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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC100818DAVRhododendron macrophyllumFrances E. Praters.n.1959-5-01 MendocinoMendocino County: 3 miles east of Fort Bragg.
AHUC100819DAVRhododendron macrophyllumBeecher Crampton85721970-5-06 MendocinoMendocino County, 3 miles N.E. of Albion.
CAS-BOT199711CASRhododendron macrophyllumWolf, Carl B.99361941-2-23 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts. 3 2/10 mi. above Smith River (town). On rd. to High Divide
CAS-BOT533024CASRhododendron macrophyllumJokerst, D.; Brand, C.; Hannibal, M. E.; Morganstien, N.; Whelan, S.157402015-5-9 MarinPlants of Mount Tamalpais, Marin Municipal Water District lands. N of Bolinas Ridge Road
CAS-BOT53701CASRhododendron macrophyllumWheeler, Clare R.9811979-5-9 MendocinoSurfwood Drive, Mendocino City
CAS-BOT53702CASRhododendron macrophyllumDunning, Duncan372831921-9-20 MendocinoSandy flats east of Albion
CAS-BOT53703CASRhododendron macrophyllumHowell, John Thomas30581927-8-25 MendocinoMendocino Coastal Plain, 3 miles east of Ft. Bragg
CAS-BOT53704CASRhododendron macrophyllumNewell, Gwendolans.n.1914-5-3 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT53705CASRhododendron macrophyllumEverett, P. C.; Balls, E. K.239861959-10-27 MendocinoBoyd Ranch, Little River
CAS-BOT53706CASRhododendron macrophyllumKelly, Maries.n.1959-4-1 MendocinoVan Damme State Park
CAS-BOT53707CASRhododendron macrophyllumDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-9-20 MendocinoSouth side of Big River, Mendocino City
CAS-BOT53708CASRhododendron macrophyllumWolf, C. B.12201931-8-24 MendocinoPine Barrends, 3 miles from Fort Bragg, just off the road to Willits
CAS-BOT53709CASRhododendron macrophyllumWolf, C. B.12761927-8-31 Mendocino5 miles north of Usal
CAS-BOT53710CASRhododendron macrophyllumBreedlove, D. E.s.n.1962-6-6 MendocinoAlong road to Comptche, 4.0 miles west of Little River
CAS-BOT53711CASRhododendron macrophyllumColeman, G. A.s.n.1901-6-6 MendocinoNear Usal, coast hills
CAS-BOT53748CASRhododendron macrophyllumWheeler, Clare R.6771978-8-30 MendocinoUsal Road - 1.5 miles so. of Four Corners or intersection with Briceland Road
CAS-BOT53749CASRhododendron macrophyllumWheeler, Clare R.16911980-5-28 MendocinoFish Rock Road ca. 4 mi. E of Anchor Bay
CAS-BOT53750CASRhododendron macrophyllumWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.1131A1979-5-28 MendocinoHales Grove. Rte. 208. ca. 7 miles SW of Leggett. Georgia Pacific access road.
CAS-BOT56590CASRhododendron macrophyllumChamberlain, C. A.161911913-6-30 TrinityTrinity National Forest
CAS-BOT56591CASRhododendron macrophyllums.n.1932-9-7 Unknown
CAS-BOT56592CASRhododendron macrophyllumWosnessenskys.n.1841-5-7 Unknown
CAS-BOT56593CASRhododendron macrophyllumCovel, Paul F.5761937-4-6 AlamedaMosswood Park
CAS-BOT56594CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcMinn, H. E.2481922-6-20 Marinfrom along Pipeline trail up Mt. Tamalpais Only place seen on Mt. Tamalpais.
CAS-BOT56595CASRhododendron macrophyllumClemens, Mrs. Joss.n.1919-5-7 MontereyMonterey
CAS-BOT56596CASRhododendron macrophyllumYadon, Verns.n.1985-4-28 MontereySouth side of Bixby Creek Canyon. Joan Chapman property
CAS-BOT56597CASRhododendron macrophyllumAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-1-1 MontereyMonterey
CAS-BOT56598CASRhododendron macrophyllumHowitt, Beatrice9511956-6-8 Montereyin Fern Canyon just south from Wildcat Canyon above Highlands
CAS-BOT56599CASRhododendron macrophyllumWells, Mary P.1621983-8-3 SonomaPygmy Forest, Timber Preserve of Oceanic of California, Inc., The Sea Ranch
CAS-BOT56600CASRhododendron macrophyllumWells, Mary P.4501984-8-9 SonomaForest off north end of Deerfield Road, The Sea Ranch
CAS-BOT56601CASRhododendron macrophyllumApplegate, Elmer I.47161926-6-18 Del NorteSmith River near Adams Station
CAS-BOT56602CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1921-8-2 Del Norte6 miles E (up river) on T? road
CAS-BOT56603CASRhododendron macrophyllumDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-1 Del NorteMountains below Crescent City
CAS-BOT56604CASRhododendron macrophyllumWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1941-6-28 Del NorteBetween Klamath and Crescent City
CAS-BOT56605CASRhododendron macrophyllumEastwood, Alice122051923-8-9 Del NorteFrench Hill near Adams
CAS-BOT56606CASRhododendron macrophyllumEastwood, Alice22211912-9-14 Del NorteGasquet, French Hill
