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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00346539APrunus ilicifoliaW. T. Swingle ; R. H. Peebles3371931-08-04 San DiegoDeser [Desert] View, Laguna Mt.
A00346540APrunus ilicifoliaM. S. Clemens1921-04-09 Santa ClaraMorgan Hill
A00346541APrunus ilicifoliaS. F. Blake5431910-07-31 Los AngelesMt. Hollywood
A00346542APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood137791926-05-03 San Luis ObispoAvila
A00346543APrunus ilicifoliaA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg22951941-06-05 San BernardinoCajon Pass
A00346544APrunus ilicifoliaC. B. Wolf ; P. C. Everett93761937-10-19 Los AngelesPlacerita Canyon, along Placerita Creek, 1 Mi. E. of Newhall
A00346545APrunus ilicifoliaG. R. Vasey1880-01-01 UnknownSanta Lucia Mts.
A00346546APrunus ilicifoliaG. L. Fisher1311922-06-28 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
A00346548APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood1919-06-28 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
A00346549APrunus ilicifoliaC. V. Meyer1481927-05-26 Unknown12 mi. ne of San Diego
A00346551APrunus ilicifoliaW. L. Jepson61121914-05-28 San BernardinoCajon Pass
A00346552APrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-01-01 UnknownNear Santa Barbara
A00346554APrunus ilicifoliaL. Abrams13801901-04-01 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills
A00346556APrunus ilicifoliaC. G. Pringle1882-10-16 UnknownNewhall
A00346565APrunus ilicifoliaR. H. Peebles521929-06-23 San DiegoDescanso
A00346568APrunus ilicifoliaL. Abrams37411903-06-03 San DiegoPotrero
A00346570APrunus ilicifolia1894-11-01 Los AngelesCatalina Isl.
A00346589APrunus ilicifoliaL. R. Cody1938-08-03 Santa ClaraVicinity of Loma Prieta
A00346594APrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-06-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Rosa
A00346595APrunus ilicifoliaD. I. Axelrod4831935-06-08 Santa Barbarahead of Ballard Creek, sec. 7, T5N, R30W
A00346596APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood63681917-07-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
A00346597APrunus ilicifoliaW. R. Dudley ; F. H. Lamb46201896-06-22 KernCuddy′s Canon, Mt. Pinos Region
A00346598APrunus ilicifoliaH. E. McMinn15311925-08-01 San BernardinoCajon Pass
A00346599APrunus ilicifoliaJ. T. Howell44701929-10-12 San Luis ObispoMorro Creek, 8.1 miles west of Atascadero
A00346600APrunus ilicifoliaRalph Hoffmann1930-04-12 Santa Barbaracanyon above Lady′s Harbor, Santa Cruz Isl.
A00346606APrunus ilicifoliaR. S. Ferris76861929-04-16 San Luis Obisporoad to Atascadero 6 miles east of Moro Bay
A00346607APrunus ilicifoliaB. Clear1940-04-27 Venturanear Summit, Pine Mt.
A00346608APrunus ilicifoliaC. B. Wolf36661932-05-25 RiversideNo. Base of San Jacinto Mts. Snow Creek Canyon. Just above Fish Hatchery.
A00346613APrunus ilicifoliaA. A. Heller74181904-05-16 Santa ClaraBetween Alma and the Soda Spring
A00346614APrunus ilicifoliaB. W. Evermann1914-09-01 VenturaSespe Canyon
A00346615APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood1913-09-01 Unknownalong San Jose road
A00346616APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood3531912-06-13 San FranciscoBay-view hills
A00346617APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood67221917-10-21 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
A00346619APrunus ilicifoliaMrs. E. C. Sutliffe1920-05-31 UnknownThe Pinnacles
A00346620APrunus ilicifoliaC. F. Baker36701903-08-02 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canyon near Claremont
A00346621APrunus ilicifoliaW. N. Suksdorf2621913-03-23 San MateoNear Crystal Springs Lake
A00346622APrunus ilicifoliaJ. I. W. McMurphy141906-05-07 San MateoFoothills, Stanford Univ.
A00346623APrunus ilicifoliaW. L. Jepson30761908-08-15 SolanoCordelia
A00346624APrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1889-04-20 UnknownSan Julio Canon
A00346625APrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood138471926-05-04 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
A00346669APrunus ilicifoliaC. C. Epling ; L. Ellison1929-04-14 VenturaLower Sespe Cr., Sta. Barbara Natl. For.
AHUC100689DAVPrunus ilicifoliaB. Crampton17541954-04-05 Solano1 mile NW of Rockville.
AHUC100690DAVPrunus ilicifoliaBeecher Crampton86041970-06-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County, just N.W. of Canon Junction on State Hwy. 138, Mormon Rocks area.
AHUC100691DAVPrunus ilicifoliaJames B. Garner4451959-04-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: mountains 10 miles north of San Bernardino.
AHUC100692DAVPrunus ilicifoliaSusan Semenza731964-12-26 San DiegoSan Diego County: 3 miles northwest of Potrero on Round Potrero Road.
AHUC100693DAVPrunus ilicifoliaCollector unknowns.n.1944-04-01 MontereyMonterey County.
CAS-BOT154060CASPrunus ilicifoliaSanders, A. C.; Kennedy, Helen294282005-04-13 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel - Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, lower Mint Canyon at the community of Mint Canyon Elev. given as 1500-1600ft.
CAS-BOT154426CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-06-23 MontereyCarmel Valley road
CAS-BOT154427CASPrunus ilicifoliaFerris, Roxana S.18741920-03-31 MontereyBeyond 2nd saddle on trail from Santa Lucia Peak to S.L. Ranger Station
CAS-BOT154428CASPrunus ilicifoliaKelley, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-06-01 MontereyTassajara Springs
CAS-BOT154429CASPrunus ilicifoliaSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1931-04-25 MontereySummit, St. Lucia Ms.
CAS-BOT154430CASPrunus ilicifoliaBreedlove, D. E.37071962-06-18 Monterey14.8 miles south of Jolon on road to Bradley
CAS-BOT154431CASPrunus ilicifoliaBreedlove, D. E.197711971-07-15 MontereyHanging Valley, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT154432CASPrunus ilicifoliaCook & Cook4011946-10-27 MontereySouth side of Haystack Hill, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT154433CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F.6901955-06-25 MontereyOn Blomquist′s land close to Haystack Hill close to Hastings Reservation
CAS-BOT154434CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F.7811955-10-16 MontereyBank of Cachagua Creek Road near Jamesburg turnoff
CAS-BOT154435CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F.7811955-10-16 MontereyOn a bank by side of Cachagua Creek Road beyond Jamesburg turnoff
CAS-BOT154437CASPrunus ilicifoliaVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1928-05-18 RiversideBanning
CAS-BOT154438CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, Carl B.36661932-05-25 RiversideNo. base of San Jacinto Mts. Snow Creek Canyon. Just above fish hatchery
CAS-BOT154439CASPrunus ilicifoliaBoyd, Steve17291986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canyon: Walker Canyon area where Alberhill Creek (=Temescal Ck.) flows between Alberhill Mtn. and Gavilan HIlls
CAS-BOT154440CASPrunus ilicifoliaBramlet, D.27341999-04-10 RiversideBachelor Mountain. North facing slope 152 m northwest of the peak Elev. given as 2380ft.
CAS-BOT154441CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, C. B.; Everett, P. C.111771941-10-03 San BenitoInner coast range mts., Panoche Pass Rd. (E. slope) 3.7 mi. W. Llonada
CAS-BOT154442CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas8047A1931-09-06 San BenitoNorth slope near San Benito
CAS-BOT154443CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, C. B.; Everett, P. C.111781941-10-03 San BenitoInner coast range mts., Panoche Pass Rd. (E. slope) 3.7 mi. W. Llanada
CAS-BOT154444CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, C. B.; Everett, P. C.111771941-10-03 San BenitoInner coast range mts., Panoche Pass Rd. (E. slope) 3.7 mi. W. Llonada
CAS-BOT154445CASPrunus ilicifoliaM., C. H.s.n.1915-10-10 San BenitoPinnacles, [Gabilan] Gavilan Range
CAS-BOT154446CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice67221917-10-21 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
CAS-BOT154447CASPrunus ilicifoliaSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1920-05-31 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
CAS-BOT154448CASPrunus ilicifoliaSanders, A. C.; Schram, T.; Wappler, D.155401994-09-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Las Flores Ranch area at the N foot of the mtns., from the N bend in Hwy 173 to Grass Valley Creek via Pacific Crest Trail Elev. given as 3400 ft.
CAS-BOT154449CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcMinn, H. E.15311925-08-01 San BernardinoCajon Pass
CAS-BOT154450CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas24771927-06-11 San BernardinoHighland Ave., east of Upland
CAS-BOT154451CASPrunus ilicifoliaJohnson, E. R.29621932-04-17 San BernardinoAlong Highland Ave., between [Uplands] Upland and San Bernardino
CAS-BOT154452CASPrunus ilicifoliaHart, Cecils.n.1926-07-19 San BernardinoFoot of Cajon Pass
CAS-BOT154453CASPrunus ilicifoliaStark, B. D.7281927-09-09 San BernardinoAlong Highland Avenue east of Upland
CAS-BOT154454CASPrunus ilicifoliaB., C. F.36701903-08-02 San BernardinoSan Antonio [Canon] Canyon near Claremont
CAS-BOT154455CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice3531912-06-13 San FranciscoBay-view Hills
CAS-BOT154456CASPrunus ilicifoliaRaven, Peter H.21261950-05-18 San FranciscoBayview Hills, San Francisco
CAS-BOT154457CASPrunus ilicifoliaRaven, Peter H.21261950-05-18 San FranciscoBayview Hills, San Francisco
CAS-BOT154458CASPrunus ilicifoliaEtienne, Claire; Carter, Jeds.n.1974-02-03 San FranciscoOn summit of Bayview Hills
CAS-BOT154459CASPrunus ilicifoliaNorris, Robert A.45111983-06-10 San FranciscoAcross Park Presidio Blvd. from Mountain Lake, San Francisco
CAS-BOT154460CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas315941956-06-17 San FranciscoSummit ridge of Bayview Hills
CAS-BOT154461CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas330061957-10-27 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Bayview Hills
CAS-BOT154462CASPrunus ilicifoliaDaniel, T. F.88291998-06-07 San FranciscoBayview Hill
CAS-BOT154463CASPrunus ilicifoliaParsons, David J.331971-04-27 San DiegoLaguna Mountains. Skove Canyon Road off Sunrise Highway
CAS-BOT154464CASPrunus ilicifoliaPurer, Edith A.60781935-03-25 San DiegoIn Mission Valley
CAS-BOT154465CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.21471926-10-07 San DiegoOn grade 3-4 mi. above Descanso on road to Cuyamaca
CAS-BOT154466CASPrunus ilicifoliaMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.33541894-05-31 San DiegoJacumba Hot Spring
CAS-BOT154467CASPrunus ilicifoliaMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.36991894-06-22 San DiegoCameron′s Ranch, Laguna
CAS-BOT154468CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1918-06-20 San DiegoSummit Julian Rd.
CAS-BOT154469CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcGregor, E. A.1461916-08-06 San DiegoLive Oak Springs, Laguna Mts.
CAS-BOT154470CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcGregor, E. A.10731917-06-29 San DiegoCampo
CAS-BOT154471CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.25401927-05-07 San Diego7 mi. above Lakeview on Mussey Grade
CAS-BOT154472CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.10141922-12-29 San DiegoN. slopes, Campo
CAS-BOT154473CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.23561927-04-13 San DiegoBackhead Springs, 1 mi. E. of Mistletoe Lodge
CAS-BOT154474CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.21471926-10-17 San DiegoOn grade 3-4 mi. above Descanso on road to Cuyamaca
CAS-BOT154475CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.26681927-10-30 San DiegoOn west side of North Peak
CAS-BOT154476CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, LeRoy37411903-06-03 San DiegoPotrero
CAS-BOT154477CASPrunus ilicifoliaCoombs, Mrs. A. L.s.n.1911-01-01 San Diego[Warners] Warner Springs
CAS-BOT154478CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alices.n.1919-06-28 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
CAS-BOT154479CASPrunus ilicifoliaCovel, Paul F.12311938-04-22 San DiegoBalboa Park
CAS-BOT154480CASPrunus ilicifoliaHoover, R. F.83471954-05-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Middle and E. branches of Huerhuero Creek
CAS-BOT154481CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.142051968-05-13 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range. Head of Cammatta Canyon at the Cottingham place
CAS-BOT154482CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.142051968-05-13 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range. Head of Cammatta Canyon at the Cottingham place
CAS-BOT154483CASPrunus ilicifoliaHoover, R. F.83471954-05-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Middle and East Branches of Huerhuero Creek
CAS-BOT154484CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice138471926-05-04 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
CAS-BOT154485CASPrunus ilicifoliaHardham, Clare B.7151956-04-17 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Chimney Rock Ranch - near San Marcos Creek
CAS-BOT154486CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas44701929-10-12 San Luis ObispoOn upper Morro Creek, 8.1 miles from Atascadero on road to Morro
CAS-BOT154487CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.21531955-06-16 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range. Queen Bee Canyon
CAS-BOT154488CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.21531955-06-16 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range. Queen Bee Canyon
CAS-BOT154489CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice150111927-07-30 San Luis ObispoOn road from [Arroya] Arroyo Grande to Huasna
CAS-BOT154490CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice137791926-05-03 San Luis ObispoAvila
CAS-BOT154491CASPrunus ilicifoliaBrewer, W. H.5531861-05-03 San Luis ObispoMountain along [Nascimiento] Nacimiento River
CAS-BOT154492CASPrunus ilicifoliaWiggins, Ira L.36631929-04-16 San Luis ObispoGrade 6 miles above [Moro] Morro on Atascadero Road
CAS-BOT154493CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcMinn, H. E.11601923-06-21 San Luis ObispoCamp Fremont
CAS-BOT154494CASPrunus ilicifoliaFerris, Roxana S.76861929-04-16 San Luis ObispoRoad to Atascadero 6 miles east of [Moro] Morro Bay
CAS-BOT154495CASPrunus ilicifoliaRandall, Josephine D.3281907-06-06 San MateoLos Trancos Road near Stanford University
CAS-BOT154496CASPrunus ilicifoliaBarry, Margaret A.1861937-06-24 San MateoNorth slope on Los Trancos Creek on Coal Mine Ridge
CAS-BOT154497CASPrunus ilicifoliaElmer, A. D. E.47731903-07-01 San MateoPilarcitos Stone Dam
CAS-BOT154498CASPrunus ilicifoliaOberlander, George3881949-08-20 San MateoSweeney Ridge
CAS-BOT154499CASPrunus ilicifoliaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irjas.n.1963-07-14 San MateoBuckeye Canyon
CAS-BOT154500CASPrunus ilicifoliaThomas, J. H.42391954-05-28 San MateoEast facing slope of San Bruno Mountain, just north of South San Francisco
CAS-BOT154501CASPrunus ilicifoliaHemphill, Fred8091973-05-14 San MateoSan Carlos. North of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT154502CASPrunus ilicifoliaHemphill, Fred8381973-04-22 San MateoSan Carlos. North of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT154503CASPrunus ilicifoliaWheeler, Phillips.n.1965-06-07 San MateoBetween Owls Canyon and Buckeye Canyon
CAS-BOT154504CASPrunus ilicifoliaElmer, A. D. E.47731903-07-01 San MateoPilarcitos Stone Dam
CAS-BOT154505CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcClintock, Elizabeth; Reeberg, Pauls.n.1988-06-07 San MateoIslay Ravine
CAS-BOT154506CASPrunus ilicifoliaRose, L. S.s.n.1927-05-21 San MateoPigeon Point
CAS-BOT154507CASPrunus ilicifoliaBrandegees.n.1986-04-19 San MateoMenlo Park
CAS-BOT154508CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice5611906-06-20 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT154509CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice6031906-06-21 Santa BarbaraTrail to Zaca Pk., Zaca Lake Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT154510CASPrunus ilicifoliaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1959-04-03 Santa BarbaraWest fork of Cold Spring Canyon, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT154511CASPrunus ilicifoliaA., L. R.43131909-08-27 Santa BarbaraLa Cumbre trail, Santa Ynez Mts.
CAS-BOT154512CASPrunus ilicifoliaEwan, J.53091931-11-12 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake Trail, San Rafael Mts.
CAS-BOT154513CASPrunus ilicifoliaBailey, Vernons.n.1907-10-31 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mts. (La Cumbre Peak)
CAS-BOT154514CASPrunus ilicifoliaElmer, A. D. E.37751902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mts., S.B.
