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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SD229SDPolypogon viridisFidella G. Woodcocks.n. San DiegoMoist soil near water, ditch, Cardiff-by-the-Sea
    SD232SDPolypogon viridisB. Goessmans.n. San DiegoMoist soil near water, La Mesa
    UCSB012774UCSBPolypogon viridisHunt, H.10 Los AngelesLiebre Gulch
    RSA385484RSAPolypogon viridisAnstruther Davidsons.n. Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA385499RSAPolypogon viridisThekla Mohrs.n. San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
    RSA191036RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thornes.n. Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont.
    CAS-BOT237594CASPolypogon viridisBrewer, W. H.3761861-3-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT237564CASPolypogon viridisBolander60811866-1-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC121315UCJEPSAgrostis viridisDr. E. Palmer1875-7-17 San DiegoCuiamaca Mts.
    CAS-BOT237572CASPolypogon viridisRattan, Volneys.n.1877-1-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Golden Gate Park
    CAS-BOT237590CASPolypogon viridisCooper, Mrs.s.n.1877-1-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, Ellwood
    CAS-BOT237530CASPolypogon viridisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.15411881-8-1 San Bernardino[Tyler's?] Mill, San Bernardino Mountains
    OBI169555OBIPolypogon viridisMrs. R. F. Bingham5031882-5-1 Santa Barbara
    POM115838RSAPolypogon viridisMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-5-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    CAS-BOT237531CASPolypogon viridisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.15571882-5-2 San Bernardino'Doubt Full' camp
    JEPS78016UCJEPSAgrostis viridisSamuel B. Parish1884-5-01 San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT237545CASPolypogon viridisOrcutt, C. R.11681884-7-3 San DiegoCampo
    JEPS78003UCJEPSAgrostis viridisW. H. Shockley6401886-1-01 InyoBishop Creek
    CAS-BOT237573CASPolypogon viridisCongdon, J. W.s.n.1887-9-20 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Oceanview
    UC36994UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish1889-5-20 San Bernardino
    UC677528UCJEPSAgrostis viridisFrederick V. Coville, Frederick Funston5791891-4-05 InyoFurnace Creek Canon Death Valley, Funeral Mountains
    JEPS68408UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish1891-5-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
    UC76878UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1891-6-01 UnknownEmery's
    CAS-BOT237529CASPolypogon viridisParish, S. B.25261892-7-4 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon
    SD52217SDPolypogon viridisR. D. Alderson120651894-5-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    CAS-BOT237534CASPolypogon viridisParish, S. B.s.n.1894-5-1 San BernardinoNear San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT237544CASPolypogon viridisMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.31591894-5-14 San DiegoMountain Spring
    CAS-BOT237497CASPolypogon viridisMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.36791894-6-22 Los AngelesCameron's Ranch Laguna
    SBBG37019SBBGPolypogon viridisL. G. Yates1895 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Region
    UC50551UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy1861(bis)1896-4-26 Kernnear Bakersfield; Head of the San Joaquin Valley, Greenfield
    UC50553UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy19841896-4-26 Kernmouth of canyon Head of the San Joaquin Valley, San Emigdio Canon
    UC50552UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy18601896-4-26 Kernnear Bakersfield (by roadside); Head of the San Joaquin Valley
    CAS-BOT237504CASPolypogon viridisDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.43991896-6-8 Los AngelesKings Canyon, Liebre Mountains
    POM1146RSAPolypogon viridisW. R. Dudley46291896-6-23 VenturaLockwood Valley, Mt. Pinos Region.
    UC36993UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. Hansen17621896-6-25 AmadorVolcano Sequoia Gigantea Region
    POM1136RSAPolypogon viridisAnonymouss.n.1897-6-29 San DiegoMorena. Alt. 4500 ft.
    UC50549UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJos. Burtt Davy40141897-8-28 AlamedaClaremont Canon Berkeley
    UC50548UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJos. Burtt Davy40821897-9-04 Contra CostaStege
    CAS-BOT237595CASPolypogon viridiss.n.1898-5-27 Santa ClaraAlum Rock Falls
    CAS-BOT237609CASPolypogon viridisDudley, W. R.s.n.1898-6-5 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Railroad cut E of Santa Cruz
    CAS-BOT237524CASPolypogon viridiss.n.1898-6-11 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC76933UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. B. Grant301901-1-01 Unknown
    RSA385494RSAPolypogon viridisBlanche Trasks.n.1901-3-1 Los AngelesAvalon, Santa Catalina Island.
    UC53509UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph Burtt Davy76831901-5-01 MontereySan Miguelito Rancho
    POM1140RSAPolypogon viridisLe Roy Abrams18051901-6-1 OrangeSantiago Peak-Trail.
    CAS-BOT237511CASPolypogon viridisA., L. R.18051901-6-1 OrangeSantiago Peak trail
    UC36992UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall22751901-6-01 Riversidealong watercourses San Jacinto Mountains, vicinity of Strawberry Valley
    CAS-BOT237507CASPolypogon viridisAbrams, Le Roy17601901-6-12 OrangeSanta Ana River
    CAS-BOT237505CASPolypogon viridisAbrams, Le Roy18681901-7-1 Los AngelesWest Fork of San Gabriel River
    UC36991UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall22521901-7-01 RiversideFuller's Mill Mountains San Jacinto Mountains
    UC815200UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. B. Grant34421902-4-01 Los Angeles
    UC53499UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall32921902-5-01 San BernardinoSanta Ana River
    CAS-BOT237543CASPolypogon viridisAbrams, LeRoy35401903-5-20 San DiegoHarvey's ranch, near El Nido
    UCR2131UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed1711903-6-05 RiversideRiverside, wet ground at outlet of lake in Fairmount Park
    CAS-BOT237451CASPolypogon viridisLaGreata4511906-5-1 San BernardinoRedlands
    UC129060UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler69611906-5-10 InyoPleasant Canon Panamint Mts.
    CAS-BOT237480CASPolypogon viridisHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.70421906-5-16 InyoPanamint Canon
    UC129059UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler70421906-5-16 InyoPanamint Canon
    UCR2134UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed9591906-5-26 RiversideRiverside. Wastewater ditch on Blaine Street
    CAS-BOT237503CASPolypogon viridisEastwood, Alice841906-5-27 Los AngelesBimini Baths
    CAS-BOT237477CASPolypogon viridisHeller, A. A.83421906-5-29 InyoSilver Canyon in the White mountains E of Laws
    CAS-BOT237478CASPolypogon viridisHeller, A. A.83421906-5-29 InyoSilver Canyon in the White mountains E of Laws
    CAS-BOT237479CASPolypogon viridisHeller, A. A.83421906-5-29 InyoSilver Canyon in the White mountains E of Laws
    UC162394UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. A. Heller83421906-5-29 Inyoe Laws; White Mountains, Silver Canon
    UCR2132UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed13911907-6-02 Riversideold pasture along Crestmore Road, West Riverside
    CAS-BOT237598CASPolypogon viridisRandall, Josephine D.1521907-6-5 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Peninsula. Page Mill Road near Stanford University
    UCR2133UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed14141907-6-16 RiversideRiverside, upper south fork of Arroyo Tequesquite
    RSA385497RSAPolypogon viridisS. B. Parish69531908-6-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley.
    UC167152UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish69531908-6-10 San Bernardinomeadows San Bernardino Valley
    JEPS68411UCJEPSAgrostis viridisElizabeth Day Palmer1908-7-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT237608CASPolypogon viridisDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-6-29 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near railroad bridge, San Lorenzo River, Seabright
    CAS-BOT237610CASPolypogon viridisDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-9-19 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near railroad crossing, Pajaro River bank
    AHUC1115DAVPolypogon viridisR. L. Pendleton14661910-6-06 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Saratoga.
    RSA115812RSAPolypogon viridisJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-8-15 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
    UC1103371UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy34601911-7-09 Humboldtwet places along Willow Creek (creek is tributary of Trinity River); Northern Coast Ranges
    JEPS82377UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. S. Hitchcock3691913-7-08 Santa Cruznear Santa Cruz (Blackburn Gulch); Blackburn Gulch
    RSA385485RSAPolypogon viridisS. F. Pattons.n.1914-4-17 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    POM11955RSAPolypogon viridisH. S. Yatess.n.1914-5-30 San BernardinoChino. Chino hills.
