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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC100670DAVPrunus andersoniiBeecher Crampton18771954-5-11 PlumasPlumas County: Beckwourth Pass, Plumas-Lassen county line.
    AHUC100671DAVPrunus andersoniiA. A. Beetles.n.1951-3-30 InyoInyo County. Exact location unknown.
    CAS-BOT158116CASPrunus andersoniiSchweich, Tom5022007-8-2 MonoBohler Canyon. Along the dirt road on the south side of Bohler Canyon, 1.8 mi (3.0 km) by air west of US Highway 395
    CAS-BOT159730CASPrunus andersoniiEastwood, Alices.n.1941-7-1 UnknownAntelope Valley
    CAS-BOT159731CASPrunus andersoniiGeis, Miss. Helen D.1431912-6-1 El DoradoLakeside
    CAS-BOT159732CASPrunus andersoniiHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1911-8-20 PlacerLakeside, Lake Tahoe Region
    CAS-BOT159733CASPrunus andersoniiCantelow, Ella Dales36081942-5-12 SierraHy 89, E. of Checking Station coming into Cal. from Nevada over Beckwourth Pass
    CAS-BOT159734CASPrunus andersoniiBreedlove, D. E.35851962-6-14 Alpine4.0 miles east of Woodfords; Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT159735CASPrunus andersoniiHowitt, Beatrice1221958-7-17 AlpineBy side of old, dirt road in Markleeville
    CAS-BOT159736CASPrunus andersoniiBreedlove, D. E.35851962-6-14 Alpine4.0 miles east of Woodfords
    CAS-BOT159737CASPrunus andersoniiHowitt, Beatrice L.1211958-7-17 AlpineBeyond Woodfords
    CAS-BOT159738CASPrunus andersoniiGierisch, R. K.; Esplin, D. H.34701969-6-6 InyoInyo National Forest. Upper Longly Mdw.
    CAS-BOT159739CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.155121969-5-22 InyoBishop Creek Canyon (Lake Sabrina Highway at South Lake Junction)
    CAS-BOT159740CASPrunus andersoniiKlyver, Fred2431926-7-28 InyoTom's place, Rock Creek, 26 miles north of Bishop
    CAS-BOT159741CASPrunus andersoniiRockwell, Jack70-06861970-4-28 InyoBig Pine Creek Road, along roadside
    CAS-BOT159742CASPrunus andersoniiTrain, Percys.n.1937-5-8 InyoDeath Valley Region. Georges Creek, E. slope Mount Whitney, Sierras, near Lone Pine. Range: Central Nevada to California
    CAS-BOT159743CASPrunus andersoniiHowell, John Thomas266831950-7-12 InyoSage Flat to Olancha Pass
    CAS-BOT159744CASPrunus andersoniiKerr, Marks.n.1937-4-9 InyoIndependence
    CAS-BOT159745CASPrunus andersoniiDuran, Victor34351933-5-27 InyoPine Creek, Sierra Nevada, (near Round Valley)
    CAS-BOT159746CASPrunus andersoniiDuran, Victor34351933-5-27 InyoPine Creek, Sierra Nevada, (near Round Valley)
    CAS-BOT159747CASPrunus andersoniiHowell, John Thomas334091958-5-26 InyoOnion Valley road
    CAS-BOT159748CASPrunus andersoniiHowell, John Thomas334901958-5-27 InyoNorth Fork of Bishop Creek
    CAS-BOT159749CASPrunus andersoniiEverett, P. C.; Balls, E. K.219461956-7-8 Inyo10.2 mi. ne. of jct. with U.S. Hwys. 6 and 395, above Big Pine, on rd. to Westgard Pass
    CAS-BOT159750CASPrunus andersoniiHeller, A. A.81861906-5-5 InyoAlong the base of the White Mountains opposite/east of Laws
    CAS-BOT159751CASPrunus andersoniiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas96191941-5-16 InyoWest side of Westgard Pass
    CAS-BOT159752CASPrunus andersoniiRoos, John C.63701955-5-15 InyoWillow Spring, Last Chance Mts.
