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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CSLA020477CSLAGymnogramma triangularisE.P.9731931-03-29 RiversideTahquitz Canon; San Jac. Mts.
CSLA020479CSLAGymnogramma triangularisD. E. Miller1957-04-27 Los AngelesGriffith Park, Santa Monica Mtns.
GH01005700GHGymnogramma triangularisM. E. P. Ames1875-01-01 Plumas[data not captured]
UC2076759UCJEPSGymnogramma triangularisRay Azeltine121950-03-30 Los AngelesMulholland Dr.
UC2076760UCJEPSGymnogramma triangularisMurry Harris1980-08-15 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills.
UC2076761UCJEPSGymnogramma triangularisE. D. Woodhouse431930-02-11 UnknownLos Tranquis Wood.
UC2076779UCJEPSGymnogramma triangularisL. Goldstein1936-07-12 Los AngelesDalton Canon, California.
AHUC19319DAVPentagramma triangularisB. Crampton6641952-09-09 FresnoFresno County: near Pine Flat Dam, Kings River.
CAS-BOT205274CASPentagramma triangularisShevock, James R.; Norris, Larry L.; McNeal, Dale116561986-06-10 KernEastern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Kern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Above the Pacific Crest Trail, northwestern slope of Spanish Needle about 2.5 miles southeast of Lamont Meadow
CAS-BOT205319CASPentagramma triangularisShevock, Jim; Ertter, Barbara114231986-04-20 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Off of California Highway 178 in a canyon on north ridge toward Pinyon Peak
CAS-BOT232238CASPentagramma triangularisGosliner, T.; Gosliner, B.; Bishop, S.; et al.12152012-05-05 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Rock Spring area, past meadow, following drainage to NE: spot near drainage-serpentine-forest.
CAS-BOT232280CASPentagramma triangularisWilliams, A.; McDermott, E.; Smith, D.; et al.14032012-06-23 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Off Laurel Dell Rd., south of culvert LD-15, just north of where Cataract Creek crosses road
CAS-BOT232281CASPentagramma triangularisFriedel, C.; Tyson, E.; Pustova, I.; et al.11272012-05-05 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Old Stage Rd., past MMWD gate to culvert OS-12
CAS-BOT274432CASPentagramma triangularisCrowe, R.; Hinman, E.; Johnson, C.; Phillips, K.134072013-03-09 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Bill Williams Trail, between the two ends of the Tucker Trail
CAS-BOT278155CASPentagramma triangularisBourell, Mona57881997-03-29 GlennMendocino National Forest, Brittan Ranch (Homestead Site)
CAS-BOT384617CASPentagramma triangularisLovelle, J.361973-08-05 San MateoMt. Ellen Trail
CAS-BOT422377CASPentagramma triangularisBurge, D.; Crowe, R.; Cherry, M.; Young, A.141192014-03-22 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: On Pine Mountain Road, just past gate at Bolinas-Fairfax Road, grassland area to north.
CAS-BOT654817CASPentagramma triangularisJames, Linda C.371971-05-26 Alameda3-4 miles from entrance to Sunol Park along road. West Slope.
CAS-BOT654818CASPentagramma triangularisSiggins, Connie L.391971-05-09 AlamedaPalmerous Creek off Palo Verde Road, Castro Valley
CAS-BOT654819CASPentagramma triangularisMain, Gerald1471975-04-26 Contra CostaThe Black Hawk Ranch; Northwest of Ranch House.
CAS-BOT654820CASPentagramma triangularisKubota, Ayako2471975-04-12 Contra CostaThe Black Hawk Ranch; Creek west of Ranch Offices.
CAS-BOT654821CASPentagramma triangularisMcClellan, Kirby D.71969-05-05 MarinAbout 7 miles east of Mill Valley; just off roadbed of State Highway 1.
CAS-BOT71573CASPentagramma triangularisKimball, Laura F.141942-05-02 San DiegoRancho de la Nacion
CAS-BOT71574CASPentagramma triangularisWiggins, I. L.10451922-12-30 San Diegonear Campo
CAS-BOT71614CASPentagramma triangularisBreedlove, D. E.174261970-04-18 Contra Costaat the north edge of Lafayette above Laurel Drive
CAS-BOT71773CASPentagramma triangularisDunkle, M. B.72441939-04-04 Los AngelesChenetti Canyon, San Clemente Island
CAS-BOT71774CASPentagramma triangularisEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1918-03-25 Los AngelesSan Clemente Isl.
CAS-BOT71775CASPentagramma triangularisBoyd, Steve; Ross, Tim; Arnseth, Laurel44171990-04-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, E side of island, Bryce Cyn near Malo Point
CAS-BOT77128CASPentagramma triangularisAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.3481931-07-06 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island - vicinity of Mosquito Harbor
CAS-BOT94095CASPentagramma triangularisNelson, Julie Kierstead2004-0052004-03-12 ShastaJones Valley, S side of Shasta Lake; ca. 10 mi NE of Redding. S of County Road 5H04 (Forest Road 33N03), near Clikapudi Trail. Bellas Vista quadrangle, 646-2.
CATA00051CATAPentagramma triangularisUSC Wrigley Interns: Miller Zou302011-07-08 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Deer Valley Trail
CATA02127CATAPentagramma triangularisRobert F. Thorne489961977-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: N slope of Black Mountain
CDA0001000CDAPentagramma triangularisD.G. Kelch13131991-03-23 Los AngelesCatalina Island. East of Avalon.
CDA0011621CDAPentagramma triangularisG.F. Hrusa115951994-03-11 NapaLas Posadas State Forest. E of Fire Station in upper drainage of Moore Creek. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0011803CDAPentagramma triangularisG.F. Hrusa77771990-04-20 SacramentoW side of Lake Natoma approx. 1-3 mile upstream from Nimbus Dam. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0012541CDAPentagramma triangularisG.F. Hrusa81161990-06-07 SacramentoS end of American River Bluffs,Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0020266CDAPentagramma triangularisM.I. Wibawa3862004-03-31 MercedCottonwood Canon Wildlife Area. Immediately n of Hwy 152, across from San Luis Reservoir. Diablo Range.
CDA0042747CDAPentagramma triangularisJ. Dunnicliffs.n.1980-02-06 KingsAvenal Ranch, Avenal.
CDA0042749CDAPentagramma triangularisG. M. Coles.n.1929-04-07 El DoradoPlacerville Road.
CDA0042750CDAPentagramma triangularisD.G. Kelch7.0512007-02-17 MontereyAlong Nacimiento- Ferguson Road.
CDA0050591CDAPentagramma triangularisTina Teed212001-01-25 San Luis ObispoRinconada Trail Head, along Hwy 58, 2.8 miles S of Santa Margarita Lake Rd. Serpentine hills of dense chaparral with scattered foothill and coulter pines. Elev 1200 ft.
CDA0050625CDAPentagramma triangularisL.L. Keifer15111965-04-25 San DiegoAlong the road from the campgrounds to the dam at Morena Reservoir. Elev 3000 ft.
CDA0051916CDAPentagramma triangularisLisa Andreano432000-10-14 MontereyAbout 20 miles into Arroyo Seco Wilderness and about 200 ft above canyon floor bordering woodlands. All over partly shaded rocky outcrops and dry soil. Undersurface of leaves is yellow. Sori scattered but dense. Elev 900 ft.
CHSC10703CHSCPentagramma triangularisLowell Ahart1971-03-17 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC11326CHSCPentagramma triangularisLowell Ahart1968-03-11 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC12049CHSCPentagramma triangularisK. J. Hislop1111970-03-23 SutterCa. 20 yds from w bank of Moore Creek, ca. 1 mi. n of Cole House, Moore Canon, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC19710CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor3621975-01-16 MontereyOn n side of Palo Colorado Canon Rd, ca. 3 mi e of Hwy 1, ca. 16 mi s of Carmel.
CHSC21012CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor1991974-04-30 ButteS side of Cohassett Rd, ca. 7 mi ne of Chico.
CHSC21418CHSCPentagramma triangularisRobert A. Schlising21981962-04-28 MarinInverness.
CHSC21633CHSCPentagramma triangularisWillis Ball4901975-03-09 Contra CostaIn area #8. Ca. 560 yds sw of main parking lot ca. 800 yds w of Contra Loma Blvd.
CHSC23460CHSCPentagramma triangularisJ. R. Lee11974-04-15 ButteFound on n side of Upper Bidwell Park road w of Salmon hole and 4.3 mi from the Chico Municipal golf Course.
CHSC23737CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor1521974-04-10 MontereyIn Palo Colorado Canon, ca. 1 mi e of Hwy 1, ca. 17 mi s of Carmel.
CHSC27524CHSCPentagramma triangularisMichael F. Henetz31978-03-23 TehamaDeer Creek Canon. Ca. 180 m sse Hwy 32, ca. 150 m ssw of bridge over Deer Creek, and ca. 20.7 km sw of junction of Hwy 32 and Hwy 89. T2 N R04E S30 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64,000
CHSC28811CHSCPentagramma triangularisJane A. Rogers121979-04-15 SonomaS side of Barnett Valley Rd., ca. 2 mi. e of intersection of Barnett Valley Rd. and Bodega Hwy., ca. 4 mi. w of Sebastopol. T0 N R0 W S17 central e portion USGS Quadrangle: Two Rock 1:24,000
CHSC28892CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor19911979-04-05 ButteMillsap Bar Campground, ca. 9 mi ne of jct Millsap Bar Rd and Brush Creek Rd, ca. 26 mi ne of Oroville. T2 N R06E S10
CHSC28893CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor23191980-02-23 ButteCa. _ mi n of Neal Rd, on north-facing bluffs looking into Nance Canon, ca. 4 mi sw of Paradise. T2 N R02E S12 NE1-4
CHSC28894CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor23481980-03-01 ButteOn the se facing bluffs overlooking Hamlin Canon, ca. _ se of Elliot Spring House on Neal Rd, ca. 2 mi sw of Paradise. T2 N R03E S0 W1-4
CHSC28895CHSCPentagramma triangularisJ. D. Jokerst4361980-01-29 ButteE of North Table Mt, 50 m SE of Condor Rd, 40 N of its jct with Oregon Gulch Rd. T20N R04E S09 NE1-4
CHSC28896CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor23391980-03-01 ButteOn north facing bluffs looking into Nance Canon, ca. _ mi n of Neal Rd, ca. 3 mi e of its jct with Hwy 99, ca. 7 mi s of Chico. T2 N R02E S11 SE1-4
CHSC28899CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor23081980-02-08 Marin15 Estelle St., Larkspur.
CHSC29011CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor23691980-03-08 ButteCa. 100 ft sw of Pulga bridge over Hwy 70, ca. 28 mi ne of Oroville. T2 N R05E S31 SE1-4
CHSC29014CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor24471980-04-04 ButteJct of Rocky Honcut Creek and Swedes Flat Rd, ca. 2 mi e of Oroville-Bangor Hwy, ca. 10 mi se of Oroville. T0 N R05E S03 EC border
CHSC29123CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor25791980-05-01 SutterS side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, ca. 2 mi w of Yuba City. T1 N R01E S26 SE1-4
CHSC29214CHSCPentagramma triangularisCarl E. Yingst131980-04-23 ButteCa 20 km ne of Chico, 1.6 km sw of Highway 32.
CHSC30314CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor31371980-06-15 TrinityCanon Creek Trail, between Upper McKay Camp and the falls, 12.1 mi n of Junction City on Hwy 299.
CHSC30368CHSCPentagramma triangularisJ. D. Jokerst11321979-02-23 ButteIn the upper reaches of Hollow Cr, Top of North Table Mt., W edge. T2 N R04E S20
CHSC30716CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor30791980-07-06 ButteOn s side of Old Humboldt Rd, ca. 0.9 mi w of Butte Meadows Forestry Station.
CHSC30817CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor25161980-04-18 ButteW side of Humbug Rd, ca. 1 mi s of Nimshew.
CHSC31986CHSCPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart10291976-03-07 NapaS of the rd above Monticello Dam, ca. 2 mi sw of Monticello Dam.
CHSC32070CHSCPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart2441973-05-25 SierraNear Alleghany.
CHSC32536CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor33921981-03-27 GlennBetween Rocky Rdge and Rd 306, s of North Fork Stony Creek, ca. _ mi e of Newville. T2 N R0 W S03 CS1-2 USGS Quadrangle: Newville
CHSC32623CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor34641981-03-31 ButteS side of Concow Rd, ca. _ mi s of its jct with Ponderosa Way, ca. 20 air mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S02 with 01 N border USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
CHSC32629CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor34681981-04-02 ButteSe side of Forbestown Reservoir, s side of rd 2 N29, ca. 3 air mi n of Woodleaf. T20N R07E S32 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Clipper Mills
CHSC32691CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor3416B1981-03-18 ButteS side of Hwy 70 near Pulga bridge. T2 N R05E S06 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC32722CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor34831981-04-08 ButteE side of Dark Canon Rd, 2.2 mi s of its jct with Big Bend Rds jct, ca. 3 air mi s of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70. T2 N R04E S02 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
CHSC32728CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor35071981-04-08 ButteN side of logging landing site just w of Power lines, ca. 0.5 mi w of its jct with Ponderosa Way (Rim Rdm rd to Flea Valley), ca. 5 mi n of its jct with Hwy 70 at Jarbo Gap. T2 N R04E S12 NC border USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
CHSC3295CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. L. Hillier1966-03-07 Butte100 to 300 yds s of covered bridge over Butte Creek.
CHSC3550CHSCPentagramma triangularisGary Dutton371966-02-21 ButteFound in upper Bidwell Park Salmon Hole 7.9 miles N. E. CSC.
CHSC3577CHSCPentagramma triangularisJudy Lee Potter1966-02-26 ButteOn Lucky John Road, Paradise.
CHSC39239CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor52381983-03-12 ButteOff Stillson Canon Rd (leading to Mannion property), ca. 3 mi sse of Chico. T2 N R02E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico
CHSC39772CHSCPentagramma triangularisRichard K. McGaugh61979-04-07 ButteSec. 20, Table Mt., ca. 120 m. w. of Cherokee Rd., 5.65 km. n. of Oroville.
CHSC39800CHSCPentagramma triangularisMaxey-Jones1928-02-27 ButteIron Canon.
CHSC39815CHSCPentagramma triangularisRuby Gist1935-03-30 ButteFern Banks.
CHSC3982CHSCPentagramma triangularisE. P. Parreno1967-02-20 ButteSalmon Hole.
CHSC39842CHSCPentagramma triangularisMaxey-Jones1928-02-27 ButteIron Canon.
CHSC39870CHSCPentagramma triangularisM. R. Crosby143521982-05-09 MontereyHastings Natural History Reservarion. Water Tank Hill.
CHSC3994CHSCPentagramma triangularisA. K. Revard21967-04-15 Butte3 yd. On s of kirt roadside ca. 0.3 mi up from Cohasset Hwy., and ca. 3.3 mi n on Cohasset Hwy. From the Richardson Springs Rd.
CHSC4035CHSCPentagramma triangularisSadie Gualtieri1967-03-26 ShastaHighway 44 to Lassen Park, at Bear Creek, 15 miles out of Redding, E.; on N. slope, W end of bridge.
CHSC48080CHSCPentagramma triangularisSharol Lindenstein441989-04-11 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, 0.1 mi nw of Upper Park Rd., 2.7 mi e of jct of Upper Park Rd. and Wildwood Ave., e side of Chico.
CHSC51052CHSCPentagramma triangularisPauleen Broyles9941987-02-07 ButteAlong the bank of Pine Creek. T2 N R0 W S09 NE1-4
CHSC55CHSCPentagramma triangularisS. Westerberg1938-04-01 San Bernardino
CHSC56CHSCPentagramma triangularisV. Holt1934-04-01 ButteFern Banks.
CHSC57333CHSCPentagramma triangularisRobert C. Hill91990-04-10 ButteLarge population at intersection of McCabe Creek, Lumpkin Road, 1 mi s of South Fork Feather River, 13 mi e of Oroville.
CHSC79635CHSCPentagramma triangularisSimona Altman411999-03-09 ButteAt intersection of Skyway and Canon Rim Pl. T2 N R02E S05
CHSC8328CHSCPentagramma triangularisEdward L. Smith301957-04-10 San FranciscoLocated in Arguello pool, Presidio, San Francisco.
CHSC90171CHSCPentagramma triangularisSandra Rosas41988-03-29 Mariposa200 ft of Merced River and 5.5 mi w of Arch Rock Ranger Station, 15 mi of Little Yosemite Valley.
CHSC9472CHSCPentagramma triangularisG. Strausbaugh161970-03-22 ShastaS edge pond formed at Whiskey Creek inlet and ca. 15 ft. above water.
CHSC98030CHSCPentagramma triangularisL. M. Moe24012003-06-01 KernFt. Tejon State Park. Johnson Canon.
DAV10553DAVPentagramma triangularisBob Rodin911943-03-21 AlamedaAlameda County: UC Berkeley Canon.
DAV111355DAVPentagramma triangularisG. Ledyard StebbinsC-3161983-03-05 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve.
DAV123199DAVPentagramma triangularisSusan Wittsruds.n.1992-05-01 El DoradoRubicon River, approximately 2 m. upstream from Hwy 49.
DAV127702DAVPentagramma triangularisG. F. Hrusa115951994-03-11 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Forest, east of fire station in upper drainage of Moore Creek.
DAV130180DAVPentagramma triangularisFrederica Bowcutt7951987-05-26 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. South of BLM′s King Range Conservation Area. Southwest of Four Corners approx. 0.5 air miles. At entrance sign to park along Needle Rock Rd. (county road 435).
DAV132240DAVPentagramma triangularisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-11-02 SolanoSolano County: Winters-Lake Berryessa. At Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve (Wild Horse Creek).
DAV132268DAVPentagramma triangularisEric Brenner51996-05-26 PlacerPlacer County: Tahoe National Forest, along Forest Hill Rd at Mosquito Ridge at Volcano Canon.
DAV132822DAVPentagramma triangularisC. Wistrom371996-05-26 SonomaSonoma County: Healdsburg. 1735 Dry Creek Road.
DAV133443DAVPentagramma triangularisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-11 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Lake Berryessa.
DAV137678DAVPentagramma triangularisArleen Meyer391975-04-22 SolanoSolano County: 1.8 miles West of Rockville on Rockville Road.
DAV140167DAVPentagramma triangularisK. Mawdsley501998-07-05 SolanoSTEBBINS COLD CANYON RESERVE. South of CA 128 just east of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa, 7 W of Winters. Growing near main trail north of abandoned goat pasture in shade.
DAV141279DAVPentagramma triangularisMichele H. Mills2341998-04-19 MarinMarin County: Mt. Tamalpais, Marin Municipal Water District property,
DAV153336DAVPentagramma triangularisJ. D. Clark31995-05-27 YoloYolo County: Along Mix Canon Rd., approx. 1-2 mile from intersection with Pleasant Valley Rd. in Winters, CA.
DAV157357DAVPentagramma triangularisIvette Loredo-Prendeville581993-04-24 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, about 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa. Sonoma and Bear Creek confluence.
DAV158702DAVPentagramma triangularisKatherine Pinney321975-04-15 NapaNapa County: Wragg Canon, ca. 2.5 miles east of Wragg Canon Road on Highway 128.
DAV158718DAVPentagramma triangularisKatherine Pinney321975-04-15 NapaNapa County: Wragg Canon, 2.5 miles east of Wragg Canon Road on Highway 128.
DAV16358DAVPentagramma triangularisClifton F. Smith4841944-02-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: along Jesusita Trail, in Mission Canon, north of Santa Barbara.
DAV168021DAVPentagramma triangularisM. K. Voigt102002-04-13 YoloYolo Co.: Mclaughlin UC Reserve. W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area to Rayhouse Rd. Ca. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Spring and Ca. 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility. Along edges of running stream and slopes to the north and south of stream on the W side of the road.
DAV169844DAVPentagramma triangularisS. Colby72001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, E side of Decker Canon about 150 m up Cut Off Rd. from South Decker Canon Rd.
DAV169845DAVPentagramma triangularisAnne Mini142001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Decker Canon, along South Decker Canon Rd. South of junction with Cut Off Rd., 10 ft. from creek bed.
DAV169882DAVPentagramma triangularisA. Van Houtte152001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam on W side of South Decker Canon Rd., along NW rim of stock pond in Decker Canon, W and upslope from ruined cabins.
