Angeleseastern Santa Monica Mtns., Royce Canon in Griffith Park
    UCR0015846UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders334892007-04-24 Los Angeleshills above head of Oso Canon near Kern Co. line, c. 1 mi. SW of National Cement Plant
    UCR0015847UCRSanicula bipinnataDan S. Cooper409--322009-04-09 Los AngelesLos Angeles, Griffith Park, north base of Bee Rock along north fork of Spring Canon, NW of old zoo site
    UCR0015848UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp93472005-04-16 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Mountains, 1.1 mile south of Canon Miranda Pines Road
    UCR0015849UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp73832002-04-15 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Mountains. Miranda Pines Road, 8.3 miles southeast of CA Hwy 166; beside Miranda Pine Mountain
    UCR0015850UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp73532002-04-15 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Mountains, Miranda Pine Road, 1.0 mile southeast of CA Hwy 166
    UCR0015851UCRSanicula bipinnataDavid J. Keil160491982-05-08 San Luis ObispoNE side of Cypress Mtn. at end of dirt road that leads up the mountain; Santa Lucia Mtns (Coast Ranges)
    UCR0015852UCRSanicula bipinnataAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-05-13 VenturaNewhall Ranch, Salt Creek
    UCR0015854UCRSanicula bipinnataJulia Curlette1831993-03-29 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve, [off Hwy 128, c. 0.25 mi] east of Monticello Dam, Lake Berryessa [W of town of Winters]
    UCR0015856UCRSanicula bipinnataBeecher Crampton62941962-04-24 YubaUniversity of California Foothill Field Station, 5 miles east of Browns Valley, 2.5 miles north-northwest of Smartsville
    UCR0015857UCRSanicula bipinnataBeecher Crampton95451978-03-16 Yolo2 miles west of Winters
    UCR0015858UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp132432008-04-11 Calaverasalong Fricot City Road, 1.8 miles northwest of CA-49, c. 4.6 miles (air) SE of San Andreas
    UCR0015860UCRSanicula bipinnataG. Sampson85-2431985-04-03 San BernardinoChino Hills State Park, upper Aliso Canon; Chino Hills
    UCR0015861UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp75712002-04-23 San BenitoCounty Hwy J-1 (Panoche Rd) 15.6 miles southeast of its junction with CA Hwy 25; along Tres Pinos Creek
    UCR0015862UCRSanicula bipinnataEllen Dean69402011-04-22 San JoaquinContra Costa Water District land (recently purchased), Canon Area at 32322 Corral Hollow Road west of CA-580 just north of junction with Interstate 5. Canon with Amsinckia grandiflora population
    UCR0015863UCRSanicula bipinnataAaron Liston649--21987-04-22 MercedSan Luis Reservoir on Hwy 152, 7.2 miles northeast of Bells Station
    UCR0015864UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders204711997-04-13 KernSan Emigdio Ranch: Salt Creek Canon at confluence with Black Bob Canon and up Black Bob Canon
    UCR0015865UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders205391997-04-20 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, along dirt road from San Emigdio Canon south to Los Lobos Creek
    UCR0015866UCRSanicula bipinnataScott D. White29811995-05-09 Los Angelesjust west of San Gabriel Mtns: Sunshine Canon (name not shown on topo): west of San Fernando Road and Hwy I-5 Fwy, just SW of interchange with State Route 14. Sunshine Canon Landfill property, site proposed for landfill expansion; East edge of Santa Susana Mtns
    UCR0015867UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp92182005-03-25 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Wilderness; Hi Mountain Road, 6.7 miles ENE of Lopez Lake near Salt Creek
    UCR0015868UCRSanicula bipinnataGeorge K. Helmkamp89572005-02-24 San Luis Obispoalong Huasna Road, c. 5 NE of its junction with Huasna Towship Road (generally east of Arroyo Grande)
    UCR0015869UCRSanicula bipinnataMark A. Elvin27222003-05-09 VenturaNewhall Ranch, headwaters of Salt Creek, study area 77
    UCR0015938UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders351682008-05-04 San BenitoGriswold Creek Canon, Griswold Hills, New Idria Road 3.9 miles above (south of) Panoche Rd.
