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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT141651CASPotentilla drummondiiHall, H. M.128411930-07-21 TuolumneMoist flat below Lukens Lake, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT141652CASPotentilla drummondiiBaker, Milo S.117a-1925-09-06 TuolumneSoda Spgs Ranger Station
CAS-BOT141653CASPotentilla drummondiiBaker, M. S.141b-251925-09-06 TuolumneIn deep shale near Soda sp. Ranger Sta., Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT141654CASPotentilla drummondiiSharsmith, C. W.23361936-09-18 TuolumneRim of northwest plateau of Mount Dana - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT141966CASPotentilla drummondiiWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.17361980-06-17 MendocinoWells Cabin Campground, about 1 mi E of Anthony Peak
CAS-BOT141994CASPotentilla drummondiiDudley, W. R.18741897-07-15 TulareGrant National Park: vicinity of Hocket Meadow - Southern Sierra Nevadas
CAS-BOT142022CASPotentilla drummondiiStebbins, G. L.60721962-08-06 AlpineSouth slope of ″Peak 9115″, Ridge between N. Fk. Stanislaus and N Fk. Mokelumne Rivers, north of Ebbetts Pass Road (Calif. 4) due west of Sandy Meadow and 3 air-line miles due west of Pacific Grade summit (Mosquito Lake).
CAS-BOT142023CASPotentilla drummondiiVon Loh, J.60364A1978-07-21 FresnoBalsam Meadow
CAS-BOT142024CASPotentilla drummondiiTracy, Joseph P.103911932-07-10 HumboldtWet meadow at Corral Prairie - Trinity Summit
CAS-BOT142025CASPotentilla drummondiiKildale, Doris K.12331925-08-17 HumboldtWaterdog Lake - Trinity Summit
CAS-BOT142026CASPotentilla drummondiiHowell, John Thomass.n.1946-07-16 InyoWest side of Morgan Pass, Rock Creek Lake Basin
CAS-BOT142027CASPotentilla drummondiiHowell, John Thomas345321958-08-16 MaderaKnoblock Meadow, east Fork of Granite Creek - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142028CASPotentilla drummondiiHowell, John Thomas344381958-08-14 MaderaNe. of Sadler Lake, east Fork of Granite Creek - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142029CASPotentilla drummondiiBlakley, E. R.61521963-09-05 MariposaSouth side of May Lake
CAS-BOT142030CASPotentilla drummondiiRubtzoff, Peter88651976-09-19 PlacerLake Van Norden, meadow adjacent to the east end of lake - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142032CASPotentilla drummondiiKildale, Doris K.65241928-08-19 SiskiyouEnglish Lake - head of north fork of Salmon River
CAS-BOT142033CASPotentilla drummondiiHowell, John Thomas149061939-08-02 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mts.
CAS-BOT142034CASPotentilla drummondiiChandler, Harley P.15641901-06-01 SiskiyouRidges and meadows naer Marble Mountain
CAS-BOT142035CASPotentilla drummondiiCarter, Eugene4831972-06-28 TrinityMeadow bordering White′s Creek Lake, North Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. 18 mi. NW of Weaverville
CAS-BOT142036CASPotentilla drummondiiTracy, Joseph P.145431935-08-05 TrinityHead of White′s Creek - Devil′s Canyon Mts.
CAS-BOT142037CASPotentilla drummondiiClausen, J.18861941-08-03 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, ridge just E. of White Mountain, on Tuolumne Coutny and Yosemite Park line
CAS-BOT142038CASPotentilla drummondiiHardham, Clare B.51091959-07-20 Monosummit Lake
CAS-BOT142039CASPotentilla drummondiiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja28021969-09-01 MonoNear Three Lakes, south of Sawmill Creek, and north of White Mt. about 1 mi. w. sw. of Carnegie Research Station - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142040CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.73831972-08-09 MonoLarge sloping meadow just southeast of Lake Leavitt cirque
CAS-BOT142041CASPotentilla drummondiiJohnson, Betty H.7331967-08-21 MonoNear the outlet of East Lake - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142042CASPotentilla drummondiiRose, Lewis S.681551968-07-18 MonoSaddlebag Lake
CAS-BOT142043CASPotentilla drummondiiBest, Catherine9831984-06-18 NevadaNear the Old Donner road about 1-2 mile below the summit.
CAS-BOT142044CASPotentilla drummondiiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1936-07-01 NevadaRattlesnake Creek, Donner region
CAS-BOT142045CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.22721965-07-14 NevadaLoney Meadow on Texas Creek 1 1-2 mile south of Bowman Lake
CAS-BOT142046CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.10041962-08-21 NevadaCave Lake, northeast slope of Fall Creek Mt. - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142047CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.16251964-07-23 NevadaAbout 4.5 miles north of Cisco Grove, near Fordyce Summit on Fordyce Rd. - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142048CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas63141970-08-12 NevadaMagonigal Camp ca. 8 miles northeast of Cisco Grove and 1.5 miles east of Lake Fordyce
CAS-BOT142049CASPotentilla drummondiiTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas24911965-08-24 NevadaGrouse Ridge, about 5 miles north east of Yuba Gap
CAS-BOT142050CASPotentilla drummondiiVale, Jamess.n.1976-07-23 TuolumneGaylor Lakes - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT143176CASPotentilla drummondiiHowell, John Thomas185581943-07-18 NevadaMeadow nw. of Castle Peak
CAS-BOT214739CASPotentilla drummondiiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45681988-07-23 ModocDismal Swamp, Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT214740CASPotentilla drummondiiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett4543A1988-07-22 ModocBenton Meadow, Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT214741CASPotentilla drummondiiBartholomew, Bruce71091995-07-31 ModocHeadwaters of the S fork of Davis Creek, E side of the Warner Mountains.
CDA0012406CDAPotentilla drummondiiG.F. Hrusa8534Ab1991-07-15 PlacerW end of Ward Valley. 4 mi SW of Tahoe City. Lake Tahoe.
CDA0014788CDAPotentilla drummondiiG.D. Barbe34071981-08-10 AmadorAbout small lake on south side of Highway 88 just west of Canon Spur, 1 mile west of road to Lake Kirkwood.