DAV171528DAVPentagramma triangularisG. K. Helmkamp102262006-04-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Neveda Foothills: 2.1 mi. S of Pleasant Valley Road along French Creek Road (SE of Shingle Springs).
DAV171701DAVPentagramma triangularisG. K. Helmkamp101112006-03-26 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills: ENE of Sacramento; Rock Creek Road, 1.4 miles east of CA Highway 193 (generally east of Chili Bar).
DAV174252DAVPentagramma triangularisJack Alderson92007-03-25 ColusaColusa County: BLM Payne Ranch. Destinella Flat area, just E of the Lake County border, ca. 3.4 road miles along Hwy 20 from the junction of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20. South side of Hwy 20.
DAV175944DAVPentagramma triangularisG.K. Helmkamp118482007-04-26 CalaverasCalaveras County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Chili Gulch near McSorley Ranch, along Hwy CA-49, 5.1 miles south of the Amador County line.
DAV176137DAVPentagramma triangularisG. K. Helmkamp119042007-04-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: hiking trail leaving from CA-49, 3.4 miles northwest of Placerville.
DAV176252DAVPentagramma triangularisEllen Dean34302007-03-23 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range northwest of the City of Winters between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SW portion of ranch.
DAV17671DAVPentagramma triangularisA. D. Grahams.n.1955-01-02 MontereyMonterey County: Graham residence, Carmel Valley Road, 4.5 miles south of mouth of Carmel Valley.
DAV180691DAVPentagramma triangularisAlan Yip42008-04-06 YoloYolo County; Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek downstream of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon.
DAV181511DAVPentagramma triangularisDaphne K. Christopher1382003-04-11 SolanoNapa County: UC Davis, Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Main trail through canyon to old homesite foundation.
DAV181671DAVPentagramma triangularisAng Wong72005-04-30 SacramentoCalifornia: Sacramento County, Deer Creek Hills Reserve, north of Latrobe Rd., starting out along Latrobe 1.5 road miles W of intersection with Michigan Bar Rd.
DAV183664DAVPentagramma triangularisBryan Drews.n.2003-09-07 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. In crevices of rocks N of road near gate.
DAV185474DAVPentagramma triangularisChristopher Michael Bronny52009-04-01 YubaYuba County: Oat Hills area of Sierra Nevada foothills.
DAV186615DAVPentagramma triangularisRodney Gale Myatt2381970-05-23 CalaverasStanislaus River Canon. Along Hunter′s Road, between Hathaway Pines and NF Stanislaus River.
DAV188146DAVPentagramma triangularisJoel Smith22009-04-26 MariposaMariposa County: on the east side of Ben Hur Rd., 0.8 miles south of intersection with Buckeye Rd., at creek crossing. 100 meters upstream, and 30 meters up slope.
DAV188289DAVPentagramma triangularisEllen Dean58012010-03-07 LakeLake County: Cache Creek Wilderness area, northern part of wilderness, accesssed via DFG property (Redbud Trail), route taken goes overland to Rocky Creek.
DAV194019DAVPentagramma triangularisChristopher MallekRP1--13 AmadorAmador County: River Pines.
DAV194640DAVPentagramma triangularisPeter Rubtzoff81171975-06-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Chinquapin Flat Road ca. 1.6 mi. south of Gaddis Creek Road (Comp. 600R).
DAV196755DAVPentagramma triangularisEllen Dean73622012-05-05 NapaNapa County: East of Las Posadas Rd. California Dept. of Forestry′s Las Posadas State Experimental Forest, east of the town of Angwin. Along undeveloped road that runs between the Fire Station and Recreation Flat.
DAV200066DAVPentagramma triangularisEllen Dean75452013-03-09 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. NE of Kelseyville. Along lower part of Dorn Trail system as it leaves beach parking area and ascends to Lower Bayview Campground.
DAV207123DAVPentagramma triangularisEllen Dean81992014-05-14 ShastaShasta County: North side of Lake Shasta. McCloud River Arm. Along Gilman Rd, just W of intersection with entrance to Pine Pt. campground.
DAV211357DAVPentagramma triangularisJames A. Neilson, Jr.30751975-03-26 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains, Childers Peak area. Barceloux Ranch, ca. 1 mile east of Big Canon Road. (Elevation estimated using Google Earth by label maker.)
DAV212812DAVPentagramma triangularisJames A. Neilson, Jr.33591975-06-20 SonomaSonoma County: West of Truit Creek, ca. 2 1-2 miles west of The Geysers Resort. (Location, coordinates, and elevation estimated by label maker.)
DAV213816DAVPentagramma triangularisAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2014-06-11 MarinMarin County: Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve, about 4 miles west of San Rafael, vegetation plot LVR 02. UTM Zone 10 E 535 N 4211892. (Coordinates converted from UTM by label maker.)
DAV216314DAVPentagramma triangularisBrandi Sorensen271995-06-01 PlacerPlacer County: .73 kilometers northwest of Colfax.
DAV224169DAVPentagramma triangularisDaniel Potter7442015-03-07 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area, above and west of Berryessa-Knoxville Road.
DAV239453DAVPentagramma triangularisShane HanofeeHAN-1212022-02-12 NevadaPuddingstone Ridge. 1-2 mi SW of intersection of Backbone Rd. and Cruzon Grade Rd.
DAV24916DAVPentagramma triangularisHerbert L. Mason11631924-11-23 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Las Trampas Ridge via Canon.
DAV28742DAVPentagramma triangularisFrancia Chisaki13601960-05-17 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Above westernmost fork of Las Toblas Creek (Dellaganna or Carmen Creek) at northeast base of Cypress Mountian.
DAV31102DAVPentagramma triangularisKenneth A. Wilson8561961-02-18 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mountains, Mulholland Highway, 0.5 mile west of Sulfur Hot Springs.
DAV31979DAVPentagramma triangularisKenneth A. Wilson9671961-03-10 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mtns. Old Topanga Canon Rd., ca. 1-4 mile west of Topanga Rd.
DAV50535DAVPentagramma triangularisH. W. Grinnell11561942-04-06 MontereyMonterey County: Johnson Brothers Ranch, Chualar Canon.
DAV51584DAVPentagramma triangularisPerry S. Allen4651969-07-22 StanislausStanislaus County: 2 miles southwest of La Grange.
DAV65403DAVPentagramma triangularisKatharina Bondurants.n.1974-08-22 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: 1.9 miles from the main entrance at Aptos to the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.
DAV7135DAVPentagramma triangularisK. Esaus.n.1934-05-08 HumboldtHumboldt County: Above Fort Seward.
DAV7136DAVPentagramma triangularisL. S. Roses.n.1935-12-27 RiversideRiverside County: Palm Canon.
DAV7137DAVPentagramma triangularisM. Wiesendanger9091928-04-07 HumboldtHumboldt County: Redwood Highway, Lane′s Redwood Flat.
DAV77981DAVPentagramma triangularisGeoffrey Levin7791976-05-07 TulareTulare County: Coffee Camp, 8 miles east of Springville along Highway 190. Foothills of Sierra Nevada. Tule River drainage
DAV82034DAVPentagramma triangularisLinda M. Barker13291976-03-11 HumboldtHumboldt County: Coastal forest and dunes 3 miles west of Arcata.
DAV93912DAVPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart3291974-03-18 ButteButte County: Along North Honocut Creek. Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
DAV93935DAVPentagramma triangularisM. S. Taylor24251980-04-01 ButteButte County: south side of Butte Creek, ca. 0.25 mile down stream from Honey Run Covered Bridge, ca. 6 miles east of Chico.
DAV94228DAVPentagramma triangularisBarbara Yungert511974-04-16 YubaYuba County: Koch Livestock Area, Sierra Foothill Field Station.
DAV9789DAVPentagramma triangularisJ. M. Tucker16871948-06-18 TuolumneTuolumne County: Ranch of William E. Menke, Chinese Camp.
GMDRC13568GMDRCPentagramma triangularisJ. M. Andre439342021-04-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: just south of Hwy 138 and on northwest slopes of Sawpit Canon, approx 0.4 air miles south of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC921GMDRCPentagramma triangularisJ. Andre39752001-04-08 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Bunny Club Springs: Granite Mountains, Bunny Club Springs: 100 meters south of Bunny Club T8N R1 W sec. 17. Elev. 4000 ft.
HSC100391HSCPentagramma triangularisCarl C. Marshall481886-04-01 HumboldtDry hills.
HSC1075HSCPentagramma triangularisR. Spellenberg11541965-06-17 TrinityW side of Trinity R. along the trail from Hwy. 299 to the mouth of the New River, about 2 W of Burnt Ranch
HSC1076HSCPentagramma triangularisC.L. Hitchcock231101964-03-17 Riverside10 N of Pala, along rd. to Elsinore
HSC1077HSCPentagramma triangularisD.E. Anderson41701965-11-21 Humboldt3-4 mi. S of Weitchpec along rd. to Hoopa
HSC1078HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.71964-11-28 Trinity3 mi. E of Burnt Ranch on Hwy. 299
HSC1079HSCPentagramma triangularisJack Rockwell421962-04-29 HumboldtS Bank of Van Duzen River, E of Hwy. 101
HSC1080HSCPentagramma triangularisD.E. Anderson23891963-03-16 HumboldtScotia Bluffs
HSC1081HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.251964-12-24 RiversideJoshua Tree National Monument, 0.25 mi. E of Ryan Campground
HSC1082HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.191964-12-21 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Mon. 0.25 NE of Split Rock
HSC1083HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.F. Knezevich3951967-12-27 Santa BarbaraRomero saddle Rd. which leads to Juncal Dam at Escondido Canon
HSC1084HSCPentagramma triangularisD.E. Anderson18911961-11-18 Del NorteAlong the N side of Hwy. 299
HSC1085HSCPentagramma triangularisJ. Wendell Howesn1931-05-01 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
HSC1086HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.W. Johnsonsn1961-03-29 OrangeNewport Beach, on S side of upper Newport Bay
HSC1087HSCPentagramma triangularisC.O. Baker181962-04-18 San Benito7 mi. S of Paicines along Airline Hwy.
HSC1088HSCPentagramma triangularisD. Connell201965-04-10 VenturaMatilija Canon Rd.
HSC1089HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.61964-11-28 Trinity3 mi. E of Burnt Ranch on Hwy. 299
HSC1090HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.301965-04-11 Santa ClaraAlum Rock Park, 6 mi. E of San Jose, near W entrance
HSC1091HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.441965-04-12 MariposaYosemite National Park, near Arch Rock Ranger Station
HSC1092HSCPentagramma triangularisW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.491965-04-16 Santa Cruz3 mi. S of Scott Valley on Glen Canon Rd.
HSC1094HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.A. Week181966-04-04 SacramentoEnd of Hazel Ave. Natoma Lookout, American River, 200 yards E of dam 0.5 N of N shore
HSC1095HSCPentagramma triangularisGene S. Van Horn21961-12-24 AlamedaJoaquin Miller Park, 0.14 N of Cinderella Canon Cinderella Trail, W side of creek, Oakland
HSC1096HSCPentagramma triangularisR.C. Wunner4611965-08-21 SiskiyouLava Beds National Mon., Valentine Cave
HSC1097HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.R. Kahl211962-05-04 Humboldt2 mi. S of Trinidad along old Hwy. 101
HSC1098HSCPentagramma triangularisC.S. Appersonsn1966-04-29 Los AngelesTapia Park area near Malibu Cyn. in the Santa Monica Mtns.
HSC1756HSCPentagramma triangularisLarry Berti391969-03-19 TehamaN face of Antelope Creek Canon, 12 mi. E of Red Bluff, from the dam to 3 mi. upstream from the dam.
HSC23111HSCPentagramma triangularisGary J. Stebbins271970-03-24 CalaverasAlong rich gulch rd. 1.7 mi. S of middle bar bridge
HSC23318HSCPentagramma triangularisG. Strausbaugh161970-03-22 ShastaS edge of pond formed at Whiskey Cr. inlet and 15 ft. above water
HSC23485HSCPentagramma triangularisR.A. Vanbianchi1061971-12-25 MarinSan Geronimo Ridge, above the town of San Geronimo
HSC23499HSCPentagramma triangularisM. Gregg301966-03-07 ButteOn Humbug Rd. off the Skyway to the covered bridge, on hill directly behind the old covered bridge, about 9 mi. from CSC campus
HSC24065HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.O. Sawyer24751970-04-18 TrinitySlopes above New River at its junction with the Trinity River.
HSC26721HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.P. Smith58481973-03-11 TrinityTrail along the Trinity River and New River beginning at Grays Falls
HSC27505HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.P. Smith59391973-04-07 TrinityNew River Trail from Grays Falls Campground, on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River.
HSC28928HSCPentagramma triangularisDiane Johnsonsn1972-12-04 HumboldtButler Valley near Big Bend Rd.
HSC33659HSCPentagramma triangularisM. Wetherwax1741975-06-01 HumboldtAlong Butler Valley Rd. 0.5 mi. past the bridge over the Mad River
HSC34475HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.D. Ackerman1391974-03-25 San Luis Obispo8 mi. S of Santa Margarita on road to Pozo
HSC34930HSCPentagramma triangularisThomas W. Nelson17601975-03-25 SonomaBeside Hwy. 128, E of Geyserville at the Sonoma-Napa Co. line
HSC35192HSCPentagramma triangularisPamela Bruce201975-05-16 TrinityHumboldt Meridian. Trails above the Trinity River at Grays Fall Campground.
HSC35424HSCPentagramma triangularisM. Wetherwax1141975-05-03 Lake3.6 W of jct. with Hwy. 29 on Scotts Cr. Rd. at confluence of S fork and Middle Fork of Scotts Cr.
HSC36644HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.D. Ackerman2621974-05-25 HumboldtTrinidad, South Trinidad Beach, S of Trinidad Head.
HSC36916HSCPentagramma triangularisGary S. Lester6651975-05-17 MendocinoLower Wilderness Meadow
HSC37310HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.D. Ackerman2071974-04-28 TrinityGrays Falls, 0.4 mi. from the confluence of Trinity R. and New R., S side of gorge
HSC37314HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.D. Ackerman1521974-03-26 San Diego1 mi. E of Tecate turnoff from Hwy. 94
HSC37502HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.D. Ackerman2641974-05-25 Humboldt0.25 mi. S of Lufenholtz Beach off Scenic Dr. between Moonstone and Trinidad
HSC37673HSCPentagramma triangularisR. Sutherland28.6.8.761976-08-06 HumboldtWhitmore Grove
HSC38210HSCPentagramma triangularisThomas W. Nelson23841976-05-03 MendocinoAlong old Hwy. 101 at its junction with BLM road to Red Mtn.
HSC39178HSCPentagramma triangularisD.E. AndersonJ-12231971-06-28 HumboldtAlong Mad River, 2 mi. S of Blue Lake.
HSC39986HSCPentagramma triangularisLinda M. Barker13291976-03-11 Humboldt3 W of Arcata
HSC42016HSCPentagramma triangularisM.A. Baker2351977-04-24 LakeBartlett Springs Rd. at Kilpepper Creek
HSC48539HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.P. Smith90101977-04-16 TrinityHwy. 299 at its junction with the road to Helena
HSC49115HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.P. Smith97131978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 9.7 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
HSC49778HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.P. Smith98361978-05-06 ShastaDeer Lick Springs Rd., 3.4 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
HSC52900HSCPentagramma triangularisG.L. Clifton55541979-06-19 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Fork, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC59994HSCPentagramma triangularisJ.O. Sawyer31181978-04-20 TrinityAbove Hwy. 299 Whites Bar.
HSC61769HSCPentagramma triangularisRuby Van Deventersn1963-07-01 HumboldtAlong the Klamath R. at Pecwan
HSC63229HSCPentagramma triangularisM.A. Baker4701979-05-06 HumboldtWeitchpec.
HSC66049HSCPentagramma triangularisS. Harrissn1980-04-19 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 3.7 N of jct. with access rd. to Indian Valley Dam
HSC66077HSCPentagramma triangularisM.S. Taylor25791980-05-01 SutterS side of S Butte, Sutter Buttes, 2 W of Yuba City
HSC66081HSCPentagramma triangularisM.S. Taylor24831980-04-16 ButteLake Oroville State Recreation Area, 0.5 mi. SE of Parish Camp, just S of Lime Saddle Memorial Park 5 mi. S of Paradise
HSC66133HSCPentagramma triangularisTeri Bartowski371980-04-19 ColusaBartlett Springs Rd. at stream crossing.
HSC66643HSCPentagramma triangularisCathy Goldberg201980-04-19 LakeColdsprings Campground, along access road to Indian Valley Dam
HSC70048HSCPentagramma triangularisM.A. Baker15631980-05-25 TrinityNear Shannon Butte
HSC70388HSCPentagramma triangularisGail Newton1431980-06-07 HumboldtNear Brush Mtn.
HSC70906HSCPentagramma triangularisR. York9081980-06-02 Del NorteNear Peridotite Canon
HSC79535HSCPentagramma triangularisKenneth Clark6931980-06-14 HumboldtOn Greywacke outcrop, N fork Dead Mans Gulch
HSC85113HSCPentagramma triangularisJames D. Morefield34931986-04-23 MonoOwens Valley drainage, just below the mouth of Rock Creek above Hammil Valley.
HSC91644HSCPentagramma triangularisSusan H. Bicknellsn1988-11-22 San Luis ObispoMotana de Oro
HSC91645HSCPentagramma triangularisSusan H. Bicknellsn1988-11-25 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park
HSC91646HSCPentagramma triangularisSusan H. Bicknellsn1989-04-19 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park.
HSC92843HSCPentagramma triangularisGena Calcarone61995-01-09 San DiegoRamona
HSC93024HSCPentagramma triangularisF. Bowcutt13731989-07-08 Mendocino15 mi. SW of Garberville, 60 mi. SSE of Eureka, 0.25 mi. E of Bear Harbor, on Lost Coast Trail
IRVC113426IRVCPentagramma triangularisMichael G. Simpson44422020-05-20 OrangeRonald W. Canong Bell Canon trail.
IRVC113572IRVCPentagramma triangularisMichael G. Simpson46242020-06-18 OrangeRonald W. Canonal Park. Cold Springs Trail, ca. 300 meters on trail southeast of junction with Oso Trail.
JEPS113228UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisLowell Ahart139182007-05-22 ButteAbout 1-8 mile south of Bald Rock Dome, on the west side of the Dome Trail, trail leads to the Middle Fork of the Feather River, about a mile from the trail head which is 3-10 mile east of Bean Creek Road, about 2 miles (air) northeast of Big Bald Rock, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Oroville.
JEPS116441UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL 5901994-05-25 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 3), ca. 1.2 air km N of Cosio Knob, ca. 5.2 air km E of Coleman Reservoir
JEPS96304UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSNI-9821993-03-10 Venturaca. 0.3 mi. n.w. Benchmark 396 (n. escarpment between forks of E. Mesa Canon); California Islands, San Nicolas Isl.
JEPS96348UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSR-6801992-03-10 Venturan.e. escarpment along Beach Rd. at Airfield Grade (e. side of first large canyon e. of upper hairpin turn); San Nicolas Island
LA00636540LAPentagramma triangularisLawrence L. Kiefer16701966-03-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Decker Rd., ca. 1 mile east of the Ventura Co. line
LOB113276LOBPentagramma triangularisJ. C. Merkt541971-04-08 Santa BarbaraOld Stagecoach Road, 0.7 miles from Cold Springs heading north.
LOB113277LOBPentagramma triangularisT. Penland1141973-04-19 SolanoMix Canon Road
LOB113278LOBPentagramma triangularisMorton J. Stultifer231979-04-27 TulareCoffee Camp off Rt. 190 near Tule River
LOB113279LOBPentagramma triangularisA. Kowaleski100b1979-04-27 TulareCoffee Camp off Rt. 190 near Tule River
LOB113280LOBPentagramma triangularisG. Pischels.n.1972-03-15 VenturaFillmore, 1.5 miles from end of Goodenough Road tributary canyon to Sespe Creek
LOB113281LOBPentagramma triangularisJ. B. Hall121970-04-25 VenturaSquaw Flat Road, Maple Creek Area, Sespe Mountains
LOB113284LOBPentagramma triangularisDawn Neuman661975-03-14 OrangeOrtega Highway, 14 miles east of Interstate 5.
