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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC042681DAVOxalis corniculataBeecher Crampton62851962-04-24 YubaYuba County: 5 miles east of Brown′s Valley, 2.5 miles north-northwest of Smartsville, University of California Foothill Field Station.
AHUC044477DAVOxalis corniculataJoy Woo31989-04-18 YoloYolo County: edge of lawn, Parkside Apartments, Davis.
AHUC18803DAVOxalis corniculataCollector unknowns.n.1949-05-30 SonomaSonoma County.
AHUC20199DAVOxalis corniculataBeecher Crampton10361953-03-29 YoloYolo County: Along walkway in Davis.
AHUC31193DAVOxalis corniculataLloyd M. Harwoods.n.1964-04-20 SonomaSonoma County: Santa Rosa.
AHUC37893DAVOxalis corniculataBeecher Cramptons.n.1982-04-21 YoloYolo County: UC Davis campus.
CAS-BOT353397CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter101601990-05-31 San FranciscoSunset District, on Moraga Street, between 22nd and 25th Avenues.
CAS-BOT423320CASOxalis corniculataJohnson, R.; Nash, R.; Lapre, E.; Goulde, R.; Lapre, J.140622014-09-13 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Fence next to Sky Oaks Ranger Station, Sky Oaks Road, Fairfax, CA
CAS-BOT556050CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas370801962-04-09 KernSierra Nevada. Kernville
CAS-BOT556051CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas330681958-05-21 KernSierra Nevada. Kernville
CAS-BOT556052CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.116281965-10-01 KernSierra Nevada, the Greenhorn Range. Lumreau Creek, ca. 0.5 mile above Cedar Creek
CAS-BOT556053CASOxalis corniculataFarnsworth, Evalyn L.2301964-07-21 KernThe Greenhorn Range. Farnsworth Ranch
CAS-BOT556054CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.66391961-10-05 KernEastern San Joaquin Valley. Hart Memorial Park, northeast of Bakersfield
CAS-BOT556055CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.66391961-10-05 KernEastern San Joaquin Valley. Hart Memorial Park, northeast of Bakersfield
CAS-BOT556056CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.116281965-10-01 KernSierra Nevada, the Greenhorn Range. Lumreau Creek, ca. 0.5 mile above Cedar Creek
CAS-BOT556057CASOxalis corniculataJunak, Steven A.SCI-561985-05-14 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Wilson Cove, along road to pier
CAS-BOT556058CASOxalis corniculataGrant66011906-01-10 Los AngelesPasadena
CAS-BOT556059CASOxalis corniculataGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-01-10 Los AngelesPasadena
CAS-BOT556060CASOxalis corniculataGrant, Geo. B.2591931-10-17 Los Angeles1 1-2 mi. NE La Verne
CAS-BOT556061CASOxalis corniculataTilforth, C. W.2441970-01-18 Los AngelesResidence, Piedmont Mesa, Claremont
CAS-BOT556062CASOxalis corniculataGrant, G. B.s.n.1906-01-10 Los AngelesPasadena
CAS-BOT556063CASOxalis corniculataRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.144431959-09-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains (Lat. N. 34 ° ; Long. 118 ° to 119 ° W.). Santa Monica Boulevard near Beverly Glen Boulevard, West Los Angeles
CAS-BOT556064CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas207381944-09-10 MarinInverness
CAS-BOT556065CASOxalis corniculataBest, Catherine14611944-05-03 MarinDennis Breedlove′s Garden, Bolinas
CAS-BOT556066CASOxalis corniculataFrenkel, R. E.4881964-05-07 MarinOn Fairfax-Bolinas Road, at junction with Ridgecrest Blvd.
CAS-BOT556067CASOxalis corniculataDunning, Duncan372781921-09-26 MendocinoOff the National Forests. Noyo River
CAS-BOT556068CASOxalis corniculataSmith, Gladys L.53461979-05-24 Mendocinobetw. Coast Hwy. 1 and large dune area, Central 10-mile Dunes
CAS-BOT556069CASOxalis corniculataWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.8111979-03-07 MendocinoNavarro River mouth
CAS-BOT556070CASOxalis corniculataKawahara, Saichi4851968-09-02 MendocinoUsal
CAS-BOT556071CASOxalis corniculataHowitt, Beatrice F.14131963-02-14 Montereyjunction of San Miguel Canyon Road and Strawberry Canyon Road in N Monterey C. not far from Prunedale
CAS-BOT556072CASOxalis corniculataWoodcock, Fidella G.s.n.1961-10-05 MontereyPraesidio
CAS-BOT556073CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas404181963-11-20 Montereythe garden at the Custom House
CAS-BOT556074CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas393501963-05-18 MontereyAromas
CAS-BOT556075CASOxalis corniculataTrue, Gordon H.321961-07-16 NevadaG. H. True Ranch, 7 miles SW of Grass Valley on McCourtney Road
CAS-BOT556076CASOxalis corniculataTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas61061970-08-10 NevadaTahoe National Forest Headquarters just north of Nevada City on Highway 49
CAS-BOT556077CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter32671957-04-26 San Francisco23rd Ave. between Lincoln Way and Irving Street
CAS-BOT556078CASOxalis corniculataRaven, Peter H.80161954-08-28 NevadaSierra Nevada. Nevada City
CAS-BOT556079CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter32661957-04-26 San Francisco23rd Ave. between Lincoln Way and Irving Street
CAS-BOT556080CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter32651957-04-26 San Francisco23rd Ave. between Lincoln Way and Irving Street
CAS-BOT556081CASOxalis corniculataRose, Lewis S.570871957-05-25 San FranciscoN slope of Russian Hill, Francisco St., near Hyde St.
CAS-BOT556082CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas146211939-04-25 San Franciscoin lawn at St. Ignatius Church
CAS-BOT556083CASOxalis corniculataRaven, Peter H.89391956-03-30 San FranciscoMcLaren Park
CAS-BOT556084CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter91351977-10-22 San Francisco1678 25th Avenue (near Moraga Street), Sunset District
CAS-BOT556085CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomass.n.1957-06-30 San FranciscoBayview Hills
CAS-BOT556086CASOxalis corniculataBush, Dr. M.s.n.1952-10-31 San FranciscoNew Campus, Lake Merced
CAS-BOT556087CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas326811957-06-17 San FranciscoLone Mt.
CAS-BOT556088CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas328531957-08-04 San Franciscoeast end of Golden Gate Park
CAS-BOT556089CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.7271953-08-08 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Twisselmann Ranch, 7 miles SW of Cholame
CAS-BOT556090CASOxalis corniculataHoover, R. F.87021964-04-14 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT556091CASOxalis corniculataWetherwax, M.; Painter, E. L.SLO-49b2000-04-21 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo. K-1 Training Area, saddle between Cerro Romualdo and Cerro Chumash
CAS-BOT556092CASOxalis corniculataTwisselmann, Ernest C.13011954-05-28 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Chris Twisselmann Ranch, eastern San Luis Obispo County
CAS-BOT556093CASOxalis corniculataHoover, R. F.87021964-04-14 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT556094CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas408061964-06-29 San Luis ObispoCambria
CAS-BOT556095CASOxalis corniculataSister Annas.n.1950-04-01 San MateoBelmont Academy, Belmont
CAS-BOT556096CASOxalis corniculataMcClintock, Elizabeth; Reeberg, Pauls.n.1989-08-31 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains. Willow Pond
CAS-BOT556097CASOxalis corniculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-02-09 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Yard of Swanton House, Pescadero
CAS-BOT556098CASOxalis corniculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-05-11 San MateoNear Colma
CAS-BOT556099CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1966-07-04 Santa Barbaranear corner of Victoria and Anacapa Sts., Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT556100CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1955-07-06 Santa BarbaraBath St. near Sola St., Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT556101CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-05-04 Santa BarbaraCastillo St. at Highway 101, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT556102CASOxalis corniculataAbrams, L. R.101701924-05-03 Santa ClaraCampus, Stanford University
CAS-BOT556103CASOxalis corniculataRitchie, William321958-05-20 Santa ClaraLincoln and Cooper Streets, Palo Alto
CAS-BOT556104CASOxalis corniculataThomas, J. H.40661954-05-05 Santa ClaraNear entrance to Stanford University along Palm Drive
CAS-BOT556105CASOxalis corniculataThomas, John H.3105B1953-05-05 Santa ClaraStanford University Campus
CAS-BOT556106CASOxalis corniculataThomas, J. H.5161949-05-10 Santa ClaraMemorial Court, Stanford University, Stanford
CAS-BOT556107CASOxalis corniculataThomas, J. H.41161954-05-08 Santa ClaraIn lawn in front of Stanford University Museum
CAS-BOT556108CASOxalis corniculataSmith, Gelsomina801951-05-18 Santa ClaraStanford Campus
CAS-BOT556109CASOxalis corniculataDeNevers, G.11251981-05-12 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. Pippindale
CAS-BOT556110CASOxalis corniculataEastwood, Alices.n.1933-05-07 SonomaVallejo′s home
CAS-BOT556111CASOxalis corniculataDeNevers, G.8971981-04-30 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. At Garrison House. Also at Pippindale Garden
CAS-BOT556112CASOxalis corniculataDeNevers, G.7241981-04-16 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. At Garrison House
CAS-BOT556113CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter64541971-05-08 SonomaIntermittent lake off W side of Hwy 1, 0.7 mi SE of Salmon Creek crossing
CAS-BOT556114CASOxalis corniculataRuckert, Elsa G.61960-02-27 Sonoma6495 Dry Creek Road, 5 1-2 miles from Highway 12
CAS-BOT556115CASOxalis corniculataThomas, John H.183131976-06-15 SonomaSouthern end of Sea Ranch, NW part of county, about 7 miles south of Gualala
CAS-BOT556116CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-04-25 VenturaVentura River Basin. Calif. Prep. School Grounds, Ojai
CAS-BOT556117CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.1391966-10-12 VenturaSanta Ana Blvd. & Valley Rd., Oak View
CAS-BOT556118CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1963-04-05 VenturaVentural River Basin. Chestnut St. near Pola St., Ventura
CAS-BOT558039CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas52832a1978-08-17 ButteParadise
CAS-BOT558040CASOxalis corniculataAhart, Lowell26901980-10-27 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut,
CAS-BOT558041CASOxalis corniculataAhart, Lowells.n.1975-05-12 ButteHoncut
CAS-BOT558042CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas510511975-06-15 ButteChico
CAS-BOT558043CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas346701959-09-20 Buttelower foothills, eastern outskirts of Oroville
CAS-BOT558044CASOxalis corniculataAhart, Lowell26891980-10-27 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut
CAS-BOT558045CASOxalis corniculataCovel, Paul F.17171940-04-28 AlamedaOakland (home garden)
CAS-BOT558046CASOxalis corniculataKelley, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-11-01 AlamedaAlameda
CAS-BOT558047CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter97901987-06-08 AlamedaBerkeley; area north of University of California campus on Arch Street between Hearst Avenue and Virginia St.