CHSC119941CHSCPotentilla drummondiiLowell Ahart216092017-07-19 NevadaNorth side of Prosser Creek, about 4 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 5.2 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley. T1 N R15E S24 NE1-4
CHSC46588CHSCPotentilla drummondiiV. Oswald38551989-07-12 ButteMeadow near the headwaters of Big Kimshew Creek, ca. 2 mi (air) sw of Lotts Lake, ca. 3 mi (air) se of Philbrook Reservoir. T2 N R05E S21 SE1-4
CHSC54486CHSCPotentilla drummondiiVernon H. Oswald47741991-07-29 ShastaParadise Meadow located ca. 1.5 miles south of Hat Lake. T3 N R04E S36 NE1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC57400CHSCPotentilla drummondiiJenny Marr331991-06-06 LassenOne mile west of eagle Lake on Nat. Forest Rd. #21.
CHSC58037CHSCPotentilla drummondiiVernon H. Oswald49631992-06-01 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Meadow at the W end of the S arm of Horseshoe Lake. T3 N R06E S0 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC61437CHSCPotentilla drummondiiVernon H. Oswald57931993-08-11 TehamaN end of Spencer Meadow extending into Lassen Volcanic National Park E of Mt. Conard and S of Twin Meadows. T3 N R04E S25 SE1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC75815CHSCPotentilla drummondiiLowell Ahart81111999-07-26 NevadaIn a meadow, about 50 yards east of Grouse Ridge Road (Road 14) and east of the Lookout, about 6 miles northeast of Bowman Lake Road (Road 18), about 4 miles (air) south of Bowman Lake. T1 N R12E S34 NE1-4
CHSC9053CHSCPotentilla drummondiiBob Jones341970-06-25 LassenDean′s Meadow.
CHSC9054CHSCPotentilla drummondiiSilas Carr1081970-06-18 LassenMerrill Campground, S. shore Eagle Lake.
CSLA015158CSLAPotentilla drummondiiWesley O. Griesel1960-06-26 MonoTwin Lakes, Inyo National Forest, Sierra Nevada
CSLA015161CSLAPotentilla drummondiiK.L. Bell15071978-08-18 MonoAlong Frying Pan Creek, 1.7 km south of the summit of Wheeler Peak. Sweetwater Mountains
CSLA015162CSLAPotentilla drummondiiK. L. Bell16761979-07-26 Mono0.9 km south, 3.1 km west of the summit of Wheeler Peak, Sweetwater Range
CSLA015174CSLAPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger7691968-09-07 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area, ridge SE of Tobacco Lake Meadow
DAV327510DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-14 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; below NE face of Red Slate Mtn.
DAV327511DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-14 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; SE of Lake Constance.
DAV327513DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-08 MonoMono County: On ridge between Gaylor and Spuller Lakes.
DAV327514DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-14 MonoMono County: Below ridge between Mt. Conness and White Mtn.
DAV327515DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-21 MonoMono County: Hall Natural Area; saddle W of East Plateau.
DAV327516DAVPotentilla drummondiiJ. M. Tucker43201974-07-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Haypress Meadows, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
DAV327517DAVPotentilla drummondiiJ. M. Tucker37051963-07-05 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: On Blake′s Fork of South Russian Creek (a tributary of Salmon River), ca. 7 miles (airline) east of Sawyer′s Bar, Salmon Mountains.
DAV327518DAVPotentilla drummondiiR. H. Pembles.n.1967-09-07 MonoMono County: East of Mt. Conness.
DAV327519DAVPotentilla drummondiiA.M. Shapiros.n.2012-07-21 NevadaNevada County: Grouse Ridge.
DAV337830DAVPotentilla drummondiiJames Neilson22631971-07-18 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tahoe Basin. West South Lake Tahoe. [Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
FSC0003457FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell54231955-08-08 FresnoUpper French Canon Basin (trib. Piute Creek and S fork San Joaquin River) W over Sierran Crest from Bishop, Inyo Co.; Royce and Median Pks. W-NW over 13000′; Pine Creek Pass N 11100′; crest E. alt. ca. 12500′; Pilot Knob SW 12245; Basin mostly above 11,000.
FSC0003459FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell63491958-07-27 FresnoWest facing headslope of McGee Canon from 11,580′ saddle (to Evolution Basin) down to McGee Lakes at 10,800. (Mt. Goddard Quad.). The Hermit ridge to NW. 12,000 plus; Mt. McGee ridge in SW. 12,000-13,000
FSC0003460FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell55901955-08-11 FresnoUpper French Canon basin (tributary of Piute Creek and south fork San Joaquin River), west over Sierran Crest from Bishop, Inyo county; Royce and Merriam Peaks west-northwest over 13000′; Pine Creek Pass north 11100′; crest E. Av. Ca. 12,500′; Pilot knob SW. 12,245′; Basin mostly above 11,000. This pinnate Potenilla in Salix at Crk. side just above mead. at ft. of cascade from French L. at head of Fr. canyon.
FSC0003461FSCPotentilla drummondiiCharles H. Quibell5601951-08-16 FresnoIn N-S section of Hilgard Branch (tributary to Bear Crk.) 50 below Lake Italy and 1 m. S-E of Mt. Hilgard (13,351′).
FSC0003462FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell51281955-07-24 FresnoHumphreys Basin headwaters Piute Crk. trib. S. fk. San Joaquin Riv., w. over sierran crest from Bishop, Inyo Co.; Mt Humphreys e-ne 13,986′; lowest spot on rim ne. around e. to sw. 12,400′. Potentilla near a rill in meadowy sod at the break from the steeper slope above Piute Crk. to the almost level expanse below lower desolation L. ca. 11,000, ca. 3-4 m. ne of Golden Trout L.
FSC0003464FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell53371955-07-30 FresnoHumphreys Basin, Headwaters Piute Creek., trib. S fk. San Joaquin River; W over Sierran Crest from Bishop, Inyo County. Mt. Humphreys E-NE 13,986′; Lowest spots on rim NE around E to SW 12400. This Potentilla at ca. 11,700′ w. of 12,170 knob ne. of Desolation Lake.
FSC0003465FSCPotentilla drummondiiChas. H. Quibell47961954-09-02 Fresno10,850′ Seldon Pass on Muir trail, just above 10,580′ Marie Lake on upper Bear Creek drainage and 10,550′ Heart Lake draining to S Fork San Joaquin River. 12,349′ Mt. Hooper 1 plus mile W; 13,075 7-Gables ca. 3 miles E-NE across upper Bear Creek.
