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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
UCSB010461UCSBPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJames W. Tatum1381975-7-17 TulareBrush Meadow; located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
UCSB010462UCSBPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJames W. Tatum1951975-7-20 TulareBrush Meadow; on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha
UCSB010463UCSBPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJames W. Tatum4661976-7-19 TulareBrush Meadow; on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha
POM42652RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-7-20 FresnoRae Lake.
POM301426RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusNathan C. Sweet3021942-8-19 MariposaFoot of Mt. Dana. Yosemite National Park.
POM257026RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusNathan C. Sweets.n.1940-7-04 MariposaCraimer Meadow, near Fish Camp.
RSA135976RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusArthur R. Kruckeberg35421954-7-24 Mono1 mile n.e. of Saddlebag Lake. Inyo National Forest
RSA792791RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJames Wiley Tatum1381975-7-17 TulareBrush meadow. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
RSA613051RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMary DeDecker981952-9-06 InyoSierra Nevada: Piute Pass Trail.; Mt. Goddard
RSA114880RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPercy C. Everett219821956-7-09 MaderaAgnew Meadow, on road to Devil's Postpile, head of San Joaquin River.
POM307648RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusHenry J. Ramsey25081940-8-20 MariposaAbove Lake Ellery, Tioga Rd.
POM215649RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusAdele Lewis Grant2801915-8-15 MonoSummit, Sonora Pass.
RSA756093RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMichael Honer26392007-6-28 FresnoSierra National ForestNorth Fork Kings River: near confluence with Anderson Creek. Flat dry area on S side of river. Big campsite nearby.
RSA285704RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusD. C. Michener40041981-7-15 MonoSierra Nevada. Summit north of CA 120 ca 0.5 miles east of Tioga Pass summit.
RSA153257RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell60221956-8-05 FresnoNear College Rock Trail to 10,341 Kaiser Pk. on S. face of Kaiser Ridge above eastern end of 7000' Huntington Lake.
RSA132654RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell45701954-8-24 FresnoGraveyard Lakes, 1.5 miles Glaciated basin, SE flank Silver Divide 600-1000' above Cold Creek. E-SE at 9300'. Lowest saddle on basin rim 10,670'; Graveyard Peak 11,584' at W corner. 5.5 map miles N of Edison Dam on Mono Creek.
RSA67803RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell4301951-7-31 FresnoSouth Lake, 9300', headwaters Dinkey Creek. 1 N Three Sisters (10,612'). Lake at base of NNW facing 500-600' cliff.
POM259369RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusAlice Eastwood75621939-7-20 MonoSonora Pass
RSA125488RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell51821955-7-26 FresnoE. of South end of lake next above Golden Trout Lake
RSA223747RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusE. C. Twisselmann172221970-7-28 TulareHead of Kern Peak Stringer. The Kern Plateau.
POM43726RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMarcus E. Jones25611881-7-28 NevadaSoda Springs.
RSA131539RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell48161954-9-03 FresnoBear Creek at 9520ft where Muir Trail Starts climb for 10,850ft Seldon Pass 3 map miles S 13,075' 7- Gables ca. 2.5 miles SE 12,349ft Mt. Hooper, 3.5 miles SW- E wall of Canon a very steeply sloping cliff ca. 2200ft.
RSA9904RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusCarl B. Wolf33441928-8-17 El DoradoTrail from Susie to Heather Lake.
RSA203050RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJames Henrickson25681967-8-12 FresnoSierra View, 1 mile E of Kaiser Pass; 4 miles NE of Huntington Lake.
RSA191777RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusRobert F. Thorne331271963-8-10 Mono1.3 miles beyond Sardine Creek Meadow, ca. 1 mile E of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest.
RSA71684RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJ. C. Roos51351951-8-10 MonoWhite Mountain; McAfee Meadow.
POM307647RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusHenry J. Ramsey25091940-8-23 MariposaAbove Tioga Pass Ranger Station.