CAS-BOT56607CASRhododendron macrophyllumTracy, Joseph P.24891906-6-10 HumboldtKneeland Prairie Road, region about Humboldt Bay
CAS-BOT56608CASRhododendron macrophyllumHeller, A. A.158981937-6-8 Humboldtin the forest at Bishop Pine Lodge, 3 miles north of Trinidad
CAS-BOT56609CASRhododendron macrophyllumWolf, C. B.23701931-8-29 HumboldtNear summit of Orick Hill on road to Weitchpec
CAS-BOT56610CASRhododendron macrophyllumRattan, Volneys.n.1878-1-1 Humboldt
CAS-BOT56611CASRhododendron macrophyllumKildale, Doris106941931-5-16 HumboldtCamp 20, LBSJ Trinidad
CAS-BOT56612CASRhododendron macrophyllumPaulson, Myrtles.n.1918-4-28 HumboldtEureka
CAS-BOT56613CASRhododendron macrophyllumEllery, Mrs. Rachels.n.1916-4-1 HumboldtBeatrice
CAS-BOT56614CASRhododendron macrophyllumCantelow, Ella Dales12351936-5-17 Humboldt9 mi. e. of Orick
CAS-BOT56615CASRhododendron macrophyllumQuick, Clarence R.59-241959-7-24 HumboldtBee Mt., ca. 12 miles southwest of Orleans
CAS-BOT56616CASRhododendron macrophyllumRodda, Mrs. A. H.s.n.1932-5-20 HumboldtRedwood Highway
CAS-BOT56617CASRhododendron macrophyllumWolf, Carl B.13301927-9-1 Mendocino3 miles south of Fort Bragg on Willits Road
CAS-BOT56618CASRhododendron macrophyllumConstance, L.25051939-5-23 MendocinoMendocino Plains, 2.5 miles east of Mendocino
CAS-BOT56619CASRhododendron macrophyllumHead, A.s.n.1922-7-6 Mendocinopraries near Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT56620CASRhododendron macrophyllumBradley, Prof. C. B.s.n.1898-5-15 MendocinoBarrens between Ukiah and Mendocino City
CAS-BOT56621CASRhododendron macrophyllumAbrams, L. R.81631922-6-21 MendocinoBarrens back of Mendocino City
CAS-BOT56622CASRhododendron macrophyllumAbrams, L. R.75331920-7-1 MendocinoBig Creek
CAS-BOT56623CASRhododendron macrophyllumGates, Mrs. Marys.n.1918-6-1 MendocinoPt. Arena
CAS-BOT56624CASRhododendron macrophyllumProf. Bradleys.n.1898-5-1 Mendocino
CAS-BOT56625CASRhododendron macrophyllumDuncan, Carl D.2831920-7-15 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT56626CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcMurphy, Jas.871902-6-1 MendocinoAlbion Ridge
CAS-BOT56627CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcMurphy, J. M.s.n.1901-4-1 MendocinoAlbion
CAS-BOT56628CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcMurphy, Js.n.1901-4-12 Mendocino'The Barrens' near Albion Ridge
CAS-BOT56629CASRhododendron macrophyllumSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.72401981-7-30 MendocinoIn Drosera Bog on Summers Ln., 3.2 km. E. of Shoreline Hwy. & N. of Rte. 20
CAS-BOT56630CASRhododendron macrophyllumSmith, Gladys L.56201979-6-14 Mendocinoalong Iverson Rd. 0.5 km. E. of Rte. 1, 14 km. N. of Gualala
CAS-BOT56631CASRhododendron macrophyllumReed, C. A.s.n.1917-5-1 Santa CruzBigi Creek
CAS-BOT56632CASRhododendron macrophyllumBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1922-3-29 Santa CruzSandstone cliffs at Bonny Doon
CAS-BOT56633CASRhododendron macrophyllumBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1922-3-29 Santa CruzSandstone cliffs at Bonny Doon
CAS-BOT56634CASRhododendron macrophyllumBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1922-3-29 Santa CruzSandstone cliffs at Bonny Doon
CAS-BOT56635CASRhododendron macrophyllumMcMinn, H. E.2641922-6-23 Santa Cruzfrom near summit of Pine Mt.
CAS-BOT56636CASRhododendron macrophyllumDudley, W. R.s.n.1939-5-23 Santa CruzLittle Creek near Staub's place above Scott Creek Valley
CAS-BOT56637CASRhododendron macrophyllumDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-5-10 Santa CruzLittle Creek near Staub's place above Scott Creek Valley
CAS-BOT56638CASRhododendron macrophyllumRick, W. H.s.n.1926-6-18 Santa CruzSwanton
CAS-BOT56639CASRhododendron macrophyllumShockley, W Hs.n.1919-6-7 Santa CruzCalifornia Redwood Park
CDA0012240CDARhododendron macrophyllumG.F. Hrusa112041993-6-04 Del NorteFrench Hill, approx. 3.5 miles from Hwy. 199. Klamath Ranges.
CDA0016248CDARhododendron macrophyllumG.F. Hrusa141311997-12-06 MendocinoPygmy forest. Van Damme State Park.
CDA0038849CDARhododendron macrophyllumA.T. Leisers.n.1980-7-09 HumboldtNorth of Orick, Hwy 101 reroute, May Creek Watershed.
CDA0038851CDARhododendron macrophyllumR.W. Nutters.n.1963-12-19 Santa CruzHills 4 miles east above Big Basin State Park.
CDA0038852CDARhododendron macrophyllumA.T. Leisers.n.1969-7-25 MendocinoPygmea forest, 1 mile east of Caspar.
