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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT210185CASRibes montigenumYork, Dana11311996-7-12 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 68 km NE of Fresno (FSC), Sierra National Forest, limestone outcrop at Dinkey Lakes trailhead
    CAS-BOT212530CASRibes montigenumThomas, H. A.; Thomas, J. H.46091954-9-12 FresnoMono Creek between 3rd and 4th Recess. Vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneer Basin, Fourth Recess, and adjacent Mono Creek. Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT212531CASRibes montigenumMcDonald, Wm. M.4751952-7-16 FresnoAlong John Muir Trail, between Colby Meadow and Evolution Lake, Kings Canyon National Park
    CAS-BOT212532CASRibes montigenumQuibell, C. H.CHQ 511951-6-20 Fresno0.5 mile beyond Rancheria Creek crossing on trail heading south to Long Mead
    CAS-BOT212533CASRibes montigenumGraut, Adele Lewis10121917-6-30 FresnoKaiser Peak
    CAS-BOT212534CASRibes montigenumPutnam ; Johnson671920-7-6 InyoLone Pine
    CAS-BOT212535CASRibes montigenumKerr, Marks.n.1939-7-7 InyoMount Whitney Trail
    CAS-BOT212536CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas222751946-7-14 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Basin
    CAS-BOT212537CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas238081947-8-6 InyoFourth Lake, Big Pine Lakes
    CAS-BOT212538CASRibes montigenumPapenhagen, Betty Hammerly8111973-7-7 InyoMeadows W of Long Lake, Roack Creek Basin
    CAS-BOT212539CASRibes montigenumBlakley, E. R.46701961-9-5 InyoNorth slope of Telescope Peak, Panamint Moutain, Death Valley National Monument
    CAS-BOT212540CASRibes montigenumKnight, Walter; Roof, James20001966-7-19 InyoEagle Spring on Telescope Peak
    CAS-BOT212541CASRibes montigenumJohnson, Betty H.6811962-7-9 InyoW of upper end of Long Lake, E of Bishop Pass
    CAS-BOT212542CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas164241941-7-24 MaderaNear Garnet Lake
    CAS-BOT212543CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas343321958-8-12 MaderaNear Isberg Lake
    CAS-BOT212544CASRibes montigenumHatton, J. H.H-321912-9-20 MaderaCassidy Meadows, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT212545CASRibes montigenumDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-7-21 MariposaCathedral Pass Trail, Yosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT212546CASRibes montigenumCongdon, J. W.778981901-7-21 MariposaCathedral Pass Trail, Yosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT212547CASRibes montigenumEastwood, Alice3591907-8-14 MariposaMount Hoffman, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT212548CASRibes montigenumCovel, Paul F.12801938-8-12 MonoAt timberline, Mount Dana, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT212549CASRibes montigenumAbrams, L. R.135851934-6-29 MonoNear Carnegie Alpine Station, Slate Creek
    CAS-BOT212550CASRibes montigenumClausen, J.10061934-9-11 MonoSlate Creek Basin, E of Mount Conness
    CAS-BOT212551CASRibes montigenumKeck, David D.43941936-8-18 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Slate Creek Basin, E foot of Mount Conness
    CAS-BOT212552CASRibes montigenumKeck, David D.46851937-8-30 MonoSE flank of Mount Conness above Hanging Valley in cirque between Mount Conness and White Mountain, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
    CAS-BOT212553CASRibes montigenumPawek, Jean L.4741958-7-11 MonoOff of Highway 120 at Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
    CAS-BOT212554CASRibes montigenumWillard, Beatrice681946-6-25 MonoTwin Lakes Spring, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest
    CAS-BOT212555CASRibes montigenumRose, Lewis S.353391935-7-15 MonoLake George, Mammoth Lakes
    CAS-BOT212556CASRibes montigenumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas75391939-7-20 MonoSonora Pass
    CAS-BOT212557CASRibes montigenumMeiere, Mrs. Ernest75391916-1-1 MonoMount Dana
    CAS-BOT212558CASRibes montigenumSmith, Malcolm; Smith, Laura3431965-8-1 MonoBig Virginia Lake
    CAS-BOT212559CASRibes montigenumMunz, Philip A.200491954-8-20 MonoNE base of White Mountain, Upper Slate Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT212560CASRibes montigenumSonne, C. F.1001885-7-12 NevadaAbove Kneeland Mill
    CAS-BOT212561CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas184391943-7-16 NevadaBoreal Ridge, W side of Donner Pass near Norden
    CAS-BOT212562CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas186031943-7-20 NevadaCastle Peak
    CAS-BOT212563CASRibes montigenumHeller, A. A.70081903-7-24 NevadaAbout Summit Station, Donner Pass
    CAS-BOT212564CASRibes montigenumHeller, A. A.70081903-7-24 NevadaAbout Summit Station, Donner Pass
    CAS-BOT212565CASRibes montigenumBaker, Milo S.98a-251925-9-6 NevadaSoda Springs Ranger Station
