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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC105880DAVPediomelum californicumBeecher Crampton19971954-6-16 TehamaTehama County, Round Mountain area, Whitlock Camp, to the west of Paskenta.
    AHUC105881DAVPediomelum californicumBeecher Crampton19971954-6-16 TehamaTehama County, Round Mountain area, Whitlock Camp.
    AHUC105882DAVPediomelum californicumA. A. Heller115481914-7-08 GlennGlenn County: Between Mud Flat and Bennett Spring on the Newville-Covelo road.
    AHUC105883DAVPediomelum californicumFreed W. Hoffman15061947-5-10 San BenitoSan Benito County: Fresno County Line, 5 miles east of Hernandez.
    AHUC105884DAVPediomelum californicumP. B. Kennedys.n.1916-5-21 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Between Diablo and Summit.
    CAS-BOT389702CASPediomelum californicumSigal, L.s.n.1969-7-1 San MateoBelmont Canyon out of Water Dog Lake
    CDA0027671CDAPediomelum californicumL.P. Janeway67692000-5-31 GlennRidgetop on southwest side of Black Diamond Glades; along Black Diamond Road 9.2 km west of the Elk Creek-Stonyford Road. ,Inner North Coast Ranges.
    CHSC114990CHSCPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart201002015-4-28 LakeAbout 150 yards west of Barrel Spring Meadow, about 1/4 mile (air) west of Walker Ridge Road, about 3 miles (air) southwest of the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Brim Road, about 18 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S13 SW1/4
    CHSC115623CHSCPediomelum californicumDavid Isle21322014-5-18 GlennNorth Coast Range: North of Stonyford 2 miles; N of Black Diamond Rd (1 N02.1) 100 yds, W of Jct w/Co. Rd. 306 0.25 mile in the lower 40 acre parcel of State of California land just west of ephemeral swale. T18N R0 W S17 SE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
    CHSC48568CHSCPediomelum californicumVernon Oswald20171986-5-12 LakeBrim Rd. (Bartlett Springs Rd.) at the jct. of the road to Barrel Spring. T1 N R0 W S11 NE1/4 of SE1/4
    CHSC79507CHSCPediomelum californicumL. P. Janeway67692000-5-31 GlennInner North Coast Ranges. Ridgetop on southwest side of Black Diamond Glades; along Black Diamond Road 9.2 km west of the Elk Creek-Stonyford Road. T1 N R0 W S22 SE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford 1:24,000
    CHSC80645CHSCPediomelum californicumVernon H. Oswald100312001-5-30 TehamaLog springs Rd (M4) between Salt Creek Conservation Camp and Log Springs, 0.2 mi east of the 14 mile post. T2 N R0 W S29 NW1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Hall Ridge
    CHSC87318CHSCPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart108132004-4-29 TehamaAlong the Nomalaki Trail, about 1/2 mile by trail northwest of Dead Rabbit Lake, about 1 1/4 miles northwest of Bowers Creek, about 2 miles northwest of Forest Road 2 N69 (Mud Flat Road), about 7 1/2 miles (air) southwest of Paskenta. T23N R0 W S17 NW1/4
    CHSC92847CHSCPediomelum californicumD. Isle12251995-6-06 GlennMendocino National Forest -- North Coast Ranges Middle Fork Stony Creek Watershed. At junction of Black Diamond Road (1 N02) and North Fork Road (18No3). On south edge of the road. 6.9 miles above junction with County Road 306. T18N R0 W S22 SW1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
    CHSC94750CHSCPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart126862006-6-11 GlennOn the east side of Forest Road 1 N03, south of an intersection, on Black Diamond Ridge, about 2 miles (air) northeast of the North Fork Campground, about 4 3/4 miles (air) northwest of Stonyford. T18N R0 W S22 NE1/4
    DAV338960DAVPediomelum californicumCraig D. Thomsen23792000-6-23 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20/16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17, about 1/8 of a mile east of Vista Point.
    DAV338961DAVPediomelum californicumEllen Dean56352009-5-20 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 0.5 road mi N of intersection with road to Indian Valley Reservoir. Parking area, undeveloped roads, flats and slopes on W side of road.
    DAV338962DAVPediomelum californicumCraig D. Thomsen25262001-5-24 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20/16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17.
    DAV338963DAVPediomelum californicumEllen Dean61462010-6-11 ColusaColusa County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, N of turnoff to Indian Valley Reservoir but S of Til Jones Spring. Many old undeveloped roads here.
