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    You searched for: Picris echioides

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC039591DAVPicris echioidesBeecher Crampton100001985-07-12 YoloYolo County, Davis, along 4th street between University ave. and A street.
    CAS-BOT173529CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter72211973-08-20 SonomaSonoma Creek bottom near Agua Caliente Road crossing west of Agua Caliente.
    CAS-BOT173673CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter61521969-08-26 SonomaMarsh on River Road, ca. 3 miles west of Fulton.
    CAS-BOT173848CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter54891964-08-26 SonomaMarsh, 5 miles northeast of Penngrove on Lichan Road.
    CAS-BOT173849CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter57831966-08-16 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, northeast of Graton, ca. 0.5 miles North of Guerneville.
    CAS-BOT176154CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter21551955-09-24 SonomaDuncans Mills Marsh.
    CAS-BOT176157CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter54471964-07-29 SonomaBrooks Gulch Marsh.
    CAS-BOT176158CASPicris echioidesRubtzoff, Peter20501955-08-14 SonomaForestville Marsh.
    CDA0007595CDAPicris echioidesM.S. Bergseng1958-07-06 SacramentoBack of 1 N Street, Sacramento.
    CDA0007596CDAPicris echioidesT.C. Fuller552-571957-10-25 NapaNapa Junction.
    CDA0007597CDAPicris echioidesT.C. Fuller552-571957-10-25 NapaNapa Junction.
    CDA0007598CDAPicris echioidesW. Golden34941960-01-19 SacramentoBill Hazel ladino clover field, Herald.
    CDA0007599CDAPicris echioidesPhillipson1915-06-07 Los AngelesMonrovia.
    CDA0007865CDAPicris echioidesJon P. Rebman139462007-09-12 San DiegoSweetwater Reservoir, east of National City and south of La Presa; vicinity of wet marsh and meadow areas just northeast and upstream from the east end of the reservoir. Square: S13.
    CDA001362CDAPicris echioidesE. Lednicky1022004-01-28 Alameda800 Buchanan St. Albany. Grounds of USDA Western Region Research Lab.
    CDA0015276CDAPicris echioidesG.F. Hrusa147131998-07-17 Contra CostaE end of Dow Chemical property. Pittsburg. Sacramento Delta.
    CDA0015817CDAPicris echioidesJames L. HillisPDR 10799041999-12-30 VenturaDiego & Patricia Sts in city of Oxnard. South Coast.
    CDA0023095CDAPicris echioidesArtie Thomas6092342006-09-23 OrangeSan Joaquin Marsh freshwater Marsh, UC Natural Reserve; SW edge, along San Diego Creek, north of University Drive, east Highway 73. ,Southern coastal.
    CDA0023757CDAPicris echioidesSarracinos.n.2008-10-10 SacramentoWalnut Grove.
    CDA0025206CDAPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders359932008-08-07 OrangeLower Weir Canon, at narrow gorge c. 0.6 mile above mouth of canyon at Irvine Ranch gate. ,Peninsular Range; Santa Ana Mountains.
    CDA0030618CDAPicris echioidesM. Beyers2882010-03-28 AlamedaBerkeley. Along West Frontage Road (Interstate 80 Frontage Road) adjacent to I-80 and University Avenue.
    CDA0030761CDAPicris echioidesM. Beyers4512010-05-12 YoloJust east of County Road 87, along County Road 19.
    CDA0033911CDAPicris echioidesMike LahtiPDR# 13588132010-09-20 RiversideMurrieta;.
    CDA0036943CDAPicris echioidesCDFA Staffs.n. YoloRominger Prop. north of County Road 19, east of County Road 92C, west of County Road 94B.
    CDA0042620CDAPicris echioidesJ. Chandlers.n.1998-09-22 RiversideUpper Chase Nursery, 19851 Patterson Ave. Perris.
    CDA0043229CDAPicris echioidesRichard R. Halse84422012-03-27 San Luis ObispoAlong State Highway 1, ca. 1.4 miles south of Ragged Point, near the spot where the highway crosses over San Carpoforo Creek.
    CDA0049815CDAPicris echioidesD.G. Kelch16.123A2016-05-13 San FranciscoEast of St. Mary′s Recreation Center on south-facing slope.
