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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CLARK-A1528-1793CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumJohn C. Roos1961-10-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-1856CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumJohn C. Roos25011937-8-19 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-1857CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumJohn C. Roos24731937-7-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CLARK-A1528-222CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumKen F. Clarke1971-9-07 RiversideJurupa
    CLARK-A1528-223CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumMargaret Ferro221970-5-16 RiversideJurupa
    CLARK-A1528-4906CLARKGnaphalium microcephalumJohn C. Roos37451947-9-06 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    IRVC103898IRVCGnaphalium microcephalumD. Ibbetson (HS)s.n.1965-3-27 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Trabuco Canon.
    LOB118240LOBGnaphalium microcephalumDick Zembals.n.1976-5-21 Los AngelesTorrance, Madrona Marsh, Sepulveda Blvd & Madrona
    LOB118241LOBGnaphalium microcephalumDavid Williss.n.1954-4-14 OrangeLower Silverado Canon, Santa Ana Mtns.
    LOB118242LOBGnaphalium microcephalumNancy Ellen Stice4101952-10-21 Los AngelesWash near RR and PE Station, Claremont
    LOB118243LOBGnaphalium microcephalumP.C. Baker73911974-3-24 OrangeStarr Ranch in the Santa Ana Mtns.
    LOB118256LOBGnaphalium microcephalumKen Tanksleys.n.1954-10-17 OrangeNear Irvine Pk.
    POM10051RSAGnaphalium microcephalumF. M. Reed271903-10-24 RiversideCold water canyon [Santa Ana Mts., near Temescal Valley]
    POM125902RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRoxana S. Ferris19021920-4-02 MontereyTrail to Santa Lucia Ranger Station
    POM155630RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. L. Bryan271928-8-24 Los AngelesMandeville Canon.
    POM156708RSAGnaphalium microcephalumL. R. Abrams42031904-9-02 Los AngelesElysian Park.
    POM172107RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-9-21 Santa BarbaraVineyard, Main Ranch, Santa Cruz Island.
    POM18134RSAGnaphalium microcephalumP. A. Munz77661923-9-07 OrangeSanta Ana Mts. From Holy Jim Canon to Santiago Peak.
    POM186305RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJoseph A. Ewan77021932-7-28 OrangeCorona Del Mar.
    POM197904RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJoseph A. Ewan70191932-2-03 Los AngelesHillside near mouth of Laurel Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
    POM199808RSAGnaphalium microcephalumI. W. Clokey50961930-5-27 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Gravelly bottom of canyon neaar mouth.
    POM201510RSAGnaphalium microcephalumL. M. Booth8171937-3-2 OrangeSanta Ana Canon
    POM250181RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. W. Williams711939-7-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Bank along stream back of Willow Harbor.
    POM292500RSAGnaphalium microcephalumArthur L. Cohen4491934-7-11 San DiegoSan Diego Bay mudflats.
    POM305061RSAGnaphalium microcephalumHenry J. Ramsey3581937-1-03 Los AngelesAltadena
    POM307174RSAGnaphalium microcephalumHenry J. Ramsey20961937-8-29 Los AngelesAltadena.
    POM358714RSAGnaphalium microcephalumGeo L. Moxleys.n.1914-9-07 Los AngelesCota, near Long Beach
    POM358727RSAGnaphalium microcephalumElbert Benjamines.n.1929-2-24 Los AngelesLaurel Canon, Hollywood
    POM358730RSAGnaphalium microcephalumI. W. Clokey50961930-5-27 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Gravelly bottom of canyon neaar mouth.
    POM358859RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. B. Dunkle76201940-8-26 VenturaAnacapa Island.
    POM358860RSAGnaphalium microcephalumLouis Greatas.n.1900-7-1 Los Angeles[Unspecified]
    POM358861RSAGnaphalium microcephalumLouis Greatas.n.1900-9-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    POM358862RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRobert Gustafson19811980-9-16 Los AngelesBallona Wetlands, Area 3.
    POM358864RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. Bisbees.n.1917-9-02 Los AngelesHills north of Eagle Rock
    POM358867RSAGnaphalium microcephalumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1922-5-5 Los AngelesHollywood.
    POM358868RSAGnaphalium microcephalumAnstruther Davidson20101887-7-1 Los AngelesTemple.
    POM358871RSAGnaphalium microcephalumN. C. Cooper9521943-10-09 RiversideHemet.
    POM358878RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. B. Dunkle84591939-8-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Vail Ranch.
    POM358879RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. B. Dunkle76201940-8-18 VenturaAnacapa Island, Middle Landing.
    POM358881RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1969-6-10 Santa BarbaraFoothill Road near Mission oaks Lane.
    POM358889RSAGnaphalium microcephalumM. B. Dunkle26011931-8-11 FresnoParadise Valley Trail.
    POM358891RSAGnaphalium microcephalumOra M. Clark17761929-3-24 Los AngelesSanta Susanna Mts.
    POM358893RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJosephine Derigo203301941-7-23 VenturaSanta Suzanna Pass
    POM4627RSAGnaphalium microcephalumFred Burlews.n.1917-9-1 Los AngelesCrescenta.
    POM4629RSAGnaphalium microcephalumGeorge B. Grant516 Los AngelesFrom Pasadena Collected, 1901-1905
    POM4632RSAGnaphalium microcephalumI. M. Johnstons.n.1918-8-16 San BernardinoCucamonga Canon Wash (near Upland)
    POM8299RSAGnaphalium microcephalumP. A. Munz32731920-2-28 Riverside3 miles west of Corona.
    POM8854RSAGnaphalium microcephalumE. A. Purer182371933-8-14 AlamedaNiles Canon
    PUA1100PUAGnaphalium microcephalumMarvin Butler1970-9-11 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA17281PUAGnaphalium microcephalumBill Grummer1978-8-27 LakeLocal landmark: Troutdale Creek. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA26705PUAGnaphalium microcephalumGriswold & Butler1979-7-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Creek. Ironside Mt Quad.
    PUA26854PUAGnaphalium microcephalumG.L. Clifton1979-7-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Bailey Canon Campground. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA27284PUAGnaphalium microcephalumOverton And Butler1979-7-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Friday Camp. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA33829PUAGnaphalium microcephalumBill Grummer1979-8-19 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA36461PUAGnaphalium microcephalumGail Newton1980-8-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Blake Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA4616PUAGnaphalium microcephalumG.L. Clifton1971-8-04 YubaLocal landmark: Honcut Creek. Rackerby Quad.
    PUA4619PUAGnaphalium microcephalumC.A. Ground1970-8-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Mountain Mines. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA48088PUAGnaphalium microcephalumBill Grummer1980-6-14 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA49764PUAGnaphalium microcephalumJoe Callizo1980-8-18 NapaLocal landmark: Toll Canon. Brooks Quad.
    PUA49765PUAGnaphalium microcephalumG.L. Clifton1980-7-19 NapaLocal landmark: Capell Creek. Capell Valley Quad.
    PUA49766PUAGnaphalium microcephalumJoe Callizo1981-4-12 NapaLocal landmark: Horse Pond. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA51556PUAGnaphalium microcephalumDennis Kearns1981-7-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiteys Peak. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA57693PUAGnaphalium microcephalumG.L. Clifton1983-7-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Camp Grant. Weott Quad.
    PUA63133PUAGnaphalium microcephalumTodd Dawson1981-7-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Boulder Ridge. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA63158PUAGnaphalium microcephalumTodd Dawson1981-7-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Boulder Ridge. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA63317PUAGnaphalium microcephalumTodd Dawson1981-7-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Boulder Ridge. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA66592PUAGnaphalium microcephalumG.L. Clifton1984-5-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    RSA0022433RSAGnaphalium microcephalumR. F. Thorne497911977-5-04 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Trabuco Canon.
    RSA0092558RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRichard G. Swinney143282011-4-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Santa Anita Canon north of Sierra Madre, 150 m east of Mt. Wilson Trail on ridgetop 0.12 mi west of center of Sierra Madre Dam, 0.26 mi (64 degrees) NNW of the trailhead.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad
    RSA0093460RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRichard G. Swinney156822011-9-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: SE side of Camp Colby (Colby Ranch), Colby Gravy marker, confluence of Inspiration Cyn. & Coldwater Cyn., near spring & watertank.; Chilao Flat 7.5'
    RSA0094717RSAGnaphalium microcephalumR. G. Swinney143282011-4-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Santa Anita Canon north of Sierra Madre, 150 m east of Mt. Wilson Trail on ridgetop 0.12 mi. west of center of Sierra Madre Dam, 0.26 mi. (64 ° ) NNW of the trailhead; Mt. Wilson 7.5' Q.
    RSA114345RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1956-9-02 Santa BarbaraChelham Way, Montecito.
    RSA131485RSAGnaphalium microcephalumE. K. Balls236541958-10-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island.
    RSA133763RSAGnaphalium microcephalumRoxana S. Ferris133631958-6-25 FresnoAlong State Hwy 180 (General Grant to Fresno), 1.5 miles E of Sequoia national Forest boundary.
