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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC103247DAVRibes nevadenseF. C. Raneys.n.1964-10-05 CalaverasCalaveras County: 14 miles from West Point, Middle Fork of the Mokelumne River.
    AHUC103248DAVRibes nevadenseBeecher Crampton90021973-9-13 El DoradoEl Dorado County, ca. 1 mile west of Meyers along US Hwy. 50.
    AHUC103249DAVRibes nevadenseBeecher Crampton30091955-7-13 PlacerPlacer County: Blue canyon.
    BSCA0962BSCARibes nevadenseLauri, Robert1292002-5-17 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Doane Creek trail approximately 180 meters northwest of Doane Pond.
    BSCA0963BSCARibes nevadenseMorley, Arthur681969-4-29 San DiegoBelow corral picnic area, beside stream.
    CAS-BOT212326CASRibes nevadenseRubtzoff, Peter80231975-6-4 El DoradoRoad bank of Headquarters Loop Road, southern fork of Bacon Canyon near Bacchi Corral Road (Comp. 150E), Blodgett Forest
    CAS-BOT212327CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas11291925-6-10 El DoradoArmstrong's, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT212328CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas10901925-5-27 El DoradoEmerald Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT212329CASRibes nevadenseSmith, Gladys L.11341959-6-15 El DoradoBetween end of road and second waterfall, Glen Alpine
    CAS-BOT212330CASRibes nevadenseBethel; Poseys.n.1920-6-5 El DoradoTahoe
    CAS-BOT212331CASRibes nevadenseEllsworth, Bettells.n.1920-5-24 El DoradoTahoe
    CAS-BOT212332CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice10261906-7-21 El DoradoTrail to Lake Lucille
    CAS-BOT212333CASRibes nevadenseCopeland, Herbert F.s.n.1934-6-15 El DoradoWoods near Eagle Creek and Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT212334CASRibes nevadenseMcGregor, E. A.1201909-8-13 El DoradoSusie Lake Trail, near Alta Morris
    CAS-BOT212335CASRibes nevadenseHansen, Geo.20431896-7-28 El DoradoCosumnes
    CAS-BOT212336CASRibes nevadenseLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1909-7-12 El DoradoShort distance from southern end of Fallen Leaf Lake
    CAS-BOT212337CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-1 El DoradoNear McKinney
    CAS-BOT212338CASRibes nevadenseRobbins, G. Thomas15561944-4-23 El DoradoBanks of South Fork American River, about 5 miles N of Camino
    CAS-BOT212339CASRibes nevadenseRodda, Mrs. A. F.s.n.1925-6-1 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
    CAS-BOT212340CASRibes nevadenseLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1947-5-28 El DoradoFallen Leak Lake Road
    CAS-BOT212341CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-1 El DoradoLake in woods above McKinney
    CAS-BOT212342CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas340431958-7-28 FresnoBetween Blue Canyon Creek and Tehipite Valley, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT212343CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas341321958-7-30 FresnoSimpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT212344CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas156471940-7-28 FresnoNear Sphinx Creek
    CAS-BOT212345CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas248921948-7-22 FresnoBubbs Creek Canyon in vicinity of Vidette Meadows
    CAS-BOT212346CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.178081970-9-6 FresnoW side of Kaiser Pass
    CAS-BOT212347CASRibes nevadenseQuick, C. R.46-031946-4-23 Fresno2-2.5 miles E of Trimmer Bridge, Kings River Road
    CAS-BOT212348CASRibes nevadenseBeauchamp603641967-8-16 FresnoS of Highway 168
    CAS-BOT212349CASRibes nevadenseRussell, Jeanne281928-6-4 FresnoBear Creek, vicinity of Huntington Lake
    CAS-BOT212350CASRibes nevadenseCantelow, Ella Dales43351940-8-31 FresnoE slope Kaiser Pass, Road to Lake Florence
    CAS-BOT212351CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.79351980-8-24 FresnoBurns Meadow, adjacent to Grizzly Creek, Kings River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212352CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.160891969-9-10 FresnoCreek above Portal Forebay, Mono Hot Springs Road
    CAS-BOT212353CASRibes nevadenseKlyver, Fred D.s.n.1926-1-1 FresnoVermilion Valley, Mono Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT212354CASRibes nevadenseRaven, Peter H.45691952-7-19 FresnoFlorence Lake to Ward Lake
    CAS-BOT212355CASRibes nevadenseRaven, Peter H.72281954-7-8 FresnoTrail below Lake Italy
    CAS-BOT212356CASRibes nevadenseRubtzoff, Peter; Holeman, James R.87431976-7-21 FresnoLost Canyon on E side of Courtright Road ca. 7.5 miles N of junction with McKinley Grove Road
    CAS-BOT212357CASRibes nevadenseRoss, Tim30971990-7-3 FresnoMesic seep area about 0.5 mile W of Burns Meadow, along a tributary of Grizzly Creek, Monarch Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212358CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas192761943-8-11 GlennCanyon of Snow Basin Creek
    CAS-BOT212359CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.128001917-7-5 GlennSlap Jack camp W of Alder Springs
    CAS-BOT212360CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.128001917-7-5 GlennSlap Jack camp W of Alder Springs
    CAS-BOT212361CASRibes nevadenseLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-4-20 InyoCottonwood Creek, S of Lone Pine
    CAS-BOT212362CASRibes nevadenseMenke, Marck61998-5-7 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada, between Cottonwood Creek and Cottonwood Canyon Road
    CAS-BOT212363CASRibes nevadenseLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-5-11 InyoDivision Creek, N of Independence
    CAS-BOT212364CASRibes nevadenseLarson, Enid A.83061955-7-14 InyoSymmes Creek
    CAS-BOT212365CASRibes nevadenseTrain, Percys.n.1937-5-8 InyoGeorges Creek, E slope Mount Whitney
    CAS-BOT212366CASRibes nevadenseKerr, Marks.n.1936-1-1 InyoE of Shepherd Canyon Road
    CAS-BOT212367CASRibes nevadenseAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise29291942-6-7 InyoFalls Creek, SW of Olancha, E slope of Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT212368CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas384221962-7-10 Kern1.5 miles S of Summit, Greenhorn Mountains
    CAS-BOT212369CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas517271976-5-18 KernAbout 2 miles from Alta Sierra along old road from Alta Sierra to Wofford Heights, Greenhorn Mountains
    CAS-BOT212370CASRibes nevadenseLuthey, Robert1161968-5-9 KernOn Wagy Flat Road, Greenhorn Mountain
    CAS-BOT212371CASRibes nevadenseLuthey, Robert1601970-5-15 KernRancheria Road, S of Greenhorn Summit
    CAS-BOT212372CASRibes nevadenseShevock, Jim106431983-8-8 KernAlong Forest Road 29S03 at Mace Meadow and about 3 miles S of Claraville. Piute Mountains
    CAS-BOT212373CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.96961982-6-4 KernSaddle Springs Campground along FS road 27S02, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212374CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.95331982-5-19 KernAlong FS road 25S21 NE of Cooks Peak
    CAS-BOT212375CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.75081980-6-11 KernAlong FS road 25S16 near Black Mountain Saddle. Kern River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212651CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.664041987-6-8 AlpineE side of Ebbetts Pass
    CAS-BOT212652CASRibes nevadenseHansen, Geo.16901896-7-28 AmadorAntelope
    CAS-BOT212653CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-8-25 HumboldtNear the 14 mile post, Salmon Creek, Salmon Mountains
    CAS-BOT212654CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.58891902-7-15 MendocinoAbout Summit Lake, near the summit of Mount Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT212655CASRibes nevadenseBailey, Vernon O.s.n.1916-9-24 LakeMt. Konokti, Clear Lake
    CAS-BOT212656CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.151451938-6-4 Lassen1 mile E of Fredonyer Pass
    CAS-BOT212657CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.58891902-7-15 MendocinoAbout Summit Lake, near the summit of Mount Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT212658CASRibes nevadenseKing, R.K-532011-6-1 MonoMono Forest
    CAS-BOT212659CASRibes nevadenseAhart, Lowell29461981-7-21 PlumasHead of Dixon Creek, N of Pilot Peak
    CAS-BOT212660CASRibes nevadenseBenson, Lyman22291930-7-18 ShastaE of Round Mountain, Hatchet Creek, N Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT212661CASRibes nevadenseSmith, L. E.731913-4-11 ShastaPitt River near Pitt
    CAS-BOT212662CASRibes nevadenseBaker, M. S.; Nutting, Franks.n.1894-5-24 ShastaHatchet Creek Mountains
    CAS-BOT212663CASRibes nevadenseKawahara, Saichi4011968-5-5 TehamaHighway 32, 4 miles SW of Highway 36, at Deer Creek
    CAS-BOT212664CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice18061912-8-22 TehamaTrail from Morgans [Morgan] Springs to Lassen Butte
    CAS-BOT212665CASRibes nevadenseBacigalupi, Rimo15911927-7-2 YubaHighway to Downieville, about 8 miles NE of Camptonville
    CAS-BOT212666CASRibes nevadenseMorrison, Mrs. J. H.15911927-7-2 ButteMountains above Durham
    CAS-BOT212668CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.131551919-5-17 ButteBanks of the Feather River, near Stirling
    CAS-BOT212669CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.108231913-6-7 ButteWest Branch of the North Fork of the Feather River near Stirling
    CAS-BOT212670CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.153851939-4-26 ButteNear the river at the foot of the grade leading down from Stirling City
    CAS-BOT212671CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.108231913-6-7 ButteWest Branch of the North Fork of the Feather River near Stirling
    CAS-BOT212672CASRibes nevadenseCopeland, E. B.6471931-7-31 ButteNear Butte Creek, Jonesville
    CAS-BOT212673CASRibes nevadenseAhart, Lowell34201982-5-8 ButteForbestown Resevoir
    CAS-BOT212674CASRibes nevadenseQuick, Clarence R.52931952-6-29 ButteNear spring, 0.3 mile W of Coyote Gap on Mill Creek Road
    CAS-BOT212675CASRibes nevadenseCopeland, E. B.6471931-7-31 ButteNear Butte Creek, Jonesville