CAS-BOT558048CASOxalis corniculataRubtzoff, Peter97911987-06-08 AlamedaBerkeley; area north of University of California campus on Arch Street between Hearst Avenue and Virginia St.
CAS-BOT560174CASOxalis corniculataClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-09-13 AmadorJackson
CAS-BOT560175CASOxalis corniculataStebbins, G. L.77871977-07-18 El DoradoColoma
CAS-BOT560176CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas296571954-05-16 El DoradoPlacerville; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT560177CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1951-08-02 FresnoBig Creek; Huntington Lake and Vicinity
CAS-BOT560178CASOxalis corniculataPollard, Henry M.s.n.1947-08-04 HumboldtOrleans, roadside west of town
CAS-BOT560179CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas406611964-04-29 MariposaRoadsides and waste ground, Mariposa; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT560180CASOxalis corniculataRose, Lewis S.591001959-07-14 MariposaWawona, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT560181CASOxalis corniculataPhelps, Kate Eastwoods.n.1930-07-01 NapaSanitarium
CAS-BOT560182CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.506221974-07-29 PlumasQuincy; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT560183CASOxalis corniculataParish, S. B.85401903-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
CAS-BOT560184CASOxalis corniculataHesse, V. F.27461959-08-30 Santa CruzHesse place, Boulder Creek
CAS-BOT560185CASOxalis corniculataAhart, Lowell1481977-04-07 SutterMyers Ranch, Sutter Buttes; Valley Grassland
CAS-BOT560186CASOxalis corniculataCarter, Eugene; Munz5541973-06-07 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and Vicinity. Albert′s cabin, 3.8 miles north of Helena. (18 miles NW of Weaverville)
CAS-BOT560187CASOxalis corniculataHowell, John Thomass.n.1953-05-24 TuolumneSonora; Sierra Nevada
CATA03093CATAOxalis corniculataAmy Catalano16-0962016-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Growing in gravel and planters surrounding herbarium
CDA0009821CDAOxalis corniculataT. Tidwell2002-05-01 SacramentoMeadowview Rd. Sacramento .
CDA0018211CDAOxalis corniculataG.D. Barbe18391974-06-17 HumboldtShelter Cove, uphill, E of Sail Court. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0019465CDAOxalis corniculataD. Meyer2002-04-24 SacramentoLaguna Lake Community, Elk Grove.
CDA0028459CDAOxalis corniculataG. Woodhams1936-10-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
CDA0034962CDAOxalis corniculataBarbara ErtterG-131994-09-24 AlamedaBerkeley; 1859 Catalina Ave. Plants of the Ertter Garden.
CDA0034976CDAOxalis corniculataBarbara Ertter114681993-03-30 AlamedaUniversity of California at Berkeley, northwest corner.
CDA0043950CDAOxalis corniculataBarbara Ertter174012000-07-16 Contra CostaLower Pine Creek in Diablo Foothills Regional Park, upstream from dry check-dam.
CDA004713CDAOxalis corniculataMary DeDecker65471996-05-06 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley; Independence; weed in garden, probably came in with a shrub from nursery. Elev. 3900 Feet. Sierra Nevada.
CDA004714CDAOxalis corniculataG.D. Barbe43831990-04-06 Sacramento1221 O Street, Sacramento.
CDA004715CDAOxalis corniculataG.D. Barbe43831990-04-06 Sacramento1221 O Street, Sacramento.
CDA004716CDAOxalis corniculataG.D. Barbe17651974-03-11 Santa BarbaraNorth corner of intersection at Islay and Anacapa Streets, Santa Barbara.
CDA004717CDAOxalis corniculataD.G. Kelch5.1192005-04-12 SolanoSonoma Avenue, 0.5 km west of I-80, Vallejo. Carquinez Strait.
CDA004718CDAOxalis corniculataL.C. Wheeler90941966-10-27 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest. Rincon Ranger Station. San Gabriel Mountains.
CDA004719CDAOxalis corniculataT.C. Fuller154411967-02-08 MontereyPeter Pan Road, 0.2 mile east of Highway 1, Carmel Highlands.
CDA004720CDAOxalis corniculataT.C. Fuller201261976-03-12 Sacramento1221 O Street, Sacramento.
CDA004721CDAOxalis corniculataD.G. Kelch5.3752005-05-23 Contra CostaCrockett - Crolona Heights. 6th Street at Lillian Street, Crockett. ,Canon.
CDA004722CDAOxalis corniculataPhillipson1915-07-08 Los AngelesMonrovia.
CHSC101813CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart158412009-06-12 Butte10 yards north of the Bear′s Lair Picnic Area and Coastal Redwood Grove sign, about 80 yards east of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R01E S24 SE1-4
CHSC10658CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart1969-03-27 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC108973CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart178122012-04-06 ButteOn the north side of Big Chico creek, Lost Park in Bidwell Park, city of Chico. T2 N R01E S2 W1-4
CHSC109003CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart179192012-04-27 ButteOn the north side of the path, the path under the bridge, near the intersection of Centennial Avenue and Manzanita Avenue, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico. T2 N R02E S18 S1-2
CHSC11039CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart1969-05-28 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC113970CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart199202014-11-24 ButteAbout 10 feet below the high water line of Lake Oroville, about 500 yards east of the second parking area, old Bidwell Bar Road, about one mile south of Oroville Quincy Highway, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Oroville T2 N R05E S20 NE1-4
CHSC1173CHSCOxalis corniculataM. Harless1930-03-15 ButteChico.
CHSC123570CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart223542021-05-08 ButteSouthwest corner of Olive Highway (162) and Lower Wyandotte Road, in Oroville. T1 N, R4E, southwest 1-4 Section 16.
CHSC21007CHSCOxalis corniculataM. S. Taylor4381975-04-06 ButteIn lawn, e side of 1200 block of Arcadian, Chico.
CHSC27254CHSCOxalis corniculataP. Moyer1001972-03-04 ButteCSUC campus. On lawn at 1st and Hazel.
CHSC31393CHSCOxalis corniculataJ. D. Jokerst11921979-04-13 ButteTop of North Table Mt., ca. 200 N of the intersection of Cherokee Rd and the E edge of the mountain. Adjacent to vernal creek. T20N R04E S17 USGS Quadrangle: Oroville 1:24,000
CHSC31455CHSCOxalis corniculataL. Ahart26901980-10-27 ButteNear the garden area near our home, Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC31456CHSCOxalis corniculataL. Ahart26891980-10-27 ButteNear the garden area near our home, Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC4056CHSCOxalis corniculataJ. Wheeler291967-05-20 ButteIn lawn at 248 Serviss St. Durham.
CHSC46495CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart7621975-05-12 ButteNear North Honcut Creek, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 1 1-2 miles north and 3 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles south of Oroville.
CHSC49843CHSCOxalis corniculataVernon Oswald41621990-04-11 ButteUpper Miocene Canal between Kunkle Reservoir and the jeep trail cutting down the slope above the West Branch of Lake Oroville. On the downhill side of the canal. T2 N R04E S06 NE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC58678CHSCOxalis corniculataM. Bailey6761991-03-30 ButteButte College campus. Southwest side of Technology Building, in lawn at edge of concrete apron.
CHSC5989CHSCOxalis corniculataM. MacArthur1581968-06-12 ButteIn lawn on SW side of Life Science bld., Chico State College campus.
CHSC75387CHSCOxalis corniculataVernon H. Oswald97241999-05-06 ButteEast side of Sacramento River and north side of Big Chico Creek, Bidwell Sacramento River State Park west of Chico, along the dirt road leading into the Big Chico Creek river access.