    RSA133813RSAGnaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven137381958-9-28 Los AngelesElysian Park.
    RSA165479RSAGnaphalium microcephalumClare B. Hardham109201963-7-03 MontereyHills west of Bryson
    RSA166631RSAGnaphalium microcephalumE. R. Chandler6761962-4-27 VenturaVentura River Wash, about 1 mile N of State Hwy 150.
    RSA166734RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1963-8-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
    RSA192005RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. A. Zuill2801966-7-07 RiversideSan mateo canyon, 9-10 miles SW of Murrieta.
    RSA202848RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1961-10-04 VenturaFlats of S Pierpont Bay
    RSA223600RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJ. T. Howell318551956-9-09 San FranciscoSE end of Lake Merced, San Francisco.
    RSA287030RSAGnaphalium microcephalumR. F. Thorne490061977-4-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Along road to Black Mountain on slopes above tributary to Windmill Creek
    RSA31412RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1946-11-10 VenturaOpen ground between California Preparatory School and Ojai.
    RSA395370RSAGnaphalium microcephalumR. F. Thorne612411985-7-18 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz Creek and near small reservoir, not far from junction of Cottonwood Canon and De Luz - Murrieta roads.
    RSA430478RSAGnaphalium microcephalumA. C. Sanders73781987-9-18 Los AngelesEl Segundo Dune, W of Los Angeles International Airport and Pershing Dr.
    RSA43927RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1947-9-15 VenturaHorn canyon.
    RSA505033RSAGnaphalium microcephalumEd LaRues.n.1989-7-04 RiversideSSW of Temecula, W side of Calle Cuesta, 1 mile airline W of Hwy 15 and 1.5 miles airline S of Rancho California Road.
    RSA51218RSAGnaphalium microcephalumH. M. Pollards.n.1949-8-06 VenturaCoyote Creek above Chismahoo Ranch; Ventura River Basin.
    RSA517516RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteven A. Junaksc9101984-9-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island along Navy road 0.2 miles W of bump gate near Mount Pleasant.
    RSA522097RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd37651989-7-18 RiversideVail Lake Area, Temecula Creek Canon 0.5 W of dam
    RSA528039RSAGnaphalium microcephalumA. C. Sanders101941990-10-06 OrangeNewport Bay, North Star County Beach area on the SW end of the bay, ca. 2 km inland of Hwy 1
    RSA534543RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. F. Smith11581944-8-31 Santa BarbaraAbout rocky La Cumbre Peak, Santa Ynez Mtns, N of city of Santa Barbara County
    RSA534544RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. F. Smith21211947-9-25 Santa BarbaraAlong Elk Camino Cielo, 2 miles E of San Marcos Pass, Santa Ynez Mtns
    RSA534545RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. F. Smith4341944-1-09 Santa BarbaraScattered on sandy grassy hillside above Tunnel Road, W of Botanic Garden, Mission Canon, N of city of Santa Barbara.
    RSA534547RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. F. Smith7981944-5-05 Santa BarbaraAlong Tunnel Road, 3 blocks S of Tunnel Portal, Mission Canon, N of city of Santa Barbara.
    RSA534548RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. F. Smith15921945-8-05 Santa BarbaraAlong Tunnel Road, SW of Botanic Garden, Mission Canon, N of city of Santa Barbara.
    RSA535469RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd66441992-2-02 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness of the Cleveland National Forest. Upper San Mateo Canon between confluence of Tenaja Canon and Los Alamos Canon
    RSA535726RSAGnaphalium microcephalumTimothy S. Ross5451991-5-22 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Spray Canon; short canyon 2400 feet ENE of Spray (which in turn is 5200 feet N of Eel Point), W side of island.
    RSA535857RSAGnaphalium microcephalumD. A. Young19371989-4-19 Santa BarbaraCanada del Puerto, 2.3 miles from Stanton Ranch.
    RSA544551RSAGnaphalium microcephalumTimothy S. Ross61151992-4-11 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: ridge betw W fork of China Canon and small lateral draw that meets it at 850ft.
    RSA545340RSAGnaphalium microcephalumTimothy S. Ross61771992-4-14 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: central E side of island, Steep rocky margin of rutted channel that drains from Nanny Canon to the sea, 200m S of its jct at the coast
    RSA549852RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteven A. Junaksc20071990-9-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Canada del Puerto, 0.8 mi inland from Prisoners' Harbor
    RSA550707RSAGnaphalium microcephalumTimothy S. Ross56861991-7-29 Los AngelesElephant Hill, N most point of the Puente Hills, W Pomona.; San Dimas USGS 7.5'
    RSA557722RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd71051992-4-29 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Western flank of Cold Spring Canon, along the Clark Trail the junction with the Cold Spring Trail to the crest of the ridge dividing Cold Spring and San Mateo Canons
    RSA561084RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd69981992-4-22 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Indian Potrero Trail south from Verdugo Potrero to Indian Potrero on ridge between Talega Canon and Nickel Canon.
    RSA583611RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd84061995-3-30 RiversideAgua Tibia Wilderness Area, northern flank of Agua Tibia Mountain at the western edge of the Dripping Springs Alcove in tributary of Kolb Creek just east of the old Woodchuck Truck Trail road grade, just south of the Wilderness boundary.
    RSA593563RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteve Boyd89151996-6-11 Los AngelesFish Canon, just upstream from the confluence with Castaic Creek.
    RSA595630RSAGnaphalium microcephalumMark Hoefs23831995-7-14 Los AngelesUpper Canon, at point of drainage crossing road scarce, sandy river bed
    RSA597398RSAGnaphalium microcephalumTimothy S. Ross50591991-5-17 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, Lower Wilson Cove Canon, bouldery, rocky draw SW and above pier aperations.
    RSA597982RSAGnaphalium microcephalumL. Raz661997-3-16 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon via 'Divide Trail', northeast of the Wrigley Botanical Garden.
    RSA598269RSAGnaphalium microcephalumR. G. Swinneys.n.1989-8-06 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, in and near Glendora Wilderness Park, Big Dalton Canon. Big Dalton debris basin, in a disturbed area.
    RSA6052RSAGnaphalium microcephalumC. B. Wolf42111932-10-03 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. About 1 1/4 mile from Wrigley Drive on road to Renton Mine (head of right fork of Pebbly Beach canyon)
    RSA608100RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSteven A. Junaksc35031992-10-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. S. coast of island, ca. half-way between Malva Real Canon and Punta Arena.
    RSA620059RSAGnaphalium microcephalumD. L. Banks21341997-6-16 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pala Indian Reservation. Along the San Luis Rey River, from Pala Creek, to approximately 200 m east of Lilac Road, just south of the intersection of Hwy 76 and Magee Road.; Pala
    RSA650427RSAGnaphalium microcephalumT. C. Thomass.n.1974-7-13 San DiegoPalomar Mt., Hwy 76.
    RSA670214RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJoseph M. Keefe31,1062001-3-16 Los Angeles50 meters west of dead end of Cresthaven Drive, 1 mile southeast of The Eagle Rock, Pasadena, 91105.
    RSA678432RSAGnaphalium microcephalumMark Elvin1171996-3-23 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island
    RSA696919RSAGnaphalium microcephalumMinor Warnes.n.1934-5-19 OrangeTrabuco.
    RSA701626RSAGnaphalium microcephalumSarah J. De Groot5982002-5-8 San Diego10678 Cerveza Dr., Hidden Meadows 92026.
    RSA796319RSAGnaphalium microcephalumD. Magney8521985-3-25 Santa BarbaraFound along Ridge Road west of Santa Cruz Island Field Station.
    RSA855RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJ. T. Howell10331928-7-07 RiversideNear Glen Ivy.
    RSA858RSAGnaphalium microcephalumJ. T. Howell4121927-7-16 OrangeBotany Garden, Rancho Santa Ana.
    UC485671UCJEPSGnaphalium microcephalumCol. Barlew32751917-9-24 Los AngelesCrescenta
    UCR118557UCRGnaphalium microcephalumDavid Charlton40811989-10-07 Venturajunction of Hwy 23 and Tierra Rejada Rd., SE of Moorpark and west of Simi Valley
    UCR124984UCRGnaphalium microcephalumBonnie C. Templeton15651931-9-02 San BernardinoCrestline
    UCR237827UCRGnaphalium microcephalumMark A. Elvin22662003-2-2 OrangeSan Joaquin Marsh, UCI campus SSE of intersection of Jamboree Blvd. and Campus Dr.
    UCR264073UCRGnaphalium microcephalumStephen J. Myers10712015-1-2 RiversideTin Mine Canon, lower part of canyon, near Corona
    UCSB_SCIRH0064UCSBGnaphalium microcephalumMarla Daily1031976-8-29 Santa BarbaraCreekbed gravel below field station, Santa Cruz Island.