    CAS-BOT217876CASRibes nevadenseWiggins, Ira L.123721950-5-28 SiskiyouOn side of ridge above Grouse Creek, about 1.5 miles from Carmen Lake
    CAS-BOT217877CASRibes nevadenseFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura118021948-6-12 SiskiyouAt Mule Creek Crossing on Scott Mountain Road S of Callahan
    CAS-BOT217878CASRibes nevadenseApplegate, Elmer I.s.n.1895-5-29 SiskiyouMount Shasta
    CAS-BOT217879CASRibes nevadenseApplegate, Elmer I.1971895-5-29 SiskiyouBase of Mount Shasta, near Sisson, Strawberry Valley
    CAS-BOT217880CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-8-9 SiskiyouBlack Butte
    CAS-BOT217881CASRibes nevadenseJones, Marcus E.290031931-7-17 SiskiyouShasta City (Session's)
    CAS-BOT217882CASRibes nevadenseRowntree, Lesters.n.1937-7-23 SiskiyouCaribou Lake
    CAS-BOT217883CASRibes nevadenseRowntree, Lesters.n.1935-5-31 SiskiyouHappy Camp Road
    CAS-BOT217884CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas135841937-7-27 TrinityCoffee Creek Canyon near Union Creek
    CAS-BOT217885CASRibes nevadenseKruckeberg, A. R.37241954-8-9 TrinityAlong Stuart Fork of Trinity River, just above upper end of Morris Meadows, Trinity Alps area
    CAS-BOT217886CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice106981921-7-22 TrinityForest Glen
    CAS-BOT217887CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.535061980-5-20 TrinityOne-eyed Flat, about 1.7 miles N of Carrville, Trinity River Canyon
    CAS-BOT217888CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.471871970-7-30 TulareSW end of Big Meadow, just E of Cherry Hill Road, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT217889CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.419211966-7-13 TulareCanyon of Poison Meadow Creek on Cherry Hill Road, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT217890CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.54771977-5-26 TulareAlong Nobe Young Creek off of Last Chance Road, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT217891CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.44791975-6-21 TulareAdjacent to Needles Spring at the end of FS Road 21S05. Needles Ridge, Lloyd Meadows Basin, Kern River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT217892CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.75511980-6-14 TulareAlong FS Trail 34E08. Trout Creek watershed, South Fork Kern River Drainage, Dome Land Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT217893CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.11871971-6-19 TulareSummit of the Freeman Creek Trail at Lloyd's Meadow
    CAS-BOT217894CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.59661978-6-25 TulareLittle Kern River at the Swinging Bridge, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT217895CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.11891971-6-19 TulareNear Woody's Pack Station, Highway 190
    CAS-BOT217896CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.77851962-9-18 TulareE slope of Speas Ridge, 2.3 miles S of Speas Dirty Camp
    CAS-BOT217897CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.135801967-8-29 TulareWhistle Creek, E of Poison Meadow
    CAS-BOT217898CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.467331970-6-24 TulareN Manter Creek, Big Meadow to Manter Meadow, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT217900CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-7-1 TulareHollow Log Camp
    CAS-BOT217901CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-7-5 TulareCahoon Meadow Woods
    CAS-BOT217902CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.16331896-8-13 TulareTrail from Bear Gap to Cliff Creek, Mineral King Region
    CAS-BOT217903CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.11551895-8-7 TulareNear davenport, Mineral King Road, Head of Middle Kaweah River
    CAS-BOT217904CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.12121895-8-11 TulareGrant Park
    CAS-BOT217905CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.13091895-8-16 TulareUpper Kaweah River Valley, near Marble Fork
    CAS-BOT217906CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.18681897-7-15 TulareGrant National Park, Vicinity of Hocket Meadow
    CAS-BOT217907CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1902-7-13 TulareCrescent Meadow, Grant Forest
    CAS-BOT217908CASRibes nevadenseBacigalupi, R.11921925-4-22 TulareCold Spring, near lower boundary of Sequoia National Park along Minderal King Road
    CAS-BOT217909CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.11891971-6-19 TulareE end of meadow at Woody's Pack Station near Quaking Aspen
    CAS-BOT217910CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.55261959-7-8 TulareKern Plateau: Poison Meadow Creek
    CAS-BOT217911CASRibes nevadenseWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-8-13 TulareFranklin Lake
    CAS-BOT217912CASRibes nevadenseWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-5-7 TulareBalch Park
    CAS-BOT217913CASRibes nevadenseRowntree, Lesters.n.1936-5-21 TulareMineral King
    CAS-BOT217914CASRibes nevadenseFarley, James251929-7-10 TulareMineral King
    CAS-BOT217915CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas173021942-7-27 TulareCliff Creek at mouth of Deer Creek
    CAS-BOT217916CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.15171896-7-31 TulareMarble Fork, Kaweah River Valley
    CAS-BOT217917CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.18411897-7-13 TulareNear Brook, Cahoon Meadow, region of Sequoia National Forest, vicinity of Homer's Nose
    CAS-BOT217918CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-7-5 TulareCahoon Meadow woods
    CAS-BOT217919CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.23531897-7-31 TulareRegion of Kaweah Peaks, Kern-Kaweah Falls
    CAS-BOT217920CASRibes nevadenseFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura112281946-8-24 TulareSawtooth Pass Trail, meadow below Monarch Lakes, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT217921CASRibes nevadenseBacigalupi, Rimo14091956-5-8 TuolumneAlong road to Hetch Hetchy Dam, about 7 miles W of it
    CAS-BOT217922CASRibes nevadenseQuick, C. R.18591937-6-29 TuolumneUpper Cow Creek
    CAS-BOT217923CASRibes nevadenseQuick, Clarence R.s.n.1934-8-17 TuolumneS fork Stanislaus River, Stanislaus National Forest
    CAS-BOT217924CASRibes nevadenseQuick, Clarence R.12911934-6-8 TuolumnePunch Bowl area of Cow Creek, 35 miles NE of Sonora, Stanislaus National Forest
    CAS-BOT217925CASRibes nevadenseJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-7-18 TuolumneCamp Baxter, on Stanislaus River
    CAS-BOT217926CASRibes nevadenseMcMinn, H. E.92161923-5-8 TuolumneSmith Meadow Trail
    CAS-BOT217927CASRibes nevadenseWiggins, Ira L.212781971-5-26 TuolumneN bank of North Fork, Tuolumne River, 2.9 miles S of Long Barn
    CAS-BOT217928CASRibes nevadenseWiggins, Ira L.80671935-7-6 TuolumneChipmunk Flats, about 5 miles W of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT217929CASRibes nevadenseBenson, Lyman38881932-7-3 TuolumneMiddle Fork, Tuolumne River, Sierra Nevada Mountains
    CAS-BOT217930CASRibes nevadenseFerris, Roxana S.16111919-4-11 TuolumneSlopes of Table Mountain on Rawhide-Peoria Pass Road
    CAS-BOT217931CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.62881961-6-22 VenturaMount Pinos Road, 2.5 miles E of Bitter Creek Saddle
    CAS-BOT217932CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.62881961-6-22 VenturaMount Pinos Road, 2.5 miles E of Bitter Creek Saddle
    CAS-BOT217933CASRibes nevadenseAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.2571908-6-13 VenturaMount Pinos
    CAS-BOT219151CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-6-15 MariposaBig Tree
    CAS-BOT219152CASRibes nevadenseQuick, C. R.49-151949-7-11 Mariposa'Dynamite' Creek, branch of Laurel Creek, Hogan Mountain, NW of Fish Camp, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT219153CASRibes nevadenseQuick, C. R.49-161949-7-11 Mariposa'Dynamite' Creek, branch of Laurel Creek, Hogan Mountain, NW of Fish Camp, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT219154CASRibes nevadenseMason, Herbert L.111641931-7-7 Mariposa'Research Reserve', Hetch Hetchy Trail W of Dark Hole
    CAS-BOT219155CASRibes nevadenseTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas77081974-5-31 Nevada0.5 mile W of Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT219156CASRibes nevadenseTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas67901971-7-1 NevadaRoad between Columbia Hill and Footes Crossing on Middle Yuba River
    CAS-BOT219157CASRibes nevadenseTrue, Gordon H.4521962-4-25 NevadaSouth Yuba River at bridge, just E of Washington
    CAS-BOT219158CASRibes nevadenseTrue, Gordon H.19151965-5-19 NevadaS side Truckee River near Mystic R.R. bridge just W of Sierra County line
    CAS-BOT219159CASRibes nevadenseTrue, Gordon H.45471968-8-1 NevadaOld Donner Pass road ca. 2 miles W of Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT219160CASRibes nevadenseMott, Lillian S.66551966-5-29 NevadaOn trail to Cave Lake
    CAS-BOT219161CASRibes nevadenseRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-6-10 NevadaRoad to Bowman Lake, N of Emigrant Gap
    CAS-BOT219162CASRibes nevadenseMcPherson, Emily75-56-51975-8-8 NevadaE border of Canyon 22 off Interstate 80
    CAS-BOT219163CASRibes nevadenseMcPherson, Emily; McPherson, Jr., EdwinIV-21974-9-29 NevadaGray Creek between Murphy Meadows and the Truckee River, SE of Hirschdale
    CAS-BOT219164CASRibes nevadenseRose, Lewis S.700571970-5-28 NevadaBear Valley, below Emigrant Gap, Highway 20
    CAS-BOT219165CASRibes nevadenseWilliams, Margaret J.; Mott, Lillian88-1-21988-5-4 NevadaBear Valley, Highway 20
    CAS-BOT219166CASRibes nevadensePollard, Henry M.s.n.1936-7-1 NevadaRainbow Tavern, Donner region
    CAS-BOT219167CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-14 NevadaDonner Lake
    CAS-BOT219168CASRibes nevadenseDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-6-13 NevadaBy North Bloomfield Ditch
    CAS-BOT219169CASRibes nevadenseApplegate, Elmer I.39151923-9-29 NevadaE end of Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT219170CASRibes nevadenseReifschneider, Olgas.n.1956-5-27 NevadaFire road S of Truckee River, Hirschdale, 9 miles E of Truckee
