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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT183071CASPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisShevock, James R.98651982-07-10 FresnoKings River Drainage. Along California highway 180 above Junction Vista
CDA0014134CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.F. Hrusa138241997-05-30 PlumasE side of Rattlesnake Creek, S of Hwy 70 approx. 15 mi. E of Quincy. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0018690CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.D. Barbe36971982-06-15 Plumas0.8 W of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (USFS Rd 2 N22F); 3.3 miles E of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0018697CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.D. Barbe37041982-06-15 Plumas0.8 W of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (USFS Rd 2 N22F); 3.3 miles E of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0021235CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.F. Hrusa169552007-04-19 Nevada3-4 W of Grass Valley along Hwy 20. Sierra Nevada Foothills.
CDA0040275CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisT.C. Fuller48111958-04-16 SiskiyouGiebner property, 4 miles south of Yreka.
CDA0040276CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR.P. Allen40761960-04-14 AmadorHighway 88, 4 miles east of Jackson.
CDA0040277CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.D. Barbe26141980-04-29 Siskiyou3 km east of Forest Mountain summit, Highway 3, southwest of Yreka.
CDA0040278CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.D. Barbe36631982-06-09 PlumasSoutheast and below Thompson Peak, overlooking Honey Lake Valley; Plumas National Forest.
CDA0040280CDAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisT.C. Fuller106351963-06-10 LassenRoad to Pittville, 3.4 miles northwest of Willow Springs Campground.
CHSC10810CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart1969-04-08 YubaNear Dobbins.
CHSC114564CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisSue Pappalardo3951993-06-02 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest. Hayfork Ranger District; Butter Creek. 2N18 road at junction with 18 c road. T0 N R07E S1 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC115284CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart201212015-04-30 ButteAbout 1-4 mile south of Forbestown Reservior Road, about 2 1-2 miles (air) northeast of Forbestown. T1 N R07E S6
CHSC115491CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. P. Janeway116382015-03-16 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; along Ponderosa Way at Road 1 N19, 1.0 road-km northwest of Lower Forbestown Road, just before the canyon becomes steep into South Fork Feather River arm of Lake Oroville. T19N R06E S05 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
CHSC1304CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. M. Staley1953-07-17 ButteCanon Creek.
CHSC1305CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisT. Morgue1932-04-18 ButteConcow Reservoir.
CHSC1306CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. Anthony1953-04-27 LassenSusanville.
CHSC1307CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisP. Delaplane561965-05-04 ButteFound on so. side of Concow Rd. South side of Lake Concow.
CHSC23099CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRobert A. Schlising25911963-06-04 Del Norte15.4 mi in (NE) on Patricks Creek Road, from Jct with Hwy 199.
CHSC25050CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Morgan21972-04-23 PlumasOn n side of Forbestown Road, 5.5 mi w of La Porte.
CHSC30465CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. P. McKeon221980-06-04 Lassen200 yd n of Eagle Lake Field Station.
CHSC31048CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Taylor3184A1980-07-23 TrinityOn n side at end of 4 N98A, in meadow, ca. 19.6 mi ne of Trumble Ranch on Hwy 3 via 42N17.
CHSC32973CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisS. Harris1980-05-24 Del NorteT1 N R1 W S27
CHSC33112CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Taylor3619A1981-05-05 ButteS side of Forbestown Rd, ca. 1-4 mi e of Old Forbestown, between Forbestown-Woodleaf rd and New York Flat Rd. T1 N R06E S10 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown
CHSC34653CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJames Jokerst8731980-06-16 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges. Near Baldy Ridge. USGS Quadrangle: Newhouse Ridge
CHSC34716CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Taylor37791981-05-21 ButteE side of Concow Rd, ca. 0.3 mi s of its jct with Ponderosa Way, ca. 20 air mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
CHSC35094CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHerb Allen McLane201980-04-25 ButtePlumas National Forest, MDM, E side of Ponderosa Way. T1 N R06E S05 NE1-4 of NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
CHSC35095CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. A. Schlising37601980-06-23 ButteSoutheast part of county, 3.4 miles N and W of Forbestown. T1 N R06E S16
CHSC35096CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRobert A. Schlising40251981-04-12 ButteE of Oroville. T1 N R05E S02
CHSC35599CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson58481980-06-22 TehamaNorth Coast Ranges. Along forest service rd. 45 1.9 miles north of Tedoc Gap; west side of Mt. Tedoc. T2 N R0 W S26
CHSC35958CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Taylor45251982-05-25 PlumasAlong 2 N12, 0.6 mi w of its jct with 23N52, ca. 3-4 mi w of McDermott Ravine, and 1.5 mi ne of Sloat. T23N R10E S0 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Ingalls
CHSC43707CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVernon Oswald8591983-07-12 GlennBeside Alder Springs Rd. (FH7) 4.9 mi n-w of Plaskett Meadows Guard Station. On a roadcut.
