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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
ARF0469BLMARPlantago maritimaJennifer Anthony-Wheeler4692002-7-1 Humboldt
CAS-BOT353408CASPlantago maritima var. californicaRubtzoff, Peter; Rubtzoff, Nina102311990-10-22 San FranciscoThe Esplanade along Ocean Beach, in the section west of the ends of Balboa to Fulton Streets.
CDA0018205CDAPlantago maritimaG.D. Barbe18311974-6-17 HumboldtLower Pacific Drive, S of sewage plant, W of golf course, at Sail Court, Shelter Cove. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0051844CDAPlantago maritimaWayne R. Ferren, Haller21581980-2-10 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal ca 1.5 NE of Pt. Sal. Growing in sand at base of bluff at seep above rocky intertidal zone.
CHSC20361CHSCPlantago maritima var. californicaZ. Parkevich1975-6-21 MendocinoFound at beach 1 mi s of Albion about 1/4 mi off Hwy 101.
CHSC22159CHSCPlantago maritima subsp. juncoidesRobert A. Schlising22911962-6-08 MarinRocky slope near Point Reyes Lighthouse.
CHSC24470CHSCPlantago maritima var. californicaM. S. Taylor12601976-9-09 MontereyGuarrapata Beach, ca. 15 mi s of Carmel.
CHSC32936CHSCPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJames Payne Smith, Jr.38131970-6-07 Humboldt0.6 miles north of Luffenholtz Beach along Calif. 1 near Trinidad.
CHSC4013CHSCPlantago maritimaD. B. Joley11967-4-20 San Luis ObispoOn a mesa, ca. 50 ft s of Cabrillo highway and ca. 1/2 mile from turn off to Arroyo Grande, Nipomo.
CHSC84551CHSCPlantago maritimaJohn Dittes2003-502003-6-5 MendocinoNorth Coast; ca. 13.3 air-mile north of Fort Bragg, ca. _-way between Westport and Westport-Union State Beach. On bluff between high-tide mark and highway. T2 N R1 W S30 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Westport 1:24,000
CSUSB93518CSUSBPlantago maritimaA.R. Gilloglys.n.1966-9-04 MarinSouth-west Marin County, California. 1.6 miles south of Muir Beach turnoff on Highway 1
DAV304043DAVPlantago maritimaA. Browns.n.1993-5-14 MarinMarin County: 4.2 NE of mouth of Tomales Bay near Ocean Roar W. Highway 1 by Pacific Narrow guage railroad grade, Walker Creek Delta.
DAV304041DAVPlantago maritimaFrederica Bowcutt4521984-6-23 SonomaSonoma County: Salt Point State Park. Approx. 20 miles N of Jenner and 80 miles S of Fort Bragg on the Sonoma County coast. West of Highway 1 North of Gerstle Cove about 1/2 mile. Salt Point State Park.
DAV304040DAVPlantago maritimaFrederica Bowcutt8671987-5-26 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Whale Gulch area. Immed. adjacent to black sand beach from the mouth of Whale Gulch to Jones Beach.
DAV304042DAVPlantago maritimaMalcolm A. Nobs12051949-8-03 HumboldtHumboldt County: Salt marshes bordering Humboldt Bay, CA. 2 miles N of Eureka.
DAV304039DAVPlantago maritimaP. B. Kennedys.n.1923-4-19 AlamedaAlameda County: Fleming, West Berkeley.
AHUC102221DAVPlantago maritimaP. B. Kennedys.n.1923-4-01 AlamedaAlameda County: Fleming, S. P. Tracks. North of West Berkeley, University Avenue Depot.
DAV304038DAVPlantago maritimaP. B. Kennedys.n.1928-7-15 HumboldtHumboldt County: Sea Cliffe, near Trinidad.
DAV304037DAVPlantago maritimaG. Thomas Robbins36171953-8-29 San MateoSan Mateo County: Just south of the Olympic Golf Club and the San Francisco City and County line.
DAV304044DAVPlantago maritimaCollector Unknown18731925-6-07 MarinMarin County: Sausalito.