FSC0003466FSCPotentilla drummondiiDean William Taylor6641970-08-15 FresnoCollected on the trail from Canon Pass, Alpine County to Winnemucca Lake, T1 N, R18E, S27 W 1-4, Markleeville Quadrangle.
GH01567349GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1852-04-01 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01567350GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1964-05-15 Mono[data not captured]
GH01567351GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-12-29 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01567352GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01567359GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-05-12 Fresno[data not captured]
GH01567360GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1947-05-25 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01567361GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1952-04-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01567362GHPotentilla drummondii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1853-01-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
HSC227474HSCPotentilla drummondiiM. R. Mesler15122013-06-28 HumboldtBret Hole. 1.1 km SW of Trinity Summit
HSC227475HSCPotentilla drummondiiK. A. Wayman862010-07-07 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.5 mi east of Hoopa along Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Six Rivers National Forest boundary.
HSC227476HSCPotentilla drummondiiL.P. Janeway4021983-07-10 SiskiyouPoker Flat
HSC227478HSCPotentilla drummondiiM.A. Baker9221979-06-27 HumboldtEdge of Hoopa Indian Reservation
HSC227479HSCPotentilla drummondiiWendell Wood1361970-07-18 MonoHwy. 120, Tioga Lake, 1 mi. E of Yosemite E entrance
HSC227480HSCPotentilla drummondiiA.M. Montalvo3461974-07-02 SiskiyouE slope of Mt. Eddy, near Morgan Meadows, W of Mt Shasta City.
HSC227481HSCPotentilla drummondiiD.K. Impersn1987-07-21 Siskiyou8 mi. E of Somes Bar
HSC227482HSCPotentilla drummondiiB. Reinhardt199 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest, Blue Creek-Eight Mile Creek, Elk Valley Meadow near creek
HSC227484HSCPotentilla drummondiiM. R. Mesler10292011-08-02 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ˜ .25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
HSC227485HSCPotentilla drummondiiC. S. Chavez1741965-08-26 MaderaAt Pumice Flats Ranger Station
HSC227486HSCPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger7691968-09-07 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area, ridge SE of Tobacco Lake Meadow
HSC227487HSCPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger10011969-07-13 SiskiyouHigh Lake Basins near English Peak: Marble Mtn. Wilderness Area; N of upper English Lake
HSC227488HSCPotentilla drummondiiSteve DeBenedetti1491974-07-17 TulareSequoia National Park, S Fork Meadow
HSC227489HSCPotentilla drummondiiSteve DeBenedetti111A1974-07-09 TulareSequoia National Park, Hockett Meadow
HSC227490HSCPotentilla drummondiiBrad Klipfel7211976-07-08 Del NorteElk Valley Meadow
HSC227491HSCPotentilla drummondiiBrad Klipfel7021976-07-01 Del NorteUpper Elk Valley
HSC227492HSCPotentilla drummondiiG.L. Clifton120891979-08-01 HumboldtNear N Trinity Mtn., close to the town of Hoopa
HSC227493HSCPotentilla drummondiiThomas W. Nelson50101979-07-11 HumboldtNorth Trinity Mtn. and ridge to east
HSC227494HSCPotentilla drummondiiJ.P. Smith77781974-07-11 MonoInyo National Forest, E of Upper Gaylor Lake
HSC227495HSCPotentilla drummondiiJ.O. Sawyer32701978-06-20 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, Hamilton Camp
JEPS128581UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiLowell Ahart, John Dittes216092017-07-19 NevadaOn the north side of Prosser Creek, about 4 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 5.2 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley.
JEPS44166UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHarley P. Chandler15641901-06-01 Siskiyouridges and meadows near Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges, near Marble Mountain
JEPS44280UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiC. F. Sonne3511887-07-17 NevadaMt. Stanford Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mt. Stanford
JEPS44463UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHarley P. Chandler15641901-06-01 Siskiyouridges and meadows near Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges, near Marble Mountain
JEPS44469UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiMrs. M. H. Manning601901-01-01 TrinityTrinity Summit
JEPS69340UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiRuby Van Deventer10871971-06-17 Del Norte6 mi s Takilma, Oregon (Packer′s Gulch); Southeast Fork Illinois River, Packer′s Gulch
JEPS71912UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiGladys L. Smith18631963-07-27 El DoradoHawley Grade Sierra Nevada,, Hawley Grade (Old Echo Summit Pass)
JEPS82728UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiWayne Roderick1983-07-10 SiskiyouDoe Flat near the Del Norte County line; Doe Flat
JEPS84266UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiL. R. Heckard, S. D′Alcamo, J. Hickman, S. Winchester63721986-07-16 Siskiyouca 1-2 mi e Red Butte summit (ca 7 mi nne of Seiad Valley, w of Cook and Green Pass); nne Seiad Valley, e of Red Butte summit, w Cook and Green Pa
NY832639NYPotentilla drummondiiB. Ertter88261989-08-20 ?  MonoNortheast of Sheep Mountain north of the Patriarch, White Mountains ca. 15 airmiles northeast of Bishop, dolomitic fell-field, roadside at swale
NY832640NYPotentilla drummondiiB. M. Bartholomew45681988-07-23 ?  ModocDismal Swamp, Warner Mountains
OBI158148OBIPotentilla drummondiiDena Grossenbacher19-0252019-08-19 FresnoKings Canon National Park, .55 km E of N shore Martha Lake, National Resource Inventory plot 568
OBI158228OBIPotentilla drummondiiDena Grossenbacher18-0332018-09-03 FresnoKings Canon National Park, 4km E-Little PeteMdw, National Resource Inventory plot 270
POM212915RSAPotentilla drummondiiF. W. Peirson116221935-07-29 AlpineAlong trail in open country Southeastward from lake
PUA10583PUAPotentilla drummondiiJ.M. Tucker1974-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Haypress Meadows. Ukonom Lake Quad.
PUA12753PUAPotentilla drummondiiF.W. Oettinger1968-09-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hancock Lake. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
PUA14440PUAPotentilla drummondiiGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Bull Lake. China Mt Quad.