LOB113286LOBPentagramma triangularisJ. M. Gaines31971-03-27 Riversidein Chino Canon on Tramway Road. 0.4 mile west of California 111
LOB113287LOBPentagramma triangularisK. Chikani441970-03-26 Riverside10 miles north east of junction of Freeway 71 and Canon Lake Road in the San Jacinto Basin
NY01393061NYPentagramma triangularisM. C. Pace7302014-05-23 ?  NapaProperty of Erik Martella, Butts Canyon Road, Pope Valley. South-southeast of the intersection of Butts Canyon Road and Snell Valley Road. 7 miles north of Pope Valley town center.
NY02514789NYPentagramma triangularisR. Seiler19742014-06-21 ?  SonomaAlong trail near Santa Rosa Cr Reservoir, Annabel State Park.
OBI101666OBIPentagramma triangularisRobert F. Hoover88191964-05-13 San Luis ObispoTassajera Creek
OBI149139OBIPentagramma triangularisGreg Wilvert3462005-04-30 San Luis ObispoAlong Padrones Canon Rd.
OBI158463OBIPentagramma triangularisReed Kenny3172019-04-13 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
OBI159617OBIPentagramma triangularisDennis Webb52013-02-13 San Luis ObispoCreston, 7887 Rocky Terrace Way, On the southern portion of the Pomeroy property.
OBI159627OBIPentagramma triangularisDavid J. Keil313872012-06-28 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Upper Lopez Canon. Lopez Canon Trail from east Cuesta Ridge to Lopez Canon Road
OBI159632OBIPentagramma triangularisJill Bushakra592001-01-25 San Luis ObispoRinconada Trailhead, along Hwy 58, 2.8 miles south of Santa Margarita Lake Road
OBI159633OBIPentagramma triangularisMonika Richardson2017-07-05 Santa CruzOff of Schoolhouse Gulch Road
OBI159637OBIPentagramma triangularisJordan Collins52014-11-17 San Luis ObispoNear the Cal Poly campus in San Luis Obispo along Poly Canon Road.
OBI159638OBIPentagramma triangularisGreg Wilvert4142005-05-11 San Luis Obispo1.3 km SW of Semper Spring
OBI159647OBIPentagramma triangularisDavid J. Keil326282015-02-14 San Luis ObispoPismo Preserve. Along unpaved road from intersection with Thousand Hills Road westward to summit
OBI159651OBIPentagramma triangularisKaren Morikawa21979-05-10 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles North on Highway 101 from Cal Poly Canong hillside on road to Cerra Alto lookout.
OBI159653OBIPentagramma triangularisWendy Thackery42002-02-20 San Luis ObispoCerro Alto Campground, Hwy 41, 6 miles east of Hwy 1 on East side of the road. Cerro Alto Peak Trail
OBI159702OBIPentagramma triangularisJasmine Watts262001-02-17 Mariposa32.72 N of Mariposa on Hwy 49.
OBI161674OBIPentagramma triangularisDavid Keil358532019-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Jalama Ranch side. Jalachichi Gate south of Jalama Rd, intersection of NE boundary of Santa Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve and Jalama Rd. 5.25 miles west from intersection of Jalama Rd. and Hwy 1.
POM155600RSAPentagramma triangularisL. R. Abrams41501904-08-22 Santa BarbaraNear Summerland.
PPWD1827PPWDPentagramma triangularisP. Rockwood16362019-03-30 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Oregon Oak Hills
PPWD1949PPWDPentagramma triangularisA. Huntington2102013-04-02 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Garrison Canon
PPWD20PPWDPentagramma triangularisG. de Nevers8091981-04-25 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Main pepperwood entrance; along shaded creek bank.
RSA0014292RSAPentagramma triangularisJustin M. Wood17832010-05-14 San DiegoBucksnort Mountain: Johnson Canon, from Lost Valley Road up to steep rock falls +- 0.25 miles, 1.4 W-SW of Combs Peak. SD Plant Atlas Grid C-19.; Beauty Mountain
RSA0014746RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell46812013-04-04 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains; bouldery hills on the north side of New Dixie Mine Road, approx. 4.75 air miles west of the turn off in Landers from Old Woman Springs Road.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0015690RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell60482013-09-29 RiversideBLMChuckwalla Mountains; on the south side of Corn Springs Wash approximately 1.8 air miles southwest of Corn Spring.; Pilot Mountain
RSA0021589RSAPentagramma triangularisM. Bourell57881997-03-29 GlennMendocino National Forest, Brittan Ranch (Homestead Site).
RSA0024921RSAPentagramma triangularisJim Andre239362013-03-03 San DiegoNorthwest of Tecate Peak, along Hwy 94 approx. 1 mile west of Barret Junction, east of Dulzura, 8.5 miles E of jct. with Otay Lakes Road.; Tecate 7.5′
RSA0029299RSAPentagramma triangularisJustin M. Wood39942011-05-09 VenturaSimi Valley: Arroyo Simi: East of State Route 23 and just South of the Metrolink Railroad tracks.; Simi Valley West
RSA0049488RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard G. Swinney126112010-05-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains-Verdugo Mountains: Tujunga Valley, 150 m to 0.2 miles west of I-210 Fwy, overpass along Haines Canon stream channel-south fork of Big Tujunga Wash.; Sunland 7.5 Quad
RSA0049806RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell63062014-03-28 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; to the east of Apple Valley, approximately 3.5 air miles northwest of Rabbit Dry Lake, and about 1 air mile south of Amaral Spring.; Fairview Valley Quad.
RSA0059017RSAPentagramma triangularisM. H. Fitchs.n.1893-03-29 Los AngelesPasadena.
RSA0059018RSAPentagramma triangularisSara L. Crockett6391997-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Offshoot canyon from Middle Canon; 0.2 mile SW on Middle Canon Road from pumphouse; SE side of road.
RSA0059019RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Jones2652I1930-03-05 RiversideGlen Ivy
RSA0059020RSAPentagramma triangularisIra L. Wiggins251941-04-19 San Benito0.7 mile north of Peralta School.
RSA0059022RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz116881930-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Water Canon.
RSA0059023RSAPentagramma triangularisPaul C. Silva22171947-08-15 Monterey11 miles S of Point Sur.
RSA0059024RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-12141995-05-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: NE coastal flats, in first canyon W of L Canon at foot of NE escarpment.
RSA0059025RSAPentagramma triangularisJulie Vanderwier571982-04-15 VenturaSan Nicholas Island. Northwest slope opposite easternmost bend in Beach Road, half-way to bottom.
RSA0059027RSAPentagramma triangularisFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
RSA0059028RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak63421998-04-14 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: In branch of Willow Canon, ca. 0.43 miles NE of Triangulation Point Knox.
RSA0059030RSAPentagramma triangularisAnonymouss.n. MariposaYosemite Valley.
RSA0059031RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSC-17971990-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Upper Canong Valley Road at bottom of Centinela Grade.
RSA0059032RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne474661976-04-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. 0.5 WSW of laboratory, Central Valley.
RSA0059033RSAPentagramma triangularisC. B. Wolf27421932-03-19 Santa Barbara1.5 mile S. of Prisoners Harbor, on way to main Ranch, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA0059034RSAPentagramma triangularisIra L. Wiggins210491968-12-29 TehamaNorth-facing faces of rocks along Belle Mill Road 5-6 mi E of Highway 99 east of Red Bluff.
RSA0059035RSAPentagramma triangularisJ. P. Rebman114822005-03-23 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Pine Creek Wilderness; north of Barrett Lake and south of Descanso, east of Japatul Valley Road; southeast of the Horsethief Canon Trailhead and just west of Pine Valley Creek, north facing slope. Square R19.
RSA0059037RSAPentagramma triangularisJohn Thomas Howell408471964-06-30 San Luis ObispoCambria.
RSA0059038RSAPentagramma triangularisJames Henrickson207052000-04-15 Los AngelesCa. 1 mi SE of Newhall in Whitney Canon SE of junction of San Fernando Road and State Highway 14; in open grazed ridge just S of the canyon bottom, ca. 0.5+ mi E of Hwy 14.
RSA0059039RSAPentagramma triangularisRobert F. Thorne34298a1965-04-19 SonomaW of Stoetz Road off of Harrison Grade, ca. 2 miles NNE of Occidental.
RSA0059040RSAPentagramma triangularisIra L. Wiggins57611932-03-12 SonomaFence row between Knights Valley and Franz Valley.
RSA0059327RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson29601932-02-07 MaderaSierra Nevada Mt. Range. Fresno River Watershed. Madera (10 mi E).
RSA0059328RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Jones291641931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino.
RSA0059329RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson29471932-01-10 Mariposa10 W of Mariposa. Sierra Nevada Mt. Range.
RSA0059330RSAPentagramma triangularisF. R. Fosberg7341931-06-01 MariposaEl Portal, Merced River.
RSA0059331RSAPentagramma triangularisLewis S. Rose482381948-11-21 MarinMt. Tamalpais, s. slope.
RSA0059332RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson25731931-01-02 MaderaCoarsegold. Sierra Nevada Mt. Range.
RSA0059333RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle18691928-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine Road
RSA0059334RSAPentagramma triangularisAnonymouss.n.1895-05-01 Los Angelesnear Pasadena.
RSA0059335RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz39371920-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. Coldwater Canon.
RSA0059336RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White101412004-04-14 San BernardinoPrivate (Wildlands consv.) and San Bernardino National ForestWhitewater River watershed, vicinity of Wathier Landing.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0059337RSAPentagramma triangularisF. W. Peirson15021919-12-02 Los AngelesWest fork of Rubio Canon, south base of San Gabriel Mts.
RSA0059338RSAPentagramma triangularisL. M. Booth10661932-05-19 OrangeNewport Bay
RSA0060228RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne540701980-04-16 RiversideSan Bernardino Mts: Branch ravine running W from Whitewater Canon, W of road and ca. 3.2 miles N of Hwy 10 Whitewater PO.
RSA0060229RSAPentagramma triangularisC. W. Tilforth17421979-02-11 RiversideWhitewater Canon, east of Morongo Indian Reservation.
RSA0060230RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson120351946-04-15 RiversideCanon on Twenty-nine Palms Road from Whitewater. San Bernardino Mountains, Colorado Desert drainage area.
RSA0060231RSAPentagramma triangularisR. H. McArthurs.n.1934-04-14 OrangeForks of Laguna Canon.
RSA0060232RSAPentagramma triangularisMinor Warnes.n.1934-04-14 OrangeLaguna Canon Forks.
RSA0060233RSAPentagramma triangularisFred M. Roberts52722000-03-24 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo Land Conservancy: Tributary to Christanitos Cyn., Flagpole Meadow, upper shady Canon Trail, about 1 W Sycamore Gate.
RSA0060234RSAPentagramma triangularisR. N. PhilbrickB65-911965-02-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Canada del Puerto, second creek-crossing below Stanton Ranch.
RSA0060235RSAPentagramma triangularisIra L. Wiggins210511968-12-30 ShastaBetween Cotton Wood Creek and Roaring River 3-4 W of Gas Point Road NW of Red Bluff.
RSA0060236RSAPentagramma triangularisJohn H. Thomas13981950-03-30 Santa CruzSoquel Valley, 1 mile south of Mountain School.
RSA0060237RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-06-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
RSA0060238RSAPentagramma triangularisPaul C. Silva26071948-01-31 Santa ClaraPage Mill Road near junction of Portola Road.
RSA0060239RSAPentagramma triangularisLeRoy Abramss.n.1898-03-01 Santa ClaraStanford University.
RSA0060242RSAPentagramma triangularisT. R. Pray20071963-06-15 TulareTule River Basin, Canon Road.
RSA0060243RSAPentagramma triangularisGeo. L. Moxley5671917-06-20 TulareNear California Hot Springs.
RSA0060244RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-02 San BernardinoKelso, Providence Mountains.
RSA0060245RSAPentagramma triangularisI. M. Johnston65051922-05-15 San Bernardino3 N of Victorville.
RSA0060246RSAPentagramma triangularisRobert J. Weatherby11051950-03-31 TulareCoffee campground, Tule River.
RSA0060247RSAPentagramma triangularisPaul C. Silva891943-06-06 TulareNear Road′s End. Dry hills above Packsaddle Creek.
RSA0060248RSAPentagramma triangularisJ. C. Roos45211949-06-27 San BernardinoNorth slope Kingston Mts.
RSA0060249RSAPentagramma triangularisCarl B. Wolf104691941-05-13 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mts., 1 1-2 mi. E of Horse(thief) Spring by road and 3-4 mi. south.
RSA0060250RSAPentagramma triangularisH. S. Logsdons.n.1964-05-16 Humboldt3.0 mi SE of Bayside on Jacoby Creek Rd.
RSA0060251RSAPentagramma triangularisCoopers.n. Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
RSA0060323RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd3965A1990-03-30 RiversideVail Lake Area, westerly drainage cyn at N base of Big Oak Mtn.
RSA0060324RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd29021989-03-11 RiversideVail Lake area, mouth of Temecula Creek Cyn, 1.5 mi west of Vail Lake Dam.
RSA0060325RSAPentagramma triangularisDarin L. Banks11711996-11-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Pechanga Indian Reservation, ESE of San Gabriel Church; Along the floodplain of the southern fork of Pechanga Creek.; Pechanga
RSA0060326RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne397511971-05-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: Fish Canon.
RSA0060327RSAPentagramma triangularisE. L. Browns.n.1893-03-01 Los AngelesArroy Seco [Arroyo Seco].
RSA0060328RSAPentagramma triangularisAnonymous22009-05-28 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon.
RSA0060329RSAPentagramma triangularisAnonymouss.n. Los AngelesWilson′s Trail, Half Way.
RSA0060330RSAPentagramma triangularisO. W. Robinsons.n.1916-03-29 RiversideBurton′s Canon, Elsinore.
RSA0060331RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz52191922-05-06 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: Quail Springs.
RSA0060332RSAPentagramma triangularisC. B. Wolf19591931-05-11 RiversideNear Pipe Creek, above Hemet Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.
RSA0060333RSAPentagramma triangularisJames D. Morefield35061986-04-25 MonoFalls Canon just S of the upper falls, 1.2 N7 ° E of Mt. View and Proctor Mine. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA0060334RSAPentagramma triangularisKelloggs.n. MarinCorte Madera, N.P.R.R.
RSA0060335RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson29601932-02-07 Madera10 mi. E of Madera. Sierra Nevada Range, Fresno River watershed.
RSA0060336RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne393611970-03-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. N slope of Blackjack Mountain.
RSA0060337RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle18821928-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine.
RSA0060338RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle18801928-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine Hill.
RSA0060339RSAPentagramma triangularisKaren Hosterman9631957-04-08 Los AngelesSanta Canon; just E of Stables on road to Bird Park; E-W Canon.
RSA0060340RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheelers.n.1931-04-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: San Dimas Canon.
RSA0060341RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheeler96231967-05-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Placerita Canon.
RSA0060342RSAPentagramma triangularisValerie L. Soza5711999-06-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail, above Hoegee Campground.
RSA0060343RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross85261995-05-04 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, Texas Canon: ca 3.6 road miles NE of Bouquet Canon Road.; Green Valley 7.5
RSA0060344RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson116971945-05-11 Los AngelesCanon below Johnson′s Pasture, Claremont. San Gabriel Mountains, Pacific Slope drainage.
RSA0060345RSAPentagramma triangularisJ. T. Howell8111928-02-07 OrangeBotany Garden, Rancho Santa Ana.
RSA0060346RSAPentagramma triangularisGary D. Wallace4611966-04-16 OrangeW edge of Cleveland Nat. For. about 5 mi. E of San Juan Capistrano, in the Santa Ana Mountains, in Hot Springs Canon.
RSA0060347RSAPentagramma triangularisGary D. Wallace4591966-04-16 OrangeW edge of Cleveland Nat. For. about 5 mi. E of San Juan Capistrano, in the Santa Ana Mountains, in Hot Springs Canon.
RSA0060348RSAPentagramma triangularisJ. R. Shevock5721970-12-20 OrangeSilverado Canon.
RSA0060349RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne365301966-06-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Hay Press area.
RSA0060350RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd43341990-04-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: E side of island, near Malo Point, second canyon S of Bryce Canon.
RSA0062901RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross54841991-05-23 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: lower Tota Canon, middle of island, eastern escarpment.
RSA0062902RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross52851991-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Westerly fork of Near-Death Canon, draining to Mosquito Cove (drainage beginning 800 N of Rest [1336′] marker; 1800 ft SE of Malo Knoll [1396′]). Upper portion of drainage.
RSA0062903RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross42961991-03-24 Los AngelesWhittier Hills (Puente Hills, pro parte): Small canyon that drains northward to Turnbull Canon from the NW side of Workman Hill.
RSA0062904RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne361211966-04-17 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Rocky, steep upper slopes of Box Canon, NW of Horse Canon, SW of Thirst.
RSA0062905RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd43521990-04-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: E side of island, Bryce Cyn near Malo Point.
RSA0062906RSAPentagramma triangularisE. W. Lathrop57321965-05-09 Riverside6 miles W of Murrieta.
RSA0062907RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz47321922-03-20 San BernardinoSlover Mountain, Colton.
RSA0062908RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney25481993-08-02 San BernardinoUnnamed tributary to Lytle Creek, 2.7 N of Devore Rd. Approx. 1 W of Lytle Creek.; Devore
RSA0062909RSAPentagramma triangularisH. J. Thompson19151959-03-31 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: 2 miles south-west of Seminole Hot Springs about 2 miles south-west of Cornell.
RSA0062910RSAPentagramma triangularisClara Roushs.n.1924-04-25 Los AngelesThe wash near Claremont.
RSA0062911RSAPentagramma triangularisMattie Reeds.n.1892-03-18 Los AngelesPomona.
RSA0062912RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross45811991-04-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Steep slope dropping S from Doe Flat toward Graveyard Canon (which drains to the lower E fork of the San Gabriel River).; Glendora 7.5
RSA0062913RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross85821995-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Northern tributary of Canon, 1070 NNE of the 1135-ft triangulation point.; San Clemente Island South 7.5
RSA0062914RSAPentagramma triangularisTim Ross48581991-04-29 Los AngelesParker Mountain and ridge to the SW: SW of Acton and NNE of Ravenna. Liebre Mountains.; Acton 7.5
RSA0062915RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson115911945-01-20 Los AngelesUpper end of upper reservoir, San Gabriel River Canon. San Gabriel Mountains, Pacific Slope drainage.
RSA0062916RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne528261979-05-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; on road to Silverwood Lake above stream in Horsethief Canon S of junction with road to Hesperia.
RSA0065215RSAPentagramma triangularisAmos Arthur Heller148061929-02-16 SolanoVacaville.
RSA0065216RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheeler26661934-06-09 MendocinoKlamath R. between Dutch Creek and Deadman Gulch, Siskiyou Mts.
RSA0065217RSAPentagramma triangularisF. Raymond Fosbergs.n.1927-04-09 TuolumneJacksonville.
RSA0065218RSAPentagramma triangularisFrank W. Peirson55731925-03-21 TulareLewis Creek, near Lindsay.
RSA0065219RSAPentagramma triangularisAnonymous21998-04-11 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, near Claremont.
RSA0065220RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White60291997-11-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River Canon. N of Azusa. Parallel to Hwy 39. Canon bottom and adjacent slopes along unnamed dirt access rd to gauging stn. below Morris Dam.; Azusa
RSA0065221RSAPentagramma triangularisMark Hoefs701973-03-13 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, west of Memorial.
RSA0065222RSAPentagramma triangularisHulda Crooks2341946-03-11 Los AngelesBig Dalton Canon.
RSA0065223RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz20141918-03-28 Los AngelesSmall canyon west of Palmer′s Canon. Claremont.
RSA0065224RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney24391993-07-14 San BernardinoUnnamed canyon. Lytle Creek entrance to canyon at 2.0 miles north of San Sevaine Road on west side of Lytle Creek.; Devore
RSA0065225RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne323001963-05-05 Los AngelesUpper part of Cobal Canon, foothills of San Gabriel Mts., ca. 4 miles N of Claremont.
RSA0065226RSAPentagramma triangularisG. Ross Robertsons.n.1947-07-18 San BernardinoMentone.
RSA0065227RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz34811920-03-28 San BernardinoVictorville.
RSA0066051RSAPentagramma triangularisI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-16 San BernardinoVictorville.
RSA0066052RSAPentagramma triangularisSamuel Bonsal Parishs.n.1894-05-01 San BernardinoNear San Bernardino.
RSA0066059RSAPentagramma triangularisGale Sphon3571959-06-06 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground, Los Padres National Forest.
