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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT73440CASPicea sitchensisLee, Edward11541934-8-17 HumboldtNear east shore of Big Lagoon, 35 miles north of Euraka.
    CAS-BOT73441CASPicea sitchensisDudley, William R.s.n.1899-6-28 HumboldtHumboldt Bay peninsula opposite Eureka.
    CAS-BOT73442CASPicea sitchensisAbrams, L. R.61311916-7-18 HumboldtArcata to Trinidad.
    CAS-BOT73443CASPicea sitchensisKildale, Doris K.32011927-5-14 HumboldtBig Lagoon
    CAS-BOT73444CASPicea sitchensisWolf, Carl B.10371930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles south of Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    CAS-BOT73445CASPicea sitchensisWolf, Carl B.10371930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles south of Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    CAS-BOT73446CASPicea sitchensisWolf, Carl B.10371930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles south of Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    CAS-BOT73447CASPicea sitchensisKildale, Doris K.15441926-3-20 HumboldtBig Lagoon
    CAS-BOT73448CASPicea sitchensisWiggins, Ira L.58701932-6-18 HumboldtHillside just north of mouth of Little River.
    CAS-BOT78182CASPicea sitchensisWheeler, Clare R.7321978-9-30 MendocinoCaspar Creek Bridge, Frontage Road Turnout
    CAS-BOT78183CASPicea sitchensisWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.7621979-2-6 MendocinoCabrillo Rd. W. of intersection with Hwy. 1. So. of Caspar Bridge
    CAS-BOT78184CASPicea sitchensisDuncan, Carl D.1431920-7-5 MendocinoCow hills near Noyo
    CAS-BOT78185CASPicea sitchensisMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1903-9-1 MendocinoKaisen district
    CAS-BOT78186CASPicea sitchensisHenderson, L. F.57111928-3-29 Del NorteOcean Beach, near Crescent City, N.W. Cal.
    CAS-BOT78187CASPicea sitchensisKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1890-6-10 Del Norte
    CAS-BOT78188CASPicea sitchensisKildale, Doris K.57461926-7-22 Del Norte2 miles north of Klamath River
    CAS-BOT78189CASPicea sitchensisMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1921-8-29 Del Norteback of Requa
    CAS-BOT78190CASPicea sitchensisAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.83281922-6-27 Del NorteWilson Creek between Requa and Crescent City
    CAS-BOT78191CASPicea sitchensisKildale, Doris K.28241926-11-2 Del NorteRequa at mouth of Klamath River
    CAS-BOT78192CASPicea sitchensisAbrams, L. R.83161922-6-27 Del Norte2 mi north of Requa
    CAS-BOT78193CASPicea sitchensisTrue, Gordon H.s.n.1967-2-15 Del NorteRedwood Hwy. just south of Crescent City
    CAS-BOT78194CASPicea sitchensisEastwood, Alice122871923-8-12 Del Norte[Gasquets] Gasquet
    CAS-BOT78195CASPicea sitchensisEastwood, Alice46a1907-4-22 Del NorteCrescent City
    CAS-BOT78196CASPicea sitchensisHenderson, L. F.57111947-7-19 Del Nortenear Crescent City
    CAS-BOT78197CASPicea sitchensisEastwood, Alice22911912-9-19 Del NorteCrescent City
    CAS-BOT78198CASPicea sitchensiss.n.1925-4-15 Del Nortenear Crescent City
    CAS-BOT78199CASPicea sitchensisAbrams, L. R.82471922-6-25 Humboldtnear South Bay
    CAS-BOT78200CASPicea sitchensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-1 HumboldtEureka Peninsula
    CAS-BOT78201CASPicea sitchensisKildale, Doris K.23941926-6-18 Humboldton trail between Davidson's + Gold Bluffs
    CAS-BOT78202CASPicea sitchensisWolf, Carl B.12021927-8-29 Humboldt7 mi. s. of Ferndale & Capetown, Bear River Ridge, [Mt.Glen] Mt. Glen
    CHSC67760CHSCPicea sitchensisVernon H. Oswald83041997-1-29 HumboldtMad River County Park NW of Arcata, S of the mouth of Mad River. T0 N R0 W S01
    CHSC80131CHSCPicea sitchensisVernon H. Oswald99872001-2-27 MendocinoJug Handle State Preserve along Hwy 1 between Fort Bragg and Caspar. T1 N R1 W S35 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Fort Bragg 1:24,000
    CHSC81CHSCPicea sitchensisM. Anthony1960-5-14 HumboldtNear Arcata.
    DAV133510DAVPicea sitchensisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-4-13 MendocinoMendocino County: Mendocino-Fort Bragg. Jug Handle State Reserve. Jug Handle Creek.