CHSC44340CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart10711976-04-15 YubaAlong Ponderosa Way and near the Brownsville dump, about 1 mile west of Brownsville.
CHSC45360CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVernon Oswald17721985-05-20 YubaForbestown Rd. between Forbestown and Woodleaf 2.9 mi e of the Butte Co.-Yuba Co. line. On a road cut. T1 N R07E S08
CHSC4633CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. Carter4141966-05-15 Siskiyou5.3 mi. S of intersection of Canon Stage Rd., growing on E side of road on slope above road.
CHSC4667CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. Carter3371966-04-11 ButteFound ca. 1 mi. E of Bidwell Bar along S side of R.R. tracks, 300 W of R.R. bridge over S Fork.
CHSC55728CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisSteven Triano741988-04-17 PlumasAlong n side of Hwy. 89 ca 3.3 mi n of its jct. with Hwy. 70. T2 N R09E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Greenville 1:64,000
CHSC60189CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. Lund1980-04-28 Nevada2.0 miles from Cement Hill Rd. on Augustine Rd.
CHSC60583CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVernon H. Oswald52831993-04-19 ButteRattlesnake Creek Trail on outcrop between Jordan Hill Rd. and Sawmill Pk. Lookout, ENE of Magalia. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC61604CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisArthur G. Barrett111915-07-21 PlumasPlumas Forest. Meadow View Ranger Station.
CHSC6210CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. Gein1946-06-17 LassenSummit of Mt. Fredonyer.
CHSC67576CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJames D. Jokerst24341985-06-22 MendocinoAnthony Peak, ridgeline ca. 0.5 W of summit. T23N R10W S16 SE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC68531CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVernon H. Oswald83361997-04-16 ShastaCascade Range. Waters Gulch Trail at Shasta Lake. Between the upper trailhead and Waters Gulch. T3 N R0 W S20
CHSC68724CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVernon H. Oswald84781997-05-20 ShastaBig Cave-Popcorn Cave area in BLM Wilderness Study Area in lava beds south of Fall River Mills and 0.2 mi north of Bald Mtn. Rd., 3.6 mi east of Cassel-Fall River Rd. T3 N R05E S18
CHSC76138CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. F. Hrusa138241997-05-30 PlumasSierra Nevada. Near summit of hill on E side of Rattlesnake Creek, S of Hwy 70 approx. 15 mi. E of Quincy. [Original lat.-long. on label is 39 N; 120 W]. USGS Quadrangle: Johnsville 1:24,000
CHSC7619CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisNick Santamaria2511969-06-28 LassenOpen field about 5 feet from road approx 1-4 mile north of Mahogany Lake turnoff, near Eagle Lake.
CHSC80244CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. P. Janeway49881996-06-05 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada-Modoc Plateau. Ramelli Ranch; northwest corner of Sierra Valley; 400 ft south of Middle Fork Feather River and 300 ft west of the road to Calpine. T2 N R14E S27 NE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Portola 1:24,000
CHSC8038CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLynn R. Thomas1301969-06-20 LassenHillside ca. 1.5 mi s of Five Corners, ca 5 mi s of Eagle Lake Biological Station.
CHSC87387CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart108682004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington. T1 N R10E S13 SW1-4
CHSC89282CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Douglas Barbe36971982-06-15 PlumasSierra Nevada Foothills. East-facing slope, 0.8 mile west of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (U.S.F.S. Road #2 N22F); 3.3 miles east of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T25N R07E S02
CHSC90259CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. P. Janeway70872001-05-28 ShastaKlamath Ranges. Top of Brushy Mountain (ridge); along Road 2 N28 4.3 km north of junction of Roads 30 & 35 (and the junction of Shasta, Tehama, & Trinity County lines). Northeast-facing slope at top of ridge. T29N R1 W S36 SW1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pony Buck 1:25,000
CHSC91202CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart119282005-06-02 LassenAlong the poor dirt road, about 1-4 mile west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 3-4 miles (air) north of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.5 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction. T2 N R17E S0 W1-4
CHSC9302CHSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Strausbaugh371970-04-18 ShastaCutbank on east side Kennedy Memorial Hwy. ca. .5 mi. past Whiskeytown Dam.
ELH01769ELHPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGary Schoolcraft4031981-05-21 LassenSouth of Ash Valley
ELH01770ELHPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGary Schoolcraft9521982-05-24 PlumasWest side of Sierra Valley
FSC0019301FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJohn Weiler; Howard Latimer641741964-06-11 FresnoAlong the fire road between Delilah Lookout and the Kings River toward the town of Trimmer Springs.
FSC0019302FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. Sullivan101959-05-01 FresnoIntersection of Shaver railroad bed road with Big Creek railroad bed road; 4 m. w. of old highway 168;
FSC0019303FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChas. H. Quibell50911955-06-17 FresnoR.R. grade Rd. ca. 1-4 W. of jct. with Hiway 168 at Shaver xing, between Shaver L. and Big Crk. Heavy Yellow Pin For. ca. 4500′ - 1000′ up S. wall Big Crk. Canon; 6870′ Music Mt. just SW.; 8107′ Black Pt. N. across canyon, San Joaquin R. at 2000 4 map m. W.