    VVC70VVCGnaphalium microcephalumP.J. MacKays.n.1980-6-18 San BernardinoNE corner of Vineyard Av and San Bernardino Rd, Cucamonga; open field disturbed
    SD262210SDPseudognaphalium biolettiiMitch Provance617-122017-6-8 RiversideTemescal Valley: Indian Wash, SW of I-15, S side of De Palma Rd., about 0.2 WNW of inter. with Glen Eden Rd. (Alberhill 7.5'Q)
    RSA0058249RSAPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumRichard G. Swinney122772010-4-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pacoima Wash, 0.2-0.4 miles north of Gavina Ave., near east end of Wallabi Ave.; San Fernando 7.5' Quad
    RSA0062623RSAPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumR. G. Swinney135652010-8-16 Los AngelesArcadia, Big Santa Anita Canon, Arcadia Wilderness Park.; Mt. Wilson 7.5′ Quad.
    UCR280938UCRPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumMitch Provance617--142017-6-8 RiversideIndian Wash, SW of I-15, S side of De Palma Rd., about 0.2 WNW of inter. with Glen Eden Rd.
    UCR280957UCRPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumMitch Provance617--122017-6-8 RiversideIndian Wash, SW of I-15, S side of De Palma Rd., about 0.2 WNW of inter. with Glen Eden Rd.
    UCR281562UCRPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumMitch Provance617--832017-6-5 RiversideMayhew Wash, S side of Temescal Canon Rd. at intersection with Temescal Hills Rd.
    UCR281584UCRPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumMitch Provance617--972017-6-9 OrangeNorth Fullerton, East side of Gilbert St., 0.5 miles ENE of intersection with Castlewood Dr.
    UCSB035285UCSBPseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalumRick A. Burgess5591988-1-10 VenturaCircle X Ranch. Circle X Ranch Access Rd. to Sandstone Park about 1/4 mi from parking lot.
    UCR280927UCRPseudognaphalium leucocephalumMitch Provance517--622017-5-25 Riverside0.3 to 0.5 miles SE of Indian Truck Trail, between Temescal Canon Rd. and Hwy. 15
    UCR289234UCRPseudognaphalium leucocephalumMitch Provance718--362018-6-18 RiversideBetween Glen Eden Resort and Alberhill, unnamed Canon; head at water control structure N. of Palomino Creek Dr., northward to mouth near Hwy. 15 at Hostettler Rd.
    AHUC104246DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumRichard Batess.n.1949-4-10 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mountains.
    AHUC104247DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumCollector Unknowns.n.2000-7-25 UnknownUnknown Couty: exact location unknown.
    CAS-BOT140645CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSanders, A. C.; Salvato, T. B.310572005-6-17 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve at E end of San Pasqual Valley, lower part of reserve along Santa Ysabel Creek at confluence with Clevender Canyon Elev. given as 660-700ft.
    CAS-BOT357218CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBrandegees.n.1958-9-6 UnknownSierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT357219CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWetzel, Cherie L.9631969-7-10 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Along railroad tracks between Palomares Rd. and the Kaiser Plant abutting Swizzig's property
    CAS-BOT357220CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWetzel, Cherie L.1151967-8-16 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity. Vallejo Mills Park
    CAS-BOT357221CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta527851978-4-5 CalaverasCamp Nine Road, northeast of Vallecito
    CAS-BOT357222CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKnight, Walter; Knight, I.s.n.1977-7-25 Contra CostaBlack Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Nortonville town site
    CAS-BOT357223CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDeDecker, Mary28441971-8-31 InyoSierra Nevada. Symmes Creek
    CAS-BOT357224CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R. C.133761958-6-27 MaderaBetween Bass Lake and Fine Gold, cliffs above creek
    CAS-BOT357225CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas5931924-7-29 MariposaWawona
    CAS-BOT357226CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRose, Lewis S.541331954-10-1 MariposaYosemite National Park. Big Oak Flat Road, 4 mi. se. of Crane Flat forest slopes
    CAS-BOT357227CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.57671959-9-14 MonoLundy Canyon, north side of Lundy Lake
    CAS-BOT357228CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGriesel, Wesleys.n.1962-9-8 RiversideDark Canyon, San Jacinto Mts.
    CAS-BOT357229CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, R. J.s.n.1906-9-10 Santa ClaraLos Buellis Hills, Milpitas
    CAS-BOT357230CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumElmer, A. D. E.49851903-8-1 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    CAS-BOT357231CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74551939-7-9 Santa CruzSand hills near Ben Lomond
    CAS-BOT357232CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBraunton, Ernest11981904-8-1 AmadorPreston School of Industry, Waterman. School Grounds
    CAS-BOT357233CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHansen, Geo.1791892-8-1 AmadorAgrc. Station
    CAS-BOT357234CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHansen, Geo.s.n.1895-1-1 AmadorLancha Plana
    CAS-BOT357235CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAhart, Lowell61761988-9-4 ButteA little north of a branch of Last Chance Creek, about 1 mile west and a little north of Bald Mountain
    CAS-BOT357236CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHeller, A. A.126591916-9-23 ButteSierra foothills near Forest Ranch
    CAS-BOT357237CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHeller, A. A.126591916-9-23 ButteSierra foothills near Forest Ranch
    CAS-BOT357238CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJokerst, J. D.03641979-10-5 ButteAlong edge of Hwy 70. Hwy 70 at intersection with Bear Ranch Cr., ca. 3/4 mi. S. of Arch Rock Tunnel
    CAS-BOT357239CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRattan, Volneys.n.1866-1-1 El Dorado
    CAS-BOT357240CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobbins, G. Thomas13681943-8-27 El DoradoIn Eddy Arboretum, Institute of Forest Genetics, 3 mi. e. of Placerville
    CAS-BOT357241CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-6-18 El DoradoSherman Canyon
    CAS-BOT357242CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-7-25 El DoradoLake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mts. Tallac
    CAS-BOT357243CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, Le Roy48191911-7-29 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region. Fallen Leaf trail, Mt Tallac
    CAS-BOT357244CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumMcGregor, E. A.391909-8-26 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region. Glen Alpine (Grass Lake Trail)
    CAS-BOT357245CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice66551917-9-2 El DoradoShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT357246CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1897-10-3 El DoradoEcho Mt.
    CAS-BOT357247CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumVon Loh, J.s.n.1978-7-27 FresnoAbove Shaver Lake
    CAS-BOT357248CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas339091958-7-25 FresnoSimpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT357249CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas339101958-7-25 FresnoSimpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT357250CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas340461958-7-28 FresnoBlue Canyon Creek east of Tehipite Valley, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT357251CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas156291940-7-28 FresnoNear Sphinx Creek, Bubbs Creek
    CAS-BOT357252CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.79071954-8-14 FresnoBear Creek
    CAS-BOT357253CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.51141952-8-16 FresnoFlorence Lake to Blaney Meadows
    CAS-BOT357254CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, W. R.33971900-10-16 FresnoConverse Basin
    CAS-BOT357255CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, W. R.33971900-10-16 FresnoConverse Basin
    CAS-BOT357256CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBacigalupi, Rimo; Hawkes, Alex D.40101952-9-6 FresnoAlong State Highway 180 to Kings River Canyon, 5.8 miles northeast of Cherry Gap
    CAS-BOT357257CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBacigalupi, Rimo; Ferris, Roxana S.35191951-8-23 FresnoAlong McKinley Grove - Balch Camp road, 16 mi. above Camp Balch. On steep slopes high above the North Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT357258CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R. C.133531958-6-25 FresnoState Highway 180 betw. Cherry Gap & Hume on way to Cedar Grove, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT357259CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura108361942-7-26 FresnoGrade to Kings River Canyon from General Grant National Park
    CAS-BOT357260CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R.121561949-8-15 FresnoPine Ridge, Auberry Road, 1-1/2-2 mi. from Tollhouse Road junction
    CAS-BOT357261CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R.121541949-8-15 FresnoAbout one-half mile west of Florence Lake, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT357262CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.161171969-9-10 FresnoShaver Lake Road, 1.2 mile above Huntington Lake
    CAS-BOT357263CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.160801969-9-10 FresnoCanyon above Mono Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT357264CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBreedlove, D. E.177891970-9-6 FresnoWest side of Kaiser Pass
    CAS-BOT357265CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, William R.s.n.1900-10-16 FresnoNorth of Millwood
    CAS-BOT357266CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBeane, Lawrence17591949-8-8 FresnoHuntington Lake. Kaiser ridge
    CAS-BOT357267CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1943-7-1 FresnoHuntington Lake
    CAS-BOT357268CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.49061952-8-3 FresnoPiute Creek
    CAS-BOT357269CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTracy, Joseph P.161111938-8-14 HumboldtTrinity River Valley, at Willow Creek
    CAS-BOT357270CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJenkins, Hubert O.s.n.1943-8-1 HumboldtIn dry rocky bed of Eel River, Richardson Grove
    CAS-BOT357271CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-9-8 HumboldtOrleans Mt.