    CAS-BOT219171CASRibes nevadenseCantelow, Ella Dales35391941-5-16 NevadaHighway 40, E of Truckee
    CAS-BOT219172CASRibes nevadenseBest, Catherine9751984-6-18 NevadaOld Donner Road, about 0.5 mile below the summit
    CAS-BOT219173CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.127251917-6-17 PlacerCisco
    CAS-BOT219174CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.98321909-7-16 PlacerSummit
    CAS-BOT219175CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.127251917-6-17 PlacerCisco
    CAS-BOT219176CASRibes nevadenseBonquet, Jacqueline R.s.n.1960-8-18 Los AngelesBuck Horn Camp, Angeles National Forest, Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219177CASRibes nevadenseGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter11251904-5-17 Los AngelesMount Wilson
    CAS-BOT219178CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1902-6-11 Los AngelesSummit of Mount Wilson
    CAS-BOT219179CASRibes nevadenseEpling, Carl; Dunn, Nesta; Goen, Alices.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesBig Pines Camp, San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219180CASRibes nevadenseGrant, G. B.4751902-6-1 Los AngelesSummit, Mount Wilson
    CAS-BOT219181CASRibes nevadenseEpling, Carl; Dunn, Nesta; Goen, Alices.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesBig Pines Camp, San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219182CASRibes nevadenseAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.6511908-7-5 Los AngelesSwartout Canyon, desert slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219183CASRibes nevadenseAbrams, Le Roy25831902-6-30 Los AngelesNear the summit, Mount Wilson
    CAS-BOT219184CASRibes nevadenseEwan, Joseph Andorfer99221936-8-2 Los AngelesCedar Canyon, off Mescal Creek
    CAS-BOT219185CASRibes nevadenseThorne, Robert F.; Dourley, J.373651967-10-10 Los Angeles1.5 miles E of Dawson Saddle, San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest
    CAS-BOT219186CASRibes nevadenseDudley, Chesters.n.1931-7-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley
    CAS-BOT219187CASRibes nevadensePeirson, Frank W.6881919-5-10 Los AngelesTrail from Arraster Creek, Mount Gleason, San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219188CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas345711958-8-17 MaderaThe Niche, East Fork of Granite Creek
    CAS-BOT219189CASRibes nevadenseBarneby, R. C.; Howell, J. T.114481954-5-10 MaderaSouth Fork
    CAS-BOT219190CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas54091938-5-4 MaderaBoss Lake
    CAS-BOT219191CASRibes nevadenseRaven, Peter33111951-7-9 MaderaShadow Creek below Lake Ediza
    CAS-BOT219192CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice4671907-8-18 MariposaLake Tenaya
    CAS-BOT219193CASRibes nevadenseSmith, Gladys L.16481959-6-25 MariposaLittle Nelly Falls, Old Coulterville Road
    CAS-BOT219194CASRibes nevadenseAbrams, Le Roy44111911-6-19 MariposaHappy Isles, Yosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT219195CASRibes nevadenseAbrams, Le Roy46011911-7-1 MariposaVernal Fall
    CAS-BOT219196CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas451923-6-10 MariposaMerced River at the Indian Bridge, Wawona
    CAS-BOT219197CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas308A1924-5-11 MariposaNear Wawona, Wawona Valley
    CAS-BOT219198CASRibes nevadenseHead, Annas.n.1906-6-1 Mariposa
    CAS-BOT219199CASRibes nevadenseZentmyer, George A.20231935-7-30 MariposaIsberg Pass Trail, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT219200CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-7-4 MariposaYosemite Valley, Sierra Nevade Mountains
    CAS-BOT219201CASRibes nevadenseKing, Alice M.s.n.1923-6-1 PlacerNear Summit
    CAS-BOT219202CASRibes nevadensePatterson, Francis D.s.n.1921-4-1 PlacerDutch Flat
    CAS-BOT219203CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice3931912-6-15 PlacerDeer Park, Lake Tahoe Region
    CAS-BOT219204CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice1781909-1-1 PlacerSunnyside
    CAS-BOT219205CASRibes nevadenseHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1909-6-1 PlacerAspengrove, Lake Tahoe Region
    CAS-BOT219206CASRibes nevadenseRaven, Peter H.99931956-8-4 Placer1.0 miles from Blue Canyon on road to Emigrant Gap
    CAS-BOT219207CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-7-15 PlacerAbout Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT219208CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-7-15 PlacerAbout Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT219209CASRibes nevadenseMcDonald, Julias.n.1914-6-1 PlacerHomewood
    CAS-BOT219210CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.35431962-6-13 Placer7.0 miles S of Truckee, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT219211CASRibes nevadenseKeck, David D.16281932-7-3 PlumasMountain slope S of Quincy
    CAS-BOT219212CASRibes nevadenseKeck, David D.16281932-7-3 PlumasMountain slope S of Quincy
    CAS-BOT219213CASRibes nevadenseKnight, Walter & Irja18031967-5-22 PlumasFern Glen
    CAS-BOT219214CASRibes nevadenseKnight, Walter & Irja; Howell, John Thomas; True, Gordon17931967-5-8 PlumasMouth of Butterfly Creek
    CAS-BOT219215CASRibes nevadenseKnight, Walter & Irja19061967-5-22 PlumasMouth of Butterfly Creek
    CAS-BOT219216CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.34611962-6-12 PlumasJackson Creek, Upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River, I mile SE of Cromberg, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT219217CASRibes nevadenseCantelow, Mrs. H. C.11949-6-10 PlumasFeather River Canyon
    CAS-BOT219218CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.34611962-6-12 PlumasJackson Creek, upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River, 1 mile SE of Cromberg
    CAS-BOT219219CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas518671976-7-15 PlumasSnake Lake, about 4 miles NW of Quincy
    CAS-BOT219220CASRibes nevadenseSmith, Gladys L.s.n.1976-5-18 PlumasRight side of road going E, Lower Feather River Canyon
    CAS-BOT219221CASRibes nevadenseHead, Annas.n.1920-7-1 PlumasLake Center Camp
    CAS-BOT219222CASRibes nevadenseHead, Annas.n.1920-7-25 PlumasAbove Lake Center Camp
    CAS-BOT219223CASRibes nevadenseHead, Annas.n.1921-7-4 PlumasTrail to Long Lake, Feather River Region
    CAS-BOT219224CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice146261927-6-12 PlumasForest Lodge, Greenville
    CAS-BOT219225CASRibes nevadenseAhart, Lowell63431989-7-2 PlumasOn the NW side and near summit of Pilot Peak, about 10 miles NE of La Porte
    CAS-BOT219226CASRibes nevadenseBacigalupi, Rimo16891927-7-10 PlumasMeadow about 0.25 mile below outlet of Long Lake along Eagle Creek
    CAS-BOT219227CASRibes nevadenseGillett, George W.8571957-7-19 PlumasOn trail to Sifford Lakes, about 1.25 miles above the Devils Kitchen
    CAS-BOT219228CASRibes nevadenseFollett, W. I.s.n.1946-4-7 PlumasFeather River Canyon
    CAS-BOT219229CASRibes nevadenseClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-5-24 PlumasTaylorsville
    CAS-BOT219230CASRibes nevadenseCantelow, Ella Dales35211941-5-18 PlumasAt Johnsville, 4.5 miles W of Mohawk
    CAS-BOT219231CASRibes nevadenses.n.1914-9-6 RiversideStrawberry Valley, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT219232CASRibes nevadenseJones, Jennifer H.; Bui, Thi (Teresa); Summers, Holly3542006-5-31 RiversideParking lot and stream below parking lot on CA Highway 243 across road from Lake Fulmor, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT219233CASRibes nevadenseZabriskie, Nancy Ryan; Zabriskie, Walter4061971-5-16 RiversideBeside Banning Road below Pine Cove, W slope San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT219234CASRibes nevadenseWolf, Carl B.39681932-8-5 RiversideAbove small stream and Meadows feeding Tahquitz Creek, on trail from Tahquitz Valley to San Jacinto Peak, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT219235CASRibes nevadenseMcGregor, E. A.71941-6-12 RiversideIdyllwild, San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219236CASRibes nevadenseSanders, A. C.149751994-6-26 San Bernardino0.6 miles W of 2N43, Slopes S of Silverwood Lake, along FS Road (2N59?) ca. 2 miles E of Cottonwood Station, W of FS Road 2N43 from Cedarpines Park, under powerlines
    CAS-BOT219237CASRibes nevadensePitzer, B.; Grayraven, C.28971996-5-11 San BernardinoAudobon Society's 'Bearpaw Ranch' Sanctuary, below Forest Falls. Just off State Highway 38 turnoff to Forest Falls, S of Mill Creek, in vicinity of University Creek, San Bernardino National Forest
    CAS-BOT219238CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.9081881-5-1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219239CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.14141882-5-1 San BernardinoAbove Cushenberry Springs, N slope San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219240CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.24781892-6-5 San BernardinoNear Strawberry Peak
    CAS-BOT219241CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.109361916-6-21 San BernardinoStrawberry Flat
    CAS-BOT219242CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.85241913-5-20 San BernardinoNear Forest Home, Mill Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT219243CASRibes nevadenseParish, S. B.109611916-6-21 San BernardinoLittle Bear Valley
    CAS-BOT219244CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-6-11 San BernardinoSeven Oaks Camp, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219245CASRibes nevadenseMunz, P. A.29381919-6-8 San BernardinoFredalba
    CAS-BOT219246CASRibes nevadenseThorne, Robert F.; Munoz, Carlos380261969-6-17 San BernardinoLower quarter of Icehouse Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest
    CAS-BOT219247CASRibes nevadenseEwan, J.27371930-6-18 San BernardinoSurprise Creek, above Oak Knoll Lodge, Bear Valley
    CAS-BOT219248CASRibes nevadenseEllsworth, Bettells.n.1920-7-30 San BernardinoBig Bear Valley
    CAS-BOT219249CASRibes nevadenseEllsworth, Bettells.n.1920-7-30 San BernardinoNear Champion Lodgepole Pine near Bluff Lake, 2-3 miles SW of Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219250CASRibes nevadenseKillip, E. P.363171941-6-13 San BernardinoArrowbear Lake, along Highway 18, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219251CASRibes nevadenseShaw; Illingsworth1061901-8-1 San BernardinoHuston Flat