CHSC77434CHSCOxalis corniculataJeffrey Thomas Gautschi161997-03-25 El Dorado3 km northwest of U.S. Highway 50, 2 km west of State Highway 49. T1 N R10E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Placerville
CHSC97923CHSCOxalis corniculataG. D. Barbe43831990-04-06 SacramentoWeedy in Hedera helix planter between building and sidewalk, 1221 O Street, Sacramento.
CHSC99479CHSCOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart148202008-06-13 ButteEast side of a small meadow, bottom of an old gold mined area, about 150 yards west of the cemetery, about 150 yards north of Oregon Gulch, about 10 miles (air) northeast of Oroville. T2 N R05E S3 W1-4
CLARK-A1528-3397CLARKOxalis corniculataJohn C. Roos46971949-11-18 San BernardinoLoma Linda Hills
CLARK-A1528-5701CLARKOxalis corniculataJohn C. Roos46971949-11-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
CLARK-A1528-5702CLARKOxalis corniculataJohn C. Roos46971949-11-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
CLARK-A1528-676CLARKOxalis corniculataJohn M. Spencer1971-05-08 RiversideUniversity of California
CSLA007553CSLAOxalis corniculataAl Goldstein39361951-03-21 Los AngelesVacant lot
CSLA007555CSLAOxalis corniculataE. M. Sajo271966-04-17 Los AngelesBig Tujunga Canon, 3 mi. E of Tujunga. San Gabriel Mtns.
CSLA007560CSLAOxalis corniculataCarolyn Dunn1964-04-01 Los AngelesShadow Grove Road, Pasadena.
CSLA007566CSLAOxalis corniculata1962-04-14 Los Angelesapartment lawn
CSLA007578CSLAOxalis corniculataWesley O. Griesel1961-04-10 Los AngelesLa Canada.
CSLA007580CSLAOxalis corniculataFlorence G. Thompson39361953-03-02 Los AngelesGriffith Park, Los Angeles; Santa Monica Mts.
CSUSB92369CSUSBOxalis corniculataDeborah Sullivan1973-07-09 RiversideGlen Avon, Riverside.
CSUSB92370CSUSBOxalis corniculataWilliam Talley1973-07-05 San BernardinoCSUSB [California State University, San Bernardino]
DAV10220DAVOxalis corniculataT. Tomich621949-05-30 YoloYolo County: Davis.
DAV105990DAVOxalis corniculataFrederica Bowcutt9691987-05-28 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park; 6.5 air miles SE of Four Corners, along Jackass Creek in the vicinity of the town site of Wheeler. Along Jackass Creek Road.
DAV10612DAVOxalis corniculataBob Rodin2851943-07-24 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon, UC Berkeley campus, Berkeley.
DAV117481DAVOxalis corniculataA. C. Sanders71761987-07-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: El Segundo Dunes, immediately west of L.A. International Airport and Pershing Dr., E of Vista Del Mar Blvd. Subsite 39.
DAV120506DAVOxalis corniculataClifton F. Smiths.n.1944-12-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: in cow pasture at Refugio Pass, Santa Ynez Mountains.
DAV121371DAVOxalis corniculataClifton F. Smith17251946-08-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Colony by Arroyo Trail in Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Mission Canon.
DAV121373DAVOxalis corniculataClifton F. Smith16101945-09-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Mission Canon.
DAV122622DAVOxalis corniculataClifton F. Smith21071947-09-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: at corner of Puesta del Sol Road and Mission Canon Road, Santa Barbara.
DAV123221DAVOxalis corniculataG. F. Hrusa90931992-03-04 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: Caswell Memorial State Park. Within the picnic areas and campgrounds.
DAV141361DAVOxalis corniculataG. D. Barbe43831990-04-06 SacramentoSacramento County: 1221 O Street, Sacramento.
DAV169475DAVOxalis corniculataS. Miller21--2-941994-04-17 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Cosumnes River Preserve Plant Inventory; collected in Area 21.
DAV183408DAVOxalis corniculataEllen Dean53672009-04-01 YoloYolo County: city of Woodland. Mavis Henson field property on the east side of County Road 102, just south of County Road 25. Property owned by city of Woodland. Near drainage basin.
DAV18989DAVOxalis corniculataJohn Thomas Howell214471945-08-29 AlamedaAlameda County: Trestle Glen, Oakland.
DAV196475DAVOxalis corniculataEllen Dean73262012-04-29 NapaNapa County: East of Las Posadas Rd. California Dept. of Forestry′s Las Posadas State Experimental Forest, east of the town of Angwin. Near entrance gate, west of fire station buildings.
DAV207880DAVOxalis corniculataG. Ledyard Stebbins77871977-07-18 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Coloma. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV51399DAVOxalis corniculataPerry Allen701969-03-06 StanislausStanislaus County: just above the high water level of the Tuolumne River, 2.5 miles southwest of La Grange.
DAV63379DAVOxalis corniculataC. W. Tilforth2441970-01-18 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Residence in Piedmont Mesa, Clarement.
DAV6627DAVOxalis corniculataR. N. Raynors.n.1933-04-10 AlamedaAlameda County: College and Channing, Berkeley.
DAV6629DAVOxalis corniculataM. I. Wiesendanger9101928-04-07 MendocinoMendocino County: Redwood Highway, Lane′s Redwood Flat.
DAV6631DAVOxalis corniculataP. B. Kennedys.n.1915-03-31 AlamedaAlameda County: greenhouse, Berkeley.
DAV6632DAVOxalis corniculataP. B. Kennedy46551914-03-15 AlamedaAlameda County: Rocky Knoll, Bay, west Berkeley.
DAV6633DAVOxalis corniculataMorris Halperins.n.1929-03-31 AlamedaAlameda County: street in Berkeley.
DAV6634DAVOxalis corniculataR. R. Jeffries22651931-09-18 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Van Nuys.
DAV6636DAVOxalis corniculataR. L. Eymans.n.1927-09-06 AlamedaAlameda County: Berkeley.
DAV6644DAVOxalis corniculataP. B. Kennedys.n.1927-08-23 AlamedaAlameda County: Grass Garden, Berkeley.
DAV6837DAVOxalis corniculataA. A. Beetle17721939-03-24 San MateoSan Mateo County: Daly City, coast ranges of Central California.
GH01584964GHOxalis corniculata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-06-15 Unknown[data not captured]
HSC12024HSCOxalis corniculataD. Santana1111970-11-02 HumboldtG and 17th St., in city park lot.
HSC12500HSCOxalis corniculataWendell Wood31970-06-17 Los Angeles3135 Linda Vista Rd., Glendale
HSC12755HSCOxalis corniculataM.J. Athey231970-11-22 HumboldtIn Arcata along G street in front of P G & E
HSC16696HSCOxalis corniculataJ.E. Lankila51962-04-14 HumboldtW bank of Eel River across from Shively ca. 700 feet N of Bear Creek.
HSC16697HSCOxalis corniculataT.W. Beck441963-04-27 HumboldtCamp Bauer, Korbel
HSC16698HSCOxalis corniculataD.E. Anderson24861963-05-25 Humboldt2-3 N of Capetown
HSC16699HSCOxalis corniculataJ.V. Lenzsn1946-04-01 YoloW Sacramento
HSC23487HSCOxalis corniculataR.A. Vanbianchi21971-06-19 MarinSan Geronimo.
HSC23754HSCOxalis corniculataTim Baroni1441971-07-27 MarinTam Valley, 395 Lowell Dr.
HSC26445HSCOxalis corniculataT.O. Osborne1231970-06-17 Del NortePrince Island, 3-8 W Sinestia Rock.
HSC34881HSCOxalis corniculataThomas W. Nelson17521975-03-25 SonomaBeside Hwy. 128 E of Geyserville.
HSC79521HSCOxalis corniculataKenneth Clark5161980-03-01 HumboldtMiddle alluvial terrace, Dead Mans Gulch, on terraces and along access trail to Dead Mans Gulch.
HSC89718HSCOxalis corniculataLarry Levine21989-02-24 HumboldtHSU campus, garden plot SW of Buckhouse
HSC93084HSCOxalis corniculataF. Bowcutt11851989-05-18 MendocinoAt trailhead to Jones Beach-Whale Gulch along rd. from Four Corners to Needle Rock Ranch House, 15 air mi. SWW of Garberville
IRVC106587IRVCOxalis corniculataRandy AcevedoHS-3741965-04-14 OrangeNewport Beach, East Bluff
IRVC106588IRVCOxalis corniculataE.P. CowperHS-3761965-04-13 OrangeNewport Beach; Corona del Mar high school
IRVC106589IRVCOxalis corniculataL. BurnsHS-3771965-03-24 OrangeCosta Mesa, 19th St.
IRVC106590IRVCOxalis corniculataPolly BrechtHS-3731965-04-12 OrangeNewport Beach, Bay St. and Harbor Blvd.
IRVC106591IRVCOxalis corniculataL. Burns1965-04-21 OrangeTrabuco Canon
IRVC106592IRVCOxalis corniculataRobin HobsonHS 03791965-05-07 RiversideRailroad Canon
IRVC106593IRVCOxalis corniculataC. Weir (HS)HS03781965-04-24 RiversideUpper San Juan Camp, Ortega Hwy
JEPS111580UCJEPSOxalis corniculataD. G. Kelch05.1192005-04-12 SolanoVallejo, Sonoma Ave. .5 km west of I-80
JEPS114163UCJEPSOxalis corniculataM. Wetherwax, E. L. PainterSLO-49b2000-04-21 San Luis ObispoK-1 Training Area, saddle between Cerro Romualdo and Cerro Chumash.