    CAS-BOT212566CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.76451973-8-20 NevadaDonner Creek between Donner Pass and Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT212567CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.69801971-8-25 NevadaRidge between Mount Lola and White Rock Lake
    CAS-BOT212568CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.78221974-8-28 NevadaRidge of Castle Peak from E base of Peak to Frog Lake cliffs
    CAS-BOT212569CASRibes montigenumDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-8-30 NevadaSummit City Canyon
    CAS-BOT212570CASRibes montigenumMott, Lillian S.55681968-7-20 NevadaCastle Peak
    CAS-BOT212571CASRibes montigenumMcPhersen, Emily75-52-111975-8-2 NevadaCold Stream, NE side of Mount Lola
    CAS-BOT212572CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.; Trowbridge, Barbara83221977-7-25 NevadaSlopes at W end of Independence Lake
    CAS-BOT212573CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas60661970-7-15 NevadaNorth Fork of Sagehen Creek near headwaters, 5 miles W of U.C. Station
    CAS-BOT212574CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas60491970-7-15 Nevada0.5 miles W of North Fork of Sagehen Creek on N slope of Carpenter Ridge
    CAS-BOT212575CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.30191966-7-20 NevadaCastle Peak, 3.5 miles N of Norden
    CAS-BOT212576CASRibes montigenumLeschke, Hans18271961-8-18 ShastaSummit Area of Diamond Peak
    CAS-BOT212577CASRibes montigenumAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.7461908-7-12 San BernardinoMount San Gorgonio, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT212578CASRibes montigenumBaker, Milo S.288-261926-8-21 TrinityNear Sulphur Springs
    CAS-BOT212579CASRibes montigenumEastwood, Alice18631912-8-22 LassenTrail from Morgan Springs to Lassen Butte
    CAS-BOT212580CASRibes montigenumClear, Blanches.n.1938-7-13 LassenLoop highway on road to Summit Lake
    CAS-BOT212581CASRibes montigenumJohnston, I. M.14151917-7-4 San BernardinoSummit of Mount Baldy
    CAS-BOT212582CASRibes montigenumWheeler, Louis C.14151932-8-21 San BernardinoDollar Lake, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT212583CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas236541947-7-25 San BernardinoWhitewater cirque, Mount San Gorgonio
    CAS-BOT212584CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas365591961-6-20 ShastaDersch Meadows
    CAS-BOT212585CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas361491960-8-19 TehamaBrokeoff Mountain Trail
    CAS-BOT212586CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.55491970-7-14 SierraVerdi Peak Road, ca. 1 mile below Lookout
    CAS-BOT212587CASRibes montigenumLester, Gary S.3271974-6-30 TrinityRidge top S of N Yolla Bolly Peak, Yolla Bolly Wilderness Area, Trinity-Tehama County line
    CAS-BOT212588CASRibes montigenumWhipple, Jennifer13081976-7-6 TrinityDeadfall Creek drainage in the vicinity of Deadfall Lakes, China Mountain and Weed quads.
    CAS-BOT212589CASRibes montigenumWhipple, Jennifer16921976-8-19 TrinityDeadfall Creek drainage in the vicinity of Deadfall Lakes, China Mountain and Weed quads.
    CAS-BOT212590CASRibes montigenumWhipple, Jennifer17441976-9-1 TrinityMeadows N of Lower Deadfall and Deadfall Lakes along the creek draining the upper Deadfall Lakes, China Mountain and Weed quads.
    CAS-BOT212591CASRibes montigenumWiggins, Ira L.112341946-8-14 AlpineNear summit of Kit Carson Pass, about 0.5 miles E of summit
    CAS-BOT212592CASRibes montigenumWiggins, Ira L.112341946-8-14 AlpineNear summit of Kit Carson Pass, about 0.5 miles E of summit
    CAS-BOT212593CASRibes montigenumDerby, Mrs. Charless.n.1934-6-3 AlpineEbbett Pass
    CAS-BOT212595CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta531601978-6-28 AlpineWestern slope of Ebbetts Peak
    CAS-BOT212597CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas14011925-7-6 El DoradoLake Gilmore, Lake Tahoe Region
    CAS-BOT212598CASRibes montigenumHeller, A. A.125321916-8-11 El DoradoSouth side of Echo Lake
    CAS-BOT212599CASRibes montigenumHeller, A. A.125421916-8-11 El DoradoSouth side of Echo Lake
    CAS-BOT212600CASRibes montigenumEastwood, Alice11661906-7-29 El DoradoLake of the Woods
    CAS-BOT212601CASRibes montigenumEastwood, Alice11661909-1-1 El DoradoMount Tallac
    CAS-BOT212602CASRibes montigenumZabriskie, Nancy Ryan; Zabriskie, Walter6841973-11-8 El DoradoSaucer Lake Trail from Echo Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains
    CAS-BOT212603CASRibes montigenumLovegrove, Elsie Z.s.n.1938-9-21 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake side of Tamrac Trail
    CAS-BOT212604CASRibes montigenumAbrams, Le Roy48211911-7-29 El DoradoFallen Leaf Trail, mount Tallac
    CAS-BOT212605CASRibes montigenumMcGregor, E. A.551909-8-9 El DoradoHalf Moon Lake
    CAS-BOT212606CASRibes montigenumDavidson, A.s.n.1896-7-1 RiversideSummit, San Jacinto Peak
    CAS-BOT212607CASRibes montigenumWolf, Carl B.39801932-8-5 RiversideSummit, San Jacinto Peak