    CAS-BOT219252CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas234661947-7-21 San BernardinoLost Creek, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT219253CASRibes nevadenseEllsworth, Bettells.n.1918-5-1 San DiegoMountains adjacent to desert
    CAS-BOT219254CASRibes nevadenseStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-7-1 San DiegoShaw's Ranch, San Felipe
    CAS-BOT219255CASRibes nevadenseMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1918-6-20 San DiegoJulian
    CAS-BOT219256CASRibes nevadenseJones, Vincents.n.1920-5-25 SierraCedar Glen
    CAS-BOT219257CASRibes nevadenseApplegate, Elmer I.s.n.1921-9-7 SierraGold Lake
    CAS-BOT219258CASRibes nevadensePawek, Jean L.571956-5-22 SierraHighway 49, just above Sierra City
    CAS-BOT219259CASRibes nevadenseLavin, M.41541982-6-27 SierraSalmon Lake just N of Sierra Buttes, 13 miles from Portola
    CAS-BOT219260CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas135281937-7-26 SiskiyouCaribou Basin, Salmon-Trinity Alps
    CAS-BOT219261CASRibes nevadenseHerrin, Wm. F.s.n.1918-5-15 SiskiyouShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT219262CASRibes nevadenseC., W. B.110061938-6-17 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail
    CAS-BOT219263CASRibes nevadenseBrown, H. E.5861897-7-15 SiskiyouS side of Mount Shasta
    CAS-BOT219264CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.122441915-8-26 SiskiyouWagon Creek at the foot of Mount Eddy
    CAS-BOT219265CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.122441915-8-26 SiskiyouWagon Creek at the foot of Mount Eddy
    CAS-BOT219266CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.80471905-6-16 SiskiyouSisson
    CAS-BOT219267CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.79671905-6-5 SiskiyouNear Shasta Springs
    CAS-BOT219268CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.80471905-6-16 SiskiyouSisson
    CAS-BOT219269CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice119091923-5-23 SiskiyouNear Shasta Springs
    CAS-BOT219270CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice107771921-7-24 SiskiyouCastle Lake
    CAS-BOT219271CASRibes nevadenseWiggins, Ira L.135081955-7-25 SiskiyouDitch head on Rush Creek, Mountain View Ranch
    CAS-BOT219272CASRibes nevadenseHowell, John Thomas133101937-7-22 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
    CAS-BOT219273CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alice67011917-9-2 SiskiyouShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT219274CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.79671905-6-5 SiskiyouNear Shasta Springs
    CAS-BOT219275CASRibes nevadenseHeller, A. A.135131920-8-12 Siskiyou3.5 miles from Horse Camp on the Mount Shasta Trail
    CAS-BOT219276CASRibes nevadenseShevock, James R.83771981-5-3 KernAlong intermittent stream off of FS road 28S06, approx. 1.4 miles W of Caliente-Havilah Road. Breckenridge Mountains
    CAS-BOT219277CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.52521959-5-21 KernMcFarland Creek, W slope of Bohna Peak
    CAS-BOT219278CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.38721957-7-23 KernTrail to Sunday Peak
    CAS-BOT219279CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.35731957-5-24 KernAlta Sierra Road, 5.4 miles W of Lake Isabella
    CAS-BOT219280CASRibes nevadenseHardham, Clare B.21681957-6-10 KernAbout 14 miles from 178 on Breckenridge Road
    CAS-BOT219281CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.45521958-8-7 KernTejon Ranch, Meadow near the summit of the SW end of Catskin Basin [Mojave Basin]
    CAS-BOT219282CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.72361962-6-1 KernNW slope of Tehachapi Peak
    CAS-BOT219283CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.72071962-5-25 KernRoadside 4.6 miles from the summit of Mount Abel
    CAS-BOT219284CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.72361962-6-1 KernNW slope of Tehachapi Peak
    CAS-BOT219285CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.111161965-7-6 KernN slope of Tehachapi Peak
    CAS-BOT219286CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.61511961-5-23 KernTejon Ranch: El Paso Canyon, about 1.5 miles above the Meadows Place
    CAS-BOT219287CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.125791966-7-13 KernE fork of the head of San Emigdio Canyon
    CAS-BOT219288CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.111161965-7-6 KernN slope of Tehachapi Peak
    CAS-BOT219289CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.72071962-5-25 KernRoadside 4.6 miles from the summit of Mount Abel
    CAS-BOT219290CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.125791966-7-13 KernE fork of the head of San Emigdio Canyon
    CAS-BOT219291CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.61511961-5-23 KernTejon Ranch: El Paso Canyon, about 1.5 miles above the Meadows Place
    CAS-BOT219292CASRibes nevadenseTwisselmann, Ernest C.38111957-6-25 KernMount Abel Highway, about 3 miles W of the summit
    CAS-BOT219293CASRibes nevadenseBreedlove, D. E.55091963-7-4 KernWater Canyon, on road to Tehachapi Mountain Park, 4 miles S of Tehachapi
    CAS-BOT219294CASRibes nevadenseBoyd, Steve; Maurice, Amber113062004-5-18 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges: Liebre Mountains region, Atmore Meadows are
    CAS-BOT219295CASRibes nevadenseRoss, Tim31681990-8-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, S side of Prairie Fork, in the draw between Columbine Spring and Camp Lupine, Mount San Antonio
    CAS-BOT219296CASRibes nevadenseJohnston, I. M.14031917-7-3 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon [Canyon]
    CAS-BOT219297CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.63771904-7-23 Los AngelesSan Gorgonio Mountain
    CAS-BOT219298CASRibes nevadenseEwan, J.84021934-8-10 Los Angeles0.5 mile above Buckhorn, Mount Waterman region, San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT219299CASRibes nevadenseGrant, Geo. B.11251902-6-1 Los AngelesMount Wilson
    CAS-BOT268059CASRibes nevadenseRubtzoff, Peter80231975-6-4 El DoradoU.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station: Southern fork of Bacon Canyon near Bacchi Corral Road.
    CAS-BOT27148CASRibes nevadenseGrant, George Bernards.n.1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT550681CASRibes nevadenseGriffith, Gerald4231937-7-2 KernKern Co. Park, Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
    CAS-BOT6066CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alices.n.1901-7-2 TrinityCanon Creek. Twin Lakes.
    CAS-BOT6180CASRibes nevadenseGrant, George Bernard; Wheeler, William62411904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT6181CASRibes nevadenseGrant, George Bernard; Wheeler, Williams.n.1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT6183CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alices.n.1893-7-18 FresnoSequoia Mills
    CAS-BOT6184CASRibes nevadenseJasper, (Mrs.)s.n.1895-5-1 KernSan Emidio Canyon
    CAS-BOT6216CASRibes nevadenseEastwood, Alices.n.1894-5-4 FresnoSequoia Mills
    CDA0012913CDARibes nevadenseG.F. Hrusa128551996-5-02 ShastaManzanita Chute. Approx. 1/3 m. E of Hwy 44 on USFS Rd. 3 NS17, and about 100 meters N of road. Lassen National Forest.
    CDA0013445CDARibes nevadenseG.F. Hrusa132921996-7-16 PlumasOn USFS 2 N11A. Ridge between Bull Run Creek and S Fk. Long Valley Creek. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0014751CDARibes nevadenseG.D. Barbe33091981-6-25 PlumasDiamond Mountain Road 1.4 miles north-northeast of Engle Mine townsite.
    CDA0018568CDARibes nevadenseG.D. Barbe33401981-6-26 Plumas0.75 mile northeast of Bucks Summit on Bucks Lake Road. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0025549CDARibes nevadenseG.D. Barbe27371980-5-20 TrinityOne-eye Flat south of Trinity River bridge, 0.4 mile north of Coffee Creek Road, west side of Hwy 3, north of Trinity Center.
    CDA0025550CDARibes nevadenseD. Adamss.n.1980-6-04 TulareMountain Home State Forest, Springville.
    CDA0044330CDARibes nevadenseD.G. Kelch11.5942011-6-28 El Dorado0.5 mi E of Ice House Rd, S of Granite Springs Rd.
    CHSC101778CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart158712009-6-14 PlumasSouthwest of Forest Road 2 N01Y, about 1.3 miles (air) west of Lake Almanor Dam. T27N R08E S2 W 1/4
    CHSC101934CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart160802009-7-15 PlumasOn dry rocky soil, along a small wash, on the south side of Forest Service Road 2 N671, northeast of Forest Service Road 26N67, about 2.8 miles (air) southeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam. T26N R08E S30 SE 1/4
    CHSC101938CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart161032009-7-15 PlumasOn dry rocky soil, east of the power line, on the south side of Forest Service Road 2 N22, about 2.3 miles (air) southeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam. T26N R08E S3 W 1/4
    CHSC10767CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart1969-5-18 PlumasSlate Creek, 10 miles south of La Porte.
    CHSC112015CHSCRibes nevadenseDavid Isle20741979-5-24 GlennMendocino National Forest. Pvt (now FS) rd about 3 miles W of jct at end of pavement above Alder Springs (OLD FH-7) Rd jct (=slapjack) T2 N R0 W S29 NE1/4
    CHSC11905CHSCRibes nevadenseE. B. Copeland6471931-7-31 ButteDamp spots in woods near Butte Creek.
    CHSC120477CHSCRibes nevadenseBarbara Ertter89751990-5-14 PlumasEast side of mountain above Cresent Mills, E of Round Valley Reservoir, forest of mixed conifer, oak, maple. T2 N R09E S23
    CHSC121297CHSCRibes nevadenseRobert Smallwood1491970-7-08 LassenE.L.B.S., 50 yds. north of library.
    CHSC122236CHSCRibes nevadenseL. P. Janeway125782018-5-27 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; about 35 m southeast of Oroville-Quincy Hwy, 2.9 road-km northeast of Frog Rock; top of drainage of unnamed major northwest tributary to Toland Creek. T2 N, R6E, NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of sec. 15. Soapstone Hill 7.5' quad.