JEPS115575UCJEPSOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart158412009-06-12 Butte10 yards north of the Bear′s Lair Picnic Area and Coastal Redwood Grove sign, about 80 yards east of Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park, Chico
JEPS118123UCJEPSOxalis corniculataDean W. Taylor208312010-04-22 Santa CruzAptos; vicinity Nisene Marks State Park, watershed Aptos Creek, residential garden 3000 block Redwood Drive
JEPS121894UCJEPSOxalis corniculataLowell Ahart199202014-11-24 ButteAbout 10 feet below the high water line of Lake Oroville, about 500 yards east of the second parking area, old Bidwell Bar Road, about one mile south of Oroville Quincy Highway, about 8 miles (air) northeast of Oroville.
JEPS43130UCJEPSOxalis corniculataJoseph P. Tracy51191918-11-17 HumboldtElk River Corners Northern Coast Ranges, Eureka
JEPS43131UCJEPSOxalis corniculataFrank W. Peirson212b1920-05-06 Los AngelesFish Canon San Gabriel Mtns
JEPS43132UCJEPSOxalis corniculataT. S. Brandegee1888-06-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
JEPS43133UCJEPSOxalis corniculataS. B. Parish43971897-05-31 San Diegonear Pala (San Luis Rey River)
JEPS43134UCJEPSOxalis corniculataR. L. Pendleton1011908-05-01 Santa CruzCapitola
JEPS43141UCJEPSOxalis corniculataWillis L. Jepson157081930-11-25 Alamedaparkings Berkeley, Piedomt Ave.
JEPS43146UCJEPSOxalis corniculataWillis L. Jepson91611921-04-13 Santa Barbarasycamore Canon Santa Inez Mtns
JEPS43148UCJEPSOxalis corniculataWillis L. Jepson17151901-07-21 MarinInverness
JEPS43149UCJEPSOxalis corniculataWillis L. Jepson16691901-06-18 Montereynear Lucia; Santa Lucia Mtns
JEPS43150UCJEPSOxalis corniculataNettie Purpus1041899-06-01 MendocinoPotter Valley
JEPS43151UCJEPSOxalis corniculataMrs. R. M. Austin2041896-05-01 Buttee Chico (Butte Creek)
JEPS43158UCJEPSOxalis corniculataLincoln Constance7191934-05-29 Humboldtupper Look Prairie; South Fork of Eel River, Bull Creek Region
JEPS95963UCJEPSOxalis corniculataVernon H. Oswald97241999-05-06 ButteBidwell Sacramento River State Park; Sacramento River; Big Chico Creek; Chico
JROH5644JROHOxalis corniculataJohn Rawlings12562014-06-02 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Caretaker′s Residence
LA00642077LAOxalis corniculataPeter H. Raven144431959-09-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Boulevard, near Beverly Glen Boulevard, W Los Angeles
LA00642078LAOxalis corniculataM. Zaitlin1951-03-15 Los AngelesWaste ground, Beverly Hills
LA201282LAOxalis corniculataArthur C. Gibson44232001-06-09 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; along trail approaching Lizard Rock
LA50658LAOxalis corniculataA.M. Johnson38391932-02-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; University of California, Los Angeles; Westwood. Faculty Hill (Veteran Ave and Sunset Blvd)
LA50659LAOxalis corniculataElizabeth Levines.n.1949-05-03 Los AngelesWest Los Angeles
LOB100003LOBOxalis corniculataK. Sullivan232018-03-27 Los AngelesCity borders of Long Beach, Los Alamitos, and Hawaiian Gardens.
LOB112709LOBOxalis corniculataD.H. Lingle0861973-03-31 Orangecorner of 19th Street and Irvine Avenue, Costa Mesa
LOB112711LOBOxalis corniculataW.M. Paloney401970-04-02 Los AngelesCampus of C.S.C.L.B., on the hill near Sc3
LOB112716LOBOxalis corniculataS. Richard611971-05-21 Los Angeles36th and Cabrillo Ave., San Pedro
LOB112717LOBOxalis corniculataS. Haydens.n.1972-03-26 Los AngelesResidence near Crenshaw Blvd. and Cherry Ave., Torrance
LOB112718LOBOxalis corniculataJ.S. Folsom0231970-03-20 Los Angeles323 Hermosa Ave., Long Beach
LOB112720LOBOxalis corniculataKen Tankaleys.n.1955-01-22 OrangeSanta Ana
LOB112721LOBOxalis corniculataJ. Flanders161975-04-09 Los Angelesparking lot in front of Animal Emergency Clinic at Crenshaw Blvd. in Lomita
LOB112722LOBOxalis corniculataC. Scofield441970-03-01 Los AngelesCampus of CSCLB, north of Sc3 in lawn
MACF033239MACFOxalis corniculataFay A. MacFadden1931-06-20 Los AngelesDuarte
MACF033240MACFOxalis corniculataLouis C. Wheeler2591931-10-17 Los Angeles1.5 miles northeast of La Verne
MACF033241MACFOxalis corniculataFay A. MacFadden1929-05-01 San DiegoMoreno Dam
MACF033242MACFOxalis corniculataT.W. NiilusN511970-03-09 Los Angeles0.5 miles from Gate 6 Puddingstone State Park. Off of San Dimas Ave. A Canon 300 yards northwest of the road
MACF033243MACFOxalis corniculataE. Jordan32-81969-04-05 OrangeCorner Fern and Woods Ave.
MACF033244MACFOxalis corniculataS.A.W.9-A1971-04-02 Orange11642 Beta Garden Grove
MACF033245MACFOxalis corniculataJ. Syvertson1969-05-10 Orange1409 Gambro Lane
MACF033246MACFOxalis corniculataD.L. Walkington1966-02-26 Orange1112 East Union
MACF033247MACFOxalis corniculataD.L. Walkington1966-02-26 Orange1112 East Union
MACF033248MACFOxalis corniculataS. DeSimone7171986-03-15 OrangeStarr Ranch Sanctuary
MACF033249MACFOxalis corniculataT. Marien151994-04-09 Riversidec-o Ironwood Drive and Atwood Court
MCCC1097MCCCOxalis corniculataTeresa Sholars2961983-05-25 MendocinoCa. 50 yds. N. of Fen Carr at Inglenook Fen, N of Fort Bragg
MCCC1175MCCCOxalis corniculataRita Fenton1982-02-08 MendocinoN end of old Hwy. 1 N of Jack Peters Creek, W. of Hwy. 1
MCCC5618MCCCOxalis corniculataPeter Warner12003-03-21 MendocinoAlong main Big River haul road, north side, ca. 0.3 mi. E of parking lot gate
MCCC5744MCCCOxalis corniculataVernon Bridges1961-08-01 MendocinoFrazier meadow, lower campgrounds, Van Damme State Park
OBI103414OBIOxalis corniculataDavid Keil321452014-04-05 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park; along Coon Creek Trail; along trail in riparian area
OBI103415OBIOxalis corniculataDavid Keil348462017-06-14 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts. Junction of San Simeon Creek Road and Rocky Butte Truck Trail (Ridge Road)
OBI103416OBIOxalis corniculataJulie M. Vanderwier1591979-05-04 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI103417OBIOxalis corniculataKatelyn Biddle22015-02-15 San Luis ObispoCerro Cabrillo, 1-2 mile up Morro Quarry Trail, growing in grassland on the right side of the trail before beginning ascent up the hill
OBI103418OBIOxalis corniculataKurt R. Neisesss.n.1976-01-27 San Luis ObispoIn Los Osos, beneath a covering of dead grass
OBI103419OBIOxalis corniculataM. WetherwaxSLO-49b2000-04-21 San Luis ObispoK-1 Training Area, saddle between Cerro Romualdo and Cerro Chumash
OBI103420OBIOxalis corniculataDan Sheehy21978-10-06 San Luis ObispoN side of Science Bldg on Cal Poly campus
OBI103421OBIOxalis corniculataRobert F. Hoover87021964-04-14 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
OBI103422OBIOxalis corniculataA. C. Sanders71761987-07-22 Los AngelesEl Segundo Dunes, immed W of L.A. International Airport & Pershing Dr, E of Vista Del Mar Blvd
OBI103423OBIOxalis corniculataDavid J. Keil312122012-02-05 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park. Western portion of San Luis Range along Coon Creek Trail
OBI103424OBIOxalis corniculataDavid J. Keil319442013-08-22 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Turtle Rock trail (Morro Creek Road) on northern side of Cerro Cabrillo
OBI103425OBIOxalis corniculataDavid J. Keil245731995-03-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Main Gate (Calif Blvd at hwy 10
OBI103426OBIOxalis corniculataD. R. Miller494.2691994-04-30 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. On D.R. Miller propery, E slope of Pine Mt; Tobaco crk drainage
OBI103427OBIOxalis corniculataH. E. Jones51981-05-18 San Luis ObispoPoint Piedras Blancas
OBI103428OBIOxalis corniculataSteve Morgan921974-05-01 Los Angeles1212 E. Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel
OBI103429OBIOxalis corniculataGreg Hassen391975-07-15 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn.