    CLARK-A1528-2029CLARKPicris echioidesJohn C. Roos20601937-05-23 RiversideLa Sierra
    CLARK-A1528-279CLARKPicris echioidesJohn C. Roos52801951-09-25 RiversideRiverside
    CLARK-A1528-4916CLARKPicris echioidesJohn C. Roos17781937-07-06 VenturaOjai
    HSC104690HSCPicris echioidesPeter Sorensensn1976-08-18 HumboldtWoodley Island
    IRVC105026IRVCPicris echioidesIra L. Wiggins20,3221965-11-05 OrangeOrange grove near corner of Dowling St. and Crowther Ave. 1-2 mile S. of Placentia.
    IRVC105027IRVCPicris echioidesRobin Hobson (HS)HS04361965-04-10 OrangeBack Bay
    IRVC105028IRVCPicris echioidesDebbi De Vault (HS)HS04371965-05-01 OrangeCanon Street
    IRVC105030IRVCPicris echioidesC. A. Taylor66-921966-05-04 OrangeOrangethorpe Ave near railroad siding, Esperanza
    IRVC105031IRVCPicris echioidesSusan C. Baugh1978-07-29 VenturaRancho Matilija, 5 W of Ojai
    IRVC105032IRVCPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders296682005-04-22 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, N side of lagoon, E of I-5 fwy, along trail past the nature center.
    IRVC105033IRVCPicris echioidesMark A. Elvin42082005-04-06 San DiegoSan Ysidro Mtns: S side of Otay Mtn at reservoir between Big Murphy′s and Tin Can hills; 0.6 N of MX border.
    LA209919LAPicris echioidesJ.D. Sauer45341969-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Pacific Palisades
    LOB118272LOBPicris echioidesR. S. Vizgirdass.n.1981-03-25 Los AngelesLa Mirada. Creek Park.
    LOB118273LOBPicris echioidesNancy Stice5051955-05-24 Los Angeles4300 Block Atlantic Long Beach
    LOB118274LOBPicris echioidesHUgh L. Roods.n.1954-05-25 Los AngelesParking lot, L.B.S.C. campus
    LOB118275LOBPicris echioidesJames D. Milnes.n.1953-04-26 Los AngelesLong Beach, State College Campus, Sec. 4
    LOB118276LOBPicris echioidesB. Veno1471972-04-16 Los Angeles0.2 miles south of South St. on Studebaker Rd., Lakewood
    NY199219NYPicris echioidesL. Ahart102852003-06-16 ?  ButteT19N, R2E, northeast 1-4 Section 19. On dry dark clay soil, on both sides of Wickman Road, about 100 yards south of Richvale West Road, about 1 3-4 miles west of Richvale.
    POM17438RSAPicris echioidesP. A. Munz65951923-04-01 OrangeLaguna Lakes.
    POM17834RSAPicris echioidesP. A. Munz77721923-09-07 OrangeTustin
    POM181501RSAPicris echioidesH. F. Copelands.n.1927-08-22 AlamedaWeed, Campus of the University of California, Berkeley
    POM202174RSAPicris echioidesL. M. Booth11681932-06-07 OrangeNewport Lagoon.
    POM216167RSAPicris echioidesD. D. Keck24691933-07-18 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    POM266380RSAPicris echioidesJ. C. Roos17781937-07-06 VenturaOjai.
    POM294145RSAPicris echioidesLyman Benson117961945-06-14 OrangeSanta Ana, Vacant lot, Pacific Slope
    POM307071RSAPicris echioidesHenry J. Ramsey19351937-08-19 Los AngelesBelow north Whittier Heights
    POM310454RSAPicris echioidesMargaret Hardinge231945-10-23 Los AngelesClaremont irrigation ditch.
    POM6219RSAPicris echioidesI. M. Johnston11401917-05-30 San BernardinoChino Creek, south of Ontario.
    POM6220RSAPicris echioidesI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-04-11 Los AngelesN* Slough.
    POM6221RSAPicris echioidesI. M. Johnston13211917-06-10 Los AngelesNear Mesmer.
    POM6222RSAPicris echioidesS. B. Parish114161917-06-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino.
    POM6223RSAPicris echioidesD. L. Crawford5051915-09-01 OrangeHuntington Beach.
    POM68400RSAPicris echioidesMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-11-19 San BernardinoRiver E of Chino.
    POM87982RSAPicris echioidesL. R. Abrams10401900-10-01 Santa ClaraPalo Alto
    PUA33734PUAPicris echioidesJoe Callizo1979-08-06 NapaLocal landmark: Bale Slough. Rutherford Quad.
    PUA33832PUAPicris echioidesBill Grummer1979-09-24 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA3466PUAPicris echioidesMarvin Butler1970-09-11 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA55673PUAPicris echioidesBill Grummer1982-08-08 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA57684PUAPicris echioidesG.L. Clifton1983-07-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Camp Grant. Weott Quad.