    CAS-BOT212608CASRibes montigenumJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1921-6-19 RiversideRound Valley, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT212609CASRibes montigenumWilder, Mrs. C.M.9461909-6-12 RiversideRound Valley, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT212610CASRibes montigenumDudley, W. R.9471895-7-30 TulareVicinity of Summit Lake
    CAS-BOT212611CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas269951950-7-17 TulareTrail from Bakeoven to Templeton Meadows
    CAS-BOT212612CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas251201948-7-28 TulareCenter Basin
    CAS-BOT212613CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas174201942-7-30 TulareLittle Five Lakes Basin
    CAS-BOT212614CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas171311942-7-25 TulareMineral King
    CAS-BOT212615CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas258421949-7-28 TulareRock Creek
    CAS-BOT212616CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas156891940-7-30 TulareEast Lake
    CAS-BOT212617CASRibes montigenumTwisselmann, Ernest C.138131967-9-20 TularePowell Meadow
    CAS-BOT212618CASRibes montigenumTwisselmann, Ernest C.167881970-6-25 TulareSirretta Meadow at the head of Little Trout Creek
    CAS-BOT212619CASRibes montigenumTwisselmann, Ernest C.179391971-7-14 TulareRound Meadow
    CAS-BOT212620CASRibes montigenumTwisselmann, Ernest C.; et al.181351971-8-28 TulareCreek near the old ranger's cabin, Casa Vieja Meadow
    CAS-BOT212621CASRibes montigenumTwisselmann, Ernest C.; et al.171711970-7-28 TulareMeadow at the head of Kern Peak Stringer
    CAS-BOT212622CASRibes montigenumEastwood, A.45711904-9-2 TulareSky Valley
    CAS-BOT212624CASRibes montigenumCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-7-1 TulareCoyote Peak
    CAS-BOT212625CASRibes montigenumCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-7-14 TulareMoraine Lake
    CAS-BOT212626CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.468151970-6-25 TulareSirretta Meadows, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT212627CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.439481967-9-20 TularePowell Meadow, about 6 miles N of Blackrock Guard Station, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT212628CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.436821967-8-9 TularePowell Meadow, about 6 miles N of Blackrock Guard Station, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT212629CASRibes montigenumMorton, C. V.118101959-8-28 TulareTributary of Rock Creek
    CAS-BOT212630CASRibes montigenumKeefe, Joseph142091973-8-19 TulareJohn Muir Trail, 2 miles N of Forester Pass, Kings Canyon National Park
    CAS-BOT212631CASRibes montigenumShevock, James R.78371980-7-29 TulareFS trail 30E09 at Boulder Creek, Kings River Drainage, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212632CASRibes montigenumShevock, James R.90161981-8-30 TulareSirretta Meadow, South Fork Kern River Drainage, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT212633CASRibes montigenumShevock, Jim3431970-6-30 TulareCoyote Lakes
    CAS-BOT212634CASRibes montigenumSharsmith, C. W.38121938-8-21 TulareW slope Kaweah Peaks Ridge above Nine Lakes Basin, head of Big Arroyo, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT212635CASRibes montigenumBaker, Milo S.4294b1930-7-8 TulareMosquito Lakes, vicinity of Mineral King
    CAS-BOT212636CASRibes montigenumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura106611942-7-15 TulareNear junction of trails to Eagle Lake and White Chief Mine, above Mineral King Post Office, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT212637CASRibes montigenumDudley, W. R.14861896-7-28 TulareSlope of Mount Silliman
    CAS-BOT212638CASRibes montigenumDudley, W. R.25921897-8-11 TulareAbove Soda Spring, Region of Mineral Gap: Trail, Bullion Flat to Mineral King
    CAS-BOT212639CASRibes montigenumBacigalupi, Rimo17611927-7-25 TulareLow pass just S of South American Lake
    CAS-BOT212640CASRibes montigenumWiggins, Ira L.210051968-6-24 TuolumneSummit of Sonora Pass, S side of Highway 108
    CAS-BOT212641CASRibes montigenumWiggins, Ira L.92851939-8-5 TuolumneSonora Pass Road 2 miles E of Badger Flats
    CAS-BOT212642CASRibes montigenumWarnock, D.91951-7-7 Tuolumne50 yards NW of Ranger Station at summit of Tioga Pass at foot of W wall, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT212643CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas203201944-8-11 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows
    CAS-BOT212644CASRibes montigenumCongdon, J. W.s.n.1894-8-15 TuolumneSoda Springs
    CAS-BOT212645CASRibes montigenumCongdon, J. W.s.n.1890-8-19 Tuolumne
    CAS-BOT212646CASRibes montigenumTrue, Gordon H.73021972-8-7 TuolumneMeadow 0.8 miles W of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT212647CASRibes montigenumElmer, A. D. E.40101902-7-1 VenturaGriffins, Mount Pinos