OBI103430OBIOxalis corniculataG. L. Parsons1251976-05-31 San MateoSan Mateo
OBI103431OBIOxalis corniculataMelinda Doud801976-05-29 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park
OBI103432OBIOxalis corniculataDavid J. Keil233321992-07-03 El DoradoCirca 11 km due south of Placerville near intersection of Sand Ridge Rd and Dawn Rose Ln.
OBI103434OBIOxalis corniculataDavid J. Keil169561983-05-01 San Luis ObispoRidge system and coastal terr between Arroyo de la Cruz and Arroyo de los Chinos
OBI103435OBIOxalis corniculataJulie M. Vanderwier1591979-05-04 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
PGM7342PGMOxalis corniculataYadon, Vern2004-07-26 MontereySierra de Salinas, Carmel Valley N of Carmel Valley Road, 12876 Live Oak Lane unimproved lot
PGM7507PGMOxalis corniculataYadon, Vern2006-07-19 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove First Methodist Church, Sunset 17 Mi Drive in garden of
POM127722RSAOxalis corniculataHarriet Ann Walker8431907-08-06 AlamedaDana St., Berkeley
POM127992RSAOxalis corniculataL. R. Abrams101701924-05-03 Santa ClaraStanford University.
POM181766RSAOxalis corniculataH. F. Copeland5301925-07-05 MarinCoast.
POM278945RSAOxalis corniculataLyman Benson20421930-04-06 San MateoMoss Beach. West slope.
POM278946RSAOxalis corniculataLyman Benson31841932-03-26 RiversideSummit Temecula Grade.
POM306248RSAOxalis corniculataHenry J. Ramsey13721938-01-09 Los AngelesAltadena, North Craig Avenue
POM353411RSAOxalis corniculataGeo. L. Moxley5211917-02-04 Los AngelesSan Fernando Reservoir.
POM353412RSAOxalis corniculataM. B. Dunkle32951933-04-14 Los AngelesLong Beach.
POM353438RSAOxalis corniculataE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-05-02 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
POM353439RSAOxalis corniculataEdwin Klines.n.1924-06-03 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
POM353440RSAOxalis corniculataJ. Blares.n.1929-03-28 Los AngelesTopanga Canon.
POM353441RSAOxalis corniculataLouis C. Wheeler2591931-10-17 Los Angeles1.5 NE of La Verne.
POM353442RSAOxalis corniculataKatharine Beerss.n. RiversideMurietta Hot Springs.
POM353443RSAOxalis corniculataJeannette B. Edges.n.1934-04-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino.
POM86705RSAOxalis corniculataGeorge B. Grants.n.1906-01-10 Los AngelesPasadena.
PPWD434PPWDOxalis corniculataG. de Nevers17401981-07-01 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Weed in Pippendale Garden.
PPWD435PPWDOxalis corniculataG. de Nevers17391981-07-01 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Weed in Pippendale Garden.
PUA31426PUAOxalis corniculataBill Grummer1979-04-30 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA32299PUAOxalis corniculataBill Grummer1980-04-16 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA4872PUAOxalis corniculataMichael Arct1973-05-25 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA61217PUAOxalis corniculataG.L. Clifton1984-09-25 MaderaLocal landmark: Willow Creek. Shaver Lake Quad.
PUA6586PUAOxalis corniculataLavern C. Wolcott1951-06-19 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
RSA0036159RSAOxalis corniculataRobin Bowmans.n.1967-04-16 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills behind college.
RSA0077538RSAOxalis corniculataG. Wallaces.n.1964-05-11 Los AngelesArcadia.
RSA0078106RSAOxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp114772006-10-06 AmadorAlong Calif. Hwy 49, 1.1 miles south of Plymouth.; Amador City 7.5′ Q.
RSA0100515RSAOxalis corniculataJessica Orozco982013-05-20 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Upper elevations of the S. fork Tule River on reservation. Along the S.fork Tule River. Off main road where it forks there is a driving bridge, right side of sign says redwood corral.
RSA0105827RSAOxalis corniculataAlan Romsperts.n.2000-07-28 San BernardinoSanta Ana Riverbed and Junction RIX Inflow transect one.
RSA0114770RSAOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSN-13491999-04-08 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Planter in front of Air Control Tower at Airfield.
RSA0165870RSAOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSCl-4201996-05-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Wilson cove, at intersection of Admin Drive and First Avenue, in front of office of Officer in Charge.
RSA0336413RSAOxalis corniculataPaul H. Woods.n.1941-04-16 Los AngelesSycamore Canon.
RSA118929RSAOxalis corniculataL. S. Rose570871957-05-25 San FranciscoSan Francisco. North slope of Russian Hill, Francisco St, near Hyde St.
RSA127798RSAOxalis corniculataPeter H. Raven2501959-09-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Blvd near Beverly Glen Blvd, W Los Angeles.
RSA128571RSAOxalis corniculataPeter H. Raven80161954-08-28 NevadaNevada City.
RSA149876RSAOxalis corniculataR. Wayne Nunes39361951-03-11 FresnoSanger.
RSA162825RSAOxalis corniculataJ. D. Olmsted3101959-03-23 Los AngelesBlanchard Park on Pomona College campus by area catching runoff from sprinkling system-common weed. San Antonio wash.
RSA188257RSAOxalis corniculataRobert F. Thorne363311966-04-30 Los AngelesSanta Canong walk, Avalon
RSA188327RSAOxalis corniculataRobert F. Thorne364281966-05-31 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
RSA223684RSAOxalis corniculataJ. T. Howell328531957-08-04 San FranciscoSan Francisco. East end of Golden Gate Park.
RSA245261RSAOxalis corniculataR. A. Vanbianchi921971-11-05 HumboldtHumbolt State College campus. SouthWest corner theatre arts building.
RSA258424RSAOxalis corniculataC. W. Tilforth5111972-04-22 Los Angelesweeds of RSABG.
RSA500815RSAOxalis corniculataC. F. Smith16101945-09-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden, Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
RSA500818RSAOxalis corniculataC. F. Smith21071947-09-21 Santa BarbaraAt corner of Puesta del Sol Rd and Mission Canon Rd, Santa Barbara.
RSA562478RSAOxalis corniculataSteve Boyd72581992-05-05 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Oak Flats along Serrano Spring drainage between Lucas Canon Trail and junction of Bluewater and Verdugo Trails.
RSA588259RSAOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSC-30201992-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Christy Ranch, cracks in cement in front porch and gravel area on N side of Casa Vieja.
RSA591182RSAOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSC1-561985-05-14 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Wilson Cove, along rd to pier.
RSA607607RSAOxalis corniculataLouis C. Wheeler90941966-10-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Rincon Ranger Station.
RSA611069RSAOxalis corniculataLouis C. Wheelers.n.1970-05-31 Los AngelesLos Angeles: NW corner of Pico and Figueroa streets.
RSA613216RSAOxalis corniculataD. L. Banks17701997-04-08 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Wilderness Gardens Preserve. Approximately 3.4 miles east of Pala south of Hwy. 76 along the San Luis Rey River.
RSA626974RSAOxalis corniculataMary DeDecker65471996-05-06 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley; Independence; weed in garden, probably came in with a shrub from nursery.
RSA651768RSAOxalis corniculataJack D. Ingwersens.n.1962-06-02 OrangeAnaheim
RSA652121RSAOxalis corniculataA. E. Hershs.n.1950-07-05 Los AngelesGarden 4 Wade St., Venice.
RSA652123RSAOxalis corniculataR. M. Hillbuns.n.1953-01-24 Los AngelesCal Poly Campus, West Point. North of hut #104. San Dimas.
RSA654554RSAOxalis corniculataBenjamen Rangel777-301992-04-26 Los AngelesAt the west side of Alamitos Hall, close to the west side door, at Cal Poly Pomona Univ.
RSA660056RSAOxalis corniculataCarol Zuck11981-02-03 Los Angeles1443 A Springfield St., Upland.
RSA660237RSAOxalis corniculataM. Duke501982-05-15 San DiegoCA Hwy S16, 3.5 N of Pala.
RSA678035RSAOxalis corniculataSarah J. De Groot8022002-09-28 San DiegoHidden Meadows 92026.
RSA678660RSAOxalis corniculataRichard L. Zembals.n.1977-06-23 VenturaPoint Mugu Lagoon 7th street road, Bakersfield, San Joaquin Valley Watershed.
RSA680744RSAOxalis corniculataSarah J. De Groot5762002-05-08 San Diego10678 Cerveza Dr., Hidden Meadows 92026.
RSA712842RSAOxalis corniculataVernon H. Oswald97241999-05-06 ButteEast side of Sacramento River and north side of Big Chico Creek, Bidwell Sacramento River State Park west of Chico, along the dirt road leading into the Big Chico Creek river access.
RSA722451RSAOxalis corniculataOlive Van Meters.n.1985-03-30 RiversideBlack Star Canon.
RSA731798RSAOxalis corniculataFred M. Roberts66392007-11-09 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: San Juan Canon, Lower San Juan Picnic Ground.; Sitton Peak
RSA731941RSAOxalis corniculataFred M. Roberts66942007-11-27 OrangeUnknownYorba Linda: drainage channel on east side of Amberdale Dr. c.a. 0.3km S Fairmont Blvd.; Yorba Linda
RSA747071RSAOxalis corniculataR. G. Swinney88832008-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon at El Encanto, west bank of the river.; Azusa 7.5 Q.