CAS-BOT154515CASPrunus ilicifoliaCody, L. R.s.n.1932-07-01 Santa ClaraVicinity of Loma Prieta
CAS-BOT154516CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-04-30 Santa ClaraNear Quadrangle, Stanford University
CAS-BOT154517CASPrunus ilicifoliaConstant, Anne1741955-05-25 Santa ClaraPage Mill Road
CAS-BOT154518CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-05-25 Santa ClaraField west of Engineering Buildings, Stanford University
CAS-BOT154519CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-04-30 Santa ClaraNear Quadrangle, Stanford University
CAS-BOT154520CASPrunus ilicifoliaCantelow, Ella Dales12121936-04-19 Santa ClaraMorgan Hill
CAS-BOT154521CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-06-03 Santa ClaraSan Felipe
CAS-BOT154522CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcMurphy, J. I.141906-05-07 Santa ClaraFoothills, Stanford University
CAS-BOT154523CASPrunus ilicifoliaHeller, A. A.74181904-05-16 Santa ClaraBetween Alma and Soda Spring
CAS-BOT154524CASPrunus ilicifoliaSharsmith, Helen K.32891935-06-08 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Range. Inner South Coast Ranges. Eastern edge of San Antonio Valley on ridge leading to Arroyo Bayo
CAS-BOT154525CASPrunus ilicifoliaBaker, M. S.s.n.1899-07-01 Santa ClaraAlum Rock [Canon] Canyon, San Jose
CAS-BOT154526CASPrunus ilicifoliaRandall, Josephine D.3291907-07-10 Santa ClaraStevens Creek Road
CAS-BOT154527CASPrunus ilicifoliaMartineau, Robert3421974-06-21 Santa ClaraFoothills Park. City of Palo Alto. Los Trancos Trail. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT154528CASPrunus ilicifoliaClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1921-04-22 Santa Clara[Morganhill] Morgan Hill
CAS-BOT154529CASPrunus ilicifoliaRixford, G. P.s.n.1922-10-01 Santa ClaraNear Los Gatos
CAS-BOT154530CASPrunus ilicifoliaRixford, G. P.s.n.1927-10-01 Santa ClaraRixford place, Los Altos
CAS-BOT154531CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alices.n.1913-09-01 Santa ClaraAlong road to San Jose
CAS-BOT154532CASPrunus ilicifoliaB., C. F.31951903-05-27 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford Uni.
CAS-BOT154533CASPrunus ilicifoliaDavis, Hester R.1091920-05-08 Santa ClaraWest slope of Loma Prieta
CAS-BOT154534CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-05-22 Santa Clara1st ledge above Lake Lagunita, Stanford University
CAS-BOT154535CASPrunus ilicifoliaCannon, W. A.s.n.1900-03-22 Santa ClaraTuff Hill
CAS-BOT154536CASPrunus ilicifoliaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1970-04-16 VenturaFlood-plain of Ventura River west of Meiners Oaks
CAS-BOT154537CASPrunus ilicifoliaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1969-07-02 VenturaVentura River N of and near Baldwin Road, Ojai Valley
CAS-BOT154538CASPrunus ilicifoliaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1970-03-17 VenturaOn Southern [Paciric] Pacific embankment south of Santa Ana Blvd. crossing, Oak View
CAS-BOT154539CASPrunus ilicifoliaEvermann, B. W.s.n.1914-09-01 VenturaSespe Canyon
CAS-BOT154540CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.46781896-06-25 VenturaUpper Lockwood Valley
CAS-BOT154541CASPrunus ilicifoliaDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.46201896-06-21 VenturaLower end [canon] canyon towards Gorman′s, Cuddy Canyon
CAS-BOT154542CASPrunus ilicifoliaEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1917-03-24 VenturaPine Creek near Sespe
CAS-BOT154543CASPrunus ilicifoliaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-09-23 VenturaMaricopa Road bet. Fairview Rd. and Matilija Canyon, Ojai Valley
CAS-BOT154544CASPrunus ilicifoliaHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-04-25 VenturaNear Mt. Senior house
CAS-BOT154584CASPrunus ilicifoliaRaven, Peter; Smith, Clifton F.151661960-04-26 Santa BarbaraAlong edge of Arroyo del Medio 1.1 miles west of Stanton Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154585CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas62271931-04-10 Santa BarbaraRavenswood, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154586CASPrunus ilicifoliaEastwood, Alice63681917-07-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154587CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.931930-04-26 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Pelican Bay. Between the Bay and Prisoner′s Harbor. Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154588CASPrunus ilicifoliaMunz, Philip A.; Crow, E.118411930-04-10 Santa BarbaraLady′s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154589CASPrunus ilicifoliaClokey, Ira W.49661930-05-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Dix [Canon] Canyon
CAS-BOT154590CASPrunus ilicifoliaClokey, Ira W.49651930-07-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. [Ladies Canon] Lady′s Canon
CAS-BOT154592CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.931930-04-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Pelican Bay. Between Pelican Bay and Prisoner′s Harbor
CAS-BOT154593CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, Carl B.27301932-03-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. 1-2 mi. So. of Prisoners Harbor, on way to the main ranch
CAS-BOT154594CASPrunus ilicifoliaSnodgrass, R. E.s.n.1901-07-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. East End Mountain
CAS-BOT154595CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, Carl B.28381932-03-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Laguna Canyon Wash at beginning of main east fork
CAS-BOT154596CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.2051931-06-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Smuggler′s Cove
CAS-BOT154597CASPrunus ilicifoliaBreedlove, D. E.28141962-05-15 Santa Barbara1 mile south of Prisoners Harbor; Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT154913CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcMinn, H. E.751922-06-01 AlamedaAlong road between [Haywards] Hayward and Mission San Jose
CAS-BOT154914CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Johnston, Vernas.n.1967-05-29 FresnoAbout 4 miles north of Auberry on Auberry Mission Road
CAS-BOT154915CASPrunus ilicifoliaMcGregor, E. A.1461916-08-06 ImperialLive Oak Springs - Laguna Mts.
CAS-BOT154916CASPrunus ilicifoliaFuller, T. C.152951966-10-20 MercedS. side of old hwy just e. of the summit of Pacheco Pass
CAS-BOT154917CASPrunus ilicifoliaFuller, T. C.152941966-10-20 MercedS. side of old hwy just e. of summit of Pacheco Pass
CAS-BOT154918CASPrunus ilicifoliaRaven, Peter H.521341953-03-29 NapaHills e. of Imola
CAS-BOT154919CASPrunus ilicifoliaThomas, J. H.51041955-05-21 NapaSarco Creek drainage, near State Highway No. 37, about 6 miles from Napa
CAS-BOT154920CASPrunus ilicifoliaThomas, J. H.19521950-06-05 Santa CruzAbout 1-2 mile below Saratoga Summit. Along abandoned road leading below ranger station
CAS-BOT154921CASPrunus ilicifoliaThomas, J. H.33081953-05-31 Santa CruzHillside north of Soda Lake
CAS-BOT154922CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.12261954-05-13 KernTemblor Canyon: Cherry Spring
CAS-BOT154923CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.12261954-05-13 KernTemblor Canyon: Cherry Spring
CAS-BOT154924CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.2621952-07-20 KernTemblor Canyon: Cherry Spring
CAS-BOT154925CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.2821908-06-16 KernVicinity of Fort Tejon. Buckhorn Station
CAS-BOT154926CASPrunus ilicifoliaRoss, Timothy S.; Porter, J. Mark84041995-05-04 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Texas Canyon: ca 1.9 road miles NE of Bouquet Canyon Road
CAS-BOT154927CASPrunus ilicifoliaThompson, Henry J.18921959-03-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. 1.5 miles east of peak, Saddle Peak
CAS-BOT154928CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, C. B.; Everett, P. C.93761937-10-19 Los AngelesPlacerita Canyon, along Placerita Creek, 1 mi. E. of Newhall
CAS-BOT154929CASPrunus ilicifoliaHowell, John Thomas33651928-03-02 Los AngelesVermont [Canon] Canyon, Griffith Park
CAS-BOT154930CASPrunus ilicifoliaCarlson, John I.s.n.1918-04-29 Los AngelesSierra Madre
CAS-BOT154931CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, Carl B.75691935-09-18 Los Angeles1 mi. E. of Newhall. Placerita Canyon. Along Placerita Creek
CAS-BOT154932CASPrunus ilicifoliaKelley, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-09-01 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
CAS-BOT154933CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, Le Roy13801901-04-06 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills - near B. Tujunga Wash
CAS-BOT154934CASPrunus ilicifoliaAbrams, LeRoy25511901-06-14 Los AngelesSepulveda Canyon. Santa Monica Mountains
CAS-BOT154935CASPrunus ilicifoliaGrants.n.1900-04-11 Los AngelesMt. Lowe
CAS-BOT154936CASPrunus ilicifoliaRoss, Tim; Mistretta, Orlando73311993-05-27 Los AngelesW end of the San Gabriel Mtns: Ridge dropping westward from Loop Canyon Road (at 3060 ft) toward Wilson Canyon
CAS-BOT154937CASPrunus ilicifoliaRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve79311994-05-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Necktie Basin: Hanging basin ca 470-830 m W of Warm Springs Mtn summit
CAS-BOT154938CASPrunus ilicifoliaRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve; Fritsch, Peter W.33901990-06-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Little Rock Creek: Joshua Tree Campground on the SW side of Little Rock Reservoir
CAS-BOT154939CASPrunus ilicifoliaRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve; Fritsch, Peter W.33921990-06-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Little Rock Creek: Joshua Tree Campground on the SW side of Little Rock Reservoir
CAS-BOT154940CASPrunus ilicifoliaWolf, C. B.; Everett, P. C.93761937-10-19 Los AngelesPlacerita Canyon, along Placerita Creek, 1 mi. E. of Newhall
CAS-BOT154941CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.66781961-10-31 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains: [Elizebeth] Elizabeth Lake
CAS-BOT154942CASPrunus ilicifoliaKaune, Steven M.3821962-06-13 Los AngelesCa. 15-20 miles south of Tejon Pass on route toward Castaic off Hwy. 99, just south and above Oso Canyon, sw end of Tehachapi Mts.
CAS-BOT154943CASPrunus ilicifoliaTwisselmann, Ernest C.66781961-10-31 Los Angeles[Elizebeth] Elizabeth Lake, Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT154944CASPrunus ilicifoliaThomas, John H.67271957-05-03 Los AngelesHills north of Eagle Rock, about 3-4 miles east of Pasadena
CAS-BOT154945CASPrunus ilicifoliaRaven, Peter H.; Snow, R.11060B1957-07-25 Los AngelesNear Morris Reservoir, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT154946CASPrunus ilicifoliaBailey, Vernons.n.1907-10-29 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. (North slope)
CAS-BOT154947CASPrunus ilicifoliaBailey, Vernons.n.1907-10-30 Los AngelesSaugus
CAS-BOT154948CASPrunus ilicifoliaClemens, Mrs. Mary S.s.n.1908-06-01 MontereyCarmel River
CAS-BOT154949CASPrunus ilicifoliaBacigalupi, R.11291925-04-11 MontereySaddle on trail to the Church Creek Caves
CAS-BOT154950CASPrunus ilicifoliaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1881-06-01 MontereySoledad
CAS-BOT167239CASPrunus ilicifoliaJones, Jennifer H.3712006-06-04 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Foothills of San Gabriel Mtns.: SW of Claremont Wilderness Park near the W end of Pomello Drive. Dirt continuation of Pomello Drive across flood control channel Elev. given as 1560 ft
CAS-BOT389746CASPrunus ilicifoliaDanielson, M.s.n.1966-10-01 San MateoOn old road above and south of Crystal Springs Rd.
CDA0011152CDAPrunus ilicifoliaG.F. Hrusa115631993-12-03 NapaN side of Mt. George, 10 NE of city of Napa, above Sarco Creek. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0011590CDAPrunus ilicifoliaG.F. Hrusa110781993-05-21 San Luis ObispoCanon of Stony Creek, about 1 mi. below Stony Creek camp. La Panza Range.
CDA0019980CDAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Hunters.n.1994-05-01 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest, Cuesta Ridge East. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
CDA0026167CDAPrunus ilicifoliaT.C. Fuller152951966-10-20 MercedSouth side of old highway just east of the summit of Pacheco Pass.
CDA0026168CDAPrunus ilicifoliaT.C. Fuller152941966-10-20 MercedSouth side of old highway just east of the summit of Pacheco Pass.
CDA0028917CDAPrunus ilicifoliaD.G. Kelch9.3852009-06-09 Santa ClaraSW of San Jose. W of Steven′s Creek Co. Park between Steven′s Canon and Montebello Rds. Santa Cruz Mts.
CDA0044095CDAPrunus ilicifoliaL. Ahart132412006-08-29 ButteNear pump 24, about 1-4 mile southwest of Parking Lot 9, about 1 1-2 miles east of Pennington Road, Gray Lodge Wildlife Area (Gray Lodge Waterfowl Management Area).
CDA0051910CDAPrunus ilicifoliaLisa Andreano192000-10-07 San Luis ObispoBrodersen Peak. Los Osos. Oak woodland, NW slopes. Sandy soil. Sunny. Large shrub-tree, bordering woodlands, elev 400 ft.
CHSC1584CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaS. Westerberg1938-05-02 San BernardinoHighlands.
CHSC22824CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaRobert A. Schlising27551965-03-26 Santa Barbara1.7 mi s of San Marcos Pass along Hwy 150.
CHSC25551CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaRobert A. Schlising29461970-05-02 Los AngelesLopez Canon, north of Pacoima.
CHSC26352CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaHarry Takahashi1001967-05-06 Los AngelesPasadena at jct. of Salvia Canon Rd. & West Drive.
CHSC34588CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaJames Henrickson109941973-06-29 San Diego1 mile E of Tecate junction on Hwy 94, 2 miles N of Tecate in slopes above highway.
CHSC3675CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaMary Mac Arthur341966-05-26 Los AngelesSwitzers camp--San Gab. Mts.
CHSC3724CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaSue Boergadine1966-05-26 Los AngelesSwitzer′s Camp.
CHSC43077CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaL. P. Janeway16671986-05-16 MercedCyn of S Fk Los Banos Cr ca 1 1-2 mi south of its confluence with N Fk. Along the creek. T11S R08E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley 1:24,000
CHSC43078CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaL. P. Janeway15121986-04-11 MercedCyn above S Fk Los Banos Cr ca 2 mi south of its confluence with N Fk. T11S R08E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley 1:24,000
CHSC43079CHSCPrunus ilicifoliaL. P. Janeway17621986-07-14 FresnoLarge side cyn north from Warthan Cr ca 7 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198. Slope above creek. T21S R14E S17 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CLARK-A1528-3071CLARKPrunus ilicifoliaK. R. Montgomery1969-09-09 RiversideReed Valley
CLARK-A1528-3072CLARKPrunus ilicifoliaJohn C. Roos1940-05-04 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon
CLARK-A1528-4034CLARKPrunus ilicifoliaJohn C. Roos1940-05-04 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon
CLARK-A1528-820CLARKPrunus ilicifoliaCharlotte Stocks1966-05-05 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
CSLA015359CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaJames Henrickson181831979-05-23 Los Angelesca 7 air miles north of Newhall in Dry Canon; south of Dry Canon Reservoir, on floor of canyon along drainage; 34.47886 -118.52899
CSLA015360CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaEsther Lee11NN1975-05-25 Los Angelesca 12 miles N. of Azusa, near North Fork San Gabriel River
CSLA015361CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaRichard Boyd141975-05-24 Los AngelesN. Los Angeles city, Griffith Park at Merry-go-round area; Eastern Santa Monica Mts.
CSLA015362CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaT. Eakle1121971-04-09 Ventura25 miles N of Ventura along Hwy 33, Los Padres Nat′l. Forest
CSLA015363CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaJames Henrickson109941973-06-29 San Diego1 mile E of Tecate junction on Hwy 94, 2 miles N of Tecate in gravelly slopes above highway.; 32.604722 -116.632778
CSLA015365CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaPaul M. Gomez1021966-05-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns.
CSLA015366CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaBrian C. Miller7831967-06-11 Los AngelesAngeles Forest, San Gabriel Canon, Hwy 39, 5 mi. above Rincon
CSLA015367CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaMichael D. Miller641967-04-29 Los AngelesPasadena west of Arroyo Seca Golf Course on Linda Vista Dr.
CSLA015368CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaPeter J. Mehringer Jr.1958-02-14 Los AngelesGriffith Park Boys Camp
CSLA015369CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaBrian C. Miller7831967-06-11 Los AngelesAngeles Forest, San Gabriel Canon, Hwy 39, 5 mi. above Rincon
CSLA015370CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaDonna Panico291972-04-30 Riversideca. 10 m. So. of Elsinore, 3 rd. mi. SW of jct. with Washington Rd. on Tenaja Rd. on Santa Rosa Plateau in Cleveland Nat′l Forest
CSLA015371CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaF. Wardlow1271967-06-15 Los AngelesDuarte, Fish Canon Road
CSLA015372CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Hartnett1959-03-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon
CSLA015373CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaDieter H. Wilken76161969-06-04 Santa BarbaraWest Camino Cielo, 6.7 miles east of Refugio Pass, Santa Ynes Mountains.
CSLA015374CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaWesley O. Griesel1959-08-05 Los AngelesSwitzer′s Inlet, San Gabriel Mtns., Angeles National Forest
CSLA015375CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaG. Wallace4631966-04-16 RiversideHwy 74 near Lake Elsinore, Santa Ana Mtns
CSLA015376CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaWesley Griesel7851963-05-17 Los Angelesabout 1-4 mi. southeast of Devil′s Gate Dam, Pasadena
CSLA015377CSLAPrunus ilicifoliaJeanne Muro581972-04-29 Riverside3 mi. SW of Murrieta on Tenaja Rd.; 33.535556 -117.2525
CSUSB90092CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin750710-51975-07-10 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90123CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin760528-171976-05-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90139CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin750618-71975-06-18 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90217CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin760618-61976-06-18 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90223CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin760702-41976-07-02 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90282CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin761228-51976-12-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90409CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin770514-51977-05-14 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90481CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaRoy W. Martin760515-21976-05-15 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB93186CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaR.C. Smith1972-07-19 San BernardinoLost Lake- south side
CSUSB93187CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaDenise Martinezs.n.2009-05-01 San Bernardino50 ft Southwest of the intersection of Northpark Avenue and West Campus Drive at California State University of San Bernardino
CSUSB93188CSUSBPrunus ilicifoliaL. Hill4921972-07-16 San BernardinoLost Lake
DAV238846DAVPrunus ilicifoliaDaniel Potter10052020-08-23 YoloBack yard of 417 Iris Place.
DAV327746DAVPrunus ilicifoliaElise Jackson311993-05-02 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Newhall, Placerita Canon Nature Center, approx. 50 feet from beginning of Ecology Trail.