    AHUC1113DAVPolypogon viridisP. B. Kennedys.n.1914-7-03 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Santa Cruz.
    AHUC1118DAVPolypogon viridisP. B. Kennedys.n.1914-7-06 MontereyMonterey County: Pacific Grove.
    AHUC1130DAVPolypogon viridisW. M. Phillipsons.n.1915 Los AngelesLos Angeles Co.: Monrovia.
    AHUC1116DAVPolypogon viridisP. B. Kennedys.n.1915-6-01 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Creek, Campus, Berkeley.
    RSA385496RSAPolypogon viridisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1916-4-16 RiversideNear Palm Canon.
    POM1139RSAPolypogon viridisD. L. Crawford7151916-5-20 Los AngelesMountains above Claremont.
    UC205245UCJEPSAgrostis viridisD. L. Crawford1916-5-20 Los Angelesmountains above Claremont
    POM1138RSAPolypogon viridisI. M. Johnston10211917-5-13 Los AngelesEl Monte.
    CAS-BOT237499CASPolypogon viridisJohnston, I.10211917-5-13 Los AngelesAlong railroad, El Monte
    JEPS68409UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson70801917-5-15 InyoHanaupah Canon Panamint Mountains, Hanaupah Canon
    AHUC1125DAVPolypogon viridisP. B. Kennedys.n.1917-6-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Highway Ventura to Los Angeles.
    UCR2130UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed40071918-5-26 San Bernardinoriverbottom south of the Santa Ana River near Colton
    RSA90269RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson15811918-6-16 Los AngelesRock Creek, north slope of San Gabriel Mountains
    POM7108RSAPolypogon viridisL. T. Street27111919-5-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River near Bassett.
    AHUC1127DAVPolypogon viridisLeonardX-30251919-5-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco County: San Francisco.
    POM129640RSAPolypogon viridisW. J. Williamson3601919-6-1 TuolumneSpring Gulch near Bear Creek
    CAS-BOT237464CASPolypogon viridisWilliamson, W. J.3601919-6-1 TuolumneSpring Gulch near Bear Creek
    POM6994RSAPolypogon viridisP. A. Munz29461919-6-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Box Springs, City Creek Road.
    CAS-BOT237510CASPolypogon viridisMunz, P. A.29461919-6-8 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. Box Springs, City Creek Road
    AHUC1950DAVPolypogon viridisL. Y. Leonard1706--31920-7-13 ?  UnknownCounty and location unknown.
    CAS-BOT237599CASPolypogon viridisFerris, Roxana S.20651920-9-12 Santa ClaraCampbell Creek, Mountain View-Alviso Road
    UC1108510UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. S. Ferris20651920-9-12 Santa ClaraMt. View-Alviso Rd. Guadalupe Creek
    RSA90270RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson43281920-9-17 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    CAS-BOT237455CASPolypogon viridisMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1921-8-30 Del NorteRequa and Vicinity. Between slough and river, near hotel
    RSA623816RSAPolypogon viridisI. L. Wigginss.n.1921-11-16 Los AngelesArroyo Seco.
    RSA90271RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson53601922-7-05 Los AngelesSwartout Valley 1 mile east of Big Pines, north slope of San Gabriel Mountains.
    UC486466UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown711923-2-01 San Diegolowlands near sand dunes; Cardiff-by-the-Sea
    CAS-BOT237603CASPolypogon viridisWilliamson, Theresa Gertrudes.n.1923-6-25 Santa ClaraIrrigation ditch, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT237612CASPolypogon viridisStacey, J. W.s.n.1923-10-15 SonomaMonte Rio
    RSA385486RSAPolypogon viridisEdwin Klines.n.1924-5-20 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA135775RSAPolypogon viridisR. C. Bacigalupis.n.1924-6-07 San FranciscoI Garden (Jones St. near Lombard St.) San Francisco
    CAS-BOT237568CASPolypogon viridisBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1924-6-7 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Chestnut Street between Leavenworth and Hyde Streets
    CAS-BOT237569CASPolypogon viridisBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1924-6-7 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Chestnut Street between Leavenworth and Hyde Streets
    CAS-BOT237570CASPolypogon viridisBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1924-6-7 San FranciscoSan Francisco: In garden, Jones Street near Lombard Street
    CAS-BOT237571CASPolypogon viridisBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1924-6-7 San FranciscoSan Francisco: In garden, Jones Street near Lombard Street
    JEPS21671UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRimo Bacigalupi1924-6-07 San Franciscoin garden Jones Street near Lombard Street; San Francisco
    RSA385488RSAPolypogon viridisEdwin Klines.n.1924-6-22 Los AngelesArroyo Seco. San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA90272RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson50561924-8-23 Los AngelesAbove forks of San Gabriel River, [San Gabriel Mountains]
    SBBG59491SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1925-5-31 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: Casitas Pass
    SBBG59492SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1925-7-07 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria
    UC912640UCJEPSAgrostis viridisHerbert L. Mason22031925-7-31 Tuolumnemeadows Mather
    RSA10061RSAPolypogon viridisJoseph P. Tracy76971926-7-04 Humboldt[Unspecified]
    CAS-BOT237457CASPolypogon viridisTracy, Joseph P.76971926-7-4 HumboldtTrinity River Valley, near the South Fork
    UC526890UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy76971926-7-04 Humboldtnear South Fork; Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity River Valley
    DAV3687DAVPolypogon viridisM. Wiesendanger15801927-5-04 YoloYolo County: Putah Canon.
    RSA36RSAPolypogon viridisJ. T. Howell1961927-6-24 San BernardinoAliso Canon, Rancho Santa Ana.
    CAS-BOT237533CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas25761927-6-24 San BernardinoAliso Canon, S Puente Hills near the Santa Ana Canon Elev. given as: c. 650 ft.
    SBBG59494SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1927-8-02 Santa BarbaraGoleta
    SBBG3SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1927-8-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: above Tunnel Rd
    SBBG59495SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1927-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River
    CAS-BOT237540CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.26211927-8-29 San DiegoBanks of WItch Creek
    SBBG59493SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1927-9-20 Santa BarbaraVeronica Springs, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT237463CASPolypogon viridisFerris, Roxana S.68731927-9-25 San BenitoSan Benito River bottom, State Highway (Coast Routes)
    SBBG59490SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1927-9-27 San BernardinoArrowhead Lodge
    JEPS68410UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. L. Bauer551927-12-01 KernBakersfield
    SBBG59496SBBGPolypogon viridisM. N. Ackley181928-3-1 Los AngelesEagle Rock
    RSA385489RSAPolypogon viridisFreda Detmerss.n.1928-4-24 Los AngelesLos Angeles. Los Angeles River.
    CAS-BOT237542CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.29901928-6-12 San DiegoSan Mateo River near the ocean
    UC650542UCJEPSAgrostis viridisIra L. Wiggins29901928-6-12 San Diegoflats of river near ocean; San Mateo River
    CAS-BOT237541CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.30741928-6-13 San DiegoRiver bottom 4 miles below Pala
    UC429687UCJEPSAgrostis viridisIra L. Wiggins30741928-6-13 San Diegoriver bottom 4 mi below Pala
    CAS-BOT237482CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas40341928-6-19 InyoSourdough Canon near Panamint City, Panamint Mountains
    JEPS75055UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson129321928-6-25 SolanoSuisun
    JEPS73945UCJEPSAgrostis viridisCarl V. Meyer6491928-8-10 San DiegoEscondido
    AHUC10043DAVPolypogon viridisAugust L. Hormays.n.1928-11-30 PlumasPlumas County: North East of the Feather River. Near Pulga.
    RSA90273RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson82921929-4-20 Santa BarbaraEl Canon coast of Santa Barbara County. West of Goleta.
    UCR136643UCRAgrostis viridisFrank W. Peirson82921929-4-20 Santa BarbaraEl Capitan Auto Camp
    UC912585UCJEPSAgrostis viridisHerbert L. Mason32321929-5-24 AlamedaUniversity of Calif. Campus Berkeley
    RSA591516RSAPolypogon viridisH. F. Copeland12231929-6-16 AlamedaBerkeley.
