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    You searched for: Oenothera speciosa

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    RSA529084RSAOenothera delessertianaTim S. Ross55581991-06-06 San BernardinoUpland: adventive in the midst of a Carprobrotus-covered slope between 1-10 freeway and its west-bound on-ramp at Euclid Avenue
    UCR0063341UCROenothera delessertianaTimothy S. Ross55581991-06-06 San BernardinoUpland: slope between I-10 freeway and its W-bound on-ramp at Euclid Ave.
    CAS-BOT167192CASOenothera speciosaSanders, A. C.; Rose, K. C.; Moore, Y.219501998-06-03 VenturaMoorpark: hills S of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. ca. 0.5 mile E of Moorpark Rd., just W of Hwy 23, a. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, ca. 2 mi. NE of Thousand Oaks Elev. given as 685-1100 ft
    CDA005200CDAOenothera speciosaV. Clifton1967-04-28 San Diego9003 Davenrich Street, Spring Valley.
    CDA005201CDAOenothera speciosaBill Amling1957-07-23 Orange.
    CLARK-A1528-2648CLARKOenothera speciosaCharles S. Papp8601965-06-16 RiversideHighgrove
    CSUSB92865CSUSBOenothera speciosaDeborah Sullivan1973-07-17 RiversidePedley, Riverside.
    CSUSB92866CSUSBOenothera speciosaEric Trubschenck71972-05-08 RiversideUndeveloped lot on northeast corner of Park and 7th Streets.
    CSUSB92867CSUSBOenothera speciosaC.M. Flanagan1971-05-21 RiversideSun Valley Drive, 29 Palms.
    GH01643703GHOenothera speciosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1925-06-12 San Diego[data not captured]
    IRVC106324IRVCOenothera speciosaBonnie SimpsonHS-3871965-04-02 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns: Silverado, Silverado Cyn.
    JEPS101772UCJEPSOenothera speciosaDean W. Taylor170991999-04-09 Imperialca. 2 miles North of Imperial; Memorial Park Cemetary, along Highway 86
    JEPS43998UCJEPSOenothera speciosaA. O′Neill1927-05-10 Santa Cruznear Watsonville; Santa Cruz foothills
    LA00642058LAOenothera speciosaArthur C. Gibson50332005-06-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near junction of Mulholland Hwy and Seminole Dr
    LA00642059LAOenothera speciosaArthur C. Gibson51072006-08-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cornell Rd
    OBI129629OBIOenothera speciosaDavid J. Keil302832003-08-23 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande. Lawn area in ornamental plantings around Wal-Mart Shopping Center (1 W Branch Street, Arroyo Grande). Vicinity of 35.1277 ° N x 120.5974 ° W
    OBI129632OBIOenothera speciosaSusan Walker231972-05-27 KingsHanford
    OBI129633OBIOenothera speciosaDavid J. Keil334382015-11-08 San Luis ObispoBiddle Ranch Road, 0.4 miles east of California Route 227
    POM12647RSAOenothera speciosaP. A. Munz45601921-05-01 Los AngelesBetween Chino & Pomona.
    POM186342RSAOenothera speciosaJoseph A. Ewan75641932-06-29 Los AngelesArizona Ave. four miles W of Hawthorn.
    POM255664RSAOenothera speciosaWalter Rawleys.n.1939-05-02 San DiegoTwin Oaks Valley, near Escondido.
    POM9739RSAOenothera speciosaP. A. Munz45601921-05-01 Los AngelesBetween Chino & Pomona.
    POM9774RSAOenothera speciosaP. A. Munz46801921-05-01 Los Angeles1 1-2 miles SE of Pomona where road from S end of Gary Ave turns east crosses Chino Creek.
    POM9775RSAOenothera speciosaLeningtons.n.1921-05-01 Los AngelesPomona.
    RSA0029940RSAOenothera speciosaFred M. Roberts77722013-05-15 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: Buck Gully, north slope, Newport Beach, near Ocean Beach Drive, 1.8 W summit Pelican Hill.; Laguna Beach 7.5
    RSA0111972RSAOenothera speciosaJon P. Rebman314622016-04-08 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; along N Range Road just east of San Mateo Dr. Square C2.
    RSA0125894RSAOenothera speciosaFred M. Roberts75502012-05-09 OrangeLake Forest: near Serrano Creek, utility road, 0.3 km SSW intersection of Commerce Centre and Dimension Drives.; El Toro 7.5 Quad
    RSA0140241RSAOenothera speciosaNaomi Fraga54842015-05-27 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Totolcam I owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River.; Oxnard
    RSA115287RSAOenothera speciosaH. M. Pollards.n.1956-08-19 Santa BarbaraLaguna and canyon Peridido streets, Santa Barbara.
    RSA151093RSAOenothera speciosaWilliam M. Klein13441960-04-12 San BernardinoUnion Pacific Railroad Depot at Kelso.
    RSA31509RSAOenothera speciosaH. M. Pollards.n.1946-05-23 VenturaField near orange-packing plants. Ojai.
    RSA34883RSAOenothera speciosaJoseph A. Ewan75651932-06-29 Los AngelesArizona Ave. four miles W of Hawthorn.
    RSA34884RSAOenothera speciosaJoseph A. Ewan75641932-06-29 Los AngelesArizona Ave. four miles W of Hawthorn.
    RSA636074RSAOenothera speciosaRobert M. Rhode1491997-06-23 SacramentoSacramento, parking lot near 1790 Expo Parkway, between REI and Costco
    RSA658206RSAOenothera speciosaT. A. Daubert6711991-05-26 OrangeTucker Wildlife Sanctuary, Modjeska Canon nature trail.