DAV304035DAVPlantago maritimaJames Payne Smith, Jr.38131970-6-07 HumboldtHumboldt County: 0.6 miles north of Luffenholtz Beach along California 1 near Trinidad.
DAV304036DAVPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne322601963-6-12 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo Co.: Piedras Blancas Point.
DAV304034DAVPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne343931965-4-21 MarinMarin County: North end of Drakes Estero, circa 4-5 miles W of Inverness on Francis Drake Blvd.
DAV304046DAVPlantago maritimaS. S. Tillett5951956-7-02 MendocinoMendocino County: along beach 1.6 miles north from Branscomb turnoff, south of Rockport.
DAV304045DAVPlantago maritimaG. Ledyard Stebbins65--1141966 UnknownCalifornia. No locality information provided.
FSC0023686FSCPlantago maritima1930-7-12 Monterey
HSC100588HSCPlantago maritimaCarl C. Marshall2291886-6-1 HumboldtSalt marshes.
HSC104673HSCPlantago maritimaPeter Sorensensn1976-6-02 HumboldtWoodley Island
HSC16857HSCPlantago maritimaC.E. Fellows791965-5-17 HumboldtLuffenholtz Beach County Park
HSC16858HSCPlantago maritimaD.E. Anderson18181961-9-13 Humboldt
HSC26420HSCPlantago maritimaT.O. Osborne1551970-6-17 Del NortePrince Island, 3/8 W Sinestia Rock.
HSC26448HSCPlantago maritimaT.O. Osborne41970-5-17 HumboldtSugarloaf Rock, Cape Mendocino
HSC26450HSCPlantago maritimaT.O. Osborne121970-6-06 HumboldtSugarloaf Rock, Cape Mendocino
HSC37567HSCPlantago maritimaJ.D. Ackerman4641975-6-10 Humboldt1 N of Samoa Bridge turnoff from Samoa Blvd., S of Manila
HSC37954HSCPlantago maritimaPeter Sorensensn1976-6-02 HumboldtWoodley Island
HSC59022HSCPlantago maritimaC.L. Lewis541975-7-01 MendocinoNear Van Damme Beach State Park, close to the town of Little River
HSC60094HSCPlantago maritimaM.A. Baker4101978-4-21 Del NortePoint St. George.
HSC62906HSCPlantago maritimaJ.M. DiTomaso10571979-5-20 HumboldtAbove College Cove at Elks Head, 1 N of Trinidad.
HSC66411HSCPlantago maritimaMelany Seacat1191979-5-30 MendocinoBig River Estuary, N side of river, 3 mi. upriver
HSC67513HSCPlantago maritimaJ.P. Smith89331976-7-03 HumboldtJust N of Samoa Bridge
HSC67527HSCPlantago maritimaJ.P. Smith38131970-6-07 Humboldt0.6 N of Luffenholtz Beach, along Hwy. 101, near Trinidad.
HSC71216HSCPlantago maritimaThomas W. Nelson46921979-5-19 HumboldtTidal marsh at mouth of Eel River, Crab Park, N of County Park.
HSC79381HSCPlantago maritimaKenneth Clark6421980-5-10 HumboldtShelter Cove, bluffs of Point Delgada.
HSC83040HSCPlantago maritimaA.L. Eichersn1986-5-10 Humboldt.3 mi. S of the junction of Samoa Blvd. and Vance Ave.
HSC83041HSCPlantago maritimaA.L. Eichersn1985-6-16 HumboldtSW side of the mouth of Mad River Slough
HSC86270HSCPlantago maritimaClare R. Wheeler26581981-7-28 MendocinoS side of Caspar Beach, S of Caspar,
HSC86291HSCPlantago maritimaClare R. Wheeler37161984-8-15 MendocinoBig River Estuary, 2 mi. E and upriver from mouth
HSC89977HSCPlantago maritimaLeonel Arguellosn1989-7-14 HumboldtLanphere-Christensen Dunes Preserve 3 W of Arcata.