PUA14441PUAPotentilla drummondiiGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-03 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Lake. China Mt Quad.
PUA17458PUAPotentilla drummondiiG.L. Clifton1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Siskiyou Mountains. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA17459PUAPotentilla drummondiiGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lily Pad Lake. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA28357PUAPotentilla drummondiiClifton And Griswold1979-08-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: North Trinity Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA34251PUAPotentilla drummondiiJimerson And Pageau1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Ship Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA51913PUAPotentilla drummondiiG.L. Clifton1981-07-25 NevadaLocal landmark: Canonner Pass Quad.
PUA68421PUAPotentilla drummondiiG.L. Clifton1988-07-28 MonoLocal landmark: Frog Lakes. Matterhorn Peak Quad.
RSA0168323RSAPotentilla drummondiiLeRoy Gross5737a2012-07-26 TulareSequoia National ForestFloristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Meadow just below Marvin Pass.; Mt. Silliman 7.5 quad.
RSA0168324RSAPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger2531967-08-13 SiskiyouBelow Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0168325RSAPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger7691968-09-07 SiskiyouRidge SE of Tobacco Lake Meadow. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0168326RSAPotentilla drummondiiJ. M. Tucker43201974-07-28 SiskiyouHaypress Meadows, Marble Mtn Wilderness Area.
RSA0168327RSAPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger10011969-07-13 SiskiyouNorth of upper English Lake. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0168328RSAPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter86291989-07-02 LakeNW side of Snow Mt. W about 11 airmiles due W of Stonyford, Upper Milk Ranch Meadow, Head of Middle Fk Stony Creek.
RSA0168329RSAPotentilla drummondiiJ. C. Roos5371937-08-08 InyoLone Pine Canon.
RSA0168330RSAPotentilla drummondiiMarion P. Harthill13191972-07-19 HumboldtFish Lake
RSA0168331RSAPotentilla drummondiiF. W. Peirson26301911-08-09 TulareWhitney Meadows, Sierra Nevada.
RSA0168332RSAPotentilla drummondiiE. Robinsonb2901936-07-11 Fresno1-4 mile below Twin Lakes to E, on Potter Pass Trail, 1 mile below Potter Pass on N side of Kaiser Ridge, NE of Huntington Lake.
RSA0168334RSAPotentilla drummondiiJoseph P. Tracy190861950-07-19 Del NorteElk Valley at head of Blue Creek, 1 mile east of Chimney Rock.
RSA0168335RSAPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter86271989-07-02 ColusaLong Glade, a V shaped meadow S of Milk Ranch just W of snow Mt West, about 11 airmiles due W of Stonyford.
RSA237619RSAPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger1881967-07-26 SiskiyouStream bank just below Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA615989RSAPotentilla drummondiiMary DeDecker19861968-08-10 TulareSierra Nevada: West slope Army Pass.
RSA794257RSAPotentilla drummondiiLeRoy Gross56302012-07-11 TulareSequoia National ForestFloristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Rowell Meadow.; Mt. Silliman 7.5 Quad.
RSA85711RSAPotentilla drummondiiF. W. Peirson19711917-08-21 InyoBaker Creek north of Big Pine Creek.
RSA85727RSAPotentilla drummondiiF. W. Peirson19811908-07-24 TulareNorth Fork of Tule River, Sierra Nevada.
SBBG165590SBBGPotentilla drummondiiT. L. Secrest1950-08-12 AlpinePacific Valley
SFV112577SFVPotentilla drummondiiB. L. Rice1491966-06-28 TulareSierra Nevada; Upper Franklin Lake, Mineral King Game Refuge.
SJSU4205SJSUPotentilla drummondiiC.W. Sharsmith75521967-08-27 TuolumneWhite Wolf, Yosemite National Park
SJSU555SJSUPotentilla drummondiiG. Witherspoon20621940-06-18 MariposaYosemite Cr Campground, Yosemite National Park
STNF-4647429-TEMPAIDSTNFPotentilla drummondiiSusan Erwin2002-07-23 TrinityUnion Creek Trail
THRI-SEKI22880THRIPotentilla drummondiiCann, CorieSEKI-06-F-315-3062014-08-26 Unknown
THRI-SEKI22922THRIPotentilla drummondiiCann, CorieSEKI-13-WM-222-5322015-07-15 Unknown
THRI-SEKI23475THRIPotentilla drummondiiCann, CorieSEKI-22-WM-332-10132016-09-09 UnknownWright Lakes
UC12693UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiH. N. Bolander50361866-08-24 Tuolumnealong Tuolumne River (Foot of Mt. Dana); along Tuolumne River, ft of Mt. Dana
UC12709UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiJ. Burtt Davy31961897-06-25 Nevadameadow above Donner Lake (Truckee River Basin);, Meadow above Donner Lake
UC127160UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiH. M., G. R. Hall84611908-08-03 TulareHockett Meadows Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Hockett Meadows (eastern Tulare County)
UC1409340UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger10011969-07-13 Siskiyoumoist meadow n Upper English Lake (High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak, w Siskiyou County); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
UC1409453UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiFrederick W. Oettinger7691968-09-07 Siskiyouridge se Tobacco Lake Meadow (High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak, w Siskiyou County); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
UC1564800UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiV. Oswald, L. Ahart38551989-07-12 Butteca 2 air mi sw Lotts Lake (ca 3 air mi se of Philbrook Reservoir); meadow near headwaters of Big Kimshew Creek
UC1586954UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiJuha Pykala, D. H. Norris15931987-06-11 Humboldts North Trinity Mountain (w of Crogan Hole); North Trinity Mountain Wilderness Area
UC1607540UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter, Elizabeth Neese86291989-07-02 Lakeca. 11 air mi due w Stonyford (upper Milk Ranch Meadow, head of Middle Fork Stony Creek, nw side of Snow Mt. West); nw side Snow Mt. West, head of Middle Fork Stony Creek
UC1607563UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter, Elizabeth Neese86271989-07-02 Colusaca. 11 air mi due w Stonyford (Long Glade s of Milk Ranch just w of Snow Mt. West); just w Snow Mt. West
UC1607564UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter, Elizabeth Neese86321989-07-02 Lakeca 11 airmi due w Stonyford (Frog Pond on Milk Ranch Trail near Summit Springs Trail, s side of Snow Mt.); s side of Snow Mt., w of Stonyford, Frog Pond
UC1610028UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiS. Botti3171993-08-06 TuolumnePorcupine Flat Yosemite National Park, Porcupine Flat
UC191327UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiC. F. Sonne3511886-07-25 NevadaMt. Stanford [= Castle Peak, per Ertter, 2016]
UC2048904UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiBarbara Ertter, Joanna Clines211142012-07-11 MaderaNorth end of Cold Spring Meadow on Beasore Road (Sierra NF Rt 7) ca. 8 air miles NNE of Bass Lake.
