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    You searched for: Phacelia heterophylla

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    BLMRD0206BLMRDPhacelia heterophyllaKurt Hippen1978-06-14 Siskiyou
    BLMRD0207BLMRDPhacelia heterophyllaJ. Mattison1977-07-12 SiskiyouSheep Mt. - Mt. Dome
    CDA0014715CDAPhacelia heterophyllaG.D. Barbe32311981-06-24 PlumasMt. Hough-Crystal Lake Road 0.2 mile south of China Grade Road (to Taylorsville).
    CDA0040415CDAPhacelia heterophyllaP.B. Kennedys.n.1919-08-01 MaderaKelty Meadows, Sierra National Forest.
    CSLA004291CSLAPhacelia heterophyllaD. Greenstein51977-04-20 Buttehillside 12 mi ne of Chico 5 yds off e side of Humbug Rd
    CSLA004293CSLAPhacelia heterophyllaJames Henrickson3454B1969-05-25 Sierra34 WNW of Reno, ca. 4 mi. W. of Sattley up E. side of Yuba Pass.; 39.614444 -120.496944
    DAV321721DAVPhacelia heterophyllaC.E.H.R. Meadow Assessment6101999-08-13 PlacerPlacer County: Lake Tahoe Basin; Watson Creek. UTM′s 10 748155E; 4346 N.
    DAV321722DAVPhacelia heterophyllaC.E.H.R. Meadow Assessment2041999-08-23 PlacerPlacer County: Lake Tahoe Basin; Barker Pass. UTM′s 10 738571E, 4329 N.
    ELH01737ELHPhacelia heterophyllaSusan Torri1181976-06-24 LassenShinn individual allotment
    ELH01738ELHPhacelia heterophyllaT. Prendusi11031980-04-28 LassenRice Canon, aong east facing rocky slope
    ELH01739ELHPhacelia heterophyllaBob BindaF0261978-05-26 LassenHwy 395 and Smoke Creek Ranch-Gerlach Road
    HSC212623HSCPhacelia heterophyllaJames Henrickson3454B1969-05-25 Sierra34 WNW of Reno, 4 mi. W of Sattley up E side of Yuba Pass
    HSC212624HSCPhacelia heterophyllaG.M. Riegel7761980-06-30 ModocS Warner Mtns.
    HSC212625HSCPhacelia heterophyllaStephen Plant2051978-04-22 ColusaBear Valley Rd., 1.5 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC212626HSCPhacelia heterophyllaSteven Lagos661974-05-12 TrinityGrays Falls Campground along trail to Isolation Mine
    HSC212627HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Ericksen3141979-06-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn.
    HSC212628HSCPhacelia heterophyllaAthy Ferguson81831981-07-23 TrinityNear Jones Ridge
    HSC212639HSCPhacelia heterophyllaR. York6421980-05-24 TrinityNear Long Ridge.
    HSC212640HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker14231980-05-23 TrinityNear Tierney Canon
    HSC212641HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker4781978-05-06 Humboldt2 km. S of Weitchpec
    HSC212642HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1221980-06-07 HumboldtNear Brush Mtn.
    HSC212643HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker9171979-06-27 Humboldt
    HSC212644HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker8871979-06-22 TrinityS slope of Horsehead Mtn.
    HSC212645HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker25361980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs.
    HSC212646HSCPhacelia heterophyllaM.A. Baker22701980-06-25 TrinityNear Castle Rock.
    HSC212647HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton10211980-07-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
    HSC212648HSCPhacelia heterophyllaThomas W. Nelson60551980-07-06 LassenAlong Modoc Nation Forest Rd. 2 NE of Ash Creek Campground
    HSC212649HSCPhacelia heterophyllaJ.P. Smith45721970-08-08 SiskiyouLava Beds National Monument
    HSC212650HSCPhacelia heterophyllaOverton101211979-07-26 SiskiyouNear Salmon Mtn., close to the town of Forks of Salmon
    HSC212651HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGriswold71291979-07-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC212652HSCPhacelia heterophyllaMarvin Butler74181979-07-16 TrinityNear Panther Rock Creek, close to the town of Alderpoint
    HSC212653HSCPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton80301979-07-17 TrinityNear Jones Ridge, close to the town of Mad River
    HSC212654HSCPhacelia heterophyllaThomas W. Nelson18331975-05-17 TrinityBeside Hwy. 299 just E of Big Bar.
    HSC212655HSCPhacelia heterophyllaMaralyn A. Renner8681980-06-10 SiskiyouRidge 1 mi. S of Greenhorn Rd. and 1 mi. E of Mill Creek.
    HSC212656HSCPhacelia heterophyllaThomas W. Nelson18351975-05-17 TrinityBeside Hwy. 299 just E of Big Bar.
    HSC212657HSCPhacelia heterophyllaThomas W. Nelson59991980-07-06 LassenAlong Adin-Madelin Rd., (Ash Valley Rd.), 16 mi. E of Adin in Ash Valley
    HSC212658HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton9561980-07-02 TrinityNear N Kelsey Peak
    HSC212659HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton8261980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs.
    HSC212660HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton8891980-07-02 TrinityNear Swim Ridge
    HSC212661HSCPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton7321980-06-28 HumboldtNear Mad River Butte.
    HSC229800HSCPhacelia heterophyllaJ. Walker251977-04-23 Lake.4 N of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC229801HSCPhacelia heterophyllaJ. Walker401977-04-24 LakeBartlett Springs Rd. at Kilpepper Creek
    JEPS111239UCJEPSPhacelia heterophyllaSteve Matson12942005-06-19 PlacerMartis Valley, southeast of Truckee, National Recreation Area, SW of Highway 267 and just north of Martis Creek. 39.2 N, 120.1379; Elevation 5850 ft.
    LA00604087LAPhacelia heterophyllaR. Bacigalupi; L.R. Heckard2971952-06-17 ShastaAlong U.S. highway 99, just south of Castella.
    LA00604382LAPhacelia heterophyllaO.H. Kappler19191949-07-12 MaderaMiddle Fork, San Joachim River: Red′s Meadow, Mammoth Area.
    LOB115913LOBPhacelia heterophyllaMike Kawaguchi1971-05-08 Santa Clara7.0 miles west of Gilroy; on Hwy. 152, Sprig Lake Area.
    NY01057241NYPhacelia heterophyllaN. H. Holmgren95031980-07-04 ?  LassenObservation Peak, south side of mountain, 18 km (11 miles) airline distance east of Ravendale
    NY01057242NYPhacelia heterophyllaF. V. Coville18241891-07-22 ?  MonoMammoth
    NY01057248NYPhacelia heterophyllaH. D. D. Ripley60311944-06-01 ?  ModocFoothills of Warner Mountains, west of Cedarville
    OBI136470OBIPhacelia heterophyllaMelissa Luckow4481980-07-01 MaderaSierra Natl Forest, Minerets ranger district, Grizzley Sale. T6S, R23E, sec 23, SE 1-4
    OBI136471OBIPhacelia heterophyllaLewis S. Rose671711967-07-12 Plumas1 mi S of Keddie, Butterfly Crk and Spanish Crk
    PASA1340PASAPhacelia heterophyllaFrank W. Peirson1930-07-05 San BernardinoQuarry northwest of Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
    PASA1342PASAPhacelia heterophylla1928-05-26 VenturaMt. Pinos
    PUA10544PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGilbert Jerome Muth1977-07-05 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Plaskett Meadows Quad.
    PUA13711PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Bull Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA14881PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton & Ground1978-06-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Gunsight Peak. Fort Jones Quad.
    PUA14985PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton & Ground1978-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Klamath River. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA15436PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton & Ground1978-07-02 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hayden Cabin. China Mt Quad.
    PUA27416PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Kinsey Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA27440PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA27460PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarvin Butler1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Panther Rock Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA27493PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton & Butler1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: mad River. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA27538PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton & Butler1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA27622PUAPhacelia heterophyllaOverton And Butler1979-07-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA28683PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton And Griswold1979-07-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Shasta River. Macdoel Quad.
    PUA28793PUAPhacelia heterophyllaClifton And Griswold1979-07-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA32657PUAPhacelia heterophyllaRichard York1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA33278PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA33455PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Brush Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA34291PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-05-23 TrinityLocal landmark: Tierney Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA34383PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA35151PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA35213PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-06-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA35319PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: North Kelsey Peak. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA35385PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-07-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA36911PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA36923PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA36987PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Swim Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA37140PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
    PUA37185PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA42165PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-06-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Moffett Creek. Yreka Quad.
    PUA43000PUAPhacelia heterophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-06-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mill Creek. Yreka Quad.
    PUA46761PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Poker Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA49723PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1981-07-07 MonoLocal landmark: Sweetwater Canon. Fales Hot Springs Quad.
    PUA50354PUAPhacelia heterophyllaCathy Ferguson1981-07-23 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA50565PUAPhacelia heterophyllaValerie Gizinski1981-07-08 TrinityLocal landmark: Duncan Ranch. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA50914PUAPhacelia heterophyllaGail Newton1981-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA56852PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1983-07-02 MonoLocal landmark: Star City. Bridgeport Quad.
    PUA56930PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1983-06-02 LakeLocal landmark: Golden Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA65559PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1987-06-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lara Crack Springs. Hambone Quad.
    PUA66590PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1984-05-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA67098PUAPhacelia heterophyllaG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
    RSA0248550RSAPhacelia heterophyllaL. M. Moe2831970-07-06 ModocCedar Pass Campground on Hwy #299 east of Alturas. Open south-facing slope above main road.
    RSA625656RSAPhacelia heterophyllaMary DeDecker55631983-07-28 MonoSweetwater Mountains: East Walker River drainage; along road to Belfort and Boulder Flat.