CDA0038853CDARhododendron macrophyllumGordon Leppig8141998-6-13 MendocinoRoute 1, milemarker 85.43.
CDA0038854CDARhododendron macrophyllumT.C. Fuller38141958-5-28 MendocinoHillside, Hwy 20, 9 miles west of Willits.
CDA0038855CDARhododendron macrophyllumT.C. Fuller38141958-5-28 MendocinoHillside, Hwy 20, 9 miles west of Willits.
CHSC20563CHSCRhododendron macrophyllumR. A. Schlising23181962-6-16 Mendocino13 mi w of Comptche Rd.
CHSC3472CHSCRhododendron macrophyllumRoger Jaegel1531966-5-08 MendocinoLocated five miles south of Willits, on Highway 101.
CHSC7048CHSCRhododendron macrophyllumS. Armantrout61969-4-25 Mendocino1.3 m nw of Fort Bragg.
DAV306392DAVRhododendron macrophyllumR. V. Parke26511953-5-30 MendocinoMendocino County: 1.9 miles inland from Mendocino.
DAV306393DAVRhododendron macrophyllumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-6-27 HumboldtHumboldt County: Blue Lake. Mad River.
DAV306394DAVRhododendron macrophyllumTeresa A. Sholars191975-1-18 MendocinoMendocino County: 1/8 mile north of Comptche-Ukiah Road, 2 miles east of State Highway 1.
DAV306395DAVRhododendron macrophyllumJ. M. Tucker21481951-6-27 MendocinoMendocino County: About 5 miles inland from Ft. Bragg, beside road to Willits.
DAV306396DAVRhododendron macrophyllumJ. M. Tucker26531953-6-14 MendocinoMendocino County: Adjacent to road from Fort Bragg to Willets, 3.1 miles east of Highway 1.
DAV306397DAVRhododendron macrophyllumGordon Leppig8141998-6-13 MendocinoMendocino County: Rt. 1, milemarker 85.50.
DAV306398DAVRhododendron macrophyllumOren Pollaks.n.1987-4-28 MendocinoMendocino County: Van Damme State Park.
DAV306399DAVRhododendron macrophyllumFrederica Bowcutt11961989-5-18 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. S of Four Corners county road 401 (Usal Rd.). 0.1 mile, at the 25:00 milepost. 12 air miles SW of Garberville .
DAV306400DAVRhododendron macrophyllumMrs. F. M. Hayess.n.1933-5-30 MendocinoMendocino County: Compche.
FSC0017788FSCRhododendron macrophyllum1985-5-1 Mendocino
HSC205119HSCRhododendron macrophyllumClare R. Wheeler9811979-5-09 MendocinoSurfwood Drive.
HSC205120HSCRhododendron macrophyllumClare R. Wheeler16911980-5-28 MendocinoFish Rock Road. ca. 4 mi. E of Anchor Bay
HSC205121HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton31521979-5-22 Del NorteNear Lower Coon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
HSC205122HSCRhododendron macrophyllumOverton67011979-6-26 Del NorteNear Boundry Trail
HSC205123HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton25811979-5-16 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Fork, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC205124HSCRhododendron macrophyllumOverton43351979-6-14 Del NorteNear Cedar Spring, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC205125HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton76371979-7-13 Del NorteNear Bald Hill, close to the town of Crescent City.
HSC205126HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton76621979-7-13 Del NorteNear Bald Hill, close to the town of Crescent City.
HSC205127HSCRhododendron macrophyllumOverton67491979-6-26 Del NorteNear Summit Valley Trail, close to the town of Klamath
HSC205128HSCRhododendron macrophyllumT. Jimerson6591979-6-29 Del NorteNear French Hill, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC205129HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton33431979-5-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
HSC205130HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJ.P. Smith88361976-6-26 Del NorteFrench Hill Rd. just E of Camp-6 Lookout
HSC205131HSCRhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1531980-6-16 HumboldtNear Monks Camp
HSC205133HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJ.P. Smith102861980-5-11 Del NorteLow Divide.
HSC205134HSCRhododendron macrophyllumA.T. Leiser2341969-7-25 MendocinoPygmea forest, 1 mi. E of Casper
HSC205135HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJ.P. Smith13,0092010-7-18 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest; along roadside of Forest Route 1 N07 to Sanger Lake.
HSC205136HSCRhododendron macrophyllumP. Markle54B1962-5-22 HumboldtEnd of 18th St., Arcata Community Forest
HSC205137HSCRhododendron macrophyllumL.D. Napier181962-5-19 Humboldt1 mi. E of Arcata on Fickle Hill
HSC205138HSCRhododendron macrophyllumF. Bowcutt9581987-5-27 Mendocino1.5 mi. SE of Four Corners, along Usal Rd., about 1/8 N of Indian Creek Rd. turnoff.
HSC205139HSCRhododendron macrophyllumF. Bowcutt11961989-5-18 Mendocino0.1 mi. S of Four Corners, Usal Rd. at MP 25.00. 12 air mi. SW of Garberville
HSC205140HSCRhododendron macrophyllumE. Mackeysn1987-5-19 HumboldtPatrick's Point State Park
HSC205141HSCRhododendron macrophyllumC.B. Wolf12761927-8-31 MendocinoAlong the old coast road 6 N of Usal
HSC205142HSCRhododendron macrophyllumC.B. Wolf13301927-9-01 Mendocino3 mi. from Fort Bragg on the Willits rd.