UC2076373UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiC. F. Sonne1885-07-12 PlacerGranite Rock above Coldstream (= Cold Creek); Granite Rock above Coldstream
UC2079881UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiDena GrossenbacherDG18242011-08-05 TuolumneUpper eastern portion of saddle between Mt. Dana and Mt. Gibbs.
UC2079924UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiAlison ColwellAC10-2092010-08-26 TuolumneSoutheast of Mount Conness summit on gentle southwest-facing slope. Sky island plot CON-R10-06.
UC2079943UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiDena GrossenbacherDG19192012-07-21 TuolumneTuolumne County, California. Eastern most portion of saddles between Mt. Dana and Mt. Gibbs. Sky island plot DGSAD-028.
UC492176UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiJoseph P. Tracy103911932-07-10 Humboldtwet meadow at Corral Prairie (Trinity Summit); Klamath Mountains, Trinity Summit
UC555509UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7521923-08-21 Tuolumnen base of Puppy Dome, n base of Puppy Dome (Tuolumne Meadows)
UC585620UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiJoseph P. Tracy145431935-08-05 Trinityat head White′s Creek; Devil′s Canon Mts., head of White′s Creek
UC642648UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiC. W. Sharsmith1721933-07-21 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows Sierra Nevada, Tuolumne Meadows
UC648279UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiJohn Thomas Howell149061939-08-02 SiskiyouSpirit Lake Marble Mts.
UC673310UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7171923-08-06 Tuolumnenear Lyell Fork Tuolumne River (Yosemite National Park); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Lyell Fork Tuolumne R
UC673325UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7351923-08-08 Tuolumne0.5 mi from mouth Moraine Creek (Dana Fork Tuolumne River); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne R
UC673327UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7361923-08-08 Tuolumne0.5 mi from mouth Moraine Creek (Dana Fork Tuolumne River); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne R
UC673328UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7491923-08-21 Tuolumnenear Gaylor Lakes (Dana Fork Tuolumne River); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne R
UC673330UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7321923-08-08 Tuolumne0.5 mi from mouth Moraine Creek (Dana Fork Tuolumne River); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne R
UC673332UCJEPSPotentilla drummondiiHerbert L. Mason7291923-08-08 Tuolumne0.5 mi from mouth Moraine Creek (Dana Fork Tuolumne River); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne River
UCR0043552UCRPotentilla drummondiiJim Andre156742008-07-28 InyoBig Pine Canon, along Glacier Trail c. 1 mi north of Palisade Glacier, 0.3 mi below San Mack Basin, 0.6 mi above San Mack Meadow
UCR0043557UCRPotentilla drummondiiAnn Howald38852016-07-14 MonoGlacier Canon, hanging valley c. 0.8 mile southeast of Tioga Lake
UCR0043558UCRPotentilla drummondiiAnn Howald31432014-06-25 MonoHoover Wilderness, 20 Lakes Basin, above and east of Greenstone Lake
VVC3834VVCPotentilla drummondiiTim Thomas2851980-07-28 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin drainage, Windy Gap above Carrol Creek.Southern High Sierra.
YM-YOSE116553YMPotentilla drummondiiBADEN301939-07-05 Unknown
YM-YOSE226200YMPotentilla drummondiiGrossenbacher, Dena --Del Favero, Steven --Reyes, TomDG18242011-08-05 TuolumneUpper eastern portion of saddle between Mt. Dana and Mt. Gibbs
YM-YOSE226201YMPotentilla drummondiiGrossenbacher, Dena --Del Favero, Steven --Reyes, TomDG18242011-08-05 TuolumneUpper eastern portion of saddle between Mt. Dana and Mt. Gibbs
YM-YOSE226296YMPotentilla drummondiiColwell, Alison --Grossenbacher, Dena --Smith, JoelAC10-2092010-08-26 TuolumneSoutheast of Mt. Conness summit on gentle southwest-facing slope. Sky island plot CON-R10-06
YM-YOSE226297YMPotentilla drummondiiColwell, Alison --Grossenbacher, Dena --Smith, JoelAC10-2092010-08-26 TuolumneSoutheast of Mt. Conness summit on gentle southwest-facing slope. Sky island plot CON-R10-06
YM-YOSE226463YMPotentilla drummondiiGrossenbacher, Dena --Lopez, Federico --Poore, JenniferDG19192012-07-21 TuolumneEastern most portion of saddle between Mt Dana and Mt Gibbs. Sky island plot DGSAD-028
YM-YOSE226464YMPotentilla drummondiiGrossenbacher, Dena --Lopez, Federico --Poore, JenniferDG19192012-07-21 TuolumneEastern most portion of saddle between Mt Dana and Mt Gibbs. Sky island plot DGSAD-028
ELH01869ELHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriGary Schoolcraft23901994-08-01 LassenAbout 2 miles northwest of Boot Lake
FSC0003463FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriDana York13341996-06-26 FresnoCa. 31 km S-SW of Bishop, 1.2 km S of Bishop Pass;
FSC0011956FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJohn C. Stebbins830161983-07-13 FresnoPost Corral Meadows near the maintrail to blackcap basin. Lodgepole Pine Forest.
FSC0011957FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriRimo Bacigalupi; Chas. F. Quibell; Chas. H. Quibell75011958-08-17 FresnoWide summit type meadow east of 9771 Black Peak (Potato Hill). E. of center of ne. section of Huntington Lake quad. On w. side up near Quall′s cabin.
FSC0011958FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas H. Quibell32631953-08-26 FresnoVicinity of 11,880′ McGee Pass, 1 m. se. of 13,163 Red Slate Mt. on Sierran crest.