    CAS-BOT159753CASPrunus andersoniiFerris, Roxana S.77251929-5-5 InyoGilbert Pass between Deep Springs and Fish Lake Valleys
    CAS-BOT159754CASPrunus andersoniiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.768B1962-6-10 Inyo3/4 mi from Studebaker Flat Area
    CAS-BOT159755CASPrunus andersoniiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.501961-5-5 InyoS. W. of Westgard Pass
    CAS-BOT159756CASPrunus andersoniiHeller, A. A.81861906-5-5 InyoAlong the base of the White Mountains opposite/east of Laws
    CAS-BOT159757CASPrunus andersoniiHeller, A. A.81861906-5-5 InyoAlong the base of the White Mountains opposite/east of Laws
    CAS-BOT159758CASPrunus andersoniiWiggins, Ira L.88131937-5-1 InyoBatchelder Spring, w. side of Westgard Pass
    CAS-BOT159759CASPrunus andersoniiFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, Rimo80611932-4-18 InyoWest side of Westgard Pass, Inyo Mountains
    CAS-BOT159760CASPrunus andersoniiRoos, J. C.64571955-6-20 InyoNear Willow Spring, Last Chance Mountains
    CAS-BOT159761CASPrunus andersoniiEpling, Carl; Anderson, Harveys.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
    CAS-BOT159762CASPrunus andersoniiWebb, Margaret Elys.n.1925-4-1 KernWalker Pass
    CAS-BOT159763CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.164961970-5-6 KernCanebrake Creek just above Walker Pass Station
    CAS-BOT159764CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.32991957-3-31 KernCanebrake Creek, 4 miles west of Walker Pass
    CAS-BOT159765CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.81821963-5-11 KernHorse Canyon, Scodie (Kiavah) Mountain
    CAS-BOT159766CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Robert671967-4-25 KernCyrus Mesa, 3 miles southeast of Kernville
    CAS-BOT159767CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Roberts.n.1967-4-24 KernBurlando Road, Kernville
    CAS-BOT159768CASPrunus andersoniiHowell, John Thomas50161930-5-13 Kern5 miles west of summit of Walker Pass
    CAS-BOT159769CASPrunus andersoniiEpling, Carl; Anderson, Harveys.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
    CAS-BOT159770CASPrunus andersoniiShevock, James R.121121992-4-11 KernBob Rabbit site, east base of the Piute Mountains
    CAS-BOT159771CASPrunus andersoniiShevock, Jim10051971-5-2 KernNear Walker Pass
    CAS-BOT159772CASPrunus andersoniiShevock, James R.72491980-5-17 KernAlong Horse Canyon Road, east base of the Scodies
    CAS-BOT159773CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Roberts.n.1967-4-24 KernBulando Road, Kernville
    CAS-BOT159774CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.81821963-5-11 KernHorse Canyon, Scodie (Kiavah) Mountains
    CAS-BOT159775CASPrunus andersoniiTwisselmann, Ernest C.32991957-3-31 KernCanebrake Creek, 4 miles west of Walker Pass
    CAS-BOT159776CASPrunus andersoniiCantelow, Ella Dales21921938-10-23 LassenN. of Doyle, Honey Lake in view
    CAS-BOT159777CASPrunus andersoniiThorne, R. F.; Tilforth, C. W.392521969-9-6 LassenBeckwourth Pass, Plumas-Lassen Co. line county
    CAS-BOT159778CASPrunus andersoniiGallian, Paul; Cox, B. J.4861971-6-2 Lassen5 miles South of Milford near Honey Lake on U.S. Hwy. 395
    CAS-BOT159779CASPrunus andersoniiMoffitt, James1471934-6-27 LassenNear Milford
    CAS-BOT159780CASPrunus andersoniiTaylor, M. S.44241982-5-7 LassenReno Junction and along old road paralleling Hwy 70 just e of Beckwourth Pass