    SBBG11373SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaH. and M. Dearing14841934-07-03 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Harden Lake Rd
    SBBG11374SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaH. and M. Dearing14861936-07-24 MonoFern Crk near June Lake
    SBBG12284SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaDonald Myrick591958-06-27 El Doradoabout Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe
    SBBG12286SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaDonald Myrick105b1958-06-30 El DoradoSawmill Flat Rd S of Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe
    SBBG16147SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaH. and M. Dearing21321938-06-25 Tehamanear Mineral
    SBBG16266SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaH. and M. Dearing21711938-06-27 ShastaHat Crk near Burney
    SBBG30749SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaT. L. Secrest1950-07-03 AlpineSt Highway 88
    SBBG35022SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaT. L. Secrest1950-07-02 AlpineEast Canon River
    SBBG38167SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaT. L. Secrest1949-09-01 MonoLeavitt Meadow
    SBBG41208SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaJ. T. Howell42251929-05-25 MendocinoWillits
    SBBG46958SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaRalph Hoffmann1930-07-11 MonoVirginia Lakes
    SBBG6176SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaH. and M. Dearing60791945-07-17 FresnoShaver Lake
    SBBG64959SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaMrs. J. D. Wright1929-07-05 MonoJune Lake
    SBBG64960SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaMark Kerr1936-08-16 InyoKearsage Mtn Trail
    SBBG64961SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaMark Kerr1937-08-29 Inyocyn SW of Onion Valley
    SBBG64963SBBGPhacelia heterophyllaE. Rockwell4041925-06-01 LassenEagle Lake
    SD104876SDPhacelia heterophyllaDarley F. Howes.n.1979-06-26 SiskiyouMilitary Pass Road, 3.0 miles southeast of Ca. Highway 97, near Grenada.
    SD143508SDPhacelia heterophyllaT. L. Secrests.n.1949-06-01 TrinityTrionity and Shasta counties.
    SD81085SDPhacelia heterophyllaDarley F. Howe47601971-07-02 El DoradoEldorado National Forest near Lake Tahoe.
    SPIF00330SPIFPhacelia heterophyllaDennis Garrisons.n.2015-04-28 ShastaExact location not collected. Growing in Ponderosa Fire ENE of Manton. Growing with regular Phacelia heterophylla and young conifers. ID confirmed by Jessica O′Brien.
    UCR0079414UCRPhacelia heterophyllaGeorge K. Helmkamp97072005-07-11 El DoradoPollock Pines area just south of US Highway 50 along County Road #5
    UCR0079415UCRPhacelia heterophyllaLarry F. LaPres.n.1985-04-26 Lake2.6 miles north of Middletown on Hwy 29
    UCR0079420UCRPhacelia heterophyllaFrank C. Vasek750710--221975-07-10 Sierraabout 15 miles north of Truckee Ranger Station [via Hwy 89], on Hennes Pass Road, 1.5 miles west of State Hwy 89
    UCR0079423UCRPhacelia heterophyllaBeecher Crampton62931962-04-24 YubaUniversity of California Foothill Field Station, 5 miles east of Browns Valley, 2.5 miles north-northwest of Smartsville
    UCSC100000963UCSCPhacelia heterophyllaD. J. Norman3221968-07-04 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
    YM-YOSE59961YMPhacelia heterophyllaHAINES, A.LEENONE GIVEN1936-07-22 ?  TuolumneRAGGED PEAK
    YM-YOSE65474YMPhacelia heterophyllaMICHAEL, ENID5731929-08-06 ?  MariposaGLACIER POINT ROAD
    YM-YOSE65475YMPhacelia heterophyllaMICHAEL, ENID7601967-07-09 UnknownYOSEMITE
    YM-YOSE65476YMPhacelia heterophyllaMICHAEL, ENID6391927-07-09 UnknownYOSEMITE
    YM-YOSE65477YMPhacelia heterophyllaBUSH1937-07-27 ?  TuolumneEAST MAHAN RIDGE
    YM-YOSE65482YMPhacelia heterophyllaWILLIAMS, H.1936-07-24 ?  MaderaDEVIL′S POSTPILE, RAINBOW FALLS
    YM-YOSE65483YMPhacelia heterophyllaSCHREIBER, BERYL O.141935-07-06 UnknownRESEARCH RESERVE, PLOT 3
    YM-YOSE65484YMPhacelia heterophyllaBARTHOLOMEW, P.S.1934-07-14 UnknownYOSEMITE RESEARCH RESERVE
    AHUC100379DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCollector unknowns.n.1979-07-27 County unknownCounty and location unknown.
    ARF0391BLMARPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJennifer Wheeler3912011-06-15 HumboldtJunction of midslope road, firewood cutting area road and Pine Ridge Road
    CAS-BOT180003CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.47211946-06-10 ModocLava bench between Lower and Snake Lakes, slope facing Lower Lake.
    CAS-BOT180004CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHardham, Clare Butterworth78511971-06-19 ModocDavis Creek.
    CAS-BOT180005CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataApplegate, Elmer Ivan94131935-06-08 ModocNear and W of Indian Well, Lava Beds National Monument.
    CAS-BOT180006CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.48621946-06-28 ModocPine Creek Canyon.
    CAS-BOT180007CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas82401940-06-14 ModocBetween Mammoth Cave and Lava Beds Nat. Mon.
    CAS-BOT180008CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett49001989-06-03 Modocca. 8 km WNW of Long Bell Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT180009CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFrost, Frederick H.1071925-07-24 ModocJess Valley.
    CAS-BOT180010CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFerris, Roxana Stinchfield; Duthie, R.851919-06-15 ModocAbove Parker Creek.
    CAS-BOT180011CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett55491990-07-21 ModocW edge of Middle Alkali Lake, directly E of Cedarville, Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT180012CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHanna, M. M.01956-06-05 ModocCedar Pass.
    CAS-BOT180013CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHowell, John Thomas119111934-06-11 ModocParker Creek.
    CAS-BOT180014CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataTrue, Gordon H.14461964-06-03 ModocSurprise Valley, ca. 10 Mi. N of Cedarville.
    CAS-BOT180015CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataConstance, Lincoln31011946-07-04 ModocAbove Thom′s Creek, 17 mi. NE of Alturas.
    CAS-BOT180016CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHeckard, Lawrence Ray3111952-06-19 ModocSlope above Cedar Pass.
    CAS-BOT180017CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHowell, John Thomas119111934-06-11 ModocParker Creek.
    CAS-BOT180018CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPayne, Francis Dorris181991-07-04 ModocParker Creek.
    CAS-BOT180019CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHeckard, Lawrence Ray3121952-06-19 ModocJust below summit of Fandango Pass.
    CAS-BOT180020CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBartholomew, Bruce62751992-05-14 ModocSW side of White Horse Mountains, SW of White Horse Flat Reservoir.
    CAS-BOT180021CASPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHowell, John Thomas120611934-06-13 ModocFandango Pass.
    CDA0013303CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa131511996-07-09 ButteAlong USFS N60 near Marble Creek Bridge. E of Rogers Cow Canonal Forest.
    CDA0013457CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa133041996-07-21 ModocAdjacent to Modoc Co. Rd. 90 bridge over Pit River. E base of Splawn Mtn. N end of Big Valley. Modoc Plateau.
    CDA0013578CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa138851997-06-26 PlumasPlumas NF. W side of Little Long Valley Creek approx. 1-4 W of Creek. N of Hwy 70 about 15 m. E of Quincy. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0013727CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa139051997-06-27 ButteFeather Falls-Cascade Rd. to USFS 2 N22Y, 1 km. E to summit. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0013851CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa134611996-08-02 PlumasE side of Fells Creek at USFS 2 N22 crossing. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0017143CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa158572001-06-06 SiskiyouAlong Hwy 96 at Scott R. Bridge. Siskiyou Mountains.
    CDA0017289CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.F. Hrusa163172004-06-17 PlumasWillow Creek Rd. 1.6 W of Hwy 70 & 2.6 mi. W on 70 from town of Portola. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0040412CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataVernon H. Oswald & Lowell Ahart91811998-06-11 SiskiyouShasta National Forest plantation on the west side of Hwy. 97 2.2 miles northeast of Lake Shastina-Big Springs Rd. northeast of Weed.
    CDA0040413CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. Hales.n.1984-05-08 SiskiyouAt junction of Shasta and Klamath Rivers, near Yreka.
    CDA0040414CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataT.C. Fullers.n.1958-06-17 HumboldtWildcat Ridge near Bunker Hill.
    CDA0040416CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlice Eastwood & John Thomas Howell81191940-06-13 ModocSuprise.
    CDA0040417CDAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataKaylea Eickhoff, Cara M. Witte62005-06-08 Humboldt1.7 miles south of Hwy 299 on Titlow Hill Road. Northwestern California.
    DAV320395DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean96912018-06-21 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along service road between Boat Camp and Vikingsholm.
    DAV321724DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJames A. Neilson, Jr.28301974-07-10 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains,west of Cobb Mtn., road to PG and E geothermal units 9 and 10. (Elevation estimated using Google Earth by label maker.)
    DAV321725DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD. E. Breedlove56781963-07-15 MonoMono County: 8 miles W of U.S. #396 on Calif. Hwy. #108.
    DAV321726DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2008-04-01 NapaNapa County: north side of Pope Canon Road ca 2 km west of intersection with Berryessa-Knoxville Road.
    DAV321727DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDean W. Taylor60911976-08-02 MonoMono County: Along outwash of Sweetwater Creek near Nugent Cabin, Sweetwater Mountains.
    DAV321728DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDean W. Taylor60041976-06-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Peavine Ridge, steep south slope of S. Fork American River canyon, along Soldier Creek.
    DAV321729DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDean W. Taylor45251974-07-27 MonoMono County: Sweetwater Mountains. In the canyon of Swuager Creek.
    DAV321730DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG. Ledyard Stebbins76861976-07-04 PlacerPlacer County: Spring Hollow, E of Little Crater. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV321731DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean82002014-05-14 ShastaShasta County: North side of Lake Shasta. McCloud River Arm. Along Gilman Rd, just W of intersection with entrance to Pine Pt. campground.
    DAV321732DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJames A. Neilson, Jr.27711974-06-01 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains, Geyser Rock, west of Whispering Pines, northeastern Sonoma County. (Elevation estimated by label maker using Google Earth.)
    DAV321733DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRobert E. Preston16252001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, n-facing slope of Rainbow Mtn.