HSC205144HSCRhododendron macrophyllumBrent Whiteley771975-6-28 Siskiyou
HSC205145HSCRhododendron macrophyllumThomas W. Nelson12391974-5-07 HumboldtOld Kneeland Rd.
HSC205146HSCRhododendron macrophyllumGlenn McGourty371974-5-11 HumboldtTimber trail off Maple Creek Rd. in Kneeland
HSC205147HSCRhododendron macrophyllumA.M. Montalvo2791974-6-01 Del NorteRidge near High Divide just off rd. from Smith River City to High Divide
HSC205148HSCRhododendron macrophyllumDenis Kearns661981-7-06 HumboldtNear Mosquito Lake
HSC205149HSCRhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton2801980-6-17 Del NorteNear Nickowitz Creek
HSC205150HSCRhododendron macrophyllumM. R. Mesler13712012-7-26 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mtn, along FS road 1 N08
HSC205152HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJohn Rehling281974-8-20 Del NorteAlong Stony Creek near Gasquet
HSC205153HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJ. Sandborg141968-5-1 HumboldtBluff Creek near Notice Creek, hillside
HSC205154HSCRhododendron macrophyllumG.T. Nordstrom251966-5-04 HumboldtKneeland- Maple Creek road, 1/8 W of the jct. with Fickle Hill rd.
HSC205155HSCRhododendron macrophyllumGary S. Lester4961974-7-24 HumboldtAlong Lost Man Creek.
HSC205156HSCRhododendron macrophyllumD.E. Anderson17321961-8-11 HumboldtE of Humboldt State University campus
HSC205157HSCRhododendron macrophyllumV.G. Vieira211963-5-04 HumboldtEssex Pond
HSC205158HSCRhododendron macrophyllumLinda M. Barker6941975-5-31 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 10.2 N of S entrance at Twelvemile Creek
HSC205159HSCRhododendron macrophyllumJ.P. Smith41661970-6-30 Del Norte2.7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 199 on French Hill Rd.
HSC205160HSCRhododendron macrophyllumMelany Seacat191979-4-24 MendocinoBig River Estruary, S side of river 1.5 mi. upriver
JEPS58770UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson178361936-8-03 MendocinoBrandon's Mill back of Noyo; Brandon's Mill
JEPS58771UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson177051936-7-24 Mendocino2-3 mi back of Noyo ([Mendocino pine barrens])
JEPS58773UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson82291919-4-05 Marinw of Mill Valley (Mount Tamalpais); Mount Tamalpais
JEPS58774UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson22221903-6-27 MendocinoKenny's to Usal
JEPS58775UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson21511902-8-07 Mendocinofrom Ukiah to the Hupa Indian Reservation (Pat Kenny's to Usal)
JEPS58776UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumAlice King1898-4-01 MarinInverness
JEPS58777UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumMr., Mrs. Geo. B. Parrish1930-5-21 HumboldtTrinidad
JEPS58778UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumAdeline Frederick1923-5-03 MarinMount Tamalpais
JEPS58779UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson146731897-7-30 MendocinoHills (Mountains) near DeHaven; Mendocino Coast
JEPS58780UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. A. Greene1918-3-20 Monterey4 mi s of Point Lobos (Monterey Coast); Monterey Coast
JEPS66676UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy123731933-5-25 Del NorteGasquet; Northern Coast Ranges, Gasquet
JEPS87111UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumVern Yadon1992-6-04 MontereyBixby Creek
JEPS89215UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumWillis L. Jepson146741897-7-31 MendocinoFort Bragg to Sherwood
LA00606898LARhododendron macrophyllumLincoln Constance25051939-5-23 MendocinoMendocino Plains; 2.5 mi. E of Mendocino
LA00606899LARhododendron macrophyllumO.H. Kappler18071948-7-19 Del NorteDel Norte Redwoods State Park
LA00606901LARhododendron macrophyllumRimo Bacigalupis.n.1922-3-29 Santa Cruzat Bonnie Doon
LA41001LARhododendron macrophyllumWashington Research Societys.n.1956-5-29 Sonoma1 mi. SE of Gualla, NW county
MCCC178MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumM. Chandler1981-12-10 Mendocino3 mi. E. of Hwy 1, 1/4 W. of Little Lake Road
MCCC2022MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumP. Cuttitta1961-8-12 MendocinoIn front of Cleone campground combination bldg., MacKerricher State Park
MCCC249MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumPatrick Wall1982-3-10 Mendocino3 1/2 mi. E. Hwy. 1, Simpson Lane
MCCC433MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumMarcia Snyder1981-12-15 Mendocino10' south east from cabin, 300' west of dirt road, 1/2 mile north of Comptche-Ukiah Road, 2 1/2 mi. east from Hwy 1
MCCC5954MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumR. Woodward1251982-4-23 MendocinoNear Landmark scales, Jackson State Demonstration Forest
MCCC5955MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumR1982-4-23 MendocinoNear Landmark scales, Jackson State Demonstration Forest
MCCC5956MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumR. Woodward1241982-4-23 MendocinoNear Landmark scales, Jackson State Demonstration Forest
MCCC926MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumLani Dahlman1982-11-12 MendocinoEast Caspar
MCCC927MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumLani Dahlman1982-11-12 MendocinoEast Caspar
MCCC928MCCCRhododendron macrophyllumLani Dahlman1982-11-12 MendocinoEast Caspar
OBI142883OBIRhododendron macrophyllumJoyce Rietz111966-5-28 MendocinoNavarro ridge about 4 mi S of Albion
OBI142884OBIRhododendron macrophyllumRobert Whitmore1921965-4-16 MendocinoAlbion
OBI142885OBIRhododendron macrophyllumDavid J. Keil172371983-6-30 MendocinoCa. 0.3 mi E of hwy 1 along Fern Crk rd just S of Fort Bragg
OBI142886OBIRhododendron macrophyllumDavid J. Keil172251983-6-30 MendocinoFort Bragg, along Simpson Lane E of Hwy 1
OBI142887OBIRhododendron macrophyllumH. E. McMinn25601931-6-29 MendocinoMts E of Noyo
PGM2979PGMRhododendron macrophyllumYadon, Vern1985-4-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Bixby Cr near Joan Chapman Prop, South slope in redwood grove
PGM2981PGMRhododendron macrophyllumYadon, Vern1985-4-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Bixby Cr near Joan Chapman Prop, South slope in redwood grove
PGM4292PGMRhododendron macrophyllumYadon, Vern1992-6-04 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Bixby Creek above Old Coast Rd, Joan Chapman Prop under redwoods