DAV327747DAVPrunus ilicifoliaS. P. Lynch13331975-06-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 1.6 miles southwest of Oathill Road, overpass on US-15, Canon Pass.
DAV327748DAVPrunus ilicifoliaS. P. Lynch6751974-06-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 1.6 miles southwest of Oathill Road, overpass on US-15, Canon Pass.
DAV327749DAVPrunus ilicifoliaGeoffrey Levin691974-05-02 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: wash in Blancahrd Park, Pomona College, Claremont. Alluvial fan of Mt. San Antonio (San Gabriel Mountains.)
DAV327750DAVPrunus ilicifoliaT. H. Jukess.n.1938-12-26 San BenitoSan Benito County: Pinnacles National Monument.
DAV327751DAVPrunus ilicifoliaL. P. Janeway16671986-05-16 MercedMerced County: Canon of south fork of Los Banos Creek, 1.5 miles south of its confluence with the north fork.
DAV327752DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1968-03-28 VenturaVentura County: in Stewart Canon Creek bottom south of Souther Pacific Railroad, South Signal Street in Ojai.
DAV327754DAVPrunus ilicifoliaKatherine K. Muller29671970-08-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: on steep slope of canyon on road to Zaca Lake, just below gate into Zaca Lake property.
DAV327755DAVPrunus ilicifoliaGordon J. Pilone2341952-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Cucumonga.
DAV327756DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1968-03-28 VenturaVentura County: in Stewart Canon Creek bottom south of Souther Pacific Railroad, South Signal Street in Ojai.
DAV327757DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1970-03-17 VenturaVentura County: along run at base of Southern Pacific Railroad embankment south of Santa Ana Boulevard crossing. Oak View.
DAV327758DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1970-03-17 VenturaVentura County: in Stewart Canon Creek bottom, south of Southern Pacific Railroad, South Signal Street in Ojai.
DAV327759DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1968-09-13 VenturaVentura County: in Stewart Canon Creek bottom, South Signal Street in Ojai.
DAV327760DAVPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1968-09-13 VenturaVentura County: in Stewart Canon Creek bottom, South Signal Street in Ojai.
DAV327761DAVPrunus ilicifoliaClifton F. Smith6571944-04-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: on Tunnel Road, in Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
DAV327762DAVPrunus ilicifoliaDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2006-06-29 Los AngelesLos Angeles Co.: Azusa. Los Angeles National Forest. S. Gabriel Canon Road close to Torpedos Dam and Morris Reservoir.
DAV327763DAVPrunus ilicifoliaWarren Robertss.n.1973-09-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Cruz Island. 0.4 mile west of summit of Picacho del Diablo.
FSC0012037FSCPrunus ilicifoliaJ. M. CrawfordJMC - 101960-05-15 San MateoCollected 12 miles northwest of Saratoga
FSC0012038FSCPrunus ilicifoliaJ. McHenry721963-04-12 Los AngelesNorthwest corner of Decker Road and Mulhulland Drive intersection.
FSC0012039FSCPrunus ilicifoliaChas. H. Quibell20601931-03-21 Fresnowest of Panoche Valley.
FSC0012040FSCPrunus ilicifoliaI. L. Wiggins5951? 3396?1949-07-02 San MateoAlong La Honda Creek, 5 W of La Honda
GH00303861GHPrunus ilicifolia1962-05-21 UnknownU. of Calif. St. Barbara
GH00346547GHPrunus ilicifoliaC. G. Pringle1882-10-16 UnknownNewhall
GH00346557GHPrunus ilicifoliaM. F. Spencer23881924-05-30 UnknownSan Jacinto Mts.
GH00346558GHPrunus ilicifoliaM. E. Jones1929-05-20 San BernardinoHesperia
GH00346559GHPrunus ilicifoliaS. D. Boyd ; L. Raz98491997-05-28 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: Knapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canyon, south of Liebre Mountain. Near 34 40′ 54.3″ N 118 40′ 07.1″ W. T7N R17W E 1-2 SW 1-4 sec. 14: 7N 17W W 1-2 SE 1-4 sec 1.4
GH00346560GHPrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood841908-05-09 UnknownPainted Cave Ranch
GH00346561GHPrunus ilicifoliaF. A. MacFadden13E1931-03-17 Los AngelesTuna Canyon, Verduga Hills
GH00346562GHPrunus ilicifoliaA. A. Heller74181904-05-16 Santa ClaraBetween Alma and the Soda Spring
GH00346563GHPrunus ilicifoliaMunz ; I. M. Johnston88751924-07-29 Riversideabove Poppet Flat, San Jacinto Mts.
GH00346564GHPrunus ilicifoliaI. W. Clokey ; B. C. Templeton44821929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains
GH00346567GHPrunus ilicifoliaL. S. Rose422261942-08-11 San MateoSkyline Blvd., w. of SanBruno
GH00346569GHPrunus ilicifoliaL. Abrams37411903-06-03 San DiegoPotrero
GH00346571GHPrunus ilicifoliaB. M. Bartholomew14801983-08-28 Santa Clara10.8 km NE of State Route 35 (Skyline Boulevard) on Page Mill Road
GH00346572GHPrunus ilicifoliaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson40051986-05-04 San Benito36.7 km SE of State Highway 25 on county road J1 between Hollister and Llanada
GH00346573GHPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. E. Elmer37751902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mts., S.B.
GH00346574GHPrunus ilicifoliaC. F. Baker31951903-05-27 Santa ClaraFoot hills near Stanford Univ.
GH00346575GHPrunus ilicifoliaJ. F. Collins1918-05-21 San MateoMenlo Park
GH00346576GHPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Peirson831918-05-21 Los AngelesArroyo Seco, San Gabriel Mts.
GH00346577GHPrunus ilicifoliaM. F. Spencer5321921-04-17 RiversideHill near Banning
GH00346578GHPrunus ilicifoliaJ. C. Fremont1930-07-27 UnknownMountains of California
GH00346579GHPrunus ilicifoliaG. B. Grant10461901-06-01 Los AngelesMount Lowe
GH00346580GHPrunus ilicifoliaG. B. Grant10461901-06-01 Los AngelesMount Lowe
GH00346581GHPrunus ilicifoliaL. Abrams25511903-06-03 Los AngelesSepulveda canyon. Santa Monica mountains
GH00346583GHPrunus ilicifoliaA. Eastwood3531912-06-13 San FranciscoBay-view hills
GH00346584GHPrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-01-01 UnknownSanta Inez Mountains, near Santa Barbara
GH00346585GHPrunus ilicifoliaJ. I. W. McMurphy141906-05-07 San MateoFoothills Stanford Univ.
GH00346586GHPrunus ilicifoliaC. G. Michener ; F. T. Bioletti321891-06-01 San FranciscoMission Hills
GH00346590GHPrunus ilicifoliaM. E. Ferguson ; E. Van E. Ferguson2581919-06-18 MontereyCarmel Valley
GH00346593GHPrunus ilicifoliaEdw. Palmer781875-01-01 San DiegoSamuel Valley
GH00346601GHPrunus ilicifoliaI. W. Clokey49661930-05-26 Santa BarbaraDix Canon. Santa Cruz Island
GH00346602GHPrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-04-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
GH00346603GHPrunus ilicifoliaH. J. Thompson18921959-03-27 Los AngelesSaddle Peak
GH00346604GHPrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-06-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Rosa
GH00346670GHPrunus ilicifolia1895-01-01 SonomaNapa
GH00518828GHPrunus ilicifoliaW. S. Lyon211885-01-01 Los AngelesSa [Santa] Catalina Isl [Island]
HREC51HRECPrunus ilicifoliaA. H. MurphyFG 671982-02-11 MendocinoHeadquarters area
HSC227820HSCPrunus ilicifoliaR.G. Swinney102092009-03-28 Los AngelesTransverse Range, San Gabriel Mtns.: Monrovia Mountain Park, trail 0-40 m above canyon bottom, from park entrance to 0.4 mi. up canyon
HSC227821HSCPrunus ilicifoliaJ.F. Knezevich1911967-06-05 Santa Barbara6 W on El Camino Cielo from the summit of San Marcos Pass on Hwy. 154
HSC227822HSCPrunus ilicifoliaT.F. Newman651651965-08-13 Ventura12 N of Ojai, Los Padres National Forest
HSC227823HSCPrunus ilicifoliaD.R. Stover491965-04-10 VenturaMatilija canyon, near gate of Los Padres National Forest
HSC227825HSCPrunus ilicifoliaC.E. Fellows351965-04-13 Los Angeles1-4 mi. S of Hwy. 118 on Box Canon Rd., Chatsworth
HSC227826HSCPrunus ilicifoliaC.S. Appersonsn1966-05-29 Los AngelesTapia Park near Malibu Canon, Santa Monica Mtns.
HSC227827HSCPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Boyd20481987-04-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns., Rincon- Red Box Rd., S of Rincon Forest Station, N of Glendora
HSC227828HSCPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Boyd17291986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canon: Walker Canon area, where Alberhill Creek (=Temescal Creek) flows between Alberhill Mtn. and Gavilan Hills.
HSC227829HSCPrunus ilicifoliaJ.O. Sawyer7801969-04-27 MontereyAlong road to Arroyo Seco near bridge
HSC227830HSCPrunus ilicifoliaJ.P. Smith80291974-12-31 San Diego0.5 mi. E of Canon Guard Station along La Posada Rd.
IRVC15413IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaP. W. Rundel10531962-05-05 Los Angeleswash southeast corner of pomona college.
IRVC16608IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaGordon A. Marshs.n.1977-05-02 OrangeSanta Ana Mts: Pine Canon, near juncture with Silverado Canon
IRVC19265IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaGordon A. Marshs.n.1982-08-06 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley; lower Railroad Canon.
IRVC19330IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaGordon A. Marsh271982-06-03 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley; Railroad Canon.
IRVC24912IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaFred M. Roberts29661986-06-06 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: Main Divide Truck Trail, Upper Tin Mine Canon, 3.3km SSE Sierra Park.
IRVC27267IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaA.C. Sanders264522003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border
IRVC27986IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaFred M. Roberts57352003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mtn; S side in lower Butteweg Canon just above border trail, Tijuana River watershed.
IRVC29072IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaJune Lattings.n.1976-10-06 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek Fire Station, Fenner Canon
IRVC29252IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaKay Stockwells.n.1999-12-31 San BernardinoRancho Cucamonga, flood control channel west of Etiwanda Ave. at west end of Summit Ave., 0.25 mi. west of intersection with Bluegrass Ave.
IRVC3313IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-331963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: MT. Center to Hemet
IRVC3314IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-89,911963-05-30 RiversideSanta Rosa Mts: Santa Rosa Mtn. Rd.
IRVC3316IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaA.S. Boughey2331968-04-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Lower Modjeska Canon, Fleming Ranch property
IRVC3317IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. Whittakers.n.1977-05-31 RiversideNo furthur data
IRVC3318IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-371963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: MT. Center to Hemet
IRVC3319IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-1001963-05-31 RiversidePalm Canon Road, off Palm to Pines Hwy.
IRVC3320IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-1701963-06-02 RiversideSAN JACINTO MTS: Mtn. Center to Hemet Hwy.
IRVC8007IRVCPrunus ilicifoliaA. T. Vawters.n.1970-02-19 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains
JEPS103000UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. Raiche, K. Zadnik, H. Forbes1101991-05-24 SolanoW of Hwy 121 Mt George
JEPS23133UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64511958-07-21 Los Angeleswatershed of south fork of Little Rock Creek (along Angeles National Forest Service Road at Pinyon Flats); San Gabriel Mountains, Pinyon Flats
JEPS44627UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson61121914-05-28 San BernardinoCanon Pass
JEPS44628UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson30761908-08-15 SolanoCardelia
JEPS44629UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson12671901-05-19 Riversidejourney from Riverside to Santa Rosa Peak and Palomar (Upper San Jacinto Valley, San Jacinto River Canon); Upper San Jacinto Valley, San Jacinto River Canon
JEPS44630UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaFrank A. Leach1923-04-30 Napaabout 3 or 4 mi e of Napa
JEPS44631UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish1888-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS44632UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaE. Braunton1931-08-01 San BernardinoArrowhead Lake; San Bernardino Mountains, Arrowhead and Big Bear Lakes
JEPS44633UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson91621921-04-13 Santa Barbaranear Santa Barbara (Santa Ynez Mountains); Santa Ynez Mountains
JEPS44634UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaM. E., E. E. Ferguson2581919-06-18 MontereyCarmel Valley
JEPS44635UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson41711910-08-18 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains, Alma Alma; Santa Cruz Mountains, Alma
JEPS44636UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson98251922-09-26 Santa ClaraLos Allos
JEPS44637UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson127341928-05-14 Santa ClaraPacheco Pass
JEPS44723UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaFrank W. Peirson831918-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Arroyo Seco Arroyo Seco; San Gabriel Mountains, Arroyo Seco
JEPS44724UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson206941942-05-23 San BenitoPanoche Pass, e side Panoche Pass
JEPS44725UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaWillis L. Jepson174601936-05-04 Santa ClaraPacheco Pass
JEPS48162UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaCharlotte N. Smith14281965-09-10 Venturan of Ojai (near road to Cuyama Valley, (it is believed that) this station is not a great distance s-westerly from the summit which is marked on map as Pine Summit)
JEPS78777UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaL. R. Heckard, Michael Morris42571976-06-13 San BernardinoCanon Canon, Morman Rocks, s of Route 138 Canon Canon;, Morman Rocks
JEPS79005UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaEdward Lee11871934-09-08 MontereySan Antonio Creek, San Antonio Camp, upper Milpitas Road San Antonio Creek; Santa Lucia Mountains,, San Antonio Camp
JOTR1051JOTRPrunus ilicifoliaCole, James E.4971941-04-05 ?  San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. 49 PALMS CANYON
JROH6191JROHPrunus ilicifoliaJohn Rawlings23462018-01-29 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; south edge of Rd F about fifty yards east of its intersection with Trail 15
LA00629270LAPrunus ilicifoliaHannah lechtzin0052022-04-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; University of California, Los Angeles; Sage Hill behind Hitch Suites
LA00642816LAPrunus ilicifoliaO.H. Kappler2341941-04-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LA00642817LAPrunus ilicifoliaW. O. Griesels.n.1936-04-25 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Little Sycamore Canon
LA00642818LAPrunus ilicifoliaPeter H. RavenC-1231959-02-03 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Lake Eleanor
LA00642820LAPrunus ilicifoliaA.M. Johnson43471934-03-16 Los AngelesSimi Hills; Johnson′s Ranch beyond Chatsworth
LA00642821LAPrunus ilicifoliaA.M. Johnson44361934-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon
LA00642822LAPrunus ilicifoliaJonathan Sauer59901978-04-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Jones Sepulveda Canon Reserve; above Chalon Rd between Mount Saint Mary′s College and San Diego Frwy
LA00642825LAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Thompson18921959-03-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 1.5 mi E of Saddle Peak
LA00642827LAPrunus ilicifoliaUnknowns.n.1927-05-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA00646375LAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Ewan41671931-04-25 Los AngelesS. Fork, La Tuna Canon, Verdugo Range
LA00646377LAPrunus ilicifoliaMary V. Hood41--174k*1941-10-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Little Rock Palmdale Dam
LA00646378LAPrunus ilicifoliaHarlan Lewis13111940-04-03 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass
LA00646379LAPrunus ilicifoliaOrlando Mistretta1989-05-10 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains; Bouquet Canon
LA105366LAPrunus ilicifoliaBarry A. Prigge84651989-04-23 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains; Devil Canon: 1.4 air mi. NW of junction of Simi Valley Frwy and Topanga Canon Blvd
LOB100969LOBPrunus ilicifoliaR. Everett1891973-06-30 VenturaWheeler′s Gorge, Calif. Hwy. 33, 2 N of Matilija Lake Rd.
LOB100971LOBPrunus ilicifoliaKevin Herbinson411970-04-26 Los AngelesCatalina Island, E slope of Canon st Toyon Bay.
LOB100972LOBPrunus ilicifoliaJames D. Milne1201953-04-20 Los AngelesCampus, corner Anaheim & Bellflower
LOB100973LOBPrunus ilicifoliaP.C. Baker50901965-02-04 Los AngelesPomona College Canont.
LOB100974LOBPrunus ilicifoliaF. DeVito171970-05-25 RiversideTin Mine Canon, 3 mi. SW Corona, Santa Ana Mtns.
LOB100975LOBPrunus ilicifoliaD. Pilien221969-07-21 San BernardinoAlta Loma, Chaffey College.
LOB100976LOBPrunus ilicifoliaA.E. Fisher3602016-11-04 RiversideNear Gorgonio Pass, W of Palm Springs, near small town of Snow Creek, UC Natural Reserve Oasis de los Osos.
LOB100978LOBPrunus ilicifoliaChristian Osorio102010-04-18 OrangeOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74), 2 miles from the Country Cotttage Candy Store
LOB100980LOBPrunus ilicifoliaRobert Durbins.n.1950-04-14 OrangeSanta Ana Botanical Gardens
LOB100981LOBPrunus ilicifoliaD. L. Keuler41970-03-28 Santa BarbaraCanon Point, Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mtns.
LOB100982LOBPrunus ilicifoliaRichard W. Grogan631970-04-12 Santa BarbaraHappy Canon Rd., just S of Cachuma Saddle.
LOB100983LOBPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Bolton951973-04-07 VenturaBench at roadside off Hwy. 33 at junction of Lake Rd.
LOB100984LOBPrunus ilicifoliaT. Penland581973-04-07 Venturajust off hwy. 33, near Lake Road junction.
LOB101014LOBPrunus ilicifoliaKaren Carlson81969-11-03 Los AngelesCSCLB campus, E side of E Campus Drive.