    CAS-BOT237591CASPolypogon viridisHunt, H. H.101929-6-21 Santa BarbaraLiebre Gulch
    SBBG157888SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1930-4-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
    RSA385487RSAPolypogon viridisAmelia Eathertons.n.1930-5-1 Los AngelesEagle Rock.
    SBBG157887SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1930-6-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
    SBBG157886SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann1930-6-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Valdez
    RSA385492RSAPolypogon viridisF. R. FosbergS-30301930-6-26 Los AngelesLower Ballona Creek.
    RSA385500RSAPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-6-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Christy's.
    RSA385491RSAPolypogon viridisF. R. FosbergS-30821930-7-03 Los AngelesLexington Wash, San Gabriel River. El Monte.
    RSA385493RSAPolypogon viridisF. R. FosbergS-41171930-10-18 Los AngelesNigger Slough'. [locality name change to'Laguna Dominguez']
    SD30882SDPolypogon viridisEdith A. Purer20461931-5-01 Los AngelesPasadena, moist ground.
    UC1146353UCJEPSAgrostis viridisVictor DuranM1041931-6-13 InyoSilver Canon White Mountains
    RSA129583RSAPolypogon viridisA. Hormay51931-7-06 Santa ClaraNear Meridian; San Jose
    RSA580870RSAPolypogon viridisL. C. Wheeler341931-8-30 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    NCC16916NCCPolypogon viridisKlimansky, P.1931-11-06 SonomaBennett Valley nr Cooper Grove
    SBBG157885SBBGPolypogon viridisRalph Hoffmann7311932-5-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: upper Orizaba Cyn
    POM202525RSAPolypogon viridisL. M. Booth11631932-6-07 OrangeNewport Lagoon.
    JEPS73752UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence M. Booth11631932-6-07 OrangeNewport Bay
    UC537288UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence M. Booth11631932-6-07 OrangeNewport Lagoon
    AHUC10081DAVPolypogon viridisA. Hormays.n.1932-6-26 San FranciscoSan Francisco County: San Francisco, on 25th and Fountain Streets.
    UC1137056UCJEPSAgrostis viridisAugust L. Hormay1932-6-26 San Francisco25th and Fountain Streets San Francisco
    UC520035UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph A. Ewan75121932-6-28 Los AngelesHyperion Bridge Los Angeles River (about pool in river bed)
    RSA90274RSAPolypogon viridisF. W. Peirson102391932-7-04 San Luis ObispoOceano.
    UCR136642UCRAgrostis viridisFrank W. Peirson102391932-7-04 San Luis ObispoOceano
    JEPS75413UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson164101932-7-26 HumboldtBull Creek
    UC589498UCJEPSAgrostis viridisBeryl O. Schreiber7271932-8-03 MarinHoneymoon Beach Tomales Bay (open slope)
    UCSC100009710UCSCPolypogon viridisAugust L. Hormays.n.1932-9-05 Alameda16th Street SP RR Sta. 16th Street - Oakland
    AHUC25783DAVPolypogon viridisAugust L. Hormays.n.1932-9-05 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Oakland, 16th Street. S. P. R. R. Station.
    AHUC10223DAVPolypogon viridisAugust L. Hormays.n.1932-9-05 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Oakland, 16th Street. S. P. R. R. Station.
    FSC0001265FSCAgrostis viridisJ.S.1021932-9-11 Fresnobetween Blackstone and Fresno Aves., Fresno, California.
    FSC0001263FSCAgrostis viridisJ.S.3061933-5-21 FresnoFresno, California. Elevation 300'
    SD41383SDPolypogon viridisEdith A. Purer50611933-7-20 San Luis ObispoPartially stabilized sand dunes, five miles northwest of Guadalupe.
    CAS-BOT237584CASPolypogon viridisPurer, Edith A.50611933-7-20 San Luis Obispo5 miles NW of Guadalupe
    POM300722RSAPolypogon viridisMary L. Bowerman24621933-11-04 Contra CostaMount Diablo; Alder Creek Springs.
    CAS-BOT237472CASPolypogon viridisBowerman, Mary L.24621933-11-4 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Alder Creek Springs
    UC692385UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary L. Bowerman24621933-11-04 Contra CostaAlder Creek Springs Mount Diablo
    RSA582048RSAPolypogon viridisL. C. Wheeler23351933-12-24 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon Dam, San Gabriel Mountains
    RSA603671RSAPolypogon viridisL. C. Wheeler25791934-5-01 Los AngelesLa Verne
    CAS-BOT237600CASPolypogon viridisSharsmith, H. K.11941934-5-27 Santa ClaraSanta Isabella Creek at crossing of Kincaid road, N base of Mount Hamilton
    UC597482UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. K. Sharsmith11941934-5-27 Santa Claran base Mount Hamilton (Santa Isabella Creek, at crossing of Kincaid road); , Santa Isabella Creek
    UC597540UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. K. Sharsmith12431934-6-10 Santa Clarane base Mount Hamilton; , Santa Isabella Creek
    UCR143549UCRAgrostis viridisLouis C. Wheeler27921934-6-26 SiskiyouCottonwood Creek
    UC1148040UCJEPSAgrostis viridisPaul S. Bartholomew1934-7-24 TuolumnePiute Creek Trail Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, Piute Creek (Piute Creek is a tributary of the Tuolumne River)
    UC330028UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1935-5-3 Unknown
    RSA129714RSAPolypogon viridisA. Simontacchi991935-6-12 Ventura3.25 miles ENE of Whiteacre Peak.; Tejon
    UC589900UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. Simontacchi991935-6-12 Ventura3 1/4 mi ene Whiteacre Peaks; Tejon Quadrangle
    RSA0048678RSAPolypogon viridisKeith E. Hoffmaster6571935-7-01 San Luis ObispoNear Arroyo Grande.
    RSA0156329RSAPolypogon viridisP. A. Munz138571935-10-13 San BernardinoKeystone Spring, New York Mts., eastern Mojave Desert.
    UC334430UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1936-3-22 Unknown
    RSA395490RSAPolypogon viridisStones.n.1936-4-15 Los AngelesInglewood.
    SD15336SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander19181936-5-12 San DiegoNear Jacumba
    SD15551SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander21301936-5-19 San DiegoFord on Santa Margarita River, road to DeLuz
    SD15830SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander23971936-5-26 San DiegoSan Pasqual
    UC766965UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover12661936-6-04 Fresnonear Sanger; Kings River
    CAS-BOT237470CASPolypogon viridisBowerman, Mary L.35271936-8-17 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Sulphur Spring in Pine Canyon Elev. given as: ca. 450 ft
    CAS-BOT237471CASPolypogon viridisBowerman, Mary L.35271936-8-17 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Sulphur Spring in Pine Canyon Elev. given as: ca. 450 ft
    UC692383UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary L. Bowerman35271936-8-17 Contra CostaSulphur Spring Mount Diablo, Pine Canon
    AHUC25680DAVPolypogon viridisH. S. Yates63761936-8-29 RiversideRiverside Co.: near Keen Canon.
    UC573817UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates63761936-8-29 Riversidenear Keen Camp; San Jacinto Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT237500CASPolypogon viridisM., F. A.147421936-9-6 Los AngelesMount Baldy Camp, San Antonio Canyon
    RSA129715RSAPolypogon viridisW. A. Peterson8491937-5-15 San Luis Obispo1.3 miles E. S. E. of French Camp
    UC573798UCJEPSAgrostis viridisW. A. Peterson8491937-5-16 San Luis Obispo1.3 mi ese French Camp; La Panza Quad.
    POM291180RSAPolypogon viridisLyman Benson83111937-5-18 KernBakersfield. Kern River Watershed.
    SBBG59497SBBGPolypogon viridisP. Bartholomew1937-6-05 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mono Crk
    RSA129702RSAPolypogon viridisH. S. Yates65901937-6-22 Santa Barbara2 miles W of Goleta.; Goleta
    UC573797UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates65901937-6-22 Santa Barbara2 mi w Goleta; Goleta Quad.