    RSA714264RSAOenothera speciosaSarah J. De Groot43772004-06-26 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along levee road S-SW of Big River. Colorado River Indian Reservation (permit 5 Feb. 2004), material not to be propagated.
    SBBG158876SBBGOenothera speciosaNaomi Fraga54842015-05-27 VenturaTotolcam l owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River, Oxnard.
    SBBG195730SBBGOenothera speciosaHenry M. Pollard1960-06-21 VenturaFront St along projected freeway; Ventura
    SBBG195731SBBGOenothera speciosaR. N. Philbrick1967-09-13 Santa BarbaraSW corner of Casitas Rd and Cota St, Santa Barbara
    SBBG195732SBBGOenothera speciosaHenry M. Pollard1945-05-11 VenturaOjai AvenueOjai
    SD00040550SDOenothera speciosaJerry Green3562017-06-27 San DiegoFairbanks Ranch; McGongle Canon streamside; S side of Ted Williams Freeway (SR 56); near overpass about 0.75 miles W Camino del Sur
    SD00052477SDOenothera speciosaFrank Landis20130927052013-09-27 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Del Mar Mesa; vicinity 80 yards S of intersection Torrey Santa Fe Road and Camino Del Sur; Growing in flood channel that feeds into Deer Creek, about 3-5 m from water.
    SD00052478SDOenothera speciosaJon Rebman314622016-04-08 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; along N Range Road just east of San Mateo Dr.; disturbed area along road
    SD00052479SDOenothera speciosaJon P. Rebman239092012-05-15 San DiegoCanon: Wire Mountain area in the southern part of the Base; E of the jctn. of Wire Mountain Rd. and Canong Carnes Road just W and below the irrigated portion along the road at the eastern edge of the canyon and mesa natural area
    SD00052480SDOenothera speciosaCarolyn Martus3752007-04-19 San DiegoCarlsbad, Buena Vista Creek, Center for Natual Lands Management, north side of creek, just south of Hwy 78 and 0.5 mi E of El Camino Real
    SD00052481SDOenothera speciosaIan Cain5452007-07-01 San DiegoCity of San Diego. Tecolote Canon Open Space Preserve, 0.5 mi E of Morena Blvd, east end of Tecolote road just west of nature center, just south of parking area
    SD00052482SDOenothera speciosaPhillip Roullard2132008-04-18 San DiegoBorder Field State Park, about.6 miles east of Pacific Ocean and .7 miles north of US-Mexico border
    SD00052483SDOenothera speciosaJeremy Buegge14152006-05-19 San DiegoSan Diego, Kearny Mesa area, Murphy Canon. SW of HWY 52 & I-15. Along old Murphy Canon Road north of Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
    SD00052484SDOenothera speciosaA. C. Sanders293452005-04-08 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula, old Marineland site on Long Point and bluffs toward Pt. Vicente.
    SD00052485SDOenothera speciosaIan Cain2612006-07-05 San DiegoCity of San Diego. North Point Loma. Ocean Beach Athletic Area, 2525 Bacon Street. 250 meters northeast of intersection of Nimitz Blvd and Sunset Cliffs Blvd, only on west side of sidewalk
    SD00062053SDOenothera speciosaWalter Rawleys.n.1939-05-02 San DiegoTwin Oaks Valley
    SJSU1026SJSUOenothera speciosaA. Blum1950-05-14 Santa ClaraSan Jose
    UC1586236UCJEPSOenothera speciosaTim Ross55581991-06-06 San Bernardinoslope between I-10 freeway and west-bound onramp at Euclid Avenue; Upland
    UC219273UCJEPSOenothera speciosaP. A. Munz45601921-05-01 Los Angelesbetween Chino and Pomona
    UC306276UCJEPSOenothera speciosaI. M. Johnston1918-05-26 San Bernardinos Ontario; Chino Creek
    UC991019UCJEPSOenothera speciosaWalter Rawley1939-05-02 San Diegonear Escondido; Twin Oaks Valley
    UCR0063323UCROenothera speciosaD.E. Bramlet37882005-04-11 Los AngelesPuente Hills, Powder Canon
    UCR0063324UCROenothera speciosaA.C. Sanders293452005-04-08 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula, old Marineland site on Long Point and bluffs toward Pt. Vicente
    UCR0063325UCROenothera speciosaFred M. Roberts77722013-05-15 OrangeBuck Gully, north slope, Newport Beach, near Ocean Beach Drive, 1.8 km northwest of the summit of Pelican Hill
    UCR0063326UCROenothera speciosaFred M. Roberts75502012-05-09 OrangeLake Forest, near Serrano Creek utility road, 0.3 m south-southwest of intersection of Commercentre and Dimension Drives
    UCR0063327UCROenothera speciosaA.P. Donaldsons.n.1966-04-11 Riverside0.4 mi from the corner of Van Buren and Magnolia Ave. toward the Riverside Freeway in Arlington
    UCR0063328UCROenothera speciosaA.C. Sanders219501998-06-03 VenturaMoorpark, hills south of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. c. 0.5 mile east of Moorpark Rd., just west of Hwy 23, c. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, c. 2 miles NE of Thousand Oaks
    UCR0115009UCROenothera speciosaScott D. White115912006-06-27 RiversideSan Jacinto area
    UCR239882UCROenothera speciosaO.F. Clarkes.n.2006-06-10 RiversideRiverside; O.F. Clarke residence, 266 Frost Court; east edge of UCR campus
    UCR6408UCROenothera speciosaO.F. Clarkes.n.1967-06-09 RiversideRiverside, O.F. Clarke residence at 1012 Spruce Street
    LOB100787LOBOenothera speciosa var. childsiiT. Schutz1-Jan1970-07-06 Los AngelesResidence, 259 Claiborne PL., Long Beach

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