LOB107696LOBPrunus ilicifoliaJ.E. Roman242019-03-17 Los AngelesGriffith Park along Riverside Trail
LOB107865LOBPrunus ilicifoliaManuel Robles22012-03-28 San Bernardinooff Cherry Ave.
NY02849684NYPrunus ilicifoliaT. Ross33901990-06-11 ?  Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Little Rock Creek: JoshuaTree Campground on the SW side of Little Rock Reservoir; Pacifico Mountain 7.5′ USGS topo sheet.
NY2849641NYPrunus ilicifoliaJ. M. Coulter1771903-07-14 ?  Santa Clara
NY2849642NYPrunus ilicifoliaT. Ross35921990-06-20 ?  Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: mouth of Burro Canyon near the confluence of the E and W Forks of the San Gabriel River.
NY2849643NYPrunus ilicifoliaS. Boyd45411990-05-03 ?  RiversideVail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn. of hwy R3 and Powerline Rd. NE of the lake.
NY2849650NYPrunus ilicifoliaT. Ross84041995-05-04 ?  Los AngelesLiebre Mountains; Texas Canyon: ca. 1.9 road miles NE of Bouquet Canyon Road. USGS 7.5′ Green Valley Quadrangle. Canyon bottom with a reasonably broad bed and low benches of gravelly alluvium; adjacent slopes with chaparral and coastal sage scrub elements.
NY2849651NYPrunus ilicifoliaD. L. Banks02981995-05-04 ?  RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., E of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, along the Woodchuck Trail.
NY2849652NYPrunus ilicifoliaT. Ross79311994-05-25 ?  Los AngelesLiebre Mountains; Necktie Basin: Hanging basin ca. 470-830 m. W of Warm Springs Mtn. summit. These collections from ca. 600-800 m. wsw of summit. Warm Springs Mtn 7.5′ USGS Quadrangle;
NY2849670NYPrunus ilicifoliaH. P. Chandler53121904-05-14 ?  San DiegoSan Diego.
NY2849701NYPrunus ilicifoliaL. Colls.n.1986-06-07 ?  Los Angeles
OBI133749OBIPrunus ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil320322013-09-06 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Northeast of Los Osos Middle School
OBI133750OBIPrunus ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil163371982-06-27 San Luis ObispoHills overloking Los Osos from the south
OBI133751OBIPrunus ilicifoliaTawney Odegard51985-01-25 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay Kangaroo Rat Reserve. SE of Morro Bay, 0.5 mi down Pecho Valley rd after passing Golf Course sign, turn rt on dirt rd just past Deer sign and continue toward dunes for 0.5 mi. MBKR site is on the left
OBI133752OBIPrunus ilicifoliaKatherine K. Muller29671970-08-23 Santa BarbaraOn road to Zaca Lake, just below gate into the Zaca Lake property
OBI133753OBIPrunus ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil185731985-04-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Creek rd, N of Rocky butte lookout at locked gate
OBI133754OBIPrunus ilicifoliaFred W. Rush51956-05-01 San Luis ObispoMt. San Luis
OBI133755OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJulie M. Vanderweir1331979-04-13 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI133756OBIPrunus ilicifoliaWalter F. Chesbro1261979-03-10 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob. 2.5 mi from last gate on Davenport Crk rd
OBI133757OBIPrunus ilicifoliaS.M. Inman71983-04-25 San Luis ObispoPecho Study site, Los Osos. 1-2 mi S on Pecho valley rd past the jctn of Pecho rd. right on dirt road after deer sign, to S of dirt road
OBI133758OBIPrunus ilicifoliaLarry Kelly1071988-05-13 Santa BarbaraCachuma Saddle-jctn Figueroa Mtn road and Happy Cyn rd
OBI133759OBIPrunus ilicifoliaKathleen Goddard Joness.n.1993-10-21 Santa BarbaraLos Padres Natl Forest. Vicinity of Aliso Park campground SW of New Cuyama and SW along jeep trail
OBI133760OBIPrunus ilicifoliaGeorge Butterworth6052005-09-16 San Luis ObispoChimineas. Cyn between Taylor Pond & Gillam Spring
OBI133761OBIPrunus ilicifoliaD. R. Miller694.4881994-06-24 San Luis ObispoPine Mt. region. Growing along creek edge at Wheelbarrow Gulch; tobacco Crk drainage
OBI133762OBIPrunus ilicifoliaMark Schneider271973-05-12 Los AngelesVogel Flats, Big Tujunga Cyn, San Bernardino Mts
OBI133763OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJanice M. ToyoshimaM2-271979-05-27 San Luis ObispoAdj to Morro Bay and mOntana De Oro State Park, S of Shark Inlet, Morro Bay
OBI133765OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJoy Nishida3911982-05-22 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn; 1.2 mi S of American Cyn campground
OBI133766OBIPrunus ilicifoliaF. Rushs.n.1957-08-01 San Luis ObispoS. Morro Bay
OBI133767OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJulie M. Vanderweir1331979-04-13 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI133768OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJohn Jackman and Julie Truesdale501980-00-01 San Luis ObispoMacGillivary Ranch, Adelaida
OBI133769OBIPrunus ilicifoliaDavid Keil337222016-03-15 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI133770OBIPrunus ilicifoliaSue Weis1311993-06-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, ridge road between W end of island and TNC cabins
OBI133771OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJ.B. Carstens651966-05-22 San Luis Obispo2.5 mi up lopez Cyn rd
OBI133772OBIPrunus ilicifoliaB.A. Smith901966-05-15 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge aobut 1.5 W of hwy 101 Cuesta Summit
OBI133773OBIPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Boyd93081997-03-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mts Region: Upper end of broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga cyn, Southern base of liebre Mtn, at end of dirt road leading 1 NE of Knapp Ranch
OBI133774OBIPrunus ilicifoliaTheo Fitanides1372010-04-23 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn BLM ACEC
OBI133775OBIPrunus ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil161361982-06-03 KernRoad leading to Willow Spgs campground S of Hwy 166
OBI133776OBIPrunus ilicifoliaH.E. McMinn27981932-04-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
OBI133777OBIPrunus ilicifoliaRobert J. Rodin61431957-05-10 San Luis ObispoS end of Morro Bay
OBI133778OBIPrunus ilicifoliaM. Kidd321970-04-18 San Luis ObispoLos Osos woods, E of Baywood Park comm
OBI133779OBIPrunus ilicifoliaG.L. Parson841976-05-23 VenturaDough Flat, Sespe Condor Refuge
OBI133780OBIPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Hoover83471954-05-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Middle and E branches of Huerhuero Crk
OBI133781OBIPrunus ilicifoliaR.A. Hayss.n.1957-11-10 San Luis ObispoPrefumo Cyn [San Luis Obispo]
OBI133782OBIPrunus ilicifoliaBill Arbaughs.n.1966-04-24 Los AngelesTapia Park
OBI133783OBIPrunus ilicifoliaW. Holbrook21967-04-23 Los Angeles400 W of Rose Bowl, Pasadena
OBI133784OBIPrunus ilicifoliaGreg Hassen51975-06-24 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn, Cal Poly Campus
OBI133785OBIPrunus ilicifoliaD.E. Montagues.n.1958-05-25 San Luis Obispo5 I SE Cayucas, Paso Robles rd
OBI133786OBIPrunus ilicifoliaWalter F. Chesbro1751978-05-12 MontereyIn the Arroyo Seco campground, on Arroyo Seco rd
OBI133787OBIPrunus ilicifoliaNeil Havlik2301968-06-12 San Luis ObispoAlong Los Osos Valley rd where it enters Hazard Cyn
OBI133788OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJay N. Holliday, Jrs.n.1960-05-12 San Luis ObispoPrice Cyn (S of Edna)
OBI133789OBIPrunus ilicifoliaE. Maino1081931-03-31 San Luis ObispoHazard Ranch
OBI133790OBIPrunus ilicifoliaJohn Knapp152003-04-13 Los AngelesCatalina Island
OBI149852OBIPrunus ilicifoliaKathryn Bay4131988-06-21 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
OBI186338OBIPrunus ilicifoliaKathryn Bay5361989-04-15 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
OBI186450OBIPrunus ilicifoliaKathryn Bay4211988-06-26 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
PASA1182PASAPrunus ilicifoliaM. Stason1931-04-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon
PASA1183PASAPrunus ilicifoliaSally Ellis1939-04-28 Los AngelesClaremont
PASA1184PASAPrunus ilicifoliaM. Stason1931-04-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon
POM117856RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-04-27 VenturaCamarilla [Camarillo].
POM122233RSAPrunus ilicifoliaI. L. Wiggins21471926-10-17 San DiegoOn grade 3-4 mi. above Descanso on road to Cuyamaca.
POM139681RSAPrunus ilicifoliaC. F. Baker31921903-05-27 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
POM140037RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMichener29131892-07-31 San FranciscoHill above V. V.
POM156103RSAPrunus ilicifoliaL. R. Abrams37411903-06-03 San DiegoPotrero creek near Campo
POM156210RSAPrunus ilicifoliaL. R. Abrams25511903-06-03 Los AngelesSepulveda canyon.
POM160977RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1929-05-20 San BernardinoHesperia.
POM178006RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1930-03-08 San BernardinoMission Creek, Colorado Desert.
POM182387RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJoseph A. Ewan53091931-11-12 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake Trail, San Raphael Mts.
POM1826RSAPrunus ilicifoliaOtis Hiatts.n.1916-06-03 Los AngelesTopanga Canon. Santa Monica Mountains.
POM199747RSAPrunus ilicifoliaI. W. Clokey44821929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville canyon, Santa Monica Mountains.
POM219619RSAPrunus ilicifoliaF. R. Fosberg83281932-06-05 San Diego1 W Warners Hot Spr.
POM223621RSAPrunus ilicifoliaS. S. Berrys.n.1909-04-20 Santa ClaraStanford University.
POM262064RSAPrunus ilicifoliaI. L. Wiggins36631929-04-16 San Luis ObispoGrade 6 miles above Moro on Atascadero Road.
POM275493RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson84651937-07-21 Santa ClaraStanford University, San Francisco Bay drainage area
POM275495RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson1891928-05-19 Santa ClaraStanford University; Santa Cruz Mt. Range. West side Quad; Witness tree.
POM275496RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson58011934-04-14 Santa BarbaraCuyama River Canon, Cuyama River Watershed. South Coast Mt. Range [Sierra Madre Mountains]
POM296354RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson123491947-04-30 Los AngelesThe Wash, Claremont. Pacific Slope Drainage Area.
POM305173RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey4041939-04-23 San DiegoLakeside, Ramona Rd.
POM305545RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey8081941-06-26 San DiegoSouth of Cuyamaca Lake, Cuyamaca Mountains.
POM306352RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey13481937-05-21 San BernardinoNorth of Fontana.
POM306715RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey16671937-05-16 Los AngelesAltadena, N. Craig Avenue.
POM307549RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey24411938-04-09 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass.
POM310181RSAPrunus ilicifoliaHulda Crooks2831946-04-10 San BernardinoEast Highland
POM49651RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. E. Elmer37751902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains.
POM49853RSAPrunus ilicifoliaPhilip A. Munz88751924-07-29 RiversideAbove Poppet Flat, San Jacinto Mts.
POM50098RSAPrunus ilicifoliaG. R. Fleming196371924-04-08 San DiegoMussey Grade [road] between Lakeside and Ramona.
POM88067RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1900-07-13 RiversideDripping Spring, near Temecula.
POM88069RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-05-02 Los AngelesPasadena.
POM8902RSAPrunus ilicifoliaW. R. Dudley46201896-06-19 KernLower end of Cuddy Canon.
POM91573RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-16 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
PUA44258PUAPrunus ilicifoliaJoe Callizo1980-03-22 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. George. Mt. George Quad.
PUA48117PUAPrunus ilicifoliaJoe Callizo1981-05-17 NapaLocal landmark: Skyline Park. Mt. George Quad.
PUA67248PUAPrunus ilicifoliaG.L. Clifton1988-05-12 San MateoLocal landmark: San Bruno Mountain. San Francisco South Quad.
RSA0021312RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell20092010-11-26 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; Chaparrosa Spring, approximately 1.5 air miles southwest of Pioneertown.; Rimrock
RSA0022521RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell52442013-06-24 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSheep Mountain Wilderness; East Fork of the San Gabriel River, between Allison Gulch and Rattlesnake Canon.; Mount San Antonio
RSA0030821RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDavid Grauer1301991-04-09 San Bernardino12.4 miles N. of 10 Frwy. on Mountain Avenue.
RSA0036835RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMatt Bogdanoff361981-05-27 Los AngelesCA Hwy 39, 4.5 N of junction with Sierra Madre Ave., N of Azusa.
RSA0039274RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders410742014-04-25 RiversideTemescal Canon, Richland property near Horsethief Canon Rd., SW of I-15; Alberhill 7.5 Q.
RSA0051243RSAPrunus ilicifoliaPaul McLaughlin05267631976-05-26 San BernardinoSan Antonio Canon 100 yds. south of the Lower San Antonio Canon Fire Station.
RSA0056485RSAPrunus ilicifoliaOrlando Mistrettas.n.1989-05-10 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region: Bouquet Canon.
RSA0072136RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJames W. Raymonds.n.1963-06-05 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills.
RSA0085548RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney121052010-03-30 Los AngelesDuarte, Van Tassel Canon, 10-300 meters west of Fish Cyn. Rd., between Van Tassel channel and Van Tassel Motorway.; Azusa 7.5 Quad.
RSA0093053RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRichard G. Swinney143422011-04-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Santa Anita Canon north of Sierra Madre, 150 m east of Mt. Wilson Trail on ridgetop 0.12 mi west of center of Sierra Madre Dam, 0.26 mi (64 degrees) NNW of the trailhead.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad
RSA0094388RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRichard G. Swinney149352011-05-31 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Monte Cristo Creek, 0.1-0.4 mile NE of Monte Cristo Campground and confluence with Mill Creek.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Quad
RSA0094719RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney143422011-04-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Santa Anita Canon north of Sierra Madre, 150 m east of Mt. Wilson Trail on ridgetop 0.12 mi. west of center of Sierra Madre Dam, 0.26 mi. (64 ° ) NNW of the trailhead; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
RSA0094901RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell82152015-05-06 ImperialBLMJacumba Mountains; collecting in the Jacumba Wilderness around the Blue Angel peak area just north of the U.S.-Mexico border.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge OE S
RSA0098823RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney145402011-04-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: north of Glendora, ridge with old firebreak south of Persinger Cyn., from Glendora Mt. Road 0.7 mi. west to San Gabriel Cyn. Dam; Glendora 7.5 Q.
RSA0115275RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRichard G. Swinney129112010-05-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Placerita Canon Natural Area, 0.1 mile east of Nature Center along Placerita Cyn. bottom.; Mint Cyn. 7.5 Quad.
RSA0116121RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney131612010-06-01 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Kentucky Springs, c. 1 mile west of Angeles Forest boundary sign at Angeles Forest Hwy, c. 0.5 mile south of Kentucky Springs Rd.; Pacifico Mt. 7.5
RSA0121339RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell95052016-04-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; collecting on the south side of Asbestos Mountain, in the vicinity of the summit area.; Rancho Mirage
RSA0124292RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell93352016-04-16 RiversideBLMWhitewater Watershed; Whitewater Canon; collecting in Rainbow Canon, approximately 2.5 air miles east northeast of Kitching Peak.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0126674RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson160121960-03-22 San BernardinoMouth of Snow Canon NW of Palm Springs.
RSA0167111RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell105262017-04-19 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; along Santa Rosa Truck Trail (FS Route 7S02), approximately 3 air miles west northwest of the summit of Santa Rosa Mountain.; Butterfly Peak
RSA0175498RSAPrunus ilicifoliaStephanie M. Calloway18-1932018-04-16 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Tunnel trail from E. Camino Cielo.
RSA0193438RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney176812015-09-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Peacock Saddle, along Glendora Ridge Rd., 1.05 air miles (58 ° ) NNE of Tanbark Flat Station.; Mount Baldy 7.5
RSA0196249RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney171112015-04-03 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pasadena, Eaton Canon Natural Area and Nature Center, 1 N Altadena Drive, on east side of dirt service road above nature center, 100 m east of Altadena Dr, c 500 m north of New York Dr.; Mount Wilson 7.5
RSA0225953RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney175772015-07-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Horse Cyn. Saddle, jct. of Glendora Ridge Rd. and Glendora Mt. Road.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0252013RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney172472015-04-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Santa Clarita, Rim of the Valley Corridor, Newhall Pass, 0.1 to 0.3 mile south of Elsmere Cyn. Road (FS Rd. 3N59) in Elsmerre Cyn., terminating at the dry Sandstone Waterfall (Newhall 7.5 Q).
RSA0403972RSAPrunus ilicifoliaChristina Varnava3392019-06-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, approaching from Hwy 33. About 1 mile from trailhead.
RSA0403974RSAPrunus ilicifoliaChristina Varnava3172019-06-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, approaching from Hwy 33.
RSA0417349RSAPrunus ilicifoliaVanessa Ashworth2161995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA116508RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. C. Twisselmann12261954-05-13 KernCherry Spring, Temblor Range.
RSA12024RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFadden10711929-06-06 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon.
RSA123183RSAPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Embree3031935-02-20 Santa Barbara1 mile S. 0.2 W of Painted Canonal Forest.; Goleta
RSA123336RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. E. Sowder2631934-03-23 VenturaMouth of Cozy Dell Canon.; Ventura
RSA123337RSAPrunus ilicifoliaD. Axelrod4831935-06-08 Santa BarbaraHead of Ballard Creek.