    PUA61281PUAPicris echioidesJoe Callizo1983-07-16 NapaLocal landmark: Fagan′s Marsh. Cuttings Wharf Quad.
    PUA67061PUAPicris echioidesG.L. Clifton1984-06-25 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Ranch. The Geysers Quad.
    RSA0092871RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. JunakSCa-7531998-07-16 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Flats at Little Harbor Campground.
    RSA0166516RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. JunakSN-13271999-03-17 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Mesa, along Tufts Road at Wells area, across road from Tank 130.
    RSA0166729RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. JunakSN-13331999-03-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Nicktown, in courtyard on E side of Barracks Building 181.
    RSA0170740RSAPicris echioidesTim Turmezei431988-03-02 Los AngelesWalnut Creek.
    RSA0324865RSAPicris echioidesPaul H. Woods.n.1941-05-07 Los AngelesCollege Hills [Glendale].
    RSA116792RSAPicris echioidesI. L. Wiggins33281928-08-20 Santa ClaraAlong county road near Lagunita, Standford University Campus
    RSA127799RSAPicris echioidesH. J. Thompson144371959-09-18 Los AngelesAlong railroad tracks, Santa Monica Blvd. near Beverly Glen Boulevard, Weat LA.
    RSA133301RSAPicris echioidesJohn H. Thomas72811958-06-26 San FranciscoVacant lot at intersection of Davidson Ave. and 3rd St.
    RSA144494RSAPicris echioidesJohn H. Thomas24201950-09-24 Santa Cruz2.5 miles from Palm Beach on road to Watsonville.
    RSA144498RSAPicris echioidesJohn H. Thomas53201955-08-01 Santa ClaraAlviso
    RSA164113RSAPicris echioidesE. C. Twisselmann91971963-12-06 MontereySalinas Valley: just across the railroad tracks from Chualar.
    RSA17043RSAPicris echioidesC. B. Wolf76961936-01-13 OrangeSanta Ana Canon, Rancho Santa Ana, along R. R. right of way east of Ranch Houses.
    RSA176517RSAPicris echioidesP. H. Raven154691960-05-31 Los AngelesCampus of University of California
    RSA177001RSAPicris echioidesJohn H. Thomas105251964-11-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Experimental Area, about 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto; at edge of Searsville Lake.
    RSA184125RSAPicris echioidesI. L. Wiggins202781965-10-18 OrangeVacant lot NE corner of Chapman Ave and Victor Dr, Fullerton.
    RSA187547RSAPicris echioidesM. E. Clarks.n.1909-10-09 Santa ClaraEnd of Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto.
    RSA187693RSAPicris echioidesR. F. Thorne366641966-09-14 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; Little Harbor
    RSA188271RSAPicris echioidesR. F. Thorne364501966-05-31 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor.
    RSA190941RSAPicris echioidesR. F. Thorne368901967-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, Little Harbor
    RSA207356RSAPicris echioidesReid V. Moran160391969-06-06 San BernardinoCactus Raod, just S of Brown Field, Otay Mesa.
    RSA220064RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff29811956-10-14 San FranciscoSan Miguel Hills, bottom of canyon east of O′Shaughnessy boulevard.
    RSA220066RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff31651957-03-31 San FranciscoCoastal slopes SW of Lands End, San Francisco.
    RSA256423RSAPicris echioidesRobert A. Norris21571974-08-10 San FranciscoAbundant weed in small waste area betw Portola Dr. and Corbett St, E of Twin Peaks, San Francisco
    RSA263779RSAPicris echioidesRobert Harvey1531959-08-04 RiversideCorona, Tin Mine Canon
    RSA370843RSAPicris echioidesR. F. Thorne612741985-07-18 RiversideSandia Canon, De Luz-Murrieta Road
    RSA370844RSAPicris echioidesR. F. Thorne612741985-07-18 RiversideSandia Canon, De Luz-Murrieta Road
    RSA407361RSAPicris echioidesLyman Benson84591937-07-16 Santa ClaraStanford University
    RSA472027RSAPicris echioidesAnstruther Davidson28051912-07-01 Los AngelesOrme Ave, Los Angeles.
    RSA472028RSAPicris echioidesL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-06-08 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canon
    RSA472029RSAPicris echioidesF. R. Fosberg24501930-06-23 Los AngelesDel Rey.