    CAS-BOT212648CASRibes montigenumElmer, A. D. E.40101902-7-1 VenturaGriffins
    CAS-BOT212649CASRibes montigenumElmer, A. D. E.40101902-7-1 VenturaGriffins, Mount Pinos
    CAS-BOT212650CASRibes montigenumHarris, Thos. H.s.n.1948-7-1 VenturaMount Pinos
    CAS-BOT212926CASRibes montigenumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1943-7-19 FresnoKaiser Peak
    CAS-BOT212927CASRibes montigenumCantelow, Ella Dales43361940-8-31 FresnoEast slope, Kaiser Pass
    CAS-BOT212928CASRibes montigenumBeane, Lawrence15821949-7-13 FresnoBadger Flats
    CAS-BOT212929CASRibes montigenumShevock, James R.108851984-6-13 FresnoKings River Drainage, along forest road near base of Marvin Pass above Horse Corral Meadow
    CAS-BOT212930CASRibes montigenumShevock, James R.; Ertter, Barbara; Bartel, Jim; Berg, Ken119031990-7-1 FresnoMonarch Wilderness. Eagle Peaks west of Happy Gap on the divide between Sequoia-Sierra National Forests
    CAS-BOT212931CASRibes montigenumRubtzoff, Peter; Holeman, James R.87451976-7-21 FresnoEast side of Courtright Road, 7.5 miles north of junction with McKinley Grove Road, Lost Canyon
    CAS-BOT212932CASRibes montigenumKaune, S. M.5461962-7-28 FresnoNear and between Fingerbowl Lake and Swede Lake; ca. 2.5 miles SE of first Dinky Lake, N slope of Three Sisters, Kings River District, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT212933CASRibes montigenumQuibell, C. H.511951-6-20 FresnoAbout 0.5 miles beyond Rancheria Creek crossing on trail heading S to Long Mead
    CAS-BOT212934CASRibes montigenumQuibell, Chas. H.29001953-7-24 FresnoWes Quall's Stock Camp Cabins, multiple trail junction NE of Black Peak, S Fork Big Creek, above Huntington Lake
    CAS-BOT212935CASRibes montigenumHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.6801900-7-24 Fresno
    CAS-BOT212936CASRibes montigenumHowell, John Thomas248181948-7-21 FresnoBubbs Creek Canyon, in vicinity of Vidette Meadows
    CAS-BOT212937CASRibes montigenumRaven, Peter77691954-8-5 FresnoBear Creek
    CAS-BOT212938CASRibes montigenumRaven, Peter H.43541952-7-11 FresnoS of Mount Muriel
    CAS-BOT212939CASRibes montigenumRaven, Peter H.97491956-7-17 FresnoPalisades N of Palisade Lakes
    CAS-BOT212940CASRibes montigenumDuran, Victor33391932-7-11 InyoPine Creek, Sierra Nevada, near Round Valley
    CAS-BOT212941CASRibes montigenumDuran, Victor33391932-7-11 InyoPine Creek, Sierra Nevada, near Round Valley
    CAS-BOT212942CASRibes montigenumRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.1501950-8-5 InyoRidge W of Dingleberry Lake, above Lake Sabrina
    CAS-BOT225900CASRibes montigenumWilliams, Margaret J.84-71-21984-6-29 ModocLily Lake, W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT225901CASRibes montigenumPatterson, Robert; Bourell, Mona52601993-8-15 ModocWarner Mountains. Along trail from Patterson Lake to ca. 2 mi north towards Pepperdine Trailhead.
    CAS-BOT225902CASRibes montigenumBartholomew, Bruce52611990-6-16 ModocW side of Pine Creek Basin, Warner Mountains.
    CAS-BOT225903CASRibes montigenumApplegate, Elmer Ivan81221932-8-3 ModocDry rocky summit of Warner Mts. just S of Eagle Peak.
    CAS-BOT225904CASRibes montigenumApplegate, Elmer Ivan80621932-8-1 ModocArid rocky summit of Warner Mountains S of Warren Peak.
    CAS-BOT225905CASRibes montigenumBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett42931988-6-24 ModocRoad beyond Poison Lake ca. 8 km S of the road from U.S. Highway 395 to Lily Lake, Warner Mts..
    CAS-BOT225906CASRibes montigenumAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.48221946-6-25 ModocDismal Swamp, N end of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT225907CASRibes montigenumApplegate, Elmer Ivan75811932-7-9 ModocNorth slope of Bidwell Mountain, Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT225908CASRibes montigenumAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.48221946-6-25 ModocDismal Swamp, N end of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT249288CASRibes montigenumRubtzoff, Peter; Evans, C. J.91011977-7-7 FresnoSouth of Short Hair Creek; ca. 0.3 air miles E of Courtright Road crossing between Short Hair Creek and Courtright Road, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT411CASRibes montigenumMcClatchie, Alfred James1831893-8-16 Los AngelesSummit of Mt. San Antonio
    CAS-BOT412CASRibes montigenumMcClatchie, Alfred Jamess.n.1893-8-16 Los AngelesSummit of Mt. San Antonio
    CAS-BOT465594CASRibes montigenumNelson, Julie Kierstead; Lenz, Martin2015-0612015-6-18 SiskiyouHeadwaters of West Fork Parks Creek, 2 mi NNE of China Mountain; 7 mi W of town of Weed
    CAS-BOT584578CASRibes montigenumBenson, Lyman121131946-7-27 MonoTwin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes; Sierra Nevada Mts., Great Basin drainage
    CHSC21362CHSCRibes montigenumM. S. Taylor2181974-5-04 LassenCa. 1/4 mi n of Eagle Lake Field Station, ca. 13 mi nw of Susanville.