FSC0011959FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriD. Warnock201951-07-11 Unknownin a wet meadow on the east shore of lower granite lake, 10,500, Graylor lakes groups, in large s. facing cirque at crest of Range. Tioga Pass mile and a half e. over an 11,000′ ridge. Upermost edge of Subalpine Forest area- few stunted Pinus albicaulis on ledge 50 above western lake shore.
FSC0011960FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell51271955-07-24 FresnoHumphreys Basin, Headwaters Piute Crk., Trib. S. Fk. San Joaquin Riiv., W. over Sierran crest from Bishop
FSC0011961FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriElla Carter1943-07-25 FresnoHuntington Lake area, rocky ridge below Potter Pass, just above meadow
FSC0011962FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas H. Quibell; Edith M. Quibell34241953-08-31 Fresno10,600, above small lakelet about 2 m. s-sw of 13.163 Red Slate Mt. on Sierran crest and in the n. or open end of the granite embayment which is the s.e. most headwaters of Fish Creek. Latelet drains from e. lip.
FSC0011963FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell29081953-07-24 FresnoWes Quail′s stock camp cabins, multiple trail jct. Black Pk. S. Fk. Big Crk. Above Huntington. Under lodgepole for. (glaciated area) along creek between small meads. in full F.L N.E. and E. of cabins
FSC0011964FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell32191953-08-25 FresnoS. side McGee Pass trail about 3 m. s.w. of Red Slate Mt.
FSC0011965FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. J. Condit1953-08-25 UnknownSnow Flat
FSC0011966FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell; Edith Quibell15131952-08-30 Fresno2nd rocky canyon step above Mott Lake, about a mile from headwaters N. Fk. Mono Crk., 2 m. w. of 12,841′ Red and White Mt. on Sierran crest. Canon broad, glaciated. 11,600′ cliffs s.e.; immediate cliffs n. w. and n. about 500. Few small Pinus albicaulis on bench, Krumholtz scattered to 11,500 where footholds.
FSC0011967FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell53151955-07-30 FresnoSaddle on Sierran crest 1 m. s-se. of 4-Gables & ne. of Desolation L.
FSC0011968FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas H. Quibell29981953-07-26 FresnoWes Quall Stock Camp Cabins, Multiple Trail Jct, N.E of 9971 Black Pk; S Fk; Big Crk, above Huntington L
FSC0011969FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell54751955-08-08 FresnoUpper French Canon Basin (trib. Piute Crk. & S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv.) w. over Sierran crest from Bishop. Royce & Merriam Pks. w-nw. over 13,000 Pine Crk. Pass N. 11,100′; crest e. av ca. 12,500′; Pilot Knob sw. 12,245′; basin mostly above 11,000; This Potentilla; at crest of Sierras at top of a long, sandy, gravelly rocky slope facing w., 1 1-2 map m. e. of Pine Crk. Pass. Mt. Top (13,652′) immed. e., then Owens Val. & White Mt.
FSC0011970FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell41121954-08-05 FresnoFirst wet sootslope to bare n. facing 11,200′ cirque cliffs s. of large inlet mead. at head of 10,000′ Big Margaret L. 11,878 Silver Pk. on Silver Divide 1 1-2 m. (9 map miles n. of Mono Hot Sprgs.)
FSC0011971FSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChas. H. Quibell77821958-08-29 Fresno
GH00345743GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriW. E. Jones351 A1881-01-01 UnknownSoda Springs
GH00345744GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriF. J. Smiley8531916-08-20 TuolumneDana Fork Meadows
GH00345745GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. D. Culbertson44581904-07-18 TulareHockett′s Meadow
GH00345746GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriR. A. Ware2693 C1907-07-19 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows, Tuolumne River
GH00345747GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. W. Sharsmith3401933-08-09 Tuolumnenorthwest plateau of Mount Dana, Sierra Nevada
GH00345748GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriA. M. Ottley8861920-06-26 El DoradoTrail from Tallac to Lake Gilmore
GH00345749GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriR. A. Ware2693 C1907-07-19 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows, Tuolumne River
GH00345750GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriW. L. Jepson33351909-07-16 MaderaNE. Madera County, Mt. Lyell
GH00345751GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriW. L. Jepson4429i1911-07-14 MariposaVogelsang Pass, Yosemite Park
GH00345752GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg32691942-08-07 Inyowest of Independence
GH00345753GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriR. A. Ware2637 C1907-07-15 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows
GH00345754GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg51081946-08-03 ModocHead of Eagle Creek, Warner Mountains
GH00345755GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. G. Lemmon7121874-01-01 SierraSierra Co. & c.
GH00345756GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. G. Lemmon851874-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00345757GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriH. N. Bolander50841866-01-01 UnknownMt. Dana
GH00345758GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. H. Pierce5481936-07-25 UnknownMt. Dana
GH00345759GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriH. P. Chandler16971901-06-01 SiskiyouRidges and Meadows near Marble Mountain
GH00345760GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriD. D. Keck49231938-08-16 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Slate Creek Valley
GH00345761GHPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. B. Wolf53601933-08-17 MonoHigh Sierra Nevada. Saddlebag Lake, SW. side of lake, 100 yds. from Dam
JEPS100671UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor174992000-07-13 MonoSilver Creek Meadows ( 6 air miles NW of Sonora Junction)
JEPS105017UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor154071995-08-08 InyoCoyote Ridge; southeast base of The Huntchback; Inyo National Forest
JEPS44282UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson50271912-07-15 Tulareabove Junction Mdw.; Upper Kern River Canon above Junction Mdw
JEPS44284UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson4429i1911-07-14 MariposaVogelsang Pass Yosemite Park, Vogelsang Pass
JEPS44286UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriP. B. Kennedy1916-08-01 TuolumneIreland Lake Region Yosemite,, Ireland Lake Region (Lyell Fork Tuolumne River)
JEPS44287UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson33351909-07-16 MaderaMt. Lyell, ne Madera County Mt. Lyell
JEPS44288UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson33181909-07-14 TuolumneMt. Dana, in saddle
JEPS44294UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson8631900-07-15 FresnoKearsarge Pass, Kearsarge Pass (Sierra Nevada)
JEPS44296UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriElizabeth V. Ferguson484f1920-07-01 FresnoPeak in center Evolution Basin; High Sierras of Fresno County, Evolution Basin
JEPS44302UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriAlice M. Ottley8861920-06-26 El Doradotrail from Tallac to Lake Gilmore; trail from Tallac to Lake Gilmore
JEPS44468UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson44671911-07-19 MonoMono Pass, Mono Pass (Sierra Nevada)
JEPS44470UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriW. H. Brewer17201863-06-27 MonoSummit of Mono Pass
JEPS87087UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriTeresa Sholars, Martha Benioff9481988-07-15 Monojust below Mammoth Pass; just below Mammoth Pass
LA83944LAPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriO.H. Kappler9811945-08-16 InyoSierra Nevada; Rock Creek
POM36574RSAPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. F. Baker44581904-07-18 Tulare[Unspecified]
RSA451897RSAPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriFordyce Griffiths Jr.s.n.1914-08-12 FresnoBullfrog Lake.