    RSA472030RSAPicris echioidesF. R. Fosbergs30031930-06-26 Los AngelesCulver Garden.
    RSA472031RSAPicris echioidesN. C. Cooper20921947-09-01 Los AngelesSanta Fe Srpings.
    RSA472033RSAPicris echioidesA. M. Johnsons.n.1933-05-17 Los AngelesDel Rey Salt Marsh.
    RSA472034RSAPicris echioidesE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-06-25 Los AngelesEagle Rock.
    RSA472035RSAPicris echioidesH. L. Bauers.n.1929-09-01 Los AngelesLong Beach.
    RSA472036RSAPicris echioidesG. J. Hollenbergs.n.1928-07-24 Los AngelesNear Del Rey Palisades to Sand dunes
    RSA472037RSAPicris echioidesE. S. Spaldings.n.1925-06-12 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
    RSA472038RSAPicris echioidesRobert Gustafson18341980-07-09 Los AngelesBallona Wetlands, Area 3.
    RSA472042RSAPicris echioidesJames Henrickson50371970-07-25 Orange2.5 miles NE of Huntington beach, 1 mile SE of Warner Ave. on sandy slope of E. Pacific Coast Hwy. at border of Bolsa Chica Salt Marsh.
    RSA472043RSAPicris echioidesF. R. Fosberg41961919-11-17 San Bernardino2 miles S Chino
    RSA472044RSAPicris echioidesRalph Hoffmans.n.1931-05-30 San Luis ObispoOceano-Casmalia
    RSA472045RSAPicris echioidesE. A. Purer54171933-08-13 San MateoBelmont
    RSA507536RSAPicris echioidesL. C. Wheeler98711967-06-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts: Elsmere Canon
    RSA533436RSAPicris echioidesTimothy S. Ross45131991-04-21 Los AngelesWhittier Hills (puente Hills, pro parte): Middle Turnbull Canon drainage just SW of Old Water Tank.
    RSA549230RSAPicris echioidesScott D. White843a1992-09-23 OrangeVicinity of Olinda, near city of Brea, immediately N of Canon Cyn Rd & E of Placentia Ave.; ca. 1 mi. (airline) SSE of Tonner Cyn.; Yorba Linda 7.5
    RSA549231RSAPicris echioidesScott D. White9271992-10-08 Los AngelesMalibu, base of Santa Monica Mountains, just N of Pacific Coast Highway, extending as far E as Malibu Creek. Bounded on the S by Civic Center Road; terminates on the W in vicinity of Malibu School.; Malibu Beach
    RSA579229RSAPicris echioidesTimothy S. Ross74211994-03-28 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula: Rancho Palos Verdes; sun-named horseshoe-shaped canyon to the NE of upper Forrestal Drive.; San Pedro 7.5 USGS
    RSA582473RSAPicris echioidesTimothy S. Ross72151993-05-23 Los AngelesWestern Arcadia: slope on the N side of the Foothill Freeway (I-210) between Michillinda Avenue and its west-bound off-ramp.
    RSA5826RSAPicris echioidesC. B. Wolf37961932-06-28 OrangeBryant Ranch, north boundary of field, N.E. corner of N-E 1-4 W. 1-4 sect 27
    RSA587192RSAPicris echioidesScott D. White377051995-12-05 Los AngelesMarina Del Rey area; State Rt. 90 median strip between Culver Bl. and Mindanao Way.
    RSA5887RSAPicris echioidesC. B. Wolf41071932-09-16 Los AngelesBryant Ranch, 100 to 150 W of State Highway at SE corner of Pacific Western Oil Co. lease in 1705 acre portion
    RSA589132RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. Junak9541992-07-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: S central portion of Mesa, along Jackson Hwy 0.1 mile E of intersection with Shannon road.
    RSA591415RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. Junak6541991-05-02 VenturaSan Nicolas Island, S edge of Mesa on N side of Jackson hwy, across from Building 148.
    RSA592404RSAPicris echioidesMark Hoefs4571974-05-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: moist march on the SE side of the main road at Little Harbor
    RSA595010RSAPicris echioidesMark Hoefs25881996-02-14 Los AngelesSanta Canon, above buildings below reservoir.
    RSA595013RSAPicris echioidesMark Hoefs24511995-07-26 Los AngelesMiddle Canon,
    RSA596263RSAPicris echioidesR. G. Swinneys.n.1989-06-10 Los AngelesBig Dalton Canon, in and near Glendora Wilderness Park, Big Dalton Debris Basin
    RSA598925RSAPicris echioidesScott D. White47451997-03-12 Los AngelesZuma Beach area: mouth of Zuma Creek, E end of the County Beach.; Point Dume
    RSA601637RSAPicris echioidesL. C. Wheeler98711967-06-26 Los AngelesElsmere Canon.
