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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC102040DAVRanunculus arvensisBeecher Crampton41271957-06-05 YubaYuba County: 2.6 miles northeast of Brown′s Valley Post Office.
    AHUC102041DAVRanunculus arvensisBeecher Crampton63021962-04-24 YubaYuba County: 5 miles east of Brown′s Valley, 2.5 miles north-northwest of Smartsville, University of California Foothill Field Station.
    AHUC102042DAVRanunculus arvensisBeecher Crampton69531964-05-12 MendocinoMendocino County: UC Hopland Field Station 4 miles east of Hopland. Vasser Corners Experimental area.
    AHUC102043DAVRanunculus arvensisBeecher Crampton89361973-05-09 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Bass Lake.
    ARF0610BLMARRanunculus arvensisJennifer Anthony-Wheeler6102003-05-15 MendocinoIrrigated meadow on private land
    CAS-BOT378951CASRanunculus arvensisRubtzoff, Peter; Froebe, H. A.64901971-05-30 Sonomadry bed of vernal pool 4.25 mi west of Glen Ellen on Bennett Valley Road
    CAS-BOT378952CASRanunculus arvensisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.476071971-05-26 Yuba8 mi east of Marysville
    CAS-BOT378986CASRanunculus arvensisAhart, Lowell22341980-05-10 ButteHoncut, Peter Ahart Ranch
    CAS-BOT378987CASRanunculus arvensisHeinrichs, L. L.s.n.1970-05-09 ButteBiggs, East Biggs Rd., roadside in ditch E of canal
    CAS-BOT378988CASRanunculus arvensisAhart, Lowells.n.1977-04-28 ButteHoncut, Peter Ahart Ranch
    CAS-BOT378989CASRanunculus arvensisanonymouss.n.1976-04-16 ButteSierra Nevada: Humbug Road, at Chico
    CAS-BOT378990CASRanunculus arvensisWolf, Carl B.49621933-05-25 El DoradoW slope Sierra Nevada; Green Valley, 0.7 mi W of Rescue
    CAS-BOT378992CASRanunculus arvensisWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.10211979-05-18 MendocinoHwy 101, N of Laytonville, 76 mi N of Sonoma County line
    CAS-BOT378993CASRanunculus arvensisEastwood, Alice126681925-05-19 MendocinoPotter Valley
    CAS-BOT378994CASRanunculus arvensisTrue, Gordon H.49061969-05-02 NevadaSierra Nevada: Penn Valley on Squirrel Creek ca. 0.5 mi west of Casey′s Corner
    CAS-BOT378995CASRanunculus arvensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas48061969-04-10 NevadaSierra Nevada: Grass Valley-Marysville Highway at Slacks Ravine, ca. 0.5 mi east of Hillcrest
    CAS-BOT378996CASRanunculus arvensisMott, Lillian S.65431965-04-25 NevadaSierra Nevada: along Highway 20 below Penn Valley
    CAS-BOT378997CASRanunculus arvensisAdams, D. W.s.n.1968-05-03 SacramentoN side of S.P.R.R. tracks between Wallerga Rd. and Watt Ave., ca. 7 mi NE of Sacramento
    CAS-BOT378998CASRanunculus arvensisHardham, Clare B.31751958-05-03 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains: Santa Barbara Road, Atascadero
    CAS-BOT378999CASRanunculus arvensisHardham, Clare B.44311959-04-23 San Luis ObispoSanta Barbara Road, Atascadero
    CAS-BOT379000CASRanunculus arvensisHoover, R. F.71141947-05-02 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    CDA0003500CDARanunculus arvensisDon Shaw1978-06-02 SiskiyouSam′s Neck, southwest of Dorris.
    CDA003501CDARanunculus arvensisT.C. Fuller8740a1962-05-17 SiskiyouBehind El Rancho Motel, Yreka.
    CDA003502CDARanunculus arvensisSterling O. Mattoon1971-04-24 ButteState Highway 32, 6.9 miles east of Chico.
    CDA003503CDARanunculus arvensisJ. Lane1980-04-18 San Luis ObispoNear Atascadero.