    CAS-BOT357272CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, H. M.s.n.1942-9-12 HumboldtNear Orleans
    CAS-BOT357273CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDuncan, Carl D.s.n.1920-9-22 HumboldtHoopa Valley
    CAS-BOT357274CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas388831962-9-25 KernKern River Bed, 3 miles north of Kernville
    CAS-BOT357275CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas386461962-7-12 KernNear Riverkern. (3 mi. n. of Kernville)
    CAS-BOT357276CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas472791970-9-22 KernAlong Kern River between Kernville and River Kern [Riverkern]
    CAS-BOT357277CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas387691962-9-22 Kern1.5 miles south of Summit. Greenhorn Mountains
    CAS-BOT357278CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.40451957-9-19 KernSierra Nevada, Greenhorn Range. Granite Station Road, 6.8 miles west of Glennville
    CAS-BOT357279CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.46471958-8-13 KernSierra Nevada, Greenhorn Range. Portugese Pass Road, 2.8 miles north of Greenhorn Pass
    CAS-BOT357280CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.77311962-8-27 KernSierra Nevada, Greenhorn Range. Head of Lumreau Creek
    CAS-BOT357281CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHardham, Clare B.174241969-8-28 LassenSlope west of Janesville
    CAS-BOT357282CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWilliams, Margaret74-L-541974-7-27 LassenArea near Hallelujah Junction, west of Hwy 395 and south of Hwy 70
    CAS-BOT357283CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.501551973-8-1 LassenGold Run Creek road south of Susanville, Diamond Range
    CAS-BOT357284CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCrawford, D. L.s.n.1915-8-14 Los AngelesMts. above Claremont, Palmer Canyon
    CAS-BOT357285CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-8-27 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT357286CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, Le Roy13981901-4-6 Los AngelesMonte Vista
    CAS-BOT357287CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-1-1 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT357288CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBraunton, Ernest6731902-9-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT357289CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1917-9-23 Los AngelesNegro Canon [Canyon], near Pasadena, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT357290CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBraunton, Ernest6731902-9-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT357291CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRoss, Tim; Mistretta, Orlando73231993-5-27 Los AngelesW end of the San Gabriel Mtns: Ridge dropping westward from Loop Canyon Road (at 3060 ft) toward Wilson Canyon
    CAS-BOT357292CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrable, A. E.27611970-6-14 Los AngelesTopango [Topanga] Canyon rd. 3.4 miles north of Pacific Coast Hwy.
    CAS-BOT357293CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.145041959-9-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains (Lat. N. 34 deg. ; Long. 118 deg. to 119 deg. W.). Sepulveda Canyon
    CAS-BOT357294CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.137381958-9-28 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains (Lat. N. 34 deg. ; Long. 118 deg. to 119 deg. W.). Elysian Park
    CAS-BOT357295CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCarlson, John I.s.n.1918-4-24 Los AngelesCountry adjacent to Los Angeles. Hollywood
    CAS-BOT357296CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice64731917-7-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT357297CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPenalosa, Javier9111960-9-1 Los Angeles(eastern) Los Angeles Co. San Dimas Canyon Park
    CAS-BOT357298CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice1431906-5-27 Los AngelesCountry adjacent to Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon
    CAS-BOT357299CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.113291957-9-21 Los AngelesAt n.w. end of U.C.L.A. campus, Los Angeles
    CAS-BOT357300CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJohnston, I. M.16981917-8-21 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains. Coldwater Fk. of Lytle Creek
    CAS-BOT357301CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumMoxley, Geo. L.s.n.1927-5-1 Los AngelesLa Crescenda
    CAS-BOT357302CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumunspecifieds.n.1903-1-1 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT357303CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, Le Roy14241901-4-7 Los AngelesArroyo Seco above Devils Gate
    CAS-BOT357304CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, Prof. W. R.s.n.1907-12-1 Los AngelesSaw-pit Canon [Sawpit Canyon] (near Monrovia)
    CAS-BOT357305CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas214551945-9-2 MarinSan Rafael Hills
    CAS-BOT357306CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.; Snow, R.136971958-7-25 MarinAzalea Springs to Mountain Home, Mount Tamalpias [Tamalpais]
    CAS-BOT357307CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1921-9-9 MarinRidge between Blythedale and Baltimore Canyons, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT357308CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBrandegees.n.1965-9-30 MarinTamalpais
    CAS-BOT357309CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, Gladys L.61541981-5-20 MendocinoPine Mountain Road
    CAS-BOT357310CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, Gladys L.50011978-8-12 Mendocino5 miles east of Gualala on Iverson Road
    CAS-BOT357311CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, Gladys L.76221982-7-7 MendocinoAlong Reynolds Highway around Little Lake Valley, 2.0 mi. N. of Willits
    CAS-BOT357312CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, Gladys L.70851981-7-24 MendocinoAbove Lily Pad Lake, just south of summit road to Lookout, Mt. Sanhedrin
    CAS-BOT357313CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumLinsdale, J. M.s.n.1940-9-28 MontereyHastings Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg
    CAS-BOT357314CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, Chesters.n.1926-7-1 MontereyUpper Cachagua Creek
    CAS-BOT357315CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCook & Cook3511946-9-27 MontereyUpper Finch Creek, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT357316CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbbott, E. K.s.n.1944-9-8 Monterey
    CAS-BOT357317CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice140001926-9-6 MontereyBig Sur
    CAS-BOT357318CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas56831930-10-25 MontereyCanyon of the Arroyo Seco River, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT357319CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric6731982-8-11 MontereyLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Gamboa Point Section. Santa Lucia Mountains. Collected on the Gamboa Property north of the French Camp cabin about 200 yards
    CAS-BOT357320CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric721982-4-4 MontereyLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Gamboa Point Section. Santa Lucia Mountains. Found northeast of French Camp on Lion Peak
    CAS-BOT357321CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R. C.133631958-6-25 FresnoAlong State Highway 180 (General Grant to Fresno), 1.5 mi. E of Sequoia National Forest boundary
    CAS-BOT357322CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumClausen, J.8681934-7-20 Monterey12 mi. S. of Big Sur Elev. given as 500 ft
    CAS-BOT357323CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, Chesters.n.1926-8-1 MontereyUpper Cachagua Creek, Santa Lucia Mts
    CAS-BOT357324CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-7-1 MontereyTassajara
    CAS-BOT357325CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumElmer, A. D. E.31571901-6-1 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT357326CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCox, L. E.s.n.1908-7-23 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT357327CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowitt, Beatrice F.13761962-7-7 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. On top of the mountain with the Sid Ormsbee Lookout, above Carmel Valley
    CAS-BOT357328CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumReddish, Beth14101962-1-1 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. On the knoll of the Sid Ormsbee Lookout above Carmel Valley on the San Carlos Ranch
    CAS-BOT357329CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas233501947-7-15 MontereySan Simeon Highway between Big Sur and Castro Canyon
    CAS-BOT357330CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumMcPherson, Emily; McPherson, Jr., EdwinII-11974-9-29 NevadaGray Creek between Murphy Meadows and the Truckee River, southeast of Hirschdale
    CAS-BOT357331CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.80031954-8-28 NevadaWest of Greenhorn Creek
    CAS-BOT357332CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHeller, A. A.70921903-8-4 NevadaTruckee
    CAS-BOT357333CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.2341961-9-7 NevadaHighway 49, 2 miles south of Grass Valley
    CAS-BOT357334CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.45401968-8-1 NevadaDonner Lake at foot of old Donner Pass Road
    CAS-BOT357335CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.23141965-7-15 NevadaBanner Mt. about 4 mi. E of Nevada City
    CAS-BOT357336CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.31761966-8-28 NevadaEagle Lakes about 3.5 miles north east of Yuba Gap
    CAS-BOT357337CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.32451966-8-30 NevadaBilly Mack Canyon about 1 mile north of Donner Lake and just north of Hwy. 80
    CAS-BOT357338CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTrue, Gordon H.; Trowbridge, Barbara84341977-7-26 NevadaIndependence Lake Watershed. Along logging road west of Independence Lake
    CAS-BOT357339CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAhart, Lowell26821980-10-8 NevadaAbout 1 mile west of Weaver Lake
    CAS-BOT357340CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-8-16 PlacerMonte Vista
    CAS-BOT357341CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas188051943-7-25 PlacerWest side of Donner Pass near Norden
    CAS-BOT357342CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHoover, R. F.108251967-9-5 PlacerCornelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT357343CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBacigalupi, Rimo; Heckard, Lawrence R.34791951-8-8 PlumasIn Mud Creek Valley, along California State Highway No. 36, 1.3 miles east of Chester
    CAS-BOT357344CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTaylor, M. S.42631981-9-2 PlumasW side of 26N18, ca. 1 mi s of Onion Flat, ca. 3 mi w of Indian Falls
    CAS-BOT357345CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumSmith, Gladys L.45541976-6-7 PlumasRte. 70, Spring Garden Sta. 6 miles east of Quincy
    CAS-BOT357346CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Howell, John Thomas14651966-7-28 PlumasButterfly Botanical Area and Vicinity. In bed of Spanish Creek near confluence of Butterfly Creek
    CAS-BOT357347CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas348321959-9-22 PlumasWolf Creek
    CAS-BOT357348CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas420001966-7-26 PlumasInjun Jim Campground at confluence of Granite Creek and North Fork of Feather River
    CAS-BOT357349CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas281731951-8-19 PlumasNear Paxton
    CAS-BOT357350CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura104121941-8-8 PlumasCanyon of north fork of Feather River near Storrie
    CAS-BOT357351CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBalls, E. K.158581950-9-15 PlumasSouth tip Lake Almanor, near P.G.E. dam, Hwy 89
    CAS-BOT357352CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKearney, Thomas H.1551944-8-14 PlumasNear Prattville, Lake Almanor
    CAS-BOT357353CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeirson, Frank W.52511920-9-16 San BernardinoNorth Fork San Antonio Creek, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT357354CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEwan, Joseph Andorfer110411937-8-22 San BernardinoSan Sevaine Flat, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT357355CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEwan, Joseph Andorfer110421937-8-22 San BernardinoSan Sevaine Flat, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT357356CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.579a1882-9-1 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT357357CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.5791882-9-1 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT357358CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1896-8-1 San BernardinoFredalba Park, San Bernardino Mts
    CAS-BOT357359CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1908-10-8 San BernardinoSwitzer Camp, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT357360CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-7-11 San DiegoMts. near Dulzura
    CAS-BOT357361CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWiggins, I. L.s.n.1902-4-19 San DiegoSweetwater Dam
    CAS-BOT357362CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-6-1 San DiegoNear Dulzura
    CAS-BOT357363CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumvan der Werff, H.37021980-2-22 San DiegoCorte Madera Ranch, Pine Valley
    CAS-BOT357364CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHoover, Doris Hardmans.n.1966-9-4 San DiegoJ. R. Hoover Ranch +- 4 mi. s.e. of Fallbrook
    CAS-BOT357365CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRaven, Peter H.126961958-4-30 San Diego1.5 miles east of Torrey Pines on road to Miramar
    CAS-BOT357366CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRubtzoff, Peter25261956-5-28 San FranciscoSan Francisco. San Miguel Hills. Hillslopes east of O'Shaughnessy Boulevard
    CAS-BOT357367CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas318551956-9-9 San FranciscoSan Francisco. SE. end of Lake Merced
    CAS-BOT357368CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas317211956-7-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Summit ridge, Bayview Hills
    CAS-BOT357369CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas317051956-7-15 San FranciscoSan Francisco. E. end of 22nd St.