    CHSC1659CHSCRibes nevadenseL. Stone1930-3-10 ButteBig Chico Creek Canon near Forest Ranch.
    CHSC1660CHSCRibes nevadenseM. Yoder1941-6-28 SiskiyouCastle Lake.
    CHSC1661CHSCRibes nevadenseV. Holt1942-7-09 TrinityGold Bullion Mine.
    CHSC21020CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor5481975-4-29 ButteAbundant on s side of Hwy 70, ca. 25 mi ne of Oroville.
    CHSC21346CHSCRibes nevadenseF. T. Griggs851975-7-07 PlumasGold and Silver Lakes. T2 N R07E S13
    CHSC21457CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor5831975-5-10 NevadaScattered in meadow by Rock Creek, ca. 4 mi e of junction of Blue Tent Rd and Greenville Rd, ca. 4 1/2 mi n of Nevada City.
    CHSC26784CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor16261978-5-06 ButteE side of Cohasset Rd, ca. 8 mi n of Chico.
    CHSC27507CHSCRibes nevadenseSusan M. Schulz181978-4-23 PlumasJct. of hwy. 70 and 149, n on 70 35.6 mi, n entrance of Elephant Butte Tunnel on Feather River Canon.
    CHSC32683CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor34461981-3-24 ButteS side of Hwy 70 in immediate vicinity of Poe Dam ca. 1 mi n of Pulga. T2 N R05E S32 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
    CHSC33898CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor35321981-4-14 ButteS side of Ponderosa Way, ca. 2 mi n of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70, ca. 20 air mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S1 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
    CHSC3399CHSCRibes nevadenseAlice L. Stoll1421966-4-30 ButteIn pine forest on roadside bank alongside Highway 32, 37 miles N. of Chico.
    CHSC35296CHSCRibes nevadenseM. S. Taylor29461980-6-23 SiskiyouBog around Cedar Lake, ca. 11 mi sw of Mt Shasta City. T3 N R0 W S25 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Dunsmuir
    CHSC35992CHSCRibes nevadenseJ. D. Jokerst15651982-5-08 ButteScattered along road at the W end of Forbestown Resv on the S. Fork Feather River.
    CHSC44938CHSCRibes nevadenseJ. Marr111988-3-19 ButteS side of Concow Rd. 4 mi w from Hwy 70, 18 mi n of Oroville.
    CHSC4580CHSCRibes nevadenseC. Glascock4101965-5-15 TehamaDeer Creek Falls. 9.5 mi. ne of intersection of Scout Rd. & Hwy 32. 5.1 mi. ne of Windy Cut Lookout on Hwy. 32. Top of trail to falls.
    CHSC45975CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart29461981-7-21 PlumasGrowing on the sides of large rock outcroppings, above the head of Dixon Creek, about 1/8 mile north of the Buzzards Roost Ridge, about 1 1/2 miles north of Pilot Peak.
    CHSC46657CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart63431989-7-02 PlumasOn broken rocks, near low cliffs, on the north-west side and near the summit of Pilot Peak, about 10 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC48902CHSCRibes nevadenseVernon Oswald11201984-4-09 ButteBryant Ravine Rd., 0.8 mi n of its jct. with Lumpkin Rd. near Feather Falls. T2 N R06E S11 SE1/4
    CHSC55408CHSCRibes nevadenseBenn Cunningham1991-4-20 PlumasCa. 0.3 mi s of Rock Creek Dam and 6 ft w of Highway 70, 35 mi s of Greenville.
    CHSC55409CHSCRibes nevadenseVivian L. Long131991-4-13 TehamaCa. 10 m s of Digger Creek. North-facing stream bank. T3 N R01E S23 SE corner USGS Quadrangle: Manton
    CHSC56300CHSCRibes nevadenseK. R. Stern82791986-5-21 TehamaDeer Creek Meadows, 1 mi SE of jct hwys 32 & 36. T2 N R05E S22
    CHSC56301CHSCRibes nevadenseK. R. Stern81441985-6-14 El DoradoEcho Summit.
    CHSC57014CHSCRibes nevadenseSteven Triano811988-4-17 TehamaMixed evergreen forest between Hwy. 32 and Big Chico Creek ca 15.6 mi n of Forest Ranch. T2 N R03E S35 center USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64,000
    CHSC57015CHSCRibes nevadenseSteven Triano1601988-5-07 TehamaSunny road-cut on s side of Hwy. 36 ca 8.3 mi w of Mineral. T2 N R02E S2 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Lassen Peak 1:64,000
    CHSC59982CHSCRibes nevadenseSharol Lindenstein71989-3-26 ButtePlumas Nat'l forest, Hwy 70, ca. 3.5 mi sw of Sugar Loaf Mt., 2 mi nw of Cresta Powerhouse. T2 N R05E S2 W1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC63340CHSCRibes nevadenseVernon H. Oswald62761994-6-14 ShastaForest Road 25, 5.4 W of the Canonal Forest boundary, at a branch of Castle Creek. T3 N R05W S10 NE1/4 of SE1/4
    CHSC65340CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart76541995-10-03 TehamaAlong Willow Creek, about 1 3/4 miles (air) north-east of Jonesville, about 6 1/2 miles (air) north-east of Butte Meadows. T2 N R05E S0 W1/4
    CHSC69046CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart77601997-8-01 ButteOn the west side of Little Kimshew Creek, about 1/4 mile east of Table Mountain, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Stirling City. T2 N R05E S04
    CHSC70263CHSCRibes nevadenseB. Castro3601989-8-07 PlumasCa 3 air mi S of Bucks Lake, W of USFS Rd 2 N18, ca 0.3 mi SW jcn Rds 23N18, 23N15 and 23N69, on the south flank of Red Mtn. T23N R07E S2 W1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Haskins Valley
    CHSC70798CHSCRibes nevadenseB. Castro3881989-8-14 PlumasCa 5 air mi S of Bucks Lake (just W of Bull Flat on quad map). On N-facing slope just above USFS Rd 2 N58 and overlooking tributary to China Gulch. T23N R07E S3 W1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Haskins Valley
    CHSC76134CHSCRibes nevadenseG. D. Barbe33091981-6-25 PlumasDiamond Mountain Road 1.4 miles north-northeast of Engle Mine townsite. T2 N R11E S08
    CHSC78079CHSCRibes nevadenseCaleb E. Casey1999-4-27 ButteParadise Lake. Found on trail along shore. T2 N R04E S18
    CHSC78518CHSCRibes nevadenseVernon H. Oswald99532000-8-28 SiskiyouKangaroo Lake Road ca. 0.5 mi north of the road to Rock Fence Creek Lake. T4 N R0 W S34 NW1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Scott Mountain 1:24,000
    CHSC8052CHSCRibes nevadenseJim McGuire551969-7-04 LassenOn road going to Willow Creek Valley, sec. 3.
    CHSC80553CHSCRibes nevadenseVernon H. Oswald100062001-5-7 TehamaForest Road 2 N15 2.2 mi west of Hwy 32, between Soda Springs and Cohasset Ridge. T26N R03E S2 W1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows
    CHSC81378CHSCRibes nevadenseL. P. Janeway49561996-4-23 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Soda Creek, along Road 2 N22 200 ft northwst of Hwy 70 and East Branch North Fork Feather River. T25N R09E S08 SE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Crescent Mills 1:24,000
    CHSC81517CHSCRibes nevadenseD. Tellefson2000-4-18 ButteParadise Lake, north of Paradise. T2 N R04E S
    CHSC81518CHSCRibes nevadenseSabrina Wright2000-4-18 ButteParadise Lake. North of Chico, Skyway to Coutolenc Rd to Lucretia Rd. T2 N R03E S25 NE1/4
    CHSC87645CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart109112004-5-16 PlumasOn the east side of Forest Road 2 N10, about 2 miles (air) west of Grizzly Peak, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Quincy. T25N R10E S2 W1/4
    CHSC9063CHSCRibes nevadenseCathy Crittenden381970-7-08 LassenE.L.B.S., 50 yards north of library.
    CHSC9716CHSCRibes nevadenseNancy Mosman831971-7-11 PlumasAlong river ca. 5 mi s of Belden turnoff and Hwy 70.
    CHSC98940CHSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart148112008-6-5 PlumasSteep west bank of the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1/8 mile southwest of the Feather Fork Mine, about 1 1/4 miles northeast of the Little Grass Valley Reservoir. T2 N R09E S1 W1/4
    CHSC99635CHSCRibes nevadenseH. Koeth2007-5-5 ButteButte Meadows, Cherry Hill campground. UTM 10 628108E 4440 N.
    CLARK-A1528-4141CLARKRibes nevadenseJohn C. Roos8431940-5-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CSUSB90368CSUSBRibes nevadenseRoy W. Martin780525-61978-5-25 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB93237CSUSBRibes nevadenseCarolyn McNeill1969-4-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; San Jacinto Mountains, along Banning to Idyllwild Highway at Bay Tree Spring turnout.
    CSUSB93238CSUSBRibes nevadenseDaryl Faustini5121973-7-18 San BernardinoWild Horse Meadows
    DAV335768DAVRibes nevadenseHannah Kang4382020-4-25 NevadaNEVADA COUNTY: Tyler Foote Crossing Road. Middle Yuba River Canon. ca. 0.6 air miles west of Footes Crossing Bridge.
    DAV337962DAVRibes nevadenseJames Neilson25671971-8-31 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe Basin. 600 feet above Buck Lake. On log road. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
    DAV351325DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean101552019-6-21 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Antone Meadow. South side of meadow.
    DAV395006DAVRibes nevadenseCharlotte Glenn1201967 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake. [Coordinates and elevation estimated by label maker]
    DAV395007DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean96152018-6-1 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along Rubicon Trail between Boat Camp and Vikingsholm, northeast of Vikingsholm.
    DAV395008DAVRibes nevadenseDaniel M. McNair21292016-6-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: west side of Tahoe Basin at D.L. Bliss State Park.
