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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
GH00091318GHAegochloa cotulifoliaD. Douglas1833-01-01 UnknownNova California
AHUC101310DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63401962-04-27 SolanoSolano County: 1 mile e.n.e Dozier Station, along Salem Road.
AHUC101311DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaH. L. Mason125781945-05-12 LakeMeadow east of Middletown, Locomono Creek, Lake County, California.
AHUC101312DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton39571956-04-30 SolanoSolano County, 6-7 miles south of city of Davis.
AHUC101313DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaEdward Lee21321936-05-10 SutterValley floor at east foot of Marysville Buttes, about 4 miles north of Sutter, Sacramento Valley, Sutter County.
AHUC101314DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton14271953-06-02 LakeLake County: 1.5 miles east of Middletown, along Highway 53, in Locomono Creek Meadow
AHUC101320DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton5771950-05-20 LakeLake County, about 1 mile east of Middletown, in a slanting strip on the east side of Loconoma Creek.
AHUC101321DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63601962-05-01 Yolo1-4 mile south Saxon Station, jct. County Roads 106 and 38.
AHUC101322DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton99771985-06-04 SolanoSolano County, Bunker Station area.
AHUC101323DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton5771950-05-20 LakeLake County, about 1 mile east of Middletown, in a slanting strip on the east side of Loconoma Creek.
AHUC101324DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63971962-05-03 SolanoSolano County, 10 miles south-southeast of Dixon, at junction of Bartlett and Bunker Station Roads.
AHUC101325DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63971962-05-03 SolanoSolano County: 10 mis. Sse of Dixon (in direct line Barlett and Bunker Station Roads; vernal pool edge.
AHUC101326DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton9101952-11-07 YoloYolo County, 3 miles northwest of city of Davis.
AHUC101327DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63401962-04-27 SolanoSolano County: 1 mile n.e.n. Dozier Station, along Salem Road.
AHUC101328DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton33121956-04-26 YoloYolo County, 7 miles northeast of city of Davis, County Road 103.
AHUC101329DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63511962-05-01 YoloYolo County: 5.5 miles southeast of Davis (in direct line) jct. County Roads 106 A and 35.
AHUC101330DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton99421985-04-22 SolanoSolano County, just S.S.W. of Swan and Sikes Road.
AHUC101331DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 YoloYolo County, 0.25 miles southwest of Saxon Station.
AHUC101337DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 YoloYolo County: 1-4 mile south of Saxon Station.
AHUC101338DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton47781958-05-10 YoloYolo County: 2 miles north of Davis.
AHUC101339DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton39461957-04-23 YoloYolo County, 3 miles northeast of city of Davis.
AHUC101468DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton6931952-04-01 FresnoPiedra.
CAS-BOT230250CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-04-30 YoloNear Black′s
CAS-BOT230251CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.s.n.1902-04-30 YoloNear Black′s
CAS-BOT230252CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHeller, A. A.123881916-06-09 ColusaCoast Range about 2 miles W of Leesville
CAS-BOT230253CASNavarretia cotulifoliaBrandegee, Mrs.s.n.1972-07-01 Contra CostaAntioch
CAS-BOT230254CASNavarretia cotulifoliaEastwood, Alice102131921-04-10 GlennWillows
CAS-BOT230255CASNavarretia cotulifoliaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53081938-05-03 San BenitoNear Hollister
CAS-BOT230256CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHowell, John Thomas138061938-05-28 San BenitoNear Hollister
CAS-BOT230257CASNavarretia cotulifoliaSmith, Doreens.n.1996-05-28 MarinLower S slopes of Mount Bordell, Novato, between San Carlos and San Mateo Drive
CAS-BOT230258CASNavarretia cotulifoliaSmith, Doreens.n.2002-04-11 MarinAlong fire road between San Carlos and San Mateo trailheads, Mount Bordell
CAS-BOT230259CASNavarretia cotulifoliaEwan, Joseph Andorfer88571934-04-30 NapaE end of Pope Valley
CAS-BOT230260CASNavarretia cotulifoliaMason, Herbert L.81111934-04-30 NapaTributary of Putah Creek, Pope Valley
CAS-BOT230261CASNavarretia cotulifoliaKeck, David D.23501933-05-29 NapaJust S of Pope Creek Bridge, S of Walters Springs
CAS-BOT230262CASNavarretia cotulifoliaRaven, Peter H.40541952-05-26 Napa3 miles E of Pope Valley P. O. on Monticello Road
CAS-BOT230263CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHoover, Robert F.34841938-05-28 San BenitoHollister airport
CAS-BOT230264CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHeller, A. A.56381902-06-04 SonomaSanta Rosa
CAS-BOT230265CASNavarretia cotulifoliaMay, Misss.n.1885-06-01 SonomaSanta Rosa
CAS-BOT230266CASNavarretia cotulifoliaRubtzoff, Peter57151966-05-07 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa E of Graton (between Occidental and Guerneville roads)
CAS-BOT230267CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHeller, A. A.56381902-06-04 SonomaSan Miguel Island. Head east fork of Canyon Del Mar 0.3 miles west of the old ranch house.