THRI-SEKI13274THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriHasselbach, L.485-31990-07-17 UnknownNRI PLOT 485. RATTLESNAKE CANYON; 1.5 KM E OF SHOTGUN PASS
THRI-SEKI13275THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriHaultain, S.483-21990-07-17 UnknownNRI PLOT 483. RATTLESNAKE CANYON; 2.5 KM E OF SHOTGUN PASS
THRI-SEKI21004THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriNeuman, M.J.s.n.1988-07-30 UnknownHockett Meadow
THRI-SEKI4477THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriNeuman, M.1251986-07-20 UnknownEmerald Lake Basin
THRI-SEKI4556THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriStephenson, Nate1791983-08-30 UnknownG.a.plot 177, Inyo Nf, S Ridge Of Mt Langley, Just E Of Park Boundary
THRI-SEKI4655THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriStephenson, Nate2451983-09-27 UnknownG.a.plot 218, Mineral King, N Of Franklin Lk, Ne Slope Of Shoulder+
THRI-SEKI6705THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriNorris, Larry L.5311983-08-03 UnknownHockett Mdw Near Ranger Sta
THRI-SEKI6706THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriNorris, Larry L.327A1982-07-30 UnknownLk South America Along Tr To Tyndall Cr
THRI-SEKI6707THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriStocking, S.K.65-041965-07-07 UnknownSphinx Cr
THRI-SEKI6708THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriRockwell, Jack A.67-02921967-08-15 UnknownAbove Rae Lks On Tr To Sixty Lks Basin
UC1128145UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriW. A. Peterson5581936-08-29 MonoInk Rocks, Bridgeport Quad., Ink Rocks (Mono National Forest)
UC114328UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. W. Congdon1894-08-21 MonoLundy Trail, Lundy Trail (Mt. Warren)
UC114329UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. W. Congdon1894-08-16 Monohead Bloody Canon
UC114330UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. G. Lemmon851875-01-01 Sierra
UC114331UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriMrs. R. M. Austin1882-08-07 ShastaKings Valley
UC12509UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriH. N. Bolander50842014-07-13 Unknown
UC12513UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. F. Sonne11892-06-26 NevadaIndependence Lake Sierra Nevada Mountains (meadows)
UC12710UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriH. N. Bolander17201863-01-01 MonoSummit of Mono Pass
UC1332114UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJohn Thomas Howell158411940-08-01 Tularebetween Reflection Lake and Harrison Pass; btw Reflection Lake and Harrison Pass
UC136444UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriCulbertson44581904-07-18 TulareHockett′s Meadow
UC1375595UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriButts1581933-05-30 MariposaYosemite National Park
UC1607535UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriBarbara Ertter, Julie Kierstead, Jim Nelson93651990-07-15 SiskiyouCa 1 mi E of Toad Lake at head of Middle Fork Sacramento River ca 8 air miles W of Mt Shasta City.
UC1607598UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriBarbara Ertter, Annetta Carter72911987-07-12 Alpine0.6 mi w, at mile marker 18.00, on Hwy 4 Ebbetts Pass; w of Ebbetts Pass
UC185636UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriJ. W. Congdon1898-08-01 MariposaHigh Sierras
UC187957UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. F. Sonne1893-07-30 NevadaIndependence Lake
UC30042UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriMcLean1913-05-01 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC30043UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriChesnut, Drew1889-07-17 Tuolumnebase of Mt. Dana
UC419760UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriMrs. H. P. Bracelin441930-08-15 MonoSaddlebag Lake (rocky hills around Lake) Saddlebag Lake
UC420555UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed11381907-07-24 El DoradoTallac Trail between Lake Gilmore and camp; Lake Tahoe Region
UC562999UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriRoxana S. Ferris89131934-07-22 InyoPiute Pass--North Lake Trail Sierra Nevada, Piute Pass--North Lake Trail
UC577998UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriT. Hendrix4991937-08-04 MonoSummit Lake Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad, Hoover Primitive Are (Hoover Primitive Area)
UC604157UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriDavid D. Keck49231938-08-16 MonoSlate Creek Valley Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Slate Creek Valley
UC642631UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. W. Sharsmith30791937-08-10 Fresnow Mount Humphreys; Sierra Nevada, Humphreys Basin
UC642649UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriC. W. Sharsmith3401933-08-09 Tuolumnenw plateau of Mount Dana
UC673348UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriHerbert L. Mason7261923-08-08 Tuolumne0.5 mi from mouth, Dana Fork Tuolumne River, Yosemite National Park Moraine Creek; Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Natl Park, Dana Fork Tuolumne R
UC718389UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriCarl B. Wolf53601933-08-17 MonoHigh Sierra Nevada, sw side of Saddlebag Lake 100 yards from Dam Saddlebag Lake; High Sierra Nevada, Saddlebag Lake
UC764048UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriRobert F. Hoover14631936-07-02 Tuolumne2 mi w Sonora Pass summit; w of Sonora Pass summit
UC860576UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriMrs. Joseph Clemens1910-07-19 FresnoWood′s Creek
UC914640UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.2861950-08-11 InyoPee-Wee Pot Hole ne of Dingleberry Lake above Lake Sabrina; ne of Dingleberry Lake above Lake Sabrina
UCR0043551UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriGeorge K. Helmkamp196912012-08-24 Alpinealong CA-88, Canon Pass Hwy, at the west side of Canon Spur, 1.7 air mi west (278 ° ) of Kirkwood
UCR0043559UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweriGeorge K. Helmkamp44181998-08-13 MonoNunatak Nature Trail beside CA Hwy 120, about 1 mile south of Yosemite National Park entrance kiosk
YM-YOSE1626YMPotentilla drummondii subsp. breweri UnknownMount Dana
CHSC82447CHSCPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeLowell Ahart98492002-07-06 PlumasIn small meadows, about 50 yards north of the gravel road, near a small branch of Coldwater Creek, about 3-4 mile southwest of Grizzly Mountain, about 2 miles (air) southwest of Haskins Valley and Bucks Lake. T2 N R07E S2 W1-4
JEPS126839UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeDena Grossenbacher17352010-08-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; unglaciated alpine landform abiut 0.25 miles east of Skelton Lakes
JEPS44173UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeMiss Helen D. Geis37A1912-06-01 PlacerDeer Park
JEPS44283UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeWillis L. Jepson44721911-07-20 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows Yosemite Park, Tuolumne Meadows
JEPS48885UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeEsther C. Fritz1933-07-27 PlumasSpanish Peak
RSA0084026RSAPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeCharles H. Quibell5423a1955-08-08 FresnoUpper French Canon Basin (trib. Piute Creek and S Fk. San Joaquin Rivere) W over Sierran crest from Bishop, Inyo Co. Royce & Merriam Peaks. WNW over 13,000 ft Pine Creek pass N 11,100 foot crest E av. ca. 12,500; Pilot Knob SW 12,245′Basin mostly above 11000′. This Potentilla in a temp. drain W-NW of pond W. of 10,998 Moon L. on lowest lake bench on S. side of Basin.
