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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC101469DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton68541963-6-24 SolanoSolano Co.: 12 miles south of Dixon.
    AHUC101470DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHerbert L. Mason80941934-4-28 SonomaIn fields; highway between Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.
    AHUC101471DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton87821972-4-07 SolanoSolano County: 12 miles south of Dixon. East margin of large vernal lake.
    AHUC101472DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton96241978-7-14 SolanoSolano County: Olcott Lake T5N R1E Sect. 23 very n.e. corner lake bed surface.
    AHUC101473DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton59041961-6-12 SolanoSolano County, 12 miles south of city of Dixon, 1 mile southwest of Dozier Station.
    AHUC101474DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton50951958-8-19 LakeLake County, 9.4 miles northeast of Middletown, 7.4 miles south-southeast of Lower Lake, Steinhart Lake above Spruce Grove Road.
    AHUC101475DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton49981958-7-01 SolanoSolano County: 1 mile southwest of Dozier Station, 1/2 mile south of Olcott (rr. siding) common, edge of large alkaline playa.
    AHUC101476DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton86831971-4-28 SolanoSolano County: 1 mile southwest Dozier Station.
    AHUC101477DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton68541963-6-24 SolanoSolano County, 12 miles south of Dixon, Rio Vista - Dixon road.
    AHUC101478DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph P. Tracy168841941-5-30 MendocinoWet depression in field. Redwood Valley, 4 mis. ne. of Calpella, Mendocino Co.
    CAS-BOT230339CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcCarten, Niall51111985-5-6 ColusaS side of Standard road, 0.2 mile W of Mills Orchards Road NW of Williams
    CAS-BOT230340CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriStinchfield, Roxana2901916-6-17 ColusaNear College City
    CAS-BOT230341CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHowell, John Thomas303031955-6-12 Tehama8.5 miles S of Corning
    CAS-BOT230342CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHowell, John Thomas212241945-6-22 Lake3.5 miles N of Lower Lake
    CAS-BOT230343CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHowell, John Thomas10181925-5-9 Merced3 miles SW of Merced
    CAS-BOT230344CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHowell, John Thomas52121930-5-30 SolanoNear Vanden
    CAS-BOT230345CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas78721940-6-10 Solano5 miles S of WInters
    CAS-BOT230346CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeride Nevers, Greg108141996-5-18 LakeJust S of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park
    CAS-BOT230347CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriSmith, Doreens.n.1989-6-1 MarinSW slope of Mount Burdell
    CAS-BOT230348CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriSmith, Doreens.n.1989-5-28 MarinSW slope of Mount Burdell
    CAS-BOT230349CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriSmith, Doreens.n.1995-6-2 MarinPeripheral parts of Hidden Lake, Mount Burdell, Novato
    CAS-BOT230350CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriSmith, Gladys L.; Smith, Charles H.79421983-6-23 MendocinoAlong jeep road in higher parts of Little Lake Valley, on private land along Reynolds Road, 8.0 km NE of Willits
    CAS-BOT230351CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriClark, Mrs. C. F.s.n.1906-6-1 MendocinoWillits
    CAS-BOT230352CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriTracy, Joseph P.157581938-6-2 MendocinoRound Valley
    CAS-BOT230353CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAbrams, L. R.58111916-7-5 MendocinoBetween Willits and Laytonville at the 'Outlet'
    CAS-BOT230354CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-17 MendocinoSherwood Valley
    CAS-BOT230355CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBrandegee, Mrs. K.1411909-5-4 SolanoElmira, not far above sea level
    CAS-BOT230356CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBrandegee, Mrs. K.1411909-5-4 SolanoElmira, not far above sea level
    CAS-BOT230357CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriCrampton, Beecher49981958-7-1 Solano1 mile SW of Dozier Station, 12 miles S of Dixon