CAS-BOT230268CASNavarretia cotulifoliaLee, Edward21321936-05-10 SutterE foot of Marysville Buttes, about 4 miles N of Sutter, Sacramento Valley
CAS-BOT230269CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCrampton, Beecher55061960-05-09 Yolo0.25 miles S of Saxon Station
CAS-BOT230270CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCrampton, B.33121956-04-26 YoloAlong County Road 103, ca. 7 miles NE of Davis
CAS-BOT230272CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCrampton, Beecher47781958-05-10 YoloDavis City Dump, ca. 2 miles NW Davis
CAS-BOT230273CASNavarretia cotulifoliaWolf, Carl B.19091928-05-04 Lake3 miles N of Middletown
CAS-BOT230274CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCantelow, Ella Dales24671939-05-07 Lake4 miles E of Middletown
CAS-BOT230275CASNavarretia cotulifoliaAbrams, L. R.123151928-05-04 Lake5 miles NE of MIddletown on road to Lower Lake
CAS-BOT230276CASNavarretia cotulifoliaMason, Herbert L.125781945-05-12 LakeE of Middletown, Locomono Creek
CAS-BOT230277CASNavarretia cotulifoliaRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.68761945-05-19 LakeNE of Middletown Elev. given as: 1100 p.s.m.
CAS-BOT230278CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHowell, John Thomas131071937-07-18 LakeNear Middletown
CAS-BOT230279CASNavarretia cotulifoliaBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1924-06-08 LakeKelseyville
CAS-BOT230280CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCrampton, B.14271953-06-02 LakeAlong Long Valley Creek, 1.5 miles E of Middletown
CAS-BOT230281CASNavarretia cotulifoliaJepson, W. L.s.n.1896-05-15 SolanoLittle Oak
CAS-BOT230282CASNavarretia cotulifoliaJepson, W. L.s.n.1891-05-02 SolanoNW Solano
CAS-BOT230283CASNavarretia cotulifoliaGreene, Edward Lees.n.1880-05-02 SolanoNear Suisun
CAS-BOT230284CASNavarretia cotulifoliaBrandegee, Mrs. K.s.n.1909-05-03 SolanoElmira
CAS-BOT230285CASNavarretia cotulifoliaBrandegee, Mrs. K.s.n.1909-05-03 SolanoElmira
CAS-BOT230286CASNavarretia cotulifoliaJepson, W. L.s.n.1891-05-02 SolanoLittle Oak
CAS-BOT230287CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHolland, Robert F.11251981-05-14 SolanoAlong borders of unnamed slough ca. 0.25 mile S of Calhoun Cut
CAS-BOT230288CASNavarretia cotulifoliaCrampton, Beecher99771985-06-04 SolanoBunker Station area
CAS-BOT479713CASNavarretia cotulifoliaHowald, Ann2334A2003-05-15 SonomaInner North Coast Ranges: Sonoma Mountains, S end, lower E slope, c. 0.2 mi SE of intersection of Lewis Creek and Felder Creek
CHSC37143CHSCNavarretia cotulifoliaL. Ahart36161982-06-20 SutterIn a vernal pool, just inside the first gate to the Dean Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC45425CHSCNavarretia cotulifoliaLowell Ahart36161982-06-20 SutterIn a vernal pool, just inside the first gate to the Dean Ranch, north of Mallott Road, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC67845CHSCNavarretia cotulifoliaJames D. Jokerst26301986-04-15 AlamedaLivermore Transmission Line Survey, 1 W of Tracy Substation, ca. 0.33 mi E of Brauns Rd., S of fence along centerline of section. Vernal pools and meadows.` T01S R04E S36 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Clifton Court Forebay 1:24,000
CHSC79188CHSCNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton9101952-11-07 Yolo3 miles northwest of city of Davis.
