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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT186165CASRibes roezliis.n.1902-6-1 Los AngelesSummit of Mt. Lowe
RSA0024608RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumA. A. Heller66151903-4-24 SonomaWoods near Cazadero.
RSA0018256RSARibes roezliiA. A. Heller69211903-7-13 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake.
RSA0024609RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumA. A. Heller50371902-3-12 SonomaSonoma Creek, eastern base of Mt. Hood.
RSA0024577RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumA. A. Heller130881919-3-12 ButteTen Mile House east of Chico.
RSA0024707RSARibes roezliiA. A. Heller153841939-4-26 ButteNear river at foot of grade leading down from Stirling City.
UC725920UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller153841939-4-26 Butteat foot of the grade leading down from Stirling City
UC58119UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumA. A. Heller66151903-4-24 Sonomanear Cazadero
UC725481UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller150571938-5-01 Buttenear DeSabla
UC58231UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller69211903-7-13 Nevadalower end Donner Lake
JEPS27767UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller150571938-5-01 Butteforest near DeSabla
UC857964UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller119701915-6-11 ButteChico Meadows Sierra Nevada
UC162059UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller77071905-4-18 KernGirard Station
UC857963UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller119701915-7-15 SiskiyouMt. Eddy
UC857965UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. A. Heller110311915-6-26 ButteSummit of Sierra Nevada above Jonesville; Sierra Nevada
RSA0040218RSARibes roezliiA. C. Sanders342522007-6-27 KernTehachapi Mtns.: divide between heads of Dry Field and Oso canyons, c. 2 miles east of Castac Lake and 3.5 miles NE of Gorman, c. 1 mile north of the Los Angeles Co. line near the powerline route.; Lebec 7.5′ Q.
RSA0047556RSARibes roezliiA. C. Sanders336572007-5-3 KernDry Field Canon east of Canon road to head of Oso Canon; Lebec 7.5′ Q.
RSA0054144RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiA. C. Sanders338752007-5-23 Kernhills c. 1 mi. east of Castac Lake, east of the gas pipeline route and west of the powerlines, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch; Lebec 7.5′ Q.
RSA627858RSARibes roezliiA. C. Sanders227491999-5-18 KernGrapevine Creek Canon, section of creek SW of I-5, below Ft. Tejon St. Hist. Park, 1.25 mi. due S of Grapevine Peak.; Grapevine 7.5' Q.
RSA0057884RSARibes roezliiA. C. Sanders340032007-5-31 Kernslopes south of Bear Trap Canon and east of the paved road from Castac Lake, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec; Pastoria Creek 7.5′ Q.
RSA0093739RSARibes roezliiA. C. Sanders379092010-4-14 KernTehachapi Mountains. Canon del Gato Montes, near confluence with Canon del Agua Escondida.; Winters Ridge 7.5' Q.
SBBG203066SBBGRibes roezliiA. C. Sanders, M. Provance336572007-5-3 KernDry Field Cyn E of Canon rd to head of Oso Cyn
POM50184RSARibes roezliiA. D. E. Elmer36041902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason.
RSA0018224RSARibes roezliiA. D. E. Elmer38111902-7-1 VenturaGriffins, Mt. Pinos.
UC203703UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. D. E. Elmer36041902-6-01 Los AngelesActon
UC1127523UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. D. Gifford3011934-7-17 El Dorado1 1/2 mi se Camp Springs; Pyramid Pk. Quadrangle
UC1127535UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. D. Gifford5111935-3-26 Los Angeles2 3/4 mi w Sawmill Pk. (Atmore Mdw.); Angeles National Forest, Tejon Quadrangle
UC1375602UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. H.16251936-7-16 Mariposa1 mi w Yosemite Lodge; Yosemite National Park
UC1601963UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. H. Hawbecker10041935-5-29 Mariposa2 1/2 mi se Wawona; Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Quadrangle
UC566232UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. Lewis4961934-7-05 Sierra2.2 mi ne Poverty Hill; Downieville Quadrangle
UC1127536UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. Lewis4961934-7-05 Sierra2.2 mi ne Poverty Hill; Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quadrangle
UC11480UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. M. Carpenter1892-9-01 NevadaSierra Nevada Mts.; ; County = Placer on label, Bowman Lakes region, Nevada Co fide Jepson fieldbooks 28_158
CDA0025568CDARibes roezlii var. cruentumA. Poklemba72002-4-13 TrinityAlong path to Hells' Half Acre near the South Fork of the Trinity River.
UC1127573UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. Simontacchi2581937-6-29 Lake4 mi ne Hunter Point; Mendocino National Forest, Lakeport Quadrangle
UC1127641UCJEPSRibes roezliiA. Simontacchi7231940-6-04 Lassen6.8 mi sw Jacks Lake; Lassen National Forest, Halls Flat Quadrangle
DAV395119DAVRibes roezliiA. T. Whittemore741976-5-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 0.9 mile south of Pleasant Valley on Road E-16.
CAS-BOT186106CASRibes roezliiA., L. R.18331901-6-1 OrangeSantiago Peak
LA00610659LARibes roezliiA.A. Heller119701915-6-11 ButteSierra Nevada; Chico Meadows
FSC0011498FSCRibes roezliiA.C. Hawbecker1471949-7-30 FresnoJust E of boundary of Kings Canon Natl Park. Along Hume Road.
SD227834SDRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders227491999-5-18 KernTejon Ranch: Grapevine Creek Canon, section of creek SW of I-5, below Ft. Tejon St Hist. Park, 1.25 mi. due S of Grapevine Peak (Grapevine 7.5'Q)
SD248437SDRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders336572007-5-3 KernTehachapi Mountains; Dry Field Canon east of Canon road to head of Oso Canon (Lebec 7.5'Q)
UCR0049476UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders16581980-7-18 RiversideThomas Mountain: Thomas Mountain Campground to the summit at the lookout
UCR0049435UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiA.C. Sanders227491999-5-18 KernGrapevine Creek Canon, section of creek SW of I-5, below Ft. Tejon State Historic Park, 1.25 mi. due south of Grapevine Peak; Tejon Ranch
UCR0049475UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders336572007-5-3 KernDry Field Canon east of Canon road to head of Oso Canon
UCR0049472UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders338752007-5-23 Kernhills c. 1 mi. east of Castac Lake, east of the gas pipeline route and west of the powerlines, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch
UCR0049470UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders339262007-5-24 KernPastoria Creek (Bear Trap) Canon, below Bench Mark (3364 ft.) Tejon K, c. 6 miles NE of Lebec
UCR0049469UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders340032007-5-31 Kernslopes south of Bear Trap Canon and east of the paved road from Castac Lake, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec
UCR0049471UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders342522007-6-27 Kerndivide between heads of Dry Field and Oso canyons, c. 2 miles east of Castac Lake and 3.5 miles NE of Gorman, c. 1 mile north of the Los Angeles Co. line near the powerline route
UCR0049474UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders379092010-4-14 KernCanon del Gato Montes, near confluence with Canon del Agua Escondida
UCR0049480UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiA.C. Sanders411162014-5-14 San BernardinoWildlands Conservancy Oak Glen Preserve property, vicinity of old house north of Los Rios Rancho, 0.4 W (348 ° ) of intersection of Oak Glen Rd. and Pine Bench Rd.
UCR0049433UCRRibes roezliiA.C. Sanders416562015-5-12 Kernsouth of Old Town Tehachapi along Water Canon Rd. between Tehachapi and Tehachapi Mountain Park, above Highline Rd., c. 350 m above Parkview Lane
HSC214696HSCRibes roezliiA.M. Montalvo2401975-5-17 TrinitySE facing slope on trail to Denny at confluence of the New River and the Trinity River
IRVC112140IRVCRibes roezliiA.S. Boughey651965-3-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains : Silverado Canon
YM-YOSE64230YMRibes roezliiADAMS, LOWELL1937-5-09 ?  MariposaBIG MEADOW
CAS-BOT186171CASRibes roezliiAbrams, L. R.49361912-7-15 MaderaNear Shut Eye [Shuteye] Pass, Sierra Nat. Forest
CAS-BOT186196CASRibes roezliiAbrams, L. R.67791917-9-19 PlacerLily Lake, Lake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT186186CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy46481911-7-6 MariposaBetween Sentinel Hotel and Le Conte Memorial, Yosemite Valley
CAS-BOT212493CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy45301911-6-27 TuolumneVernal Falls, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT186163CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.6061908-7-3 Los AngelesNorth Baldy Mountain, San Gabriel Mountains
CAS-BOT200561CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.2961908-6-16 KernVicinity of Fort Tejon
CAS-BOT200565CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.4811908-6-26 KernWater Canyon, Tehachapi Mountains
CAS-BOT212513CASRibes roezliiAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.791908-6-4 VenturaHines Peak, Topatopa Mountains
CAS-BOT186241CASRibes roezliiAbrams, LeRoy27131902-7-12 San BernardinoMt. San Antonio
CAS-BOT186251CASRibes roezliiAbrams, LeRoy38601903-6-24 San DiegoMiddle peak, Cuyama Mts.
JEPS121495UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiAdam C. Schneider5752014-4-6 MaderaNorth fork of Willow Creek, 0.7 miles north of Bass Lake as the crow flies, Sierra National Forest.
JEPS49175UCJEPSRibes roezliiAdele Lewis Grant6181916-3-06 Tuolumnenr. Columbia
CAS-BOT198959CASRibes roezliiAhart, Lowell59531988-3-28 ButteAbout 1/10 mile south of Lumpkin Ride road, about 1 1/2 miles east of Camp 18, about 8 miles east of Feather Falls
DAV395106DAVRibes roezlii var. roezliiAlbert Grigarick822009-5-23 NevadaNevada Co.: Truckee. ca. 100 yds. N of intersection of Beacon Rd. and Lockwood Dr., on E side of Lockwood Dr.
CSLA003783CSLARibes roezliiAlbert Hildinger32491953-6-28 El DoradoW 1/2 S7 N R18E [E side of Fallen Leaf Lake just S of Lake Tahoe]
RSA0016784RSARibes roezliiAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1895--1 Mariposa[County not specified] Yosemite National Park.
RSA0018059RSARibes roezliiAlbert Kattenhorn661933-5-13 TulareSequoia Park. Sierra Nevada. Kaweah River watershed.
CAS-BOT198941CASRibes roezliiAldous, Alfred E.21915-7-19 UnknownNear Slaughter Canyon, Stanislaus Forest
CAS-BOT186295CASRibes roezliiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise54761948-8-10 TrinityCanyon Creek (tributary of Trinity River)
RSA0024716RSARibes roezliiAlice Eastwood111271922-4-08 El DoradoKelsey.
RSA0018264RSARibes roezliiAlice Eastwood111191922-4-06 Placer3 miles above Colfax near the road.
UC974945UCJEPSRibes roezliiAlice Eastwood111271922-4-08 El DoradoKelsey
UC410733UCJEPSRibes roezliiAlice Eastwood153091928-6-07 MendocinoBuck Rock Ridge Forest Reserve
UC410625UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumAlice Eastwood150701928-3-29 Del NorteAdams Station
UC974960UCJEPSRibes roezliiAlice Eastwood111191922-4-06 Placer3 mi above Colfax (near the road)
UC11476UCJEPSRibes roezliiAlice Eastwood1936-6-28 FresnoSequoia mills
UC974951UCJEPSRibes roezliiAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell53911938-5-04 Maderanear Oakhurst
JEPS43486UCJEPSRibes roezliiAllison Krames1935-4-15 Kernnear summit Tehachapi Mts.
DAV395066DAVRibes roezliiAllyson Ayalon952012-7-1 El DoradoEl Dorado County. Kyburz. South-facing slopes of the Sierra Neveda found along the North of Highway 50.
CAS-BOT186177CASRibes roezliiAlmeda, Frank43551979-4-21 MariposaVicinity of Sawmill Mt., about 1.5 mi E of Hardin Flat off of State Rd. #120
FSC0011476FSCRibes roezliiAndre Graff1934-3-11 FresnoPinehurst
UCSB002997UCSBRibes roezliiAndrew C. Sanders16581980-7-18 RiversideThomas Mountain; Thomas Mtn. campground to the summit at the lookout; T 6S, R 3 W1/2 sec. 28
HSC214709HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumAndrew Enberg51990-3-17 TrinitySalyer rest stop off Hyw. 299 along trail behind restrooms
UC1927967UCJEPSRibes roezliiAnn Cochran7721986-8-01 San Luis ObispoSierra Nevada mountains, W side; Mountain Home State Forest
PASA2268PASARibes roezliiAnnetta Carter1929-5-16 MariposaYosemite. Illilouette Creek
JEPS97646UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiAnnetta M. Carter18341947-5-18 San DiegoHot Springs Mtn.
UC1745532UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiAnnetta M. Carter18341947-5-18 San DiegoHot Springs Mtn.
UC922609UCJEPSRibes roezliiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg54761948-8-10 TrinityCanon Creek (tributary of Trinity River) Trinity Mountains
RSA0018066RSARibes roezliiAnstruther Davidson18351908-7-1 TulareSequoia National Forest.
RSA476252RSARibes roezliiAnstruther Davidson17131907-6-10 KernTehachapi Mts.
RSA0018065RSARibes roezliiAnstruther Davidson18331908-7-1 TulareSequoia National Forest.
RSA459471RSARibes roezliiAnstruther Davidson18261896-7-1 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.
UCR0049465UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiAnuja Parikh35492011-7-7 Los AngelesBarley Flats, 4.2 km west of Shortcut Station, 1.1 km north of State Hwy 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy)
SBBG203031SBBGRibes roezliiAnuja Parikh, N. Gale35492011-7-7 Los AngelesBarley Flats, 4.2 W of Shortcut Station, 1.1 N of St Hwy 2
CAS-BOT186226CASRibes roezliiApplegate, Elmer I.57901929-6-21 PlumasBetween Kelly's Camp and Drakesbad, Warner Valley, Mt. Lassen region
CAS-BOT186269CASRibes roezliiApplegate, Elmer I.53341927-3-9 Santa BarbaraParadise Camp, Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara National Forest
DAV395072DAVRibes roezliiApril McCoy261984-5-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Vikingsholm Vista Pt./ So. Lake Tahoe.
UCR0049504UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiArt Whistlers.n.1966-6-10 TulareOn the road between Canon and California Hot Springs near the road coming in from Durwood Pack Station
CLARK-A1528-4147CLARKRibes roezliiArt Whistler1966-6-11 TulareJohnsdale
CAS-BOT198980CASRibes roezliiAtkinson, W. L.s.n.1900-1-1 El DoradoPyramid Peak
RSA0018268RSARibes roezliiB. Bolt1411934-7-17 Placer1/2 mile south of Lost Emigrant Mine.; Truckee
RSA0018221RSARibes roezliiB. Bolt3881935-8-07 Tuolumne1.5 miles SE of mouth of Niagara Creek.; Dardanelles
UC566034UCJEPSRibes roezliiB. Bolt3881935-8-07 Tuolumne1 1/2 mi se of mouth Niagara Creek; Dardanelles Quadrangle
UC566286UCJEPSRibes roezliiB. Bolt1411934-7-17 Placer1/2 mi s Lost Emigrant Mine; Truckee Quadrangle
CHSC63113CHSCRibes roezliiB. Castro1181987-5-21 ButteCa 9 mi E of Chico via Hwy 32 and ca 2 mi E on Alatina Drive. In bed of ephemeral stream between two S-trending ridges. T2 N R02E S36 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
AHUC103243DAVRibes roezliiB. Crampton6751952-3-09 FresnoFresno County: Watts Valley.
AHUC103245DAVRibes roezliiB. Crampton15551953-7-30 AmadorAmador Co.: Hwy. 88, about 10 miles west of Silver Lake.
RSA1180RSARibes roezliiB. D. Stark8651930-6-28 Los AngelesPine Canon
SFV107715SFVRibes roezliiB. F. Smith711968-7-11 TulareSierra Nevada; Mountain Home State Forest
DAV395085DAVRibes roezliiB. F. Smith661968-7-02 TulareTulare County: Mountain Home State Forest.
LOB106024LOBRibes roezliiB. Mikus1361972-5-05 RiversideStrawberry Creek near U.S.C. Music Camp, Idyllwild.
RSA0018269RSARibes roezliiB. Pitzer9521988-5-29 PlumasPlumas National Forest, ca. 6 N of Gold Lake on Gold Lake Road, and 2.6 mi. S of junction with Highway 89.
SCFS0143SCFSRibes roezliiB. Trowbridge16611970-8-18 NevadaIn brush near burn about 2.5 W of station
UCR0049486UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiB.G. Pitzer32091997-5-04 San BernardinoAudubon Society's 'Bearpaw Ranch' Sanctuary, below Forest Falls. Just off CA Hwy 38 turnoff to Forest Falls, south of Mill Creek, in vicinity of University Creek; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCR0049514UCRRibes roezliiB.G. Pitzer09521988-5-29 PlumasPlumas National Forest c. 6 miles north of Gold Lake on Gold Lake Road, and 2.6 miles west of junction with Hwy 89
HSC214727HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumB.R. Templetonsn1962-5-24 Humboldt18 W of Willow Creek, N of Hwy. 299
CAS-BOT198881CASRibes roezlii var. amictumBacigalupi, R.15391927-5-29 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin
CAS-BOT209300CASRibes roezliiBacigalupi, R.11981925-4-22 TulareOn Mineral King Road between Slapjack and Redwood Creek
CAS-BOT186119CASRibes roezliiBacigalupi, R.; Ferris, R. S.24771941-7-14 KernLower part of grade over Greenhorn Mountain, about 5 mi. above and west of Kernville
CAS-BOT186080CASRibes roezliiBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1924-2-24 Mendocino1/4 mi. west of Low Gap, 6 1/4 on west of Ukiah
CAS-BOT186192CASRibes roezliiBallantyne, May1101958-5-27 MariposaVicinity of Mariposa
CAS-BOT186193CASRibes roezliiBallantyne, May331958-3-1 MariposaVicinity of Mariposa
OBI112702OBIRibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca. 5 airmiles W of Laytonville, jctn of forks to lookout tower and north peak
RSA0024580RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumBarbara Ertter64501986-6-11 KernTrail to Owens Peak 19 air miles WNW of Ridgecrest, along trail at head of Indian Wells Canon, along creek.