    SD18149SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander42791937-6-25 San DiegoCottonwood Creek, Campo Road
    RSA129716RSAPolypogon viridisH. S. Yates67051937-6-27 RiversideNear Relief Hot Spring.; San Jactinto
    UC573796UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates67051937-6-27 Riversidenear Relief Hot Springs; San Jacinto Quadrangle
    AHUC8785DAVPolypogon viridisH. S. Yates68441937-7-07 FresnoFresno County: 6 miles N.N.W. of Reedley.
    UC573795UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates68441937-7-07 Fresno6 mi nnw Reedley; Dinuba Quadrangle
    SD18304SDPolypogon viridisCharles F. Harbisons.n.1937-8-21 San DiegoAbout 2 miles south of Little Lake, Laguna Mts.
    SD19721SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander46521937-10-21 San DiegoHigh RR trestle, east of Campo
    SD21720SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander59501938-5-29 San DiegoSentenac Canon (IPB 2/07)
    UC1103370UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy158181938-6-04 AlamedaBerkeley
    NCC16920NCCPolypogon viridisKoch, Leo3131938-6-12 Sonomaalong Redwood Hwy, ca 3 N of Santa Rosa
    POM246984RSAPolypogon viridisM. French Gilman31611938-6-18 InyoArrastre Spring, Panamint Mountains.
    SD21915SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander61191938-7-13 San DiegoPoway Junction
    SD112684SDPolypogon viridisDarley F. Howe6981938-7-15 San DiegoRocky stream bed, Pine Hills region.
    UC1145072UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy161121938-8-14 Humboldtalong mining ditch near South Fork; Trinity River Valley
    SBBG157891SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle86351938-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    RSA0085523RSAPolypogon viridisMeryl B. Dunkle86511938-8-16 Santa BarbaraMain Ranch, Santa Cruz Island.
    SBBG162040SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle86351938-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    SD22697SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander64861938-9-03 San DiegoAlong stream, Pine Valley
    SD22967SDPolypogon viridisFrank F. Gander66101938-10-05 San Diego1 mile west of Buckman, U.S. 80
    NCC16918NCCPolypogon viridisWagnon, K.2111939-5-20 Sonomaalong road by Santa Rosa airport
    SBBG157893SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle85531939-8-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Prisoners Harbor
    SD251598SDPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle85531939-8-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Prisoner's Harbor,
    RSA213191RSAPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle85531939-8-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Prisoner's Harbor.
    CATA2452CATAPolypogon viridisM.B. Dunkle85531939-8-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: West cliff, Prisoner's Harbor
    SBBG157892SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle86351939-8-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    SBBG157880SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle86511939-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    SBBG157882SBBGPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle86511939-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: main ranch
    UCR130205UCRAgrostis viridisMeryl B. Dunkle86511939-8-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, [in Central Valley at] Main [Stanton] Ranch
    CAS-BOT237481CASPolypogon viridisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas77871940-3-28 InyoTitus Canyon
    SBBG59498SBBGPolypogon viridisMark Kerr1940-4-19 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Saline Valley, Willow Crk
    CAS-BOT237475CASPolypogon viridisKerr, Marks.n.1940-4-19 InyoWillow Springs, Saline Valley
    CAS-BOT237476CASPolypogon viridisKerr, Marks.n.1940-4-19 InyoWillow Springs, Saline Valley
    SD112683SDPolypogon viridisDarley F. Howe10011940-5-25 San Diego329 J St., Chula Vista.
    RSA385502RSAPolypogon viridisM. B. Dunkle76501940-8-21 VenturaAnacapa Island: Spring Cave.
    UC766883UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover45481940-9-01 San MateoLa Honda summit La Honda
    RSA24358RSAPolypogon viridisC. B. Wolf108171941-5-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert, W slope of Providence Mountains; 6.0 miles (airline) E of Kelso in Cornfield Spring Canon.
    UCR131749UCRAgrostis viridisCarl B. Wolf108171941-5-28 San BernardinoWest slope of Providence Mtns., 6 miles (airline) east of Kelso in Cornfield Spring Canon
    CAS-BOT237538CASPolypogon viridisWolf, Carl B.108171941-5-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert, W slope of Providence Mountains, 6 miles, airline, E of Kelso in Cornfield Spring Canyon
    AHUC12558DAVPolypogon viridisCollector Unknowns.n.1941-6-01 NapaNapa County: Road from Napa to Locoya.
    NCC16917NCCPolypogon viridisTofsrud, R.1941-6-1 Naparoad fr Napa to Lokoya
    AHUC6071DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle17481941-6-15 AlamedaAlameda County: Berkeley, on University of California campus.
    AHUC7671DAVPolypogon viridisAnnie M. Alexander26731942-4-20 InyoInyo Co.: South of Hunters Canon.
    UC694369UCJEPSAgrostis viridisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg26731942-4-20 Inyos Hunter Canon; Saline Valley, Warm Springs
    AHUC7033DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle31491942-4-21 San DiegoSan Diego County: Rt. 101 Cardiff-by-the-sea.
    AHUC7228DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle32221942-4-24 VenturaVentura County: 2 miles N of Ventura.
    CLARK-A1528-4844CLARKPolypogon semiverticillatusJohn C. Roos1942-5-22 Los AngelesHollywood
    AHUC7770DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle36331942-6-25 San DiegoSan Diego County: 10 miles east of Santa Margarita, Rt. 178.
    AHUC7764DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle36461942-6-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: San Bernardino Mountains. Road between Highland and Running Springs.
    CAS-BOT237537CASPolypogon viridisBeetle, A. A.36461942-6-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, road between Highland and Running Springs
    POM266622RSAPolypogon viridisJ. C. Roos17181942-9-12 Los AngelesWestwood Village, Los Angeles.
    CLARK-A1528-4842CLARKPolypogon semiverticillatusJohn C. Roos17181942-9-12 Los AngelesWestwood
    RSA126480RSAPolypogon viridisJ. T. Howells.n.1943-6-06 MarinMill Valley steps.
    CAS-BOT237513CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomass.n.1943-6-8 MarinSausalito
    UC685535UCJEPSAgrostis viridisBob Rodin2581943-7-17 Alamedanw of Botanical Garden; Strawberry Canon
    RSA152378RSAPolypogon viridisJoseph P. Tracy174451943-8-29 Humboldt[Unspecified]
    AHUC28935DAVPolypogon viridisJoseph P. Tracy174451943-8-29 HumboldtHumboldt County: At Eureka.
    UC1145073UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy174451943-8-29 HumboldtEureka
    SBBG695SBBGPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith2871943-10-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest N of Tunnel Portal, Mission Cyn
    SBBG59489SBBGPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollard1944 VenturaOjai Valley
    SBBG93190SBBGPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith7951944-5-05 Santa BarbaraMission Crk near crossing of Jesusita Trail, N of Tunnel Portal
    RSA535242RSAPolypogon viridisC. F. Smith7951944-5-05 Santa BarbaraMission Creek near crossing of Jesusita Trail, N of tummen Portal in Mission Canon, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    CAS-BOT237514CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas196411944-6-25 MarinSan Rafael
    UC1177036UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJohn Thomas Howell196411944-6-25 MarinSan Rafael
    RSA40049RSAPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollards.n.1944-10-14 VenturaSan Antonio Creek, Ojai Valley.
    CDA001694CDAAgrostis viridisM.K. Bellue1945-5-08 OrangeRight and Hazzard, about 1/2 mile south of Garden Grove.
    RSA0113518RSAPolypogon viridisLyman Benson117361945-5-29 San BernardinoLytle Canon. Mt. Range: San Gabriel.
    CAS-BOT595182CASPolypogon viridisBenson, Lyman117361945-5-29 San BernardinoLytle Canyon. Mt. Range: San Gabriel
    CDA001695CDAAgrostis viridisM.K. Bellue1945-5-30 Orange.
    CAS-BOT237512CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas209471945-6-12 MarinWhites Hill
    RSA602382RSAPolypogon viridisL. C. Wheeler60741945-6-17 Los AngelesSouth El Monte: Rio Hondo at Rosemead Boulevard.. .
    CAS-BOT237626CASPolypogon viridisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-6-23 VenturaVentura River Basin. San Antonio Creek
    AHUC10912DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle40061945-8-05 MendocinoMendocino County: Fort Bragg.
    SBBG696SBBGPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith3981945-11-11 Santa BarbaraTunnel Portal, Mission Cyn
    AHUC12394DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle47071946-5-01 YoloYolo County: Davis R.R. Station.