CHSC91122CHSCNavarretia cotulifoliaLowell Ahart118292005-05-31 SutterLarge vernal pool, pasture, on the north side of the dirt private road, about 1-2 mile north of Malott Road, about 2 miles (air) northeast of Sutter. T1 N R02E S34 NE1-4
DAV301396DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaB. Crampton5771950-05-30 LakeCommon in meadow east of Middletown, Lake County, California.
DAV301397DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaA. Amezcua191995-05-20 LakeLake County: On the west side of Harbin Springs Road, 200 m northeast of the intersections with Big Canon Road.
DAV301398DAVNavarretia cotulifoliaEllen Dean55812009-05-13 YoloYolo County: city of Woodland. Woodland Regional Park. East side of County Road 102, just south of County Road 25. Old rodeo parking area.
FSC0018909FSCNavarretia cotulifoliaJohn Weiler59491959-04-11 Contra Costa1.5 miles south of Byron, Contra Costa County, Calif.
GH00385256GHNavarretia cotulifoliaH. L. Mason72231935-04-30 NapaNorth of Aetna Springs near Napa-Lake county line, inner North Coast Range
GH00385257GHNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. T. Howell146261939-04-30 NapaWalter Springs
GH00385258GHNavarretia cotulifoliaEman. Samuels1811912-06-15 Sonoma[No Additional Data]
GH00385259GHNavarretia cotulifoliaM. E. P. Ames1894-05-01 Placer[no additional data]
GH00385260GHNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller132941919-07-25 Placernear the Yuba river below Cisco
GH00385261GHNavarretia cotulifoliaF. W. Gould12641940-05-15 LakeTwo and one half miles northeast of Middleton
GH00385262GHNavarretia cotulifoliaG. G. Cowing1884-05-25 NapaNapa Soda Springs
GH00385263GHNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. T. Howell131071937-07-18 Lakenear Middletown
GH00385264GHNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. T. Howell138061938-05-28 San BenitoNear Hollister
GH00385265GHNavarretia cotulifoliaA. Eastwood102131921-04-10 GlennWillows
GH00385266GHNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller128391917-07-26 ButteButte Meadows
GH00385315GHNavarretia cotulifoliaM. K. Brandegee1381909-05-03 Solano[No Additional Data]
GH00385316GHNavarretia cotulifoliaM. K. Brandegee1381909-05-31 Solano[No Additional Data]
GH00385317GHNavarretia cotulifoliaEman. Samuels1929-06-01 Unknown[No Additional Data]
GH00385319GHNavarretia cotulifoliaAsa Fitch1912-05-29 Unknown[No Additional Data]
GH00385320GHNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. M. Bigelow1854-05-01 StanislausKnight′s Ferry on the Stanislaus
GH00385337GHNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller56381902-06-04 SonomaSanta Rosa
GH00385338GHNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller123881916-06-09 ColusaCoast Range about 2 miles west of Leesville
GH00415387GHNavarretia cotulifoliaM. H. Hazell1940-06-10 LakeAnderson ranch, Lower Lake
GH00872578GHNavarretia cotulifoliaW. H. Brewer11101860-01-01 Contra Costanear Kirker Pass
HSC216183HSCNavarretia cotulifoliaTim Excell1191975-05-21 NapaNear Pope Creek, close to the town of Pope Valley
JEPS107899UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaLowell Ahart, Jack Lindsay118292005-05-31 SutterLarge vernal pool, pasture, on the north side of the dirt private road, about 1-2 mile north of Malott Road, about 2 miles (air) northeast of Sutter
JEPS107900UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaLowell Ahart, Jack Lindsay118292005-05-31 SutterLarge vernal pool, pasture, on the north side of the dirt private road, about 1-2 mile north of Malott Road, about 2 miles (air) northeast of Sutter
JEPS116840UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid Gowen6962007-05-06 MarinMt. Burdell area, alongside fire road near San Carlos Dr.