    DAV321734DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLloyd P. Teviss.n.1902-06-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tallac. Lake Tahoe. (elevation estimated by label-maker)
    DAV321735DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMargaret Cooper32018-04-28 NapaNapa County: Cedar Roughs Wildlife Area, to the west of Lake Berryessa, on the south side of Pope Creek and Pope Canon Road. Along Dollarhide Road (undeveloped road-trail) on the west side of Maxwell Creek.
    DAV321736DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean31132006-05-16 LassenLassen Co.: East of town of Susanville, along County Road A27 (Center Road). Private land north of California Correctional Facility owned by Virginia Johnston, to be purchased by state for expansion of alfalfa fields.
    DAV321737DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlbert Grigarick3702014-06-21 NevadaNevada County: North of the town of Truckee. Along Alder Creek Road, 0.2 miles west of junction with Hwy 8 N. Between Alder Creek and Alder Creek Road, near large pine tree on south side of road.
    DAV321738DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean64302010-06-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Eastern side of park in campground area N of Hot Spirngs Creek.
    DAV321739DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean18742003-06-19 NevadaNorth of Truckee, Tahoe National Forest. Along Sagehen Trail which leaves east side of Hwy 89 and follows creek southward.
    DAV321740DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG. K. Helmkamp124712007-07-07 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: along CA-89, 0.9 mile west of Luther Pass in the Grass Lake area.
    DAV321741DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlice Eastwood47571937-06-23 HumboldtHumboldt County: Dinsmore′s.
    DAV321742DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRobert E. Preston8821995-06-18 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: ca. 3 mi ese of Hornbrook, adjacent to Ager Rd.
    DAV321743DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNNR-00202005-05-05 ButteButte County: City of Chico, Upper Bidwell Park.
    DAV321744DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeri Hulse-Stephens6852001-06-28 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. Wyman Switchbacks.
    DAV321745DAVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEllen Dean76012013-04-06 SutterSutter County; Sutter Buttes. Dean Ranch. Southeast of North Butte. South slope of Sunrise Ridge, above pond.
    FSC0019652FSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJay Cole68-0921968-04-10 StanislausCollected 5 miles west of Westley, 1-4 mile east of Hwy 4
    FSC0019653FSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataConrad Bitters691051969-04-09 FresnoLocated on Table Top Mountain.
    FSC0019654FSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPaul A. Mitchell481959-07-01 UnknownEmerald Bay State Park. Along access road to Vikingsholm.
    FSC0019655FSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataB. Lindner; E. Robinson211936-06-09 Monoabout 5 m up Tioga Pass Rd. from Mono Lake
    GMDRC10483GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre391772017-06-02 MonoMasonic Hills: along Masonic Rd (NF-046) 8.0 NE of Bridgeport
    GMDRC10501GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre392112017-06-03 Monoeastern Sierra Nevada: just SE of Buckeye Creek (Hot Springs), 0.2 mi. east of Buckeye Rd, approx. 5 WSW of Bridgeport
    GMDRC10557GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre392882017-06-03 Monoeastern Sierra Nevada: along Mill Creek Rd at road cut above Lost Canon Creek, approx. 1.5 air miles SW of town of Walker
    GMDRC7078GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre317752012-07-17 MonoSierra Nevada: along Hwy 108, 1.2 mi east of Sonora Pass
    GMDRC7083GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre317852015-07-17 MonoSweetwater Range: Swauger Creek Rd, 3.1 mi. north of US Hwy 395 at Pimentel Mdws
    GMDRC7150GMDRCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. M. Andre318932012-07-18 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada: along June Lake Loop at south end of Grant Lake
    HSC212666HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCara Witte4162007-07-03 HumboldtAlong National Forest 1. 1-4 mile north of Road V.
    HSC212667HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRuby Van Deventersn1964-05-08 Del NorteGasquet
    HSC212668HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRuby Van Deventersn1936-06-13 Del NorteElk Valley
    HSC212669HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataThomas W. Nelson92542004-06-21 TehamaAlong Ponderosa Way, 2 mi. from jct. with State Route 36
    HSC212670HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataThomas W. Nelson26181976-05-30 HumboldtMcKeown Ranch, N of Dinsmore.
    HSC212671HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataThomas W. Nelson35261977-06-19 TrinityAbove Senteney Rock
    HSC212672HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD.E. Anderson52871971-07-15 TrinityAbove Van Duzen River
    HSC212673HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD.E. Anderson56201972-06-14 HumboldtMt. Lassic and two smaller peaks to immediate E
    HSC212674HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ.P. Smith40441970-06-16 SiskiyouEtna
    HSC212675HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ.P. Smith75001974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 2.4 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
    HSC212676HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ.P. Smith87841976-05-22 SiskiyouCanong the E side of Scott Valley
    HSC212677HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataTim Messick16911981-07-21 MonoAbove stream in Masonic Gulch, 0.4 mi. downstream from Lower Town Masonic
    HSC212678HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM.T. Milligan4701966-06-19 ModocE slope of eroded volcanic plateau
    HSC212679HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM.T. Milligan721964-06-20 Modoc1 mi. E of Hwy. 395 on Hwy. 299
    HSC212680HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM.T. Milligan1001964-07-01 Modoc1-2 mi. E of Rattlesnake Butte Rd. on Modoc Co. Rd. 54
    HSC212681HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM.T. Milligan3511965-06-27 ModocE slope of eroded volcanic plateau.
    HSC212682HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataTim Messick15311981-06-18 MonoIn canyon on NE side of hill opposite mouth of Murphy Creek
    HSC212683HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataClare R. Wheeler35801983-07-15 MendocinoRd. M1, 1.3 N of intersection with Rd 20N02
    HSC212684HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataClare R. Wheeler63991981-05-26 MendocinoTomki Rd. 5.5 N of W side- E side jct. E of Calpella
    HSC212685HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataClare R. Wheeler10841979-05-26 MendocinoBell Springs Rd., Blue Rock Ranch, on Blue Rock
    HSC212686HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL.R. Heckard3591953-04-28 Lake5 W of Lower Lake on rd. to Kelseyville (Manning Flat)
    HSC212687HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWilliam J. Ferlatte20611966-06-01 TrinityNear Hayfork Summit
    HSC212688HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMrs. H.P. Bracelin4301931-06-20 Siskiyou2 W of Mt. Shasta City
    HSC212689HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDoris K. Kildale35001927-06-24 Mendocino1 mi. S of Longvale
    HSC212690HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC.L. Hitchcock65361940-05-24 ShastaHat Creek, 20 W of Fall River Mills
    HSC212691HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataK.T. Stillman1871976-08-07 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area
    HSC212692HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR.C. Wunner1751965-06-13 ModocLava Beds National Monument, Indian Well Headquaters
    HSC212693HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataClare R. Wheeler22841981-05-26 MendocinoTomki Rd., about 8 N of Redwood Valley
    HSC212694HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD.E. Anderson21981962-05-01 Humboldt1 W of Hoopa
    HSC212695HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataK. A. Wayman1192010-07-14 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.5 mi east of Hoopa along Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Six Rivers National Forest boundary.
    HSC212696HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWendell Wood931970-07-09 MonoAbove Lundy Lake Campground (off Hwy. 395, 7 N of Lee Vining)
    HSC212697HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJennifer Whipple18801977-04-30 SiskiyouScott Valley near Weston Gulch on open hillsides
    HSC212699HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDiane L. Reed581978-05-07 HumboldtFourmile Creek-Friday Ridge Rd., 4 mi. from Hwy. 299
    HSC212700HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRon Ralston551975-05-17 TrinityHumboldt Meridian, Hayden Flat Campground on the N side of the Trinity River adjacent to Hwy. 299
    HSC212701HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataScott M. Kruse341975-05-17 TrinityOn the trail to Denny at the confluence of the New River and the Trinity River
    HSC212702HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRich White721977-05-21 SiskiyouJunction of Miners Creek Rd. and Rd. 8, 5.5 W of Callahan.
    HSC212703HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataKaylea Eickhoff62005-06-08 Humboldt1.7 mi. S of Hwy. 299 on Titlow Hill Rd.
    HSC212704HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataSara March12005-06-08 Humboldt1.7 mi. south of Hwy. 299 on Titlow Hill Rd.
    HSC212705HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM.A. Baker27171980-07-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
    HSC212706HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGail Newton8551980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs
    HSC212707HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD.H. Norris194061971-06-23 ModocAlong Hager Basin Rd. near Big Sage Reservoir.
    HSC212708HSCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD.H. Norris194681971-06-23 ModocUpper Rush Creek Campground, about 8 N of Adin on Hwy. 299
    IRVC107415IRVCPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJerry A. Powell9521972-06-12 Mendocino7 NE of Eel River Ranger Station.