    DAV340926DAVPediomelum californicumJames A. Neilson, Jr.34261980-6-15 ColusaColusa County: Wilbur Hot Springs. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV340927DAVPediomelum californicumRoman Gankin1261956-5-05 San BenitoSan Benito County: near San Benito River on Hernandez and Coalinga Rds.
    DAV340928DAVPediomelum californicumGlen Holstein1061980-6-01 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Immediately south of Blackbird Valley and 300 feet east of San Antonio Valley Road, ca. 1500 feet south of junction with access road to Blackbird Valley.
    DAV340929DAVPediomelum californicumJune McCaskill4251956-5-05 San BenitoSan Benito County: Near San Benito River on Hernandez and Coalinga Road, San Carlos Range.
    DAV340930DAVPediomelum californicumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-8-02 San BenitoSan Benito County: Hernandez-New Idria. S. Benito Mountain Natural Area near Clear Creek Management Area. Near S. Benito Peak summit.
    DAV340931DAVPediomelum californicumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.50601952-5-04 San BenitoSan Benito County: Along Clear Creek, 3-4 miles northeast of Hernandez.
    HSC103314HSCPediomelum californicumThomas W. Nelson69751982-5-29 GlennAlong Forest Service Rd. 1 N30 to Black Diamond Mtn., 5.8 mi. from junction with county road north of Stonyford.
    IRVC111404IRVCPediomelum californicumFred M. Roberts; Dar A. Roberts; Susan L. Fritzke6601982-5-28 VenturaTransverse Ranges: Lockwood Valley Road about 14 km east jct. SR 33 (San Guillermo Mountain 7.5' Quad)
    JEPS102888UCJEPSPediomelum californicumVernon H. Oswald100312001-5-30 TehamaLog springs Rd (M4) between Salt Creek Conservation Camp and Log Springs, 0.2 mi east of the 14 mile post.
    JEPS106150UCJEPSPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart108132004-4-29 TehamaAlong the Nomalaki Trail, about 1/2 mile by trail northwest of Dead Rabbit Lake, about 1 1/4 miles northwest of Bowers Creek, about 2 miles northwest of Forest Road 2 N69 (Mud Flat Road), about 7 1/2 miles (air) southwest of Paskenta
    JEPS110474UCJEPSPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart126862006-6-11 GlennOn the E side of Forest Road 1 N03, S of an intersection, on Black Diamond Ridge, about 2 miles (air) NE of the North Fork Campground, about 4 3/4 miles (air) NW of Stonyford.
    JEPS123893UCJEPSPediomelum californicumLowell Ahart201002015-4-28 LakeAbout 1/4 mile (air) west of Walker Ridge Road, about 3 miles (air) southwest of the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Brim Road, about 18 miles (air) west of Williams.
    JEPS127576UCJEPSPediomelum californicumDavid Isle, Terril Wolt21322014-5-18 GlennNorth Coast Range: North of Stonyford ~2 miles; N of Black Diamond Road (1 N02.1) ~100 yards; W of junction with Co. Road 306 ~0.25 miles in the lower 40 acre parcel of State of California land just west of ephemeral swale. (USGS Stonyford 7.5' Quad)
    JEPS48757UCJEPSPediomelum californicumJulia A. Bettys1850-5-09 San BenitoMerrill Canon Merrill Canon (down the river on e side)
    JEPS48761UCJEPSPediomelum californicumJulia A. Bettys1918-5-15 San Benitoabout 8 mi (air) w Bitterwater (Bettys place, Lorenzo Canon, (Vasquez Canon), along road to Hernandez Valley); Lorenzo Canon, Vasquez Canon, w of Bitterwater
    JEPS65607UCJEPSPediomelum californicumFrank W. Peirson106861933-7-09 Kernroad from Caliente to Bodfish about 6 mi s Bodfish; s of Bodfish
    JEPS65608UCJEPSPediomelum californicumWillis L. Jepson96571922-5-23 Contra Costanear very summit Mt. Diablo
    JEPS65609UCJEPSPediomelum californicumJulia A. Bettys1918-5-01 San Benitos Lorenzo Creek; s of Lorenzo Creek
    JEPS65610UCJEPSPediomelum californicumWillis L. Jepson122051927-6-01 San Benitoupper San Benito River, Sacramento Creek Sacramento Creek; San Benito River, Sacramento Creek