    CDA003504CDARanunculus arvensisL.L. Heinrichs1970-05-09 ButteEast Biggs Road, Biggs.
    CDA003505CDARanunculus arvensisD. W. Adams1968-05-03 SacramentoNorth side of the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks between Wallerga Road & Watt Avenue, ca. 7 miles northeast of Sacramento.
    CDA003506CDARanunculus arvensisDavid J. Keil261371997-04-10 San Luis ObispoEast of Santa Margarita along Highway 58. ca 0.9 road miles west of Salinas River Bridge
    CDA0038800CDARanunculus arvensisL. Ahart179612012-05-02 ButteAbout 30 yards east of the Easter Cross Parking Lot, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1 mile east of Chico.
    CHSC108007CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart175122011-06-21 ModocAbout 130 yards west of the fence, south edge of the meadow, Ash Creek State Wildlife Area, about 2,300 feet north of Lassen County Line, about 3.6 miles (air) west of Adin, about 8.0 miles (air) northeast of Bieber, Big Valley. T3 N R08E S26 SE1-4
    CHSC110446CHSCRanunculus arvensisB. Castro16202007-04-19 ButteSacramento Valley. Ca 0.7 mi S of Chico Airport, N of Sycamore Creek and W of Cohasset Rd. In a shallow depression off N edge of Large old spoils pile, ca 550 W of Cohasset Rd and 310 N of levee along Sycamore Creek, in area of grazed grassland and scattered shallow vernal depressions. T22N R01E S10 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Richardson Springs 1:24,000
    CHSC11062CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart1969-05-14 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
    CHSC111337CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart179612012-05-02 ButteNear a small drainage, about 30 yards northeast of the Easter Cross Parking Lot, Uppe Bidwell Park, about 1 mile east of Chico. T2 N R02E S18 NE1-4
    CHSC112908CHSCRanunculus arvensisB. Castro18732011-04-29 ButteSacramento Valley. Between Hwy 99 and the Thermalito Afterbay levee, ca 0.3 mi S of jcn of Hwys 99 and 1 W, ca 0.7 N of Hamilton Rd. T19N R03E S31 nw1-4 of nw1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Biggs 1:24,000
    CHSC117213CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart210032016-06-07 LassenNear Stonebreaker Road, 0.6 miles south of County Road A-2, 5.3 miles (air) east of Bieber, 7.3 miles (air) southwest of Adin, hills at the southern slope of Big Valley. T3 N R08E S2 W1-4
    CHSC118055CHSCRanunculus arvensisDaphne K. Christopher2272003-04-21 ButteOff Hwy 99. Ahart Family Ranch along boundary on access road and edge of field.
    CHSC118580CHSCRanunculus arvensisL. P. Janeway121922017-04-22 ButteSacramento Valley. City of Chico; north side of E. 20th Street at Notre Dame Blvd, an area eventually to be developed into houses and businesses. T2 N R02E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
    CHSC118888CHSCRanunculus arvensisDavid Isle21722017-05-17 ColusaFoothills E edge of N Coast Range: W of Stonyford ˜ 1.5 miles on 1 N01.1 to Frank and Sheri Pendell Ranch; in black adobe pasture S of house ˜ 1-8 mile. (Gilmore Peak California: T18N R6W S3 W1-4 Upper Ctr.)
    CHSC1472CHSCRanunculus arvensisM. Anthony1953-04-16 ButteDr. Benedict′s ranch.
    CHSC2385CHSCRanunculus arvensisR. Carter1711965-03-23 ButteFound 10 yds. N of Richardson Springs turnoff along E side of Cohasset Rd. along W side of rock fence.
    CHSC23896CHSCRanunculus arvensisFred Michaelis3141975-04-22 ButteCa. 0.2 mi e of Hicks Ln., ca. 0.6 mi s of Keefer Rd., ca. 6.5 mi n-nw of Chico, near creek.
    CHSC25488CHSCRanunculus arvensisL. Ahart1977-04-28 ButteIn our grain field. Peter Ahart Ranch.