RSA123356RSAPrunus ilicifoliaG. E. Sindel2111935-03-28 Santa BarbaraE. side of Arroyo de San Augustine.; Lompoc
RSA123357RSAPrunus ilicifoliaH. C. Lee9681937-05-30 San Luis Obispo1.5 miles North East of Eureka School.; Paso Robles
RSA126379RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJohn H. Thomas33081953-05-31 Santa CruzSteep hillside north of Soda Lake.
RSA128281RSAPrunus ilicifoliaH. J. Thompson18921959-03-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: Saddle Peak, 1.5 miles east of peak.
RSA14725RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFadden10721929-06-01 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon.
RSA160537RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. D. Olmsted3691959-04-12 Riverside2.5 mi. up Oak flat fire road, having turned off Hw. 91 S. on Lincoln in w. Corona, west of Chase dr. to wash, then south. Drainage Area N to Santa Ana R.[River]
RSA16512RSAPrunus ilicifoliaPercy C. Everett71461935-06-17 RiversideColdwater Canon Trail to Santiago Peak, 1.5 mi. above Glen Ivy Resort.
RSA171125RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne31614a1963-04-21 San Luis ObispoS side of Morro Bay.
RSA171138RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne321831963-06-08 Monterey9 W of Bradley, along Jolon Rd.
RSA180284RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. W. Lathrop56961965-04-26 Riverside4 W. of Murrieta.
RSA18042RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf7301927-08-16 Santa ClaraNear summit, Pacheco Pass.
RSA182286RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. D. Olmsted33951962-04-25 VenturaRavine in major south face above US 499, ca. 4 mi. above Wheeler Springs resort, etc.
RSA186818RSAPrunus ilicifoliaT. C. Fuller152941966-10-20 MercedSouth side of old highway just east of summit of Pacheco Pass.
RSA186844RSAPrunus ilicifoliaT. C. Fuller152951966-10-20 MercedSouth side of old highway, just East of the summit of Pacheco Pass. 100 yards east of collection number 15294.
RSA187271RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJohn H. Thomas42391954-05-28 San MateoEast facing slope of San Bruno Mountain, just north of South San Francisco.
RSA191682RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne356171965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSE from San Marcos Pass near junction of Calif Hwy 154 with road to Hidden Valley Guest Ranch
RSA220993RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. W. Lathrop61891966-04-18 Riverside4 miles west of Corona between Tin Mine Canon and Santiago Peak, Skyline Drive.
RSA224245RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. T. Howell315941956-06-17 San FranciscoSummit ridge of Bayview Hills.
RSA224329RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. T. Howell330061957-10-27 San FranciscoBayview Hills.
RSA23553RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf95471939-12-28 Los AngelesMint Canon, 1 mi. above junction with Soledad Canon.
RSA263753RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. W. Lathrop70071969-05-08 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and San Mateo Canon. Cleveland National Forest.
RSA296119RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBarry A. Prigge38941980-08-11 RiversideWhitewater Canon: 3.2 miles upstream from trout farm.
RSA299557RSAPrunus ilicifoliaEdward Lee11871934-09-08 MontereySan Antonio Canonio Creek; upper Milpitas Road; Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA30356RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf111781941-10-03 San BenitoInner Coast Range Mts., Panoche Pass Road, (east slope) 3.7 mi. w. of Llanada.
RSA304835RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJames R. Shevock6211971-01-29 Santa BarbaraPainted Cave Rd.
RSA309431RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert A. Norris45111983-06-10 San FranciscoAcross Park Presidio Blvd. from Mountain Lake, San Francisco.
RSA309587RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJames R. Shevock53881976-11-24 OrangeAlong California highway 74 (Ortega Hwy.) along San Juan Creek approx. 0.5 miles above the San Juan Fire Station. Cleveland National Forest.
RSA333627RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne542521980-06-02 San BernardinoNear Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads.
RSA370RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. T. Howell821927-06-11 San BernardinoHighland Avenue, east of Upland.
RSA371RSAPrunus ilicifoliaB. D. Stark7281927-09-09 San BernardinoHighland Ave., near Upland.
RSA388401RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne611951985-07-18 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau, Nature Conservancy Reserve: along Cole Canon.Santa Rosa Island. W side of Tecolote Canon, just S of Smith Highway.
RSA395366RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd17291986-04-22 RiversideWalker Canon area, where Temescal Creek (=Alberhill Creek) flows between Alberhill Mtn. and Gavilan Hills.
RSA42261RSAPrunus ilicifoliaN. Floy Bracelin13321941-05-25 AlamedaThe Garden of Anson and Anita Blake.
RSA42823RSAPrunus ilicifoliaN. Floy Bracelin25901943-08-29 AlamedaThe Garden of Anson and Anita Blake, Berkeley.
RSA443844RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGordon Marshs.n.1977-05-02 OrangePine Canon, between Blue Light Mine and second mine, near swithback.
RSA453244RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-04-05 Los AngelesOn trail to observatory, Griffith Park.
RSA453246RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBonnie C. Templeton46841934-09-15 Los AngelesNear Lang.
RSA453248RSAPrunus ilicifoliaOra M. Clark17811929-03-24 Los AngelesSanta Susanna Mtns. [County: Los Angeles or Ventura]
RSA453249RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1931-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon
RSA453251RSAPrunus ilicifoliaAnstruther Davidson18421890-04-10 Los AngelesFoot hills, Hollywood.
RSA453252RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGordon Pilone4991962-06-24 Los Angeles1 mile W of Topanga Canon Road on [Robinson?] Road
RSA454127RSAPrunus ilicifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1933-02-25 Los AngelesMint Canon.
RSA454128RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills.
RSA454129RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-03-17 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills.
RSA454131RSAPrunus ilicifoliaKenneth A. Wilsons.n.1962-05-26 Los AngelesSoledad Canon Road, about 3 miles east of Agua Dulce Canon.
RSA454135RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. M. Johnson44361934-04-20 Los AngelesSepulveda canyon, base of slaty cliff, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA454136RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. M. Johnson43471934-03-16 Los AngelesJohnson′s Ranch, beyond Chatsworth, Simi Hills.
RSA454137RSAPrunus ilicifoliaN. C. Cooper9831943-11-11 Los AngelesMint Canon. Roadside west of Ranger Station.
RSA454139RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1953-07-25 San DiegoChariot canyon, South of Banner.
RSA454140RSAPrunus ilicifoliaN. C. Cooper41091949-06-03 San DiegoLaguna Junction.
RSA454141RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1956-09-17 MontereyOn the road to Tassasara Hot Springs
RSA454142RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGale Sphons.n.1955-05-21 Riverside3 miles south of Banning.
RSA454145RSAPrunus ilicifoliaL. M. Booth21191932-10-29 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain.
RSA454146RSAPrunus ilicifoliaN. C. Cooper32181949-04-02 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest.
RSA454147RSAPrunus ilicifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1970-04-16 VenturaFlood plain of Ventura River just west of Meiners Oaks.
RSA46806RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDoris K. Kildale79941929-06-19 Santa ClaraPage Mill road near Stanford University.
RSA4871RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. R. Johnson29621932-04-17 San BernardinoAlong Highland Ave., between Uplands and San Bernardino.
RSA494651RSAPrunus ilicifoliaB. L. Phillipss.n.1988-04-10 San BernardinoSan Timoteo Canon, S of San Timoteo Canon Rd., 1.5 miles E of RR crossing. Accessible by Powerline Service Rd. between horse ranch and dairy farm.
RSA497992RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFreda Detmerss.n.1931-05-17 Los AngelesHillside, Mint Canon.
RSA497993RSAPrunus ilicifoliaAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1915-09-25 San BernardinoLytle Creek near Rialto.
RSA497994RSAPrunus ilicifoliaG. R. Johnstones.n.1930-06-22 Los AngelesNear Ravenna; Soledad Canon.
RSA497995RSAPrunus ilicifoliaH. L. Bauer153871932-04-01 Los AngelesSaddle Peak road.
RSA497996RSAPrunus ilicifoliaRichard C. Barkelews.n.1929-04-17 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Mulholland Highlands, Los Angeles.
RSA497997RSAPrunus ilicifoliaAlva Watrys.n.1931-05-17 Los AngelesMint Canon.
RSA497998RSAPrunus ilicifoliaV. V. Giless.n.1936-07-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River bed where [Hwy] 66 crosses it.
RSA506765RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. M. Beauchamp17361971-03-10 San DiegoMussey Grade.
RSA516750RSAPrunus ilicifoliaEd LaRues.n.1989-04-25 Riverside2 mi (airline) NW of Lake Elsinore, adjacent to Cleveland National Forest; at mouths of Rice and McVicker Canons.; Alberhill 7.5
RSA525682RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd45411990-05-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Vail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn of Hwy R3 and Powerline Road, NE of the lake.
RSA528086RSAPrunus ilicifoliaB. Pitzer15461991-05-13 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, Santa Ynez Mountains. Hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass Rd) at intersection with Painted Cave Rd, ca. 4 mi. below San Marcos Pass.
RSA5316RSAPrunus ilicifoliaB. D. Stark44991933-01-05 Orange2 mi. so. of summit of skyline Drive on road along ridge to Santiago Peak. Santa Ana Mts.
RSA542401RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFred M. Roberts Jr.32091986-11-05 OrangeMain Divide Truck Trail, 1.8 WNW Pleasants Peak.
RSA542402RSAPrunus ilicifoliaFred M. Roberts Jr.38261988-03-08 OrangeSan Juan Canon, Hwy 74, 1.2 km SSW Lower San Juan Picnic Ground.
RSA543203RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd54821991-03-17 RiversideJurupa Hills, N of Glen Avon. Cove on S flank, just W of Soto St. from white limestone outcrops to summit E of Pyrite Canon.
RSA552458RSAPrunus ilicifoliaD. Charlton55221991-07-05 Los AngelesElizabeth Canon Rd. bridge near Warm Spring Canon.
RSA562488RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd72481992-05-05 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Isolated grassland area south Oak Flats, southwest of the Bluewater Trail
RSA567309RSAPrunus ilicifoliaTim S. Ross39871990-06-28 Los AngelesLiebre Mtn: southerly slopes to the S and SW of the West Summit and ridge to its W. [West Summit here construed as the 5605-foot knoll near the intersection of sections 3,4,9,10]; Liebre Mountain
RSA569956RSAPrunus ilicifoliaTim S. Ross48691991-04-29 Los AngelesParker mountain and ridge to SW: SW of Acton and NNE of Ravenna.; Acton 7.5 Quad.
RSA580738RSAPrunus ilicifoliaTim S. Ross79311994-05-25 Los AngelesNecktie Basin: hanging basin ca 470-830 meters W of Warm Springs Mountain summit. These collections from ca. 600-800 meters WSW of summit.; Warm Springs Mountain
RSA580963RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCatherine A. Mish261995-03-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: Fryman Canon
RSA586525RSAPrunus ilicifoliaF. L. JohnsonROB01281993-02-19 San Luis Obispo1 km SW of Ranch House on Nacimiento Road.
RSA586526RSAPrunus ilicifoliaF. L. JohnsonROB07561993-10-15 San Luis ObispoSulphur Spring Road in middle of Area R.
RSA594853RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd89821996-10-08 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region, Plum Canon southwest of Cruzan Mesa along Arline Road ca 2 miles west of junction with Sierra Highway in Mint Canon.; Mint Canon
RSA594854RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd89831996-10-08 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region, Plum Canon southwest of Cruzan Mesa along Arline Road ca 2 miles west of junction with Sierra Highway in Mint Canon.; Mint Canon
RSA596036RSAPrunus ilicifoliaTim S. Ross84041995-05-04 Los AngelesTexas Canon: ca 1.9 road miles NE of Bouquet Canon Road.; Green Valley
RSA597791RSAPrunus ilicifoliaScott D. White29451995-04-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: City of Malibu. Upslope from Winter Canon, near Pepperdine University; N of Pacific Coast Highway, E of Malibu Canon. Road, SW of Malibu Civic Center Way.; Malibu Beach
RSA599581RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd93081997-03-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper end of broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, southern base of Liebre Mountain, at end of dirt road leading 1 km northeast of Knapp Ranch.; Liebre Mountain
RSA600008RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd98491997-05-28 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Knapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, south of Liebre Mountain.; Liebre Mountain
RSA600476RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd95981997-04-30 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: About the confluence of Bear Canon and Pine Canon, between the southern flank of Liebre Mountain and northern flank of Red Rock Mountain, southwest of Gillette Mine.; Liebre Mtn
RSA604634RSAPrunus ilicifoliaWalter Wisura50411997-04-08 San BernardinoJurupa Hills: Mary Vagl Museum and Nature Center, Cypress St., Fontana.
RSA604761RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders165461995-04-15 San BernardinoFontana: E slopes of the Jurupa Hills, S of Jurupa Hills Regional Park, W of Sierra Ave., NE of Mount Jurupa.
RSA6083RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf36661932-05-25 RiversideSnow Creek, No. Base San Jacinto Mountains. Just above the Fish Hatchery
RSA612184RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDamian Ross201997-03-29 Los AngelesBernard Biological Field Station, Claremont Colleges. NE side of Phake Lake.
RSA612185RSAPrunus ilicifoliaAnna Christensen231997-03-16 Los AngelesClaremont, Bernard Field Station (Claremont Colleges) NW corner of Mills Ave. and Foothill Blvd. 30 yards from E. fence, 50 yards into N panhandle region.
RSA612400RSAPrunus ilicifoliaD. L. Banks17251997-04-08 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Wilderness Gardens Preserve. Approximately 3.4 miles east of Pala south of Hwy. 76 along the San Luis Rey River.Areas along the main trail network from the parking area along the primary driveway within the river bottom to areas of native grasslands on the higher slopes.
RSA621527RSAPrunus ilicifoliaD. L. Banks21611997-06-16 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pala Indian Reservation. Along the San Luis Rey River, from Pala Creek, to approximately 200 m east of Lilac Road, just south of the intersection of Hwy 76 and Magee Road.; Pala
RSA628201RSAPrunus ilicifoliaD. E. Bramlet27341999-04-10 RiversideBachelor Mountain. North facing slope 152m northwest of the peak on a steep, bouldery face of the mountain and within the large drainage area found on this slope, approximately 1.5km north of Lake Skinner.; Bachelor Mtn. 7.5 Q.
RSA647314RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGordan T. McCloskeys.n.1948-02-07 UnknownSan Marcus rd. 3 miles from top, 3 from rd.
RSA650033RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarion P. Harthill1421971-04-16 San BernardinoCleghorn Area.
RSA650362RSAPrunus ilicifoliaMarion P. Harthill711971-02-28 Los AngelesClaremont.
RSA650364RSAPrunus ilicifoliaG. F. Orrs.n.1956-04-20 VenturaBoney Mountain, Little Sycamore Canon.
RSA650383RSAPrunus ilicifoliaW. A. Reinkes.n.1971-04-16 San Bernardino3mi north of 19th st. on Sierra Ave. on E. side of St. 25ft from road, Fontana.
RSA650387RSAPrunus ilicifoliaC. J. Humphrey1341936-06-07 Riverside[No location information provided.]
RSA654006RSAPrunus ilicifoliaLydia M. Gonzalez141988-04-29 San BernardinoWaterman Canon; San Bernardino National Forest, 3 miles north of intersection of Waterman Avenue and Old Waterman Canon Road, roadside
RSA656267RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Archer191977-04-06 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Two tenths of a mile north of Shields Avenue on Briggs Road, La Crescenta.
RSA656385RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJohn Kelling181980-05-26 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: 0.5 miles east of Childs Canon, at the end of Allen Street, Glendale.
RSA657047RSAPrunus ilicifoliaH. Sieverling1401984-05-19 San DiegoPicnic area at Mt. Palomar observatory.
RSA657203RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJoseph M. Keefe309842001-01-19 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Big Tujunga Wash, 200 meters northwest of corner of Wescott Avenue and Grove Street, Sunland District, Los Angeles.
RSA657301RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJames Henrickson200001985-05-18 San Bernardinoca. 20 air miles W of San Bernardino, 3 miles NW of Angeles Oaks, near junction of Deer Creek and Santa Ana River near Filaree Flat.
RSA658197RSAPrunus ilicifoliaT. A. Daubert6481991-05-19 OrangeTucker Wildlife Sanctuary, Modjeska Canon inside sanctuary.
RSA659174RSAPrunus ilicifoliaBob Rogers131984-04-21 RiversideAlong trail and bank area on the west side of Strawberry Creek heading upstream. Starting point was 4.9 miles from Cranston ranger station heading East on Hwy. 74.
RSA660349RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDavid Finch521984-05-12 San BernardinoUpland, Campus Ave, .3 mile north of Baseline Road.
RSA663154RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. E. Riefner20-4552000-06-01 OrangeNCCP North Ranch Policy Plan Area. N of Irvine Lake and W of Black Star Cyn; W. of dirt access rd.; Black Star Canon 7.5
RSA670311RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJoseph M. Keefe311192001-03-16 Los Angeles50 meters west of dead end of Cresthaven Drive, 1 mile southeast of The Eagle Rock, Pasadena, CA 91105.
RSA678005RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSarah J. De Groot6442002-05-09 San DiegoFaircrest way just E of creek, Hidden Meadows 92026
RSA680149RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSarah J. De Groot10142003-02-16 San DiegoHidden Meadows: Cerveza Dr.
RSA682108RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders264522003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Otay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border.; Otay Mountain 7.5
RSA682612RSAPrunus ilicifoliaScott D. White92222003-05-07 Los AngelesPrivate, proposed for development.Liebre Mountains: Tapia Canon, about 2 air miles east of Interstate 5 junction at Old Ridge Route.; Newhall
RSA698638RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1964-04-16 San BernardinoBear Valley.
RSA699170RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Russell Bruff4431929-12-27 RiversideMission Canon.
RSA699853RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Vlahoss.n.1934-04-22 OrangeHarding Canon
RSA701207RSAPrunus ilicifoliaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1934-04-22 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains.
