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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT7363CASMonardella franciscanaElmer, Adolph Daniel Edward47661903-07-01 San MateoSan Pedro
NY00429333NYMonardella franciscanaA. D. E. Elmer47661903-07-01 ?  San MateoSan Pedro
CDA0040773CDAMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaG.D. Barbe18251974-06-04 San MateoMiddle Fork San Pedro Creek, southeast of Oddstad Boulevard, Linda Mar District. Coastal part of county.
CHSC21976CHSCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaRobert A. Schlising23351962-07-21 MarinAlong road and slopes near Point Reyes Lighthouse.
CHSC67999CHSCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJack Guggolz11941991-06-19 SonomaAbout 1-8 mile from the ocean and 1-2 mile south of the intersection of the Meyers Grade and Hwy 1.
CHSC68000CHSCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaAlison GraffM-521993-07-13 San MateoDevils Slide, in arroyos on inland side of Hwy. 1.
DAV306972DAVMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJune McCaskill5001956-06-29 MarinMarin County: Point Reyes Lighthouse Road, ca. 7 miles west of Inverness.
DAV306993DAVMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaDaniel Potter8032015-05-02 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area. North of upper Nevada Creek.
DAV306998DAVMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaBotany 102 Students.n.1974-05-30 San MateoSan Mateo County: west of Radio Road near Nike Base Road, San Bruno Mountain.
JEPS117105UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaPeter Warner1632010-06-08 SonomaJenner Headland, SW Lower Russian Gulch Field, at base of rock outcrop, ˜ 460 m E of Muniz Ranches Road
JEPS62416UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaDr. L. M. Newlon2531921-01-01 San MateoBetween Salada and Mussel Rock
JEPS78990UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaEdward Lee14261935-06-11 San Franciscovicinity Lake Merced (valley where Typha Pond formerly was); San Francisco
JEPS78991UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaEdward Lee14261935-06-11 San FranciscoLake Merced vicinity, San Francisco (valley where Typha Pond formerly was)
LA62410LAMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaC.B. Wolf57791934-06-28 MarinPt. Reyes Peninsula, 0.25 mi. from the lighthouse
MCCC3538MCCCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaDorothy Scherer501996-06-03 SonomaN. side of Fort Ross Road and ca. 1-2 mi. west of Seaview Road, Fort Ross State Historic Park
OBI107985OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzAbove Las trancas arroyo
OBI107986OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzWF slope above lower prariegulch
OBI107988OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzChina Ladder Gulch (WF)
OBI107990OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzBig Willow gulch (WF)
OBI107991OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzSF hillside, above washout turn
OBI107992OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts crk-rdbank above swanton rd
OBI107993OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts Crk-Schoolhouse ridge-Mill crk side
OBI107994OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzScotts crk (EF) Buckeye ridge
OBI107995OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzScotts crk-SF rdbank near NF of Q. crk
OBI107996OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts crk-EF slope near seymore field
OBI107997OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJim Wests.n.2013-01-22 Santa CruzScotts crk-near Casa verde
OBI107998OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts crk-Top of seymore hill-SF
OBI107999OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts Crk Ws-WF RB over Purdy rd by slide and squirell flat
OBI108000OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crows.n.2013-01-12 Santa CruzScotts Crk-Schoolhouse ridge complex
OBI123071OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaTaylor Crow52011-10-21 Santa CruzSwanton ranch; on northwest facing slope above Big Willow Gulch
OBI171051OBIMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaReed Kenny9032019-06-13 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
PGM2265PGMMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaYadon, Vern1983-06-30 MontereyDiablo Range, Priest Valley LeNeve Prop, 3.5 N Hwy 198 along N Fork Rd
POM253643RSAMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaC. L. Hitchcock54461939-07-15 SonomaCliffs below Bodega State Park.
RSA184635RSAMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaClare B. Hardham13067-A1902-08-09 San MateoSan Bruno Hills
SBBG201623SBBGMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJ. T. Howell328041957-06-30 San Franciscosummit ridge of Bayview Hills
SBBG201624SBBGMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaP. Rubtzoff32101957-04-07 San Franciscosouth of Stanley Drive, E of Lake Merced
SDSU17279SDSUMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaSimpson, Michael G.28422007-05-30 Santa CruzDirt service road to Eagle Rock, ca. 0.2 west-southwest of peak, ca. 0.1 mile west of Big Basin Redwood State Park boundary.
UC1041059UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJ. W. Congdon1901-07-07 San MateoRoad Millbrae to Spring Valley
UC1048669UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaLewis S. Rose412851941-06-27 San FranciscoLake Merced
UC1314253UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaC. W. O′BrienC-66-481966-08-14 San MateoLake Pilarcitos
UC1537603UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaGordon H. True, Jr.5131936-06-14 San Mateo1 mile from Skyline Blvd. on road to Salada Beach
UC1561918UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaBarbara Ertter85921989-06-19 SonomaDry knoll S of junction Highway 1 and road to Goat Rock Beach S Russian River
UC203048UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaA. D. E. Elmer47661903-07-01 San MateoSan Pedro, San Mateo Co.
UC2035876UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJoseph A. Ewan101561936-09-13 San FranciscoAt foot of golf link palisades Lake Merced; San Francisco
UC2035877UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaCarl B. Wolf57501934-06-27 MarinNE end Bolinas Bay.
UC2035878UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJoseph A. Ewan93831936-01-01 Marin1-2 mi east U. S. Naval Station, Point Reyes road.
UC2035879UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaCarl B. Wolf58121934-06-29 Mendocino2 mi south of Pt. Arena
UC2035891UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaKatharine Brandegee1905-07-12 San FranciscoLake Merced San Francisco
UC25529UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaF. T. Bioletti1891-06-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC32594UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaJ. Burtt Davy67671900-06-18 MarinPoint Reyes
UC416724UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaKatharine Brandegee1905-07-12 San FranciscoLake Merced San Francisco
UC589363UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaBeryl O. Schreiber5941932-06-29 MarinSand Dune Beach Tomales Bay
UC634860UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaH. L. Mason48831928-07-10 SonomaNear Ocean, Jenner
UC722653UCJEPSMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaC. L. Hitchcock, J. S. Martin54461939-07-15 SonomaCliffs below Bodega State Park
UCSC100003644UCSCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaRandall Morgans.n.1982-02-10 Santa CruzFrom pottery school on Swanton Rd. to top of Gulch #2, plants on coast-facing slope
UCSC100003657UCSCMonardella villosa subsp. franciscanaCharisse Bickfords.n.1978-07-11 MontereyOff South Access road, Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains

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