    DAV36940DAVPicea sitchensisRoman Gankin5511965-8-06 HumboldtHumboldt County: 1.3 miles south of Samoa, Samoa Peninsula.
    DAV48279DAVPicea sitchensisJo Ann Olson351969-4-26 HumboldtHumboldt County: North plateau above Fern Canon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
    DAV82029DAVPicea sitchensisLinda M. Barker13761976-4-13 HumboldtHumboldt County: Lanphere-Christensen Dunes, coastal forest and dunes 3 miles west of Arcata.
    FSC0000698FSCPicea sitchensisR. Dresser91961-3-19 MendocinoCa. 90' in height (lower limbs). Mouth of Caspar Creek. Sec. 1 N R1 W and Sec. 6 T17N R17W.
    HSC1354HSCPicea sitchensisJ.W. Johnson12951962-4-29 HumboldtW.M. Lanphere Farm, Samoa Peninsula, Arcata.
    HSC1356HSCPicea sitchensisS.J. Hawks91965-3-19 Humboldt1/4 W of Fairhaven
    HSC28257HSCPicea sitchensisGary S. Lester561973-12-02 HumboldtE of HSC campus
    HSC31521HSCPicea sitchensisSteve Selva941974-8-28 HumboldtBehind Humboldt State University, Arcata.
    HSC40943HSCPicea sitchensisLinda M. Barker13761976-4-13 Humboldt3 W of Arcata
    HSC45890HSCPicea sitchensisJ.P. Smith49691971-10-06 HumboldtEnd of Murray Rd. in McKinleyville, Bulk Collection 155
    HSC60088HSCPicea sitchensisM.A. Baker3501977-6-01 Del NorteMouth of Wilson Creek
    HSC78982HSCPicea sitchensisL.P. Janeway11961984-12-05 HumboldtN Spit of Humboldt Bay, BLM lands near fence
    HSC83926HSCPicea sitchensisClare R. Wheeler7321978-9-30 MendocinoCanontage Rd. turnout
    HSC89481HSCPicea sitchensisP.A. Daly721986-3-12 HumboldtTrinidad Head, along trail
    HSC93254HSCPicea sitchensisGordon Leppig7191998-3-15 HumboldtQuarry Rd. off Jacoby Creek
    HSC95902HSCPicea sitchensisWill Ferrand402002-4-28 Humboldt9 mi. E of intersection of West End Rd. and Warren Creek Rd.
    JEPS46728UCJEPSPicea sitchensisW. C. Mathews1914-11-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
    JEPS46729UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. P. Tracy1901-2-01 HumboldtHumboldt Bay
    JEPS46731UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson29051907-7-15 Del NorteSmith River
    JEPS46732UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson22171903-6-26 MendocinoNoyo
    JEPS46733UCJEPSPicea sitchensisGoddard1937-8-20 Humboldt
    JEPS48361UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson22171903-6-26 MendocinoNoyo
    JEPS48362UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson29051907-7-15 Del Nortenear Crescent City
    JEPS48363UCJEPSPicea sitchensisW. C. Matthews1914-1-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
    JEPS48364UCJEPSPicea sitchensisW. C. Mathews1917-10-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg.
    LA206239LAPicea sitchensisCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-22 Humboldtnear Patrick's Point
    LA6284LAPicea sitchensisLeRoy Abrams136491934-8-29 Del NortePrairie Creek, Redwood Grove
    MCCC6025MCCCPicea sitchensisR. Woodward591982-3-05 MendocinoBoth sides of Hwy. 1 at south end of Caspar bridge
    OBI147321OBIPicea sitchensisRobert J. Rodin83771969-8-17 Del NorteNear Gold Beach, Redwood Natl Park
    OBI147323OBIPicea sitchensisDavid J. Keil172951983-7-01 HumboldtBetween Ferndale and Bear River Ridge Rd along Mattole Rd
    OBI149051OBIPicea sitchensisRobert J. Rodin83771969-8-17 Del NorteNear Gold Beach, Redwood Natl Park
    OBI149053OBIPicea sitchensisDavid Keil172951983-7-01 HumboldtBetween Ferndale and Bear River Ridge Rd along Mattole Rd
    POM213420RSAPicea sitchensisC. B. Wolf17811930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles S Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    POM21764RSAPicea sitchensisL. R. Abrams61311916-7-18 HumboldtArcata to Trinidad.
    POM281983RSAPicea sitchensisLyman Benson4451928-7-10 HumboldtDunes at Clam Beach, Arcata to Trinidad.
    POM303737RSAPicea sitchensisLyman Bensons.n.1947-7-03 MendocinoRussian Gulch; Pacific Ocean drainage area.