RSA150586RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell66831957-8-09 FresnoW. wall Goddard Cany. (S. Fk. San Joaquin R.) above deeply entrenched sect. of River 0.25 m. above entrance (9650') of N. Goddard Crk. which descends E. wall from Davis Lakes.; Blackcap Mt. Quad12000' Le Conte Divide on W. McGee Ridge on E. 12500-13000' canyon descends gradually N-NW.
POM259798RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusI. L. Wiggins92531939-7-23 MonoSummit of Sonora pass and up to summit.
RSA53763RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusH. M. Pollards.n.1944-7-17 MonoNear Lake Mary.
RSA71790RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJ. C. Roos50961951-8-08 MonoBig Prospector Meadow, White Mountains.
RSA149814RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell78841958-9-01 FresnoLarge pocket or shelf mead. outlined by 10,560' contour (Mt. Abbot Quad.) .5 NE of Cirque L., Headwaters Cirque Crk., Trib. Bear Crk. Saddle in ridge above E 10,800'. Cirque Crk. and mead. 300 ft below W. 11360 ft ridge S.
RSA88067RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPeter H. Raven35431951-7-19 MaderaRidge between Garnet Lake and Thousand Island Lake.
RSA74251RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusDouglas Warnock61951-7-03 Mono25 yards E of Ranger Station at summit of Pass near W wall. Pass 9940', 0.5 mile broad, crosses Range N-S, with Mt Dana, 13050', 2 miles E and 11000' ridge 0.5 mile W. Tioga Pass. Yosemite National Park.
POM230479RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusD. D. Keck38591935-7-19 MonoTimberline Station, Slate Creek Valley, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area. N side of valley above cabin.
RSA150650RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell69151957-8-14 FresnoBase Camp, Goddard Canon (S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv.) (Blackcap Mt. and Mt. Goddard Quads.) 10,150', upper end of great, rocky salix mead.Above trail jct. to Hell For Sure Pass. Mt. Goddard, 13,568', ca. 2.5 map miles e-se., all other pks. both sides canyon 12,000'-12,900'; Martha Lake, 11,000', at head of canyon ca. 3 m. s-se.
RSA89414RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell12431952-8-21 FresnoGlaciated Twin Lakes area, N Kaiser Ridge and W Potter Pass, 2/3 miles W 8650 ft Island Twin lake, Over 1 mile E of 10300 ft Kaiser Peak, foot of SE corner ledged cliffs of 9900 N-S outlier paralleling Kaiser Ridge to E.on Ward Ditch and trail to George Lake etc.
RSA196086RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMary DeDecker12551960-7-24 MonoWhite Mountains: Slope above upper lab.
RSA17385RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusE. R. Johnson81511936-8-22 FresnoHigh Sierra Nevada, Evolution Lake.
RSA135992RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusArthur R. Kruckeberg34011954-7-09 TulareHockett Meadow. Sequoia N. P.
POM307441RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusHenry J. Ramsey23211938-8-04 TulareFranklin Lake, Mineral King.
POM283706RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusR. D. Harwoods.n.1924-7-1 TuolumneDog Lake. Yosemite National Park. Sierra Nevada mtn range, Tuolumne River watershed.
RSA49497RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPhilip A. Munz142031949-7-25 TulareSiberian Pass Creek.
RSA68171RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell6731951-8-20 FresnoNE-SW Sect. Hilgard Branch, (tributary to Bear Creek), 2 miles W Mt. Hilgard (13,351').
POM43727RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMarcus E. Joness.n.1902-7-10 NevadaSummit. Sierra Nevada Mtns.