    JEPS101586UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDean W. Taylor41141974-06-09 AlpineLarson Canon, ca. 2.5 miles NE of Woodfords
    JEPS105229UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDean W. Taylor151141995-06-25 SiskiyouHighway 3 at Soap Creek Summit (ca. 6 miles West of Yreka)
    JEPS105988UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, Josephine Guardino109512004-05-24 PlumasNear an old logging road, about 150 yards north of the railroad, Greenhorn Creek, and Highway 70, about 3-4 mile west of Squirrel Creek, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Quincy
    JEPS106195UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, Josephine Guardino109512004-05-24 PlumasNear an old logging road, about 150 yards north of the railroad, Greenhorn Creek, and Highway 70, about 3-4 mile west of Squirrel Creek, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Quincy
    JEPS107411UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, John Dittes120262005-06-09 SiskiyouHill, south of a rock fence, about 100 yards northeast of where cattle water in the Shasta River, about 3-5 mile (air) south of Highway 99-97 Cutoff, about 2 1-2 miles (air) east-southeast of Grenada
    JEPS107814UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, John Dittes119522005-06-02 LassenAlong a poor dirt road, about 1-2 mile west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 3-4 miles (air) northwest of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.6 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction
    JEPS113466UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino140182007-06-08 PlumasAround trees, east side of an open rocky flat, along the edge of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis
    JEPS114473UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLowell Ahart, John Dittes148522008-06-19 ShastaOn dry gray soil around rocks about 140 yards east of the Pit River, about 10 yards west of Cassel-Fall River Road, about 50 yards south of the intersection of Cassel-Fall River Road and Dee-Knoch Road, about 1-4 mile southeast of Highway 299 in Fall Rive
    JEPS14030UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, G. Stebbins, A. Hawkes, F. Ehrendorfer, J. Hunziker, D. Zohary, H. Stutz38771952-07-20 Placernr. headwaters of Shirttail Creek (6 mi e of Iowa Hill); Tahoe Nat. Forest, Shirttail Public Camp
    JEPS14037UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, G. Stebbins, A. Hawkes, F. Ehrendorfer, J. Hunziker, D. Zohary, H. Stutz38651952-07-19 Placernear site of Monona Flat (ridge between Indian River and North Fork of the American River, about 2 1-2 mi e of Iowa Hill)
    JEPS17898UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, G. Bacigalupi, Jr.55111955-08-11 Alpinealong e end of CA Hwy 89 1.8 mi nw summit of Monitor Pass
    JEPS2076UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson210581894-07-01 SiskiyouSisson
    JEPS2077UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson193571939-08-08 PlumasQuincy
    JEPS2078UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson167281934-05-08 MendocinoTwin Rocks Rattlesnake Creek (n Mendocino Co.)
    JEPS2079UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance7311934-05-29 HumboldtUpper Look Prairie South Fork Eel River, Bull Creek region
    JEPS2080UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler7431909-05-08 Siskiyounear Yreka
    JEPS2081UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson199831940-06-23 Siskiyou2 mi e Montague
    JEPS2083UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson41381910-06-16 Plumasnear Keddie
    JEPS2084UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDocia I. Patchett1919-06-13 MendocinoMuir′s Old Mill Willits
    JEPS2085UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. I. Follett921937-06-13 PlumasRich Gulch
    JEPS2086UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler4091928-06-28 Siskiyounear Yreka; Butler′s Ranch
    JEPS2087UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMiss Maud Minthorn591908-06-30 MonoVicinity of Lundy
    JEPS2088UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR. F. Hoover35481938-06-09 Lakebetw. Burns Valley and Borax Lake
    JEPS2089UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler4081908-08-08 Siskiyousummit s Marble Mtn.
    JEPS2090UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMrs. M. O. Patchett1919-06-29 SierraDownieville
    JEPS2091UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAdele Lewis Grant9051916-08-04 TuolumneKennedy′s Meadow Sierra Nevada
    JEPS2092UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataWillis L. Jepson210691893-06-08 Solanow Vander; Pellejo Hills
    JEPS22201UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava67821958-09-01 Siskiyoujust below McBride Springs (lower slopes of mt.); Mt. Shasta
    JEPS22202UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava67831958-09-01 Siskiyoujust below McBride Springs (lower slopes of mt.); Mt. Shasta
    JEPS25846UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, L. Constance, L. Heckard74721961-07-21 Siskiyoualong roadbank on state hwy 96 about 5 mi s Clear Creek ((or about 4 mi n of Swillup Creek)); Klamath River
    JEPS26736UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. C. Hutchison21241961-06-09 Plumasalong Hwy US Alt. 40 1.8 mi above Rich Bar junction; canyon of the North Fork of the Feather River
    JEPS28068UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard78251961-06-16 Nevadaroad bank near crossing of state highway 49 over Shady Creek (3.5 mi n of S. Fk. Yuba River crossing)
    JEPS28427UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi13071962-06-01 Butteon Honey Run rd 0.4 mi below main street of Paradise
    JEPS3244UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg41211944-08-23 MonoMolybdenite Cr.
    JEPS3246UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. I. Follett1934-06-17 PlumasRich Gulch
    JEPS4035UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFrances D. Payne181929-06-22 Modocs and e Alturas; Warner Mountains, Parker Creek
    JEPS4036UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFrances D. Payne2191931-06-21 Modocridge sw Dry Creek (creek is tributary of Parker Creek, s and e of Alturas); Warner Mountains
    JEPS4037UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFrances D. Payne3241931-07-05 Modocabout 3 mi n Parker Creek (s and e of Alturas); Warner Mountains, Fern Spring
    JEPS47380UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, Robert Ornduff14841966-04-28 Shastas-facing cliffs just n highway 299 (about 3 mi w of Ingot, 8 mi e of Bella Vista)
    JEPS50779UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison, L. R. Heckard92831967-06-16 Butteimmediately w of Arch Rock Tunnel (along Feather River Highway); Feather River Highway
    JEPS62822UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR., M. Spellenberg23051970-08-19 TrinityEight Mile Lookout South Fork Mountain
    JEPS80874UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman5373A1980-07-03 Colusanear Summit Springs (sw slope); Snow Mt.
    JEPS81015UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. P. Smith, Steve Selva1970-06-15 Siskiyou1 mi w junction Calif. 3 and Road 8 leading to Sugar Creek (sw of Callahan)
    JEPS81027UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJames Payne Smith, Jr.86991976-05-05 Siskiyouroad between Forks of Salmon and Somes Bar
    JEPS8357UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney33561951-06-03 Lakealong road to Kelseyville just above Manning Flat (6.5 mi nw of Lower Lake)
    JEPS95399UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart62091994-05-12 ShastaT3 N R5 W1-4 Sec. 27, 1070 ft, Chaparral-Yellow Pine Forest ecotone. Lakeshore Dr. (35N08) paralleling the W side of the Sacramento River Arm of Shasta Lake, at the first stream entering the lake ca. 1.3 mi E of Sugarloaf Creek Bridge
    JEPS96065UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgata1946-05-12 Unknown
    LA00604078LAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard3181952-06-20 Plumasabout 1 mi southwest of Crescent Mills. Near Indian Creek (branch of N. Fk. of Feather River).
    LA00604081LAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard1681951-06-13 LakeMendocino National Forest, Long Ridge, northeast of Goat Mountain (between Bartlett Springs and Stonyford along Forest Service Road)
    LA00604085LAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard1471951-05-27 LakeAbout 5 miles west Lower Lake. Manning Flat.
    LA00604089LAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCarl Epling1938-06-01 ModocJoseph Creek
    LA00604090LAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCarl Epling; Hruck90731952-06-17 Los AngelesThatuna Hils
    OBI136463OBIPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp204872013-05-03 PlacerNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills; Mosquito Ridge Road, 4.7 miles south of Forest Hill Road, 1.8 mi. east (92 ° ) of Foresthill
    POM127627RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Bakers.n.1898-07-07 ShastaUpper Clover Creek.
    POM127633RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. P. Chandler12571901-05-01 HumboldtRedwood belt.
    POM127634RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR. L. Pendleton12971907-07-28 El DoradoRoad between Camp Agassiz and Tallac.
    POM147035RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlice Eastwood144341927-06-11 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve. Forest Lodge, Greenville.
    POM195121RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD. D. Keck9561930-07-23 LassenFifteen miles west of Susanville.
    POM195793RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller14455a1927-08-17 NevadaDonner Lake
    POM203779RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. T. Howell125531934-07-10 LassenBlacks Mt.
    POM203783RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. T. Howell119111934-06-11 ModocParker Creek, Warner Mts.
    POM210230RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. P. Bracelin4301931-06-20 SiskiyouAbout two miles northwest of Mt. Shasta City.
    POM252972RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller151241938-05-28 ButteSomewhat shaded places along the Feather River Hwy in moist soil, 25 miles from Oroville
    POM252978RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller152561938-07-12 SiskiyouNear the western base of Deer Mountain on Highway 97.
    POM255122RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. A. Munz160751940-07-21 MonoRobinson Creek, 17 miles southwest of Bridgeport.
    POM260119RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. L. Hitchcock64911940-05-20 Shasta25 miles east of Redding.
    POM260121RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. L. Hitchcock65361940-05-24 ShastaOn Hat Creek, ca. 20 miles west of Fall River Mills.
    POM289429RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLyman Benson45591933-06-27 NevadaBelow Floriston. Sierra Nevada Mt. Range, Truckee River watershed; U.S. 40.
    POM289432RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLyman Benson77251936-06-25 Mariposa8 miles SW of Yosemite Tunnel. Sierra Nevada mtn range. Merced River watershed.
    POM289433RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLyman Benson77851936-06-30 MariposaMariposa Big Trees. S. Fork Merced River watershed. Sierra Nevada Mtn Range.
    POM303020RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. S. Rose440761944-07-12 El DoradoGlen Alpine Road
    POM65440RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller68831903-07-08 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake.
    POM73331RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-06-19 LassenChat.
    POM73408RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMarcus E. Joness.n.1901-07-22 NevadaSoda Springs [county not specified].
    POM73456RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMrs. R. M. Austin5472004-06-09 ModocGoose Lake Valley.
    POM73592RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler13001910-05-07 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
    POM73741RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler13861910-05-22 SiskiyouYreka Creek.
    RSA0055024RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJames R. Shevock17781972-05-19 ButteJarbo Pass, Highway 70, Feather River Canon.
    RSA0091951RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBonnie C. Templeton11271 Plumas[No location information on label.]
    RSA0187347RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. Harnach1801989-06-25 SierraSierra Valley. Calpine Ranch (home).
    RSA107454RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. S. Rose551381955-07-19 PlumasBeckworth Pass.
    RSA113023RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPercy C. Everett221831956-07-13 Alpine4.5 miles NE from crest, Ebbetts Pass State Hwy 4,
    RSA116029RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. A. Munz211481955-07-22 MonoSweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mountains.
    RSA120842RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Bakers.n.1936-09-11 TehamaWest of Paskenta in Mend Nat. Forest above Whitlock Camp.
    RSA120909RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Baker131171957-06-15 SiskiyouJust south of Weed.
    RSA122631RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. ShortS-4631936-06-30 LassenBurgess Spr. Exp. Range.
    RSA12604RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCarl B. Wolf59821934-07-06 Siskiyou1-4 mile east of Mt. Shasta City. Southwest slope of Mt. Shasta.