RSA0066062RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island.
RSA0066063RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle24861931-07-11 MarinTomales Bay near Iverness. San Francisco Bay Region.
RSA0066064RSAPentagramma triangularisRobert F. Thorne380361969-06-18 TulareN bank of East Fork of Kaweah River at bridge, ca. 10 mi. from Hwy. to Sequoia National Park.
RSA0066065RSAPentagramma triangularisT. R. Pray19931963-06-13 TulareTule River Basin, Coffee Camp campgrounds.
RSA0066066RSAPentagramma triangularisT. R. Pray20041963-06-14 TulareTule River Basin, Mt. Home.
RSA0066076RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney24411993-07-14 San BernardinoUnnamed canyon. Lytle Creek entrance to canyon at 2.0 miles north of San Sevaine Road on west side of Lytle Creek.; Devore
RSA0066077RSAPentagramma triangularisC. W. Tilforth10111975-05-18 San BernardinoSnake Springs area, Granite Mts., east. Mojave Desert.
RSA0066078RSAPentagramma triangularisM. M. Miless.n. San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
RSA0066079RSAPentagramma triangularisR. T. Hickernell71948-05-08 Los AngelesOne mile north of San Dimas Dam.
RSA0066080RSAPentagramma triangularisI. M. Johnston64911922-05-14 San BernardinoGranite Wells, Mojave Desert.
RSA0066081RSAPentagramma triangularisValerie L. Soza4821999-06-07 OrangeWest side of Modjeska Peak, along Main Divide Road.; Santiago Peak
RSA0066082RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson7781928-11-28 LakeWest slope Mt. Konocti. Kelseyville, Middle N Coast range.
RSA0066083RSAPentagramma triangularisFrank W. Hedges71948-05-09 Los AngelesSan Dimas Dam.
RSA0066102RSAPentagramma triangularisT. R. Pray18661961-06-15 Santa ClaraLos Trancos woods, at border of Stanford University.
RSA0066103RSAPentagramma triangularisJeffrey A. Caldwell1121971-04-09 Santa ClaraVoss Pond at end of Voss Avenue, Cupertino; up the canyon about 100 yards. Outer coast ranges, Stevens Creek to San Francisco Bay drainage area.
RSA0066104RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White76772000-04-20 RiversideSouth of Hemet: Gibbel Flat in the Santa Rosa Hills.; Hemet
RSA0066105RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle76641940-08-26 VenturaWest island, Anacapa Island.
RSA0066106RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-6801992-03-10 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: NE escarpment, along Beach Road Airfield Grade, on E side of first large canyon E of upper hairpin turn.
RSA0066107RSAPentagramma triangularisE. R. Blakley49911962-04-01 VenturaCanon on the north side of the highest peak on the west island. Anacapa Island.
RSA0066108RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd88641996-06-12 VenturaTopa Topa Mountains, southern flank of Tar Creek, ca. 1 air mile SE of confluence with Sespe Canon, along an old dirt road leading down to Sespe Canon off of Squaw Flat Road. About the base of hill 2782 at the boundary of Sespe Condor Sanctuary.
RSA0066109RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd114592004-06-08 VenturaLos Padres National ForestMount Pinos region: Topa Topa Mountains, Tar Creek, east of its confluence with Sespe Canon near point where stream is crossed by Tar Creek Road trail.
RSA0066110RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-11951995-05-17 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. NE coastal flats, in lower part of L Canon, midway between escarpment and Beach Road.
RSA0066111RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-0381983-03-20 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: N escarpment of island, along Beach Road N of airfield runways at hairpin turn in road about one-half way down to coastal flats from mesa top.
RSA0066195RSAPentagramma triangularisM. M. Miless.n. San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
RSA0066308RSAPentagramma triangularisEd LaRues.n.1989-03-30 RiversideRancho California area, ca. 4 miles W of Temecula, with Ave. del Oro as the N boundary.
RSA0066309RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz5116a1922-04-29 Riverside5 miles west of Aguanga.
RSA0066310RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne415221971-04-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: San Dimas Canon.
RSA0066311RSAPentagramma triangularisD. Roche81998-05-03 Los AngelesMt. Baldy Road 3.9 miles from the intersection of Mills Ave. and Mt. Baldy Rd.
RSA0066312RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross25061990-05-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Yerba Buena Ridge, Angeles National Forest, Tujunga Ranger District.
RSA0066313RSAPentagramma triangularisC. B. Wolf34991932-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Canong the road to Renton Mine, about due west of Pebbly Beach.
RSA0066314RSAPentagramma triangularisK. Bahnss.n.1949-02-08 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
RSA0066316RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson4721928-07-12 HumboldtWeott Ranger Station. Seaward N Coast Range, S Fork Eel River watershed.
RSA0070714RSAPentagramma triangularisM. M. Culters.n.1916-03-30 Los AngelesFern Canon.
RSA0070715RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross52621991-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: westerly fork of Near-Death Canon, draining to Mosquito Cove (drainage beginning 800 N of rest [1336′] marker; 1800 ft SE of Malo Knoll [1396′]).
RSA0070716RSAPentagramma triangularisD. Taylors.n.1952-05-01 Los AngelesLittle Dalton Canon. San Gabriel Mountains, San Gabriel River drainage.
RSA0070717RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White99862004-04-05 RiversideSoboba Indian ReservationNorth of Valle Vista. Indian Creek Watershed.; Lake Fulmor Quad.
RSA0070719RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White83752001-04-19 RiversidePerris Basin: Perris-Sun City area. Just east of Goetz Rd. and south of Ethanac Rd., ca. 1.5 - 2 mi west of Interstate 215.; Romoland
RSA0070720RSAPentagramma triangularisDarin L. Banks0116A1995-03-30 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., W of the Dripping Springs Alcove, E of the Woodchuck Trail.; Pechanga
RSA0070721RSAPentagramma triangularisDarin L. Banks641995-03-15 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of Agua Tibia Mountain, Dorland Mountain area.; Pechanga
RSA0070722RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcy Keys911981-05-16 Riverside2 miles southeast of Lake Elsinore where Arbalado Lane runs into foothills.
RSA0070723RSAPentagramma triangularisMarion P. Harthills.n.1976-05-06 RiversideCleveland National Forest. [County not specified on label. Could be Orange, Riverside, or San Diego County]
RSA0070724RSAPentagramma triangularisE. W. Lathrop69211968-05-22 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest.
RSA0070725RSAPentagramma triangularisColin M. Wainwright6151972-02-10 RiversideCleveland National Forest. Ca. 8 mi. south of Lake Elsinore, off Forest Route 7S04.
RSA0070753RSAPentagramma triangularisDoris K. Kildale67651928-12-29 HumboldtStevens Grove.
RSA0070754RSAPentagramma triangularisMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-26 HumboldtScotia.
RSA0070756RSAPentagramma triangularisMaurice Zigmond6192014-07-10 KernCanon.
RSA0070757RSAPentagramma triangularisL. M. Moe24012003-06-01 KernFort Tejon State Park. Johnson Canon.
RSA0070758RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard L. ZembalCHSA-0041978-04-19 InyoNear canyon mouth, 0.75 N of Coso Hot Springs.; Haiwee Reservoir
RSA0070759RSAPentagramma triangularisPatricia Wilder15871965-03-27 Santa BarbaraCampsite ca. 0.5 mi. E of Figueroa Mt. Road and ca. 2 mi. E of Midland School. Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Ynez River drainage.
RSA0070760RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne525681979-04-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: on rocky, north-facing slope of Christi Canon east of Christi Ranch.
RSA0070761RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne488081977-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Box Canon.
RSA0070762RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne489961977-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: N slope of Black Mountain, under ledge in gully of one of headwater canyons of Windmill Creek.
RSA0070763RSAPentagramma triangularisP. H. Raven149471960-04-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. East tributary of Water Canon.
RSA0070764RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz103281926-04-12 Santa BarbaraMountain Drive.
RSA0070765RSAPentagramma triangularisE. K. Balls236111958-10-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, 3 mi. from Prisoners Harbor on road to Main Ranch.
RSA0070766RSAPentagramma triangularisElizabeth Flint87 PlacerNear Penryn.
RSA0070767RSAPentagramma triangularisCarl Elkins.n.1948-02-06 Los AngelesCampus of Cal Poly, San Dimas. 50 ft from the hut area in the canyon.
RSA0070768RSAPentagramma triangularisRon Martinolich791991-05-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles, Griffith Park, Bee Rock Trail, from trailhead of lower, eastern end, west along trail about 0.4-0.5 mile, at sharp left turn south, on bank west of trail.
RSA0070769RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne344941965-05-10 Los AngelesUpper end of Gallagher Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0070770RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz66581923-04-09 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, east coast.
RSA0070771RSAPentagramma triangularisF. W. Peirson34401923-04-10 Los AngelesNorth slope canyon about 10 miles southeast of Wilson′s Cove, San Clemente Island.
RSA0070772RSAPentagramma triangularisPaul M. Inman50883-251983-05-08 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon in the Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, about 1 mile north of Arcadia. On Winter Creek trail to Hoegee′s Camp.
RSA0070773RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheeler95861967-05-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Elsmere Canon, near mouth.
RSA0070774RSAPentagramma triangularisJ. W. Blankinships.n.1923-03-25 LakeMt. Konocti.
RSA0070775RSAPentagramma triangularisNaomi Zohman301985-04-28 Los AngelesJunction of CA Hwy 39 and west fork of San Gabriel River. Forest Service Road, along the west fork.
RSA0070776RSAPentagramma triangularisS. B. Parish28251894-05-01 San BernardinoNear San Bernardino.
RSA0070777RSAPentagramma triangularisS. F. Warrick411978-04-30 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, E. Mojave Desert: 1-4 N of Norris Cabin.
RSA0070778RSAPentagramma triangularisS. Castagnoli1021980-05-01 San BernardinoKingston Range. In canyon 3-4 mile S of Beck Spring.
RSA0070779RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne516111978-05-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Upper Bull Canon.
RSA0070780RSAPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd20561987-04-14 Los AngelesRincon-Red Box Road. S of Rincon Forest Station, N of Glendora.
RSA0070781RSAPentagramma triangularisMary DeDecker32591973-05-25 InyoInyo Mountains: SW of Santa Rita Flat east of Mill Springs.
RSA0070782RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White60441997-01-14 Los AngelesNW San Gabriel Mts. Santa Clara River Watershed: Upper Oak Springs Canon, above existing gravel quarry.; Mint Canon
RSA0070783RSAPentagramma triangularisP. H. Raven172211962-04-10 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Summit ridge about 2 miles north of Thirst.
RSA0070784RSAPentagramma triangularisJames D. Morefield34931986-04-23 MonoJust below the mouth of Rock Creek above Hammil Valley. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA0070785RSAPentagramma triangularisSara Crofts861929-05-01 PlacerPenryn.
RSA0070786RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz93101925-03-26 Santa BarbaraSouth side of Gaviota Pass.
RSA0070816RSAPentagramma triangularisR. F. Thorne414661971-04-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest: along trail from Chantry Flats into Santa Anita Canon.
RSA0070817RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross27421990-05-31 Los AngelesRidge descending northward from Mt. Gleason, between the upper reaches of Moody Canon and Arrastre Canon.
RSA0070818RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard Noyes5321988-04-30 Los AngelesClaremont. Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Dry drainage bed 300 meters east of Thompson Creek Dam.
RSA0070819RSAPentagramma triangularisTim Ross76811994-05-04 Los AngelesDogwood Canon′: narrow canyon draining NE to Burns Canon from the NE summit of Grass Mountain.; Lake Hughes 7.5
RSA0070820RSAPentagramma triangularisGeorge B. Grants.n.1951-05-05 Los AngelesPasadena.
RSA0070821RSAPentagramma triangularisI. W. Clokey44441929-04-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA0070822RSAPentagramma triangularisT. S. Ross42551991-03-23 Los AngelesLovejoy Buttes, on the Mojave Desert: NE portion of the main buttes, +-- west of Lovejoy Springs (destroyed by development).; Lovejoy Buttes
RSA0070823RSAPentagramma triangularisWilsons.n.1908-06-01 Santa ClaraLos Gatos, Santa Cruz Mts.
RSA0070824RSAPentagramma triangularisTim Ross72361993-05-23 Los AngelesLower, easterly ridge of Red Mountain, on northerly slope ca. 380 m SE of the saddle between Ruby and Clearwater Canons.; Green Valley 7.5
RSA0070825RSAPentagramma triangularisT. G. Bergeschs.n.1896-05-01 Los AngelesPasadena.
RSA0070826RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney28581994-06-11 San BernardinoCa. 21 N of Glen Helen Parkway, 0.9 mile E of Lytle Creek Road.; Devore
RSA0070827RSAPentagramma triangularisD. Meadows44811921-04-25 San BernardinoDeadman Point, Victorville.
RSA0070828RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz54641922-05-20 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: Pipe Creek, Hemet Valley.
RSA0070829RSAPentagramma triangularisArthur C. Gibson18091971-04-02 San BernardinoStoddard Canon, Angeles National Forest.
RSA0073131RSAPentagramma triangularisMiller Zou302011-07-08 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Deer Valley Trail.
RSA0076300RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle32641933-04-01 San BernardinoDry Morongo Canon. Colorado Desert.
RSA0076301RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheeler4001931-12-24 San BernardinoDead Man Point, Granite Mts. Mohave Desert.
RSA0083864RSAPentagramma triangularisPercy Trains.n.1937-05-14 InyoSawmill Creek, E. slope Sierras, near Independence.
RSA0083865RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard L. Zembals.n.1978-04-09 InyoCoso Hot Srpings Area. Big Canon.
RSA0083866RSAPentagramma triangularisL. C. Wheelers.n.1969-05-17 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, 0.3 mile south southeast Isthmus Bench Mark.
RSA0083867RSAPentagramma triangularisN. Floy Bracelin19901942-03-29 AlamedaGarden of Anson and Anita Blake, Berkeley
RSA0083868RSAPentagramma triangularisWilliamss.n.1927-04-11 ButteRichardson′s Springs.
RSA0085014RSAPentagramma triangularisLyman Benson29531932-01-17 Kern6 mi. S of Caliente. Tehachapi Mountains, Kern River watershed.
RSA0085023RSAPentagramma triangularisC. B. Wolf67911935-05-14 San BernardinoKingston Mountains, 2 miles NW of Crystal Spring on Tecopa Road.
RSA0085243RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz40211920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert.
RSA0085244RSAPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory12542005-02-13 San DiegoLa Posta, Old Hwy 80, 0.10 mile W of intersection with Miller Valley Road.
RSA0085245RSAPentagramma triangularisJoseph P. Tracy78101926-10-10 TrinitySalyer, bank of Trinity River.
RSA0085246RSAPentagramma triangularisPhilip A. Munz90521925-03-20 TulareLewis Creek, Lindsay.
RSA0085247RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSNI-9821993-03-10 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: N escarpment, between forks of Mesa Canon, ca. 0.3 miles NW of Benchmark 396.
RSA0085248RSAPentagramma triangularisHenry M. Pollards.n.1948-01-04 VenturaVentura River Basin, Matilija Canon.
RSA0085249RSAPentagramma triangularisP. H. Raven137981959-02-23 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains: above shore of Lake Eleanor.
RSA0087545RSAPentagramma triangularisA. D. E. Elmer35211902-04-01 MontereyMonterey.
RSA0087546RSAPentagramma triangularisA. D. E. Elmer35212003-04-20 MontereyMonterey.
RSA0091479RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney141892011-03-22 Los Angelesmouth of Keril Canon, tributary from east of Big Dalton Cyn., just below Big Dalton Cyn. Dam; Glendora 7.5 Q.
RSA0091974RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney159482011-11-01 Los Angelesconfluence of West Fork San Gabriel River and Glen Canon, at Glen Cyn. Campground & to 200 m up Glen Cyn.; Azusa 7.5 Q.
RSA0093128RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard G. Swinney142172011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts.: San Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Canon.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0093690RSAPentagramma triangularisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1939-04-22 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns.
RSA0094690RSAPentagramma triangularisP. A. Munz164031940-04-11 InyoMtn Spring, Argus Range.
RSA0094691RSAPentagramma triangularisF. R. FosbergR761931-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon.
RSA0094692RSAPentagramma triangularisGeorge B. Grant530a-33501904-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island.
RSA0094694RSAPentagramma triangularisH. N. Bolanders.n.1936-07-04 Unknown[No location data on label]
RSA0094695RSAPentagramma triangularisC. C. Bruce18611897-06-01 Butte[No location data on label]
RSA0094696RSAPentagramma triangularisLowell Ahart111192004-06-22 ButteOn the east side of Doe Mill Road, about 1-4 mile southeast of the bridge across Butte Creek, about 2 1-4 miles (air) southeast of Forest Ranch, about 5 miles (air) west of Stirling City.
RSA0094697RSAPentagramma triangularisA. Davidson170641923-08-11 HumboldtNear Scotia.
RSA0094698RSAPentagramma triangularisRichard Mallory2081954-04-11 FresnoSouth slope of Big Table Mt., NW corner of Auberry Valley, 1 m.w. rd. to Temperance Flat.
RSA0094699RSAPentagramma triangularisIra L. Wiggins141391957-06-21 HumboldtOn E side of road, 1 mi. S of Garberville.
RSA0094700RSAPentagramma triangularisP. DouglasHL 11751995-04-01 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 26), S side of bridge over Nacimiento River, ca. 1.0 air km SE of Salmon Creek Road ford, ca. 2.2 air km SSW of Woodrow Reservoir, ca. 4 air km SE of Hughes Reservoir.
RSA0094701RSAPentagramma triangularisA. A. Heller64781903-03-30 MontereyPacific Grove.
RSA0094702RSAPentagramma triangularisD. C. Michener40971982-07-23 MontereyBetween Point Lobos and Huckleberry Hill (just inland of CA 1).
RSA0094735RSAPentagramma triangularisE. K. Balls228381957-11-25 Orangeon N facing banks in rocks; Upper Trabuco Canon, 2.9 miles NE from entrance to Holy Jim Canon.
RSA0100736RSAPentagramma triangularisJessica Orozco9332015-03-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off Gibbon Creek road.
RSA0105225RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney159042011-10-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: West Fork San Gabriel River, c. 300 meters east (downstream) of entrance gate to Cogswell Dam, between FS Rd 2N25 and the stream.; Azusa 7.5 Quad.
RSA0110843RSAPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney145132011-04-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Islip Canon, tributary of San Gabriel Cyn., from Hwy 39 to 0.4 mile upstream, NE of Morris Reservoir.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0113172RSAPentagramma triangularisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1938-03-18 Kern[Walker] Pass.
RSA0120467RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell93042016-04-16 RiversideBLMWhitewater Watershed; Whitewater Canon; collecting in Rainbow Canon, approximately 2.5 air miles east northeast of Kitching Peak.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0123160RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell91582016-03-30 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; in a side canyon off of Martinez Canon, approximately 7.5 air miles southeast of the summit of Martinez Mountain.; Clark Lake NE
RSA0124388RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell93422016-04-17 San BernardinoThe Wildlands ConservancyThe Sawtooth Mountains on the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve; central section of the range, approximately 2 air miles east of Chaparrosa Peak.; Rimrock
RSA0165744RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-16422001-03-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island, above security gate, just E of rock jetty.
RSA0165766RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-17052001-05-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. At base of N escarpment, just E of 2nd cyn, W of L Canon, N facing slope.
RSA0165827RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-16392001-03-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. E side of small, short cyn, just E of power lines running down from mesa, S of rock jetty, at base of N escarpment, N slopes.
RSA0165843RSAPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSN-16902001-04-26 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Just N of escarpment, on E side of 1st cyn, W of L Cyn.
RSA0168216RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell103662017-03-29 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; remote area to the north of Rockhouse Canon, approximately 7 air miles northwest of Rabbit Peak.; Clark Lake NE
RSA0419737RSAPentagramma triangularisVanessa Ashworth2421995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA0419838RSAPentagramma triangularisG. Wheeler3131980-05-23 KernHavilah area about two miles south of Havilah on the Caliente-Bidfish Road.
RSA0424321RSAPentagramma triangularisChristina Varnava2332019-06-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Up one of the ephemeral tributaries of Sespe Creek, branching off from Middle Sespe Trail about 1.5 miles from trailhead.