RSA132624RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell64541957-7-30 FresnoSmall crescent-shaped lake (11200') at lower end Darwin Bench and notch a little below where Darwin Creek begins plunge down long, even, iceplaned, SW facing slope to Evolution Valley 1200' below. 13000' plus Mendel-Darwin ridge just E.; Mt. Goddard Quad
RSA69100RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell5541951-8-16 Fresno10700' in Hilgard Branch (tributary to Bear Crk.) below Lake Italy and S of Mt Hilgard (13351').
RSA96373RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPhilip A. Munz199611954-8-17 MonoNorth slope of Middle Ridge, Slate Creek, Sierra Nevada.
POM127807RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusL. R. Abrams48521911-7-29 El DoradoGlen Alpine Trail Mt. Tallac.
RSA113563RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPhilip A. Munz212211955-7-24 MonoHead of Sweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mts.
POM14682RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusA. A. Heller70071903-7-24 NevadaAbout Summit Station (Donner Pass). From type locality.
POM127264RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusL. R. Abrams48461911-7-29 El DoradoGlen Alpine Trail Mt. Tallac.
POM303706RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusJ. T. Howell206281944-8-16 MonoMono Pass.
RSA7497RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusCarl B. Wolf53401933-8-17 MonoSaddlebag Lake, at base of dam; High Sierra Nevada.
RSA45304RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusR. C. Rollins29861941-7-26 MonoNear Tributary of Walker River, about 4 miles east of Sonora Pass.
POM42620RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMarcus E. Jones23991881-7-20 NevadaSoda Springs.
RSA625945RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusMary DeDecker60511988-8-16 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley drainage; east fork Morgan Creek; site of original tungsten village; near treeline.
RSA80607RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusChas. H. Quibell14511952-8-28 FresnoMott Lake, 10000', 1.5 m from headwaters N Fork Mono Creek. 2.2 W of 12841' Red and White Mtn on Sierran Crest. Lake faces SW on step in 1500' glacial canyon.
RSA247263RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusGary D. Wallace6121966-6-17 TuolumneNear Kennedy Meadows, along Hwy 108, ca. 30 miles W of Sonora jct with Hwy 395
RSA151427RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusDouglas Warnock801951-8-01 FresnoTop of first ridge west of the Tioga Pass Ranger Station 10700', 3.25 miles NW of Mt. Dana (13050').
POM14685RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusA. A. Heller70951903-8-05 NevadaCastle Peak near the highest point.
RSA216360RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusE. C. Twisselmann169821970-7-25 TulareTunnel Meadow, Kern Plateau.
POM255523RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusPhilip A. Munz159871940-7-17 MonoTioga Pass.
RSA53762RSAPenstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxusH. M. Pollards.n.1944-7-26 MonoDuck Pass [Mono-Fresno counties].
OBI105722OBIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDavid J. Keil208991988-8-20 MonoNorth of Barcroft Facility
OBI105719OBIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDavid J. Keil207821988-6-16 TulareSequoia National Park. Vicinity of Eagle Lake, ca. 3.5 miles south of Mineral King.
UCSB010464UCSBPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJames K. McPherson1781965-10-09 MonoNear Mt. Barcroft Research Station; White Mountains.
SFV110443SFVPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusP. S. Wilson37982002-6-9 InyoSierra Nevada; Next to Brown Lake.
SFV110444SFVPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusS. Kimball1151999-8-24 InyoSierra Nevada; Topsy Turvy Lake.
RSA777692RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim Andre156752008-7-28 InyoBig Pine Canon; along Glacier Trail approx. 1 mile north of Palisade Glacier, 0.5 mile below San Mack Basin, 0.3 mile above San Mack Meadow; North Palisade 7.5'
RSA0116935RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusLyman Benson127411947-8-07 MonoSierra Nevada Range, Owens River Drainage Area, Mammoth Lakes, Crystal Lake
RSA669418RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusMichael Denslow7122002-7-13 InyoInyo National ForestAlong trail to Golden Trout Lake above Onion Valley in north fork Independence creek drainage.; Kearsarge Peak Quad
RSA0099462RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim M. Andre317412012-7-17 TuolumneUSFSSierra Nevada; along Hwy 108 about 0.7 mi west of Sonora Pass.; Sonora Pass 7.5'
RSA779026RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDavid J. Keil208991988-8-20 MonoNorth of Barcroft Facility.