    CAS-BOT159781CASPrunus andersoniiWilliams, Margaret74-L-751974-8-4 LassenNear Hallelujah Junction, west of Hwy 395 and south of Hwy 70
    CAS-BOT159782CASPrunus andersoniiFulton, Charles W.331911-4-15 MonoMono National Forest
    CAS-BOT159783CASPrunus andersoniiGierisch, R. K.; Esplin, D. H.34401969-6-2 MonoNear Inyo National Forest. Hwy 395 near FB & June Lake
    CAS-BOT159784CASPrunus andersoniiRose, Lewis S.353621935-7-15 MonoConvict Lake
    CAS-BOT159785CASPrunus andersoniiApplegate, Elmer I.68401931-11-3 MonoRock Creek, near the Inyo County line
    CAS-BOT159786CASPrunus andersoniiFerris, G. F.s.n.1923-6-26 MonoMammoth
    CAS-BOT159787CASPrunus andersoniiFerris, Roxana S.14051918-7-20 MonoAbove west fork of Owens River, 20 miles from Round Valley
    CAS-BOT159788CASPrunus andersoniiMunz, P. A.161081940-7-18 MonoNear stream flowing into Robinson Creek, 12 mi. S.W. of Bridgeport
    CAS-BOT159789CASPrunus andersoniiFerris, Roxana S.14051918-7-20 MonoAbove west fork of Owens River, 20 miles from Round Valley
    CAS-BOT159790CASPrunus andersoniiRowntree, Lesters.n.1929-10-1 MonoMono Lake
    CAS-BOT159791CASPrunus andersoniiFox, C. L.s.n.1917-6-1 MonoMono Lake
    CAS-BOT159792CASPrunus andersoniiWright, Elizabeths.n.1924-5-1 MonoNear Mono Lake
    CAS-BOT159793CASPrunus andersoniiWright, Elizabeths.n.1922-5-1 MonoMono Lake
    CAS-BOT159794CASPrunus andersoniiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1894-8-19 MonoMono Lake
    CAS-BOT159795CASPrunus andersoniiAbrams, L. R.136331934-7-1 MonoOn the north side of Mono Lake
    CAS-BOT159796CASPrunus andersoniiBurch, J.; Robins, J.; Wainwright, T.2091976-8-5 MonoMono Lake and vicinity, north of Lee Vining
    CAS-BOT159797CASPrunus andersoniiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-6-14 Mono1.5 miles east of Twin Lakes
    CAS-BOT159798CASPrunus andersoniiRaven, Peter H.37111951-7-29 Mono1 mi. e. Mammoth Post Office
    CAS-BOT159799CASPrunus andersoniiWright, Mrs. Eliz. S.s.n.1925-5-1 MonoMono Lake
    CAS-BOT159800CASPrunus andersoniiMott, Lillian S.LM 6621966-4-7 MonoAlong Hiway 395 near Coleville
    CAS-BOT159802CASPrunus andersoniiMunz, Philip A.117971947-5-16 MonoUpper shores of Mono Lake at Mono [Postoffice] Post office
    CAS-BOT159803CASPrunus andersoniiWebb, Margaret Elys.n.1925-4-1 MonoWalker Pass
    CAS-BOT159804CASPrunus andersoniiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Wagnon, Keith; Vale, James43201981-7-13 MonoFacing est next to Gateway Motel in Lee Vining
    CAS-BOT159805CASPrunus andersoniiBreedlove, D. E.428941977-6-4 MonoBluffs along Hot Creek just above Long Valley of the Owens River. Northwest side of Crowley Lake
    CAS-BOT159806CASPrunus andersoniiBreedlove, D. E.429261977-6-5 MonoQuaking Aspen Canyon on the northeast side of Wheeler Peak above Sweetwater, Nevada, and Mono County
    CAS-BOT159807CASPrunus andersoniiBreedlove, D. E.435901978-5-29 MonoQuaking Aspen Canyon on the northeast side of Wheeler Peak above Sweetwater, Nevada, Mono County
    CAS-BOT159808CASPrunus andersoniiBurch, J.; Robins, J.; Wainwright, T.3231976-8-29 MonoMono Lake and vicinity, north of Lee Vining. 2 miles west of highway 395 on top of the glacial moraine at Lundy Canyon
    CAS-BOT159809CASPrunus andersoniiBurch, J.; Robins, J.; Wainwright, T.3281976-8-29 MonoMono Lake and vicinity, north of Lee Vining