    JEPS65611UCJEPSPediomelum californicumF. T. Bioletti1894-5-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    JEPS74177UCJEPSPediomelum californicumJames R. Griffin31191971-6-28 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain natural area , ridge nw of main peak (ridge nw of main peak, Bureau of Land Management)
    JEPS8939UCJEPSPediomelum californicumRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins45191954-5-30 Venturaat summit of grade on dirt road s of and overlooking Lockwood Valley (on way to Grade Valley and Thorn Meadows); s of Lockwood Valley
    JEPS91341UCJEPSPediomelum californicumDean W. Taylor125071992-5-02 KernSan Emigdio Mountains, at junction of Cerro Noreste Road and Mil Potrero highway (Apache Saddle)
    JEPS9293UCJEPSPediomelum californicumRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins45301954-5-31 Kernon grade n of, on road to Bodfish Havilah; n of Havilah
    LA00637707LAPediomelum californicumJohn O'Leary1271973-6-08 VenturaNear the Lockwood-Ozona Road (nearly 3 miles east of Dry Canon Rd.) in Los Padres National Forest
    LA26090LAPediomelum californicumHarlan Lewiss.n.1942-5-03 RiversidePinon Flats Camp ground, Pines to Palms Highway
    PGM3238PGMPediomelum californicumYadon, Vern1986-5-31 FresnoSpanish Lake, North side of
    POM118165RSAPediomelum californicumH. M. Hall101331916-5-31 Contra CostaSummit of Mount Diablo.
    POM161363RSAPediomelum californicumRimo Bacigalupi13481926-4-30 Contra CostaSummit of Mt Diablo.
    POM16723RSAPediomelum californicumA. D. E. Elmers.n.1903-5-1 Alameda15 miles from Livermore, Cedar Mtn.
    POM182765RSAPediomelum californicumKatherine Brandegees.n.1911-6-23 KernHot Springs Prade
    POM20615RSAPediomelum californicumF. W. Peirson36181923-7-01 Contra CostaContra Costa County: summit of mt Diablo
    POM2573RSAPediomelum californicumL. R. Abrams2281908-6-12 VenturaFrazer Borax Mine. Mt Pinos.
    POM262931RSAPediomelum californicumunknown1251941-5-10 RiversidePinon flats Camp, Santa Rosa Mts.
    POM292498RSAPediomelum californicumPhilip A. Munz151041937-5-29 RiversidePublic Camp ground at Nightengales [store near Pinyon Flats, camp = P. F. Public Canon Palms to Pines Hwy.
    POM300699RSAPediomelum californicumMary L. Bowerman31141935-6-01 Contra CostaSummit, between the one-way roads.
    POM348827RSAPediomelum californicumAnstruther Davidson32471917-7-1 Los AngelesMt. Diablo
    POM348828RSAPediomelum californicumN. C. Cooper12631944-5-20 RiversidePine Flats, Palms to Pines Highway, San Jacinto Mountains.
    POM348829RSAPediomelum californicumI. W. Clokey66971935-5-22 VenturaEast of Lockwood Valley.
    RSA0014367RSAPediomelum californicumJoan Stewart7211998-5-22 KernPiutes.
    RSA0115699RSAPediomelum californicumAndrew C. Sanders323182006-5-16 Los AngelesTransverse Range; Liebre Mtns. Region: 0.5 mi west of La Liebre Ranch on the south side of Hwy 138, west of the mouth of Tentrock Canon.
    RSA100849RSAPediomelum californicumRoxana S. Ferris127631954-5-30 Kern1 mile below summit of ridge, on south side, havilah to Bodfish
    RSA102364RSAPediomelum californicumS. B. Parish12841882-5-1 San BernardinoNorthern slope of San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA122424RSAPediomelum californicumA. Simontacchi1351935-6-19 Ventura3.7 miles SW of Cobblestone Mtn.; Tejon
    RSA132996RSAPediomelum californicumClare B. Hardham43791959-5-01 VenturaRose Lake.
    RSA152537RSAPediomelum californicumR. C. Bacigalupi45301954-5-31 KernNorth of Havilah, on road to Bodfish.
    RSA166498RSAPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler8401962-6-08 Ventura3 miles below Mt. Abel Road
    RSA166947RSAPediomelum californicumE. R. Blakley28991959-6-09 Santa BarbaraWest Big Pine Mt.
    RSA180023RSAPediomelum californicumE. C. Twisselmann109431965-6-03 KernEast of Bodfish Gap (NW end of Piute Mountain)
    RSA182299RSAPediomelum californicumJ. D. Olmsted33751962-4-26 VenturaAlong Fazier Mt Park to US 499 [399] RD, 2.5 miles W of road to Thorn Meadows.