    CAS-BOT357370CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHardham, Clare B.12391956-8-3 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Dellaganna Ranch, Cienega Creek
    CAS-BOT357371CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHoover, R. F.95511965-9-15 San Luis ObispoSummit on Pozo-Arroyo Grande road
    CAS-BOT357372CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHoover, R. F.98971966-7-13 San Luis Obispo5 1/2 mi. se. of Santa Margarita. Sandstone hill west of Salinas River opposite Pilitas Creek
    CAS-BOT357373CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJunak, Steven A.; Bornstein, CarolSC-20071990-9-21 Santa BarbaraCalifornia Islands. Santa Cruz Island. Canada del Puerto, 0.8 miles inland from Prisoners' Harbor
    CAS-BOT357374CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumMuller, Katherine K.6901955-9-28 Santa BarbaraFlood plain of Santa Ynez River, San Lucas Ranch below Cachuma Dam
    CAS-BOT357375CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWilliams, M. W.711939-7-30 Santa BarbaraBack of Willow Harbor along stream, Santa Cruz Island
    CAS-BOT357376CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.126701953-7-23 Santa BarbaraAt junction of Cuyama Valley road (State Highway 166) and Buckthorn Canyon Road to Sisquoc
    CAS-BOT357377CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumClokey, Ira W.50961930-5-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Islands. Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
    CAS-BOT357378CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumElmer, A. D. E.39541902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT357379CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.2021931-6-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Smuggler's Cove
    CAS-BOT357380CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-8-2 Santa BarbaraSo. Pac. R.R. between Goleta and Santa Barbara General Hospital
    CAS-BOT357381CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1964-8-9 Santa BarbaraOn Arroyo Burro Creek near Las Positas and Veronica Springs Roads' intersection, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357382CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-8-4 Santa BarbaraSouthern Pacific R.R., Ortega Hill, Summerland
    CAS-BOT357383CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-10-12 Santa BarbaraTunnel Road in Mission Canyon ca. 1000 feet, Santa Ynez Mts., Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357384CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-8-19 Santa BarbaraOrtega Ridge Road near highway 101, Summerland
    CAS-BOT357385CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-9-13 Santa BarbaraSo. Pac. R.R. between Montecito and Summerland
    CAS-BOT357386CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, H. M.s.n.1953-9-10 Santa BarbaraGibralter Road, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357387CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRose, Lewis S.367761936-10-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT357388CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice1241908-5-1 Santa BarbaraMountains adjacent to Santa Barbara. Mission Canyon
    CAS-BOT357389CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1950-8-26 Santa BarbaraEucalyptus Hill Road, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357390CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-7-2 Santa BarbaraSo. Pac. R.R. embankment near the General Hospital, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357391CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-7-15 Santa BarbaraSo. Pac. R.R. about 1 mi. east of Carpinteria
    CAS-BOT357392CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, LeRoy41071904-8-21 Santa BarbaraMountain drive, near Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT357393CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.721930-4-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Pelican Bay
    CAS-BOT357394CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCooke, Wm. Bridge114521938-8-5 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Near MacBride Spring
    CAS-BOT357395CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCooke, Wm. Bridge114521938-8-5 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Near MacBride Spring
    CAS-BOT357396CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas363841960-8-22 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Anklin Meadows
    CAS-BOT357397CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRose, Lewis S.452581945-9-5 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Manzanita Lake
    CAS-BOT357398CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.127011953-11-8 SierraAbout 1 mile from Sierraville on road to Sierra Buttes
    CAS-BOT357399CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowell, John Thomas282401951-8-21 Sierra5 miles from Calpine on road to Blairsden
    CAS-BOT357400CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAhart, Lowell44711983-10-27 SierraOn the north side of Milton Res., near Jackson Meadow Res.
    CAS-BOT357401CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.5051990-8-17 SierraSierra Valley. Strang Ranch (Elvers back 80)
    CAS-BOT357402CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWilliams, Margarets.n.1972-8-27 SierraMerrill Valley just north of Stampede Dam
    CAS-BOT357403CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFrenkel, R. E.9191964-10-2 SiskiyouOn Everitt Memorial Highway, 4.7 miles north of McCloud River RR crossing, near Mount Shasta
    CAS-BOT357404CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWheeler, Louis C.29581934-7-24 SiskiyouLong John Creek, Siskiyou Mts.