    POM87671RSAPicea sitchensisL. R. Abrams83161922-6-27 Del Norte2 miles N of Requa.
    PUA31196PUAPicea sitchensis1979-6-08 HumboldtLocal landmark: Fern Canon. Fern Canon Quad.
    PUA56142PUAPicea sitchensisJimerson/imper1983-7-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Table Bluff Lighthouse. Ferndale Quad.
    RSA0116907RSAPicea sitchensisLyman Benson141881949-9-04 HumboldtBishop Pine Lodge, 5 miles North of Trinidad. Mt. Range: North Coast Ranges.
    RSA134613RSAPicea sitchensisP. C. Everett239691959-10-25 Humboldt3 miles S from Ferndale, on Old Coast Road to Capetown.
    RSA15564RSAPicea sitchensisC. B. Wolf12021927-8-29 Humboldt7 miles south of Ferndale and Capetown, Bear River Ridge, Mt. Glen.
    RSA175261RSAPicea sitchensisRobert F. Thorne190111957-9-03 HumboldtLittle River Beach, few miles S of Trinidad.
    RSA1960RSAPicea sitchensisC. B. Wolf17811930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles S Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    RSA2205RSAPicea sitchensisC. B. Wolfs.n.1930-10-28 Humboldt5 miles S of Ferndale on road to Petrolia.
    RSA23RSAPicea sitchensisE. R. Johnson11461928-8-26 HumboldtArcata.
    RSA239758RSAPicea sitchensisLarry E. DeBuhr11181973-5-20 Del NorteAt Pacific Shores Development near Fort Dick
    RSA24297RSAPicea sitchensisC. B. Wolf99551941-2-24 Del Norte2.5 miles E of Crescent City on Grants Road.
    RSA246848RSAPicea sitchensisRobert F. Thorne352001965-8-07 HumboldtBig Lagoon, south end.
    RSA257606RSAPicea sitchensisG. D. Wallace12151973-5-20 Del NorteN of Crescent City, W of Fort Dick on stabilized coastal dunes at Pacific Shores Estates.
    RSA354515RSAPicea sitchensisClare R. Wheeler7321978-10-01 MendocinoCanontage Road turnout.
    RSA537399RSAPicea sitchensisW. Wisura46071991-10-20 Del Norte3 W of Fort Dick along Kellog Rd. near coast.
    RSA681411RSAPicea sitchensisAnnuschka Deb3341989-7-28 UnknownYBN [No county information present, but possibly San Mateo County.]
    RSA759237RSAPicea sitchensisDoug Goldman30002004-12-22 MendocinoTo the east side of Route 1 (Shoreline Highway), about 0.05 miles south of the intersection with Caspar Road and Fern Creek Road, and about 0.2 miles north of the Caspar Creek Bridge. Caspar.
    RSA85509RSAPicea sitchensisG. R. Campbell190241954-3-24 Humboldt23.4 miles N of Petrolia on Old Coast Road toward Ferndale.
    RSA86360RSAPicea sitchensisF. W. Peirson63891925-8-10 MendocinoJug Handle Creek, 6 miles north of Mendocino City.
    RSA86528RSAPicea sitchensisF. W. Peirson39631923-7-08 Mendocino5 miles north of Mendocino City.
    SBBG184871SBBGPicea sitchensisJ. W. Howe1938-3-31 Humboldtnear Arcata
    SBBG184872SBBGPicea sitchensisE. R. Blakley68021966-8-17 HumboldtPatrick's Pt, 5 N of Trinidad
    SBBG184873SBBGPicea sitchensisJ. W. Howe1938-3-1 Humboldt[no locality]
    SBBG184874SBBGPicea sitchensisJ. W. Howe1938-3-31 Humboldtnear Arcata
    SD107776SDPicea sitchensisGary Wallace12151973-5-20 Del NorteNorth of Crescent City west of Fort Dick at Pacific Shores Estates
    SD41319SDPicea sitchensisEdith A. Purer41271932-7-26 HumboldtNear Samoa
    SD51259SDPicea sitchensisDarley F. Howes.n.1961-8-01 Humboldt3 miles north of Arcata on Highway #101
    SDSU01550SDSUPicea sitchensisHowe, D. F.31101961-8-01 HumboldtThree miles north of Arcata on #101.
    SFV100505SFVPicea sitchensisB. C. Templeton95411963-4-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley; Claremont, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden.