RSA754604RSAOxalis corniculataRobert F. Thorne541521980-04-27 Los AngelesAvalon, at boat landing
RSA785299RSAOxalis corniculataDoris Bowers1101957-05-20 Los AngelesLaVerne College
SBBG134981SBBGOxalis corniculataR. Burgess11901994-02-27 Venturalower Sulphur Mtn Rd N of Rancho Arnaz
SBBG153110SBBGOxalis corniculataIan Cain6342007-03-07 San DiegoPoint Loma; Cabrillo National Monument, 30 W of Administration building main circle plot, 300 m E of Cabrillo Rd
SBBG153620SBBGOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSCl-4201996-05-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Wilson Cove, at intersection of Administration Drive and First Avenue, in front of office of Officer in Charge.
SBBG153621SBBGOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSCl-561985-05-14 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Wilson Cove, along rd to pier
SBBG153622SBBGOxalis corniculataA. Catalano16-0962016-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Growing in gravel and planters surrounding herbarium
SBBG153624SBBGOxalis corniculataS. A. JunakSN-13491999-04-08 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: air Control Tower at Airfield
SBBG153625SBBGOxalis corniculataM. Daily1141979-07-27 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: outside of mess hall of Living Quarters of Navy
SBBG153626SBBGOxalis corniculataRalph Hoffmann1930-06-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Main ranch
SBBG153627SBBGOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSC-30201992-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Christi Ranch, N side of Casa Vieja
SBBG153628SBBGOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSC-1151979-05-31 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: lawn at Christi Ranch
SBBG153629SBBGOxalis corniculataM. B. Dunkle85441939-08-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Prisoners Harbor
SBBG153630SBBGOxalis corniculataRalph Hoffmann1930-11-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 1-8 mi up from mouth of Valdez Cyn
SBBG153631SBBGOxalis corniculataR. F. Thorne363311966-04-30 Los AngelesSanta Canon
SBBG153632SBBGOxalis corniculataM. DailySNI-1141979-07-27 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: near mess hall, main compound
SBBG192177SBBGOxalis corniculataR. Burgess66572005-02-25 VenturaMeiners Oaks, 562 S Rice Rd
SD00016588SDOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSCI-561985-05-14 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Wilson Cove, along road to pier.
SD00021170SDOxalis corniculataIan Cain6342007-03-07 San DiegoSan Diego, Cabrillo National Monument, southern tip of Point Loma, 30 meters south west of Administration building main circle plot, 300 meters east of Cabrillo Road
SD00022321SDOxalis corniculataJon Rebman344782018-08-14 San DiegoCanon: southwest portion of Base: between Stuart Mesa Rd. and Interstate 5 and between Cockleburr Rd. and the Santa Margarita River; along a dirt road and drainage ditch behind a housing area on Eliason Ct.
SD114112SDOxalis corniculataDarley F. Howe3231936-04-05 San DiegoLawn, Chula Vista
SD13272SDOxalis corniculataFrank F. Gander5451936-02-03 San DiegoEast San Diego
SD136804SDOxalis corniculataSteve Boyd72581992-05-05 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wildeerness Area. Oak Flats along Serrano Spsring drainage between Lucas Canon Trail and junction of Bluewater and Verdugo Trails.
SD138617SDOxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSC-30201992-03-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Christy Ranch, north side of Casa Vieja.
SD15083SDOxalis corniculataFrank F. Gander16731936-05-01 San DiegoBalboa Park, San Diego
SD156283SDOxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman98352004-01-18 San DiegoSan Diego: Clairemont-Bay Park area: in yard at 3427 Mt. Laurence, 92117. South of Balboa Ave. and east of Morena Blvd.
SD160892SDOxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman82422002-08-07 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine
SD167071SDOxalis corniculataAndrew C. Sanders318642005-10-14 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996
SD173839SDOxalis corniculataMark A. Elvin34712004-05-24 San DiegoCarlsbad, LaCosta: along Xana Drive
SD173840SDOxalis corniculataGay Dorius1442005-03-17 San DiegoCity of San Diego (Clairemont); Frink Ave, 1-2 S of Clairemont Mesa Blvd; West mesa of EW leg of small isolated urban canyon, abutts to S side of Clairemont Mesa Blvd & 1&1-2 blks E of Genese Ave.,and runs behind the Boy′s club.
SD178207SDOxalis corniculataG.K. Helmkamp83892004-03-21 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast: Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park along mesa View Dr., 0.2 mi south of the junction of Halcyon Rd., southeast of Oceano. Growing up through garden shrubs.
SD178208SDOxalis corniculataAndrew C. Sanders279232004-05-21 San DiegoSouth Coast, Canonda Ecological Reserve, near El Camino Real and Canon Road, vegetation restoration area.
SD186273SDOxalis corniculataG. K. Helmkamp8062003-07-31 San Luis ObispoWest edge of Nipomo Hill at junction of Cienaga Rd. and Valley View Road.
SD220437SDOxalis corniculataNancy Nenow13182010-07-09 San DiegoWarner Springs Ranch just east of highway 79; abt 0.33 mile NE intersect of Camino San Ignacio and Hwy 79 between the barn access road and tennis courts along small streambed.
SD230011SDOxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman244192012-05-30 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; east of Case Springs Road, around Case Springs Lake
SD230597SDOxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman249332012-06-19 San DiegoDaley Ranch: northeast of Escondido; west of Co. Hwy. S6 and north of Dixon Lake; along East Ridge Trail in the vicinity of a small pond to the east of Middle Pond
SD231807SDOxalis corniculataBarbara Danielss.n.1986-10-19 San DiegoFallbrook, 11146 Via Estrellada. Lawn. From Quail Botanical Gardens
SD241114SDOxalis corniculataMark A. Elvin34712004-05-24 San DiegoSouthern Coastal: Carlsbad, La Costa: along Xana Way; SD Plant Atlas grid J8 (Rancho Santa Fe 7.5′Q)
SD248672SDOxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman298072015-04-08 San DiegoCanon: northwest portion of Base; northwest-facing slopes above Cristianitos Creek-San Mateo Creek, NE of the junction of I-5 & Basilone Road, just outside of the Bravo 3 Training Area
SD264870SDOxalis corniculataSteven A JunakSN-13491999-04-08 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Planter in front of Air Control Tower at Airfield.
SD266886SDOxalis corniculataJim Roberts1122015-03-16 San DiegoFallbrook; Gird Valley Preserve; west of Golf Course parking area; 0.16 miles WSW of junction Gird Road and Casablanca Way; at edge of greens.
SD39354SDOxalis corniculataEdith A. Purer701931-02-11 Los AngelesGriffith Park
SD52173SDOxalis corniculataH. E. House1464 Los AngelesSanta Monica
SDSU16080SDSUOxalis corniculataRebman, Jon98352004-01-18 San DiegoSan Diego: Clairemont-Bay Park area: in yard at 3427 Mt. Laurence, 92117. South of Balboa Ave. and east of Morena Blvd.
SFV109774SFVOxalis corniculataM. H. Grayums. n.1976-07-13 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Los Angeles, Northridge. CSUN Botanical Garden.
SFV109775SFVOxalis corniculataA. Gilbert841974-05-29 SacramentoSacramento Valley; Sacramento. 2590 Rogue River Drive.
SHTC1147SHTCOxalis corniculataGarcia, R.262016-04-27 StanislausDisturbed Almond orchard in Hughson, Ca. Sandy Loam soil
SHTC3985SHTCOxalis corniculataOrlando, K.E.521994-05-12 StanislausTurlock, Monte Vista Ave and Geer Road, 3 km east of Hwy. 99
SHTC3987SHTCOxalis corniculataMilam, David-1971-04-17 MercedLos Banos
SHTC3988SHTCOxalis corniculataCollins, Gene162014-02-27 StanislausModesto
SHTC3990SHTCOxalis corniculataBorman & Cantwell2071994-08-30 San MateoSan Francisco Fish & Game State Refuge, Big Basin, Hwy. 35, 2 miles south Hwy. 92.
SHTC3991SHTCOxalis corniculataKollar, C.181994-03-11 OrangeAspen St., Fountain Valley.
SHTC590SHTCOxalis corniculataClark Jr., Howard291996-03-20 MercedWest Shaw Avenue, 0.10 mile from Shaffer Road T intersection
SHTC7365SHTCOxalis corniculataF. Bowers42018-03-30 StanislausFound in rock garden, a lot of sunlight, covers many other weeds.