    CHSC48901CHSCRibes montigenumVernon Oswald21571986-6-25 ShastaLassen Park, trail to Paradise Meadows. T3 N R04E S36 NE1/4
    CHSC54490CHSCRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald47631991-7-22 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. In Blue Lake Canon on the southeast side of the unnamed lake located ca. 0.25 mile west of Blue Lake, ca. 3 miles (air) west-southwest of Lassen Peak. T3 N R04E S08 SE1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC60902CHSCRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald56301993-7-01 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. Creek on the E side of Juniper Lake Rd., ca. 1.0 N of the Park boundary. Twigs from a shrub ca. 8 dm tall growing among rocks on the E bank of the creek. T30N R06E S2 W1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC61103CHSCRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald57251993-7-27 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Slope S of the lower lake in Blue Lake Canon. T3 N R04E S0 W1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC63516CHSCRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald64371994-8-01 TrinityDeadfall Meadow along Deadfall Creek, S side of Forest Rd. 17, ca. 3 mi (air) WNW of Mt. Eddy. Growing in patches of brush near the creek. T4 N R0 W S14 NW1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC7376CHSCRibes montigenumJerry Davis301969-6-20 LassenFound on E.L.B.S.
    CHSC7627CHSCRibes montigenumNick Santamaria2421969-7-10 LassenAlongside sring near the road leading up the east side of Antelope mountain approx. 1 mile from Antelope lookout.
    CHSC80009CHSCRibes montigenumHelen Constantine-Shull6001995-8-19 MonoSan Joaquin Roadless Area, Inyo National Forest. At N end of Deadman Pass. T03S R26E S14 USGS Quadrangle: Mammoth Mtn.
    CHSC8050CHSCRibes montigenumWillis Ball71969-6-19 LassenApprox. 100 NE of E.L.B.S.
    CHSC93510CHSCRibes montigenumLowell Ahart120362005-6-9 SiskiyouHill, along a rock fence, about 100 yards southeast of where cattle water in the Shasta River, about 3/5 mile (air) south of Highway 99/97 Cutoff, about 2 1/2 miles (air) east-southeast of Grenada. T4 N R0 W S30 SW1/4
    CLARK-A1045-1034CLARKRibes montigenumGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-7-03 MonoSierra Nevada ; Tioga Pass 7.5'Q
    CLARK-A1045-1247CLARKRibes montigenumGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-7-03 MonoSierra Nevada Tioga Pass grade, steep, rocky slope among Pinus flexilis;
    CLARK-A1528-4136CLARKRibes montigenumJohn C. Roos29491946-9-04 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio Peak
    CLARK-A1528-4137CLARKRibes montigenumJohn C. Roos12511942-7-01 MariposaYosemite
    CLARK-A1528-4138CLARKRibes montigenumJohn C. Roos1943-7-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-4139CLARKRibes montigenumJohn C. Roos28821947-7-13 InyoPanamint Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-4140CLARKRibes montigenumJohn C. Roos45361949-7-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    DAV337869DAVRibes montigenumJames Neilson25071971-8-28 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tahoe Basin. Lake Lucille. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.].
    DAV394991DAVRibes montigenumPeter Rubtzoff91011977-7-07 FresnoFresno County: South of Short Hair Creek; ca. 0.3 air miles E of Courtright Road crossing between Short Hair Creek and Courtright Road, Sierra Nevada.
    DAV394992DAVRibes montigenumEmily McPherson75-52-111975-8-02 NevadaNevada County: North east side of Mt. Lola.
    DAV394993DAVRibes montigenumR. H. Pembles.n.1967-8-21 MonoMono County: Hall Natural Area; saddle W of East Plateau on lower slopes.
    DAV394994DAVRibes montigenumE. A. Dean8281999-6-26 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada, El Dorado National Forest, WNW of the jct. of Hwys 88 and 89, along Hwy 89, just west of Luther Pass. Grass Lake area.
    DAV394995DAVRibes montigenumMary Theresa Burke32A1978-7-14 FresnoFresno County: Rae Lakes Basin, Kings Canon National Park. Releve 13, up above Ranger Tentcabin.
    DAV394996DAVRibes montigenumA. S. Crafts6241932-8-05 InyoInyo County: Trail to Ruby Lake.
    DAV394997DAVRibes montigenumVictor Duran33391932-7-11 InyoInyo County: Pine Creek, Sierra Nevada. Near Round Valley.
    DAV394998DAVRibes montigenumR. Prags.n.1973-6-21 AlpineAlpine County: Echo Lake.
    DAV394999DAVRibes montigenumRobert E. Preston17132001-7-21 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: Klamath National Forest, north slope of Rainbow Mountain, T4 N R1W ne 1/4 Section 22
    DAV395000DAVRibes montigenumBarbara L. Rice3721966-7-18 TulareTulare County: Farewell Gap, 1/4 - 2 miles north of summit, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV395001DAVRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor25001973-7-07 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. 1 mile west of the summit of Highway 88.
    DAV395002DAVRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor30171973-9-09 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass; Along old roadbed of Highway 88 above Red Lake.
    DAV395003DAVRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor39521974-6-28 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass - Along the trail from Winnemucca Lake to Round Top Lake.