    RSA19063RSAPediomelum californicumI. W. Clokey66971935-5-22 VenturaEast of Lockwood Valley
    RSA195695RSAPediomelum californicumDuane Isely95461965-5-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest, 0.9 miles south Sandstone Campground.
    RSA2572RSAPediomelum californicumW. R. Dudley45491896-6-15 VenturaFrazier Mountain.
    RSA264673RSAPediomelum californicumM. French Gilman11701934-5-03 InyoEmigrant Pass, Death valley.
    RSA272187RSAPediomelum californicumC. W. Tilforth16271978-6-29 VenturaAlong Lockwood Ozena Road in Lockwood Valley
    RSA33605RSAPediomelum californicumN. C. Cooper12631944-5-20 RiversidePine Flats, Palms to Pines Highway, San Jacinto Mountains.
    RSA450318RSAPediomelum californicumJ. C. Rooss.n.1965-6-13 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountains, Pinon flats
    RSA49659RSAPediomelum californicumPhilip A. Munz131451949-5-12 Kern4 miles south of Bodfish on road to Caliente [Bodfish Caliente Rd].
    RSA550191RSAPediomelum californicumW. Wisura47821992-5-22 VenturaMt. Pinos: Lockwood Valley Rd. 13.7 mi SW of Lake of the Woods.
    RSA666656RSAPediomelum californicumGeorge K. Helmkamp67022011-12-31 San BenitoCoalinga Rd., 2 mi. SE of Hernandez.
    RSA779918RSAPediomelum californicumPam De Vries70072007-5-18 KernWestern Transverse Ranges; San Emigdio Mountains region, ca. one mile north of entry to Mil Portero Park of Mil Portero road.; Sawmill Mtn. 7.5
    RSA91021RSAPediomelum californicumF. W. Peirson36181923-7-01 Contra CostaNear summit of Mt. Diablo.
    RSA91022RSAPediomelum californicumF. W. Peirson106861933-7-09 Kern6 miles south of Bodfish, on road from Caliente.
    SBBG107931SBBGPediomelum californicumClare B. Hardham107811963-6-14 MontereyParkfield-Big Sandy Rd
    SBBG109516SBBGPediomelum californicumClare B. Hardham181331971-6-23 MontereyTable Mtn, near Kings County line
    SBBG111642SBBGPediomelum californicumAnuja ParikhSEM-601992-5-25 Venturaca. 3 NE of Mystery Spring; San Emigdio Mesa
    SBBG11210SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Blakley45201961-6-29 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: West Big Pine Mtn at the lookout tower
    SBBG11427SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler, D. Myrick8401962-6-08 KernQuatal Cyn, ca. 5 mi below Apache Saddle Ranger Station on Quatal Cyn Rd
    SBBG114585SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess47532001-6-23 VenturaN side of Lockwood Valley Rd, E of Mutau Flat Rd
    SBBG11580SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Blakley28991959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: West Big Pine Mtn
    SBBG116848SBBGPediomelum californicumD. Wilken w/ E. Painter161062003-5-14 VenturaLockwood Valley Rd, ca. 3.5 linear km NW of Stauffer (site), halfway between Mill Cyn and Seymour Crk
    SBBG121024SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess19611996-5-11 VenturaSespe drainage, E side of Hwy 33, mile marker 33.36
    SBBG121792SBBGPediomelum californicumD. Wilken w/ R. Muller167692008-6-9 Venturabluff on E side of upper Wagon Rd Cyn, ca. 0.2 N of Lockwood Valley Rd
    SBBG126673SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess79892008-5-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; badlands off N side of Lockwood Valley Rd, upper Cuyama Valley
    SBBG131313SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess, B. Meiners, P. Munro93012013-5-4 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; upper Sespe Cr drainage; Rose Valley, vernal meadows on W side of rd to Rose Valley Cmpgrd
    SBBG137550SBBGPediomelum californicumR. C. Benkendorf4952017-4-27 San Benito[Clear Creek, WNW of San Benito Mtn]
    SBBG140633SBBGPediomelum californicumR. C. Benkendorf6642017-5-23 San Benito[head of Larious Canon]
    SBBG219195SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess64022004-5-1 VenturaSW side of San Emigdio Mesa, E side of head of Apache Canon