THRI-SEKI20884THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeFrenzel, Eriks.n.2007-08-06 UnknownRock Creek Meadow #2
THRI-SEKI20943THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeSchelz, Charlies.n.1996-07-29 UnknownShorty′s Meadow
THRI-SEKI6711THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeBurke, Mary Theresa6961978-08-28 UnknownNear Lk Arrowhead, E Of Jmt
UC12713UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeW. H. Brewer17081860-01-01 TuolumneSoda Springs Tuolumne River
UC1562389UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeVernon Oswald43421990-07-03 Butteca 0.75 mi s Humbug Summit (ca 4.75 mi e of Jonesville, headwaters of the East Branch Willow Creek); e branch Willow Creek, s of Humbug Summit, e of Jonesville
UC170070UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeMiss Helen D. Geis37b1912-06-01 PlacerDeer Park
UC191301UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeJ. W. Congdon1890-08-18 TuolumneSoda Springs of the Tuolumne
UC2076370UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock1902-07-01 MariposaYosemite National Park
UC545667UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeLouis C. Wheeler3734B1935-08-01 ModocDismal Swamp, Twenty-Mile Creek Warner Mts, Dismal Swamp, Twenty-Mile Creek
UC639572UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeFrances D. Payne2511931-06-25 ModocPine Creek Basin Warner Mountains, Pine Creek Basin
UC710489UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeLewis S. Rose442031944-07-21 Alpine3 mi s Kit Canon Pass; Winnemucca Lake, s of Kit Canon Pass
UC748060UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg48721946-06-30 ModocHighgrade, w side of ridge n end of Warner Mountains
UCR0043555UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeGeorge K. Helmkamp124342007-06-29 AmadorKirkwood Meadows about one mile west of Kirkwood and 0.1 mile south of CA-88
UCR0043556UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeRobert C. Dicksons.n.1965-07-24 Mono3 miles south of Mt. Barcroft research station
UCR0043561UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeMary DeDecker60131988-07-29 MonoHead of Cottonwood Creek, south of the gate to Barcroft
YM-YOSE232192YMPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeGrossenbacher, Dena --Smith, Joel17352010-08-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Unglaciated alpine landform about 0.25 miles east of Skelton Lakes
YM-YOSE232193YMPotentilla drummondii subsp. bruceaeGrossenbacher, Dena --Smith, Joel17352010-08-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Unglaciated alpine landform about 0.25 miles east of Skelton Lakes
JEPS79951UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiJoseph P. Tracy145431935-08-05 Trinityat head White′s Creek; Devil′s Canon Mts., head of White′s Creek
JEPS80167UCJEPSPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman53181980-07-02 Lakeca 10 mi w Stonyford (ne of Snow Mountain Peaks, Upper Milk Ranch Meadow); ne of Snow Mountain Peaks, Upper Milk Ranch Meadow
RSA627343RSAPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiMary DeDecker64331994-08-14 MonoSweetwater Mountains: Boulder Flat; East Walker River drainage; spring by cabin ruins.
THRI-SEKI6712THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiStocking, S.K.65-681965-07-28 UnknownW Of Charlotte Lk
THRI-SEKI6713THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiGlenn, C.K.5331968-08-08 UnknownMilestone Basin
THRI-SEKI6714THRIPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiStocking, S.K.68-081968-06-16 UnknownGrant Grove, N Boundary
UCR0043553UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiGeorge K. Helmkamp165952010-07-23 El Doradotrailhead at the east end of Wrights Lake, 1.2 miles north of the visitors center at the lake entrance
UCR0043554UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiGeorge K. Helmkamp137702008-07-11 El DoradoTragedy Spring Road, 8.0 miles southwest of Kirkwood and 0.1 mile north of its junction with CA-88
UCR0043560UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiMary DeDecker64331994-08-14 MonoSweetwater Mtns., Boulder Flat
UCR0043562UCRPotentilla drummondii subsp. drummondiiScott D. White54441997-08-05 MonoLee Vining Creek: below Saddlebag Lake; above USFS Sawmill Campground, c. 2.5 road mi NW of junction of Saddlebag Rd. with Hwy 120. c. 2 air mi east of Yosemite National Park boundary and 4 air mi north of Tioga Pass
RSA0168333RSAPotentilla drummondii var. drummondiiGeorge K. Helmkamp137702008-07-11 El DoradoTragedy Spring Road, 8.0 miles southwest of Kirkwood and 0.1 mile north of its junction with CA-88; Tragedy Spring 7.5 Q.

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