    POM273048RSAPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollards.n.1946-5-26 VenturaOjai railroad near Ventura oil fields.
    CAS-BOT237627CASPolypogon viridisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-5-26 VenturaVentura River Basin. Ojai railroad near Ventura oil fields
    AHUC12293DAVPolypogon viridisA. A. Beetle43111946-6-07 KernKern County: 2.3 miles west of Fort Tejon on highway, at Lebec.
    CAS-BOT237527CASPolypogon viridisCook2511946-7-8 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Cachagua Creek
    OBI169572OBIPolypogon viridisRobert F. Hoover6458b1946-10-02 San Luis ObispoCal Poly San Luis Obispo campus
    CAS-BOT237580CASPolypogon viridisHoover, R. F.64581946-10-2 San Luis ObispoCalifornia Polytechnic College campus, San Luis Obispo
    UC771716UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover64581946-10-02 San Luis ObispoCal. Poly. State campus San Luis Obispo
    DAV9872DAVPolypogon viridisJ. D. Skosss.n.1947-5-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: High Sierras.
    UC1100118UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5591948-9-05 Imperialabove Laguna Dam (lower Colorado River); Colorado River
    UC1100117UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5921948-9-06 San Diegoabout 4 mi e La Posta
    RSA43556RSAPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollards.n.1948-10-24 VenturaLow area between sea and bluffs, Southeast Pierpoint Inn, Ventura.
    UC1100116UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith8501949-6-23 San Luis Obispoca 4 mi nw Guadalupe; Oso Flaco Lake
    RSA100973RSAPolypogon viridisG. Oberlander2431949-7-10 San MateoMarsh, Upper Crystal Springs Lake, San Francisco. Watershed Reserve
    CAS-BOT237587CASPolypogon viridisOberlander, George2431949-7-10 San MateoSan Francisco Watershed Reserve. Upper Crystal Spring Lake
    UC1100115UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith16071949-8-26 San Mateoabout 1 mi s Pidgeon Point
    RSA53583RSAPolypogon viridisJ. C. Roos46951949-11-16 San BernardinoLoma Linda.
    SBBG697SBBGPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith28971950-1-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden upper meadow W of Santa Barbara Botanic Garden parking lot in Botanic Garden [natural; not planted]
    DAV16517DAVPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith28971950-1-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara.
    CAS-BOT237588CASPolypogon viridisOberlander, George10281950-6-3 San MateoSan Francisco Watershed Reserve. Upper Crystal Spring Lake
    CAS-BOT237611CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.19751950-6-10 Santa CruzPajaro River at Watsonville Bridge
    UCR24051UCRAgrostis viridisJohn C. Roos48491950-7-05 San BernardinoLoma Linda, residence at 414 Steward Street
    CLARK-A1528-5279CLARKPolypogon semiverticillatusJohn C. Roos48481950-7-05 San BernardinoLoma Linda
    UCR30616UCRAgrostis viridisJohn C. Rooss.n.1950-8-07 San BernardinoBeck Spring, Kingston Mountains
    POM313174RSAPolypogon viridisS. Galen Smith4821950-9-02 KernTehachapi Pass, 13 miles north of Tehachapi.
    DAV30583DAVPolypogon viridisMalcolm A. Nobs4821950-9-02 KernKern County: Tehachapi Pass, 13 miles north of Tehachapi.
    CAS-BOT237495CASPolypogon viridisNobs, Malcom A.; Smith, S. Galen4821950-9-2 KernTehachapi Pass, 13 miles N of Tehachapi
    UC1100119UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith4821950-9-02 Kern13 mi n Tehachapi; Tehachapi Pass
    SJSU1104SJSUPolypogon viridisC.W. Sharsmith58401951-5-21 Santa Clarabordering Coyote Creek, SE environs of San Jose
    CAS-BOT237574CASPolypogon viridisBush, Dr. Mildreds.n.1953-1-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Lake Merced
    FSC0001266FSCAgrostis viridisSimon Simonian2484A1953-5-24 FresnoDry Creek Canong North Ave. ablut 1/2 mile e of Grantland, 100 yds w of Dry Creek Canal xing of North Ave. About 8 m sw of Fresno. Main canal.
    RSA96830RSAPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell20591953-5-26 FresnoScout Camp at Scout Isld., s. side of San Joaquin R. in broad bottom, w. of terminus of N. Van Ness Blvd.
    AHUC21972DAVPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell20591953-5-26 FresnoFresno Co.: Scout Camp at Scout Island, south side of San Joaquin River in broad bottom, west of terminus of North Van Ness Blvd.
    FSC0001268FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell20591953-5-26 FresnoScout Camp at Scout Isld., s. side of San Joaquin R. in broad bottom, w. of terminus of N. Van Ness Extensive Scout property a long abandoned resort returned to the wild in midst of long cultivated area. Canonium, etc., large Elms, Eucalypts, Palms, etc.
    AHUC19599DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton13491953-5-28 SacramentoSacramento Co.: East bank of Sacramento River, Sacramento.
    RSA97587RSAPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell21011953-5-29 FresnoScout Camp at Scout Island, S side of San Joaquin River, W of terminus of N Van Ness Blvd.
    RSA135808RSAPolypogon viridisJohn H. Thomas32511953-5-30 Santa CruzAlong Pajaro River, near bridge on San Juan Bautista- Watsonville Highway, (number 67).
    RSA89328RSAPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell21371953-5-30 FresnoSan Joaquin R bottom about N of Fruit Ave., reached by Jeep from N Van Ness Blvd. along old promotion canal cut into the bluff face.
    FSC0001264FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell21371953-5-30 FresnoSan Joaquin R. bottom about n. of Fruit Ave., reached by Jeep from N. Van Ness Blvd. along old promotion canal cut into the bluff face.
    SBBG88569SBBGPolypogon viridisClifton F. Smith59831953-6-02 Santa Barbaranear Cuyama
    RSA89639RSAPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell22431953-6-05 FresnoSkaggs Bridge xing of San Joaquin R. on Madera Ave. about 8 m. w. of Hiway 99 xing of river. On S. side below corner on Madera Ave. (Gravel Co. property tho no recent activity).
    FSC0001261FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell22431953-6-05 FresnoSkaggs Bridge xing of San Joaquin R. on Madera Ave. about 8 m. w. of Hiway 99 xing of river. Barren open bench few ft. above river on s. side below corner on Madera Ave. (Gravel Co. property tho no recent activity).
    RSA106804RSAPolypogon viridisChas. H. Quibell22891953-6-09 Fresno10' bank of San Joaquin R. over 1m. n. of Shields Ave. on ne-sw leg of river-23m. w-nm of Fresno.
    FSC0001262FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell22891953-6-09 FresnoSycamore dominated 10' bank of San Joaquin R. over 1m. n. of Shields Ave. on ne-sw leg of river - 23 m. w-nw of Fresno.
    CAS-BOT237490CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.7521953-9-9 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Salt Creek, 1 mile N of Temblor Ranch house, western Kern County
    CAS-BOT237491CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.7521953-9-9 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Salt Creek, 1 mile N of Temblor Ranch house, western Kern County
    CAS-BOT237486CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.12931954-5-25 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. McGovern Grade: 2.5 miles E of Annette
    CAS-BOT237487CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.12931954-5-25 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. McGovern Grade: 2.5 miles E of Annette
    RSA92934RSAPolypogon viridisP. H. Raven70181954-6-15 InyoNear main springs S of Deep Springs Lake.
    CAS-BOT237484CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.70461954-6-17 InyoAntelope Springs, Deep Springs Valley
    CAS-BOT237483CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.70851954-6-18 InyoAt the main springs E of Deep Springs Lake
    AHUC20518DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton2034A1954-7-02 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 1 mile southwest of Garden Valley.