    DAV395009DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean17082003-5-12 PlacerPlacer County: Dutch Flat area, north of Hwy 80 near Alta Exit. Along Drum Powerhouse Road, about 2.5 road miles from Main St.
    DAV395010DAVRibes nevadenseCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team782008-6-12 TulareTulare County; About 6 miles from town of Three Rivers. Karen Bodner's property located NE of South Fork Dr. and Cinnamon Canon Rd.
    DAV395011DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean43852007-7-23 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Washoe Meadows State Park, southeastern corner of the park on the south side of the Upper Truckee River. Upper Truckee River Restoration Project monitoring well #1 plot.
    DAV395012DAVRibes nevadenseJennifer W. Burt672005-7-12 PlacerPlacer County: 'Powder Bowl' abandoned ski area (South of Alpine Meadow Road off Hwy 89 near Alpine Meadows) - collected from center of an abandoned ski run.
    DAV395013DAVRibes nevadenseJennifer W. Burt692005-7-16 PlacerPlacer County: abandoned ski area above Rainbow Lodge, off Hwy 50 East of Cisco - collected from center of an abandoned ski run.
    DAV395014DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean64352010-6-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Eastern side of park in campground area N of Hot Spirngs Creek.
    DAV395015DAVRibes nevadenseLouis C. Wheeler75491959-7-11 FresnoFresno County: Sierra Nevada: Dinkey Mountain, Rensselaer Mine.
    DAV395016DAVRibes nevadenseJoseph M. DiTomaso151975-6-17 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps. Emerald Lake at head of Stuarts Fork.
    DAV395017DAVRibes nevadenseJoseph M. DiTomaso5111976-6-29 TrinityTrinity County: Stuarts Fork Trail below Emerald Lake.
    DAV395018DAVRibes nevadenseJack Fine261975-5-25 El DoradoHighway 50, behind Kyburz Lodge.
    DAV395019DAVRibes nevadenseDavid W. Gilpin311975-6-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Glen Alpine Canon, 0.5 mile west of Lily Lake.
    DAV395020DAVRibes nevadenseR. O. Hanes2571995-5-26 NevadaNevada County: Bowman Rd., Rd 18.
    DAV395021DAVRibes nevadenseHemphill, D.V.70331972-10-08 HumboldtHumboldt County: Near Bennett Peak and Hyampom.
    DAV395022DAVRibes nevadenseG. K. Helmkamp105442006-5-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Neveda Mountains, El Dorado National Forest; S of Union Valley Reservoir, ca. 2 air mi. N of US Hwy. 50; junction of Ice House Canon Road and Granite Springs Road.
    DAV395023DAVRibes nevadenseG. K. Helmkamp106792006-6-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Ice House Road, 9.1 miles north of Hwy US-50.
    DAV395024DAVRibes nevadenseG. K. Helmkamp107362006-6-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; 5.5 miles east of Ice House Road on the road to Wright's Lake.
    DAV395025DAVRibes nevadenseG. F. Hrusa128551996-5-02 ShastaShasta County: Approx. 1/3 mile east of Hwy 44 on USFS Rd. 3 NS17, and about 100 meters north of road.
    DAV395026DAVRibes nevadenseC.H. Lamoureux10491956-4-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 18 miles east of Placerville, on US Hwy 50; 1 mile west of Pacific House. Near Roman Gankin's cabin.
    DAV395027DAVRibes nevadenseC.H. Lamoureux10491956-4-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 18 miles east of Placerville on Hwy 50.
    DAV395028DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean78722013-7-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: W shore of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park, Along General Creek drainage. On west side (upstream) of bridge connecting North Fire Road with South Fire Road, south side of creek.
    DAV395029DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean79622013-8-16 El DoradoEl Dorado County: W shore of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park, Lily Pond, NW corner of pond.
    DAV395030DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean72122011-8-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Lake Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Southern region of Bay just south of trail to Eagle Point.
    DAV395031DAVRibes nevadenseEllen Dean65562010-6-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Southern part of park near lower reaches of Shay Creek on S side of Hot Springs Creek. East side of meadow.
    DAV395032DAVRibes nevadenseApril McCoy251984-5-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Vikingsholm Vista Pt./ So. Lake Tahoe.
    DAV395033DAVRibes nevadenseW. B. McHenrys.n.1990-5-21 PlumasPlumas County: Bucks Lake, along quarry road.
    DAV395034DAVRibes nevadenseRobin McMaster4341973-6-03 PlacerPlacer Co.: Lake Spaulding.
    DAV395035DAVRibes nevadenseEmily McPherson75-56-51975-8-08 NevadaNevada County: Canon 22; Interstate 80.
    DAV395036DAVRibes nevadenseRodney Gale Myatt8641971-7-10 NevadaSouth of Hwy 80, near Cisco. Along trial from Hwy 80 south to Loch Levin.
    DAV395037DAVRibes nevadenseRodney Gale Myatt16321972-6-01 El DoradoJordan Creek. North of Hwy 80, west of Soda Springs.
    DAV395038DAVRibes nevadenseG. T. Nordstrom2291934-7-16 PlumasPlumas County: 1 NE of Mt. Ararat.
    DAV395039DAVRibes nevadenseR. Randell171996-5-26 SierraSierra County: Tahoe National Forest, Wild Plum Road, 2 miles from highway 49.
    DAV395040DAVRibes nevadenseRobbinss.n.1943-6-01 PlumasPlumas County: Feather River Canon near Virgilia.
    DAV395041DAVRibes nevadenseD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1997-8-09 PlacerPlacer Co.: Blue Canon Road near Blue Canon. Tahoe National Forest.
    DAV395042DAVRibes nevadenseBryan Drews.n.2003-6-3 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Along road between cabin and garage.
    DAV395043DAVRibes nevadenseB. F. Smith671968-7-02 TulareTulare County: Mountain Home State Forest.
    DAV395044DAVRibes nevadenseJ. P. Smith83281975-6-23 TrinityTrinity County: 7 miles south of State Route 299 at Buckhorn Summit on road to Bully Choop.
    DAV395045DAVRibes nevadenseDean W. Taylor26791973-7-21 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass; 1 mile east of the El Dorado County line along Schnider Camp road near Caples Lake.
    DAV395046DAVRibes nevadenseP. Thompson481996-4-28 TehamaTehama County: 12 km southwest of Hwy 32 and Hwy 39 junction.
    DAV395047DAVRibes nevadenseJ.M. Tucker34511958-8-07 KernKern County: Southwest end of Catskin Valley (upper Cottonwood Creek watershed), Tehachapi Mountains.
    ELH01978ELHRibes nevadenseGary Schoolcraft28942000-5-5 LassenAlong Bizz Johnson Trail west of Susanville, California
    ELH01979ELHRibes nevadenseGregg Riegel2161976-7-23 Lassen4 miles north of Hwy 299 on the road to Widow Peak, California
    FSC0011231FSCRibes nevadenseCarol Cederblom831977-6-11 FresnoOn forest floor near Dinkey Meadow
    FSC0011232FSCRibes nevadenseW. T. Shaw1935-6-14 FresnoMcKinley Grove of Big Trees,
    FSC0011233FSCRibes nevadenseElroy Robinson32491933-4-28 FresnoCollected on south bank of creek just below Mermontia
    FSC0011234FSCRibes nevadenseR. Kangas32491939-5-19 FresnoIn crags of rock at crest of waterfall just below Miramonte, north end of road
    FSC0011235FSCRibes nevadenseA.C. Hawbecker1621949-7-30 Fresno4 N of North entrance to Kings Canon Natl. Park. Along open roadside
    FSC0011236FSCRibes nevadenseC. H. Quibell16841930-5-11 FresnoShaver Lake
    FSC0011237FSCRibes nevadenseChas. H. Quibell10,0211960-7-09 Fresnoalong upper reaches Ordinance Creek
    FSC0011238FSCRibes nevadenseSue Quibell; Chas. H. Quibell50101954-9-08 FresnoE. FK. Bear Cork., ca. 10,000' trail climbs abruptly up n. wall 150-200' above stream canyon suddenly narrows. Great avalanche chutes of 12,00 n. pk. of 13,075' 7-Gables hang over canyon up stream on s. Florence L.; 8 map-m. sw. Lodgepole For. in canyon bottom and down into Bear Crk.; Juniper mats on steep ice-planed granite slope above n.; Sublap. For. on s. wall and on n. wall above 10,400'; Krumholtz strips run to over 12,000' in fav. places on n. ridge. Ribes in rock crevices, now dry, along trail near upper end of this high selection.
    FSC0011239FSCRibes nevadenseE. Robinsonb1751936-7-11 Fresnoalong the bank of Potter Crk., just below the meadow at the headwaters below Potter Pass on Kaiser Ridge, n. e. of Huntington Lake.
    FSC0011240FSCRibes nevadenseChas. H. Quibell; Edith M. Quibell58781955-8-19 Fresno
    FSC0011241FSCRibes nevadenseChas. H. Quibell401951-6-15 FresnoYellow Pine Forest - Stevenson Crk. just below road and Dam at Shaver L. on Hiway 168. Flume Pk. 6972 s.; Music Pk. 6820 n.
    FSC0011242FSCRibes nevadenseC.H. Quibell32491926 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
    FSC0011243FSCRibes nevadenseTed Thompson1968-5-27 MaderaAlong Timber Creek southeast of Central Canon 8
    FSC0011244FSCRibes nevadenseFrank H. Gleason381963-6-26 Sierrabelow the road to Upper Sardine Lake near capin.
    FSC0011245FSCRibes nevadenseJim McMahon51957-4-27 MaderaC. 500 yds. above Mammoth Rd. bridge on Whiskey Crk., Ca. 2 1/2 m. s.e. of South Fork.
    FSC0011246FSCRibes nevadensePaul A. Mitchell341959-6-07 El DoradoNear mouth of King Eagle Creek, Emerald Bay State Park
    GMDRC5071GMDRCRibes nevadenseJ. Andre178022011-5-24 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Cottonwood Creek, at end of Cottonwood Rd, 4.2 mi. west of US 395, approx. 11 mi. north of Olancha
    HSC100280HSCRibes nevadenseJ.P. Smith13,3892011-7-23 ShastaAlong East County Line Road.