RSA0424326RSAPentagramma triangularisChristina Varnava412019-03-15 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Hillside above Rose Valley Falls.
RSA0425066RSAPentagramma triangularisChristina Varnava6532019-08-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Off the Potrero John trail, along the stream. About 2 mi from Hwy 33.
RSA619517RSAPentagramma triangularisMary DeDecker42851977-06-05 InyoSierra Nevada: West of Olancha; Falls Creek.
RSA624696RSAPentagramma triangularisMary DeDecker33701974-03-17 InyoInyo Mountains: Southeast of Tinemaha Dam, Lava tube above F.S. boundary. Protected ledges in lava.
RSA687390RSAPentagramma triangularisNorman C. Cooper20311947-04-05 RiversideLos Alamos Canon, Elsinore.
RSA687399RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle76641940-08-26 VenturaAnacapa Island. Canon bottom, west end of Island.
RSA687400RSAPentagramma triangularisM. B. Dunkle121934-11-12 San BernardinoProvidence mts.
RSA687406RSAPentagramma triangularisW. P. Burger471979-04-21 Santa BarbaraNational Forest Service Fremont Campground, off Paradise Rd. near Cachuma Lake, inland of Santa barbara.
RSA735048RSAPentagramma triangularisScott D. White118162008-04-07 San BernardinoState ParksChino Hills State Park near the northern park boundary, west of park main entrance.; Prado Dam
RSA741023RSAPentagramma triangularisJustin M. Wood2732009-01-02 Los AngelesEvey Canon, trail to Potato Mtn.; Mt Baldy
RSA787816RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell33032012-04-04 San BernardinoValley between Black Lava Butte and Flat Top. Approximately 2.25 air miles northeast of the junction of Pipes Canon road and Roadrunner Rut road.; Yucca Valley North
RSA788408RSAPentagramma triangularisDuncan S. Bell37162012-06-01 San BernardinoKingston Mountains: in a steep narrow canyon south of Excelsior Mine Road approximately 2.25 air miles west of Horse Thief Springs.; Horse Thief Springs
SBBG177063SBBGPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney77792000-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: NE of Azusa, Rincon Cyn, 0.6 air mi SW of Hwy 39 at Rincon Station
SBBG184950SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak62171997-04-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: SE flank of Green Mtn
SBBG184951SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. ChaneySC4601998-03-16 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: W fork of Black Cyn, near edge of main terrace of island
SBBG225964SBBGPentagramma triangularisC. Matt Guilliams39112018-03-12 Santa BarbaraJesusita Trail, just west of Mission Creek crossing, ca. 0.5 km east of Inspiration Point.
SBBG227626SBBGPentagramma triangularisM. Daily691978-04-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: road to Daytona Beach, ca. 100 yards W of hairpin turn as road descends from the mesa
SBBG227721SBBGPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman225492012-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: just S of Main Ranch along Camino de la Canon the lower N-facing slope of the edge of a Blue Gum forest.
SBBG227888SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak w- K. Kirkland2000-04-27 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: main branch of Willow Cyn, ca. 0.67 W of Triangulation Station Knox
SBBG227889SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak w- K. KirklandSM 65782000-04-27 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: main branch of Willow Cyn, ca. 0.67 W of Triangulation Station Knox
SBBG227890SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak w- K. KirklandSM 65702000-04-26 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: main (middle) fork of S Green Mtn Cyn
SBBG227891SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSM 62471997-04-17 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: small side branch of Willow Cyn, ca 0.53 NNE of Triangulation Station Knox
SBBG227892SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSM 62451997-04-17 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: small side branch of Willow Cyn, ca 0.53 NNE of Triangulation Station Knox
SBBG227893SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSM 62601997-04-18 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: upper reaches of Nidever Cyn, in gullies just W of helicopter pad in upper Canada Del Mar
SBBG227895SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-17192001-05-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: E side of E fork of E Mesa Cyn, just upstream from fork
SBBG227896SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-17162001-05-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: E fork of E Mesa Cyn, just upstream from fork
SBBG227908SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-16422001-03-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: head of bowl-shaped cyn, above security gate, just E of rock jetty
SBBG227909SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-16392001-03-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: E side of small short cyn, just E of power lines running down from mesa, S of rock jetty, at base of N escarpment
SBBG227910SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-17052001-05-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: at base of N escarpment, just E of 2nd cyn, W of L Cyn
SBBG227911SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSN-16902001-04-26 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: just N of escarpment, on E side of first cyn, W of L Cyn
SBBG227915SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSCa 10061999-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: end of Goat Harbor, W fork of cyn
SBBG227934SBBGPentagramma triangularisSteven A. JunakSC 41001995-03-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: W fork of cyn above Pelican Bay, along small side cyn, NW flanks of Red Peak
SBBG227948SBBGPentagramma triangularisS. A. JunakSR 2821990-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: W side of South Point ridge (South Pt Cyn), WNW of Peak 1017
SBBG227954SBBGPentagramma triangularisE. R. Blakley57771963-05-09 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: junction of Cherry Canon, one-fourth way toward its mouth, NW of Triangulation Point Camel.
SBBG228422SBBGPentagramma triangularisKathyrn McEachern121a1993-04-01 San DiegoPt Loma, east side of point, gully running 120-300 deg on slope between Cabrillo statue and old lighthouse
SBBG229052SBBGPentagramma triangularisC. Matt Guilliams38882018-03-12 Santa BarbaraJesusita Trail, near small tributary to main creek
SBBG229057SBBGPentagramma triangularisR. Burgess74912007-03-30 VenturaSimi Hills, Las Virgenes Preserve (Ahmanson Ranch), Las Virgenes Entrance
SBBG229242SBBGPentagramma triangularisD. A. Roberts1981-03-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 3.2 km SE of Devil′s Peak
SD00021725SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman343882018-05-31 San DiegoUpper Oriflamme Canon; east of Sunrise Highway (S1) and west of Oriflamme Mountain; US Bureau of Land Management property; north of the Laguna Mts.; along the upper end of Oriflamme Canon
SD00022829SDPentagramma triangularisTiffany Luas-Duffields.n.2003-04-02 San DiegoCabrillo National Monument; N of main parking lot
SD00023235SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg26492017-09-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Mount Laguna area; 0.7 mile NNW of the intersection of Wooded Hill Road and Sunrise Hwy (Hwy S-1); 1.1 miles southwest of Mount Laguna post office and store on Hwy S-1
SD00024012SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman340702018-04-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine, north of Ammunition Road; northwest part of station; canyon area near boundary fence to the northwest of Depot Lake
SD00026437SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman322882017-03-02 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine, north of Ammunition Road; northern part of station in a canyon area
SD00030232SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman352702019-03-18 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: east-central portion of island; south of Stone Station, along the trail going south from Stone and at the top of the canyon between Stone and Burn′s canyons
SD00032283SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman351712019-03-12 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; Training Area White Beach: west of I-5 and west of the rest area on I-5 (southbound) to the south of the Las Pulgas Road exit; canyon area in coastal terrace
SD00032600SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman356042019-04-30 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: southeast portion of island; SHOBA (Shore Bombardment Area), between Eagle Canon an Mosquito Cove; to the east of Ridge Road down in the bottom of Bryce Canon
SD00034149SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory26182008-03-05 San DiegoDehesa, Fish & Wildlife Refuge Land, N of Singing Hills Golf Course, 0.23 mi SE of intersection Willow Glen Road and Dehesa Road
SD00035119SDPentagramma triangularisDavid PivorunatsDP-112003-05-28 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Tota; N facing drainage in grassland at base in rocks
SD00035120SDPentagramma triangularisL B Sayre191990-07-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; in Warren Canon
SD00035121SDPentagramma triangularisTimothy S Ross85821995-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Northern tributary of Canon, 1070 NNE of the 1135-ft triangulation point.
SD00053592SDPentagramma triangularisJohn Brown4501995-06-28 San DiegoSouth of Fallbrook Road ca. 0.5 mi west of Main Entrance to Station
SD00054916SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman367112020-05-05 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; southwest of Santa Margarita Peak; southeast of Case Springs Lake; west of Case Springs Road, in a canyon area
SD00054917SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman369082020-05-21 San DiegoCanon: southeastern portion of Base in Training Area Juliet; southeast of Lake O′Neill and northeast of the San Luis Rey entrance gate; on the top of a granite peak near a military cemetery memorial and along an old dirt road
SD00055160SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman363862020-04-22 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; Training Area Papa 1; southeast side of the San Onofre Mountains: northeast of Pulgas Lake and north of Las Pulgas Road
SD10277SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander1191935-02-13 San DiegoVista
SD106796SDPentagramma triangularisHenk van der Werff36991980-02-07 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch
SD111957SDPentagramma triangularisBarbara Ertter33851980-05-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, west of King City, Los Padres National Forest, behind The Indians Forest Station near Memorial Park Campground..
SD112061SDPentagramma triangularisLinda Allens.n.1975-03-23 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon
SD112411SDPentagramma triangularisDarley F. Howe291915-03-01 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, San Dimas Canon
SD114919SDPentagramma triangularisL. Newells.n.1978-04-21 San DiegoGrowing in small canyon bottom (Mahogany Canon)
SD125622SDPentagramma triangularisMichael Theroux1341982-04-03 KernKern River, Sequoia National Forest, 1.5 miles north of Delonega Hot Springs, between Highway 178 and river, Isabella 15 quad
SD132825SDPentagramma triangularisTimothy Casss.n.1980-01-01 San DiegoPoint Loma, Navy property
SD136724SDPentagramma triangularisJohn W. BrownMM-271993-12-25 San DiegoMcGinty Mountain, south end of mountain, trail between Mexican Canon and Peg Leg Mine
SD136994SDPentagramma triangularisSteve Boyd72731992-05-06 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. South side of Miller Mountain along Miller Canonfrom Road 8S02 upstream
SD138000SDPentagramma triangularisDarin L. Banks641995-03-15 RiversideNorthwest Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, north face Agua Tibia Mountain, Dorland Mountain area
SD13951SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander7561936-03-12 San DiegoPotrero Valley
SD140250SDPentagramma triangularisScott White12371993-04-22 RiversideNorth Alberhill Ranch, in hills north of Walker Canon
SD14163SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander9561936-03-27 San DiegoMoosa Canon, 3 miles west of Lilac Junction
SD14189SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander9821936-03-27 San DiegoMoosa Canon, about 2 miles from Bonsall
SD14208SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander9991936-03-27 San DiegoUS 395, San Luis Rey River Bridge
SD14295SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander10831936-05-29 San DiegoNorth Slope of Lyon′s Peak
SD14357SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander11421936-04-07 San DiegoTecate Junction
SD14602SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander1248A1936-04-14 San DiegoBorego Palm Canon
SD14620SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander14011936-04-21 San DiegoBurn in Harbison Canon
SD14670SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander1450B1936-04-21 San DiegoPine Valley
SD15101SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander16921936-05-01 San DiegoMussey Grade below Fern Brook
SD15188SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander17781936-05-05 San DiegoSpencer Valley, near San Diego River falls
SD15228SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander18081936-05-07 San DiegoNear Lakeside, between San Vincente Creek and San Diego River
SD153557SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory4242003-06-13 San DiegoAlpine, South end of Mesa Del Arroz Preserve on the old Findel Ranch
SD153558SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory2062003-05-24 San DiegoWright′s Field - Mesa Del Arroz Preserve Alpine, CA
SD15407SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander19851936-05-14 San DiegoSpring above Lake Henshaw on road to Palomar
SD15540SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander21191936-05-19 San DiegoBranch of DeLuz Creek, about 2 miles from De Luz
SD156561SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman80762002-05-09 San DiegoViejas Mountain: North of Alpine; lower, north side of mountain on USFS land just east of Kelley-Rebman ranch and T. Marshall propertyl
SD158273SDPentagramma triangularisDick Schwenkmeyer102004-04-20 San DiegoNorth slope of Lyons Peak, approx. 20 miles S.E. of San Diego
SD158616SDPentagramma triangularisDinna C. Estrella1202003-04-28 San DiegoPoint Loma Naval Facility, SPAWAR. In canyon just northeast of Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, 1-2 mile south of McClellan Rd. and1-4 mile west of Rosecrans St.
SD15893SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander24601936-05-30 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, Shaw Canon below Oasis Spring
SD15933SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander25011936-05-30 San DiegoBanner Grade, ca 3 miles below Julian
SD159586SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman114822005-03-23 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Pine Creek Wilderness; north of Barrett Lake and south of Descanso, east of Japatul Valley Road; southeast of the Horsethief Canon Trailhead and just west of Pine Valley Creek, north-facing slope
SD159597SDPentagramma triangularisScott Snover302004-03-05 San DiegoNorth of Escondido, Horse trail 50m north of intersection of Lal Bagh and Diaz Rds.
SD160797SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman86742003-04-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near stream
SD160798SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman82972003-01-17 San DiegoViejas Mountain: North of Alpine; lower, north side of mountain along riparian zone on USFS land just east of T. Marshall property
SD160799SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman83702003-04-08 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
SD160822SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory12542005-02-13 San DiegoLa Posta, Old Hwy 80, 0.10 mile W of intersection with Miller Valley Road
SD160823SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory12532005-02-13 San DiegoLa Posta, Old Hwy 80, 0.10 mile W of intersection with Miller Valley Road
SD161665SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg9392005-02-27 San Diego300 meters northwest of entrance to Inaja picnic area on Highway 78-79 between Santa Isabel and Wynola
SD161896SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg8922004-12-14 San Diego200 meters southwest of entrance to Inaja picnic area on Highway 78-79 between Santa Isabel and Wynola
SD163315SDPentagramma triangularisRobert Lauri992002-05-14 San DiegoPalomar Mountain, Cleveland National Forest. Approximately 5.25 miles north on Nate Harrison Gradefrom junction with highway 76 above citrus groves.
SD16337SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander29031936-07-30 San DiegoBlack Canon, about 10 miles south of Mesa Grande
SD163899SDPentagramma triangularisMaryAnn Brooks-Gonyer832005-02-20 San DiegoApproximately 10 miles north of Escondido on western edge of Valley Center, Nature Trail parallel to and east of Circle R Drive, about 1 mile east of Old Highway 395; trail begins at end of Courtyard View Drive
SD167978SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory17532005-07-09 San DiegoDouble S Ranch, N of Angel Mountain Road, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, 2 mi W of Lake Henshaw, 4 mi E of Pine Mountain summit
SD168604SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman109012005-02-03 San DiegoCrestridge Ecological Reserve (Ca. Dept. of Fish & Game): northwest of La Cresta between Alpine and El Canon; west of Lakeview Lane & NNE of water tank in west-central part of reserve
SD168886SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman108512005-02-01 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, southwest of Loveland Reservoir; on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak, just southwest of a wet spring area along Sloan Canon Road
SD169481SDPentagramma triangularisMargaret Fillius1982005-02-24 San DiegoCity of San Diego (University City), in park off of NW end of Teasdale Ave, in side canyon S of Rose Canon, just W of I-805.
SD170133SDPentagramma triangularisJim Lightner2532005-05-07 San Diego3.5 mi SE of Alpine. Lucky Light Ranch (inholding in Cleveland National Forest) on Bell Bluff Truck Trail, NE of Bell Bluff, south of Sweetwater River.
SD171245SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory12232005-01-15 San DiegoAlpine, E of Galloway Vly; 0.5 miles S of interstate 8; 0.5 miles SE of intersection of Arnold Way and South Grade; private property.
SD171246SDPentagramma triangularisJoe Barth5372005-05-29 San Diego8 mi E of Jamul, 0.9 mi S of summit of Gaskill Peak, 0.6 mi E of Lawson Peak, 1 W of intersection of Lyons Valley Rd and Carveacre Rd. In drainage emanating from the south face of Gaskill Peak.
SD172976SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman125882006-04-27 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; just east of the electric lines in Longs Gulch
SD172979SDPentagramma triangularisSuzann M. Leininger272005-03-25 San DiegoCity of Lakeside, San Vicente Reservoir, south side of reservoir, on water edge, near dam
SD173591SDPentagramma triangularisJudy Carlstrom482005-02-25 San DiegoPoway. East facing slope, near top of hill, above cul de sac at end of Meadowbrook Lane, W of Meadowbrook Middle School, W of Pomerado Rd.
SD173592SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg12612005-12-11 San Diego2 miles north of Saddleback parking area and locked gate on Eagle Peak Road
SD174579SDPentagramma triangularisVictoria Marshall92005-12-02 San DiegoWest side of Woodson Mountain, eastern Poway, on Mount Woodson Trail, ca. 0.5 mi from its junction with Lake Poway Loop Trail. On south-facing slope in dry creek bed.
SD174580SDPentagramma triangularisEnrique Medina532005-02-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest (Noble Canon), Noble Canon Trail (south of canyon), ca. 2.5 mi from Noble Canon Trailhead, accessed via Pine Valley, on Pine Creek Road.
SD174843SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman120532005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; N of Sunrise Highway, between Noble Canon Trail and Sunrise Trail; in a riparian zone at the bottom of a canyon
SD175214SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman124402006-04-21 San DiegoLoveland Reservoir (land owned by the Sweetwater River Valley Authority): S of Alpine, S of Japatul Valley Road and E of its junction with Dehesa Rd.; extreme NE end of lake, S-side of valley on N-facing slope and along the south shore of the lake
SD176150SDPentagramma triangularisMargaret R. Mulligan14642006-05-10 San DiegoWarner Springs area, Vista Irrigation District land, just S of the intersection of S-2 (San Felipe Rd) and a gated truck trail opposite to Warner Springs ranch house (begins ca. 0.5 mi SE from S-2′s junction with SR-79.)
SD17757SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander39771937-06-10 San DiegoBarona Valley, south fork of Featherstone Creek
SD178051SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman127942006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western portion of Ranch, NE-facing slope, west of the riparian zone & N of Daney Canon
SD178982SDPentagramma triangularisPaul Beiley822006-04-21 San DiegoLakeside. Lake Jennings County Park, path N of hilltop campground, about 200 feet downslope from it.
SD178983SDPentagramma triangularisVictoria Marshall2472006-05-26 San DiegoFry-Keogle Trail on (NW) Woodson Mountain, 4.5 miles west of Ramona; trail can be accessed at the junction of Highway 67 and Archie Moore Road.
SD179996SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman135032007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake: on the northwest-facing slope around the immediate area on the east side of the dam
SD179997SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman132512007-04-23 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Santa Margarita Mountains, Foxtrot Training Area, east of Artillery Firing Range 40, north of Roblar Road under multiple aerial cables
SD179998SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman131702007-04-23 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Santa Margarita Mountains, Echo Training Area, just east of Artillery Firing Range 40, northeast of Roblar Road
SD180562SDPentagramma triangularisDick Schwenkmeyer2072006-04-21 San DiegoRamona. Cleveland National Forest (Palomar Ranger District). E of Pamo Valley, 0.6 mi E of Pamo Road on Black Mountain Truck Trail.
SD180563SDPentagramma triangularisSuzann M. Leininger862006-03-26 San DiegoCity of Escondido, Rancho San Pasqual, 300 m north from the E end of Rosewood Lane, in riparian habitat at bottom of canyon.
SD181823SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory19192006-04-29 San DiegoPala, 2 N of Highway 7 W of Magee Road, Elizabeth R Mine, N slope of Chief Mountain.
SD181824SDPentagramma triangularisBeverly Pecunia922006-05-12 San DiegoNE of Escondido, Oakvale Road past South end entrance to lake to third turn out, South side of the road.
SD184057SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory1904A2006-01-28 San DiegoHoney Springs, Mother Grundy Mountain, Pringle Canon, Madre Grunde Truck Trail 0.5 mi south of intersection with Mother Grundy Truck Trail, W facing slope, just S of dam.
SD184058SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory1904B2006-01-28 San DiegoHoney Springs, Mother Grundy Mountain, Pringle Canon, Madre Grunde Truck Trail 0.5 mi south of intersection with Mother Grundy Truck Trail, W facing slope, just S of dam.
SD184154SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman142232008-03-06 San DiegoHellhole Canon Open Space Preserve: east of Valley Center and northeast of Lake Wohlford; west side of preserve, east of Escondido Canal
SD184510SDPentagramma triangularisJudy Carlstrom1872006-05-30 San DiegoEscondido. Riparian area west of Northwest Parking Lot in Jesmond Dene Park located on North Broadway.