    CHSC28756CHSCRanunculus arvensisJ. D. Jokerst2181979-05-06 ButteCa. 300 met n. of the intersection of Rock Cr. Rd. and Cohasset Hwy. T2 N R02E S14 center
    CHSC33297CHSCRanunculus arvensisKeith A. Trujillo161979-04-24 Butte4 mi w of Paradise. T2 N R02E S3 W corner
    CHSC38156CHSCRanunculus arvensisVernon Oswald3471983-04-18 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, at the n-w side of Horseshoe Lake.
    CHSC3847CHSCRanunculus arvensisL. E. Dunkel241965-04-20 ButteAlong Cohasset Road ca. 1-2 mi. n of Chico Municipal Airport entrance gate.
    CHSC43883CHSCRanunculus arvensisL. P. Janeway26591988-05-06 ButteCity of Chico; S side of the wetland behind the new Chico Mall. T2 N R01E S25 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
    CHSC45398CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart13311977-04-28 ButteIn oat field, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 2 miles north and 1 mile east of Honcut, about 12 miles south of Oroville.
    CHSC4663CHSCRanunculus arvensisR. Carter3451966-04-11 ButteFound ca. 7 mi. E of Oroville at 6 Woodleaf St. Rt., 300 yds. W off Feathervale, 15 yds. W off Feathervale, 15 yds. W of house; in orchard.
    CHSC52121CHSCRanunculus arvensisJohn Lowrie1979-04-26 ButteS. of the Skyway, 4 mi w. of Paradise.
    CHSC52819CHSCRanunculus arvensisR. A. Schlising42381982-05-02 ButteN of Oroville, ne Table Mt., and s of Cherokee, off Cherokee Road. Roadside ditch. T2 N R04E S04
    CHSC53977CHSCRanunculus arvensisVernon H. Oswald45281991-04-23 ButteWhitman Ave, south of E. 20th St, in south Chico. Fields. T2 N R01E S00 S369 NE1-4
    CHSC66499CHSCRanunculus arvensisVernon H. Oswald75821996-05-20 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Hog Lake Plateau. BLM parcel along Hwy. 3 NE of Red Bluff. On the bank of an intermittent stream at the northeast end of the parcel. T28N R0 W S08 SW1-4 of NE1-4
    CHSC84041CHSCRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart102122003-05-22 ShastaIn a ditch on the north side of the poor dirt road, about 250 yards northeast of the barn, about 1-8 mile south of the Coleman Canal, 2.8 miles (air) west-southwest of Darah Springs State Fish Hatchery, about 12 miles (air) east-northeast of Cottonwood. T3 N R0 W S25 SW1-4
    CHSC88356CHSCRanunculus arvensisR. Fischer2402004-05-28 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles n. of McArthur, on eastern edge of Modoc Plateau. Located on Lava Springs Trail just below camp 7. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
    CSLA014065CSLARanunculus arvensisThomas W. Nelson46811979-05-19 TrinityHayfork. Along State Route 3 ca 1-2 mile south of Hayfork
    DAV312554DAVRanunculus arvensisRobert E. Preston24732007-05-03 ButteButte County: Chico, Upper Bidwell Park, N of park road, W of power lines.
    DAV312555DAVRanunculus arvensisP. B. Kennedys.n.1922-05-23 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Helm Field, Barret Ranch, near Shingle.
    DAV312556DAVRanunculus arvensisDean Kelchs.n.1993-04-08 SolanoSolano County: Anderson Road, about 2 miles south of Route 12.
    DAV312557DAVRanunculus arvensisD. W. Adamss.n.1968-05-03 SacramentoSacramento County: North side of S. P. R. R. tracks between Wallerga Rd. and Watt Ave., 7 miles NE of Sacramento.
    DAV312558DAVRanunculus arvensisAyzik Solomescshs.n.2009-05-13 SonomaSonoma County: Vicinity of Santa Rosa, north of city of Rohnert Park. East of Hwy 101 and south of Horn Ave. Elevation estimated from Google Earth by label maker.
    DAV328714DAVRanunculus arvensisK. Esaus.n.1934-05-05 MendocinoMendocino County: Near Willits. Tahoe-Ukiah Highway.
