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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    BSCA0845BSCAOlneya tesotaHendrickson, Larry106582000-5-8 San DiegoYaqui Well, just north of Grapevine Canon Road near parking/trailhead to well.
    CAS-BOT154111CASOlneya tesotaLarson, K.s.n.1976-10-1 RiversideSo. of Desert Center
    CAS-BOT168159CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.35442004-3-1 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin reservoir, ~S side toward Monument Peak. MWD property Elev. given as 1014ft.
    CAS-BOT172598CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark; Fraga, Naomi; Machen, Lauren27942003-5-4 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: South side of range, along Colorado River aqueduct W of Chamber's Well road Elev. given as 935ft.
    CAS-BOT174326CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.41772004-4-25 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Parker Dam road just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area Elev. given as 364ft.
    CAS-BOT175029CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Lubinsky, Leland43522004-5-17 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin, N/NE side of reservoir. MWD property Elev. given as 1028ft.
    CAS-BOT175422CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Virgen, Aydee; Land, Charles43692004-6-26 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Rio Vista Dr., wash toward river. Colorado River Indian Reservation Elev. given as 357ft.
    CAS-BOT175448CASOlneya tesotaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Virgen, Aydee43862004-6-26 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Parker Dam road, just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area Elev. given as 364ft.
    CAS-BOT334465CASOlneya tesotaSanders, A. C.; Salvato, T. B.408322013-5-9 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Chuckwalla Bench, S of Chuckwalla Mountains, along BLM road 620 (E-W powerline road), c. 3.65 km E of rd. 552, 2.3 km SE of Raineys Well
    CDA0027658CDAOlneya tesotaT.C. Fuller198761971-5-19 San DiegoSan Felipe Wash, 10 miles southwest of Borrego.
    CHSC955CHSCOlneya tesotaV. Holt1942-3-28 RiversideColorado river near Blythe.
    CLARK-A1703-1202CLARKOlneya tesotaCharlotte Stocks1962-5-05 RiversideCoachella Valley
    CLARK-A1528-2863CLARKOlneya tesotaJohn C. Roos1965-12-04 RiversideColorado Desert
    CLARK-A1656-697CLARKOlneya tesotaLois Ann Scott1979-5-16 RiversideMecca
    CLARK-A1528-513CLARKOlneya tesotaC. W. Tilforth1201967-6-05 RiversideBlythe
    CSLA002267CSLAOlneya tesotaDonald C. Lowrie19?1959-11-28 RiversideCottonwood Mountains, north of Mecca
    CSUSB91258CSUSBOlneya tesotaUnknown181969-5-24 ImperialFound approximately 1//2 mile from Ogilby Road, on a point 10 miles from Ogilby Road turnoff from Highway 8.
    DAV340855DAVOlneya tesotaEllen Dean58442010-4-8 ImperialImperial County: BLM Algodones Dunes Natural Area. E side of dunes. 6 N of Hwy 78, along Kipf Rd. E and W side of road.
    DAV340856DAVOlneya tesotaP. C. Everett231161958-5-07 RiversideRiverside County: Hwy. 195, Mecca to Blythe, entrance to Box Canon.
    DAV340868DAVOlneya tesotaT. B. Salvato492000-4-18 RiversideRiverside Co.: Coachella Valley: 2 NE of Mecca near mouth of Painted Canon at foot of Mecca Hills, W edge of Coachella Canal.
    DAV340865DAVOlneya tesotaA. C. Sanders90861989-5-07 ImperialImperial County: Chocolate Mountains, at Mary Lode Mine, ca. 15 N of Glamis.
    DAV340864DAVOlneya tesotaG. H. Vansells.n.1928-4-01 RiversideRiverside County: S. Calif. and Coachella Valley.
    DAV340854DAVOlneya tesotaC.J. Minar061994-5-07 RiversideRiverside County: Sonoran (Colorado) Desert, Coachella Valley, east of Salton Sea near Dos Palmas Oasis.