PGM566PGMRhododendron macrophyllumYadon, Vern1960-6-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Highlands, Fern Cyn summit
PGM5767PGMRhododendron macrophyllumHowitt, Beatrice F09511956-6-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Canon S of wildcat Canon
PUA1012PUARhododendron macrophyllumLavern C. Wolcott1951-6-12 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA1490PUARhododendron macrophyllumE.E. Ground1970-3-28 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA18179PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Overton1979-5-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: 'smith River. Crescent City Quad.
PUA18577PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Overton1979-5-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Lower Coon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA18744PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Overton1979-5-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA19496PUARhododendron macrophyllumOverton And Butler1979-6-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cedar Spring. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19948PUARhododendron macrophyllumOverton And Butler1979-6-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Hardscrabble Creek. High Divide Quad.
PUA20111PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Griswold1979-6-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gasquet Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA21704PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Griswold1979-6-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Beans Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA22680PUARhododendron macrophyllumOverton And Butler1979-6-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Summit Valley Trail. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA22855PUARhododendron macrophyllumG.L. Clifton1979-7-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA22900PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Overton1979-7-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bald Hill. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA22925PUARhododendron macrophyllumClifton And Overton1979-7-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bald Hill. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA30958PUARhododendron macrophyllumJimerson And Pageau1979-6-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Rowdy Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA30989PUARhododendron macrophyllumJimerson And Pageau1979-6-06 Del NorteLocal landmark: Rowdy Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA31219PUARhododendron macrophyllum1979-6-07 Del NorteLocal landmark: Rowdy Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA31244PUARhododendron macrophyllum1979-5-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Copper Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA32435PUARhododendron macrophyllumJimerson And Birch1980-7-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Little Rattlesnake Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA32768PUARhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1980-6-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Monks Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA34616PUARhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1980-6-17 HumboldtLocal landmark: Onion Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA34672PUARhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1980-6-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Barren Butte. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA34809PUARhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1980-6-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA36508PUARhododendron macrophyllumGail Newton1980-6-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Nickowitz Creek. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA41451PUARhododendron macrophyllumLinda M. Barker1975-5-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Twelvemile Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA41459PUARhododendron macrophyllumLinda M. Barker1975-5-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Twelvemile Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA4734PUARhododendron macrophyllumT.R. Bennett1971-5-08 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA48545PUARhododendron macrophyllumDavid Imper1981-8-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: 'bluff Creek. Orleans Quad.
PUA5000PUARhododendron macrophyllumGilbert Jerome Muth1975-7-31 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA51206PUARhododendron macrophyllumDennis Kearns1981-7-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mosquito Lake. Fish Lake Quad.
PUA53916PUARhododendron macrophyllumBecking And Lenihan1982-7-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: 'smith River. Gasquet Quad.
PUA55000PUARhododendron macrophyllumDavid Imper1982-6-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Crescent City Quad.
PUA7172PUARhododendron macrophyllumMarjorie Turner1974-5-11 MendocinoLocal landmark: Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg Quad.
PUA991PUARhododendron macrophyllumH. Paul Buchheim1970-5-17 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
RSA0163602RSARhododendron macrophyllumVern Yadons.n.1992-6-04 MontereyBixby Creek.
RSA0163603RSARhododendron macrophyllumJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-8-08 MontereyCanon.
RSA0163604RSARhododendron macrophyllumJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-8-08 MontereyPacific Grove.
RSA0163606RSARhododendron macrophyllumR. C. Bacigalupis.n.1922-3-29 Santa CruzSandstone cliffs at Bonnie Doon.
RSA0163608RSARhododendron macrophyllumLeo Millers.n. SiskiyouSiskiyou Mountains.
RSA0163651RSARhododendron macrophyllumLyman Benson121601946-8-21 Mendocino3 miles east of Noyo; Seaward North Coast Mt. Range, Pacific Slope drainage area.
RSA0163653RSARhododendron macrophyllumC. W. Tilforth11401975-9-27 Mendocino28 miles west of Willits, along Hwy 20.
RSA0163654RSARhododendron macrophyllumR. F. Thorne341951964-10-19 MendocinoCa. 0.5 miles N of Hwy 20 on Summer Lane, ca. 2 miles SE of Ft. Bragg.