    DAV358641DAVRanunculus arvensisCraig D. Thomsen23242000-05-12 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. Caltrans right-of-way, on south side of Hwy 20, ca. 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, near Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    HSC207083HSCRanunculus arvensisDan Wyrick2171975-04-22 NapaNear Pacific Union College
    HSC207084HSCRanunculus arvensisJ.P. Smith73441974-04-20 Butte1.0 mi. E of Hwy. 99
    HSC207085HSCRanunculus arvensisThomas W. Nelson46811979-05-19 TrinityAlong Hwy. 3, about 1-2 mi. S of Hayfork
    JEPS100879UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisDean W. Taylor118381991-05-29 ShastaShingle Creek, along Highway 44, ca. 1 mile south along right of way of Pacific Gas Pipeline,
    JEPS101994UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisDean Wm. Taylor, Mey Akasah172091999-06-03 LakeManning Flat, along Highway 29 5 miles West from Lower Lake
    JEPS102275UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisDavid Muth, Rebecca A. Sherry2002-04-18 SolanoIn horse pasture approximately one block SE of Leisure Town Road and Maple in Vacaville.
    JEPS104313UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart102122003-05-22 ShastaIn a ditch on the n side of the poor dirt road, ca 250 yd ne of the barn, ca 1-8 mi south of the Coleman Canal, 2.8 mi (air) wsw of Darah Springs State Fish Hatchery, ca 12 mi (air) ene of Cottonwood.
    JEPS104462UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart102122003-05-22 ShastaIn a ditch on the n side of the poor dirt road, ca 250 yd ne of the barn, ca 1-8 mi south of the Coleman Canal, 2.8 mi (air) wsw of Darah Springs State Fish Hatchery, ca 12 mi (air) ene of Cottonwood.
    JEPS110889UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisJake Ruygt26461991-05-06 NapaWantrop Preserve, Pope Valley
    JEPS119685UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisLowell Ahart179612012-05-02 ButteAbout 30 yards northeast of the Easter Cross Parking Lot, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1 mile east of Chico.
    JEPS125946UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisD. W. Taylor176312001-05-05 Santa CruzMangles Gulch near Aptos, in roadbed opposite and west from Mangles Creek across Cathedral Drive bordering Nicene Marks State Park.
    JEPS81056UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisThomas W. Nelson, Jane P. Nelson46811979-05-19 Trinityca 1-2 mi s Hayfork (along State Route 3); Hayfork Quad.
    JEPS88330UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart75821996-03-20 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy 36 ne of Red Bluff (Hog Lake Plateau, Cascade Range Foothills, at ne end of parcel); Hog Lake Plateau, Cascade Range Foothills
    NY00199567NYRanunculus arvensisD. K. Christopher2272003-04-21 ?  ButteOff Hwy 99. Ahart Family Ranch along boundary on access road and edge of field
    OBI170712OBIRanunculus arvensisDavid J. Keil261371997-04-10 San Luis ObispoEast Of Santa Margarita Along Highway 58. Ca. 0.9 Road Miles West Of Salinas River Bridhe.
    OBI170713OBIRanunculus arvensisRobert F. Hoover71141947-05-02 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    POM277279RSARanunculus arvensisRobert F. Hoover50351941-05-11 MendocinoPotter Valley.
    PUA16611PUARanunculus arvensisShirley Sears1976-04-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Klamath River. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
    RSA0036029RSARanunculus arvensisLowell A. Ahart179612012-05-02 ButteAbout 30 yards northeast of the Easter Cross Parking Lot, Upper Bidwell Park, about 1 mile east of Chico.
    RSA201515RSARanunculus arvensisRobert F. Hoover71141947-05-02 San Luis ObispoSa Luis Obispo County: Atascadero
    RSA215991RSARanunculus arvensisClare B. Hardham44311959-04-23 San Luis ObispoAtascadero. Shale hills, Santa Barbara Road.