SD185364SDPentagramma triangularisPatrick McConnell84A2005-05-26 San DiegoVolcan Mountains, San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, upper Arkansas Canon, approx. ? mi SE of Catfish Spring, above stream on north facing moist slope among large rocks.
SD186389SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman147292008-04-21 San DiegoHauser Wilderness: Cleveland National Forest; W of Morena Reservoir, unburned patch of chaparral just SW of Bronco Flats and S of Skye Valley Road
SD187297SDPentagramma triangularisScott D. White101802004-04-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain foothills; Indian Creek and adjacent slopes.
SD187507SDPentagramma triangularisJoseph A. Betzler9472003-04-19 San DiegoSan Diego Wild Animal Park, Conservation Area. Drainage near the end of the South Ridge Road, on the south side heading toward San Pasqual Valley, 0.8 W of junction of Rockwood Canon and San Pasqual Valley Rd.
SD189377SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg13722007-04-03 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, north-facing slope of Mount Gower, south of Ballena Valley, ca. 1 mile north of Ramona Oaks Rd.
SD190701SDPentagramma triangularisJim Rocks1982007-05-02 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Delta Training Area. Steep slopes along Roblar Road, ca. 0.5 W of its junction with Jardine Canon Road.
SD190702SDPentagramma triangularisJennifer Snapp-Cook192005-04-30 San DiegoJulian, 2 miles east of Julian, approximately 1 mile east of parking area (cul de sac) on Old Banner Grade Road (trail).
SD190703SDPentagramma triangularisJohn LaGrange852007-03-10 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Black Mountain, Lusardi Canon Truck Trail, 1 NE of intersect with Pamo Road, between road and creek bed
SD190704SDPentagramma triangularisJan E. Maxted3972007-03-08 San DiegoBratton Valley, land surrounding 18569 Deerhorn Valley Rd, 3 N of Dulzura, 2.5 mi SE of Lyons Peak summit, 0.5 mi. SE of inters of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD190705SDPentagramma triangularisJan E. Maxted3942007-03-08 San DiegoBratton Valley, land surrounding 18569 Deerhorn Valley Rd, 3 N of Dulzura, 2.5 mi SE of Lyons Peak summit, 0.5 mi. SE of inters of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD192079SDPentagramma triangularisJim Rocks3152007-05-10 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Bravo Two Training Area. Talega Canon Road, ca. 1 mi E of road junction to Camp Talega (64 Area).
SD192084SDPentagramma triangularisFred Sproul50362007-03-14 San DiegoLakeside, Lakeside Linkage West (County Multiple Species Conservation MSCP) land, 0.50 W of Los Coches Rd, 0.50 mi E of Winter Gardens Blvd. Just NW of the western end of Calle Lucia Terrace.
SD194138SDPentagramma triangularisMichael G. Simpson23032002-05-24 San DiegoNortheast side of Cuyamaca Peak.
SD194630SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory24662007-05-15 San DiegoRamona, The Nature Conservancy, Davis Eagle Ranch, 1.5 miles N of Ramona Airport, ca 1 mile ENE of Rangeland Road
SD194631SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory23552007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake, near western shore, 12 mi E of Jamul on Barrett Lake Road, 3 mi SE of junction with Lyons Valley Road, 5.8 mi ESE of Lyons Peak
SD195999SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory20992007-03-09 San DiegoRamona; Mount Gower Open Space Preserve; at dead end of Gunn Stage Road ca 2 N of intersection with San Vicente Road.
SD196000SDPentagramma triangularisJan E. Maxted4662007-05-05 San DiegoBratton Valley, land surrounding 18569 Deerhorn Valley Rd, ca 8 mi SE of Jamul, 2.5 mi SE of Lyons Peak summit, 0.5 mi. SE of inters of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD200568SDPentagramma triangularisIan Cain6942008-03-27 San DiegoCity of Lakeside. Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary. 13 Wildcat Canon Road, south east of road. 30 meters north off Woodward Ridge trail past the intersection with Geology trail. About .5 km east of entrance at Wildcat Canon Road.
SD200569SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman174972009-05-06 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Bravo Three Training Area in the northwestern portion of base; southwest of San Mateo Road in the San Mateo riverbed
SD200570SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman177812009-05-21 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Southeast of El Canon Mountain; west of the El Capitan Reservoir, just off of El Canon Mountain Truck Trail
SD200571SDPentagramma triangularisJohn LaGrange4102009-05-11 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Temescal Valley, ? mi N of Esmeralda Mine, 3? mi SW of Lake Henshaw Dam, Lusardi Canon Truck Trail road at the locked gate on the N side of Alford property inholding
SD200572SDPentagramma triangularisMargaret R. Mulligan28142009-04-09 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Lima Training Area, Windmill Canon, east of southern tip of Memorial Golf Course (18 Area).
SD200573SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman179212009-05-28 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Northeast of El Canon Mountain, west of the San Diego River, and south of Barona Mesa; along El Canon Mountain Truck Trail
SD200574SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman179872009-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; northeast of Upper Doane Valley; northwest of Fry Creek Campground
SD20061SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander47561937-12-05 San DiegoSan Felipe, Sumner′s Ranch
SD20357SDPentagramma triangularisA. J. Stovers.n.1938-02-14 San DiegoPoint Loma
SD204739SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg20802009-05-05 San DiegoSanta Ysabel Open Space Preserve, East Parcel, 1.16 mile N of Santa Ysabel, 550 meters east of trail-lhead on Hwy 79, near edge of dirt road
SD204742SDPentagramma triangularisMargaret R. Mulligan22302008-03-26 San DiegoMarine Corps Base, Canon, Piedra de Lumbre Canon, Papa One Training Area, along both sides of the central section of the Canon.
SD20515SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander50271938-03-27 San DiegoHillside 3-4 mile west of Dehesa School
SD20749SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander52311938-04-10 San DiegoWhispering Oaks near Sloane Ranch on Sweetwater River
SD209510SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman199342010-07-08 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Cutca Valley on the lower northern slope of Palomar Mountain; along Cutca Valley Truck Trail
SD21010SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander54641938-04-26 San DiegoCedar Creek Bridge
SD210542SDPentagramma triangularisCarolyn Martus1202006-05-18 San DiegoCanon, 400 yds SE of intersection Lemon Grove Rd and Vandegrift Blvd., just north of the end of San Jacinto Road
SD211714SDPentagramma triangularisBarbara Booth1342009-05-03 San DiegoSW of Oak Grove, Rattlesnake Canon, Cleveland National Forest, at bottom of canyon.
SD211715SDPentagramma triangularisBeverly Pecunia2512008-07-09 San DiegoCity of Escondido, 4.5 NE of, just N of Bottle Peak, on N shoreline of Lake Wohlford, along Osprey Trail
SD212803SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman208462011-03-24 San DiegoCanon: Romeo II Training Area; north of Las Pulgas Road, east of I-5 and east of El Camino Real along Horno Canon Road
SD212804SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman192032010-05-20 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; vicinity of Black Mountain; N of Ramona and E of Pamo Road; canyon area along Black Mountain Truck Trail
SD212805SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman209922011-03-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: ENE of Eagle Peak; along a dirt road off of Boulder Creek Road, around the pond and along Kelly Creek
SD212806SDPentagramma triangularisLarry Hendrickson48892010-06-05 San DiegoBanner Canon, State hwy. 78 (Banner Grade), 1.4 air miles NE of Julian and 0.8 mile SSE of intersection of 78 Wynola Road.
SD212807SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman204002010-11-16 San DiegoCanon: India Training Area; south of De Luz Camp and west of the Santa Margarita River
SD212808SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman207172011-03-17 San DiegoCanon: Romeo III Training Area; east of I-5, north of Las Pulgas Road, and just east of El Camino Real along a dirt road running in the bottom of a canyon, in disturbed areas along road and surrounding vegetation
SD212809SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman205222010-12-02 San DiegoCanon: Golf Training Area; east of De Luz Road and north of Canong De Luz Creek
SD21593SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander58231938-05-27 San DiegoHarper Ranch, Rattlesnake Valley
SD220901SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg16862008-04-02 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mtns, 0.25 miles SW of intersection of Boulder Creek Road and Engineers Road, below Pine Hills Guard Station, near Sandy Creek
SD221790SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow12592010-06-09 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Mira Mesa south of Calle Cristobal and east of Camino Santa Fe in dry riverbed.
SD221791SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory30062009-04-29 San DiegoMesa Grande, Nature Conservancy (Wheatly Property), 2 miles W of Morettis Junction (Pala Road & Hwy 79) E of Mesa Grande Road, 2.5 miles S of dam at Lake Henshaw
SD221792SDPentagramma triangularisJan E. Maxted5522008-04-22 San DiegoSouth of Lyons Valley, N of the town of Dulzura, .5 NE of Lyons Peak summit, about .75 mi SW of inters of Lyons Valley Rd and Skyline Truck Trail.
SD221793SDPentagramma triangularisLarry Hendrickson28692008-04-02 San DiegoBanner. North side of State hwy. 78 above Banner Creek, rock retaining wall of historic toll road. 0.3 mile NE of intersection of 78 and Chariot Canon Road.
SD221794SDPentagramma triangularisMargaret R. Mulligan24192008-04-23 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Juliett Training Area, ca. 1 mi due east of the intersection of Vandegrift Blvd and Fallbrook Road, 1? mi N of Morro Hill
SD221796SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow10902010-05-08 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Puerta La Cruz Road; 1.4 miles SE Mitchell Camp Road and Chihuahua Valley Road; at dry streambed
SD223221SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman246522012-06-05 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Romeo I; southeast of Camp Horno and south of Basilone Road; along a dirt road that connects to Horno Canon Road to Basilone Road
SD224779SDPentagramma triangularisScott D. White47941997-03-18 FresnoKings Cyn Rd (St. Hwy 180): About 20 road mi. E of Sanger.
SD224780SDPentagramma triangularisScott D. White38431996-03-23 RiversideSanta Rosa Hills, SE of Hemet (Loomis property: Friendly Hills Ranch)
SD225339SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman234692012-04-24 San DiegoMountain Warfare Training Canonsoor: La Posta area; east of Morena Reservoir and west of La Posta Road; along a dirt road
SD225910SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman242252012-05-24 San DiegoLake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona; along the northwest side of Lake Sutherland just southwest of the dam; near the shore of the Lake and east of Lake Sutherland Dam Road.
SD225911SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman237322012-05-08 San DiegoMcCain Valley area: north of Boulevard and I-8; east of the junction of McCain Valley Road and Lost Valley Road in Lost Valley area on a boulder strewn east-facing slope
SD229662SDPentagramma triangularisJon Rebman225642012-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: north of Main Ranch; in a small side canyon east of the road near the junction of the central valley (Canada del Medio) with Canada del Puerto
SD229766SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman244382012-05-30 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; west of Case Springs Road, in the canyon just west of Case Springs Lake
SD230320SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman257172013-03-27 San DiegoCanon: northwest portion of Base; Training Area Alpha One; east of Basilone Road, on a southeast-facing slope just north of San Juan Road and San Onofre Creek
SD235141SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman262822013-05-07 San DiegoCanon: northeast portion of Base; Training Area Hotel; northwest of Fallbrook, just south of De Luz Road along the Santa Margarita River
SD235142SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman260942013-04-24 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area Kilo One; off of a dirt road west of Basilone Road, along the bottom of a canyon north of a small pond
SD235143SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman261492013-05-01 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area India; northeast of Basilone Road and east of Roblar Road; in the canyon bottom near a dirt road
SD235753SDPentagramma triangularisBeverly Pecunia3662011-06-17 San DiegoNorth of Escondido; 1.25 miles NE of I-15 and Mountain Meadows Road; W of golf course, riparian area.
SD238403SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman282362014-05-06 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Charlie: northern portion of Base; on slopes above a smaller canyon to the north of Talega Road
SD240776SDPentagramma triangularisA.C. Sanders332962007-01-26 San BernardinoSan Gqabriel Valley: Upland, northwest side of town, just east of Los Angeles C. line, long-abandoned (c. 40 years ) gravel pit at 210 Fwy and Base Line Road, north side of Base Line (Mt. Baldy-Ontario 7.5′Q)
SD241228SDPentagramma triangularisWarren Schmidtmann2652010-05-05 San DiegoTecate Peak; vicinity of 0.53 mi S of junction Highway 94 (Campo Road) and Bowman′s Road; 1.4 WSW of intersection Stae Route 188 and Airport Road.
SD242344SDPentagramma triangularisJohn LaGrange8512011-05-14 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Guejito Truck Trail, about 0.5 miles S of intersect with Orozco Truck Trail, upper end of Boden Canon where the old road crossed the creek and climbed out to the east
SD242345SDPentagramma triangularisWarren Schmidtmann3592013-04-10 San DiegoTecate Peak; on road to Tecate Peak near Box Spring; 2.58 miles W of junction Tecate Mission Road and Highway 188 (Tecate Road).
SD244535SDPentagramma triangularisDavid Keil241121993-05-22 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. North Base. Along San Antonio Rd. E, 0.4 miles from junction with Vandenberg Rd. (California Rte. 1) Hillside above Barka Slough. Borrow pit area.
SD246208SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman295222015-03-03 San DiegoCanon: southwest portion of Base; NW of the Santa Margarita River; Oscar 1 Training Area; along dirt road connecting Macs Rd. and N. River Rd.
SD246209SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman298092015-04-08 San DiegoCanon: northwest portion of Base; northwest-facing slopes above Cristianitos Creek-San Mateo Creek, NE of the junction of I-5 & Basilone Road, just outside of the Bravo 3 Training Area
SD246210SDPentagramma triangularisJon P. Rebman302852015-05-20 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Bravo 1 Training Area; south of Talega Road; along a gradual slope and canyon bottom below ridge road
SD246664SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg24942013-05-19 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Indian Canon, 1.63 miles SW of Pioneer Mail turnoff along Sunrise Highway
SD246665SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg24992013-05-23 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Pine Valley area; in Scove Canon; 0.44 mile west of its intersection with S-1 (Sunrise Highway); 2.5 miles N of I-8
SD246666SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg24792013-05-03 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; 0.15 mile N of entrance to El Prado Campground on Sunrise Highway, N of Pacific Crest Trail, in side-arm of Vallecito Canon (Storm Canon)
SD246667SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg22262009-12-17 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mtns, 0.25 miles SW of intersection of Boulder Creek Road and Engineers Road, below Pine Hills Guard Station, near Sandy Creek
SD246668SDPentagramma triangularisJerilyn Hirshberg24742013-04-21 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 0.56 mile NE of the intersection of Hwy 79 and S-1 at Cuyamaca Lake
SD251848SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow22932012-03-06 San DiegoLeucadia; north of Encinitas Blvd; E of North Vulcan Avenue; near the south end of Cottonwood Creek Park trail.
SD251849SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow14942010-11-19 San DiegoWarner Springs area; along Lost Creek Road on the south side of road; 2.38 miles NE of intersection with Highway 79
SD252401SDPentagramma triangularisLarry Hendrickson5736A2012-04-18 San DiegoArkansas Canon, NE-flank of Volcan Mountain. San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Fish & Game property. 2.5 air miles WNW of historic ranch house.
SD252402SDPentagramma triangularisMary Jo Churchwell7572013-05-09 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Old Culp Valley Rd; 0.41 mile W of junction with Highway S-22; at Paroli Homesite.
SD252759SDPentagramma triangularisJ. Andre235052012-03-23 San BernardinoRegion: C; Granite Mountains UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center; growing among boulders at Snake Spring, approx. 1.5 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd (Granite Pass), just WNW of Norris Camp teaching cabin
SD252921SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow21982012-02-16 San DiegoPacific Beach; Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park; 350 yards NE of intersection of Soledad Road and Park Drive; on the east facing slope.
SD252922SDPentagramma triangularisJeannie Gregory3406A2010-05-01 San DiegoRancho San Diego; US Fish and Wildlife Refuge; N side of San Miguel Mountain; W of Millar Ranch Road; 0.72 mile SW of junction with Highway 94 (Campo Road); E side of Sweetwater River.
SD252923SDPentagramma triangularisNancy Nenow21592012-02-08 San DiegoPacific Beach; Kate O. Sessions Park; S of Mt. Soledad; N of Beryl Street; 80 yards east of junction Soledad Road and Archer Steet.
SD252924SDPentagramma triangularisIan Cain11312010-03-28 San DiegoCity of Escondido. Daley Ranch; northwest corner; 0.33 mile SE of north entrance off Cougar Pass Road and its north intersection with N Broadway.
SD252925SDPentagramma triangularisIan Cain16322011-05-27 San DiegoFallbrook; Santa Margarita County Park; 710 meters NNW of intersection of De Luz Road and Sandia Creek Drive; 250 meters N of Santa Margarite Riveer.
SD253317SDPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney142172011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts.: San Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Canon (Glendora 7.5′Q)
SD254751SDPentagramma triangularisSusan T Welkers.n.1991-06-06 San DiegoSan Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; south of trail leading west from El Camino Real, in Rancho Santa Fe, and east of end of Santa Helena, in Solana Beach, south side of the reserve
SD254752SDPentagramma triangularisSusan T Welkers.n.1992-08-26 San DiegoLawson Valley, east of Jamul. Off Lawson Valley Road
SD255939SDPentagramma triangularisLarry Hendrickson66352015-04-12 San DiegoBanner Canon; SW-side of State Route 78 (Banner Grade) near historic Gardner Bluehill Mine; 1.7 air miles east of Julian and 2.1 surface miles SE of intersection with Wynola Road.
SD256366SDPentagramma triangularisMary Jo Churchwell9772014-12-09 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, South Fork Hellhole Canon, 6.21 air miles SW of Borrego Springs and 1 air mile NW of intersection of County Hwy. S-22 and Culp Valley -Pena Spring primitive road.
SD256367SDPentagramma triangularisJim Roberts802015-02-11 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Tecolote Canon Natural Park; trail east from September Street entrance, about 230 yards SE of intersection September Street and Burgener Blvd.
SD256368SDPentagramma triangularisJim Roberts1132015-03-16 San DiegoFallbrook; Gird Valley Preserve; N of borrow pit; 0.18 miles WSW of junction Gird Road and Casablanca Way; near barrier at base of trail to borrow pit
SD26383SDPentagramma triangularisAllan Keller32 InyoArgus Mountains, 3 miles above Indian Joe Springs
SD26587SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander79881940-03-30 San DiegoHormiguero Ranch
SD280654SDPentagramma triangularisSula Vanderbank46-505242005-05-24 OrangeCleveland National Forest. Santa Ana Mountains. Hot Spring Canon. Near campsite, down a narrow footpath which meets the stream
SD281264SDPentagramma triangularisDick Swinney189802017-04-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Bryant Canon a south tributary of Big Tujunga Canon, cyn. mouth to 0.3 miles upstream; Sunland Quad
SD28799SDPentagramma triangularisFrank F. Gander93951941-05-22 San DiegoDulzura
SD32551SDPentagramma triangularisEthel Bailey Higgins44-1271944-04-14 San DiegoDubber
SD40601SDPentagramma triangularisMay Canfields.n.1920-00-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, Bluff Lake
SD43030SDPentagramma triangularisEdith A. Purer69291936-04-25 San DiegoHarbison Canon
SD43033SDPentagramma triangularisEdith A. Purer28581932-03-25 San DiegoNorth branch Sweetwater Valley
SD79815SDPentagramma triangularisHelen Witham11171970-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, East end.
