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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    ARF0058BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Wheeler5672010-5-4 Mendocinoforest edge between Salt Ridge Gate and Windy Gap gt
    ARF0059BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Wheeler7022010-9-21 Mendocinoforest edge between Salt Ridge Gate and Windy Gap gt
    ARF0233BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Anthony-Wheeler2331995-3-15 Humboldtgrwng at far N end of Honeydew cmpgrnd-open grassy floodplain
    ARF0234BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumDonald Hazlett2341994-6-07 Humboldtnear horse Mt. Ridge rd
    ARF0534BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumDonald Hazlett5341996-4-05 Trinity
    ARF0535BLMARRibes roezlii var. amictumJennifer Anthony-Wheeler5351996-7-11 Humboldt
    CAS-BOT198868CASRibes roezlii var. amictumRattan, Volneys.n.1880-1-1 Humboldt
    CAS-BOT198869CASRibes roezlii var. amictumEastwood, Alice188981939-3-19 HumboldtBolling Grove
    CAS-BOT198870CASRibes roezlii var. amictumTracy, Joseph P.61591923-3-17 HumboldtGarberville
    CAS-BOT198871CASRibes roezlii var. amictumBentley, Georgias.n.1917-4-4 LakeLakeport
    CAS-BOT198872CASRibes roezlii var. amictumEastwood, Alice67001917-9-2 ShastaShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT198873CASRibes roezlii var. amictumSmith, L. E.3771913-6-18 SiskiyouCastle Creek
    CAS-BOT198874CASRibes roezlii var. amictumMatthews, S.; Goering, M.; James, R.1001985-5-11 TrinityBasin Gulch Campground
    CAS-BOT198875CASRibes roezlii var. amictumKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1880-5-30 Trinity
    CAS-BOT198876CASRibes roezlii var. amictumLower Trinity Schools.n.1924-4-24 TrinitySalyer
    CAS-BOT198877CASRibes roezlii var. amictumMcMinn, H. E.2921956-5-25 LakeAlong road from Highland Springs to Hopland.
    CAS-BOT198878CASRibes roezlii var. amictumPorter, D. M.; Porter, S. H.15511967-3-25 MendocinoAlongside Highway 1, 5 miles west of Leggett.
    CAS-BOT198879CASRibes roezlii var. amictumThomas, John H.115031966-3-20 MendocinoAbout 9 miles northward from Leggett as measured along Highway 101, along the south fork of the Eel River on a west facing slope.
    CAS-BOT198880CASRibes roezlii var. amictumPorter, D. M.; Porter, S. H.15501967-3-25 MendocinoAlongside Highway 1, 5 miles west of Leggett.
    CAS-BOT198881CASRibes roezlii var. amictumBacigalupi, R.15391927-5-29 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT198882CASRibes roezlii var. amictumWheeler, Clare R.5431978-7-25 MendocinoHull Mt. Road just below lookout at Lake and Mendocino Co. line, 15 mi. N of Lake Pillsbury.
    CAS-BOT198883CASRibes roezlii var. amictumWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.35031983-7-13 MendocinoFS Rd. M1, ca. 1.5 mi. NW of Hull Mt. Lookout, Mendocino National Forest
    CHSC79763CHSCRibes roezlii var. amictumFrederica Bowcutt15641992-7-20 Mendocino70 air miles SSE of Eureka, 20 air miles S of Garberville, 10 air miles W of Leggett. T2 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Hales Grove 1:24000
    DAV395109DAVRibes roezlii var. amictumFrederica Bowcutt15641992-7-20 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. 70 air miles SSE of Eureka, 20 air miles S of Garberville, 10 air miles W of Leggett. Hotel Gulch Road about 2.5 miles from Usal.
    HSC214633HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumJ.P. Smith52241972-4-22 Mendocino9 W of Dos Rios on Hwy. 366
    HSC214639HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumThomas W. Nelson24221976-5-04 MendocinoJunction of Cat Track Rd. and BLM Rd. to Red Mtn.