HSC90247HSCPlantago maritimaJean Hanson1081980-6-22 HumboldtIndian (Gunther) Island, Humboldt Bay, city of Eureka: W side of dike on NW side of island.
HSC90319HSCPlantago maritimaJean Hanson1011980-6-22 HumboldtIndian (Gunther) Island, Humboldt Bay, city of Eureka: W side of dike on NW side of island.
HSC90480HSCPlantago maritimaJean Hanson1361981-5-10 HumboldtIndian Island, Humboldt Bay, city of Eureka, W end of island
HSC95094HSCPlantago maritimaAndrea Pickart1182002-6-27 HumboldtMad River Slough and Dunes, N of parking lot area at N end of access road.
MACF033684MACFPlantago maritimaBruce H. LewisCL 17 A1970-5-09 MendocinoOff of Hwy 1, along the beach at Point Arena
MACF033683MACFPlantago maritima subsp. juncoidesChris M. Johnson171970-5-09 MendocinoCoastal bluff at Point Arena on Highway 1.
MACF033682MACFPlantago maritimaFay A. MacFadden136351935-6-22 HumboldtOrick
OBI160087OBIPlantago maritimaDavid J. Keil162061982-6-26 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz N of San Simeon
OBI160088OBIPlantago maritimaDavid J. Keil171761983-6-29 MarinShores of Richardson Bay next to US 101 ca 4 N of Golden Gate Bridge
OBI160089OBIPlantago maritimaE. R. Blakley70411972-12-09 Santa BarbaraBetween Point Sal and Mussel Rock
OBI160091OBIPlantago maritimaG. Thomas Robbins38461958-5-31 MarinThis site was only about 10-15 yds from low, sandy clay bluffs where var. californica, see Robbins 3847, was collected. Above SW edge of Rodeo Lagoon
OBI160093OBIPlantago maritimaG. Thomas Robbins41401959-8-07 San Luis ObispoW of State hwy, 1.8 N of Arroyo de la Cruz, 5.6 mi S of Monterey County boundary
OBI160090OBIPlantago maritimaGregg Young431972-8-10 Santa BarbaraPt Sal area
OBI160085OBIPlantago maritimaKathleen Goddard Jones1974-1-20 Santa BarbaraMussel Rock, Point Sal.
OBI160092OBIPlantago maritimaRimo Bacigalupi52931955-6-08 MendocinoImmed S of Pudding Crk, at the N outskirts of Fort Bragg
OBI160083OBIPlantago maritimaRobert F. Hoover71891947-5-23 San Luis ObispoCoast S of Hazard Cyn
OBI160094OBIPlantago maritimaRobert F. Hoover73641947-8-09 San Luis ObispoBetween San Carpoforo Crk and Arroyo de la Cruz
OBI160086OBIPlantago maritimaRobert F. Hoover73711947-8-13 San Luis ObispoS of Hazard Cyn
OBI160095OBIPlantago maritimaRobert J. Rodin87251972-6-25 Santa BarbaraPt Sal
OBI161794OBIPlantago maritimaMonika Richardson2882017-8-12 Santa CruzScotts Creek beach
OBI161356OBIPlantago maritimaReed Kenny6372019-5-14 Santa CruzScott Creek Beach
PGM2066PGMPlantago maritimaLind, Helen1980-4-16 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Ocean edge Seal Rock 17 Mile Dr
PGM342PGMPlantago maritimaYadon, Vern1966-4-13 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Pt Sur, Headland just N sand beach at Pt Sur
PGM6439PGMPlantago maritimaHowitt, Beatrice F18171963-11-18 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest just above surf, Moss Beach toward Pt Joe
PGM7557PGMPlantago maritimaYadon, Vern2007-4-26 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Asilomar State Beach Pacific Grove, Along ocean cliff in seepage
PUA16336PUAPlantago maritima subsp. juncoidesG.L. Clifton1977-5-21 SonomaLocal landmark: Bodega Bay. Bodega Head Quad.