    RSA608106RSAPicris echioidesSteven A. Junak3981989-07-13 VenturaSan Nicolas Island, Mesa, at living compound, across road from Public Works Building.
    RSA608933RSAPicris echioidesL. C. Wheelers.n.1931-05-06 Los AngelesSan Dimas: Puddingstone.
    RSA643291RSAPicris echioidesR. D. Goedens.n.1979-05-31 Santa BarbaraPacific Coast: Along Hwy 1 south of Lompoc.; Lompoc 7.5 Q.
    RSA645758RSAPicris echioidesR. G. Swinney33391994-10-29 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: Canon Wash, W of N terminus of Canon Road, approx. 50 M E of Canon stream in wash bottom.; Canon
    RSA648703RSAPicris echioidesD. House94-561994-05-20 San DiegoCocklebur Beach, Canon, 0.5 mile West on MCTSA Road from Stuart Mesa Road, following the dirt road that is North of the MCTSA compound security fence.
    RSA650947RSAPicris echioidesA. E. Hershs.n.1950-06-30 Los AngelesCampus UCLA, Faculty Hill, Los Angeles
    RSA654724RSAPicris echioidesScott Lowe371991-05-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River Channel, about 100 m. north of San Gabriel River Parkway bridge, city of Pico Rivera.
    RSA659684RSAPicris echioidesChris White231991-05-20 Los AngelesPoint Fermin.
    RSA667128RSAPicris echioidesA. C. Sanders237252000-11-15 RiversideMoreno Valley, east side of Ellsworth St. between Cactus Ave. and Allesandro Blvd., near 14400 Ellsworth; Riverside East 7.5 Q.
    RSA678088RSAPicris echioidesSarah J. De Groot7312002-06-02 San DiegoHidden Meadows 92026.
    RSA688990RSAPicris echioidesJ. P. Rebman69232000-06-30 San DiegoSan Diego Urban Canons, North Park-Golden Hill area: Cedar Ridge Park Canons, along stream along I-15.
    RSA696194RSAPicris echioidesAnonymouss.n.1934-00-01 OrangeSanta Ana
    RSA703088RSAPicris echioidesFred M. Roberts60062003-09-11 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Donna O′Neill Land Conservancy. Cristianitos Cyn., 0.79 N Sycamore Gate 0.23 km w of Crisianitos Road.
    RSA718608RSAPicris echioidesMichael Honer21372005-09-27 Santa BarbaraEllwood Mesa area, between Ocean Meadows golf course and service road to large oil tanks.
    RSA734119RSAPicris echioidesA. C. Sanders351432008-04-29 OrangePeninsular Range;Santa Ana Mtns.: Lomas de Santiago, western end of Loma Ridgeon road to sheriff′s training facility, c. 1.5 mi. SW of Santiago Reservoir; Black Star Canon 7.5
    RSA748404RSAPicris echioidesR. G. Swinney86042008-04-04 Los AngelesLower Ham Canon where it runs through San Dimas Golf Course, just above confluence with San Dimas Wash; Glendora 7.5 Q.
    RSA752613RSAPicris echioidesJustin M. Wood12072009-07-27 San BernardinoState ParksChino Hills State Park. McDermont Spring.; Prado Dam
    RSA752810RSAPicris echioidesA. C. Sanders359932008-08-07 Orangelower Weir Canon, at narrow gorge c. 0.6 mi. above mouth of cyn at Irvine Ranch gate.; Orange-Black Star Cyn. 7.5 Qs.
    RSA762649RSAPicris echioidesR. G. Swinney98552008-11-29 Los AngelesMouth of San Gabriel River Canon, spring 1.5 mi. north of Sierra Madre Ave. on Hwy 39; Azusa 7.5
    RSA766903RSAPicris echioidesP. WeltonGV-491983-07-28 Santa BarbaraBase of south-facing slope of Carneros Dam, Goleta, Loake Los Carneros County Park
    RSA796378RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff20501955-08-14 SonomaForestville Marsh.
    RSA796379RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff21551955-09-24 SonomaDuncan Mills Marsh
    RSA796384RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff54891964-08-26 SonomaMarsh 5 miles NE of Penngrove on Lichau Road
    RSA796385RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff57831966-08-16 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, NE of Graton, ca. 0.5 mi north of Guerneville.