    SBBG226674SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess57762003-5-5 Venturaupper Cuyama Valley, little dry summit N side Lockwood Valley Rd, just E of Mile Marker 12; Los Padres NF
    SBBG22867SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler25191965-6-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Cuyama River wash ca. 5 mi E of Hwy 33 on Ozena to Lockwood Valley Rd
    SBBG24233SBBGPediomelum californicumErnest C. Twisselmann109431965-6-03 Kernhill E of Bodfish Gap, NW end of Piute Mtn
    SBBG24322SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler31071966-5-27 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near Figueroa Mtn to Canon Camp and Ranger Peak
    SBBG24326SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler30521966-5-17 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Ozena to Lockwood Rd, E of Wagon Rd Public Camp
    SBBG24370SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler30081966-5-17 Venturaupper Sespe Crk, Beaver Public Cmpgrd
    SBBG24395SBBGPediomelum californicumE. R. Chandler29201966-5-06 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; edge of Sandstone Public Cmpgrd off Hwy 33
    SBBG33518SBBGPediomelum californicumA. D. E. Elmer1903-5-1 AlamedaCedar Mtn
    SBBG37450SBBGPediomelum californicumL. E. Allen1965-5-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Blue Cyn
    SBBG3765SBBGPediomelum californicumClare B. Hardham43791959-5-01 VenturaRose Lake, Los Padres National Forest
    SBBG3766SBBGPediomelum californicumH. and M. Dearing43381940-6-07 RiversidePalms to Pines Hwy
    SBBG3768SBBGPediomelum californicumH. and M. Dearing8041937-6-09 VenturaW side of Pine Mtn
    SBBG38086SBBGPediomelum californicumR. Burgess21511996-8-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley Rd, E of Lockwood Valley Rd and Mutau Rd jct
    SBBG54664SBBGPediomelum californicumPeter H. Raven91831956-5-05 San BenitoSan Benito River at turn-off to Picacho Mine ca. 6 mi S of Hernandez, San Carlos Range, on rd to Coalinga
    SBBG68037SBBGPediomelum californicumRalph Hoffmann1927-6-12 VenturaLockwood Valley
    SBBG68038SBBGPediomelum californicumRalph Hoffmann1929-7-06 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: big Pine Basin [Mission Pine Basin]
    SBBG68040SBBGPediomelum californicumRalph Hoffmann1929-5-30 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Figueroa Mtn
    SBBG68041SBBGPediomelum californicumRalph Hoffmann1930-4-28 KernBodfish
    SBBG80768SBBGPediomelum californicumS. A. Junak12351982-5-28 VenturaLockwood Valley Rd, 0.7 mi E of Hwy 33
    SBBG86080SBBGPediomelum californicumClifton F. Smith4749b1956-6-16 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: ridge near West Big Pine Lookout
    SBBG86081SBBGPediomelum californicumT. L. Secrest1955-6-01 VenturaRose Valley, off Hwy 399
    SBBG86082SBBGPediomelum californicumClifton F. Smith60401959-6-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near West Big Pine Lookout
    SD00031649SDPediomelum californicumR.C. Benkendorf6642017-5-23 San Benito[head of Larious Canon].
    SD108173SDPediomelum californicumPeter H. Raven189791964-4-27 San BenitoSan Benito River, 5.2 miles south of junction of Clear Creek Road.
    SD113719SDPediomelum californicumDarley F. Howe23961954-5-30 VenturaRidge between Lockwood Valley and Piru Creek.
    SD148156SDPediomelum californicumG. K. Helmkamp67022001-5-29 San BenitoSan Andrea Rift Zone; Coalinga Road, 2.0 miles southeast of Hernandez.
    SD208614SDPediomelum californicumJim Rocks6412009-4-19 San DiegoJacumba, northwest of town, west of Jacumba Peak, east of Old Highway 80
    SD45776SDPediomelum californicumDarley F. Howes.n.1954-5-30 VenturaRidge between Lockwood Valley and Grade V.
    SD52114SDPediomelum californicumGeorge Davidson24901892-7-01 UnknownMt. Diablo
    SD56888SDPediomelum californicumE. R. Blakley28991959-6-09 Santa BarbaraOn west big Pine Mountain.