    GMDRC9387GMDRCOlneya tesotaJ. M. Andre372192017-3-4 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains: southern base of range along Milpitas Rd, 2.2 WNW of jct Hwy 78
    HNT4297HNTOlneya tesotaMartin A. Piehl594601959-7-26 RiversideSandy desert flats along US 60, 70 ca. 42 mi E of Indio.
    HSC15033HSCOlneya tesotaC.L. Hitchcock232111964-3-21 Imperial20 N of Ogilby.
    HSC47329HSCOlneya tesotaRichard Spjut50251978-5-06 RiversideColorado Desert; N face of Chuckawalla Mountains, ca. 2.7 miles south of Desert Center
    HSC82948HSCOlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders56251985-4-22 ImperialS of Cargo Muchacho Mts., 2 N of I-8 on Sidewinder Rd
    IRVC111431IRVCOlneya tesotaJanet Morgan1965-4-03 ImperialJ Street and I Street, Brawley.
    IRVC111432IRVCOlneya tesotaD. W. Goodall1968-4-02 Imperial1 W of Glamis.
    JOTR32327JOTROlneya tesotaHerskovits, Tasyas.n.2011-5-25 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Cottonwood Mountains; Open, sandy bajada adjacent to Pinto Basin road and near south park boundary
    JOTR32328JOTROlneya tesotaHerskovits, Tasyas.n.2011-5-25 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Cottonwood Mountains; Open, sandy bajada adjacent to Pinto Basin road and near south park boundary
    LA34868LAOlneya tesotaMary V. Hood242--23k*1946-4-14 San DiegoTubb's Canon; Borago
    LA00609456LAOlneya tesotaSponsler69681925-4-18 Riverside6 mi. E of Mecca
    LA00609458LAOlneya tesotaB.H. Brattstroms.n.1950-1-24 San DiegoE of Narrows
    LA00609459LAOlneya tesotaC. Eplings.n.1937-6-10 RiversideShaver's Well
    LOB105721LOBOlneya tesotaBeverly McIntoshs.n.1981-4-18 Riversideca 5 NE of Mecca, Ave. 62.
    OBI122541OBIOlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders & K.R. Neisess56251985-4-22 ImperialS of the Cargo Muchacho Mts, ca. 2 N of Hwy I-8 on Sidewinder rd
    OBI122543OBIOlneya tesotaDavid J. Keil140661980-6-20 Riversidebox Cyn rd exit from I-10
    OBI122544OBIOlneya tesotaH.E. McMinn44991937-3-05 RiversideAbout 7 W of Blythe in wash with Cercidium
    OBI122545OBIOlneya tesotaP.A. Holden11181970-5-30 San BernardinoJust E of Vidal Jctn
    OBI122542OBIOlneya tesotaShelley MacKay631971-4-17 Imperial27 N of Glamis on hwy 78, in the MIlpitas wash
    OBI122546OBIOlneya tesotaSears6101977-10-13 RiversideWiley's Well Campground (BLM)
    PUA55502PUAOlneya tesotaG.L. Clifton1982-4-24 San DiegoLocal landmark: San Felipe Creek. Tubb Canon Quad.
    RSA715418RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot43862004-6-26 San BernardinoUnknownWhipple Mountains: Along Parker Dam road, just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area.
    POM348466RSAOlneya tesotaRobert Gustafson25591982-5-19 RiversideLiving Desert Reserve, Palm Desert
    POM348471RSAOlneya tesotaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1928-5-01 RiversideColorado Desert.
    POM348468RSAOlneya tesotaLester H. Cushman151301932-3-21 Riverside1 miles East of Mecca Colorado Desert
    POM348470RSAOlneya tesotaJohn Comstock6451942-5-31 RiversideDesert Center.
    POM28557RSAOlneya tesotaMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-19 San DiegoCanon West of Borrego Spring
    RSA705393RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot8922003-1-7 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Whipple Wash.
    RSA112938RSAOlneya tesotaPercy C. Everett215411956-5-01 San Bernardino21.7 miles N of Vidal Jct., Hwy 9 Needles to Blythe.
    RSA492675RSAOlneya tesotaW. Wisura43431989-5-10 Imperial2.4 N of I 8 along Ogilby Rd. along gravelly wash.