    CAS-BOT237604CASPolypogon viridisHesse, V. F.13661954-8-11 Santa CruzBear Creek Canyon, about 3 miles from Boulder Creek Elev. given as: About 750 feet
    CAS-BOT237605CASPolypogon viridisHesse, V. F.13661954-8-11 Santa CruzBear Creek Canyon, about 3 miles from Boulder Creek Elev. given as: About 750 feet
    CAS-BOT237606CASPolypogon viridisHesse, V. F.13661954-8-11 Santa CruzBear Creek Canyon, about 3 miles from Boulder Creek Elev. given as: About 750 feet
    CAS-BOT237555CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.79461954-8-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Fort Point
    CAS-BOT237607CASPolypogon viridisHesse, V. F.13931954-9-15 Santa CruzNear Big Basin Highway, 3 miles from Boulder Creek Elev. given as: About 850 feet
    CAS-BOT237554CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.82081954-9-19 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Near Laguna Honda
    RSA127877RSAPolypogon viridisP. H. Raven145831954-10-04 VenturaRevolon Slough, 2 miles N of Point Maju, Santa Monica Mountains.
    CAS-BOT237488CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.16751954-11-29 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Las Yeguas Creek, 2 miles N of Las Yeguas Ranch, Temblor Mountains
    CAS-BOT237489CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.16751954-11-29 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Las Yeguas Creek, 2 miles N of Las Yeguas Ranch, Temblor Mountains
    AHUC039160DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton28031955-5-20 YoloYolo County, city of Davis.
    AHUC21474DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton28031955-5-24 YoloYolo County, city of Davis.
    AHUC21429DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton30221955-7-21 SacramentoSacramento County, Fair Oaks, along American River.
    RSA0086521RSAPolypogon viridisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1955-9-12 Los AngelesNear Mulholland Bridge at Cahuenga Pass.
    CAS-BOT237557CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas312581956-4-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Near Fisherman's Wharf
    CAS-BOT237556CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomass.n.1956-5-19 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Third and Army streets
    CAS-BOT237552CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter25751956-6-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Golden Gate Park. Area near California Academy of Sciences
    AHUC040962DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton35441956-6-11 MariposaMariposa County: 3.7 miles NE of Bootjack.
    CAS-BOT237502CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.94041956-6-17 Los AngelesWestwood, Los Angeles
    AHUC28532DAVPolypogon viridisDavid L. Morgans.n.1956-6-26 SonomaSonoma County: Bank above Shell Beach, 1/4 mi. S. of Goat Rock, just off State Highway #1.
    CAS-BOT237616CASPolypogon viridisMorgan, David L.s.n.1956-6-26 SonomaSpring at Shell Beach, 0.25 mile S of Goat Rock, off State Highway 1
    CAS-BOT237559CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas316541956-7-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Embarcadero and Vallejo streets
    CAS-BOT237578CASPolypogon viridisHardham, Clare B.12701956-7-15 San Luis ObispoThe Santa Lucia Mountains. Santa Rita Creek
    CAS-BOT237550CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter27621956-8-19 San FranciscoSan Francisco. On 9th Avenue near Fulton Street
    CAS-BOT237614CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter28491956-9-11 SonomaVacation Beach, Russian River near Guerneville
    CAS-BOT237548CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter29551956-10-13 San FranciscoSan Francisco. San Miguel Hills. Bottom of canyon E of O'Shaugnessy Blvd
    CAS-BOT237549CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter29551956-10-13 San FranciscoSan Francisco. San Miguel Hills. Bottom of canyon E of O'Shaugnessy Blvd
    CAS-BOT237546CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter30761956-11-11 San FranciscoNear Lily Pond, Golden Gate Park
    CAS-BOT237547CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter30761956-11-11 San FranciscoNear Lily Pond, Golden Gate Park
    SJSU4367SJSUPolypogon viridisA.J. Cortopassi81957-5-17 San MateoCanon Rd, Burlingame
    DAV24439DAVPolypogon viridisD. W. Ragsdale41957-5-24 ImperialImperial Co.: Ca. 1 mile east of Calexico.
    RSA148935RSAPolypogon viridisL. S. Rose570781957-5-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco. North slope of Russian Hill, Francisco St, near Hyde St.
    CAS-BOT237562CASPolypogon viridisRose, Lewis S.570781957-5-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco. N slope of Russian Hill, 876 Francisco Street, near Hyde Street
    SFV115108SFVPolypogon viridisR. L. Armacost8581957-6-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin; Santa Monica.
    CAS-BOT237506CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.68051957-6-2 Los AngelesArroyo Seco under and near Colorado Street bridge, Pasadena
    CAS-BOT237558CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas325961957-6-11 San FranciscoSan Francisco. E side of Lone Mountain
    AHUC23408DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton42201957-6-14 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Former bog area, east base Albany Hill, Albany.
    SFV115106SFVPolypogon viridisR. L. Armacost8711957-6-15 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin; Santa Monica.
    CAS-BOT237561CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomass.n.1957-6-17 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Lone Mountain
    AHUC23529DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton42531957-7-02 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Along the San Lorenzo River, Sycamore Grove Campgrounds, 1 mile N of Santa Cruz.
    CAS-BOT237551CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter34851957-8-7 San FranciscoSan Francisco. W slope of Mount Sutro N of Laguna Honda
    CDA0038392CDAAgrostis viridisWm. Daviss.n.1957-8-16 San MateoNursery; Millbrae.
    RSA118902RSAPolypogon viridisL. S. Rose571421957-9-14 MontereyCarmel.
    CAS-BOT237526CASPolypogon viridisRose, Lewis S.571421957-9-14 MontereyCarmel Elev. given as: ca. 300 ft.
    AHUC24884DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton48921958-6-04 AlamedaAlameda County: Oakland. Redwood Road and Skyline Blvd. just west of Redwood Regional Park.
    RSA135807RSAPolypogon viridisJohn H. Thomas73571958-7-24 Santa ClaraAt 2130 Bowdoin St., Palo Alto
    CAS-BOT237602CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.73571958-7-24 Santa ClaraAt 2130 Bowdoin Street, Palo Alto
    CAS-BOT237586CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.73691958-8-1 San MateoAbout 0.25 mile W of center of Pescadero
    AHUC25102DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton50661958-8-06 MarinMarin County: bank above Bolinas Lagoon, 3/4 mile north of Bolinas.
    CAS-BOT237596CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.74221958-8-16 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus, in front of Jordan Hall
    RSA437439RSAPolypogon viridisH. J. Thompson1501959-5-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. 0.3 miles N of Coast Highway, Tuna Canon.(34 ° N; 119-119 ° W.)
    UCR19666UCRAgrostis viridisHenry J. Thompsons.n.1959-5-24 Los Angeles0.3 mi north of Pacific Coast Hwy (1), Tuna Canon
    CAS-BOT237615CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter41021959-6-6 SonomaWillow Creek Marsh
    CAS-BOT237577CASPolypogon viridisHardham, Clare B.48281959-6-20 San Luis ObispoThe Santa Lucia Mountains. Santa Rosa Creek, Cambria
    CAS-BOT237565CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.54101959-6-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Residence at 1926 16th Avenue Elev. given as: ca. 200 feet
    CAS-BOT237566CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.54101959-6-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Residence at 1926 16th Avenue Elev. given as: ca. 200 feet
    CAS-BOT237619CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.55331959-7-8 TulareLimestone Cliffs (near Fairview), Kern River Canyon
    AHUC26549DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton54521959-9-03 Contra CostaContra Costa Co.: Bear Creek, about 2 miles north of Orinda.
    AHUC27663DAVPolypogon viridisPeter H. Raven144021959-9-06 Los AngelesLos Angeles Co.: Malibu Creek near its mouth, Santa Monica Mountains.
    CAS-BOT237461CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas350691959-9-26 PlumasNear Soda Spring, Feather River Canyon
    CAS-BOT237462CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas350691959-9-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: Bautista Canyon Elev. given as: 951m/3120ft
    CAS-BOT237629CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.145831959-10-4 AmadorSmall lake on Carson Pass road just W of Carson Spur near Kirkwood
    RSA128011RSAPolypogon viridisP. H. Raven146631959-10-18 Los AngelesMouth of Topanga Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
    CAS-BOT237501CASPolypogon viridisRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.146631959-10-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Near mouth of Topanga Canyon
    RSA136782RSAPolypogon viridisPercy C. Everett241331960-5-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon, 2.5 miles from Azusa. Alt. 800 ft.
    AHUC27697DAVPolypogon viridisP. C. Everett241331960-5-30 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Canon, 2.5 mile from Azusa.