    CAS-BOT357405CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice108681921-7-26 SiskiyouSoda Creek
    CAS-BOT357406CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumEastwood, Alice12971912-7-21 SiskiyouSisson
    CAS-BOT357407CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHeller, A. A.117021914-8-25 SiskiyouNear Deetz station opposite Black Butte
    CAS-BOT357408CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHeller, A. A.117021914-8-25 SiskiyouNear Deetz station near/opposite Black Butte
    CAS-BOT357409CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumWolf, Carl B.10361927-8-26 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River, 4 mi. north of Gottville
    CAS-BOT357410CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKing, Robert M.84151980-7-8 Sonoma5 miles generally southwest of Santa Rosa
    CAS-BOT357411CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja3001963-9-15 SonomaLos Alamos Rd, Santa Rosa
    CAS-BOT357412CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Howell, John Thomas52321984-9-26 Sonoma1.15 mi. up Cavedale Road
    CAS-BOT357413CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCarter, Eugene5071972-8-13 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville.) Along Backbone Creek Trail
    CAS-BOT357414CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumParks, H. E.; Tracy, J. P.115311941-8-27 TrinityNorth Coast Ranges. Near McKay Camp, South Fork Mountain
    CAS-BOT357415CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumParks, H. E.; Tracy, J. P.115311941-8-27 TrinityNorth Coast Ranges. Near McKay Camp, South Fork Mountain
    CAS-BOT357416CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise55281948-8-21 TrinityTrinity Mountains. East side of Morris Meadows, Stuart Fork
    CAS-BOT357417CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumBacigalupi, Rimo; Hawkes, Alex D.40061952-9-6 TulareAlong Generals Highway, below Moro Rock, Kaweah River Canyon, Sequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT357418CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumTwisselmann, Ernest C.141301968-5-9 TulareSierra Nevada, Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River. Main road, 1.1 mile above the lumber mill
    CAS-BOT357419CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumDudley, W. R.26561898-9-1 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Upper Tule River: near Nelson's
    CAS-BOT357420CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumFerris, Roxana S.135791961-9-15 TuolumneW side of Sonora Pass, State Highway 108
    CAS-BOT357421CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumQuick, Clarence R.17361936-9-8 TuolumnePunch Bowl, headwaters of Cow Creek
    CAS-BOT357422CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumRose, Lewis S.376801937-9-28 TuolumneDardanelle
    CAS-BOT357423CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHubby, Frank W.s.n.1896-5-8 VenturaMatilija Canon [Canyon]
    CAS-BOT357424CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-12-3 VenturaOjai Valley and Vicinity. Arroyo's
    CAS-BOT357425CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-8-2 VenturaVentura River Basin. Signal Street
    CAS-BOT357426CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-9-19 VenturaMatilija Canyon, Ojai Valley
    CAS-BOT357427CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1960-10-17 VenturaVentura River Basin. Fallow lowlands of south Pierpont Bay, Ventura
    CAS-BOT357428CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-9-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. Gravelly bank of Ventura River, near Rodriguez Canyon
    CAS-BOT357429CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-9-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. On Ventura River near Foster Park
    CAS-BOT357430CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1964-4-10 VenturaVentura River Basin. On east Sulphur Mt. Rd. near paving rock quarry
    CAS-BOT357431CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1952-8-19 VenturaVentura River Basin. Oak View (between Casitas Springs and Ojai)
    CAS-BOT357432CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-10-4 VenturaVentura River Basin. Flats of south Pierpont Bay, Ventura
    CAS-BOT357433CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-8-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. Bank of San Antonio Creek, Arnaz Apple Orchards, Oak View
    CAS-BOT357434CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1962-3-26 VenturaVentura River Basin. Near Casitas Lake Dam
    CAS-BOT357435CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-10-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. Near Foster Park, on Ventura River flood-plain
    CAS-BOT357436CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1961-9-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. Near Foster Park
    CAS-BOT357437CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1970-6-9 VenturaFlood-plain of San Antonio Creek south of Royal Oaks Dairy, Ojai
    CAS-BOT357438CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1930-7-7 VenturaSanta Rosa Island
    CAS-BOT357439CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumCharlton, D.40811989-10-7 VenturaTierra Rejada Valley: junction of Hwy 23 and Tierra Rejada Rd., SE of Moorpark and W of Simi Valley Elev. given as 650 ft
    CAS-BOT587484CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJunak, Steven A.SCI-12132003-4-23 Los AngelesWilson Cove, along roadside near Security Building (along road down to pier), San Clemente Island
    CAS-BOT590801CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumJunak, Steven A.SCI-12082003-4-22 Los AngelesSouth side of airfield, just south of Perimeter Road, 0.5 mile east of intersection with San Clemente Ridge Road, San Clemente Island
    CAS-BOT650412CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumOberdorf, Jim981967-5-13 Monterey7 miles E of State Hwy 1 on Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley
    CAS-BOT650413CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumGoodell, Pat391970-4-25 Amador5 mi. E of Lake Comanche
    CAS-BOT650414CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlcamo, Mike321966-7-1 AlamedaCalifornia State College at Hayward
    CAS-BOT650415CASPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlcamo, Mike481966-7-3 Alameda22 miles out of Livermore on Mines Rd.
    CATA1294CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumMark L. Hoefs23831995-7-14 Los AngelesSanta Canon, at point of drainage crossing road
    CATA1774CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumBenjamin E. Carter69142012-8-2 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Wild Boar Gully
    CATA1807CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumBenjamin E. Carter69912012-8-23 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Airport Road, about 1/2 mile north of Middle Ranch Road
    CATA2789CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobert F. Thorne490061977-4-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Along road to Black Mountain on slopes above tributary to Windmill Creek
    CATA3105CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumAmy Catalano16-1092016-5-12 Los AngelesSanta Canon northwest side of camp
    CATA3119CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumAmy Catalano16-1242016-5-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Down canyon from Canon corrals, near ENL mitigation site
    CATA3136CATAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSarah Ratay1282010-7-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Road, 80 meters west of Black Jack Tower Road
    CHSC122036CHSCPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC-7801983-9-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S ridge above middle fork of Alberts, 0.3 W of rd. down to airport.
    CHSC24548CHSCPseudognaphalium microcephalumM. S. Taylor6141975-5-28 MontereyCoastal Strand, up from Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove.
    CHSC24600CHSCPseudognaphalium microcephalumM. S. Taylor11801976-7-20 MontereyOn w side of Palo Colorado Canon Rd, ca. 7 mi s of Hwy 1, ca. 25 mi s of Carmel.
    DAV356682DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumCollector Unknowns.n.1918-10-01 San BenitoSan Benito County: Pinnacles National Park.
    DAV356683DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumD. I. Axelrod361975-3-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Cruz Island: around 1- 1.5 W of UCSB Field Station.
    DAV356684DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Townsend1541939-12-28 OrangeOrange County: Coyote Hills, 2.5 miles northeast of Yorba Linda.
    DAV356685DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumJ. M. Tucker14321946-8-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: 724 Fellowship Road, ca. 3/4 mile from ocean, Santa Barbara.
    DAV356686DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumA.C. Sanders239122001-4-5 RiversidePerris-Aguanga Basin region: Long Canon, Temecula, between gas pipeline route and windmill, south of BM 1221.
    DAV356687DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlice Warricks.n.2008-4-6 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon.
    DAV356688DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumD. Charlton40811989-10-07 VenturaVentura County: Tierra rejada Valley: junction of Highway 23 and Tierra Rejada road., SE of Moorpark and west of Simi Valley.
    DAV356689DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumPerry S. Allen4801969-7-26 StanislausStanislaus County: Tuolumne River at La Grange Dam powerhouse.
    DAV356690DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumHenry M. Pollards.n.1961-10-04 VenturaVentura County: south Pierpont Bay.
    DAV356691DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumClifton F. Smith7051944-4-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Tunnel Road at portal in Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
    DAV356692DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlice Eastwood1841908-5-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Ellwood; adjacent to Santa Barbara.
    DAV356693DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumJake Ruygt21381988-3-26 NapaNapa County: east of Toll canyon on Blue Ridge.
    DAV356694DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumJ.W. Barrys.n.1980-6-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Hungry Valley SVRA. Northeast portion of unit. (Exact location unknown. This park is mostly in Los Angeles county, but also includes parts of Ventura and Kern counties. Coordinates estimated by the label maker.)
    DAV356695DAVPseudognaphalium microcephalumAlice Warricks.n.2007-4-20 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon.
    HSC37667HSCPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Sutherland12.19.8.761976-8-19 HumboldtEdge of county road
    HSC5709HSCPseudognaphalium microcephalumW.M. Kinch211954-9-30 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon 2 mi. above Ranger Station; San Antonio Wash
    IRVC113544IRVCPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael G. Simpson46662020-7-13 OrangeForster Canon Trail system, Cerro Rebal trail, ca. 800 meters along trail southeast of junction with Via Cerro Rebal, lower slope of hill.
    IRVC113555IRVCPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael G. Simpson46552020-7-10 OrangeRonald W. Canon Creek, ca. 25 meters south of junction with Bell Canon trail.
    IRVC113579IRVCPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael G. Simpson46312020-6-18 OrangeRonald W. Canonal Park. Cold Springs Trail, ca. 300 meters on trail north of junction with San Juan Creek Trail.
    IRVC113663IRVCPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael G. Simpson46002020-6-18 OrangeRonald W. Canonal Park. Lower Oso Trail, ca. 600 meters northwest of Hwy 74 (Ortega Hwy), where trail intersects creek bed.
    JEPS106911UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumJake Ruygt22281988-8-14 NapaAdams Ridge, Adams Creek area
    JEPS120419UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumJake Ruygt57452010-8-21 NapaBuzzard's Roost, west slope above Staggs Leap.
    JEPS20082UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven113291957-9-21 Los Angeleshill at nw end U.C.L.A. Campus
    JEPS20355UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumWillis L. Jepson147591895-11-27 Napanear St. Helena; White Sulphur Springs
    JEPS20356UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumWillis L. Jepson147601892-7-01 LakeKnoxville grade to Lower Lake; Mountain Region of Clear Lake
    JEPS20498UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumOlive Thacher721915-8-30 VenturaOjai Valley
    JEPS20500UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumJoseph A. Ewan77021932-7-28 OrangeCorona del Mar
    JEPS20504UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumFrank W. Peirson3031919-1-26 Los AngelesRubio Canon San Gabriel Mts., Rubio Canon
    JEPS20511UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumS. B. Parish1891-8-01 San Bernardino
    JEPS21730UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumIra W. Clokey50961930-5-27 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay Santa Cruz Island, Pelican Bay (gravelly bottom of canon near mouth)
    JEPS21891UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64641958-7-22 Tulare0.5 mi e Ash Mountain headquarters (along road to Giant Forest, in canon of Middle Fork of the Kaweah River); Sequoia National Park, Middle Fork of the Kaweah River
    JEPS22870UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64451958-7-21 Los Angelesabove canyon Arroyo Seco (along Angeles Crest Highway (Calif. No. 2)); San Gabriel Mts.