    DAV395004DAVRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor43281974-7-23 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass - At Crater Lake.
    DAV395005DAVRibes montigenumH. S. Yates39481934-6-30 AlpineAlpine County: E side of Canon Pass.
    FSC0011278FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell29001953-7-24 FresnoWest Quall's stock camp cabins, multiple trail jct., n.e. of 19778 Beak Pk. S. Fx. Big Crk. above Huntington L. Under Lodgepole For. (glaciated area) aloho Crk. between small meads. in full fl. n.e. and e. of cabins 9150'.
    FSC0011279FSCRibes montigenumE. Robinsonb611936-7-16 Inyodeep shade of the Lodgepole Forest on rather moist flat, n. of Rock Crk. Lake, n. of Little Lakes Valley, e. side of Mono Pass
    FSC0011280FSCRibes montigenumJohn Weiler631941963-6-24 El DoradoGrass Lake, 1.6 miles west of Luther Pass near Highway 89.
    FSC0011281FSCRibes montigenumJohn Weiler632621963-10-1 Mono1.3 miles east of Sonora Pass.
    FSC0011283FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell48231954-9-03 Fresno
    FSC0011284FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell53881955-8-06 FresnoUpper French Canon Basin (Trib, Piute Crk, and S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv) W. Over Sierran Crest from Bishop
    FSC0011285FSCRibes montigenumE. Robinson3041936-7-11 Fresno8700'; along bank of Potter Crk. just below large headwaters meadow below Potter Pass on Kaiser Ridge, n.e. of Huntington Lake
    FSC0011286FSCRibes montigenumH. L. Buckalews.n.1952-7-08 TulareOpen lodgepole forest. In granite rock along the Eagle Lake trail and not far back from the banks of the stream from the same.
    FSC0011287FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell52051955-7-27 Fresno
    FSC0011288FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell62181957-7-24 FresnoLower n. sect. of n-s tending Evolution Basin, 15 air m. e-se. of Florence L. & just w. of Sierran crest. Ribes along base of rock walls on s. facing side of 150' high, 2 knobbed, peninsula at n. end Evol. L.
    FSC0011289FSCRibes montigenumJohn Stebbins1983-7-09 FresnoPost Corral Meadow, East of Courtnight Reservoir in a Lodge Pole Pine Forest
    FSC0011290FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell5021951-8-08 Fresnoextension of Highway 168 beyond Kaiser Pass and the meadows to point where rd. drops down out of Pinus Murrayana and Abies magnifica into open granite area with sparse stand P. Jeffreyi and Juniperus occidentalis. Go down slope, across Kaiser creek to open smooth granite slope facin n-ne.
    FSC0011291FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell73211958-7-13 Fresno8250' Prior L., 2 m. directly n. of 10,320' Kaiser Pk., 2 m. sw. of Sample Mead. CAmp grd. (sw. quarter Kaiser Pk. quad.). Lake in large cirque, sidewalls 500 & 650', back wall rises to 9600' outliers of Kaiser Pk
    FSC0011292FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell42271954-8-09 Fresno10,000' Big Maragret L., Headwaters Silver Crk. L. M. SW of 11,878' Silver Pk. on Silver Divide 1 1/2 NE of 11,192' Saddle Mt (9 map- miles N. of Mono Hot Sprgs.).
    FSC0011293FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell52801955-7-29 FresnoHumphreys Basin, headwaters Piute Crk. trib. S. Fk. San Joaquin River, W. over Sierran crest from Bishop; lowest spots on rim NE around E to SW; along trail up ravine NNE from lake next above Golden Trout Lake.
    FSC0011294FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell; Edith M. Quibell33071953-8-28 FresnoOn broad granite bench or low ridge 100' above lower and southernmost of 2 large lakes 1 m. w. of 13,163' Red Slate Mt. on Sierran crest.
    FSC0011295FSCRibes montigenumD. Warnock1951-7-07 MariposaYosemity National Park. 9-Tioga Pass Transect. 50 yds. n.w. of Ranger Stat. at summit of Pass at foot of w. wall.
    FSC0011296FSCRibes montigenumE. Robinsonb1881936-7-04 Fresnojust below summit of Mt. Givens, on Kaiser Ridge, 3 m.e. Kaiser Pass.
    FSC0011297FSCRibes montigenumA. L. Grant1917 FresnoHuntington Lake. At Nellie lake, Karrier Peak
    FSC0011298FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell511951-6-20 FresnoLodgepole Forest about a half mile beyond Rancheria Crk. crossing on trail heading s. to Long Mead. etc. Kaiser Ridge averages about 10,000' 2-3 miles n. and e.
    FSC0011299FSCRibes montigenumChas. H. Quibell72041957-8-22 FresnoAlong trail; in Goddard Canon (S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv.) (Blackcap Mt. Quad.) above w. bank of the river and ca. opposite the creek which descends steep e. wall from the lake at 11,300' on w. flank of 12,543' Peter Pk. (Mt. Goddard Quad.).