FSC0019304FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalis1920-05-01 FresnoFresno Foothills
FSC0019305FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. Winter1949-05-27 FresnoJose Basin, Calif. Fresno County
FSC0019306FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. A. Boolootian1951-05-13 FresnoOn Highway 168; ten miles East of Shaver Lake; on the right side of the road going North.
FSC0019307FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDaniel Brown221371965-05-06 Fresno1 1-2 miles south of Jose Road on Alder Springs Road in Jose Basin. North side of mountain.
FSC0019308FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChas. H. Quibell1965-05-06 FresnoLower edge of the transition zone in the Fresno area.
FSC0019309FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGary Ogden1011972-04-08 MaderaOn Mammoth road, 1.7 miles beyond Rock Creek.
FSC0019310FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDean William Taylors.n.1969-04-26 AmadorAlong Ponderosa Way in the canyon of the Mokelumne River in Yellow Pines Forest 1 miles below Lake Taebued.
FSC0019311FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisKEITH G LOWN51954-05-08 FresnoJose Basin, 3.8 miles from Mathew′s [?Lumber] co. mill pond, up road by stream, between stream and road - 50 yds. on left side of road
FSC0019312FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDouglas Warnock1951-05-17 FresnoTwo miles west of Alter Springs on Auberry Pineridge road.
FSC0019313FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisNorman Fletcher1958-05-18 MaderaFourteen miles southeast of Chiquito Creek on the Mammoth Special Project Road
FSC0019314FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJohn T. ThomasII-791965-05-23 MaderaFound on Mammoth Pool Road about 20-22 miles from North Fork
FSC0019315FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. R.; B. L.70141935-05-26 FresnoAbout one mile above Stevenson Creek on the old railroad road near Shaver Lake.
FSC0019316FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisl. crawford; deter. c.h.q.61051947-05-16 FresnoOn the Shaver Lake Road about 3 miles above Meadow Lakes.
FSC0019317FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisPete Page; Janet Page70-1921970-05-10 LassenFound 7.3 miles north of Highway 70 on highway 395.
FSC0019318FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisPete Page; Janet Page70-1891970-05-10 LassenFound on Highway 395, .7 miles south of county road A3.
FSC0019319FSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJohn Stebbinss.n.1982-04-24 AmadorCollected along Ponderosa way 3.2 miles south of Highway 88.
HSC216599HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.P. Smith94701977-07-15 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Hells Half Acre.
HSC216600HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.P. Smith75501974-05-26 SiskiyouAlong Forest Service Rd. 4 N03
HSC216601HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.P. Smith75021974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 2.4 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
HSC216602HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.P. Smith75851974-05-26 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 4 N03, 1-4 mi. NE of Chandler Glade
HSC216603HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.P. Smith76121974-05-27 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 4 N03
HSC216604HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson91642003-06-20 Del NorteAlong Wimer Rd., 19.3 mi. from junction with N Bank Rd.
HSC216605HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson58581980-06-22 TehamaShasta-Trinity National Forest, summit of Mt. Tedoc
HSC216606HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson12911974-05-26 GlennJust W of Telephone Camp, Mendocino National Forest
HSC216607HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson58481980-06-22 TehamaAlong USFS Rd. 45 1.9 N of Tedoc gap, W side of Mt. Tedoc
HSC216608HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson57371980-06-22 TrinityAlong Hwy. 36 at Muldoon Gulch, Shasta-Trinity National Forest
HSC216609HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson57281980-06-22 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along Hwy. 36 on ridge between Salt Creek and Muldoon Gulch, 2.5 W of junction with FS Rd. 30
HSC216610HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson48151979-06-15 TrinityTrinity-Siskiyou County line, head of Scott Mtn. Creek at Scott Mtn. Campground.
HSC216611HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson48041979-06-15 SiskiyouAlong road to Carmen Lake, 0.6 mi. from junction with State Route.
HSC216612HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson56161980-06-19 TrinityAlong Salt Creek Rd., 2 mi. from junction with Hwy. 3
HSC216613HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson61701980-07-20 SiskiyouAbove and to SE of Big Carmen Lake
HSC216614HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJohn McRaeSRNF0012012-05-17 Del NorteNorth Fork Smith River, top of the Wimer Rd (Rt 305).
HSC216615HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Ahart108682004-05-03 NevadaW side of Washington Rd. 1.25 N of intersection of Hwy. 20 Washington Rd.
HSC216616HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM.G. Schmidt8B1976-05-16 Trinity1-2 mi. above Hwy. 36 on Dubakella Rd.