    CAS-BOT159810CASPrunus andersoniiRollins, Reed C.29881941-7-27 MonoAbout 8 miles east of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT159811CASPrunus andersoniiBolton, Arthur L.s.n.1915-5-20 Mono3 to 5 miles east of Topaz
    CAS-BOT159812CASPrunus andersoniiApplegate, Elmer I.68761931-11-5 MonoLower part of [Leevining] Lee Vining Creek, along Tioga Pass road
    CAS-BOT159813CASPrunus andersoniiKeck, David D.38731935-7-20 MonoMouth of [Leevining] Lee Vining Canyon
    CAS-BOT159814CASPrunus andersoniiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-6-14 Mono1 1/2 miles east of Twin Lakes
    CAS-BOT159815CASPrunus andersoniiHitchcock, C. L.62951940-4-30 Mono4 miles north of Bridgeport
    CAS-BOT159816CASPrunus andersoniiTrue, Gordon H.19211965-5-19 NevadaNorth side Truckee River near Mystic R.R. bridge, just west Sierra County line
    CAS-BOT159817CASPrunus andersoniiMcPherson, Emily; Williams, Stephen75-10-31975-5-26 NevadaCanyon 24 ca. 1 mile west of Sierra County Line, 500 ft. above Hwy. 80
    CAS-BOT159818CASPrunus andersoniiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-5-16 NevadaFew miles east of Boca, highway 40
    CAS-BOT159819CASPrunus andersoniiChittenden, Alice B.s.n.1814-1-1 PlumasQuincy
    CAS-BOT159820CASPrunus andersoniiHowell, John Thomas378791962-6-19 PlumasBeckwourth Pass
    CAS-BOT159821CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Robert; Gasbarro, Tonys.n.1967-4-23 TulareDark Canyon, Greenhorn Range, about 3 miles north of Kernville
    CAS-BOT159822CASPrunus andersoniiLeary, Annes.n.1970-4-28 TulareBelow Johnsondale on road to Road's End
    CAS-BOT159823CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Robert; Gasbarro, Tonys.n.1967-4-23 TulareDark Canyon, Greenhorn Range, about 3 miles north of Kernville
    CAS-BOT159824CASPrunus andersoniiLuthey, Robt.; Luthey, Carols.n.1974-4-1 TulareKern River Canyon at Corral Creek
    CAS-BOT183073CASPrunus andersoniiShevock, James R.108411984-4-28 KernPiute Mountains. Along dirt road in Bob Rabbit Canyon, east slope of Heald Peak
    CAS-BOT205327CASPrunus andersoniiShevock, Jim; Ertter, Barbara114041986-4-19 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Off of California Highway 178 in a canyon on north ridge toward Pinyon Peak
    CAS-BOT473168CASPrunus andersoniiGardner, Erika M.; De Groot, Sarah7262014-3-23 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Sequoia National Forest: Horse Canyon, about 0.10 (air)miles N of Horse Canyon Road, along a wash
    CAS-BOT473169CASPrunus andersoniiGardner, Erika M.; De Groot, Sarah7262014-3-23 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Sequoia National Forest: Horse Canyon, about 0.10 (air)miles N of Horse Canyon Road, along a wash
    CAS-BOT499112CASPrunus andersoniiHowald, Ann33482015-4-16 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada Mtns.: Sweetwater Mountains, northern foothills; unnamed canyon SW of Blackwell Cyn, and c. 0.4 mi E of East Side Lane
    CAS-BOT531682CASPrunus andersoniiGardner, Erika M.; Paik, Chul882013-4-6 KernKiavah Wilderness. Southern Sierra Nevada region; Scodie Mountains; Sequoia National Forest. Sage Canyon, at the end of Sage Canyon Rd, N of enormous rock outcrop/primitive campsite
    CDA0026121CDAPrunus andersoniiT.C. Fuller86491962-5-11 MonoWest side of Highway 395, 5.4 miles south of Tom's Place.