    JEPS23116UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRoxana S. Ferris, R. C. Bacigalupi133531958-6-25 FresnoState Highway 180 between Cherry Gap and Hume (on way to Cedar Grove); Sequoia National Forest, State Highway 180
    JEPS23593UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter Kamb7921948-2-29 Los Angelesabove Sunset Canon (crest of the Verdugo Range); Verdugo Range
    JEPS23594UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter Kamb7941948-3-06 Los Angeless crest San Rafel Hills; San Rafael Hills
    JEPS24834UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison69321958-9-09 Madera0.75 mi sw Mountain View School (on road from O'Neals to North Fork, along Fine Gold Creek); Fine Gold Creek
    JEPS24840UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison69421958-9-09 Madera28.2 mi e North Fork of San Joaquin River (overlooking headwaters and canyon of San Joaquin River); Mammoth Road, Mile-High Curve
    JEPS24958UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRoxana S. Ferris, R. C. Bacigalupi133631958-6-25 Fresno1.5 mi e Sequoia National Forest boundary (along State Highway 180 (General Grant to Fresno))
    JEPS26124UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven137381958-9-28 Los AngelesElysian Park Santa Monica Mountains, Elysian Park
    JEPS26184UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven, Henry J. Thompson145041959-9-27 Los AngelesSepulvada Canon Santa Monica Mountains, Sepulveda Canon
    JEPS27291UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard75601961-3-21 Monterey1.5 mi above and sw Arroyo Seco Guard Station (0.5 mi n of crossing of Santa Lucia Creek, from Arroyo Seco to the Indians (Indians Road) above canyon of Arroyo Seco)
    JEPS29284UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard83781962-3-24 San Diego0.8 mi above and e of junction with Valley Center road (from Lake Wohlford to Escondido Valley)
    JEPS4967UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRoxana S. Ferris, R. Bacigalupi126701953-7-23 Santa Barbaraat junction of Cuyama Valley road (State Highway 166) and Buckthorn Canon road to Sisquoc
    JEPS81845UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison69321958-9-09 Madera0.75 mi sw Mountain View School (on road from O'Neals to North Fork along creek); Fine Gold Creek
    JEPS93452UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC35031992-10-03 Santa Barbarahalf-way between Malva Real Canon and Puena Arena (s coast of Santa Cruz Island); California Islands, Santa Cruz Island
    JEPS96213UCJEPSPseudognaphalium microcephalumDana York2011995-10-13 Fresnoca. 86 km. e. Fresno (ca. 1500 m. n.w. of Boyden Canon n. side of Kings R. canyon, Monarch Wilderness, Sequoia Nat'l Forest); Kings R. Basin, Sequoia Nat'l Forest, Monarch Wilderness
    LA00638509LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumArthur C. Gibson51902001-6-9 VenturaSimi Hills, Thousand Oaks, Wildwood Regional Park, South facing slope of Mountclef Ridge, Santa Rosa Trail
    LA00638513LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumArthur C. Gibson43032001-4-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Wildwood Canon Trail opposite N-fork of Conejo Creek, near Paradise Falls
    LA00638514LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumArthur C. Gibson49382003-8-3 Los AngelesSimi Hills; Box Canon; hiking trail along Box Canon Rd, ca 0.3 km S of Pioneer Pass
    LA00638517LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumArthur C. Gibson42262001-3-23 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
    LA00638520LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven137381959-9-28 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Elysian Park
    LA00638522LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumDon P. Mullallys.n.1950-7-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park
    LA200201LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumJonathan Sauer55501973-9-28 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; crest of Santa Monica Mountains above Brentwood
    LA200228LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumNorman A. Cole3581964-5-1 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 2.9 mi from 101 Alt. [Pacific Coast Hwy] along Rambla Pacifico
    LA201846LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumArthur C. Gibson44972001-7-25 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; N-fork Conejo Creek; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; at intersection of Teepee Road and Wildwood Canon Trail above Paradise Falls
    LA202101LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumHarlan Lewiss.n.1940-8-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Westwood, UCLA campus
    LA209928LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumHarlan Lewis1940-7-12 Los AngelesCampus of University of California at Los Angeles
    LA213767LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumH. Lewis10221939-10-22 RiversideIdyllwild, San Jacinto Mts
    LA213819LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumH. van der Werff41511980-9-13 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch
    LA25984LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumJudith Webbs.n.1955-4-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; fireroad below Mount Saint Mary's College
    LA32056LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven145041959-9-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon; along Sepulveda Blvd
    LA38817LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumPeter H. Raven145631959-10-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu; just W of point
    LA88402LAPseudognaphalium microcephalumO.H. Kappler5311943-9-05 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
    LOB118238LOBPseudognaphalium microcephalumM. Theroux71971-3-28 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Santa Ana Mountains, 1 mile from Tenaja Falls towards Ortega Highway 74
    LOB118239LOBPseudognaphalium microcephalumMelvin Kunkle1561972-5-18 Orange1 mile southwest of San Juan Station, off Ortega Highway.; 33.581429 -117.526529
    LOB118244LOBPseudognaphalium microcephalumSajan Bhagat52017-3-4 OrangeCleveland National Forest, Pleasants Peak, Silverado Motorway Trail
    MCCC1173MCCCPseudognaphalium microcephalumRita Fenton1982-3-10 MendocinoDriftwood & Rockwood Rds., Surfwood Subdivision
    MCCC1594MCCCPseudognaphalium microcephalumGladys L. Smith76221982-7-07 MendocinoAlong Reynolds Hwy. around Little Lake Valley, 2 N of Willits
    MCCC228MCCCPseudognaphalium microcephalumChristine Schomer1982-3-06 San Diego100 yds. E of S-6, Ahuya Ranch
    OBI163625OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil333272015-7-8 San Luis ObispoSanta Rita Road west of Templeton
    OBI163626OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil306422009-9-12 Santa BarbaraHighway 154, Cachuma Pass area, 0.5 mi north from Paradise Road turnoff
    OBI163627OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumTracey & Viola Call21301962-4-13 RiversideTin Mine Cyn near Corona
    OBI163628OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumD. R. Miller1095-6031995-10-31 San Luis ObispoPine Mt region. Along Hasman's rd to spring w[illegible]; Pico Crk drainage
    OBI163629OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil156701981-11-11 San Luis ObispoArroyo del la Cruz area N of San Simeon. Along S side of the Arroyo
    OBI163630OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumMelody Dickens131980-4-16 San Luis ObispoMorro Rock, Morro Bay
    OBI163631OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobert J. Rodin59831954-8-26 MontereyPublic campground along Nacimiento crk
    OBI163632OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil138431980-4-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town Crk near Lime Mtn mine, W of Paso robles
    OBI163633OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumKatherine K. Muller6901955-9-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River, San Lucas Ranch below Cachuma dam
    OBI163634OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumGeorge Butterworth8552007-11-14 San Luis ObispoChimineas Ranch. Northwest of Taylor Pond, Fiehler Rocks
    OBI163635OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumE. Neese, E. PainterHL21711995-8-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2), near Upper Milpitas Rd, ca 0.25 air km due N of San Antonio River, ca 1.0 air km W of Milpitas Reservoir
    OBI163636OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobert F. Hoover98971966-7-13 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi SE of Santa Margarita; W of Salinas River opp Pilitas Crk
    OBI163637OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumJoy Nishida2421982-4-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn. Near stream in American Cyn campground
    OBI163638OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumA. C. Sanders74361987-11-28 San BernardinoGlen Helen Sheriff's Training Facility, lower Lytle Crk wash between Verdemont Ranch and Glen Helen Rehabilitation facility
    OBI163639OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumKamran Alavi351977-8-12 San Luis ObispoOff 101 on Cuesta Grade, SLO
    OBI163640OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumJoy Nishida5031982-7-08 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn. 1 mi S of campground
    OBI163641OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC-35031992-10-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. S coast of island, ca 1/2 way between Malva Real cyn and Punta Arena
    OBI163642OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobert J. Rodin59831954-8-26 MontereyNear public campground on Nacimiento Crk
    OBI163643OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil25991967-9-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Natl Forest near Arrowhead Springs
    OBI163644OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumRobert F. Hoover95511965-9-15 San Luis ObispoSummit on Pozo-Arroyo Grande Rd
    OBI173685OBIPseudognaphalium microcephalumDavid J. Keil314152012-7-18 San Luis ObispoGrover Beach. Highway 1, ca. 0.3 miles north of Grand Ave.
    PGM5365PGMPseudognaphalium microcephalumHowitt, Beatrice F1963-3-03 MontereyGabilan Range, Chualar Canon, Gabilan Range
    PGM7303PGMPseudognaphalium microcephalumYadon, Vern2004-4-24 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Along rte to. Boy Scout Camp, Easterly from Bottchers Gap
    POM358705RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumJoseph A. Ewan70181932-2-03 Los AngelesHillside near mouth of Laurel Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
    RSA0063977RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumLeRoy Gross72522015-4-29 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy.Bunn-Birrell Property; Survey the river bed at junction of S. Mountain Road and Converse Road. Southwest area of Santa Paula.; Santa Paula 7.5 Quad.