HSC216617HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLinda M. Barker15791976-06-02 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 7.6 N of Patrick Creek jct. at Shelly Creek crossing
HSC216618HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLaura Witherspoonsn1977-05-20 SiskiyouAlong rd. to Stewart Springs
HSC216619HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMaralyn O′Meara4861974-05-27 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 4 N03
HSC216620HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGary J. Stebbins411970-03-28 CalaverasAlong County Rd. (Ponderosa Way) 4.7 N of Mtn. Ranch
HSC216621HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. Macdonald1101980-05-24 Del NorteLow Divide Rd., 3.5 mi. from the junction of Low Divide and High Divide rds.
HSC216622HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGlenn McGourty711974-05-25 SiskiyouOn Rd. 8, 0.9 mi. from jct. with Hwy. 3
HSC216623HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLarry E. DeBuhr5901972-05-21 PlumasPlumas National Forest, at reservoir in Butterfly Valley
HSC216624HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. York281977-06-26 AmadorAlong Volcano-Jackson Rd.
HSC216625HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHamannsn1967-05-27 Del NorteLow Divide
HSC216626HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMaralyn A. Renner588B1978-05-25 Del Norte
HSC216627HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas W. Nelson91872004-04-24 Del NorteAlong Rd. 305, 3 N of junction with Gasquet Mtn. Rd. (FS Rd. 17N45)
HSC216629HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMaralyn A. Renner5831978-05-25 Del Norte
HSC216630HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClare R. Wheeler18441980-06-19 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, 1 N of Mendocino Pass on USFS Rd. M4
HSC216631HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClare R. Wheeler19071980-07-10 MendocinoBelow Anthony Peak Lookout
HSC216633HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRuby Van Deventersn1960-07-08 Del NorteSanger Peak
HSC216634HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.L. Clifton33581979-05-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
HSC216635HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG.L. Clifton32941979-05-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
HSC216636HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisD.E. AndersonJ-11691971-06-22 Glenn10 mi. S of junction of F.H. 7 and 2 N02, 10 mi. S of Mendocino Pass, Mendocino National Forest
HSC216637HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ.O. Sawyer2097A1970-04-03 SiskiyouAlong Sugar Creek
HSC230119HSCPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Hoover2351998-06-11 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest; Low Divide
JEPS105884UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart108682004-05-03 NevadaWest of the large flat area on the west side of Washington Road, about 1 1-4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 20 Washington Road, about 4 1-4 miles (by road) south of Washington
JEPS107867UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart, John Dittes119282005-06-02 LassenAlong the poor dirt road, about 1-4 mile west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 3-4 miles (air) north of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.5 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction
JEPS111137UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisSteve Matson12542005-06-05 NevadaEast of Nevada City, on road to the town of Washington off Highway 2 Near ridgline at precisely 4,000 ft. countour. 39.3355 N, 120.8 W
JEPS114181UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. P. Janeway89692007-05-06 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Ridge top along a side road north off the road from Sawmill Peak to Flea Valley, 1.8 air km northeast of Sawmill Peak.
JEPS117874UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJulie Kierstead Nelson2006-312006-06-17 ShastaGirard Lookout, 2 miles southwest of Castle Crags
JEPS11974UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins46351954-06-26 Tehama2.8 mi n Mendocino Pass (near Low Gap Ranger Station); Mendocino National Forest
JEPS123873UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLowell Ahart201212015-04-30 ButteAbout 1-4 mile south of Forbestown Reservoir Road, about 2 1-2 miles (air) northeast of Forbestown.
JEPS18171UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, F. Chisaki56211956-04-19 Yuba1 mi n Dobbins (0.4 mi s of Dobbins Ranger Station, along road from Oregon House to Dobbins)
JEPS21864UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAnnette Waters2271958-04-19 Butte2.5 mi e Lumpkin Road (on Oroville-Forbestown Road, en route to Oroville)
JEPS22467UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. A. Boolootian1951-05-13 Fresno10 mi e Shaver Lake (on Highway 168, right side of road going n)
JEPS26563UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLauramay T. Dempster18721961-07-03 Siskiyouse of Callahan, w face of Scott Mountain
JEPS29522UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisPaul C. Hutchison23971962-04-28 Amadorabout 1-2 mi w Lockwood Junction (with road back to Fiddletown) (Gopher Gulch road, e of Sutter Creek, near pubic camp entrance)
JEPS29740UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard84951962-05-28 Lassen2.7 mi n Milford (along U.S. Highway 395)
JEPS30288UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDouglas Warnock1951-05-17 Fresno2 mi w Alder Springs (on Auberry-Pineridge road)
JEPS46197UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDuncan Dunning1922-06-06 Siskiyounw of Fort Jones; Moffett Creek