    CAS-BOT230358CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHolland, Robert F.10571981-4-15 SolanoJepson Prairie area, W of Cook Lane, E of Sacramento Northern RR and N of Olcott Lake
    CAS-BOT230359CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise35691944-4-28 SolanoGravel pits 10 miles out from Suisun along Rio Vista-Suisun road
    CAS-BOT230360CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDay, A.85-101985-4-13 SolanoJepson Prairie Preserve
    CAS-BOT230361CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDay, A.85-421985-5-4 SolanoJepson Prairie, SW side of Olcott Lake
    CAS-BOT230362CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDay, A.; Howell, John Thomas85-171985-4-13 SolanoJepson Prairie, N side of Olcott Lake on W side of Cook Road
    CAS-BOT230363CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAhart, Lowell36171982-6-20 SutterJust inside first gate to the Dean Ranch, Sutter Buttes
    CAS-BOT230364CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHolland, Robert F.4171979-4-1 TehamaNW of Jelly's Ferry Road ca 1.5 miles SW of Sacramento River
    CAS-BOT230365CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1909-5-28 SonomaNear Fulton
    CAS-BOT230366CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter74931974-5-26 SonomaTodd Road 1.5 miles from Highway 116 and 0.5 mile from (W of) Llano Road
    CAS-BOT230367CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter57731966-7-4 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa NE of Graton, at end of Piner Road
    CAS-BOT230368CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter46721961-7-22 SonomaBennett Mountain Lake
    CAS-BOT230369CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter; Harrison, Nancy91761978-5-20 SonomaTodd Road 1.4 miles from Highway 116 and 0.6 mile from Llano Road (off N side of the road, in Todd Road Wildflower Preserve)
    CAS-BOT230370CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter; Harrison, Nancy86471976-6-18 SonomaFalse Lake Meadow area, Annadel State Park
    CAS-BOT230371CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRubtzoff, Peter; Harrison, Nancy74661974-5-26 SonomaOn Bennett Valley Road, 4.25 miles W of Glen Ellen
    CAS-BOT230372CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriEwan, Joseph Andorfer92491935-5-13 SonomaAlong RR tracks, Wright School on Sebastopol road
    CAS-BOT230373CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas25201936-5-19 Sonoma2 miles N of Windsor
    CAS-BOT230374CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas60831938-7-6 Sonoma2 miles N of Windsor
    CAS-BOT230375CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcCarten, Niall; Bittman, R.54911985-5-19 SonomaSE of junction of Highway 101 and Shiloh Road, N of Santa Rosa
    CAS-BOT230376CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcCarten, Niall52601986-5-28 SonomaNE end of Shiloh Ranch, 0.25 mile S of N end of Leslie Road on E side of road
    CAS-BOT230377CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcCarten, Niall12761992-5-6 Sonoma1.75 miles SSE of WIndsor
    CAS-BOT230378CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMason, Herbert L.80941934-4-28 SonomaHighway between Healdsburg and Santa Rosa
    CAS-BOT230379CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1906-7-16 SonomaFulton
    CAS-BOT589818CASNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWarner, Peter3622018-4-25 Sonoma8301 Bennett Valley Rd., 2.5 miles S230 deg. W fr. Kenwood
    CHSC7289CHSCNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBruce K. Briggs1521969-8-18 LassenNext to road 2 N. of Upper Murrers Meadow.
    CHSC8041CHSCNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriCarol Weld561969-6-20 LassenPapoose Meadow.
    DAV163034DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriCarol W. Witham9582003-4-11 YoloDFG Tule Ranch vernal pools. Approximately 8 miles southeast of Davis. Southeast of the junctions of County Roads 38 and 105.
    DAV301551DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriG. L. Stebbins, Jr.64661966-6-26 LakeCalifornia, Lake County: Stienhart Lake, 6 miles southeast of Lower Lake.
    DAV301552DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDaria Snider42018-5-16 SolanoOn the edge of an alkali playa in Burke Ranch Conservation Bank
    DAV301553DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRobert E. Preston31302017-5-1 SolanoSolano County: 5.1 mi SE of Elmira.