PUA4703PUAPlantago maritima subsp. juncoidesGilbert Jerome Muth1967-7-12 MendocinoLocal landmark: Salmon Point. Albion Quad.
PUA47047PUAPlantago maritima var. californicaG.L. Clifton1980-7-26 SonomaLocal landmark: Bodega Head. Bodega Head Quad.
PUA10860PUAPlantago maritimaC.L. Lewis1975-7-01 MendocinoLocal landmark: Van Damme Beach State Park. Mendocino Quad.
PUA30438PUAPlantago maritimaC.L. Lewis1975-7-01 MendocinoLocal landmark: Van Damme Beach State Park. Mendocino Quad.
PUA56145PUAPlantago maritimaJimerson/imper1983-7-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Table Bluff Lighthouse. Ferndale Quad.
RSA191893RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne322601963-6-12 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas Point.
RSA258076RSAPlantago maritimaRobert A. Norris23501975-5-17 MarinUpper end of Schooner Bay, Drakes Estero, near Sir Francis Drake Highway.
RSA68961RSAPlantago maritimaF. W. Peirson38581823-7-08 MendocinoBottom of Jug Handle Creek, about 6 miles north of Mendocino City. Sea level.
RSA412591RSAPlantago maritimaE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-8-07 MontereyAsilomar.
RSA412590RSAPlantago maritimaE. A. Purer38201932-7-16 MontereyAsilomar.
POM61259RSAPlantago maritimaE. B. Copeland33311903-6-05 San MateoMontara Point.
RSA264770RSAPlantago maritimaSandy Kawahara18061970-4-17 San FranciscoSutro Heights Park, north end of the esplanade
RSA18371RSAPlantago maritimaCarl B. Wolf5371927-6-29 San MateoAlong coast south of Pebble Beach near Pescadero.
RSA178056RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne343931965-4-21 MarinN end of Drakes Estero, ca. 4-5 miles W of Inverness on Francis Drake Blvd.
RSA187543RSAPlantago maritimaJohn H. Thomas42811954-6-11 San MateoAbout 0.25 miles north of Pigeon Point Light House along low coastal bluffs.
RSA23200RSAPlantago maritimaI. L. Wiggins89371938-7-14 MarinStinson Beach, south end of Bolinas Bay.
RSA523621RSAPlantago maritimaLucena Ramsdells.n.1953-9-06 MarinAt the north end of Stinson Beach.
RSA43210RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Hoover71891947-5-23 San Luis ObispoCoast S of Hagard Canon.
RSA412587RSAPlantago maritimaChristopher Davidson59451977-6-19 MendocinoHaven's Neck, small peninsula on coast north of Anchor Bay.
POM186959RSAPlantago maritimaMarcus E. Jones289241931-7-10 MendocinoMendocino.
RSA698386RSAPlantago maritimaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-21 MarinBodega Bay.
RSA60533RSAPlantago maritimaAlbert M. Vollmers.n.1950-7-07 MendocinoCasper.
RSA15562RSAPlantago maritimaCarl B. Wolf12101927-8-29 HumboldtDevils' Gate, S of Cape Mendocino
RSA195324RSAPlantago maritimaGilbert Muth7161967-7-12 MendocinoSalmon Point, Albion.
POM209656RSAPlantago maritimaD. D. Keck29661934-7-07 San MateoPigeon Point.
RSA176766RSAPlantago maritimaJohn H. Thomas101391963-5-20 San MateoAno Nuevo Island, about 0.5 mile off shore and about 20 miles NW of Santa Cruz.
POM69132RSAPlantago maritimaMarcus E. Jones2261881-6-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
RSA155455RSAPlantago maritimaL. S. Rose610691961-12-15 San FranciscoCliff House, Point Lobos.
RSA19306RSAPlantago maritimaL. S. Rose376451937-9-05 San MateoMussel Rocks
POM283861RSAPlantago maritimaLyman Benson21531930-6-14 San MateoSan Gregorio.