    CAS-BOT237525CASPolypogon viridisHardham, Clare B.60201960-6-5 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. The Indians
    CAS-BOT237613CASPolypogon viridisRubtzoff, Peter44391960-6-5 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa area NE of Graton, near the Laguna Road
    RSA179509RSAPolypogon viridisE. W. Lathrop48971960-6-07 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta.
    CAS-BOT237567CASPolypogon viridisPenalosa, Javiers.n.1961-5-26 San FranciscoSan Francisco: Castro Street near 25th Street
    SBBG15609SBBGPolypogon viridisDennis E. Breedlove4931961-6-01 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Alamo Pintado Crk from 7-8 N of Los Olivos, base of Figueroa Mtn, Birabent Cyn
    UCSB012775UCSBPolypogon viridisDennis E. Breedlove5021961-6-01 Santa BarbaraAlamo Pintado Creek; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birabent Canon, San Rafael Range
    DAV56050DAVPolypogon viridisJavier Penalosa16181961-6-07 MarinMarin County: Tiburon Peninsula. Paradise Dr. near Prince Royal Passage.
    CAS-BOT237517CASPolypogon viridisPenalosa, Javier; Howell, J. T.16181961-6-7 MarinTiburon Peninsula. Paradise Drive near Prince Royal Passage
    CAS-BOT237518CASPolypogon viridisPenalosa, Javier; Howell, J. T.16731961-6-7 MarinTiburon Peninsula. NW of Marin Country Day School
    JEPS39718UCJEPSAgrostis viridisCharlotte N. Smith10451961-6-22 Kernbelow the spring on French Ranch (about 4 mi sw of Eugene Grade); Greenhorn, Mike Harney Canon, French Ranch
    CAS-BOT237601CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.95651961-6-23 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus, between Chemistry and Jordan Hall
    CAS-BOT237597CASPolypogon viridisThomas, J. H.95681961-6-25 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus, near Branner Hall
    CAS-BOT237516CASPolypogon viridisPenalosa, Javier21941961-8-26 MarinTiburon Peninsula. Tiburon Blvd at Belvedere Drive
    RSA151130RSAPolypogon viridisP. H. Raven166971961-9-17 San BernardinoCanon Canon below Canon Station, at Canon Campground
    AHUC30078DAVPolypogon viridisPeter H. Raven166971961-9-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Canon Canon below Canon Station, at Canon Campground.
    CAS-BOT237563CASPolypogon viridisBolander15141962-3-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    SBBG157879SBBGPolypogon viridisM. A. Piehl62262a1962-5-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Prisoners Harbor
    SD00000856SDPolypogon viridisReid Moran97091962-5-21 San DiegoCanonside South of Natural History Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego.
    SBBG157898SBBGPolypogon viridisPeter H. Raven178441962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle Ranch
    RSA155328RSAPolypogon viridisP. H. Raven178441962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle Ranch
    UC1117450UCJEPSAgrostis viridisPeter H. Raven178441962-5-22 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch Santa Catalina Island
    SBBG13990SBBGPolypogon viridisE. R. Blakley51571962-5-31 Santa BarbaraGuadalupe Dunes: mouth of Guadalupe Crk and the Santa Maria River
    CAS-BOT237592CASPolypogon viridisBlakley, E. R.51571962-5-31 Santa BarbaraAt mouth of Guadalupe Creek and the Santa Maria River near the ocean
    CAS-BOT237460CASPolypogon viridisTrue, Gordon H.8011962-7-10 NevadaBlue Tent Road near Edwards Crossing on S Yuba River
    AHUC30741DAVPolypogon viridisAlice I. Richardsons.n.1962-8-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Cold Spring Creek north of Ashley Road Bridge, behind 813 Ashley Road, Montecito.
    SFV115110SFVPolypogon viridisA. I. Richardsons. n.1962-8-15 Santa BarbaraSouth Coast Ranges; Montecito. Bed of Cold Creek, north of Ashley Road Bridge, behind 813 Ashley Road.
    RSA319514RSAPolypogon viridisPatricia Wilder23721962-8-22 Santa CruzPacific Monterey Bay Disturbed area- sidewalk crack
    SBBG157897SBBGPolypogon viridisE. R. Blakley54441962-10-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood Cyn, 0.25 mi upstream from ocean
    JEPS77797UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRobert M. Lloyd10741962-10-08 Santa BarbaraRefugio Pass and U.S. 101 (under bridge next to stream at entrance to beach state park); Refugio Pass
    AHUC24464DAVPolypogon viridisRobert F. Thornes.n.1963 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: At Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont.
    CAS-BOT237520CASPolypogon viridisHowell, J. T.393271963-5-18 Monterey2.5 miles S of Aromas Elev. given as: ca. 200 ft.
    CAS-BOT237539CASPolypogon viridisAlderson, R. D.3671963-5-18 San DiegoWitch Creek
    UC1146709UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRobert M. Lloyd26901963-6-18 Inyo5.1 mi w White Mountain Road (Toll-house springs); White Mountains, Westgard Pass
    JEPS33886UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence R. Heckard13231963-6-18 AlamedaBerkeley, U.C. Campus
    CAS-BOT237521CASPolypogon viridisHowell, J. T.394191963-6-21 MontereyAlong Highway US 101, Prunedale
    CAS-BOT237522CASPolypogon viridisHowell, J. T.395961963-6-22 MontereyParkfield Summit
    CAS-BOT237523CASPolypogon viridisHowell, J. T.400351963-8-6 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Abbott Lakes, Arroyo Seco Forest Service Campground
    CAS-BOT237519CASPolypogon viridisHowell, J. T.403891963-11-19 MontereyAlong railroad tracks and on the waterfront, near Southern Pacific station
    AHUC30839DAVPolypogon viridisBeecher Crampton69891964-5-18 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Santa Margarita. Santa Margarita Creek.
    RSA191987RSAPolypogon viridisE. W. Lathrop53951964-5-24 Riverside8 miles west of Murrieta
    OBI169573OBIPolypogon viridisRobert F. Hoover90261964-6-11 San Luis ObispoE end of Los Osos Valley
    CAS-BOT237581CASPolypogon viridisHoover, R. F.90261964-6-11 San Luis ObispoE end of Los Osos Valley
    UCSB012789UCSBPolypogon viridisRalph PhilbrickB64-621964-6-17 Santa BarbaraMouth of Laguna Canon; Santa Cruz Island
    CAS-BOT237583CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas408731964-6-30 San Luis ObispoCambria
    SBBG157884SBBGPolypogon viridisR. N. PhilbrickB64-2851964-7-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Canada del Puerto
    AHUC31294DAVPolypogon viridisErnest C. Twisselmann101601964-8-22 KernKern County. Monolith.
    CAS-BOT237492CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.101601964-8-22 KernTehachapi Mountains. Monolith
    CAS-BOT237493CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.101601964-8-22 KernTehachapi Mountains. Monolith
    OBI169588OBIPolypogon viridisRobert F. Hoover93081964-9-16 San Luis ObispoCal Poly Campus in San Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT237579CASPolypogon viridisHoover, R. F.93081964-9-16 San Luis ObispoCal Poly [California Polytechnic College] campus, San Luis Obispo
    RSA177766RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne34436-A1965-5-10 Los AngelesCanon, Santa Catalina Island
    SBBG157889SBBGPolypogon viridisR. N. PhilbrickB65-10131965-5-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Jolla Vieja Cyn
    UCSB012783UCSBPolypogon viridisPhilbrick, Ralph; Broder, RichardB6510131965-5-15 Santa BarbaraJolla Vieja Canon; Santa Rosa Island
    SBBG23349SBBGPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollard1965-5-23 Santa BarbaraDe La Vina Street, Santa Barbara
    UCSB012773UCSBPolypogon viridisJoseph M. Keefe9231965-6-03 VenturaTrail to Big Cone Public Camp, 100 yards west of Second Crossing, Santa Paula Creek, north of Santa Paula
    CAS-BOT237589CASPolypogon viridisWheeler, Philips.n.1965-6-8 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain. Crocker Industrial Park
    SBBG157896SBBGPolypogon viridisR. N. PhilbrickB65-1364c1965-6-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: first cyn W of Profile Pt
    UCSB012779UCSBPolypogon viridisJohn C. Roos1965-6-12 San BernardinoIgo's near Mountain Home Village and Mill Creek; San Bernardino Mtns.