    DAV301554DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJake Ruygt40381998-6-16 NapaNapa County: North of Barnett Road, Pope Valley.
    DAV301555DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriA. Solomeshchs.n.2002-4-26 SolanoSolano County: Gridley Ranch. 1 mile N from intersection of Hasting Rd. and Salem Rd.
    DAV301556DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-12 SonomaSonoma County: Along Bennett Valley Road (between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen).
    DAV301557DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriChuck Hughes3282012-5-25 MendocinoMendocino County: North end of Little Lake (Willits) Valley. About 350 feet east of Highway 101.
    DAV301558DAVNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriC. Wistrom21996-4-21 MercedMerced County: Guistine, Fremont Ford State Park, along southernmost access road off Hwy. 165. Tnshp: 7S, Range: 10E, Quadrant: 33 Turnlock Quadrangle.
    JEPS112560UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJake Ruygt37091996-5-19 NapaBetween Barnett Road and Pope Valley Rd
    JEPS116839UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDavid Gowen6972007-5-6 MarinMt. Burdell area, in Hidden Lake.
    JEPS29698UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard84551962-5-26 Solano0.5 mi sw Elmira (along Southern Pacific railroad right-of-way)
    JEPS43458UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWillis L. Jepson93021921-6-02 Sonomanw of Windsor (and just e of Calhoun ranch)
    JEPS70358UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWillis L. Jepson150191899-5-01 GlennWillows
    JEPS70361UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWillis L. Jepson150161884-5-31 SolanoLittle Oak Vacaville
    JEPS70364UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWillis L. Jepson104041924-5-08 SolanoWolfskill sta., nw Solano Co.
    JEPS70365UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriWillis L. Jepson67971916-4-22 SolanoVacaville
    JEPS70369UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph P. Tracy84761928-6-24 Humboldtbetween Middle Yager Creek and North Yager Creek (East Ranch)
    JEPS70381UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph A. Ewan92491935-5-13 Sonomaalong RR. tracks Wright School (on Sebastopol road)
    JEPS78684UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriEdward Lee20341936-5-09 Sutterabout 5 mi w Live Oak (the very beginning of foothills on ne side of Buttes); Marysville Buttes
    JEPS86299UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJack, Betty Guggolz10011989-4-29 Sonoma
    JEPS86340UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJack, Betty Guggolz9261988-5-04 SonomaRancho Llano de Santa Rosa; se corner of Finley and Wright Avenues
    JEPS86365UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJack, Betty Guggolz9321988-5-12 SonomaD. Carinalli property, on the n side of the laguna
    JEPS86767UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJack, Betty Guggolz10551990-5-20 SonomaAnadel State Park
    JEPS86768UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJack, Betty Guggolz10301990-4-06 Sonomaabout 1.25 mi nw old Windsor (n side Promenade Lane and e of Herb Lane [Road])
    JEPS95201UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJake Ruygt37091996-5-19 Napabetween Barnett Rd and Pope Valley Rd
    POM180633RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJ. T. Howell52121930-5-30 SolanoNear Vanden. Type region.
    POM65027RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-5-04 SolanoElmira, not far above sea level.
    POM65131RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriC. F. Baker28971903-5-06 SolanoElmira.
    POM73740RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriM. H. Mannings.n.1901-6-1 TrinityTrinity Summit.
    RSA113804RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Cramptons.n.1956-6-26 LakeLoch Lomond.