    HSC100725HSCRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart16,0802009-7-15 PlumasS side of F.S. Rd. 2 N671, NE of F.S. Rd. 26N67, 2.8 (air) mi. SE of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam.
    HSC102092HSCRibes nevadenseM. R. Mesler9952011-8-2 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ~.25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
    HSC102620HSCRibes nevadenseM. R. Mesler16072013-6-28 HumboldtSlopes above Bret Hole and below trail 6E18, 1.5 km SSW of Trinity Summit.
    HSC103114HSCRibes nevadenseM. Mesler8392010-8-6 HumboldtTrail to Trinity Summit from Water Dog Lakes (6E08, Horse Ridge National Recreation Trail)
    HSC104106HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer46002010-5-21 InyoAlong the Division Rd. to Scotty Springs, west of the Sawmill Lake trailhead
    HSC19438HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer19461969-8-05 SiskiyouAlong Sugar Creek.
    HSC24240HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer6311968-9-01 TrinityAlong Limestone Ridge from Pony Mtn. to Marble Springs
    HSC26688HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte14271972-8-07 TrinityBoulder Creek Lakes, edge of falls in back of lake
    HSC32249HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer22081970-6-17 SiskiyouOn trail to South Sugar Lake
    HSC39784HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer2585B1974-6-25 TrinityAlong trail to Granite Lake
    HSC44143HSCRibes nevadenseM.A. Baker3011977-5-21 TrinityEagle Creek Campground
    HSC451HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte6401967-7-06 TrinityRidge between Landers Lake and Union Lake
    HSC46794HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte16741974-8-17 TrinityLong Canon, along trail
    HSC53912HSCRibes nevadenseGriswold69221979-7-11 HumboldtNear Snow Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC56051HSCRibes nevadenseG.L. Clifton116521979-7-31 HumboldtNear Trinity Summit Guard Station, close to the town of Hoopa
    HSC56094HSCRibes nevadenseG.L. Clifton117981979-7-31 HumboldtNear Trinity Summit Guard Station, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC57146HSCRibes nevadenseOverton99371979-7-26 HumboldtNear Willow Creek, E Fork, close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC57643HSCRibes nevadenseG.L. Clifton108071979-7-25 HumboldtNear Red Cap Lake, close to the town of Forks of Salmon.
    HSC58052HSCRibes nevadenseG.L. Clifton119181979-8-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek Lakes, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC64664HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer30301977-7-06 SiskiyouSouth of Little Duck Lake
    HSC671HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte6881967-7-09 SiskiyouKidd Creek Trail
    HSC67605HSCRibes nevadenseJ.P. Smith83281975-6-23 Trinity7 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on Rd. to Bully Choop.
    HSC77894HSCRibes nevadenseM. Hitchcocksn1918-5-25 San BernardinoForest Home, San Bernardino Mtns.
    HSC78028HSCRibes nevadenseJohn S. Palmer231973-6-18 TrinityBear Lakes area, SE edge of Big Bear Lake
    HSC78051HSCRibes nevadenseJohn S. Palmer481973-6-19 TrinityBear Lakes area, along trail to Big Bear Lake
    HSC78296HSCRibes nevadenseJohn S. Palmer4001975-7-23 TrinityBear Lakes Area, ridgetop SE of Log Lake
    HSC78801HSCRibes nevadenseJohn S. Palmer1791973-9-07 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along shore of Wee Bear Lake
    HSC79775HSCRibes nevadenseJohn Sully611972-5-20 San Bernardino31 mi. ENE of San Bernardino on Hwy. 38 at Barton Flats on Stetson Creek in San Bernardino Mtns.
    HSC809HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte7341967-7-25 SiskiyouCaribou Basin
    HSC830HSCRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte8321967-8-07 TrinityCanon Creek Lakes, below 'L' lake
    HSC83192HSCRibes nevadenseClare R. Wheeler25761981-6-24 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin Rd. USFS Rd. 2 N04, 2.5 mi. below and N of the Lookout
    HSC86125HSCRibes nevadenseJane Hildreth231981-6-04 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., San Bernardino National Forest, Bay Tree Springs along Hwy. 243, 12 mi. S of Banning
    HSC97264HSCRibes nevadenseMarcus D. Jones162007-6-6 Fresno5 mi. on Hwy. 168 E from Shaver Lake on E side of Gold Eagle Rd. In drainage.
    HSC98215HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer14591969-7-24 SiskiyouNW facing slope SW of Sugar lake.
    HSC98216HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer13391969-7-11 SiskiyouS Sugar Creek
    HSC98217HSCRibes nevadenseJ.O. Sawyer12271969-7-09 SiskiyouSE facing slope above South Sugar Lake
    IRVC112126IRVCRibes nevadenseR.H. WhittakerSJ-1511963-6-02 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Devils Slide Trail.
    IRVC112127IRVCRibes nevadenseR.H. WhittakerSJ-2591963-6-06 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: 5509 San Jacinto Ridge Rd. (N. Fork San Jacinto River)
    IRVC112129IRVCRibes nevadenseG. K. Helmkamp; E.A. Helmkamp55822000-4-25 KernOak Crk Rd., 1.5 mi E of Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd (about due W of Mojave and SE of Tehachapi.
    JEPS102309UCJEPSRibes nevadenseVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart100062001-5-7 TehamaForest Road 2 N15 2.2 W of Hwy 32, betw. Soda Springs and Cohasset Ridge
    JEPS105033UCJEPSRibes nevadenseDean W. Taylor157841996-7-11 SiskiyouScott Mountains; West Fork Parks Creek (about 15 air miles west of Weed & 1 air mile west of Stewart Springs); Shasta Trinity National Forests
    JEPS105102UCJEPSRibes nevadenseDean W. Taylor138201993-7-09 ShastaTrinity Mountains; Gray Rocks; ca. 10 air miles WSW of Dunsmuir
    JEPS106029UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino109112004-5-16 PlumasOn the east side of Forest Road 2 N10, about 2 miles (air) west of Grizzly Peak, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Quincy
    JEPS114512UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart148112008-6-5 PlumasSteep west bank of the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1/8 mile southwest of the Feather Fork Mine, about 1 1/4 miles northeast of the Little Grass Valley Reservoir
    JEPS115166UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart, John Dittes161032009-7-15 PlumasOn dry rocky soil, east of the power line, on the south side of Forest Service Road 2 N22, about 2.3 miles (air) southeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam
    JEPS115169UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart, John Dittes160802009-7-15 PlumasOn dry rocky soil, along a small wash, on the south side of Forest Service Road 2 N671, northeast of Forest Service Road 26N67, about 2.8 miles (air) southeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam
    JEPS115783UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino158712009-6-14 PlumasSouthwest of Forest Road 2 N01Y, about 1.3 miles (air) west of Lake Almanor Dam
    JEPS117853UCJEPSRibes nevadenseJulie Kierstead Nelson2006-222006-6-16 ShastaGirard Lookout, 2 miles southwest of Castle Crags
    JEPS124775UCJEPSRibes nevadenseEllen Locke1481967-7-20 CalaverasCollected near Dead Man's Creek about 4 miles west of Sonora Pass on HIghway 108.
    JEPS124776UCJEPSRibes nevadenseS. Hardinghaus16775-0271967-7-02 El DoradoEmerald Bay. HW 89 State Park at road down to shore and museum off highway, downhill steep, open area.
    JEPS125725UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWilliam Harnach14022015-4-13 Sierra1.25 miles North of the Yuba-Sierra County line on Highway 49.
    JEPS127481UCJEPSRibes nevadenseSteve Matson3841998-8-21 PlacernSNH: Tahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista/Kings Beach; west fork Snow Creek; bog at western terminus of Tiger Ave dirt extension.
    JEPS127483UCJEPSRibes nevadenseSteve Matson1221997-7-20 PlacernSNH: Tahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista/Kings Beach; west fork Snow Creek; bog at western terminus of North Ave dirt extension.
    JEPS129474UCJEPSRibes nevadenseJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-0172018-5-15 ShastaChalk Mountain, north side of Pit River, 7 miles west of Lake Britton; County Road 3 Nelson Creek watershed.
    JEPS22772UCJEPSRibes nevadenseRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64291958-7-20 Los Angelesn slopes Mt. Hawkins (along Angeles Crest Highway (State Highway 2), headwaters of South Fork of Big Rock Creek); San Gabriel Mts., Big Rock Creek
    JEPS24795UCJEPSRibes nevadenseRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava68041958-9-01 Siskiyouheadwaters Sacramento River (Shore of Castle Lake); Castle Lake, Sacramento River
    JEPS26602UCJEPSRibes nevadensePeter Kamb12031948-7-11 RiversideHall Canon San Jacinto Mts.