    RSA129732RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. ShortS-4781936-07-09 LassenBurgess Spr. Exp. Range.
    RSA133564RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard1661951-06-13 LakeLong Ridge, northeast of Goat Mountain (between Bartlett Springs and Stonyford along Forest Service Road).
    RSA133565RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard2001951-08-10 MonoLundy Canon, east of Mono Lake; Sierra Nevada.
    RSA133573RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard2571952-05-09 MendocinoAlong U. S. Highway 101, about two miles south of Empire.
    RSA133578RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard1471951-05-27 LakeAbout 5 miles west of Lower Lake.
    RSA151574RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPaul A. Mitchell481959-07-01 El DoradoEmerald Bay State Park. Along access road to Vikingsholm.
    RSA152678RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataI. L. Wiggins163621961-06-11 LassenOn ridge and along road, near northeast end of Eagle Lake.
    RSA165589RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataClare B. Hardham78511921-06-19 ModocDavis Creek.
    RSA167317RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy195391951-06-24 HumboldtRock exposure between serpentine rock pile and Ashfield Butte. Kneeland Prarie.
    RSA170220RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. L. Jepson199831940-06-23 SiskiyouTwo miles east of Montague.
    RSA170221RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. L. Jepson167281934-05-08 MendocinoTwin Rocks, Rattlesnake Creek.
    RSA170277RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. I. Follett921937-06-13 PlumasRich Gulch
    RSA170279RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. L. Jepson200121940-06-23 SiskiyouAndesite station, north of Mount Shasta.
    RSA170282RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. L. Jepson41381910-06-16 PlumasNear Keddie
    RSA170294RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance7311934-05-29 HumboldtSouth Fork Eel River, Upper Look Prairie.
    RSA189323RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. S. Rose671711967-07-12 Plumas1 mile S of Keddie; Butterfly Creek & Spanish Creek.
    RSA201440RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. T. Howell13705A1937-07-31 TrinityEleven miles west of Big Bar.
    RSA20733RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCarl B. Wolf89371937-06-20 TrinityNorth Coast Range, along Mad River, 5.8 miles above Eureka - Red Bluff Road on road to Ruth.
    RSA256571RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataScott M. Kruse341975-05-17 TrinitySoutheast-facing slope on the trail to Denny at the confluence of New River and Trinity River.; Humboldt Meridian
    RSA30625RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance29271942-05-14 SiskiyouShasta River, 4 miles north of Yreka.
    RSA30626RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance28761942-05-11 HumboldtHoopa Valley, 5 miles south of Hoopa.
    RSA31961RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller151241938-05-28 ButteSomewhat shaded places along the Feather River Hwy in moist soil, 25 miles from Oroville
    RSA34943RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRoxana S. Ferris109591945-08-02 MonoFlats above upper of Twin Lakes west of Bridgeport, Mono National Forest.
    RSA418520RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJerry A. Powell9521972-06-12 Mendocino7 miles northeast of Eel River Ranger Station.
    RSA427982RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. A. Purer51171933-07-23 MariposaYosemite National Park. Along Wawona Road.
    RSA427983RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHutchinsons.n.1910-05-01 MariposaYosemite Nat. Park.
    RSA427984RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataChristopher Davidson25941975-06-04 Modoc0.4 mile east of Highway 395 on Highway 299 toward Cedarville. Fenced pasture on south side of road.
    RSA427985RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFay A. MacFadden127601934-07-26 PlacerRed Mountain
    RSA427986RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataChristopher Davidson21651973-05-26 ShastaApproximately 15 W of Burney on St. Hwy 299.
    RSA427987RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBritton1311939-08-23 SierraOn north bank of Yuba River, seven miles above Sierra City.
    RSA427988RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataEdwin Klines.n.1920-06-01 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mtns.
    RSA427989RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataThomas W. Nelson35261977-06-19 TrinityAlong ridge above Senteney Rock.
    RSA46697RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDoris K. Kildale35001927-06-24 Mendocino1 mile S of Longvale.
    RSA49246RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. A. Munz132441949-05-16 TrinityEight miles below Dedrick.
    RSA50007RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. K. Balls136841949-06-30 TrinityAbove Ripstein Camp, right fork from Bear Creek.
    RSA52483RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataI. L. Wiggins121681949-05-29 Mendocino5.7 miles east of Eel River Camp.
    RSA582232RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLouis C. Wheeler3567.51935-06-09 SiskiyouYreka Creek. Siskiyou Mtns. (Mt Diablo Mer.)
    RSA582233RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLouis C. Wheeler3567.51935-06-09 SiskiyouYreka Creek. Siskiyou Mtns. (Mt Diablo Mer.)
    RSA621941RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMary DeDecker38951975-07-12 MonoSweetwater Mountains, east side: Below Star City, on road to Boulder Flat.
    RSA638996RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMichael A. Vincent85851999-06-09 LassenAlong US Rt. 395, south of Ravendale Fire Station, 1.8 miles north of rest area, and 24.8 miles north of Litchfield.
    RSA67493RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. A. Munz167011951-07-19 Trinity1 W of Stuart Gap, North base of North Yolla Bolly Mts.
    RSA715801RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. Ahart120262005-06-09 SiskiyouHill, south of a rock fence, about 100 yards northeast of where cattle water in the Shasta River, about 3-5 mile (air) south of Highway 99-97 cutoff, about 2 1-2 miles (air) east-southeast of Grenada.
    RSA715987RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. Ahart119522005-06-02 LassenAlong a poor dirt road, about 1-2 mile west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4.75 miles (air) northwest of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.6 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction
    RSA718376RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. Ahart128472006-06-21 SierraOn the west side of the Foote Road, about 4 miles (by road) southwest of Alleghany.
    RSA74233RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataB. Lindner211936-06-09 MonoAbout five miles up Tioga Pass Road from Mono Lake.
    RSA74854RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Peirson121371937-07-30 MonoMill Creek (Lundy Canon)
    RSA74855RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Peirson75701927-07-27 MonoAt north end of Silver Lake.
    RSA74856RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Peirson103211932-07-17 ShastaWallace Ranch, Goose Valley.
    RSA74860RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Peirson92091930-08-13 MonoLeevining Grade
    RSA756239RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBarbara Ertter102351991-07-04 TehamaToomes Camp Road (Mendocino FR 2 N01) 13.5 miles west of Paskenta, Mill Creek crossing 0.9 miles west of Elder Cr-Riley Ride junction, about 27 air miles west of Corning.
    RSA78034RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. A. Munz178231952-06-29 TrinityHalf a mile south of Hobo Gulch Public Camp, North Fork of Trinity River, north of Helena.
    RSA789606RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR. W. Spjut163372008-06-10 SiskiyouCascade Mountains. Just north of Mt. Shasta City along old highway west of I-5.
    RSA791741RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp189032012-05-03 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: unnamed road leading to power plant, 0.3 miles east of South Fork American River bridge.; Pollock Pines 7.5
    RSA8036RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. A. Barker8241927-07-16 PlumasBlairsden.
    RSA8049RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. A. Barker7571927-07-01 PlumasBlairsden.
    RSA83303RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataVerne Grant80161947-07-13 ModocFandango Pass, Warner Mountains.
    RSA90829RSAPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Baker128471953-07-12 TehamaTwo and a half miles above Whitlock Camp.
    SBBG133121SBBGPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBonnie C. Templeton11271 PlumasPlumas County
    SD103539SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDarley F. Howe50551978-06-24 AlpineAlong state highway 89, 10.8 miles south of Markleeville.
    SD104424SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataReid Moran260941978-06-25 ShastaWest of Little Roaring Creek.
    SD131087SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataD. E. Breedlove627121986-06-06 MonoSweetwater Canon east slope of Sweetwater Mountains.
    SD237473SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG.K. Helmkamp189032012-05-03 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: unnamed road leading to power plant, 0.3 mile east of South Fork American River bridge (Pollock Pines 7.5′Q)
    SD58432SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller14455a1927-08-17 NevadaDonner Lake.
    SD58482SDPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard8211956-08-06 Butte6.0 miles southwest of Sterling City, along road to Magalia.
    SDSU06623SDSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMoran, Reid V.50551978-06-24 AlpineRoute 89. 10.8 miles southeast of Markleville.
    SDSU06629SDSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHowe, D.F.47601971-07-02 PlacerNear Lake Tahoe, Elderado National Forest, Placer Co.
    SFV104013SFVPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. I. Follett921937-06-13 PlumasSierra Nevada; Rich Gulch.