    SJSU4104SJSUPediomelum californicumC.W. Sharsmith74371966-5-29 Santa Claradivide between head of Arroyo Bayo & San Antonio Cr, Mt Hamilton Range
    UC1001774UCJEPSPediomelum californicumRoxana S. Ferris, George Lindsay, Kenton L. Chambers127631954-5-30 Kernabout 1 mi below summit ridge (on s side, Havilah to Bodfish); Havilah to Bodfish
    UC1051747UCJEPSPediomelum californicumHelen K. Sharsmith43041953-6-21 Colusaca 1 mi within boundary of Mendocino National Forest (slopes of Little Stoney Creek); Mendocino Nat For, Little Stoney Creek, Inner N Coast Ranges
    UC1088550UCJEPSPediomelum californicumPeter H. Raven129831958-5-18 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Pinyon Flats
    UC1094308UCJEPSPediomelum californicumPeter H. Raven, G. Ledyard Stebbins, Jr.91831956-5-05 San Benitoat turn-off to Picacho Mine ca 6 mi s Hernandez (in bed of San Benito River, on road to Coalinga, San Carlos Range); San Carlos Range, s of Hernandez, San Benito River
    UC1170313UCJEPSPediomelum californicumV. F. Hesse26631959-5-04 San BenitoClear Creek Road 9.6 mi nw Idria Summit; nw of Idria Summit
    UC127451UCJEPSPediomelum californicumH. M. Hall78231907-5-22 Santa Barbaranear Santa Inez River; near Santa Inez River
    UC1299172UCJEPSPediomelum californicumFreed W. Hoffman24971948-6-30 TehamaCovelo-Paskenta Road 11.4 mi w Paskenta; North Coast Ranges, w of Paskenta
    UC1299173UCJEPSPediomelum californicumFreed W. Hoffman15061947-5-10 San Benito5 mi e Hernandez (San Benito-Fresno County line); South Coast Ranges, e of Hernandez
    UC149997UCJEPSPediomelum californicumKatharine Brandegee1911-6-23 Kernnear Bodfish (Hot Springs Grade); Hot Springs Grade
    UC1543142UCJEPSPediomelum californicumFullerton Junior College Botany students1936-5-22 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    UC1595669UCJEPSPediomelum californicumW. Wisura47821992-5-22 VenturaLockwood Valley Rd. 13.7 mi sw Lake of the Woods (Mt. Pinos); , sw of Lake of the Woods
    UC16281UCJEPSPediomelum californicumG. Davidson1892-7-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    UC16282UCJEPSPediomelum californicumF. T. Bioletti1894-5-13 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    UC186191UCJEPSPediomelum californicumH. M. Hall99251915-5-25 San Benito50 to 60 mi from Pacific Ocean (Hernandez, Southern San Benito County); Inner South Coast Ranges, Hernandez
    UC187955UCJEPSPediomelum californicumS. B., W. F. Parish12841882-5-01 San Bernardinonorthern base San Bernardino Mts. northern base San Bernadino Mts.
    UC198950UCJEPSPediomelum californicumH. M. Hall, F. M. Essig101331916-5-31 Contra CostaSummit Mount Diablo
    UC204544UCJEPSPediomelum californicumA. A. Heller115481914-7-07 Glennin the Coast Range on the grade above Mud Flat (on the Newville-Covelo Road); Coast Range, grade above Mud Flat
    UC310552UCJEPSPediomelum californicumPhilip A. Munz95521925-5-13 San DiegoTecate
    UC311100UCJEPSPediomelum californicumA. D. E. Elmer44661903-5-01 Alameda15 mi from Livermore (Cedar Mountain, Cypress Mountain); Cedar Mountain, Cypress Mountain, < nr > Livermore
    UC463467UCJEPSPediomelum californicumW. R. Dudley, F. H. Lamb75491896-6-15 VenturaFrazier Mt. , Frazier Mt. (Mt. Pinos Region)
    UC511913UCJEPSPediomelum californicumFrank W. Peirson106861933-7-09 Kernabout 6 mi s Bodfish (Road from Caliente to Bodfish); s of Bodfish
    UC555467UCJEPSPediomelum californicumHerbert L. Mason45731928-5-06 AlamedaCedar Mountain Cedar Mountain (mountain top)
    UC569541UCJEPSPediomelum californicumA. Simontacchi1351935-6-19 Ventura3.7 mi sw Cobblestone Mountain; Tejon Quad., sw of Cobblestone Mountain
    UC592470UCJEPSPediomelum californicumH. K. Sharsmith38021936-5-25 Santa ClaraSouthern talus of Colorado Creek (Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range); Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains, Colorado Creek