    UCR127426UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders266962003-05-15 Venturacrest of the range 2 km west of Los Angeles Co. line, SW edge of Newhall Ranch
    UCR135820UCRSanicula bipinnataA.C. Sanders274332004-04-02 RiversideTemescal Canon, Serrano Highlands project, between Glen Ivy Hot Springs and Arcilla, NE side of the I-15 Fwy, south of Clay Canon Rd.
    UCSB022736UCSBSanicula bipinnataMrs. R. F. Bingham PlacerAuburn
    UCSB022737UCSBSanicula bipinnataPeter Kamb16521950-04-01 Santa ClaraAbove east side of Halls Valley, on Mt. Hamilton Road, Mt. Hamilton Range.
    UCSB022738UCSBSanicula bipinnataKiehn, David391980-04-09 Santa BarbaraCa. 5 miles east of Refugio Canon road from its junction with Calif. Hwy. 101
    UCSB022739UCSBSanicula bipinnataDennis E. Breedlove271961-02-25 Santa BarbaraAlong the Alamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birbent Canon, San Rafael Range.
    UCSB022740UCSBSanicula bipinnataFritzke, Sue331980-03-29 Contra Costa0.5 miles from the E end of Ball Rd. in the Shell Ridge Open Space Area, SE of the rock quarry
    UCSB022741UCSBSanicula bipinnataClare B. Hardham73781961-04-14 San Luis ObispoHeadwaters Las Tables Creek
    UCSB022742UCSBSanicula bipinnataClark Cowan3421975-05-15 KernSt Hwy 155, 3 mi E of jct with Bakersfield-Glennville Rd.
    UCSB022743UCSBSanicula bipinnataHennen, Diane821963-04-21 Santa Barbara2 miles NE of summit of San Marcos Pass
    UCSB022744UCSBSanicula bipinnataBrown, Jr., M.381963-03-23 Santa BarbaraEast roadside, Alisal Road, 2.9 miles S of Solvang
    UCSB022745UCSBSanicula bipinnataDennis E. Breedlove20441962-03-29 San Luis Obispo19.1 miles west of Simmler, La Panza Range
    UCSB022746UCSBSanicula bipinnataKamb, Peter; Chisaki, Francia16331950-03-18 Contra CostaHead of Pine Canon, Mt. Diablo
    UCSB022747UCSBSanicula bipinnataDennis E. Breedlove24811962-04-21 Santa BarbaraAlong the Alamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birabent Canon, San Rafael Range
    UCSB022748UCSBSanicula bipinnataClark Cowan13121978-04-27 Santa BarbaraRancho Alegre Boy Scout Camp lower parking area above ranch house; Santa Ynez Valley, 0.8 mi. (1.2 km.) off Hwy. 154
    UCSB022749UCSBSanicula bipinnataThomas, Kathryn; Emard, Lydia; Walden, ChrisSR-831993-03-22 Santa BarbaraSouthern foothills of the San Rafael Range, Sedgwick Reserve, section F upper Figueroa Creek
    UCSB022750UCSBSanicula bipinnataThomas, Kathryn; Ferren, WayneSR-1341993-04-20 Santa BarbaraSouthern foothills of the San Rafael Range, Sedgwick Reserve, near first gate to Lisque Creek
    UCSB022751UCSBSanicula bipinnataDavid L. Magney33-002000-04-14 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges, Santa Monica Mountains; Point Mugu Quad.; Guadalasca; San Bernardino Base Meridian; Mugu Peak, near summit
    UCSC2592UCSCSanicula bipinnataGrey Hayes1042000-04-26 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton, Simon Newman Ranch -
    UCSC2627UCSCSanicula bipinnataGrey Hayes432000-04-26 Santa Claraon north facing slope of hillock on valley floor Mount Hamilton, Simon Newman Ranch
    UCSC9251UCSCSanicula bipinnataD. Styer5672013-03-12 MontereyFt. Ord National Monument near Guidotti Road (Region J11)

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