SD81331SDPentagramma triangularisLaura F. Kimballs.n. San DiegoEast end of Spring Valley
SD81481SDPentagramma triangularisJoseph Andorfer Ewans.n.1931-12-24 San BernardinoMohave Desert, Granite Mountains, Dead Man Point
SD81611SDPentagramma triangularisLouis C. Wheeler4001931-12-24 San BernardinoMohave Desert, Granite Mountains, Dead Man Point
SD81809SDPentagramma triangularisFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills
SD81812SDPentagramma triangularisL. H. Cooks.n.1932-03-21 Los AngelesBanquet Canon [Bouquet]
SD82366SDPentagramma triangularisF. M. Cota212SD1932-04-01 San DiegoPotrero Grade, road to Campo
SD82695SDPentagramma triangularisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1931-07-29 Los AngelesSan Antonio Mountains, Coble′s Canon
SD90183SDPentagramma triangularisBenjamin C. Stone681952-05-01 Los AngelesBlanchard Park, Claremont
SD92996SDPentagramma triangularisW. Bertsch801953-04-21 Los AngelesLittle Dalton Canon
SD92997SDPentagramma triangularisW. Bertsch1711953-05-19 KernGreenhorn Mountains
SD9339SDPentagramma triangularisRuth B. Randall431931-02-05 San DiegoPoint Loma
SD9341SDPentagramma triangularisRev. F. Bowerss.n.1876-02-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
SD9343SDPentagramma triangularisFidella G. Woodcocks.n. San DiegoRoad to Escondido Reservoir
SD9346SDPentagramma triangularisW. G. Wrights.n.1880-05-01 San BernardinoColorado Desert
SD9347SDPentagramma triangularisDaniel Clevelands.n.1877-03-01 San DiegoSweetwater Valley
SD9349SDPentagramma triangularisDaniel Clevelands.n.1878-03-01 San DiegoSweetwater Valley
SD9351SDPentagramma triangularisDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-04-13 San DiegoFallbrook
SD9356SDPentagramma triangularisDaniel Clevelands.n.1878-04-01 San DiegoEl Canon Valley
SD9357SDPentagramma triangularisDaniel Clevelands.n.1878-04-01 San DiegoSweetwater Valley
SD9359SDPentagramma triangularisRalph W. Sumners.n.1916-11-01 San DiegoWynola
SDSU01771SDSUPentagramma triangularisVarner, Vonnie1962-05-08 San Diego.2 miles north of Miramar Road off Sorrento Rd.
SDSU03651SDSUPentagramma triangularisGallup, A.1011948-01-24 Los AngelesClaremeont - in wash at 9th and Amhearst
SDSU03657SDSUPentagramma triangularisBeauchamp, R.M.1211967-01-27 Los AngelesSouth of Wilson Cove pier, San Clement Island
SDSU13789SDSUPentagramma triangularisSimpson, Michael G.14VI97V1997-06-14 San DiegoCold springs trail, at intersection with Stonewall creek. Ca. 1 mile southeast of Stone wall Peak, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.
SDSU14364SDSUPentagramma triangularisReiser, Craig H.10-IV-871987-06-10 San DiegoKilo 2. Camp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: 68-89.
SDSU16383SDSUPentagramma triangularisGregory, Jeannie2062003-05-10 San DiegoWrights Field- Mesa Del Arroz Perserve, Alpine, CA
SDSU17277SDSUPentagramma triangularisSimpson, Michael G.28492007-05-30 Santa CruzDirt service road to Eagle Rock, ca. 0.2 west-southwest of peak, ca. 0.1 mile west of Big Basin Redwood State Park boundary.
SDSU17463SDSUPentagramma triangularisSimpson, Michael G.21732000-06-07 San DiegoRock outcrop, adjacent to south side of Highway 79 (old Hwy. 80), ca. 1-4 mile north of Descanso Junction.
SDSU17513SDSUPentagramma triangularisJenkins, Jerry2001-0072001-03-30 RiversideSanta Margarita Ecological Reserve. Foot of Shaded bluff, west side of S.M. River, slightly north of station. UTM zone 6, 481 N, 3699150E. UTM transfered to GIS.
SDSU19896SDSUPentagramma triangularisSimpson, Michael G.23032002-05-24 San DiegoNortheast side of Cuyamaca Peak.
SDSU23008SDSUPentagramma triangularisSimpson, Michael G.36762012-04-20 ?  Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, road cut of Middle Ranch Road, ca. 1.4 miles east of junction with Canon Trail, 2 miles due south-southeast of Mount Orizaba.
SDSU23247SDSUPentagramma triangularisBrown, John W.44501995-06-28 San DiegoSouth of Fallbrook Road ca. 0.5 mi west of Main Entrance to Station.
SDSU23942SDSUPentagramma triangularisR. G. Swinney182892016-05-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., north of San Dimas-La Verne, San Dimas Experimental Forest, 200 m. south of johnstone Peak summit, n. of Sycamore Flat, Glendora Quad.
SFV100269SFVPentagramma triangularisV. Padgett761975-05-06 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Fryman Canon.
SFV100270SFVPentagramma triangularisK. A. Wilson8211961-02-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Placerita Canon, Placerita Road. Small, shaded gully 2 miles east of Route 6.
SFV100271SFVPentagramma triangularisK. A. Wilson9671961-03-10 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Old Topanga Canon Road, about 0.25 miles west of Topanga Canon Blvd.
SFV100272SFVPentagramma triangularisJ. C. Dittes31989-04-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Upper Big Tujunga River (Wikiup), 0.25 miles downstream from bridge to Camp Colby.
SFV100273SFVPentagramma triangularisS. Jonssons. n.1989-04-19 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains; In Bee Canon of O′Melveny Park. On creek trail just past developed area.
SFV100274SFVPentagramma triangularisJ. C. Dittes441990-03-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Small, roadside gully off of Big Tujunga Canon Road, 3.5 miles east of Angeles Forest Highway turnoff. Gully leads to reservoir.
SFV100275SFVPentagramma triangularisJ. C. Dittes141989-10-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; West Fork of the San Gabriel River.
SFV100276SFVPentagramma triangularisE. J. Spencer121992-02-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Bear Canon, east of Sand Canon Road. Milepost 7.64.
SFV100277SFVPentagramma triangularisK. A. Wilson14631975-03-28 MarinNorth Coast Ranges; Mount Tamalpais State Park. Tourist Club Highway (Trail), south of Panoramic Highway. West facing slope.
SFV100278SFVPentagramma triangularisV. E. Rudd35741977-11-05 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges; Edge of bank, Airport Road. 4.7 miles east of Little River.
SFV100279SFVPentagramma triangularisM. J. Thor1461982-09-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Idyllwild Park. Lily Creek, rocky part along roadway.
SFV100280SFVPentagramma triangularisM. J. Teiman351979-06-05 Santa BarbaraCalifornia Channel Islands; Santa Cruz Island. Along stream bed leading to Willow′s Cove about 1 mile from ocean.
SFV100353SFVPentagramma triangularisK. A. Wilson8561961-02-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Highway, 0.5 miles west of Sulphur Hot Springs. Small valley with running stream.
SHTC00007SHTCPentagramma triangularisRicucci, Diane A.771996-05-06 TuolumneRed Hills Recreation Area, 3 miles west of Chinese Camp
SHTC00008SHTCPentagramma triangularisMilam, D.-1971-04-06 MariposaAbout 4 miles South of Coulterville on highway 49.
SHTC00009SHTCPentagramma triangularisMacias, April791996-05-06 TuolumneRed Hills Recreational area, about 1 mile East of Ranger′s station
SHTC00010SHTCPentagramma triangularisKotelnicki, S.12016-03-31 PlacerOn the Stagecoach Trail Auburn, CA
SHTC00011SHTCPentagramma triangularisK. Samson72017-05-13 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Patterson, CA
SJSU16470SJSUPentagramma triangularisAnjum Gujral22018-04-13 Santa ClaraBlue Oak Ranch Reserve, half a mile east of barn along roadside near creek.
SJSU16498SJSUPentagramma triangularisBenjamin Huynh52018-04-05 Santa ClaraSan Jose, on Blue Oak Ranch Reserve, 400m west from the barn, near Canond
SJSU16531SJSUPentagramma triangularisKristin Gong582018-04-06 Santa ClaraBlue Oak Ranch Reserve
SJSU2056SJSUPentagramma triangularisW.S. Binnewies1251958-05-30 AlamedaN end of Calaveras Reservoir
SPIF00055SPIFPentagramma triangularisJessica Moellers.n.2008-03-24 TehamaDales 7.5 USGS quad. Near the junction of Supan Gulch and Hwy 36 East. About 5 miles east of Hog Lake. Growing on recently burned and cleared hillside by the CDC on north facing bank of Hwy 36. Growing with Quercus douglasii, Toxicodendron diversilobum, Ranunculus occidentalis, Thysanocarpus curvipes, Fritillaria affinis, Collinsia sparsiflora, and Erythronium multiscapideum.
SPIF02077SPIFPentagramma triangularisMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-07-09 HumboldtBridgeville 7.5 USGS quad. Growing in soil at a steep road cut in the forest. Associated species: Sequoia sempervirens, Gaultheria shallon. Coordinates estimated.
STNF-4647761-TEMPAIDSTNFPentagramma triangularisMarilyn McEvoy2013-05-01 TrinitySteel Bridge Road
STNF-4647763-TEMPAIDSTNFPentagramma triangularisM.S. Taylor1980-06-15 TrinityCanon Creek Trail
UC1063649UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisG. E. Sindel3231935-08-02 San MateoHead of Harington Creek, Santa Cruz 7.5 Quad.
UC1733874UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisKay H. Beach, Frank Gould3471940-03-25 Kern4 mi from Kernville (on road to Greenhorn Pass)
UC1873036UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisDavid Keil, Kathleen A. Keil301032003-03-29 San Luis ObispoShell Creek area, ca. 0.5 N of junction with Hwy 58.
UC1874955UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisRuth Kirkpatrick10382001-04-25 San DiegoSanta Margarita Reserve
UC1874957UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisRuth Kirkpatrick10412001-04-27 San DiegoSanta Margarita Reserve
UC1874961UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisRuth Kirkpatrick10512001-06-29 MendocinoCovelo Hwy-CA State Hwy 162, mile marker 2.6; S side of Long Valley Creek
UC1874968UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisRuth Kirkpatrick10592001-07-01 MendocinoFSR 2 N side Eel River, just before (1-2 mi) Trout Creek Campground on road bank.
UC1874976UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisRuth Kirkpatrick10742001-07-18 PlumasFeather River Canon, along Hwy 70, 4.3 mi up stream from E branch of North Fork of Feather River
UC1922981UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisNaomi Fraga, Ted Anderson10042004-01-22 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Short Canon.
UC1971491UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1969-05-16 Los AngelesSANTA CATALINA ISLAND: 0.3 mile south southeast Isthmus Bench Mark.
UC2015691UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisA. C. Sanders, K. Rose163471995-04-04 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains, Coachella Valley; S of Mission Creek and E of Highway 62.
UC2029184UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisBarbara Ertter89991990-05-18 Contra CostaLafayette Ridge of Briones Regional Park N of Lafayette.
UC2076751UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisBarbara Joe Hoshizaki1957-08-01 HumboldtGarberville, California.
UC2076755UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisBarbara Joe Hoshizaki22561966-05-30 TulareClough Cave.
UC2076756UCJEPSPentagramma triangularisH. Wedberg1821958-03-29 OrangeLower San Juan Campground.
UCR104827UCRPentagramma triangularisGeorge K. Helmkamp21111997-06-25 MendocinoAnderson Valley, CA Hwy 128, 1.5 miles southeast of Boonville
UCR123858UCRPentagramma triangularisSteven R. Hill336642001-05-03 RiversideNE-facing slopes of Mt. San Jacinto, Tramway Road in vicinity of road summit, Chino Canon, c. 3.8 mi west of CA Hwy 111, Palm Springs. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway property, around and below parking area
UCR204785UCRPentagramma triangularisNaomi Fraga24852008-08-04 San BernardinoForesee Creek Tail
UCR246407UCRPentagramma triangularisGeorge K. Helmkamp186332012-03-22 AmadorBell Road, 1.2 miles east of CA-49 at private road to Rancho Cicada Retreat
UCR256177UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney130592010-06-04 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon Natural Area (formerly Placerita Canon State Park), 0.3-0.9 miles east of Nature Center along bottom of Placerita Canon
UCR258878UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney126112010-05-07 Los AngelesTujunga Valley, 150 m to 0.2 miles west of I-210 Fwy. overpass along Haines Canon stream channel- south fork of Big Tujunga Wash
UCR261117UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill1110--092010-11-21 VenturaConejo Mountain, off Edison Road trail, c. 1.3 miles south of Hwy 101 and c. 0.25 mile west of Newbury Park
UCR261118UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill1210--302010-12-04 VenturaSandstone Peak Trail, c. 1 mile from trailhead
UCR261119UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill111--202011-01-29 Riversidec. 1.4 miles west of intersection of South Palm Canon Dr. and Murray Canon Dr., SW of Palm Springs
UCR261120UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill1210--292010-12-27 San DiegoPalomar Mountain along Nate Harrison Rd., about 4 miles east from Hwy 76
UCR261122UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill1210--282010-12-22 Los AngelesMulholland Hwy, c. 2 miles from Pacific Coast Hwy
UCR261394UCRPentagramma triangularisJoseph Cahill111--192011-01-08 RiversideCleveland National Forest, San Juan Loop Trail, c. 0.5 mi. from eastern trailhead off Hwy 74
UCR261462UCRPentagramma triangularisSteven A. Junak65782000-04-28 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island, main branch of Willow Canon, c. 0.67 mi north-northwest of Triangulation Station Knox
UCR270182UCRPentagramma triangularisA.C. Sanders423942016-04-02 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at E end of Pauba Valley, south end of Los Caballos Road, vicinity of lab and old Emerson house site
UCR270528UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney141892011-03-22 Los Angelesmouth of Keril Canon, tributary from east of Big Dalton Cyn., just below Big Dalton Cyn. Dam
UCR270676UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney159482011-11-01 Los Angelesconfluence of West Fork San Gabriel River and Glen Canon, at Glen Cyn. Campground & to 200 m up Glen Cyn.
UCR270793UCRPentagramma triangularisMitch Provance416--452016-04-14 KernCummings Valley, N side of W Valley Blvd. near west intersection with Bertram Circle
UCR271662UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney142172011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Cyn.
UCR272614UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney159042011-10-27 Los AngelesWest Fork San Gabriel River, c. 300 meters east (downstream) of entrance gate to Cogswell Dam, between FS Rd 2N25 and the stream
UCR273015UCRPentagramma triangularisMitch Provance316--592016-03-19 TulareLake Success area, about 5 miles E. of Porterville, transmission line corridor, about 1.3 miles NNW of the spillway
UCR273124UCRPentagramma triangularisR.G. Swinney145132011-04-26 Los AngelesIslip Canon, tributary of San Gabriel Cyn., from Hwy 39 to 0.4 mile upstream, NE of Morris Reservoir
UCR287236UCRPentagramma triangularisD.E. Bramlet45642010-05-11 San Diegoproposed high school site Citracado Parkway & Scenic Trail Way, Escondido
UCR287277UCRPentagramma triangularisD.E. Bramlet45232010-04-20 San Diegoproposed high school site Citracado Parkway and Scenic Trail Way, Escondido
UCR294114UCRPentagramma triangularisDavid J. Keil322302014-04-13 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Lower slopes and base of Morro Rock
UCSC100002213UCSCPentagramma triangularisBrett Bell142019-06-11 MontereyAlong slight slope above S side of old decommissioned army road.
UCSC100010960UCSCPentagramma triangularisE.J. Davis2018-06-22 Santa CruzForest Ecology Research Plots (FERP) at University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSC1085UCSCPentagramma triangularisSteve Castagnoli1021980-05-01 VenturaSespe Creek above Little Sespe fork, above Fillmore Sespe Creek, Little Sespe fork, Fillmore
UCSC3935UCSCPentagramma triangularisPeter Kamb4561947-02-15 Santa Clara
UCSC976UCSCPentagramma triangularisP. Corneliuss.n.1953-04-30 Montereygrowing in rather dry soil in Foothill Woodland along roadside 1 mi. from 3rd bridge - Robinson Canon, Carmel Valley
US2852910USPentagramma triangularisJ. H. Thomas28221953-03-07 UnknownCalifornia, Santa Cruz County, betweem Deer Creek and Kings Creek, 1.5 miles form Bielawski Lookout, northern Santa Cruz Co. Oak-Madrone area.
US3587401USPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart155642009-04-22 UnknownCalifornia, Butte County, on the south side of Guardians Trail, about 50 yards west of Pine Trail, Upper Bidwell park, west of the intersection of Highway 32 and ten Mile House Road, about 10 miles northeast of Chico.
US3645168USPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart111192004-06-22 UnknownCalifornia, Butte County, on the east side of Doe Mill Road, about 1-4 mile southeast of the birdge across Butte Creek, about 2 1-4 miles (air) southeast of Forest Ranch, about 5 miles (air) west of Stirling City.
US3683359USPentagramma triangularisL. Ahart155552009-04-17 ButteSouth slope of a ridge, about 300 yeards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico.
BSCA0057BSCAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiMerkel, Dalton (Mike)s.n.1987-03-18 San DiegoAngelina springs.
CAS-BOT71575CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1896-12-30 San DiegoLakeside
CAS-BOT71576CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiRose, Lewis S.453391945-12-28 RiversideTahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs
CAS-BOT71577CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiRose, Lewis S.661091966-12-14 RiversideChino Canyon, 3 mi. W of Palm Springs
CAS-BOT71578CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1917-03-29 RiversidePalm Springs
CAS-BOT71579CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiKiefer, Larry4831963-03-24 RiversideAndreas Canyon
CAS-BOT71580CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJohnston, Ivan10451917-04-04 RiversidePalm Canyon
CAS-BOT71581CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJohansen, D. A.; Ewan, J. A.70691932-04-11 RiversideRavine at mouth of Tahquitz Canyon, Western Colorado Desert
CAS-BOT71582CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug2551980-05-21 San Bernardino1 mi. SE. of Smith Mine
CAS-BOT71583CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWolf, Carl B.104691941-05-13 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mts., 1 1-2 mi. E. of Horsethief Spring by road & 3-4 mi. south
CAS-BOT71584CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiEastwood, Alice30181913-04-30 San BernardinoPalm Springs
CAS-BOT71585CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.42751942-04-02 San BernardinoBetween Old Woman Spring & Windmill Tank, E. base of San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT71586CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiEwan, J.55701931-12-29 San BernardinoDeadman Point, Granite Mts., Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT71587CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiRaven, Peter H.127141958-04-30 San Diego1.5 miles east of Torry Pines on road to Miramar
CAS-BOT71588CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiMcAlmond, Alvin?s.n.1898-03-29 San DiegoPotrero
CAS-BOT71589CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, I. L.22231927-04-10 San Diego3 mi. W. of Dulzura on hillside above Dulzura Creek
CAS-BOT71590CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, Ira L.22231927-04-10 San Diego3 mi. below Dulzura on hillside above bridge across Dulzura Creek
CAS-BOT71591CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, Ira L.19121926-03-07 San Diego3-10 mi. W. of Jamul
CAS-BOT71592CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, I. L.19121926-03-07 San Diego3-10 mi. W. of Jamul
CAS-BOT71593CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, Ira L.19121926-03-07 San Diego3-10 mi. W. of Jamul
CAS-BOT71594CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, I. L.17931926-02-19 San Diego1 1-2 mi. east of Dulzura
CAS-BOT71595CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, Ira L.17931926-02-19 San Diego1 1-2 mi. east of Dulzura
CAS-BOT71596CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWiggins, I. L.25051927-04-07 San Diego7 mi. above Lakeside on Mussey Grade
CAS-BOT71597CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiBlaisdell, F. E.s.n.1904-08-15 San DiegoPoway Valley, San Diego
CAS-BOT71598CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiAbrams, LeRoy33961903-05-05 San DiegoMission Hills, San Diego
CAS-BOT71599CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiHowell, John Thomas29691927-08-07 San Diegoroad to Campo between Cottonwood Creek and Potrero
CAS-BOT71600CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiFrench, Richard S.s.n.1880-12-24 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT71601CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiDunn, G. W.s.n.1898-01-01 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT71602CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiCleveland, D.s.n.1874-03-01 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT71603CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiChandler, H. P.50551904-04-10 San DiegoOld Mission Dam
CAS-BOT71604CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.501A1882-04-01 San DiegoSan Jacinto Mt.