    SJSU11215SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR.L. Fisher1958-06-13 Modocnear Adin Pass on Canby-Adin Rd c. 6 mi S of Canby
    SJSU12207SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataN.A. Hopkins11421983-06-15 SierraLong Valley Rd c. 2 W of Bordertown
    SJSU12250SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataN.A. Hopkins6751975-06-11 Sierraby trail above Pauley Cr between 2nd & 3d Divides
    SJSU14068SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. Savage3141964-06-25 Sierra4 W of Downieville near Goodyears Bar
    SJSU14069SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. Savage3351964-06-30 LassenE of Susanville
    SJSU1538SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC.W. Sharsmith61941954-06-23 Shasta18 mi S of Burney Falls of Pit R
    SJSU9627SJSUPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. Savage14411979-07-07 ModocTriangle, Fairchild Swamp Unit, Devils Garden District, Modoc National Forest
    THRI-SEKI19293THRIPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPilewski, L.; Munnecke, M.SEKI.0041.072000-07-27 UnknownVM.SEKI.0041. north of the Le Conte Ranger Station
    THRI-SEKI19294THRIPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMunnecke, M.; Pilewski, L.SEKI.0047.142000-07-31 UnknownVM.SEKI.0047. Palisade Creek and Middle Fork Kings River confluence
    UC1005003UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPhilip A. Munz160751940-07-21 Mono17 mi sw Bridgeport; Robinson Creek
    UC1034592UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDouglas Barbe701955-07-01 Siskiyou0.6 mi e Etna (s side of rd); Klamath Mountains
    UC1051764UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard1471951-05-27 Lakeabout 5 mi w Lower Lake
    UC1051765UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard1621951-06-13 Lake3 mi n Bartlett Springs (on road to Crabtree Hot Springs (and Stonyford))
    UC1051766UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, C. R. Bell1631951-06-13 Laken Crabtree Hot Springs (on road to Bear Creek Camp Ground (n of Bartlett Springs, near Colusa Co. line)); Mendocino National Forest
    UC1051767UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard1661951-06-13 Lakene Goat Mountain (between Bartlett Springs Rd and Stonyford along Forest Service rd); Mendocino Nat. Forest, Long Ridge
    UC1051768UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi1981951-08-10 Monoe Mono Lake; Lundy Canon
    UC1051769UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard1681951-06-13 Lakene Goat Mountain (between Bartlett Springs Rd and Stonyford along Forest Service rd); Mendocino Nat. Forest, Long Ridge
    UC1051770UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi2001951-08-10 Monoe Mono Lake; Sierra Nevada, Lundy Canon
    UC1051772UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3111952-06-19 Modocslopes above Cedarville Pass (ne of Alturas on road to Cedarville); Warner Mountains
    UC1051773UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3121952-06-19 Modocjust below summit of Fandango Pass (sw of Fort Bidwell); Warner Mountains
    UC1051774UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3181952-06-20 Plumasabout 1 mi sw Crescent Mills (just off state route 89, near Indian Creek (branch of N. Fk. of Feather River))
    UC1051780UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataDouglas Post1161953-07-09 Monoalong State Hwy 108 near Sonora Pass (ten mi from junction of US Hwy 395); Sierra Nevada, Leavitt Meadows
    UC1051786UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3191952-06-20 Plumasabout 3 mi sw Storrie (road bank 10 ft above river); Feather River
    UC1051796UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard1891951-08-09 Placeralong state hwy 89 about 1.5 mi n Tahoe City; Truckee River canyon
    UC1055962UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. L. Greene1895-07-28 Placers Truckee; Washoe Mts.
    UC1055964UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. L. Greene1876-06-01 Siskiyou
    UC1075613UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls221831956-07-13 Alpine4.5 mi from crest (Ebbetts Pass State Hwy 4)
    UC107564UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataT. S. Brandegee1892-06-26 LassenMilford
    UC107566UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataK. Brandegee1884-08-01 NevadaBoca
    UC1076641UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance36531957-05-27 Tuolumne3.5 mi e Dardanelles (Sonora Pass rd); Douglas Resort
    UC1084699UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Baker131171957-06-15 Siskiyouroad cut just s Weed; North Coast Ranges
    UC1143722UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG. T. Nordstrom1701934-07-02 Plumas1 mi se Mt. Ararat; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
    UC1199106UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy175121945-07-04 HumboldtWillow Creek Trinity River Valley
    UC1199111UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy88061930-06-29 Trinityrocky bar along river 5 mi below Ruth; Mad River
    UC1208873UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG. T. Nordstrom1541934-06-22 PlacerMammoth Springs Tahoe National Forest, Colfax Quadrangle
    UC1222897UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy195391951-06-24 Humboldtbetween serpentine rockpile and Ashfield Butte; Kneeland Prairie
    UC1222898UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy188021950-06-15 Humboldt7 mi Harris; Mail Ridge
    UC1228322UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3201952-06-20 Butteroad bank about 2 mi above (ne) Pulga; canyon of the Feather River
    UC1228323UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard3101952-06-19 Modocabout 7 mi ne Alturas (on road to Cedarville)
    UC1228343UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard8311956-08-07 Siskiyoualong US Hwy 97 Deer Mt., Deer Mt. Lodge (w flank of mt.)
    UC1228349UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLawrence R. Heckard8211956-08-06 Butteabout 6 mi s Sterling City (along road to Magalia)
    UC123650UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMiss Harriet A. Walker3891906-06-23 Mendocinonear Comptche
    UC1282734UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. R. Sweeney8851952-05-03 Lake5 1-2 mi n-2 Lower Lake Kelseyville Road; Seigler Canon
    UC1299155UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFreed W. Hoffman39581951-06-15 Monoroadside from Masonic to Bridgeport
    UC131725UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. A. Purpus1898-04-01 MendocinoPotter Valley
    UC1471534UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. L. Greene1895-07-25 Placers Truckee; Washoe Mts.
    UC147529UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. L. Greene1876-06-01 Siskiyou
    UC1481109UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM. L. Conrad, Dunn, LeDoux72801973-06-26 Nevadaon Hwy 89 4.6 mi n Interstate 80 near Truckee (n side of creek); Hobart Mills Creek
    UC1564802UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataV. Oswald, L. Ahart38421989-07-12 Buttelogging road (T-line) 0.6 air mi nnw Bald Mtn Lookout (ne of Sterling City)
    UC1586867UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJuha Pykala, D. H. Norris10571987-05-27 Modocbetween Lower Rush Creek Campground and Upper Rush Creek Campground; Modoc National Forest
    UC1602013UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Embree301934-03-28 Sutter2 mi s South Butte (Plot 26); Marysville Buttes Quadrangle
    UC1602014UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. W. Embree141934-03-22 Sutter1 mi s and 2 1-2 mi e South Butte; Marysville Buttes Quadrangle
    UC1602015UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. S. Yates36891934-03-11 Sutter2 mi se South Butte; Marysville Buttes Quadrangle
    UC1602016UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. J. Kraebel211934-05-05 Shastanear Kennett; Redding Quadrangle
    UC1602017UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. G. Albertus2401935-08-02 PlumasBig Hill Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quadrangle (s slope)
    UC1602018UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataE. Sawyer1101935-06-14 Plumas1 3-4 mi n Beckwith; Sierraville Quadrangle
    UC1602019UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. G. Albertus381933-07-01 ButtePromontory Point Chico Quadrangle (s slope)
    UC1602020UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler13001910-05-07 Siskiyounear Yreka
    UC1602021UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. G. Albertus3391936-08-26 Alpine2 3-4 mi n Whitecliff Pk.; Mono N. F., Dardanelles Quadrangle
    UC1602031UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. M. Belshaw351935-08-06 Tuolumne1 mi se Mather (Plot 53); Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite Quadrangle
    UC1602035UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataN. French4771934-06-22 Placer1-2 mi w Lake Van Norden; Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quadrangle
    UC1602036UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. L. Johannsen4191934-07-20 El Dorado2 mi sw Georgetown Junction (Plot 181); Eldorado National Forest, Pyramid Pk. Quadrangle
    UC1602037UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataB. Bolt3531935-07-23 Tuolumne2 mi e mouth of Skull Creek; Stanislaus National Forest, Big Trees Quadrangle
    UC1602038UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataP. L. Johannsen1936-07-17 Butte2 1-2 mi sse Butte Mdws.; Lassen National Forest, Paynes Creek Quadrangle
    UC1602039UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. S. Yates39291934-06-30 Amador1 mi n Silver Lake; Eldorado National Forest, Pyramid Pk. Quadrangle
    UC1602040UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJ. A. Rutter2951935-07-20 TuolumneWoods Meadows Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite Quadrangle
    UC1602041UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. R. Howden2011935-09-22 TuolumneSkull Creek Stanislaus National Forest, Big Trees Quadrangle
    UC1602166UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataHarley P. Chandler17221901-06-01 SiskiyouShackleford Canon North Coast Ranges, ridges and meadows near Marble Mountain
    UC164119UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler13861910-05-22 SiskiyouYreka Creek
    UC164135UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. D. Butler4091908-06-23 Siskiyounear Yreka (along creek)
    UC176065UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy42521913-06-21 Humboldtopposite Buck Mountain; Northern Coast Ranges, valley of Van Duzen River
    UC1949210UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson102351991-07-04 TehamaToomes Camp Rd (Mendocino FR 2 N01) 13.5 W of Paskenta, Mill Creek crossing 0.9 mi W of Elder Cr-Riley Ridge jct, ca 27 airmiles W of Corning
    UC1980467UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataTom Schweich7802011-06-22 MonoCopper Mountain, East Slope, Above the mine tunnel in a canyon of Copper Mountain, 1.1 miles west of the intersection of US Highway 395 and Mill Creek Powerhouse Road.
    UC24409UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataT. H. Gilbert1899-06-01 SiskiyouScott River Valley
    UC24414UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Baker1893-06-25 ModocEgg Lake
    UC24489UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. H. Boke1890-01-01 Modoc
    UC24490UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-06-08 ModocLittle Hot Spring Valley
    UC398633UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller14455a1927-08-17 NevadaDonner Lake Donner Lake ( < type locality > )
    UC535111UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMrs. H. P. Bracelin4301931-06-20 Siskiyouabout 2 mi nw Mt. Shasta City
    UC54519UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock42331903-06-01 Shastalava beds of ne Shasta Co. Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UC562572UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy143851935-07-30 Humboldtnear top Salmon Summit
    UC562573UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy76611926-06-20 Humboldtlower slopes Horse Mt.
    UC562574UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy137941935-05-12 HumboldtWillow Creek Trinity River Valley
    UC569598UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph, Hilda Grinnell1065a1937-06-17 Monoe-facing slope 2 mi n Mono Lake Post Office
    UC58413UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller68831903-07-08 Nevadalower end of Donner Lake, Nevada Co.