RSA701714RSAPrunus ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd113672004-05-26 San DiegoIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, western flank of Thing Valley, northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road.
RSA702608RSAPrunus ilicifoliaTim Thibault3242004-09-17 San BernardinoOrd Mountains, BLM road JS6, E of power lines
RSA704903RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJ. B. B.5331934-06-18 RiversideSnow Creek; base of San Jacinto.
RSA709020RSAPrunus ilicifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp94432005-05-12 Monterey8 W of US-101 on Hwy CA-G-18 in Hames Valley.; Hames Valley
RSA713790RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders294282005-04-13 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel - Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, lower Mint Canon at the community of Mint Canon.; Mint Canon
RSA717590RSAPrunus ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders278942004-05-12 RiversideElsinore Basin Region: Walker Canon at northeast foot of Alberhill Mountain, Temescal Creek.; Lake Elsinore 7.5
RSA724441RSAPrunus ilicifoliaK. Dobryd-6941991-06-13 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. Las Virgenes and Mulholland Hwy at Soka Univ.
RSA732303RSAPrunus ilicifoliaM. D. Schwartz31-12000-05-21 San DiegoLaguna Mts., Kitchen Creek Rd, just after gate N of Cibbets Flat Campground
RSA746653RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman158852008-09-11 San DiegoMcCain Valley: N of Boulevard; along McCain Valley Rd. just S of Lost Valley.
RSA758734RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf36471929-04-16 San Luis ObispoNarrow canyon of Morro Creek, 6 miles east of Morro Bay.
RSA7588RSAPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf55471933-11-09 Los AngelesPlacerita Creek, 1 mile E of Newhall.
RSA762461RSAPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney100942009-03-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns. Foothills Azusa, San Gabriel River Canon, El Encanto Azusa River Wilderness Park; Azusa 7.5 Q.
RSA763965RSAPrunus ilicifoliaJustin M. Wood17152010-05-14 San DiegoDameron Valley: East side of Hwy 79, 0.6 miles south of Riverside-San Diego county line, +-- 3.0 miles NW of Oak Grove.; Aguanga Quad.
RSA774920RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell23892011-05-05 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; eastern section of this mountain range; collecting on a small area of BLM land surrounded by private property.
RSA787088RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDoris Bowers18171972-04-15 RiversideNear SBCM dig on Pulgas Creek Rd., Rancho Calif.
RSA792647RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell44332012-11-18 ImperialJacumba Mountain; at the northwest base of Blue Angel Peak, approximately 0.25 air mile north of U.S.-Mexico border.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge OE S
RSA800027RSAPrunus ilicifoliaPam De Vries78112012-06-08 Los AngelesSouth Coast subregion of Southwestern California. Near Kenneth Hahn State Regional Park, Baldwin Hills, about 0.3 miles northeast of the intersection of South La Brea Ave. and Stocker St.; Hollywood 7.5′Along Stocker St. (south side), opposite Don Lorenzo Drive.
RSA802116RSAPrunus ilicifoliaDuncan S. Bell11732010-05-31 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; approximately 1.25 air mile southwest of Pioneertown, and approx. 0.75 air mile north of Chaparrosa Spring.; Rimrock
RSA86866RSAPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Peirson57661925-04-18 VenturaSespe Creek.
RSA96717RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. K. Balls190841954-04-26 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont)
RSA96769RSAPrunus ilicifoliaE. K. Balls190841954-04-26 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont)
SBBG164839SBBGPrunus ilicifoliaR. Burgess, T. Austin, P. Munro54842003-02-07 Venturasouth side of La Granada Mtn at Chismahoo Rd
SBBG164840SBBGPrunus ilicifoliaP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL4941994-05-23 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: within 100 m of tributary of Los Burros Crk, ca. 1.9 W of Burro Mtn, ca. 3.1 NE of Lion Pk, ca. 3.9 rd km NE of jct of Burro and Coast Ridge Rds; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG165548SBBGPrunus ilicifoliaP. Bartholomew1938-08-17 Santa Barbaraupper Santa Ynez River, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG178284SBBGPrunus ilicifoliaR. G. Swinney61131998-05-23 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns: Ralston Peak, on southern ridge
SD00027406SDPrunus ilicifoliaC. Matt Guilliams39062018-03-12 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Jesusita Trail, trailside. Disturbed chaparral.
SD00046212SDPrunus ilicifoliaHenk van der Werff45091982-05-30 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch Not rare, mostly around rock outcrops.
SD00046217SDPrunus ilicifoliaHelen V. Witham13521971-04-23 San Diego5B Miramar NAS.
SD00046218SDPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Kelseys.n.1920-07-02 San DiegoPine Valley
SD00046219SDPrunus ilicifoliaEdith A. Purer65071935-04-24 San DiegoChaparral area, hillside near Murray Dam, northeast of San Diego
SD00046220SDPrunus ilicifoliaF. M. Cotas.n.1936-03-01 San DiegoOriflamme
SD00046221SDPrunus ilicifoliaDuffie Clemons11731985-07-07 San DiegoSmall tree growing on bank of dry rocky stream in canyon east of Shawn Avenue dead-end. La Mesa quad
SD00046222SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander141-311935-03-14 San DiegoAdobe Falls, near San Diego
SD00046228SDPrunus ilicifoliaRussell S. Woglums.n.1932-05-03 San DiegoMoosa Canon, San Diego County (extreme northwest)
SD00046229SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander307-41935-11-21 San DiegoDeLuz
SD00046230SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander303-111935-11-17 San DiegoHalfway between Eagle Nest & top of peak, Warner Hot Spring Mt.
SD00046231SDPrunus ilicifoliaHenk van der Werff38821980-06-07 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch
SD00046232SDPrunus ilicifoliaUnknown7121882-05-01 San DiegoSan Diego
SD00046233SDPrunus ilicifoliaUnknowns.n.1875-05-01 San DiegoSan Diego
SD00046266SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander11701936-04-10 San DiegoFoot of Poway Grade, Old Road
SD00046267SDPrunus ilicifoliaCatharine M. Woods.n.1927-05-15 San DiegoPoway Grade
SD00046268SDPrunus ilicifoliaFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-06-22 San DiegoCanon near Sweetwater River, Wildwood Glen
SD00046322SDPrunus ilicifoliaR. D. Alderson29131893-05-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
SD00046323SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander23391936-05-21 San DiegoNear southeast base of El Canon Mt.
SD00046324SDPrunus ilicifoliaFrank F. Gander269-71935-10-24 San DiegoCounty line, northwest of Oak Grove
SD00046325SDPrunus ilicifoliaEdith A. Purer57461934-04-05 San DiegoCanon, near east San Diego
SD00046423SDPrunus ilicifoliaMark A. Elvin36492004-07-25 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: UC burn′s Pinyon Ridge Reserve, ca. 1.5 miles east of Pioneertown, west of Burn′s House north of campground.
SD00046426SDPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Boyd93081997-03-25 Los AngelesUpper end of broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, southern base of Liebre Mountain, at end of dirt road leading 1 kilometer northeast of Knapp Ranch
SD00046428SDPrunus ilicifoliaJennifer H. Jones3702006-06-04 Los AngelesFoothills of San Gabriel Mountains: Southwest of Claremont Wilderness Park near the West end of Pomello Drive. Dirt continuation of Pomello Drive across flood control channel. Base of Northeast facing slope, South of road.
SD00046429SDPrunus ilicifoliaSteve Boyd72481992-05-05 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness area. Isolated grassland area south of Oak Flats, southwest of the Bluewater Trail
SD00046430SDPrunus ilicifoliaEdith A. Purer19961931-04-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley, foothills
SD00046431SDPrunus ilicifoliaB. Pitzer15461991-05-13 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, Santa Ynez Mountains. Hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass Rd) at intersection with Painted Cave Rd, ca. 4 mi. below San marcos Pass
SD00046432SDPrunus ilicifoliaMrs. Kate Stephenss.n.1928-06-15 Los AngelesClaremont
SD00046433SDPrunus ilicifoliaR.S. Woglum6311934-03-18 RiversideSnow Creek, north slope Mt. San Jacinto
SD00046434SDPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf36471929-04-16 San Luis ObispoNarrow canyon of Morro Creek, 6 mi E of Morro Bay
SD00046435SDPrunus ilicifoliaEdith A. Purer2069b1931-05-01 Los AngelesArroto Seco, hillside
SD00059261SDPrunus ilicifoliaDick Swinney198792017-08-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Iron Mountain summit, 1.1 mile s.e. of Monte Cristo Cmpgrd. at Angeles Forest Hwy., Chilao Flat Quad
SD00060977SDPrunus ilicifoliaDick Swinney197002017-07-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Goss Canon, Rosemont Preserve (Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy), La Crescenta, at north terminus of Rosemont Ave., Pasadena Quad
SD281590SDPrunus ilicifoliaDick Swinney190542017-04-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Gold Canon-north tributary of Big Tujunga Cyn., c. 0.2 mi. up-canyon from Big Tujunga Canon, Sunland Quad
SD281777SDPrunus ilicifoliaDick Swinney191012017-04-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, McKinley Canon, 0.1-0.3 miles upstream from confluence with Trail Cyn., Sunland Quad
SDSU20334SDSUPrunus ilicifoliaSilverstein, Robin442000-08-27 San DiegoRose Canon, 1-2 mile east of I-5, side canyon south of main canyon, 100 yards up.
SDSU21746SDSUPrunus ilicifoliaAhmed, Nashaad22016-04-26 San DiegoSan Diego State University Ecological Reserve, north of I-8 from campus, North facing top of hill south of Alvarado Creek.
SFV112700SFVPrunus ilicifoliaP. W. Byrne161994-04-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Live Oak Campground, along Bear Canon.
SFV112701SFVPrunus ilicifoliaanon.1971-08-31 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Placerita Canon Natural Area Park.
SFV112702SFVPrunus ilicifoliaP. S. Wilson34521996-06-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Off Highway 2 at mile marker 44.03, near Short Cut.
SFV112703SFVPrunus ilicifoliaJ. M. Keefe309842001-01-19 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Big Tujunga Wash, 200 m northwest of corner of Westcott Avenue and Grove Street in Sunland.
SFV112704SFVPrunus ilicifoliaB. C. Templetons. n.1956-09-17 MontereyOn road to Tassasara Hot Springs.
SFV112705SFVPrunus ilicifoliaP. G. Kilburn8201958-05-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Mount San Jacinto, 7 miles south of Banning on road to Idyllwild.
SFV112706SFVPrunus ilicifoliaH. L. Fredell601992-04-04 VenturaVentura Mountains; Above CA-Highway 33 about 4 miles south of Rose Valley turnoff.
SFV116195SFVPrunus ilicifoliaK. A. Wilson12891962-05-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Soledad Canon Road, about 3 miles east of Agua Dulce.
SHTC6661SHTCPrunus ilicifoliaCarosella, T.1982-11-01 StanislausModesto Jr. College Campus
SJSU796SJSUPrunus ilicifoliaM.B. Mirassou1943-05-12 Santa Claranear University Ranch, Evergreen
UC1001454UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaIra L. Wiggins26681927-10-30 San Diegoon w side of North Peak North Peak
UC1001455UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaIra L. Wiggins21471926-10-17 San Diego3-4 mi above Descanso (on road to Cuyamuca)
UC1018198UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Warren1952-06-01 San BernardinoCanon Pass
UC1090421UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaMilo S. Baker132101958-05-12 San BernardinoNorth Canon Pass
UC1128378UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. A. Jensen881931-01-13 San DiegoMouth of West Sycamore Canon
UC1128379UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaP. L. Johannsen2791934-02-13 Los Angeles1 mi se Junction Haskell and Bouquet Canon
UC1128380UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. E. Wieslander8101938-10-07 MontereyMonroe Canon
UC1128381UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. E. Sowder2401934-03-19 Venturajust s of Sulphur Spring (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128383UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. Gifford2271934-05-10 VenturaSW of Newberry Park; Triunfo Pass Quad.
UC1128384UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. H. Raymond691930-05-01 MontereyArroyo Seco Creek
UC1128385UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. Lewis3841934-04-01 OrangeHarding Canon; Cleveland National Forest
UC1128386UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaD. Axelrod6321936-08-07 Monterey1-2 mi w of Gabilan Peak
UC1128387UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaN. French3191934-04-30 Ventura2 mi E Round Mountain
UC1128388UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaN. French1241934-01-20 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Pine Valley Pine Valley; Cleveland National Forest, Pine Valley
UC1128389UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaN. French1891934-02-19 San DiegoLa Posta Ranch, Cleveland National Forest La Posta Ranch; Cleveland National Forest, La Posta Ranch
UC1128390UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. Lewis841932-05-16 NapaSarcos Creek
UC1128392UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. T. Nordstrom3211935-01-22 Los Angeles3 mi w of Mouth of Beartrap Canon (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128393UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Embree2361935-01-07 Santa Barbara2 1-2 mi n and 1-2 mi e of Summerland (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128394UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. Lee1801935-03-25 San Bernardino1 mi w of Canon Guard Station (San Bernardino National Forest); San Bernardino National Forest
UC1128395UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. C. Lee3211935-05-15 Santa Barbara2 mi s of Zaca Mountain (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128396UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. Lee1351935-03-22 San Bernardino1-2 mi n of Applewhite Ranch (San Bernardino National Forest); San Bernardino National Forest
UC1128397UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaD. Axelrod731935-02-21 San Bernardino1 mi se of Rattlesnake Mountain (San Bernardino National Forest); San Bernardino National Forest
UC1128398UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. C. Wilson2821936-07-27 Santa CruzLomita
UC1128399UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Embree3811935-04-06 Santa Barbara1.5 mi sw Painted Canonal Forest, Goleta Quadrangle
UC1128400UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaB. Bolt6941936-04-28 San Luis Obispo2 1-4 mi s of mouth of Osos Creek
UC1128401UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. Gifford731934-04-04 Ventura1-3 mi ne of Oat Mountain
UC1128402UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. Gifford1941934-05-03 Ventura1 7-10 mi n and 2 3-10 mi w of Newberry Park
UC1128403UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. E. Sindel3391935-08-27 San Mateo1 mi w Crystal Spring Lake
UC1128406UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. T. Nordstrom5771935-05-11 Ventura1 1-2 mi s of Blue Point (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128407UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaV. Stackhouse711937-11-29 Monterey3 4-5 mi S of Alberto School
UC1128408UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. E. Sindel3931935-11-12 Santa Clara1-2 mi n of Bald Mountain
UC1128409UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. A. Peterson1771936-03-29 Santa Barbara1 1-2 mi wnw of Wasioja (Outside National Forest); Outside National Forest
UC1128410UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaN. French2621934-03-22 San Diegow of Tule Springs (Cleveland National Forest); Cleveland National Forest
UC1128411UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. Lewis2971934-02-01 Los AngelesGold Creek, Angeles National Forest Gold Creek; Angeles National Forest, Gold Creek
UC1128412UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaT. M. Hendrix10551939-05-25 San Luis Obispo1 1-4 mi se of Joughin Rnach (Los Padres National Park); Los Padres National Park
UC1128414UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. H. Raymond1561931-01-26 San DiegoWarner Hot Springs
UC1128415UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. R. Clar711930-02-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Ranger Station, Santa Barbara National Forest Santa Ynez Ranger Station; Santa Barbara National Forest, Santa Ynez Ranger Station
UC1128416UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. R. Clar211929-08-04 Santa Claraw of Saratoga
UC1128417UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. P. Hagge161929-10-12 Santa ClaraLittle Uvas
UC1128418UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. E. Norton261931-01-20 San Diego2 mi e of Burnt Mountain
UC1128419UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. St. John1431930-05-12 VenturaSanta Paula Creek, Santa Barbara National Forest Santa Paula Creek; Santa Barbara National Forest, Santa Paula Creek
UC1128420UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. St. John821930-01-26 Los AngelesMesa Peak, Santa Monica Mountains Mesa Peak; Santa Monica Mountains, Mesa Peak
UC1128421UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. St. John2071931-04-17 Riversidesw of Mockingbird Canon
UC1128422UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. Wright1928-09-16 San MateoSan Andreas Lake
UC1128423UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. K. Rude1928-11-20 San BernardinoDevil′s Canon
UC1128424UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. W. Lundh341931-08-17 Santa Clara1 1-2 mi ne of Edenvale
UC1128425UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. H. Raymond341930-01-28 Los AngelesEscondido Pass
UC1128427UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. Gifford6951935-05-08 Los Angeles1 mi s of Warm Springs (Angeles National Forest); Angeles National Forest
UC1128428UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaD. Axelrod4831935-06-08 Santa BarbaraHead of Ballard Creek
UC1128429UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. Lee4131936-02-24 San Luis Obispo2 1-2 mi ese of Picacho
UC1128430UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. A. Peterson2231936-06-25 Santa Barbara2 1-2 mi sse of Big Pine Mountain (Santa Barbara National Forest); Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1128431UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. T. Nordstrom12381937-05-16 San Luis Obispo2.1 mi ese of Chimney Rock
UC1128432UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. A. Peterson8321937-05-12 San Luis Obispo2.3 mi ene of Freeborn Mountain
UC1128503UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJerome S. Horton1841935-06-21 Los AngelesTanbark Flat
UC114550UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-01-01 Santa Barbaranear Santa Barbara (Santa Ynez Mountains); Santa Ynez Mountains
UC114551UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaT. S. Brandegee1894-05-21 San DiegoSan Diego
UC114552UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. W. Toumey1894-09-27 RiversideBanning
UC114553UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaEdward Palmer, M. D.781875-01-01 San Diegosouthern part of San Diego San Diego
UC12763UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Burtt Davy1893-06-17 San MateoBelmont
UC12764UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Burtt Davy8321893-06-23 San MateoPilarcitos Canon
UC12765UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaMilo S. Baker1895-07-01 Santa Barbara
UC12766UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaunknown5331861-05-02 UnknownNascimiento River
UC12767UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. H. Brewer5531861-05-03 San Luis Obispomountain along Nascimiento River Nascimiento River
UC12768UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. H. Brewer831860-12-21 Los AngelesSierra Santa Monica
UC12769UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Burtt Davy3551893-10-04 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
UC12770UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Burtt Davy2681893-09-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga
UC12773UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaHarley P. Chandler1897-04-12 Los AngelesClaremont, Palmer′s Canon Palmer′s Canon; Claremont, Palmer′s Canon
UC12774UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish1886-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
UC1281132UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. K. Sharsmith32891935-06-08 Santa Clarae edge of San Antonio Valley on ridge leading to Arroyo Bayo; Mount Hamilton Range, San Antonio Valley
UC129452UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaAlice Eastwood841908-05-09 Santa BarbaraMountains adjacent to Santa Barbara (Painted Cave Ranch); Painted Cave Ranch
UC1296077UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. F. Hoover83471954-05-15 San Luis Obispobetween the Middle and East Branches of Huerhuero Creek Huerhuero Creek
UC136938UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. A. Heller74181904-05-16 Santa Clarabetween Alma and the Soda Spring
UC1375768UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaDole11936-05-07 San Benito1-8 mi. s.w. of east entrance Pinnacles National Monument
UC14239UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Burtt Davy5061894-04-03 Santa ClaraSummit of Umhumum
UC14240UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaV. K. Chesnut1946-09-05 AlamedaOakland
UC150043UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaLeRoy Abrams37411903-06-03 San DiegoPotrero
UC1539711UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaChas. B. Fiker34151946-04-24 San Diegon of Fallbrook (Henderson Ranch); Henderson Ranch
UC1595213UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaTim Ross, Peter Fritsch36681990-06-20 Los Angelesbetween West Fork San Gabriel River and Roberts Canon (Rincon-Red Box Rd (2N24)); San Gabriel Mountains
UC1595346UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaTim Ross63611992-05-17 Los Angeles740 m distant from the mouth of Shoemaker Canon (East Fork of the San Gabriel River, San Gabriel Mountains); San Gabriel Mountains, San Gabriel River
UC193218UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish4321885-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
UC2027210UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil320322013-09-06 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Northeast of Los Osos Middle School.