JEPS48541UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJohn Warren Duffield1937-05-26 Plumase of Fairgrounds of Quincy (road to Quincy, sw Plumas County)
JEPS48689UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisW. I. Follett1161938-06-04 PlumasRich Gulch
JEPS48691UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. P. Kelley1919-05-31 FresnoSequoia Lake
JEPS57252UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi17701968-05-02 Fresnoabout 3 mi w Alder Springs (along road to Auberry, 1 mi w of Curlen Meadow road junction)
JEPS69979UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy114651938-06-24 Del Norte2 mi s Gasquet; French Hill
JEPS69980UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWillis L. Jepson149881892-04-15 NevadaRough & Ready
JEPS69981UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWillis L. Jepson149871897-07-24 TrinitySouth Yollo Bolly;; [=modern Solomon Peak, see FB 1_107]
JEPS69982UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWillis L. Jepson64051915-06-08 Tuolumnenear Columbia; Yankee Hill
JEPS69983UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWillis L. Jepson2779a1907-05-21 FresnoMillwood
JEPS69984UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. W. Kisling1910-04-20 SiskiyouEdgewood
JEPS69985UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLeland S. Smith17561926-04-12 SierraRebel Ridge Range Tahoe National Forest
JEPS69986UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. S. Smith1914-06-01 Tuolumnenear Groveland (Big Oak Flat Road)
JEPS69987UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo. D. Butler6501909-04-13 Siskiyounear Yreka
JEPS69988UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAdele Lewis Grant1915-05-21 TuolumneFive Mile Creek
JEPS69989UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. P. Kelley1919-05-31 Fresnonear Sequoia Lake (e exposure, e side of lake)
JEPS69990UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLeland S. Smith9221918-05-12 LassenHayden Hill, s end of Modoc National Forest Modoc National Forest
JEPS69991UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. F. Rose251935-04-28 Shasta15 mi nw Redding
JEPS69992UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. F. Rose251935-04-28 ShastaRedding
JEPS69993UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilo S. Baker2718c1928-03-24 Sonoma5 mi w Healdsburg (on Jensen ranch)
JEPS69994UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRuby Van Deventer91937-06-01 Del NorteLow Divide
JEPS69995UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDocia I. Patchett1933-06-06 Sonoma
JEPS69996UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRuby Van Deventer651937-06-01 Del NorteLow Divide
JEPS69997UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy112991936-05-16 Del Nortenear Gasquet (n side of Middle Fork of Smith Rive, on old Gasquet Toll Road)
JEPS69998UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisW. I. Follett141934-05-27 PlumasRed Hill
JEPS75317UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisEdward Lee19111936-04-11 TuolumneColumbia to Italian Bar road (canyon of the South Fork of the Stanislaus River); South Fork of the Stanislaus River
JEPS7958UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Thomas Robbins35271953-05-08 Calaveras2.5 West Point (near Sandy Gulch)
JEPS83506UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJack, Betty Guggolz8331985-05-29 Sonomaw of Geyserville (w of West Dry Creek Rd., near the n edge of Chamise Rd)
JEPS91162UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDean Wm. Taylor, Glenn L. Clifton119051991-06-12 ShastaSoldier Creek, in woods on west margin of large clay playa (Dry Lake) ca. 1 mile Northeast of Warner Grade Reservoir
LOB110112LOBPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisSteve Ganley13931972-05-17 PlumasCrescent Mills, near Lake Almanor
LOB110113LOBPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. A. Paneros.n.1936-07-10 TulareSierra Nevada Mountains
MACF031053MACFPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisS.R. Ganley13931972-05-19 PlumasOutside Crescent Mills, Hwy. 7
OBI118599OBIPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLewis S. Rose600601960-06-07 FresnoKings River Canon. 5.5 mi. ne. of Cherry Gap.
OBI118600OBIPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAnthony Baniaga3332011-06-11 LassenLassen Natl forest. At intersection of A1 and Sydnes Rd, N side of Eagle lake. Troxel Point quad T3 N R11E sec 21
POM147144RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAlice Eastwood145181927-06-01 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve, Forest Lodge, Greenville.
POM202706RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. E. Cramsies.n.1932-05-01 YubaSmartville.
POM202876RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. T. Howell17561934-04-20 SiskiyouNear Yreka on Fort Jones Road
POM209395RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. C. Wheeler34281935-04-17 SiskiyouSoap Creek, Siskiyou Mountains
POM209396RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. C. Wheeler34241935-04-17 SiskiyouGreenhorn Creek, Siskiyou Mtns. (Mt. Diablo Mer.)
POM225865RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. H. Morrisons.n.1932-05-30 ButteDurham.
POM247173RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. E. Parks112991936-05-16 Del NorteNear Gasquet; north side of Middle Fork of Smith River, on old Gasquet Toll Road
POM253610RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. L. Hitchcock52721939-07-07 SiskiyouSanger Peak Trail. 1 mile S of Camp Chicago. Siskiyou Mtns ca 12 miles S of Takilma, Orgeon.
POM265887RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLincoln Constance29121942-05-13 SiskiyouKlamath-Siskiyou Region: Scott River 2 miles northwest of Scott Bar.