    RSA705392RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot8522003-1-7 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Bass Point, along Parker Dam road between Earp and Crossroads.
    RSA799932RSAOlneya tesotaJustin M. Wood38422011-4-28 RiversideSonoran Desert: Chuckwalla Valley; Eagle Mountain Road, 2.8 miles west of Desert Center and 0.9 miles north of I-10.; Desert Center
    RSA0055051RSAOlneya tesotaJames R. Shevock10261971-5-08 RiversideBox Cyn.
    RSA756548RSAOlneya tesotaMichael Honer19492004-4-15 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water DistrictWhipple Mountains; appx. 2 mi. SE of Copper Basin Resevoir, 1/4 N of Copper Basin Wash, near powerline running E-W from river to aqueduct tunnel.
    RSA719514RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot27942003-5-4 San BernardinoBLM/MWDWhipple Mts: South side of range, along Colorado River aqueduct W of Chamber's Well road.
    RSA705390RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot17792003-3-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along Highway 95 between Vidal and Vidal Junction.
    RSA779801RSAOlneya tesotaDuncan S. Bell1002009-3-9 RiversideArica Mountains: southeast section of the mountain range approximately 1.2 air miles from Priest Well or approximately 6.5 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
    RSA654882RSAOlneya tesotaT. B. Salvato492000-4-18 RiversideCoachella Valley: 2 NE of Mecca near mouth of Painted Canon at foot of Mecca Hills, W edge of Coachella Canal.; Mecca 7.5'
    POM348469RSAOlneya tesotaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1928-5-1 RiversideColorado Desert.
    RSA23256RSAOlneya tesotaCarl B. Wolf97241940-7-16 RiversideColorado Desert, 10 miles E of Desert Center on road to Rice
    RSA705387RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot15682003-3-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Wash north of highway 62 and aqueduct. East of old Needles-Parker road.
    RSA0014641RSAOlneya tesotaApril Garbat602013-5-1 San BernardinoWhipple Wash at BLM Rd 056. Can access from Parker or from Hwy 95, turn E on Havasu Lake Rd and enter Rd 056 to the right.
    RSA444475RSAOlneya tesotaJ. C. Rooss.n.1965-12-04 Riverside2 miles SE of Desert Center.
    RSA0014648RSAOlneya tesotaApril Garbat552013-4-24 RiversideBLMChuckwalla Valley Rd W of Graham Pass Rd. Both sides of the road.
    RSA705489RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot21912003-4-5 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mts: Wash along highway 95 about 6 miles N of Vidal Junction, W of Savahia Peak.
    RSA721168RSAOlneya tesotaJ. Mark Porter133542001-11-18 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Black Metal Wash.
    RSA1189RSAOlneya tesotaL. R. Stark16481930-8-15 San DiegoBetween San Felipe and Borego Valley
    RSA796109RSAOlneya tesotaDuncan S. Bell3202009-4-20 RiversideArica Mountains: southeast of range, approximately 7.5 air miles south of Rice.; Rice
    RSA705129RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot13402003-3-2 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Whipple Wash, SW of powerline road.
    RSA0042209RSAOlneya tesotaJoseph Brehms.n.2014-7-21 RiversideCollected along Dos Palmas Road, 0-0.5 miles northwest from intersection with Desertaire Road.
    RSA710534RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot35442004-3-1 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin reservoir, ~S side toward Monument Peak. MWD property.
    POM348465RSAOlneya tesotaOra M. Clark19801929-4-06 San DiegoYaqui Wells
    RSA715404RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot43692004-6-26 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Rio Vista Dr., wash toward river. Colorado River Indian Reservation.
    RSA602100RSAOlneya tesotaL. C. Wheeler71571955-6-15 Imperial3 miles SSW of Palo Verde.: .
    POM50019RSAOlneya tesotaE. C. Jaegers.n.1924-12-24 San DiegoYaqui Well.
    RSA264568RSAOlneya tesotaC. W. Tilforth13181977-5-19 ImperialNear the area of Indian Wash along road connecting Hwy 8 and S78, east of Southern Pacific R. R. tracks.