    GMDRC10379GMDRCRibes montigenumJ. M. Andre390292017-6-7 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: along North Fork Big Pine Creek, walk-in campsite at top of First Falls, 0.6 mi. west of Glacier Lodge (historic)
    GMDRC4462GMDRCRibes montigenumJ. Andre141022006-7-7 InyoBig Pine Canon: south fork of canyon, approx. 1.5 mi. SW of Glacier Lodge cabins
    GMDRC7488GMDRCRibes montigenumJ. M. Andre325862009-8-1 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: south fork of Big Pine Canon, 0.3 mi. west of Willow Lake
    HSC214602HSCRibes montigenumR.F. Thorne498781977-7-20 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio Mtn., east of summit along Summit Ridge Trail
    HSC214603HSCRibes montigenumG.L. Clifton56731979-6-22 Del NorteNear Bear Basin, close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC214604HSCRibes montigenumGary S. Lester3271974-6-30 TrinityTrinity-Tehama county line, Yolla Bolly Wilderness Area, ridge top of S of N Yolla Bolly Peak
    HSC214605HSCRibes montigenumG.M. Riegel6211979-7-30 ModocS Warner Mtns.
    HSC214606HSCRibes montigenumLyman Benson126271947-8-04 MonoTwin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes
    HSC214607HSCRibes montigenumJennifer Whipple22621977-9-09 TrinityN of Lower Deadfall and Deadfall Lakes along the creek draining the upper Deadfall Lakes
    HSC214609HSCRibes montigenumJ.P. Smith16661976-7-28 TrinityAlong trail to Deadfall Lakes
    HSC214610HSCRibes montigenumJ.P. Smith76561974-7-08 TuolumneTrail to Mono Pass along Parker Pass Creek
    HSC214611HSCRibes montigenumJ.P. Smith69421973-6-20 MonoHoover Wilderness Area.
    HSC214612HSCRibes montigenumJ.O. Sawyer34321980-6-17 TrinityAlong trail 1 W36 to Pettijohn Basin
    HSC214613HSCRibes montigenumJ.O. Sawyer41111980-9-25 InyoAlong trail 0.1 mi. E of Mildred Lake
    HSC214614HSCRibes montigenumHelen Constantine-Shull4191995-7-10 MonoAlong Glass Creek above falls
    HSC214615HSCRibes montigenumHelen Constantine-Shull3651994-8-07 MonoDeadman Pass on San Joaquin Ridge
    HSC214616HSCRibes montigenumHelen Constantine-Shull8261995-9-29 MonoLower part of Deadman Creek, S Canon
    HSC214617HSCRibes montigenumHelen Constantine-Shull91994-7-07 MonoShepherd Camp Spring at N side of Glass Creek Meadow
    HSC214618HSCRibes montigenumSteve DeBenedetti1221974-7-09 TulareSequoia National Park, Hockett Meadow
    HSC214620HSCRibes montigenumJade Paget-Seekins522010-7-20 AlpineHwy 4, Ebbetts Pass trailhead for the Pacific Crest Trail.
    HSC214621HSCRibes montigenumJade Paget-Seekins452010-7-15 PlumasOn the border of Lassen National Park, just east of Juniper Lake Road.
    HSC214622HSCRibes montigenumJade Paget-Seekins552010-7-23 AlpineUpper Blue Dam campground, near the Grouse trailhead.
    HSC214623HSCRibes montigenumJade Paget-Seekins492010-7-19 PlacerMountains west of Lake Tahoe, up Forest Route 3 past the Ellis Peak trailhead, left onto road toward Miller Meadows.
    HSC214624HSCRibes montigenumJohn S. Palmer4751976-7-05 TrinityBear Lakes Area, Horse Creek Basin
    HSC214627HSCRibes montigenumJennifer Whipple19361977-7-06 TrinityNear Upper Deadfall Lakes
    HSC214628HSCRibes montigenumJennifer Whipple20741977-8-03 TrinityN of Lower Deadfall and Deadfall Lakes along the creek draining the upper Deadfall Lakes.
    HSC214629HSCRibes montigenumJ.P. Smith13,0632010-8-7 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, road to Crater Lake off Forest Service Road 4 N24.
    HSC214630HSCRibes montigenumSteve DeBenedetti931974-6-30 FresnoKing's Canon National Park, Glacier Valley Meadow
    IRVC112125IRVCRibes montigenumA. P. Romspert409(1)1976-6-19 InyoEagle Springs, Telescope Pk., Panamint Mts.
    JEPS105050UCJEPSRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor157911996-7-12 SiskiyouSalmon Mountains; Patterson Creek drainage (about 5 air miles west of Etna); Klamath National Forest
    JEPS105103UCJEPSRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor138181993-7-09 ShastaTrinity Mountains; Gray Rocks; ca. 10 air miles WSW of Dunsmuir
    JEPS105368UCJEPSRibes montigenumDean W. Taylor145411994-7-15 Maderaridge dividing Iron Creek & Grizzly Creek (watershed South Fork Merced); Sierra National Forest
    JEPS124772UCJEPSRibes montigenumJ. Yamanaka571965-7-01 El DoradoGrass Lake, 6.5 miles from junction of HWY #50 and #89 on #89.
    JEPS124773UCJEPSRibes montigenumP. L. B.511965-7-01 El DoradoCollected at Grass Lake in El Dorado County.
    JEPS124774UCJEPSRibes montigenumVirginia Hardham511965-7-01 El DoradoNear Lodgepole pines, near shore of Grass Lake, 6.8 miles SE on Hw 89 from intersection 89 and 50 El Dorado County.