RSA761382RSARibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca 5 airmiles W of Laytonville, junction of forks to lookout tower and north peak.
HSC214677HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumBarbara Ertter64501986-6-11 KernTrail to Owens Peak, 19 WNW of Ridgecrest along trailhead of Indian Wells Canon
UC2081665UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiBarbara Ertter148041996-6-07 FresnoRoss Meadow SW of Patterson Mountain, Sierra National Forest ca. 16 air miles SE of Shaver Lake.
UC1563712UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiBarbara Ertter, T. Daniel, M. Bagley, D. Bramlet64501986-6-11 KernTrail to Owens Peak ca. 19 air miles WNW of Ridgecrest, along trail at head of Indian Wells Canon.
UC1949121UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars, Clare Wheeler, Peter Steele84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca 5 airmiles W of Laytonville; junction of forks to lookout tower and north peak
UC1563693UCJEPSRibes roezliiBarbara Ertter, Thomas J. Delendick69381987-5-16 Humboldtca. 3 mi e Berry Summit (on Hwy 299, on s side of road above Willow Cr., ca. 20 air mi e of Arcata)
CAS-BOT186285CASRibes roezliiBarker, H. Albert471926-7-3 SierraPacker Lake
CAS-BOT225909CASRibes roezliiBartholomew, Bruce67021994-5-27 ModocSW side of White Horse Reservoir.
CAS-BOT225912CASRibes roezliiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett41061988-5-12 ModocS side of Egg Lake.
CAS-BOT225911CASRibes roezliiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett46231989-4-27 ModocLittle Hot Spring Valley, 4.0 km NW of Day.
CAS-BOT225910CASRibes roezliiBartholomew, Bruce; Gilbert, M.; Skog, L. E.65231993-5-12 ModocS side of Whitehorse Reservoir.
AHUC103242DAVRibes roezlii var. cruentumBeecher Crampton84641969-6-18 SiskiyouSiskiyou County, Quartz Hill, 5 miles west of Fort Jones (direct line), 1.5 miles N.N.W. of Oro Fino.
AHUC103246DAVRibes roezliiBeecher Crampton18971954-5-11 SierraSierra County: 2 miles east of Sierra City. Along Hwy 49.
UCR0049517UCRRibes roezliiBeecher Crampton18971954-5-11 Sierra2 miles [north]east of Sierra City on Hwy 49
CAS-BOT198977CASRibes roezliiBenson, Gilbert T.41924-4-12 El Dorado3 miles east of Camino on Lincoln Highway
CAS-BOT186216CASRibes roezliiBenson, Lyman39921932-7-29 PlumasBuck Lake, Sierra Nevada Mt. Range, Feather River
CAS-BOT186271CASRibes roezliiBenson, Lyman22191930-7-18 ShastaE. of Round Mt., N. Sierra Nevada Mt. Range, Hatchet Creek, Summit
CAS-BOT200556CASRibes roezliiBenson, Lyman32841932-4-10 KernWoody--Glennville. Greenhorn Mt. Range. Poso Creek
CAS-BOT198871CASRibes roezlii var. amictumBentley, Georgias.n.1917-4-4 LakeLakeport
UC551674UCJEPSRibes roezliiBeryl O. Schreiber17351935-7-03 MariposaPohono Trail Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT186144CASRibes roezliiBest, Catherine9761984-6-18 NevadaOn the old Donner Road about .5 miles below the summit
CAS-BOT198939CASRibes roezliiBest, Catherines.n.1981-6-19 SierraEdge of Hwy 89, 2 miles west of Yuba Summit.
DAV395127DAVRibes roezliiBeth Lowe Corbin1511982-8-02 PlacerPlacer County: Onion Creek campground. In fine, sandy, granitic soil. Spiney shrub about 1.5' high with dark grey bark. Berries picked green. Partial sun. South facing slope. Uncommon.
OBI112705OBIRibes roezliiBeth Waterbury571983-8-04 KernSequoia Natl Forest, Shriley Meadows campground, 2 W of Greenhorrn Summit on forest hwy 90
CAS-BOT186248CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1920-7-30 San BernardinoBig Bear Lake
CAS-BOT186260CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1920-7-22 San DiegoHead of Vallecitos trail, Laguna Mts.
CAS-BOT186261CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1920-3-20 San DiegoVolcan Mt. north of Julian
CAS-BOT186276CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworth10441923-6-8 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT186277CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-6-12 ShastaMontgomery Creek
CAS-BOT186278CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-4-20 ShastaBurney
CAS-BOT186281CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-4-21 ShastaFall River Mills
CAS-BOT186291CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1923-5-20 SiskiyouMcCloud
CAS-BOT200552CASRibes roezliiBethel, Ellsworths.n.1920-6-22 KernLebec
UC974955UCJEPSRibes roezliiBethel, Posey1920-6-06 NevadaTruckee
CAS-BOT186205CASRibes roezliiBethel; Poseys.n.1920-6-5 PlacerTahoe
CAS-BOT186213CASRibes roezliiBethel; Poseys.n.1920-6-6 PlacerTruckee
RSA0016150RSARibes roezliiBetty J. Jorgensen4571944-6-15 NevadaNear highway on bank above Lytton Creek, near Norden.
CHSC7761CHSCRibes roezliiBeverly J. Wise991969-5-17 Lassen16.5 W. of Susanville on the west side of Gallatin Creek, 1/4 mi. south of Eagle Lake.
PUA31306PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumBill Grummer1979-3-25 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
CAS-BOT198934CASRibes roezliiBlaisdell, Dr. F. E.s.n.1990-7-19 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
CAS-BOT186263CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.38611961-2-22 Santa BarbaraLittle Pine Mountain, San Rafael Mts.
CAS-BOT186267CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.29041959-6-9 Santa BarbaraAt west edge of forest, West Big Pine Mountain, San Rafael Mountains
CAS-BOT186268CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.40491961-4-16 Santa BarbaraJunction of Zaca Ridge Road and Cat Way Road, San Rafael Mts.
CAS-BOT198992CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.45831961-7-18 FresnoCamp #7, ten miles east of Hume Lake
CAS-BOT198993CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.46051961-8-16 FresnoSpring on Millwood Road just below Cherry Gap
CAS-BOT212507CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.60191963-6-9 VenturaStare of teh Reyes Peak Trail from the road.
CAS-BOT186262CASRibes roezliiBlakley, E. R.; Hardham, C.; Smith, C.B-27231959-3-31 Santa BarbaraCanyon drains to Manzana Creek, north slope of Zaca Peak, Figueroa Mtn., San Rafael Mtns.
RSA476243RSARibes roezliiBonnie C. Templeton51281933-5-15 Los AngelesRanger Station, Big Pines Park, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA476245RSARibes roezliiBonnie C. Templeton50201932-7-21 Los AngelesBlue Ridge, Big Pines Park, San Gabriel Mts
RSA476251RSARibes roezliiBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-6-30 KernBetween Woody and Glenville, Greenhorn Mts.
RSA476246RSARibes roezliiBonnie C. Templeton50581932-5-31 Los AngelesCamp No. 1, Big Pines Recreation Camp, San Gabriel Mountains
UCR0049449UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiBonnie C. Templeton50201932-7-21 Los Angeles[Angeles National Forest] Big Pines Park
UCR0049448UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiBonnie C. Templeton51281933-6-15 Los AngelesEast Blue Ridge, Big Pines Park, Angeles National Forest
SHTC2598SHTCRibes roezliiBorman & Cantwell971994-6-24 TuolumneStanislaus National Forest, Hwy. 108, Mill Creek Campground
CAS-BOT293684CASRibes roezliiBourell, Mona57701997-3-29 ColusaMendocino National Forest. Dixie Glade Campground
HSC214704HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumBrad Klipfel8031976-8-25 Del Norte
CAS-BOT186107CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.39431962-7-14 KernOn ridge between Liebel Peak and Piute Peak, 5.7 miles northwest of Claraville on Saddle Springs-Claraville Road; Piute Mountains
CAS-BOT186190CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.174241970-4-12 Mariposa8 miles east of Coulerville on Dogtown Road
CAS-BOT186212CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.35421962-6-13 PlacerOn steep bank of Truckee River, 7.0 miles south of Truckee; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT186223CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.34621962-6-12 PlumasOn bank of Jackson Creek, in upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River, 1 mile south-east of Cromberg; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT186233CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.34621962-6-12 PlumasOn bank of Jackson Creek, in upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River, 1 mile southeast of Cromberg
CAS-BOT198949CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.36511962-6-14 AmadorAlong State Highway 88, 18.9 miles east of Pine Grove, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT200576CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.39431962-7-14 KernOn ridge between Liebel Peak and Piute Peak, 5.7 miles northwest of Claraville on Saddle Springs-Claraville Road; Piute Mountains
CAS-BOT198946CASRibes roezliiBreedlove, D. E.; Bourell, M.; Patterson, R.664031987-6-8 AlpineE side Ebbetts Pass
UCR0049485UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiBrent Brownings.n.1957-5-25 San Bernardino30 ft from east edge of Barton Flats Road, 3.8 miles up from Camp Angelus
UCSB002996UCSBRibes roezliiBrian C. Miller1963-4-09 KernKern Co. Park; Tehachapi Mts
UCSB003016UCSBRibes roezliiBrian C. Miller1963-4-22 Kern14 North of Canon road to Havilah; Piute Mts
RSA164866RSARibes roezliiBrian C. Millers.n.1963-4-09 KernKern County Park, Tehachapi Mts.
UCR0049437UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiBrian C. Millers.n.1963-4-09 KernKern Co. Park
CSLA003787CSLARibes roezliiBrian C. Miller1963-4-09 KernKern Co. Park, Tehachapi Mts.
CSLA003797CSLARibes roezliiBrian C. Miller1963-4-22 Kern14 mi. north of Canon road to Havilah Piute Mts.
CSLA003799CSLARibes roezliiBrian C. Miller1963-4-09 KernTehachapi Mts.
UCSB003008UCSBRibes roezliiBrooks, Terry91963-2-28 Santa Barbara6.5 miles east of California Highway 154; on road to Los Prietos Ranger Station; upper Santa Ynez Valley
RSA0024592RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumBruce Bartholomew41061988-5-12 ModocS side of Egg Lake.; Whitehorse 15'
RSA0024591RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumBruce Bartholomew65231993-5-12 ModocS side of Whitehorse Reservoir.
CHSC7228CHSCRibes roezliiBruce K. Briggs941969-8-14 Lassen5 mi. from ELBS.
DAV395104DAVRibes roezlii var. roezliiBryan Drews.n.2003-6-3 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Along road between cabin and garage.
RSA652104RSARibes roezliiC. A. Schideler471981-5-05 San DiegoMt. Palomar end of Co. Hwy. S6 on pathway to Observatory mil. 54806.1.
SBBG203029SBBGRibes roezliiC. Davidson, J. A. Churchill47361976-9-16 KernLos Padres National Forest; W end of Cuddy Valley on rd to Mt Pinos summit
IRVC112137IRVCRibes roezliiC. Duncan1965-3-07 RiversideOrtega Highway, El Carriso
RSA0018064RSARibes roezliiC. Eplings.n.1935-7-05 TulareSequoia National Park.
RSA476238RSARibes roezliiC. Eplings.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Big Pines Camp.
RSA0018222RSARibes roezliiC. Epling18041933-6-03 VenturaChuchupate Camp, west side Frazier Mountain.
SBBG203002SBBGRibes roezliiC. Epling, L. Wheeler18041933-6-03 VenturaChuchupate Camp, W side Frazier Mtn
SBBG203064SBBGRibes roezliiC. Epling, L. Wheeler18041933-6-03 VenturaChuchupate Camp, W side Frazier Mtn
UC974942UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. Epling, Wm. Robison1935-7-05 TulareSequoia Nat'l Park
UC930915UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. F. Harbison1940-4-06 San DiegoCuyamaca
JEPS49351UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumC. F. Rose371935-4-21 Shasta15 mi nw Redding
RSA0018029RSARibes roezliiC. F. Smith60561959-6-10 Santa BarbaraBig Pine Road to Santa Barbara Potrero, above Chokecherry Canon, San Rafael Mountains.
RSA0018254RSARibes roezliiC. F. Sonnes.n.1897-7-1 NevadaSierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee.
JEPS49174UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. F. Sonne15691884-6-07 NevadaTruckee
JEPS49177UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. F. Sonne4251888-5-01 NevadaTruckee Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC79611UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. F. Sonne1894-5-01 NevadaTruckee Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC1127522UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. G. Albertus501933-7-25 Buttejust s Thompson's; Chico Quadrangle
CSLA003778CSLARibes roezlii var. roezliiC. Ghent531969-5-10 Tulare10 miles due NEE of Springville at Canon
FSC0011490FSCRibes roezliiC. H. Quibell12911929-5-30 Fresno
SD167384SDRibes roezliiC. I. Jerabeks.n.1945-7-01 KernGlenville
RSA0018031RSARibes roezliiC. L. Hitchcock65441940-5-24 ShastaOn Hat Creek, ca. 20 miles west of Fall River Mills.
UC974956UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. L. Hitchcock65441940-5-24 Shastaca. 20 mi w Fall River Mills; Hat Creek
SFV107708SFVRibes roezliiC. L. McNeals. n.2008-3-19 KernSierra Nevada; Piute Mountains. Jawbone Canon Road.
UC1127546UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. M. Belshaw25301936-7-24 Calaveras1 mi ssw Rich Gulch Mine; Jackson Quadrangle
SBBG203068SBBGRibes roezlii var. roezliiC. Matt Guilliams46902018-6-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Station. Santa Cruz Creek at canyon bottom.
JEPS81780UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. O. StoneCOS-730605-81973-6-05 Tuolumne1 3/4 mi nw Blanco Lookout; Quadrangle 78C1
UC1127541UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. R. Clar851930-7-03 TrinityWhite Rock Ranger Station Road Trinity Forest, Hoaglin Quadarngle
IRVC112139IRVCRibes roezliiC. Thompson1965-4-24 RiversideHighway 74, 1 mile west of mountain center
UC489065UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. V. Meyer4701928-7-04 San Diegonear Palomar Hotel; Palomar Mt.
UC1127551UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. W. Hanks831934-9-18 Plumasn Sierra Valley (near Plumas National Forest); Sierraville Quadrangle
UC1127529UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. W. Hanks641934-8-31 Plumashill ne Sierra Valley; Plumas National Forest, Sierraville Quadrangle
UC1127542UCJEPSRibes roezliiC. W. Hanks1351934-10-30 Nevada2 mi ne Martis Peak; Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quadrangle
RSA0018067RSARibes roezliiC. W. Tilforth18831979-7-24 TuolumneSlopes above Highway 108, east of Twain Harte, northeast of Sonora.
RSA282794RSARibes roezliiC. W. Tilforth19931980-6-10 Riverside1/2 mile north of Thomas Mtn Campground, along Thomas Mtn Road, West of Hwy 74 and south of Lake Hemet.
RSA0018049RSARibes roezliiC. W. Tilforth11201975-9-25 TulareBalch Park.
IRVC112148IRVCRibes roezliiC. Weir1965-4-24 RiversideRoute 74
CHSC12470CHSCRibes roezliiC. Weld81969-6-19 LassenForest Service #516.2.
HSC214728HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumC.B. Wolf14991928-2-25 NapaNear Mt. St. Helena Inn, at summit of Mt. St. Helena grade
HSC214700HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumC.B. Wolf10681927-8-26 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River, 8 mi. above Hamburg
DAV395067DAVRibes roezliiC.H. Lamoureux10501956-4-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 18 miles east of Placerville, on US Hwy 50; 1 mile west of Pacific House. Near Roman Gankin's cabin.
DAV395068DAVRibes roezliiC.H. Lamoureux10501956-4-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 18 miles east of Placerville on Hwy 50.
FSC0011502FSCRibes roezliiC.H. Quibell1926 San BernardinoBluff Lake
SJSU3949SJSURibes roezliiC.W. Sharsmith73101964-6-20 El Doradonear S end Fallen Leaf L
DAV395128DAVRibes roezliiCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team162008-6-23 KernKern County; Sequoia National Park, near Oak Flat.
DAV395129DAVRibes roezliiCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team1412008-7-1 TulareTulare County; Springville area. Off Balch Park Road.
DAV395130DAVRibes roezliiCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team2672008-7-30 KernKern County; Sequoia National Forest, Cedar Creek.
CAS-BOT186151CASRibes roezliiCain, Brighton C.961925-8-24 LassenMt. Lassen Volcanic National Park 1 mi. below Drakesbad
CAS-BOT186167CASRibes roezliiCampbell, G. R.172861952-6-28 Los AngelesSouth slope Mt. 'Baldy' (San Antonio), San Gabriel Mts.