JEPS116938UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid Gowen, Mike Park, Chris Thayer8692008-04-25 Contra CostaCowell Ranch. Middle of Briones Valley, east of Deer Valley Road.
JEPS116991UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid Gowen8722008-04-27 AlamedaNorth side of Livermore on the north side of Raymond Road. Growing in a grassy field across the street and slightly west of the model airplane field.
JEPS120361UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJake Ruygt12831982-05-19 Napa2 miles south of Walter Springs bridge on Pope Canon Road. Aetna Springs 7.5 Quad.
JEPS15008UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaR. F. Hoover34841938-05-28 San BenitoHollister airport
JEPS16725UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney41361953-05-26 Lake0.5 mi sw Dieterts Reservoir (upper end of Long Valley, in drainage of Bucksnort Creek); Long Valley, Bucksnort Creek
JEPS25390UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, Francia Chisaki70031959-04-14 Contra Costa8 mi. s. Antioch (low spot in Briones Valley, just off Deer Valley Rd.); Briones Valley
JEPS70253UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson209571896-05-15 SolanoLittle Oak Vacaville
JEPS70255UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson93071921-06-03 Sonomas of Santa Rosa (near Wilfred station); Cotati Valley
JEPS70256UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson89651920-05-23 Colusanear Leesville (foot of Bartlett Grade, w side of Bear Valley); Bear Valley, Bartlett Grade
JEPS70257UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150371891-07-05 SolanoHaas Slough
JEPS70259UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150061891-05-02 SolanoVacaville, nw Solano County Vacaville
JEPS70260UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150051899-05-01 GlennWillows
JEPS70261UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150041899-05-01 GlennWillows
JEPS70262UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150031899-05-01 GlennWillows
JEPS70263UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150021896-06-10 San Benitoe of Gilroy (near Hollister, Soap Lake (= Balsa)); Soap Lake
JEPS70264UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150011884-05-31 SolanoVacville Vacaville
JEPS70265UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson150001896-05-15 SolanoLittle Oak Vacaville
JEPS70267UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker1923-05-19 Lakenear Lakeport
JEPS70268UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJoseph Andorfer Ewan, Nesta Ewan96271936-05-10 Sutter4 mi n Sutter (on Dean Ranch road)
JEPS70269UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaA. H. Kemp1921-05-02 San BenitoHollister
JEPS70270UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJoseph A. Ewan88571934-04-30 Napae end Pope Valley
JEPS70401UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson209551899-05-01 GlennWillows
JEPS86361UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJack, Betty Guggolz9211988-04-30 SonomaTodd Road Preserve, close to w end of preserve, on both sides of the n fence Rancho Llano de Santa Rosa
JEPS87933UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBarbara Ertter98031991-05-12 Alamedan junction of Bluebell Dr. and Hartford Ave. (n of Livermore); Springtownwetlands
LA00625025LANavarretia cotulifoliaFrank W. Gould10281940-05-04 Lake2.5 mi. north of Middleton
NY3341720NYNavarretia cotulifoliaB. Crampton9101952-11-07 ?  Yolo3 miles northwest of city of Davis.
NY3341721NYNavarretia cotulifoliaB. Crampton55061960-05-09 ?  Yolo0.25 mile south of Saxon Station. Large vernal meadow.
OBI160873OBINavarretia cotulifoliaRimo Bacigalupi41361953-05-26 LakeIn well-drained draw in rocky soil, under Quercus Douglasii, upper end of Long Valley, in drainage of Bucksnort Creek, one-half mile SW of Dieterts Reservoir
POM215775RSANavarretia cotulifoliaD. D. Keck23501933-05-29 NapaJust south of Pope Creek Bridge, south of Walter Springs
POM261443RSANavarretia cotulifoliaJ. T. Howells.n.1939-04-30 NapaWalter Springs.