RSA0011483RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJames Wiley Tatum4661976-7-19 TulareLocated on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest. 5.2 WSW of the town of Olancha. Brush Meadow.
DAV328932DAVPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAlbert Grigarick1952009-9-10 PlacerPlacer Co.: Squaw Creek Resort, approx. in middle of Emigrant Lift.
DAV328933DAVPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGeoffrey A. Levin12941978-7-22 InyoInyo County: Cottonwood Campground, ca. 9 miles south-southeast of Lone Pine.
DAV328934DAVPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGeoffrey A. Levin13381980-8-12 MonoMono County: west end of Tioga Lake, 0.5 mile east of Tioga Pass on State Highway 120.
UCR0056153UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGeorge K. Helmkamp23821997-9-11 Monoalong CA Hwy 120, 0.5 mile north of Tioga Pass, Nunatak Meadow area
UCR0056152UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGeorge K. Helmkamp23651997-9-11 Monoalong CA Hwy 120, 0.5 mile north of Tioga Pass, Nunatak Meadow area
UCR0056131UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGeorge K. Helmkamp59052000-7-19 MonoRock Creek Lake Rd., 0.8 mile north of the Inyo Co. line
UCR0056135UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim Andre156752008-7-28 InyoBig Pine Canon, along Glacier Trail c. 1 mi north of Palisade Glacier, 0.3 mi below San Mack Basin, 0.6 mi above San Mack Meadow
UCR0056147UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim Andre216682012-7-12 MonoInyo National Forest, along Hwy 203 (Minaret Hwy) 5.3 mi. west of town of Mammoth; Sierra Nevada
UCR0056129UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim Andre324702009-9-3 InyoBig Pine Canon, south fork drainage, north shore of Finger Lake (at outlet)
UCR0056146UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnn Howald39032016-7-24 MonoDana Plateau, southwest-facing lip, c. 1.3 miles east of Tioga Lake
UCR0056145UCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnn Howald39182016-7-24 MonoDana Plateau, west end, along central drainage, c. 1.5 miles east of Tioga Lake
HSC94683HSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusHelen Constantine-Shull4741995-7-26 MonoCrater Flat
HSC94684HSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusHelen Constantine-Shull11331996-8-22 MonoUpper reaches of N tributary to Deadman Creek
CHSC24201CHSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusT. P. Spira501976-7-04 TuolumneCommon off Hwy. 108 just w of Sonora Pass.
CHSC68881CHSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusVernon Oswald86431997-6-24 LassenSouth of Susanville near the samll pond on the crest of Diamond Mtn., about midway between Aspen Flat and Red Rock Lookout. T2 N R12E S0 W1/4 of SW1/4
CHSC79839CHSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusHelen Constantine-Shull4621995-7-26 MonoInyo National Forest. Crater Flat. T03S R27E S08 USGS Quadrangle: Mammoth Mtn.
CHSC108558CHSCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusB. Castro13082000-8-1 InyoSouthern High Sierra Nevada. East side of Coyote Ridge near the top, about 3.5 W of The Hunchback. From 10 to 50 ft up from road on very steep east-facing slope. T08S R31E S26 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Thompson
VVC1599VVCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusTim Thomas40662006-8-11 Mono1.5 miles south of Barcroft Station just off main road.