    RSA0078704RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSarah J. De Groot75022015-7-23 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). The Nature Conservancy Villanueva property; Santa Clara River drainage and slopes of South Mountain south-southwest of Santa Paula. Along old road at northwest base of South Mountain.
    RSA0078713RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSarah J. De Groot75112015-7-30 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). The Nature Conservancy Vulcan property, east end; Santa Clara River drainage about 1.6 miles up Santa Clara River from confluence with Piru Creek, just southeast of Camulos and ~2.5 miles east-southeast of Piru.About 8.5 miles west of Interstate 5 along Highway 1 North of Oak Ridge, south of Topatopa Mountains. Along the Oak Ridge Fault.
    RSA0087399RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSarah J. De Groot74842015-7-15 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). The Nature Conservancy Banman (Prairie Pacific) Property. Santa Clara River floodplain east-southeast of Santa Paula, east of South Mountain Road, northwest of South Mountain, south of Sulphur Mountain/Santa Paula Ridgesouth of Highway 126. Oak Ridge Fault zone.
    RSA0092114RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC-43001999-11-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Aguaje Canon.
    RSA0113769RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumLeRoy Gross76712016-8-31 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Strathmore Property. South of Montalvo, west of the 101 freeway, and east of Victoria Ave.
    RSA0115967RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. G. Swinney135802010-8-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Mt. Zion Summit, between Hoegee Campground and Canon the Mt. Zion Trail.; Mt. Wilson 7.5'
    RSA0125103RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumDuncan S. Bell102122016-10-27 RiversideBLMWhitewater Canon area; collecting in Rainbow Canon, 2.75 air miles northwest of the Whitewater Ranger Station (trout ponds).; Catclaw Flat
    RSA0139584RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumNaomi Fraga52192015-4-2 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Santa Clara River, Santa Paula property managed by The Nature Conservancy, E of highway 1 W of Mountain View Golf Course.; Santa Paula 7.5'
    RSA0140764RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumNaomi Fraga54312015-5-26 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). The Nature Conservancy land NE of Fillmore and SE of Piru on the Santa Clara River.; Piru
    RSA0140804RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumNaomi Fraga5340b2015-4-22 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Santa Clara River, Shiells/Sommers property managed by The Nature Conservancy, S of highway 126, E of highway 23.; Piru 7.5'
    RSA0166686RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCI-2711996-4-09 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Just N of 3rd gully, N of Chamish Cyn.
    RSA0168744RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCI-12082003-4-22 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. S side of airfield, just S of Perimeter rd, 0.5 mi. E of intersection with San Clemente Ridge Rd; old quarry site.
    RSA0169232RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCI-12132003-4-23 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Wilson Cove, along roadside near Security Bldg. (along road down to pier).
    RSA0177896RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC-7801983-9-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S ridge above middle fork of Alberts, 0.3 W of rd. down to airport.
    RSA0181520RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumFred M. Roberts66462007-11-9 OrangeSan Juan Canon along San Juan Creek, within the community of San Juan Hot Springs.; Canada Gobernadora Quad.
    RSA0181521RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumLauren Raz0271996-10-23 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Entrance to Ruby Canon on Forest Service Road 6N24 ca. 0.1 mile from junction with Lake Hughes Road.
    RSA0181545RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael Honer20092004-6-22 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest / CalTransSan Gabriel Mountains: San Antonio Canon. Along Mt. Baldy Road between Spruce Canon and 'Hog Back.'
    RSA779087RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumJ. P. Rebman208222011-3-24 San DiegoCanon: Romeo II Training Area; north of Las Pulgas Road, east of I-5 and east of El Camino Real along Horno Canon Road
    RSA787078RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. F. Thorne474511976-4-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. 0.5 WSW of laboratory, Central Valley
    RSA798319RSAPseudognaphalium microcephalumJ. P. Rebman243662012-5-29 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: San Miguel Mountain, east of the Sweetwater Reservoir. Along Miller Ranch Road on the north-facing side of the peak.; Square: S13
    SBBG101151SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Roe301983-5-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: W side of Gibraltar Rd, ca. 0.75 N of jct with El Cielito Rd
    SBBG103996SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumW. Knight, I. Knight1977-7-25 Contra CostaBlack Diamond Mines Regional Reserve, Nortonville town site
    SBBG104128SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumD. Swinney25411993-7-21 San Bernardino1.6 W of San Sevaine Well on San Sevaine Rd, old firebreak
    SBBG105802SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC 35031992-10-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: about half-way between Malva Real Cyn and Punta Arena
    SBBG108525SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumNoraine Meng1781965-10-03 KernW side of Lake Isabella, S of Tillie Crk, E of Hwy 180
    SBBG111206SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumE. Neese, M. Andrews, E. PainterHL29201996-8-27 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 2 W of head of stream in China Gulch, ca. 1.1 km S of Antonio River; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG111564SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Burgess25891997-9-19 VenturaDry Lakes Ridge, Hwy 33 mile marker 26.90
    SBBG114918SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Burgess42902000-11-3 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Sisar Trail, just below Boyd Dron's property; Topatopa Mtns
    SBBG114922SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Burgess42062000-9-2 VenturaN terminus of Old Rincon Hwy, NW of Los Sauces Crk
    SBBG120321SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumT. L. Secrest1949-3-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: above Jalama Beach cmpgrd, N of Pt Conception
    SBBG120322SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumHenry M. Pollard1952-6-16 Santa BarbaraIsla Vista, W of Goleta
    SBBG120323SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumHenry M. Pollard1958-5-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: railroad near El Capitan
    SBBG124440SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Burgess44042001-3-23 Venturaundeveloped coastal scrub SE of Wooley Rd and Harbor Blvd, Oxnard
    SBBG125824SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumE. Neese, E. PainterHL32481997-4-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: above Salmon Crk, ca 0.3 NE of mouth of Pozo Hondo, ca 2.3 km NW of Gold Hill; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG125825SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumE. Neese, E. PainterHL20621995-7-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Nacimiento River, ca 3.25 km S of Wizard Gulch, ca 3.8 W of Stony Crk; USFS/Ft Hunter Liggett interface
    SBBG125829SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumE. Neese, E. PainterHL21711995-8-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near Upper Milpitas Rd, ca. 0.25 N of San Antonio River, ca. 1 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG131862SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumS. J. DeGroot, N. Chumchim75022015-7-23 VenturaSanta Clara River drainage and slopes of S Mtn SSW of Santa Paula, along old rd at NW base of S Mtn; Nature Conservancy Villanueva property
    SBBG131869SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumS. J. DeGroot, N. Chumchim74842015-7-15 VenturaSanta Clara River floodplain ESE of Santa Paula, E of S Mtn Rd, NW of S Mtn, S of Sulphur Mtn/Santa Paula Ridge; Nature Conservancy Banman (Prairie Pacific) Property
    SBBG134296SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumR. Burgess, J. DelaTorre, P. Munro98192015-3-14 VenturaBridal Path Mtn Pk, Bus Cyn Trail, Simi Hills; Simi Valley
    SBBG136065SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumL. Gross, S. J. DeGroot76712016-8-31 VenturaStrathmore Property, Nature Conservancy land, S of Montalvo, W of the 101 freeway and E of Victoria Ave
    SBBG137594SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumBonnie C. Templeton15651931-9-02 San BernardinoCrestline, San Bernardino Mts.
    SBBG139718SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSC-7801983-9-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S ridge above middle fork of Alberts, 0.3 W of rd. down to airport.
    SBBG150983SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCl-12132003-4-23 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Wilson Cove, along roadside near Security Bldg. (along rd down to pier).
    SBBG150984SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakWA-821979-10-27 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: lower Baccharis Gulch, NE end of island
    SBBG150985SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakWA-891979-10-27 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: just NE of Camel Pk
    SBBG150986SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakWA-1a1978-10-01 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: W of Oak Cyn
    SBBG150987SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumMichael R. Benedict1970-4-22 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: high middle part of island
    SBBG150988SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumMartin A. Piehl632461963-5-10 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: between Camel and Summit
    SBBG150989SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakWA-3621995-3-29 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: S side of island, just below ridgetop on coastal bluffs just W of Cat Rock
    SBBG150990SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCl-511981-7-31 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: NE end of island, at SE corner of airfield runways
    SBBG150991SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSteven A. JunakSCl-411981-7-31 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: NW end of island, in central portion of dunes
    SBBG150992SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumW. Abbott1975-9-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Windmill Cyn
    SBBG150993SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumTim Ross54651991-5-22 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Spray Cyn, short cyn 2400 ft ENE of Spray (which is 52 N of Eel Pt)
    SBBG150994SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumA. Sawdo, E. Edinger, K. Danielsen1988-4-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Windmill Cyn
    SBBG150995SBBGPseudognaphalium microcephalumSean Clark27