RSA0163655RSARhododendron macrophyllumJ. T. Howell6981927-8-25 MendocinoNear Fort Bragg.
RSA0163656RSARhododendron macrophyllumR. F. Thorne342091964-10-19 MendocinoDescanso Nursery on Benson Lane, ca. 2 miles SE of Ft. Bragg.
RSA0163657RSARhododendron macrophyllumE. K. Balls186081953-10-10 Mendocino2.5 mi. east along road from Ft. Bragg to Willits.
RSA0163658RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary Wallace10721972-5-23 Del NorteSouth of Crescent city, Del Norte Redwoods St. Pk. along Damnation Trail toward the beach from Hwy. 101.
RSA0163660RSARhododendron macrophyllumA. D. Tenney60201925-4-1 HumboldtArcata.
RSA0163661RSARhododendron macrophyllumE. K. Balls222301956-10-29 Los AngelesGrown in botanic garden (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont).
RSA0163662RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace10701972-5-22 HumboldtNorthwest of Orick along southern boundary of Prairie Ck, Redwoods St. Pk. along Davison Rd. toward Gold Bluff Beach.
RSA0163664RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace28091988-4-12 Del NorteNorth of Gasquet: South side of Stoney Creek at junction with Smith River.
RSA0163667RSARhododendron macrophyllumB. C. Templeton101781964-6-12 Del NorteCa. 10 miles south of Crescent City.
RSA0163668RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace12721973-9-16 Del NorteDel Norte Coast Redwoods State Park: along the 101 Hwy between Eureka and Crescent City.
RSA0163669RSARhododendron macrophyllumL. C. Wheeler73761958-8-10 Del NorteLittle Rattlesnake Mountain.
RSA0163672RSARhododendron macrophyllumC. B. Wolf40151941-2-23 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts., 3.2 mi. above Smith River (Town), on rd. to high divide.
RSA0163678RSARhododendron macrophyllumF. W. Peirson38021923-7-07 Mendocino2 miles east of Mendocino City.
RSA0163679RSARhododendron macrophyllumunknowns.n.1968-10-19 MendocinoRussian Gulch.
RSA0163680RSARhododendron macrophyllumPatricia Wilder36651965-6-11 MendocinoCharles Young residence. Iverson Road (or Old Road) ca.1.5 mi. from Gualala.
RSA0163683RSARhododendron macrophyllumE. K. Balls171601952-5-10 Mendocino6.2 mi. s.e. along road to Willits from Hwy 1, at Noyo.
RSA0163684RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace12051973-5-18 MendocinoNear coast just inland from Gualala along Old Stage Road toward the Jacob's Place.
RSA0163685RSARhododendron macrophyllumP. C. Everett239861959-10-27 MendocinoBoyd Ranch, Litle River.
RSA0163686RSARhododendron macrophyllumC. B. Wolf23701931-8-29 HumboldtNear summit of Orick Hill on road to Weitchpec.
RSA0163687RSARhododendron macrophyllumThomas W. Nelson12391974-5-07 HumboldtBeside the old Kneeland Rd.
RSA0163689RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace9501971-7-29 HumboldtPrairie Creek Redwoods St. Pk. along Zig Zag Trail #3 W of Hwy. 101.
RSA0163690RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace28251988-4-13 Del NorteDel Norte Coast Redwoods State Park: Part-way down Damnation Trail. Across trail near start by Hwy 1.
RSA0163691RSARhododendron macrophyllumPatricia Wilder37351965-6-12 Del Norte1 mile NE of town of Patrick's Creek US 1 North Coast mt. range; Pacific drainage area.
RSA0163693RSARhododendron macrophyllumE. K. Balls164971951-5-07 Del NorteDouglas Park, across Mill Creek Bridge, off Hwy 199, Crescent City to Grants Pass.
RSA0163696RSARhododendron macrophyllumJim Shevock11481971-5-30 Del NorteStout Groove, Jedediah Smith St. Park.
RSA0163697RSARhododendron macrophyllumC. B. Wolf13301927-9-01 Mendocino3 mi. S from Fort Bragg on road to Willits.
RSA0163800RSARhododendron macrophyllumL. R. Abrams81631922-6-21 MendocinoBarrens back of Mendocino City.
RSA0163801RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace27941988-4-10 MendocinoUniversity of California Pygmy Forest Reserve, 3.2 km SE of Mendocino.
RSA0163802RSARhododendron macrophyllumGary D. Wallace27991988-4-10 MendocinoUniversity of California Pygmy Forest Reserve, 3.2 km SE of Mendocino.
RSA0163803RSARhododendron macrophyllumChristopher Davidson22151973-5-30 Mendocino8 miles E of Ft Bragg on St Hwy 20. 30 ft from the road.
RSA0163806RSARhododendron macrophyllumDoug Goldman29832004-12-20 MendocinoA few hundred feet south of Casper Lake Road and about 2.9mi E. of the intersection with Rt. 1 (Shoreline Highway).
RSA0163807RSARhododendron macrophyllumC. B. Wolf23491931-8-24 MendocinoPine Barrens, 3 mi. from Fort Bragg, just off the road to Willits.
RSA232670RSARhododendron macrophyllumLarry E. DeBuhr6131972-5-22 Del NorteJedediah Smith Redwood State Park, Wellman Trail
RSA232671RSARhododendron macrophyllumLarry E. DeBuhr6121972-5-22 HumboldtPrairie Creek, Redwoods State Park, along Davidson Rd.