JEPS64597UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan172221970-7-28 TulareMeadow at the head of Kern Peak Stringer Sierra Nevada, The Kern Plateau, head Kern Peak Stringer
UC185332UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusKatharine Brandegee1908-8-01 NevadaDonner (Summit)
UC306812UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Evans1918-7-20 El Dorados Echo Lake (Meadow S. slope Phillips); Sierra Nevada, Meadow S. slope, s of Echo Lake
UC477364UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusVictor Duran28061930-7-24 MonoWhite Mountains, McAfee Meadows
JEPS15124UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. A. Peterson3661936-7-24 TuolumneEmigrant Meadow Stanislaus National Forest, Dardanelles Quadrangle
JEPS125135UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDylan M. Neubauer2032015-6-17 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: North Fork Crooked Creek, .2 air-mi n UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
JEPS11585UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg39791944-7-23 Monohead Sweetwater Canon; Sweetwater Mountains, head of Sweetwater Canon
JEPS11583UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAdele Lewis Grant2801915-8-15 TuolumneSummit Sonora Pass Sierra Nevada, Summit Sonora Pass
UC2071799UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusLyman Benson121331947-7-27 MonoTioga Pass. Mt. Range: Sierra Nevada.
UC148719UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusMiss Maud Minthorn1908-8-06 Monovicinity Lundy; vicinity of Lundy
UC54616UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47451903-8-01 El DoradoPyramid Peak Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pyramid Peak
JEPS125165UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDylan M. Neubauer2752015-6-29 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: North Fork Crooked Creek just w White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
UC480749UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. C. Blasdale1923-7-13 Placertop of Ellis Peak Lake Tahoe Region, top of Ellis Peak
UC625183UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusPaul S. Bartholomew1934-7-29 Monoe, at Snow Lake near n boundary of Yosemite Nat. Park Kerrick Meadow; Yosemite National Park, shore of Snow Lake
UC64698UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock56521904-8-08 Tularevicinity Mineral King (White Chief Mine); Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, White Chief Mine
UC306811UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Evans1918-7-20 El DoradoPhillips Sierra Nevada (S. slope)
UC551504UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusBeryl O. Schreiber18851935-7-28 MariposaVogelsang Pass Yosemite National Park
UC577925UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusN. French3901934-7-02 NevadaWhite Rock Truckee Quad., White Rock
JEPS11581UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDr. L. M. Newlon, Harriet P. Kelley381919-7-19 TulareAlta Peak
UC1060510UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusRichard Snow2891957-8-14 Tuolumnegravelly meadow near Benson Pass; near Benson Pass
UC185335UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusKatharine Brandegee1913-7-01 MonoMammoth
UC54626UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler46221903-7-24 El Doradovicinity Lake Tahoe (Summit Mt. Tallac); Sierra Nevada Mountains
JEPS64656UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan170331970-7-26 TulareRocky Basin Lakes Sierra Nevada, The Kern Plateau, Rocky Basin Lakes
UC1063368UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. S. Yates40251934-7-01 AlpineEbbet Pass Mono National Forest, Markleeville Quad., Ebbet Pass
JEPS11588UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJ. Grinnell1911-8-29 InyoCottonwood Lakes Sierra Nevada Mts., , Whitney Mdws (from Whitney Meadows to timberline)
UC703384UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg39791944-7-23 Monohead of Sweetwater Canon Sweetwater Mountains, Sweetwater Canon
JEPS64648UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan173891970-7-31 TulareChicken Spring Lake Sierra Nevada, The Kern Plateau, Chicken Spring Lake
JEPS11593UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAdele Lewis Grant15481918-8-19 FresnoLake of the Lone Indian
JEPS11578UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson73131917-7-27 MonoSheep Mt. White Mts., Sheep Mt.