    HSC214645HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumThomas W. Nelson40331978-5-17 MendocinoAlong BLM road to Red Mtn. Area
    HSC214646HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumThomas W. Nelson3321971-3-20 Mendocino2 W of Leggett Hwy. 1
    HSC214651HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumR. Sutherland15.23.4.781978-4-23 Humboldt
    HSC214655HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler10591979-5-24 MendocinoIntersection of Branscomb and Wilderness Rds., 3 W of Branscomb
    HSC214656HSCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler34931983-6-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, off road 2 N02, near Tar Flat Forest Station
    JEPS49184UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumWillis L. Jepson94711921-9-11 Mendocinonear Little Red Mountain Creek (South Fork Eel River); South Fork Eel River
    JEPS49185UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumWillis L. Jepson135151937-7-31 MendocinoSherwood Forest
    JEPS49188UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy61591923-3-17 HumboldtGarberville
    JEPS49351UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumC. F. Rose371935-4-21 Shasta15 mi nw Redding
    MCCC1638MCCCRibes roezlii var. amictumClare R. Wheeler34931983-6-23 MendocinoOff Road 2 N02, ca. 200 yds. down grade from Flat Forest Station Road, Mendocino National Forest
    OBI112702OBIRibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca. 5 airmiles W of Laytonville, jctn of forks to lookout tower and north peak
    POM160297RSARibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy61591923-3-17 HumboldtGarberville.
    POM160823RSARibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy66251924-3-16 MendocinoLeggett Valley
    RSA163480RSARibes roezlii var. amictumR. C. Bacigalupis.n.1927-5-29 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin
    RSA167292RSARibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy188501950-6-18 HumboldtWilder Ridge
    RSA187469RSARibes roezlii var. amictumJohn H. Thomas115031966-3-20 MendocinoAbout 9 miles Northward from Leggett as measured along Hwy 101; along south fork of the Eel River
    RSA34289RSARibes roezlii var. amictumDoris K. Kildales.n.1927-6-24 MendocinoSummit of Coolidge, Fort Bragg Road
    RSA761382RSARibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca 5 airmiles W of Laytonville, junction of forks to lookout tower and north peak.
    UC11483UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumState Survey65711980-8-15 Mendocinonear Red Mts.
    UC11662UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumCarl Purdy1898-4-13 MendocinoUkiah
    UC1198947UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy147931936-3-29 MendocinoLongvale
    UC1198948UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy44871914-5-30 Humboldtnear Hydesville; Northern Coast Region of California, Van Duzen River
    UC1198949UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy59851922-4-02 Humboldtnear Carlotta; Northern Coast Ranges, Van Duzen River
    UC1198950UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy91111930-7-27 Humboldtnear Petrolia; North Coast Ranges, Mattole River
    UC154118UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy27721908-6-27 Humboldtopposite Buck Mountain; Northern Coast Ranges, Valley of Van Duzen River
    UC1949121UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars, Clare Wheeler, Peter Steele84571989-5-14 MendocinoCahto Peak ca 5 airmiles W of Laytonville; junction of forks to lookout tower and north peak
    UC216853UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumH. M. Hall94601913-7-15 Mendocinonear summit Mt. Sanhedrin; Inner North Coast Ranges, Mt. Sanhedrin
    UC667059UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy152781937-5-16 MendocinoBell Springs
    UC75470UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumMiss Katherine Chandler1904-1-01 El Doradonear Glen Alpine; Tahoe Region
    UC902059UCJEPSRibes roezlii var. amictumJoseph P. Tracy170651942-3-08 Mendocinonear Cummings (Tan-oak Park)
    UCR0049515UCRRibes roezlii var. amictumGeorge K. Helmkamp68822001-7-7 PlumasCalif. Hwy 36, 4.3 miles SW of its junction with Calif. Hwy 89, vicinity of Lake Almanor

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