SBBG210376SBBGRhododendron macrophyllumH. Sindel71970-5-09 MendocinoHwy 20, 3 mi E of its jct with Hwy 1
SBBG210377SBBGRhododendron macrophyllumKatherine K. Muller6401954-6-23 Del Norte1 mi below Hazel View Summit, 3 NE of Idlewild
SBBG210378SBBGRhododendron macrophyllumE. R. Blakley68061966-8-18 Mendocino2.5 mi S of Ft Bragg
SBBG210379SBBGRhododendron macrophyllumH. and M. Dearing34001939-5-18 Mendocinonear Mendocino
SD51270SDRhododendron macrophyllumDarley F. Howe31201961-8-02 Humboldt7.7 miles east of Orick on Bald Mountain Road.
SD56746SDRhododendron macrophyllumDarley F. Howe35521963-5-26 Humboldt3.2 miles east of Orick on Bald Hill Road.
SD56764SDRhododendron macrophyllumDarley F. Howe36031963-7-06 Del NorteMyrtle Creek, 0.7 mile north of entrance of 6 Rivers National Forest on Highway 199.
SDSU03417SDSURhododendron macrophyllumHowe, D.F.31201961-8-02 Humboldt7.7 miles east of Orick and Bald Mt. road.
SDSU03418SDSURhododendron macrophyllumHowe, D.F.35521963-5-26 Humboldt3.2 miles east of Orick and Bald Hill road.
SDSU03419SDSURhododendron macrophyllumHowe, D.F.36031963-7-06 Del NorteMyrtle Creek on #199, Six Rivers National Forest.
SFV105809SFVRhododendron macrophyllumJ. N. Hogues. n.2009-6-4 Del NorteKlamath Mountains; Siskiyou Mountains. Roadside of Highway 101, 0.5 miles southeast of road to Mill Creek Campground.
SFV105810SFVRhododendron macrophyllumD. E. Moore261974-5-25 Mendocino1 mile from Little River and 0.5 miles from CA-Highway 1.
SJSU1944SJSURhododendron macrophyllumC.W. Sharsmith64171957-6-19 Mendocinoc. 2 NE of Mendocino City
SJSU1963SJSURhododendron macrophyllumC.W. Sharsmith64551957-6-21 Mendocinoc. 5 mi E of Fort Bragg
UC105979UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumMichener, Bioletti1462a1892-5-22 MarinSequoia Canon
UC1121087UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. S. Yates59211936-6-25 Mendocino6 mi se of Mendocino
UC1121088UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumN. K. Carlson1121935-7-02 San Mateo5 mi s of Bellvale
UC1121089UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumP. L. Johannsen1741933-3-25 Del NorteSiskiyou National Forest, Camp 6 Siskiyou National Forest; , Camp 6
UC1121090UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumA. E. Wieslander1951931-5-17 HumboldtOrick-Orleans Road
UC1174862UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls239861959-10-27 MendocinoLittle River, Boyd Ranch Little River; , Boyd Ranch
UC1193361UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumR. H. Neuns1371950-10-10 Humboldt2 mi ne of Thorne (Quadrangle 29C3)
UC1193362UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumW. P. Hoffman211949-8-02 Mendocino5 mi w of Branscomb (Quadrangle 44D1)
UC1537162UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumGordon H. True, Jr.4741936-5-12 Humboldtnear Kneeland Post Office
UC153961UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy24891906-6-10 HumboldtHumboldt Bay Region, Kneeland Prairie Road Kneeland Prairie Road; Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay Region, Kneeland Prairie
UC153962UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy24891906-6-10 HumboldtHumboldt Bay Region, Kneeland Prairie Road Kneeland Prairie Road; Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay Region, Kneeland Prairie
UC1541487UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumHarold E. Parks1932-4-01 Del NorteSmith River, French Flat Smith River; , French Flat
UC154176UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumMrs. M. H. Manning1900-7-01 Humboldtnear Hupa
UC1543147UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumFrank Gould, Kay Beach10421940-5-05 Del NorteCanon near Gasquet
UC1585372UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumR. Raiche, K. Zadnik, H. Forbes1989-1-10 Mendocino7 km e of Hwy 1 on Albion Ridge Road (to dirt road, se of Mendocino)
UC1614590UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumCharles M. Belshaw2611934-10-29 Mendocino3 mi s of Mendocino City (3/4 mi inland from ocean); Mendocino Coast
UC171039UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumMrs. J. Clemens1911-11-01 MontereyPacific Grove
UC1733676UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumFrank Gould, Kay H. Beach10421940-5-05 Del Nortenear Gasquet.