RSA68958RSAPlantago maritimaF. W. Peirson38561923-7-27 Montereynear Pacific Grove, low sea bluffs
RSA0056199RSAPlantago maritimaKeith E. Hoffmaster12111946-3-09 MarinBodega Bay.
RSA68960RSAPlantago maritimaF. W. Peirson11821912-6-27 MontereyCanonterey.
RSA698385RSAPlantago maritimaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1936-8-21 MarinBodega Bay.
RSA191930RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne189511957-8-29 MontereyMonterey Peninsula.
RSA412589RSAPlantago maritimaNellie V. Haynie36711939-6-24 MontereyPacific Grove.
POM61328RSAPlantago maritimaKatherine Brandegees.n.1902-5-16 MontereyPacific Grove.
RSA12209RSAPlantago maritimaCarl B. Wolf57521934-6-27 MarinNE end of Bolinas Bay.
RSA216925RSAPlantago maritimaH. F. Copelands.n.1934-5-27 MarinDillons Beach.
POM61326RSAPlantago maritimaS. B. Parish114491917-8-1 MontereyPt. Cabrillo.
RSA412586RSAPlantago maritimaM. B. Dunkle51541937-8-05 MendocinoPothandle Creek.
RSA246748RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Thorne352761965-8-08 HumboldtN edge of Eureka, E of Hwy 101.
RSA120829RSAPlantago maritimaS. S. Tillett5951956-7-02 MendocinoAlong beach 1.6 miles north from Branscomb turnoff, south of Rockport.
POM61256RSAPlantago maritimaA. A. Heller67551903-5-21 MontereyPoint Pinos.
POM61505RSAPlantago maritimaA. D. E. Elmer43831903-6-1 MontereyPacific Grove.
POM171354RSAPlantago maritimaRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-8-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Mouth of Arlington Canon.
RSA256413RSAPlantago maritimaRobert A. Norris21521974-8-04 San FranciscoFort Point, San Francisco.
POM312368RSAPlantago maritimaMalcolm A. Nobs12051949-8-03 Humboldt2 miles north of Eureka, bordering Humboldt Bay.
RSA68979RSAPlantago maritimaF. W. Peirson38571923-7-11 HumboldtFlats north of Eureka.
RSA0036459RSAPlantago maritima var. californicaPeter Rubtzoff102311990-10-22 San FranciscoThe Esplanade along Ocean Beach, in the section west of the ends of Balboa to Fulton Streets.
POM424573RSAPlantago maritimaT. S. Elias106381987-8-27 MendocinoRussian Gulch State Park, North of Mendocino
RSA30698RSAPlantago maritimaE. K. Balls186011953-10-09 SonomaSonoma Coast State Park, 0.5 W of Salmon Creek, Hwy 1 between Bodega Bay and Jenner.
RSA614553RSAPlantago maritimaGeorge K. Helmkamp21431997-6-26 MendocinoGlass Beach, Fort Bragg.
RSA201544RSAPlantago maritimaRobert F. Hoover73711947-8-13 San Luis ObispoSouth of Hazard Canon.
RSA412588RSAPlantago maritimaLouis C. Wheelers.n.1930-12-31 MontereyAsilomar, Monterey Peninsula.
SBBG188626SBBGPlantago maritimaR. J. Rodin87251972-6-25 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Point Sal
SBBG188620SBBGPlantago maritimaRalph Hoffmann1930-8-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: mouth of Arlington Cyn
SBBG188627SBBGPlantago maritimaE. R. Blakley70411972-12-09 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: just above tide line, between Point Sal and Mussel Rock
SBBG188623SBBGPlantago maritimaE. R. Blakley68141966-8-19 Mendocino2.5 mi S of Ft Bragg
SBBG188621SBBGPlantago maritimaH. and M. Dearing1929-6-09 MontereyMonterey Point [Point Pinos?]