POM279109RSANavarretia cotulifoliaLyman Benson112861942-07-11 LakeTrailer′s Pasture (lower end)
POM298823RSANavarretia cotulifoliaFrank W. Gould10281940-05-04 Lake2.5 miles north of Middletown
POM65030RSANavarretia cotulifoliaKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-05-03 SolanoElmira, just above sea level.
POM65215RSANavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Hellers.n.1902-06-04 SonomaSanta Rosa.
POM72758RSANavarretia cotulifoliaP. A. Munz98781925-06-18 LakeLakeport
PUA2913PUANavarretia cotulifoliaJohn Roos1939-04-15 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA30608PUANavarretia cotulifoliaTim Excell1975-05-21 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Creek. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA6156PUANavarretia cotulifoliaTim Excell1975-05-21 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Creek. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA62632PUANavarretia cotulifoliaJoe Callizo1979-06-02 NapaLocal landmark: Barnett Serpentine Hill. Aetna Springs Quad.
RSA0088471RSANavarretia cotulifoliaAnn Howald2334A2003-05-15 SonomaInner North Coast Ranges: Sonoma Mountains, south end, lower east slope, c. 0.2 mile southeast of intersection of Lewis Creek and Felder Creek.; Glen Ellen 7.5
RSA10232RSANavarretia cotulifoliaC. B. Wolf19091923-05-04 Lake3 miles north of Middletown
RSA113801RSANavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Cramptons.n.1956-04-26 YoloCount road 103, about 7 miles northeast of Davis
RSA2260RSANavarretia cotulifoliaJ. W. Blankinships.n.1924-06-08 LakeKelseyville.
RSA63674RSANavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker122461950-05-23 Lake2.9 miles E of Middletown
RSA654911RSANavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton9101952-11-07 Yolo3 miles northwest of city of Davis
RSA73730RSANavarretia cotulifoliaJ. T. Howell146261939-04-30 NapaWalter Springs.
RSA73731RSANavarretia cotulifoliaF. W. Peirson63391925-08-08 Sonoma6 miles south of Santa Rosa
RSA83073RSANavarretia cotulifoliaVerne Grant76901946-04-12 YoloNear Woodland
RSA91930RSANavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton14271953-06-02 Lake1.5 miles east of Middletown, along Locomono Creek
RSA92973RSANavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker128081953-07-01 LakeSouth of Hwy, 3.4 miles east of Middletown
SBBG191349SBBGNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 Yolo0.25 mile south of Saxon Station.
SD225884SDNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 Yolo0.25 south of Saxon Station.
SD225885SDNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton99771985-06-04 SolanoBunker Station area.
SJSU861SJSUNavarretia cotulifoliaS. Bertolotti1944-05-15 AlamedaNewark
UC1002636UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker128081953-07-01 Lake3.4 mi e Middletown (s of Hwy)
UC1008738UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaFrank W. Gould10281940-05-04 Lake2.5 mi n Middleton
UC1059016UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton33121956-04-26 Yolo7 mi ne Davis (along County Road 103)
UC1094364UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson29741957-06-07 Lake2.5 mi n Middletown (1.0 mi n of Harbin Springs Road, on e side of Big Canon Road)
UC1094366UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson29661957-06-07 Lakeca 1.5 mi nw Middletown (0.5 mi w of intersection of Big Canon road and Harbin Springs Road)
UC1112271UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson29541957-06-05 Solano3.0 mi s Dozier (railroad station); Sacramento Valley
UC1178921UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaHerbert L. Mason145241953-06-08 Lakeentrance to Guenoc Ranch
UC1212589UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaFrancia Chisaki, Helen Sharsmith13461959-05-27 Lake9.1 mi s Howards Hot Springs (on Howards Hot Springs road); Inner North Coast Ranges
UC1220996UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63601962-05-01 Yolo0.25 mi s Saxon Station (jct county roads 106 and 38)
UC1221001UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63971962-05-03 Solano10 mi sse (in direct line) Dixon (near old town of Main Prairie)
UC1221771UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton47781958-05-10 Yoloca 2 mi ne Davis (City of Davis dump area)
UC1228166UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 Yolo0.25 mi s Saxon Station
UC1299601UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaFreed W. Hoffman27431948-05-09 LakeBar X Ranch
UC130859UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaMrs. K. Brandegee1381909-05-03 Solanow of Elmira (along the railway where the street turns to the north)