    RSA796390RSAPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff72211973-08-20 SonomaSonoma Creek bottom near Agua Caliente Road crossing west of Agua Caliente.
    RSA802000RSAPicris echioidesKenneth Beards.n.1934-02-01 OrangeBeside irrigation ditch near Hewes Park
    RSA929RSAPicris echioidesJ. T. Howell5141927-07-29 OrangeNear east boundary of Rancho Santa Ana.
    RSA95054RSAPicris echioidesF. W. Peirson21691920-06-22 San Bernardino2 miles south of Chino
    UCR0103514UCRPicris echioidesJon P. Rebman91332003-05-29 San DiegoRancho Jamul Ecological Reserve: west of Hwy. 94, south of Jamul & north of Otay Lakes Road; southwest part of reserve, just sw of the old kiln along Jamul Creek
    UCR109970UCRPicris echioidesRichard D. Goedens.n.1979-05-31 Santa BarbaraAlong Hwy 1 south of Lompoc; Pacific Coast
    UCR110908UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders220111998-06-22 Los AngelesPasadena, just north of the I-210 Freeway on E bank of Eaton Wash, north side of Foothill Blvd. where it goes under the 210, under SCE transmission lines; Pasadena
    UCR112550UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders219251998-06-03 VenturaMoorpark, hills south of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. c. 0.5 mile east of Moorpark Rd., just west of Hwy 23, c. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, c. 2 miles NE of Thousand Oaks; Moorpark
    UCR113861UCRPicris echioidesMitch Provance20562000-06-24 RiversideSanta Ana River Wash, between the Market Street bridge and the 60 Fwy; Riverside
    UCR115346UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders237252000-11-15 RiversideMoreno Valley, east side of Ellsworth St. between Cactus Ave. and Allesandro Blvd., near 14400 Ellsworth; Perris-Aguanga Basin region
    UCR115805UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp62272000-10-17 San DiegoLawrence Welk Commercial Complex, c. 1.5 miles west of the Oat Hills, and south of Moosa Canon
    UCR122991UCRPicris echioidesRichard D. Goeden090998--081998-09-09 San Luis ObispoEl Chorro Creek off South Bay Blvd., east of Morro Bay
    UCR128288UCRPicris echioidesPam Wrights.n.2003-05-09 San Joaquin1 mile south of Collegeville, southeast of Stockton and east of French Camp, off Littlejohn Creek immediately west of Jack Tone Road and south of BNSF railroad line, 55 acre Mariposa mitigation site (created in 2000)
    UCR131441UCRPicris echioidesYvonne Marlins.n.2000-05-10 Los AngelesLos Angeles, San Pedro area, Defense Fuel Support Point (Naval Reservation) 3 North Gaffey St.
    UCR136558UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders279422004-05-21 San DiegoCanonda Ecological Reserve, near El Camino Real and Canon Rd., vegetation restoration area
    UCR143944UCRPicris echioidesT.B. Salvato1612003-04-10 Santa Cruznorth side of Monterey Bay, U.C. Santa Cruz Campus. Upper end of campus between Cowell College and the main library
    UCR145138UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders290402004-11-12 San DiegoSan Elijo Lagoon, east of Manchester Ave. c. 0.5 mi. SW of Encinitas Blvd.
    UCR1453UCRPicris echioidesJoyce Kleinjans.n.1961-05-07 RiversideRiverside, 1012 Spruce St., 200 ft. south of street [O.F. Clarke residence]
    UCR148734UCRPicris echioidesJon P. Rebman69232000-06-30 San DiegoSan Diego Urban Canons, North Park-Golden Hill area: Cedar Ridge Park Canons, along stream beside Hwy I-15
    UCR155680UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders296682005-04-22 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, north side of lagoon, east of the I-5 Fwy, along the trail past the nature center
    UCR157500UCRPicris echioidesScott D. White22621994-07-14 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon; along San Dimas Canon Road
    UCR158755UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp86962004-06-24 Santa BarbaraOcean Park at Surf, NW of Lompoc
    UCR158985UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders312142005-06-24 San DiegoSan Dieguito Lagoon Ecological Reserve (DFG), north edge of reserve along Palm Lane (closed-abandoned) east of San Dieguito Dr. near old airport site
    UCR159240UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp87272004-06-24 Santa Barbarabetween Ocean Park [Rd.] and Pacific Ocean at Surf; NW of Lompoc
    UCR159335UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp87522004-07-07 Santa Barbaratermination of San Miguelito Road., 8.7 miles southwest of I Street in Lompoc
    UCR162007UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders316912005-10-05 San DiegoBlue Sky Ecological Reserve (DFG), east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway, along road in lower canyon below turnoff to Lake Poway
    UCR162061UCRPicris echioidesMike Misenhelters.n.2005-10-05 Los AngelesCanon, old landfill site SE of intersection of 110 (Harbor) and 405 (San Diego) freeways, west side of Dominguez Channel and 405, east of Main St.