    RSA124280RSAOlneya tesotaPercy C. Everett231161958-5-07 RiversideHwy 195, Mecca to Blythe, entrance to Box Canon
    RSA658021RSAOlneya tesotaLarry J. Colins.n.2008-4-6 ImperialCollected 27 N. Glamis on Hwy 78 in Milpitas Wash.
    RSA714261RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot43522004-5-17 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin, N/NE side of reservoir. MWD property.
    POM171281RSAOlneya tesotaI. M. Johnston37861930-6-15 RiversideSoutheastern end of Eagle Mts.
    RSA630247RSAOlneya tesotaR. S. Woglum13551934-4-12 RiversideSonoran Desert: Mecca Canon; Mecca Hills; North of Salton Sea.
    RSA611957RSAOlneya tesotaL. C. Wheeler70291952-12-16 ImperialImperial 3: Mine site.
    POM14222RSAOlneya tesotaPhilip A. Munz49201922-4-09 RiversideVicinity of Corn Springs, Chuckwalla Mountains, Colorado Desert.
    POM348467RSAOlneya tesotaRobert M. Perkins3881937-3-15 Riverside20 miles east of Desert Center.
    RSA0027578RSAOlneya tesotaKristin Forgrave322013-8-13 RiversideBLMAt Corn Springs Campground.
    RSA0112049RSAOlneya tesotaDuncan S. Bell5032009-10-10 RiversideBLMEast side of the Arica Mountains; west side of Rice Valley.; Rice
    RSA0107429RSAOlneya tesotaDuncan S. Bell4192009-8-15 RiversideBLMNorthwest of the Arica Mountains.; East of Granite Pass
    RSA680761RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot6672002-5-10 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park.
    RSA705391RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot13482003-3-17 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Wash and desert pavement along Highway 95 between Vidal and Vidal Junction.
    RSA705490RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot2269-b2003-4-5 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Dirt road heading N from highway 62 about 9 miles east of Vidal Junction and west of Earp, vicinity of Vista Peak.
    POM48317RSAOlneya tesotaE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-2-01 San DiegoLower end of Grapevine Canon, Western edge of Colorado Desert
    POM122388RSAOlneya tesotaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-2-16 RiversideWest of Desert Center
    POM28556RSAOlneya tesotaMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-25 ImperialWest of Yuma.
    RSA628617RSAOlneya tesotaL. C. Wheeler70571954-5-22 RiversideBox Canon. [county unspecified]
    RSA767600RSAOlneya tesotaJ. Mark Porter134902003-3-4 ImperialImperial Dunes (Algodones Dunes) about 2.2 miles northwest of Interstate Highway 8.
    RSA714702RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot41772004-4-25 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Along Parker Dam road just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area.
    RSA698037RSAOlneya tesotaJ. R. Bruff4031928-12-29 RiversideLone Cottonwood Ranch 2 mi. SE of Dos Palms.
    RSA713198RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot32582003-10-9 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Wash beside Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad tracks, just E of Vidal and Highway 95.
    POM48449RSAOlneya tesotaPhilip A. Munz93451925-3-07 RiversidePainted Canon, Mecca.
    POM28087RSAOlneya tesotaMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-5-08 ImperialOgilvie [Location doesnt exist? Could be confused with Ogilby.]
    RSA505044RSAOlneya tesotaA. C. Sanders90861989-5-07 ImperialChocolate Mountains, in wash at Mary Lode Mine, 1 N of Glamis.
    POM348464RSAOlneya tesotaM. B. Dunkle34271935-4-16 San BernardinoBetween Turtle and Whipple Mts.
    RSA784721RSAOlneya tesotaDuncan S. Bell32082012-3-18 RiversideThe Mecca Hills; southeastern section of hills; at mouth of Hidden Canon where drainage is blocked by the Coachella Canal, approximately 2.8 air miles southwest of Hidden Spring.; Mortmar
    RSA710951RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot35142003-12-12 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin: along road to reservoir, just outside gate by reservoir. MWD property.