THRI-SEKI22977THRIRibes roezlii var. roezliiCann, CorieSEKI-19-WM-346-4182015-5-27 Unknown
CAS-BOT186222CASRibes roezliiCantelow, Ella Dales35201941-5-18 PlumasAt Johnsville 4 1/2 mi. w. of Mohawk
CAS-BOT199003CASRibes roezliiCantelow, Ella Dales43371940-8-31 FresnoE slope Kaiser Pss Summit
CAS-BOT186297CASRibes roezliiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1936-5-21 TrinitySummit of Scott Mt., Meadowland
CAS-BOT198987CASRibes roezliiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1940-8-31 FresnoEast slope of Kaiser Pass
HSC214713HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumCara Witte1012007-5-23 HumboldtNear Grouse Mtn. Along 4N32. Approximately 0.5 mi. S of intersection with 5N04 and 4N32E.
HSC214666HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumCara Witte9702008-7-30 HumboldtForest Service Road 4N32. 1/2 mile north of intersection with Forest Service Road 4N32B.
RSA0024720RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf34311928-8-21 El DoradoNear Fallen Leaf Lake.
RSA0024711RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf110551941-7-23 ButteNorthern Sierra Nevada. On Chico - Lake Almanor Road (Calif. Highway 32), approx. 5 miles North of Forest Ranch.
RSA0024746RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf36721929-5-05 FresnoShaver Lake, W. slope of Sierra Nevada.
RSA0024610RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumCarl B. Wolf92041937-8-12 TrinityNorth Coast Range, South Fork Mt., Cold Spring Lookout.
RSA10991RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf15791928-3-29 Los Angeles2 mi. east of Sandbergs on road to Pine Canon
RSA0018042RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf87131937-5-17 TehamaNorthern Sierra Nevada. Red Bluff - Susanville Road, 3.6 mi below Mineral.
RSA5920RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf39691932-8-05 RiversideAlong trail from Tahquitz Valley to San Jacinto Peak. Above the small stream and meadows feeding Tahquitz Creek.
RSA0018052RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf45811933-5-12 Tulare0.25 mi. below Canon, Upper Tule River. West slope Sierra Nevada.
RSA0018260RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf111541941-8-15 OrangeSanta Ana Mts, Summit of Santiago Peak.
RSA0024766RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf22061928-6-17 Kern4-5 miles S of Tehachapi.
RSA0024581RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumCarl B. Wolf99651941-2-26 Humboldt1.4 miles below Weitchpec on road to Klamath River.
RSA0024745RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf47191933-5-16 FresnoPine Cove, 4 miles N of Badger.
RSA0024605RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumCarl B. Wolf14991928-2-25 NapaSummit of Mt. St. Helena grade, at Mt. St. Helena Inn.
RSA0018259RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf53951933-8-24 OrangeSummit of Santiago Peak, Santa Ana Mountains.
RSA0018055RSARibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf17591933-5-12 Tulare1.4 miles above the power house on road to Canon, Upper Tule River. West slope Sierra Nevada.
UC974949UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf45811933-5-12 Tulare1/4 mi below Canon; Sierra Nevada Mts., Upper Tule River
UC729897UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf39691932-8-05 Riversideabove small stream and meadows feeding Tahquitz Creek (on trail from Tahquitz Valley to San Jacinto Peak); San Jacinto Mts.
UC974948UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl B. Wolf46091933-5-12 Tulare1.4 mi above Power House (on road to Canon); Sierra Nevada Mts., Upper Tule River
LA00610643LARibes roezliiCarl Eplings.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Big Pines Camp
LA00610648LARibes roezliiCarl Epling18041933-6-03 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Frazier Mountain; Chuchupate Camp, W side of Frazier Mt
LA00610650LARibes roezliiCarl Eplings.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
LA00610651LARibes roezliiCarl Eplings.n.1936-5-17 VenturaMount Pinos.
UC457344UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl Epling, Harvey Anderson431931-3-31 KernOnyx
UC974954UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl Epling, Harvey Anderson1931-3-31 KernOnyx
UC520352UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl Epling, Louis Wheeler18041933-6-03 VenturaChuchupate Camp Frazier Mt. (w side of mountain)
UC974944UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl Epling, Nesta Dunn, Alice Goen1931-5-16 Los AngelesBig Pines Camp San Gabriel Mts.
UC457420UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl Epling, Nesta Dunn, Alice Goen1931-5-16 Los AngelesBig Pines Camp San Gabriel Mts.
UC11662UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumCarl Purdy1898-4-13 MendocinoUkiah
JEPS49182UCJEPSRibes roezliiCarl V. Meyer4991928-7-04 San Diegoroadside near Palomar Hotel; Palomar Mt.
UCSB003014UCSBRibes roezliiCarl W. Sharsmith48321944-7-07 MariposaMerced Grove of Big Trees
SBBG203026SBBGRibes roezliiCarol Bornstein, B. Collins1997-4-14 Los AngelesLiebre-Sawmill Mtn Rd [USFS 7N23], Liebre Mtns
FSC0011495FSCRibes roezliiCarol Cederblom191977-6-04 FresnoAt transition zone at edge of Dinkey Meadow with Jeffrey pine and incense Cedar
LA00610641LARibes roezliiCarol Haines1611964-5-23 Los Angeles23 miles from beginning of Old Ridge Route
CHSC8051CHSCRibes roezliiCarol Weld391969-6-26 LassenSprings near roadside, 7.8 miles S.W. of Eagle Lake Field Station.
RSA0024582RSARibes roezliiCarolyn Sanford3321977-4-23 Humboldt2.5 miles south of Shelter Cove Road, south fork of Bear Creek at Wailaki Campground
SHTC2600SHTCRibes roezliiCarosella, T.1982-9-21 CalaverasSierra gooseberry
HSC214721HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumCathie Goldberg641980-5-03 TrinityPhilpot Creek Campground
UC1613516UCJEPSRibes roezliiCharles M. Belshaw9101935-5-25 El Dorado43 Milestone by New Twin Bridges (Placerville-Tahoe highway, Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada, 43 Milestone
DAV395048DAVRibes roezliiCharlotte Glenn1961967 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake. [Coordinates and elevation estimated by label maker]
RSA0024735RSARibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell3101951-7-20 FresnoN side Kaiser Ridge, 2 miles WNW Kaiser Peak 10300′, in deep canyon traversed by Huntington L. Trail- broadened portion about 100′ below large meadow (Kaiser topog. wrong here).
RSA0024734RSARibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell36081954-2-20 FresnoAuberry Road.
RSA0024749RSARibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell9841929-3-16 FresnoBig Sandy Valley.
RSA0024733RSARibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell26951953-7-10 FresnoAlong fisherman's trail W side Mono Creek, below crk. flowing down NW wall from jct. Vermillion Cliffs and granite to W.
RSA0024737RSARibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell36501954-3-27 FresnoOn 2578′ lower SE crest of serpentine Hog Mt - looking down both ways on Pine Flat Lake - with 300′ crest rising across saddle to NW.
FSC0011479FSCRibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell8091928-4-29 FresnoNear Sequoia L. in Grant's Park.
FSC0011481FSCRibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell36501954-3-27 FresnoOn 2578' lower South East crest of serpentine Hog Mountain --looking down bother ways on Pine FLat Lake --with 300' crest rising across saddle to North West
FSC0011489FSCRibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell36081954-2-20 FresnoAuberry Rd.; near the single out-of-range Juniper tree.
FSC0011500FSCRibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell26951953-7-10 FresnoAlong fisherman's trail, w. side Mono Crk. at extremely narrow Point in Crk. at head of long straight section of rapids about 5/8 m. above e. end Vermillion Val.
FSC0011505FSCRibes roezliiChas. H. Quibell3101951-7-20 FresnoRed Fir Forest, n. side Kaiser Ridge, 2 miles w.-n.w. Kaiser Pk. in deep canyon traversed by Huntington L. trail - broadened portion about 100' below large meadow (Kaiser topog wrong here).
DAV395116DAVRibes roezliiChester O. Stone730605--81973-6-05 TuolumneTuolumne Co.: 1 3/4 miles northwest of Penon Blanco Lookout, 1 1/2 miles west of State Highway 49, near Mariposa-Tuolumne county line.
RSA476248RSARibes roezliiChristopher Davidson47361976-9-16 KernW end of Cuddy Valley on road to Mt. Pinos summit.
RSA0024603RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumChristopher Davidson26851975-6-05 Siskiyou0.8 miles N of Scott Mountain Summit on Highway 3.
RSA476244RSARibes roezliiChristopher Davidson25571975-5-25 Los Angeles3.3 NE of Old Ridge Route (8N04) on rd 7N23 to Liebre Mtn., ca. 0.2 mi past Sandberg Pk.
RSA476249RSARibes roezliiChristopher Davidson28891975-6-28 KernPine Mountain Club, off road 9N0 N slope of Mt. Pinos. Up Zion Way, past water tank.
RSA0018262RSARibes roezliiChristopher Davidson56131977-5-18 OrangeCleveland National Forest; Santiago Peak (on Orange-Riverside Co. line)
HSC214682HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumChristopher Knopp561978-5-13 ShastaBasin Gulch Campground
DAV395107DAVRibes roezlii var. roezliiChuck Hughes1232009-7-7 El DoradoEl Dorado County: near Rubicon Trail crossing of Gerle Creek.
LOB106021LOBRibes roezliiCindy Galls.n.1972-4-29 RiversideStrawberry Crk. 6.5-9 W. Idyllwild Co. Park.
SBBG203116SBBGRibes roezliiClare B. Hardham74381961-6-16 PlumasDiamond Peak [Diamond Mountain]
SBBG203041SBBGRibes roezliiClare B. Hardham10431956-6-30 El DoradoGlen Alpine
RSA0016789RSARibes roezliiClare B. Hardham62001960-6-21 MontereyChews Ridge; Santa Lucia Mountains
RSA0018027RSARibes roezliiClare B. Hardham74381961-6-16 PlumasDiamond Peak.
HSC214655HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler10591979-5-24 MendocinoIntersection of Branscomb and Wilderness Rds., 3 W of Branscomb
HSC214656HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler34931983-6-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, off road 2 N02, near Tar Flat Forest Station
MCCC1638MCCCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler34931983-6-23 MendocinoOff Road 2 N02, ca. 200 yds. down grade from Flat Forest Station Road, Mendocino National Forest
UCSB003003UCSBRibes roezliiClarke, O.C670120-11967-1-20 San BernardinoRancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens; Claremont
CAS-BOT186219CASRibes roezliiClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-5-28 PlumasCrystal Lake
CAS-BOT198948CASRibes roezliiClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-9-9 AmadorSilver Lake
PUA7874PUARibes roezliiCliff Clue1972-10-08 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bennett Peak. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA25278PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Butler1979-7-17 TrinityLocal landmark: 'mad River. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA14978PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Ground1978-6-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Klamath River. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA15588PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Ground1978-7-12 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Crawford Creek Guard Station. Cecilville Quad.
PUA15827PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Ground1978-7-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: State Line. Canon Quad.
PUA15372PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Ground1978-7-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
PUA14878PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton & Ground1978-6-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Gunsight Peak. Fort Jones Quad.
PUA21747PUARibes roezliiClifton And Griswold1979-6-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mcneal Creek. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA20990PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-6-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA21806PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-6-27 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Shackleford Creek. Scott Bar Quad.
PUA25772PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-7-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sawtooth Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA28322PUARibes roezliiClifton And Griswold1979-8-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mill Creek Lakes. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA21832PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-6-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Upper Devils Peak. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA27889PUARibes roezliiClifton And Griswold1979-7-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Red Canon Mt Quad.
PUA28343PUARibes roezliiClifton And Griswold1979-8-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: North Trinity Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA26276PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-7-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA26242PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Griswold1979-7-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hemlock Lake. Bartle Quad.
PUA21458PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-5-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Klamath River. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA21622PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-5-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott River. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA19175PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-6-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA19328PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-6-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Shanty Creek. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA19079PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-6-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Hettenshaw Valley. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA18032PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumClifton And Overton1979-5-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge Lookout. Gasquet Quad.
OBI112706OBIRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60561959-6-10 Santa BarbaraAlong Big Pine rd to Santa Barbara Potrero, above chokecherry Cyn, San Rafael Mts
SBBG203010SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith92001966-5-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest rd in upper Cherry Crk Cyn
SBBG203015SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith70351962-6-15 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; W of Madulce, overlooking Cuyama Valley
SBBG203020SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith63951961-5-27 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: N slope W of Mission Pine Mtn
SBBG203018SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith63911961-5-27 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near McKinley Mtn, E of Cachuma Saddle
SBBG203045SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60321959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Big Pine Mtn
SBBG203047SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60311959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Big Pine Mtn
SBBG203011SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith100131968-6-12 Santa Barbarahead of Bates Cyn near ridge rd
SBBG203017SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith63881961-5-27 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: bank of rd to Mission Pine, several mi E of Cachuma Mtn
SBBG203043SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith84631964-6-04 Santa BarbaraBates Cyn Rd
SBBG203049SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60471959-6-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; E of W Big Pine Mtn Lookout
SBBG203048SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith105451973-5-02 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Forest Service Rd to McKinley Mtn, ca. 5 mi from Cachuma Saddle
SBBG203016SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith47461956-6-16 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Big Pine Mtn at summit of rd from Bluff Cmpgrd
SBBG203111SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith87921965-6-15 VenturaPine Mtn ridge, off Hwy 399
SBBG203044SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith47451956-6-16 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: upper Chokecherry Cyn, from Big Pine Mtn to Santa Barbara Potrero
SBBG203021SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60561959-6-10 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: Big Pine Rd to Santa Barbara Potrero, above Chokecherry Cyn
SBBG203046SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith47781956-6-17 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Big Pine Mtn
SBBG203019SBBGRibes roezliiClifton F. Smith60301959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Big Pine Mtn
DAV395132DAVRibes roezliiCollector unknowns.n.1925-5-28 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 40 mi. east of Placerville.
DAV395131DAVRibes roezliiCollector unknown16761925-6-15 El DoradoKyburz.
SDSU05946SDSURibes roezliiCollier, Gerald32491951-4-25 MariposaNear mirror lake, 37 miles North of Yosemite Nat. Park
CAS-BOT186292CASRibes roezliiCooke, Wm. Bridge115161938-8-19 SiskiyouLower Bear Spring
CAS-BOT198952CASRibes roezliiCopeland, E. B.6481931-5-9 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT198953CASRibes roezliiCopeland, E. B.6481931-5-9 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT198954CASRibes roezliiCopeland, E. B.6481931-5-9 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT198956CASRibes roezliiCopeland, H. F.12371929-6-11 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT198957CASRibes roezliiCopeland, H. F.12371929-6-11 ButteJonesville
SHTC2599SHTCRibes roezliiCordrey, Kenneth1964-4-30 TuolumneFound at Miwuk
CAS-BOT198974CASRibes roezliiCovel, Paul F.5191936-8-16 El DoradoEcho Lake - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT212499CASRibes roezliiCovel, Paul F.13781938-7-3 TuolumneBelle Meadow Road above Pinecrest, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT200564CASRibes roezliiCoville, F. V.1801925-4-19 KernOld Fort Tejon
CAS-BOT186096CASRibes roezliiCoville, F. V.; Bacigalupi, R.1331923-4-12 MontereySummit of road between Jamesburg and Tassajara Hot Springs
CAS-BOT200563CASRibes roezliiCoville, F. V.; Bacigalupi, R.1801925-4-19 KernOld Fort Tejon
CAS-BOT186078CASRibes roezliiCoville, Frederick V.2421925-5-2 MontereyA quarter mile north of the summit of the Carmel-Tassajara Springs road
CAS-BOT186087CASRibes roezliiCoville, Frederick V.2421925-5-2 MontereyA quarter mile north of the summit of the Carmel-Tassajara Springs road
CAS-BOT209299CASRibes roezliiCoville, Frederick V.1941925-4-22 TulareBetween Slapjack Canyon and Redwood Canyon, Visalia-Mineral King road
CAS-BOT209287CASRibes roezliiCulbertson42771904-1-1 Tulare
UC1127577UCJEPSRibes roezliiD. Axelrod41934-6-04 PlumasAmerican House Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quadrangle
HSC214712HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumD. Boyd631980-5-03 TrinityAlong road to Dubakella Mtn. from Hwy. 36
JEPS123135UCJEPSRibes roezliiD. Burge, J. Nelson, Jepson Herbarium workshop participantsJHWS-1102015-6-27 TrinityScorpion Lake
LOB106023LOBRibes roezliiD. Burke671972-3-29 RiversideStrawberry Creek.
RSA0024755RSARibes roezliiD. Charlton37541989-7-22 KernSierra Nevada Mountains: Sequoia National Forest, Breckenridge Campground, Breckenridge Mountain, SW of Lake Isabella.
RSA505023RSARibes roezliiD. Charlton19101988-5-21 RiversideThomas Mtn Rd, W of Garner Valley and S of Lake Hemet on Hwy 74.[note: labels I′ve seen have both localities (A & B) and don′t distinguish elevation or vegetation -SDW 2004]
RSA0016785RSARibes roezliiD. D. Keck1501925-6-25 Mariposa1 mile east of top of Yosemite Falls. Yosemite National Park.
RSA0018218RSARibes roezliiD. D. Keck52641941-5-03 TuolumneHog Ranch, Mather.
RSA0024753RSARibes roezliiD. E. Anderson55941972-6-14 HumboldtMount Lassic and 2 smaller peaks to immediate east.
SD131074SDRibes roezliiD. E. Breedlove664031987-6-08 AlpineEast side of Ebbetts Pass.
BLMRD0820BLMRDRibes roezliiD. Heinze1970-4-1 Butte
CHSC90878CHSCRibes roezliiD. Isle2142003-6-24 ColusaMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Little Stony Creek Watershed. UTM's: 10S 0523825E 4346 N. T16N R0 W S02 SW1/4 of NE1/4
OBI149164OBIRibes roezliiD. J. Norman4011969-6-24 El DoradoAbove Fallen Leaf Lake, growing in moist meadow in Yellow Pine For., above S. shore of lake.