    UCR162323UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders318192005-10-12 San DiegoCarlsbad, Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve, slopes & canyons c. 1 mile SE of Cerro de la Calavera, SW of the end of Canon Rd.
    UCR16682UCRPicris echioidesHenry M. Pollards.n.1964-07-21 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd. near Veronica Springs Rd. intersection
    UCR167801UCRPicris echioidesT.B. Salvato13032005-06-23 RiversideWalker Canon, 1.5 miles due east of Alberhill, north of Hwy I-15
    UCR170451UCRPicris echioidesAlex R. Van Dam0082004-05-16 Los AngelesFranklin Canon Park near the main parking lot on a slightly graded N-facing slope
    UCR171761UCRPicris echioidesMargaret R. Mulligan12892005-07-29 San DiegoMcGinty Mountain Ecological Reserve (Calif Fish & Game). SE of city of El Canon. SE of intersection of Willow Glen Dr and Hillsdale Rd. San Diego Atlas Square R14
    UCR175613UCRPicris echioidesMark A. Elvin42082005-04-06 San DiegoSan Ysidro Mtns: south side of Otay Mtn, west of Tin Canong the US-MX border.
    UCR191217UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders351432008-04-29 OrangeLomas de Santiago, western end of Loma Ridge on road to sheriffs training facility, c. 1.5 mi. SW of Santiago Reservoir
    UCR195021UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders359932008-08-07 Orangelower Weir Canon, at narrow gorge c. 0.6 mi. above mouth of cyn at Irvine Ranch gate
    UCR201535UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp142892008-10-30 Sacramentoalong Highway E13 (Twin Cities Road) 4.4 miles west of its junction with CA-99
    UCR201855UCRPicris echioidesJustin M. Wood2122008-10-29 RiversideTemecula - Murrieta Creek, downstream of First Street Bridge
    UCR202495UCRPicris echioidesJon P. Rebman156172008-06-19 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, along North River Road, east of Stuart Mesa Road, along the northern edge of the Santa Margarita River in the southwestern portion of the base. Square: G5
    UCR205058UCRPicris echioidesR.G. Swinney86042008-04-04 Los Angeleslower Ham Canon where it runs through San Dimas Golf Course, just above confluence with San Dimas Wash
    UCR210372UCRPicris echioidesT.B. Salvato19362006-10-16 OrangeIrvine, San Diego Creek flood control channel, between Michelson Drive and the 405 Fwy
    UCR210457UCRPicris echioidesR.G. Swinney98552008-11-29 Los Angelesmouth of San Gabriel River Canon, spring 1.5 mi. north of Sierra Madre Ave. on Hwy 39
    UCR214600UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders381252010-04-30 Los AngelesMadrona Marsh, Torrance
    UCR217421UCRPicris echioidesR.G. Swinney100652009-03-10 Los AngelesAzusa, El Encanto Azusa River Wilderness Park
    UCR22007UCRPicris echioidesSteve Boyd3421980-09-08 RiversideHarford Springs County Park, NW corner of the Gavilan plateau; Gavilan Plateau
    UCR233040UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp172682011-05-12 SutterHowsley Road at CA-99-El Centro Blvd., 3.3 miles west of Pleasant Grove
    UCR253351UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders412322014-08-03 San MateoSouth San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Trail in vicinity of S Airport Drive, Utah Ave., and Haskins Way, between Hwy 101 and San Francisco Bay
    UCR253625UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp201312012-11-12 El DoradoEl Dorado Hills; Windfield Parkway 0.2 mile south of White Rock Road
    UCR253807UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp200922012-10-30 PlacerSouth Dowd Road, 0.1 mile south of its junction with Moore Road, southwest of Lincoln
    UCR258219UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp200522012-10-20 PlacerNorth Auburn; unnamed dirt road on east side of CA-49, between Rock Creek Road and Locksley Lane
    UCR262436UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp185062011-12-09 Sutterbeside Cross Canal, just west of Hwy 99, 0.3 mile west of Howsley Road on an unnamed dirt road
    UCR275360UCRPicris echioidesT.B. Salvato15032005-06-09 RiversideGavilan Hills, E-W trending side canyon feeding into Walker Canon, c. 0.3 mile northeast of Hwy 15
    UCR279635UCRPicris echioidesPeter Rubtzoff57831966-08-16 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, northeast of Graton, c. 0.5 mile north of Guerneville [Rd.]