    RSA299449RSARanunculus arvensisJ. P. Smith73441974-04-20 ButteSkyway Drive, 1 miles E of Hwy 99.; Chico
    RSA6154RSARanunculus arvensisCarl B. Wolf49621933-05-25 El DoradoGreen Valley, 0.7 mile W of Rescue.
    RSA724035RSARanunculus arvensisR. E. Riefner0-1662000-04-02 OrangeSantiago Equestrian Center, Santiago Canon Rd., N 0.5 m from Ridgeline Rd., Oso Creek drainage.; El Toro
    RSA724036RSARanunculus arvensisR. E. Riefner0-4122000-05-02 OrangeVicinity of Trabuco Canon Rd. and Rose Canon Rd. along Trabuco Creek.; Santiago Peak.
    RSA74321RSARanunculus arvensisMilo S. Baker113801946-05-06 MendocinoIn field near jct of E and W roads of Potter
    SBBG173145SBBGRanunculus arvensisDavid Keil261371997-04-10 San Luis ObispoHwy 58, E of Santa Margarita, ca. 0.9 rd mi W of Salinas River Bridge
    SBBG173146SBBGRanunculus arvensisClare B. Hardham31751958-05-03 San Luis ObispoSanta Barbara Rd, Atascadero
    SD40723SDRanunculus arvensisCarl B. Wolf49621933-05-25 El DoradoW. slope of Sierra Nevada. Green Valley, 0.7 W of Rescue
    SD58342SDRanunculus arvensisWilliam Hiranos.n.1959-05-28 AlamedaUniversity of California Botanical Garden, Strawberry Canon, Berkeley hills
    SHTC4868SHTCRanunculus arvensisMetcalf, L.341994-03-19 San MateoOpen field E of Hwy 1 and just N of 3rd St., Montara
    STNF-4647492-TEMPAIDSTNFRanunculus arvensisAmy Miller1995-06-03 TrinityHwy 3
    UC1103018UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisJoseph P. Tracy165541940-05-17 HumboldtBuck Mountain; lower foothills of nw slope
    UC1713251UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisS. J. Johns1915-01-01 MariposaMt. Bullion
    UC1925833UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisDavid Keil, Miguel Ponce261371997-04-10 San Luis ObispoEast of Santa Margarita along Highway 58. Ca. 0.9 road miles west of Salinas River Bridge.
    UC2085339UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisBarry Breckling2382022011-05-19 MariposaMariposa County, California. Meadow area opposite 10509 Converse Road, Greeley Hill.
    UC766984UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisR. F. Hoover50351941-05-11 MendocinoPotter Valley
    UC854379UCJEPSRanunculus arvensisCarl B. Wolf49621933-05-25 El Dorado7-10 mi w Rescue; W. slope Sierra Nevada, Green Valley
    UCR0036327UCRRanunculus arvensisCraig D. Thomsen23242000-05-12 ColusaBear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, 0.25 mi west of Hwy 20-16 intersection, milepost 3.00
    UCR0036328UCRRanunculus arvensisPeter F. Zika270042015-05-17 Del NortePoint St. George, 2 air km southwest of Dead Lake, near quarry.
    UCR0036329UCRRanunculus arvensisS. Franson031997-04-23 Lakecity of Upper Lake, immediately east of intersection of Hwy 20 and Hwy 29
    UCR0036330UCRRanunculus arvensisBeecher Crampton89361973-05-09 El DoradoBass Lake, northeast of Clarksville
    UCR0114870UCRRanunculus arvensisDavid Isle21722017-05-17 Colusawest of Stonyford c. 1.5 miles on 1 N01.1 to Pendell Ranch, south of house c. 1-8 mile
    UCSB015842UCSBRanunculus arvensisJoseph M. Keefe1800a1967-06-02 Tuolumneroad to La Grange, 0.7 mile southwest of Chinese Camp.
    UCSB015843UCSBRanunculus arvensisOswald, Vernon; Ahart, Lowell75821996-05-20 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy. 3 NE of Red Bluff: T28N R2 W1-4 NE1-4 Sect. 8,Cascade Range Foothills, Blue Oak Woodland, Tuscan mudflow substrate.

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