CHSC81519CHSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiD. Tellefson2000-4-18 ButteParadise Lake, north of Paradise. T2 N R04E S
POM312686RSARibes roezliiD. W. Taylor751955-5-21 KernNear Tiger Flat Camp, Greenhorn, Kern River.
SBBG203030SBBGRibes roezlii var. roezliiD. Wilken w/ E. Painter179182010-8-4 Maderanear jct of Pacific Crest Trail and trail to Mammoth Pass, just S of Reds Meadow
SBBG203012SBBGRibes roezliiD. Wilken w/ E. Painter, G. Wilken159562002-6-29 Tularenear head of un-named cyn, Silver City
HSC214716HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumD.E. Anderson22031962-5-01 Humboldt1 W of Hoopa
HSC214637HSCRibes roezliiD.E. Anderson55941972-6-14 HumboldtMt. Lassic and two smaller peaks to immediate E
HSC214774HSCRibes roezliiD.K. Impersn1987-6-1 Siskiyou8 mi. E of town of Mt. Shasta
HSC214650HSCRibes roezliiD.L. Goforth1421979-5-28 TrinityTrinity Alps Wild Area, N bank of Swift Creek.
PUA64784PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumD.V. Hemphill1972-5-28 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA4814PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumD.V. Hemphill1970-8-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Devils Punchbowl. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA31570PUARibes roezliiD.V. Hemphill1978-8-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Red Rock Valley. Scott Bar Quad.
PUA9575PUARibes roezliiD.V. Hemphill1977-7-07 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Ridge. Plaskett Ridge Quad.
PUA6153PUARibes roezliiDan Wyrick1975-4-27 PlacerLocal landmark: Cape Horn. Colfax Quad.
RSA602253RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiDana York4941996-4-05 Fresno87 km east of Fresno, Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, 1080 meters north of Boyden Canon the north side of Kings River Canon.
JEPS119146UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiDana York18591997-6-14 FresnoCa. 59 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sierra National Forest, 13 W-NW of Balch Powerhouse.
SD43645SDRibes roezliiDarley F. Howe19001948-5-22 Placer
OBI112704OBIRibes roezliiDavid Charlton19101988-5-21 RiversideThomas Mtn rd, from N to S. W of Garner Valley and S of Lake Hemet on hwy 74
SD143853SDRibes roezliiDavid Charlton37541989-7-22 KernSierra Nevada Mountains; Sequoia National Forest, Breckenridge Campground, southwest of Lake Isabella.
UCR0049436UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid Charlton37541989-7-22 Kernsummit of Breckenridge Mountain
UC1071825UCJEPSRibes roezliiDavid D. Keck, J. Clausen52641941-5-03 TuolumneHog Ranch Mather
OBI112718OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil121771977-3-30 Kernalong caliente-Bodfish rd, 4.6 mi S of N jctn with Walker Basin rd
OBI112712OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil137381980-3-28 Los AngelesLower Shake campground near Lake Hughes
OBI112717OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil161221982-5-30 TulareT14S, R29E, sect 29. Ca. 2 mi S of General's hwy along logging road NW of Stony Creek campground in Sequoia Natl Forest.
OBI112714OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil161681982-6-03 Kernalong road to Mt Pinos
OBI112715OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil170211983-5-19 KernAlong Hwy 155, ca. 7 mi E of Glenville
OBI112713OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil174281983-7-30 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts. Mount Baldy Ski area above first ski lift
OBI112709OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil183991984-8-17 TulareQuaking Aspen campground, Sequoia Natl Forest. East of Porterville in the sierra Nevada
OBI112703OBIRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid J. Keil30302-13D2004-5-9 KernSierra Nevada. Sequoia Natioinal Forest. Highway 155, large roadside pullout just west of (above) Cedar Creek campground
OBI112701OBIRibes roezliiDavid J. Keil195291986-5-23 TulareSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Vicinity of Quaking Aspen campgound.
RSA755129RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid J. Keil30302-13A2004-5-9 KernSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Highway 155, large roadside pullout just west of (above) Cedar Creek campground.
UCR0049452UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid J. Keil137381980-3-28 Los AngelesLower Shake campground near Lake Hughes
HSC214778HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid J. Keil302962004-5-7 KernEastern slopes of Sierra Nevada; Chimney Peak Road north of Highway 178.
OBI112699OBIRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid Keil302962004-5-7 KernEastern slopes of Sierra Nevada. Chimney Peak Road north of Highway 178.
SD245386SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid Keil3030213C2004-5-9 KernSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Highway 155, large roadside pullout just west of (above) Cedar Creek campground.
SD249221SDRibes roezliiDavid Keil195291986-5-23 TulareSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest, vicinity of Quaking Aspen campground.
UC1928047UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiDavid Keil30302-13B2004-5-9 KernSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Highway 155, large roadside pullout just west of (above) Cedar Creek campground
OBI161169OBIRibes roezliiDavid Keil18848 Tularevicinity of Stony Creek Campground; circa 0.3 miles north of Stony Creek Village and west along dirt road; 36.6647 -118.833
SBBG203112SBBGRibes roezliiDavid Keil, M. McLeod121771977-3-30 KernCaliente-Bodfish Rd, 4.6 mi S of N of jct with Walker Basin Rd
CAS-BOT186270CASRibes roezliiDayton, W. A.3711913-7-1 ShastaShasta National Forest, Near Swift Creek
OBI112708OBIRibes roezliiDeanna L.B. Montgomery421986-8-02 TulareMountain Home State Forest, ca. 22 NE of Springville on jctn 9
CAS-BOT186127CASRibes roezliiDearing, H.; Dearing, M.5881936-5-16 KernPiute Mountains
IRVC112138IRVCRibes roezliiDebbie Frees1965-3-13 OrangeSilverado Canon
SDSU12583SDSURibes roezlii var. roezliiDellavalle, Mary1996-4-06 FresnoSierra National Forrest. Bliue canyon. East of Big Creek Road. South of Duff Creek.
SDSU12545SDSURibes roezlii var. roezliiDellavalle, Mary6IV96K1996-4-06 FresnoSierra National Forrest. Blue Canon. East of Big Creek. East of Big Creek Road. South of Duff Creek
SBBG203067SBBGRibes roezlii var. roezliiDenise Knapp2018-5082018-6-28 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Road to Madulce Trailhead. [ca. 2 air km NW of Madulce Peak]
SBBG203024SBBGRibes roezlii var. roezliiDenise Knapp2018-3602018-6-19 Santa BarbaraCamuesa Road heading back from Alamar Camp.
PUA10947PUARibes roezliiDennis E. Anderson1972-6-14 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mt. Lassic. Blocksburg Quad.
UCSB002999UCSBRibes roezliiDennis E. Breedlove35711962-6-14 Alpine2 miles north of Markleeville; on State Highway 89; Sierra Nevada
UCSB003000UCSBRibes roezliiDennis E. Breedlove36511962-6-14 Amadoralong State Highway 88; 18.9 miles east of Pine Grove; Sierra Nevada
UCSB003007UCSBRibes roezliiDennis E. Breedlove34621962-6-12 Plumason bank of Jackson Creek; in upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River; 1 mile southeast of Cromberg; Sierra Nevada
PUA51578PUARibes roezliiDennis Kearns1981-7-08 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bluff Creek. Lonesome Ridge Quad.
RSA651709RSARibes roezliiDiane M. Ramirez251983-5-01 RiversideMellor Ranch Road, 4 mi S of junction with CA Hwy 243, S of Banning. Near Peach Tree Spring stream at Oak Flat.
SD214384SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiDick Schwenkmeyer4842009-6-18 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park, Fry Creek campground, 2.7 mi. north of the summit of the south Palomar grade, E of Canfield Road
SD229188SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiDick Schwenkmeyer6912012-4-17 RiversideMt. San Jacinto: Vista Grande, 2 miles south of U.S. Forestry station on Highway 243 north of Idyllwild
LOB106027LOBRibes roezliiDick Zembals.n.1972-4-29 RiversideStrawberry Crk, 6.5-9 W. Idyllwild Co Park.
UCSB003009UCSBRibes roezliiDieter H. Wilken14291967-6-03 San BernardinoRound Meadow; about 1 mile west of Jenks Lake; San Bernardino Mtns
HSC214748HSCRibes roezliiDillon North Davis112013-6-3 Plumas10.6 miles north on Rush Creek Road from intersection with Highway70, ~ 200 m. west of road.
FSC0011478FSCRibes roezliiDoig; McRae32491959-5-20 FresnoHighway 65; Fresno-Tulare boundary
ARF0234BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumDonald Hazlett2341994-6-07 Humboldtnear horse Mt. Ridge rd
ARF0534BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumDonald Hazlett5341996-4-05 Trinity
SBBG203109SBBGRibes roezliiDonald Myrick18691968-4-30 KernRankin Ranch, rd up to Breckenridge Mtn
CHSC59323CHSCRibes roezliiDonald P. Gaskill31992-2-28 TehamaLocation on open rock face exp sw of Thomes Creek Rd 7 mi west of Paskenta.
SD241833SDRibes roezliiDoris (Hoover) Bowers22111974-4-10 ?  TulareGreenhorn Pass above Glennville, Tehapachi Mountains [Greenhorn Mtns]
RSA0018057RSARibes roezliiDoris Bowers22111974-4-10 KernGreenhorn Pass above Glennville, Tehapachi [Tehachapi] Mts. - Tulare Co.? [probably not Tulare - Greenhorn Pass is in Kern Co.]
RSA788178RSARibes roezliiDoris Bowers3331957-2-03 Los AngelesDalton Canon above Glendora
RSA788181RSARibes roezliiDoris Bowers22111974-4-10 KernGreenhorn Pass above Glennville, Tehapachi [Tehachapi] Mts. - Tulare Co.? [probably not Tulare - Greenhorn Pass is in Kern Co.]
RSA34289RSARibes roezlii var. amictumDoris K. Kildales.n.1927-6-24 MendocinoSummit of Coolidge, Fort Bragg Road
HSC214755HSCRibes roezliiDoris K. Kildale22321926-6-27 HumboldtLittle Van Duzen River, at bridge on Bridgeville-Red Bluff Rd.
RSA0024754RSARibes roezliiDoris Kildale Gillespie152581937-8-12 HumboldtSouth Fork Mountain.
UC1333311UCJEPSRibes roezliiDorothy Parker3161949-6-11 TrinityTangle Blue Creek
UC1181812UCJEPSRibes roezliiDorothy Parker4041950-4-23 Siskiyounear Etna Creek; Siskiyou Mountains, Salmon Mountain Range
UC1034606UCJEPSRibes roezliiDouglas Barbe441955-6-29 Siskiyou2.1 mi e Canon Trinity Center Rd. about 600' beyond the bridge); Klamath Mountains
UC79740UCJEPSRibes roezliiDr. F. Franceschi1894-1-01 Santa Barbaramountains e Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT186273CASRibes roezliiDrew, E. R.s.n.1916-6-1 ShastaSquaw Creek Ranger Station
CAS-BOT198967CASRibes roezliiDudley, Chesters.n.1940-6-1 ButteNear Magalia.
CAS-BOT186095CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1911-6-10 MontereyTassajara Road, Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT186103CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-6-13 NevadaBy North Bloomfield Ditch, above Star Mine
CAS-BOT186104CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-14 NevadaDonner Lake
CAS-BOT186187CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-6-11 MariposaSentinel Dome, Yosemite Valley
CAS-BOT186189CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-6-12 MariposaNear Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley
CAS-BOT186195CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-6-15 MariposaMariposa Big Trees, between Upper and Lower Groves
CAS-BOT186203CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-6-11 PlacerAlong railroad west of Truckee
CAS-BOT186274CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-8-17 ShastaDivide west of Burney Valley
CAS-BOT186287CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-8-22 SiskiyouAbove Callahans
CAS-BOT186299CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-8-24 TrinityRush Creek, Salmon Mts.
CAS-BOT186300CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-8-25 TrinityAbove Carter Meadows, from Jackson Lake to Rush Creek, Salmon Mts.
CAS-BOT200575CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.4311895-6-27 KernBelow Bisses Station, Tehachapi Mountains
CAS-BOT209292CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-4-6 TulareDillon's Forest
CAS-BOT209301CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-7-11 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada. Farewell Gap Trail, Sheep Corral Meadow
CAS-BOT209316CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-28 TulareBoord [Board] Camp Creek
CAS-BOT209317CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-19 TulareNear Redwood Cabin, South Kaweah
CAS-BOT186166CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.44261896-6-9 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains
CAS-BOT212508CASRibes roezliiDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.45541896-6-16 VenturaCajon de las Uvas, above Ft. Tejon, Frazier Mountain, Mt. Pinos Region
SD118440SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiDuffie Clemons11211985-5-20 San DiegoLos Coyotes Indian Res. Few seen in oak-pine woodland
RSA0120016RSARibes roezliiDuncan S. Bell100202016-7-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness area; northwestern slopes of Ten Thousand Foot Ridge, approximately 1 air mile southwest of Fish Creek Meadows.; San Gorgonio Mountain
RSA0021016RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiDuncan S. Bell53632013-7-11 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSheep Mountain Wilderness; northeastern flanks of Mount Baden-Powell; collecting on a trail above Vincent Gulch.; Mount San Antonio
RSA0121328RSARibes roezliiDuncan S. Bell94622016-4-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCollecting in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, in the South Fork of the Whitewater River, approximately 3.25 air miles west southwest of Wathiers Landing.; San Gorgonio Mountain
RSA0124834RSARibes roezliiDuncan S. Bell99892016-7-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness area; collecting at High Meadow Springs in the upper watershed of Mill Creek, approximately 0.75 air mile west northwest of Dollar Lake.; San Gorgonio Mountain
RSA802095RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiDuncan S. Bell49842013-6-5 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestIn Strawberry Creek below Strawberry Valley approximately 2.25 air miles southwest of Idyllwild.; Idyllwild Quad.
PUA38831PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumDwain Goforth1980-4-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon River. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA38887PUARibes roezliiDwain Goforth1980-4-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Tripp Creek. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA38907PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumDwain Goforth1980-4-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon River. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA38929PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumDwain Goforth1980-4-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: 'salmon River. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA38968PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumDwain Goforth1980-4-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mckinney Creek. Condrey Mt Quad.
SD2135SDRibes roezliiE. B. Copelands.n.1931-5-09 ButteJonesville
RSA0024709RSARibes roezliiE. B. Copeland6481931-5-09 ButteJonesville.
CHSC11904CHSCRibes roezliiE. B. Copeland6481931-5-09 ButteJonesville.
UC478510UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. B. Copeland6481931-5-09 ButteJonesville
UC600616UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. B. Copeland1930-7-01 ButteJonesville
UC436295UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. B. Copeland1930-7-01 ButteJonesville
SD40385SDRibes roezliiE. B. Higginss.n.1946-6-08 San DiegoVolcan Mt.
SD40463SDRibes roezliiE. B. Higginss.n.1946-8-10 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
RSA43783RSARibes roezliiE. B. Higginss.n.1949-6-17 San DiegoPalomar Mt.
RSA0036236RSARibes roezliiE. B. Higginss.n.1946-6-08 San DiegoVolcan Mt.
POM13059RSARibes roezliiE. C. Jaegers.n.1921-6-1 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Tacquitz
RSA187069RSARibes roezliiE. C. Twisselmann122611966-5-20 KernWest side of the summit of Tweedy Canon (Mtns E of Keene).
RSA584793RSARibes roezliiE. C. Twisselmann92641964-4-25 KernHowling Gulch, 3 miles SE of Woody
RSA476241RSARibes roezliiE. Crow1471929-1-13 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
RSA476240RSARibes roezliiE. Crow147a1929-2-17 Los AngelesFoothills NE of Glendora.
RSA0024713RSARibes roezliiE. E. Stanford4261927-5-21 CalaverasNear San Antonio Creek.
DAV395063DAVRibes roezliiE. H. Hydes.n.1938-6-03 MariposaMariposa County: Yosemite Valley.
SBBG203118SBBGRibes roezliiE. J. McBerty311961-5-07 Nevadaca. 3 NE of N Bloomfield
SFV107710SFVRibes roezliiE. J. McBerty311961-5-07 NevadaSierra Nevada; About 3 miles northeast of North Bloomfield.
RSA0018028RSARibes roezliiE. K. Balls157751950-9-09 PlumasLakes Center Public Campground, Southern Plumas County.
RSA22821RSARibes roezliiE. K. Balls193601954-5-19 San BernardinoAlong Mountain Home Creek, 6.8 mi. n. of jct. with Mill Creek, San Bernardino Mts
RSA0018223RSARibes roezliiE. K. Balls221961956-10-17 VenturaMt. Pinos, above Iris Point.
RSA0018046RSARibes roezliiE. K. Balls172301952-5-13 TrinityRipstein Canon Creek, north of Junction City.
RSA50328RSARibes roezliiE. K. Balls13481949-5-04 Riverside0.5 mile south of Vista Grande Ranger Station, San Jacinto Mts.
CSLA003789CSLARibes roezliiE. L. Peterson2601929-6-30 San BernardinoS. slope of mtn. above Dobb's Cabin Trail, San Bernardino Mts.