UC1607548UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaBarbara Ertter98031991-05-12 Alamedan junction of Bluebell Dr. and Hartford Ave. (n of Livermore); Springtownwetlands
UC163777UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaD. Douglas1833-01-01 Unknown
UC1719855UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid Fruchter921978-09-16 SonomaTodd Road
UC1719860UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid Fruchter951978-09-17 SonomaDiamond D. [sic]
UC1734109UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaKay H. Beach, Frank Gould10281940-05-04 Lakenear Middletown
UC23481UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWilliam H. Brewer11101862-05-19 Contra Costan of Kirker Pass
UC23482UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. Burtt Davy11001895-05-06 Alamedanear Newark
UC23800UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaWillis L. Jepson1891-07-05 SolanoHaas Slough
UC30207UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaW. H. Brewer11101862-05-19 Contra Costan of Kirker′s Pass
UC335510UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaunknown1874-01-01 SolanoSuisun
UC335966UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaJ. G. Lemmon1984-05-28 Contra CostaMount Diablo
UC518932UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaDavid D. Keck23501933-05-29 Napas of Walters Springs (Pope Creek bridge); Pope Creek
UC618500UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell53081938-05-03 San Benitonear Hollister
UC73612UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker1899-05-01 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC762145UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaR. F. Hoover34841938-05-28 San BenitoHollister airport
UC856855UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller123881916-06-09 Colusaabout 2 mi w Leesville; Coast Range
UC856856UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaFrank W. Gould12641940-05-15 Lake2.5 mi ne Middleton
UC856857UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaA. A. Heller56381902-06-04 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC908408UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaHerbert L. Mason125781945-05-12 Lakee of Middletown; Locomono Creek
UC908409UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaHerbert L. Mason128171946-05-30 Colusanear Eppersons; Bear Valley
UC908587UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaHerbert L. Mason81111934-04-30 Napatributary of Putah Creek Pope Valley, Putah Creek
UC909045UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaEdward Lee21321936-05-10 Sutterabout 4 mi n Sutter (at e foot of Marysville Buttes); Sacramento Valley, Marysville Buttes
UC909765UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaMilo S. Baker122461950-05-23 Lake2.9 mi e Middletown
UC914235UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant76391946-05-26 LakeGuinot Lake, Lake-Napa counties Pope Valley
UC932060UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant76901946-04-12 Yolonear Woodland
UC963769UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaH. L. Mason56851930-06-01 Lake4 mi e Middletown
UC963810UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaH. L. Mason72231933-04-30 Napan of Aetna Springs (near Napa-Lake county line); Inner North Coast Range
UC963811UCJEPSNavarretia cotulifoliaH. L. Mason69541932-04-17 Santa Clarase of Gilroy (Miller and Lux ranch)
UCR0095724UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton5771950-05-20 LakeAbout 1 mile east of Middletown in a slanting strip on the east side of Loconoma Creek
UCR0095725UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton99771985-06-04 SolanoBunker Station area
UCR0095726UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63401962-04-27 Solano1 mile ENE Dozier Station, along Salem Road
UCR0095727UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaFrank W. Peirson63391925-08-08 Sonoma6 miles south of Santa Rosa
UCR0095728UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaAnn Howald2334A2003-05-15 SonomaSonoma Mountains, south end, lower east slope, c. 0.2 mile southeast of intersection of Lewis Creek and Felder Creek
UCR0095729UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton55061960-05-09 Yolo1-4 mile south of Saxon Station
UCR0095730UCRNavarretia cotulifoliaBeecher Crampton63601962-05-01 Yolo1-4 mile south Saxon Station, junction county roads 106 and 38

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