    JEPS28655UCJEPSRibes nevadenseGeorge W. Gillett8571957-7-19 Plumasabout 1 1/4 mi above Devils Kitchen (on trail to Sifford Lakes); Lassen Volcanie National Park
    JEPS43504UCJEPSRibes nevadenseCharlotte N. Smith5531941-6-15 Kernne Basket Peak (Mill Creek crossing, near road from Glennville to Pettitt Ranch and Davis Ranger Station); Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS48771UCJEPSRibes nevadenseJohn Warren Duffield1937-5-23 PlumasBear Creek Buck Lake Quad.-1950
    JEPS49282UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson152901929-9-28 ShastaManzanita Lake Lassen Peak
    JEPS49283UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson135211898-7-01 NevadaBear Valley
    JEPS49284UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson135201894-8-04 Siskiyouhalf-way up from Cedar Spring to Horse-Camp; Mt. Shasta
    JEPS49285UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson132771928-8-12 FresnoBench Meadow Kaiser Ridge
    JEPS49286UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson106171924-7-22 PlumasRich Point Middle Fork Feather River
    JEPS49287UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson55851923-5-15 San BernardinoSnow Creek San Bernardino Mts., Mill Creek Canon
    JEPS49288UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson46711911-8-14 TulareGarfield Forest Big Trees Sequoia Park
    JEPS49289UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson34731909-7-30 TuolumneHetch Hetchy
    JEPS49290UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson13061901-5-19 RiversideStrawberry Valley Mt. San Jacinto
    JEPS49291UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson6921900-6-24 TulareMarble Fork to Round Meadow; Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest
    JEPS49292UCJEPSRibes nevadenseFrancis Ramaley112681917-5-20 El DoradoKyburz South Fork American River
    JEPS49293UCJEPSRibes nevadenseF. M. Reed23091908-7-13 RiversideTahquitz Valley Mt. San Jacinto
    JEPS49294UCJEPSRibes nevadenseR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed10611907-7-23 El DoradoLake Lucile Trail Lake Tahoe Region, Glen Alpine
    JEPS49295UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWillis L. Jepson13051918-7-22 Mariposanear Peregoy Meadow; Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Park
    JEPS49296UCJEPSRibes nevadenseAdele Lewis Grant1915-6-13 CalaverasBig Trees
    JEPS49297UCJEPSRibes nevadenseFrank W. Peirson721918-5-26 Los AngelesSummit of Mount Wilson Mount Wilson
    JEPS49299UCJEPSRibes nevadenseAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg2751911-7-22 Trinityhead Grizzly Creek
    JEPS49300UCJEPSRibes nevadenseAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg1641911-6-21 SiskiyouJackson Lake
    JEPS71851UCJEPSRibes nevadenseGladys L. Smith30781971-7-10 El DoradoCalifornia Alpine Club Lodge, woods at edge of parking lot Echo Summit
    JEPS71852UCJEPSRibes nevadenseGladys L. Smith2038A1964-7-03 El Dorado2 mi w of Echo Summit (at margin of Pow-wow bog, U.S. 50); Sierra Nevada Mountains
    JEPS71853UCJEPSRibes nevadenseGladys L. Smith20391964-7-03 El Dorado1 mi w Echo Summit (along U.S. 50)
    JEPS75964UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWilliam J. Ferlatte16741974-8-17 TrinityLong Canon Trinity Alps
    JEPS81365UCJEPSRibes nevadenseL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman59741982-7-07 Lakenw side Snow Mt. (Middle Fork of Stoney Creek); , Stoney Creek
    JEPS82696UCJEPSRibes nevadenseWayne Roderick1984-6-07 Siskiyousw Stewart Springs (Cabin Meadow)
    JEPS94297UCJEPSRibes nevadenseLowell Ahart77601997-8-01 Butteabout 8 air mi ne of Stirling City (on the w side of Little Kimshew Creek, about 1/4 mi e of Table Mountain); Little Kimshew Creek
    JEPS98984UCJEPSRibes nevadenseVernon H. Oswald100062001-5-7 TehamaForest Road 2 N15 2.2 mi west of Hwy 32, between Soda Springs and Cohasset Ridge.
    JEPS99645UCJEPSRibes nevadenseMelanie Arnett, Daniel Phipps McCoy83412001-7-15 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; Base of E-facing steep granite outcrop in riparian community of Alnus incana subsp. tenuifolia and Cornus sericea.
    LA104590LARibes nevadenseBarry A. Prigge77421987-7-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Bear Creek; above where Santa Ana Truck Trail crosses creek
    LA205546LARibes nevadenseE.C. Darkes.n.1939-5-06 San DiegoPalomar Mountains
    LA205548LARibes nevadenseE.B. Copeland6471931-7-31 ButteJonesville
    LA205549LARibes nevadenseCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-17 ShastaLassen Park, near Manzanita Lake
    LA205550LARibes nevadenseCarl Eplings.n.1931-5-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Big Pines Camp
    LA205551LARibes nevadenseA.H. Langes.n.1951-5-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Herky Creek
    LA205552LARibes nevadenseJonathan Sauer55811974-5-11 Kernnear Greenhorn Summit
    LA205621LARibes nevadenseMarcus E. Joness.n.1928-3-05 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains; Bear Valley
    LA205622LARibes nevadenseE.B. Higginss.n.1949-6-01 San Diegolower Doane Valley, Palomar
    LA205623LARibes nevadenseCarl Eplings.n.1935-6-30 Riversideabove Marion Camp, Mt. San Jacinto
    LA205624LARibes nevadenseMartha Hilend4341940-5-31 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Bluff Lake
    LA205625LARibes nevadenseRobert G. Engmans.n.1932-6-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    LA211932LARibes nevadenseOrlando Mistretta1992-5-15 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains; Vicinity of Big Pines; head of Swarthout Valley; Mountain High Ski area
    LA328179LARibes nevadenseMartha Hilends.n.1929-5-14 Los AngelesMt Lowe
    LA39396LARibes nevadenseJane TurnerC--4231960-5-30 TulareSequoia National Forest; on road to Johnsondale, 1 mi. S of Dome Rock
    LA83715LARibes nevadenseO.H. Kappler14361947-5-24 KernGreenhorn Mountains; Alta Sierra Canon road from Kernville to Glennville
    LA91285LARibes nevadenseP. Everett74551935-7-19 FresnoSierra Nevada; Huntington Lake-Florence Lake Road, High Sierra Ranger Station public camp ground.
    LOB105998LOBRibes nevadenseS. E. DeWitt191971-5-01 San Bernardino5.0 miles from the Valley of Enchantment on Hwy 138.
    LOB106010LOBRibes nevadenseR. Comito & Amanda Fisher792018-4-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest, Vista Grande Rd
    LOB106011LOBRibes nevadenseMcClain1954-5-22 TulareRern River
    LOB106012LOBRibes nevadenseCindy Galls.n.1972-4-22 San BernardinoSanta Ana River, 4 W. Seven Oaks.
    LOB106013LOBRibes nevadenseS. Haydens.n.1972-4-29 RiversideSlope above Strawberry Creek, 1.5 miles south of Tollgate Rd., Idyllwild
    LOB106014LOBRibes nevadenseB. Paloney1621970-4-12 San Bernardinooff Hwy. 38 on Rd. to Camp Ta Ta Pochon.
    LOB106015LOBRibes nevadenseDick Zembals.n.1972-4-22 San BernardinoSanta Ana River, 4 W. Seven Oaks.
    LOB8323LOBRibes nevadenseMcClains.n.1954-5-22 TulareKern River
    OBI128964OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil161271982-5-30 TulareSequoia Natl Forest. Along High Sierra Trl ca. 4 mi E of trailhead (Crescent Meadows)
    OBI128965OBIRibes nevadenseMelissa Luckow4161980-6-23 MaderaSierra Natl Forest, Minerets Ranger District.
    OBI128966OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil129421978-7-23 PlacerCisco Grove exit from I-80, just E of Nevada Co line
    OBI128967OBIRibes nevadenseJ.H. Applegarths.n.1969-6-19 SiskiyouW of cow Crk, tributary of Beaver crk
    OBI128968OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil195301986-5-23 TulareSierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest.
    OBI128969OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil232841992-6-14 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. San Emigdio Mountains. 6.0 road miles south west from junction with Pine Valley Highway on Mount Pinos Road.
    OBI128970OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil197331986-8-02 TulareNE of Springville in Mountain Home State forest. Methuselah Group campground to vicinity of Doggwood Meadow
    OBI128971OBIRibes nevadenseBeth Waterbury591983-7-26 KernSequoia Natl Forest, Forest hwy 90, Tiger flat campground
    OBI128972OBIRibes nevadenseSteve Boyd113062004-5-18 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges:Liebre Mtns region: Atmore Meadows area
    OBI128973OBIRibes nevadenseLarry Kelly1391988-5-20 MaderaAlong Beasore rd, ca. 3 N of Malum ridge rd
    OBI128974OBIRibes nevadenseJoy H. Nishida7781985-7-10 PlacerHomewood
    OBI128976OBIRibes nevadenseV.L. Holland1591965-5-15 FresnoPlant found by jctn of Dunlap and Brookside roads
    OBI128977OBIRibes nevadenseDavid J. Keil183831994-8-17 TulareQuaking Aspen campground, Sequoia Natl Forest. East of Porterville in the sierra Nevada
    OBI128978OBIRibes nevadenseJill MacIntyre321986-8-02 TulareMountain Home State Forest, Sierra Nevada Mts
    OBI128979OBIRibes nevadenseJ.H. Applegarths.n.1969-6-19 SiskiyouW of cow Crk, tributary of Beaver crk
    OBI128980OBIRibes nevadenseCarl Epling & Louis C. Wheeler18301933-6-04 VenturaWNW base Frazier Mt
    OBI158391OBIRibes nevadenseR.G. Swinney140242010-10-13 Los AngelesLily Spring, within 100 meters of main spring.; Crystal Lake 7.5′
    PASA2259PASARibes nevadenseMagaret Stason462 KernAlong Cedar Creek, Greenhorn Mountains
    PASA2260PASARibes nevadenseAnnetta Carter1929-6-16 MariposaYosemite. Illilouette Creek below falls
    PASA2261PASARibes nevadenseFrank W. Peirson1926-5-01 San DiegoPalomar Mt. Trail form Oak Grove. Bush 4 ft high at the Sour Dough Spring
    POM11302RSARibes nevadenseP. A. Munz56811922-6-11 San Bernardino2 miles east of Bluff Lake.
    POM11393RSARibes nevadenseP. A. Munz46481921-6-17 Los AngelesSawmill, Swartout [Swarthout] Valley.
    POM12115RSARibes nevadenseMary F. Spencer7061921-6-01 RiversideIdyllwild, San Jacinto Mountains
    POM12661RSARibes nevadenseP. A. Munz63841922-9-06 RiversideNorth fork of Tahquitz Creek.
    POM13881RSARibes nevadenseE. C. Jaeger11771921-6-25 RiversideTahquitz Valley, San Jacinto Mts.
    POM156289RSARibes nevadenseL. R. Abrams25831902-6-30 Los Angelessummit of Mt. Wilson
    POM18069RSARibes nevadenseP. A. Munz68471923-5-26 Los Angeleshead of Vincent Gulch.
    POM184666RSARibes nevadenseJoseph A. Ewan71871932-5-29 Los AngelesRidge east of Mount Gleason
    POM20019RSARibes nevadenseMary F. Spencer21741923-6-12 Riverside