    RSA705388RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot15152003-3-18 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Along old Needles-Parker road between highway 62 and Colorado River aqueduct.Whipple Mountains: Along Highway 95 between Vidal Junction and Vidal.
    RSA1349RSAOlneya tesotaB. D. Stark15401930-5-25 Riverside12 miles west of Blythe, near road
    RSA706508RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot30162003-5-21 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West side of range along old Needles-Parker road.
    RSA705389RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot17632003-3-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Along Highway 95 just north of Vidal.
    RSA167560RSAOlneya tesotaRobert F. Thorne336261964-4-11 ImperialAraz Wash, between Pasadena and Stud Mountains, Cargo Muchacho Mountains.
    RSA627868RSAOlneya tesotaA. C. Sanders146221994-6-01 RiversideBox Canon in Mecca Hills, ca 4.5 miles below Shavers Well, 12 miles SW of the Box Canon road intersection with I-10.
    RSA705386RSAOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot20702003-3-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mts: West side, wide wash along old Needles-Parker road south of D&W mine.
    POM348472RSAOlneya tesotaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1928-5-31 RiversideNear Stavers Mill. [sic] [Shavers Well?]
    POM348462RSAOlneya tesotaChristopher Davidson77961979-4-29 ImperialSW of railroad access road towards Glamis. foredunes of Pilot Knob Mesa, NE of Sand Hills.
    RSA766921RSAOlneya tesotaM. L. FultonABD-34-861986-3-09 San DiegoFound off County Road S-2 approx. 30 mi SE of Borrego Palm Canon
    RSA695937RSAOlneya tesotaLeRoy Gross12782004-5-13 ImperialChocolate Moutains (Chocolate Moutain Aerial Gunnery Range). North of Lion Head Mountain, near Beal Well. Surrounding desert off of Beal Road.
    SBBG207639SBBGOlneya tesotaJ. M. Porter133542001-11-18 San BernardinoBlack Metal Wash; Whipple Mtns
    SBBG207640SBBGOlneya tesotaM. A. Piehl594601959-7-26 RiversideUS Hwy 60, 70 ca. 42 mi E of Indio
    SBBG207641SBBGOlneya tesotaA. C. Sanders, T. B. Salvato408322013-5-9 ImperialChuckwalla Bench, S of Chuckwalla Mtns, along BLM rd 620 W powerline rd), ca. 3.65 km E of rd 552, 2.3 km SE of Raineys Well
    SBBG207637SBBGOlneya tesotaM. N. Ackley6181928-3-31 RiversideHidden Spring Cyn
    SBBG207638SBBGOlneya tesotaH. and M. Dearing43371940-6-07 RiversideBox Cyn, near Mecca
    SD2644SDOlneya tesotaA. B. Claytons.n.1932-6-01 San Diegonear Borrego Narrows
    SD15973SDOlneya tesotaFrank F. Gander25321936-5-30 San Diegonear the Narrows
    SD19844SDOlneya tesotaFrank F. Gander46941937-11-21 San Diegoacross from Gypsum mine, Fish Creek
    SD46426SDOlneya tesotaP. C. Everett215411956-5-01 San BernardinoHighway 95, 1.4 miles north of Vidal Junction near Colorado River Aqueduct.
    SD48500SDOlneya tesotaP. C. Everett231161958-5-07 RiversideHighway 195, Mecca to Blythe, entrance to Box Canon.
    SD72205SDOlneya tesotaC. W. Tilforth1201967-6-05 Riverside2.0 miles west of Blythe, eastern-central Riverside County.
    SD113576SDOlneya tesotaDarley F. Howe23581954-5-23 San DiegoAgua Caliente Hot Springs
    SD113592SDOlneya tesotaDarley F. Howe23571954-5-23 San DiegoAgua Caliente Hot Springs.
    SD146264SDOlneya tesotaT. B. Salvato492000-4-18 RiversideCoachella Valley; 2.0 miles northeast of Mecca near mouth of Painted Canon at foot of Mecca Hills.