POM267782RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisD. D. Keck52991941-05-14 TuolumneColfax Gate, summit west of South Fork, Tuolumne River, on Big Oak Flat Road, Stanislaus Forest
POM282417RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. W. Morrisons.n.1950-08-31 SierraLoyalton, Sierra Nevada mountain range, Sierra Valley drainage
POM299255RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. R. Quick41-141941-06-08 ButteBig Bar Mt. Meadow
POM307044RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHenry J. Ramsey18781940-05-19 TulareBetween King′s River Canon and General Grant Park.
POM332469RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisCathie Goldberg951980-05-24 Del Norte[Unspecified]
POM64962RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisT. S. Brandegees.n.1892-07-19 FresnoSequoia Mills [=Millwood]
POM65102RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Bakers.n. ModocCraig′s
POM74317RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMarcus E. Jones105221897-06-26 LassenSusanville, Perkin′s Ranch.
POM75052RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo D. Butler11751910-04-15 SiskiyouYreka.
POM75065RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo D. Butler6501909-04-13 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
POM75213RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo Hansen1201895-04-28 AmadorSequoia gigantea region: New York Falls.
POM75214RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. C. Bruce24481898-05-01 ButteForest Ranch
POM75677RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMarcus E. Jones105311897-06-28 LassenTop of Diamond Mt., Susanville, Perkin′s Ranch.
PUA1274PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. Neuman1972-05-13 GlennLocal landmark: Alder Springs. Elk Creek Quad.
PUA1279PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. Neuman1969-07-09 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Hull Mt Quad.
PUA13787PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain. China Mt Quad.
PUA14898PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton & Ground1978-06-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Soap Creek Ridge. Yreka Quad.
PUA15251PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton & Ground1978-07-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
PUA15341PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton & Ground1978-07-02 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
PUA15441PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton & Ground1978-07-02 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
PUA18698PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA18757PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
PUA21527PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisClifton And Overton1979-05-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Highway 99. Yreka Quad.
PUA40567PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas Nelson1980-06-19 TrinityLocal landmark: Dubakella Mountain. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40644PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas Nelson1980-06-22 TrinityLocal landmark: Muldoon Gulch. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40659PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas Nelson1980-06-22 TrinityLocal landmark: Muldoon Gulch. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40774PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisThomas Nelson1980-06-22 TrinityLocal landmark: Mt. Tedoc. Yolla Bolly Quad.
PUA43245PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMaralyn Renner1980-06-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Shasta River. Copco Quad.
PUA45576PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMaralyn Renner1980-08-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA48022PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJames Jokerst1980-06-16 MendocinoLocal landmark: Baldy Ridge. Newhouse Ridge Quad.
PUA7606PUAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisDan Wyrick1976-04-17 PlacerLocal landmark: Shimp Road. Colfax Quad.
RSA0029644RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAnthony Baniaga3332011-06-11 LassenLassen National Forest. At intersection of A1 and Sydnes Rd, north side of Eagle Lake.; Troxel Point
RSA0088663RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisBonnie C. Templeton113191968-06-13 TrinityScott Mt. near Trinity-Siskiyou County divide.
RSA104265RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisElizabeth Spragues.n.1956-06-03 Siskiyou10 miles south of Yreka on Highway 99
RSA104310RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisVerne Grant97971956-05-17 LassenJust north of Milford on Highway 395
RSA105495RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. D. Barbe2661955-07-26 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains: On northwest slope of Scott Mtn. along a dry ditch.
RSA113945RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. K. Sharsmith43491953-06-24 TehamaRoad to Ball Rock. 4.5 miles above Patton Mill. Mendocino National Forest.
RSA114104RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Thomas Robbins16441944-05-28 El DoradoAlong road to powerhouse, 4 to 5 miles northwest of Pollock Pines
RSA114445RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. K. Balls207111955-05-14 Plumas3.1 miles N of Greenville on road to Lake Almanor Hwy 89.
RSA114693RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. K. Balls207111955-05-14 Plumas3.1 miles N of Greenville on road to Lake Almanor Hwy 89.
RSA118699RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChas. H. Quibell50911955-06-17 FresnoR.R. grade Rd. ca. 1-4 m. w. of jct. with Highway 168 at Shaver Crossing, between Shaver L. and Big. Crk. Heavy Yellow Pine Forest ca. 4500. - 1000′ up s. wall Big Crk. Canon.6870′ Music Mt. just SW; 8107′ Black Pt. N across canyon, San Joaquin R. at 2000 4 map miles west.
RSA120759RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisS. S. Tillett6351956-07-09 SiskiyouScott Mtn, Siskiyou Trinity County line, 8 miles SE of Callahan.
RSA155576RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. S. Rose600601960-06-07 FresnoKings River Canon. 5.5 mi. ne. of Cherry Gap.
RSA232723RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLarry E. DeBuhr5901972-05-21 PlumasPlumas National Forest, at pond reservoir in Butterfly Valley.