JEPS15121UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. A. Peterson5631936-8-29 MonoInk Rocks , Bridgeport Quad., Ink Rocks (Mono National Forest)
UC572538UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. A. Peterson3661936-7-24 TuolumneEmigrant Meadow Stanislaus National Forest, Dardanelles Quadrangle
UC1063364UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. W. Akey2981935-8-06 Madera1 1/2 mi e Buena Vista Peak; Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Quadrangle
UC27423UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusC. J. Fox, Jr.1895-7-01 PlacerDeer Park Inn
UC58261UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusA. A. Heller70951903-8-05 NevadaCastle Peak near highest point; Castle Peak near the highest point
JEPS11577UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson73981917-8-03 Inyoplateau n McAfee Mdws; White Mts., Plateau n of McAfee Mdws
JEPS13133UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusHelen-Mar Wheeler4471941-8-18 El Dorado4 mi s Meyers (Old sawmill, State Highway 89); Upper Truckee River
UC27420UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler6631900-7-24 FresnoMt. Goddard Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mt. Goddard
JEPS64646UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan173381970-7-30 TulareSiberian Pass Sierra Nevada, The Kern Plateau, Siberian Pass
JEPS11589UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson50021912-7-11 Tularemdws base Kaweah Peaks; base Kaweah Peaks
UC690341UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJ. Clausen5451932-7-29 MonoSlate Creek Valley
JEPS11576UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusunknown1918-7-24 El Doradonear Phillips Crag; Sierra Nevada, near Phillips Crag
UC397388UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusKatharine Brandegee1913-7-01 Inyobetween Bishop and Andrews Camp; between Bishop and Andrews Camp
UC1063363UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusA. H. Hawbecker185791936-7-27 Tuolumne1/4 mi e Smedberg Lake; Yosemite National Park, Bridgeport Quadrangle
UC1063369UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusN. French4331934-7-21 Placernw end Kid Lake; Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quadrangle
UC41768UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock35751902-7-01 TuolumneMt. Lyell , Mt. Lyell (Yosemite National Park)
UC579694UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusT. Hendrix3721937-7-17 Mono1 mi sw Hunewill Lake; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
JEPS124960UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusD. M. Neubauer2452015-6-24 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: North Fork Crooked Creek, .27 air-mile sw UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
JEPS11592UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAdele Lewis Grant14541918-7-19 FresnoKaiser Peak
JEPS15122UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusN. French4921934-7-02 NevadaWhite Rock Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quadrangle, White Rock
JEPS15125UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. S. Yates39381934-6-30 Alpine1 mi w Canon Pass; El Dorado National Forest, Pyramid Pk Quad.
UC566129UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. S. Yates39381934-6-30 Alpine1 mi w Canon Pass; El Dorado National Forest, Pyramid Pk.
UC887061UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnna Head1921-7-25 PlumasLong Lake Feather River Region, Long Lake
JEPS11591UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson44701911-7-19 MonoMono Pass Sierra Nevada, Mono Pass
JEPS11579UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson72871917-7-25 MonoCampito Mt. White Mts., Campito Mt.
UC1063365UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusF. W. Embree1951934-9-06 Alpine1 mi ne Arnot Peak; Mono National Forest, Dardanelles Quad.
JEPS64663UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan169821970-7-25 TulareTunnel Meadow Sierra Nevada, The Kern Plateau, Tunnel Meadow
UC193793UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusC. F. Sonne1882-8-01 NevadaMt. Stanford Mt. Stanford = Castle Creek (= Castle Creek)
GMDRC4928GMDRCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJ. Andre156752008-7-28 InyoBig Pine Canon: along Glacier Trail approx. 1 mi. north of Palisade Glacier, 0.5 mi. below San Mack Basin, 0.3 mi. above San Mack Meadow
GMDRC7049GMDRCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJ. M. Andre317412012-7-17 TuolumneSierra Nevada: along Hwy 108 about 0.7 mi west of Sonora Pass
GMDRC7415GMDRCPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJ. M. Andre324702009-9-3 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Big Pine Canon, south fork drainage, inorth shore of Finger Lake (at outlet)
UC1063370UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. S. Yates38811934-6-29 Placernear Brockway; Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quadrangle
UC1063366UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. R. Howden721935-7-25 AlpineN cone of Dardanelles , Dardanelles Quad. (Stanislaus National Forest)
UC419734UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusMrs. H. P. Bracelin521930-8-15 MonoSaddlebag Lake
UC625237UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusPaul S. Bartholomew1934-8-01 TuolumneMatterhorn Canon Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC69670UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusEarle Mulliken1261904-7-27 AmadorKirkwoods Sierra Nevada Mountains, Silver Lake, Kirkwoods
JEPS11586UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusR. F. Hoover14651936-7-02 Tuolumne2 mi w Sonora Pass summit; w of Sonora Pass summit
JEPS11584UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson4429h1911-7-14 Mariposas side Volgelsang Paso Yosemite Park, Vogelsang Paso, s side
JEPS11580UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusWillis L. Jepson8771900-7-15 InyoKearsarge Pass
UC1063362UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusC. G. Albertus3301936-8-18 Alpine3/8 mi n Highland Lake; Stanislaus National Forest, Dardanelles Quad.