UC202781UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaA. D. E. Elmer47731903-07-01 San MateoPilarcitos Stone Dam
UC2042035UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaOrlando Mistretta, Oscar Dorados. n.1989-05-10 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains Region: Bouquet Canon.
UC212539UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaS. B. Parish112291907-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
UC212542UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaS. B. Parish119731918-06-16 San Bernardinomouth of Ice House Canon, San Antonio Mountains Ice House Canon; San Antonio Mountains, Ice House Canon
UC440399UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaCarl Epling, Lincoln Ellison1929-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Topango Canon Topango Canon; Santa Monica Mountains, Topango Canon
UC440450UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. Epling, L. Ellison1929-04-14 Santa BarbaraLower Sespe Creek, Santa Barbara National Forest Lower Sespe Creek; Santa Barbara National Forest, Lower Sespe Creek
UC447163UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJoseph A. Ewan41671931-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Range, La Tuna Canon, South Fork La Tuna Canon; Verdugo Range,, South Fork
UC450822UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFadden63E1931-03-29 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills, Tuna Canon Tuna Canon; Verdugo Hills, Tuna Canon
UC450878UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaFay A. MacFadden13E1931-03-17 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills, Tuna Canon Tuna Canon; Verdugo Hills, Tuna Canon
UC453984UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaunknown1906-01-01 San Luis ObispoPrefumo Canon
UC454995UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaUnangst1906-01-01 San Luis ObispoLopez Canon
UC463532UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaW. R. Dudley, F. H. Lamb46201896-06-19 KernCuddy Canon; Mount Pinos Region, Cuddy Canon
UC467874UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaV. King Chesnut1887-01-01 UnknownCalifornia
UC467876UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaR. Pendleton1601905-05-18 Santa Clara1 mi ne of Saratoga
UC488963UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. V. Meyer1481927-05-26 San Diego12 mi ne of San Diego; Southern California
UC535380UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton44821929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains Mandeville Canon; Santa Monica Mountains, Mandeville Canon
UC54795UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaMrs. R. W. Summers1885-06-08 San Luis ObispoSummit of Santa Lucia Mountains Santa Lucia Mountains
UC555691UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaHerbert L. Mason37581927-06-14 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountians San Antonio Canon; San Gabriel Mountians, San Antonio Canon
UC555694UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. L. Mason54901929-10-12 San Luis Obispo8.1 mi w Atascadero (Morro Creek drainage); Morro Creek
UC56544UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaErnest Braunton3921902-06-04 Los AngelesGriffith Park
UC567068UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaJ. E. Sowder2631934-03-23 Venturamouth of Cozy Dell Canon, n end of Ojai Valley Ojai Valley; Cozy Dell Canon, Ojai Valley
UC567071UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. E. Sindel2111935-03-28 Santa Barbarae side of Arroyo de San Augustine Arroyo de San Augustine
UC567073UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaF. W. Embree3031935-02-20 Santa Barbara1 mi s and 0.2 mi w of Painted Cave
UC567077UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaG. E. Sindel2121935-03-28 Santa Barbarae side of Arroyo de San Augustine Arroyo de San Augustine
UC5773358UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. C. Lee9681937-05-20 San Luis Obispo1 1-2 mi ne of Eureka School
UC592823UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. B. Wolf93761937-10-19 Los Angeles1 mi e of Newhall (Placerita Canon, along Placerita Cree); Placerita Canon, Placerita Creek
UC66574UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaHarley P. Chandler53121904-05-14 San DiegoSan Diego
UC667203UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg22951941-06-05 San Bernardinos of Canon Pass Canon Pass
UC671891UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaEvelyn Hart Nelson1441940-06-26 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains, Loma Prieta, road to lower Loma Loma Prieta; Santa Cruz Mountains, Loma Prieta
UC712161UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaCharles B. Fiker36591946-09-04 San Diegoe of Palomar Mountain
UC724449UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaHelen K. Sharsmith36391936-04-25 Santa Claranear summit of Sugarloaf Mountains (Mount Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range
UC724450UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaH. K. Sharsmith32891935-06-08 Santa Clarae edge of San Antonio Valley on ridge leading to Arroyo Bayo; Mount Hamilton Range, San Antonio Valley
UC724451UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaHelen K. Sharsmith13721934-09-02 Santa Claraat headwaters of Arroyo Bayo (Mount Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range
UC729658UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf36661932-05-25 RiversideSnow Creek Canon, just above fish hatchery, n base of San Jacinto Mountains Snow Creek Canon; San Jacinto Mountains, Snow Creek Canon
UC75404UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaC. F. Baker36701903-08-02 Los AngelesSan Antonia Canon near Claremont; San Antonia Canon
UC861053UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaLewis S. Rose377251937-10-31 San MateoHill w of Tanforan
UC861055UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaI. W. Clokey, C. B. Clokey, B. C. Templeton47531930-05-13 Los AngelesBouquet Canon
UC861058UCJEPSPrunus ilicifoliaIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton44821929-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Mandeville Canon Mandeville Canon; Santa Monica Mountains, Mandeville Canon
UCR0044179UCRPrunus ilicifoliaRuth Coopers.n.1968-05-05 RiversideTin Mine Canon
UCR0044223UCRPrunus ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman328842017-04-11 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base just south of De Luz Road and east of De Luz Creek: Training Area Hotel: vicinity of the entry gate at De Luz Road. Square: C6
UCR0044247UCRPrunus ilicifoliaFred M. Roberts57352003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, south side in lower Butteweg Canon just above border trail, Tijuana River watershed
UCR0044248UCRPrunus ilicifoliaA.C. Sanders264522003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain c. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border
UCSB062768UCSBPrunus ilicifoliaGregory A. Wahlert3222019-05-18 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Silver Peak Wilderness, along Salmon Creek Trail ca. 1 mile west and down slope of Coast Ridge Road.
UCSC100004231UCSCPrunus ilicifoliaT. Miller752017-04-24 San BenitoStrathearn Ranch
UCSC100004233UCSCPrunus ilicifoliaH. C. Lee5661936-04-20 San Luis Obispo1.25 miles S.W. of Round Top Round Top - Arroyo Grande
UCSC100004234UCSCPrunus ilicifoliaPeter Kamb5071947-05-11 Venturaabove Little Sespe fork, above Fillmore Little Sespe fork, Fillmore - Sespe Creek
UCSC100004235UCSCPrunus ilicifoliaD. J. Norman1831968-04-28 Montereygrowing in grassy area along roadside within campsite campsite - Arroyo Seco Camp
US2998256USPrunus ilicifoliaJ. H. Thomas33081953-05-31 UnknownSanta Cruz County. Steep hillside north of Soda Lake.
US3714532USPrunus ilicifoliaJ. Wen135272016-09-15 Santa BarbaraNear junction of San Leandro Lane and Romona Lane.
VVC3359VVCPrunus ilicifoliaTim Thomas351973-05-06 Santa BarbaraLion Canon at Happy Camp RoadWestern Transverse Range
BSCA2761BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHendrickson, Larry47122010-05-06 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Smuggler Canon, east of Little Blair Valley. 2.3 air miles W of Whale Peak summit, and 0.7 air mile NNE of terminus of access road to Pictograph trailhead.
BSCA2767BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSimpson, Michael G.28272007-05-12 San DiegoGranite Mountain Wilderness. Near Pacific Coast Trail, ca. 3 miles east of junction of trail with Rodriguez Canon road, ca. 1.3 miles northwest of 5633 ft. peak.
BSCA2883BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaChurchwell, Mary Jo9262014-05-05 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, South Fork Hellhole Canon, 6.21 air miles SW of Borrego Springs and 1.05 air mile NNW of intersection of Culp Valley Campground-Pena Spring Road and County Hwy. S-22.
BSCA3121BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHendrickson, Larry40682009-06-21 San DiegoSouth of Pine Ridge along Falls Fire Road above Sweetwater River. 0.4 air mile WSW of intersection of State hwy. 79 and access road to Green Valley Area Campground, and 0.2 surface mile SW of Falls Parking.
BSCA4129BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSullivan, Bill5202008-06-24 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 1 mi SE of intersection of Wilson Road and Montezuma Valley Road (S22), 2 miles SE of Ranchita at the intersection of the Jasper Trail and Old Culp Valley Road.
BSCA4322BSCAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSullivan, Bill4852008-05-31 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 1 mi SE of intersection of Wilson Road and Montezuma Valley Road (S22), 2 miles SE of Ranchita at the intersection of Jasper Trail and Old Culp Valley Road.
CDA0000970CDAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD.G. Kelch13371991-03-24 Los AngelesFoothills of Santa Monica Mountains North of Hollywood.
CDA0009202CDAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD.G. Kelch6.2462006-06-15 Santa ClaraOn SE side of Anderson reservoir.
CDA0025620CDAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD.G. Kelch8.1022008-05-13 SolanoCordelia Hill. CA Delta.
CHSC111416CHSCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLowell Ahart182022012-06-21 ButteAbout 50 yards south of the dam at Sycamore Pool, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R01E S26 NE 1-4
CHSC89955CHSCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaL. P. Janeway81132004-05-13 Santa BarbaraOuter South Coast Ranges. Santa Ynez Mountains; along creek bed in Upper Blue Canon, at crossing of Road 5N15 2.4 road km west-southwest road crossing of the Santa Ynez River; about 250 m west of Blue Canon Pass. T0 N R2 W S25 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Carpenteria 1:24,000
CHSC98054CHSCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross7802003-03-07 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges: Verdugo Mountains Region: Northwest side. Verdugo Crestline Dr. (fire road) just north of the 210 freeway, enter on the west side at Topley Lane, off of Newhome Ave. in city of Sunland. A short distance from Lat. Long. T0 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Sunland 1:24,000
DAV327753DAVPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaShirley Matoe441978-05-28 San BernardinoMt. Baldy, 5 miles north of Foothill Blvd on Mountain Avenue.
DAV328015DAVPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBuu Huynh251997-05-17 Santa ClaraCity of San Jose, Alum Rock Park on Alum Rock Ave., about 1 mile into the park from the park′s entrance.
GMDRC10855GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre397752018-05-03 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains: Water Canon, 0.5 mi. west of Pioneertown Rd in side drainage to the south of main canyon, approx. 3 W of Yucca Valley
GMDRC12091GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre417992019-05-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: slopes on west side of Silverwood Lake along Pacific Crest Trail, just below roadside view area along Hwy 138
GMDRC13288GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre436152020-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: north slopes south of Silverwood Lake, just south of Hwy 138 in Burnt Mill Creek
GMDRC13570GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre439362021-04-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: just south of Hwy 138 and on northwest slopes of Sawpit Canon, approx 0.4 air miles south of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC13676GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre440462021-05-13 Los Angeleswestern Transverse Ranges: Liebre Mountains, just north of Pine Cyn Rd in Pine Canon, 2.6 miles ESE of Three Points and approx. 7 miles west of Lake Hughes
GMDRC6171GMDRCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. M. Andre281912014-05-18 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: along Skyline Ranch Rd (dirt), 0.8 mi. ESE of Pioneertown, in Sawtooth Mtns
HSC227824HSCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaR.F. Thorne542521980-06-00 San BernardinoNear Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads
IRVC100256IRVCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaPeter A. Bowlers.n.2003-02-16 San BernardinoCa. 1.5 miles E of Pioneertown, UC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, NW portion near camping area.
IRVC100257IRVCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMark A. Elvin36492004-07-25 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, ca. 1.5 miles E of Pioneertown, W of Burns House N of campground.
IRVC28147IRVCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman78592002-04-19 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail, CA on NW side of Viejas Mtn; 2 N of Victoria Road in Alpine. Granitic substrates
IRVC28590IRVCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaA.C. Sanders; Mark Elvin251872002-06-19 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, hills south of Santa Clara River, 0.5 mi. SE of Del Valle, SW of Canon, N of Potrero Cyn.
IRVC30321IRVCPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD.G. Kelch; Abigail Moore; Michael Park6-2462006-06-15 Santa ClaraOn SE side of Anderson reservoir.
JEPS110171UCJEPSPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLowell Ahart, Mike G. Womack132412006-08-29 Buttenear pump 24, about 1-4 mile southwest of Pennington Road, Gray Lodge Wildlife Area (Gray Lodge Waterfowl Management Area)
JEPS110566UCJEPSPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJake Ruygt5731979-05-03 NapaCup and Saucer
JEPS78776UCJEPSPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaL. R. Heckard, Michael Morris42571976-06-13 San BernardinoCanon Canon, Morman Rocks, s of Route 138 Canon Canon;, Morman Rocks
JROH3743JROHPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRoxana Stinchfield1541913-11-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Searsville Dam
JROH3744JROHPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJohn H. Thomas150841969-05-28 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3746JROHPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJohn Hunter Thomas192461978-07-02 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3747JROHPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJohn Hunter Thomas205451981-05-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3748JROHPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJohn Hunter Thomas207291981-07-24 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
LA00642819LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton331972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Temescal Canon; Mountain Park Research Campus; halfway out Drawbridge firebreak, 15 ft down E side of ridge
LA00642823LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJonathan Sauer48541971-04-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Temescal Canon, upper; Upper canyon
LA00642826LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaArthur C. Gibson43892001-06-09 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Eagle Point Trail
LA00646295LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1932-06-20 San DiegoDescanso
LA00646296LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaB. Lowers.n.1954-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains; San Marcos Pass ( 4 N) on Hwy 150
LA00646297LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. Sauer46451969-10-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; lower limit of forest above Kentucky Springs
LA00646300LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHarlan Lewiss.n.1939-04-30 San BernardinoEast Highlands
LA00646302LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Epling84451926-06-06 San BenitoInner South Coast Ranges; Pinnacles
LA00646372LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBarry A. Prigge75721987-05-09 San BernardinoSanta Ana River floodplain: 1.8 to 2.7 NNE of Mentone
LA00646373LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMary V. Hood43--61-k*1943-05-31 Los AngelesTrail down to Devil′s Canon
LA00646376LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaPatrice Ashfield101985-04-28 San DiegoLakeside area, ca. 5 mi (8km) east on Wildcat Canon Road
LA00646381LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBayard H. Brattstroms.n.1949-05-03 San DiegoAlvarado Canon, E. of Adobe Falls
LA104574LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBarry A. Prigge76091987-05-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; SW slopes of Morton Peak: 3.8 mi. ENE of Mentone along W-facing slopes above Front Line Truck Trail
LA208106LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1925-05-01 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Ranges; Mint Canon
LA208107LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaC.B. Wolfs.n.1937-10-19 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon, along Placerita Creek, 1 mi. E of Newhall
LA208108LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Epling85331925-10-01 Los AngelesSan Bernardino Mountains; Camp Baldy
LA208109LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaW.E. Pequegnats.n.1937-08-25 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains; Glen Ivy Trail
LA208112LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1925-05-01 Los AngelesMint Canon
LA208157LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHoward S. Brown11121947-06-23 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains; E slope of Cuyamaca Mountains, Banner Canon
LA208159LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJudson Kings.n.1912-01-12 Santa BarbaraWestern Transverse Ranges; coast range above Santa Barbara
LA208161LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHorace Joness.n.1931-04-02 VenturaSespe Creek
LA29345LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMary V. Hood44--130-K*1944-10-14 San BernardinoSummit Valley
LA52091LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1929-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA91460LAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton601972-04-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Nettleburn Creek Canon; Mountain Park Research Campus
LOB100970LOBPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaA.E. Fisher2802016-03-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mtns near Burbank, N side of La Tuna Canon Wilderness Park, Walked S from main parking area on Verdugo Mtn way, W on Chandler Fire Rd. In view of Wildwood Fire Rd from crest
LOB100979LOBPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCurtiss Crosbie72010-04-18 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74).