SHTC820SHTCOxalis corniculataLemos, Joya282016-05-05 StanislausOn ranch off Tim Bell Rd about 2 miles North of Yosemite Blvd & Hazeldean Rd in Waterford, CA
SJSU1045SJSUOxalis corniculataM. Esch1950-05-01 El DoradoPlacerville
SJSU10833SJSUOxalis corniculataJ.A. MacDonald1041957-04-26 TuolumneColumbia
THRI-SEKI17503THRIOxalis corniculataJohnson, Brent1997-03-26 UnknownAsh Mountain
THRI-SEKI17610THRIOxalis corniculataJohnson, Brent1997-05-07 UnknownPotwisha Dump Site
UC1143152UCJEPSOxalis corniculataC. M. Belshaw1719A1936-03-25 San Luis Obispo1-2 mi s Los Osos Valley Forks (Clark Valley); Cayucos quad
UC1608279UCJEPSOxalis corniculataSteve Boyd, Tim Ross72581992-05-05 Riversidealong Serrano Springs drainage (Oak Flats, between Lucas Canon Trail and junction of Bluewater and Verdugo Tails); Southern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Wilderness Area
UC168742UCJEPSOxalis corniculataGeo. D. Butler15411909-10-22 Alamedaalong a sidewalk Berkeley
UC1928162UCJEPSOxalis corniculataD. R. Miller494-2691994-04-30 San Luis ObispoD. R. MIller property, E slope of Pine Mountain, Tobacco Creek drainage
UC1949391UCJEPSOxalis corniculataBarbara ErtterG-3252001-06-01 Alameda1859 Catalina Ave., Berkeley, CA
UC1950169UCJEPSOxalis corniculataBarbara Ertter114681993-03-30 Alamedanorthwest corner of University of California Berkeley
UC2029079UCJEPSOxalis corniculataBarbara Ertter174012000-07-16 Contra CostaLower Pine Creek in Diablo Foothills Regional Park.
UC2079891UCJEPSOxalis corniculataAlison Colwell09-0522009-04-27 MariposaEl Portal Administrative Site, Resources Management and Science office building.
UC455388UCJEPSOxalis corniculataE. P. Unangst1908-01-01 San Luis Obispoyard
UC56282UCJEPSOxalis corniculataH. M. Hall31671902-05-01 Santa BarbaraCarpenteria
UC685571UCJEPSOxalis corniculataBob Rodin2851943-07-24 AlamedaStrawberry Canon Berkeley, University of California Campus (near swimming pool)
UC762261UCJEPSOxalis corniculataR. F. Hoover911934-10-22 StanislausModesto
UCR0063391UCROxalis corniculataVictoria M. Woods192014-06-01 San BernardinoUpland, Citrus Park, 8th St. east of Mountain Ave.
UCR0063392UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders410802014-04-29 San BernardinoWildlands Conservancy Oak Glen Preserve property: near headquarters, Oak Knoll Park and Oak Glen Rd.
UCR0063393UCROxalis corniculataPeter Rubtzoff61231969-07-31 AlamedaWellman Hall, University of California campus, Berkeley
UCR0063394UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp157372009-11-12 El DoradoLake Oaks Mobile Home Park including Patterson Lake; Diamond Springs
UCR0063395UCROxalis corniculataAngelique Hermans.n.2018-03-06 FresnoHerndon, along W Herndon Ave., 500 ft. east of Hwy 99
UCR0063396UCROxalis corniculataR.G. Swinney101822009-03-28 Los AngelesMonrovia Mountain Park, along canyon bottom from park entrance to 0.5 mi up canyon
UCR0063397UCROxalis corniculataR.G. Swinney103322009-04-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River under the Puente Largo railway bridge, 0.5 mi. north of Foothill Blvd. on east side of El Encanto Parkway, west of El Encanto Park in Duarte
UCR0063398UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders385492010-08-05 Los AngelesMadrona Marsh Preserve, Torrance
UCR0063399UCROxalis corniculataR.G. Swinney88832008-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon at El Encanto, west bank of the river
UCR0063402UCROxalis corniculataMitch Provance618--352018-06-18 RiversideBetween Glen Eden Resort and Alberhill, unnamed Canon; head at water control structure N. of Palomino Creek Dr., northward to mouth near Hwy. 15 at Hostettler Rd.
UCR0063403UCROxalis corniculataMitch Provance171442011-06-27 San BernardinoBloomington, along Santa Ana Ave., about 0.3 mi E of Riverside Ave.
UCR0063405UCROxalis corniculataJon P. Rebman244192012-05-30 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak, east of Case Springs Road, around Case Springs Lake. Square: B4
UCR0063413UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp114772006-10-06 Amadoralong Calif. Hwy 49, 1.1 miles south of Plymouth
UCR0063414UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp135012008-05-28 El DoradoLake Oaks Mobile Home Park, Diamond Springs; Patterson Dr. and CA-49
UCR0063415UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp102882006-05-01 El Doradocorner of Pleasant Valley Road and Patterson Drive; west end of Diamond Springs
UCR0063416UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp98172005-08-14 El DoradoDiamond Springs. Lake Oaks mobile home park
UCR0063417UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders71761987-07-22 Los AngelesEl Segundo Dunes immediately west of Los Angeles International Airport & Pershing Dr., east of Vista Del Mar Blvd
UCR0063418UCROxalis corniculataScott D. White38131996-03-02 Los AngelesCity of Claremont, Geneva Ave., north of San Jose, south of Arrow Hwy, west of Indian Hill, east of Towne.
UCR0063419UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders268492003-05-26 Los Angeleslong abandoned gravel pit on boundary between Irwindale and Azusa, east of Irwindale Ave., south of 210 Fwy (which bisects pit) and north of Santa Fe RR, east of the San Gabriel River channel
UCR0063420UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp94942005-05-17 Monterey0.9 mile south of Plaskett (N of Gorda); along Calif. Highway 1
UCR0063421UCROxalis corniculataG.S. Nuesslys.n.1980-10-14 RiversideRiverside: U.C. Riverside campus, near greenhouses
UCR0063422UCROxalis corniculataWilliam R. Bowen0531962-04-20 RiversideUniversity of California, Riverside
UCR0063423UCROxalis corniculataP. Tomlinson00081981-04-30 RiversideUniversity of California, Riverside campus; west of the perimeter road c. 10 ft. off the road between Parking Lot 8 and Greenhouses 1-5.
UCR0063424UCROxalis corniculataCharles S. Papp2691963-06-10 RiversideCollector′s backyard in Riverside [Papp residence]
UCR0063425UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders344212008-03-02 San BernardinoCity Creek Ranger Station, on City Creek Rd. (Hwy 330) midway between Highland and Running Springs
UCR0063426UCROxalis corniculataMitch Provance2651998-03-21 San BernardinoE side of Riverside Ave., c. 0.2 miles south of the intersection with E. Lyans Dr.; Colton Dunes
UCR0063427UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders318642005-10-14 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996
UCR0063428UCROxalis corniculataMark A. Elvin34712004-05-24 San DiegoCarlsbad, La Costa: along Xana Way; SD Plant Atlas grid J8
UCR0063429UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders279232004-05-21 San DiegoCanonda Ecological Reserve, near El Camino Real and Canon Rd., vegetation restoration area
UCR0063430UCROxalis corniculataA.C. Sanders311232005-06-22 San DiegoBuena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve (DFG), Carlsbad, south side of lagoon just east of Carlsbad Blvd. (S-21) near Brown Park
UCR0063431UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp80632003-07-31 San Luis Obispowest edge of Nipomo Hill at junction of Cienaga Rd and Valley View Road
UCR0063432UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp10421996-05-24 San Luis ObispoLos Osos, along trail to quarry, 0.6 mile east of South Bay Blvd
UCR0063433UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp82692004-02-10 San Luis Obisposoutheast of Oceano along Halcyon Rd., 0.2 mi east of Mesa View Dr.
UCR0063434UCROxalis corniculataGeorge K. Helmkamp83892004-03-21 San Luis ObispoMesa Dunes Mobile Home Park along Mesa View Dr., 0.2 mi south of the junction of Halcyon Rd., SE of Oceano
UCR0063435UCROxalis corniculataSteven A. JunakSR--13491999-04-08 VenturaSan Nicolas Island, planter in front of Air Control Tower at Airfield
UCR0063436UCROxalis corniculataClifton F. Smith21071947-09-21 Santa Barbaracity of Santa Barbara, corner of Puesta del Sol Road and Mission Canon Road
UCR0063437UCROxalis corniculataT.B. Salvato1632003-04-10 Santa Cruznorth side of Monterey Bay, U.C. Santa Cruz Campus. Upper end of campus between Cowell College and the main library
UCSB008630UCSBOxalis corniculataRice, Stanley751978-03-26 Tulare7 North Stanford Ave., Lindsay
UCSB008631UCSBOxalis corniculataNorton, R.1291979-08-01 Santa Barbara6729 Trigo Road in Isla Vista
UCSB008632UCSBOxalis corniculataRecht, B.131980-03-10 Santa Barbara1 mile up from Rattlesnake Canon trail-head on west side of trail
UCSB008633UCSBOxalis corniculataRichardson, D.151976-03-12 Santa BarbaraNorth side of road from upper end of of the Marine Biol. Lab. U.C.S.B. in an old ivy plant bed
UCSB008634UCSBOxalis corniculataWisehart, Karen581962-04-16 Los Angeles6917 Oak Park Ave., Van Nuys
UCSB008635UCSBOxalis corniculataFilice, Diane251965-03-02 Los AngelesDevonshire Lane, Altadena, San Gabriel Foothills
UCSB008636UCSBOxalis corniculataSmith, Clifton17251946-08-22 Santa BarbaraAlong Arroyo trail, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
UCSB008637UCSBOxalis corniculataOberholtzer, M.261980-03-09 Santa BarbaraNW corner of Embarcadero del Norte and Cervantes Rd., Goleta
UCSB008638UCSBOxalis corniculataC. WilsonCW1151980-03-13 Santa BarbaraEast side of Fairview Ave., 0.7 miles south of its junction with Hollister Ave, (just before bridge)
UCSB008639UCSBOxalis corniculataJepson, Willis17151901-07-21 MarinInverness
UCSB008640UCSBOxalis corniculataRalph Philbrick4601954-03-01 Los AngelesSouth of La Verne, Puddingstone Dam, San Jose Mts.