UC573292UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. A. Peterson5631936-8-29 MonoInk Rocks , Bridgeport Quad., Ink Rocks (Mono National Forest)
UC551418UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusBeryl O. Schreiber18011935-7-25 Mariposanear Mount Lyell Trail; Yosemite National Park
JEPS11590UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusMark Kerr40241932-8-25 Inyo2 mi e Kearsarge Pass (Onion Valley); e of Kearsarge Pass, Onion Valley
JEPS101487UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusDean W. Taylor52021975-7-14 MonoWhite Mountains: on Mt. Barcroft
JEPS26700UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard, P. C. Hutchison81151961-7-30 Monoabout 1/2 mi above and n of Barcroft Laboratory (0.75 mi above and n of McAfee Meadow)
UC1063367UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusW. W. Akey3291935-8-22 Madera1 mi sw Isberg Peak (Yosemite National Park); , Mt. Lyell Quad.
UC54625UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47251903-8-01 El DoradoPyramid Peak Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pyramid Peak
JEPS11587UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusKatherine D. Jones1908-7-16 InyoMt. Whitney
UC1036089UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg32431942-8-05 Inyow Independence (Flower Lake, Kearsage Pass trail); Sierra Nevada
UC126525UCJEPSPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusH. M., G. R. Hall84341908-7-26 TulareWhitney Creek, e Tulare County Southern Sierra Nevda Mountains
RSA0120578RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusJim M. Andre325592009-8-4 InyoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada: south fork of Big Pine Canon, at foot of Norman Clyde Glacier on rocky east-facing slopes, SE of Elinore Lake, due west of Finger Lake.; Split Mountain 7.5'
RSA0101523RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-8-06 MonoTioga Lake.
THRI-SEKI20832THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusSylvia Haultains.n.2007-8-4 UnknownArmy Creek
THRI-SEKI19322THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusBartlett, C.; Lao, J.LULE11-02-042003-7-26 UnknownSEKI Special Status Plants LULE11-02. Southern margin of Mitchell Meadow.
THRI-SEKI22986THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusCann, CorieSEKI-20-WM-223-7052015-9-9 Unknown
THRI-SEKI20921THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusFrenzel, Eriks.n.2007-8-3 UnknownRock Creek Lake Meadow
THRI-SEKI7178THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusGlenn, C.K.6471968-8-17 UnknownS Side Josephine Lk
THRI-SEKI7179THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusStocking, S.K.68-721968-7-29 UnknownS Junction Glacier Pass & Sawtooth Pass Tr
THRI-SEKI7180THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusTwisselmann, Ernest C.169821970-7-25 UnknownTunnel Mdw
THRI-SEKI7181THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusBurke, Mary Theresa2751978-8-31 UnknownDollar Lk
THRI-SEKI7182THRIPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusRockwell, Jack A.67-02501967-8-07 UnknownGrouse Lk
RSA0336663RSAPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusL. M. Moe4431970-7-22 AlpineEast-facing hillside above Woods Lake Campground.

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