    CDA0026122CDAPrunus andersoniiT.C. Fuller27981959-6-14 MonoColeville.
    CDA0026124CDAPrunus andersoniiS.E. Piper1943-7-14 LassenSouthwest, south and east edges of Honey Lake Desert. 1 mile east of Herlong.
    CDA0034466CDAPrunus andersoniiB. Villegass.n.2011-3-26 LassenHallelujah Junction. NE corner of HWY 395 WY 70 intersection.
    CDA0052893CDAPrunus andersoniiAnn Howald29362013-5-22 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Hwy 89, west side of hwy, and ca. 1.5 miles north of Slinkard Valley. TRS 1 N 22E 32 (Topaz Lake 7.5' Q.), 38 40 14, -119 35 7 (38.670556, -119.585278). Elev 2325 m, 7627 ft. Gradual east-facing slope with metavolcanic boulders; Artemisia tridentata, Holodiscus boursieri, Juniperus grandis, Ericameria nauseosa, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius, Ribes velutinus. Deciduous shrub, 8 dm tall; petals pale pink. Uncommon.
    CDA0053240CDAPrunus andersoniiSuzanne HarmonP080511002008-8-5 TulareStand of Populus fremontii, with trees of all sizes, but dominated by smaller trees, along the west bank of the Kern River. A fire along this west bank killed some older trees, which have since fallen. Associated taxa Populus fremontii. 3975633 N, 365749 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.915807, -118.487933). Elev 999 m.
    CHSC100679CHSCPrunus andersoniiNaomi Fraga5722003-4-26 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Short Canon. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC106567CHSCPrunus andersoniiK. Schierenbeck2008-5-3 LassenFort Sage Mtns.
    CHSC106581CHSCPrunus andersoniiC. Dow2008-5-3 LassenFort Sage Mtns. OHV Trailhead and Trail to Indian Springs.
    CHSC106674CHSCPrunus andersoniiB. Ignacio2008-5-3 LassenFort Sage Mountains.
    CHSC106677CHSCPrunus andersoniiZachary Garcia2008-5-3 LassenFort Sage Mtns. OHV Trailhead and Trail to Indian Springs.
    CHSC114712CHSCPrunus andersoniiB Villegas2011-3-26 LassenHellelujah Junction. NE corner of HWY 395 WY 70 intersection.
    CHSC118852CHSCPrunus andersoniiL. P. Janeway117672015-6-5 LassenGreat Basin, Modoc Plateau. Along the road from the south endof Surprise Valley to Tuledad Canon, 12.1 road-km south of Surprise Valley Road; 1.8 air-km east of Newland Reservoir/Bare Creek. T3 N R17E S08 NE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Little Hat Mtn 1:24,000
    CHSC1579CHSCPrunus andersoniiA. Stone1937-5-14 LassenHoney Lake region.
    CHSC1581CHSCPrunus andersoniiD. Heinz1962-4-23 LassenHallelujah Jct. at State line.
    CHSC35955CHSCPrunus andersoniiM. S. Taylor44241982-5-07 LassenReno Junction and along old road paralleling Hwy 70 just e of Beckwourth Pass. T2 N R17E S05 N1/2 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Beckwourth Pass
    CHSC71098CHSCPrunus andersoniiVernon H. Oswald91191998-5-22 LassenRoad to ORV parking area in Fort Sage Mtns. 1.1 mi east of Fort Sage Rd., ca. 5 NNE of Doyle. T26N R17E S3 W1/4
    CLARK-A1528-3065CLARKPrunus andersoniiC. M. McKell, N. J. Chatterton1966-4-26 San BernardinoColton Well
    CLARK-A1528-4026CLARKPrunus andersoniiJohn C. Roos43911949-6-18 San BernardinoClark Mountain
    CSLA015304CSLAPrunus andersoniiRichard M. Straw8591956-4-16 InyoInyo-White mountains, Westgard Pass road about one mile below Tollhouse Spring on west slope
    DAV326589DAVPrunus andersoniiVictor Duran34351933-5-27 InyoInyo County: Pine Creek, Sierra Nevada (near Round Valley.)