LOB107866LOBPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMeera Gandhi72010-04-18 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74).
NY43015NYPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. B. Walker13051995-03-31 ?  Los Angeles3km S of Castaic, at N border of correctional facility
NY738571NYPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaH. I. Stevens2872003-04-04 ?  Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve. About 4.5 miles N of the city of Malibu
OBI133764OBIPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil261071997-03-24 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. South Base: S of Sudden Peak on southern slopes of Oak Mt. in western portion of Santa Ynez Mts.
OBI174936OBIPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDavid J. Keil316702013-05-02 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo. Upper Alamo Creek drainage. Hike from 35.178659 °, -120.196577 ° to 35.16639227 °, -120.1875824 °
PGM4675PGMPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaYadon, Vern1995-07-04 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Coast Ridge Rd 3 Peaks & vic
PGM4970PGMPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaYadon, Vern2002-06-03 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Canon, Lower Garzas Canon
PGM6789PGMPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F06901955-06-25 MontereySierra de Salinas, Blomquist range near Hastings Reservation, Haystack Hill
PGM6790PGMPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F1958-05-18 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Arroyo Seco Area, Along Rocky Creek Trail
POM140372RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaC. F. Baker36701903-08-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts: San Antonio Canon near Claremont.
POM244942RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf93761937-10-19 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon, along Placerita Creek, 1 mile east of Newhall.
POM2525RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaFlorence M. Bowes141906-05-15 Los AngelesCanon near Claremont. Alt. 400 m.
POM293872RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLyman D. Benson117831945-06-05 San Bernardino1 mile SW of Camp Baldy
POM307066RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHenry J. Ramsey19401937-08-19 San BernardinoSan Antonio Canon
RSA0016989RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMarion P. Harthills.n.1972-04-08 Los AngelesColdbrook, Ran. [Coldbrook Ranger] Station.
RSA0060619RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman282502014-05-06 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Charlie: northern portion of Base; along Talega Creek and Talega Road near the northern Base boundary.
RSA0140870RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaNaomi Fraga54242015-05-26 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). The Nature Conservancy land NE of Fillmore and SE of Piru on the Santa Clara River.; Piru
RSA12761RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaPercy C. Everett61121934-08-23 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont)
RSA13087RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarl B. Wolf75691935-09-18 Los Angeles1 mile east of Newhall, Placerita Canon. Along Placerita Creek.
RSA17152RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaPercy C. Everett79361936-05-30 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont)
RSA191491RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne364111966-05-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCanon Canon: ca. 1 mile W of Canon Junction
RSA199026RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaW. M. Gauntt1561966-04-16 Los AngelesJunction of Glendora Mountain Road and San Gabriel Canon Road.
RSA221417RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaArthur C. Gibson19011971-04-18 San BernardinoStoddard Canon, Angeles National Forest.
RSA226195RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaGary D. Cromwell5931971-04-30 Los AngelesMystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mtns. 2 miles NE of Glendora.
RSA233473RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne416221967-03-17 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts., San Bernardino National Forest: W of mouth of Cucamonga Canon
RSA233747RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRobert F. Thorne378141968-07-27 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountians: Angeles National Forest, base of southwest facing rocky slope just above turnoff to Icehouse Canon.
RSA276019RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJack Delaini1331974-04-25 Los AngelesLodi Canon, San Dimas Experimental Forest, Angeles National Forest.
RSA453245RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaThekla Mohrs.n.1911-07-01 Los AngelesEaton′s Canon.
RSA453250RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRobin S. Collins2891973-05-15 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains: Trail Cyn.
RSA454126RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-11-28 Los AngelesHolcomb Creek, Angeles National Forest.
RSA454130RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-11-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Millards Canon, Angeles National Forest.
RSA454132RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaunknowns.n.1965-06-16 Los AngelesCanon, above Azusa.
RSA454133RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDonald R. Bissing1021973-06-02 Los AngelesEvey Canon, San Gabriel Mountains. 1.0 mile from mouth of canyon.
RSA454134RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-04-13 Los AngelesTrail Canon, Angeles National Forest
RSA454138RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaM. B. Dunkle36071935-06-17 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon.
RSA454144RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaBonnie C. Templeton82131943-10-20 San BernardinoAbove Camp Mt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA479511RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd20481987-04-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Rincon - Red Box Road, S of Rincon Forest Station, N. of Glendora
RSA547435RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaunknown63611992-05-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: E Fork of the San Gabriel River; 740 m distant from the mouth of Shoemaker Canon
RSA549156RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaTim S. Ross36681990-06-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Rincon-Red Box Road (2N24), ridgetop between W Fork San Gabriel River and Roberts Canon
RSA550408RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaTim S. Ross35921990-06-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Mouth of Burro Canon near confluence of E and W forks of San Gabriel River. (elevation ranging from stream bottom to slopes).
RSA580960RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJamie Kneitel491994-04-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Dexter Park
RSA584218RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaTim S. Ross73311993-05-27 Los AngelesW end of San Gabriel Mountains: Ridge dropping westward from Loop Canon Road (at 3060 ft.) toward Wilson Canon.; San Fernando 7.5
RSA586932RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD. L. Banks2981995-05-04 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., E of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, along the Woodchuck Trail.; Vail Lake
RSA588142RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaOrlando Mistretta12311994-05-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Rock Creek. DrainageE of creek and N of Forest Rd. 4N15.; Juniper Hills 7.5
RSA592170RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLouis C. Wheeler92741967-05-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. North side foothills ca. 0.3 mi. west of LA Aqueduct, just south of San Clarito Hospital. Baker Ranch on Los Angeles County firearms closure map.
RSA596228RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaTim S. Ross33921990-06-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Little Rock Creek: Joshua tree Campground on SW side of Little Rock Creek reservoir; Pacifico Mountain
RSA596230RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaTim S. Ross33901990-06-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Little Rock Creek: Joshua tree Campground on SW side of Little Rock Creek reservoir; Pacifico Mountain
RSA596618RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLouis C. Wheeler91351966-11-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Tunnel Bypass, 1-4 mi. upstream from Dutch Louie Camp, Pacoima Canon.
RSA604654RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaWalter Wisura50411997-04-08 San BernardinoJurupa Hills: Mary Vagl Museum and Nature Center, Cypress St., Fontana.
RSA613148RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaD. L. Banks16561997-04-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. South of Dorland Mountain, just east of the Wilderness Area boundry with the Pechanga Indian Reservation, along a tributary of the north fork of Pechanga Creek.; Pechanga
RSA623945RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaRaymond J. Dobbs5991927-05-21 Los Angeles1 1-2 mile below Switzer′s old trail. San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA624982RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLouis C. Wheeler82631963-06-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pacoima Canon (Ore Hill Prospect) 1-4 mile east of Dorothy Canon.
RSA635039RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaValerie L. Soza5631999-06-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail, above San Olene Canon.; Mt. Wilson
RSA650190RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLori Ackerman41988-04-22 Los AngelesNorth end of West Fork River, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA650385RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaT. Strids.n.1971-05-23 Los AngelesTujunga Cyn
RSA651522RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaGlenda Long181981-04-26 Los AngelesWest Fork of San Gabriel Canon, right up side of road 10 feet from stream bed. 0.25 mile up from canyon.
RSA653683RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaValerie L. Soza8732000-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, northeast side: Camp Max Straus at end of Shirlyjean Street, Glendale, Engleheard Canon. At Sacred Council junction off main road.; Pasadena
RSA653895RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaValerie L. Soza8232000-04-27 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Stough Canon, Stough Park, above parking lot SW of intersection of Walnut Avenue and Lockheed View Drive, W of De Bell Municipal Golf Course, SE of Starlight Theater.; Burbank
RSA658363RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaNaomi Zohman271985-04-28 Los AngelesJunction of CA Hwy 39 along west fork of San Gabriel River. Forest Service Road.
RSA659950RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaOrlando Mistretta3481992-05-18 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest. Hunt Canon shooting area. Mt. Emma Road 2 miles W of Little Rock dam.
RSA660226RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaFred Brooks131988-04-23 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon [San Gabriel Mountains], below the first tunnel.
RSA660634RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMatt Bogdanoff251981-05-25 Los AngelesGlendora Mtn. Rd., 5.2 N of junction with Sierra Madre Ave., N of Glendora.
RSA661284RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders236072000-08-04 San DiegoMonardella Gulch, tributary of Cottonwood Creek on W slope of Tecate Peak, above E end Marron Valley and just north of the Mexican border.; Tecate 7.5 Q.
RSA664091RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMarianne Marshall321981-05-29 Los AngelesCa. Hwy 39, 4.7 N of junction w- Sierra Madre Ave. N of Azusa.
RSA675868RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross7802003-03-07 Los AngelesNorthwest side. Verdugo Crestline Dr. (fire road) just north of the 210 freeway, enter on the west side at Topley Lane, off of Newhome Ave. in city of Sunland. A short distance east [from given coordinates].; Sunland 7.5 Quad.
RSA675943RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross7982003-03-09 Los AngelesSouthwest side. A west-east trending ridge southwest of Flint Peak. Entered at west end, at Mount Carmel Drive, east of the (2) Glendale freeway.; Pasadena 7.5 Quad.Between Chevy Chase Drive (Sycamore Canon) to the north, and Glenoak Blvd. (Scholl Canon) to the south.
RSA685338RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman66432000-05-02 San DiegoMiramar Training Area #2. East Side
RSA695390RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders251872002-06-19 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mtns.: Newhall Ranch, Long Cyn. 1.5 mi. SE of Del Valle, SW of Canon, N of Potrero Cyn.; Val Verde 7.5 Q
RSA699803RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman78592002-04-19 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine. Square O17.
RSA708214RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaMark A. Elvin36492004-07-25 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: UC Burn′s Pinyon Ridge Reserve, ca. 1.5 miles east of Pioneertown, west of Burn′s House, north of campground.; Yucca Valley North
RSA720241RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross26582007-04-27 Los AngelesUnknownSouthern front of the range; Sherer Canon. West branch of this canyon. At some old foundations, power lines running up the ridge north of here.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.
RSA723137RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross27042007-05-08 VenturaLos Padres National ForestEast of Topatopa Mountains: Sespe Wildlife Area. (Condor Sanctuary) Dough Flat, end of road (Goodenough road) from the town of Fillmore. Beyond Dough Flat the road has been reverted to a hiking trail.; Devils Heart Peak 7.5 Quad.General collecting from Dough Flat near 34.52 N, 118.89 W, to a water fall, near 34.52551N, 118.89078W. Which is up a drainage northeast of the Flats. Spring water was running down the falls, with yellow Mimulus guttatus seen ringing the falls from the Flats.
RSA724443RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaK. Dobryd-3471992-04-09 Los AngelesWest Santa Monica Mts. along E Arroyo Sequit 5 No. of Pacific Coast Hwy. At camp Shalom.
RSA725144RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd117772007-10-10 San BernardinoCity of Colton, remnant of Colton Dunes, vacant lot between Colton Municpal Golf Course and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center at end of 200 block of Eucalyptus Ave, between Valley Blvd to south and San Bernardino Ave. to north.
RSA727896RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaSteve D. Boyd111552004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA731625RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman134422007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake: just south of the dam, along the bottom of the dam and on the canyon floor just east of Barrett Lake Rd. and flume on the west side of the canyon.
RSA746646RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman159542008-09-11 San DiegoMcCain Valley: N of Boulevard; at the end of McCain Valley Rd., N of Cottonwood Campground. Square P25.
RSA755105RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman178332009-05-28 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: NE of El Canon Mountain, W of the San Diego River, and S of Barona Mesa; along El Canon Mountain Truck Trail.
RSA757797RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaLeRoy Gross42902010-04-12 RiversideWhitewater Canon Bioblitz: From camp near 34.02 N, 116.68 W, east of the Paw, near the mouth of Canon.; Catclaw Flat 7.5 Quad.Dropped down the Whitewater River to the first wide alluvial canyon to the east, near 34.02133N, 116.67779W. Surveyed this canyon to near 34.02483N, 116.66819W. Then surveyed back to camp by climbing to saddle of ridge to the north, near 34.02655N, 116.67484, and small draw at south end of Canon.
RSA766781RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJon P. Rebman197492010-06-30 San DiegoSouthwest of Campo: South of Highway 94; on Bureau of Land Management lands along dirt road approximately 0.15 miles north of the USA-Mexico border.
RSA786997RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaNaomi S. Fraga32522010-04-13 San BernardinoThe Wildlands ConservancyWhitewater Canon Bioblitz. Wathier Landing.; Catclaw Flat
RSA79291RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaE. K. Balls180041952-10-03 Los Angeles0.7 mile N of turn-off to Mt. Wilson on Highway 2 from La Canada.
RSA86864RSAPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaF. W. Peirson831923-05-21 Los AngelesFish Canon
SBBG104424SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDavid A. Young, F. L. JohnsonROB241992-06-16 San Luis Obispo0.5 NE of Gate 11 on Nacimiento Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG104425SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB5971993-05-25 San Luis Obispo0.5 NE of Gate 11 on Nacimiento Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG104426SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaF. L. Johnson, N. A. McCartyROB7561993-10-15 San Luis ObispoSulphur Spring Rd in middle of Area R; Camp Roberts
SBBG104745SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaF. L. Johnson, M. D. ProctorROB1281993-02-19 San Luis Obispo1 km SW of Ranch House on Nacimiento Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG106427SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaK. McEachern2321993-11-10 San DiegoCabrillo National Monument; Point Loma, immediately S of maintenance yard; Cabrillo Nat Monument
SBBG110622SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaE. Neese, E. PainterHL16931995-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near bridge over Nacimiento River, ca. 1 km SE of Salmon Crk Rd ford, ca. 2.2 km SSW of Woodrow Reservoir,; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG110699SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaE. Neese, E. PainterHL6711994-06-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 1 km SW of Sycamore Spring, ca. 3 km ENE of Round Spring, ca. 0.5 rd km W of jct of Burma Rd and rd at Sycamore Spring; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG11243SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaC. J. Kraebel1932-06-04 Los AngelesSan Dimas Cyn
SBBG114759SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaR. Burgess43562001-03-16 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National ForestChismahoo Rd, S side of La Granada Mtn
SBBG120097SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaA. C. Sanders w- M. Provance258212003-04-02 San BernardinoColton Dunes, N of Santa Ana Ave and E of Riverside Ave, E side of the tank farm, S of Slover Ave
SBBG121258SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaValerie Soza, S. Deo, S. Dreher8232000-04-27 Los AngelesStough Cyn, Stough Park, above parking lot SW of intersection of Walnut Ave and Lockheed View Drive, W of De Bell Municipal Golf Course
SBBG123289SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaE. Neese, E. PainterHL16931995-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near bridge over Nacimiento River, ca. 1 km SE of Salmon Crk Rd ford, ca. 2.2 km SSW of Woodrow Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG123290SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaE. Neese, E. PainterHL6711994-06-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 1 km SW of Sycamore Spring, ca. 3 km ENE of Round Spring, ca. 0.5 rd km W of jct of Burma Rd and rd at Sycamore Spring; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG127392SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDavid Keil w- L. D. Oyler261071997-03-24 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; S of Sudden Peak on southern slopes of Oak Mtn in western portion of Santa Ynez Mtns; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG139698SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaStephanie M. Calloway18-1932018-04-16 Santa BarbaraTunnel trail from E. Camino Cielo.
SBBG140048SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaC. Matt Guilliams39062018-03-12 Santa BarbaraJesusita Trail, trailside.
SBBG141856SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaStephanie M. Calloway18-3432018-06-13 Santa BarbaraRoadside west of junction of Fire Service Road 8N02. [San Rafael Mtns]
SBBG141934SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaAdam J. Searcy4312018-06-20 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Road.
SBBG141965SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaAdam J. Searcy3522018-06-18 Santa Barbaraalong Buckhorn Road.
SBBG142670SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDenise Knapp2018-3932018-06-19 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Road
SBBG142710SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDenise Knapp2018-362018-04-01 Santa BarbaraLost Valley Trail.
SBBG142890SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaDenise Knapp2018-842018-04-15 Santa BarbaraTunnel Trail from Camino Cielo to Rattlesnake Connector. [NE of Seven Falls]
SBBG144072SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaStephanie M. Calloway18-392018-03-07 Santa BarbaraJesusita trail
SBBG154861SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHeather Schneider1592018-03-19 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Upper Manzana Trail out of Nira.
SBBG164810SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaW. L. Halvorson85-461985-06-21 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument: Chalone Crk Trail (site E2), Pinnacles Nat Monument
SBBG164811SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaClifton F. Smith3161943-10-30 Santa BarbaraTunnel Trail, 5 blocks above picnic grounds at Tunnel Portal, Mission Cyn
SBBG164812SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaH. and M. Dearing41641940-04-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: San Marcos Pass [Rd]
SBBG164813SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaJ. D. Olmsted33951962-04-26 Venturaravine in major S face above US 399, ca. 4 mi above Wheeler Springs resort
SBBG164814SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaK. A. Wilson12891962-05-26 Los AngelesSoledad Cyn Rd, ca. 3 mi E of Agua Dulce Cyn
SBBG164815SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaHenry M. Pollard1970-04-16 VenturaVentura River W of Meiners Oaks
SBBG164816SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaCarol Bornstein, E. Collins1990-10-03 VenturaHwy 33, at drinking fountain, mile marker 22.37
SBBG164817SBBGPrunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaClifton F. Smith6571944-04-01 Santa BarbaraTunnel Rd, Mission Cyn