    SD158713SDOlneya tesotaArthur Morley182004-3-26 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek, Texas Dip, Borrego Springs Rd.
    SD177137SDOlneya tesotaLarry Hendrickson14872006-5-22 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Yaqui Well on the south side of Pinyon Ridge, approx. 0.7 W of intersection of State Hwy 78 and County Hwy S-3 on the north side of San Felipe Wash at trailhead to spring.
    SD180282SDOlneya tesotaBill Sullivan2412006-5-20 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Borrego Mountain, Hawk Canon, « mi N on canyon jeep trail from Buttes Pass jeep road.
    SD180283SDOlneya tesotaBill Sullivan2452006-6-5 San DiegoBorrego Springs, San Felipe Wash (Texas Dip) 10.5 miles southeast of Christmas Circle via Borrego Springs Road and Borrego Valley Road.
    SD198477SDOlneya tesotaBill Sullivan2912007-4-26 San DiegoBorrego Springs, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, east of Borrego Springs Road in San Felipe Wash, 0.6 N of intersection Hwy 78 and Borrego Springs Road
    SD227819SDOlneya tesotaAndrew C. Sanders146221994-6-01 RiversideColorado Desert: Box Canon in the Mecca Hills, ca. 4.5 miles below Shaver's Well, 12 miles SW of the Box Canon Rd. intersection with I-10.
    SD231317SDOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot43522004-5-17 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin, north/northeast side of reservoir . MWD property (permit 28 Aug 2003).
    SD231318SDOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot41772004-4-25 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Parker Dam road just south/sothwest of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area.
    SD241477SDOlneya tesotaMelvin M. Sweet11552011-6-6 San DiegoBorrego Springs; near the Desert Club at the western end of Tilting T; 1.5 miles SW of Christmas Circle
    SD243908SDOlneya tesotas.n.1985-4-15 Imperial[Locality determined by SDNHM] Burro Wash, east of Picacho Peak
    SD00008190SDOlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders408322013-5-9 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Chuckawalla Bench, south of Chuckwalla Mountains, along BLM road 620 W powerline road), c. 3.65 km east of road 552, 2.3 km SE of Raineys Well (Chuckwall Spring 7.5'Q)
    SD250659SDOlneya tesotaJon Rebman287872014-9-25 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains: southwest of Palo Verde; in the canyons & slopes west of old Palo Verde Road; north of Milpitas Wash & west of Hwy 78
    SD256562SDOlneya tesotaMary Jo Churchwell11592015-5-14 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Pinyon Wash; 9.63 air miles SE of Borrego Springs; 3.73 miles ESE of intersection Yaqui Pass and State Hwy 78; 0.55 air mile SW of intersection of State Hwy. 78 and Pinyon Wash Jeep Road.
    SD256563SDOlneya tesotaMary Jo Churchwell6462012-5-3 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park at Borrego Palm Canon Campground, about 1 mile up Borrego Palm Canon Main Trail.
    SD261691SDOlneya tesotaSusan T Welkers.n.1993-5-03 San DiegoSan Felipe Wash, N. of State Hwy 7 N. of Anza-Borrego State Park, S. of Borrego Springs.
    SD00019268SDOlneya tesotaIan Cain1785A2013-4-29 ImperialCity of Calexico. 2.92km west south west of intersection of highway 98 and Drew Road.
    SD00019269SDOlneya tesotaIan Cain1785B2013-6-6 ImperialCity of Calexico. 2.92km west south west of intersection of highway 98 and Drew Road.
    SDSU05148SDSUOlneya tesotaMorgan, K.R.K1601963-5-11 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park.
    SDSU05149SDSUOlneya tesotaHarvey, D.R.9851931-12-20 Imperial9 miles south of Coyote Wells.
    SDSU05151SDSUOlneya tesotaHarvey19871937-2-21 San DiegoNorth of Split Mt.
    SFV106817SFVOlneya tesotaD. S. Veritys. n.1964-2-15 RiversideColorado Desert; East side of Salton Sea near Mecca Beach. About 6.5 miles north of Imperial County line.
