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You searched for: Piperia colemanii

  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT6437CASPiperia colemaniiAbrams, LeRoy46981911-07-14 Mariposalocality redacted by CASC
CHSC33840CHSCPiperia colemaniiJ. D. Prouty12341981-07-13 SiskiyouOn the W slope of Lookout Point. T4 N R01E S12 SE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC54458CHSCPiperia colemaniiVernon H. Oswald47311991-07-15 ButteForest Rd 2 N60 (Jordan Creek-Marble Creek Rd), just east of its juction with Oroville-Quincy Hwy, ca. 4.75 miles (air) northeast of Brush Creek. T22N R06E S22 NE1-4 of SE1-4
JEPS109745UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiDean W. Taylor194532005-07-26 TuolumneSourgrass Lake, one mile northeast thereof (ca 2 air miles N of Beardsley dam)
JEPS120249UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiJulie Kierstead Nelson2009-0182009-07-08 SiskiyouSouth slope of Mt. Shasta
JEPS64471UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiWillis L. Jepson64981915-07-14 TuolumneStrawberry
JEPS64473UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiWillis L. Jepson212801894-08-04 Siskiyouhalfway from Sisson to Horse Camp; Mt. Shasta
JEPS64475UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiWillis L. Jepson43071911-06-30 MariposaWawona, Mariposa Grove Mariposa Grove; Wawona, Mariposa Grove
JEPS80465UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiAlice Q. Howard91972-07-10 Colusatrail from Fouts Camp to Box Springs (the highest of two such areas on the n side of ridge separating Trout and Paradise Creeks); Snow Mountain
NY02317732NYPiperia colemaniiL. Abrams46981911-07-14 UnknownYosemite National Park: Tamarack Flat
RSA382813RSAPiperia colemaniiGeorge Henry Grinnells.n.1923-07-18 TuolumneYosemite, above Inspiration Point
SPIF01670SPIFPiperia colemaniiJ. Moeller, S. Puentess.n.2009-07-07 ShastaViola 7.5 USGS quad. At the SW road corner of the junction of roads 40M and the M-Line. About 0.35 mile S of HW 44 on the M-Line road, between Bailey Creek and North Fork Battle Creek, 0.43 mile SE of where North Fork Battle Creek crosses HW 44. Located on berm at dirt-road corner and along road edge. Mixed conifer forest, thick duff layer. 10 plants, all flowering. Lat-Lon recorded by GPS.
SPIF01671SPIFPiperia colemaniiArthur & Durbecqs.n.2007-06-25 El DoradoTragedy Spring 7.5 USGS quad. On ridgeline between Hell′s Delight Creek and Martin Creek, mixed conifer forest.
UC1328165UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiAlex D. Hawkes52251952-05-09 Maderaslopes w Clover Meadow; Sierra National Forest
UC334484UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiunknown1993-07-08 Unknown
UC455180UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiI. J. Condit1911-07-22 Siskiyoutrail to Horse Camp; Mt. Shasta
UC600637UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiH. F. Copeland1932-07-23 Butteabove Jonesville hotel; Jonesville
UC770961UCJEPSPiperia colemaniiRobert J. Rodin8441946-08-05 MariposaPohono Trail Yosemite National Park
UCSC100008716UCSCPiperia colemaniiRandall Morgan (via R. Coleman)1314-P 1315-P 1316-P1989-07-23 StanislausYosemite
UCSC100008718UCSCPiperia colemaniiRandall Morgan1313-P MariposaTamarack Flat Campground, Yosemite National Park
UCSC100008719UCSCPiperia colemaniiRandall Morganvarious1987-09-05 FresnoHume Lake Road, Sequia National Forest
UCSC10542UCSCPiperia colemaniiR. Morgan1904-P1990-07-23 MariposaNorth end of Yosemite National Park
UCSC4660UCSCPiperia colemaniiL. Glicensteins.n.1990-07-10 MariposaWawona
UCSC8338UCSCPiperia colemaniiRandall Morgan0890 thru 0921-P (A)1987-09-05 FresnoHume Lake Road, Sequia National Forest
UCSC8346UCSCPiperia colemaniiRandall Morgan (via Ron Coleman)1979-P1991-07-15 MariposaPohono Trail, Yosemite National Park
YM-YOSE216552YMPiperia colemaniiGrossenbacher, Dena - -Dennis, Lauren5152007-06-27 MariposaUnnamed drainage just east of the Merced Grove and south of the Big Oak Flat Road. Datum: NAD83.
YM-YOSE231910YMPiperia colemaniiTaylor, Dean --Colwell, Alison --Hutten, M.206672009-06-18 Mariposabranch of Indian Creek ca. 1 mile upstream from Chinquapin Falls, vicinity Yosemite West
YM-YOSE66097YMPiperia colemaniiWILLIAMS, H.11935-08-14 ?  MariposaEL CAPITAN TRAIL BEHIND EL CAPITAN.
CAS-BOT136546CASPlatanthera colemaniiBrandegee, T. S.s.n.1892-07-20 Fresnolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT136547CASPlatanthera colemaniiHowell, John Thomas341901958-08-02 Fresnolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT136548CASPlatanthera colemaniiEastwood, Alice2211909-01-01 Placerlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT136549CASPlatanthera colemaniiEastwood, Alice931a1912-06-29 Shastalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT136550CASPlatanthera colemaniiQuick, Clarence R.52-1921952-07-22 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630765CASPlatanthera colemaniiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomass.n.1936-07-02 Del Nortelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630766CASPlatanthera colemaniiKildale, Doris K.98691930-06-28 Del Nortelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630767CASPlatanthera colemaniiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1948-08-04 Humboldtlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630768CASPlatanthera colemaniiHowell, John Thomas154371940-05-12 Marinlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630769CASPlatanthera colemaniiSutliffe, Mrs. E.s.n.1921-05-09 Marinlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630770CASPlatanthera colemaniiRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-07-15 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630771CASPlatanthera colemaniiGankin, Roman; Hildreth, Richard; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja26921969-07-15 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630772CASPlatanthera colemaniiEastwood, Alice152031928-06-05 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT630773CASPlatanthera colemaniiSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.62441981-05-21 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC

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