    SJSU1347SJSUPicea sitchensisA. W. Jacobs1944-7-13 AlamedaTilden Regional Park
    SJSU142SJSUPicea sitchensisEmily D. Smith1934-8-22 Humboldtbetween Fortuna & Eureka
    SJSU2223SJSUPicea sitchensisH.L. Buckalew1959-7-10 HumboldtPrairie Creek Redwoods State Park, northweastern Humbollt County
    UC1061648UCJEPSPicea sitchensisHerbert L. Mason1930-9-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
    UC1134170UCJEPSPicea sitchensisH. S. Yates56591936-6-16 Humboldt1 mi sw Samoa; Eureka Quad.
    UC1134171UCJEPSPicea sitchensisH. S. Yates57401936-6-18 Del Norte6 mi nw of Crescent City; Pt. St. George
    UC1174871UCJEPSPicea sitchensisP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls1959-10-25 Humboldt3 mi s from Ferndale (on Old Coast Road to Capetown)
    UC1198274UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. P. Tracy10321901-4-14 Humboldtsand hills of ocean beach at Samoa Samoa (opp. Eureka)
    UC1198275UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJoseph P. Tracy91971930-9-28 HumboldtBig Lagoon Northern Coast Region, Big Lagoon
    UC1219787UCJEPSPicea sitchensisE. Fritz1935-8-16 Humboldt
    UC135UCJEPSPicea sitchensisW. H. Brewer22001851-2-28 Del Norteon the coast near Crescent City
    UC136UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. P. Tracy1901-4-17 HumboldtSamoa, Humboldt Bay
    UC137UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. P. Tracy1901-4-17 HumboldtSamoa; Humboldt Bay
    UC1409145UCJEPSPicea sitchensisLarry DeBuhr, Gary Wallace11181973-5-20 Del Nortenear Fort Dick; Pacific Shores Development
    UC1585368UCJEPSPicea sitchensisR. Raiche, K. Zadnik, H. Forbes531989-10-02 Humboldt0.5 km s Hwy 255 New Navy base Rd, w of Eureka); North Split of Samoa Peninsula
    UC176331UCJEPSPicea sitchensisTracy44151951-7-6 Unknown
    UC2071822UCJEPSPicea sitchensisLyman Benson141881949-9-04 HumboldtBishop Pine Lodge, 5 miles North of Trinidad. Mt. Range: North Coast Ranges.
    UC400128UCJEPSPicea sitchensisYnes Mexia24041929-9-08 MendocinoFort Bragg.
    UC401984UCJEPSPicea sitchensisP. E. Goddard1902-1-01 Del NorteKlamath River
    UC484045UCJEPSPicea sitchensisCarl B. Wolf1930-10-28 Humboldt5 mi s Ferndale (on road to Petrolia)
    UC527820UCJEPSPicea sitchensisIra L. Wiggins58701932-6-28 Humboldthillside just n Little River
    UC535711UCJEPSPicea sitchensisEleanor Armstrong11451934-7-31 HumboldtPatricks Point
    UC535712UCJEPSPicea sitchensisEleanor Armstrong1145a1934-7-31 HumboldtPatricks Point
    UC54776UCJEPSPicea sitchensisP. E. Goddard1821901-8-06 Del NorteRequa Beach Mouth of the Klamath River, Requa Beach
    UC55646UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. Burtt Davy61861899-7-30 Humboldtin gulches in back Ferndale; North Coast Ranges
    UC55647UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. P. Tracy1901-2-03 Humboldtimmediate vicinity of Eureka
    UC55649UCJEPSPicea sitchensisJ. Burtt Davy1902-6-01 Del NorteCrescent City North Coast Ranges, Crescent City
    UC615028UCJEPSPicea sitchensisBeryl O. Schreiber11301934-6-05 Humboldt5 mi above Fortuna (along highway)
    UC637022UCJEPSPicea sitchensisEdward Lee11541934-8-17 Humboldt35 mi n of Eureka (near e shore of Big Lagoon)
    UC915706UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson231903-6-28 Mendocinoon bluffs 1/2 mi from Pacific Ocean (near Noyo)
    UC915729UCJEPSPicea sitchensisWillis L. Jepson29051907-7-15 Del NorteCrescent City
    UCR28004UCRPicea sitchensisA.C. Sanders23051981-8-06 HumboldtRuss Park, just south of Ferndale.
    UCR32234UCRPicea sitchensisDavid J. Keil172951983-7-01 HumboldtBetween Ferndale & Bear River Ridge Road along Mattole Road
    UCSB021354UCSBPicea sitchensisJohn R. Haller21791967-6-17 HumboldtEast side of Stone Lagoon near U.S. 101, 5 miles S. of Orick
    UCSB021355UCSBPicea sitchensisJoseph M. Keefe19691967-7-08 HumboldtSouth edge of Big Lagoon, 20 miles north of Eureka

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