    SFV106818SFVOlneya tesotaJ. N. Hogue108.91998-4-23 RiversideColorado Desert; Chuckwalla Mountains. Corn Springs Wash at Corn Spring.
    SJSU5575SJSUOlneya tesotaR. C. McGehee1291971-6-18 Imperial5 mi S of Walter's Canon Colorado R
    JEPS65556UCJEPSOlneya tesotaWillis L. Jepson52431912-10-29 RiversideRiverside Mountains, along the Colorado River, Needles to Yuma Colorado River; Riverside Mountains, Colorado River
    UC1281089UCJEPSOlneya tesotaH. E. McMinn14471925-6-28 Imperialne base Signal Mt.
    UC165053UCJEPSOlneya tesotaS. B. Parish81231912-6-28 RiversideMecca; Salton Basin
    UC52164UCJEPSOlneya tesotaE. E. Schellenger121903-7-25 RiversideChuckwalla Bench; Colorado Desert
    UC212341UCJEPSOlneya tesotaS. B. Parish108571916-5-13 RiversideCottonwood Springs; Colorado Desert
    UC667277UCJEPSOlneya tesotaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg22311941-5-25 Riversidee of Mecca (Box Canon); Colorado Desert
    UC774558UCJEPSOlneya tesotaCarl B. Wolf1940-7-16 Riverside10 mi e Desert Center (on road to Rice); Colorado Desert
    UC61577UCJEPSOlneya tesotaMiss Mary McKibben1904-1-01 Riversidee of Mecca; Colorado Desert
    UC1292591UCJEPSOlneya tesotaC. L. Hitchcock, C. V. Muhlick232111964-3-21 Imperialabout 20 mi n Ogilby
    UC1080224UCJEPSOlneya tesotaP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls231161958-5-07 Riversideentrance to Box Canon (Hwy 195, Mecca to Blythe)
    UC1605755UCJEPSOlneya tesotaA. C. Sanders90861989-5-07 Imperialca 15 km n Glamis (in wash at Mary Lode Mine); Chocolate Mountains
    UC667258UCJEPSOlneya tesotaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg21941941-5-17 Riverside5 mi w Mecca; Colorado Desert
    UC16179UCJEPSOlneya tesotaMr. Emerson Gee1902-10-01 Unknown
    UC1129830UCJEPSOlneya tesotaA. E. Wieslander1681931-4-03 San DiegoSan Felipe Wash; Vallecito Quad.
    UC1970308UCJEPSOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot41772004-4-25 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along Parker Dam road just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area.
    UC602574UCJEPSOlneya tesotaAnnetta Carter14311938-7-16 Riverside45 mi w Blythe; Chuckwalla Desert
    UC1970313UCJEPSOlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot, L. Lubinsky43522004-5-17 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin, N/NE side of reservoir. MWD property.
    JEPS65559UCJEPSOlneya tesotaMarjorie Clary3131931-5-31 RiversideMecca, Painted Canon Road Mecca; , Painted Canon Road
    JEPS65558UCJEPSOlneya tesotaMarjorie Clary3131931-5-31 RiversideMecca
    UCR1033UCROlneya tesotaFrank Ambreys.n.1959-4-24 RiversideCA Hwy 195, 17.7 mi east of Mecca, at east end of Box Canon, east side of road
    UCR27205UCROlneya tesotaLarry F. LaPres.n.1982-5-19 ImperialAlgodones Dunes, 1.5 mi west of the junction of Interstate Hwy 8 with Ogilby Road. From the route of SD6 and E interconnection transmission line
    UCR18944UCROlneya tesotaJohn C. Rooss.n.1965-12-04 RiversideChuckwalla Mtns, 2 mi. SE of Desert Center
    UCR59173UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders90861989-5-07 ImperialChocolate Mountains, at Mary Lode Mine, c. 15 km north of Glamis
    UCR45008UCROlneya tesotaB.G. Pitzer02771986-9-19 ImperialColorado River Valley; Cibola area, lower Milpitas Wash, NW of Three Fingers Lake
    UCR40905UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders56251985-4-22 Imperialalluvial fan south of Cargo Muchacho Mountains, 2 miles north of I-8 on Sidewinder Rd
    UCR87649UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders146221994-6-01 RiversideBox Canon in the Mecca Hills, c. 4.5 mi below Shaver's Well, 12 mi southwest of the Box Canon Road intersection with Hwy I-10
    UCR126428UCROlneya tesotaT.B. Salvato492000-4-18 Riverside2 NE of Mecca near mouth of Painted Canon at foot of Mecca Hills, west edge of Coachella Canal; Coachella Valley
    UCR166649UCROlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot35142003-12-12 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin, along road to the reservoir and just outside gate by reservoir. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003)
    UCR166608UCROlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot41772004-4-25 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns: Along Parker Dam road just S/SW of Echo Lodge and Copper Basin Dunes OHV area
    UCR168126UCROlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot27942003-5-4 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: South side of range, along Colorado River aqueduct west of Chamber's Well road.