    DAV327669DAVPrunus andersoniiCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3282008-8-6 TulareTulare County; US Forest Service - Lake Isabella Area.
    DAV327670DAVPrunus andersoniiE. BortiriWFC-452002-6-27 AlpineJunction of Hwy 88 and Emigrant Trail, 0.2 miles East of Hwy 89 to Markleeville, Alpine Co.
    DAV327671DAVPrunus andersoniiE. Bortiri1362001-5-25 AmadorAmador/El Dorado County Line: Junction of Hwy 88 and Emigrant Trail.
    DAV327672DAVPrunus andersoniiLouis C. Wheeler37971935-8-06 ModocModoc County: town of Pine Creek.
    DAV327673DAVPrunus andersoniiDean W. Taylor46641974-7-27 MonoMono County: in Swauger Creek Canon.
    DAV327674DAVPrunus andersoniiTracy I. Storers.n.1961-7-11 MonoMono County: Sonora Pass, State Highway 108, 1.4 miles west of Leavitt Meadows Lodge.
    DAV327675DAVPrunus andersoniiDonald Myrick21741970-5-15 InyoInyo County: along Westgard Pass east of Big Pine.
    ELH01883ELHPrunus andersoniiGary Schoolcraft16A1979-5-02 LassenAlong hwy 395 a few miles north of Milford
    FSC0012061FSCPrunus andersoniiWalt M. Hoffman751971-4-07 InyoFound in Horton Creek Campground, 8 miles northwest of Bishop, in Sagebrush Scrub community
    FSC0012063FSCPrunus andersoniiP.L.; E.R.1936-6-08 MonoSage Brush Association on slope of the South of Leevining Creek about 2 Miles up the canyon from Mono Lake.
    FSC0012064FSCPrunus andersoniiJack Rockwell70-6861970-4-28 InyoR35E- T9S, Along Big Pine Creek Road.
    FSC0012065FSCPrunus andersoniiRobert Jones1960-3-30 FresnoDifferent types from the collection at the USDA station on Peach Ave., east of Fresno.
    FSC0012066FSCPrunus andersoniiA. Nuser; W. T. Shaw1931-4-01 KernWalker Pass
    GMDRC10474GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. M. Andre391642017-6-2 MonoMasonic Hills: along Masonic Rd (NF-046) 11.4 NE of Bridgeport, at summit of pass at York Hill, just SW of Masonic site, 0.8 mi. N of Masonic Mt.
    GMDRC10939GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. M. Andre399062017-5-10 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada: along Old Sherwin Grade Rd (Lower Rock Creek Rd), 0.4 mi. north of Swall Meadows Rd, just south of Lower Rock Creek
    GMDRC11795GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. M. Andre413352019-4-19 Kernsouthern Sierra Nevada: along Hwy 178 8.5 miles NW of Walker Pass, 2.5 miles NE of Canebrake.
    GMDRC5062GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. Andre177142011-4-15 InyoOwens Valley: along dirt road at crossing of Big Pine Creek, approx. 0.5 mi. SW of Big Pine
    GMDRC6350GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. M. Andre293942014-4-21 InyoLast Chance Range: NE end of range, along Willow Creek Rd, at western base of Sylvania Mountains, about 3 mi. west of NV border
    GMDRC8661GMDRCPrunus andersoniiJ. M. Andre355502016-5-4 InyoWhite Mountains: far south end of range along Hwy 168, 5.1 WSW of Westgard Pass
    HSC227689HSCPrunus andersoniiJ.O. Sawyer45992010-5-21 InyoAlong Sand Canon Rd.