    UCR285616UCRPicris echioidesSteven A. JunakSN--13331999-03-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Nicktown, in courtyard on east side of Barracks Building 181
    UCR46555UCRPicris echioidesB.G. Pitzer0353A1986-10-21 OrangeLomas de Santiago, c. 10 miles east of Santa Ana, in hills north and east of South Coast Gun Club on Jeffrey Road in Hicks Canon; Santa Ana Mtns
    UCR46721UCRPicris echioidesB.G. Pitzer03671986-12-02 RiversideTemescal Canon, c. 1 mile north of Glen Ivy Hot Springs and 0.5 mile west of Hwy I-15 off Lawson Drive between Temescal Canon Road and Warm Springs Dr
    UCR48598UCRPicris echioidesRichard D. Goeden870902--121987-09-02 HumboldtLoleta, along Cannibal Island Road
    UCR48862UCRPicris echioidesRichard D. Goeden870902--61987-09-02 HumboldtHwy 36 at Chantham Grove (just west of Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park.)
    UCR48933UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders71651987-07-22 Los AngelesEl Segundo Dunes immediately west of Los Angeles International Airport & Pershing Dr., east of Vista Del Mar Blvd
    UCR59826UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1989-08-06 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park, at the south edge of Morro Bay; Morro Bay
    UCR82183UCRPicris echioidesA.C. Sanders154761994-08-28 San BernardinoSW end of Silverwood Lake; San Bernardino Mtns
    UCR95916UCRPicris echioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp12011996-09-22 San Luis Obispoalong San Simeon Creek, c. 0.2 mile east of CA Hwy 1; Coast
    UCR97169UCRPicris echioidesR.G. Swinney33391994-10-20 San BernardinoCanon Wash, north of terminus of Canon Rd, c. 50 M east of Canon stream in wash bottom; San Gabriel Mountains
    UCR97810UCRPicris echioidesScott D. White47451997-03-12 Los AngelesZuma Beach, mouth of Zuma Creek, east end of the County Beach.; Zuma Beach
    UCSB041678UCSBPicris echioidesCCBER StaffMV502005-06-30 Santa BarbaraUCSB Campus, Manzanita Village.
    UCSC100007019UCSCPicris echioidesI. J. Condits.n.1908-07-25 OrangeHuntington Beach -
    UCSC2320UCSCPicris echioidesS. Levy1041994-05-22 Santa Cruzeast side, west facing slope Younger Lagoon Reserve
    UCSC9440UCSCPicris echioidesLowell Ahart76771995-10-04 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, about 2 miles north and 1-4 mile east of Honcut, about 12 miles south of Oroville
    US2998836USPicris echioidesJ. H. Thomas11901949-10-23 UnknownSanta Cruz County, along coast at western end of Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz
    US3557798USPicris echioidesL. Ahart106612003-10-23 UnknownColusa County, T17N, R6W, northwest 1-4 Section 24, along Squaw Creek, just south of East Park Reservoir, about 1-8 mile northwest of Sites Lodoga Road, about 1 mile north of Lodoga, about 21 miles west of Maxwell
    US3586893USPicris echioidesJ. H. Thomas105251964-11-15 UnknownSan Mateo County, Jasper Ridge Biological Experimental Area, about 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto, along road at edge of Searsville Lake
    US3587205USPicris echioidesL. Ahart165132009-11-12 UnknownMendocino County, T16N, R12W, southwest 1-4 Section 14, on the south side of the Russian River, below the high water line of Lake Mendocino, about 200 yards south of Highway 20
    US3590188USPicris echioidesL. Ahart164272009-10-12 UnknownNapa County, T8N, R3W, east border of southwest 1-4 section 30, below the high water line of Lake Berryessa, along Capell Creek south of Rest Area, 3-4 mile northeast of Highway 128 on Berryessa Knoxville Road, 3-4 mile southwest of Capell Cove Launch Ramp on Berryessa
    US3729012USPicris echioidesT. Salvato ; M. Clemons15032005-06-09 RiversidePeninsular Range: Gavilan Hills, E-W trending side canyon feeding into Walker Canyon, c. 0.3 mile northeast of Hwy 15

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