    UC597695UCJEPSPediomelum californicumPhilip A. Munz151041937-5-29 Riversideat Public Camp Ground at Nightingale's (on Palms to Pines Highway, Santa Rosa Mts.); Santa Rosa Mts., Nightengale's
    UC69132UCJEPSPediomelum californicumH. M. Hall63251905-6-01 VenturaLockwood Valley , Lockwood Valley (Mt. Pinos)
    UC692274UCJEPSPediomelum californicumMary L. Bowerman2821930-6-07 Contra CostaMeridian Peak summit , Meridian Peak summit (Mount Diablo)
    UC692690UCJEPSPediomelum californicumMary L. Bowerman31141935-6-01 Contra Costasummit Mount Diablo Mount Diablo, summit (between the one-way roads)
    UC75670UCJEPSPediomelum californicumMilo S. Baker1904-6-24 Contra CostaSummit of Mt. Diablo
    UC84462UCJEPSPediomelum californicumT. S. Brandegee1892-1-01 LakeSnow Mountain
    UC84472UCJEPSPediomelum californicumT. S. Brandegee1891-5-13 KernHot Springs near Kernville; near Kernville, Hot Springs
    UC84474UCJEPSPediomelum californicumT. S. Brandegee1891-6-01 Kernnear Kernville (Hot Springs); near Kernville, Hot Springs
    UC866187UCJEPSPediomelum californicumI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson66971935-5-22 Venturae Lockwood Valley (Dry open slopes); e of Lockwood Valley
    UCR122883UCRPediomelum californicumGeorge K. Helmkamp67022001-5-29 San BenitoSan Andreas Rift Zone, Coalinga Road, 2 miles southeast of Hernandez [7.26 miles southeast of Hernandez Reservoir]
    UCR281733UCRPediomelum californicumDavid Isle21522014-5-18 Glennnorth of Stonyford c. 2 miles, north of Black Diamond Road (1 N02.1), west of jct with County Road 306. C. 0.25 mile in the lower 40-acre parcel of CA land just west of ephemeral swale
    UCR287183UCRPediomelum californicumD.E. Bramlet51962014-5-30 RiversideBeaumont, 3400 ft. east of Lambs Canon Rd. (Hwy 79), 5100 ft. south of Mellow Lane/Potrero Blvd., south of Childhelp School
    UCR287184UCRPediomelum californicumD.E. Bramlet51832014-4-24 RiversideBeaumont, 3400 ft. east of Lambs Canon Rd. (Hwy 79), 5100 ft. south of Mellow Lane/Potrero Blvd., south of Childhelp School
    UCSB000776UCSBPediomelum californicumNorman Hallers.n.1953-5-23 RiversideHemet Reservoir, Hwy 174, 4 miles SE of Idyllwild turnoff, San Jacinto Mtns.
    UCSB000777UCSBPediomelum californicumDavid L. Magney29-871987-5-16 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Lockwood Valley Quad; SW1/4, E1/2, S17, T7N, R2 W, San Bernardino BM; found on Thorn Meadows Rd. about 1 mi. S of Lockwood Valley Rd.
    UCSB000778UCSBPediomelum californicumBrooks, Terry1131963-5-05 RiversidePinon-Flats Campground on California State Highway 74
    UCSB000779UCSBPediomelum californicumDennis E. Breedlove24121962-4-19 VenturaHead of the Ozena Valley, 9.0 miles east of U.S. Highway 399 on Lockwood Valley Road
    UCSB000780UCSBPediomelum californicumDennis E. Breedlove27331962-5-12 Ventura1 mile south of Lockwood Valley Road on road to Thorn Meadows; San Emigdio Range
    UCSB000781UCSBPediomelum californicumGates, Mary991964-5-17 RiversidePinyon Flats Campground, State Highway 74, 25 miles SE of Indio
    UCSB000782UCSBPediomelum californicumComstock, J.1979-6-30 Santa BarbaraMission Pine Basin, San Rafael Mtns., 4 miles east along ridge from San Rafael Pk.
    UCSB000783UCSBPediomelum californicumJohn R. Haller14351959-6-04 VenturaNutau Road to Grade Valley and Thorn Meadows at summit of ridge, 2 miles S of road connecting U.S. 399 with U.S. 99 at point 13 miles SW of Frazier Park
    UCSB000784UCSBPediomelum californicumJon Bailey611978-5-26 KernNear Piute Mountain Road, 1/2 mile from Caliente-Bodfish Road
    UCSB030514UCSBPediomelum californicumClare B. Hardham67741961-4-09 MontereyTable Mtn., Parkfield.