SBBG188624SBBGPlantago maritimaJ. P. Broughton12841969-7-13 Marinnear W-facing beach, Pt Reyes Nat Seashore
SBBG188622SBBGPlantago maritimaLewis S. Rose1970-7-13 San FranciscoCliff House
SBBG188625SBBGPlantago maritimaE. R. Blakley70531973-1-14 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; Purisima Pt; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SD39917SDPlantago maritimaEdith A. Purer53641933-7-27 San MateoNear Pigeon Point.
SD39918SDPlantago maritimaEdith A. Purer38201932-7-16 MontereyAsilomar.
SD53188SDPlantago maritimaDarley F. Howe32621962-5-24 MendocinoJust north of Ft. Bragg.
SD53374SDPlantago maritimaDarley F. Howe33531962-7-26 ?  Santa CruzSea bluff 37.3 miles north of San Mateo-Santa Cruz Co. Line on Highway 1.
SD88566SDPlantago maritimaDarley F. Howes.n.1972-5-03 Sonoma4.0 miles north of Ft. Ross.
SDSU01033SDSUPlantago maritimaHowe, D. F.32621962-5-24 MendocinoJust north of Ft. Bragg.
SDSU01034SDSUPlantago maritimaHowe, D. F.33531962-7-26 Santa Cruz37.3 miles north of San Mateo-Sabta Cruz County line.
SJSU86SJSUPlantago maritimaC.D. Duncan1926-6-05 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
SJSU11078SJSUPlantago maritimaH.T. Harvey6021977-7-05 HumboldtElk R Spit, Humboldt Bay
SJSU11079SJSUPlantago maritimaH.T. Harvey6081977-7-06 HumboldtS Spit, Humboldt Bay
JEPS14368UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins36551955-6-04 Marinnw of Rodeo Lagoon
JEPS30092UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesLewis S. Rose610691961-12-15 San FranciscoCliff House Point Lobos
UC1125646UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaN. K. Carlson151935-5-19 Santa Cruz1 mi n Davenport; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1192024UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith12051949-8-03 Humboldtabout 2 mi n Eureka; Humboldt Bay
JEPS35262UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover73711947-8-13 San Luis Obispos of Hazard Canon
JEPS7157UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaWillis L. Jepson177101936-7-24 Mendocino.20 mi n Pudding Creek
JEPS21971UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins38461958-5-31 Marinsw edge Rodeo Lagoon
JEPS7155UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover51561941-5-21 MarinPoint Reyes
JEPS7156UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaWillis L. Jepson159481931-7-19 Sonomanear Scotta Creek (between Bodega Bay and mouth of Russian River)
JEPS7151UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesMrs. Lucena Ramsdell1953-9-06 Marinn end Stinson Beach
JEPS15504UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaPeter H. Raven79401954-8-22 San FranciscoFort Point San Francisco
JEPS7154UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaJames G. Daly4781934-1-01 San Mateomouth of San Gregorio Creek San Gregorio Creek
UC28023UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaJ. Burtt Davy67941900-6-27 MarinPoint Reyes
JEPS98632UCJEPSPlantago maritimaDean Kelch1989-3-13 Alamedanear Oroloma Sewage treatment plant (on land owned by EBRPD); San Lorenzo
UC278953UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaH. E. Parks33191925-6-19 Del NorteCrescent City
UC306761UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaA. D. E. Elmer43831903-6-01 MontereyPacific Grove
JEPS37909UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJohn Thomas Howell154891940-5-20 MarinInverness
JEPS22060UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins, S. Galen Smith38981958-7-08 Marinjust s Bolinas Junction (along State Highway 1, at n end of Bolinas Lagoon); Bolinas Lagoon
JEPS22064UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins, S. Galen Smith38931958-7-08 Marinabout 300 yds sw Sir Francis Drake Highway (nw edge of Schooner Bay ( an arm of Drakes Estero), Point Reyes Peninsula); Point Reyes Peninsula, Drakes Estero, Schooner Bay
UC450047UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. L. Pendleton4381906-7-22 San FranciscoCliff House
UC625353UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesIra L. Wiggins89371938-7-14 Marins end Bolinas Bay; , Stinson Beach
JEPS25150UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins, S. Galen Smith40201959-5-21 Alamedaabout 0.25 mi s Emeryville interchange (Powell St.) (a short distance w of Eastshore Highway, at the margin of San Francisco Bay); San Francisco Bay
JEPS7150UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins36171953-8-29 San Mateojust s Olympic Golf Club (and the San Francisco City and County line)
UC589556UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaBeryl O. Schreiber6331932-6-29 MarinSand Dune Beach Tomales Bay
UC888462UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaLewis S. Rose376451937-9-05 San MateoMussel Rocks
JEPS14371UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins36581944-6-04 Marinsw edge Rodeo Lagoon
UC456036UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaI. J. Condit1910-8-08 MontereySalmon Creek
UC728623UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesMilo S. Baker112131945-9-13 Marinnear Estero Crossing; Pt. Reyes Peninsula
JEPS13276UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins52931955-6-08 Mendocinoimmediately s Pudding Creek (at the n outskirts of Fort Bragg); Fort Bragg
UC1125647UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaH. S. Yates38081934-4-21 Sonomanear Bodega Port; Duncan Mills Quad.