SBBG203071SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley29111959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: N slope, Big Pine Mtn near Big Pine Forest Camp
SBBG203053SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley29041959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: W edge of forest, W Big Pine Mtn
SBBG203050SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley60191963-6-09 Venturastart of Reyes Peak Trail from the rd
SBBG203055SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley44671961-6-12 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: NW side of San Rafael Mtn
SBBG203001SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley60491963-6-1 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Madulce Lookout Trail from Big Pine Rd
SBBG203057SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley45411961-6-30 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Bear Camp at head of Sisquoc River
SBBG203056SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley45251961-6-29 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: W Big Pine Mtn
SBBG203052SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley45831961-7-18 FresnoCamp 7, 10 mi E of Hume Lake
SBBG203051SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley60581963-6-28 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Madulce Lookout Trail from Big Pine Rd
SBBG203072SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley44681961-6-12 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: NW side of San Rafael Mtn
SBBG203054SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley46051961-8-18 Fresnospring on Millwood Rd just below Cherry Gap
RSA0018225RSARibes roezliiE. R. Blakley60191963-6-09 VenturaStart of Reyes Peak Trail from the road.
JEPS27398UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiE. R. Blakley29041959-6-09 Santa BarbaraWest Big Pine Mountain San Rafael Mountains
JEPS33049UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley45831961-7-18 Fresno10 mi e Hume Lake (Camp #7)
JEPS32981UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley40491961-4-16 Santa Barbarajunction of Zaca Ridge Road and Cat Way Road; San Rafael Mts.
JEPS32843UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. R. Blakley60191963-6-09 Venturastart from road Reyes Peak Trail; Reyes Peak
JEPS27399UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiE. R. Blakley44671961-6-12 Santa Barbaranw slope San Rafael Mountains
JEPS27402UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiE. R. Blakley44681961-6-12 Santa Barbaranw slope San Rafael Mountains
JEPS32832UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiE. R. Blakley60491963-6-28 Santa BarbaraMadulce Lookout Trail from Big Pine Road; Sierra Madre Mountains
SBBG203004SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Chandler24591965-6-15 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; below Reyes Peak
SBBG203003SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Chandler35911967-6-23 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Cherry Crk Cyn
SBBG203036SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Chandler19921964-6-04 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: N slope adjacent to rd near the head of Bates Cyn
SBBG203014SBBGRibes roezliiE. R. Chandler8361962-6-08 Kernnear the top of Mt Abel [Cerro Noroeste ]
RSA1181RSARibes roezliiE. R. Johnson13551929-7-12 San Diego1 mile south of Inspiration Point, Cuyamaca Lake.
RSA1348RSARibes roezliiE. R. Johnson12971929-4-17 San Diegomile north of Inspiration Point, Cuyamaca Lake.
FSC0011501FSCRibes roezliiE. R.; B. L.1935-6-09 MaderaGrowing in the lad cut over by the lumber-men about two miles south-east of Sivel Mountain north of Bass Lake
FSC0011504FSCRibes roezliiE. R.; B. L.1935-6-09 Maderaabout 2 miles south east of Sivel Mountain north of Bass Lake.
RSA0018270RSARibes roezliiE. Sawyer421935-5-27 Plumas3 miles NNW of Kerby.; Sierraville
UC567236UCJEPSRibes roezliiE. Sawyer421935-5-27 Plumas3 mi nnw Kirby; Sierraville Quadrangle
LA00610647LARibes roezliiE.B. Copelands.n.1931-5-09 ButteHigh Canonesville
CAS-BOT186076CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice153091928-6-7 MendocinoBuck Rock Ridge. Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT186150CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice18741912-8-22 LassenMorgans [Morgan] Springs, Lassen Butte Region
CAS-BOT186198CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice1971909-1-1 PlacerSunnyside, Lake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT186202CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice9511906-7-24 PlacerCamp Agassiz, Glen Alpine Region. Near Fallen Leaf Lake (Tahoe area)
CAS-BOT186210CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice111191922-4-6 Placer3 miles above Colfax near the road
CAS-BOT186227CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice146161927-6-15 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve. On trail to Long Valley
CAS-BOT186259CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice92321919-6-28 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
CAS-BOT186282CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice67681918-4-6 SierraDownieville
CAS-BOT186289CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice110081921-7-30 SiskiyouSoda Creek
CAS-BOT198869CASRibes roezlii var. amictumEastwood, Alice188981939-3-19 HumboldtBolling Grove
CAS-BOT198872CASRibes roezlii var. amictumEastwood, Alice67001917-9-2 ShastaShasta Springs
CAS-BOT198981CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice111271922-4-8 El DoradoKelsey
CAS-BOT198982CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice141901927-3-27 El DoradoOn road form Georgetown to Kelsey.
CAS-BOT198983CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice111281922-4-8 El DoradoKelsey
CAS-BOT198984CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice141801927-3-26 El DoradoOn road from Coloma to Georgetown.
CAS-BOT209277CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice67961918-4-7 YubaCamptonville
CAS-BOT209325CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice1601907-8-8 TuolumneYosemite National Park. Tioga road to Aspen Valley
CAS-BOT186172CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53911938-5-4 MaderaNear Oakhurst
CAS-BOT186174CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53971938-5-4 MaderaBetween Oakhurst and Bass Lake
CAS-BOT186301CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas49041937-6-25 TrinityTrinity Alps Resort
CAS-BOT198942CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas97091941-7-9 TehamaLog Spring Ridge between Log Spring and Government Flat
CAS-BOT198943CASRibes roezliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas85731940-6-18 AlpineEbbetts Pass
HSC214659HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumEd Cope601977-5-07 TrinityBlue Point on Blue Point Ridge
HSC214652HSCRibes roezliiEd Cope5291977-7-1 TrinitySouth of trail to Granite Lake.
RSA0155844RSARibes roezliiEdward F. Anderson18291962-4-28 TulareBear Creek. 5 mi. E of turn-off.
RSA0160839RSARibes roezliiEdward F. Anderson23411925-6-20 MariposaYosemite. [Yosemite Valley and lower elevation foothills of the Sierras. - L. Gross 1/9/19]
SD8358SDRibes roezliiEdward Palmers.n.1875-7-01 San DiegoTalley's Cuyamaca
JEPS43786UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumEdward Roberts161964-3-25 Mendocino1/4 mi s Philo; Indian Creek
UCSB003019UCSBRibes roezliiEisenman, A.721961-3-29 KernTweedy Canon Creek; 4.5 mi east of Keene; Tehachapi Mtns
DAV395054DAVRibes roezliiEllen Dean28312006-3-30 PlacerPlacer County: Along Secret Town Rd., near railroad overpass trestle, NW of Interstate-80.
DAV395051DAVRibes roezliiEllen Dean50112008-5-31 ColusaColusa County: west of I-5 at Maxwell, between Cedar grove campground and the summit, along Goat Mountain Road.
DAV395105DAVRibes roezlii var. roezliiEllen Dean74042012-6-24 ShastaShasta County: Along Hwy 44, ca. 10 miles E of Shingletown. North and south sides of road.
DAV395050DAVRibes roezliiEllen Dean88112015-5-31 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of LakeTahoe basin. Sugar Pine Point State Park. Along South Fire Road on S side of road, between two bridges that cross General Creek.
DAV395101DAVRibes roezlii var. roezliiEllen Dean90212016-6-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. D.L. Bliss State Park. Along fire road near park residences on western side of Highway 89.
DAV395049DAVRibes roezliiEllen Dean95622018-5-11 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along path to water towers from Vikingsholm trail.
DAV351326DAVRibes roezliiEllen Dean100792019-6-21 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Antone Meadow area. Northeast of meadow along undeveloped road between bridge and bike path.
RSA0024717RSARibes roezliiEllsworth Bethels.n.1920-6-05 UnknownLake Tahoe. [Placer or El Dorado Co.]
RSA0018253RSARibes roezliiEllsworth Bethels.n.1920-6-06 NevadaTruckee.
CAS-BOT186157CASRibes roezliiElmer, A. D. E.36041902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
CAS-BOT186162CASRibes roezliiElmer, A. D. E.42491902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
CAS-BOT212509CASRibes roezliiElmer, A. D. E.38111902-6-1 VenturaGriffins, Mt. Pinos
HSC214718HSCRibes roezliiElrid H. Spinas431948-5-22 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
CAS-BOT186181CASRibes roezliiEmmel, J. F.2391970-3-29 MariposaCa. 1 mile ESE of Jerseydale, Skelton Creek
CAS-BOT186209CASRibes roezliiEmmel, J. F.961968-7-25 PlacerNear Lake Mary, Donner Pass
CAS-BOT209304CASRibes roezliiEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1935-7-5 TulareSequoia Nat'l Park
CAS-BOT200562CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Anderson, Harveys.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
CAS-BOT200572CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Anderson, Harveys.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
CAS-BOT186158CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Dunn, Nesta; Goen, Alices.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Big Pines Camp
CAS-BOT186164CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Dunn, Nesta; Goen, Alices.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Big Pines Camp
CAS-BOT212510CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Wheeler, Louis18041933-6-3 VenturaChuchupate Camp, west side Frazier Mt.
CAS-BOT212511CASRibes roezliiEpling, Carl; Wheeler, Louis18041933-6-3 VenturaChuchupate Camp, west side Frazier Mt.
SBBG203110SBBGRibes roezliiErnest C. Twisselmann92641964-4-25 KernHowling Gulch, ca. 3 mi SE of Woody
RSA0082527RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiErnest C. Twisselmann105721965-4-21 KernTejon Canon.
UCR0049505UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiErnest C. Twisselmann142951968-6-01 TulareMineral King: 1.4 mi above Silver City
HSC214747HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumEugene Andreuccetti391964-5-02 Humboldt5 mi. from Willow Creek on Hwy. 299
CAS-BOT186246CASRibes roezliiEwan, J.27111930-6-19 San BernardinoLower end of Bluff Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
CDA0025569CDARibes roezliiF. D. Horn1977-4-21 SiskiyouVan Horn Creek, McAdams Creek Road, Fort Jones.
SCFS5087SCFSRibes roezliiF. Felix282013-5-19 PlacerNorth Fork American River, Serena Creek Junction with North Fork American River
SCFS1381SCFSRibes roezliiF. Felix2021-8-2 NevadaBelow Tower 3 road crossing of Cordwood Creek
SBBG203006SBBGRibes roezliiF. Long1940-4-14 Tulareabove Springville
RSA0018030RSARibes roezliiF. R. FosbergS-49731931-6-07 Santa BarbaraNojoqui Falls.
RSA476237RSARibes roezliiF. R. FosbergS55641971-8-12 Los AngelesBuckhorn trail, NW ridge Mt. Islip.
RSA476236RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiF. R. FosbergS54551971-8-11 Los AngelesIslip trail, Islip-Hawkins divide, s slope Mt. Hawkins.
UC11484UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumF. T. Bioletti1894-1-01 Sonomanear Hood's Peak
CHSC21098CHSCRibes roezliiF. T. Griggs741975-7-03 PlumasN. of Grizzly Forebay. Buck's Lake Forest Service Survey. T2 N R06E S34
CHSC21109CHSCRibes roezliiF. T. Griggs231975-7-01 PlumasEast of Grizzly Peak. Buck's Lake Forest Service Survey. T2 N R07E S05
UC566239UCJEPSRibes roezliiF. W. Embree711934-6-06 Plumass slope Bucks Mountain; Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
UC1127524UCJEPSRibes roezliiF. W. Embree1751934-8-15 Alpine1.5 mi e Junction of Mokelumne River and Pacific Creek; Stanislaus National Forest, Markleeville Quadrangle
UC1127578UCJEPSRibes roezliiF. W. Embree711934-6-06 Plumass slope Bucks Mtn.; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
RSA84975RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiF. W. Peirson701919-6-06 San BernardinoWest Fork of San Antonio Creek, San Gabriel Mts
RSA84940RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiF. W. Peirson28091920-9-14 San BernardinoColdwater Cienega, Lytle Creek.
RSA0024723RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson62301925-7-03 El DoradoGlen Alpine Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
RSA0024764RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson107001933-7-09 KernPower line clearing at summit of Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA0018034RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson101601932-7-14 ShastaEiler Butte, Thousand-Lake Basin.
RSA0024758RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson88641930-5-14 KernOn road from Kernville to Glenville, east slope of Greenhorn Range.
RSA84973RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson6901919-6-14 Los Angelesnear top of Big Rock Creek
RSA0018257RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson34971923-5-06 OrangeOn trail from Trabuco Canon to Santiago Peak, Santa Ana Mountains.
RSA84974RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson59481925-5-17 San DiegoUpper portion of trail to Vallecito Canon, Laguna Mountains.
RSA84942RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson67151926-5-01 San DiegoSour Dough Spring, east trail from Palomar Mt. to Oak Grove.
RSA84950RSARibes roezliiF. W. Peirson44361921-6-18 Los AngelesWindy Camp, Mt Islip, San Gabriel Mountains.
PASA2849PASARibes roezliiF.W. PeirsonY461921-7-01 Mariposaabove Lake Merced
CAS-BOT209303CASRibes roezliiFarley, James251929-7-10 TulareSequoia National Forest. Mineral King
CAS-BOT209297CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.121621950-3-28 TulareJust above Road's [Roads] End Post Office
CAS-BOT212504CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.16351919-4-11 TuolumneBear Creek
CAS-BOT212505CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.16351919-4-11 TuolumneBear Creek
CAS-BOT209351CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.76101919-4-11 TuolumneTable Mountain on Rawhide - Peoria Pass
CAS-BOT209354CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.15731919-4-11 TuolumneButcher's Gulch near Morman Creek
CAS-BOT209356CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.15731919-4-11 TuolumneButchers Gulch near Morman Creek
CAS-BOT209357CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.16101919-4-11 TuolumneTable Mountain on Rawhide-Peoria Pass Road
CAS-BOT209286CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R.125241952-6-9 TulareJohnsondale-California Hot Springs Road along South Creek about 6 miles west of Johnsondale, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT186275CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura104441941-8-10 ShastaBridge Public Camp, near Hat Creek Post Office, Lassen National Forest along State Highway #89
CAS-BOT209288CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura112311946-8-24 TulareSawtooth Pass Trail, meadow below Monarch Lakes. Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT209319CASRibes roezliiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura112311946-8-24 TulareSawtooth Pass Trail, meadow below Monarch Lakes. Sequoia National Forest
RSA0024731RSARibes roezliiFlorence J. Youngberg1901936-8-10 FresnoUpper Paradise Valley, South Fork of Kings River.
JEPS49172UCJEPSRibes roezliiFrancis Ramaley112671917-5-20 El DoradoKyburz
RSA0024574RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumFrank A. Grahams.n.1925-2-20 UnknownTrinity River near the South Fork. [County not listed, either Humboldt or Trinity]
UCR0049438UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiFrank C. Vaseks.n.1988-8-03 KernSouthern Sequoia National Forest, Piute Mountains, road junction east of Piute Peak
UCR0049440UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiFrank C. Vaseks.n.1988-8-03 KernSouthern Sequoia National Forest, Paiute Mountains, Piute Spring
SD11982SDRibes roezliiFrank F. Gander228-131935-7-10 San DiegoNear top of grade southeast slope of Palomar Mt
SD15369SDRibes roezliiFrank F. Gander19471936-5-14 San DiegoDoane Valley, Palomar Mountain.
SD16212SDRibes roezliiFrank F. Gander27771936-7-10 San DiegoSlope of North Peak - Cuyamaca Mts.
SD16254SDRibes roezliiFrank F. Gander28201936-7-10 San DiegoNo. slope of Middle Peak, Cuyamaca Mts.
RSA60417RSARibes roezliiFrank W. Gould21371943-4-18 Riverside12 miles E [NW] of Idyllwild
UC917879UCJEPSRibes roezliiFrank W. Gould21371943-4-18 Riverside12 mi e Idlewild
PASA2267PASARibes roezliiFrank W. Peirson1923-5-06 OrangeSantiago Peak
JEPS49178UCJEPSRibes roezliiFrank W. Peirson701918-7-08 San BernardinoMt. San Antonio, East trail San Gabriel Mountains
UC511906UCJEPSRibes roezliiFrank W. Peirson107001933-7-09 Kernnear Summit Canong Power Line); Summit Greenhorn Mts.
UC465796UCJEPSRibes roezliiFranklin P. Nutting1884-6-1 UnknownNorthern California
SHTC2595SHTCRibes roezliiFrazee, Terry381968-4-13 FresnoAlder Springs
UCR0049479UCRRibes roezliiFred M. Roberts70552008-6-23 RiversideSantiago Peak, north slope, Main Divide Truck Trail, 0.4 km north-northeast of summit
RSA476420RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiFreda Detmers141001931-9-09 San Bernardino[San Gabriel Mountains] summit of pass between Ice House Canon and Lytle Creek Canon.
DAV395109DAVRibes roezlii var. amictumFrederica Bowcutt15641992-7-20 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. 70 air miles SSE of Eureka, 20 air miles S of Garberville, 10 air miles W of Leggett. Hotel Gulch Road about 2.5 miles from Usal.
CHSC79763CHSCRibes roezlii var. amictumFrederica Bowcutt15641992-7-20 Mendocino70 air miles SSE of Eureka, 20 air miles S of Garberville, 10 air miles W of Leggett. T2 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Hales Grove 1:24000
RSA0024593RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumFrederick W. Oettinger16861969-9-05 SiskiyouNext basin east of Salamander Pond, Abbotts Lake basin. High lake basins in the vicinity of English Peak, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
HSC214744HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumFrederick W. Oettinger16861969-9-05 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, next basin E of Salamander Pond, Abbotts Lake region
UC1299687UCJEPSRibes roezliiFreed W. Hoffman8081947-3-06 Sonomanear Guerneville (road to McCray Cabin, headwaters of Gilliam Creek); North Coast Ranges
UC1127540UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Burks261933-8-08 Plumas4 1/2 mi e and 1 mi n Canonal Forest, Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
RSA0024598RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumG. D. Barbe441955-6-29 Siskiyou2.1 miles east of Canon Trinity Center Road, about 600 feet beyond the bridge.