    UC586854UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph A. Ewan82291934-06-25 PlumasGold Lake Rd above Duetens; Sierra Nevada
    UC60951UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeo. B. Grant51741902-09-01 SiskiyouSisson Mt. Shasta
    UC61067UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1902-07-14 SiskiyouSisson Mount Shasta
    UC618689UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataW. Bridge Cooke110291938-06-17 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail Mount Shasta
    UC660058UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlan A. Beetle28201996-05-11 Modoc10 mi w Alturas (road from Alturas to Cedarville)
    UC660064UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlan A. Beetle27491941-06-27 TehamaRoute 32 20 mi ne Lomo (banks above creek); Deer Creek
    UC660065UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAlan A. Beetle27491941-06-27 TehamaRoute 32 20 mi ne Lomo (banks above creek); Deer Creek
    UC660089UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataG. L. Stebbins, Jr.31111941-05-27 Humboldt1-4 mi w Bridgerville (on hwy to Eureka)
    UC660105UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMilo S. Baker100021941-06-28 Mendocinograde above Covelo Ranger Station
    UC667014UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJoseph P. Tracy166431940-06-25 AlpineEbbet′s Pass Hwy 2 mi w pass
    UC671701UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance28291941-05-28 ButteMagalia Sierra Nevada foothills, South Branch of Feather River
    UC671702UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance28291941-05-28 ButteMagalia Sierra Nevada foothills, South Branch of Feather River
    UC671704UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance, Alan A. Beetle26061940-05-15 Mendocino2 mi s Empire; South Fork of Eel River
    UC672409UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataF. H. Frost1071925-07-24 ModocJess Valley Warner Mts.
    UC673228UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins28761942-05-11 Humboldt5 mi s Hoopa; North Coast Ranges, Hoopa Valley
    UC673229UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins29271942-05-14 Siskiyou4 mi n Yreka; Shasta River
    UC697618UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Beetle37791942-07-27 Alpinesummit Ebbett′s Pass
    UC703351UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38311944-07-07 Monone Bridgeport (road to Masonic)
    UC71796UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataMrs. M. H. Manning1531903-06-01 Modocwoods near Fort Bidwell (ne Modoc Co.)
    UC718170UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataCarl B. Wolf59821934-07-06 Siskiyou1-4 mi e Mt. Shasta City (sw slope of mt.); Mt. Shasta
    UC722151UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. L. Hitchcock, J. S. Martin53401939-07-10 Trinityca 10 mi e Douglas City
    UC726920UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller162231941-06-26 Modocalong US Hwy 299 4 mi w Canby
    UC726921UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller152561938-07-12 Siskiyouon US Hwy 97 near western base of Deer Mountain
    UC726922UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller124221916-06-23 Siskiyounear Black Butte (n of Sisson)
    UC726923UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller151241938-05-28 Buttealong Feather River Hwy 25 mi from Oroville
    UC733161UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine109591945-08-02 Monoflats above upper of Twin Lakes (w of Bridgeport); Mono National Forest
    UC735078UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance30921946-07-02 AlpineLuther Pass Sierra Nevada (w side)
    UC735105UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance31011946-07-04 Modocabove Thom′s Creek (17 mi ne of Alturas); Warner Mountains
    UC735106UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance, Ren Hwa Shan30611946-06-01 Shasta2.5 mi w Vollmers (Trinity Center Rd above creek); Dog Creek
    UC735107UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataLincoln Constance, Howard E. McMinn30401946-05-11 Nevadafive mi s North San Juan
    UC748436UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg47211946-06-10 Modoclava bench between Lower Lake and Snake Lake (slope facing Lower Lake)
    UC748440UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg48621946-06-28 ModocPine Creek Canon north end of Warner Mountains
    UC762061UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR. F. Hoover36831938-07-18 TuolumneKennedy Meadows
    UC762063UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataR. F. Hoover35481938-06-09 Lakebetween Burns Valley and Borax Lake
    UC773946UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. ShortS-4631936-06-30 LassenBurgess Spring Experiment Range Lassen < National > Forest
    UC773947UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. R. Short, Wm. GansbergS-4781936-07-09 LassenBurgess Spring Experiment Range Lassen < National > Forest
    UC809641UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataPhilip A. Munz132441949-05-16 Trinity8 mi below Dedrick
    UC909961UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataA. A. Heller124221916-06-23 Siskiyounear Black Butte (n of Sisson)
    UC909981UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. L. Hitchcock64911940-05-20 Shasta25 mi e Redding (foothills of mts.)
    UC909983UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataC. L. Hitchcock65361940-05-24 Shastaca 20 mi w Fall River Mills; Hat Creek
    UC923095UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFreed W. Hoffman33081950-07-02 Tehama34.8 mi w Red Bluff; Franklin POint Guard Station
    UC923101UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFreed W. Hoffman33001950-07-07 Trinity0.1 mi s Hayfork (along Peanut-Hayfork Hwy to Hayfork); North Coast Ranges
    UC923140UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataFreed W. Hoffman33251950-06-09 Mendocino0.3 mi from Orrs Springs; North Coast Ranges
    UC933387UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg55911948-09-07 Siskiyouat fork of road from Cecilville to first Lookout Siskiyou Mountains, Black Bear Summit
    UC956794UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataL. Constance, R. Bacigalupi, S. Carlquist, R. Moran, R. L. Rodriguez33821951-06-12 Shasta3 mi e Wildwood
    UCR0079407UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataJim Andre317752012-07-17 Tuolumnealong Hwy 108, 1.2 mi east of Sonora Pass
    UCR0079408UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnn Howald30952014-06-17 MonoLundy Canon, Mill Creek drainage, west of Mono Lake; c. 5.5 miles west of Hwy 395
    UCR0079409UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp204452013-05-02 El DoradoHappy Valley Cutoff Rd at the junction with Mt. Aukum Rd, NE of Somerset
    UCR0079410UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp189032012-05-03 El Doradounnamed road leading to power plant, 0.3 mile east of South Fork American River bridge
    UCR0079411UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp134282008-05-08 Amadoralong CA-26, 1.0 mile west of the Calaveras County line
    UCR0079412UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp133872008-05-04 Amadoralong Tiger Creek Road, 2.8 miles east of CA-88; at the entrance to Tiger Creek Reservoir
    UCR0079413UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp97282005-07-31 El DoradoJunction of Ice House Road and Calif. Highway 50, east of Pollock Pines
    UCR0079416UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataAnn Howald27362011-07-22 Monoeast of Hwy 89 (Monitor Pass Rd), 0.2 mi south of Mono-Alpine county line
    UCR0079417UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp50431999-06-29 NevadaProsser Creek at Hobart Mills, c. 50-100 yards east of Calif. Hwy 8 NE of Lake Tahoe; Northern Sierra Nevada Range
    UCR0079418UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp204872013-05-03 PlacerMosquito Ridge Road, 4.7 miles south of Forest Hill Road, 1.8 mi. east (92 ° ) of Foresthill
    UCR0079419UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp122082007-05-30 PlacerMosquito Ridge Road, 8.5 miles east of its junction with Forest Hill Road in Foresthill
    UCR0079421UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp148672009-05-28 Sierraabove the Yuba River along CA-49, 2.3 miles north of the Yuba Co. line
    UCR0079422UCRPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataGeorge K. Helmkamp69352001-07-08 TrinityCA Hwy 36, 2.2 miles west of the Trinity-Shasta Co. line
    US3738396USPhacelia heterophylla subsp. virgataS. Call ; S. Whitmanref. number CA360-1631955-04-02 Trinity
    CSLA004269CSLAPhacelia heterophylla var. compactaHedine1956-07-20 ModocModoc Natn′l For., wild area, southern section Warner Range
    GH00395052GHPhacelia heterophylla var. compactaF. A. MacFadden126981934-07-18 El DoradoRichardson′s Camp. Lake Tahoe
    LA00604425LAPhacelia heterophylla var. frigidaO.H Kappler11981946-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Wrightwood.
    PASA1341PASAPhacelia heterophylla var. frigida1928-05-26 VenturaMt. Pinos
    LA00604378LAPhacelia heterophylla var. griseophyllaLewis S. Rose413111941-07-11 PlacerChambers Lodge (McKinney), Lake Tahoe
    NY3208567NYPhacelia heterophylla var. pseudohispidaA. Eastwood6121912-06-20 ?  NevadaNevada City.
    CAS-BOT134041CASPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLovegrove, Elsie Z.s.n.1939-06-17 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
    CAS-BOT227266CASPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataHowald, Ann27362011-07-22 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.: east of Hwy 89 (Monitor Pass Rd), 0.2 mi south of Mono-Alpine county line Elev. given as 7760 ft.
    CAS-BOT227269CASPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataHelmkamp, George K.; Helmkamp, E. A.189032012-05-03 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: unnamed road leading to power plant, 0.3 mile east of South Fork American River bridge Elev. given as 2010 ft.
    CAS-BOT523772CASPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataHowald, Ann30952014-06-17 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns: Lundy Canyon, Mill Creek drainage, W of Mono Lake; c. 5.5 mi W of Hwy 395
    CDA0010958CDAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG.F. Hrusa118971994-06-28 Madera2.2 m. E of Hwy 41 along Jackson-Big Sandy Rd. approx 4.4 m. SE of Fish Camp. Sierra Nevada-Sierra Natl. Forest.
    CDA0013055CDAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG.F. Hrusa130031996-06-11 ShastaW side of Hwy 44 approx. 200 meters N of Big Spring. Lassen National Forest.
    CDA0017312CDAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG.F. Hrusa163612004-07-02 GlennMendocino National Forest. Rd. 2 N06 off Rd. M3. N edge of Markham Ridge. North Coast Ranges.
    CHSC10997CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataNick Santamaria71-231971-06-24 LassenOn a west facing slope east of Murrer′s upper meadow near Eagle Lake.
    CHSC114005CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataB. Castro20292014-06-07 LassenNorthern High Sierra Nevada. 1.1 air mi SSW of Fredonyer Pass, along USFS Rd 2 N46 0.4 rd mi S of Hwy 36. T29N R10E S2 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Fredonyer Pass 1:24,000
    CHSC118527CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart214332017-06-27 NevadaMountainside, about 200 yards north of Carpenter Meadow, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, Basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley. T1 N R15E S23 NE1-4
    CHSC118706CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataWendy L. Boes2015-001F2015-05-12 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Location between Forest Service Road 2 N18Y and Caribou Road, south of Northfork Campground. UTM 652180 E, 4433328 N, NAD83 Zone 10N.
    CHSC118730CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataWendy L. Boes2015-0262015-06-26 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Near Moonshine Valley, south of Forest Sevice Road 2 N30C, northwest of 27N72 (UTM 688052 E, 4451991 N, NAD83 Zone 10N.)