RSA256699RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. P. Smith75501974-05-26 SiskiyouAlong Forest Service Road 4 N03; Copco
RSA259573RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. P. Smith75021974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong road 8, 2.4 miles west of its junction with State Route 3.; Etna
RSA268957RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. R. Reeder66771975-06-05 Plumas5 miles SE of Spring Garden in park like stand of Pinus ponderosa
RSA304679RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. R. Shevock2011970-05-10 MaderaOff of Highway 41
RSA304899RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. R. Shevock17951972-05-19 PlumasHighway 89; Crescent Mills
RSA3434RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHelen M. Edwardss.n.1917-06-01 ButteDe Sabla.
RSA39890RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisP. A. Munz118321947-05-16 Plumas8 miles north of Chilcoot.
RSA469940RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1925-08-01 UnknownYosemite National Park.
RSA469942RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChristopher Davidson26521975-06-05 Siskiyou9.1 miles W of Gazelle on road to Canonal Forest.
RSA469943RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisB. C. Templeton85511960-06-21 SiskiyouNear the summit of Scott Mt.
RSA469944RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChristopher Davidson21721973-05-28 ShastaOn dirt logging road off St Hwy 299, ca. 1 mi E of Buckhorn Summit.
RSA47600RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRoxana S. Ferris118481948-06-12 SiskiyouGazelle Mountain grade, road between Callahan and Gazelle.
RSA49792RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. K. Balls138741949-07-07 Trinity12 miles north of Eagle Creek, on Scott Mt. near Siskiyou county line
RSA518808RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisBarbara Ertter86651989-07-03 PlumasDiamond Mountain Peak, ca. 7 airmiles S of Susanville
RSA550546RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisBruce Bartholomew63441992-05-17 ModocSW side of White Horse Mountains, SW of White Horse Flat Reservoir
RSA551342RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. T. Howell491551973-05-12 LassenIn cemetary, Janesville
RSA554571RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisW. Wisura48891993-05-09 ShastaHighway 299, 9 miles west of Redding
RSA59557RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. K. Balls148261950-05-22 Lassen10.8 miles SE of Susanville, 1.1 miles SE of Buntingville, W of Honey Lake
RSA601531RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. C. Wheeler34281935-04-17 SiskiyouSoap Creek, Siskiyou Mountains
RSA601532RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. C. Wheeler34241935-04-17 SiskiyouGreenhorn Creek, Siskiyou Mtns. (Mt. Diablo Mer.)
RSA614434RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisK. L. Chambers21111962-04-21 SiskiyouHighway 99, 6.2 miles south of the center of Yreka
RSA6186RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. B. Wolf49281933-05-24 Amador4-10 mi. S of Pine Grove, west slope Sierra Nevada
RSA685107RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. D. Barbe36971982-06-15 Plumas0.8 mile west of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (USFS Road 2 N22F); 3.3 miles east of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest
RSA715614RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Ahart118462005-06-01 LassenOn the east side of the poor dirt road, about 1-2 mile west of Scott Road, Long Valley, about 2 air miles northwest of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 3.9 air miles northwest of Hallelujah Junction.
RSA715978RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Ahart119282005-06-02 Lassenabout 1.4 miles west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 3-4 miles (air) north of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.5 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction.
RSA7175RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. B. Wolf50861933-06-28 Fresno0.3 miles E of Meadow Lakes on Pineridge Auberry road.
RSA78268RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisP. A. Munz177161952-06-24 Del NorteCanon road from Gordon Mt. to Big Flat, western Siskiyou Mountains
RSA93038RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilo S. Baker127711953-06-21 TehamaWest of Paskenta at Whiskey Saddle.
RSA93381RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilo S. Baker128971953-07-12 Tehama5.3 miles beyond Whitlock Canong County road.
RSA99647RSAPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJ. T. Howell290371953-05-25 TuolumneTwain Harte.
SFV111147SFVPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. A. Christison231960-04-11 NevadaSierra Nevada; Deer Creek Ranch Road, 1 mile from Ridge Road.
SFV111148SFVPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisB. C. Templeton85511960-06-21 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains; Near the top of Scott Mountain. On mountain slopes.
THRI-SEKI6277THRIPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisStocking, S.K.65-451965-06-22 UnknownHwy 180, Yucca Pt
THRI-SEKI6278THRIPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisStocking, S.K.63-681963-06-18 UnknownHoist Ridge
THRI-SEKI6279THRIPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRockwell, Jack A.68-4261968-05-18 UnknownHwy 180, 1 Mi Above Sierra Overlook
UC1008644UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Thomas Robbins12031943-06-20 El Dorado4-5 mi nw Pollock Pines (along road to powerhouse)
UC1034578UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisunknown2661955-07-26 Siskiyounw slope Scott Mtn.; Klamath Mountains
UC1051538UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHelen K. Sharsmith43491953-06-24 Tehama4.5 mi above Patton Mill (road to Ball Rock); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
UC106972UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Eisen1874-01-01 Fresno
UC106973UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisunknown1913-05-24 Unknown
UC106998UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWalter E. Bryant1948-05-08 UnknownSierra Nevada
UC106999UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisunknown1892-07-19 FresnoSequoia Mills
UC1075816UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. K. Balls, L. W. Lenz207111955-05-14 Plumas3.1 mi n Greenville (on road to Lake Almanor, Hwy 89)
UC1076053UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHerbert L. Mason147851947-05-18 Mendocinow of Government Camp (lower slopes of Anthony Peak); Anthony Peak
UC1124210UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. Sawyer191935-05-21 Plumas2.5 mi e Beckwith Butte; Sierraville Quad.