    JEPS128105UCJEPSRibes montigenumJulie Kierstead Nelson, Heath Bartosh, Jepson Yolla Bolly Workshop2017-0312017-7-14 TrinityYolla Bolly Wilderness; Black Rock Lake.
    JEPS128460UCJEPSRibes montigenumJulie Kierstead Nelson, Martin Lenz2015-0612015-6-18 SiskiyouHeadwaters of West Fork Parks Creek, 2 miles NNE of China Mountain; 7 miles W of town of Weed.
    JEPS33007UCJEPSRibes montigenumE. R. Blakley46701961-9-05 Inyon slope Telescope Peak; Death Valley National Monument, Panamint Mt.
    JEPS43502UCJEPSRibes montigenumElizabeth Van E. Ferguson4641920-7-13 FresnoJunction Meadow
    JEPS43509UCJEPSRibes montigenumFrances D. Payne491929-7-07 Modoc2 mi sw Mt. Warren; Warner Mts., Pine Creek Basin
    JEPS49332UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson10961900-8-08 TulareFoxtail Camp Mt. Whitney
    JEPS49373UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson132091928-8-10 FresnoQuail Meadow Mono Creek
    JEPS49384UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson81351918-8-25 El DoradoMt. Tallac Lake Tahoe
    JEPS49385UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson81141918-8-23 AlpineCanon Pass
    JEPS49387UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson4429e1911-7-14 MariposaMcClure Fork Yosemite Park, Merced River
    JEPS49388UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson33461909-7-16 MaderaMt. Lyell
    JEPS49389UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson8581900-7-15 FresnoKearsarge Pass
    JEPS49390UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson65771915-7-26 TuolumneSonora Pass, Summit Sierra Nevada
    JEPS49391UCJEPSRibes montigenumAdele Lewis Grant12801918-6-17 MariposaWhite Wolf Meadow
    JEPS49392UCJEPSRibes montigenumAdele Lewis Grant10121917-6-30 FresnoKaiser Pk.
    JEPS49393UCJEPSRibes montigenumLula Newlon14141918-7-13 FresnoNellie Lake
    JEPS49394UCJEPSRibes montigenumFrank W. Peirson731918-8-16 Los Angelessummit Baldy; Mt. San Antonio
    JEPS49395UCJEPSRibes montigenumAdele Lewis Grant3721915-8-26 TuolumneEagle Meadow Yosemite
    JEPS49396UCJEPSRibes montigenumR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed10581907-7-23 El DoradoLake Lucile Trail Lake Tahoe Region, Glen Alpine
    JEPS49397UCJEPSRibes montigenumJ. Grinnell271904-7-12 VenturaMt. Pinos
    JEPS49398UCJEPSRibes montigenumFrank W. Peirson6851920-9-12 Los AngelesSummit, a few feet down the n slope Baldy; San Gabriel Range, Mt. San Antinio
    JEPS49399UCJEPSRibes montigenumJos. Grinnell1925-7-27 TehamaBrokeoff Mt.
    JEPS49401UCJEPSRibes montigenumWillis L. Jepson31791909-7-08 MariposaEcho Creek, hillside near summit of divide Merced River
    JEPS71854UCJEPSRibes montigenumGladys L. Smith20971964-7-05 El Doradotrail around Echo Lake; Echo Summit
    JEPS71855UCJEPSRibes montigenumGladys L. Smith17611963-7-08 El Doradotrail from Woods Lake to Winnemucca Lake
    JEPS86495UCJEPSRibes montigenumL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman, Alice Howard65781986-7-27 Placerca. 5 mi se Donner Lake (near Frog Lake, in cirque below 7889 ft. rise, ca. 1.5 mi se of Chickering houses at Soda Springs (old resort)); Sherman Chickering's Soda Springs holdings
    JEPS87801UCJEPSRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart64371994-8-01 Trinityca. 3 mi (air) wnw Mt. Eddy (s side of Forest Rd.17, Deadfall Meadow); Deadfall Creek
    JEPS87802UCJEPSRibes montigenumVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart64371994-8-01 Trinityca. 3 mi (air) wnw Mt. Eddy (s side of Forest Rd.17, Deadfall Meadow along Deadfall Creek); Deadfall Meadow, Deadfall Creek
    LA00610626LARibes montigenumC. Eplings.n.1937-7-08 InyoPanamint Mountains; Telescope Peak; Eagle Spring.
    LA00610627LARibes montigenumHarlan Lewiss.n.1940-9-02 MonoSierra Nevada; Trumbull Lake (Virginia Lakes)
    LA00610628LARibes montigenumMary V. Hood46--75k*1946-8-11 MonoMinaret Summit, Madera county line
    LA00610629LARibes montigenumA.A. Hellers.n.1916-8-11 El DoradoS side of Echo Lake
    LA00610630LARibes montigenumVictor Duran33391932-7-11 InyoSierra Nevada; Pine Creek (near Round Valley)
    LA00610631LARibes montigenumCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-11 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Tuolumne Meadow
    LA00610634LARibes montigenumLouis Wheeler12181932-8-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Dollar Lake
    LA00610635LARibes montigenumB. R. Strain81