GMDRC13280GMDRCPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJ. M. Andre436072020-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: north slopes south of Silverwood Lake, just south of Hwy 138 in Sawpit Cyn drainage, on Edison service road
GMDRC349GMDRCPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJ. Andre21311996-04-25 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Coyote Springs, c. 3290
GMDRC454GMDRCPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJ. Andre36721998-03-14 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Bull Cyn, Granite Mtns, ca. 3,900
IRVC101663IRVCPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiMichael G. Simpson24482003-05-03 San DiegoMiner′s Canon, around 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
JEPS315UCJEPSPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiWillis L. Jepson70561917-05-15 InyoHanaupah Cnayon; Panamint Mts
JOTR28919JOTRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiLa Doux, Tasha11552005-02-07 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Above Hayfield Dry Lake
JOTR33759JOTRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiLa Doux, Tasha27572011-03-31 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of Hexie Mountains; Gneiss outcrop on edge of large sandy wash in wide canyon that feeds southwest into Wilson Canon (Stop 6)
JOTR36021JOTRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiHarding, Mitzi2282012-03-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Eagle Mountains, Cholla Wash
LA213540LAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiLawrence L. Kiefer15351965-05-01 RiversideW side of Bonasconi {Bernasconi} Hills Cyn., road from Val Verde to Lakeview and San Jacinto, ca. 1 mi S of road
LOB113282LOBPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiA.E. Fisher2252016-03-11 RiversideSonoran Desert, near San Gorgonio Pass, W of Palm Springs, near small town of Snow Creek, UC Natural Reserve Oasis de los Osos
LOB113285LOBPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiK. Kaiser361971-03-27 RiversideChino Canon, 6 miles west of California 111 on Palm Springs Aerial Tram Road
OBI159628OBIPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiLawrence L. Kiefer2721963-03-24 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., east base, Tahquitz Canon, above Tahquitz Falls
RSA0301506RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiMay N. Ackley851928-04-01 RiversideSnow Creek, Desert side, Mt. San Jacinto.
RSA125965RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiE. K. Balls227531957-11-04 RiversideSnow Creek about old Fish Hatchery, and through wash; always on N side of rocks
RSA651848RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiSmiths.n.1949-02-07 Los AngelesSanta Anita Canon
RSA687415RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiF. R. FosbergR771931-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon.
RSA687419RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiI. W. Clokey48241930-05-24 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA789153RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiNaomi Fraga32422010-04-12 San BernardinoWhitewater Canon Bioblitz. Wathiers Landing; Catclaw Flat
SBBG227722SBBGPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiL. L. Kiefer4721963-03-24 RiversideTahquitz Cyn above Tahquitz Falls
UCR144570UCRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJon P. Rebman86432003-04-24 San DiegoCrestridge Ecological Reserve: west of La Cresta between Alpine and El Canon; east side of reserve east of the old race track. Square: P15
UCR22083UCRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiSteve Boyd1891980-05-03 RiversideHarford Springs County Park, northwest corner of the Gavilan Plateau; Gavilan Plateau
UCR91555UCRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiA.C. Sanders158981995-01-29 RiversideChino Canon near Palm Springs, 1.8 mi above Palm Canon Rd (Hwy111) on the rd to the tram station, vicinity of the upper end of the flood control dike; San Jacinto Mtns-Colorado Desert
UCR91889UCRPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiA.C. Sanders159021995-01-29 RiversideChino Canon near Palm Springs, 1.8 mi above Palm Canon Rd (Hwy111) on the rd to the tram station, vicinity of the upper end of the flood control dike; San Jacinto Mtns-Colorado Desert
UCSB020919UCSBPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiJorgensen, Jan289A1982-03-23 Riverside3 kilometers up road to aerial tramway, Palm Springs
UCSB020920UCSBPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiL. L. Keifer4561963-03-17 San BernardinoCyn above Cottonwood Spring, Granite Mtns (c. 22 miles no hgwy 66 on Kelso Rd. and 4 miles w.); San Bernardino (east)
UCSB020921UCSBPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiL. L. Keifer4721963-03-23 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., Tahquitz Cyn., ca.; 1 1-2 miles above falls
UCSC1538UCSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. maxoniiCharisse Bickfords.n.1978-08-14 San BernardinoIn canyon 0.75 mile S of Beck Spring. Beck Spring
CAS-BOT71605CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiKiefer, Larry5111963-04-12 San Diegoalong trail below Morena Dam
CAS-BOT71606CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiEastwood, Alices.n.1920-04-22 San DiegoWarrens, Campo
CAS-BOT71607CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiEastwood, Alices.n.1920-04-22 San DiegoWarrens Ranch, Campo
CAS-BOT71608CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiWiggins, Ira L.10451922-12-30 San Diegonear Campo
POM180494RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiI. L. Wiggins10451922-12-30 San Diegonear Campo
POM183678RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiP. A. Munz119611931-03-15 San Diegonorth base of Tecate Mountains.
POM48058RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiP. A. Munz80291924-05-10 San DiegoCottonwood Creek.
RSA733071RSAPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiJ. P. Rebman89192003-05-09 San DiegoHauser Canon Wilderness Area (USFS property), north of Hauser Mountain: southwest of Morena Lake and northwest of Canon Corners; on a lower, north-facing slope along Hauser Creek
SBBG167713SBBGPentagramma triangularis subsp. rebmaniiJon P. Rebman113892005-03-22 San DiegoWalker Cyn Ecological Reserve (Ca Dept of Fish & Game) between Blvd and Jacumba on N side of Interstate 8, on N-facing slope just S of creek on E side of reserve.
CAS-BOT77126CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-06-02 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass - Kinevan Canyon
CAS-BOT77127CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaSwain, Mrs. Alonsons.n.1919-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT77129CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaEastwood, Alices.n.1907-04-22 Del NorteWaldo-Crescent City Road - Adams Station
CAS-BOT77130CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaEastwood, Alice64341917-07-17 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT77131CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowell41051983-06-26 ButteAlong Ponderosa Way, about 1-8 mile east of the intersection of the Oroville Quincy Highway and Ponderosa Way, about 15 miles north-east of Oroville. Note: the sign gives Big Ridge Road instead of Ponderosa Way.
CAS-BOT77132CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowell42411983-07-29 ButteAbout 1-2 mile east of Milsap Bar, about 25 miles north-east of Oroville.
CAS-BOT77133CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowells.n.1976-07-07 ButteNear Little North Fork of Feather River.
CAS-BOT77134CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowell22431980-05-11 Butte1-4 mile S of Kunkle Res.
CAS-BOT77135CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowell56371987-05-12 ButteSouth of Lumpkin Ridge Road, 1 1-2 miles east of Camp 18, about 8 miles north-east of Feather Falls.
CAS-BOT77136CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaAhart, Lowells.n.1975-03-07 ButteAlong road 1-2 mile E. of the Ponderosa Dam on the South Fork of the Feather River, north of Forbestown.
CAS-BOT77137CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaRaven, Peter H.66201954-04-17 Butte10 miles above Oroville on road to Pulga
CAS-BOT77138CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaQuick, Clarence R.52-1271952-07-01 ButteSierra Nevada - Mill Creek Road between Feather River Highway and Coyote Gap
CAS-BOT77139CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaMott, Jeffrey D.81978-04-24 ButteWest Branch Feather River - Cherokee Quadrangle
CAS-BOT77140CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaTaylor, M. S.33681981-01-05 ButteCA. 100 ft. E of Pentz-Magalia Hwy Ca. 1 mi. S of Kunkle Reservoir, ca. 3 mi S of Paradise. Cherokee Quad.
CAS-BOT77141CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaHowell, John Thomas346961959-09-20 ButteSierra Nevada - 9 mi. NE of Oroville, Feather River Highway
CAS-BOT77169CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1930-06-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island - Valdez
CAS-BOT77170CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaHoover, R. F.88181964-05-13 Santa BarbaraTassajara Creek
CAS-BOT77171CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaSmith, Gladys L.45461976-06-05 PlumasFeather River Canyon - Cracks of Lewisia Cliff, Rte. 70
CAS-BOT77172CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaMoran, Reid33441950-03-09 Santa BarbaraChannel Islands, Santa Rosa Island - canyon behind ranch
CAS-BOT77173CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaHoover, R. F.88181964-05-13 San Luis ObispoTassajera Creek
CAS-BOT77174CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaKeck, David D.56991947-03-22 KernKern River Canyon
CAS-BOT77175CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaTaylor, M. S.19391979-03-20 ButteCa. 1 mi N of jct. of north fork Feather River, along an old road, ca. 10 mi N of Oroville.
CHSC111979CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart181362012-06-02 ButteAlong east side of a poor dirt road, about 100 yards north of Truex Rd., west of intersection of Truex Rd. & Trevor Rd., about 1-8 mi. northwest of West Branch Bridge across Lake Oroville. T2 N R04E S1 W1-4
CHSC11325CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart1967-04-12 ButteBidwell Bar.
CHSC27953CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor19581979-03-20 ButteAlong north fork of Feather River, ca. 3 mi n of jct of Feather River and Hwy 70, ca. 10 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC27954CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor19391979-03-20 ButteCa. 1 mi n of jct of north fork Feather River, ca. 10 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC28409CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor22011979-09-28 ButteButte county line at Hwy 70, between boundary and Arch Rock tunnel.
CHSC28417CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaBruce Hamren81978-04-24 ButteWest Branch of Feather River. USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee
CHSC28897CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor23611980-02-17 ButteCa. _ mi sw of lower Forbestown Rd, ca. 3 mi w of Forbestown. T2 N R06E S05 NE1-4
CHSC28898CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor19961979-05-04 ButteAlong Millsap Bar Rd, ca. 4 mi ne of its jct with Bruch Creek Rd, ca. 26 mi ne of Oroville.
CHSC28988CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor23901980-03-19 ButteMacabes Creek canyon, ca. 100 ft e of Lumpkin Rd, ca. 2_ mi n of its jct with Forbestown Rd, ca. 18 mi ne of Oroville. T1 N R06E S07 SE1-4
CHSC29006CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor23741980-03-08 ButteIn Pulga, ca. 28 mi ne of Oroville. T2 N R05E S31 SE1-4
CHSC29723CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaJ. D. Jokerst5871980-04-17 ButteTop of North Table Mt, northern most edge. T2 N R04E S32 NE1-4 center
CHSC29791CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor28691980-06-14 ButteAt Big Bald Rock, ca. 3 mi e of Lake Madrone. T2 N R06E S30 SC USGS Quadrangle: Big Bend
CHSC30015CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaL. Ahart22431980-05-11 ButteAbout _ mi s of Kunkle Reservoir, ca. 3 mi se of Paradise.
CHSC30083CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor31901980-07-20 ButteBig Bald Rock, ca. 3 mi e of Lake Madrone.
CHSC30302CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor26801980-05-27 ButteBig Bald Rock, ca. 3 mi e of Lake Madrone. T2 N R06E S30 SC USGS Quadrangle: Big Bend
CHSC31010CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor33521980-10-06 ButteS side of Hwy 70 ca. _ mi w of Bear Creek jct with N fork Feather River, ca. 0.5 mi w of Arch Rock Tunnel rest stop. T2 N R05E S15 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC31464CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor33681981-01-05 ButteCa. 100 ft e of Pentz-Magalia Hwy, ca. 1 mi s of Kunkle Reservoir, ca. 3 mi s of Paradise. T2 N R04E S05 E1-2 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee
CHSC32116CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaL. Ahart11711976-07-07 ButteAlong edge of rd to Little North Fork of the Feather River, ca. 2 mi s of Junction House.
CHSC32117CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaL. Ahart7061975-03-07 ButteAlong rd from Ponderosa Dam to Forbestown.
CHSC32689CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor34081981-03-16 ButteE side of Truex Rd, ca. _ mi s of its jct with Hwy 70, ca. 7 mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S16 SC1-3 USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee
CHSC32690CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor34391981-03-24 ButteOn s side of Hwy 70 just e of Heinz Creek, ca. 1 mi e of Pulga. T2 N R05E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC32724CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor34971981-04-08 ButteAt end of Dark Canon Rd, around the turnout near the restroom up from the boat ramp to West Branch Feather River, ca. 3.5 mi s of its jct with Big Bend Rds jct, ca. 5 air mi s of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70. T2 N R04E S14 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
CHSC33559CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor36031981-05-05 ButteOn e side of Lumpkin-Laporte Rd, 1 mi n of Enterprise bridge over south fork Feather River, ca. 10 mi e of Oroville. T2 N R06E S31 SE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown
CHSC33902CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor37411981-05-15 ButteBoth sides of rd 2 N92 between its junction with 23N00.1 West Branch French Creek, ca. 1.5 air mi s of Coyote Gap, ca. 4 air mi e of Pulga on Feather River Hwy 70. T22N R05E S12 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SE
CHSC34242CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor3629A1981-05-07 ButteN side of Ponderosa Way, 0.6 mi n of Ponderosa Dam, ca. 4 air mi sw of Feather Falls. T2 N R06E S33 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown
CHSC34243CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor3568B1981-04-28 ButteAlong Four Trees Rd, ca. _ mi e of Hwy 70, ca. 2 mi ne of Pulga. T2 N R05E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
CHSC39317CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart1983-06-26 ButteAlong Ponderosa Way, about 1-8 mile east of the intersection of the Oroville Quincy Highway and Ponderosa Way, about 15 miles north-east of Oroville. Note: the sign gives Big Ridge Road instead of Ponderosa Way.
CHSC42504CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart56371987-05-12 ButteSouth of Lumpkin Ridge Road, 1_ miles east of Camp 18, about 8 miles north-east of Feather Falls.
CHSC44617CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaVernon Oswald11391984-04-09 ButteFeather Falls Trail, near the overlook at the falls.
CHSC46035CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart16551978-04-19 ButteAlong the edge of the Feather Falls trail, about 4 miles north of Feather Falls.
CHSC63691CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart75591994-10-09 ButteOn the north side of the poor road that hoes from Milsap Bar to Mountain Spring House, about 1 mile west of Mountain Spring House and the paved road, about 8_ (air) miles north and 1_ miles east of Feather Falls. T2 N R07E S06 north of center
CHSC92455CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart124822005-11-12 ButteSteep road cut on the east side of Dark Canon Road, south of the large parking area, south of the gate, end of Dark Canon Road, about 3 miles (air) south of Highway 70 at Big Bend Road. T2 N R04E S11 SE1-4
CHSC96815CHSCPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart139182007-05-22 ButteAbout 1-8 mile south of Bald Rock Dome, on the west side of the Dome Trail, trail leads to the Middle Fork of the Feather River, about a mile from the trail head which is 3-10 mile east of Bean Creek Road, about 2 miles (air) northeast of Big Bald Rock, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Oroville. T2 N R06E S28
JEPS108137UCJEPSPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLowell Ahart124822005-11-12 ButteSteep road cut on the east side of Dark Canon Road, south of the large parking area, south of the gate, end of Dark Canon Road, about 3 miles (air) south of Highway 70 at Big Bend Road
SD112066SDPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaLinda Allens.n.1975-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon-Hour Trail
SD172183SDPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaSteven A. JunakSNI-9821993-03-10 VenturaSan Nicolas Island; north escarpment, between forks of East Mesa Canon, ca. 0.3 mile northwest of Benchmark 396.
SD227424SDPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaMichael G. Simpson36762012-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, road cut of Middle Ranch Road, ca. 1.4 miles east of junction with Canon Trail, 2 miles due south-southeast of Mount Orizaba.
SD229660SDPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaJon Rebman225652012-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: north of Main Ranch; in a small side canyon east of the road near the junction of the central valley (Canada del Medio) with Canada del Puerto
UC1549532UCJEPSPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. S. Taylor3568B1981-04-28 Butteca. 2-3 mi ne of Pulga (along Four Trees Rd, ca. 0.5 to 1 mi e of Hwy 70); Pulga SW Quadrangle
UC2027507UCJEPSPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaDavid J. Keil, Matt Ritter, Mike Stiles, Charley Knight, Wendy Knight, Craig Jacobsen313872012-06-28 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Upper Lopez Canon. Lopez Canon Trail from east Cuesta Ridge to Lopez Canon Road.
UCSB020922UCSBPentagramma triangularis subsp. semipallidaM. H. Phelps791972-03-03 Santa BarbaraNear junction of W. Camino Cielo Rd. and Refugio Canon Rd.
BSCA0056BSCAPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisRebman, Jon P.83702003-04-08 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
BSCA0058BSCAPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisGetty, Maurice (Bud)1961-08-27 San DiegoLower Doane Meadow
BSCA2158BSCAPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisJonsson, Eriks.n.1986-02-15 San DiegoNorth of S22
CAS-BOT121300CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisRubtzoff, Peter; Trowbridge, Barbara81171975-06-25 El DoradoBlodgett Forest, Chinquapin Flat Road, ca. 1.6 mi. S of Gaddis Creek Rd (Comp. 600R)
CAS-BOT126764CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHelmkamp, G. K.; Helmkamp, E. A.92032005-03-25 San Luis ObispoOuter South Coast Ranges: Santa Lucia Wilderness; Hi Mountain Road, 6.7 miles ENE of Lopez Lake near Salt Creek Elev. given as 1310ft.
CAS-BOT70226CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisTwisselmann, Ernest C.25131956-02-20 San Luis ObispoSycamore Canyon (Pozo Grade)
CAS-BOT70227CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisTwisselmann, Ernest C.32291956-11-07 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range: Cypress Mountain
CAS-BOT70228CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHowell, John Thomas408471964-06-30 San Luis ObispoMonterey Pine Forest, Cambria
CAS-BOT70229CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisEastwood, Alices.n.1926-05-03 San Luis ObispoAvila
CAS-BOT70230CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisEastwood, Alice142941929-04-07 San Luis ObispoMorro
CAS-BOT70231CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHenshaw, H. W.s.n.1884-01-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT70232CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisSummers, Mrs. R. W.61883-01-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT70233CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHowitt, Beatrice F.1621955-04-07 Montereynear Bixby Creek
CAS-BOT70234CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHardham, Clare B.1341956-02-12 San Luis ObispoV-2 Ranch, West of Templeton
CAS-BOT70263CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHenshaw, H. W.s.n.1936-08-11 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT70264CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisFerris, Roxana S.76651929-04-16 San Luis ObispoOld Creek, coast road between Morro and Cayucos
CAS-BOT70265CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisWiggins, Ira L.36361929-04-16 San Luis ObispoHillside near Old Creek, 6 miles N. of Morro
CAS-BOT70266CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisThomas, J. H.28221953-03-07 Santa CruzBetween Deer Creek and Kings Creek, 1.5 miles from Bielawski Lookout, northern Santa Cruz Co.
CAS-BOT70267CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisThomas, J. H.13751950-03-29 Santa CruzWaterman Gap, near San Lorenzo River
CAS-BOT70268CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisThomas, J. H.13981950-03-30 Santa CruzSoquel Valley, 1 mile south of Mountain School
CAS-BOT70269CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisThomas, J. H.27541953-02-08 Santa CruzRancho del Oso, along Waddell Creek, about 2 miles from the coast
CAS-BOT70270CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisThomas, J. H.12811950-03-05 Santa CruzBetween mt. Madona and Watsonville, near intersection of Mt. Madona and Hazel Del Roads, about 7 miles from Watsonville
CAS-BOT70271CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisJones, Marcus E.22061881-06-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
CAS-BOT71609CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1909-05-22 Alamedasouth of Livermore
CAS-BOT71610CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisCovel, Paul F.3751937-03-12 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT71611CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisCannon, Miss. E.s.n.1894-01-01 AlamedaPiedmont Springs
CAS-BOT71612CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisLemmons.n.1881-05-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT71613CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisRattan, Volneys.n.1867-04-01 AlamedaOakland
CAS-BOT71615CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-09-07 HumboldtWoodson Mine, Orleans Mt.
CAS-BOT71616CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisRattan, Volneys.n.1879-01-01 Humboldt
CAS-BOT71617CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisKildale, Doris K.36501927-07-03 HumboldtWillow Creek Flat
CAS-BOT71618CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisKildale, Doris K.67651928-12-30 HumboldtPhillipsville
CAS-BOT71619CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisWiggins, Ira L.141391957-06-21 HumboldtE side of road, 1 mi. S of Garberville
CAS-BOT71620CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisDuncan, Carl D.s.n.1920-09-22 HumboldtTrinity River, Hoopa Valley
CAS-BOT71621CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisDeDecker, Mary32591973-05-25 InyoSW. of Santa Rita Flat, Inyo Mts.
CAS-BOT71622CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisDeDecker, Mary33701974-03-17 InyoInyo Mountains SE. of Tinemaha Dam, lava tube above F.S. boundary
CAS-BOT71623CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisTrain, Percys.n.1937-05-14 InyoSawmill Creek, E. slope Sierras, near Independence
CAS-BOT71624CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisHowell, John Thomas39861928-06-16 InyoSurprise Canyon, Panamint Mts.
CAS-BOT71625CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisFarnsworth, Evalyn L.791964-05-15 KernCedar Creek at the Farnsworth Ranch
CAS-BOT71626CASPentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularisFarnsworth, Evalyn L.92-11964-02-04 KernGrizzly Gulch at the White River-Garces Highway Road (Sierra foothills)