CHSC76135CHSCRibes roezliiG. D. Barbe30731981-6-22 PlumasHeadwaters of south Fork Feather River, 10.6 miles northeast of La Porte on La Porte-Quincy road. T2 N R10E S17
CHSC75502CHSCRibes roezliiG. D. Barbe32411981-6-24 PlumasMt. Hough-Crystal Lake Road 0.2 mile south of China Grade Road (to Taylorsville). T2 N R10E S21
DAV395062DAVRibes roezliiG. F. Hrusa129561996-6-10 ShastaShasta County: Lassen National Forest. Near summit of Eskimo Grade on Hwy 44.
DAV395061DAVRibes roezliiG. K. Helmkamp112802006-8-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Neveda Mountains Foothills: Ice House Road, 2.3 miles south of Union Reservoir Road.
DAV395086DAVRibes roezliiG. L. Stebbins, Jr.50041951-7-17 TuolumneTuolumne Co.: Near Hog Ranch Cabin, Mather.
UC936099UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. L. Stebbins, Jr.50041951-7-17 Tuolumnenear Hog Ranch; Mather
RSA48772RSARibes roezliiG. R. Campbell134291949-5-24 KernGreenhorn Road, 5 miles east of Glennville, Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA79211RSARibes roezliiG. R. Campbell172861952-6-28 Los AngelesSouth slope Mt. ('Baldy') San Antonio.
UC1587075UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Schoolcraft21911991-7-30 Lassenn side Widow Mountain (Bear Spring)
UC1127575UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. T. Nordstrom1901934-7-07 Plumas1 1/2 mi s and 1/2 e Bucks Mtn.; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
UC1127386UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. T. Nordstrom3871935-3-20 Kern1 1/2 mi n Old Fort Tejon; Tejon Quadrangle
UC1127538UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. T. Nordstrom8081936-5-27 Amador4.3 mi nw Volcano; Jackson Quadrangle
UC747349UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Thomas Robbins12801943-7-23 El Dorado3 mi e Camino (C.C.C. Camp Snowline)
UC747354UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Thomas Robbins9731943-3-28 El Doradoabout 6 mi n Camino; South Fork American River
UC747167UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Thomas Robbins15651944-4-23 El Doradoabout 4 mi n Camino (along Chute Camp Road above river); South Fork American River
UC747388UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Thomas Robbins12351943-6-27 El Doradow Echo Summit Pass (along U.S. Highway 50 near road to Audrain Lake)
UC747328UCJEPSRibes roezliiG. Thomas Robbins21501945-10-06 Lassennear sw summit Crater Lake Mountain; Lassen National Forest
SJSU498SJSURibes roezliiG. Witherspoon20981940-6-25 ShastaMcArthur Burney Falls State Park
CDA0014590CDARibes roezliiG.D. Barbe30731981-6-22 PlumasHeadwaters of south Fork Feather River, 10.6 miles northeast of La Porte on La Porte-Quincy Road.
CDA0014719CDARibes roezliiG.D. Barbe32411981-6-24 PlumasMt. Hough-Crystal Lake Road 0.2 mile south of China Grade Road (to Taylorsville).
CDA0025573CDARibes roezlii var. cruentumG.D. Barbe26101980-4-29 Siskiyou3 km east of Forest Mountain summit, Highway 3, southwest of Yreka.
CDA0018298CDARibes roezlii var. roezliiG.D. Barbe20721975-9-04 Madera0.25 mi SW of Granite Creek Campground, road to Clover Meadow. Sierra National Forest.
CDA0012932CDARibes roezliiG.F. Hrusa128741996-5-02 ShastaApprox. 1/2 mile S of Old Station Trailer Park on Hwy 44-89. Lassen National Forest.
CDA0013026CDARibes roezliiG.F. Hrusa129561996-6-10 ShastaNear summit of Eskimo Grade on Hwy 44. Lassen National Forest.
CDA0013286CDARibes roezliiG.F. Hrusa131341996-7-09 ButteE side above Jordan Creek headwaters S of Hwy 162 near Roger's Cow Canonal Forest.
CDA0014020CDARibes roezliiG.F. Hrusa134681996-8-08 PlumasCa. 1/4 mi. S of intersection of USFS 2 N42 & 24N66, approx. 1 mi. S of Brady's Canonal Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0015492CDARibes roezliiG.F. Hrusa146291998-6-19 LakeIn open on N side of Goat Mtn. summit. North Coast Ranges.
SD235024SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiG.K. Helmkamp140382008-8-20 NevadaNothern sierra Nevada Mountains: Donner Pass Road north of and parallel to US-80 beside South Yuba river and just east of Kingvale.
HSC214737HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton26001979-5-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge Lookout, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC214694HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton39601979-6-04 TrinityNear Van Duzen River, close to the town of Alderpoint.
HSC214739HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton55501979-6-19 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Fork, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC214692HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton84311979-7-18 TrinityNear Jones Ridge, close to the town of Alderpoint
HSC214688HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton112431979-7-30 Del NorteNear Sawtooth Mtn., close to the town of Orleans
HSC214752HSCRibes roezliiG.L. Clifton86091979-7-19 TrinityNear Mad River, close to the town of Mad River.
HSC214715HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton58081979-6-22 Del NorteNear Bear Basin, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC214701HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton61301979-6-28 SiskiyouNear Upper Devils Peak, close to the town of Seiad Valley
PUA26098PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton1979-8-05 Del NorteLocal landmark: Smith River. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA27064PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1979-7-19 TrinityLocal landmark: Mad River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA25273PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton1979-7-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Bailey Canon Campground. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA7663PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1971-6-26 PlumasLocal landmark: Keddie. Greenville Quad.
PUA67666PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1984-7-02 ButteLocal landmark: Little West Fork Feather Rd. Paradise Quad.
PUA7144PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1975-7-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA67813PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1987-6-25 ModocLocal landmark: Hazelton Spring. White Horse Quad.
PUA61944PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1984-9-11 SierraLocal landmark: Bellevue. La Porte Quad.
PUA26297PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumG.L. Clifton1979-8-05 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Twin Valley. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA69174PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1986-8-07 KernLocal landmark: Mt. Pinos Road. Cuddy Valley Quad.
PUA64177PUARibes roezliiG.L. Clifton1986-6-06 VenturaLocal landmark: Seymour Creek. Cuddy Valley Quad.
IRVC112149IRVCRibes roezliiGail A. Baker; Mavis M. Hasey30.51977-4-13 TulareNear gate to Milk Ranch Lookout in park service housing area, Sequoia Nat. Park
HSC214638HSCRibes roezliiGail Newton10601980-7-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC214736HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumGail Newton4031980-6-19 Del NorteNear Forks of Blue Horiz. Control S.
HSC214775HSCRibes roezliiGail Newton17191980-7-23 HumboldtNear Packsaddle Ridge
HSC214762HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiGail Newton22271981-7-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Butte
PUA50860PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1981-8-05 HumboldtLocal landmark: 'bug Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA50971PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1981-8-05 HumboldtLocal landmark: 'bug Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA34885PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1980-6-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA35459PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGail Newton1980-7-09 TrinityLocal landmark: Shanty Creek. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA50817PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1981-8-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
PUA34746PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1980-6-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA38326PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1980-6-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA38352PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGail Newton1980-6-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA36119PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1980-7-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Packsaddle Ridge. Hoopa Quad.
PUA35410PUARibes roezliiGail Newton1980-7-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
CAS-BOT209295CASRibes roezliiGanley, Stephen R.6291971-5-22 TulareSierra Nevada, the Kern River Drainage. Head of Freeman Creek at the Freeman Big Tree Grove (Lloyd Meadow Basin)
UCSB003006UCSBRibes roezliiGardner, Ivana1711963-8-12 MariposaSunrise Trail; 1 miles W of Lake Merced High Sierra Camp; Yosemite National Park
HSC214648HSCRibes roezliiGary S. Lester6771975-5-17 MendocinoUpper Wilderness Meadow, N of the confluence of Fox Creek and Eel River.
ELH01980ELHRibes roezliiGary Schoolcraft4581981-6-12 LassenOn north slopes of Diamond Mountain
ELH01982ELHRibes roezlii var. roezliiGary Schoolcraft21911991-7-30 LassenAt Bear Spring on North side of Widow Mountain
RSA0024607RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6551909-4-11 SiskiyouShasta Retreat.
RSA0024600RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler15351910-6-07 SiskiyouOro Fino.
RSA0024599RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6451909-4-15 SiskiyouHumbug Creek.
RSA0024602RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler7801909-7-23 Siskiyou[No location information on label.]
RSA0024601RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler12111910-4-21 SiskiyouOro Fino.
HSC214698HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler7801909-5-31 SiskiyouHumbug
JEPS49461UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6551909-4-11 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
UC165932UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeo. D. Butler12111910-4-21 SiskiyouOro Fino
UC375353UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeo. D. Butler2691908-7-19 SiskiyouHumbug Mountain
UC375352UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeo. D. Butler2641908-7-19 SiskiyouHumbug Creek
UC165385UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6551909-4-11 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
JEPS49456UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6451909-4-15 SiskiyouHumbug
UC165382UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler6451909-4-15 SiskiyouHumbug road
UC165933UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler15351910-6-07 SiskiyouOro Fino
UC166612UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumGeo. D. Butler7801909-5-31 SiskiyouHumbug Creek
RSA0024706RSARibes roezliiGeo. Hansen16791896-6-28 AmadorAntelope.
UC11479UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeo. Hansen1892-1-01 Amador
SD135365SDRibes roezliiGeoffrey A. Levin22431993-7-03 San DiegoVolcan Mountain, Rutherford Ranch, near AT&T transmission station
DAV395069DAVRibes roezliiGeoffrey Levin1591974-5-11 KernKern County: Tiger Flat Camp; Greenhorn Mts.; Kern River.
UC551737UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeorge A. Zentmyer20321935-8-02 MariposaMerced Lake Trail Yosemite National Park
SD239778SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp180262011-8-13 TuolumneNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Forest Route 5N24, 3.8 miles north of Boards Crossing of the North Fork Stanislaus River (Boards Crossing 7.5'Q)
SD243154SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp169042010-9-1 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Mehrten Springs Road, 0.6 mile north of its junction with CA-88.
RSA0016148RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp140382008-8-20 NevadaDonner Pass Road north of and parallel to US-80 beside South Yuba River and just east of Kingvale.; Soda Springs 7.5' Q.
RSA0024722RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp169302010-9-4 El DoradoTragedy Spring Road, 0.1 mile southwest of its upper junction with CA-88; Tragedy Spring 7.5' Q.
RSA0024712RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp151552009-7-8 El DoradoWrights Lake Road, 0.4 mile east of its junction with Ice House Road, about 1.3 miles north of Ice House.; Riverton 7.5' Q
UCR0049515UCRRibes roezlii var. amictumGeorge K. Helmkamp68822001-7-7 PlumasCalif. Hwy 36, 4.3 miles SW of its junction with Calif. Hwy 89, vicinity of Lake Almanor
UCR0049427UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp105332006-5-24 El Doradoalong Ice House Canon Road, 10.6 miles south of Wentworth Springs Road, just south of the Jones fork of Silver Creek and SE of Union Valley Reservoir
UCR0049426UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp106782006-6-10 El DoradoIce House Road, 9.1 miles north of Hwy US-50
UCR0049425UCRRibes roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp112802006-8-24 El DoradoIce House Road, 2.3 miles south of Union Reservoir Road
UCR0049424UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp122382007-5-31 El DoradoForest Route 42, 1.2 miles west of its junction with Wrights Lake Road, generally between Wrights Lake and Ice House Reservoir
UCR0049510UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp141092008-9-15 Placeralong Foresthill Road 26 miles northeast of the city of Forest Hill
UCR0049511UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp140382008-8-20 NevadaDonner Pass Road north of and parallel to US-80 beside South Yuba River and just east of Kingvale
UCR0049423UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp151552009-7-8 El DoradoWrights Lake Road, 0.4 mile east of its junction with Ice House Road, about 1.3 miles north of Ice House
UCR0049518UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp180262011-8-13 TuolumneForest Route [5N14], 3.8 miles [northeast] of Boards Crossing of the North Fork Stanislaus River
UCR0049420UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp182332011-9-1 El DoradoSilver Fork Road, 3.1 miles north of its junction with the Mormon Emigrant Trail
UCR0049421UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp182622011-9-13 El DoradoFoster Meadow Road, 0.6 miles north of its junction with CA-88
UCR0049419UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp169302010-9-4 El DoradoTragedy Spring Road, 0.1 mile southwest of its upper junction with CA-88
UCR0049418UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp169042010-9-1 El DoradoMehrten Springs Road, 0.6 mile north of its junction wtih CA-88
UCR0049500UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp191512012-6-6 AmadorPanther Creek Road, 5.8 miles south of its junction with CA-88, 6.2 mi. SW (246 ° ) of Bear River Reservoir dam
UCR0049417UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp196802012-8-19 El Doradounnamed dirt road along Ice House Road, 0.4 mile south of Robbs Peak Road, N of Union Valley Reservoir
CLARK-A1045-930CLARKRibes roezliiGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-6-12 TulareKern River along the River, 3 miles north of the Kern/Tulare County line; Kernville 7.5'Q
JEPS28697UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeorge W. Gillett9171957-7-26 Lassene shore Butte Lake; Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS28657UCJEPSRibes roezliiGeorge W. Gillett8591957-7-19 Plumasabout 1 1/4 mi above Devils Kitchen (on trail to Sifford Lakes); Lassen Volcanic National Park
RSA274775RSARibes roezliiGerald Griffiths.n.1937-9-22 KernSunday Peak, Greenhorn Mt. Range.
DAV395121DAVRibes roezliiGeri Hulse-Stephens8082001-9-6 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. Lovelady Spring.
CHSC3607CHSCRibes roezliiGerry Carrauthers281966-3-05 ButteE. of Chico along highway 32 toward Susanville ca. 12 mi.
PUA27712PUARibes roezliiGilbert Jerome Muth1979-7-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA26955PUARibes roezliiGilbert Jerome Muth1979-7-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Barry Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA27035PUARibes roezliiGilbert Jerome Muth1979-7-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Armstrong Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA26940PUARibes roezliiGilbert Jerome Muth1979-7-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Barry Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA7327PUARibes roezliiGilbert Jerome Muth1976-7-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Poker Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA5296PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGilbert Jerome Muth1978-8-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Robbers Meadow. China Mt Quad.
HSC214751HSCRibes roezliiGilbert Muth82801979-7-17 TrinityNear Barry Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC214632HSCRibes roezliiGilbert Muth83161979-7-17 TrinityNear Barry Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC214631HSCRibes roezliiGilbert Muth83871979-7-18 TrinityNear Deep Hollow Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC214724HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumGilbert Muth103451979-7-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
CAS-BOT186224CASRibes roezliiGillett, George W.8591957-7-19 PlumasOn trail to Sifford Lakes, about 1 1/4 miles above the Devils Kitchen
HSC214757HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiGladys L. Smith62981981-5-22 MendocinoJunction of Old Toll Rd. and grade down to USFS Campground
JEPS71849UCJEPSRibes roezliiGladys L. Smith20601964-7-04 El Doradojust beyond Benwood Meadow (along Sayles Canon trail, on way to Sacramento Camp); Echo Summit area
JEPS71850UCJEPSRibes roezliiGladys L. Smith34921972-8-23 El DoradoLily Lake
JEPS72247UCJEPSRibes roezliiGladys L. Smith31351972-6-18 PlacerAlpine Meadows
RSA0024725RSARibes roezliiGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-4-19 El Dorado1.6 miles SW of Icehouse Road along Highway 50.
SDSU05952SDSURibes roezliiGodsil, J.2441952-6-01 TulareAbove Canon, Hwy 191. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the San Joaquin Valley. Slope is south.
UCR0049516UCRRibes roezliiGordon H. True52891970-4-14 NevadaNevada City- N. San Julian Hwy c. 2 miles west of South Yuba River Bridge
UC1536984UCJEPSRibes roezliiGordon H. True, Jr.6411937-4-11 Mariposanear Bagby; Merced River Canon
DAV395080DAVRibes roezliiGordon Pilone901961-2-19 KernKern County: Lebec Oak Ranch off Hwy 99. San Emigdio Mt. Range.
CAS-BOT186185CASRibes roezliiGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-7-4 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT186201CASRibes roezliiGrant, Geo. B.69771906-7-15 PlacerTahoe Tavern, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT186204CASRibes roezliiGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-7-15 PlacerAbout Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT198933CASRibes roezliiGrant, Geo. B.69771906-8-1 El DoradoAbout Lake Tahoe
ELH01981ELHRibes roezliiGregg Riegel1941976-6-30 Lassen9 miles southwest of Susanville on Gold Run Rd
SHTC2597SHTCRibes roezliiGretchen, M.281966-5-22 AmadorSouth side of silver lake
CAS-BOT186168CASRibes roezliiGriesel, Wesley8411963-7-17 Los AngelesRidge between Baldy Notch and Mt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT200557CASRibes roezliiGriesel, Wesley O.s.n.1961-3-31 KernRoad between Caliente and Havilah
CAS-BOT186088CASRibes roezliiGriffin, J. R.32021972-6-17 MontereySummit, Chews Ridge
CAS-BOT186089CASRibes roezliiGriffin, J. R.3226A1972-6-30 MontereyJunipero Serra
CAS-BOT186090CASRibes roezliiGriffin, J. R.32751972-8-29 MontereyChews Ridge
CAS-BOT186094CASRibes roezliiGriffin, J. R.3201T1972-6-17 MontereyRoad between LO [lookout] and cattle-guard, Chews Ridge
CAS-BOT550566CASRibes roezliiGriffith, Gerald3191937-6-18 KernKern County Park, Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
CAS-BOT550568CASRibes roezliiGriffith, Gerald3411937-6-21 KernKern County Park, Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
CAS-BOT550583CASRibes roezliiGriffith, Gerald5511937-9-25 KernSunday Pk., Greenhorn Mt. Range
CAS-BOT550679CASRibes roezliiGriffith, Gerald4131937-7-2 KernKern Co. Park, Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
CAS-BOT212506CASRibes roezliiGrinnell, Jr., Fordyces.n.1904-6-11 VenturaPotrero, Mt. Pinos
HSC214671HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumGriswold71191979-7-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
PUA23102PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGriswold & Butler1979-7-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Kinsey Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA25148PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGriswold & Butler1979-7-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA23287PUARibes roezlii var. cruentumGriswold & Butler1979-7-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Twin Lakes. Pilot Creek Quad.