UC58248UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaA. A. Heller67551903-5-21 MontereyPoint Pinos
JEPS37903UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJohn Thomas Howell212851945-7-08 MarinSan Antonio
JEPS37908UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJohn Thomas Howell193951944-4-23 MarinEscalle
JEPS7589UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover73711947-8-13 San Luis Obispos of Hazard Canon
UC1192022UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith12891949-8-10 Del Nortemouth of Smith River Smith River
UC28027UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaIvar Tidestrom1893-6-06 MontereyPacific Grove
UC610642UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaEdward Lee, Herbert Mason92081935-6-16 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
UC1196129UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJoseph P. Tracy8661900-7-04 HumboldtSamoa Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay Region
UC1224747UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesR. F. Hoover73711947-8-13 San Luis Obispos of Hazard Canon
UC303444UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaS. B. Parish114491917-8-01 MontereyPt. Cabrillo Monterey Peninsula
UC1563689UCJEPSPlantago maritimaBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars80491988-11-05 Mendocinojust s Mendocino (at mouth of Big River); Big River
UC162682UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJoseph P. Tracy32541911-6-25 HumboldtBucksport Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay Region
UC28022UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJos. Burtt Davy66701900-6-07 Contra Costanear Martinez
JEPS13752UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaFrank W. Gould8591939-6-23 MarinMuirs Beach
JEPS22091UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins39031958-7-19 Contra Costaabout 0.75 mi s Pt. San Pablo, Potrero San Pablo, Richmond; San Francisco Bay, Pt. Orient
JEPS22008UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins38721958-6-09 San Mateoabout 0.5 mi s Pescadero Point (above the beach at Pebble Beach); Pebble Beach
JEPS22065UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins, S. Galen Smith38931958-7-08 Marinabout 300 yds sw Sir Francis Drake Highway (nw edge of Schooner Bay ( an arm of Drakes Estero), Point Reyes Peninsula); Point Reyes Peninsula, Drakes Estero, Schooner Bay
JEPS35339UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover90881964-6-13 San Luis Obispojust n Arroyo de la Cruz; Point Sierra Nevada
JEPS7152UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesR. F. Hoover51871941-5-21 MarinHead of Drakes Estero
JEPS23827UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins, John Weiler41401959-8-07 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi n Arroyo de la Cruz (5.6 mi s of the Monterey County line, w of State Highway 1)
JEPS127760UCJEPSPlantago maritimaAdam C. Schneider5672014-3-29 MarinBonita Cove.