    UCR168637UCROlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot43522004-5-17 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin, N/NE side of reservoir. MWD property
    UCR169093UCROlneya tesotaSarah J. De Groot21912003-4-5 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: wash along highway 95 about 6 miles north of Vidal Junction, west of Savahia Peak
    UCR201787UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders361672009-1-28 Imperial0.9 mi. (air) west of Ogilby Rd., 4.5 mi. (air) SE of the closest point on Hwy 78, 5.3 mi. (air) SE of Mesquite Mine, 5.8 mi. (air) NE of Ruthven Siding on RR
    UCR240203UCROlneya tesotaC.J. Minar061994-5-07 RiversideCoachella Valley, east of Salton Sea near Dos Palmas Oasis
    UCR241553UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders408322013-5-9 ImperialChuckwalla Bench, south of Chuckwalla Mountains, along BLM road 620 W powerline road), c. 3.65 km east of rd. 552, 2.3 km SE of Raineys Well
    UCR264194UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders418312015-9-9 ImperialChocolate Mountains, Gables Wash, near mouth of canyon above Hwy 78, just outside the aerial gunnery range
    UCR265202UCROlneya tesotaApril Garbat762013-5-29 Riversidealong Box Canon Road from Cottonwood Springs Road to Mecca
    UCR274793UCROlneya tesotaApril Garbat0602013-5-1 San BernardinoWhipple Wash at BLM Rd 056
    UCR281856UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders433732017-9-22 ImperialChocolate Mountains, just outside of Chocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, at old house site south of Surveyors Pass Rd.
    UCR284622UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders434982018-3-23 ImperialChocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, 10 miles NNE (9 ° ) of Niland, 0.78 mile WNW of Gas Line Rd.
    UCR284781UCROlneya tesotaA.C. Sanders434572018-3-11 ImperialChocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, canyon at range boundary, 4.6 NE (47 ° ) of Sawtooth Mountain, 7 km north of Mount Barrow
    UCR291665UCROlneya tesotaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1989-4-28 Imperial10 miles south of Palo Verde
    UCSB000759UCSBOlneya tesotaFulton, Michelle; Pritchett, DavidABD-34-861986-3-09 San DiegoOff County Road S-2 approx. 30 mi. SE of Borrego Palm Canon
    UCSB000760UCSBOlneya tesotaMillett, Barbara1980-5-17 Imperial29 miles south of Blythe on Hwy. 78
    UCSB000761UCSBOlneya tesotaJohn R. Haller1547A1960-4-02 RiversideNorth side of U.S. Highway 60-70, 3.1 miles east of Desert Center
    UCSB000762UCSBOlneya tesotaFulton, MichelleABD-36-861986-3-09 San DiegoOff County Road S-2, ca. 30 mi. SE Borrego Palm Canon
    UCSB030513UCSBOlneya tesotaMcMinn, Howard50131937-3-06 RiversideBlythe CA, to Needles CA
    VVC234VVCOlneya tesotaFrank Awbreys.n.1959-4-24 Riverside17.7 miles east of Mecca on St Hwy 195 at E end of Box Cyn

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