UCSB008641UCSBOxalis corniculataLestak, Leanne41978-02-11 Santa BarbaraBluff south of University of California, Santa Barbara about 0.5 miles south of San Raphael dorm
UCSB008642UCSBOxalis corniculataMcCallum, M.401957-03-25 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, 3 miles above Refugio Beach
UCSB008643UCSBOxalis corniculataGlenn Keator101958-05-31 Santa BarbaraIsla Vista near junction of El Colegio Rd. & Embarcadero del Norte
UCSB008644UCSBOxalis corniculataRobert H. Gill3431960-04-02 Monterey2 miles north of Salmon Creek Ranger Station on State 1
UCSB008645UCSBOxalis corniculataKohrs, Herb111946-02-19 Santa BarbaraLower Rattlesnake Canon
UCSB008646UCSBOxalis corniculataHoner, Michael25802007-05-21 Santa BarbaraEnd of Fortuna Lane, adjacent to Del Sol Vernal Pool County Park, Isla Vista
UCSB050253UCSBOxalis corniculataHolly C. ForbesDS 1292 Santa BarbaraDel Sol Vernal Pools.
UCSB054549UCSBOxalis corniculataLisa C. Stratton132019-04-26 Santa BarbaraCamino Corto Reserve, Isla Vista Parks and Recreation.; 34.415464 -119.866932; 34.415464 -119.866932
UCSC100001218UCSCOxalis corniculataR.C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-10-02 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
UCSC100003191UCSCOxalis corniculataHugh LeonardHL 00372019-04-23 Santa CruzApproximately 20 m east of Seymour Center, 1 m west of bike path.
UCSC100008272UCSCOxalis corniculataD. Styer, J. Styer7292015-03-10 MontereyFt. Ord (Region F5, Parker Flats Road)
UCSC100008273UCSCOxalis corniculataMegan Bontragers.n.2011-05-12 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Great Meadow, University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSC100008275UCSCOxalis corniculataO. Johnson42011-01-25 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Just below Earth & Marine Sciences Building, UCSC
UCSC100008277UCSCOxalis corniculataC. M. Belshaw22281936-05-25 Santa Cruz0.6 mile northwest of Hazelbrook School
UCSC8009UCSCOxalis corniculataNeal Kramer6391996-06-16 Santa CruzBonny Doon Ecological Reserve, below barn
YM-YOSE225072YMOxalis corniculataColwell, Alison --Nelson, Caroline09-0522009-04-27 MariposaEl Portal Administrative Site, Resources Management and Science office building
YM-YOSE225073YMOxalis corniculataColwell, Alison --Nelson, Caroline09-0522009-04-27 MariposaEl Portal Administrative Site, Resources Management and Science office building
SBBG114711SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith17251946-08-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Arroyo Trail, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden [natural; not planted]
SBBG114768SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataR. Burgess42252000-09-15 Los Angelesbluff on N side Hwy 1, 2 mi S of Sycamore Cyn; Santa Monica Mtns Nat Recreation Area
SBBG114772SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataR. Burgess36701999-11-26 Ventura221 Juneau Place, El Rio area, Oxnard
SBBG119641SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataM. Wetherwax, E. PainterSLO49b2000-04-21 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; K-1 Training Area, saddle between Cerro Romualdo and Cerro Chumash; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG21268SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataJ. Patman11361963-06-01 Santa BarbaraSandyland slough, W of Carpinteria, near railroad tracks
SBBG28160SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataHenry M. Pollard1967-08-30 Santa Barbaraharbor breakwater, Santa Barbara
SBBG3941SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith11711944-12-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn [natural; not planted]
SBBG3942SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith4411944-01-15 Santa BarbaraMission Cyn Rd near St Hwy 150, Mission Cyn
SBBG3943SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataH. and M. Dearing44221940-07-15 Santa BarbaraMonte Mar, Santa Barbara
SBBG3944SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataM. Van Rensselaer18371944-06-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: strawberry meadow, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
SBBG3945SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith24071949-07-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn [natural; not planted]
SBBG3946SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith13551945-06-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: lath house of Botanic Garden [natural; not planted]
SBBG44818SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataHenry M. Pollard1972-04-17 Santa BarbaraVictoria St between State and Anacapa Streets, Santa Barbara
SBBG49335SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataP. T. Hom201974-03-10 Santa Barbarabetween Canon Hall, University of California Santa Barbara
SBBG52500SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataR. Zembal1977-06-23 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: Gate Number 3
SBBG67547SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataM. N. Ackley7241926-02-01 Los AngelesEagle Rock
SBBG67548SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataL. G. Yates1878-01-11 Santa BarbaraMontecito
SBBG67549SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataMabel M. Miles San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
SBBG67550SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataRalph Hoffmann1929-02-14 Santa Barbaraj. D. Wright′s garden, Santa Barbara
SBBG67551SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataRalph Hoffmann1927-06-05 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria
SBBG67556SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataRalph Hoffmann1930-10-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Mission Cyn, Santa Barbara
SBBG67557SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataRalph Hoffmann1927-06-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Mission Cyn
SBBG67559SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataRalph Hoffmann1927-05-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
SBBG86135SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith21071947-09-21 Santa Barbaracorner of Puesta del Sol Rd and Mission Cyn Rd, Santa Barbara
SBBG86136SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith4921944-02-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Indian Aqueduct, 40 yards S of S Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fence, Mission Cyn
SBBG86137SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith17251946-08-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Arroyo Trail, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden [natural; not planted]
SBBG86138SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith16101945-09-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns:, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden [natural; not planted]
SBBG86139SBBGOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataClifton F. Smith1944-12-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Refugio Pass
SD118362SDOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataDuffie Clemons9061985-02-17 San DiegoGrowing in fallow garden, Serra Mesa. Ex hort D.C.
UCR0063400UCROxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataR.G. Swinneys.n.1989-05-08 Los AngelesGlendora Wilderness Park in Big Dalton Canon and its tributaries. Water Pipe Canon [=Pavil Cyn]
UCSB_SCIRH00340UCSBOxalis corniculata subsp. corniculataMarla Daily3921977-06-05 Santa BarbaraChristy Ranch front lawn, Santa Cruz Island.
JEPS109346UCJEPSOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaDean W. Taylor206582009-06-15 MariposaYosemite national Park: Yosemite Valley, Bridalveil Meadow, edge of woods on South side of Southside drive in the vicinity of Moss Spring; El Capitan, CA 7.5 USGS quadrangle.
JEPS109354UCJEPSOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaDean W. Taylor206512009-06-12 MariposaYosemite National Park: Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Village, growing on the edge of a small meadow opening along the Merced River ca. 400 meters upstream and on the north bank from Sentinel Bridge; Half Dome, CA 7.5 USGS quadrangle.
RSA0165252RSAOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaSteven A. JunakSN-12721996-06-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Airfield, in front of control tower.
RSA600904RSAOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-03-21 Los AngelesFoothills of San Gabriel Mountains: West Debris Basin, Brown School for Girls.
RSA713142RSAOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaA. C. Sanders303512005-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon and Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996.; Boucher Hill 7.5 Q.
UC2082359UCJEPSOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaH. Forbes, B. Anderson, C. Al-WitriPASU 0282016-06-20 MendocinoArena Cove. California Coastal National Monument. Point Arena-Stornetta Unit Voucher.
UC2082421UCJEPSOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaH. Forbes, B. Anderson, C. Al-Witri, C. LoughranPASU 4622017-04-18 MendocinoBy city hall overlooking cove pier. California Coastal National Monument. Point Arena-Stornetta Unit Voucher.
UCR0063401UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1990-09-05 Monterey2 miles north of Gorda
UCR0063404UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaJon P. Rebman152972008-05-28 San DiegoHellhole Canon Open Space Preserve, east of Valley Center and northeast of Lake Wohlford, southwest portion of preserve, along Hellhole Creek just west of the canal pipe. Square G13
UCR0063406UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaA.C. Sanders303512005-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996
UCR0063407UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaSteve Boyd10281985-07-23 San DiegoDe Luz Creek at crossing of Tenaja Trail, c. 0.1 mile west of the junction with De Luz Road
UCR0063408UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaJon P. Rebman91812003-06-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (CA Dept. of Fish & Game): Southeast of Otay Lake; c. 1 mile south of Otay Lakes Road. Square: U14
UCR0063409UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaD.L. Banks17701997-04-08 San DiegoWilderness Gardens Preserve c. 3.4 miles east of Pala, south of Hwy 76 along the San Luis Rey River
UCR0063410UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaGeorge K. Helmkamp74042002-04-16 San Luis ObispoPark Ridge 0.5 mile east of Morro Bay near Turri Road
UCR0063411UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaGeorge K. Helmkamp5343A1999-11-10 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park
UCR0063412UCROxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaGeorge K. Helmkamp38731998-05-19 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range; southwest of Paso Robles along CA Hwy 46 at York Mountain Road
US2997213USOxalis corniculata subsp. pilosaJ. H. Thomas93491961-05-13 UnknownSanta Cruz County. Rancho del Oso. Redwoods along Waddell Creek, about 2-3 miles inland.

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