    UCSB030515UCSBPediomelum californicumJohn R. Haller971950-5-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns. Pinyon Flat
    UCSB040306UCSBPediomelum californicumLanning, Chris301991-5-17 KernJust off of Piute Mountain road 1.5 miles south of Bodfish
    UCSB055318UCSBPediomelum californicumDavid Magney256-192019-7-18 VenturaSW Calif, Transverse Ranges, Western Transverse Ranges, Frazier Mountain, Calif. topo quad.; NW 1/4 SE 1/4 SE 1/4 S9, T8N R2 W San Bernardino Base Meridian.; 34.79254 118.99913
    VVC2113VVCPediomelum californicumTim Thomas16271993-5-19 San Benitoat mouth of Clear Creek near San Benito River
    CLARK-A1045-106CLARKPsoralea californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp1978-5-20 RiversidePinyon Flats Campground southwest 1/4 Palm Desert 15'Q
    CLARK-A1528-5058CLARKPsoralea californicaJohn C. Roos1251941-5-10 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-518CLARKPsoralea californicaCharlotte Stocks1962-6-10 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    CSLA002375CSLAPsoralea californicaDieter H. Wilken77761969-6-15 VenturaAlong California Highway 33, 2.2 miles S. of Pine Mountain Summit
    IRVC111470IRVCPsoralea californicaF.M. Roberts Jr6731982-5-28 Ventura0.3 W Chuchapati Campground; c.a. 16km SE Mt. Pinos
    PASA219PASAPsoralea californicaFrank W. Peirson1925-5-13 Tecate50 miles southeast of Tecate on the Laguna Hansen Road
    PUA64208PUAPsoralea californicaG.L. Clifton1986-6-07 KernLocal landmark: Bald Eagle Peak. Isabella Quad.
    PUA64880PUAPsoralea californicaG.L. Clifton1986-6-06 VenturaLocal landmark: Cowhead Potrero. Apache Canon Quad.
    PUA65039PUAPsoralea californicaJames Jokerst1985-4-05 ColusaLocal landmark: Coyote Peak. Wilbur Springs Quad.
    RSA0219832RSAPsoralea californicaL.M. Moe12341974-6-24 LassenGrasshopper Valley about six miles north of Eagle Lake. To the east of Hwy #139.
    UCR104707UCRPsoralea californicaDavid Charlton33391989-6-17 Kern5 mi. north of Piute Meadows Trading Post, and 2 mi. south of town of Havilah on the Caliente-Bodfish Road (between Lake Isabella & Tehachapi)
    UCR138881UCRPsoralea californicaA. Burgard741996-5-04 Colusa8.4 mi north of Indian Reservoir Road on Walker Ridge Road; 57 mi east of Hwy 101 on Hwy 20
    UCR18158UCRPsoralea californicaA.C. Sanders003621978-4-30 RiversideCactus Spring Trail, first large wash east of Horse Thief Creek, probably very near Cactus Spring
    UCR186892UCRPsoralea californicaA.C. Sanders320552006-4-14 Los Angeles1/2 mile NW of La Liebre Ranch on the south side of Hwy 138, west of the mouth of Tentrock Canon
    UCR187128UCRPsoralea californicaA.C. Sanders323182006-5-16 Los Angeles1/2 mile west of La Liebre Ranch on the south side of Hwy 138, west of the mouth of Tentrock Canon
    UCR18939UCRPsoralea californicaJohn C. Roos1251941-5-10 RiversidePinyon Flats Campground
    UCR194148UCRPsoralea californicaA.C. Sanders351082008-4-25 Los AngelesSLOPES WEST OF OLD LA LIEBRE RANCH, SOUTH OF HWY 138
    UCR29643UCRPsoralea californicaWende Rehlaender1151983-5-28 RiversidePinyon Flats Campground, c. 13.5 mi. along Hwy 74 from Palm Desert; 3.5 mi. north of Santa Rosa Mountain, 3 mi. south of Asbestos Mountain
    UCR41088UCRPsoralea californicaSteven A. Junak12351982-5-28 VenturaLockwood Valley Road, 0.7 mi. east of Hwy 33.
    UCR82117UCRPsoralea californicaDavid Charlton60111994-6-04 KernTomo-Kahni (Creation Cave) State [Historical] Park, northeast of Monolith and Tehachapi, near intersection of Sand Canon and Tranquility roads
    UCR97537UCRPsoralea californicaG.F. Pratts.n.1997-5-05 VenturaSeymour Canon, SE of Mt. Pinos, NW of Lockwood Valley Road

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