JEPS7588UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover73641947-8-09 San Luis Obispobetween San Carpoforo Creek and Arroyo de la Cruz
UC28025UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesA. B. Simonds1887-1-01 Alameda
UC28024UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJ. Burtt Davy8601893-5-27 AlamedaWest Berkeley
UC32532UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaE. L. Drew1887-4-01 San FranciscoFort Point San Francisco
UC762020UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover51561941-5-21 MarinPoint Reyes
JEPS15530UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins37361956-8-18 San Mateonear mouth of Pomponio Creek
JEPS7153UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesWillis L. Jepson61541914-6-13 AlamedaBay Farm Island
UC1563730UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars80491988-11-05 Mendocinojust s Mendocino (at mouth of Big River); Big River
JEPS14372UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesG. Thomas Robbins36581944-6-04 Marinsw edge Rodeo Lagoon
UC1196131UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaJoseph P. Tracy81081927-6-08 HumboldtTrinidad
UC28021UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaW. H. Brewer6471861-5-24 Montereynear Monterey (Pescadero Ranch)
UC32533UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesW. A. Setchell1898-10-03 AlamedaAlameda
JEPS7158UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaJoseph P. Tracy82191927-6-26 HumboldtStone Lagoon
JEPS104747UCJEPSPlantago maritimaJohn L. Morrison18511936-9-13 San Franciscoon the sea side of the permanent dunes S of Fleishacker
JEPS86059UCJEPSPlantago maritimaWillis L. Jepson177101936-7-24 Mendocino.20 mi n Pudding Creek
JEPS39457UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaPeter Rubtzoff9801952-5-09 San Franciscow of Lands End
JEPS7587UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaR. F. Hoover71891947-5-23 San Luis Obispos of Hazard Canon
UC136736UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaDr. E. B. Copeland33311903-6-05 San MateoMontara Point
UC28020UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesW. H. Brewer9971862-4-25 Contra CostaMartinez
UC931954UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaVerne Grant, Alva Grant76961946-6-23 San Mateos of Daly City; San Francisco Peninsula
UC1618088UCJEPSPlantago maritimaDonald G. Nelson5321937-4-27 AlamedaNorth side of small canyon on left side of Tunnel Rd. at entrance to canyon. Oakland
UC28026UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaW. A. Setchell1897-4-15 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
UC762019UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesR. F. Hoover51871941-5-21 MarinHead of Drake's Estero
JEPS62637UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJohn Thomas Howell329521957-9-15 Marinbordering Richardson Bay Richardson Bay
UC32531UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. juncoidesJ. Burtt Davy1896-12-01 AlamedaWest Berkeley
JEPS21970UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaG. Thomas Robbins38471958-5-31 Marinnear sw edge of Rodeo Lagoon
UC585993UCJEPSPlantago maritima var. californicaJoseph P. Tracy82191927-6-26 HumboldtStone Lagoon
UCR0098656UCRPlantago maritimaGeorge K. Helmkamp21431997-6-26 MendocinoGlass Beach at Fort Bragg; North Coast
UCR0098655UCRPlantago maritimaA.C. Sanders22891981-8-05 Del NorteCrescent City, rocky knob above the ocean on the south side of the boat harbor at the end of Anchor Way, off Hwy 101. This knob [Whaler Island] was probably formerly an island but is now connected to the mainland by a causeway
UCR0098654UCRPlantago maritimaG.F. Pratts.n.2003-6-12 SonomaSalt Point State Park
UCR0098653UCRPlantago maritimaPeter Rubtzoff102311990-10-22 San FranciscoThe Esplanade along Ocean Beach, in the section west of the ends of Balboa and Fulton streets
UCSB010809UCSBPlantago maritimaGray, John241976-5-05 SonomaBluffs on Duncan's Landing State Beach; T6N R1 W
UCSB010810UCSBPlantago maritimaDennis E. Breedlove14331961-12-31 MarinPoint Reyes lighthouse area
UCSB010811UCSBPlantago maritimaJoseph M. Keefe7361963-9-08 Mendocinoon south side of Sheep's Promentory; north of Anchor Bay
UCSB041359UCSBPlantago maritimaWayne R. Ferren2159a1980-2-10 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal. ca 1 NE of Pt. Sal growing in seep from bluff about 3 m above beach.
UCSB042067UCSBPlantago maritimaWayne R. Ferren21581980-2-10 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal; ca 1.5 NE of Pt. Sal.

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