RSA0018037RSARibes roezliiH. A. Barker7301927-6-24 SierraPacker Lake.
RSA0024612RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumH. C. Cantelow17151936-8-24 TrinitySummit of Scott Mt.
UC1558431UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. E. Bailey2691936-9-07 TulareMineral King Rd. Sequoia National Park, Silver City
UC204030UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumH. E. Brown3091897-6-01 Siskiyounear Sisson
SBBG203059SBBGRibes roezliiH. E. Hasse, A. Davidson1907-6-10 KernTehachapi
UC1281029UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. E. McMinn26241931-7-30 Amadornear Kit Canon Lodge; Silver Lake
UC1281028UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. E. McMinn44661937-2-27 TulareKaweah River Canon
RSA23331RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumH. E. Parks56481939-5-21 Del NortePatricks Creek near junction with Smith River.
RSA23329RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiH. E. Parks56511937-5-16 Del NorteDel Norte County: along Hwy in Smith River Canon, 2 miles E of Patricks Creek Tavern,
RSA0024575RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumH. E. Parks56481939-5-21 Del NortePatricks Creek near junction with Smith River.
UC630511UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumH. E., S. T. Parks56481939-5-21 Del Nortenear junction Smith River (Patricks Creek)
RSA0024708RSARibes roezliiH. F. Copeland3461928-8-18 ButteNeighborhood of Jonesville.
RSA0024710RSARibes roezliiH. F. Copeland12371929-6-11 ButteJonesville.
UC1564101UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. K. Wagner2441936-5-19 Tulare2 mi nw Moro Rock; Sequoia National Park
RSA0018040RSARibes roezliiH. K. Wagnon13127-MSB1957-6-16 SiskiyouScott Mountains up to 1300.′
UC1096802UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. K. Wagnon, Douglas Barbe131271957-6-16 SiskiyouScott Mts. Klamath Mountains
UC1127545UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. Lee301934-8-28 Alpine1.5 mi ne Lookout Mtn.; Stanislaus National Forest, Markleeville Quadrangle
UC57361UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall22591901-7-01 RiversideFuller's Mills Mountains San Jacinto Mountains
UC130665UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumH. M. Hall86591909-7-01 TrinityDorleska Salmon Mountains
UC11615UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall12711899-6-20 Los AngelesSchwartout Canon San Antonio Mountains
UC69252UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall9191898-5-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
UC55240UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall27621902-4-07 RiversideMiddle Fork San Jacinto River San Jacinto Mountains
UC55241UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall56351897-5-19 RiversideCanon of the San Jacinto River San Jacinto Mountains
UC69203UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall63961905-6-01 Kernne side Mt. Pinos
UC164781UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall89151911-6-12 MariposaCascade Creek Yosemite National Park
UC216853UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumH. M. Hall94601913-7-15 Mendocinonear summit Mt. Sanhedrin; Inner North Coast Ranges, Mt. Sanhedrin
UC64928UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock51781904-6-20 TulareBonita Meadow Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC54299UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock43191903-6-29 Shastanear Soupan Springs; Mount Lassen
UC64938UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock57071904-8-01 Tularevicinity Mineral King; Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC64936UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock53761904-8-01 Tularevicinity Mineral King (Redwood Meadows); Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC64940UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock50591904-6-02 KernGreenhorn Range Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC54300UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47631903-8-03 El DoradoSouth Fork American River Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC69863UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler3371900-6-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mountains
RSA0024584RSARibes roezlii var. cruentumH. M. Pollards.n.1948-8-09 HumboldtCamp Creek, near Orleans.
UC1127579UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumH. R. Josephson31933-5-18 TrinitySalyer Trinity National Forest, Red Bluff Quadrangle
RSA0024705RSARibes roezliiH. S. Yates40081934-7-01 AlpineEast of Ebbet [Ebbetts] Pass.; Markleeville
RSA0024703RSARibes roezliiH. S. Yates53251935-7-02 AlpineNear Chipmunk Flat.; Dardanelles
UC566285UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. S. Yates40081934-7-01 Alpinee Ebbets Pass; Markleeville Quadrangle
UC1127532UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. S. Yates58801936-6-24 Humboldt2 mi e Bear Butte; Briceland Quadrangle
UC566011UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. S. Yates53251935-7-02 Alpinenear Chipmunk Flat; Dardanelles Quadrangle
UC1127527UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. S. Yates35991932-9-25 MendocinoPine Ridge Covelo Quadrangle
UC1127528UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. S. Yates35631932-8-23 MendocinoAsa Bean Ridge Covelo Quadrangle
UC1564132UCJEPSRibes roezliiH. W. Marion571936-10-01 Tularehead Bennett Creek (Camp Surprise); Sequoia National Park
SBBG203042SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing5851937-7-18 San BernardinoSan Antonio Peak
SBBG203035SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing59261945-5-02 MaderaBass Lake
SBBG203039SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing6861938-4-26 TulareJack's Ranch (on Posey River)
SBBG203034SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing41981940-4-13 Tularenear Jack's Ranch
SBBG203033SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing21191938-6-26 Tehama15 mi E of Mineral
SBBG203038SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing1940-4-12 TulareCanon
SBBG203009SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing41861940-4-13 Tulareabove Canon
SBBG203032SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing5871937-5-29 TulareSequoia National Park; General's Hwy between General Grant and Sequoia Nat Parks
SBBG203040SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing41991940-4-13 Tularenear Jack's Ranch
SBBG203063SBBGRibes roezliiH. and M. Dearing42011940-4-13 KernGreenhorn Mtn
FSC0011485FSCRibes roezliiHal Johnston77-0671977-3-27 Tularealong a dirt road leading east to Jack Flat 0.2 miles from Blue Ridge Road. Transition between Chaparral and yellow Pine forest.
LOB107702LOBRibes roezlii var. roezliiHannah Adams182019-3-9 Los AngelesDalton Canon Campgrounds near Glendora
CAS-BOT198950CASRibes roezliiHansen, Geo.2291892-3-1 AmadorClinton
CAS-BOT198951CASRibes roezliiHansen, Geo.16791896-3-23 AmadorAntelope
CAS-BOT186091CASRibes roezliiHardham, Clare B.104271962-6-30 MontereyJunipero Serra
CAS-BOT186092CASRibes roezliiHardham, Clare B.62001960-6-21 MontereyChews Ridge
CAS-BOT186236CASRibes roezliiHardham, Clare B.74381961-6-16 PlumasDiamond Peak
CAS-BOT198940CASRibes roezliiHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.3121990-5-13 SierraMartinette Ranch, Sierra Valley
UCR0049506UCRRibes roezlii var. cruentumHarold E. Parks56481939-5-21 Del NortePatricks Creek near jct with Smith River
UC1198941UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy113331936-6-13 Del Nortenear Monumental; Shelley Creek
LOB106018LOBRibes roezliiHarold Handshuhs.n.1976-4-03 Tulareon Bear Creek Dr.
UC1558393UCJEPSRibes roezliiHarold, Virginia Bailey21121948-7-10 TulareMineral King Road Sequoia National Park, Atwell Creek
UC1543693UCJEPSRibes roezliiHarold, Virginia Bailey28481948-8-27 Shastaabout 3 mi e Manzanita Lake (Loop Road); Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC1564836UCJEPSRibes roezliiHarold, Virginia Bailey2609b1948-7-26 FresnoParadise Valley trail Kings Canon National Park, South Fork Kings River
UC147585UCJEPSRibes roezliiHarriet A. Walker12221908-6-23 PlacerBlue Canon
UC147592UCJEPSRibes roezliiHarriet A. Walker12961908-6-24 PlacerBlue Canon
CAS-BOT186249CASRibes roezliiHarris, T. H.; Benedict, W. V.71949-5-1 San BernardinoNear Lake Arrowhead on Crest Highway
CAS-BOT198938CASRibes roezliiHarris, T. H.; Howard, Ben48-661945-9-1 MonoPiute Mt
SDSU05875SDSURibes roezliiHarvey, D.R21401938-5-22 San DiegoPalomar.
SDSU05958SDSURibes roezliiHarvey, S.R1929-6-23 MariposaAbove Lake Tenaya
CAS-BOT186206CASRibes roezliiHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1909-1-1 PlacerLake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT186188CASRibes roezliiHead, Annas.n.1906-6-1 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT186218CASRibes roezliiHead, Annas.n.1921-7-11 PlumasSlopes of Indian Pk., Feather River Region
CAS-BOT186228CASRibes roezliiHead, Annas.n.1921-8-31 PlumasNear Gold Lake, Feather River Region
POM175369RSARibes roezliiHelen E. Sweets.n.1930-7-12 Los AngelesExposed ridge near north Baldy Peak, San Gabriel Mts.
UC1051741UCJEPSRibes roezliiHelen K. Sharsmith42971953-6-20 Colusan slope Goat Mountain; Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
CHSC57385CHSCRibes roezliiHelen L. Parker1551990-4-15 ShastaN. side of 299 E 200 N. of 4000 ft. elevation marker on Hatchet Mountain.
SD76100SDRibes roezliiHelen V. Witham9031970-5-30 San DiegoFry Creek, Palomar
CAS-BOT186099CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.69211903-7-13 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT186102CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.69211903-7-13 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT186214CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.98451909-7-16 PlacerSummit
CAS-BOT186286CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.120781915-7-15 SiskiyouMt. Eddy
CAS-BOT186288CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.120781915-7-15 SiskiyouMt. Eddy
CAS-BOT198961CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.153841939-4-26 ButteEdge of thickets near the river at the foot of the grade leading down from Stirling City
CAS-BOT198962CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.130881919-3-12 ButteTen Mile House east of Chico
CAS-BOT198963CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.119701915-6-11 ButteChico Meadows in the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT198964CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.119701915-6-11 ButteChico Meadows in the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT198965CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.120311915-6-26 ButteSummit of the Sierra Nevada above Jonesville
CAS-BOT198966CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.120311915-6-26 ButteSummit of the Sierra Nevada above Jonesville
CAS-BOT200015CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.77071905-4-18 KernGirard Station
CAS-BOT200016CASRibes roezliiHeller, A. A.77071905-4-18 KernGirard Station
RSA0018050RSARibes roezliiHenry J. Ramsey25481940-5-19 TulareKing's River Canon.
SBBG203005SBBGRibes roezliiHenry M. Pollard1959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near lookout on Big Pine Mtn
UC572660UCJEPSRibes roezliiHerbert B. Kaufner1021937-4-12 Napanear summit (highway) Mount St. Helena
UC572662UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumHerbert B. Kaufner191937-2-26 NapaDevil's Well Upper Mill Creek Canon
UC570970UCJEPSRibes roezliiHerbert L. Mason21591925-7-15 TuolumneMather
UC1081515UCJEPSRibes roezliiHerbert L. Mason109951936-3-14 Calaverasbelow Sheep Ranch; San Antonio Creek
UC570971UCJEPSRibes roezliiHerbert L. Mason21581925-7-15 TuolumneMather
CAS-BOT186247CASRibes roezliiHilend, Martha5071930-6-23 San BernardinoCastle Rock trail, near Bluff Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT209314CASRibes roezliiHoover, R. F.98041966-4-8 TulareGrade above Posey, on Sugarloaf Road
SDSU05940SDSURibes roezliiHowe, D.F19001948-5-22 Placer
CAS-BOT186098CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas183541943-7-15 NevadaWest side of Donner Pass near Norden
CAS-BOT186113CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas50961930-5-14 KernWest slope of Greenhorn Range
CAS-BOT186125CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas50901930-5-14 KernSummit of the Greenhorn Range
CAS-BOT186131CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas51601930-5-15 KernHills near Glenville [Glennville], Greenhorn Range
CAS-BOT186169CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas411511965-4-26 Madera3 miles south of Oakhurst
CAS-BOT186170CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas345721958-8-17 MaderaThe Niche, East Fork of Granite Creek
CAS-BOT186182CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas57471931-2-23 Mariposa3 miles from Coulterville on road to Bower's Cave
CAS-BOT186184CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas161923-5-25 MariposaStella Lake, Wawona
CAS-BOT186296CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas127211936-8-24 TrinitySummit of Scott Mts. n. of Carrville
CAS-BOT198969CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas10891925-5-27 El DoradoEmerald Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT198970CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas11461925-6-10 El DoradoEagle Lake, Lake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT198995CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas338761958-7-24 FresnoSimpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT198996CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas156211940-7-28 FresnoNear Sphinx Creek, Bubbs Creek
CAS-BOT199009CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas382571962-7-8 KernBlack Mt. south side - Greenhorn Mountains, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT199010CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas352001960-3-26 KernNear Delonegha Hot Springs, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT209279CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas172981942-7-27 TulareDeer Creek between Timber Gap and Cliff Creek
CAS-BOT209311CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas279791951-7-19 TulareMineral King and Vicinity. Monarch Lakes Trail
CAS-BOT186231CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.542391981-6-24 PlumasAbout 3 miles southeast of Mt. Hough on road to Quincy
CAS-BOT186234CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.541061981-6-22 Plumas10.6 miles northeast of La Porte on road to Quincy
CAS-BOT198935CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta530201978-6-26 CalaverasNear Dorrington, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT198936CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta529751978-5-17 CalaverasSan Antonio Creek at Sheepranch
CAS-BOT198944CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta531001978-6-27 AlpineEast side of Ebbetts Pass on road to Markleeville - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT198968CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.422381967-5-9 ButteOn northwest side of Feather River Canyon near Pulga Bridge - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT199011CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.477871971-6-15 KernFlying Dutchman Creek canyon on havilah-Mt. Breckenridge Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT199012CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.480071971-6-16 Kern1.5 miles south of Piute Peak, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT209307CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.442901968-5-13 TulareSierra Nevada. Cherry Hill Road, Poison Meadow Creek Canyon, Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT209308CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.418821966-7-13 TulareCanyon of Poison Meadow Creek on Cherry Hill Road. Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT209309CASRibes roezliiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.465691970-6-10 TularePotwisha, Sequoia Park
CAS-BOT198947CASRibes roezliiHowitt, Beatrice1401958-7-18 AlpineBelow Twin Lakes on west side of Carson Pass Rd.
RSA0018036RSARibes roezliiI. E. Diehls.n.1902-7-09 NevadaCastle Peak. [See notes field.]
UC455589UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. cruentumI. J. Condit1911-7-22 Siskiyoutrail to Horse Camp; Mt. Shasta
RSA0018068RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins207311967-6-16 TuolumneAlong Highway 108 about 0.4 W of junction with Clark Ford Road.
RSA0016786RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins92281939-6-20 MariposaCoyote Creek mile from Valley Floor on Big Oak Flat Rd.
RSA0018219RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins80761935-7-06 TuolumneChipmunk Flats about 5 miles W of Sonora Pass.
RSA0024765RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins123061950-4-08 Kern3.7 miles SW of Havilah on road between Bodfish and Caliente.
RSA0018216RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins201801965-6-10 TuolumneIceberg Meadow at the end of the road along the Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River.
RSA0018039RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins123741950-5-28 SiskiyouAbove Grouse Creek, about 1.5 miles from Carmen Lake.
RSA0024702RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins89961938-7-25 AlpineNear Bloods, Ebbets Pass Road.
RSA0018045RSARibes roezliiI. L. Wiggins124011950-5-29 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek between Lady Gulch and Adams Creek.
POM11323RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiI. M. Johnston12711917-6-15 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains, Icehouse Canon
UC212584UCJEPSRibes roezliiI. M. Johnston12711917-6-15 San BernardinoHead Ice House Canon; San Antonio Mountains
SD250070SDRibes roezlii var. roezliiIan Cain15142010-6-13 San DiegoJulian; Volcan Mountain Summit; 1.23 miles ENE of intersection of Wynola and Farmer Road
UCR0049512UCRRibes roezlii var. roezliiIan Cain15142010-6-13 San DiegoJulian; Volcan Mountain summit. 1.23 miles ENE of intersection of Wynola and Farmer roads
UC909349UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins123741950-5-28 Siskiyouabout 1.5 mi from Carmen Lake (small bog on side of ridge above Grouse Creek)
UC941136UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins80761935-7-06 Tuolumneabout 5 mi w Sonora Pass (Chipmunk Flats)
UC857966UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins80761935-7-06 Tuolumneabout 5 mi w Sonora Pass (Chipmunk Flats)
UC652627UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins92281939-6-20 Mariposa1 mi from valley floor on Big Oak Flat Rd. Coyote Creek
UC625405UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins89961938-7-25 Alpinenear Bloods (on Ebbets Pass Road)
UC857967UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins92281939-6-20 Mariposa1 mi from valley floor on Big Oak Flat Rd. Coyote Creek
UC909363UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins124011950-5-29 Trinitybetween Lady Gulch and Adams Creek; Coffee Creek
UC570525UCJEPSRibes roezliiIra L. Wiggins68041934-6-08 TuolumnePine Crest Recreation Area Stanislaus National Forest
UC1127534UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. A. Rutter2241935-6-03 Tuolumne3 mi wsw Jamestown; Sonora Quadrangle
CHSC26423CHSCRibes roezliiJ. Anthony Danna281977-4-06 San BernardinoCanon Every canyon Rd. from Mt. Baldy Rd., south side of canyon wall. T0 N R0 W S14 SE corner USGS Quadrangle: Ontario 1:64,000
POM148442RSARibes roezliiJ. B. Feudge8331924-7-05 San BernardinoTrail from Glen Marten to Mt. San Bernardino.