    CHSC11969CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataE. B. Copeland4461930-07-13 ButteJonesville.
    CHSC119949CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart214332017-06-27 NevadaAbout 100 yards north of the poor dirt road, about 200 yards north of Carpenter Meadow, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, Basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley. Yellow Pine Forest. T1 N R15E S23 NE1-4
    CHSC119977CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataR. A. Schlising45681988-07-03 ButteSE of Sterling City, near Rag Dump area, where road crosses Fall Creek; area of conifer forest. T2 N R04E S13 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga 1:64,000
    CHSC120319CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway122472017-06-13 LassenModoc Plateau. Along the Buckhorn Backcountry Byway 35.1 road-km east of Hwy 395, 1.0 air-km southwest of Rodeo Flat. T3 N R15E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Buckhorn Lake 1:24,000
    CHSC121673CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataS. CallCA360-1632018-09-12 Trinity[no locality given, only coordinates]
    CHSC122226CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway36961990-06-05 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Near top of ridge on W side of Little Long Valley Creek; ca 1.1 NE of Hwy 70-89. Bottom of rocky cut-bank of road 23N12. T23N R11E S01 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Ingalls 1:24,000
    CHSC122291CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway126372018-06-12 ModocModoc Plateau. Devils Garden area; along Road 4 N70 3.2 road- km north of Road 136 (Crowder Flat to Clear Lake); 4.7 air-km north-northwest of Blue Mountain; southeast side of Bird Springs Ridge. T47N, R9E, NE 1-4 of SW 1-4 of sec. 36. Pothole Valley 7.5 quad.
    CHSC123147CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway129892019-06-16 ShastaKlamath Ranges. East Fork Clear Creek, along East Fork Road 2.6 road-km east of French Gulch Road. T3 N, R6W, SW 1-4 of sec. 31. Schell Mtn 7.5 quad.
    CHSC124147CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart224972021-06-14 LassenIn Loyalton Fire (August 2020), on the east side of a poor dirt road, west of Long Valley Creek, 1.1 miles (air) west of Highway 395, 2.4 miles (air) southwest of Hallelujah Junction, Long Valley. T2 N, R17E, northeast 1-4 Section 22.
    CHSC23597CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataW. O. Baum71-241971-07-01 LassenS. slope of Gallatin Peak.
    CHSC33708CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataJ. D. Jokerst13321981-05-21 ButteOpen area adjacent to road. Ca 1.0 mile NE of Pulga on Pulga Rd. T2 N R05e S32 NE1-4
    CHSC34434CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataJames Henrickson3454B1969-05-25 Sierra34 WNW of Reno, ca. 4 mi. W. of Sattley up E. side of Yuba Pass.
    CHSC36171CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataK. Bridwell1731978-07-06 SiskiyouN slope of Sheep Mountain, ca. 10 mi e of Macdoel. se1-4 sec. 20, T4 N, R1E MDM.
    CHSC37225CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. Ahart35971982-07-28 SierraOn dry bare rocky soil in a loose rock slide area, ca. 1-4 mi n of Pacific Mine, ca. 5 mi e of LaPorte.
    CHSC39113CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataR. A. Schlising44541984-05-24 ButteBear Ranch Falls NE of Pulga, off Feather River Canon. T2 N R05E S14
    CHSC39114CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataR. A. Schlising42991982-06-23 ButteN of Concow, along Dogwood Creek. T2 N R05E S19
    CHSC39115CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart42511983-07-29 Butte2 mi e of Milsap Bar, about 25 mi ne of Oroville; on dry, bare granite soil along dirt road in yellow pine forest.
    CHSC42353CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart55931987-05-09 ButteOn dry disturbed soil along Pulga Road, about 1-2 mile south-west of Bardees Bar along the North Fork of the Feather River, about 3 miles south-west of Pulga.
    CHSC45936CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart47221984-07-19 ButteAlong a logging road near the dirt road, about 1 1-2 miles southeast of Bald Mountain, 3-4 mile west of Oak Point, about 4 miles north-east of Stirling City.
    CHSC46564CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataV. Oswald38421989-07-12 ButteLogging road (T-Line) 0.6 mi (air) nnw of Bald Mtn Lookout, ne of Stirling City. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4
    CHSC52523CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway36961990-06-05 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Near top of ridge on W side of Little Long Valley Creek; ca 1.1 NE of Hwy 70-89. Bottom of rocky cut-bank of road 23N12. T23N R11E S01 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Ingalls 1:24,000
    CHSC5260CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataA. Santos1946-06-25 LassenSpalding′s Eagle Lake Resort.
    CHSC63574CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataVernon H. Oswald62091994-05-12 ShastaLakeshore Dr. (3 N08) paralleling the W side of the Sacramento River Arm of Shasta Lake, at the first stream entering the lake ca. 1.3 mi E of Sugarloaf Creek Bridge. T35N R0 W S27 SW1-4
    CHSC66390CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataVernon H. Oswald77761996-06-17 LassenModoc Plateau. Biz Johnson Trail accessed at Devils Corral Trailhead located off of Hwy.36 ca. 7 W of Susanville. Locally abundant along the trail and on brushy slopes at the bridge spanning the Susan River on the N side of Hwy. 36. T2 N R11E S06 SW1-4 of SE1-4
    CHSC718CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataH. Goodyear1939-05-28 TrinityCanon Creek above Junction City.
    CHSC7196CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataBruce K. Briggs611969-07-27 LassenE.L.B.S. (Eagle Lake Biological Station).
    CHSC720CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataR. M. Staley1952-07-15 ButteParadise.
    CHSC7307CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataBruce K. Briggs1101969-08-18 LassenELBS.
    CHSC80008CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway50301996-06-29 TrinityKlamath Mountains. Near top of un-named peak (1290 m at top) 1.2 mi north-northeast of Trinity Mountain; above dirt road 1.7 mi from Van Ness Creek Road. T3 N R0 W S33 SE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Papoose Creek 1:24,000
    CHSC82629CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. P. Janeway72642001-07-03 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Top of south-facing slope overlooking Middle Fork Feather River; head of Sherman Creek. T2 N R08E S23 NE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dogwood Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC87614CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart109512004-05-24 PlumasNear an old logging road, about 150 yards north of the railroad, Greenhorn Creek, and Highway 70, about 3-4 mile west of Squirrel Creek, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Quincy. T2 N R10E S2 W1-4
    CHSC88333CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataR. Fischer2162004-05-24 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles n. of McArthur, on eastern edge Modoc Plateau. Located along Spatter Cone Trail. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
    CHSC91193CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart119522005-06-02 LassenAlong a poor dirt road, about 1-2 mile west of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 3-4 miles (air) northwest of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.6 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction. T2 N R17E S0 W1-4
    CHSC91803CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG. F. Hrusa163172004-06-17 PlumasNorthern Sierra Nevada. Willow Creek Rd. 1.6 W of Hwy 70 & 2.6 mi. W on 70 from town of Portola.
    CHSC9319CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG. Strausbaugh1141970-06-21 ShastaIn dry sand near summit Buckhorn Bally ca. 3.5 mi. s from U.S. Hwy. 2 W 19.5 mi. e of Douglas City.
    CHSC93551CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart120262005-06-09 SiskiyouHill, south of a rock fence, about 100 yards northeast of where cattle water in the Shasta River, about 3-5 mile (air) south of Highway 99-97 Cutoff, about 2 1-2 miles (air) east-southeast of Grenada. T4 N R0 W S30 SW1-4
    CHSC93673CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart119832005-06-02 LassenNorth side of a poor dirt road, Long Valley, about 4 1-2 miles (air) northeast of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 5.7 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction. T2 N R17E S1 W1-4
    CHSC96917CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart140182007-06-08 PlumasAround trees, east side of an open rocky flat, along the edge of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R13E S18
    CHSC99765CHSCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataLowell Ahart148522008-06-19 ShastaOn dry gray soil around rocks about 140 yards east of the Pit River, about 10 yards west of Cassel-Fall River Road, about 50 yards south of the intersection of Cassel-Fall River Road and Dee-Knoch Road, about 1-4 mile southeast of Highway 299 in Fall River Mills. T3 N, R5E, east 1-2 Section 31.
    DAV321723DAVPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataRobin McMaster4761973-06-17 El DoradoCanon by Lake Tahoe.
    DAV394777DAVPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataEllen Dean102582019-07-05 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. South side of Antone Meadow. Just west of the dam area.
    IRVC107414IRVCPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataJerry A. Powell1079, 2511973-05-20 TrinityHayfork Ranger Station
    LA00604079LAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataAnnie M. Alexander38311944-07-07 MonoRoad to Masonic, NE of Bridgeport
    LA00604082LAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataL. R. Heckard1621951-06-13 LakeAbout 3 miles north of Bartlett Springs on road to Crabtree Hot Springs (and Stonyford).
    PUA14631PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton & Ground1978-06-14 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Andesite. The Whaleback Quad.
    PUA15012PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton & Ground1978-06-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bray. Bray Quad.
    PUA179PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton & Ground1978-06-29 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Davis Road. Mt. Dome Quad.
    PUA19190PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA19260PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA21631PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataClifton And Overton1979-05-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott River. Scott Bar Quad.
    PUA2425PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataG.L. Clifton1974-07-11 ButteLocal landmark: Arch Rock. Pulga Quad.
    PUA35258PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA37329PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataMarc Baker1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA8806PUAPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataW.F. Clayton1971-06-17 SierraLocal landmark: Sierra City. Sierra City Quad.
    UC2031480UCJEPSPhacelia heterophylla var. virgataBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson104471991-07-06 TehamaToomes Camp Road (M22) 15.6 mi from Paskenta, 2.5 mi E Forest Glade-Three Prong junction ca 28 air miles W of Corning, E side Tatham Ridge overlooking valley
    GH00093502GHPhacelia virgataE. L. Greene8321876-06-07 SiskiyouYreka
    SD72096SDPhacelia virgataWilliam B. Cooke114481938-08-05 SiskiyouMt. Shasta.

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