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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        DAV341023 DAV Rupertia physodes Catherine E. Koehler s.n. 2007-07-11   Lake 647 Lake County: McLaughlin Reserve, Hunting Creek, where Hunting Creek meets Coyote Hill.
        DAV341057 DAV Rupertia physodes NULL 2 2013-05-04   Lake 609 Lake County: Clear Lake State Park. NE of Kelseyville. Lower northern slope of Mount Konocti. South side of park, south of Soda Bay Road. Along fork in undeveloped road that goes southeast from Glebe Road at gate.
        GH02135320 GH Rupertia physodes J. W. Blankinship NULL 1893-06-01   Lake NULL [data not captured]
        POM276166 RSA Rupertia physodes Lyman D. Benson 740 1928-05-26   Lake 457 Soda Bay. Mt. Range; Middle N. Coast. River; Clear Lake.
        PUA58400 PUA Psoralea physodes G.L. Clifton NULL 1983-05-26   Lake 731 Local landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.
        RSA0018310 RSA Rupertia physodes Keith E. Hoffmaster 872 1938-06-28   Lake NULL Near Clear Lake Oaks.
        RSA0199029 RSA Rupertia physodes Sarah J. De Groot s.n. 2006-06-12   Lake 411 Along 6th St., Clearlake Park.
        RSA122427 RSA Rupertia physodes A. Simontacchi 276 1937-07-12   Lake 548 0.4 mi es southwest of Soda Bay, Clear Lake.
        RSA2537 RSA Rupertia physodes J. W. Blankinship s.n. 1928-07-13   Lake NULL Mt. Konocti.
        SD69977 SD Rupertia physodes Darley Howe 4526 1968-05-24   Lake NULL Mount Konocti
        SDSU05198 SDSU Rupertia physodes Howe, D.F. 4526 1968-03-24   Lake NULL Southwest slope of Mt. Konocti.
        UC1129909 UCJEPS Rupertia physodes A. Simontacchi 276 1937-07-12   Lake NULL 0.4 mi sw Soda Bay; Lakeport Quadrangle
        UC1282778 UCJEPS Rupertia physodes J. R. Sweeney 1054 1953-05-18   Lake NULL on Hwy 53 1.2 mi e road junction to Kelseyville; Lower Lake Burn (1952)
        UC764684 UCJEPS Rupertia physodes R. F. Hoover 5025 1941-05-11   Lake NULL low hills Kelseyville
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