UC1124212UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisA. E. Wieslander801929-05-26 Tuolumneroad between Confidence and Tuolumne; Big Trees Quad.
UC1124213UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisC. M. Belshaw19081936-04-17 Tuolumne1.5 mi ne Buchanan; Sonora Quad.
UC1124214UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisP. G. Haddock61938-05-29 PlumasRock Creek Serpentine Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quad.
UC1186126UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHerbert L. Mason80651934-04-28 SonomaJensen Ranch, head of Dohrman Creek Dohrman Creek
UC1186127UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. L. Mason58691931-05-09 Siskiyou3 mi s Weed
UC1186128UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHerbert L. Mason53311929-05-18 Siskiyous of Yreka
UC1186135UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisHerbert L. Mason37291927-05-10 Yubanear Dobbins
UC1198551UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJoseph P. Tracy171871942-06-20 Del NorteFrench Hill
UC1222709UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisJoseph P. Tracy171871942-06-20 Del Norte2 mi s Gasquet; French Hill
UC142964UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisKatharine Brandegee1910-06-01 FresnoPine Ridge
UC1542938UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisG. Schoolcraft16931987-05-05 PlumasHarrison Ranch
UC1563960UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisBarbara Ertter, Gary Schoolcraft86651989-07-03 Plumasca 7 air mi s Susanville (Diamond Mt. peak)
UC1586002UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisBarbara Ertter, Gary Schoolcraft89761990-05-14 Plumase of Round Valley Reservoir (e side of mountain above Crescent Mills)
UC163854UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo. D. Butler6501909-04-13 Siskiyounear Yreka
UC163855UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo. D. Butler11751910-04-15 SiskiyouYreka
UC194022UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMiss A. James1896-07-01 Unknownroad from Stockton to Yosemite
UC205784UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeo. D. Butler11751910-04-15 SiskiyouYreka hills Yreka
UC23936UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler831900-06-01 Fresnonear Kenyon; Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC23964UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-07-03 LassenDixie Mts.
UC335951UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisunknown2010-03-25 UnknownSierra Valley
UC464490UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisR. M. Holman1931-05-15 TrinityWildwood
UC505699UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilford Lundgren1933-06-03 Tuolumnenear Columbia; Five-mile Creek
UC52648UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-07-03 LassenDixie Mts.
UC52649UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisChesnut, Drew1889-06-20 TuolumneSugar Pine
UC52651UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisW. C. Blasdale1895-05-21 Mariposa
UC556434UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisRimo Bacigalupi24071934-05-29 Tehamaalong Paskenta to Covelo Road (close to Mendocino-Tehama County line); Mendocino National Forest, Government Flat
UC585232UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.19431936-06-11 Siskiyou8 mi s Yreka
UC585233UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.19151936-06-11 Siskiyouabout 7 mi sw Yreka (Forest House Mt., s of highway from Yreka to Fort Jones); Forest House Mt.
UC614685UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisL. Constance23081938-06-09 Plumas7.3 mi se Quincy (above the Middle Fork of the Feather River)
UC673185UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins29121942-05-13 Siskiyou2 mi nw Scott Bar (Scott River); Klamath-Siskiyou Region, Scott River
UC703001UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell98361941-07-09 Tehamanear Government Flat
UC70404UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilo S. Baker1893-01-01 ModocCraigs
UC73608UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisMilo S. Baker1891-01-01 ModocBig Valley
UC880539UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisA. A. Heller120921915-07-16 Siskiyoun side Mt. Eddy
UC880604UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisCarl B. Wolf1933-06-28 Fresno0.3 mi e Meadow Lakes (Auberry - Pineridge Road, w slope of Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada
UC880605UCJEPSPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisCarl B. Wolf1933-05-24 Amador0.4 mi s Pine Grove (w slope Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada
UCR0096253UCRPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisGeorge K. Helmkamp191612012-06-13 NevadaWashington Road, 2.6 miles north of its junction with CA-20
UCR0096254UCRPhlox speciosa subsp. occidentalisWalter Wisura48891993-05-09 ShastaNorthwest: Hwy 299, 9 miles west of Redding
MACF031052MACFPhlox speciosa var. occidentalisSteve Ganley331970-05-11 MaderaNear Oakhurst.
NY00963724NYPhlox speciosa var. occidentalisW. W. Eggleston67331911-05-29 ?  LassenVicinity of Doyle Station
SBBG181767SBBGPhlox speciosa var. occidentalisBonnie C. Templeton113191968-06-13 TrinityScott Mt. near Trinity-Siskiyou County divide.

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