UC187884UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumunknown1889-3-01 MendocinoMendocino County
UC22126UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJ. Burtt Davy57621899-6-23 HumboldtTrinity Summit, Mud Springs Mud Springs; North Coast Ranges, Trinity Summit, Mud Springs
UC22127UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJ. Burtt Davy2211896-12-01 MarinMount Tamalpais, Mill Valley Mill Valley; Mount Tamalpais, Mill Valley
UC22128UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumF. T. Bioletti1892-1-01 MarinMount Tamalpais
UC22129UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumunknown1946-8-15 UnknownCalifornia
UC22130UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumF. T. Bioletti1892-1-01 MarinMount Tamalpais
UC22131UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumunknown47941800-1-01 UnknownCalifornia
UC22132UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJ. Burtt Davy1896-12-01 MarinMount Tamalpais
UC22133UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumunknown47921800-1-01 UnknownCalifornia
UC32620UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumChesnut, Drew1888-7-08 Humboldtnear Arcata
UC413090UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumP. E. Goddard3831902-4-19 Del Norte10 mi e of Crescent City (on Stage Road)
UC413091UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumW. P. Taylor1913-7-10 MendocinoMendocino City
UC479163UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumMarcus E. Jones290711931-7-07 MendocinoMendocino [pine barrens] Mendocino
UC527545UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumC. B. Wolf1931-8-24 Mendocino3 mi from Fort Bragg (just off road to Willits, Pine Barrens); Pine Barrens
UC562738UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy126091933-6-18 HumboldtWillow Creek Canon; Northern Coast Ranges, Willow Creek Canon
UC562739UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy151801936-8-24 Humboldt6 mi se of Arcata (Fickle Hill); Fickle Hill
UC562740UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy123731933-5-25 Del NorteGasquet; Northern Coast Ranges, Gasquet
UC562741UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph P. Tracy135461934-7-31 Del Norte3 mi e of Gasquet (along Smith River); Smith River
UC571037UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. L. Mason71571932-8-26 MendocinoMendocino City, [Pine Barrens] Mendocino City
UC571038UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. L. Mason56321930-6-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
UC571039UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumHerbert L. Mason48961928-7-11 MendocinoFort Ross to Willits
UC571040UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumHerbert L. Mason48941928-7-11 Sonoma2 mi n of Fort Ross
UC60924UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumunknown1883-6-1 TrinityTrinity Summit
UC614839UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumBeryl O. Schreiber11361934-6-05 Humboldt20 mi e of Blue Lake (road to Redding)
UC624266UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumL. Constance25051939-5-23 Mendocino2.5 mi e of Mendocino (Mencocino Plains); Mencocino Plains
UC634737UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. L. Mason49221928-8-25 Mendocino1 mi from Noyo River (near Noyo)
UC634738UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. L. Mason48941928-7-11 Sonoma2 mi n of Fort Ross
UC634742UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumH. L. Mason48961928-7-11 Sonoma2 mi n of Fort Ross
UC725903UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumA. A. Heller158981937-6-08 Humboldt3 mi n of Trinidad (at Bishop Pine Lodge); Bishop Pine Lodge
UC770642UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumK. Cuff221947-11-07 MendocinoMendocino County
UC803923UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.39821949-5-29 MontereyCarmel Highlands, s side of Fern Canon Fern Canon; Canon
UC877056UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumL. R. Abrams75331920-7-01 MendocinoBig Creek between Willits and Fort Bragg; Big Creek
UC910348UCJEPSRhododendron macrophyllumW. B., V. G. C.1950-7-08 Del Norteabove Rock Creek Lodge (South Fork of Smith River Trail); South Fork of Smith River Trail
UCR0066895UCRRhododendron macrophyllumCharity A. Hartshorn352016-5-14 HumboldtArcata Community Forest
UCR0066896UCRRhododendron macrophyllumGeorge K. Helmkamp57982000-6-20 Mendocino9.2 mi east of CA Hwy 1 on CA Hwy 20, east of Fort Bragg
UCR0066897UCRRhododendron macrophyllumFran Sibel3501965-4-30 SonomaGualala, off CA Hwy 1
UCR0066898UCRRhododendron macrophyllumA.C. Sanders42091983-6-05 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest, French Flat, 1.5 air miles south of Gasquet
UCR0066899UCRRhododendron macrophyllumHelen M. Whistler640731--031964-7-31 Del Nortealong US Hwy 101 at junction of Hamilton Road, 6 miles south of Crescent City
UCSB036381UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumKatherine K. Muller6401954-6-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mt., 1 mi. below Hazel View Summit, 3 NE of Idlewild
UCSB036382UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumJohn R. Haller21701967-6-16 Del NorteAdjacent to Elk Creek Campground entrance, U.S. Highway 199, 1 mile south of California-Oregon border
UCSB036383UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumMcMinn, Howard51401938-6-20 MendocinoAbout 2 mi. E of Anchor Bay, road to Yorkville
UCSB036384UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumDennis E. Breedlove29501962-6-06 MendocinoAlong road to Comptche; 4 miles east of Little River
UCSB036385UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumJoseph M. Keefe20581967-7-11 Siskiyou0.5 mile on trail east of Cook and Green Pass, north of Seiad Valley
UCSB036386UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumJohn R. Haller16881960-5-29 Mendocino1.1 miles inland from California Highway 1 at a point 0.4 miles south of Caspar (south side of Caspar Creek)
UCSB057207UCSBRhododendron macrophyllumJ. R. Haller21701967-6-16 Del NorteAdjacent to Elk Creek Campground entrance, U.S. Highway 199, 1 mile south of California-Oregon border.
UCSC100000399UCSCRhododendron macrophyllumNeal Kramer5061996-5-26 Santa CruzNorth of Moon Rocks, Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve
UCSC100000400UCSCRhododendron macrophyllumPeter Kamb14521949-6-1 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains -
UCSC100000401UCSCRhododendron macrophyllumMadge R. Kanters.n.1980-6-05 Santa CruzAlong paved path in front of Natural Sciences building, University of California, Santa Cruz

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