    CAS-BOT237528CASPolypogon viridisRoos, J. C.; Sanders, A. C.s.n.1965-6-12 San BernardinoIgo's near Mountain Home Village and Mill Creek, San Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-4843CLARKPolypogon semiverticillatusJohn C. Roos1965-6-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    RSA187978RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne350391965-6-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: below dam in lower Cottonwood Canon
    JROH4811JROHPolypogon viridisH.J. Denglers.n.1965-8-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; S.F. Creek bed in sunny area below N. bend
    RSA790277RSAPolypogon viridisPeter Rubtzoff56221965-8-26 AlamedaStrawberry Creek margin, near Giannini Hall, University of California campus, Berkeley.
    CAS-BOT237509CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.203181965-11-3 OrangeBetween trees in orange grove near corner of Dowling Street and Crowther avenue, 0.5 mile S of Placentia
    CAS-BOT237508CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.203371965-11-6 OrangeNear railway right of way, W side of Atwood
    SBBG25378SBBGPolypogon viridisE. R. Chandler31861966-9-09 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Beaver Camp, upper Sespe
    RSA187707RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne366361966-9-14 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: lower Middle Ranch Canon, ca. 3/4 mile above Ben Weston Beach
    OBI169589OBIPolypogon viridisRobert F. Hoover100311966-9-16 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Crk 2 N of Santa Margarita
    CAS-BOT237582CASPolypogon viridisHoover, R. F.100311966-9-16 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Creek 2 miles N of Santa Margarita
    SBBG84595SBBGPolypogon viridisE. R. Chandler3232c1966-10-07 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn
    SBBG157894SBBGPolypogon viridisMichael R. Benedict1967-6-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: cyn draining into Coches Prietos from west
    RSA599247RSAPolypogon viridisM. R. Benedicts.n.1967-6-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Canon draining into Coches Prietos from west.
    CAS-BOT237624CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.427951967-7-3 TulareKern Plateau. W of Lamont Meadow
    RSA0127703RSAPolypogon viridisLouis C. Wheeler101051967-7-18 Los AngelesGold Creek off Little Tujunga Canon.
    CAS-BOT589446CASPolypogon viridisWheeler, Louis C.101051967-7-18 Los AngelesGold Creek, off Little Tujunga Canyon
    RSA191376RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne371381967-7-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, Crystal Lake Recreation Area; above junction of roads to Crystal Lake and Angeles Crest Highway
    RSA0127378RSAPolypogon viridisLouis C. Wheeler101361967-7-20 Los AngelesAliso Canon.
    CAS-BOT588108CASPolypogon viridisWheeler, Louis C.101361967-7-20 Los AngelesAliso Canyon
    CAS-BOT237622CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.435291967-8-8 TulareKern Plateau. Along Chimney Creek, Lamont Meadow
    SBBG28087SBBGPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollard1967-8-30 Santa Barbaraharbor breakwater, Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT237575CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.136971967-9-9 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Ortega Spring, Palo Prieta Canyon, along Palo Prieta Creek
    CAS-BOT237576CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.136971967-9-9 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Ortega Spring, Palo Prieta Canyon, along Palo Prieta Creek
    CAS-BOT237623CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.437801967-9-18 TulareKern Plateau. Recreation area, N end of Lamont Meadow
    CAS-BOT237467CASPolypogon viridisWetzel, Cherie L.3291968-4-23 AlamedaNiles Canyon and vicinity. E end of sand bag levee
    CAS-BOT237617CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.145001968-6-26 TulareThe Kern Plateau. Chimney Creek 1 mile below Lamont Meadow
    CAS-BOT237618CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.145001968-6-26 TulareThe Kern Plateau. Chimney Creek 1 mile below Lamont Meadow
    IRVC21362IRVCPolypogon semiverticillatusA.S. Boughey4171968-7-09 OrangeSanta Ana mtns: upper Santiago Canon.
    CAS-BOT237468CASPolypogon viridisWetzel, Cherie L.4721968-9-28 AlamedaNiles Canyon and vicinity. E of Niles Bridge
    CAS-BOT237469CASPolypogon viridisWetzel, Cherie L.5181968-10-30 AlamedaNiles Canyon and vicinity. Stonybrook canyon
    CAS-BOT237465CASPolypogon viridisWetzel, Cherie L.5251968-11-19 AlamedaNiles Canyon and vicinity. Holderfield's Ranch
    DAV51136DAVPolypogon viridisPerry S. Allen3701969-5-30 StanislausStanislaus Co.: Shore of Dawson Lake; 1 1/2 miles southwest of La Grange.
    CAS-BOT237473CASPolypogon viridisKnight, Walter & Irja26231969-6-4 Contra CostaIn the Regional Parks Botanic Garden
    CAS-BOT237628CASPolypogon viridisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1969-6-19 VenturaVentura River between Oak View and Rancho Arnaz
    SBBG41406SBBGPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollard1969-6-26 VenturaVentura River, N of and near Baldwin Rd (St Hwy 150) crossing
    CAS-BOT237466CASPolypogon viridisWetzel, Cherie L.9111969-6-29 AlamedaNiles Canyon and vicinity. At Shilling's Park
    CAS-BOT237625CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.463581969-9-30 TulareKern Plateau. Burton Camp, Cherry Hill Road, Brush Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT237459CASPolypogon viridisBreedlove, D. E.171361969-11-27 MariposaAlong Dogtown road 3 miles above Coulterville
    SBBG39281SBBGPolypogon viridisHenry M. Pollard1970-6-25 VenturaCoyote Crk, N of and near Santa Ana Rd crossing, Foster Park
    UCR275266UCRAgrostis viridisPeter Rubtzoff63771970-9-03 SonomaMarsh off west side of Highway 1, 0.7 miles SE of Salmon Creek crossing
    CAS-BOT237496CASPolypogon viridisHowell, John Thomas472561970-9-22 KernAlong Kern River between Kernville and River Kern
    OBI169587OBIPolypogon viridisLarry E. Brown19201971-2-23 San Luis ObispoCal Poly Campus in San Luis Obispo
    DAV167513DAVPolypogon viridisErnest C. Twisselmann177671971-6-20 TulareTulare County: Limestone Cliffs, Kern Canon.
    CAS-BOT237620CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.177671971-6-20 TulareLimestone Cliffs
    CAS-BOT237621CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.177671971-6-20 TulareLimestone Cliffs
    CAS-BOT237494CASPolypogon viridisTwisselmann, Ernest C.177991971-6-21 KernS Fork of Kern River, 0.5 mile below the Kernville Highway bridge
    PGM2914PGMPolypogon viridisAllison, Allen1971-6-24 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Valley Carmel River, Nr Water Mgt Dist 'Places'
    RSA233493RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne421581972-6-29 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest: along Canon Creek near Canon Campground in Canon Canon
    CATA312CATAPolypogon viridisMark L. Hoefs3371973-6-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Lower Cottonwood Canon, in stream bed by main road at bridge
    RSA252068RSAPolypogon viridisR. F. Thorne441621973-6-21 San BernardinoEast Mojave Desert, New York Mountains: Canon near Sagamore Mine.
    CAS-BOT237452CASPolypogon viridisWiggins, Ira L.220281973-6-24 UnknownSan Francisquito Creek, about 60 m above Pope Street Bridge, along line between Santa Clara and San Mateo counties
    CAS-BOT237532CASPolypogon viridisHenricksen, James110941973-7-7 San Bernardino12.5 air miles ENE of Cima, E of Keystone Spring in upper Keystone Canyon, 1 mile E of Keystone Mine, below Keystone Spring
    CSLA024904CSLAPolypogon semiverticillatusJames Henrickson11040b1973-7-07 San Bernardino20 (air) miles ENE of Cima, 7 (air) miles ENE of Ivanpah, at Dove Spring NW of Castle Buttle in N New York Mts.
    CSLA024903CSLAPolypogon semiverticillatusJames Henrickson11136b1973-7-07 San Bernardinoca 11.5 (air) miles E of Cima in Mid Canon of SE New York Mts; along trail