    RSA52648RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriI. L. Wigginss.n.1949-5-28 Mendocino3.5 miles north of Willits
    RSA642573RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriStan C. Spencer4514-a11994-5-14 LakeLower Lake, south 1 mile (1.1 mile S of Hwy 53) on Hwy 29; west side of Hwy fenceline
    RSA73119RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAlice Eastwoods.n.1940-6-10 Solano5 miles south of Winters
    RSA74134RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMilo S. Baker124771952-5-27 LakeHwy 53, 1.5 miles from Lower Lake
    RSA90510RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMilo S. Baker124771952-5-27 LakeHwy 53, 1.5 miles from Lower Lake
    RSA91815RSANavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton14371953-6-10 Solano5 miles NW of Dixon
    SJSU11519SJSUNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriR.L. Fisher1958-6-16 LassenMadeline Plains 6 mi S of Madeline
    SJSU11520SJSUNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJ.W. Tilden12951958-6-27 LassenMadeline, Madeline Plains
    UC101999UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriKatharine Brandegee1905-6-01 Sonomabetween Santa Rosa and Sebastopol
    UC1094375UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson30221957-6-09 LakeLower Lake, behind schoolhouse Lower Lake
    UC1151615UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton68541963-6-24 Solano1 mi sw Dozier Station (12 mi s of Dixon)
    UC1151659UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton49981958-7-01 Solano1 mi sw Dozier Station (12 mi s of Dixon)
    UC1178812UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHerbert L. Mason128021946-5-30 Lake1.5 mi w Lower Lake
    UC1178919UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHerbert L. Mason145331953-6-08 Lake1.5 mi w Lower Lake
    UC1212030UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriS. Galen Smith30371974-8-15 Lakeca 2 mi n Middletown
    UC1228172UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton59041961-6-12 Solano12 mi s Dixon
    UC1719852UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriDavid Fruchter1071978-9-28 SolanoCook Lane
    UC1950115UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson118251993-5-15 TehamaBLM land; south of road; Spring Branch Road south of Battle Creek ca 15 airmiles NNE of Red Bluff
    UC2014131UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriA. Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-12 SonomaSonoma County: Along Bennett Valley Road (between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen).
    UC30204UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriH. N. Bolander38931866-1-01 SonomaMark West Creek
    UC52368UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJ. P. Tracy18531903-5-16 Napanear Calistoga; San Francisco Bay Region
    UC52427UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMilo S. Baker1899-5-06 Sonomarailroad track between Sebastopol Santa Rosa
    UC583200UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell25201936-5-19 Sonoma2 mi n Windsor
    UC60874UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMrs. M. H. Manning991901-6-01 TrinityTrinity Summit
    UC60882UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale51621899-6-02 MendocinoSherwood Valley North Coast Ranges
    UC631637UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriG. Thomas Robbins1861937-5-23 Sonomanear Wright School
    UC702890UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph A. Ewan92651935-5-13 Sonomanear Wright School (on Sebastopol road)
    UC75155UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriC. F. Baker28971903-5-06 SolanoElmira
    UC762141UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriRobert F. Hoover52731941-5-31 Madera8 mi n Madera
    UC796729UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriIra L. Wiggins121171949-5-28 Mendocino3.5 mi n Willits
    UC906679UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph P. Tracy168841941-5-30 Mendocino4 mi n Calpella; Redwood Valley
    UC907815UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriJoseph P. Tracy84761928-6-24 Humboldtbetween Middle and North Yager Creeks (East Ranch)
    UC907821UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriHerbert L. Mason80941934-4-28 Sonomahighway between Healdsburg and Santa Rosa
    UC909068UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriG. L. Stebbins, Jr.4003b1949-8-06 Lassenbetween Susanville and McArthur (edge of Feather Lake); Feather Lake
    UC972196UCJEPSNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriMilo S. Baker124771952-5-27 Lakeca 1.5 mi from Lower Lake (Highway 53)
    UCR0095904UCRNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriBeecher Crampton59041961-6-12 Solano12 miles south of city of Dixon, 1 mile southwest of Dozier Station
    UCR0095905UCRNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriGeorge K. Helmkamp159522010-5-4 Solanojust NE of Vacaville, north side of Vaca Valley Parkway, 0.1 mile west of its junction with Crescent Drive
    UCR0095906UCRNavarretia leucocephala subsp. bakeriAyzik Solomeshchs.n2009-5-12 Sonoma[Bennett Valley] along Bennett Valley Road, between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen

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