    HSC227692HSCPrunus andersoniiC. Dowsn2008-5-3 LassenOHV Trailhead and Trail to Indian Springs
    HSC227693HSCPrunus andersoniiD.E. Anderson21851962-4-19 Kern1 W of Walker Pass Summit
    HSC227694HSCPrunus andersoniiWendell Wood1141970-7-14 MonoOff Hwy. 395 at Horse Meadow turn off, 3 mi. S of Lee Vining
    HSC227695HSCPrunus andersoniiFred J. Kindelsn1955-6-06 LassenDoyle
    HSC227696HSCPrunus andersoniiRichard Spjut33781973-5-15 InyoWhite Mountains, near Westguard Pass along Hwy. 168 ca. 20 miles E of Bishop.
    HSC227697HSCPrunus andersoniiTim Messick4931979-6-16 MonoBeside road to Bodie from Hwy. 395 in lower Clearwater Canon, 0.6 mi. E of Hwy. 395
    HSC227698HSCPrunus andersoniiJames D. Morefield34521986-4-19 MonoMouth of Pellisier Creek. Owens Valley drainage
    HSC227699HSCPrunus andersoniiBarbara Kelly5531977-8-09 ModocAsh Creek Campground
    IRVC15133IRVCPrunus andersoniiGordon A. Marshs.n.1969-5-25 MonoMono Lake: 3 W. of north shore.
    IRVC15134IRVCPrunus andersoniiGordon A. Marshs.n.1969-5-25 MonoMono Lake: 3 W. of north shore.
    IRVC8775IRVCPrunus andersoniiT.W. Mulroys.n.1972-3-29 MonoHwy 395 south of Mammoth
    JEPS129967UCJEPSPrunus andersoniiSophia Winitsky5082017-5-28 MonoBureau of Land Management. In the southern most part of the Benton Range, north of 120 as it curves into the Adobe Valley.
    JEPS94135UCJEPSPrunus andersoniiVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart91191998-5-22 Lassenca. 5 mi. n.-n.e. Doyle (rd. to ORV parking area in Fort Sage Mts., 1.1 mi. e. of Fort Sage Rd.); Fort Sage Mts.
    JEPS97649UCJEPSPrunus andersoniiAnnetta M. Carter17461946-4-16 TulareFairview Campground, North Fork Kern River. 19 N of Kernville.
    LA00646189LAPrunus andersoniiCarl Epling1941-4-04 Kern5 mi east of Onyx
    LA00646266LAPrunus andersoniiCarl Epling1935-7-14 MonoColeville
    LA208065LAPrunus andersoniiCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-12 MonoBetween Tioga Pass and Leevining
    LA208069LAPrunus andersoniiCarl Eplings.n.1931-3-31 KernOnyx
    LA85556LAPrunus andersoniiC. Eplings.n.1941-4-04 Kern5 mi E of Onyx
    LOB100949LOBPrunus andersoniiP.C. Baker54901965-6-09 Inyo6.2 miles West of Lone Pine on Whitney Portal Rd.
    LOB100950LOBPrunus andersoniiP.C. Baker59271969-4-25 KernOn Cal. 178, .5 miles E of Walker Pass.
    LOB100951LOBPrunus andersoniiP.C. Baker59271972-4-25 Kernon Cal. 178, 0.5 miles east of Walker Pass.
    LOB100952LOBPrunus andersoniiG. Gunnarson391978-3-03 KernRoute 178, 6 miles from Route 14.
    OBI133656OBIPrunus andersoniiAnthony Baniaga4122011-7-1 LassenOwnership unk. E of Doyle, alongrd to Fort Sage Mts.
    OBI133657OBIPrunus andersoniiDavid J. Keils.n.1978-4-24 KernWalker Pass area
    OBI133658OBIPrunus andersoniiDavid J. Keils.n.1978-4-24 KernWalker Pass area
    OBI133659OBIPrunus andersoniiH.E. McMinn29691932-8-05 LassenSusanville to Reno
    OBI133661OBIPrunus andersoniiNeil Havlik4181969-5-09 InyoA National Forest campground, about 3 W of Independence along Independence Crk
    OBI133662OBIPrunus andersoniiJulie Oxfords.n.1981-5-23 MonoMono Lake. Hillside next to hwy 295 above lake and fringe of alkali sink
    OBI133663OBIPrunus andersoniiJulie Oxford2941981-5-23 MonoLee Vining