SCFS0142SCFSRibes roezliiJ. Brooks1751964-6-25 NevadaOn road at most E limit of Sagehen valley, on ridge at midline of valley, before valley crosses over Hwy 89
UC70551UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Burtt Davy25261896-5-09 Los AngelesManzana Antelope Valley
UC70555UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Burtt Davy15441895-5-18 CalaverasBig Trees
UC11477UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Burtt Davy31851897-6-25 NevadaDonner Pass Truckee River Basin
UC70559UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Burtt Davy54381899-6-11 Humboldtnear Elk Prairie; North Coast Ranges
UC70554UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Burtt Davy20641896-4-26 KernSan Emigdio Canon Head of the San Joaquin Valley
RSA450261RSARibes roezliiJ. C. Rooss.n.1965-6-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns, Mill Creek near Fallsvale.
POM262780RSARibes roezliiJ. C. Roos7111939-5-26 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mountains
RSA171382RSARibes roezliiJ. C. Rooss.n.1963-8-17 San BernardinoMill Creek, San Bernardino Mts.
RSA78216RSARibes roezliiJ. C. Roos50771951-8-30 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek, north of Mt. Baden Powell, San Gabriel Mts.
RSA0018058RSARibes roezliiJ. D. Culbertson42771904--1 Tulare[No locality data provided on label.]
CHSC36359CHSCRibes roezliiJ. D. Jokerst15781982-5-19 ButteOne-half air miles N of Canon road to Fall River Campground. T2 N R07E S3 W1/4 of SE1/4
RSA162816RSARibes roezliiJ. D. Olmsted7241959-7-01 RiversideJust west of Strawberry Cienega trail above Idyllwild.
RSA171333RSARibes roezliiJ. D. Olmsted35001962-5-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts, Rnear top fo Thomas Mt.
CHSC4250CHSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ. E. Bowlin331967-3-24 Butte0.3 W of Cresta Powerhouse, Hwy 70.
UC1127571UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. E. Sowder1051933-7-05 Butte2 mi se Promontory Point; Chico Quadrangle
UC1127544UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. E. Sowder1041933-7-05 Butte2 mi se Promontory Point; Chico Quadrangle
SFV107709SFVRibes roezliiJ. G. TirrellLS302011-7-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; West of Little Jimmy Springs, above Highway 2 near mile marker 66.28.
CHSC1663CHSCRibes roezliiJ. Gulick1929-3-10 ButteParadise.
RSA0018266RSARibes roezliiJ. H. Nishida7771985-7-10 PlacerHomewood.
JEPS106463UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. K. Nelson, Bill Brock, John Heibel, Al Olson, Darrel Ranken2004-492004-6-22 TrinityWildwood Store, intersection of Hwy 36 and County Road 302, ca. 50 W of Red Bluff
GMDRC6932GMDRCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ. M. Andre314002013-7-12 Shastaalong north side of Hwy 89 at Pondosa Rd exit, Little Bear Flat, approx. 25 mi. east of McCloud, approx. 20 mi. north of Burney, just south of Siskiyou Co. line
GMDRC11300GMDRCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ. M. Andre403362012-8-14 Lassennorthern Sierra Nevada: just north of Hwy 44 just north of rest area, approx. 4 mi. ENE of Shingletown
RSA0024715RSARibes roezliiJ. M. Tucker35241959-5-30 ColusaCa. 1.25 miles northwest of Goat Mountain Lookout, Goat Mountain.
DAV395122DAVRibes roezliiJ. M. Tucker35241959-5-30 LakeLake County: ca. 1 1/4 miles northwest of Goat Mountain Lookout, Goat Mountain.
DAV395113DAVRibes roezliiJ. M. Tucker38331965-6-23 KernKern County: Ridge south of Purdy Canon, Tejon Ranch, Tehachapi Mountains.
LA00610657LARibes roezliiJ. M. Tucker35241959-5-30 ColusaGoat Mountain; ca. 1.2 W of Goat Mountain Lookout
SBBG203107SBBGRibes roezliiJ. Major6341961-7-14 SiskiyouPanther Crk, Mount Shasta
SFV107711SFVRibes roezliiJ. Major6341961-7-14 SiskiyouMount Shasta, Panther Creek.
CSLA003785CSLAGrossularia roezliiJ. Miller32491948-7-1 Los AngelesJackson Lake, San Gabriels
SFV107717SFVRibes roezliiJ. N. Hogue271.22006-5-25 VenturaVentura Mountains; Pine Mountain, trail on north side of Reyes Peak.
OBI112700OBIRibes roezliiJ. R. BentleyB-1681934-5-15 Mariposa(near the) Sierra Forest
RSA0024727RSARibes roezliiJ. R. Bruff9071937-8-06 FresnoNear Rancheria Falls. Huntington Lake.
RSA698880RSARibes roezliiJ. R. Bruffs.n.1934-7-05 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.
RSA0024750RSARibes roezliiJ. R. Bruff9371937-8-17 HumboldtRichardson Grove, bed of Eel River.
RSA0024728RSARibes roezliiJ. R. Bruff8691937-7-20 FresnoNear Rancheria Falls above Huntington Lake.
HSC214664HSCRibes roezliiJ. Sandborg561968-7-19 HumboldtBluff Creek near Notice Creek
LA00610662LARibes roezliiJ. Sauer55951974-5-18 Kernnear Greenhorn Summit in Shirley Creek canyon
UC1483506UCJEPSRibes roezliiJ. Sawyer, J. Cole38131980-7-21 Siskiyoun and w Little Mt. Hoffman; Klamath National Forest, Medicine Lake Quad.
RSA0016788RSARibes roezliiJ. T. Howell57471931-2-23 MariposaNear Coulterville.
POM179660RSARibes roezliiJ. T. Howell51601930-5-15 KernHills near Glenville, Greenhorn Range.
HSC214670HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ. Van Horn1971974-4-27 Del NorteW Fork of Patrick Creek, along road to Elk Springs.
SBBG203028SBBGRibes roezliiJ. W. Hopkins1957-6-08 Tularemeadow near The Needles, E of Quaking Aspen
LA00610663LARibes roezlii var. cruentumJ. William Thompson131681936-7-08 SiskiyouLava Beds National Monument
CSLA003777CSLARibes roezliiJ.H. Moyer201975-5-26 ButteCa. 5 km s. of Cohasset, .2 km. e of Cohasset Hiway.
HSC214742HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.O. Sawyer2604A1970-5-00 TrinityAbove New River
HSC214679HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.O. Sawyer2491B1973-4-21 TrinityAlong trail to Bear Lake
HSC214702HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.O. Sawyer20951970-4-03 SiskiyouAlong Sugar Creek
HSC214635HSCRibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer2599B1974-6-25 TrinityAlong trail to Granite Lake
HSC214719HSCRibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer20511970-4-03 SiskiyouRobinsons Flat, 4 mi. E of Sawyers Bar
HSC214769HSCRibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer37571980-7-20 Siskiyou2 N of Little Glass Mtn., on road connecting FS Rd. 45N05 with FS Rd. 47N75
HSC214776HSCRibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer39711980-7-22 SiskiyouNW slopes of Cedar Mtn.
HSC214777HSCRibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer37271980-7-20 SiskiyouNear USFS Rd. 4 N05 in center of section
PUA42283PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cedar Mountain. Bray Quad.
PUA43311PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-21 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lava Camp. Medicine Lake Quad.
PUA42350PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Glass Mountain. Medicine Lake Quad.
PUA42299PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Pumice Stone Well. Medicine Lake Quad.
PUA42320PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Pumice Stone Well. Medicine Lake Quad.
PUA42390PUARibes roezliiJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-21 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
HSC214665HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith12,9342010-6-13 TrinityShasta - Trinity National Forest. Along Road A16.
HSC214749HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ.P. Smith12,7112010-3-22 HumboldtAlong Hwy. 36, E of Dinsmore.
HSC214708HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith13,0602010-8-7 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, road to Crater Lake off Forest Service Road 4 N24.
HSC214676HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith53581972-5-27 SiskiyouHwy. 3 near the Scott Mtn. Campground on divide between Scott and Trinity Rivers
HSC214675HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith58361973-2-10 TrinityNew River Trail from Gray Falls Campground on N side of Trinity River and W side of New River
HSC214743HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith60241973-4-07 TrinityNew River Trail from Grays Falls Campground, on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River.
HSC214633HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumJ.P. Smith52241972-4-22 Mendocino9 W of Dos Rios on Hwy. 366
HSC214771HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith62141973-4-21 TrinityBig Bear Lake trail, N of Eagle Creek Campground
HSC214767HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith62041973-4-21 TrinityAbove Eagle Creek Loop, N of the Eagle Creek Campground.
HSC214770HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith63091973-4-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
HSC214741HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith70041973-7-04 TrinityHillside S and W of S Dubakella Mtn.
HSC214634HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith83181975-6-23 ShastaBuckhorn Bally, 3.5 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on road to Bully Choop
HSC214683HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith85091976-3-20 TrinityGray Creek Rd. 0.25 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 299
HSC214781HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith90511977-4-30 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, Philpot Campground and Philpot Creek
HSC214690HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith64221973-5-05 SiskiyouAlong Cook and Green Pass Rd.
HSC214687HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith62041973-4-21 TrinityAbove Eagle Creek Loop, N of the Eagle Creek Campground.
HSC214693HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith87401976-5-20 TrinityConfluence of Bear Creek and Trinity River
HSC214731HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith87001976-5-05 SiskiyouRoad between Forks of Salmon and Somes Bar
HSC214765HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ.P. Smith60601973-4-14 ButteCohasset
HSC214763HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ.P. Smith60881973-4-14 Shasta3.8 mi. E of Buckhorn Summit on Hwy. 299
HSC214758HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ.P. Smith61061973-4-15 TrinityBridge Canong Stewart Fork
HSC214745HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith65511973-5-05 SiskiyouScott Bar along the Scott River
HSC214705HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith80861975-5-16 TrinityHumboldt Meridian, trails above the Trinity River at Grays Falls Campground
HSC214764HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJ.P. Smith96181978-4-08 ShastaZachary Gulch along Beegum Gorge Road
HSC214729HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJ.P. Smith95791978-4-08 TrinityHwy. 36, 1 mi. from Hayfork Creek
HSC214636HSCRibes roezliiJ.P. Smith103751982-5-08 ShastaTom Green Mine Rd., 5 W of its junction with French Gulch Rd.
DAV395070DAVRibes roezliiJack Majors.n.1966-7-01 KernKern County: Along Highway 142 west of Lake Isabella, Sierra Nevada.
DAV395071DAVRibes roezliiJack Major6341961-7-14 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Panther Creek, Mount Shasta.
CHSC26238CHSCRibes roezliiJacqueline R. Bonquet1961-5-12 TulareCanon, Sierra Nevada Mts. Plants growing next to a stream.
HSC214766HSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJade Paget-Seekins512010-7-19 PlacerMountains west of Lake Tahoe, up Forest Route 3 past the Ellis Peak trailhead, left onto road toward Miller Meadows.
HSC214703HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJade Paget-Seekins22010-3-6 TrinityOn the side of 299. Trinity county mile marker 13. Across from the Burnt Ranch dump.
HSC214711HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJade Paget-Seekins132010-5-2 TrinityOff 299 between Big Bar and Burnt Ranch. Up Forest Route 4 approx. 8 miles. At the turnoff towards Ironside Mountain.
HSC214706HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJade Paget-Seekins52010-3-18 HumboldtRedwood Valley (off 299) Bair Road /Hoopa Road.
HSC214710HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJade Paget-Seekins232010-6-23 HumboldtHorse Mountain. Slightly less than 10 miles up Titlow Hill Road, on Forest Route 1 Near 'Road Narrows' sign.
DAV395108DAVRibes roezlii var. cruentumJames A. Neilson, Jr.31451975-4-28 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains, Esperance Property, High Valley Creek. (Elevation estimated using topo map by label maker.)
CHSC67228CHSCRibes roezliiJames D. Jokerst16991983-4-02 TehamaWurlitzer Ranch on Pine Creek 1.5 mi E of Meridian Rd., slopes of small canyon S of (below) the first ridge S of Pine Creek in area of Native American Shelters. T2 N R01E S2 W1/4 center
RSA656112RSARibes roezliiJames Henrickson200421985-5-31 San Bernardinoca. 20 air miles W of San Bernardino, 3 miles NW of Angeles Oaks, near junction of Deer Creek and Santa Ana River near Filaree Flat.
RSA0024767RSARibes roezliiJames Henrickson42671969-9-04 Lassen4 miles S of Westwood along Highway 147.
CSLA003786CSLARibes roezliiJames Henrickson42671970-8-1 Lassen4 miles S of Westwood along Hwy 147 along Hamilton Branch of Rock Creek near Lake Alamador
CSLA003790CSLARibes roezlii var. roezliiJames Henrickson56081971-6-26 Tulare18 mi. E. of Three Rivers, 1 N. of Mineral King, ca. 1/2 mi. SE of Timber Gap in upper conifer forest margin
RSA0016779RSARibes roezliiJames L. Reveal3721962-6-25 MaderaRed's Meadow Guard Station.
UC1338649UCJEPSRibes roezliiJames L. Reveal3721962-6-25 MaderaRed's Meadow Guard Station
DAV337957DAVRibes roezliiJames Neilson14831970-7-09 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin. Northern Ward Valley (sec. 17). [Assuming location is at T1 N, R16E, Sec 17, along tributary to Ward Creek on western flank of Ward Peak. Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
DAV337780DAVRibes roezliiJames Neilson22221971-7-06 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin. Lower Ward Valley. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.].
DAV337961DAVRibes roezliiJames Neilson25661971-8-31 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin. 600 feet above Buck Lake. On log road. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
JEPS74181UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. roezliiJames R. Griffin36471973-6-15 Montereyjust n of main summit Chews Ridge; Los Padres National Forest
RSA776513RSARibes roezliiJane TirrellLS-302011-7-25 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestWest of Little Jimmy Springs, above highway 2, near mile marker 66.28.; Crystal Lake 7.5 quad.
LA00610649LARibes roezliiJane TurnerC--3801960-5-29 TulareSierra Nevada; 20 mi. from Quaking Aspen on road to Springville
CAS-BOT186217CASRibes roezliiJaneway, L. P.33541989-6-20 PlumasEast-facing slope near top of Crocker Mtn overlooking Red Clover Valley
RSA476260RSARibes roezliiJeannette B. Edge188851934-5-05 San BernardinoTwo miles east of Forest Home.
CHSC28854CHSCRibes roezlii var. roezliiJeffrey M Lund11979-4-07 NevadaBordering T1 N and T16N. Located on edge of intersection. T17N R08E S34 SE corner USGS Quadrangle: Nevada City
ARF0233BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Anthony-Wheeler2331995-3-15 Humboldtgrwng at far N end of Honeydew cmpgrnd-open grassy floodplain
ARF0535BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Anthony-Wheeler5351996-7-11 Humboldt
ARF0400BLMARRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Anthony-Wheeler4001999-7-30 Humboldtgrwng in Hupa mt quad
ARF0058BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Wheeler5672010-5-4 Mendocinoforest edge between Salt Ridge Gate and Windy Gap gt
ARF0059BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Wheeler7022010-9-21 Mendocinoforest edge between Salt Ridge Gate and Windy Gap gt
ARF0399BLMARRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Wheeler3992005-4-22 HumboldtNear road just befor 100 acre field
ARF0401BLMARRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Wheeler4012010-9-14 Humboldtalong Pine Ridge Road
ARF0402BLMARRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Wheeler4022012-5-9 HumboldtPine Ridge Road
HSC214678HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Whipple10811976-6-22 TrinityMount Eddy, near Lower Deadfall Lake
HSC214686HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Whipple21751977-8-05 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on E face of Mt. Eddy
HSC214697HSCRibes roezlii var. cruentumJennifer Whipple17841976-9-03 SiskiyouW facing slope of the ridge between Durney Lake and Little Crater Lake
UCSB003013UCSBRibes roezliiJensen, Karen2071965-5-02 Kernin meadow by Breckenridge Rd; 36 NE of Comanche Rd. Junction
SD135250SDRibes roezliiJerilyn Hirshberg2221993-5-02 San DiegoIndian Canon, about 1« miles west of Sunrise Highway.
UC1127642UCJEPSRibes roezliiJerome S. Horton5501939-6-16 Los AngelesUpper Wolfskill Canon, Rain gauge #1 Pomona Quadrangle
IRVC112146IRVCRibes roezliiJerry A. Powell10841973-5-1 TrinityButter Creek Meadows, 8 W of Hayfork
IRVC112147IRVCRibes roezliiJerry A. Powell1083, 1181973-5-1 Trinity6 miles NE of Hayfork.
RSA0099768RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiJessica Orozco1989-4-18 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
RSA0101218RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiJessica Orozco6332014-5-26 TulareSequoia National Forest. Slate mountain; Off forest service road 21S94 (Crawford road), just past windy Gap, heading towards Rodgers camp.
RSA0099637RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiJessica Orozco1950-7-22 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
RSA0100958RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiJessica Orozco1987-4-16 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
RSA0099785RSARibes roezlii var. roezliiJessica Orozco11962015-6-4 TulareSeq